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Mama's Memos!--No.6 Maria #411 CM/FM 3156 12/97


1. When children's prayers don't seem to be answered

2. Family children, JETTs and teens fellowshipping with System young people

3. More on Family policy on immunization

4. Family young men imitating homosexuals and joking about being homosexual

5. Witnessing in closed countries

6. Why the Lord does not supply sometimes

7. Modern lingo

8. The shortness of time and our long-term projects

9. The shortness of time and our becoming a financial power

Dear Family,

1. I love you! The following "Mama's Memo" GN consists of several prophecies covering some of your urgent questions and concerns. We hope you'll find it feeding and inspirational, as well as helpful counsel.

2. Please remember that these short prophecies often only address one side of the situation or subject, which is what makes them so short and simple to get out to you! As I mentioned recently in "The How-to's of Healing" (GN 759), if I were to cover each subject completely and in depth, it would take us a long time to get this counsel to you, and it would be much longer!

3. As Dad said in a message at the end of that Letter, "It's better to get out a little now than to get out a lot later--or a whole lot maybe never! Time is short and it just can't always be so perfect or well-rounded. The Family's learning to rightly divide the truth. They're learning to apply the Word, and if they have questions, they can just ask the Lord" (ML #3153:70,71).

4.Dad sometimes faced a similar problem with us when he was here on Earth. We were prone to take what he talked about and run with it, not balancing it with past Word on the subject. So when he gave a talk like "Forget the Past," for example, we sometimes went to the extreme, and just a few months later he had to give the talk "Don't 'Forget the Past!'" Ha!

5. So please balance the counsel in this GN with past Word on the subject from the Bible and recent and older Letters. You'll find treasures and counsel new and old by "rightly dividing the Word of truth" this way. And if you can't find the full answer there or need more specifics to apply it to your situation, then you can always pray and hear from the Lord in prophecy to get a tailor-made answer--the Lord's Words for you, just you.

Love, Mama

When Children's Prayers Don't Seem to Be Answered

6.An SGA mother with several children recently poured out her heart to me in a personal letter. Many of her concerns centered around her young children and the condemnation she faced over feeling that she was not able to supply their needs and desires as sufficiently as she would like, mainly due to a lack of finances. While their Home was getting by all right, there were always many more needs or even little requests or personal desires of the children than funds available to cover them.

7.This young woman expressed how sometimes her children would ask her for certain things, and they would pray, asking the Lord to supply their requests. Yet it seemed that at times the Lord didn't answer, and the children would wonder why. As the parents, she and her husband would then naturally feel obligated to try to meet the children's needs themselves, or somehow grant their children's requests, in order to not disappoint them or hurt their faith.

8.As adults, we understand that the Lord does not always answer our every request by supplying what we petition Him for.However, our children may not understand this. It certainly could be confusing or saddening for a child if they sincerely pray, asking the Lord to provide a need or desire, and then it seems to them that He doesn't answer.

9.I figured that this scenario is probably common in the Family, and that you might appreciate hearing what the Lord has to say about it, so I had someone ask Him the following question: "Lord, why is it that sometimes when our children pray and ask You for something, it seems that You don't answer? This makes it difficult on the parents; they feel like they have to try to still supply what the children are asking for, else it will damage or hurt their faith in You." Here is the answer the Lord gave:

10.(Jesus speaking:) My darling young ones, how I love to delight their hearts and spoil them with goodness! My goodness is not always your idea of goodness, nor is it theirs. For as the Heavens are higher than the Earth, so far are My ways removed from your ways. Have I not said that sometimes I say yes, sometimes I say no, and sometimes I say wait? This holds true even with the requests and desires of My young ones. Their faith will not be hurt if you can explain these principles to them.

11.If you don't know why some request of theirs has not been granted, why don't you come before Me with your child, or with your children, to ask Me? I will answer very clearly for My young ones, in a way that they will understand and be able to accept.

12.Perhaps I'll tell them that the answer is on its way. Perhaps I'll say that they must pray more, for it is a big request and requires much prayer power behind it. Or in some cases I may explain why their request is not necessary, or why their desire is not good for them at this time.

13.There's an explanation for everything. And if you care for your children to know the reasons why, then bring them before Me so that they may hear My voice and understand. In doing this, you give your children the best training and explanation you ever could. (End of message from Jesus.)

14.(Mama:) What a good, practical solution to an otherwise frustrating and disheartening problem! Our wonderful Protector and Provider has the answer to each of our questions, if we'll only come before Him and ask. He's clearly encouraging us to not only come before Him more with our own questions, but to bring our children's questions before Him as well. As we and our children unite to seek the Lord, this will not only teach them the valuable lesson of learning to hear from Jesus directly, but will also give them clear answers to their questions. This will also help you dear parents to be relieved of the disappointment or condemnation that you feel when you can't supply every request of your children.

Family Children, JETTs and Teens Fellowshipping with System Young People

15.With many of our Charter members now living in smaller Homes, one concern that has been more frequently brought to our attention is that of our Family children fellowshipping with System children.

16.We know from the Word and Dad's counsel over the years that our young people, who have been relatively sheltered from the evil influences of the world, can be negatively affected through contact with System kids, particularly if the kids they're interacting with are "rotten apple" types. Even if the children are fairly well behaved, the activities most System children normally engage in can often be unedifying. Also, if the Family children (or JETTs or teens) in question are not doing well spiritually, or have a tendency toward shallowness, rebelliousness, worldliness, etc., then exposing them to further System input only tends to amplify such problems.

17.However, you may ask, "What about some of our children, JETTs and teens who are fairly solid kids?" Or what if you happen to live in a Third World country where the local children or young people are simple and sweet--not entrenched in worldliness or the latest distractions and toys of the Enemy? (Of course, even if the local children where you live are sweet and fairly pure, there is still a good chance that your kids are going to have plenty of unsupervised time in front of the boob tube, and how to avoid that is another factor you should prayerfully consider.)

18.Or perhaps your Home consists of only one or two families, and there are no Family Homes nearby where your children can have fellowship with Family children their age. I can understand why you'd wonder if it's all right for your children to spend their free time fellowshipping with local System children. You realize they probably won't be witnessing to the System children that much, but rather may be talking, playing and doing all the normal things kids do. So you wonder, if your kids are bored and want playmates their own age, will allowing them some contact with System children for fellowship and friendship be beneficial?

19.The above is the question I had one of our channels ask the Lord, and following is His reply. Dad also spoke on the subject with helpful advice and counsel for all.

20.(Jesus speaking:) Come out from among them and be ye separate. For you, My children, have been handpicked and chosen by Me. You are a royal priesthood, called and ordained to be My special troops.

21.When I say to come out from among them and be separate, I'm asking you to not partake of the evils, the wickedness, the foolishness, the materialism, and the evil music of this world. When I created you, I gave each of you the majesty of choice, and discernment between good and evil.

22.Don't give the Enemy any place in your heart or in your lifeby fellowshipping with those who have given themselves over to the Enemy, those who are past repentance and acceptance of the Word of truth and the ways of the Lord.

23.The Enemy would seek to implant his evil seeds within the hearts and minds of My young children of light, My growing princes and princesses, and I would not have this. I have placed these ones in your care, and it is your responsibility to shield them from the attacks of the Evil One, and to keep their hearts and minds pure and clean, filled with My Word and My Spirit. This is the commission I've given you.

24.They're to be bold witnesses and testimonies unto Me. They're to reach out to those of their own generation who are lost and destitute, and pull them toward My warmth and light. They're not to be dragged down into the miry pit in which these abide. They're not to partake in their foolishness, but they're to show them a better way. This is My will and My plan.

25.Yet there is a natural, inborn desire within My children and young people to have fellowship with those of their own age, whether they're in the Family or not. As their parents and shepherds, you must carefully and prayerfully lead and guide them in their interactions. You must bring the matter before Me in prayer to receive My instruction.

26.Instill in your children a love for souls, a love to witness, a love to let their light so shine! For if you have planted these seeds within their hearts, then the times that they spend with those who are not of My fold will be times well spent, giving love, showing a sample, winning their hearts and lives to Me.

