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Ask Mama!--No.1 Maria #440 CM/FM 3192 6/98

Table of Contents:

Dad's Homegoing

Mama's Weaknesses

Mama's Greatest Strength

Mama's NWOs

Mama and the Use of Prophecy

Mama's Differences from Dad

Supernatural Experiences

Mama's Gift of Prophecy

1. (Dad:) Praise the Lord, folks! Usually these days Mama introduces me, but this time I get to introduce Mama! Don't you love her? She sure loves you! That's what she lives for--you! To get the Words to you, to hear from the Lord for you, and to help make your service for the Lord as easy as possible.

2.When I say as easy as possible, I don't necessarily mean that she chooses the seemingly easy route, because her goal is to help you accomplish as much as you can for the Lord in the short time you've got left! And to do that, sometimes you have to scale mountains, you have to forsake your extra baggage, and you wind up with some scratches and bumps! But the view is thrilling and worth it, believe me, and in the end you'll find that following the Lord closely is the easiest route! Oh my, I'd better stop before I really start preaching. I just came to give Mama a little introduction.

3.Would you like to get to know Mama a bit better in a personal way? Do you have personal questions about the way she lives, how she operates, her likes and dislikes, or why she thinks a certain way about something? Well, the Lord thought some of you might like to get to know her better, so we gave her a little nudge and brought along some questions. Being as sweet and yielded as she is, she agreed to answer them for you! Now, if you really know Mama, you know that's very sweet of her. She's not a real "public" type of person, and it's a bit hard for her to share details of her personal life with you all.

4.So you can take it as a sign of her great love that she's willing to answer these questions so honestly and candidly for your benefit! She feels very much just like any one of you, and doesn't feel like anyone special. In one way, the Lord picked her because He knew that she would understand you, because she is so much like you. In another way, she is very special. What makes her that way is her great love and yieldedness to the Lord, and the foundation He's given her through all the Word she has absorbed over the years, and her impeccable obedience to it. God bless her! Her faithfulness with the Words is what made the Family what it is! You owe it to Mama--to her faith in the Lord's Words!

5.Mama's prayer is that through these questions and answers you can also learn lessons--about the Lord's great love for each of us, about the way He works, and about her personally. She wants you to feel very comfortable with her and able to tell her anything. Even though she's shy, she's happy to share all this if it will help you in some way.

6.So Lord bless this little series of questions and answers, and we dedicate them to You. It's all a tribute to You, Lord--to Your love, Your care, Your faithfulness, and Your wisdom. You chose little ol' Mama, and You've made her a great queen--great through her humility before You, and great through her great love and willingness to do anything for You. She has great love for those of Your Kingdom, and You know that and have entrusted them into her care. Thank You Jesus! Make this a blessing, Lord. Help our folks to learn something from it. Help us all to learn to do whatsoever we do all to Your glory. Thank You Jesus!

7.(Mama:) Thank you, Dad. I love you! I certainly don't feel worthy of all that the Lord and Dad have said about me, but I have to trust that the Lord is going to continue to lead the way, as long as we continue to follow closely. Praise the Lord!

8.Okay, just to explain a bit, we've compiled a number of questions. Some have been sent in by you, some our staff members here have asked, and some Dad suggested might be interesting for you. I can't possibly answer them all at once, but I thought maybe you would appreciate getting them in little segments over a period of time, rather than waiting until we're able to complete the whole project and then get it out to you.

9.Like Dad said, it really is my prayer that these can be a blessing to you in some way--not just in learning about my little personal quirks or opinions, but that by helping you get to know me better, I can pass on some of the valuable lessons I've learned from Dad, or things the Lord has shown us recently.

With much love always,

Yours, Mama

Dad's Homegoing

10. (Question:) How did Dad's Homegoing affect you personally?

11.(Mama:) Around the time of Dad's Homegoing, the Lord started really working in my life. I've shared some of the lessons the Lord was teaching me around that time with you in GNs like "Lessons of Love" (ML #2975, Lifelines 22), then the series on "Mama's Love Story" (MLs 2992-2996, 3001-3002, Lifelines 22), and the "Loving Jesus" series (MLs #3024-3025, 3029-3033). As I look back on it now, that was a precious time of drawing closer to the Lord, growing in new areas, and feeling Dad's presence near and dear in the spirit.

