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Keynote to the 1998 Birthday Feast! Maria #413 CM/FM 3158 1/98

By Maria

My dear, precious Family,

1. I love you so very much and keep you in my daily prayers. Peter and I are so thankful for the privilege of leading such a wonderful Family as you, our dear ones. Thank you for your continued faithfulness and loyalty. Thank you for your willingness to lay down your lives and sacrifice in the face of many obstacles. We're so proud of you! We're so thankful for you and so thankful to be a part of this Family.

2.It's also a very special privilege that we again have the time to sit at His feet during these days of feasting and celebration. We once again have the opportunity to lay aside all our work and labors for Him, to take time to meditate on His Word and to be together in prayer and spiritual feeding. Peter and I have so much to share with you, as the Lord and Dad have abundantly poured forth marvelous Words of encouragement and instruction. We also have some further challenges and changes to present to you--progress that the Lord wants the Family to make this year.

3.One thing we can be sure of, there's never a dull moment in our lives, as the Lord keeps us constantly on the move! He keeps pouring out the New Wine that keeps us fresh and young in the spirit. Of course, it always costs something to drink in that New Wine, and it's not always easy to stay flexible and moldable in His hands. But as I'm sure you'll agree, it's worth it, and it certainly keeps our lives exciting, as we never know what the Lord's going to do next!

What Jesus Has Done for Us All

4.Thank the Lord that our God is a living God and He's moving and changing and revoluting day by day! Thank the Lord that we can hear His voice and He pours forth His Words freely and abundantly, until we hardly have room to receive them. We would never be what we are today, nor would we have accomplished what we have, without our hotline to Heaven. It's such a miracle, such an excellent token of the Lord's love that He sees fit to speak to us, to give us His fresh new Words of life--revelations about Heaven, visions of the future, answers to our questions, personal encouragement and direction, "strange truths" that set us apart, explanations about current issues and current events, and counsel about new moves of the Spirit and the direction that we as a Family should go.

5. He has set a table before us in the presence of our enemies--a banquet that's brimming, overflowing with bountiful, delicious food for our spirits that keeps us healthy and strong, able to fight off the attacks of the Enemy and to make progress for the Lord!

6.How could we ever express our thanks for such phenomenal blessings, for such a greatly privileged place of service and honor! Not only has the Lord died for us to save our souls, but He has also beckoned us to His bed of love and made us His bride. And now He speaks to us intimately, daily, every moment that we make ourselves available to Him, and He shares with us the secrets of the universe! He tells us things He's never told anyone else before. He even tells us of His personal battles and the lessons He learned when He walked on Earth with His disciples. He humbles Himself to bring us close to His heart. There's nothing that He won't give us or do for us that is His will and that is good for us, because He loves us, and because He knows that we love Him and we're willing to be His hot, vibrant brides, His radical, dropped-out Church, His Endtime prophets!

7.What He asks of us is so little in exchange for all that He has given us. The rewards of His Spirit and the treasures that we receive at His hand are without price! They are of such great value that I know you wouldn't trade them for anything the world has to offer. Although many people don't understand or can't see it, we know that we are the richest and most blessed people on the face of the Earth! The Lord has been so good to us!

8. We could count our blessings for hours, enumerating all the many ways He has supplied our needs and led us in paths of peace and plenty. We could go on and on about how He's poured out His Words so abundantly to refresh our spirits and feed our souls. He's answered every question we've brought to Him, and He's helped us to learn how to trust Him more fully and love Him more deeply.

9.We've all grown closer to Him as we've been loving Him intimately as His bride, and day by day we have learned more of what He likes and how to please Him. Just as lovers and husbands and wives grow closer and have a deeper, more precious bond the longer they are together and the more experiences they share together, so it is with us and the Lord. And now that we are celebrating our second anniversary, we can rejoice in the wonderful satisfaction, fulfillment and joy that we find in knowing the Lord more intimately.

