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xTHE YEAR OF THE BOTTOM LINE! Maria #427 CM 3176 3/98

By Maria

My precious Family,

1. I love each of you so much! You are very dear to my heart, and the more I hear from you and see you taking steps of obedience and yieldedness, the more my admiration for you grows and grows. As I come before the Lord for you, asking Him your questions and receiving His answers, each time He speaks with such love, such tenderness, such commendation for you who are willing to lay down your lives for others. It makes me feel so thankful, so honored, and so privileged to serve the Lord with you. Hearing His promises of care, supply, and His ever-present love and attention is very reassuring, and it gives me faith that no matter what lies ahead for you, for me, for us as the Family, the Lord is going to bring us through, because He's the One Who's leading the way!

2.In this GN I'd like to share some messages from the Lord which were given primarily to our staff here for the New Year, as encouragement for all the sacrifices they make to live behind the scenes and continue helping us to get out the Word to you, our dear Family.

3.All of our dear Family members who work in WS sacrifice in this way for you, our precious co-workers on the front lines. They not only sacrifice in giving up various "freedoms" to live quietly behind the scenes, but they have also committed themselves to fighting the sometimes intense personal battles and struggles which accompany their ministry and place of service.

4.Being part of the "pipeline" which gets out the Words may seem to be a glorious ministry from the outside, and indeed it is a great honor, a wonderful place of service, and is very rewarding. However, the Enemy fights this "pipeline" viciously, doing all he can to discourage and hinder those in these behind-the-scenes Homes, knowing that if he can hinder them sufficiently, it will then affect the flow of the Word overall.

5.So in committing themselves to this ministry, they have committed themselves to fighting and overcoming these attacks--the cost of which is complete yieldedness and "dying daily" to themselves. God bless them! We love them and need each of them very much, and admire them for the sacrifices they make in order to get out the Words.

6.The reason I'm prefacing these prophecies is because I want you to understand why we are publishing them for all of you. Whenever we publish direct messages of encouragement that were initially received for specific situations or individuals like this, I am concerned that some people might be tempted to compare, or feel left out, or feel that the Lord loves someone else more than He loves them. These are all natural human feelings, and very understandable. So when the Lord showed us to publish these particular prophecies for your benefit, we asked Him if He would explain to us why He wanted them published. Here's what He said:

Why Publish These Prophecies?

7.(Jesus speaking:) My precious children everywhere are facing tests of yieldedness, growth and change. The year ahead looks daunting! They're at the base of the mountain looking up and wondering if they'll be able to endure the climb. I say, yes! Yes, each one who commits to climbing can and will overcome, because I will help them!

8.There will be difficult times. There will be times of struggle. There will be times to fight, and there will be times for them to come aside from the battle and let Me hold and strengthen them. Above all, they will need to proceed with the willingness and commitment in their hearts to Me that they will yield at each turn, each step, each place I ask them. That is the commitment I ask of them--that they be willing to hold on, to fight, and to yield--and this is not easy.

9.I wish to show an example of some of My fighters who are already climbing the mountain. I wish to publish My commendation to them for their sacrifice and yieldedness. I wish to show that it is not by might, nor by strength of the flesh, nor by accomplishments or talents that I judge you, but by your yieldedness to Me. That's what will win the battle in this day. The strength of these days is yieldedness and willingness to follow where I lead, and the determination to hold on.

10.To each of the children of David, My avant-garde soldiers, I say, I love you! I highly honor you for making it through the boot camp training, and you're privileged above all on the Earth to proceed to the leadership training course. That's what I'm preparing you for. It's not for yourself, to be a better person, to be happier in yourself only, but it's for the sake of many, many others.

11.The days are coming when each of you will be invaluable to My plan,invaluable in bringing many to Me, and instructing many. So I honor you with the training you need now to prepare adequately for that day. Don't be dismayed as you look up the mountain and it looms large--feeling that you must have failed somewhere, to have fought all these days and now be faced with such a test! It's a promotion! It's preparation for your high calling which I've planned for you, and I ask that you scale it with Me!

12.As you read these Words of love that I gave for My children in the house of the king and queen, please don't compare or feel that I love them more than you, or that I'm more proud of them than I am of you, for it is not so.

13.They've had the opportunity this last year to grow, to change, to make progress. They've been fed many Words from My mouth at the hand of the queen, and I have forced them to take these steps early to prepare the way for you. It was through no goodness of their own that I chose them above you, but was only because I needed someone to prepare the way, and these have been willing. So rejoice with them that they now receive this commendation, and know that it is there for you, too, My precious loves.

14. If you feel discouraged or you wonder if I love you the same, come to Me now. Come to Me, rest your head on My bosom, and wait quietly as I whisper My feelings of great, great love to you. To each of you I will give My heart and what I have there for you--which is only great love and thankfulness that you've been willing to lay down your life for Me. To each one I will whisper personal encouragement that will spur you on. You'll find strength in My Words that you can find in no other, and it will lift your spirits as you begin the climb.

15.Some of you have already begun, yet others are hesitating to take the first step. So be encouraged as you look up the mountain and see some that have gone on before you. Listen as they call to you, encouraging you that they are also men and women of like passions, and that if I have brought them through, so are you also destined to make it through, if you choose to.