27.This is good fruit, and you can see that if it be a good tree, it will bring forth good fruit. But if you see no such good fruit--no souls being won, no lives being drawn closer to Me--then this is not good fruit. This is a barren tree which yields nothing, and I would not that My children fellowship with those who yield no fruit.

28.So you must weigh it out in prayer, whether it be a case of fascination for the world and for the things of evil, or whether it be a simple case of wanting to fellowship with others their age. And even so, you must evaluate each situation to see whether or not it brings forth good fruit. (End of message from Jesus.)

29.(Dad speaking:) In some cases, young people simply wish to be with other young people their age. But don't let the desire for fellowship overshadow your calling to be a light in the midst of darkness. Your teens can get in there and become friends with the outside teens and get in a message every time they can, talking about Jesus.

30.One way you can tell whether the fellowship is right or wrong is by the fruit it bears. If your kids feel ashamed to talk about the Lord or to witness, and all they ever do is just go down to the System kids' level, watch TV, talk and fool around, and it's not bearing any good fruit in either their lives or the System kids' lives, well, then that would be a case where they should check their hearts and see why they long for this fellowship.

31.Every situation can be turned into a witness. We're unique, special! We've got something the people of the world don't have, and we want to give it to them. A sample speaks louder than words. What kind of sample are they being? Are they prayerful about the TV shows they watch, or do they just sit down and indiscriminately watch anything that their friends turn on? Is this contact with their System friends making them rebellious toward the adults in the Home?

32.Of course, you've got to give the kids a little room, and you can let them fellowship with other children if it bears good fruit. You don't always have to be there in the room with them, but they should have enough fear of the Lord to not always have to have an adult there with them. They should have enough positive peer pressure to where they can check each other on things and stand up to each other and have conviction, even while at friends' houses. (End of message from Dad.)

33.(Jesus speaking:) That's right. The fruit that this fellowship bears is a very important determining factor as to whether fellowship with those in the world is acceptable or should be allowed.

34.I have loosened the boundaries and given you liberty to do things according to your faith. But if you choose to let your children and your teens fellowship with outsiders on occasion, it is vital that you immerse them in My Word when they return.For My Word is what will keep them, and if they don't have a strong connection with Me and My Word, their faith will slowly crumble, and their dedication and their desire to be a part of My called and chosen few will slowly disappear, shred by shred.

35.Fellowshipping with the world can be like coming in contact with a cold or the flu. If you don't have the immunization of My Word and if your body isn't fortified with vitamins and the proper nourishment of the acceptance of My New Wine, of loving Me and others, of willingness and sacrificial giving, and a desire to get out and win the world to Me, if there's an imbalance in any of these things, your body will not be adequately prepared to withstand the contagious germs that are lurking, waiting for a weak spot to infect.Even when you're with those of the world who are not sold out to the world, or who may not know Me and haven't had a chance to receive Me, there are still many evil influences that can overpower an unsuspecting child or young person, especially if they go into such fellowship without sufficient protection.

36.So seek Me in every situation and be prayerful in your decision-making, for this is not just a decision of whether your young people will fellowship with the young people of the world during their free time, but it is a decision of whether our future leaders, missionaries and Endtime disciples are prepared enough to be subjected to the machinations of the Evil One through unsupervised TV viewing, computer games and Internet surfing; unsupervised activities, conversation and influences from those who have had much input from the world.

37.If you do decide to let your young people fellowship with young people of the world, plan and prepare and pray with them every time before they leave the house. And pray for them while they are gone. Hold them up in prayer, that they will keep their standard high and that they will resist the fiery darts that the Devil would like to pierce them with every time they go out.

38.When My children go out from their Heavenly Homes, they carry their force fields of protection with them, but the dangers they face and the attacks on their shields are more numerous. They must keep their shields strong through constant prayer and vigilance in spirit lest they become weakened like those ships on the movies you have seen ["Star Trek" and other science-fiction shows], whose shields are weakened through constant attack, dropping to 80 percent of their power, fifty percent, and down, down, down, until the shields are breached and damage is done to their vessel.

39. Remain strong in prayer and I will keep you, yet be aware of the dangers you face on the Devil's territory. Give no place to the Enemy, not for a moment, and be not ignorant of his devices. Sometimes he comes around as a roaring lion, seeking to devour, and other times he appears as an angel of light, seeking to lead astray. And yet other times he comes bearing an "apple," seeking to tempt and entice away from the truth and the straight and narrow with little deviances. Resist him steadfast in the faith and remain strong in your convictions. (End of message from Jesus.)

40.(Dad speaking:) It's a very serious decision, and not one that can be taken lightly. Before letting your teens go off to fellowship with the teens of the world, you parents and teachers should ask yourself if they're prepared spiritually for the battle that's being waged against their souls. Do you have the faith to subject your son or daughter or teen who you are caring for to the influences that run rampant once they leave the protection of your Heavenly Home?

41.The Devil's playing for keeps, beloved, and if they're not sufficiently prepared and filled with the Word, they're going to start showing it in the house and it's going to start affecting their younger brothers and sisters. So whatever you choose to do, make sure you really pray about it. If you have a peace in your heart about it and you feel they're ready for this spiritual warfare, then let them go.

42.But be sure to help them if they get wounded spiritually or if their faith begins to falter. Be there for them and be available to give them your hand whenever they reach out for it. God made you their parents and teachers and they need you, so let's not fail them. (End of message from Dad.)

43.(Mama:) In accordance with the above counsel and guidelines, please be sure to take each individual situation to the Lord, in order to receive from Him tailor-made instruction and insight for that unique situation. In the case of young people wanting to fellowship with System young people, it would be wise to solicit their prayer power and input on the matter, seeking the Lord together for His answers. Then if you decide your children or JETTs and teens can fellowship with children of the System, please keep a watchful eye on their spiritual condition so you can wisely discern the effect it's having on them.

44. You can keep a better eye on them if they bring their System friends or young people home, of course, rather than going to their house. That way they're in a good, Godly atmosphere, with Family adults or older teens available for counsel or witnessing, and a variety of Family videos and music that System young people may find fascinating. Also, the sample of our multiple-family Homes would probably open the door for lots of good witnessing. Many System kids can't even get along with their few brothers and sisters, so for them to see you working together, serving the Lord and happily living communally would no doubt make a big impression on them! But your young people could go to their friends' houses as well, if it bears good fruit.

45.Of course, if you see that it's not bearing good fruit, then you would need to take extra care to strengthen them in the Word and prayer. And don't hesitate to lessen the time they spend with outside children, or eliminate it altogether, if necessary, if it's having a negative or weakening effect.

46. Naturally, you parents would want to be very prayerful, loving and understanding when counseling your kids about their contact with System kids, realizing that one of the main reasons our young people like to fellowship and play with System kids is often because they're bored. If your kids are not challenged at home, it's natural that they'll very much look forward to getting out of the house to do fun things with other kids. So if you tell them that they can't fellowship with other kids anymore, but you don't replace that fellowship time with something that makes their lives fun and challenging, that restriction will be difficult for them and they'll have a hard time receiving your counsel.

47. If you tell your kids that they can't have contact with other children, or if you allow very minimal contact, but then they just sit at home bored, they might get into worse mischief. So please be prayerful and wise when trying to help your young people find a good balance in their contact with System children. And remember that you'll greatly reduce their desire for such contact by keeping their lives active and by helping them to be involved in activities and ministries that give them responsibility, keep them learning and growing, and allow them opportunity to do new things. The urgent need for this, especially for our JETTs and junior teens, and some good suggestions about how to go about it were covered in detail in "Call to the Rescue!--Parts 1 and 2" (GN 729 and 730).

48. You young people need to realize, too, that when your parents or shepherds try to help you by praying about and evaluating how much contact you should have with System kids, they're trying to do what's best for you and what will ultimately make you the happiest, by helping you stay in the Lord's will and strong in His Spirit. So if you feel you're being squelched or restricted too much, please trust the Lord. Don't react negatively to the adults or get resentful. Your parents and shepherds will hopefully try to make your life interesting and challenging, but you can also take the initiative to make the best of your circumstances by pressing in and redeeming the time in activities that you can do pretty much on your own, such as progressing in the CVC, learning to play the guitar or type, working on a follow-up mail ministry, etc.

