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Releasing Our Spirit Helpers! Maria #403 CM/FM 3145 8/97

A New Revelation!

By Maria

My dear Family,

1. I love you so much! I have something exciting to tell you about! I think you're going to be very happy about this, because it's something that is going to be a big help to you personally, to your Home, and to your entire field. It's something that the Lord wants to do for everybody! It came about when I was praying about Russia, and the Lord revealed an amazing answer to a question I had!

2.I want to share with you this wonderful message from the Lord about Russia, but as you'll see, it's not only for Russia. The Lord later revealed to us that it's applicable to the Family everywhere--so stay tuned!

3.It all started after reading one of Peter's reports from his meetings with the Family in Russia, when I was praying for the Family there and thinking about an observation which a couple of our missionaries made about Russia when speaking with Peter.

4.They said there was something depressing about the conditions in Russia, even more so than other difficult fields they had been in, like India. They said that they thought that one reason might be that the housing situation--which is cramped and low standard--is so difficult there in contrast to other countries. Other Third World countries, while also very impoverished, usually have large, comfortable housing available that our Family is able to occupy, which provides them with a little oasis in the midst of the rough conditions and dark spirits all around them.

5.When thinking about it, I wondered if physical causes were the only reason, or if there were spiritual ones as well.--And if the cause of the depression is spiritual, then why is the spirit of Russia more depressing than the spirit of some non-Christian countries which have very dark spirits? Well, I didn't know, so naturally I went to the One Who knows all the answers! And of course, He gave an amazing reason that I don't think any of us would have ever thought of! At least I wouldn't have!

Releasing the Russian Spirits!

6. (Jesus speaking:) So few Christians want to give their lives to reach Russia and to truly become one with them. So few are willing to lay down their lives in this lonely land, this difficult field, and to be My tools to take My love to them. Some go for a short time and leave again. Some take in material aid and leave again. Some take in Bibles and leave again. But so few, like the children of David, have been willing to live with the Russian people and become their friends in order to show them My love.

7.Few go, because it is a hard field. It means sacrifice and it costs a lot. It requires strong soldiers, crazy Don Quixotes and those who are very firmly connected to Me, for the Enemy fights hard to keep these people in bondage to his dark spirit. It is cold and cloudy with snow and rain, which weighs on people's spirits. There are poor houses and meager living conditions in an extreme climate, which weighs on their spirits. There is poverty and filth, poor transportation and communication. There is a lack of organization and business sense, and a lack of desire to serve or help. All of this weighs on people's spirits and is discouraging.

8.But the thing that affects My children the most is the spirit of the people. When they see and feel and live with the sad spirit of bondage that the Russian people are under, they are pressed in the spirit for them and are touched with the feeling of their infirmities.

9.This is a land of many sad spirits of the past--spirits who are yet in bondage and are not able to be freed without the prayers of My children. They are being held captive and in bondage until you pray to release them from their bondage and set them free. They wait for David's children to come and believe and pray for them.

10.[Later, when we asked the Lord what He meant when He said these spirits were in bondage, He said, "This bondage is not a bondage of the flesh, but a bond of sadness born of a desire to help their people, but not yet being able to as they await release through your prayers. Many things are contingent on your prayers, for I have ordained it thus. For though I am capable of all things, yet in many things I have limited Myself to operate in accordance with your prayers."]

11. For David's children not only minister to the people of Russia, but they come to set the spirits free to minister to the people of Russia. Russia has many spirits of the past who long to serve their people and help them. They are sad because they long to break the chains of sadness and darkness, the depressing spirit of bondage, and help to set My children free.

12.Other lands also have spirits from the past, but they do not want to help the people or set them free. They fight against the people knowing Me and being set free with My truth and My love. They are evil spirits who are not for Me, but are working for other evil gods* of the land and seek to keep the people in bondage to their religions and gods. But the Russians do not want to be in bondage to the evil spirits. They do not want the dark, cold, bloody, murderous spirits of the past, and they are sad until My good spirits can be released. *(See ML #1267:149-152, Vol.13.)

