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By Maria

In the title above, "trinkets" doesn't just refer to material things, nor do the terms "toys" and "gadgets," which the Lord uses later in this Letter. As He goes on to explain, it's any of the unnecessary spiritual or physical baggage that weighs you down and holds you back from serving Him 100 percent. It could be things such as a worldly attitude, selfish ways, a lust for material comfort, a thirst for System knowledge, or anything else that keeps you from putting your whole heart into the mission field.

Of course, these "trinkets" can certainly include physical things as well: Music, clothes, electronic gadgets or equipment, etc. Rich western fields have many things available that are either nonexistent, scarce or very expensive on the field. As you start gathering things you think you'll need on the mission field, sometimes the needs have a tendency to grow and grow as you get more and more stuff, until you've got so much you can hardly think of moving anymore!

So don't let any spiritual or physical trinkets take hold in your life! Trash all the trinkets, and take up your cross and follow Him fully!

Dear Family,

1. God bless you! I love you! I'm so proud of each of you for your sacrifices of love, your faithful service to Jesus, and your willingness to follow Him wherever He leads. I'm sure it's because of your importunity in prayer, your undying faith in His Word--His promises for both today and the future--that He's blessed you with so many blessings. It's because of your complete trust that He's in control and that His eye is on you--His little sparrow, who He watches over--that you're able to sing as you do His will!

2.It's because of your obedience to His will and your desire to be made willing, even when He asks you to do things that are difficult for you, that the Lord has been able to continue to use you so greatly, and to use our wonderful Family to reach millions with His Words of life. Praise the Lord! The Family is certainly the most wonderful, fruitful and blessed place in the world to serve the Lord! And that's because each of you make it possible through your faith, obedience and yieldedness! I'm very proud of you for your love for Jesus and lost souls!

3.As Dad has always taught us, we're a missionary outfit--that's our job! We've been called and ordained to be the Lord's messengers of His Words and His love to the spiritually starving of the world! This has always been our commission and it's what we live for--to be fully used as His messengers--and in doing this, He's blessed the Family and prospered us and made us fruitful beyond our expectations!

4.It's been your yieldedness and obedience to Jesus' command to go into all the world and preach the Gospel that has brought down the blessings of Godin your lives. God bless all of you who have faithfully upheld the standard and been faithful and true to His calling. As a result, He's been able to return to you greater blessings of protection, supply and satisfaction. Praise the Lord!

5.But just like Dad taught us, whenever you start to get self-satisfied and comfortable and no longer want to take up your cross and follow where He's leading, He has to shake you up and give you a renewed call to arms in order to help you see the urgency of obeying! It's a sacrifice to go to the needy and preach the Gospel, but it's what keeps you alive and growing. Once you stop being willing to make that sacrifice, you start to die spiritually. Pretty soon you start backsliding from your convictions and the Lord's will in your lives.

6.This deeply saddens our dear Jesus, because He needs you very much as the bearers of the Words of David to the needy, and even more so now as the signs of the End are continually growing clearer. There are so many who will not hear His Words unless you give them to them.

7.This is the Lord's and Dad's and Peter's and my call to all those who have grown spiritually lethargicand are just coasting along, business as usual. We call you to wake up and realize that the End is much nearer than you think!--And you need to get to the mission field now while you still can, before it's too late for you to go, and too late for Jesus' lost sheep to hear!

Commendation for U.S. Teens Who Obeyed His Call!

8.The Lord is very proud of each of you who have already gotten to the mission field, because He knows what a struggle it's been for you to forsake all the things that held you back. He knows what a fight it's been to have the faith to go forward, believing that He would supply all that you needed to do the job.

9.As an example of how happy it makes Him when you make the sacrifice to obey, I want to share with you His commendation to some teens in the U.S. who recently obeyed His call. I'm so proud of them--and you--for being willing to forsake the "leeks and garlics" (Num.11:4-5) in order to do something much more worthwhile--bringing the hungry the spiritual food they need!--His Word!

10.I'm sharing this with you not only to encourage you who have obeyed, but to hopefully motivate others of you to follow their good example and get to the mission fields where the people are ripe and ready and waiting for you! Here is what He said.

11.(Jesus speaking:) There's great rejoicing and jubilee in Heaven over one decision,one commitment of one disciple to forsake his own land and lift up his sword, join in the fray, and lay down his life to go off to battle. These are My shining knights fulfilling the purpose for which I have created them. Behold how splendid and full of radiance is their armor! How tall and strong these young ones that do battle for Me stand at attention!

12.All I ask is that they commit themselves, and then I will do everything else for them. I will give them the victories that they could never, never gain on their own. Behold how I do honor them in the halls of Heaven! For I have spoken to them and they have listened. I have called them and they have said, "Even so, Lord Jesus, I come!" I have said, "Who will go for Me?" and they have replied, "Here am I, Lord, send me!" They are worthy of honor and praise and commendation! (End of message from Jesus.)

13.(Mama:) What wonderful promises for missionaries!Our days of peace are running out, and you'll see from the things the Lord and Dad say in this GN that your only hope of being in the center of His protection and supply is by being in the center of His will on the mission field of His choice. So please take these messages very seriously and get desperate with Him as to His will for you personally, and don't be left behind on a dead and forsaken field that the Lord wants you to leave!

14. In the rest of this GN, the Lord and Dad give some very goodcounsel which will help you know how to implement this call--what you personally need to do, how to be a good missionary, and what to do to avoid being a poor missionary! The Lord speaks to you in the U.S. and clearly tells you that you need to leave! He also advises others of you in the lowlands of the West and other First World fields to head for the mountaintops of the mission field. The Lord and Dad speak to each of you in the Family, asking you to re-evaluate your situation and come desperately before the Lord for His will for you!

15.He commends those who have worked faithfully in the fruitful field of Russia, but He clearly tells us that the doors to that vast land are closing. Thank God that we obeyed and gave them His Words of life fast and furiously while we had a chance!--And now so many have His love to comfort and keep them and lead them to Heaven!

16.As you read these Words, remember that the Lord might be trying to call you to a more fruitful field, so be open and willing to hear what He's trying to say to you personally. Your success, happiness, protection and fruitfulness depends on your being where He wants you!--And that's on the mission field!

