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How-to's of Home Education! Maria #437 CM/FM 3189 3/98

By Maria

1. Dear precious parents, teachers, caregivers, older brothers and sisters, and each of you who at some time, in some way, touch the lives of one of our children--this Letter is dedicated to you!

2.God bless you! In training your children, you surely have one of the very most important jobs in the whole world! You may not see it now, but one day soon when the rewards are handed out, you will receive a star in your crown for every soul that was brought to Jesus through the sample of one of His little children that you gave your life for! No moment of teaching, training, loving or giving is wasted! It's all precious, and will live on forever! The Lord has promised that even those of our dear children who have strayed or left the fold will one day return, and the foundation you've given them will help to strengthen them throughout eternity!

3.What a wonderful heritage our children have--a heritage of faith, obedience to the Lord, and an abundance of wisdom, knowledge and the very Spirit of God through the Words He's poured out to us! Lord help us to give them all we've got, as they don't have long to prepare for the mission the Lord has destined them for--that of being His Endtime witnesses, and then helping Him to rule and reign over the entire Earth. Praise the Lord!

4.I know the burden of their care is very great. The responsibility is immense, and it requires a tremendous amount of strength, determination, dedication and love to fulfill the needs that they have. Then, even after giving all you feel you can, there are still more needs to be met and more areas to improve in.

5.We are being faced with some very large needs right now for our children overall--in their education, behavior, and general fulfillment and happiness, not to speak of their training and preparation for the days to come. The situation seems overwhelming, very complex, and almost too big to know where to begin. Many of you are very weary from struggling with this for so long.

6.Please know that Peter and I are very burdened about it as well. We have been counseling with some of our leadership on the field, and most of all, seeking the Lord for His solutions to the problems you are facing. The Lord has been giving some wonderful solutions--but all of them require sacrifices of time, dedication, hearing from Him, and following through with the instruction He gives.

Counting the Cost of System School

7. Following is a message from Dad when we asked him for some counsel on the state of our children who have been attending System school. We were hearing reports of the bad influence that it was having on some of our children, and that some of you, dear parents, were not fulfilling the conditions which the Lord laid out clearly when He opened the door for the option of using the secular school system for our children. (See "Our Children's Education," ML #3066, GN 694.) The Lord stated very definitely in that Letter that if our children were going to attend outside school, you parents would need to invest even more time in their spiritual care and training, and feeding them the Word in order to counteract the negative System influences which they would undoubtedly be faced with. When we brought this problem before the Lord, that our parents didn't seem to have enough time or resources to do this remedial work with their children, Dad gave the following message:

8. (Dad speaking:) Oh, the wonders and blessings of children! For how many years have I been preaching the wonders and blessings of children? Way back in 1974, with "What Is That in Thy Hand?" (ML #315, Vol.3), I tried to impress upon you folks the wonders and blessings of children, and I've been preaching it ever since!

9. Those of you who may be in a time of change, or who don't feel fulfilled or satisfied, or who wonder if there isn't something more for you, or who are wondering if you're in God's perfect will, I'll tell you how to find God's perfect will. Just open your eyes and look at the children in your Home! See their needs and realize that filling those needs is God's will for you--ministering to the children, teaching them, training them, feeding them the Word, preparing them for the future, loving them, praying for them, encouraging them, giving them your time and strength, laying down your life for them! That is God's will for you!

10.How much clearer can I make it? Haven't I already said that God's gift is God's work? Just go back and read it and you'll see that if God chooses to give you a child--whether that child is yours through birth, or whether it's yours through the One Wife vision that the Lord is asking you all to live in your Homes--then caring for that child to the best of your ability is your responsibility, even to your own hurt, even to the sacrifice of your own time, strength and health.

11. Yes, I know that raising children is a tough job--one of the most difficult. It can be trying and it can really test your patience. There are a lot of ups and downs, many disappointments and setbacks. Boy, it can sure get you desperate! But it's also one of the most beautiful, rewarding experiences that you can have in your whole life, and certainly one of the most precious blessings for you parents!

12.What more could you ask for than a tender young knew disciple, completely fresh, untouched, untainted by the world, given into your hands by the Lord for you to train and teach and raise for His glory? What an honor! What a privilege! And it's an equally wonderful privilege and opportunity for those of you who are living with some of our children, even if they're not your own physically, to teach and train them aright. It's not only the parents whom the Lord holds responsible, it's all of you who He has placed near our children and given the responsibility of pouring all you can into them! Time is short!

13.If you could just see it as we see it Here in the Heavenly Kingdom, your attitudes would be so different. Instead of bemoaning your fate, groaning, whining, murmuring, and complaining about how much work your kids are, how many problems they have, and how it's just a never-ending task and such a drain, you would be overjoyed!

14.You'd be jumping out of bed in the morning and using every possible moment to pour into those kids, to love them, to show them the Lord's love in a tangible way that they can really understand, and to bring them closer to Him at every opportunity. If you could only see things as I do, as we see them from up Here, your whole perspective would be different.

15. Instead of looking at your kids as some kind of liability, weight or burden, you'd see them for the tremendous asset that they are. Up Here, the care of the children is a very honored and privileged ministry. It's a very special reward when people are blessed with the opportunity to regularly teach and train and minister to the children.

16. If you're having difficulty caring for your children; if you've lost the inspiration or seem to be at wits' end because you just don't know what to do to help them or how to pull them out of the slump that they're in; if it seems they're just not receptive to you, or you just don't have the key to break through their independence or lack of respect or rebelliousness--then call on the forces of Heaven! Not only are those up Here waiting in line to minister to the Heavenly children, but the Heavenly helpers are eager to help you with yours there on Earth as well!

17. If you need more help, then call on Heaven! Get some Heavenly childcare help, and they'll be able to give you a Heavenly perspective, new ideas, new direction, a new lease on life when it comes to caring for your children and training them. They'll be able to enhance the inspiration and devotion that you naturally have as parents and dedicated helpers, and give you that extra umph that you need to make it through difficult situations and to make the sacrifices that you need to make. It doesn't matter how little strength you think you have. It's not by your strength anyway, but by His strength, might and power! Their strength can help you do what you want to do, but what you just don't seem to have the strength for.

18. Every moment, every hour, every day that you have to pour into the children is priceless, and I think you'd better really count the cost before you entrust the care of your children to the public school system. Remember, when you send your kids off to school, you don't always know what they're teaching them. You don't know what the teachers are telling them--what kinds of lies, false doctrines and bad influences they're pouring into them.

19.Boy, schools today aren't what they were in years gone by, and they were bad enough 20 years ago! How much worse today! Even the so-called "good" schools are just rampant with all kinds of evil influences that can't help but tear down the good training that you've given your kids. They get bombarded hour after hour, day after day, week after week with ungodly, un-Word-based teachings, materialism, unkind behavior of the other students, a complete in-the-arm-of-the-flesh and there-are-no-absolutes mentality, and the wrong perspective on almost every major issue!

20. I'm telling you! I'm warning you! You'd better really count the cost before you put your kids in System school, because unless it's absolutely necessary and you're sure it's God's perfect will, you'll have hell to pay! You may not see the bad influence immediately, but mark my word, you'll see it eventually. You'll rue the day that you gave the care of your kids to someone from the ungodly, Christless, faithless, loveless school system.

21. I can't emphasize enough that you'd better really count the cost and make absolutely sure through the seven ways to know God's will that it's His perfect will that you put your kids in System school.

22.Yes, the Lord and Mama and Peter have opened the door for this possibility, but it's not without conditions. The most important is, number one, that you know beyond a shadow of a doubt that it's the Lord's will that you put your kids in System school. And number two, that you faithfully, diligently take the time to counter any evil System influence with the Word and shepherding.

23. Don't think for a moment that you'll get away with putting your kids into the care of outsiders without having to invest serious time in shepherding them, feeding them, and cleaning them up from the evil System influence. I'll tell you, I can just look around and see that there are a lot of families already reaping the bad results of unshepherded public education. Not only is it rotting the children that are in school, but it's rotting their younger brothers and sisters.

24.I've always told you that the little ones are copycats of their older brothers and sisters. If they see their big brother or their big sister who they love and idolize and want to be like going off to System school, pursuing System values, getting away from the Word and witnessing, then believe me, it doesn't take very long at all before the faith and confidence and Godly aspirations of the little ones are completely undermined. In just a matter of months, years of good training can be practically wiped away!

25. I see a lot of you parents who have put your kids in System school, and it's like you've said, "Whew, thank God! Now somebody else can take care of them and give us a little break." What it's done is cause you to not be as desperate with the Lord in prayer and hearing from Him for the care of your children and their direction and shepherding. You've abdicated your responsibility to others, and I'm not talking about handing them over to good, faithful childcare help in the Family. I'm talking about others in the System--people you don't even know.