10.Just think, another whole year has passed that we have been able to love the Lord in this way, to lie in His arms, to receive His seeds and hear His Words more personally and intimately! We have grown closer to Him day by day, as He has to us. This is a slow process, very gradual, so you may not feel that there has been much change in your lives, but you can know by faith. And I guarantee you that Jesus, your Husband, is more real to you. His Spirit abides in you more deeply and is manifested more obviously in your day-to-day life. You have learned to hear His still, small voice, to recognize and obey His whispers. You have matured and become stronger, because you have drunk deeply at His well. You have fed of His Word faithfully, and as He promised, this Word and this time of loving Him--being in His arms, receiving His seeds and being intimate with your Husband and Lover--will not return void. When I asked the Lord for a message regarding our second anniversary of loving Him intimately as His bride, He gave the following wonderful words of encouragement:

11.(Jesus speaking:) Another year of loving you has filled My heart with joy! For this cause let us celebrate! How I love you, My adoring bride of the house of David, for the pleasure you have brought Me! How you've filled My every longing and satisfied My hungry heart. Therefore let us celebrate on this, our happy anniversary! Let it be a celebration of love--a time to rejoice for how we have grown in love!

12.Oh, how I delight in you, and all the happiness and joy you have brought Me during these years of loving. As I sit and gaze upon you, dear ones, My hot vibrant ones, My adoring brides, with great satisfaction I give thanks for these two years that we have grown in love, and I see that it is a good thing. For this time of greater intimacy not only quenches My thirst for love, but I see it has caused you to blossom as we grow closer day by day.

13.Therefore, come, My darlings. Let us take time on this anniversary to reminisce about these two fruitful years of loving! How I have enjoyed you and thrilled to you! Thank you for your love! Getting to know you in the intimacy of My private chambers has brought Me such happiness and satisfaction. The simple joys we've shared, the cherished moments we can now hold dear to our hearts as our bond of love is nourished!

14.As you, My loves, have been open to My seeds, I have poured out more to you and filled you with My seeds, and I want more of you. I cannot get enough of your loving, My sweethearts, for in this time I have grown as an insatiable Husband, burning with desire for this deep love that thrives in My heart for you. Your intimate love has so touched My heart that I must have more, more, more of your kisses, your tender touches and sweet caresses.

15.You see, dear ones, not only has your love for Me grown, but My love for you has also grown deeper day by day. The more you love Me, the more I am moved with desire toward you. My intimate brides, your passionate love has been changing Me. Your loving Me the way you do has moved My heart and moved My hand to do anything for you, because I want to please you, just as you please Me.

16.Oh, what love! Our sweet intimate love as Husband and wife is a love to be cherished. I love the way you've grown to enjoy our times of love, as day by day you look forward to it with greater anticipation, and this turns Me on. Your greater yieldedness turns My key. It's like flipping the switch that turns Me on and excites Me and moves Me to take action on your behalf, to shower you with blessings and to supply your every need.

17.I love the way you've become more conscientious during this time we've been together, as you've grown to be more aware of all the little things that mean so much to Me. The thoughtful gestures you make throughout the day, taking a few moments whenever you can to say hello, to sing to Me, or to whisper special words of love in My ear, or the times you stop to unburden your heart to Me, all of this makes Me feel so wanted and needed. I love all the little things you do for Me and the way you're branching out to find new ways to please Me. Your cheerfulness and readiness to do My slightest bidding is something I deeply treasure.

18.I see that you, too, have enjoyed these moments of growing closer, as we fill each other's need for love and companionship. How you have grown and matured as a result of our closer union! The times I have whispered in your ear, sharing deep secrets on weighty matters, have given you greater insight and depth of spirit. Our being together like this has provided Me the opportunity to share with you not only many lessons I have learned but even My Own personal battles and innermost thoughts and feelings, and this has caused you to fall even deeper in love with Me.

19.Oh, My loves, how it has brought Me great joy to be able to pour out to you like this, sharing My heart and My love with you in greater intimacy. I enjoy answering all your questions! Not only does it make Me feel so needed, so wanted, but it has made your life and tasks so much easier; and this makes Me very happy too.

20.Your faith has grown as you learn to trust Me, and this has put you so much more at ease. You are learning that even though our love sometimes seems hidden, even when the storm clouds darken the sky, or when the sun seems hidden in the darkness of the night, still our bond of love grows. It stands strong, and you've grown to rest assured that just as the sun will always shine again, so My love will never fail you.

21.You are learning the true value of intimate and enduring love, that it's a day-by-day process. It takes time, as it's made up of many little things which cause it to grow steady and sure.

22.Oh, My darling brides, how I long to fill you with more and more love! You never dreamed that I would still have so much to give, My dear ones. I have much more to pour out! Oh, how I love you, My most intimate brides! Let us celebrate our anniversary this day--two years of love, of growing together in a deeper and closer walk.