16.The victory is there for each of you, My precious ones. I didn't bring you this far only to have you fall by the wayside in the times of difficulty. No, I have brought you this far to bring you through victorious! I love you, My precious children! (End of message from Jesus.)

17.(Mama:) Thank You Jesus! Isn't that beautiful? I really pray that you'll be encouraged by that wonderful message from the Lord for you. Please do stop and ask the Lord, either before reading the following messages or afterwards, for the special Words from Him for your situation, that He promised He has for you. I'm sure He has just as beautiful and precious things to say about each of you--His loving, faithful brides! I pray they'll encourage and comfort you and give you strength for the battle! Praise the Lord!

18.Here's the first message we received when asking the Lord for something for our staff around the time of the New Year:

Message of Encouragement and Commendation to the Folks' Staff!

19.(Jesus speaking:) My precious children who dwell in the house of the queen and the king, how precious you are in My sight. Each one of you plays a vital role in the feeding and care of every single Family member. I've called each of you here by name.

20.Don't think it was by accident or by some quirk of fate that you were asked to be a part of this household, for that's not the way it was. It was a long-range plan, for I chose you well in advance and I worked in your life, in your heart, and in your spirit to prepare you. I put choices before you throughout your life, and in each of these times you made the right choices, and one right choice led to another, and to another, and to another.

21.The tests, the battles, the fights, the victories and the defeats, were all part of the process of preparing you for the role that you play right now. I'm very proud of each of you, whether you've been here for many years or only months. I'm proud of you and thankful for your willingness to go through the fires that burn off the chaff--the wood, the hay, and the stubble.

22.For not only were there the tests and the decisions that had to be made before you arrived in the queen and king's household, but there are also the constant tests, battles, and decisions that must be made every day. And in this area I want to commend each of you. Each of you who have battled, who have fought, who have been tested, have been making the right choices, and it's causing you to grow and to be strengthened.

23.You may not feel that you're growing fast enough. You may be in the midst of a battle time. You may be faced with some decisions in the spirit, commitments and resolutions. But I say to you, you have grown and you are growing, and I'm so proud of you for this. I know it's hard, because I know your hearts. I know what you go through, and I desire so much to comfort you. But there are some times when you're in the midst of the fight, in the midst of the battle, fighting hand-to-hand in the spirit, that you do not feel My arms tightly around you, and I allow these times for you to stand on your own, for you must fight it through. But as you take the steps and make the decisions and hold on, then I come and comfort and strengthen you, for I am never far off.

24.(Mama:) I had a little question about that, wondering why the Lord said we do not always feel His arms around us in times of battle and why we must stand on our own. The Lord explained that it's not that He's far away--He's with you, He has His eye on you, He has His hand in your life--but it's like being with a little toddler when they're learning to walk. You're right there all the time. You're watching over them, you're caring for them, you're desperate for them, you don't want to see anything happen to them. But they have to fall once in a while, or they don't learn. Sometimes you have to let them struggle a bit to get up on their own. You can't constantly be keeping them standing up so they can never fall down, or picking them up constantly when they sit down on their bottom, or they'd never learn to fight to get up! If you did that, they'd be very weak, and they'd never really learn to walk!

25.Well, that's how it is with the Lord and us. He's right there, He's got His eye on us, He loves us more than we can imagine--just like the mother loves the child. He cries when we cry and fall down, but He's got to let us get up sometimes to be strengthened.

26.So it's not that the Lord isn't right there with you and watching over you, but sometimes He can't intervene, and He can't keep you from crying. Even when the baby does cry and doesn't want to do it anymore, or he's too tired to get up and he really wants mommy to just pick him up, sometimes she has to just let the child get up on his own so he can keep growing and keep progressing. But then she always comes and comforts him afterwards, and he's learned something new and is stronger for it!

27.Sometimes we have to go through some of those situations where the Lord can't just stop everything! If the Lord comforted us in the middle of a fight and said, "No, no, that's all right. We'll stop all this. I know it's too hard for you, and that's okay. It's all right," then we'd never learn or make it through to victory! Instead, sometimes He has to come to us and say, "Hey, keep fighting! Keep up the fight! Don't sit down, don't lie down! This isn't the time to rest--it's time to fight!"

28.He can't always comfort us right at the moment. Sometimes He's gotta just spur us on, and it makes us feel like, "Lord, how can I go another step? Don't You know this is too much for me?" But when it really gets to be too much, then the Lord steps in and He'll carry you and help you, and He won't let it be any harder than you can take. He says, "Then I come and comfort and strengthen you."

29.(Message from Jesus continues:) My message to you who battle so strongly is hold on! Hold fast to your crown and don't let anyone take it from you. Cast it not aside in weariness. For the crowns that I have given you are very special and very unique. With these crowns come a very special anointing, for these are the crowns of those who help to feed My children. These are the crowns of those whose very lives affect the lives of My children everywhere.

30.But these crowns are heavy crowns, and are not easy to wear. When they're first put upon your head, the weight of them seems almost unbearable and crushing. It's a strain to wear them, and it's with great difficulty that they are worn. But as you continue on, so do you become strengthened, and so are you able to wear these crowns with much more ease. Under the weight of these crowns you become stronger. Soon you learn to battle with this extra weight, and you find that the weight you thought was so burdensome and so heavy has only made you stronger and better able to fight.