Requirements for Missionaries!

17.(Dad speaking:) "All through life, my brother, if you'd be a happy soul, keep your eyes upon the donut, and not upon the hole!" Probably the first thing that's on your mind right now is, "What on earth is Dad talking about the donut for?" Well, today I've come to give you a message about being a missionary and the requirements for being a fruitful messenger of God. I'm singing that little song about the donut because it kind of ties into what I'm going to talk about. I'm going to talk a little bit about some of the sacrifices you're going to have to make in order to be a disciple for Jesus, a missionary to His lost children. But before I get into any of the requirements or any of the stipulations, I just wanted to remind you all to keep your eyes on the donut and not upon the hole!

18.At this point, I'm using the "hole" to represent the things you have to give up for the Lord, the sacrifices you have to make, and the things you have to forsake in order to be one of His missionaries. The "donut" is all of the promises that the Lord has made for those who are willing to give their lives that others may live. So remember that little illustration when you read this little talk from me. Keep your eyes on the positive and think on the good things--the things you're going to gain, not the things you're going to lose.

19.In order to be a missionary or even a disciple, for that matter, there are certain requirements that I've made throughout the years, but more importantly, there are certain guidelines that the Lord's given for those who want to be His disciples. He said, "If any man will come after Me, let him deny himself, and take up his cross daily, and follow Me" (Luk.9:23). Now that seems pretty clear to me that if you want to follow the Lord and be useful to Him and His Kingdom, you're going to have to forsake yourself and follow hard after the Lord. That could mean forsaking some hankering for the world that you have. It could mean forsaking some worldly attitude that's become a part of your way of thinking. It could mean forsaking some of your selfish ways. It could mean forsaking some of your worldly trips.

20.Now this is a prerequisite for anyone who wants to be His disciple: The Lord said thousands of years ago that if we want to come after Him, then we have to deny ourselves and our own fleshly desires and wants, and take up our cross daily and follow Him! Taking up your cross daily could mean any number of things. It means something different for each individual, and each of you need to desperately come before the Lord and see what He's requiring of you, and whether you're in the country of His choice and in the center of His will.

21.Maybe the Lord is asking you to give your life to others and go to the field of China to be a missionary. This will include learning the language and studying hard in order to be able to reach the Lord's Chinese children. Maybe that's the cross the Lord's asking you to carry, and if you deny yourself and your own ideas, your own desires, your own hang-ups, and pick up that cross, you'll find great rewards for your labors and glory in your tasks.

22.Maybe the Lord is asking you to pick up the cross of going to India and giving your life to the Lord's lost children in that field, and if you deny yourself and give up any hindrances in your life for the Lord, you'll find great rewards and glory in your tasks.

23.Perhaps the Lord is asking you to go to Bosnia, Africa, or some South Sea island, and if you deny yourself and throw off the weights of the System that are holding you down, and go and be His love, His face, His hands, His feet, His concern, His representative in these lands, then you'll find great rewards and glory in your tasks.

24.I'm not just spelling out these requirements for those of you who aren't on the mission field yet, I'm putting everything out on the table for all of you--whether you're on a mission field or a home field. These requirements are for anyone who wants to be a follower of Jesus. As He said, "So likewise, whosoever he be of you that forsaketh not all that he hath, he cannot be My disciple" (Luk.14:33). These requirements are for anyone who wants to be a disciple, for anyone who wants to keep in step with the way the Lord's leading.

25.The Lord said, "If any man"--and that means any man or woman can fulfill this requirement--"will come after Me, let him deny himself, and take up his cross daily, and follow Me." Then He goes on to give a warning: "For whosoever will save his life shall lose it." And then a promise: "But whosoever will lose his life for My sake and the Gospel's, the same shall save it." That's a pretty powerful verse if you think about what it means, and what it means to you if you apply it to your life!

26.The Lord is saying that if you try to save your life by holding on to the weights and burdens and System influences and attitudes, if you're not willing to cast off the burdens of your problems, if you're not willing to yield and obey in certain areas of your life, if you're trying to save your life and enjoy the pleasures of sin for a time, you'll lose your life--it's plain and clear! Well, one thing's for sure, you'll lose your life and usefulness to the Lord.

27.If you're not willing to forsake the things that He's asking you to forsake, if you're not willing to yield the things in your life and heart that He's asking you to yield, if you're not willing to obey when He calls you to go out into a place that you know not, then how are you going to receive the promise?

28.Will you be one whose last words will be, "If I only had"? "If I had only forsaken my trinkets and toys of the world! If I had only forsaken my selfish desires. If I had only forsaken my lust for material comfort. If I had only forsaken my desire for System knowledge. If I had only learned to live together with others. If I had only taken up the challenge to be a missionary for Jesus!" Will you be one who only saw the promises of God from afar off? Or will you be one who is persuaded of them and embraces them?

29.The promises of God are without repentance, and what He has promised, He is able and willing to perform in your life. He is not a God that lies or that breaks His vows and promises. He promised that if you'll lose your life for Him and the Gospel--by laying down your life in order to spread the Good News throughout the world in these Last Days--then you'll save your life! The Lord will not only preserve your life, but He'll give you joy unspeakable and happiness over and above what you've ever imagined possible!

30.There are rewards on the mission field that only those who are willing to lose sight of the shore and launch out into the deep are able to find! Just traveling across the seas doesn't make a missionary out of you, but it's a step in the right direction. You've gotta make sure that your heart is right with the Lord. A verse that comes to mind is, "No man, having put his hand to the plow, and looking back, is fit for the Kingdom of God" (Luk.9:62). And you could paraphrase that by saying, "No man, woman, family, or young person that decides to go to the mission field and puts their hand on that plow, but looks back with remorse to the things of this world--or worse yet, carries their vices and weights with them to the mission field--is fit for the Kingdom of God!" Well, that may be a pretty strong statement for some of you, but it's the truth!

31.If you aren't willing to strip yourself of your false cover-ups, your layers and layers of unnecessary clothing and gadgets, then you're not going to be of much use to the Lord anywhere, let alone on the mission field. In fact, anyone who stubbornly clings to the things of this world and refuses to yield certain parts of their life to the Lord is not going to last in this Kingdom of the Family very long.

