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DAD'S CHRISTMAS MESSAGE FOR 1997!               Maria #406            CM/FM 3150         9/97

                1. (Introduction from Mama:) When Dad was with us here on Earth, every Christmas he enjoyed giving the Family a talk. I was praying about this and I thought it might be nice to ask Dad if he has any special message for the Family this year, too. If so, I wondered if he might like to give his Christmas talk early to kick off the season as you launch out into your Christmas witnessing.

                2.As you will read in the following message, Dad shares priceless insight and invaluable counsel for this coming year, and also presents some exciting challenges for all of us!

                3.(Dad speaking:) Christmas praises in the air, hallelujah! Praise the Lord! Can you hear'm? They're everywhere! All the Heavens are rejoicing with the praise of Jesus!--Christmas praises ringing out every day of the year! Hallelujah! Thank You Jesus! Thank You Lord! We love You, Jesus! We need You, Lord! Thank You for giving us another Christmas! Thank You that for us, Christmas is every day of the year! Thank You that You shower Your love down on the Family every day of the year! Praise You Lord!

                4.For us, Christmas is every day of the year! But sad to say, it's not that way for so many poor folks in the world who haven't yet found the real meaning of Christmas. So many people are lost, lonely, downtrodden, weak and weary. Some are weak in their bodies, weary in their flesh; others are weak in their minds; and yet others are weak in body, mind, and spirit.

                5.There are the trampled on, the poor, the persecuted,the hungry; those who are victims of war and crime and exploitation; those who nobody wants and for whom nobody cares; those who have so little in the way of worldly goods, who are lacking in food, clothing and shelter--even the basic necessities.

                6.Then there are others who do have material goods and who appear to have it together in the eyes of the world, but are sick with sin. They, too, are lost and lonely, prisoners of their own selfish desires. They're weary and heavy-laden with problems, stress, fears and phobias; those who appear to be rich and increased in goods, but who are found wanting; those who wear a smile on their face, yet ache inside; those who are engulfed in a sea of emptiness; those who suffer from pain, guilt, bitterness, and condemnation; those who feel remorse over the past, and others who fear the future--so many lost and desperate folks in the world today.

                7.It's like the words to that old Beatles song, "All the lonely people, where do they all come from?" Well, I'll tell you where they come from--all the lonely people come from selfish living! They come from a world that does not look to God, a world hell-bent for destruction, a society that does not look to the Savior and retain Him in all their thoughts.

                8.All the lonely people, the lost and the forlorn, come from a society where every man looks to his own needs and not to the needs of others. That's where all the lonely people come from--from a dog-eat-dog society, from a lot of wrongful living. They're products of the Devil's own doctrines of "do your own thing" and "to each his own"--that's where all the lonely people come from.

                9.All those lonely people out there, folks, are the product of a world that forgot their Creator. They're the product of those who hear the Word but do not live it, or of those who know they should help others but don't--the product of selfish living.All the lonely people. They're victims, the sad result of what happens when folks don't live in love.

                10.Jesus, help us, Lord! Help us to count our blessings. Help the whole Family to stop and count their blessings. Lord, we're nothing, but You've given us everything. You've made us rich! You've given us the true riches. You've given us life and hope and light and love. You've given us Yourself. We have Your love, Lord, and this makes us rich. We have You and we have each other. We have a Family who loves and cares. You've opened the secrets of the universe to us! Help the Family, Lord. Help each one this Christmas to continue to keep their eyes on You, to continue to look to You, to do their best to spread the Word of truth to the lost and lonely world!

                11.Strengthen each one, Lord. We know we're nothing without You, Jesus. We know it's all You, only You. If we can do some little bit of good to help someone else, it's only You. But help each one to do their part, whatever You are calling them to do. Help us all, Lord. Help all the Family to work together in love and unity, in teamwork with each other and with all of us, all their Heavenly helpers that You have commissioned to help in this great and mighty move to get Your message out. Help all the Family, Lord, and help all us helpers. Bless us with strength and unity and Your love power!

