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More on Help from the Spirit World! Maria #404 CM/FM 3147 8/97

By Maria

1. After reading the wonderful revelation from the Lord on "Releasing Our Spirit Helpers," besides the excitement of knowing that you'll have more help from beyond to fulfill the Lord's commission, it may have also left you with some questions. I had a couple myself, and because I thought others might wonder the same, I brought them before the Lord so that He could give His answers, which I could then share with you all!

What About Our Present Spirit Helpers?

2.One question I had was: What about the spirit helpers from these countries that we already have,like Catherine the Great and others from other countries? How were they released? And how come they've been released while others haven't? Why do we have to pray to release these spirit helpers when we didn't have to pray to release the others? Here's the answer the Lord gave, which I believe you'll find very interesting!

3.(Jesus speaking:) Oh, the mysteries of the spirit world! So much that cannot be comprehended with the carnal mind--the mind of man. I have created you this way, that there are many things that you cannot understand or comprehend. This I do so that you must come to Me, and I will reveal My mysteries to you little by little, revelation by revelation. I do not give you the full picture all at once, for that is not the way I like to do things. I like to uncover it for you one step at a time.

4.You will not see all the steps nor understand all until you pass over to this side, and even then not all at once. For if you could know everything about the spirit world, then what would there be left to learn? I wish to keep you asking and learning, so I reveal My mysteries to you bit by bit. Yet, I will answer your question, so that there be no wondering in your minds.

5.Those who are waiting to be released now are a great army of helpers, strong and mighty, who have waited for a long time to come to your aid--to the aid of those who would truly lay down their lives for their people. They have waited for centuries for those who would truly love their people. They have found others through the centuries who have had the love that you have had--the early missionary pioneers who truly became one with and gave their lives for these people. And in answer to those missionaries' prayers, I was able to release some of these forces to assist them, but not all. I only released as many as were needed for their assistance.

6.But in these Last Days, you have need of greater assistance than the missionaries of the past did. You have need of stronger hordes of angels and spirit helpers, for the days are worse and the Enemy attacks more and more. His forces on Earth wax stronger, so you must also double and triple and multiply your spiritual forces! For this reason I reveal to you this army of helpers that is at your disposal, if you will but release them through your prayers.

7.As for those spirits who have been helping you already,these individuals have been released in answer to specific prayers that have been prayed for them. Though not all were prayed for by name, specific prayers were sent up to Me for spirit helpers from these countries, and as a result of those prayers, I was able to release specific helpers to come to you. But now I wish to release them all at once, so that you may have greater help and greater power!

8. Before, you would pray for a spirit helper, and I would give one. But now I wish to give them all to you at once, so that you may have the grace, wisdom, love, anointing and strength that you need to fight for the lost souls of these countries and bring them to Me. You must work while it is day, for the night comes, when no man can work.

9.Do you now understand the mystery that I have opened up to you? I have many mysteries of the spirit. Some I will show to you and others I will leave sealed until the time appointed. But if you desire to know about the mysteries of My spirit world, you can ask. If it is My time and My will, I will reveal it to you, or reveal part of it to you. If it is not yet My time, then I will instruct you to wait until the time appointed. (End of message from Jesus.)

10.(Mama:) What a privilege it is to be able to come before the Lord and present Him with these requests to know and understand the marvels of the spirit, which He is willing to reveal to us! We are certainly blessed!

Why Help from the Spirit World?

11.The other question that I asked the Lord is if He could tell us more about why we need spirit helpers. After all, if the Lord is omnipresent, all-powerful and all-knowing, why can't He just give us all the help that we need Himself? Why does He have to have any spiritual agents to help answer our prayers and give us the strength, leading and wisdom that we need, when I'm sure He's quite capable of giving us everything Himself!

12.Of course, it all comes from Him, but why does He have to work through spirit helpers? Why do we need their help when we already have Him? Maybe it's one that you wondered about even before reading the "Releasing Our Spirit Helpers" Letter. Actually, the Lord touched on this question in the prophecy about Russia that I included in that Letter, but I wondered if He could give us a fuller explanation with more details.

13.Thank God for being able to hear from the Lord about these things! Because while I may have an idea of what the answer is or can think of some good reasons, or the Lord may even inspire me with the answer, He explains it so much better and more clearly and with more detail than I could ever think of! So even if you think you know the answer to something--and I had a pretty good idea of what the answer might be in this case--it still pays to ask the Lord! Because even if He confirms what you already thought, He'll usually give you a lot more that you didn't think of, like He did in this case!