13. You may wonder why it is that you have to pray for the good spirits to be released, and why I can't just release them Myself. It is because their power comes from your faith to believe. Their power is released by the touch of your faith and your prayers. They are then indebted to you and are your servants to serve the people of Russia and to help you in your fight to win their souls for My Kingdom.

14.That is why Russia is so depressing--because not only are the people sad, but the good spirits who are waiting to be released to help their people are also sad. The sadness and depression you feel there is greater than other countries because of the spirits who weep for their people. They long to help them, and because they are many and their hearts are heavy, you also feel the heaviness of their hearts.

15. Once you release them by the power of your prayers, and you unleash the power of Heaven to work through them, the land will be flooded with a great torrent of spirit helpers and ministering spirits that will break through the chains of darkness and set the captives free! You will have greater power, for you will have the power of many spirit helpers by your side. The spirit helpers will have the power of Heaven to guide you, and the people will see and feel My power working through you in a greater way than before!

16.It's very real, My children!The spirit beings and helpers are very real. They surround you and wait to minister to your needs and the needs of My children. There are great warriors of the spirit, mighty men and women of the past who surround you and wait to give you the anointing of their wisdom, their insight, and their understanding of their people. So call out for their help and let them minister to you and help you with the abilities I have given them to help you.

17.You say, "But why do we need these spirit helpers when we have You? You're all-powerful and omnipresent, so why is it so important that we release the help of these spirit helpers?" It is because in the Last Days you will work hand in hand with My spirit helpers. They will work with you and teach you to do great things. They will guide you and help you to learn to fight the battles of the Endtime using the weapons of the Spirit and the ways of My Spirit.

18.They are part of My Heavenly army--part of the workings and ways of My Spirit. They are part of Me! When you use their strength and their help, you are using My strength and My help. I will use them to teach you and prepare you for your ministry in the days to come, and you will begin to learn to work side by side with those of the spirit world who are sent to help you. (End of message from Jesus.)

19.(Mama:) Isn't that an amazing message? Imagine, even the good spirits are sad because they want to help you and their people. They're just waiting for our prayers so that they might be released and have full power to help you--our dear Russian missionaries!

20.The Lord recently told me that Catherine the Great was helping me from the spirit. She spoke to me and told me how thankful she is that the children of David are reaching her people, and how she longs to have them know the truth and find the love of Jesus. I believe it was Catherine--and Dad later confirmed this--who inspired me to ask the Lord this question about Russia so that He could give us this revelation for the entire Family. He wanted to show us how our prayers were going to release His good spirits of the past to help not only our dear folks in Russia, but all of you who will reach out and receive.

21.That just goes to show you how very real our spirit helpers are! They're right beside us and as real as you or I! It's just that we can't see them or feel them in the flesh. But they're here with us, just like Catherine is helping me, and inspired me to ask the Lord this question, which led to His reply. They're leading us and guiding us and helping us to know what to do and how to do it.

Why Are the Russian Spirits Sad?

22.When reading over this Letter before it went out, someone had the question of why the spirits in Russia are sadder than those elsewhere--since there are undoubtedly spirits in other countries who want to help their people as well. For example, there are countries that used to be great Christian nations, like Britain and America, that have become decadent and quite antichrist in their ways, and the Christian spirits of the past are probably quite burdened for their people. So what makes the Russian spirits sadder? We asked the Lord, and He sent Dad with the following answer:

23.(Dad speaking:) The spirit world is a very deep and intricate subject, so I don't know how much I can explain now. Just like "eye has not seen nor heart imagined the glories of the things to come," mortal mind has not imagined the amazing and complex setup of God's Kingdom.

24.So, why are the Russian spirits so sad? Well, they weep both for the past, the present, and for the things soon to come. The Russians have been oppressed for generations, for centuries. Those poor folks have hardly ever known any good governments or decent rulers. There were some Christian kings and people who tried their best, of course. But most of the time about all the poor people could hope for was that the government would let them alone and not impose taxes on them that were too heavy, or take their livestock or send them into their wars.