                12.Thank You for another Christmas, another opportunity to spread the good news, another year to set the captives free, another year to share Your love with all who will listen--to whomsoever will come and drink of the waters of Your life freely. Hallelujah! Thank You Jesus!

                13.We have so much, Lord! You pour it out so freely! Help the Family to share the riches, to spread them out--the true riches, these lasting riches. Help us to help the lost and the lonely, those who suffer, those who are fading and dying without the Words of eternal life, those who are fearful and have no hope, those who have no love. Thank You Jesus! We love You, Lord. Praise You Lord!

                14.Beloved, we still have a big job to do,and we can be very, very thankful that He's giving us another Christmas season!--One more Christmas where you're free to spread the good news!--One more Christmas season when hopefully all the world is still a little more open, a little more ripe and ready than at other times during the year to receive His Words of love and truth, a time when all the world has to stop and think and reflect and look upward, if even for a brief moment.--One more Christmas when hopefully we can spread a little more love and light and cheer into their empty lives, and we can help them to find true love. Praise the Lord!

                15.Thank You, Jesus, for one more Christmas season before the night falls. Thank You for this opportunity to get out Your truth. It's getting darker and colder all the time, and many people in the world can feel it. They may not understand it, and they don't always want to admit it, but it's happening. The sun is setting, the darkness is falling, and the world is looking for hope, for some ray of light.

                16.Event after event has come to pass and left the nations questioning, asking why. Why this and why that? Why all the pain and strife in the world? Why the slaughter of the innocents? Why troubles and sorrows? Why have some whom they looked to for hope been taken away? This has caused a widening of the eyes. It has raised questions in their hearts and minds, and those whose foundation has been built on the sand, or others who had no foundation to begin with, are left wanting.

                17.Yes, beloved, never has the world been more hungry for answers than they are now! Never has the world been so much in need. As the darkness falls and as the cold winds blow, you, dear Family, must hold up the light. You must hold it up steady and firm for all to see. Never before has the world been so in need of true love and real answers as they are now.

                18.And the Lord's pouring it on! He's giving you the answers! He's giving you the means through new and varied ministries and open doors, through the tools He's put in your hands, through the Words in the form of books, stories, videos, music and more! All you have to do is get it out there and shine that light on the people. All you have to do is deliver the goods and He'll do all the rest. He'll spread it and prosper it and cause it to accomplish His purpose in the lives and hearts and minds of the people. Praise the Lord! You just give it out, cover it up with the warmth of His love, and He'll do all the rest! Hallelujah!

Tap into the Power of Communion!

                19.So we can be very thankful for another year, another Christmas to get out His truth. I often gave you a Christmas message on Christmas Eve or Christmas day, but I like this way better! God bless Mama for her foresight in asking me to come and talk to you folks a little early this year so you'd be able to have this message now. That's my Maria, always thinking ahead! God bless her!

                20.So here I am, and I can't think of a better way to start this Christmas season than to stop and thank the Lord, acknowledge Him, and ask for His help. At the beginning of every big task or great undertaking, that's really the time to get united and ask the Lord for His blessing. And now I'd like to ask you all--every Home around the world--to stop and take a little time to avail yourselves of the Lord's power. Okay?

                21.Can anybody guess a good way to do this? What's one thing everybody can do right now to take advantage of the Lord's power? One way is to stop for a few moments, take a little break from your busy schedules, unite in prayer and praise, and have communion! If everyone could stop at the next most convenient time--whether it's in the evening as you gather for a time of vespers, or at your next morning devotions, or if you want, at your Sunday fellowship, I don't care when you want to do it--but I'd like to ask you all, each Home, to take this time.

                22.Stop and gather together sometime--morning or evening--and have communion. I can't think of a better way to launch out into this new Christmas season than to avail yourselves of the power of communion. So how 'bout if each Home gathers all together for a Christmas communion? Why wait till the end of the season when all or mostly all of your busy Christmas witnessing is over? For us, every day is Christmas day, but I think you'll find it'll be a blessing and it'll bring good results if everyone will stop before launching out into this Yuletide season, this time when the world is more in the mood, more ripe and ready and likely to be thinking about the Lord. If you'll take a little time out and have communion, unite your hearts and minds and call down the power of Heaven to help you in your Christmas push, I think you'll find it will be a tremendous boost!