26.How can you have confidence in people you don't know personally, don't know where they stand, what kind of values they have, or what kind of people they are? Yet you entrust your most priceless possessions to them--your children--trusting that they're going to teach them correctly! Many of you have blindly and foolishly turned the care of your kids over to almost perfect strangers. And instead of this causing you to be even more desperate, it's made you more lackadaisical, sleepy in the spirit, laid back and out of touch with your children's needs.

27.Instead of becoming more desperate with the Lord, you've fallen asleep spiritually. You've given the care of your children over to outsiders, and believe you me, you're going to reap the results of it! If you don't wake up and start shepherding your kids and feeding them the Word and undoing the damage of that negative, ungodly System influence, pretty soon you're not only going to lose the ones that are in public school, but you're going to lose the little ones as well!

28.You'll lose their confidence and their faith. You'll lose your connection with them. You'll lose the power of your personal example, because often kids watch their older brothers and sisters even more than their parents.

29. So you can tell your younger children all you want about living for the Lord and loving His Word and putting Him first and witnessing and laying down your life for others. But if your older kids are not supporting that sermon, if their sample is "Live for yourself! Live for the world! Live for ungodly System education," then you'll be surprised how little influence your sermon and sample has and how much influence theirs has.

30. If you're having all kinds of problems at home, if your younger children don't seem as interested in prayer or in the Word, if they're starting to sass back and get disrespectful, if they're not interested in the things of the Spirit, and they'd rather watch television or play computer games or just hang around and do nothing, then you'd better take a long look at the influence of the older kids. You'd better ask the Lord what kind of influence their going to public school is having on your whole family.

31.Believe me, it doesn't take long to tear down all the good that you've built up in your children. All their good training and their love for the Word and the Lord, their desire to witness, their good habits of courtesy and respect and putting the needs of others before their own--all of this can go out the window so quickly when you have either constant negative influence from public schools, or the constant negative bad example of older brothers or sisters.

32.This is a new day and a time of change, and the Lord has placed a lot of responsibility in the hands of each of you to make your personal decision to follow Him as you feel led. But that doesn't mean that this is the day of compromise, or this is the day of throwing out the standard of the Word!

33. We're still dropped out! We're still in the world but not part of the world! Our greatest responsibilities are still to love the Lord with all our heart, to reach the lost of the world, and to raise our children in the nurture and admonition of the Lord.

34. You parents had better get your priorities right, because if you think this new day means you can abdicate the responsibility of caring for your children to outsiders and you can just sit back and take a break and everything's going to turn out okay, well, you'd better prepare yourself for a rude awakening! The Enemy is fighting fast and furiously, and he'll take advantage of any unguarded moment, any open door, to not only influence your children for the worse, but to deal them a deadly blow that will take them months or even years to overcome!

35. This is not the time to be lethargic, to just take it easy and let things come as they may. More than ever, this is the day to be on the attack, to be desperate, to be seeking the Lord at every turn! This is the day to really stir yourself up, to hear from Him each step of the way, and to pray desperately and fervently for your children's care, each moment, each day.

36. I'm sorry to see that a real complacent spirit has crept into many families today, to where you're just not as revolutionary, as dropped out, as eager to be a sample of a missionary family serving the Lord and putting Him first as you used to be. It's like you have one foot in the System and one foot in the Family.

37. You're trying to serve the Lord the Family way while going the System route, and I'm sorry, but that just won't work. It just leads to compromise, weakness and even death spiritually.

38. God has given you those kids, just like I said in "What Is That in Thy Hand?" (ML #315, Vol.3) and "God's Gift Is God's Work!" (ML #744, Vol.6). Those kids are one of your primary responsibilities before the Lord, and if you don't have time to do anything else, well, you'd better find the time to take care of them, to teach and train them in the way that they should go, to minister to them spiritually and physically. That's your responsibility--and right now, folks, I'm talking to all of you! The Lord is asking all those of you who live with children to play a much greater role and take on more responsibility for their care and training! The Lord will hold each of you responsible for what you do or don't do to help and care for them!

39. As a Home, if your kids are in bad shape and you feel the burden is too heavy and the weight is too great, be encouraged, because you don't have to do it alone. You can call on the help of the Lord and me and your Heavenly helpers. If you have questions or problems or burdens, bring them to us! Ask for help from Heaven!

40.Ask for the supernatural guidance and answers that will make such a difference in your life and the lives of your kids. You have such a treasury to tap into, if you'll just take the time and stir yourselves up and open your channel to receive the specific instruction that the Lord and I want to give you.

41.Of course, as a Home you're always going to be running into problems and difficult situations with your kids. Things always come up--emergencies, conflicts, sicknesses, spiritual problems or questions. But you don't have to try to handle these on your own. Of course you don't have the strength or wisdom in yourselves, but you do have it at your disposal, right at your fingertips, if you'll just reach out and receive!

42. If you need more childcare help, call on the host of Heaven, the Heavenly helpers who are Here waiting, at your beck and call! You have all the wisdom and inspiration and good judgment that you need, ready to be received. Just reach out! Create a vacuum! Have a desire! Recognize your responsibility, and call on Heaven for the help you need.

43.Please do it today, because each day is so precious, so important, so valuable in the care of a child! Each new day is like an unopened surprise package, and the child is eagerly waiting to see what each new day brings forth. It's up to all of you who have responsibility for our precious children and contact with them to fill that day with all the good things of the Lord: His Word, prayer, praise, love, joy, encouragement, witnessing, and living and sacrificing for others.

44.The Lord is depending on you, your kids are depending on you, and I am depending on you. I know you won't let us down. God bless you! I love you! Keep fighting to be the parents and dedicated helpers the Lord wants you to be. If you do your part, He'll do the rest. You'll be so thankful you trusted Him and put the care of your kids first! (End of message from Dad.)

45.(Mama:) Praise the Lord! Thank you, Dad, for that very good counsel and clear sound of the trumpet! You might be wondering what to do now, Family. Where do you go from here? If you're going to take your children out of secular school, or even if you are just feeling the need to spend more time with them, although they have school in the Home, and you're wondering how to begin or what you should start with, the Lord gave some wonderful solutions for you!

46.The following is a very special message from Jesus. He explains how proud He is of you for giving so much to the children all these years, and He gives some very specific solutions to the immediate problems we're facing. Please do all you can to put it into practice. The Lord Himself is walking you through the day and giving suggestions of how to help the situation--precious and valuable counsel!

47.Thank You, Jesus, for this wonderful, beautiful message--for coming right down to our level and giving us such clear answers! Thank You for Your promises that You're going to do the miracles we need, as we step out to obey! We really want to give our children the best, we want to help improve the situation, and we want our children to be happier and more fulfilled, more prepared for the big job You have in store for them. So please help us to apply this counsel and make a commitment to follow through with it, Lord! We need You, Jesus.

Our Children Are Special and Unique

48.(Jesus speaking:) To My dear precious parents of My Endtime children: I love you and I am so proud of you for having yielded your lives and bodies to Me these many years. You have given Me a great gift through this yieldedness--your children. These children were given to you from our Heavenly realm, from the very courts of Heaven, and you have given them back to Me and My service. These are our special vessels, our special creations, our special witnesses of the End, and they are each very precious in our sight.

49.Each child has been designed for a unique purpose. Each one is endowed with special and beautiful gifts that will enable them to carry out their unique mission. Each one is so valuable to us, and I know that each one is very valuable to you. You would not even want one of them to fail in the mission that we have called them to, and we know that your hearts break when even one turns to the ways of the world.

50.You have given your lives for these children of ours, these children we all raise together, and your bodies, hearts, minds and spirits spend their all in giving to their existence and upbringing. To see any of them hurt or led astray gives much pain and grief.

The Enemy Is Out to Destroy Our Children

51.So I say to you, lift the standard of My Word, the banner of David, very high! For the Enemy of your children, the Enemy of My children, walks about as a roaring lion, seeking which one he can kill, which one he can snatch away, which one he can lure into his garden, which one he can trip and cause to fall, which one he can blind, maim or destroy.

52. He is ever intent on destroying these, our children, using every available means at his disposal to do so. He uses the rudiments of the world to destroy our children and thereby take away their birthright, their calling, and their rewards, to abort their mission and cause them to be fruitless and barren branches.

53.He strikes at them through television, by filling their minds and hearts with his pictures, his vile words, and his perverted viewpoints. He lures them through his music and lets the sirens play loudly as they pass by every store window. He sends his poison even through words and images on the printed page that jump out and try to ensnare our children, by using his words to negate the Words of David.

54.He fills the Earth with his playground to distract our children and cause them to want to play his games and to be enchanted by them, so that our games and Spirit-filled amusements seem uninteresting and therefore not worth playing. He gives them gadgets and trinkets of every size, color and shape to fill their lives with piles of junk. He is out to get them, you can be sure.