31.So hold that fast which thou hast, and let no man steal thy crown! Cast it not aside. Throw it not away. For though it may be a heavy crown to wear, it is that crown, that anointing, that causes you to become strong.

32.Oh, My dear and precious ones, each of you are part of the amanuenses, part of the feeders of the Family, part of the writers of the Word.Each of you, no matter who you are or what you do, play a role. You are each very precious to Me and very needed.

33.I speak to all of you as My brides, and I wish to say how much I love you, how dear you are to Me, and how much I appreciate the love that you bestow upon Me. I love how you desire Me. I love that you love Me, that you fuck Me, that you kiss Me, that you caress Me, that you call for Me, that you hold Me, even as a husband loves his wife and the love that she gives him. Thank you, My loves, My brides, My darling ones, for your love.

34.And thank you, My dear ones, for being My channels, for coming to Me, for opening your ears in the Spirit to receive My Words. Thank you for being willing to bring your requests and the requests of the queen before Me, for in doing so you have remained close to Me, and through helping My queen, you have helped to feed My children many times over. I know that sometimes it's a sacrifice when the queen asks you to hear from Me, and I am grateful for your willingness to do so.

35.But know that as you come before Me frequently at the request of the queen, this also strengthens you, for it strengthens your channel with Me. It's like forced exercise. It's something that you would not do so much on your own, but because it's requested and you're faithful to carry it out, the effect is that it draws you closer to Me. It forces you to spend more time with Me, to exercise your gifts, and thus your gift and your spirit become stronger. In your communion with Me and bringing these questions before Me, you receive answers, and you too are fed.

36. (Mama:) All of those in our Home are making an effort to learn to hear more from the Lord, as He has been emphasizing, both for their personal life as well as the work they do and the decisions they have to make. Some help to pray for our local situations here, whether for those of our Home who need prayer for their personal lives or families or organization or ministry--be it kitchen, handyman, layout, or whatever. Others help me with my work on the pubs, or administrational questions, or come before the Lord for you dear ones who write to me.

37. The Lord is bringing out how much He appreciates their sacrifice in learning to come to Him more often and let Him be involved in more and more of their lives and work. He's very proud of those of you, dear Family, who are doing the same! From our personal experience here, we've found that no matter how great the immediate sacrifice of time, desperation, and seemingly making things move slower that results from our seeking the Lord for things, in the long run it saves a great deal of time and is so much more efficient, because the Lord gives the answers that we need, and also tremendously blesses and rewards our giving Him first place! Thank You Jesus!

38.(Message from Jesus continues:) Oh, how I love it when you come before Me in this way, for I love to commune with you. I love to speak to you, and through you. I love it when you interact with the Spirit, and when you hear the whispers and the voices of Heaven.

39.I know, too, that there are times when many of you feel as if you're failures, that you're not accomplishing enough, you're not growing enough. You wonder if you're doing the right thing, and if you even deserve to be where you are. Satan tries so hard to discourage you, to defeat you, to make you feel as nothing, as one who only blunders, one who does not progress, one who is a burden and not a blessing. But, My loves, I don't look at you this way at all, for you're all needed! You're all here by My choice, by My desire, by My wish. You're all very valuable and very precious to Me. The fight, the battle, even the seeming defeat, is all part of what's making you stronger--strong soldiers, valiant fighters!

40.And so, My loved ones, as you enter now into a new year ahead, make your calling and election sure. Take these Words to heart and know that I have called you and chosen you. Determine in your heart that you will hold on to your crown no matter how difficult, no matter how big the heartbreak, no matter how strong the test, no matter how wearying the work; that you will hold on to your crown, to your blessings, to your anointing, and to your place.

41.Come before Me that I may encourage you in these things, so that you will have My Words to hold on to, to stand upon throughout the tests and trials and battles of the year ahead. Come to Me and I will comfort you and give you Words of strength--straight from My heart to yours.

42.And lastly, My children, know the heart of your queen and of your king, for they love each of you. Their gratitude and thankfulness for you is as deep waters, for they clearly know and understand that without your help, your services, your support and strength, your friendship, your love, and your prayers, they could not do the task that I've given them to do. You're not just workers, but you're friends, lovers, mates, comrades in arms. They have great need of you and are very grateful and thankful for you. They love you deeply for who you are, what you are, and how you are.

43. As we all move together into this new year ahead, let each one pledge in your heart to give your all to Me and to one another. May you all determine to bond together even more closely as one, to love one another, to be truly married one to another, to be a strength one to another, to be those who bear the burdens of the other, that you all may work and live and love together as one, so that you may accomplish all that I have planned for you in this year ahead.

44.It's a big year with much to be done, many battles to fight, many victories to be won, and much work to accomplish. For My sheep are hungry! They grow stronger, and as they grow, they desire more. I wish to pour an abundance unto them, and you are the channels, the vessels through which it must come. You are they who prepare the Words and pass them on.

45.There is much to do, so please determine in your hearts to give your all, to do your best to work together as one, that we may all rejoice together in our labors and win the battle! (End of message from Jesus.)

Preface to "The Bottom Line" Message

46.(Mama:) Following is another message we received which was directed to our staff, but which was so exciting, we thought you'd want to hear it too! It's pretty heavy, so hold on to your seats! When you read it you'll probably think, "Mama, this isn't exciting--this is scary, frightening, unsettling!" I can understand how you would feel that way, so I asked the Lord to preface it with something to help soften it a bit, or make it a bit easier for you.