                23.So often you folks save communion till the end, and that's good; it has its time and place. But this year, let's begin the season with a Christmas communion! Tap into the power of communion! At times when you feel incapable, or like there's so much to do and you hardly know where to begin, or any time you're embarking on a big mission, that's always a good time to avail yourselves of the power of communion.

                24.There's power in communion, beloved! Communion is not only for power to heal--it's more than that. Communion is a good way to bring down the power of God! There's just something special about it when you're all together like that, and you get united, and you partake of the bread and the wine that symbolize His body broken for you and His blood shed.

                25.Folks, when you feel incapable because there's so much to do and so few to do it, that's a good time to stop and have communion. It's uniting yourselves in heart and mind and spirit. The Lord blesses as you get together in unity and show that you believe as one, and give thanks and praise and count your blessings and witness His goodness all together as one body. Break the bread and take the wine and ask the Lord for His blessing, for His anointing, power and strength for this special time of year, this special time of witnessing, so that you can reach the lost like never before!

                26.I'd like each Home to stop and unite and share communion to start this Christmas season. It's not only a good time to call on the power of Heaven for the strength and help you'll need in the weeks ahead, but it's also a good time to unite and ask the Lord for any specific direction or guidance that He has for you, for your Home, for your team, for the specific ministry or ministries that you're involved in.

                27.Hear from Him specifically, directly, and listen to what He has to say. Praise the Lord! Call on the power of Heaven by availing yourselves of the power of communion! Unite and tap in to His power! Pull on His strength and power for the task ahead, so you can share His love and light and walk in where angels fear to tread!

                28.Sing songs of praise! Sing Christmas songs to set the mood for the weeks ahead. Give Him thanks for another year, another opportunity to reach the lost, to spread love and hope and light and the truth of His Word to all you meet. Give Him thanks for another opportunity to give'm Jesus! Praise the Lord! Hallelujah!

                29. How 'bout a few rounds now? Let's sing those wonderful Christmas songs of praise! "Joy to the world, the Lord is come! Let Earth receive her King! Let every heart prepare Him room, and Heaven and nature sing, and Heaven and nature sing, and Heaven, and Heaven and nature sing!" "Hark the herald angels sing, glory to the newborn King! Peace on Earth, and mercy mild, God and sinners reconciled. Joyful, all ye nations rise, join the triumph of the skies! With angelic hosts proclaim, 'Christ is born in Bethlehem!' Hark, the herald angels sing, glory to the newborn King!" Hallelujah?

Christmas Angels!

                30."Hark, the herald angels sing!" Are all you angels singing with me? Every one of you Family members--when you preach the Gospel, when you give the light of the Lord, and when you sing His praises, you're like the angels of the Lord! You're my angels, each of you. You're just like angels to the lost and lonely of the world, angels sent from God to proclaim the glad tidings, the good news--that after the dark night there is hope of a bright tomorrow! Hallelujah!

                                31.What better angels could the Lord use than you? Whether you go out there on the front lines, or whether you stay back by the stuff, you all have a part. Each of you is important. You're all like the angels of God, spreading the light and telling of the glad tidings.

                32.Now here's another oldie goldie--one of my favorite Christmas songs! Who can sing along with me? "O holy night, the stars are brightly shining, it is the night of our dear Savior's birth. Long lay the world, in sin and sorrow pining…"

                33.Beloved, there's never been a time in all of history when the world has been in such sin and sorrow as it is now. Look around, you can't deny it! The world has never known so much sorrow. Oh, sure, they try to cover it up, but don't be deceived by what you hear on the news. Day after day the ACs try to cover it up with all the propaganda and bunk they put out there in hopes of leading people astray to where they think that things are better off than they really are.

                34.That's just like the Devil to try to make things look good,to where people think things are progressing--when in reality they're digressing all the more! Modern times, modern inventions--"progress," they call it. They have supposed cures for this and cures for that--for all the aches and pains and woes and worries. Advanced medicine--"take a pill and solve all your problems." Better technology, better inventions, better governments to make it a better world to live in--all for the "advancement" and "betterment" of mankind! Ha!