23.Happy anniversary, My intimate brides! Let us celebrate! Let our love continue! The time has now come to lay aside the reminiscing and to look forward and on to the days ahead, for I long to keep thrilling you and filling you as never before. Oh, My precious, lovely, hot, vibrant brides, let our passion become yet more ardent! Let it deepen and continue to burn ever more fervently, growing brighter and brighter.

24.Happy anniversary, My precious loves! Receive now, My intimate brides, many more gifts of love. For all the joy and happiness you have brought Me in our first years loving, I return to you now in greater measure, as I shower you with many gifts for the joy you bring Me. Now and in the days to come, My darling brides, let us keep on experiencing together, growing closer and deepening our bonds of love, that this deep intimate love may continue forever and ever and ever. For I love you, My intimate brides, like no other. (End of message from Jesus.)

What You Have Done for Jesus and Others

25. What a beautiful message of love from our great Lover and Husband! This greater love for the Lord and the intimate relationship that you have shared with Him have been manifested not only in your personal lives, but also in your fruitful service for Him.The effects of your labors, the fruit of your daily obedience, is obvious through the progress that has been made on many fronts. You have pioneered new ministries, walked through open doors, opened new Homes, won new disciples, and borne new babies for His glory. You have hung on through your tests and trials. You have trusted Him during the dark times and the stormy weather. When you didn't know if you had the strength to keep going, you were willing to say, like Job, "Though He slay me, yet will I trust Him!" (Job 13:15).

26. You have done your best to try to change, even when change was difficult. You have made sacrifices and have been willing to give up your personal preferences or lay aside planned projects that you had your heart set on, when He showed you that something else needed to be done, or that something else would be more fruitful or better in the long run. This daily laying down your lives and yielding to the Lord hasn't come easily, but as a result you're still here, still fighting, still progressing, still climbing that mountain and stronger for it!

27.Don't you find that sometimes it's a great encouragement to look back and see the progress that you've made,the difficult decisions that the Lord gave you the grace for, and the fruit that was borne as a result? You look back on those times and you think, "Wow, if I made it through that, if the Lord helped me through that, I can make it through anything!" It gives you the faith that if you just keep trying and don't give up, if you just keep fighting no matter how difficult the battles, or you just keep climbing no matter how steep the mountain, the Lord will bring you through! He's done it before and He will do it again, and again, and again! Time and again you'll see His strength manifested in your weakness.

28.Over the last year, the Lord has done a lot in our lives to purge us of our weaknesses, our selfishness, our lack of love for others, and our insensitivity to the needs of others. Through His Words which you've been able to read the past year the Lord has given us much instruction, guidance and even correction, which we sorely needed. He has been bringing us along step by step to a point of greater yieldedness. Many of you have won hard-fought battles over some of your personal weaknesses that had hindered you from being as close to your brethren as you wanted to be, or being as united with your mate, your family, your brothers and sisters, your teamworkers, the single men and women, the single mothers in your Home, as you knew the Lord wanted you to be.

29. The path the Lord has led us down this past year has not been an easy one. I'm the first to admit that it has required some personal sacrifice. It has hurt; it has cost us. Some of us have really felt the heat of the Lord's refining fires as He has purged out the dross to make us finer, purer gold.

30.The Lord is fitting us all for battle--preparing us for the days that are to come! He is continuing to strengthen and purify the Family, to purge us of our wrong attitudes and to encourage us to be overcomers, to take the difficult steps that we know are needed for us to be what He wants us to be.

Unity Motivated by Love

31. He has been trying to move the Family toward greater unity, as He has encouraged you to break down the walls that have separated you, and to demonstrate more love and more genuine, heartfelt concern for one another. As Dad taught us years ago, and which is one of the cornerstones of the Family, we are one wife.We are all married to each other. We are all the Lord's bride, and He is our Husband. This great, loving unity, our willingness to have the Lord in first place in our lives, and our devotion to our greater marriage to each other and the Lord have been some of the greatest strengths of the Family. This has been one of the things that has set us apart, that has shown that we are different. It has been a tremendous testimony that has glorified the Lord and brought Him much joy.

32. Our being willing to be one wife to the Lord and to all be married to each other brings about unity--the power of which, I think few of us recognize or realize! We've grown so accustomed to our lifestyle, where we are encouraged to give and take and bend for the sake of the good of all, that we don't realize what a tremendous miracle of God's Spirit it is when He can work in our lives as He chooses to, the end result of which is sweet unity! Not only is this unity much more powerful than many of us realize, but also much more important.