12.Of course, there were obviously changes in my physical life, too. Sleeping alone at night, not having Dad there to talk to, counsel with, pray with and care for, etc., was a big change for me, and it took me a while to adjust. I missed Dad, of course, as I loved him very dearly, but it didn't take me long to realize that he really was still right there with us as he had promised he would be, whispering in my ear, and still very much in charge and working behind the scenes. I think he even said somewhere that he was having more success in getting me to do what he wanted me to do now than he did when he was on Earth, because now from the spirit world he could work on my heart and help to bring about the changes that he saw I needed.

13.I think the greatest effect Dad's Homegoing had on me was getting me very desperate with the Lord. Realizing that the responsibility of the Family was falling on my shoulders, and feeling very incapable of that great responsibility, really got me desperate! It was through those times of desperation and crying out to the Lord for His help, asking Him to help me draw closer to Him and hear His voice more clearly, that the Lord gave us the precious gift of being able to love Him intimately, and He began showing us how much more He wanted to speak to us directly through prophecy.

14.I would also say that during the period of time right after Dad went to be with the Lord I began to realize how much I needed others. I became a lot more appreciative of the dear co-workers the Lord had given me, and we began to work together more closely as a team. Not that we didn't before, but I guess it was just a deeper realization of how very much I needed them, and what a special gift of the Lord's love it was for me that He had blessed me with such wise and loving teammates.

15.Of course, it was also just several months after Dad's Homegoing that the Lord put Peter and me together, which was another big wonderful change for me--one that I thank the Lord for every day! Thank You Jesus!

Mama's Weaknesses

16.(Question:) Are there things about yourself that you don't like or that you're not satisfied with?

17.(Mama:) Yes, of course! I'm just like you, and I have weaknesses of the flesh and of the spirit that the Lord uses to keep me humble, desperate and dependent on Him. When you see that someone has weaknesses but they can still be greatly used of the Lord, then you give the glory to the Lord, because you know that it's only His power and His anointing.

18.Just like you, I have things that I constantly have to fight, things that I have to try to overcome, things that I wish I were stronger in, more accomplished in, more versatile in, more capable in, because I feel they would make me more useful to the Lord, a better vessel for Him, and a greater help to Peter and all of you.

19.I would like to be able to express myself more effectively, be less shy, and have more wisdom and understanding. I would even like to be able to change things about my physical appearance that I don't like. But the Lord uses all these things to keep me humble and meek and weak in my own strength. The Lord has given me so much wealth of the Spirit and honored me so highly that He has to use other things in my life to keep me humble and weak.

20.The Lord told me once that He uses my flesh and the weaknesses of my fleshin not being as strong physically as others to keep me walking and moving and seeking and probing into the Spirit at the right pace that's good not only for me, but for the needs of others. He said He has to slow me down a little here and there. He uses the weaknesses of my flesh and even my weakness of having to struggle to express myself, to dictate, to write, my struggle to work in the physical to get things done, to keep me at a good pace so others can follow me.

21.Also, my weaknesses give hope to others that they can follow. This way you can believe that He can work through you too, that He can use you too, and that He can make you into the vessels of love that He wants you to be.

Mama's Greatest Strength

22. (Question:) What is your greatest strength?

23.(Mama:) Oh my, that's a hard one to answer! It's hard because I really don't feel like I have any natural strengths, and it's even hard for me to see very many spiritual ones. But I have to take it by faith that I must have them, because the Lord has put me in this job. Well, since I don't know what my strengths are, it's pretty hard to judge which is the greatest or most important. The only way I knew to get an answer on that was to ask the Lord, and this is what He said:

24.(Jesus speaking:) My dear queen, your greatest strength lies in your prayerfulness and connection with Me. In this sense, your weakness is your greatest strength. In your weakness of body you have remained close by My side and have been very desperate for My strength to come through you. In your so-called weakness of feeling unsure of yourself or hesitant when you have to make big decisions, you have come before Me with nothing in your hands, lifting the choices up to Me, and letting Me make the decisions. In your inability to remember many things, you've had to rely on My memory and My ability to remind you as you take those quiet moments with Me.