                35.Don't you be fooled--these are only the beginning of sorrows. Believe me, never in all of history has the world been "in sin and sorrow pining" like it is today--people lying in sin, sorrowful and pining away on the inside. Never before has there been so much confusion, so many voices saying "this is the way to go"--so many false prophets and false doctrines deceiving the people. Never in all of history has the world needed to hear the truth like they do today!

                36.How does the rest of the song go? "A thrill of hope, the weary world rejoices, for yonder breaks a new and glorious morn!" Beloved, never before has the world needed a ray of hope like they do now! Never before have they needed to hear about the new and glorious morning that is around the corner like they do today.

                37.Now, this next part of the song is very significant: "Fall on your knees; Oh, hear the angels' voices." Angels' voices--can you imagine that? You can hear the angels' voices, just like the angels who announced the birth of Christ! The Lord wants the people of the world to hear those angels' voices today. And I've got news for you, folks--you are some of those angels! You are going to be some of those Christmas angels sent from Jesus Himself to proclaim the good news, to give'm the ray of hope they've been waiting for, the ray of light they're looking for!

                38.Hallelujah! The Lord is sending you to be those angels for the world! You're gonna be just like Christmas angels to the lost and lonely world. Angels proclaiming His truth, giving His message of goodness and light to the world. Who else but you?--You, who have the true Words of life! You, who are in tune and hear the angels' voices every day. You, to whom He's given the host of Heaven to guide you--spirit helpers from the Heavenlies to help you and aid you. You, who receive His Heavenly messages and Heavenly vibes every day throughout the year!

                39.Who else could the Lord better use to proclaim His truth? Who better to use than you, His Own children, His Own angels on Earth, you who know His truth, you to whom He speaks and reveals the secrets of the universe, you whom He's blessed, whom He's made rich in faith and rich in truth! Hallelujah! Praise God! With the help of Jesus you're gonna join His holy angels, and you're gonna be those angels proclaiming the good news to the world!

                40."Fall on your knees; Oh, hear the angels' voices!" Help them, Lord! Help the world to listen. Help them to hear the angels' voices through Your children. Help the Family, Lord, as they go out and proclaim the good news to the nations. Help them to voice the news abroad, the Words of light and life and truth! Hallelujah!

                41.Praise the Lord! Folks, you have a big job ahead of you, so this is a good time to stop, to unite, and to call on the power of Heaven through a united time of praise and song and communion together. It's a time to unite and get your hearts together for the busy season ahead. Praise God! It's a time to thank Him for the priceless privilege that He's given you to proclaim His goodness, to represent Heaven.--Just like the angels in the fields when the tiny Babe was born in Bethlehem announced, "Peace on Earth--good will toward men."

                42.Thank You Jesus! Thank You Lord! We know it's only You. It's all Your doing, Lord, and we're just thankful to be used by You. We're thankful and happy to be of some service, of some help to spread Your message of love, hope and peace for all.

Love in Action!

                43.Never in the history of the Earth has the world needed to hear the truth like they do now. And now I'm gonna let you all in on another important fact! Not only does the world need to hear the truth today, but never before has the world been in such great need of seeing the truth, seeing the sample! They not only need to hear about true love, they need to see it. They need to see love put into action!

                44.Yes, they not only need to hear the truth, but they need to see the truth. Well, we all know it's important to be a sample of His love, but in these days of great darkness that are coming upon the Earth, never before has it been so expedient as it is now. A sample clearly shows the way. It's just human nature to sometimes confuse the words you say, but there's no confusion when they see the sample. Like that old poem my mother used to quote: "I'd rather see a sermon, than to hear one any day. I'd rather one would walk with me than merely tell the way."

                45.I've often told you of the importance of letting others see Jesus in you,right? And what's the best way you could possibly do that? What's the most effective, undeniable way you can let others see Jesus in you? Well, the Lord Himself summed it all up when He said, "By this shall all men know that ye are My disciples, if ye have love one toward another" (John 13:35).