32.Time is getting shorter, folks! How many times do I have to tell you this before you're going to take me seriously? How many times does the Lord have to tell you that time is short before you start acting like you believe Him? There's coming a time real soon when everyone is going to have to toe the line and give their all to Jesus. Even the world is going to have to humbly submit to the Lord soon enough, so it's going to happen, beloved. It's going to happen!

33.The Lord is giving you a head start now by requiring a greater level of dedication from you. He's giving you an easy way out by allowing you to buckle under and toe the line and forsake the weights that are holding you down right now before the tough days of the End begin.

34.He wants you to forsake the weights and any problems, hang-ups, attitudes, worldly ways, or areas of unyieldedness that are holding you down. He wants you to take stock of your life and prayerfully consider which areas you need to grow in and be strengthened in, and what areas of your life you need to change in, because He wants to give you a head start. He wants you to take off the weights so that you can begin running with ease now, without the things that hold you down and hinder you.

35.The time's coming, folks, when you'll no longer be able to do as you please. There's coming a time real soon when you won't want to make one wrong move. You won't want to take one step without the Lord's guidance. The whole world is about to walk into a battleground with snipers and mines and bombs everywhere. I'll tell you what, you'll be glad then that you got rid of your unnecessary spiritual baggage that's weighing you down, because when the End comes, you're going to need all of the speed, agility, skill and preciseness you can get! You're going to want to be as close to the Lord as you can get, so you'd be wise to get rid of whatever it is in your personal life that's keeping you from being a do-or-die soldier. You'd better get rid of whatever is distancing you from the Lord, the Word, or the Family.

36. The Lord has made a call for everyone to be missionaries, and not just missionaries, but His disciples. The call is to be followers of Jesus, not followers of the world. The goal is to be followers of the Word, not followers of our own selves. The goal is to be a disciple, and whatever it takes for you to be a sold-out follower of Jesus, then that's what you need to do!

37.The steps to becoming a dedicated follower of Jesus once again will be different for everyone. For some of you there will be more steps to take than others. For some the steps will be a little more difficult than for others. But I'm telling you, there are steps for everyone to take. No one is exempt, and everyone needs to take a good, hard look at their individual lives and make the changes necessary to be a disciple, to be a missionary. But although the steps may be different in each individual's life, the promises that the Lord has given still hold true and will still be fulfilled in you.

38.Sure, the life of a disciple, the life of a missionary, is not an easy one. I'm the first to admit that! But I'm also eager to add that you'll never regret living a life of sacrifice. What you gain in return is so much more weighty, so much more glorious, so much more rewarding than anything you ever gave up, that it almost makes you ashamed that you ever flinched about having to give something up for the Lord.

39.I'll tell you what, when I was received into the gates of Heaven, I fell down on my knees and told the Lord that I was unworthy. Everything that the Lord gave me was worth a million times a million times more than anything that I'd given up in my life on Earth! (Note: When Dad says "a million times a million times," that's not a typo or a mistake but an actual indication of the size of his reward! As the Lord said at the time of Dad's graduation, "By My side is the Queen of Heaven, and we do bestow upon [David] great love and great honor, and a mighty reward, for great is the reward of your Father David! I have prepared a place for him that is beyond words! The beauty and the magnificence is beyond your comprehension." From "Dad's Heavenly Welcome," para.7,8, GN 609.)

40.I know that when you're in your earthly body, in the physical realm, having to give up something that you enjoy, having to give up an ungodly habit, having to give up something that you want to do, having to give up a part of your heart that is unyielded to the Lord, can feel like death. Yet when you get up Here, trust me, each of you is going to be so ashamed of the fact that you didn't give and sacrifice to the Lord more cheerfully. Of course, the Lord doesn't hold anything against you, but you'll be so overwhelmed by the glory that will be bestowed upon you for sacrificing for the Lord and His Kingdom, that I can guarantee that you're each going to shed quite a few tears.

41.I always knew that God was fair and just and righteous and good, but when I got up Here and found what the Lord had in store for me, I saw that He was way more than fair! The point I'm making is that He'll reward you greatly--not just enough to make your sacrifices seem worthwhile, but He'll reward you so much that it'll make you cry and wonder how you could have ever squirmed and murmured about having to give so little to Him when you're faced with everything you receive in return!

42.No, I'm not telling you this to make any of you feel bad or condemned. We're all humans and sometimes have our carnal eyes on the things of this world, the things that we enjoy. We're all naturally selfish and it's hard for us to continue growing and being loving. Humans are all naturally carnal, so sometimes it's a trial to have to forsake certain things of the flesh that we enjoy.

43.I just wanted to let you know about your rewards in Heaven, so that when the Lord asks you to give a part of your life to Him, or when He asks you to forsake some ungodly influence in your life, or when He asks you to be a missionary and forsake the things that are holding you down and holding you back, you'll be willing to say yes to Him, just in plain thanks and appreciation for the greatest gift that one could give anyone--the gift of eternal life! We should be willing to give our full heart, our full lives, and our full time to Him just for that one awesome gift of eternal life. But it doesn't stop there--He gives and gives and gives again!

44.I'll tell you what, you are no fool to give a life that you cannot keep in order to gain a life that you cannot lose! You've got only one life and it will soon be past; only what's done for the Lord and others will last. All of the times that we live for ourselves, all of the times that we wallow in the mire of the System, all of the times that we feast on earthly pleasures will vanish into oblivion. The only things in your lives that will stand the test of time, the only things that you'll be able to bring with you into the Next Life will be the things you gave to the Lord, the things you did for Him, the souls you brought with you, and the battles you won.

45.If you're going to give your life to Jesus, then why not go all the way? He went all the way to the cross for you. He bled and died for you! He came to this ungodly Earth and He took upon Himself the form of a man and walked this dusty road called life all because of you. He was touched with the feeling of your infirmities. He was persecuted and got weary of sacrifice, but He did it for you--just you. He did it out of love for you--just you.

46.Will you take up the cross that He's given to you, and only you? Will you walk this dusty road of life even if you're weary of sacrifice, out of love for your Lord and Lover Who gave His life for you? Will you pick up the cross of dying to yourself and carry it, just like He carried His cross up to Calvary for you? You have only one life to live for Jesus, and this life on Earth is slowly coming to a close. This life, this world and all that it has to offer, will soon be no more, and all that you'll have left will be the memories of your life for Jesus, your life as His disciple, your life as His missionary, and the fruits thereof in the form of His spiritual and physical children.