33.I'm sorry to say, however, that many of you don't have the unity in your Homes and areas that you should have. Our CRO offices report that they are flooded with complaints about disunity! Apparently many of you waste time and become spiritually drained by bickering over petty things. You have serious problems working together, dividing witnessing areas, or sharing provisioning contacts. You hold grudges and find it difficult to forgive past mistakes. Singles often feel quite alone in our Homes due to a lack of sharing, communication, and living the One Wife vision. Young people are often lonely because they're ostracized by other young people who form cliques. JETTs and junior teens feel the YAs and SGAs don't understand them or relate to them. Nationals feel inferior and looked down upon, and many of our nationals, even those between the ages of 18 and the late 20s, feel they don't fit into the category of either the first or the second generation!

34. Worldwide we now have a lot of single family Homes. Many of you have that status not because you are pioneer Homes or Fellow Members returning to Charter Member status, but because you can't live and work together with others in unity, so you take what looks like the path of least resistance and you end up repeatedly dividing your Home, with some Home members moving on to a new or different Home, until you're finally left living in a single family Home.

35. One of our CROs got so frustrated with the repeated serious problems with disunity in her area that she said, "We are the Family of Love, but where is our love? We are supposed to be a sample of love, but the truth of the matter is, we waste a lot of time in not getting along and bickering and not giving each other the benefit of the doubt. How can we be the Family of Love?"

36. There is still a lot of criticalness toward one another rather than a bond of love. After the birthday feast last year in which the Lord challenged us in the beautiful message of "Come Together--In Love!" (ML #3100, GN 722) to be more loving and caring toward our brothers and sisters, to accept each other with unconditional love, and be forgiving and understanding, it was our hope that things would greatly improve along the lines of unity, compassion and tolerance. But it seems, in general, from what Peter and I have seen and heard, that little progress has been made. How sad! Brethren, these things ought not so to be!

37.Unity is not just something that makes our lives more pleasant and helps our Homes run more smoothly,but unity is actually a power and a force that brings down the blessings of God! When we are united, we have round about us a mighty honor guard of angels! We become an unbeatable force in God's hands!

38. Unity isn't just something that's nice to have, simply because we've always been taught that the Lord can't bless disunity. Nor is it something unimportant that we can just not pay much attention to, and take an "if it come it come, and if it don't come it don't come" attitude toward. We can't ignore the issue or fail to put forth the necessary effort to be unified. Unity is a condition, a requirement, connected to the promises of God! If we want to be what He wants us to be, if we hope to continue to receive His bountiful provision and protection, if we expect to fulfill the plan that He has for us in the future, the way to arrive at all those hopes and expectations is to travel the road of unity!

39.There was a time in the not-too-distant past, before the implementation of the Charter, when we were united in big Homes, big blob combos, and we moved much as one body and one mind. But during that time it was not always a unity born out of love from the heart. Unfortunately, it was an obedience, a yieldedness, a oneness that was often regimented, required, legalistic, and sometimes even in the arm of the flesh. In saying this I am not trying to lay the blame on anyone, nor shed a bad light on our pre-Charter days, as I know that most of you were doing your very best to be obedient and fruitful and serve the Lord. As you know, and as Peter and I have explained in earlier Letters, the Lord allows the different phases we as a Family go through for a purpose, and He had His reasons for the time of living together in big combos, which was fruitful in different ways. The circumstances then were different than they are today. The Lord's emphasis and what He was teaching us as a body then was different than it is today, and even our few remaining big Homes are operating in much greater love and unity. So I don't mean to criticize or condemn by any means, but nonetheless, I want to make it clear that that kind of unity is not what I'm talking about that we need to strive to have today.

40. I'm talking about a bond between us that is so strong that nothing will be able to separate us! I'm talking about a love that is so personal that it weeps, it aches, it feels when your loved one is in need or in trouble or being tested and tempted by the Enemy. I'm talking about a desire for another's happiness that is so real that you're willing to sacrifice your own personal preferences or desires or privacy because you want to see your brethren, your family, your loved one, happy. I'm talking about a love that is so rich and warm, so alive, that you who have personal, private relationships are moved to open your arms, your hearts, your lives and your beds to others.