47.I want to really encourage you to look for the promises that the Lord and Dad give throughout the next couple of messages. The promises they give are powerful, very encouraging, and very comforting, and some that you can really hold on to throughout the coming year. In fact, maybe you could take a pencil or a pen and mark them as you read through this. Keep your eyes on the goal, rather than looking at the waves, and I think if you're able to receive it with that attitude, it will be exciting for you!

48.Now, please don't worry if your first reaction is to feel overwhelmed, discouraged, or even a bit fearful of the future. It's natural to feel that way, but you have to fight to remember that the Lord has brought you through everything that has happened so far, and He's going to continue to bring you through everything in the future! He has called and chosen you, and the only thing you have to do is continue to yield and say yes! Praise the Lord!

49.Here's the little message from Jesus, which prefaces the message from Dad:

50.(Jesus speaking:) My dear ones, the Words of your Father David are strong meat! Do you remember that in his time on Earth with you, there were often Letters which told the truth, and it was hard to bear, and the presentation of it was strong? Nevertheless, it was the truth, and it brought forth good fruit! So it is with this message which he delivered to you. It is strong meat, but if you can receive it, it will change your life! It will change the way you look at things, and it will bring forth great fruit!

51.Would you not rather have the truth this way, rather than find out later that you missed My highest and best because you weren't prepared, or didn't understand or know the way to follow? This clear sound of a trumpet, while it may be awesome and unsettling at first, will give clear direction and a goal to strive for, and in obeying and doing My best, you will find the greatest happiness!

52.So fear not, and do not tremble and worry if you will make it--for I have promised it, and will be true to My Word! All those who take one step for Me, I will take two for them! I love you, My precious, alive, vibrant, changing, willing, sacrificing, loving, ever-ready-to-obey-and-follow New Church! I'm proud of you! (End of message from Jesus.)

53. (Mama:) Now, here is the message from Dad, which we have informally titled "the Bottom Line" message. You'll see why!

The Bottom Line!

54.(Dad speaking:) Today is no longer the day of choosing to be yielded. It's no longer simply a nice thing to be, if you're feeling up to it. Today is the day of yieldedness--no ifs, ands or buts about it! If you're not yielded and going with the moves of the Spirit, you're just not going to make it. It's simply not optional any more. You either do it or you don't make it. It's coming down to the bottom line very quickly, and this year is going to be the year of the bottom line!

55.How's that for some news? It's going to take a lot of our folks on the field hearing this straight out in order for them to get the point. Many of our folks have thought that they could just ride along, or that they would at least go for as long as possible without having to make these changes and implement these sacrificial ways of living in their lives. Well, their time has just about run out! The clock is ticking, the days are counting, and the New Year ushers out the old and rings in the new! I hope and pray that folks are ready. The Spirit of God does not wait for the whims of man. So ready or not, here it comes!

56.This year is going to be a moving year, and like I said, it's going to be a year of getting down to the bottom line, the brass tacks of sacrificial and loving living and giving. People are going to have to go through boot camp whether they like it or not. They're going to have to toe the line, like it or not. They're going to have to yield and obey, like it or not. They're going to have to hear from the Lord and implement what He says, like it or not. They're going to have to put aside their own selfish desires and commit themselves to loving others and putting the good of the Family first, like it or not.

57.But mark my words, if they would only do these things and quit worrying about what trouble and pain it's going to bring to their selfish selves, they'd be happy! What a revelation! People get so selfish and conceited and introverted and damn proud! They need to get their eyes off themselves and onto the needs of others!

58.There will be stretching and growing pains and adjustment blues, but we'll come through as finer gold. Anyone who wants to make it will make it! Every Family member can make it, if they'll only set their minds and hearts to making it. You don't have to be a spiritual giant to make it; you don't have to be a loving, concerned, outgoing person to make it; you don't have to be a topnotch witnesser to make it; you don't have to be a childcare genius to make it; you don't have to be a super "people person" or shepherd to make it; you don't have to be a natural at anything. All you have to be is willing! God can change your heart, your mind, your life, your spirit, and your mode of operation in a flash. Nobody has any excuse! Everyone can make it!

59.You can try to gentle people along like you have been for several years now, sharing with them a little here and a little there, or in some cases, giving them the full counsel of God, but allowing them to assimilate it at their own speed and in accordance with their personal hunger. But in many cases, that hasn't done the trick. You've still got people out there on the field who are way, way behind. You wonder, "How in the world, with all the wonderful Word we've given out, could people still be living in the dark ages spiritually? How come they're not on board with the new moves of the Spirit? How come they're still having the same old problems that we addressed a few years ago? How come they can't seem to move on?"

60.There are many reasons for this, but generally, people have just gotten lazy and comfortable, and they're dreading the changes that are going to come into their lives when they truly begin implementing the New Wine. Some have waited for almost too long now. Now things are coming down to the wire, and they're going to have to implement it all in one shot if they want to stay on board.

61.If they'd only trusted in the Lord's plan a bit more all along, they would have had more time to adjust to all these different moves of His Spirit. By now they'd be loving Jesus intimately, they'd be well along the road of utilizing prophecy for their everyday needs, and in many other areas they would be ahead as well. But they chose, in many cases, to wait until they really had to make the break with the old and enter the world of the spirit. So now they're going to pay the price for it, and that price is going to be increased difficulty. It's not impossible, and the Lord can certainly help them--and each one can make it--but they're going to have to yield in a much greater way, and all at once. That can be very tough for some people.