47.It's such a small thing to give up the things that are holding you down and hindering your usefulness to the Lord, when you look at things this way. To think that the Lord is going to honor you when He comes in the glory of the clouds of Heaven, if you're not ashamed to be called His and His alone and come out from among the world and be separate! But if you choose to be counted with the world and you're ashamed of Him and His Words in this adulterous and sinful generation, then the Lord's going to be ashamed of you when He comes in the clouds of Heaven with power and great glory.

48.You have only one life, and only what's done for Jesus and for lost souls will last! Make your life count and make an investment by being a 110% disciple and missionary for Jesus! It will last forever and you'll never regret giving your life to the One Who gave His whole life for you. I love you! (End of message from Dad.)

A Challenge to All!

49.(Dad speaking:) Honey, you ask what you can do about the young people in the fields of the U.S., Canada, Western Europe, Australia, other Western countries and Japan? You want to know how you can sift out the ones who are not going to give it their all and forsake the things that are holding them down? Well, it's practically impossible to be able to judge everyone and find out what's going on in each heart.

50.We're giving a challenge to all! They all have the opportunity and the chance to do great things for the Lord, if they're willing to take what seems like a loss in order to gain. If they're willing to lose all of their hang-ups, trips, and System influences, they'll gain rewards of happiness, fulfillment, the joy of their salvation, contentment, peace, responsibility and greatness in the Lord's eyes!

51.Are you guys willing? Nobody can make you take the high road. Nobody can make you forsake your worldliness. I can't force you. Mama can't force you. It's got to be your decision. (End of message from Dad.)

Purge Your Playthings and Head for the Highlands!

52.(Jesus speaking:) There are mountain pastures, and there are pastures in the valley. The sheep in the folds of the valley regions are weak and not as strong as their relatives that live on the mountains. You ask why? It's because the sheep on the mountain are used to breathing the fresh, cool mountain air, while the sheep in the valley pastures breathe in the air filled with smog and smoke and pollution.

53.Those on the mountain drink from the fresh, cool mountain streams, rivers and waterfalls, while those in the valley drink from often stale and stagnant waters or dams. Those on the mountains brave the cold and the fierce winds, while those in the valley are lulled to sleep by the sirens of Satan. Those on the mountain must trudge through dangerous country, over rocks, cliffs, crevices and thorns, while those in the valley live in comfort in their lush green flat pastures.

54.Both groups of My sheep have the fresh grain delivered to them, which is so nutritious and gives them strength. The sheep on the mountains need this grain for survival, for the grass and other food groups are sparse on the mountaintops. They devour the grain and find strength through consuming each and every bit of goodness. The sheep in the lowland pastures often only nibble a little here and a little there, because they satisfy their hunger with other things--the grass, the shrubs, and the things surrounding them. There are many choices available in the lowlands, and thus these sheep don't cling to the golden grain for their strength. Much of the grain goes to waste in the valley, while it's devoured by those on the mountains.

55.I love each of My sheep because they're all a part of My fold. If one gets lost, I will leave the 99 in order to seek and to save this precious one. I love them all dearly, but some are stronger than others. Those in the highlands are My stronger sheep, but they often look down with envy at those in the lowlands, because they seem to have it easier.

56.My children on the mission fields are like those on the mountain. They have to really struggle, they have to climb hard, there's not much grass, there are difficulties, and they look upon the sheep in the lowlands--those of My children who are living in the West, dwelling in the pleasures of sin for a season--and wish that they could have the abundant grass and other foods. They desire more fellowship like those in the home fields. They desire what the lowland sheep have because it seems easier.

57.But I'm now calling these, My lowland sheep, those who are in the West and other lowland fields, to join My fold upon the mountaintop. I've been calling for a long time, and some have taken heed to My call; others have not. Of those who have taken up the challenge, there are those who forsook all and found total freedom, happiness and contentment in their service for Me upon the mountain, on the mission field. Others have been as the children of Israel who did not fully trust Me.

58.The children of Israel saved the manna for fear that I would not supply for them and keep them. Likewise, some of these sheep from the lowlands insisted on taking some of their food from the valley. They didn't think they could live without their cool clothes, their worldly ways, their ungodly movies, and their diabolical System music. They packed their bags with the things they'd been used to eating, instead of forsaking that food, that input, for something better. Then before long their grass and other food items even began to rot and pollute others of the sheep on the mountain, and out of pride they could not admit that they were wrong.

59.If you want to be one of My mountain sheep, you've just got to forsake everything--and I mean everything! Life on the mountain is not for namby-pamby, lukewarm, wavering ones! If you're not willing to forsake your desires and comforts and the things of this world, then you're never going to make it on the mountain. You could survive in the valley, but you'll not make it on the mountain.

60.Some of My sheep down there have been lulled to sleep by the sirens of Satan and just need a wake-up call! They'll throw away everything that's holding them back and they'll climb higher than they've ever been before! They'll find freedom like nothing they've ever felt before!

61.Everyone has the option to do something for Me, to really go the distance, to really reach the peak in your mountain of service to Me. This door is open to every one of you, but whether you go through it or not is up to you. If you want to pass through this door, you have to be willing to forsake the things that are holding you down and holding you back from really giving Me your all. It's like one of those metal detectors that you have to walk through at the airport. You're not going to be able to pass through unless you get rid of all the metal--the things of this world, the toys you're hanging onto.

62.You're never going to make a truly great and useful missionary unless you yield your all to Me. If you have to bring suitcases full of toys that will distract you and My children on the field, then don't even hop on the plane. Who are you kidding, anyway? Do you think I'm blind? No, I'm not blind. I see and I know everything. I know your heart and I know what you're capable of doing and being.

63.If you're willing to give your all, to throw off the chains of bondage that surround you, if you're willing to throw away the toys and gadgets of the Evil One, if you're willing to fight your addictions and get "sober," then there's no limit to what I can do with you! There's no limit to what I can do with a man or woman that has yielded their all completely to Me. There's no limit to what I can do with a man or woman that comes to Me with open arms, a clean heart, and empty bags for Me to fill.