The Lord Has Given Our Family So Much About Our Children

55.Oh, there is so much that I have given you, My precious parents, for these our children. So much that I have given you to help you carry out this very great responsibility of raising these precious and beautiful children, these valuable children, these unique and called-out children. I have poured out much counsel to you over the years through your Father David, and now through your Queen Maria--Words of instruction and guidance, so that you could understand how to care for your children spiritually, physically, and emotionally.

56.I have given you so much instruction, and it often lies dormant with pages unturned. But within those pages there are many answers that you seek.

57.And now I have given you the gift of hearing from Me for your own situation, that I may teach you to apply these Words, this counsel, and the instruction and guidance that I have given you these many years. Through these Words I have given you the vision of how important it is to train your children, to educate them with My standard of education.

58.Your Father David was a sample of pouring everything that he could into the children in his care. Though he had a ministry to the world, yet he was always instructing his children and training them, educating them continually in the everyday aspects of life. This was so that they could be a sample to those around them and even to the world of what My children are capable of learning and understanding and living, for the benefit of others and for themselves.

59.I taught him how to educate his children in a Godly way. This is a foundation that is sure, built strong and well, to last, and this foundation will stand. Though we now build upon this foundation with new building blocks, new methods and new materials, still the foundation remains, and the foundation is what must be built upon.

60. For if you build upon any other foundation than the one that I have laid through your Father David, it will be weak in its Christian structure, as those that are laid by the church, orit will be only a foundation of this world. For their foundations are not laid with the spirit of the Words of David. Many are a completely false foundation, built only to look like a true foundation but destined to crumble, to fall, and to be washed away with this world.

Why a Godly Education Is Important

61.Education for My children is very important, for they are the rulers of tomorrow. Education is not just reading and writing or learning the sciences and math; this is only a small part of education.

62.The education that is so unique to My Family is the education received through the many experiences that My children encounter. For they travel, they witness, they explore, they observe, they listen, they watch, and they interact. I place them with every strata of society, so that they are not moved through fear or uncertainty in any situation that I put them in. They can stand with kings, and they can sit to comfort the weary in their hovels and their shacks.

63.Through this education offered by the very lifestyle of My Family, My children should be able to stand and talk with a gangster and not take up his gun, but help him to put it down. Through their valuable education they can meet in the halls of kings and queens, princes and princesses, rulers and nobles, and speak to them in their very gates and courts and lead them to Me.

64.Through the special education that I offer My children, they can enter into the very halls of Satan and reach their hands down to the drug addicts and pull them up to Me. Because of their education, they understand what these drugs have done and how the Enemy has used these drugs against these ones to destroy them before their salvation. So, because they understand these drugs, through their education, they are not moved to take them.

65.Through the education that I offer from the very halls of Heaven, My children can observe a news broadcast and understand what is a lie and what is the truth. They can be well educated about what is happening, why it's happening, and how these events are unfolding into the Endtime stage play.

66.There is just so very much that My children have the opportunity to learn. Through all that they can imbibe by My means of education, in My form of training them in these very important aspects of their lives, I am able to make them the rulers of the world that is soon to come.

67.My messages of education to My children are the right messages. I have carefully laid them out before you these many years in the Words of David and Maria, which have gone out to teach and train you and guide you in the way, to lead you in your lifestyle and training. Your very lifestyle has been training for your children, for it has been based on My Word and love for others. As you have followed these messages and lived and loved according to My plan, My children have had the potential to grow to be all that I wanted them to be.

Individual Needs of Each Child Met by Family Education

68.There are so many aspects of the Kingdom that need care and attention, and thus I have gifted and talented each child to be able to meet these needs. So, My precious parents, if you take the time that is needed to educate yourselves through reading all that I have given, you will then better understand how to educate each unique individual that I have given you.

69.I have given your children many gifts and talents, and each will play a special role and part in the days to come. They are special to Me. Think not that sending your child to a System school, a school that is not designed by My hand, could meet their needs.It cannot fashion and train them in the special way that I would have them fashioned and trained, that they might do the job that I have created them to do. They cannot learn all these things in a normal school.

70.For those [System] teachers do not have the vision that I have given you. They can also only give so much to your child when there are so many other problems they are encountering. They must just keep a watchful eye on a group of young people and children who are taking in the poisons of this world--eating them, living them, acting upon them, and becoming a part of them.

71.Once your child has learned how to read and write, and has learned the very basics at your hand or at the hand of another who is trusted, then that child is ready to be fashioned in his own special way. This is the reason I have given you counsel in the Letters as to how you may tailor each child's education to his interests, giving those who are more interested in the Word more Word, those who are more interested in scholastics more scholastics, those who are more interested in vocational matters more work training, and those who are more interested in witnessing more witnessing.

72. Once the basics are established and the foundation is laid, then you may personalize the structure that is built upon it, according to the interests of each child. I would not have mass-produced housing or shoddily-built structures such as the System throws up, for these young people are My hope of the future!

The Challenge to Our Committed Family Parents

73.There are other people in this world who recognize the pitfalls of the world and the dangers of the System. I have also placed within their hearts a great love for those children that they have borne. Many parents who understand the value of their children guard their children from wrong influences. Some are even parents who have very little to base these values upon, who have just the Bible and barely anything else but the sensitivity and love to lead and guide their children aright.

74.How much more spiritual training have I given you to become the committed parents that are needed?--Parents who completely die to themselves that they might give of their complete substance, that they might die through their sacrifices, that their children may not only live, but live to be what I want them to be, live to take over in the Millennium.

75.This is a great challenge I have placed before My parents these many years. And I, from My heart, give My thankfulness to My parents who have given their all. These are they who, step by step, page by page, pub by pub, have given unto their children that which I have given them, and it has borne the fruit that I would have it bear.

76.Though these parents may fall into the ground and die, yet they abide not alone, but their seed will bring forth much fruit. For what is a parent but a seed to fall into the ground?

77.I will teach you. I will give you more instruction on how to give more to your children, whether you have sent them to school or whether you have not. This is a very great need in My Kingdom--for My parents to use every opportunity that they have to give unto My children, to train them, to educate them, to teach them, to stimulate them, to challenge them, to inspire them, and this can be done! For as you pour out, I will pour in, and you will not be able to outpour Me, for I have so much to pour into them.

78.You say, "But I have so much to do. I am so tired." I know you are tired, My parents! You have huge jobs, many pressing demands and multitudes of children, urgent affairs to tend to in your ministry to others, and you are weary and worn at the end of the day, or even throughout the day. But I am able to revitalize you as you look to Me and as you pour out to your children. I am able to make your yoke easy and your burden light.

79. So seek Me for the strength and inspiration you need. For tiredness breeds more tiredness, whereas inspiration and giving breeds strength. Tired and uninspired parents cause tired and uninspired children, which creates problems that pull you down. It becomes a vicious cycle where you begin to feel that you have not wherewith to give all that I ask you to give.

80.But when you, as parents, are pulling upon Me for the strength, the ideas, the inspiration and the courage to forge ahead each day and make the most of each moment and each learning opportunity, then as you pour into your children they will give back to you. For they will be happier, they will be more productive, they will be innovative as they learn. They will be creative, and this inspiration will create a positive cycle that will spiral upwards, and you will see yourself regaining new strength. You will go from strength to strength, both you and your children.

The Valuable Education Our Children Receive in a Normal Day

81.Let's take a walk through a normal day, in a normal Home. It's time to wake up. Take the time to praise and love Me with your children before you start the day. Have a little love and cuddle time, giving each one some affection and a lovely good morning greeting.

82.How does this educate them? It teaches them that as soon as you get up, you love Me, and then you love others. You are concerned that they are happy as soon as they wake up, and they will be concerned for others, that they are happy as soon as they wake up.

83.What do we hear? What are the first things to listen to when the children wake up? Do you have all the latest Family tapes and videos? If you don't, you'd better get some, because as soon as the children wake up they need to hear the beautiful sounds of My music. They can even see the beautiful sights that I have given them on videotape. These things can be broadcast in their room if you so desire, to keep them from idle talk and vain babbling as they clean their rooms.

84.Do they know how to clean their room? Well, put up a checklist and give them some rewards when they follow their checklist the way that you have taught them to.

85.Are you there with them, or do you have someone who can be there or nearby to encourage them as they make their beds and put away their toys? As they put away their dirty clothes and put on their clean clothes? As they brush their hair and clean their hands and get ready for breakfast?

86.How does this educate them?It shows them the value of tidiness and neatness first thing in the morning. If all of the little physical details are taken care of and out of the way, if everything is simple and they can understand how to do it and where to put things, then they can be ready for My spiritual input.

87.If their rooms are well laid out so that they're easy to take care of, this teaches them decency and order in all the little things. It teaches them that he that is faithful in that which is least will learn to be faithful in that which is much. This is educating them.

88.As they go about these physical duties and receive the input of these tapes filling the air, their mind is not as subject to the morning attacks of the Enemy. He would cause them to complain about being tired, to complain about going into the day, or to murmur about the food, or to complain about school that's coming, or to worry and fret about what's going to happen throughout the day that they may not like.