25.This strength of great prayerfulness and dependence upon Me through your weakness is your greatest asset, and it is through this that you are able to remain so on track, so completely in line with My plan and direction, and so close to My side. My lovely one, your weaknesses have made room for your greatest strength to be cultivated, and you have turned to Me at each moment, making it a solid habit, and thus you are very strong in this area. I am able to use this to strengthen every area of your life, as you continue to turn to Me at every moment. (End of message from Jesus.)

26.(Mama:) The Lord brings out a very interesting point in that message, how the fact that I'm so weak, and I acknowledge that I have these weaknesses, makes room for the Lord's strength, because I'm constantly acknowledging Him. Sometimes people have qualities which they consider to be great strengths, but if it's a natural strength, they have to be very prayerful to make sure they're letting the Lord use it for His glory. Otherwise, it can be more of a weakness in that they always proceed a certain way or have a certain reaction to things, when the Lord might very well be trying to do something different in that situation.

27.So even strengths can be weaknesses if people are not being prayerful and they're operating in the arm of the flesh. In my case the Lord said that it is my very weakness which is my greatest strength, because I know that I don't know what to do, so I'm faithful to ask Him and follow Him.

28.Of course, if you do have natural strengths, they don't have to be weaknesses. If you're desperate and you come before the Lord and show yourself weak before Him, asking Him for His direction, His leading, His ideas and confirmation, He will use your natural strengths to help get the job done. But this way you'll be operating in sync with Him, and thus He's able to use them for His glory.

Mama's NWOs

29.(Question:) What is your greatest NWO and what have you done to strengthen this area?

30.(Mama:) That's a good question! I think I would have to say that whatever I'm working on at the moment is what I'd consider my greatest need-work-on area. Of course, I have certain besetting sins which I have to constantly fight to overcome and make progress in, like the ones that were listed in the Letter with my personal goals. (See "Mama's Personal Goals and Prayer Requests for 1998," ML #3165, GN 771.) The Lord helps me to learn more about these problem areas so that I don't fall into them so easily. I don't know that any one of them would be considered my "greatest" NWO, because the Lord does keep me in check in those areas, and I've asked Peter and others to help me with them as well.

31.Whereas, when the Lord speaks to me about an area of my life that He's working on, that's really my greatest NWO for the moment. That's what I concentrate on and really fight for victories in. For example, recently the Lord has been speaking to us, and to me personally, about including Him more in all of our little activities. He's told us how much He enjoys being included, and how much He can help us when we're constantly acknowledging Him.

32.Although I've learned a lot about prayerfulness, when the Lord spoke to us about that, I really prayed and made an effort to do that more. I shared the lesson with our Home, and we began to put an empty chair for Jesus in our meetings, as a reminder that He was there with us. We prayed and asked the Lord to check us and help us acknowledge Him more throughout our conversations, discussions and work projects. I also made an effort to pray more when I was talking with people about situations, although that's something I've fought to make a habit for quite a while now, and generally I do it quite faithfully. But the Lord wanted us to include Him even more, so that was what I really worked on in my personal life.

33.There have been other times when I notice something in my life which I feel is not pleasing to the Lord, or the Lord checks me about something, or even gives a message through one of our channels which mentions something. I really try to work on it then, and fight to improve in that area.

34.I guess that doesn't really answer your question of which specific NWO I would consider my greatest one, because I consider whichever one the Lord has asked me to work on at the moment the one which He knows I need to work on the most. So for that time, it is the area which needs the greatest work in my life!

35.Thank the Lord, He's so faithful to help us when we really go on the attack and take the steps He's asked of us in order to help us make the needed progress. Whether it's asking for united prayer, going to His Word on the subject, confessing and asking for help from our teamworkers and Home members, taking more time to spend with Him, asking Him to help us build new habits--or all of the above--He is so faithful to take two steps for us when we take one for Him!