64.If you come to Me saying, "Nothing in my hands I bring, simply to Thy cross I cling," I'll fill your hands with all of the desires of your heart and will take you to heights of freedom you've never known before! I have lost sheep all over the world who are crying out to Me day and night, seeking freedom, seeking answers. You have the answers at your fingertips! Are you going to receive this freedom for yourself and then go on to new worlds and pass it on to others? The only Bible I have is you, the one bound in shoe leather.

65.I plead with you to cast aside all that is of this world, and receive the things of My spirit world. I implore you to shun the pleasures of sin, and esteem My riches greater than all of these fake trinkets of so-called happiness. If you do what I'm asking, it will be the beginning of a life in service to Me and My sheep that will bring eternal benefits into your heart and life.

66.If you aren't willing to forsake the addictions you have, if you aren't willing to break the chains of the System in your own life, then at least have the courage to keep your vices to yourself rather than pulling others down with you. If you want to go to the mission field, you're going to have to forsake all, otherwise you might as well not even go. You'll do more damage than good if you're not there with your whole heart and giving it your all.

67.It's the front lines out there! You're not going to be able to dodge the bombs, missiles and bullets of the Enemy if you're weighed down with unnecessary gadgets, chains, and heavy equipment. If you want to be able to survive out there, to run with ease and to help the work instead of hindering it, then you've just got to forsake all! That's the bottom line. That's the long and the short of it. If not, for Heaven's sake, don't go! You'll only end up getting yourself and others wounded, causing casualties, and slowing down My army.

68. There are places of service for those who aren't willing to give all. But if you're going to be a part of My Endtime army, then you're just going to have to give up your vices and the things which hold you back. Since when did you see soldiers on the front lines with backpacks full of goods that they don't need to fight the war? They carry guns and bullets, not boom boxes and piles of System music. They dress in uniforms, not cool clothes of their own choice, lest they be mistaken for civilians, or even the enemy. They live a simple life and carry only what they need to fight the battles and win the war. All else is set aside for the good of their country, and even for their own survival.

69. Soldiers are asked to put on a uniform and leave everything behind--things, family, friends, lovers--and go and fight the war! And so it is with you, My children. I need soldiers out on the battlefield who put on the uniform of My Spirit and forsake all the gadgets of this world. I need those who are willing to set aside the material goods and comforts and even their own desires so that they may fulfill My desires. It's the only way we're going to win this war.

70. I need every one of you!There's a position, a station, a uniform, and a special mission for each of you! Each of you can be a front-liner if you've got the guts and the courage to do it. It may be a forsaking at first, but afterwards you'll wonder how you ever thought you needed your toys in the first place! After all, we're in a war and we don't have room for System toys and other such sundry items. They'll weigh us down, hamper us, and hinder our ability to fight to our optimum capacity.

71.We're going on! This war is going to be won with or without you! Like I said, it's My desire that each of you takes part and plays the role that I'm asking you to play, because I know the joy that the victories will bring to your life. The greatest joy and happiness comes after the victory is won, but there is also great joy to be found in fighting, if you relish it and desire to do nothing else.

72.I only have volunteers in My army. But if you're going to volunteer, you're going to have to abide by the rules that I've laid out, cast aside extra added baggage, and fight with Me! Those that do, those that go out on the front lines, to the mission fields, to the high mountains, will never be disappointed. Those who go forth to conquer will not look back with remorse over the past, but will find satisfaction in being more than conquerors!

73.Will your last words be, "If I only had"? Or will they be, "I don't regret that I did, and I never will!" (End of message from Jesus.)

Time Is Running Out!

74.(Mama:) As you've just read, the Lord is calling everyone who will hear, everyone who can, to heed His plea to go to the mission fields where the fruit is waiting to be picked and the people are hungry for His Words! As you will see from the following two messages which were given specifically for the U.S., but from which we can all benefit, the Lord says you who are in the U.S. are in even greater danger of not only dying spiritually as you get more and more sucked into the System, but you're risking your lives--actually putting your lives and the lives of your children in danger--the longer you stay there! Time is running out, and you need to take His warning very seriously and do all that you can to get out of the U.S. now!

75.This next very sobering message is a strong warning to those in the U.S. as to the serious spiritual condition America is in. The Lord even goes so far as to say that she is becoming more and more the Whore, and that our Family there is not only becoming polluted in spirit, but are actually in physical danger! This is a very strong warning, folks! It's not the kind to be taken lightly or brushed aside, thinking you have much more time--because you don't! That's the point the Lord is trying to impress upon our dear folks in the U.S., and that's why He's giving this warning message as clearly as He possibly can!

76.It's very sobering, and if you don't want to be sitting right in the middle when the floodgates of the Lord's judgments are unleashed upon the Whore's wickedness, you'd better take this message to heart and do something about it! We want the Lord to judge the wicked, and this is part of our warning message to the world, but we certainly don't want our Family to fall under this same judgment because of their lack of obedience to get out while they can!

77.So be warned, dear Family! This is the Lord's warning, and we don't know if there will be another one! He said there would probably be a few who He would call to remain to reap a few more sheaves from the harvest field, and if you're one of the few, then you can trust Him for His protection in the midst of the storm. But if He wants you out of there, as He does the majority of Family members now in the U.S., then you'd better obey and do it His way--on the mission field--where He can continue to protect you.

"Come Out of Her, My People!" (Rev.18:4)

78.(Jesus speaking:) This [America] is a foolish child, a rebellious and wayward child, one who I call and call to come unto Me, one who I plead with and implore to follow the ways of My Spirit for her own sake and for the sake of those she is responsible for. And yet her heart is hardened to My voice, and her spirit is polluted with the ways of the world, the ways of man, the spirit of antichrist. And thus do My Own children and missionaries, those who are young or inexperienced or not strong in My Spirit, become sullied and polluted in spirit when they enter into her.

79.She will indeed become more and more the Whore, and in her will be all kinds of uncleanness, wickedness, waywardness, ungodliness, perversion, and that which exalts the ways of the world, the ways of the Enemy.