41. The kind of unity that brings the blessings of God is hot, vibrant, moving! It's not complacent or lethargic, just taking things as they come, ho-hum. It's going on the attack to reach out; to feel what the other person is feeling; to dry their tears; to bear their burdens; to feel their afflictions; to minister to those who are sick and nurse them back to health; to listen with a loving, open ear to those who need to pour out; to be a caring and understanding friend to those who need a friend; to pray for those in need; to let their heartaches be your heartaches; to make their hopes and dreams your hopes and dreams.

42. The unity that brings down the blessings of God is the kind that says, "My Family, my Family, I know it's right, my Family!" It's the kind that gives the other person the benefit of the doubt, that thinks positively of him or her rather than negatively, and is not critical but understanding and sympathetic.

43.The Lord has been working in our hearts and minds this past year to make us one body fitly joined together, one wife, one Family; and He is continuing to move in that direction. He is continuing to take us down a narrow path that--if we are willing to say yes and follow--will lead us to a beautiful place of peace, plenty, prosperity and great, great joy. Though there will be lessons along the way and such a path is not always easy to walk, the rewards will be worth it!

Climbing That Mountain!--Together!

44.There will be more on the subject of unity in the other GNs you'll read during this birthday feast celebration, but I want to share a little word picture the Lord gave when I was thinking and praying about this subject:

45. It's as if we're all together on a big hike or journey through treacherous mountain territory. Big, tall trees form a dense forest all around. It's rather cool and damp and a little bit dark, and we're having to climb over a steep, narrow, rocky path. It winds around, up and down, through the different turns and twists, and there are some very steep places where we need to climb up on our hands and knees. Sometimes we slip, and sometimes people get scratches, bumps and bruises, but together we're climbing up this path.

46.We're trusting in our Guide because we know that He knows the way. Even though it's difficult, and sometimes we're so tired and our muscles ache and we're so thirsty and we wonder if we'll ever make it to our destination, yet our Guide continues to wave us on and encourage us, letting us know that we're almost there, that we're doing great and that we can make it.

47. Together we learn to help each other. If somebody sprains their ankle, we carry them up the path. If somebody is too tired, we stop with them for a while so that they can rest and be strengthened. If someone starts looking down or is afraid they'll fall, we pray for them, support them and protect them. All the way along the path we're helping each other, comforting and encouraging each other, cheering each other on. And through all the different experiences we have, and by following our Guide closely, we draw very close to each other.

48. As the time passes, we become such a tight team. We know each other very well and we're so proud of one another for making it this far. We've seen each other get strengthened and overcome tests, and now we're actually finding joy in our climb, and real pleasure in doing it together.

49. And then, finally, the reward comes! Finally we come to a clearing near the top of the mountain and we see our beautiful destination--the gorgeous, crystal clear, cool lake surrounded by meadows that are laden with beautiful flowers. The birds are singing, the sky is clear, and it's a perfect haven of rest and pleasure!

50.We're all just thrilled, exuberant, bursting with happiness, not only to see the reward of our labors and the fulfillment of our dreams, but we're also very thankful that we all made it, that nobody had to be left behind. We come to realize that that's the greatest reward of all: the way we've been knit together as a tight team, having learned to love one another and appreciate one another, and to trust our Guide, understanding that He knows what's best.

51.In praying about this past year, I felt led to ask the Lord to speak to us on the subject of unity, which is a great need in the Family today. The Lord, through His Word, has been leading the Family toward greater unity, but as I mentioned earlier, I felt unity was even more important and played a greater role in securing the Lord's blessings than we realized. So I asked the Lord if He could speak again on this subject and help us to see things more clearly.

52. I asked Him to give us a message that would motivate us and help us to be willing to make the sacrifices that are sometimes needed in order to bring about the unity that He wants--not just the unity of communal living and sharing our finances and working together, but the strong, unshakable unity of heart that comes through having deep love and understanding for one another.

53.Our precious Husband and Lover, the King of the universe, once again answered my prayer, my heartcry, and gave us the following precious Words. These Words are a gift, a present to us, His bride. These Words are a manifestation of His love for us. I hope you will find strength and inspiration in them.

The Power and the Importance of Unity!

54.(Jesus speaking:) Unity comes from the power of God! Unity is a gift of God. Unity is the manifestation of the Spirit of God. Unity is a reward.

55. As you give of yourselves, as you sacrifice your time, your strength, or your loved ones for the needs of others, you are rewarded with unity. When you love each other and you're willing to humble yourselves, to apologize, to take the low seat, to give the other the benefit of the doubt and to hear them out; when you're willing to work together, even if sometimes you have to sacrifice your own personal desires or preferences, you are rewarded with unity.