49. I think both you adults and young people would benefit from reading "The Devil's Challenge to Our Garden of Eden" (ML #2526, Lifelines 19 or GN 384). That Letter talks a lot about contact with neighborhood children, replacing young System friends with older Family friends if necessary, and it gives lots of other good cautions and counsel that I think you'll find helpful!

More on Family Policy on Immunization

50.We received a letter from a couple in the U.S. with some questions concerning immunization, a topic that I'm sure others of you, in the U.S. and elsewhere, are interested in receiving further counsel about. We prayed and brought the questions they posed before the Lord. While laws regarding immunization vary from country to country, I believe the Lord's counsel will be helpful to all of you. Here are a few excerpts of the letter we received, followed by the Lord's message:

51. "According to state law, medical and religious exemptions are granted for immunizations. The former is granted for a specific medical reason as determined and validated by a physician; it must be reviewed and renewed from year to year. The religious exemption is given for reasons of personal conviction and faith against being immunized. From the research I've done, it seems a religious exemption is preferable, as it tends to be more permanent.

52. "It's clear in the Letters that Dad opposed the notion of immunizations and avoided submitting his children to them. Often the question of immunization did not come up so much for Dad's first children because they traveled so much due to his ministry. However, now, at a time when so many Family members are moving toward smaller, more settled Homes, becoming more a part of local communities, etc., I'm wondering if this issue isn't one that should be dealt with head-on as a matter of record in clarifying our belief system in a more official way? For us personally, moving is neither an option nor a solution to what is currently before us. Our only options are to either submit to the immunizations or hold our ground in opposition to them.

53. "In order to obtain a religious exemption in our state, the law states that one must be 'an adherent or member of a recognized religious denomination in which the tenets and practices of the religious denomination conflict with immunizations.' We, of course, consider the Family as our 'denomination' of choice.

54. "Our question comes down to: a) whether the Family is a 'recognized denomination' (and by whom?); and b) whether our 'tenets and practices conflict with immunization'? We might yet be able to somehow tie ourselves (as 'adherents') to another church or group that opposes immunization, but our first choice would be to associate ourselves with the Family.

55. "Could the Family make a public, official declaration about this matter of immunization?"

56.(Jesus speaking:) The Family is a force to be reckoned with throughout the world, and many know that you are indeed a religious denomination with strongly held tenets and beliefs. But as far as the System recognizing the Family as a denomination, that day has not yet arrived. Therefore, those of you who want to protect yourselves from doing certain things required by the System, such as immunization [by being "an adherent or member of a recognized religious denomination in which the tenets and practices of the religious denomination conflict with such matters"], will be unable to do so at this point. You must stand on your own religious beliefs and convictions, your own tenets and doctrines and dogma, and be willing to stand up for what you personally believe and what your religious convictions are.

57.I am against your exposing your children to harmful things, and any kind of abuse or sickness or disease. Nevertheless, I have made it clear through My Word and through the Charter that this matter of immunization is according to each member's faith and conviction. If for some reason you decide to immunize your children against childhood diseases, this is your free choice; and I say, according to your faith be it unto you. The Love Charter has made it clear that parents have the final decision in all medical matters concerning their children.

58.I've made it clear through your Father David, over the years, that immunization is a dangerous thing. It's something that must be done in faith and prayer. If you do not have the faith to have your children immunized, then you should stand up for your convictions and beliefs and be willing to face man on these issues. For I am able to keep you and to deliver you out of the hands of the System, just as I delivered Daniel from the lions' jaws and from the lions' den.

59.I love you, My children, and as I have promised, if you have faith, I will honor that faith and I will take you at your faith. If you ask anything in My Name, believing, you will receive it. If you have faith, nothing man can do will change what I will do.

60.So if it is your belief that immunization is not good for your children, and you have faith, then you must stand strong and trust Me and believe that I am able to keep and protect and deliver from the power of the System's requirements. But if you feel immunization is what you should do and are convinced in your hearts that it's the way I'm leading, and if that's the way your faith runs, then you must pray; for I can keep your children from the diseases that I have brought upon the Egyptians.

61.Each Family member and parent must seek Me and ask Me what My will is for you in every situation--from the most major to the most minor--for all are important, and without Me you can do nothing. You must ask Me each step of the way how you should proceed. I will answer you and give you faith for the things that are My will and according to My purpose in your lives.

62.Whether you should immunize your children or not is something you must seek Me about. You must come to Me and ask Me what My will is in your situation. I will reveal My will to you, and I will give you faith to proceed according to My Words, My direction, and My guidance. (End of message from Jesus.)

63.(Mama:) The Lord has left this decision in your hands. Please review the following points from the Charter: "Basic Rights of Individual Members," C; "Rights of Parents," F; "Rights of the Children," K; and "Responsibilities of the Charter Home: Regarding the Welfare of Its Members," A.

64.You know Dad's feelings on immunization, as he expressed them in ML #353:380-391; ML #1643:115, etc., and you can find further information in Home Educator No.6 on the pros and cons of immunization, including safety precautions to take if you do decide to immunize your children. (See also Contend for the Faith, question IV:4.) But whatever choice you make--whether to take a stand of faith and buck the System's requirements for immunization, or to go ahead and have your children immunized--you will need to hear from the Lord and act according to your own faith. The Lord has promised protection, but that protection is contingent on your being in His perfect will, acting in faith, and praying desperately!

Family Young Men Imitating Homosexuals and Joking About Being Homosexual

65.I recently received the following comments from one of our SGA VSs:

66. "Something that I've noticed creeping into the ranks of some of our teens and YAs is jokingly acting out homosexual mannerisms and reactions. For example, the other day one of the teens said to me, 'Did you know that A. and P. (both teen boys) have a very special relationship?' I asked what this 'special' relationship was, and he told me how they're often making comments to each other as if they had something going. This teen continued, saying, 'Of course it's just a big joke to disgust the girls and get attention!'

67. "At a teen party in our city, some of the boys were joking around with each other, making comments like, 'May I have this dance?' or a boy would run his fingers through another boy's hair and say, 'You really turn me on.' A group of boys at this dance were so into this 'game' that they were excluding the girls, and when a girl came and asked one of the boys to dance, the boy beside him put on a big 'jealousy show.' It's such a repulsive thing, but the young people talk about it openly, laughingly mimicking homosexuals, and thinking it's funny. They don't realize how dangerous it is, even though they're just joking.

68. "I wonder if this isn't a tactic through which the Devil is trying to subtly get in, and if maybe it's something that needs to be brought out and exposed, to wake them up to what they're toying with." (End of excerpt of report.)

69.(Mama:) I had one of the channels in our Home pray and ask the Lord what He thought about these games and this kind of joking around, and this is what He had to say:

70.(Jesus speaking:) These games are like children playing with matches. Mimicking the world, or homosexuality, or anything ungodly, is dangerous. Because even when you think you're doing it in jest or for fun, you are actually partaking of it just the same, and inviting those evil spirits in. It's a trick of the Enemy to make you think you're only imitating, but not actually doing it. It's part of the Devil's deceit, lies and cover-up to make you think it's okay to imitate things that are ungodly, even in jest.

71.This is one of the reasons I said you must be wise as serpents. The children of this world and the Enemy are wiser in the ways and workings of this world than My children, who are many times nave, and sometimes stumble into the Enemy's lair, like babes in the woods. They think they're just imitating, mimicking and being cool, when actually they're playing with fire and it's very dangerous.

72.But My children don't have to be ignorant. You're not meant to be dumb sheep. To "be wise as serpents" means you're to be wise to the Serpent's devices--wise enough to foresee his traps and his devices. This makes you wiser than him, for you can discern his devices and avoid them. If the spirit of homosexuality can't come in through the front door, because it is so obvious, then she tries to come in the back door, in disguise, with the sheepskins of fun and games covering up her ugly face.