80.So how will My children avoid the diseases and the spiritual infection of the Enemy? And how will I help My children to be cleansed and freed from that which is weakening them and weakening all those who come in contact with them? Those who are not strong enough in spirit to keep themselves unspotted from the worldliness that surrounds them would be wise to come apart from the unclean thing and touch it not, so that they will not be infected and weakened in spirit.

81.But I have been calling them and calling them, and trying to woo them into more fruitful ministries and service unto Me, into more fruitful, needy mission fields where the people are hungry and respectful and accepting of the Words of life. Yet those who are rebellious will not come, for they like it the way it is and they don't see the danger that lies ahead.

82.They think they have time, much time, and that they can continue on as they are, and later they will change their ways and walk circumspectly and do that which is right in My sight. But I say unto them, woe unto the foolish child who will not heed the warnings of his father and who plays with danger! For the foolish child can only take so many steps toward the dangerous thing before he falls into the danger and is worse off than before.

83.These, My precious lambs who are caught up in the brambles and snares of unfruitful ministries in the U.S. and who are not upholding the standard of My Words, must realize that their time is short and they cannot go on business as usual. For their day of judgment will come first. That which is to be done will come to this nation first, and they must be the stronger spiritually, the more prepared, in order to face the spiritual warfare, the physical warfare, and the unleashing of the forces of Satan.

84.They cannot say, "in a little while," for their time is at hand. They must either build up their spiritual strength and foundation of faith through obedience to My Word, or remove themselves and leave the battle to the mighty, for I cannot hold back the floodgates forever. They must hearken and be prepared, lest they be swept away with the flood of My will which must come upon this land! (End of message from Jesus.)

The Lord's Call to His Shepherds and Sheep to Leave the U.S.

85.(Mama:) The Lord lovingly explains in this next message that He understands the responsibility His shepherds and VSs feel to care for their flocks in the U.S., but He also explains the greater responsibility they have to bear more fruit elsewhere, and to set the example of going to the mission field.

86. (Jesus speaking:) There's a time and a place for everything. A time to live and a time to die. A time to reap and a time for harvesting into barns. A time to sow and plant, and a time to move on to richer fields. A time to fertilize and tend, and a time to transplant. Only I, the Master Farmer, know the seasons and read the weather. Only I know when these things must be. You do well to seek Me. You do well to come before My throne to ask for My blessing and guidance before you proceed further with the tilling of these fields.

87.Though I have many sheep left in this nation, it has been saturated with the Gospel. Though I have many who can only be reached with the Words of David, yet there are too many of My children who are not called to be there, and these are dying on the vine for lack of stimulation. For the work of bringing forth fruit also brings life to the vine and to the branches. In its giving, the vine is born and lives again through the fruit. But when the vine bears no fruit, then is it weary with My pruning, for it sees no need. It is weary with producing new leaves, for there is no fruit that must be shaded and fed. It is weary with sending out new branches, for what is the purpose?

88.Even so it is with My children in this land,and many of My shepherds and those who take upon themselves the responsibility for My children. Because there is little fruit, they've become discouraged. Because they see many problems--yet there is no great purpose for which they're laying down their lives and fighting these problems--they become weary, and more and more open to the poisons around them. Yes, even the very air is contaminated, and the only antidote for it is being in My perfect will and watching Me bring forth the promised fruit.

89.Though these dear ones long to fulfill My will, and though they stay there to care for My children who remain, yet am I calling many of them to move on, not only for the sake of bearing more fruit elsewhere, but also for their own sakes, that they might breathe again of the clean air and be refreshed--also for the sake of My children there who I wish to move on.

90.There are many who need another nudge, and I'm calling them. I'm calling and calling, yet they hear My voice only faintly, for they're trapped within the ways of the System. They hear deep in their hearts the call to go out once again, but so many things hold them back.

91.The Whore is behind all those strings, reminding them of their commitments to weak contacts, the work which they've poured so much into but has borne so little lasting fruit, the relatives which ask to see them regularly, the seemingly easier means of support in this wealthy nation, the many children who might become ill if they were to move to a more physically backward nation, the language barrier, and on and on the list goes!

92.They don't see who it is that is pulling these strings. They think that it's only common sense, so they're thankful they've remembered these things; and no, it couldn't be My voice calling them--that would be beyond reason! They've given a long time and many years of service, and I've blessed their furlough. Surely I couldn't be calling them again to go out into these great dangers, and away from all the comforts they presently enjoy! Oh, My children, awake and see the dangers before they come upon you and it's too late!

93.Some of My shepherds and bellwethers heeding the call to move on will send another clear signal that I'm calling those who will follow to come! Let us go together to greener pastures, where the sheep are hungry, where the air is clean, and your children will have a place of refuge away from the poison and pollution which surround you there.

94.These who feel My call to move on should endeavor to take as many with them as possible. They shouldn't go alone and quietly, but should do their best to encourage others to go, to help others who are making the effort to go and to obey Me. Their sample will shine brightly, and will convict the hearts of those who have been lazy and have brushed aside the whispers of My call.

95.Don't worry that My children will be left without shepherds. For those who want to follow Me will grow stronger--either by obedience to heed My call to leave and go to the mission field, or by obedience to stay and reap the remaining sheaves of grain which are scattered through the field. Either way, they'll be obeying My call, and I will care for them and protect them. I've told you already that I'm purging My children. It's their choice whether they will be purged on the vine and bear more fruit, or whether they will choose to fall by the wayside and be left behind.

96.I am calling, I have been calling, and I will continue to call! But the days are coming when it will be harder to begin to obey if you've not been obeying all along. My children must start now. I warn them that it will not be easy. I will ask things of them which seem unreasonable, but they are not. For I know their hearts, and I know what I ask of them. I will ask things that require faith to step out on the waters and follow, even though it appears there is no path where I point the way.

97.But as they take one step for Me--even if they only have the strength to put one foot in front of the other--I will help them, strengthen them, and aid them. When they're tired, I will pick them up and carry them. But first they must take one step for Me. First they must show their willingness to obey, to step out onto the waves with nothing but My promises to cling to.

98.I'm not saying to strip the country of all of its personnel--but only to make My call plain, that I have need of them in more fruitful fields, and ask them again to come before Me to hear My voice as to what I would have them do. You could even suggest a prayer day dedicated to hearing from Me for their personal situations, and then encourage people to do their best to go where I point the way. For I do not wish for all of these, My children, to remain in this land.

