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Mama's Memos!--No.5 Maria #405 CM/FM 3148 8/97

Subject: Martial Arts

By Maria

1. Recently I heard from one of the CRO Offices that a number of Homes had written in asking for counsel regarding their teens taking martial arts classes. Apparently some teens (boys mostly, I assume) have been wanting to learn some form of martial arts. With some teen boys, this comes from a worldly desire to be strong physically and to be "cool." For others, maybe they're just bored and want some kind of "fun" activity to do. For yet others, it may stem from a legitimate desire to be able to defend themselves and others should they come in harm's way.

2.Considering how dangerous the world is becoming, particularly in the U.S. and other countries where you can be risking your life just to go out on the street in some cities, I can understand why some boys might feel like they have to be better prepared to defend themselves in case they or others are physically assaulted.

3.Of course, that's one reason why we have the two-by-two rule--not only so that you can counsel together and be a spiritual strength and help to one another, but also for physical protection. You're much more likely to be harassed or mugged on the street if you're alone than if you're with another person. So the Lord inspired Dad with that rule for many good reasons, and this is another reminder of the importance of keeping it for your own safety.

4.So there has been some question as to whether in some cases it might be okay or legitimate for teens to take martial arts classes, maybe even just as a sport. Well, I don't see how it can be a sport when the ultimate end is to hurt someone if you ever have to actually use it. But some folks were wondering whether it might be permissible or not.

5.Actually, the Lord already gave us some very good counsel on this topic some months ago, which I'm including below. This came about as a result of a letter that a young person in Russia wrote, asking whether it was okay for him to take martial arts classes. This young man explained that conditions in Russia were pretty rough, with a lot of crime and Mafia, people getting beat up, etc., and that he felt pretty weak and unprepared should he ever have to defend himself while out witnessing or on business.

6.It seemed that if anyone had a legitimate case for taking some martial arts classes, it was this young man. He was dedicated in His service to the Lord on a difficult mission field, and seemed sincere in wanting to do it for purposes of self-defense rather than just as a pastime or ego-booster.

7.I was proud of him for writing in to get the Lord's mind on whether he should take martial arts classes or not, before just going ahead. That takes faith and yieldedness, because when you ask, you have to be willing to receive what the Lord gives. But you know, it always pays to ask the Lord first. Even if He doesn't give the answer that you like or were hoping for, wouldn't you rather know what He has to say? If what you want is good for you and within His will, He'll give it to you. And if it's not, He'll give you some good explanation why. So asking the Lord always pays off!

8.Here's what the Lord said when we brought this young man's question to Him. I hope this will help answer your questions along these lines as well.

9. (Jesus speaking:) If you were not already full-time missionaries, busy serving Me and 100% involved in My full-time work, then you would have time to spend learning these methods of protection and self-defense. But because you are 100% My love slaves and 100% dedicated in My service, you have 100% of My blessings and My protection on you--unlike other Christians who just serve in their free time or part-time, and who only have partial protection and lesser blessings.

10.Because you are called and chosen to be full-time disciples, therefore I will give you full-time protection! You are My ecclesia, My elite! Because you give your best and your most to Me, you can be totally assured that I will give the most to you, and all the protection you need. If you cannot protect yourselves, I will protect you.

11.Because you are doing My service, I will never leave you nor forsake you. Nor will I let any harm come to you, unless I allow it for some reason: for a testimony, or to in some way be used by Me to draw others to Me--like the Apostle Paul, who suffered shipwreck and sickness, stoning and persecution. I allowed these things not because I could not protect him from them, but so that he could be a greater testimony and win more to Me as a result.

12.There are many Christians in the world and many people who do not serve Me 100%, and they have time to put into these other activities. They have money to spend. They are not full-time disciples, and these other things crowd out time that could be spent in full-time service.

13.In times past, the armies of the Israelites took up the sword and fought in the flesh, but that was for that time and for that purpose. Even then, I opened their eyes to show them that there was a host about them, an army in the Heavenlies that could fight their wars--and sometimes they did.

14.But I wish to take you the other way, that you might lean more on Me and My power and prayer. I wish for you to lean more on the Spirit for protection in the days ahead, rather than on the arm of the flesh. Even My disciples took up swords. But this is a new day, a new time, and I don't always do things the same. I would have you, now and in the future, come to rely more on the weaponry of the Spirit--for your weapons are not carnal, but mighty through God!

15.You each have your bodyguards, protectors, warrior angels and ministering spirits, and I wish for you to learn to avail yourselves of their help more than the arm of the flesh. For if you are going to do the things that I would ask of you in the future--the exploits and the miracles--you will have to learn to put your trust in prayer and in My power to protect you.

16.So expect miracles! Expect to see My power around you! Expect to see Me protect you! Call out to Me for protection. As My children who give your lives to Me--your 100%, total dedication--part of your reward for your service to Me is My protection that goes with you wherever you go! It's like riding in an armored car. It's like wearing bulletproof vests and having bodyguards with you 24 hours a day--complete police protection!

17.So trust Me for the days ahead, for the protection that you will need and for the faith that you will need to command this protection, to command My Spirit to work for you that you might lean on the Spirit and not on the arm of the flesh. This is an important key to the victories of the future--to learn now to look toward Heaven, to look toward Me and My Spirit, to look to the miraculous and the supernatural, and less and less to the arm of the flesh. (End of message from Jesus.)

18.(Mama:) Praise the Lord for His wonderful promises of protection! As long as you're in the center of His will and staying close to Him, you can be sure that He'll keep you safe. "The Name of the Lord is a strong tower: the righteous runneth into it, and is safe" (Pro.18:10).

19.There is no fundamental Family rule that members cannot take some form of martial arts class. However, as you can see by the above prophecy, the Lord is strongly discouraging it, because as full-time missionaries for Him, you just don't have time! Besides, it's not really necessary, because the best protection that you have is the Lord.

20.If you don't have the Lord, all the self-defense techniques in the world won't help you much. But with Him, you have the best protection in the world no matter how physically weak or unprepared you might feel! Many times our Family members have been in dangerous situations, even held up at gunpoint, but because of the Lord's supernatural "power tower" around them and His anointing on them to handle the situation wisely, they were unharmed.

21.Whereas, if you don't rely on the Lord, you could wind up in pretty bad shape! Your fancy techniques and physical strength won't go very far against a gun. In fact, contrary to what you see in glorified action movies, self-defense experts advise against trying to use your skills when faced with someone holding a gun. No matter how fast you may think you are, you're not as fast as a bullet!

22.So remember, depend on the Lord! He's the best protection you've got!

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