73.The spirit of seduction is loosed upon all the Earth in the Endtime, trying to blind the eyes of the world so that they cannot tell right from wrong and good from evil. It tells them that alternative lifestyles are good, violence is natural, and abortion is humane. These seducing spirits are growing more and more powerful and have also invaded the churches, to the point that many Christians are confused as to what is truth and do not even know the difference.

74.These same seducing spirits, foul birds and vultures, are no respecters of persons, and seek to deceive even the very elect. They prey on My children, who think they are just playing with matches.

75.Close the door to these unclean attitudes and do not partake of them even in jest, for they're not toys, but the fifth column of the Enemy. Your warfare is not a physical one, but spiritual, and the weapons of your warfare are mighty, to the tearing down of strongholds. You war against principalities and against spiritual wickedness in high places. Your young age has not made you exempt from the onslaughts of the Enemy, for he is no respecter of persons, whether young or old. His only thought is to destroy you and your usefulness.

76.Rebuke and bind this spirit of homosexuality that is masquerading in sheep's clothing, and do not imitate it or partake of it, even in jest. Try the spirits to see if they are of Me, for many false spirits are released on the world, including the spirit of antichrist to prepare for his coming. But you, My young men, come and be men, and put away childish things; for you are old enough to fight for the spirit of truth! Put on your armor and be sober, be vigilant, for your adversary the Devil, as a subtle liar, is stalking about, seeking whom he may deceive. Be not children in understanding and be not ignorant, but be mighty in spirit and be men of war! (End of message from Jesus.)

77.(Mama:) You'll notice that in paragraph 72 in the above message the Lord refers to the evil spirit of homosexuality in the feminine form, saying, "If the spirit of homosexuality can't come in through the front door, because it is so obvious, then she tries to come in the back door, in disguise, with the sheepskins of fun and games covering up her ugly face." To understand this, please note this quote from Dad: "I think it's demonic that some men want to be like women. They're probably inhabited, possessed by female devils who do it deliberately to corrupt them, the Devil knowing it's an abomination to God!" (ML #2825:30).

78. After receiving the above message, we asked the Lord for further clarification and explanation as to the specific negative repercussions and effects that such jesting, which the Lord called "playing with fire," could lead to.

79.(Jesus speaking:) Many evil, false and seducing spirits have been loosed into the world in these Last Days. They seek to gain entrance into the hearts and minds of men everywhere, and they seek for an opening, an invitation, a crack where they may enter in.

80. My children who love Me, who have received Me into their lives and who are serving Me, have many strong walls of defense and protection from the Heavenly realm. Yet My protection upon them is contingent upon their choices and upon their vigilance. If they're in tune with Me, if they're fighting to stay close to Me and to make the choices that will bring down My blessings, then I protect them from the vicious and fiendish attacks of these evil seducing spirits, like the spirit of homosexuality. Yet if they willfully, even after being warned, open the door to these spirits through their own foolishness and worldliness, they are indeed playing with fire and they may be burned.

81.You are no longer ignorant, for I am warning you and teaching you the dangers of these so-called "games." If you allow yourselves to get involved in this foolishness, and thus open the door to these evil spirits, they can enter in unnoticed and take root in your hearts and lives and thoughts.

82. The spirit of homosexuality seeks to oppress My sons with this affliction of the Enemy that has taken hold on so many in this Endtime. For the Devil has blinded the eyes of nearly the whole world, so that people everywhere now accept sodomy as a way of life and simply a different lifestyle, even considering it natural. Their spiritual sight is dim and they see not that this is an abomination in My sight, and goes against My will.

83.I call you, My children, to come out from among them and be not partakers of their sins. I call you to shut the door and to not give these evil spirits the slightest room to enter. You give them this allowance by mimicking and impersonating the behavior of homosexuals, and one step leads to another. After this first step of foolish imitation, you can start to think that maybe it's not that bad, that it's understandable how people could choose that way of life, and it might have its benefits.

84.It may shock you now to hear that you might think this way, but once you open the door to these spirits in any way, they will continue to try to affect your mind and turn your thoughts in their direction and their favor. They will tempt you with a contempt for women, which could eventually lead to your being tempted with strange thoughts and fantasies. These spirits will stop at nothing, as their goal is to eventually seduce you into partaking of their evil sexual deeds.

85.So beware!But fear not, for as long as you refuse and resist the Enemy's deceit, and give no place to this foolishness of mimicking and impersonating those who are afflicted by these seducing spirits, they will not find a door through which they can affect your mind and thoughts. You are Mine and I will protect you, but you must do your part and you must forsake this foolishness!

86.You must love Me as My brides, giving yourself wholly to Me in spirit, body and soul. You must not confuse your loving Me intimately as My bride with the behavior of those who are afflicted with these evil feminine spirits. There is no comparison between the two. The Enemy would seek to make you think that there is, and that because I have called you My brides in spirit, you have something in common with those who feel a physical and sexual attraction for another man. This is a lie and a temptation from the Devil, for he seeks to cause confusion.

87. In some cases, he causes the natural abhorrence of homosexuality to cause My sons to think that they cannot love Me intimately in spirit. This is not true, for I love and give My love and seeds to you all, whether male or female; it makes no difference. In other cases the Enemy seeks to wrongly use this beautiful gift of loving Me and to twist its interpretation, so that you, My children, no longer see the evil sins of the world as they are, but rather are tempted to think that you may have something in common with them. This is also a lie, and a dastardly attempt of the Evil One to take this beautiful, wholesome gift of My love and associate it in your minds with something perverse and unnatural, when in fact the two have no relation.

88. So, My children, be not unaware or ignorant of this device of the Enemy, but stay on guard against his seduction and foolishness. I have warned you and shown you the dangers of these things, so that if you have been tempted to imitate this ungodly behavior of sodomites, even mockingly or in jest, you will understand why I so strongly oppose it. I call you also to be your brothers' keepers, and that if you see others toying around with this evil, to help them raise a standard against the Enemy. (End of message from Jesus.)

89.(Mama:) So you see, the Lord warns very strongly against what may seem to you to be an innocent game, because by opening a door for the Enemy, it can lead to things that you wouldn't ever consider doing or thinking now. We're in the Last Days, and the Devil knows he only has a short time left, and he's trying to do all the damage he can and hinder the Lord's children in any way possible. But Jesus, Who is in us, is so much greater than the god of this world. In love, the Lord is warning us about this device of the Enemy, so that you, our Family men, can be on guard against it and thus remain the strong, mighty, manly Endtime soldiers that He needs you to be.

90.Please take this admonition to heart and be your brother's keeper. Raise a standard against this vile, ugly, dangerous attack of the Enemy, as the Lord has asked you to.

Witnessing in Closed Countries

91.A young man living in Russia recently wrote me the following:

92. "This past year has been the most exciting in my life, and if I had my choice, I would never leave Russia. A question I have is regarding a prophecy which says, 'The door will close so tight that no one can open it' (referring to the closing of the iron curtain again in Russia). What will happen to the Russian nationals in this case? Will they all be staying in Russia after we foreigners have to leave?

93. "You can probably see the reason for my question, as I've just gotten married to a national, and do not look forward to being separated from her, as well as possibly our children by then. It's something that has crossed my mind a number of times and I'm curious to know what the answer would be."

94.(Mama:) I asked one of the channels in our Home to pray and hear from the Lord about this, and He gave the following message, which gives us some interesting insight into His perspective and plans for the future. I pray that those of you who are living in difficult or sensitive mission fields, where you know that your days are numbered and that you may not be able to stay much longer, will find comfort and faith in these Words from the Lord. (By the way, this question was asked and the following answer from the Lord was received before the new law was passed in Russia which is now severely hindering the work of foreign and even national missionaries.)

95.(Jesus speaking:) I know there are many questions and many worries. Many of My children worry and fear, wondering when their great tribulation will come upon them. Many of My children in Russia and other sensitive lands wonder when the time will come for them to leave, when the time will come that they can no longer live and labor in these lands that they love. But I say unto you that you need not fear, for I will show you My will and make your way perfect. I will make clear, in My time, who must leave and who must stay.