Mama and the Use of Prophecy

36. (Question:) How do you use prophecy, aside from receiving the Lord's revelations for your personal guidance and direction and for guiding the Family through the Letters?

37.(Mama:) As you can imagine from all that we've published on the importance of prophecy, the need for prophecy, and the many benefits and blessings of using this beautiful gift of the Lord, I use prophecy quite a bit. I use it not only in my work of preparing the GNs for you, but in just about every area of my life as well. It seems the more I use prophecy or see other people use prophecy, and the more I hear prophecy or read prophecies, and the more I see the wonderful answers and clear direction and solutions the Lord and Dad give through prophecy, the more I'm convinced that it's a tremendous way to know God's will and the more I want to use it!

38.Dad told us that prayer and our communing with Heaven should be as natural to us as breathing. Although I've got a long ways to go, I'm beginning to find that I turn more and more to the Lord and Dad for their direction, even about little things, which before I wouldn't have thought about asking for a prophecy about. I figure that since the Lord has told us how much He likes to give us the answers, and that He really wants to be a part of our lives in every way, how much better and easier and surer it is if I just ask Him about everything.

39.I try to do that as much as possible, not only in the big weighty matters of the Family and our worldwide work and the GNs, but in my personal life and in our Home life, too.It gives me that peace of mind and heart of knowing that I'm doing the right thing and making the right decisions.

40.For example, the other day I heard our Home was planning on having a united "Loving Jesus" time of fellowship in the living room, and suddenly the Lord spoke to me and said, "I'd really love it if you were there too!" I can't usually attend most of our Home's united activities because of my schedule and workload, but this was a special "Loving Jesus" time, and I didn't want to miss out!

41.Everybody was already there, singing to Jesus with their eyes closed, when I walked in, and I was wondering where I should sit. At first glance it looked like most of the seats were taken. But then I noticed a comfy chair in the back which turned out to be just perfect for me. It was comfortable, and not too much in the center of attention.

42.Later on when I was back in my room, after our beautiful time of loving Jesus and singing to Him, the Lord gave me a sweet little message about how He had prepared that chair ahead of time just for me. He said that I've been faithful to remember Him when we have meetings and set an empty chair for Him, so He in return set an empty chair there for me.

43.That was a very sweet little message which encouraged me, but if I hadn't taken the time to listen to Him and hear what He wanted to tell me, I would have missed that beautiful touch of His love. So even though this is just a small example of how prophecy is comforting and strengthening to me, and I could give you many more examples of other important times when the Lord or Dad have helped me through their personal Words of love, it's one of the things that I love about prophecy--it's such a great encouragement.

44.We don't have to be going through a battle to hear His loving Words of comfort or inspiration, but of course when we are, it's even more of an encouragement and strength. The folks in our Home often share with me the beautiful messages they've received when they've prayed about their personal battles or tests. Because they've been faithful to pray and seek the Lord's answers and direction, they've been able to grow and mature spiritually, be strengthened in some of their weak areas, and win great victories.

45.Another area where Peter and I usually use prophecy is when we're going to have dates with others. The first thing we do is ask the Lord about the idea. Whenever possible, we like to ask the Lord when is the best day and time; what we should talk about; if there's anything in particular that He knows would be good to talk about, or good not to talk about. We've found that when we pray and hear from the Lord before a date, it makes the date even more beautiful and meaningful because we're following His instructions.

46.Some of the folks here who also do this have mentioned that even if they just take a few minutes before their dates to hear from the Lord and receive a message of encouragement or direction, it's helped them to feel less nervous, or to have more faith to take the step in sharing with new people. In the case of mated couples, hearing from the Lord about their dates with others has given them both the conviction that it's the Lord's will, has made things much easier, and has made their times of reaching outside their relationship loving and fruitful.

47.I also use prophecy, as do the folks in the Home, when I'm suffering from a physical affliction, to find out the cause and reasons for it, what can be done about it and what not to do, and any instructions, counsel, and encouragement from the Lord or Dad.