62.If they hadn't bellyached and complained from the beginning, and felt like they were exempt from having to be revolutionary and yielded to the New Wine, then they would have had more time to adjust to all these spiritual happenings, and they could've grown into the new day a little more slowly. Now those who aren't with it are going to have to jump to it, and get with it right away! This is what's going to cause a bit of a falling away, because some people won't think they can make it, and some won't want to make it.

63.Well, goodness, we sure don't want the folks who don't want to make it! But in some cases, you will lose some folks who could have made it had they heeded the call when the Lord originally issued it. It's not that these can't make it now, but because they think they can't, they won't put forth the effort. Choosing to obey and follow immediately when the Lord calls is part of the majesty of choice, and He doesn't force us. And yet sometimes we cling so tightly to the ability and privilege of making the wrong decisions. Alas! Some tears will be shed in Heaven over some of the wrong decisions that we were so determined to make. Lord help our folks!

64.You who live in the house of your queen and your king and who have gone through battles, or who are going through them, who are crossing the Jordan, who are fighting towards victory, can and will make it as long as you hold on to the Lord, keep moving forward, and don't let go! It's not too hard for you, and it's not too hard for anybody else. Even if you've only taken tiny steps so far, as long as you keep saying yes, as long as you keep your eyes on the Lord, as long as you keep moving forward, you are guaranteed to make it! So don't be afraid or feel that you can't make it, because you can!--As long as you keep moving forward, trusting the Lord, saying yes, and forging ahead.

65.Don't worry, Honey, there was nothing that you could have done about those who haven't said yes and moved forward. You gave the Word, and so much of it, and so lovingly. I can't figure out myself why some of these folks haven't gotten on the stick sooner. I mean, it's almost unbelievable! I know they have problems and are human and all, but they've had a lot of input and training, and they should know by now that they need to stay on the move with God.

66.Well, if their hearing has become dull and their eyesight has grown dim, this coming year is going to bring in some changes and mighty revelations which will flash before them like lightning, and will sound in their ears like a mighty thundering! Believe me, they'll perk up! Then they can make their decision. Yes, it will be a year of decision-making.

67.This is why the young folks in your Home are having to experience so many decision-making related testings. That's not only for their benefit, but it's also for yours, so that you can see what it involves, what it entails. It's giving you a preview of what our wonderful Family is going to be going through in the year to come. It will help you know how to encourage them, how to counsel them, how to sympathize with them, and how to cheer them on.

68.Plus, you'll have some folks who've come through the decision-making Jordan and are living to tell about it! That'll encourage the other young people and older people alike, that there is an end to it all! Even though they may know that it's going to be a rough year ahead in a sense, at least they'll know that others have pulled through, and that they have the assurance of great rewards and blessings which those who have gone before them are testifying to. This will be an encouragement.

69.Your folks, and you and Peter both, can easily attest to having had a year of personal difficulties, can't you? I know you're positive and count your blessings, and testify to how wonderful you've had it and how marvelous the Lord has been to you. That's good, and it's true. But right now we're looking at the bare facts and the personal tidal waves that have washed over many of you in the house of the king and queen, and I can testify that it has been no small affair going on in the spiritual realm! The Enemy has been out to get you and defeat you any way he can, but he's the one that's been defeated, and he continues to be defeated! It's tremendous and thrilling!

70. Now many of you have come through this last year of hardships, and you can look back and say in faith that it was worth it! Now you're over it! You're through it! You've gained the spoils of the fight, and you're glad for the victories. Yet others are just beginning their testings, and others are halfway through. The Lord takes each one where they're at. But in general, this is going to be the year for most people to make their decisions, for the majority of the Family to choose whether they're going to get on board with the new moves of the Spirit or not.

71.Just think what a blessing it's going to be to have the Family all on board! Once the decisions are made and folks get over the hump, things will fall into place much more easily, and the Lord will have more control in everyone's lives. It's imperative that people get on board, because all the little chess pieces--each Family member--need to be yielded and willing in order for the Master Chess Player to be able to move them wherever He wants to.

72.In this game of the Last Days, it's not enough to just be passive in the spirit, waiting for the Lord to change you. He'll do the work and the changing, yes, but you need to be desiring it, wanting it, willing, open, and eagerly desiring the Lord's will and the fruits of His Spirit and the New Wine! We're coming down to the home stretch and the ante is being upped! The level of dedication and commitment has been heightened.

73.The essence of all that is that the only way to obtain the victory is to go through the battles and the testing. Don't let go or stop short of the goal! Hang on to the victory, keep the faith, and believe me, you'll make it and be a winner for Jesus!(End of message from Dad.)

74.(Mama:) Whew! How's that for a message for 1998! Praise the Lord! Thank You for Your promises, Lord, and the beautiful Words we can hold on to and claim. You said that You'll bring us through, and we hold You to that. We know that it's too much for us. We can't even choose to be yielded without Your help and Your strength. It's too big for us, but it's not too big for You! Thank You Lord!

75.Here's what the Lord said when we asked Him to explain what the "bottom line" really means! It's fascinating, and I think it will be very encouraging for you--it sure was for our folks here!