96.I have given you these Words of warning so that you can prepare, so that you can work the works of Him that sent you while it is day, and "make hay while the sun shines!" Yet I do not wish for you to fear, to worry, or to become overly preoccupied with wondering when your time will come. This is under My perfect control, and I will not have you leave one day, one hour, or one minute too soon. I wish for you to continue on until you've done all that you can, and until I make clear to you that your mission in this land is finished, and that it's time for you to move on.

97.Much will also depend on your personal choice. For in the darker days that are to come, some of you may choose to remain and stay on in difficult lands, even though you know it will mean risking persecution, imprisonment, or even martyrdom. You may be able to secretly continue underground, if you are determined and have decided that you will not leave this land, but that you will stay on to the end. Seek Me diligently, and make sure you know what My will and My calling is for you.

98.Some I will call to stay until the end, and to even give their lives for Me. Others will not be able to stay, for they will be forced out by the powers that be. Others will choose to leave because they will see from the signs of the times and the things that I will show them that there's not much time left, and that if they remain, they'll be imprisoned and persecuted, but that if they leave, they can continue on with My work in other fields. Each one I will lead and guide differently.

99.As for your wife and your family, or family to be, trust Me that if I will that you remain together, I can and will make a way. As I have said, some may be able to stay in these lands until the end, and some of these will be the nationals and those who marry them and become one with them. Others will be able to escape. Some of these will be foreigners, and some of these will be nationals who I will also call to move on to other fields. Trust Me that when the time comes, when the doors of iron are shut and the bars and gates of brass come down, and when no travel will be allowed in and out of these countries, I will make a way for you to continue doing My will, whether within or without the iron gates.

100.I will always have My children witnessing and ministering and feeding My sheep in every corner of the world until I return. My sheep will never be left alone in darkness without the Words that they need or the shepherds that they need. I will provide, and I will care for My Own, even in the days of gross darkness that are to come--and they do come soon.

101.So be prepared, be watchful, be wary, be aware. Most of all, be prepared by drawing close to Me and learning to communicate with Me clearly and frequently, getting your instructions and directions from My Spirit and My holy spirits and ministering spirits. We see and know what is ahead, and can lead and instruct you in all that you must do, if you will but listen, take heed, and follow closely! (End of message from Jesus.)

Why the Lord Does Not Supply Sometimes

102.(Mama:) A young woman living in Russia recently wrote to Peter and me, expressing the difficulties of life there. She explained that she's living in a pretty good Home, they're trying to do their best for the Lord and practice the New Wine, and yet they're without some basic necessities (or at least what those in Western countries would consider basic necessities).

103.This dear young woman says, "If it's difficult for us to survive now, I'm just wondering about when things get even tighter in this country. Then it's going to be very difficult to live here." She figures that if the Lord is going to supply then, why doesn't He supply more now? Many of you have probably had the same question, since the Lord has, in recent prophecies, promised to supply abundantly for our Family.

104.We know from the Word that there are a number of reasons why the Lord might withhold His supply. Maybe you're not obeying the Lord or the Word as you should, or due to other spiritual problems in your life or Home, the Lord can't bless you fully. Or perhaps the Lord is testing and strengthening your faith. Maybe you're failing to ask. Possibly a lack of regular Word-based follow-up is causing you to suffer from lack of regular support. However, if you feel that your Home is doing all that you possibly can to live the Word, get out witnessing, minister to your supporters and contacts, teach and train your children, etc., I certainly understand how this seeming lack of the Lord's supply could be very discouraging for you.

105.I asked one of our channels to hear from the Lord regarding the situation this dear one in Russia describes. We asked specifically for a message that would apply not only to this young woman and her Home, but to all of you who are doing your best to obey the Word and live for Jesus, yet who feel that the Lord's full blessings of supply have not been poured out from Heaven upon you.

106.Here's the answer Jesus gave. It contains several reasons why the Lord doesn't always pour out as abundantly as we would like, and numerous promises for you to hold on to. Our wonderful Husband also gives us another look into His personal life while on Earth, and challenges us with a stirring commission to accomplish the task of spreading His message of love to those we have been sent to reach.

107.(Jesus speaking:) There are a number of reasons why I sometimes do not supply abundantly for some Homes. Some cannot enjoy My full blessings because they're holding back in some areas of their lives. They're not giving their all. They're not following Me closely and being obedient to My Word, therefore I cannot fully bless them. But that's not the case with this Home, for they've been serving Me with their whole hearts and following Me as closely as they know how. I have the greatest esteem and regard for these, My faithful missionaries, who are giving their lives for Me.

108.Another reason is because I need to teach My children both to abound and to abase. They need to learn to do with much and to do without at times. This is part of My training, part of My plan, part of helping them to understand what it's like for so many people around the world who have even less than they have. It's part of helping them to count their blessings. It's part of helping them to understand the importance of spiritual riches, and how material riches profit little.

109.Yes, I have promised that I would supply abundantly for you and that you would be a financial power. You ask why I don't supply like that for you now? It's not because of the shortness of My ability to provide. I could have supplied like that all along, and I have for some Homes in some situations. But I've taught you much through your time of abasing. I've taught you to look to Me, to follow Me, to be understanding, to be patient, to be trusting.

110.There are so many lessons that I've taught you and continue to teach you through poverty. But even then, it's not true poverty, like those in the world experience. While you may not have as much as those in the rich Western countries, yet you have more than many people even in your own country.

111. Another reason why I sometimes allow My missionaries who are on difficult mission fields to experience a lack of material needs is to help them become one with and understand those that are around them. If My children in Russia were living like kings and had houses and money like the rich Westerners do, they would not be received as well by the common people. The people would not feel like they understand them or know what they go through. But because My children are also poor--they also live in tiny apartments that aren't very pleasant, they eat the same food that the Russians do, they have the same lacks as their neighbors--not only can they sympathize more with those that they witness to, but this is a tremendous sample to those who meet them.

112.This sample speaks louder than all the words in the world,for they see that My children are willing to give up everything in order to become one with them and minister to them. Remember My great heroes of times past, like David Livingstone, who gave up a life of potential comfort and wealth in England to live with the natives of Africa in order to bring them the Gospel. The locals respected him because he became one of them. Had he gone there and built himself an English-style house with all the comforts of his former country, he would never have had the impact that he did on those countries. But because he became one and lived like one of them, his sample spoke loudly to them.

113.I did the same thing when I came to Earth. I gave up the riches of Heaven and joined myself to a poor family of a simple carpenter and his wife. My Father could have chosen any family in the world for Me to grow up with, but He did not choose one that had riches or that had a beautiful house. Rather, He chose one that was poor, that struggled for food, that sometimes had to do without when business was poor. He placed Me there so that I could understand, so that I could become one.

114.It's the same for you, My children. I know and understand that this is very difficult for you. The conditions are difficult. You sometimes do without even the basics, what would be considered bare necessities in other countries. But, oh, how great are the riches that I'm laying up for you as your reward! For everything that you give up on Earth, I'm laying up a hundredfold Here in Heaven. I will also bless you on Earth, and your time of lack will not last forever, but it is part of My plan.

115.I know you feel that if you had more money, you'd be able to witness more and serve Me better. You'd be able to do more. Yes, you could. And in time, I will provide more for you. But what you're doing now with less is very important--because of your sample, because of the things that it's teaching you personally, because of the sacrifices you're making.

116.There are many sacrifices to be made in serving Me. There is much to be forsaken. I know that you do it willingly, and I will bless you for it. But My greatest blessings will not be the blessings of the flesh or material possessions. The greatest blessings will be the blessings of the spirit--the witnessing, the souls that you win to Me, those to whom you minister. As you continue to pour out abundantly of My Words and My message, I will provide for you.

117.Set your face like a flint, turning neither to the right nor to the left, until you have accomplished My will of bringing My Words to the people I have sent you to. Let nothing dissuade you from the important task that I've set before you. Fear not, for I will continue to provide. It will not be as bountiful as you had perhaps hoped, but I will provide enough. I will not fail. As you pour out, I will lead you to those who will pour into you, who will provide for you. I will not fail you.