                46.Why do you think the Lord said that? Wouldn't it have been enough for you to simply tell them about the love of Jesus? Couldn't the Lord just as well have said, "By this shall all men know that ye are My disciples, if ye preach My message"? Wouldn't that have been enough, just to tell of His message? Evidently not, because the Lord said that all men would know that you are His if you have love one to another. And if you have love one to another, you're certainly going to show it in genuine, tangible ways throughout the day, in obvious ways that others can see.

                47.It's not good enough to just talk about love--Jesus said you have to have love, you have to live love. The Lord knew that many would come in His Name and talk about love. But He knew one way the world would know who is right and who is wrong would be by the love they had between one another. Jesus said, "By this will all men know--if you have love one to another." The Lord knew that in the sample there would be no denying it--if you have love one to another, then all men would know you are His disciples.

                48.Love isn't love till you give it away! Love that's not shared is not love. No man is an island. The Lord knew that for most people to accept the truth, they not only need to hear the sermon, but they need to see the sample as well.

                49.Of course, one man or woman alone can shine forth the love and sweetness of Jesus through the light of their eyes, a look of love, the kindness of their speech, or in kind deeds to the one they are witnessing to, and this is all well and good. But the Lord knew that the bottom line, the real acid test and the real proof of His divine love would be to see loving interaction between His children--genuine love for each other, love in action in your everyday lives. The Lord knew that if people could see this love, it would sell the sermon.

                50.The Lord knows that the need has never been so great as in the world today. In this day of hatred and hardness of hearts, there is a great need for the antidote of His love to shine through. He knows that because there are so many voices saying "go this way" or "go that way," that the best proof of His love will be in the sample.--That when the world sees real, true love in action, the love of Jesus shared among you, there will be no denying who has been with Jesus, no denying of the truth.

                51.Beloved, there are many in the world today who say they have the truth. There are even those who say they have the love of Jesus, but their actions don't show it. There are so many voices in the world today that are confusing the masses. But let me tell you, when the world can see love put into action, when they can feel and see the love that you have among you, there'll be no denying whose disciples you are.

                52.Samples sell sermons, beloved! You can take it from me that never before in the world's history has there been a need like there is today for the nations to see love put into action--the proof of the pudding! In this world of confusion and deception, of scheming and sly words, of false fronts and cover-ups, never in all of history has there been such a need for seeing the truth--not only seeing the truth in the written Word, but seeing it backed up with loving action.

                53.So, dear Family, this Christmas as you give the Lord the gifts that He's most pleased with, as you win souls for the Kingdom of Heaven at Christmas and throughout the year, I want to ask you to think about this: Think about how you can not only give Him souls for His Kingdom, but think about how you can expand on this. Why not see if you can give the Lord even more this Christmas?

Gifts of Love!

                54.And for all you in the Family who know and love the Lord, you, His called-out ones who are following Him closely, you who have given your all, who have been winning souls to His Kingdom for quite some time now--I'd like to let you in on what else you can give the One Who has everything this Christmas! What can you give Him, as small as you are? Can anybody guess what that would be? What else can you give the Lord for Christmas?

                55.This Christmas, why not give each other gifts! Let's have an exchange of gifts throughout the Family! Do I hear some of those bottles crackin' already? Ha, ha! Those of you who know me well, who've known me for years, and all of you who've read what I've said in the Letters, know that I'm not really one for giving Christmas gifts. I can see some of you scratchin' your heads and asking, "Is that you, Dad? Are you gonna tell us after all these years that now we need to give gifts? I thought you were gonna tell us what we could give the Lord, and now you're telling us about giving gifts to each other? What happened to your well-known Christmas poem, 'You can have your little baubles and your merry Christmas tree, but all I want for Christmas is the Spirit wild and free'?" Ha!

                56.Well, it's me, all right, and that poem still stands--only now I'm gonna ask you to expand on it! I'm still asking you to live in the Spirit wild and free--and you're certainly gonna have to do that to accomplish what I'm gonna ask you now! Because now I'm gonna ask you all to give gifts to each other--to give lasting gifts of love to each other this Christmas and throughout the year.