48.Those are just a couple of examples. I could give you many more, but I hope this helps to give you an idea of how I personally use prophecy and what it means to me, and what a wonderful part of my life it is.

49.For your interest, I've included a list that I asked some members of our Home to compile, detailing some of the specific ways that we use prophecy in our Home. It's an interesting list and might be helpful to you. We're all striving to learn to use the new weapon of prophecy more in our daily lives, and these are some of the things we've found it very helpful to hear from the Lord about:

What to do for

prayer meetings and/or prayer day


birthday parties or evening activities

appreciation nights

landlord visits

follow-up visits

free days or relaxation time

witnessing trips/road trips

get-out--which kind is best suited to your needs

sexy love-up times with Jesus


Whether to

go to the doctor/dentist

visit your relatives

get stitches or other medical treatment, or undergo tests such as X-rays or ultrasound examinations

take a certain medication

write someone a letter, and if so, what to write them

Go for the Gold (when lovemaking)

wear contact lenses

play a certain sport

take vitamins

watch a certain movie

What to do about

computer problems

personal problems

room changes

losing weight

special diets (if they're needed, and if so, what type)

physical afflictions (headaches, insomnia, etc.)

sickness in the Home

personality conflicts

financial problems


you got a cold or got sick

you had an accident or hurt yourself

you've been having nightmares or bad dreams

you're feeling discouraged, sad, lonely, etc.

you got stopped by the police (even for routine questioning about the car papers, etc.)

Other things to ask the Lord about or for:

things you don't understand in the Word

things you don't understand about a prophecy you received

making large purchases (new vehicle, etc.)

movies and their content and lessons involved

dealing with jealousy battles

how to address delicate personal matters with co-workers, friends or mates

how to better manage your time

lost items

words of appreciation to give to others for special occasions

work priorities

encouragement for someone

Mama's Differences from Dad

50.(Question:) What are the major personality differences between you and Dad? How do these affect your leadership? In other words, in what ways do you have different methods of operation because of your personality traits?

51.(Mama:) Dad and I were, and probably still are, very different by nature. For one thing, Dad was very adventurous and just loved change. You've seen that from the Letters, how he loved to move, to see new places, to go exploring, to try new things. If there wasn't someplace new that he could go, and the Lord showed him it wasn't time to move yet, he would change around our room for variety, or would do some new project in the house to improve something. He was always changing things!

52.When the Lord would give him an idea of some new place to go or pioneer, he always wanted to be right there on the scouting team. He loved to travel and be on the move, whereas that is something that is much harder for me by nature. At times it was even a test for me when Dad would want to move so often. I often would have much preferred to stay longer in some places, where we were already set up and more "comfortable."

53.But I learned from Dad how good change was for us, and how much the Lord used it in our lives to keep us desperate with Him and moving and changing and keeping ourselves out of ruts. I found that when I accepted it as from the Lord, it was much easier to take, and I saw the wisdom in it. But it's still not my nature to want to move a lot or go out much, and traveling for me is a very big deal!

54.Another way that Dad and I were very different was that Dad was naturally much more open about his personal life. He loved to share all sorts of details that really killed me sometimes, ha! Well, they killed my pride, which was good. But by nature I'm much more conservative or private. Dad was very unpretentious and uninhibited because he really didn't care what people thought! He would tell people all sorts of things that I would have never dreamed of sharing with them, things that would later get printed for the whole Family. The Lord used that to help me to learn to be more open, and showed me time and again what good fruit honesty and openness bore.

55.I'm sure you all can testify that Dad's honesty, sharing all, using all sorts of little personal details to teach you all he could--from sex, to time on the toilet, to personal mistakes, blow-its, and his discouragement--was a tremendous help to you. The Lord used it to get across many lessons which possibly would not have come across any other way. It was a great strength that Dad had. And as he often said, it not only kept him humble, but it was a good example for others to follow. It gave all the glory to Jesus--not to speak of the very good lessons which you all saw clearly, due to his willingness to use his personal examples to teach you.