25.In the present, people are really suffering as well. You don't see it in Moscow and some of the other big cities, but get out to the countryside and the little cities where our Family goes, and you see it all the time. People are poor and hungry. The winters are long and cold and there's not much food or fuel. And they don't have much hope for the future, either, that things are gonna get better. That's where we come in, thank God! Hope is our business--faith, hope and love. Thank You Jesus!

26.Now, the future. That doesn't seem very hopeful to most Russians, and they have a right to be worried about it. Awesome and terrible things are coming up on the world stage. You can read about'm in the Bible and in my Letters. You wouldn't want me to tell you what's coming up, would you? That would spoil the Lord's surprise. Well, it's hardly a surprise. The Lord sure wrote enough about it in the Bible--whole chapters about the Endtime. And this is the Endtime. I hope you young folks in particular realize that. You older folks, too. Dark clouds are gathering, and the sky is red with warning.

27.So that's why the Russian spirits are sad. They want to work now while there's still a little light left. The night's soon to come, when no man can work.

28.Other spirits are sad and burdened for their countries too. In many respects their situation isn't as sad as that of Russia, though. The Russian spirits besought the Lord fervently for greater access to His children because the need was greater, the time was shorter, and His children in Russia were more needy. So their requests were granted. Russians are a very spiritual people, a very deep people. They're wonderful folks when they're set free and happy in Jesus.

29.Now you take a country like Great Britain. There are lots of spirits there who are really burdened for their people. But many British have a saving faith because they've asked the Lord in their heart at one time or another. Even if they've turned from Him, they're still bound to Him forever. But the Russians don't always have that. The communists tried to wipe out religion in Russia, and the only thing the people had during those years was the Orthodox Church, which was pretty dead and dry. So Russia has a lot of people who need the Lord and need to be set free.

30.The people need salvation, the spirits need freedom, and the time is short. So work hard while you can, folks! The Lord is laying up great rewards in Heaven for you, and there'll be many people there who might not have made it if it hadn't been for your hard work. Keep going for God! That's my Family! I love you! (End of message from Dad.)

Not Just for Russia!

31.After receiving the previous message about Russia, I wondered whether this same revelation applied to other mission fields as well, and whether the good spirits there were likewise waiting to be released in order to help our Family reach their people. You who are in other countries may have also seen or felt that same sad and depressing spirit that the Family in Russia has, although perhaps not as strongly.

32.I felt that one of the main reasons the Lord spoke specifically about Russia in this message and not other countries is because I happened to be asking Him this particular question about Russia. My initial question started the ball rolling and opened the door to find out more from the Lord and Dad about this subject of the good spirits of the past wanting to help us.

33.In the previous message, the Lord had said that "other lands also have spirits from the past, but they do not want to help the people or set them free." In other words, they have a lot of evil spirits that are trying to oppress and hinder the people from receiving the Lord. Well, I'm sure Russia has those, too, along with the many good spirits. But I was pretty sure that even non-Christian countries which had very evil religions also had some good spirits who would want to help you. And other Christian countries would certainly have multitudes of good spirits available to help, of course.

34. When compared with Russia, perhaps the non-Christian countries had more evil spirits, which is probably why the Lord referred to them as such in the prophecy, but I felt that they must have some good ones, too, who could help us! So I asked the Lord whether all of you could avail yourselves of this powerful new spiritual weapon, or whether it was just for the Family in Russia. Following is what the Lord said:

35.(Jesus speaking:) All who have loved Me in spirit and in truth are Mine. All who have worshiped Me in their hearts are Mine. All who have given their lives for Me in some way are Mine. Their spirits are eternally Mine, and none can pluck them out of My hand. These have paid the price, and I have paid the price for their souls. They belong to Me.

36.I have many good departed spirits of the past in Russia--many, many who were Christians and who believed. There have been centuries of Christianity in Russia, centuries of faith, even though some of My people were secret believers. This is why there are many good spirits for Me to work through to help My people. I chose to reveal this about Russia to My queen because she asked about the spirit of Russia, and because there are many good spirit helpers I could reveal to her.

37.But not all the good spirits of the past are only in Russia. They are in every country, and they too will be released to help you through the power of your prayers. In every country on the face of the Earth there are good spirits of the past who have loved Me and belong to Me, and who long to help you to reach their people. All you have to do is ask for their help and pray for their release, and I will free them to come swiftly to your side!