56.If you're willing to flow with changes in the schedule, to stand in the gap for somebody who's not feeling well or who has to take care of an emergency; if you're willing to cheerfully care for the children, to minister to contacts, to go out witnessing; if you're yielded to the nudges of My Spirit when I encourage you to give affection and show love to those who are in need; if you're willing to communicate with those of the other generation, to listen to their thoughts and feelings and point of view and not be so stuck in a rut or so convinced you're always right; if you're willing to let your mate or loved one love someone else and supply their needs for sex, affection and companionship; if you're willing to take that single mother into your fellowship, into your family, into your heart, and into your bed; if you're willing to be a foster parent to the young people who need you; if you're willing to discuss and pray together and hear from Me together; if you're willing to work hard together to reach the goals that you have set unitedly--for all of this I will bless you with unity!

57.Unity is in itself a great blessing, for with it comes the happiness, the warmth, and the joy of My Spirit. Unity is a blessing in itself because it makes you a better testimony to outsiders. They marvel when they look at your communal living. They know and admit that it's a miracle, that something supernatural is happening in your Home for people of so many different walks of life and different generations to be able to live together in such love, harmony and unity.

58.Unity is a reward in itself because you don't have to suffer the stress and strain and discouragement and condemnation that comes through arguments and discord and not getting along with one another. You don't have to feel that bummer, that tense, uncomfortable feeling that comes up when there are problems between you that are not resolved. So unity saves a lot of time and stress and just generally makes life in your Home much happier!

59.Unity is a reward in itself, because when you're reaching out to those in need, whether it be the young people, the adults, the children, the single mothers, the single brothers and sisters, your own peers and friends, or your teamworkers; when you're willing to give of yourself, to be a friend, a companion, a lover; when you're willing to take your time to talk to someone who's lonely, or to make someone feel needed and important; when you're willing to open up your life and give your time to that child who needs a foster father; when you're willing to help that troubled teenager who's so confused and seems so rebellious--all of this brings with it a certain satisfaction and reward of spirit.

60.When you give in this way, even though it may initially be a sacrifice and it may hurt, it's not long before you see the rewards, and it becomes so obvious to you that you did the right thing. You can feel My love in your heart and you have a sense of accomplishment, a sense of fulfillment, a joy and satisfaction in knowing that you made somebody's day brighter, you helped to lighten their load, you helped them not to give up. Through performing these little acts of love and unselfishness to bring unity, you are blessed personally with happiness that can't be taken away. It's not fleeting or dependent upon the circumstances, but it's a gift that I give you--the happiness of knowing that you have been a blessing to someone in need.

61.So you see, unity has many, many rewards in itself, but the rewards do not stop there. There are other rewards, greater and more magnificent ones that you don't even see, because they happen in the world of the Spirit, the world that is invisible to you. But this world does not need to be a mystery to you, My precious brides. Because of your yieldedness and your hunger, because you create a vacuum to know, I will reveal to you now the workings of this magnificent spirit world, so you will know and understand the importance and the power of unity. You will see why I lead you down the path of unity, and even though it may seem a sacrifice to you, you will know that it is worth it, it is necessary, and it is an important, unmistakable part of My plan.

62.Unity is the power of God! Unity is not just a manifestation of God or a reward of God or a blessing of God, but unity is the power of God! The greater the unity, the greater the power. If you would be powerful, My people--a powerful witness, a powerful testimony, a financial power--then you must have unity. For these other blessings of God--provision, protection, supply, fruitfulness--will be given from My hand in direct proportion to your unity.

63.Heaven is unity. Unity is Heaven. Here in My Heavenly Kingdom there is perfect unity. The more united you are, My children, the more you will experience Heaven on Earth! The more united you are, the more people will see a living example of My Heavenly Kingdom.

64.Unity pulls down Heavenly light, Heavenly love, Heavenly strength! Unity pulls down the riches of God! Unity opens the windows of Heaven so that you can ask what you will, and it shall be given unto you. Unity is the power of God to create, to love, to answer prayer. Unity is like a force field of protection. Unity is like an endless pot of gold that never runs dry! Unity is like a river of love--rich and full and free!

65. Unity is one of the secrets to the blessings of God. To be unified in love and obedience to Me and My Word is one of the greatest drawing powers on the Spirit of God.