89.This teaches them to start the day with praise and thankfulness; this is educating. For many people of the world wake up and grumble and complain and moan, but I want to educate My children to wake up in faith and trust that the day is going to go the way that I want it to go.

How to Use Breakfast As Learning Time

90.Time to go to breakfast doesn't have to be the same old mundane thing. Are you ready to start talking, Mom or Dad or committed helper? Well, here we go! There are so many things to talk about at mealtimes, and here are just a few tips from some of the pubs that we've given you. Some are for younger kids, some are for older, and I can give you many more things to talk about for any age group as you ask Me.

91.Have "talk about food content" time. Ask questions. "Who knows what vitamins and nutrients are in the eggs? What about the milk? What about the bread? Very good! Well done! You learned that one! Here, I'll flash the words for you, little one. Good! You got it! Calcium, magnesium, vitamin A, vitamin B, vitamin C, iron, and protein!"

92.Then there are safety tips in the kitchen. You can be walking and talking and explaining about safety the whole time you're in the kitchen. What about the stove? Where should the table be placed so that no one gets near the stove? Then there's hygiene and cleanliness with the dishes, with the food, and the list goes on and on. That's just one form of education.

93. Or perhaps you'd rather talk about the day and listen to them. You can hear them out while they discuss their thoughts and feelings for the day in the little informal, around-the-breakfast family meeting.

94.What does this teach them? It teaches them to counsel and communicate openly as you handle the meeting maturely and lead and guide them, teaching them to come up with the right ideas and attitudes for what the plan is for the day.

95.Any squabbles or differences? Well, now's a good time to work it out in love, understanding and fairness, helping everyone to see things from the right perspective. You've got it! More education on how to get along with one another.

96.Oh, and then there's manners. What better time to teach manners than now, when you're right there with them at the table? [See the Teaching and Activity Guide, page 87, under "Life Skills."]

97.Please remember not to preach, or at least don't nag with your preaching. But let your exhortations be fun, inspiring and active. Participate with your children while you're teaching them, and they'll learn much quicker.

How You Are Teaches Them About Me!

98.Education, more education! How you teach, teaches your children how to teach. How you correct, teaches your children how to correct. How you lead and guide them into the right things to do and the right way to act, teaches them how to teach others, how to lead and guide them into the right things that they should do, and the right way that they should act.

99.My children should also have fun! They should have fun in everything they're doing--fun in these experiences that should cause them to want to learn. Fun that should cause them to be inspired by gaining new knowledge and having new experiences. Even the old things that they go over should be gone over in such a way that it just continues to stabilize the foundation of the training that you've given them in a very wholesome, fun, loving way.

100.When things need to be sober and serious, the time you spend with Me will make it so that the soberness and seriousness will come across with much love and understanding and fullness from your heart. It will be backed by all that I have been giving you, so that they will stop and respect and listen. This educates your children.

101.It teaches them that time spent with Me gives wisdom and solidarity, firmness and conviction, love and understanding, a listening ear. It shows them that sacrificing is not something to be dreaded or feared, but that sacrifice brings good fruit.

102.The sacrifice of continually giving and teaching, pouring out, training, leading, guiding, answering and listening makes you happy. It brings good fruit in your life, as well as making the children happy and bringing good fruit in their lives.

103.My dear parents, you don't have to go through the day exactly the way I am showing you point by point. I just want to emphasize the importance of using every moment, as I instructed your Father David, and as he did so diligently in the training of his children. I just want to encourage you that each moment of the day is a learning opportunity for your children. It is the Family's education, and their education goes far beyond sitting down to the three R's and the three G's, although of course this is very important.

104.Parents in this new day and in this new age are going to have to yield to Me in this area of being diligent with every moment, for time is ticking away. It's so very short! Don't waste time in unfruitfulness, idleness, or let your children be "left to themselves."

How You, My Parents, Can Do the Job Well

105.Your children need your commitment and your prayerful, diligent preparations. Study to give them all that they need, all the training and education which is at your fingertips through the Word and through the guidelines of the publications. These lead you to many resources to teach them to be the best-educated children of this day and age, educated by My guidelines. For I will require much of My children, and they will need to know that all that has been poured into them is valuable and important and usable.

106.So, My parents, educate yourselves now if you're out of touch, and if you have lost the vision. Delve into the Word for each child, if you can. Even if you think you can't, even if you think you're not a teacher, I have told you many times that you all are shepherds.

107.For if I have given you children, I have given you the ability to teach and to train them, to lead and to guide them. I have also given you the priceless privilege of living within My Family, where there are others around you who can help you give them the things that you may not be able to.

108.But I tell you, My parents, many think that they are not able to give when they can. Many think they are not able to study when they can. Many think they are not able to pass on what they know when they can. Many think that what they know is not very important, but stop and think about it for a minute.

109.If you are being trained in My Family, if you are being trained in My Word, and if you are partaking of all of the information from those I have chosen to research and study the information that you need for your children, then you are partaking of a great resourceful mind--My mind! Therefore you can do the job, and you can do it very well.

110.I have not put the doorknob too high, though material floods your cupboards. I would not have given it, if I thought it was going to be too difficult for you to sit down, organize it, and study it. But you can follow a careful plan and set yourselves goals and pray diligently for Me to help you meet those goals so that you may give your children what they need.

A Call to Commitment

111.I ask you now, My fathers and My mothers of My children, will you kneel at My throne and commit yourselves to doing all that you can to ensure that My children get the type of education that they need? Will you pray diligently and desperately for the time you need, the vision you need, the inspiration you need, the materials you need, the direction and the leading and the guidance that you need to meet all of your children's educational needs?

112.Whether it be the daily education of all that they learn in their surroundings, or academic education in your own Home or another's Home or in the System, will you now commit yourself to be on guard?

113.If you have allowed your children to go to System school, will you commit yourself to be in such good communication with those who oversee that school and who teach your children, that you will know exactly what's going on there? Will you do this, so that you can counteract any of the evil that they are partaking of, or the wrong attitudes, or the negative peer pressure? Will you commit yourself to communicate with your children so that you can feed them and shepherd them and know the state and heart of your flocks?

114.Will you be faithful and diligent to communicate with the teachers and the administration and thereby make that learning experience in the System something that your children will really learn from? Something that will lead and guide them to My way of being educated, rather than the System's way?

115.And will you be so in tune with Me during this time of your children being in System school that at any given time when you hear from Me that this is not what your children need, you will search out a better situation for them?

116.If you are schooling your children at home, will you take the time to pray about your methods, to pray and counsel with those in your Home and seek Me diligently as to how to make the most out of every day, so that upon any perusal your Home would stand out as exemplary, above all others around you who send their kids to System school?

117. Will you commit yourself to give your children your all if you are schooling them at home? There is so much that you can teach them, even if you think yourself incapable and insufficient for the task! You have a wealth of knowledge and experience that you can pass on to them, and a great love for each child that makes you, their parent, an able teacher.

118. You have only to stir yourself up and teach them with animation and excitement, challenging the children and making their learning fun and inspiring! Do not simply sit them down with workbooks and ask them to educate themselves. There is a time and a place for workbooks, but even then you as their teacher must be involved, checking their work, asking them questions, seeing if they understand, exploring their interests and encouraging them to reach their full potential.

119. There are times when they can educate themselves, especially as they grow older, but the younger ones need your intimate involvement. They need your love, your guidance, your gentle encouragement, and your firm prodding at times to study even those things that do not interest them but which you know they need. And for those things that they are interested in, you can help them learn more, even if you did not have it in your class plan. There is so much you can do to educate your children!

The Lord's Help with This Responsibility

120.I have given you so much to help you be able to do this job well. I have given you My Word; I have given you My new weapons for today. If you follow all that I have taught you, and if you exercise with these weapons and put them to use in this way, I will more than help you and more than supply your needs.

121.For these are My children that I have entrusted into your care. These are My children whom I am asking you to care for and to meet their needs. So will I not empower you, give you the vision, and give you every tool at your fingertips, so that you might give unto them all that they need?

122.I will not give you a task without giving you the ability to do it. But you must stir yourselves up, and you must commit yourselves unto Me.

123.You must ask yourselves these questions: Where can I do better? How can I get to know and understand my child in a better way so that I might know what questions to bring before the Lord, that I might better be able to meet his needs?

124.Will you be faithful to research and find the best materials that you need for the education of My children, or to counsel about their needs with those who are educating them? Will you pray in all of the finances that you need, so that you may get these materials for your children?

125.There is so much that needs to be done to improve the educational input for My children, but I will give the plan for each parent step by step, child by child, and day by day. I will do this so that at the end of your child's course and at the end of your assignment, you will have a mature, responsible, well-adjusted, happy, progressing child. You will have a child who has depth of understanding, who is educated as much as he needs to be educated, who is learning how to be skilled in the gifts or talents that I have given him, and who is developing those gifts and talents. You will have a child who has goals for himself and learns how to achieve those goals, finding accomplishment and fulfillment, and learning how to use his gifts and talents to further My Kingdom and My witness to mankind, in his own particular and unique way.