99.Though My will is determined in each heart,yet I tell you that many are not heeding My will in their hearts. They're excusing themselves with many excuses, and this does not please Me. My poor shepherds are going from Home to Home, trying to improve the difficult conditions under which My Family there labors. The conditions are difficult because the spiritual warfare is so strong. They need not fight under these conditions! They can obey and go to more receptive fields, and feel the difference of spirit--the freedom, the cleanness, the openness, and most of all, the blessing of being in My perfect will.

100.Let My children go and serve Me, before they die on the vine for lack of fruitfulness! Encourage all who can to go as examples, and I will provide and care for those who stay behind in obedience. Those who stay behind for other reasons, who are not in My highest will, will have great struggles until they find My highest will, but that is not your concern. They're in My hands, and no amount of shepherding will solve their problems, for the responsibility is on them to heed the call, and then I will take care of the problems. (End of message from Jesus.)

101.(Mama:) The Lord is trying to do everything He can to help you hear His call, even wanting me to suggest that you have a prayer day dedicated to finding His will for your life. The Lord has promised that if you'll take one step for Him, He'll help you and show you His will. Please take that step of obedience and make the time that you need to desperately pray and seek His face as to what His will is for you personally, or for your Home! The time that you spend in prayer, whether it's a whole day or part of a day, is the most important thing that you can do, so don't neglect to come before Him and ask Him to show you His perfect will.

102.Others around the world, outside of the U.S., may also feel the conviction of the Lord's Spirit to go elsewhereand move on to other fruitful fields as you read this. Perhaps the Lord has already been speaking to your heart and trying to prepare you for some time now. Or perhaps you feel confident that you're in the center of the Lord's will right where you are. But whatever the case, it would be good for you to make your calling and election sure and to seek the Lord to confirm His will in your life. This would be good for everyone. Set aside your own thoughts and ideas about the matter and ask Him if you're in the right place, doing what He wants you to do, or if He wants to call you to another place. The only way you're going to know for sure if you're in the right place or not is to ask Him.

103.So whether you're in the U.S. or elsewhere, this is a good time for you to confirm His will in your life, and to confirm that you're exactly where He wants you to be. Then you'll be able to carry on with even greater confidence and enthusiasm, knowing that you've got the Lord's Word to stand on.

The Safest Place to Be Is in the Center of God's Will!

104.You've just heard the Lord's call to those in the U.S. to move on to more fruitful mission fields before it's too late. Now we want to share with you a message which was given for the fruitful field of Russia, which has been suffering persecution for some time, making it very difficult for the Family to get visas and stay there much longer. In this message Dad talks about the whole world tightening up, which should make us see the urgency of getting to the field of the Lord's choice now, while there's still time to enter and establish a work and win friends.

105.If you are in an unfruitful field right now, you shouldn't use the fact that things are tightening up as an excuse to stay where you are and not move on to more fruitful fields for fear that you'll just have to leave as things get tighter. Remember that the best and safest place to be is in the center of the Lord's will, where you'll have His full protection, supply and blessings. And the worst place you can be is outside of His will, even if it looks like you're in a place with more ease and comfort.

106.You should be looking at the tightening situation around the world with the attitude of making haste to get to where the Lord wants you to go now before the doors close!--And while there's still time to establish your work so that you can stay as long as possible.

107.(Dad speaking:) Just like I always said, when we've fled all we can flee and there are no more countries to flee to, there'll be no way out but up! The whole world is tightening up, Honey, and when the real crackdown comes there are going to be precious few countries that people will be able to flee to.

108.That's why the Lord, in His great wisdom, foresight and love, has been teaching the Family about the new weapons of praise and prophecy and loving Him intimately--especially prophecy for these kinds of situations like Russia right now. He's given the Family there general counsel and indications that they should go, but they have to decide who should go, as well as when, where and how! The Lord gives the guidelines, then the Family has to exercise their gifts to see exactly where they should be within the tunnel of His will.It's a new day of each disciple, each Family member, desperately seeking the Lord on their faces to know what the Lord's specific will for them is.

109.Russia is still a very needy field, and there are many hungry people crying out for the Words of Jesus and David, so the harvest continues to be plenteous. As times wax worse and worse, the gap will grow ever wider between those who are full and those who are hungry. Just like I said in "Indigenous" and all the Letters I wrote about training the national church to carry on when the foreigners have to leave, those times have come--or are coming very soon--in many countries. In many cases I'm sure the Lord will call the nationals to stay on and reach their brethren.

110.But the point is that people need to allot some time to pray desperately, either personally or with their families, for the Lord's will and guidance. He'll lead some people to go, some to stay underground, and some to continue more aboveground. But it's no longer the day when people can rest on past experience, because things are heating up and tightening up, and every situation is different. Some places are hotter than others, or are heating up quicker than others, so it just pays to follow the Lord closely, step by step, like I've always told you. It may be the Lord's time for you to move on, or He might be calling you to stick it out wherever you already are.

111.He's the Commander in Chief, and He knows exactly where each person is and exactly where He wants them to be. So if you're not sure whether you're exactly where your Commander wants you to be, then I'd suggest you seriously check in with Home Base, because there might be new marching orders for you!--Or there might not be.

112.Remember, the safest place in the whole world for you is in the very center of God's will! "Safe in the arms of Jesus, safe on His gentle breast; there no fears alarm you, there your soul can find rest."

113.The day is past when you can coast along on yesterday's or last week's orders. The war is escalating now and your orders could change at a moment's notice. And if you want to be a useful soldier as well as a protected soldier, then you sure want to keep in close touch with Headquarters!

114.Things are getting exciting! In some ways, when you're in the middle of war and you're fighting the battles for the souls of men, and the stakes are higher and the risks are greater, all the trivial nuisances of life fade into the background. It's easier to keep the vision and it's easier to stay faithful. So this new phase many of the Family are entering, in tightening countries with more restrictions on their activities, is really a blessing in disguise.

115.So just trust the Lord! Let Him lead you every single day, and He won't fail you! He's a good Commander and He doesn't want any of His troops out of action or useless. Let Him use you how He knows best, and you'll have the satisfaction of knowing you did your very best to win the war! And we will win it--in the end! Love, Dad. (End of message from Dad.)