118.You are precious in My sight because of your love for Me, and because of the great sacrifices that you've made and continue to make for Me. Be not weary in well doing. Think not that I have failed in My promises, for I will continue to give you that which you need. I will feed you with bread which to your shortsightedness may at first seem to be a stone, but which you will, in time, perceive as being true bread, that which was most needed.

119.I love you, My precious ones, My children who follow Me faithfully, who give your lives for Me. You are true heroes in My sight, and will be remembered for many generations to come. (End of message from Jesus.)

120.(Mama:) My dear ones, if your Home is experiencing financial or other difficulties, and you feel you're not receiving the Lord's supply as abundantly as you would like, some of the answers listed above may be a key for you. However, please be sure to go to the Lord to get a more specific and customized answer for your particular circumstances. If you go to Him in prayer and hear from Him in prophecy, you can benefit not only from the general principles contained in the above message, but also from the very personal specific message He wants to give you for your unique situation.

121.Keep holding on and trusting the Lord to supply your needs as He knows is best. He won't fail you. He's so proud of you dear missionaries who sacrifice so much to be the humble servants and good examples that you are, and Peter and I are proud of you too.

Modern Lingo

122.Most of you will probably recall that not long ago a hot topic in the Grapevine which sparked some lively debate was that of lingo and "cool talk" that has been used in some WS pubs, and which apparently is being utilized as everyday speech by some young people especially. (See Grapevines 17, 20 and 23.) Along the same line, a few concerns have been raised about some of the art in the Free Zine, which has been depicted in a more modern style than we've been used to seeing in our pubs.

123.A number of months ago, one of our CROs wrote the following:

124. "I'm a little concerned, Mama, about the approach in the pubs that are coming out for the young people. It's been clarified that the Zine, for example, is not a WS policy pub, but I suppose you're aware that for the young people it's pretty much the 'Gospel truth.' This makes it difficult for us as shepherds in a field like ours, because the way it's written is not so much in accordance with the culture of our field. South America is not conservative, but here there's no such thing as the language the Zine uses and that lately has been coming out in the pubs more and more in testimonies from our young people.

125. "This is causing the parents some concern, including our young mommies. They don't necessarily want their kids (MCs and OCs) to go around saying, 'That's cool' or 'Who's that dude?' which is slowly happening. They feel that they've been trying for years to keep their children away from that and other related 'System appealing' customs, and all of a sudden there's a trend that's difficult to counter when it's not in the right spirit. It's so odd for us to hear our young people start talking like that, because in this country that type of English slang is nonexistent, except perhaps in the movies. In some ways it's so unrelatable in this part of the world that it sort of separates them from the local reality.

126. "It's understandable that for a field like North America and perhaps Europe (I don't know that much about that field), using that type of language is relatable. But do you feel that the majority of the young people in the Family need that, Mama? I sincerely have a question about it. I don't mind a little bit here and there, but it seems to me that it's a bit overdone, and in the case of our young people it's becoming more and more important for them to talk like that to be 'in,' and in most cases it's so phony.

127. "We try to help them and be led of the Spirit when trying to shepherd them on this point, because sometimes it's just plain ridiculous. I have a hard time 'promoting' it because there's nothing too specific in the Word that indicates we should, except that in general terms Lord has said that it's a new day. If part of the new day is 'let's talk like that' and 'let's promote that because otherwise we're going to lose our teens,' then so be it.

128. "But to be honest, Mama, for the young people in our field it's not a desperate need to learn that kind of language, dress code and the rather loose 'let me be myself' type of attitude that in some cases accompanies all this, in order for them to relate to and reach the lost. It's not part of the culture of South America. This general trend being so prevalent in the 'young pubs' makes our young people not want to be left behind, so to speak, so they go for it, but it doesn't help them that much to have a greater love for the Lord and the lost or be more dedicated. If the Lord thinks we should make the sacrifice for the sake of the young people in cultures where this is important, so be it, but so far I'm not too clear if this is what the Lord wants.

129. "So far it's not like all of this is creating insurmountable problems, but it's creating some problems for us as shepherds. We have the Charter to counter and explain things to the young people about the culture and whatnot, but the young pubs like the Zine have a lot of influence.

130. "Mama, I want you to know that I enjoy being young and using a more hip language when with young people and when appropriate, to relate to them and have fun together. In fact, it's fun because that's how I used to talk, only in Spanish, before I joined. But it gets to a point where it just gets to me. So it's not like I'm so against that in itself, but I wonder if we can find a better balance or direct our young pubs more to the worldwide majority of our young people rather than to the cultures where that language is so prevalent."

131.(Mama:) We asked the Lord to give us some guidance and insight as to how He feels about the use of this modern vernacular, and Dad gave the following message, which we in WS have been striving to follow, in order to find a balance in the things we publish in the Zine and other pubs. We'd also like to share it with you, so that you too can apply this wise counsel and benefit from Dad's Heavenly perspective. (By the way, the following counsel was given nine months ago, so we have already been putting this counsel into practice, while trying at the same time to help the Zine fulfill the purpose for which it was born--to be a zany and youthful magazine for our young people.)

132. Okay, here is the message from Dad, which I pray is a help to you.

133.(Dad speaking:) What's in a picture? What's in a name? What's in a word? A lot, I'll tell you! A picture is worth a thousand words, and those words are real things and they have an effect. I'm glad this dear CRO and others are bringing up this question and asking about the effect of these pubs on some of our children in fields where they're not having to contend with some of the System influences that affect our Family in other parts of the world.

134.One way you can look at it is that those few pictures and that new lingo represent only a small part of the Word that is pouring forth from WS. Now I realize that our younger ones, like the JETTs, are getting more of it, because they don't read all the lengthy, adult-type Letters in the GNs.So for them, the percentage of hip language and modern pictures is much greater than for the rest of the Family, because of the amount of Word in this style that they're exposed to and that is published for them.

135.On the one hand, it's good that they have a little exposure to this. My goodness, we don't want our children to be so holy and so completely sanctified that they can't even relate to the world, or they don't understand the world, or they don't understand the people of the world. I don't think a little bit of hip language and a little illustration of modern styles and customs is going to do them damage. But we do need to consider the percentage of pictures and hip language that we're producing for our young people.

136.Maybe we need to examine and analyze this a little, and see if we're pouring forth a preponderance of the kind of Word and sample that we want our children all around the world to receive, and make sure that input is a higher percentage than the hip pictures and lingo that they read in pubs like the Zine. I think both are needed, for the reasons I explained above, but I think it would be better that we have a higher percentage of what our worldwide Family would consider normal Family language and pictures.

137.I don't think we've gone overboard, because if you look at all the children's and young people's material that's been published since the beginning of the Family until now, and you compare that with the few recent publications that have included some more modern pictures and language, you'll see that the preponderance of the pubs overall has been in line with what the Family would consider normal and acceptable. It's just that the recent pubs have had this more modern twist to them. And you know how people are--how quickly they forget all that's gone before and just latch on to what's happening today. It's just human nature! We tend to see things in the present, and we don't always step back and put things in perspective.

138.Anyway, it's a good point,and maybe that's something for our writers and editors and artists to keep in mind--to make sure we're having a good balance, and that the preponderance of the pubs are what we would consider normal Family pictures and instruction.

139.I might add here, too, that I don't feel our people have to promote that hip language and those modern styles that they see in the pubs. But they do need to promote all the spiritual principles, the lessons contained therein. That's what they're supposed to be promoting--not the styles. They need to teach the kids to see beyond the styles and the hip language, and get the spiritual principles behind it all.

140.Maybe that's a good lesson for all our Family. Maybe they shouldn't worry so much about what people look like or the language they use, and see behind all that into the heart and into the spirit. They shouldn't worry or be judgmental if they see someone with an earring, or someone using hip, modern language, but they need to be more concerned with whether the person is kind, loving, considerate, loves Jesus, witnesses, praises, is thankful, knows the Word, and is helpful. Those are the things that really count.