What Is the Bottom Line?

76.(Jesus speaking:) It's true that this year is the year of the bottom line--and a lot of people may wonder exactly what the bottom line is for them personally. Well, it's something everyone is pretty familiar with. Do you want to know what the bottom line really is? It's the line that's drawn at the bottom of a blank sheet of paper, and underneath the line in parentheses is written: "Signature for 1998." The sheet is blank, and the only thing on it is the line for your signature at the bottom of the page. This is what the bottom line is all about.

77.You put your name there on the line, filling in your signature, and give the paper back to Me. Then I start filling in the paper at the top with the things that I ask you to do day by day that require your yieldedness and commitment in yielding yourself to My service. It's a contract between you and Me, and the terms of agreement before signing the bottom line is your saying yes to whatever I ask you to do.

78.Now that may sound like a pretty tall order! But if you decide in your heart that you want to say yes, then I'll help you to be yielded, so it's not actually all that difficult. The main thing to signing is not whether you feel you can make it or not, or if you feel that you're yielded, and therefore sign. The requirement for signing is to sincerely say, "Yes, I want to be yielded. Yes, I truly want to serve You, no strings attached. Yes, please help me to follow You and obey You." If you give Me your heart, then I'll help you, even if you don't feel yielded, even if you feel rebellious, or if you feel you can't make it, or if you feel there are things you're not in agreement with.

79.The bottom line is just saying, "Lord, please take me. Please help me to do Your will without reservation. Please help me to say yes, and please help me to be yielded. Please help my unbelief." Those are the terms of the contract, that's the bottom line, and if you do this, I will help you, though it looks hard.

80.It's only a matter of deciding to give Me your heart and your life, and the rest is up to Me! I'll begin to fill in the blank sheet of paper perfectly suited to help you to grow, to yield, to learn to depend on Me, and at the same time to help you accomplish a wonderful life of service in winning the lost, reaching the sheep, and being a messenger and disciple of love.

81.No one said that signing the bottom line would be easy,or that service for Me would be comfortable. But this promise you have: It will be rewarding and thrilling, and I will always be there to help you. It will always be worth it; you have nothing to lose and everything to gain. I can also tell you that you definitely would not want to lose out on 1998! All it takes is saying yes and signing on the bottom line. (End of message from Jesus.)

82.(Mama:) After reading Dad's message with our Home, we took some time to hear from the Lord and ask Him if He had anything further to tell us. He gave some beautiful messages, which I'd like to share with you here. In them are lots more encouraging promises to mark and hold on to! Praise the Lord!

Gifts, Treasures, and Rewards in This Coming Year!

83.(Jesus speaking:) How beautiful in My sight are each of the hearts of My precious children! How intimately I know each of them! How tenderly I look upon each of them. How I delight in their love, and rejoice in their happiness! How My heart is thrilled when they come before Me and spend time with Me, loving Me, pouring out their hearts before Me, presenting Me with their praises and their words of love and adoration! How I treasure each moment I've spent with each of you during this past year.

84.Now I gather all of you into My arms, into My heart, and I kiss each of you with My kiss of love, the kiss of tenderness, the kiss of newness, inspiration, spirit, life, love, power, and anointing for the coming year. I take each of your hearts in My hands as you've presented them to Me so willingly, so lovingly, so humbly, and I care for them. I've seen every sacrifice, every tear, every heartache, every testing, every difficulty, for nothing escapes My sight. Every deed of love and kindness which went unnoticed by others and those around you has been recorded in My golden book.

85.I wish to give you rewards of My Spirit in this coming year for your faithfulness. I give you a new anointing, a fresh infilling of My Holy Spirit. I give you the fruits of My Spirit--the gifts of happiness, joy, tenderness, peace, love, understanding, gentleness, meekness, faith, a compassionate heart, insight, knowledge, wisdom, discernment. I give you the fruits of the new day that you may climb to greater heights in this coming year with Me always at your side, leading you, guiding you, and encouraging you on.

86.Your sample of following closely, and your willingness to obey, receive and believe, magnifies My Word and lifts Me up. Your yieldedness to My Words and to what I ask of you glorifies Me, and I cause you to shine brightly that others may be drawn to Me and to My Words.

87.This coming year I give you the blessings for having followed closely, for having endured, for having persevered, for having struggled and continued on even when you felt that you couldn't take one more step. You stuck, you held fast, you didn't forsake your crown, and I have laid up a crown of righteousness for each of you!

88.There are many gifts, many treasures, many rewards in store for you this coming year as you continue to stay close by My side, listening to My whispers, hearing My voice, spending time with Me. I will give you the gift of greater unity. I will draw you all very close together, very close to Me, very close to one another, and this will be a source and cause of great happiness.

89.I will give you great fulfillment in your work, great satisfaction at seeing your labors reach out and touch the lives of many. You will see how the lessons that you've fought so hard for and won, and the battles and testings that you've endured, will be a great sample and encouragement to your Family on the field.

90.Thank you for saying yes and for giving Me your life. Now let Me lead you and guide you and accompany you through the next wonderful year of your life--our life together! (End of message from Jesus.)

Open Your Heart to Another!--The Bottom Line Is Love!