126.You think this is too big a responsibility. You think it's far above you, and that you can't do it. Well, I tell you, My parents, you can. You don't have to do it alone, and you don't have to do it without Me. I'm right there with you, and I'll speak to you and lead you and guide you each step of the way.

127.You are not without help, for there are many in the Family who are going to be uniting to see these goals through. Counsel with them, meet with them and sharpen your sword, for this is what you need. Find out how others do it. Find out what their problems are, and how they overcome those problems.

128.Stir up this gift of educating your children. Stir it up well, and you shall find such fulfillment in giving, training, educating, pouring out, and applying all that I supply.

129.Learning, learning, learning, it never ends--neither for your children nor for you. Now I'm not talking about head-stuffing here. I am not talking about knocking yourself out and frantically searching every book in every store, and agonizing over the myriad materials that the System has to offer.

130.I am talking about simply being faithful with what I have already given you--the Word, the materials and the pubs that I have given you. I am talking about the resources that I have given you, and those I have given you to counsel with. I'm asking you to be diligent and faithful to hear from Me and to counsel with others in your Home about the needs of your children. Step by step you will build on the Family education of your children.

131.I am not asking you to match education in the manner of the System. But I am asking you to hear My ways to educate your children, for I want to encourage you that everything you do with your children when you are pouring out to them and leading and guiding them and training them and teaching them is education.

132.It is My education. This education is not just centered on academics, but this education is learning and growing in every aspect of the Family's life. So therefore, every aspect of the Family's life is worth bringing before your children in an educational way, teaching your children that every aspect of their daily lives can be an educational experience. Each aspect is a building block for their future, whereby they will in turn be able to care for and train others.

Making Word Time a Fascinating Learning Experience

133.Word time: No matter what time of day you choose to have it with your children, and no matter what age your children are, Word time can be--and should be--a very fun and inspiring, meaningful, fulfilling time. It should be a time of instruction and education, education in My ways and in My Word.

134.Oh, My parents, lose not the opportunities to bring Me into your children's lives. This takes much faithfulness, prayerfulness and diligence on your part, to prepare healthy, well-rounded spiritual meals for your children on a daily basis. You have so much at your fingertips. So commit yourselves to be good teachers of the Word, and I will teach you how.

135.Are you inspired about the materials I give? Are you inspired about the GNs and the pubs? Are you inspired about the tapes and the videos that I have given through My units? If you are inspired, if you are well educated in My Word, and if you are familiar with the tools, then you will prepare your meals well, and My children will be well educated.

136.If they have the Word, and if they understand Me and know Me, then I will be able to educate them in all My ways. I will lead and guide them and direct them and instruct them all the days of their lives. Whether you are there or not, and whether others are there or not, I will be able to speak to them, even concerning those things that they have had no education in, or no experience or training in. I will be able to lead and guide them by My still small voice.

137.Oh, My parents, there is so much to teach and train your children in. If you show a love for Me, a love for My new day and My new Word, a love for My old Word, a love for My David and My Maria and My Peter; if you lift up My Word and honor it; if you are excited and turned on about it, talking about it, living it, studying to show yourself approved unto Me, then you will pass this same inspiration on to your children. You will educate them and teach them that this is the way, for it bears good fruit in your life.

138.It brings you answers. It gives you peace. It gives you direction. It gives you strength and power. It gives you comfort. It gives you happiness. It makes life fun for you. It gives you something to do. It gives you a challenge. It gives you a vision. You're not bored with it. You're turned on by it. You're motivated by it. You know how to apply it. You know how to use it. And as you do, you will pass all of these things on to them.

139.So it's a good gauge, My parents, that if you're bored with the Word, if you're not so turned on, if you haven't prepared anything, then you can be pretty sure that your kids are not going to be so turned on. They're not going to know how to prepare it. They're not going to know how to research it. They're not going to know how to study to show themselves approved unto Me. They are not going to know how to find all of these things in My Word if you are not setting the example.

140.So, if you are, then you can rest assured that your children will follow suit, and that you will be giving them what they need. For if all of these things are in your spirit and in your attitude, you will be giving your children that which they need. For I will be leading you and guiding you and showing you what to do.

The Word Is the Best Education

141. This is the greatest education that you can give them, for within My Word is a vast amount of education. It is far superior to all of the education of the world and the System. There are no books that can be put together by them that equal even a fraction of what I have given you.

142. If you were in some far-flung area of the world, pioneering a Home, and you had nothing to give your children but the very basics of the Word that I have given, that would still be enough. If you had no educational materials, no video machine, no extra books, no full library, if you are faithful to use even just the little bit of Word that I have given--even just the Bibles that your children have and a few little MO Letters and some of those basic books--you could rest assured that if you fed these meals to your children, they would still be getting a banquet. Your children would not only be getting a Word education, but they would be getting an education that would help them to be able to live in this world as exemplary young men and women. For My Word is better than everything else.

Housecleaning as a Multi-faceted Learning Experience!

143.Okay, let's go on to another part of the day. It's time to clean the house. Do you like to clean? Do you like to organize? Do you like every corner of your house to speak as a witness of My cleanliness, My tidiness, and My organization? Then you will take pleasure and pride in going around the house with your children and helping them learn how to clean your house, keeping it a healthy and safe environment.

144.You will take pleasure in the accomplishment of their tasks, so you will be able to pass on encouragement to them when they do a task well. When they tidy up around the house, you can teach them how important it is that everything is done in such decency and order that each room is safe and free from obstruction. So that the living room is a safe and comfortable place to lounge or counsel or play. So that the bedrooms are quiet and inviting in their appearance, causing them to feel restful, quiet and at peace, the atmosphere being conducive to taking time with and resting in Me, resting in body and spirit.

145.If your children do their school in one room, no matter how small or how many materials have to be in the room, I will show you ways to organize it. I will show you how to do it so that even if someone has to rest in their bed while others are studying, it can be set up in such a way that they can feel secluded there with their little light and their little shelf of books and knickknacks and materials that they need to be fed and inspired. Others in the room, meanwhile, even though very close by, can continue their work quietly at their little desks.

146.No matter what your setup is, I will teach you how to organize it and display it in such a way that there will be no confusion, but there will be simplicity. This will educate your children in the importance of good organization and planning, so that all things can be done without confusion or disruption, even under crowded or cramped conditions. It will teach them the importance of having a place where they can rest and be alone with Me and sleep and be comfortable.

147.As you teach My children during this time of cleaning your house, be inspired yourself, and be happy about your job. Talk to them all along the way as you work side by side with them. Tell them how to do this, how to do that, why it is important, continually giving them the guidelines of cleanliness, organization and safety, and they will learn and never forget.

148.This will educate them that they can be happy making a clean, safe environment for themselves and others to live in. They will learn that it brings great fulfillment to see a job well done, a clean house for everyone to work in and move about in safely, and in a calm spirit, knowing that everything is taken care of the best that they know how.

149.It will also educate them that when all things are done in decency and in order, it is much easier to apply themselves to the rest of the day. They will be able to do their work more freely when the house is clean and organized.

150.The Raise 'em Right book has a multitude of ideas that are worth trying, so put them to good use, My parents and My teachers. You don't have time to think up all these practical methods that will teach your children how to work and how to be inspired to work, but it's all there in this book--so many ideas that you can put to good use. So use them, and you will see the good fruit in your children.

Tune In to the Schooling Each One Is Receiving

151.Now the day is divided into so many different activities. There's cooking to be done, shopping to be done, school to be taught, the care of the youngsters, the shepherding of the older ones, witnessing, practicing for shows, caring for any who are sick, trips to town on business, or going various places for CTP work. Plus there are many other aspects of business or Family work that take place on a daily basis.

152. Sit down and think about it and pray about it. Where are your children now? What are they involved in? Who are they with? If they are having school, well, that's one form of education. In this day and age in the Family, more educational material is available than ever before.Aren't you thankful for those who so faithfully research so much for you to have at your fingertips? It makes it pretty easy, doesn't it?

153.How well do you know the materials that your children are using? Have you taken time to study them, to look ahead into your children's materials to see what it is that they are learning? It could be that there are some aspects of their education that you would like to enhance with other materials, or that you feel are not so necessary and would even like to take out.

154.If you are as involved as you should be with your children's education, you will know of these particular aspects and be a step ahead of your kids. You will know each child well enough to know which ones are having a difficult time with a certain subject. And perhaps you will have taken the time to hear from Me, which I hope you will, to find out what that child needs to help them be inspired to learn what they need to learn.

155.I will give you ideas that will enhance and help your child overcome the difficult aspects of their education, so that they don't get a sour taste in their mouths concerning the things that they have to learn. If you are taking the time to hear from Me, I can show you ways to bring variety into your children's home schooling.