                57.I'm not talkin' about goin' down to the marketplace or the department store and buying material gifts. I'm not talking about silver and gold or doodads and trinkets. I'm talking about giving real gifts, lasting gifts. I'm talking about the real meaning of Christmas, and giving gifts in the true spirit of Christmas. I'm talking about giving your love, giving yourself, having love for each other. I'm talking about giving Jesus your love by loving one another!

                58.Give gifts to each other--gifts of love! Give your love! Give of yourself! Be Jesus for those you live with. Have love toward each other, so that all the world will see the power and glory of God manifest in you. This is how you can love the Lord more--by giving your love to one another.

                59.The Lord has given you the means. He's given you the tools to get out in order to spread His message. And as each of you unite and go out this season in faith and obedience to pass out those tools, He will be with you and bless you and cause you to prosper. But after all that is done, what's the next step? What's the next best thing you can do to help those tools prosper? Give your love to another! Be the living proof, the living sample of the message contained in those tools--the living proof that the message works!

                60.Jesus said, "By this shall all men know that ye are My disciples, if ye have love one to another" (John 13:35). What better way to live Christmas each and every day of the year than to continually live to give to those around you, to truly live how He taught us, according to His law of love.

                61.That reminds me! Back to the song! Does anybody know the next verse to that song? Can you sing the next verse to "O Holy Night?"

                62."Truly He taught us to love one another; His law is love, and His gospel is peace!" Hallelujah! Hasn't He taught you how to love one another? Hasn't He given you His only law of love? He's taught you how to love, and He's entrusted you with His law, which is love. Now He's trusting you to follow it, to make it work, and to live in love, that by this, all men will know that you are His disciples.

                63.This, beloved, is the best way you can have Christmas in your heart every day of the year--by showing your love to each other, by living His love in all the little ways throughout the day, by letting Jesus live in you to show the world this living proof, a living sample that the love of Jesus works!

                64.He wants to set you up high on a hill in these Last Days--a city set on a hill that cannot be hid! By your loving sample, your living testimony and proof of His living love, He's going to set the course of nations! He's gonna use you, beloved--you, His true disciples--to show the world His love and that His love works.

                65.And the next line of the song? "Chains shall He break, for the slave is our brother, and in His Name all oppression shall cease." Praise the Lord! Love is powerful! And not only will it break the chains of oppression for those who will receive His love for the first time, but as you give your love to another, as you grow in love and reach out to those right around you, those in your own Homes and in your own areas, you're going to find that His love will break your chains, too!

                66.Reaching out to others in love today will solve so many problems. Just like those famous little quotes I'm so fond of: "Love, humility, and prayer solve all problems!" and "Love has an extra spiritual eye which sees the good and the possibilities that others cannot see!" Love always finds a way, folks, and if you reach out now and give your love, you'll find it will solve all your problems! It'll break the chains that try to hold you down or hold you back. Love is the answer! Love is the secret--like the Word--because it is the Word. Love is God, and God is love, and love is the secret to power and life and overcoming and victory!

                67.Praise the Lord! So If you want to know what to give the Lord this Christmas, if you want to know what to give the One Who has everything, if you want to know what to give me, then give your love not only to the Lord, but reach out, all of you, and take new steps to grow in love and give your love to one another. His Gospel is love. Will you live it? Will you give it?

                68.During your time of communion as you launch out this Christmas season, pray and ask the Lord to help you live Christmas each and every day of the year by helping you to do your part in all the little ways throughout the day to love one another. Ask Him to help you follow His great commandment to love your neighbor as yourself. This is the real meaning of Christmas. It's the reason for it all. It's the reason Jesus came down at Christmas in the first place--so we could have life eternal, yes, and to teach us to love, so we could turn around and give that life to others, that by the love you show each other, all men would know that you are His.

                69.The Lord wants you, His children, who love Him and follow Him closely, to have love one to another, so that all men will know you are His disciples and that you belong to Him. Then He's going to set you up as a city on a hill for all the world to see, to light the way in the darkness. Hallelujah! Praise You Lord!