91.(Jesus speaking:) Let us not love in word, neither in tongue, but in deed and in truth. These are the words I wish to strike home to the hearts of every one of My Family members. It's easy to say that you love Me, it's easy to tell others that you love Me, but it's what you do that really counts. The churches all say they love Me, they say they follow Me, they say that I'm the dearest of all to them, but what are they really doing to prove that?

92.All these lessons that I've been bringing you through--the trials and the tests--they're all to help you to really love Me in deed and in truth, to help you put aside your pride and your own selfish wishes, in order to help another. If the Family could only learn this--if each and every person could learn to step outside their little circle of friends to open their lives to another; to be willing to let someone else into their life and into their heart; to share their time with someone, to share their love and their heart with others. If they would only take this step, our Homes would be better places. It would be such a wonderful Family to live in!

93.Unfortunately, in some places there's a lot of difficulty and hardship,simply because people won't open up, because people are afraid, or they're too proud or too selfish. It's such a shame. The tears run down My face when I think of the dear ones who endure such pain and such heartbreak because their brothers or sisters are not willing to give of themselves. I wish to change all of that in this year to come. I wish to melt you one with another, to open your heart, to connect you all to each other like a bunch of candles brightly burning for Me, all melted together in love.

94.I've brought you so far! We've stepped over each hurdle. We've climbed over the rugged mountains. We've struggled together. We've stood side by side. We've loved each other. And now I'm asking just a little bit more.

95.Can you open your heart to that climber next to you? Can you reach out your hand and pull him up the path which you've just finished? Can you stop, turn around, and see those young people who are struggling and stumbling and being tempted by the Enemy? Can you come to their aid and their defense? Can you stand strong by their side and lift up their heads and say, "Look! I came this far! The Lord helped me over this trial, so I know it can be done!" Can you do this?

96. This is My special plea to you this year: Open your heart to another! Open your life that another may enter in, and so you can have fellowship together. There are many areas to improve--there always will be--but if you can make this one step, if you can open up a little more and give more love to each other, all these other problems will melt away--the lack of unity, the trouble with our young people, the heartbreaks and the loneliness people are feeling. Really, the bottom line is love, and being willing to sacrifice.

97.So ask not what can be done for you, but ask solely what you can do for another! Don't look at your heart and see how others can make you happy, but look at another's heart and see how you can make them happy. Such wonderful companions I've given you, such wonderful fellow laborers! I've called them all, and each and every one is so very precious to Me.

98.It's like when you're in love with someone, anything that they're interested in, you're interested in. The things that they enjoy, you enjoy. So it is with each and every Family member. I'm so in love with them, and because you're in love with Me, you can reach out to them and enjoy the things that they enjoy. You can take time for them. If you pull this load together, you'll get there so much easier. There will be so much more unity, and the Family will be so much stronger.

99.So pull together this year! Lift up your brethren and make this year an inspiring, happy, fruitful and encouraging year. There will be those who've been lagging far behind, who've been so encumbered with the things of this life that they're going to have to jump and leap to catch up. Can you wait for them? Can you be there to cheer them on? Can you call behind you and say, "Come on! We're waiting for you! We know you can make it!" and be an encouragement to them? There will be many this year that need encouragement, many that will need a lightening of their load. Are you willing to set aside your load and put your shoulder under theirs? Please take that time, and so many of these other burdens and trials will be so much lighter. (End of message from Jesus.)

Commendation from Dad!

100.(Dad speaking:) Well, kids, it's been a wonderful year! We up Here are all so proud of you. You've been such fighters and you've accomplished so much this year! And you know why you've accomplished so much? It's not because you're so talented or so smart or so bright, but it's because you're unified! You've been a tight-knit unit that has fought the battle well. You've overcome great difficulties and you've allowed the Lord's love to reign in your Home. And because of it, He's anointed you mightily for your tasks.

101.The second most important reason is because you've accepted the New Wine, the new tools, the new gifts of the Spirit. You've been willing to love the Lord intimately, to praise Him, and to seek Him for His answers, His direction, His encouragement, His Words of love. You've accepted the Lord's call to unite the generations, and this is another reason the Lord is so pleased, and we all Here are so encouraged and happy! It's a wonderful New Year's Eve for us, seeing the victories that have been wrought, because many of us have prayed hard and fought beside you throughout the year. So it's a great encouragement to us, as we know it is to each of you.

102. This is indeed the way the Lord wants all of the Family Homes to operate--in love and unity, sharing and preferring one another, reaching out to others and ministering to them in their time of need, making them feel loved and wanted, giving them the benefit of the doubt, and encouraging them when they fall.

103.I know there've been lots of battles, but hasn't it been worth it all? Look how much stronger you've become in just one year. Look how much has been accomplished for the Lord's work--the many millions more that have been reached because of your faithfulness to fight through to victory and to do your jobs day after day.

104.Thank you for being new bottles, willing to take whatever the Lord sends down the chute and just roll with it, flow with it, and enjoy it! Isn't it wonderful that we have such a Revolution that keeps moving ahead more and more into the light of a brighter day? Well, it won't be long now, so keep fightin' and keep hangin' in there, and we'll win this war together. Praise the Lord! I love you! Happy New Year! (End of message from Dad.)

The Heavenly Vision!