156.For all the various aspects of education, again, I say unto you, I have given you much material through those researchers in WS and Family Care and other pubs units. I ask that you follow these materials, every one of them: The Home Educators, the EDXs, the Raise 'em Right, the Childcare Handbooks, the Dito book, the FSMs and all of the other materials that have come through your local FED centers to give your children variety in their education, whether inside or outside the Home. Be faithful with these many little aspects, and your child will have a very well-rounded education and won't get bored just sitting at a table. Some children are more geared to book learning, but some are not.

157.Are you in tune with each child to know when one might need some extra stimulation, other than just a book and the written page, in order to inspire them to learn and to have a joy in it? Learning is a part of My Kingdom. We are always learning, and I would not that any one of My children become bored with it. Learning should excite them and stimulate them. Of course, if something isn't so exciting or stimulating for them, that doesn't mean they're not supposed to learn it. It could be that they're going to have to learn how to just shtick until they see it through.

158.But this particular child will need prayer, and you'll need to hear from Me so that you'll know how to encourage them and help them to see it through, the best way possible. Don't just leave them on their own. They will also need for you to hear from Me, so that I can show you what they will need individually to reach their learning capacity in the areas that they are interested in. I can show you where they'll find stimulation and accomplishment and fulfillment, which in turn will inspire them to keep learning and developing their learning skills.

Learning During Trips Outside the Home

159.Then there are those children who will accompany you or others on their business, their witnessing, or their outings. Are they just going to go along sort of blind, deaf and dumb to all that's taking place around them, being dragged along as the adult, YA or SGA goes about their business? Well, this is not the way it should be.

160.These are golden opportunities for learning experiences! If you are taking the children, you can teach them as you go. If others are taking them, will you, as a diligent and faithful parent, meet with these people the night before to go over some of the things that they can do while out with your child or teen, to help them learn the ropes out there? If someone's going banking, talk about it together and see what you can do to make it a learning experience. The same with shopping, witnessing or going to do CTP work.

161.The learning opportunities on the outside are endless, but again it takes time. It takes research. It takes diligence to discuss these things together, so that the child doesn't go through the day just as a tagalong, but that you consider your outing with a child or a teen to also be a time to teach and train. Again, I have already given you pubs on how to do this. You're just going to have to get back in there and read them and do them, because I want My children to learn when they're out. [See FSM 263 (in Childcare Reference Handbook, pg. 438), EDX #2: Field Trips, The Dito Book, Raise 'em Right, CCHB 1:438, CCHB 2:24-27.]

162.I don't want them to go to the bank several times a year but at the end of the year know nothing about the bank, or nothing about how finances work, or how a checkbook works, or how a bank is set up. They should know the details of these things, and eventually be able to do it themselves.

163.It's the same with anything. My children can learn to communicate with grocers, with bankers, with doctors, with lawyers, with businessmen, with firemen, with taxi drivers, with dancers, with artists, with actors. They can communicate with anyone at any level. For they are My children, and the simplicity of their depth and knowledge and wisdom gives them the capability to understand these people, no matter what level they're coming from. No matter what level of training or society, there is something that My children can relate to and communicate about.

164.So give them the opportunities and teach them how to communicate. For you have the wisdom and education of the Spirit. And with that, these children can learn so much. This is hands-on, active experience, and it goes much further than the written page. So seize the opportunity when you have it!

Using Witnessing as a Learning Experience!

165.Witnessing! It's time to go out witnessing. What an education this is! I educate My children in a very special way when they're out witnessing. But how much do you value it every time you go out there? There's the importance of not only handing out the Word, the message that I give for you to give to the lost, but the importance of personal witnessing.

166.What an education it is for My children and young people to meet others, to talk to them, to learn about them, to understand what people in this world go through! This is an education My young people have that far exceeds the communications that worldly young people have with other outsiders. For they communicate with others, but they don't have answers for them.

167.They don't have the wisdom or the discernment to understand what these people need. They don't think of people in terms of: "What can I do to help them? What can I do to feed them? What can I do to draw them closer to the Lord?"

168.My young people can go out on the streets and they can minister to a bum or a beggar with the same love and the same understanding that they could minister to a very wealthy businessman, or a leader of the community. For to the lowly and the downtrodden, they show mercy, understanding and compassion and give them what they need in the physical and the spiritual. And with those who are the leaders of this world, they can also communicate. They can listen to them and understand the things that they are saying, for they have more wisdom and discernment than you realize.

169.Concerning the common people, the everyday people that walk the streets, My young people and teens can learn all about how they live. Concerning the working class, give the teens opportunities to listen to these people, to hear their stories, to find out their heartaches, their struggles, their trials and their tests, and even their little victories, though such victories are often dwarfed by the problems they face. They will then learn how to minister to the people of this world, and they will become the great rulers that I have designed them to be in the Kingdom to come.

170.So witnessing opportunities are one of the very best ways I have of educating My children for that which is ahead for them. Knowing and understanding people is a great gift that each of My children can develop. And as I have told your Father David in times past, what your children learn in giving to these people, performing for these people, is something that's going to be valued until the last day of this Earth.

171.When they perform and sing and dance, do their puppet shows and make their balloons, when they do their skits to make people happy, they are performing a duty for man that is becoming more and more popular and more needed. For people need to be happy, and people need to have a reason to laugh, and a little relief from the pressures and the burdens of this hell on earth. So educate your children and young people in the value of giving to others in this way, and they will find real fulfillment in it.

172.Be careful that you don't lock them all into something that you would like them to do, but find out what they would like to do. Are they good at doing magic tricks on the street? Then teach them how to do it. Are they good at dancing and singing? Then teach them how to do it. How about balloons? How about puppets?

173.Whatever they feel comfortable with, teach them how to do it and help them do it. Get them the materials that they need. Find avenues for them to learn how to do it really well so that they can entertain people, so that they can bring the message to My lost and lonely sheep out there in such a way that people will stop and look and listen!

174.If they don't want to do anything to entertain people, well, then teach them how to talk to people. Maybe they just want to learn how to communicate with people, and that's going to be their strength. But all of My children are gifted at communicating with people in some way. They can understand what their needs are, according to their own capacity and at their level, and by the gifts and the talents that I have given them.

175.Some of your young people will communicate well with certain types of people. Others will communicate well with other types of people. You can be on the lookout for what types of people your young people can communicate with easily, the type of person that they can reach for Me. For My children need to grow in these areas. This is perfect education in My sight.

Learning While Distributing the Tools

176. My children and young people can also learn a great deal as they distribute the tools that I have given you--the tracts, booklets, posters, tapes and videos. They learn much about the human personality as they learn where to go to reach people, what times and places are best, how to approach them and what to say to whom. As they become professionals at getting the tools to others, they can also become professionals at getting Me to others, for I am the ultimate Product behind all your tools.

177. As they distribute the tools, they learn how these tools affect the lives of multitudes! They meet people who have been forever changed by the tract or booklet they read, the poster they got, the tape they listened to, or the video they and their kids watched. They learn why your David desired to produce millions for the billions, because these words on paper or on tape travel far beyond your personal witness and are seen or heard by many whom you will never meet. So your children and young people learn the importance of distributing the Word in this way, and they gain a desire to get this message to the needy multitudes.

178. They also see the true values in life, that witnessing and distributing My Words through your tools are the only things that will have eternal consequences. Temporal professions and pastimes only give fleeting satisfaction and passing happiness, but My Word saves forever and never returns to Me void! The Word you distribute, the words you speak, have great effect upon those you give them to or speak them to. Often I allow My children and young people to see these effects--the weary businessman made glad and renewed as he received Me, the harried housewife or naughty child changed, the unfulfilled teen or juvenile helped, the burdened student lightened. Your young people not only see people saved and changed, but they see that only My Word could have done so much for them!

179. At times when not as many tools are going out as before, My children and young people learn to seek Me for the reason why. Perhaps I wish them to move, to go someplace else, distribute something else, or try some other method of outreach. Perhaps I have a special person I am preparing to bring across their path, and if they do not seek Me and go where I am directing them, they may miss that one whose life I have been working in so carefully. They learn to tune in to Me for guidance and direction. Many are the lessons I teach My children as they get out My Words!

Bed Time and Parent Times--Special Times of Learning

180.The time with the kids before bed--what a wonderful way to end the day. There's so much you can do, so much to educate them in, to feed them, to encourage them. This can be a time to thank them for their help throughout the day, to highlight the different things that they accomplished which will encourage them before sleep. A time to have that special little talk time, to let them pour out their hearts, to learn how to pray, to learn how to hear from Me.