                70.You might not feel that you are equal to the task, but God is, and He'll help you if you try. He'll help you to live the real meaning of Christmas each and every day of the year. And you'll see, folks, as the darkness falls, as the night comes, all the world will know that you walk with Jesus. You're gonna be that city set on the hill that cannot be hid. There'll be no denying it. He's gonna make you a mighty witness in this last, dark hour, and all the world will know that you're the true disciples of Jesus because of your great love for one another. Hallelujah!

                71.So if you want to know the best present you can give to the Lord after winning souls, and the best present you can give to me, and to each other, then give of yourself! Give your love, your prayers, your time, your attention, your care. Love Him by loving your neighbor, by loving each other--each member in your Home. Love your Family. Expand your love this Christmas, and together we'll all sing the final line of this song with our whole hearts, as we proclaim His power and glory!

                72.(Sings:) "Sweet hymns of joy in grateful chorus raise we, let all within us praise His holy Name! Christ is the Lord, oh, praise His Name forever! His power and glory evermore proclaim! His power and glory evermore proclaim!" Hallelujah! Are you on board? Will you praise His Name forever? Will you go out and proclaim His power and glory forevermore? How can you praise His Name and tell of His power and glory?--The best way you can tell of His power and glory is by showing love to each other, by giving love!

                73.This is how you'll tell of His power and glory--by living His love! Then your lives will tell it all, because you'll be the living sample, the living proof. As you live in His love, it'll bring down His power upon you. As you unite together in His love, the power of God will shine forth to the nations through you! As He pours out His power upon you, His power and glory will be made known to all the world forevermore!--The power of love! Hallelujah!

                74.Give Him the gifts He's most pleased with by giving your love to one another. Show His power and His glory by loving one another with His love divine. Hallelujah! Let others see Jesus in you by giving your love to each other! Keep showing'm Jesus each and every day of the year, through your love--not only your love for the lost, but your love for each other! By this, all men will know that you are the true disciples of Jesus!

                75.This is my Christmas message to you, and my Christmas prayer for all the Family--that you will love one another as Jesus loved you, today and all through the year! And don't forget, folks, that you have the whole host of Heaven to see you through! You have all the power of Heaven to be released at the signal of your prayers! Just call on us! We're ready to help you all we can! And we're revving up for another spectacular Christmas push! All the Heavens are buzzing with joy and excitement! We're ready to go, ready to help you spread the good news, ready to help you love one another, ready to help you proclaim His power and His glory forevermore, ready to help you live the real meaning of Christmas every day of the year as you love one another!

                76.That's what Christmas is all about--having love one for another! It's about living His law of love and preaching His Gospel of peace! If you love Jesus, will you keep His commandment to love one another? Will you give gifts of love? Then His power and glory you'll evermore proclaim! "Christ is the Lord, oh, praise His Name forever! His power and glory evermore proclaim!" Hallelujah! I love you! Keep on lovin'! Merry Christmas! XXXXXXX! Dad. (End of message from Dad.)

                77.(Mama:) Thank you, Dad, for giving us the vision! And thank you for your prayers! That's some challenge, folks! But don't forget, the Lord and Dad and all the host of Heaven are waiting in the Heavenlies, ready to help us at a moment's notice. They're eagerly anticipating being able to share more personally in all our activities as we win the lost, love one another and proclaim His power and glory every day of the year! We're not equal to the task, but He is! All we have to do is follow!

                78.Peter and I love each of you, and our prayers are with you for a fruitful Christmas season and a terrific new year ahead! Keep on giving the message. Keep on loving and serving one another in love, and you'll never fail, because love cannot fail!

                Much love, Mama

                79.P.S. In accordance with the counsel Dad gives above, I thought it would be nice to have a written prayer that the whole Family can pray when you gather for your Christmas communion. So I asked Dad what he thought about this idea, and he responded with the following written prayer that each of you can pray unitedly as you partake of Christmas communion!

                80.(Dad prays for Christmas communion--a prayer for all:) Thank You, Lord, for this time to gather together. Thank You for another year to get out Your message, for another Christmas season to share Your message of love and life with those in need. We thank You for all our many blessings, for all You've given us--the Words of life, the love, protection, provision, healing, and the power You've given us--more than we could have ever hoped for.