141.And the Zine? Well, I think it's great! I love it! Yeah, sure, there are a few cuckoo things in there! There are a few things that obviously are only for the young people. It's definitely not an adults' magazine, but then it wasn't supposed to be! It's supposed to be a magaZine for the young people, and there's a lot of good in there. There are a lot of good testimonies, a lot of good tips. There's a lot of good spiritual counsel and guidance--it's just in a package that the young people like! They don't even necessarily have to have it that way, but they like it that way. And because they like it that way, it's easier for them to accept it. The kids like to express things their own way. They like to have that common language and they enjoy it.

142.So there's a balance to everything. The Bible warns us to "let our moderation be known unto all men," so there has to be moderation in everything we do. And most importantly, let love be your guide. Make sure that the sample is the right one, and that your spirit is the right spirit.

143.And for goodness sake, you young people shouldn't be using that kind of modern language when you're out ministering to contacts and outsiders who don't appreciate that kind of lingo! You also need to respect the wishes of your parents and shepherds if they don't want you to talk like that around the children.

144.You should only use such language in places where it won't have a negative effect or be a bad sample to anyone, in the Family or System alike. Please understand that if your new lingo or cool modus operandi is overstepping these reasonable bounds or it's getting a little out of hand, then your shepherds and parents have a duty to step in and correct you and check you about it. And you should listen to them, for the sake of your witness and testimony, or for the benefit of those who your bad sample is hurting or stumbling. All things may be lawful unto you, but all things are not always expedient. That's part of living the Law of Love! (End of message from Dad.)

145.(Mama:) That gives a pretty good balance, doesn't it? Please make sure that you carefully study both sides of the above message from Dad, and don't just latch on to the side that suits you best. I want to make it clear that we are not necessarily promoting this type of vocabulary. To use the language of the Zine is not the new "in thing" now. The point Dad is making is that it's okay for there to be some of this new lingo or modern artwork which you young people appreciate, if--and this is a big if--it is taken in the right spirit and proves to bear good fruit.

146.This "cool talk" shouldn't be inappropriately used to either stumble outsiders or be a bad influence on the younger children in your Home. Our Family young people are known as being kind, polite and articulate, and we're not trying to undo this sample. Parents and shepherds, you should help to uphold our Family sample by working with the young people to continue to build on the Godly sample and testimony that the Lord has called each of us to be.

147. Also, Dad has always taught us that in order to be as fruitful as possible in our missionary work we should strive to learn the ways, customs and language of the people to whom we minister. The point is not to just avoid stumbling people or blowing them away with your unusual slang, but to win them and influence them for good by being a good sample of God's love for them by becoming one with them. (See the "Man Looketh on the Outward Appearance" series [GNs 735, 736] for more Word on this topic of our sample and presentation to the public.) Remember, System standards of appearance vary from country to country, and it's important that we "become all things to all men, that we might by all means win some."

148.Please also bear in mind that while there is the Zine, which may sport rather unconventional language, there are also lots of other Family pubs, many of which are also suitable for our children, JETTs and teens, which provide the counterbalance: GNs, FSMs, Grapevines, Heaven's Library, and on the list goes. Peter and I pray that each of you take the time to be strengthened in the Word and receive a healthy and balanced diet from all of the pubs the Lord is pouring out to us.

The Shortness of Time and Our Long-term Projects

149.I received the following request for a clarification from a YA in Russia:

150. "After watching the Bellwether videos, in particular the 'questions and answers' segment concerning the GPU and other inspiring projects that the Family is pioneering in the field of marketing and publishing books, tools, etc., I wanted to ask for some clarification on how these projects fit in with what the Lord's been telling us in the GNs about time being short. From what was explained in 'Victories of 1996 and Plans for 1997' (GN 721), it seems that the projects mentioned are projects requiring the investment of a lot of work, research, and mainly time to bring about results!

151. "I'm all for the prospects of what a great blessing these projects can be; I'm also all for the Lord coming back soon! Just a few years ago, I was one of those YA 'peace prophets' who was of the opinion that, 'For the last two thousand years people have been saying we're living in the Last Days and the Antichrist is about to rise any time!' I thought the Family had wasted a lot of time living hand-to-mouth, living every day 'as if it were our last,' and I felt that if we had started investing in something 'a bit more solid' way back, we would probably have a more stable income and our financial clout could be a lot greater now. Realizing that we don't have money in the bank to use for our work was always a big trial for me.

152. "However, recently I've seen how the Lord has used the Family's belief that we are living in the Last Days to help us to do the job of winning the world for the Lord like no one else (including the churches) has done, probably because they all feel they have so much time left. We've had great results because we've worked as if time is short, and it's helped to keep us on our toes; otherwise we probably would have gotten settled down like the churches! I've realized that the Lord has helped us to witness every summer and every Christmas as if it were our last, because for some of the people we were reaching it very well could've been their last chance to receive the message.

153. "Now, hearing all that the Lord and Dad have been telling us through prophecy in the GNs, as well as seeing events taking place in the world on the news, has changed my attitude and helped me to believe that we are living in the Endtime. I'm excited and motivated, but I still have the following question:

154. "If time is so short and we're truly going to see major events of the Endtime unfolding soon, do we have time to invest in these long-term projects of publishing books, marketing our videos, etc., so it'll be worth our while?"

155.(Mama:) That's a good question, isn't it? I asked one of the channels in our Home to bring this before the Lord and to ask if He could explain to us what the significance of these projects are. Here's the Lord's answer, confirming that we're heading in the right direction--and that it's all part of His big plan!

156.(Jesus speaking:) As the Last Days approach, I wish for My message and Words to flood the Earth like never before! I have poured out an increased abundance of My Words--not so that they might be stored up and preserved, but that they might be let loose upon the world in the Time of the End! All of these investments are a part of this flood that will pour forth. By having a greater variety of tools and literature to give to people, you will be able to give something to everybody, and all will have a chance to receive My message.

157.I understand that you wonder whether this is a good investment of your time, because I have said that time is short, and you question how much you will be able to benefit from these investments to create new tools. I promise you that you will benefit, and these tools will be a key to your witness and to your job of reaching the world being accomplished, so that I can return and claim My Own! You must trust My Words and believe that My foresight and planning is perfect, and that I would, as a wise Investor, make good use of your time and labors.

158.Through the books which will give forth My Words and the stories of departed ones, and the marketing of videos and audio tapes, I will bring many to receive Me. The video and audio cassettes will provide inspiration, hope and encouragement to many, and will open the doors to the children, that I may tenderly gather them in. The printed books and materials will find their way into the homes of many, and My Words of prophecy and life-giving truth will change lives and heal hearts.

159.As your materials become more known to the world, your outreach will be more recognizable, and many who are searching will be able to find you and be fed at your hands. New doors will be opened to you as a result of these investments, and you will be able to reach people that you were never able to reach before. Hundreds of thousands shall see the light through these avenues, and My Gospel shall travel where you have never set foot. By your fruits the world shall know you. The samples set forth in your videos and publications are clearly the fruit of a good tree, and no one with an open and honest mind can deny that.

160.Not only are there spiritual blessings, increased opportunities for witnessing, and a mighty harvest of soul-winning that shall come through these ventures, but there are also manifold financial blessings which I have promised to you. The sale and distribution of these materials will yield increase to My Family, and will set you upon a rock.

161.So proceed on and invest in these projects as I lead you. I am the Master Investor and I hold the future in My hand. When you invest in My projects, you will most surely reap high dividends--both now and in the life to come. (End of message from Jesus.)

162. The above message from Jesus gives an exciting account of the benefits that we--and the world--will gain from these investments. But He didn't stop there. He also gave an intriguing message that provided us with a glimpse into the future. He said:

163.(Jesus speaking:) Tick-tock, tick-tock, tick-tock, tick-tock, the wheels of time do chime. Who can stop the rhythm of time? Is there any among you who can turn back the wheels or move them forward? There is none but I, for I am the Keeper of time and it is given to Me to ordain the times and seasons.

164.Tick-tock, tick-tock, tick-tock, tick-tock. The clock is wound, the hands are set, and there's no turning back. To those who will hear, let them hear and listen closely, for I say that time is short, and yet a little while and time will be no more. Yet a little while, even now it is at hand, and the Keeper of time will stop the clock. Yet a little season and I will give the command to My Heavenly archangel who stands guard at the wheel of time. A short season will pass and no longer will you hear the tick-tock, tick-tock of the clock, for time will be no more. To those who will hear, let them hear, and prepare, and redeem the time, for the days are evil.