181. I understand that many of My parents feel very weary. They have been running in circles trying to care for the many facets of responsibility which they are faced with, and in many cases My children have been low on the priority list. This has not been intentional, but they have neglected My children in favor of more immediate needs. But now My children--their children--are an immediate need! They cannot wait any longer; they cannot be pushed aside anymore! They must be cared for, and My parents must be willing to give their all, if they expect their children to go on to be missionaries for Me.

182. They must put aside all else that they consider important as they give to My children. This does not mean that they do not do the outreach, the fundraising, the follow-up, the CTP work, or the multitude of other things they must take care of on a daily basis. It means that as they do them, and indeed in all they do, they also consider My children and how they may be taught and trained, placing more priority on them and making them equally important.

183. This is imperative, and I wish for you to understand this! If it sounds like the doorknob is too high, it is not because I wish to discourage My parents, but only because I know they can reach much higher if they will but strive to. By rearranging their priorities, they can do all that they need to do as well as minister to My children.

184. In the case of parent time, My dear ones, if you find you are too tired to fill your children's needs at this time, then you must spend time with them at other times of the day. Each child needs special undivided attention from parents on a regular basis, and if you as a parent are too tired at the end of the day, then schedule another time of the day when you can give them the quality of attention that they need. If you have too many children to tune in to them all at once when they are together, or even if you only have two but their interests are varied and they are hard to please when together, then set aside a separate time to be with them.

185. Include them in your work, in your witnessing, or in your times of Word or hearing from Me. Even include them in your rest, if you have not had other times with them. You say, "But I have so many children, and there is so much else I have to do." I know, My sweet ones, but your children need you! They also need Me--they need to find a close and personal connection with Me--and they will find it through your love and your loving Me. I have no hands, no eyes, no lips, no feet, and no time but yours. So give your children the time which they need, and I will repay abundantly.

186. If you have a hard time fitting it in at other times of the day, then schedule it. Set aside one day for each child, and spend special time with that child that day. As often as possible, spend time with them--whether one on one, or with several together in a way that they feel individually loved. Make it sacred, as you would keep your appointment with Me--for they are important to Me!

187. Then, if you have given to them personally, they will be more understanding at parent time if they do not have your full attention. If their love cup is consistently full and they find that you make time for them, they will be more loving with others also. If you are so tired at the end of the day that you cannot do much at parent time, if you have spent quality time with them at other times of the day or week, they will be loved and will receive what they need. Do what you can, My parents, and I will do what you can't!

188.There is so much that you can do during your times with them. Stop and pray, My parents, for this is a special time of day. Make good use of it.

189.Please, do not let the idleness of computer games fill your special parent times. Such a bad habit is developing in My Family, because most are tired at the end of the day. The parents are tired and it's easy for them to turn on the computer. It's easy for them to pull out a deck of cards. It's easy for them to turn on the television. But this is not My will for a constant diet.

190.Your children need you. They need your time, your communication, your cuddles, your play and your input. This is a time when you can bond with them, My parents.

191.You can have a little extra Word. You can do far-out Bible studies. You can do projects. You can do follow-up. You can meet with people. You can have people over. You can have heart-to-heart talk time. You can get spirit stories together. You can hear from Me together. You can play with the babies.

192.Then, when you get together with all your children at the end of the day,if you're with the older ones, it would be a good time to find something to do that would include the younger ones, so that everyone can have time to fellowship together for at least a part of parent time. Or if you're only with the older ones, it could be a good opportunity to do something special just for them, even outside of the house.

193.But whatever you do, My dear parents, please remember that you need your special time to do all of those extra little things that you've been wanting to do with the kids. When you're with them at bedtime, make the most out of this opportunity, so that as they fall asleep, whether they are older or younger, they'll fall asleep thinking about Me.

194.They'll fall asleep at peace, knowing that I love them, knowing that you love them, knowing that even if they had a rough day and had to receive discipline or correction, you've forgiven them and everything's going to be okay.

195.You've taken time to hear from Me and I've led and guided and shown them things that only I can show them. I've understood in the way that only I can understand them and their needs. I want My children to go to sleep without fear, at peace, and feeling good about themselves.

196.I know it's not always possible to meet the needs of every single child when you have a lot of children, but remember that children thrive on love and affection. If you don't get to do much of anything else, don't forget to kiss and cuddle them before going to sleep. Hold them in your arms and let them know that you're there for them. That comfort means so much to them.

197.Even if they're having trials or feeling a little bit worried or fearful about anything, a big hug, a kiss on the forehead, a pat on the back will often do the trick, no matter what the age. Love and affection go such a long, long way and cause them to fall into peaceful, restful sleep.

198.How does this educate them? It teaches them to be parents. It teaches them to take care of others. It teaches them that you care for them and therefore I care for them. They know that you love them; therefore I love them. You take time for them; therefore I take time with them. And as they learn these things about Me through you, they will in turn be this way with others.

199.Oh, My precious parents, in all of this, education--Family education--is what's happening.

Guidelines for Discipline

200.Has the need arisen to give correction or discipline, exhortation or reproof to your child, your teen, or your little one? This too is a form of education. How you administer this correction, this discipline, which is, in fact, child training, will teach them many valuable qualities as their character develops. Will you be firm and base your correction on truth? Will you be understanding, patient, and considerate of their feelings and their thoughts?

201.Will you set clear guidelines and instruct and guide with a kind and gentle manner? Will you not accuse, but make clear factual statements? Will you take your time before administering discipline to hear from Me and pray with others, so that you can come before your child in the right spirit, in My Spirit? With your discipline, will you take the time to lead and guide and instruct, as well as correct?

202.Will you also take the time to hear from Me about your child and with your child, that they may receive the full counsel of God and not correction or discipline administered in anger or haste? In your administration of discipline, will you remember to encourage? Will you remember to apologize for anything that you did wrong?

203.Will you share your own mistakes and shortcomings so that the child will learn to understand that all people make mistakes, but that I am the One who helps to train? So that he understands that I am the One that forgives and that I am the One that leads and guides to a better path, through a better path?

204.Will you teach your child to correct the situation when he can? Will you teach him how to right any wrongs in fairness and in love?

205.If you take the time with Me that you need in the care of your children, I will fill your heart with fullness of love and understanding, with patience and wisdom. I will give you the checks of the Spirit that are needed so that you will know when to administer discipline and provide child training in a way that will bear good fruit in your child.

206.This will be a way that will cause them to want to change, to want to understand your way of seeing things, to want to do the right thing, and to want to right the wrongs.

207.I will teach you how to discipline on a daily basis so that you do not have to administer corporal punishment as the only means of getting through to your children. For discipline is child training and it is done every day in everything that you do, in everything that you say--the way that you lead and guide and instruct and train. This is such an important aspect of your child's education.

208.For if you are full of Me and full of My Word and if you are studying the materials that I have given you to help you understand your children, I will give you a much broader understanding of how to relate to your children. I will help you lead and guide them in the right way without punishment that causes them discouragement and a feeling of hopelessness.

209.Discipline that is administered through correction, leading, and guidance on a daily basis is something that can be built upon and well received by the child. If this is done faithfully and thoroughly and well, built on faithful study and prayerfulness by you, My parent, you will not be faced with problems that seem so difficult to overcome with your children, which cause you frustration, anger and impatience.

210.If you are faithful with these things and administer this child training in the way that I am teaching you to administer it, you will be educating your children in learning how to handle people, how to help them with their problems, how to lead and guide them and train them. This is a valuable gift for any human being to have--to be able to understand the heart of man and to administer what he needs in understanding, love, fairness and conviction, firmness, guiding the offending member to the Word and to good counsel and to good communications.

211.All this is so they might learn and grow and be fully equipped through your counsel and your leading and your guidance, to make the decisions for the right that are needed so that they can become the useful members of My Kingdom I have designed them to be.

212.Discipline is never fruitful when you are forcing a child to go your way simply for your reasons. Discipline is fruitful when you are leading and guiding your child to make the right decisions and do the right things as a result of the counsel that you give him. The good reasoning in your communications helps him to understand all sides of the situation and thereby understand where he has erred. Or through it, he understands where he will err if he happens to choose a certain path to walk down that is not the right path, whether it be in his communications or his actions.

213.So teach My young men and My young women to be fair and just, to be understanding. To do this, you must be fair and just and understanding. You must be filled with conviction and the wisdom of My Spirit, the leading and guidance of My Spirit. This comes through spending time with Me and hearing from Me, following My counsel and My guidance through My Word, and taking the time to ask Me questions about your child. I will teach you how to discipline him, how to train him that he might grow up choosing to follow My ways.

214.Many children that are bringing shame to their parents are those who have been left to themselves and who have not been taught and trained or disciplined on a daily basis, and this ought not so to be. So educate My parents and family that it is better to communicate with the children on a daily basis, that they may grow straight and tall and true, able to make the right decisions, able to do the right things with conviction.

215.So get together, pray together, plan together, discuss together, commit yourselves to this together, and I will lead and guide you and show you what to do. I have not put the doorknob too high. I have not left you visionless. I have not left you without tools. But I have given you the children and I have given you the wherewithal to do the job.