38.Russia is not the only country that has had centuries of Christianity and therefore has the aid of many spirit helpers. South America has also had centuries of Christianity and a wealth of good spirit helpers waiting to be released by your prayers. South America is rich in spirit helpers from coast to coast! It has a heritage of spiritual wisdom and power waiting to be released.

39.These good spirit helpers are not limited to only the countries of Christian background--although they will have more in number--but I have great spirit men and women of faith in China, Africa, Malaysia, Indonesia, and all the countries on Earth! Although these countries have fewer good spirit helpers, they wax strong and powerful and valiant, and will be like an army at your side!

40.I have prepared the forces of good, some in legions, some in armies, to come to your aid! They are ready and waiting to be released by the power of your prayers. Great shall be their anointing to help the children of David, and great shall be their power to reach the people of their land! Mighty are their weapons of war to destroy and cast down the strongholds of the Enemy! Mighty are they in battle, and powerful and strong will they be at your side! They have learned much about the ways of the spirit world. They have drunk of the Spirit and are ready to help the children of David. They are ready to whisper in your ears, to guide your thoughts, to speak to your heart, and to show you how to reach their people.

41.They will surround you and be a force field of good in your lives, ministering to you and teaching you how to minister to My lost sheep and win them to Me. The great nations and regions of Christianity, past and present--Russia, South America, Australia, North America and Europe--will be flooded as your prayers open the floodgates of Heaven and release their powers! And the great nations of other religions will be illumined with the great light they [the good spirits from these Christian countries] will bring as your prayers torch the land with their power! There will be a mighty wave of good spirits upon these dark lands who will break the bondage of the captives, and the cold, dark spirits of the past will flee at their presence.

42.Receive, My children! Receive their help through your prayers, and liberate the forces of good to serve you! They wait right beside you. They are your brothers and sisters who wait to hear the voice of your prayers to set them free to serve My people. They are your personal spirit helpers whom I have ordained to work in your country, your Home, and in you personally, to help you in any way they can. I have given them powers to minister to My people. I have given them an anointing to teach and train you to listen to the Spirit and receive their help.

43.Pray for the release of your good spirit helpers, those whom I have assigned to your field and your country, for they are many. Even if you have fewer than the great country of Russia or the countries of South America or other Christian nations, those few are still mighty in number and powerful, and are as an army! So fear not that your nation has few, but rejoice that what I call few are hundreds and thousands!

44.Pray, My beloved children of the Endtime, and let their powers be upon you! Take upon you the anointing of their wisdom, their insight, and their understanding of the people of your nation. Take upon you the mantle of their many valuable years of training and experience in the spirit world, and let them work through you. Feel their power in your life! Accept and receive it, and it will become more and more real, and will work for you in greater ways than you thought possible.

45.Let each country decide upon their own time of prayer, when all the Homes, or as many Homes as possible, can participate and pray for the good spirit helpers of the past. The Homes do not have to physically come together with other Homes, unless it is convenient for them to do so and they want to do that, but they can just join in prayer within their own Home at a set time. (End of message from Jesus.)

A United Prayer Day to Call Down Help from the Spirit World!

46.(Mama:) What a wonderful gift from the Lord! I'm sure you're just as excited as I was to hear the wonderful things He wants to do through His good spirit helpers, and that He has not limited them to only certain chosen countries, but that He has assigned and ordained them for all! They want to help their people so much, and they're just waiting for our prayers to release them, so they can have the power to help you!

47.I'm sure you want all the help you can get from all the good spirits that will come to your aid. So as the Lord suggests, I'd like to ask each Home to unite in prayer to ask the Lord to set these spirits free to help you!--To ask Him to unleash their powers and gifts of the Spirit to come to your aid and help you to set the captives free!

48.The Lord mentioned that each country could decide on their own time of prayer, when all the Homes--or as many as possible--could unite in this important request. To make it simple for all, rather than trying to schedule a separate day for each country, you could have this united prayer on your next Continental Prayer Day, when all of the Homes on each continent are already uniting to pray and hear from the Lord.