66.For this reason, the Enemy fights unity! He has a band of fallen angels specifically trained and designated to fight, attack, and destroy the unity of the children of David. He is not ignorant of or blind to the power of unity, so he has taken some of his strongest demons and charged them to destroy the unity of the children of David. His attacks are subtle. They are not usually blatant, because this would alert you to the fact that it is the Enemy attacking. Instead, he works through ways that seem to you to be reasonable, understandable, logical, so you can easily explain away or justify your lack of unity.

67.If you're bitter about mistakes of the past or the way someone treated you, you don't see this as an attack of the Devil on your unity. Instead you see this simply as the fact that you are right and the other person is wrong.

68. If you're from the first generation and you don't get along with your children or the young people in your Home or city, you don't see this as an attack of the Enemy on your unity. Instead you feel that the young people are just being ridiculous, extreme. You think they're not dedicated enough, they're too worldly, and they need to be more like you.

69.Or if you're a young person and you can't communicate with those of the first generation, you don't see this as an attack of the Enemy on your unity. You think the older people are just being old fogies, old bottles, or that they're too conservative, they don't understand you. You don't really like them, anyway, and you think they're pretty much has-beens, that they've seen better days and now they just need to be put out to pasture and let you take over.

70. Or, whatever your generation, maybe you consider the nationals a little inferior because of their language, looks, culture, or lack of knowledge of the Word. You think they're too simple and too untrained, and you don't see your lack of love and respect as the lack of unity that it really is, not to mention pride.

71.If you won't let your husband or wife share with that single brother or sister in need, you don't see that as an attack on your unity. Instead you feel justified that, after all, you shared plenty in the past. Or if you didn't, well, you feel all that sharing and living the Law of Love is not all that necessary these days. It's nice in theory and it is based on Scripture, but it's not something that you need to be living today.

72.If you don't get along with your teamworker and there's a lot of friction between you and a lack of communication, you don't see that as an attack of the Enemy on your unity. Instead you just figure that, well, your personalities aren't the kind that get along well with one another. You just see things differently; you interpret and apply the Word differently and it's not that big a deal. You get by. You may not be very happy together or enjoy working together that much, but, hey, everybody's different, right? You just chalk it up to the fact that your personalities don't quite click.

73.If you don't get along with your peers, or you're loving with partiality and leaving some people out of your little clique,making people feel lonely, unloved and unattractive, you don't look at that as an attack of the Enemy on your unity. You just figure that it's the other person's fault; that if they weren't such a jerk or such a nerd, then maybe you and the others would like them better. You don't see that it's your fault for shutting them out and pushing them away. No, you just figure it's their fault because they're so self-righteous, or they're no fun to be around, or they're just not cool enough to be included in your little "in" clique.

74.If you don't want to bring the children of that single mother into your family group to help care for them, love them, be a father figure for them, and provide them with the stability, love, and encouragement they need, you don't see that as an attack of the Enemy on your unity. You just figure, "Well, hey, if the single mother had done a better job of taking care of her children, then they wouldn't be such rapscallions and such little terrors, and then maybe we'd be more willing to bring them in with our little darlings." So you figure it's her fault for being such a lousy mother. She got herself into this big mess, and now she has to pick up the pieces! It's her fault, not yours.

75.There are so many ways the Enemy attacks unity, yet so subtly, giving many excuses, justifications and reasons why the situation is what it is. All the while he is carefully concealing the fact that these conflicts, misunderstandings and loveless acts are inspired by him. They are attacks from him to destroy the unity and the oneness that I, the Lord, would want to give.

76. He wants to hinder, weaken and destroy unity. It's not just to make your life miserable and to steal away your joy--although that's one reason, yes--and not just to weaken your testimony so that the light of My love does not shine so brightly through you--and yes, that's another reason--but the greater reason is to stop the outpouring of My blessings of supply, protection, and fruitfulness.

77.The greater the darkness of this world that surrounds you, the greater must be My blessing, and therefore the greater must be your unity. The unity you have had in the past and in recent years and the unity you have now are not enough for the days that are to come. For gross darkness shall cover the Earth, and though you are called and chosen to be a light in the midst of this darkness, you will not have the power of My Spirit that you need unless you grow in unity.

78.Unity creates a vacuum andpulls down the blessings of God! Unity has drawing power! And as you wish for your anointing, power and strength to grow in the Endtime, so must your unity grow.

79. It is not an option or just good advice--it is a requirement! It is the condition that I place upon My people. I can only pour out My blessing, My anointing, My protection and My provision, which brings My fruitfulness, in proportion to the unity that you demonstrate.