The Sound of His Call Is Echoing from Land to Land!

116.(Mama:) This next beautiful message was given for those in Russia who have been faithful to give their lives to feed the spiritually starving people there.But the door is closing and some of the Family are now finding that they must move on to other fields. He's also reminding everyone in the Family of His great commission to pour forth the waters of life before the doors close completely to some of these waiting lands who desperately need His Words.

117.We should be thrilled to see His promises coming to pass, to see His voice of prophecy being fulfilled, and to be a part of this time in world history--the Last Days! Even though we know it's going to mean things will get hotter and tighter as the End approaches, still, this is what we've been waiting for! With each sign of the End we should be rejoicing that we can be a part of His Endtime army and be used by Him to be a warning to the nations and to bring them His love.

118.Isn't it marvelous to see what we've all been dreaming of begin to come to pass? Lord help us to be faithful, loyal, and true to His commission to preach His Word to all who will receive it!

119.(Jesus speaking:) As the waves sweep across the shores of many continents, so does the wave of My Spirit and the wave of My people. I sweep this way, then that, and wash over the dry and barren lands bringing life and renewal. I have said that this land [Russia] was the most needy of your time and attention, and as your Father David saw a wall crumbling with the force of the waves pounding on it and the flood of the Gospel overwhelming the land, so it has happened in fulfillment of the Words I spoke to him. A great work has been wrought in this land and the surrounding lands.

120.I've been warning for a long time that time is short and that the days of prosperity would come to an end, and truly, now they have. Now the wave of My Words and Spirit moves on. It moves once more towards the east, and towards the west, and towards the south. (Note: When the Lord says "towards the west" here, He means the more receptive Third World fields of the west. Both the Baltics and other former Soviet republics are west of Russia, as are Mexico, Central America and the Caribbean, and all of South America--an area that includes some very needy fields, just like those in the east and the south!)

121.The wave of My Spirit has washed over this land and many have been reached. Many have come to know Me and many thousands have been won because of the Words of David that My children have distributed by the millions. I am well pleased with the work of My children. For they took My warnings seriously, and now they've heard My voice calling them to give their very last bit of strength before the doors completely close.

122.I would sound the recall now for the troops, but I know there are yet many to be reached. I know that there are many still who haven't heard the Name of the Lord. I would recall all My children from this land, but you have a bit more time to begin a slow withdrawal.

123.Send now the word to those that dwell in these lands, send now the word of recall. Send to them and ask them to seek Me. Ask them to see if I'm calling them to stay when the doors close.

124.There are some who will stay and hold the fort. Most will be nationals, but some will be foreigners who have been well-rooted in the land and in their service for Me there. There are some whom I have called to remain till the last drop of light is removed and the doors are completely shut. Some must stay till the crack is closed. Some must continue to bear witness of Me and My Words till the very End. Some will even give their lives for Me in this land, but not all; for those, it is a high and special calling.

125.I call My children to other lands now. I sound the trumpet and I recall the troops, and those who have completed their missions may move on.

126.There are some who have yet to complete their mission, and for those I sound a different call. For those I say, "Let your calling and election be made sure. Hold that fast which thou hast, that no man take thy crown." A very select few I call to stay and fight till the End, and some even to the death. But now for most I sound a full but slow recall. Fight that last battle, overcome that last adversary, and then start pulling back.

127.I don't want My children to go back to the rich and glutted West, for she's had her day and it's now passed. The day of judgment is upon her. I call My children to the lands of the Orient, to Burma, to Taiwan, to China, and to the other nations of ASCRO and PACRO. I send forth the call to them, and even now I lay the burdens upon their hearts. I would also that My children move south to the lands of Africa and the Middle East. I call My children also to go to the poor lands of South America, for there are yet many that need to be reached in these lands.

128.To those in America I say, she has heard the Gospel long enough now. Leave her and go to the lands I have called you to! To those I have asked to stay, I remind you that you are in My will and I will keep you, but you must stay on the ball and not let your roots grow down too deep. Don't let the deceitfulness of riches choke out your light. Don't let the information highway smother and extinguish your lamps.

129.Let the floodlights burn brightly and let My children shine now more than ever, for these days are coming to a close and the Endtime battles shall begin! The night approaches and your lantern must be trimmed and full of the oil of My Spirit. Move now, I say, and don't let the Whore have another lay. Move now and forsake her gluttonous and sinful ways. Move to the fields of harvest! Leave the fields of bareness.

130.Come ravish those who long for the seeds of David! Come and fuck and love those who are willing to receive your seeds. Do not waste your seeds on the old Whore--forsake her! Come now to the lands that need you and want you and cry out to you. Seek out the calling I have placed in your hearts, and follow the path to the rising sun of the sheepy and desperate lands that await you. Leave the past and start anew. Let Me make you into new creatures in Christ. Let Me transform you into the valiant soldiers I have called you to be!

131.Have you been preparing? Have you been sharpening your sword? Well, now is the time to pull it out and attack. Thrust yourselves deeply into these desperate lands that will drink up your every seed and will suck for more! Give to the thirsty of the waters of David, that they too may be filled and fed. Give to the hungry of the meat of David, that they may be strengthened and in turn strengthen you. Give, that the Gospel of Christ may be preached in all the world for a witness unto all nations!

132.Let your candle burn brightly, for the days are few. The darkness approaches and the thick, oppressive fog of the Devil draws near. Trim those wicks, sharpen those swords, and charge into the hearts of those that are needy, and I will never fail to bless, protect, and prosper your going out and your coming in.

133.The Children of David are an unstoppable wave of My Spirit who sweep from shore to shore setting the captives free, liberating the bound and the dying, and setting aflame the hearts of countless millions! Let the Words roll! Let them sweep as a firestorm through the hearts of the lost, that these too may be set aflame and set to burn with the love of Jesus! Let it burn, let it burn, let it burn, that no man quench your fire! Burn free, wild and free, by the anointing of My Spirit, that many more may come to know the truth of David and the love of Jesus. Burn now, My children, and you shall reign with Me for eternity! (End of message from Jesus.)

Copyright (c) 1998 by The Family