49.So on the morning of your next Continental Prayer Day after receiving this GN, please set aside some time to bring this special request before the Lord. I suggest you may want to start by praying the prayer that I prayed for Russia, which I'm including here in this GN. I've adapted the version included here to apply to any country, to make it easier for you to pray it for your situation. Then you could add your own individual, heartfelt prayers for the Lord to release these spirits to help you, presenting Him with any specific requests you might have for their help.

50.After praying, you might want to also take some time to hear from the Lord, as He might have some specific words for you. Some of these released spirits might even want to come and give you needed encouragement, counsel and instruction! No doubt many will be waiting to speak to you, thank you, and tell you just how they're going to help you! Dad suggested the same in a little message to us, where he said:

51.(Dad speaking:) All the Family has to do is pray and release the power of the good spirits!Hallelujah! They don't need to have any other ceremony. The Family can simply get together in real sincere, serious, desperate prayer, and it'll be done. All those good spirits will be waiting and will rush in right after the prayer, so they can have a time of good praise and sweet loving fellowship afterwards. They're really going to feel it! I wouldn't be surprised if the Lord lets some people even see some of them or hear from them right on the spot, just as a sign to increase their faith!

52.It would be good for the Family to remain silent for a while after praying unitedly, in case one of those good spirits wants to say something to them. I'm sure they will, because they're going to be so happy to be released! They'll probably just be bubbling over with happiness! They might want to say something publicly, but they might not, so don't worry if they don't. They don't have to talk to you in order to help you. They can help you in a lot of different ways without your even knowing it. They can lead and guide your thoughts, speak to your mind, and tell you how to reach their people. (End of message from Dad.)

Mama's Prayer to Release the Good Spirits of the Past!

53.(Mama:) Following was my prayer, which you too can pray on your prayer day together. Where I refer to "this country," you can personalize it if you wish by replacing it with the name of the country or countries you minister in.

54.(Prays:) Thank You, Jesus, for telling us about all these good spirits of the past--the good spirit helpers that are just waiting to be released to help us and to help set the people of this country free. Thank You, Jesus, for this glimpse into the realities of the spirit world. It's so marvelous and so amazing! Help people to believe it as fact, just as You said, and not think of it as just a spirit story, or something far-out and interesting, but to really grasp that this is real and it is Your will! You said that the good spirits would be released by the touch of our faith and our prayers!

55.So we come to You now, Jesus, the great God of the universe Who has the power to do anything and everything, and we ask You to please release all the good spirits that You want to help the people of this country and the Family in this land. Please give them full freedom and full power to help us in any way they can. We're so thankful that You've raised up this spiritual army to fight alongside us and to lead and guide the Family. We're so thankful that we can have their help, guidance and inspiration.

56.Please release them, Jesus! Please set them free! Do whatever it is that You have to do to cause the floodgates of Heaven to open and a torrent of good spirit helpers to flood the land and bring with it a wave of goodness!

57.Bind the bad, evil, bloody spirits that are trying to keep the people in bondage! Destroy their influence and the bondage they have on the people! You said that whatsoever we ask in Your Name, You would do it. So we agree together that You will destroy the evil and release the good! Take our prayers and our faith and our obedience, which is all that we can give, and raise Your mighty hand, Jesus, and fulfill Your promise to send a torrent of good ministering spirit helpers! Let them flood in and rush in even now and fill this room with their light and power and presence! Let them speak to our hearts, our minds and thoughts, and direct and lead us.

58.We pray for an added anointing in the form of their help, wisdom and discernment. We pray for all the help that they can give us in any way they can give it to us. We need it all, and we want all the help we can get. So please give them all power to help us in whatever way they're supposed to.

59.Thank You, Jesus, for this wonderful new gift of Your Spirit! Thank You for raising up many good helpers for us, which is far better than the help of man. We know they're real, Jesus, and they're going to be right beside us from now on. Even though we don't see them or feel them or hear them, we know they're here with us. But we pray that You will allow some manifestations of their presence and their help to increase our faith, because the more faith we have, the more power in the spirit we have!