80.You must grow in unity. You must grow in oneness. You must become truly one wife if you are to succeed in the mission that I have set before you.

81. As you learn more of the unity that I desire, you may feel that the cost is great. But I say to you, beware, and be not foolish in your judgment. The price you pay for the unity that I seek is nothing compared to what you will lose if you refuse to seek and find such unity.

82.You are My chosen people of the End--My voice, My mouthpiece, My face to the world! I shall raise you up and make of you a great people! My power shall be manifested as never before! There shall be a mighty widening of the eyes of those who look upon the children of David in the End! But you must desire this place, this calling, and this honor above anything! You must be willing to pay any price to secure My blessing and anointing. You must be willing to make any sacrifice to be a united body, one wife.

83. But I promise you, I swear to you that any sacrifice you make for the sake of unity will be rewarded so greatly that in time there will be no comparison between what you gave and what you received in return. You will look back on the day when you took a stand for unity, when you made a commitment for unity, and you will rejoice with great rejoicing! You will be so thankful that you did not fail, but that you said yes. For you will have seen with your own eyes that the battles at hand could not have been won without My full anointing of power, strength, and love. You will know and understand without a shadow of doubt that this full anointing would not have been possible had you not come before Me in the power of total unity.

84.Therefore, let unity reign! Let My chosen brides become one bride, one wife. Let there be a marriage of the two generations. Let there be a marriage of those of the same generation. Let there be a marriage of those who are single and those who are married. Let there be a marriage of the national new disciples and the Family-born young people. Let there be a great melting together until you are of one heart, one mind, one spirit, and one body. So will the windows of Heaven open to you, and I will pour out such a blessing that you will not have room enough to receive it! My promises will be fulfilled.

85.I place in your hands now the key to the windows of Heaven, the key of unity that will open the door and create a vacuum to pull down the blessings of God and make of you My great people for the End! (End of message from Jesus.)

86.(Mama:) Thank You, Jesus, our precious Lover, our wonderful Husband, for giving us the Words of encouragement, instruction and correction that we need. We don't want to miss the mark. We don't want to miss Your plan. We want to be all that You want us to be, Jesus. Thank You for showing us what we need to do, and by Your grace, we will follow and obey.

87.My dear ones, I hope those Words from the Lord will help you to understand, believe and receive the direction the Lord is now taking us. I hope He has impressed upon your heart the need for us to continue to progress toward greater unity and the more perfect living of the One Wife vision and the Law of Love. Yes, some progress has been made in some areas, but we still have quite a way to go. Thank the Lord, He has given further words of instruction and encouragement, which we will share later, which give more specific counsel on how to go about becoming the truly unified body that we need to be--not just for today, but for the days to come.

88.The Lord has given further precious Words for this year's birthday celebration. Once again, He opened up the treasure chest of Heaven and loaded us down with precious jewels and gems! He has set a delicious feast before us, and now you have these days to rest and relax and sit at His feet and drink in His living waters and be refreshed.

89. The further messages the Lord gave for this year's birthday feast are very much along the same lines as this message He gave about our unity, except that He is showing us more practical applications--what we can actually do to be more unified, how we need to change our attitudes and how to be bonded together more tightly as one wife, one Family. He has given specific guidance on how to overcome the generation gap and get rid of any schisms or divisions, as He molds us together more tightly in sweet love.

90. The Lord is moving and leading us in a path of unity, and He's given many precious promises that I know will give you the strength, burden and faith to follow, as we lead you down that path. The Lord is the One doing the trailblazing. He's our Guide, leading us up this mountain of faith, and we know that if we just put our hand in His and trust Him and follow closely step by step, knowing by faith that He does all things well and that He loves us and He wants us to be happy, then we don't have anything to worry about.

91.The future is as bright as the promises of God! So prepare for a spiritual feast as you read the further pubs for this year's celebration. Keep your eyes fixed on Him and know that we have His good guarantees for the future. He knows what He's doing. He knows what we need. He's promised us greater happiness, fruitfulness and prosperity, as we continue to yield and obey and become the Family that He wants us to be. The Lord has great things in store for us!

92.I love you, my dear ones, my most precious Family! God bless and keep you and give you strength and inspiration as you sit at the Lord's feet during these days of the birthday feast and are fed at His hand. Jesus loves you, and so do Peter and I.

Lovingly yours,


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