216.You are each gifted and talented. You may need training yourself, but it won't take you long once you sit down and apply yourself. Read, study, and ask Me to give you the aptitude and the ability to absorb the things that you need to absorb to do the maximum job that you can.

217.This is not a Kingdom of just getting by. This is not a Kingdom for doing as little as you can. This is not a Kingdom for letting someone else carry your load and your burden when you are capable of doing the job and the task that I have asked you to do. This is a Kingdom overflowing with opportunity, full of challenge and excitement, and I would that My children have all that they can get!

218.So don't get old yet! Don't stop yet! Don't give up yet! You're as young as I am, when you're full of Me! And that's pretty young, pretty strong, pretty full of faith and vision! You've got it all to give when you've got Me.

Don't Compare!--Just Keep Plugging Away!

219.One thing I'd like to add here is this: Don't compare yourself with anyone else. Don't compare your children with anyone else's and don't let the Enemy hit you with discouragement if, in your commitment to do better, you feel like you can't reach your goals from one day, week or month to the next.

220.Just keep plugging away, because the Enemy is going to do everything he can to try and hinder you, to try to trip you up and to try to pull you back into the morass of frustration and lack of accomplishment in this area. He's going to try to confuse you and get you all muddled.

221.But just keep fighting, because I'm going to give you clear answers and you don't have to take more than one step at a time. Those building blocks will be simple. All My children will be taught of Me, and great shall be the peace of My children, as you come to Me and listen to Me and learn of Me and apply yourself diligently, prayerfully and faithfully, sacrificially. Yes, I know--sacrificially.

222.Apply yourself and you shall do the job that I know you desire to do. Except that corn of wheat fall into the ground and die, it abideth alone. But if it die, My beloved ones, it shall bring forth much fruit.

223.But this dying is gaining life each day. As you die you are renewed. So let this renewal be continual renewal in your children, and they shall be such a joy and fulfillment to your heart. You shall be filled with such pride and such joy, as your children stand with Me and face the kingdom of this world and rule it and reign over it, that there will be no room to contain your pride and your joy!

224.For they will be looked up to. They will be sought after. They will be the ones who will rule and reign with knowledge, understanding, wisdom, compassion and skill. Most of all, they will reign with love and with assurance, for they will know that they are doing what I have trained them to do, what I have called them to do, what I have gifted and talented them to do. They will know that they are fulfilling the mission that I have created them for.

225.My precious parents, oh, what a priceless privilege you have of being parents--trainers, teachers and guides. Parents are so many things. So many valuable and priceless gifts to your children are at your very fingertips, within you, and all around. You, the parent, hold the key to the future for your children and for My Kingdom.

226.You are the trainers and the shepherds of the rulers of tomorrow--their educators. What an honor I have placed in your hands! Each of you is fully capable of doing it with Me and with those around you.

227.I love you! I'm praying for you. I'm counting on you. I need you. I've called you. I've ordained you. I've gifted you. I've trained you, and I've poured out to you all that you need to do your job. Now together, let's do it! The whole future is at stake. (End of message from Jesus.)

228.(Mama:) Thank You, wonderful Jesus, for Your beautiful, beautiful counsel! Thank You for the great privilege You've given us in sharing this liberating, life-changing message with us Yourself. We're just flipped! Thanks for understanding every detail so completely, and having the solution for every problem. We praise You, sweet Lord!

How Can We Put All This into Practice?

229.Jesus, we're so thankful for that valuable counsel, and we want to put into effect all the wonderful solutions You've given. We know our folks really want to give their children the best--and You've mapped out a beautiful plan so clearly for us. Thank You so much. We know that You see our hearts, and You also see the struggles that our dear folks face on a daily basis. Some of them might be saying, "We want to implement all of this wonderful counsel, and we think it's tremendous, but how can we do it, realistically? We just don't know how we're going to find the time!"

230.Lord, we know You gave this message as the solution to the problems we're facing, so You must have the solution for how our folks can realistically apply it to their Homes and put it into effect as well. Please do show us, Jesus. Thank You so much for being our wonderful Answer Man! You don't mind if we keep coming back with more questions--You love to answer us! Thank You Jesus!

231.(Jesus speaking:) My precious parents, I know your hearts. As you read this, on the one hand your heart rejoices, for you know that I have just given you many solutions which will work. You look unto Me with faith, and you believe My Words. But then you look at yourselves and your situation, and your hearts sink within you. You have tried so hard for so long to train your children. You have tried with all that is in you, and have given your blood, sweat and tears--yes, even the very life within you--to the care of your children and your service for Me. Now you look up to Me as you hear this call to greater dedication to your children, and you ask with broken hearts and tears, "How can we, Lord? We long to give our children the best, but our lives are so complicated! There is so much to do, and we are fighting on so many fronts. How can we put this into practice?" You fear even to try, for your hearts are weary, and you feel if you fail one more time, or if you cannot keep up with it, you will be more discouraged than ever.

232.Take heart, My precious loves! I do not give you burdens greater than you are able to bear, and I will not suffer you to be tempted above that you are able. I will make a way of escape! You must do your part--you must step out to obey. At first it will be an investment of time, for you will be pouring in much more than you are getting out. In fact, your children might not show signs of progress right away. All the while you will be neglecting other things--or so it seems to you--while you are pouring into your children, and you do not see any fruit right away.

233.Have patience, My faithful parents. Do your best to follow My Words and My solutions, and you will see them pay off! I promise you that I will help you if you obey this counsel, even if you feel that you are having to give much more than you have within you--you are having to give time which you did not think you could spend. You are having to take the children with you and teach them while you go about your work, and this slows you down. You are having to put other things aside that you wanted to do in order to fulfill their needs. All this seems less fruitful or productive to you than investing time in the other important projects you have before you. Indeed, some of these are pressing and timely, and you must invest in them.

234.I do not mean for you to neglect all other work in order to spend time with your children. But if you receive My Words and My solutions with an open heart, and if you commit yourself to be willing to make the sacrifices needed to spend more time with the children, I will do the miracle of guiding you through, showing you what is a priority, and helping all the other things which you cannot attend to personally to fall into place.

235.It is a matter of rearranging your priorities. I am telling you now that your children are the most important priority you have. I am not saying that you will not be able to work on anything else, or that you must cease all other activities. But I am saying that your investment of time in your children is worthwhile, and you will reap the dividends for all eternity! I gave you these children because I have need of them--I need them to be trained in the ways of the Family, in the ways of the spirit of David, and so I call on you to do this for Me. It is not time wasted or time ill-spent--it is time invested well, for it will be multiplied many times over in the lives of each one who makes the decision for Me! It will be returned to you many times--both in this life, and in the life to come.

236.You say, "But Lord, I desire to spend time with my children, but many times I am not able to, for the circumstances and emergencies press me and overwhelm me. I must tend to them, for they are essential." I understand, dear parents. I walk with you through each day, and I see how busy you are, how necessary are the many duties you care for. But you must now understand that your children are your first duty before Me!

237.I will help to care for the others. I will help you to know how to care for them with your children, or how to delegate them to others so that you can spend time with your children. Even if you are not able to take much time for these other things, if you are dedicated to training your children and willing to make the sacrifices necessary of putting them above other things which you think would be more profitable, I will help you! I will be your extra set of hands, your extra strength, your provision and supply line.

238.Prove Me now, if I will not fulfill My Word! Come unto Me, asking Me how it is that you can give more to your children--those of your household who need you. It could be that it does not require more time, only more dedication or commitment on your part.

239.It could be that you must simply come before Me more often to receive instructions regarding your time with them so that it is more profitable and well-spent, well-invested time. Or it could be that I would like you to put aside some of the other projects you have been investing in and give your children that time. I will show you specifically which projects I will care for while you give of yourselves to your children. Or it could be that I have another means for your children to receive more training from Me--a new outreach method which will inspire them and give them more training in loving others; a new idea for their Word study which will revive their hunger; a way to give them more supervised responsibility in the Home, which will give them a sense of being needed and appreciated.

240.Or it could be that I will just give you the personal Words of encouragement that you need to be re-envisioned, so that your time with them will be more uplifting and inspired. Whatever the need is, I will fill it. Whatever the problem, I have the solution. I only ask that you receive My Words in faith, and then proceed to obey, sawing off the branch beneath you, knowing that I will be there to catch you.

241.Precious ones, trust that I know what I am doing in asking you to do this. I promise that I will do My part as you do yours. "Whatsoever thou spendest, I will repay!" (End of message from Jesus.)

242. (Mama:) Thank You Lord! What wonderful promises! Claim them and hold the Lord to His Word. As He said, you might not see the results right away, but you will! Just take it one step at a time, one day at a time, one goal at a time, like Dad said in "Goals for 1998." As you do what you can, little by little, He will do what you can't.

Love, Mama

Copyright (c) 1998 by The Family