60.Please help people to testify of the help they're receiving,to inspire each other's faith and to encourage these dear, good spirit helpers. Their help from the spirit world may start off as just little ideas or little things, but end up being a big help and result in great things!

61.Thank You for doing it, Jesus! Thank You for setting them free! They must be so happy to be released, and we're very happy too. Thank You for the wonderful help they're going to be to us and to this country. Thank You for the light and freedom, for the power and love of Your Spirit that they are bringing. It's so wonderful, Jesus! This is such a wonderful gift from Heaven! (End of Mama's prayer.)

62.Praise the Lord! Now that we've prayed, we know that the Lord has answered, and we can eagerly expect the results! God bless and strengthen you as you avail yourselves of this extra Heavenly power to help you reach and win the people of your country with the Gospel! "Seeing that we are compassed about with so great a cloud of witnesses, let us lay aside every weight and let us run with patience the race that is set before us, looking unto Jesus!" (Heb.12:1,2a). Keep your eyes and ears tuned to Heaven so that you can keep running the race, pouring out the Word, and winning the world for Jesus! I love you!

Love, Mama

Confirming Prophecies on Help From the Spirit World!

63.P.S.: As I was preparing this GN, I was sent some prophecies that were received some months ago (before the above revelation), during a meeting of Home representatives in Siberia. I thought you would be very encouraged by them, as the Lord and Dad tell of the vast help from the spirit world that is available to those who ask! The Lord also gives some very good counsel on witnessing and teaching those you minister to how to be witnesses to others and hear from Heaven too. Although these prophecies were given specifically for the Family in Siberia, I believe that they apply just as much to all of you, as you each bear the responsibility of answering the Lord's call to be channels of His love to those where you are, and to bring them to Him.

64.(Jesus speaking:) How I wish to pour forth! How I wish to use you as channels of My love, channels of My training, channels of teaching to so many. But it costs. It takes time. It takes investment. It takes sacrifice. It takes setting aside your wishes and your wants. It takes seeking My face. It takes looking to Me and beholding My face and My plan for each of these.

65.I set before you a new blank empty page.What will you do with this page? What will you do with this stage of your service for Me? Will you fill it up with activity and feverishly run here and there, trying to scribble and draw and accomplish that which seems right, which your mind and your senses and your experience tells you is right? Or will you pause and look to Me, and before putting pen to paper, ask Me to fill you, ask Me to guide you, ask Me to direct your hand? If you will do this, My hand will be upon yours and we will draw and fill the page with the most wondrous, beautiful picture you can ever imagine, reaching the most people you can ever reach, accomplishing the most you can ever accomplish!

66.It won't be you, but it will be Me working through you! That's the joy of it! That's the wonder of it all! It will be Me and My spirit helpers working through you, reaching their own people in a way only they can do. For they know the history of each one you meet. They know the background--their fathers and mothers, their grandfathers and grandmothers, their great-grandfathers and great-grandmothers. They know all that this one whom you have just met has been through. They know their history, they know their longings, and they hear their secret prayers, for they are here at My side and I have revealed this to them. They have been praying for these, their children, their loved ones, My sheep, for millenniums--for many, many years.

67.The time is now, the stage is set, the receptacles are empty. They only need someone who is willing to receive and listen and follow. Will you be that one? Will you follow? Will you listen to their still, small voices? Will you hear their littlest instructions? Will you open up your heart and mind and life to these that I would lead your way?

68.Yes, some will appear unworthy, some will seem unreceptive, some will even seem a bit goatish. But stop before you make your decision, before you pass judgment, and ask Me: "Is this one of Yours, Lord? Is this one that You want Me to reach? What would You have me say to this one?" If you do this, the land will be filled with rejoicing, and even those in Heaven at the throne of God will sing! The people will rejoice! We will have a celebration, for we know that you will be led, you will be directed, you will be guided, and many souls will be won into My Kingdom! (End of message from Jesus.)