105. (Jesus speaking:) Can you see the Heavenly vision? It's so beautiful, uplifting, exhilarating, thrilling--like being atop Mount Everest! You breathe the fresh clear air and feel the gentle breeze upon your cheeks that ever so slightly moves your hair, and you feel clean, refreshed and invigorated.You feel the warmth of the sun upon your face, and all of this works together to lift you up, to give you a new lease on life, to help you to turn over a new leaf, to look forward to the future with faith, vision and courage, knowing that you can make it, that together we can do it.

106.Together we're strong, together we're happy, together we're victorious! Can you see the Heavenly vision?! It's so important! What's your idea of the Heavenly vision? You think it's just looking ahead to Heaven, looking ahead to that day when we'll be together in My Heavenly Kingdom and all will be beauty and perfection and we'll be surrounded by love. You'll be together with all your loved ones who you've had to forsake and who you miss, you won't have afflictions, and you won't have the same puzzles, battles and weights that you carry around today. In that day, all of this Earth will be passed away and will be made anew, and our relationship will be better than ever. Is that your idea of the Heavenly vision? Yes, that's one way, that's one part of it, the Heavenly Kingdom, the day when you'll come to Me and all will be perfect.

107.But there's more to the Heavenly vision than that, because Heaven is in your heart! Heaven is in your Home! Heaven is in each other--in your love and your unity. Heaven is in My Word. Heaven is in the prophecies you receive, My living Word that I put in your mouth and that you speak, which gives you life and strength and power. Heaven is in your sexual sharing. Heaven is in your honest communication. Heaven is in your teamworking. Heaven is in your loving shepherding of each other. Heaven is when you lift the other up, when you're touched with the feelings and the heartaches and heartbreaks of another, and you're moved with compassion to forget about yourself and what you wanted to do at that moment--what you thought needed to get done--and you stop to lift up your brother who's in need. All of this is Heaven!

108.So if you want the strength and the power and the vision and the vigor that comes from keeping the Heavenly vision, it's not only looking to that glorious day when we'll be together in My Kingdom, but it's also Heaven in your heart right now. It's Heaven in your Home today when you feel the wonder of My love as you love Me intimately, as you say those love words to Me that I put in your heart, as you love Me together with another.--That is Heaven!

109. When you feel burdened with the weights of the world on your shoulders, and you have questions and battles and you really need an answer, you come to Me. You hardly have the faith that I can give you what you need, but by faith you come to Me. You close the door, you get quiet, you sit at your computer or you pick up your dictaphone or your notebook, and you just open your channel.And lo and behold, what a treasure! What a blessing! It's a miracle! I speak to you so personally and so intimately, and the Words I give you are the very answer you needed to lift your burdens, to calm your troubled spirit, to encourage you and to give you the faith and the strength you need to make it another day--to hold on, to not quit, but to keep trusting Me. That is Heaven!

110.So in this coming year if you're tempted to be discouraged or get down, to feel like it's just too much, that maybe you've reached the end of your rope and you've just battled too long, and you're weary and you wonder whether or not somebody else could do your job--then remember that it's the Heavenly vision that will give you strength! It's the Heavenly vision that will bring back that spark and that inspiration, that will refresh your spirit! All of these are ways that you can keep your eyes on the Heavenly vision, that you can be reminded of My love and My presence and My constant care in your life.

111. Heaven is My love! Heaven is My Word! Heaven is your Home and your precious brethren and your king and queen and the supply of all your needs. All of this is part of Heaven! Heaven isn't just the end of the road; it isn't just when you finally finish the job here on this Earth and we're together in the Heavenly Kingdom--that's just part of Heaven. Do you think that I would keep something as wonderful as Heaven all to Myself, all that time, and not share it with you?! Oh, no! I like to give you Heaven every day, every moment! It's part of My love gift to you, My precious brides, because you please Me so. Because you've given Me everything and all that My heart desires, I give you Heaven in return--not just in the future, but today! Now, this very moment, I hand you Heaven!

112.You're My Heavenly lovers, and you live in Heavenly bliss! I'm your Heavenly Husband and I want you to keep the Heavenly vision! (End of message from Jesus.)

113.(Mama prays:) Thank You, Lord, for this beautiful Heavenly vision! We won't forget that, Lord. Thank You for giving us Heaven--Heaven here and Heaven There, because of Your love, Jesus.

114.Help us to remember these wonderful things and hide them deep in our hearts this coming year, so that we won't stumble as we look down at the path and the stones and the rocks, but we'll just keep looking up. Like You said, we just need to look up into Your face, into Your eyes, and be guided by Your eyes and by the love in them, and the encouragement, and all Your wonderful Words that You speak to us.

115.Thank You, Jesus, for another new year, a beautiful year with all Your promises and all the excitement and the thrills to come, the victories, and, yes, the battles too. But You give us the battles so we can have the victories! Help us to go into the next year with great joy and excitement and challenge, not worried or fearful, because we know You love us and You're not going to do anything that's going to hurt us or that isn't for our good. It may hurt a little, but only because You're trying to help us. You're not trying to hurt us, and it will only hurt us if it's necessary to help us and give us the wonderful victories that will draw us closer to You and make us stronger and ultimately make us happier.

116.Help us all to rejoice together in the wonderful things that You've given us--the Heaven that we have here, the Heaven that the Family is, and the Heaven that You've given us in the Family. Help us to all work together with You this year in a greater way than ever before, for the good of Your Kingdom! We love You, Jesus! Amen.

Copyright (c) 1998 by The Family