56. Dad was a tremendous teacher and enjoyed talking to people, holding meetings and teaching classes, whereas I'm shyer by nature. So that's another difference in our personalities, but one which I've made a lot of progress in overcoming since he went to be with the Lord--all glory to Jesus! I find it easier to lead meetings now, and as one of our folks here said, I can talk a lot! Ha!

57.Dad's freedom in sex was another way that we were very different in our personalities. But as you can see, the Lord used Dad's complete lack of inhibitions to start a whole Revolution and give us all very good training and much more Godly attitudes in that area. Thank the Lord!

58.In all of these areas that I've listed here, I've made lots of progress, by God's grace! The Lord has helped me to become more open and willing to share with all of you the things I've gone through--my personal lessons and battles--which was a big step for me, but one that I hear has also been a big help to many of you.

59.Moving and changing and traveling is another area that's gotten much easier for me over the years, and now it's to the point where I almost enjoy it--and do really enjoy it under certain circumstances. At least it's much easier for me to be yielded when the Lord asks it of us or suggests it.

60.And of course, living with Dad for all those years I couldn't help but lose some of my pride in the area of sexual inhibitions or wanting to be more conservative. I'm really glad, because it's helped me to enjoy sex more, as well!

61.When I asked the Lord how these personality differences have affected our leadership, and you as the Family, the Lord said:

62.(Jesus speaking:) My Father David was a revolutionary! Though he was a strong man, because of his great love for Me he was willing to do anything that I would ask of him, and I was able to use him greatly. He was a man after My Own heart, and how I rejoiced at his completion of his mission there on Earth and his joining Me here in My Heavenly Kingdom. He is at My right hand, and remains My ambassador--acting as intercessor and messenger between you, My precious children of David, and the courts of Heaven.

63.He's still a revolutionary at heart, and He loves the change and excitement of the realms of the Spirit! This has not been quenched in him. No, he's more revolutionary than ever! I put this within his natural man, for I knew that he would need it for his mission there on Earth. I could have given it to him supernaturally, but I chose to give it to him as a natural strength, that he would love the change, the force, the metanoia needed to lead My children and start the Revolution.

64.My precious, tender queen, Maria, I also fitted perfectly for her mission. I gave her natural qualities which acted as a balance to My King David, and when used in harmony with his qualities, they were a powerful strength, and desperately needed. I also knew that through her feelings, her natural hesitancies, she would be very desperate with Me and very prayerful, moving much slower than My Father David would have moved in the natural. This is one of the great strengths which I have given her, which I knew she would need in these Last Days.

65.For the days of depending on the natural anointing which I have given you have passed. The days of depending on past experience, past knowledge, your carnal reasoning, or what to you makes perfect sense--all of this will not be sufficient anymore. So I perfectly equipped My dear queen, knowing that she would in these days inherit the mantle and the responsibility of leading My children, and that the gifts which would serve her the best were those of great prayerfulness and dependence upon Me.

66.I also knew that she would be more relatable to you in this way. My Father David was very special--one of a kind! He was fashioned by My hand for a specific purpose, but there are very few who can relate to the talents and strengths and the drive which I gave him. His reactions, which to him came very naturally, while they were much in line with the way I was moving and doing things, would not come naturally to many others. And so it was that he was My prophet and My anointed--a special tool in My hand.

67.Whereas My dear queen and prophetess, Maria, has experienced many of the trials and battles which are common to you. She's had to exercise great faith to step out on the water to fulfill the mission which I placed before her. She's had to leave behind her pride and her natural tendencies to follow Me in many areas--in saying erotic words of love to Me; in reaching out to share love, affection, and intimate sharing with others; in overcoming her jealousy or natural possessiveness; in exercising her gift of prophecy--all areas which I am requiring you to grow in as well, My precious children.

68.And so I present to you your queen--one touched with the feeling of your infirmities, your high priestess and intercessor, who feels your feelings and understands your hesitancies, for she has experienced the same. Yet she has overcome them through her great love for Me, her faith in My power, and her obedience, willingness and yieldedness, proving that you can also overcome.