69.(Dad speaking:) You know, we're a crazy bunch of people up Here! Of course there's me, and you know how crazy I am! What do you think of Abrahim? Isn't he a crazy character? How about Ivan Ivanovich?--And there are many others, some whose names you know and many that you don't. But do you think the Lord's bound? We know He looks on the heart, and each one Here has a role. The role of some is learning and growing--being in school. The role of others is a job, a ministry or a calling, a specific thing they're doing for the Lord. And you know that as you're learning to open your channels, to tune in and tap in, you're hearing from many of those yourselves. You yourselves are seeing the vastness of the army, the great cloud of witnesses that's on this side, surrounding you and working for you and at your beck and call.

70. This is just a counterpart, or should I say you're just a counterpart of what's Here. That vast network and variety of laborers is available to you down there right now. There are those whom you can network with, and you can network with us Here. Together we'll make a team to get the job done!

71.We're working as hard as we can up Here. Many are spending extra time in training and in preparing--learning to get through, learning to run before you to work in the hearts of those you seek us about, to engineer the things that are impossible for you to do. There are so many of us Here, just as it says--"a great cloud of witnesses"--and we want to be witnesses with you!

72.But we need people to pour into, to pour through, to work through. So won't you help others to tap into us?Help others to connect! Teach them to pray, to hear, to listen, to follow, to get their basic foundation in the Word, and then to let our Lord's living Word flow through them. That's gonna last, you know! That river of living water will flow through them until the Lord comes back! It will encourage them, comfort them, reassure them, and give them hope when all around them seems so dark and bleak. It'll guide them when they have no earthly shepherd. Some can even get connected without any help; they just read and pray and they get zapped! But others need a little help--some teaching and training and someone to pray with them. They need to be filled.

73.I'm glad you're seeing the full range of the commission to go into all the world and make disciples of all nations. Don't worry, it won't be a burdensome or heavy task. It says you will go forth with weeping, but come again with rejoicing, bringing your sheaves with you. This is the rejoicing part, when you see the fruit of your labors, the multiplication of your efforts.

74.Each has a role, each has a part. As you seek and find your calling and abide in it, all things will work together for good. The body will be fitly joined together, and together, as one sows and the other reaps, you'll bring forth the harvest that is waiting for you! (End of message from Dad.)

Spiritual vs. Physical Depression

75.P.P.S.: (Mama:) This is off the subject of help from the spirit world, but it's something that I think some of you might have a question about,so I felt it would be good to include it. You noticed that in one of the prophecies earlier in this GN, the Lord mentioned that Russia is depressing, and I mentioned it in my commentary as well. You may have wondered, "I thought it was a fruitful mission field, with exciting witnessing! How could it be depressing?" The Lord gave the reasons why and said it was because of the sadness of the people, the sadness of the spirits who wait to be released, the tough living conditions, cold winters, cramped quarters, etc.

76.But when asking the Lord further about the depression in Russia, He gave an interesting answer that shows that while Russia may be depressing in some ways, it's not as depressing or damaging to the spirit as the Western materialist countries where the people are not as open and receptive to the Lord's Spirit and your witness. Here's what He said:

77.(Jesus speaking:) You may say Russia is depressing, for indeed it is. Yet My light also shines brightly there, because of the greatness of the darkness. So while it is depressing, yet because of the brightness of My light shining through My children, and because of the receptivity of those they minister to, it's not as depressing as those lands which are full and satisfied and receive not My children with open arms.

78.The lands of the West--the Great Whore and her children--those are truly depressing! They depress the spirit because of the people's lethargy and their lack of vacuum for My Spirit, and because of the great material pull.

79.There is spiritual depression and physical depression. The depression in Russia is more physical, although there are spiritual causes as well, as I have said--the spirits who are sad because they long to help their people. But in the Western countries, while on the outside the conditions are not depressing, yet the spirit is depressing, for it is at enmity with Me.

80.In truth, I say that those countries which seem to be light and easy are the most depressing of all--they depress and take a toll on the spirit. For My children, true depression comes from not being in My will and not feeding My sheep in those lands that are needy. True depression of the spirit can result from being in those lands which are rich and satisfied in goods, but naked in spirit--which yield not to Me, but yield to their god of materialism. (End of message from Jesus.)

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