14.(Jesus speaking:) If you combined the minds and the intellect of all the people who ever lived--past, present and future--you would still not be able to comprehend the ways of the spirit world, because it cannot be understood with your carnal understanding. The natural man cannot receive the things of the spirit. They are understood and received only by faith--not through reasoning or logic.

15.Why do you need spirit helpers when I am all-knowing? How can I explain to My little kindergarten children something that includes the past, the present, and the future in a way that your natural mind can receive it? How can I explain to you a spiritual reality to satisfy your analytical mind?

16.You ponder, "Why would God need help? If God is all-knowing, all-powerful and Supreme Ruler over all kingdoms and people, then why would God need good spirits to help His people and whisper His thoughts to their minds? Why does God need spirits to lead and guide and instruct His people? Even if there are billions of people in the world, it should be nothing to God to know the thoughts and intents of each one. If God can heal, then why would He need spiritual healers? Why would God even want to share His great power with mere little spirit helpers? Can He even trust them to do the job right? Isn't God enough in Himself?"

17.Such small children are My children of David, but with such hunger for answers and with such a thirst for My Spirit! You are not yet My spirit beings or My spirit helpers who live in the fifth dimension, but you long for a peek! You long to understand more and more so that you can tap into My spirit world and receive all the power from My Spirit. My baby children, My tiny children who desire to understand the realm of the spirit world and coax Me with questions and ply Me with your thirst for more!Such wonderful, insatiable children of David, so full of faith and trust that I will answer and reveal My mysteries.

18.I love you! I love your love for Me!You excite My desire to tell you more and give you My secret treasures! But I will not give you all My treasures yet--just some. I will give you enough to satisfy your longing and your curiosity, but I cannot give you all, for no one is able to know all but My Father in Heaven.

19.Just as the physical world has people, the spirit world has spirits. Just as the physical world has good people and bad people, the spirit world has good spirits and bad spirits. The physical world is in part an illustration of the workings of the spirit world. Just as man has a system of organization to run all the details of his personal life, his cities and his countries, so it is an illustration of how the spirit world operates.

20.I choose to work through a system of spirit helpers, spirit beings, and departed saints to run the spirit world and to help Me to help you. I choose to use departed saints who are touched with the feeling of your infirmities to help you. Just as you see in the physical world before you a major system of organization to keep everything running and operating smoothly, so I have a major system of organization to keep everything running smoothly. It is realistic. It is something that even you can understand.

21.Why can't I do it Myself? Why do you need spirit helpers?--Because I choose to operate this way, and I have created it so. It's the same as asking, "Why man?" Because God chose it to be so before the foundation of the Earth, and it is His will. It is part of His creation and part of His divine plan.

22.Man was created so that God would not be alone. Spirit beings and angels, spirit helpers and departed spirits are also His companions and helpers. They are His family in the spirit world, just as you are His family in the physical world before you enter the spirit world. He needs and uses His spirit helpers, just as He needs and uses you because He loves you.

23.He gives you their help because He delights to use them. He delights to teach and train them to help you, and to instruct you to receive their help. He is using it to fulfill His greater plan as a direct means of communication with you, His children, in the Endtime. You are beginning to realize more fully the power of spiritual communication, and it is because God has chosen to reveal it to you now in fuller detail. He's preparing you for your future roles in the Endtime when you will work hand in hand with His spirit helpers.

24.He chooses to speak through certain of His spirit helpers in order to instruct you, to increase your faith, to familiarize you with their presence and their ability to help you. It's an awesome thing that the great God of the universe would work through you and speak through you, but He does! It is a great mystery that God would choose to work through you and through spirit helpers, but He does! It is a miracle that God reveals His will to you and answers your questions, but He does! It is supernatural that God needs you, loves you, and desires you, but He does!

25.So, My dear little children, just receive and accept and believe so that His power might flow through you and through His spirit helpers. (End of message from Jesus.)

26.(Mama:) That's a pretty simple answer to a difficult question, isn't it? The Lord is so sweet in putting the cookies on a low shelf for us who are still bound by our carnal minds and cannot yet fully comprehend the things of the spirit. So He explains things in simple terms that we can understand and relate to, and bit by bit, He reveals more to us. As long as we keep accepting and receiving and obeying what He's already given, then He continues to pour out and show us more. But if we stop believing and don't have the faith to take in what He shows us, then He doesn't feel much like giving us any more. So Lord help us to keep having faith, so that He can keep pouring it on! Praise the Lord! I love you!

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