                81.We're nothing without You, Lord. We're weak and frail human flesh. Sometimes we stumble and fall. Sometimes we make mistakes. Oftentimes we feel incapable of the tasks set before us, but if You're in them, we know we cannot fail, because You cannot fail, and You will not fail us. You in us, Lord, are our hope of glory. You in us, Lord, are our strength, our strong tower! We've gone from nothing to still nothing, but because of our obedience and yieldedness to You, You make us mighty. Thank You for choosing us, for using us, for blessing and prospering us.

                82.Thank You for our Family, each one who loves You--those who're trying their best to serve You and live for You. Thank You for each other--our co-workers, who're giving their all for You, who're sacrificing, who're fighting the battle on every front, who're facing enemies and gaining victories. Thank You for calling us out, for working through us, as nothing as we are, to do the great and mighty works You talked about. It's all Your doing, Lord, as we yield to You. Thank You for how mightily You bless the Family. Thank You for the miracles and the mighty works, the salvations, the souls, the personal victories.

                83.Thank You for choosing us, Lord! You've given us this great big job of going into all the world and preaching Your message of love. You've commissioned us to love one another as You have loved us, to be a sample of Your love.

                84.Now, as we break this bread and we drink this wine, we want to avail ourselves of Your power. As we join ourselves together and unite to partake of these elements, this communion, we want to tap in to Your mighty power. As we gather together, uniting in heart and mind and soul, we ask for Your strength to fill us.

                85.Bless this bread. As we eat together, we claim Your healing touch, not only for anyone here who may need healing today [tonight], but also for the lost to whom we will minister in the weeks ahead. We claim Your healing touch for the lost and needy to whom we minister and who will receive Your message through our tools. We ask that You prosper Your Word so that it will accomplish all that You send it to do, to heal and soothe the hurts and the heartaches, to ease the troubled minds and bring peace to the longing spirits who need You so desperately.

                86.Thank You for this bread, Lord, that not only represents Your body broken for us, but represents Your Word from which we feed--the bread of life. Thank You for Your Words of life that feed us and nourish us and sustain us, and that we can give out to others.

                87.Bless this wine. Thank You for dying for us--for shedding Your blood, so we could be saved. We ask You to please help us to bring Your salvation to as many as we can during this Christmas season.

                88.As we drink, we ask that You will unite us as one, bind us together in love, so that Your power and strength can be manifest in us through our unity. As we come together and partake of this communion, we declare that we believe as one. We unite now in love and prayer, in purpose of mind and heart and spirit, so that Your strength may be made perfect in our weakness and Your power can be made manifest in us.

                89.We praise You for all our many blessings, which are more than we can number. Give us victories this Christmas season, Lord, greater victories than ever before--greater witness, greater power and greater strength. Direct, lead and guide us in the weeks ahead. We claim Your promises of supply, provision and care, of power and protection, of anointing and strength, and of great victories on all fronts.

                90.Thank You for the exceeding precious promises You've given us, Lord. Help us to lift our eyes and our hearts and our hands in praise to You for all our blessings. Thank You for all the wonderful things You have for us, if we'll just reach out and receive. We want to avail ourselves right now of all You have to offer, and we ask You to live in us, move in us, and work through us, so that Your glory can be seen in us.

                91.Keep us close to You, in Your will, obedient and yielded moment by moment as we listen to Your voice telling us which way to go. Keep our hearts right with You, our motives right, our will right, everything right so that we can continue doing Your work, faithfully preaching Your message of love, winning as many souls for Your Kingdom as we can--souls that will live on for all eternity.

                92.Thank You that we don't have anything to worry about; all we have to do is trust You and obey what You tell us to do. Thank You that You always show us the way. Here we are, Lord; use us as You will. Give us Your strength and power to love one another and to reach the lost. Help us to live Christmas every day of the year--to continue living and working together and proclaiming Your power and Your glory to all we meet. In Your Name we ask. (End of message from Dad.)

Copyright (c) 1997 by The Family