165.Have I not said that for My Own I would shorten the days in the Time of the End? Redeem the time, for the days are shrinking and the wheels are in motion. Make ready, prepare and make these investments in the future. Think it not strange that I lead you to what you deem long-term investments. This is not a contradiction; this time to prepare, to plan, to build and to invest is time well spent. This time will not go to waste, but it paves the way for the Golden Age that is fast approaching.

166.Have I not always used My children to pioneer, to bring change and to lead the way in every great move of My Spirit down through the ages? I do this again now, through these projects that I inspire you with, through the literature, the videos, the songs, through these investments that I lead My Family to make.

167.Time spent sharpening the scythe is not time wasted. These projects which I lead you to pursue are as scythes that I place in your hands to be sharpened. These tools that I lead you to craft, to shape, to design and to develop will be needed to help clear away the debris, the garbage, and the rubble of yesteryear in the Golden Age of Tomorrow!

168.The investment that you're now building upon will help you clear away the wreckage of evil values and ungodly ways that have ruled the minds and hearts of men who have not known Me and My ways of love. The investments you make now will reap dividends then, as you help to clean up the Earth and heal the hearts, minds and bodies, as you clear away the ruins and the remains of the evil age when evil men and corrupt kings did rule the Earth. These are My investments, My preparations for the Golden Age that's soon to come.

169.Those on Earth who survive into the Golden Age, who live on, who survive the dark days into My bright tomorrow, will benefit greatly because of your investments. You will move about freely, helping Me to rule the nations in love. You, like Me, will have supernatural bodies and supernatural power to be able to perform the tasks that I will require of you--to rule the nations with the rod of My iron strength and My lasting love, to teach them in the ways of love, sharing, caring, and giving to one another. The investments you're now making will make your job then easier, for these tools will be a great asset.

170.The unsaved who remain through the dark and terrible days will need the literature, the videos, all the tools that I am producing through you and placing in your hands, for these will be aids to help you rule the nations. And some of the survivors will be a help and continue on to produce the tools in the age that approaches. All that you invest in now for Me will not be wasted; it will be needed and used in the Golden Age of Tomorrow.

171.The Words that I and My Heavenly helpers are pouring forth now, that you are processing, producing, preparing and packaging, are some of the leaves for the healing of the nations. I will bless these Words and cause them to accomplish the purpose for which I intend them now, in your present realm of time. I will also cause them to prosper and accomplish a great purpose as they will continue to comfort, encourage, lead and guide those who hunger and thirst after righteousness, not only in the present and through the dark night that is falling, but also into the Golden Age of Tomorrow!

172.Because I lead you to invest now does not mean that time is altered. Time for you is short, yet your investments will carry on. The long-term investment you are making now and the shortness of time that you feel pressing you onward are not a contradiction. Put on the glasses of truth and faith and see as I see. Discern the signs of the times, for evil men and seducers wax worse and worse. The wheels turn, the clock ticks, the hourglass is turned, and time speeds on. Time is running out.

173.What you look upon and think will require a long time, even this, I say, will go faster than you think, because of the leaps and bounds possible in this day and age as things speed up. In this day of modern technology and increased knowledge, you will see more and more advancements made at rates that have never been known to mankind before.

174.You must not be deceived by the shortness of time and think that there is little use in making these investments, for all will be needed and used, and what you begin here will carry on into the Golden Age. Nor must you think that, because I lead you to make these investments, now is the hour to ease up, to lay back, as surely there must be more time. Be not deceived by this two-fold wile of the Evil One! Watch and pray, for either of these trains of thought can be dangerous. Do not be shortsighted, My children. Only look to Me and trust, for I am the Keeper of the time schedule. I am the One Who plans the itinerary. This is yet a mystery that I hold in My hand, for no man knows the day nor the hour when I will come for My Own.

175.To each of you I say, your time is now. It's later than you think, and you must work the works that I require of you while it is yet day, for the night is fast falling when no man can work. You must work like everything depends on work, pray like everything depends on prayer, share My message as though everything depends on preaching My truth, love as though everything depends on love, and make wise investments as though everything depends on it, for it does.

176.Let them that be wise learn of Me: Never put off till tomorrow what you can do today. This life will soon be past, and only what you do for love will last. Invest wisely, watch and pray and prepare the way, knowing that what you start here and now will come to full fruit there and then, in the golden age of the bright tomorrow when you who stay faithful and true will rule and reign with Me forever! (End of message from Jesus.)

177.(Mama:) Isn't that an encouraging message? What interesting insight into our future role as Jesus' co-rulers of the Earth during the Millennium! The Lord sees the big picture, and showed us a little glimpse of it in the above prophecy. Praise the Lord!

The Shortness of Time and Our Becoming a Financial Power

178.(Mama:) Continuing on in the "shortness of time" vein, another Family member commented:

179. "In the ML 'The Copper Mine' (ML #1235), Dad talks about how the Family became very rich because of Dad ministering to an old man who had a copper mine and left it to us when he died. This seems to go along with what the Lord has said in prophecies regarding how He is going to make the Family a financial power in the near future. How does this fit in relation to the Tribulation? Does it mean that the Lord is going to give us more time to work and use those funds before the Tribulation starts?"

180.(Mama:) Maybe you, too, have wondered, "If time is so very short, then how do we have time to become a financial power, and how will we be able to use our riches and increased financial blessings in such a short amount of time?" Here is the Lord's answer to that question:

181.(Jesus speaking:) I have indeed promised that I would pour out financial blessings upon My Family, and I showed this to My servant David many years ago through this dream, this vision in the night seasons ("The Copper Mine," ML #1235). If you would look around you, you would see that I have caused you to prosper. I have supplied abundantly for you these many years. I have provided funds for many projects, many publications, many ministries.

182.Now I'm leading you through many great and effectual doors, by which you will be able to spread the message I have given you even farther and more widely, and with greater financial revenue. For though this is the Endtime and these are the Last Days, yet the time has not yet come that the Wicked One is revealed and that the Antichrist, Satan incarnate, has gained control over the world.

183.There is still time for you to prosper, grow, and increase in strength, might, and wealth. Yet time is short, and this period of prosperity and financial strength may not last long. Therefore you must work the works of Him that sends you now, while it is yet day. You must beseech Me faithfully in prayer, interceding and claiming the land, that these victories and this abundant financial supply may come to you. Although the time may be short for such ventures that will bring in large financial capital, yet from these and other avenues I will pour forth enough so that you, My children, will never be in want.

184. The message that I gave My servant David through this dream was this: If you are faithful to Me, faithful to spread My message and share My love, you will never lack. I will always provide your needs and care for you, even through the last and darkest days of tribulation. You are My faithful servants and messengers, going into all the world to give My love, My truth, My comfort, My salvation, and My joy to the needy, the brokenhearted, and even to those who seem to have it all--who have copper, brass, silver and gold in great measure, but who have not the true riches and gems of My Spirit. As you give of that which you have been given to the needy in spirit, you stack up blessings and rewards that I will return to you--both in the near future and in the life to come--and you will receive the dividends and spoils thereof.

185.With the same measure that you mete, I do measure to you. If you give forth My message sparingly, and if you are not diligent in doing My business, but are lax and slothful, your dividends and the return of your investment will likewise be minimal. But if you give forth freely--of yourself, your time, your strength, your energies, and invest it all into giving out My message to My sheep--then your reward and the return on your investment will be plentiful and bountiful. So give, and it shall be given unto you.

186.Feed My sheep, and you will never lack or be in want. I will indeed pour forth abundantly of My financial supply, so that you may have all that you need and even more. I will carry you through the hardest times and the tightest squeezes, and will always make a way for you. You are My children and My brides, and I am your Father and your Husband, and I will never suffer you to be in want; rather, I will lavishly send forth the gold, the silver and the copper, that you may prosper both spiritually and materially. (End of message from Jesus.)

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