69.I highly honor her for her willingness to bear these weaknesses for the sake of you, her flock. She gives her life for you daily as she takes up her cross to follow Me. She calls you to come, to follow closely, so that she may reach down with her hand to help pull you up. She begs you to stay close behind Me, the great Shepherd, for I lead the way and will bring you safely up the mountain. The way is easier when you stay close behind and can follow in her footsteps.

70.I knew of the terrain that would need to be crossed in these days, so I made your queen tender, gentle, soft, slow, and patient, for I knew that was what you needed. However, she also has the mantle of your Father David, and is willing to go and do anything for Me! Thus combined, she is My prophetess of the End, and will lead you, My children, till the End. (End of message from Jesus.)

Supernatural Experiences

71. (Question:) Have you ever had any supernatural experiences, like seeing a ghost or having something strange happen to you?

72.(Mama:) Well, I haven't seen a ghost yet, but a couple of the folks in our Home have seen Dad--twice!--If you want to call him a ghost! Both times were when they were out on walks. One time they both saw Dad sitting in a vehicle, and he waved and smiled and winked at them. Later, when they asked the Lord about it, Dad said:

73.(Dad speaking:) Don't let that ol' Devil steal your joy! And I certainly don't want you to let him steal your reward when I show up to encourage you with a smile and a wave and a look of love. That was my own little token of love for you, Honey, a little reward of love. So don't let the Devil come in and steal it away by trickin' you with doubt!

74.And especially don't let that ol' boy steal your faith, Honey. That's how he likes to work. The Lord shows you something, or the Lord allows you to see something--He reveals some far-out truth, or a picture or something to you--and then right away Satan's there on the job trying to cast doubt--instantaneously sometimes! So you've gotta just sock him back! Just sock it to him and refuse to listen when he tries to trick you or come in with his blah, blah, "explain it away" gibberish and nonsense, trying to debunk the truth of God!

75.I just couldn't resist, Honey! When I saw you girls walking along, I just couldn't resist giving you both a smile and a wink and a look of love to encourage you! Why not? Of course that was me, Honey! I keep my eye on you gals, and let me tell ya, you both sure do keep up a good pace when you go walkin'! I just can't resist sometimes actually coming and letting you sneak a peek at me, just as a little special reward and encouragement and comfort.

76.That first time you caught a glimpse of me last year--that was me all right! You caught me in my long robe and all! Ha! And today, well, sure as shootin', that was yours truly! Honey, anything is possible if you believe. And why shouldn't I have borrowed the use of that vehicle to give you a quick wink and a wave and a smile? Anything is possible in the spirit, Honey!

In the spirit, in the spirit,

You can travel far and wide,

In the spirit, in the spirit,

I'm not bound by time or tide!

In the spirit, in the spirit,

I'm here and thither and yon.

In the spirit, in the spirit,

We can strengthen our sweet love bond.

In the spirit, in the spirit,

I blow a kiss, and give a squeeze!

In the spirit, in the spirit,

I swoosh right down upon the breeze!

In the spirit, in the spirit,

I wave and say hello,

In the spirit, in the spirit,

I like livin' where anything goes!

In the spirit, in the spirit,

You are really, really wise!

In the spirit, ohhhh the spirit,

It can make your brain capsize!

Sweet mysteries of the spirit,

How I love'm, so wild and free!

In the spirit, in the spirit,

Won't you come along with me?

In the spirit, in the spirit,

I keep close watch over all my gals!

In the spirit, in the spirit,

I love to make you go, go, go--oh wow!

In the spirit, in the spirit,

I come visit, and give a wink!

In the spirit, in the spirit,

Stay alert, don't miss a blink!

In the spirit, in the spirit,

Yes, that's the place to be,

In tune with His Holy Spirit,

So won't you come along with me?

In the spirit, in the spirit,

It's the only way to operate.

In the spirit, in the spirit,

Stay on time, now don't be late!

Don't miss the latest in the spirit,

'Cause there's lots more to which you'll thrill!

In the spirit, in the spirit,

Oh, you'll never get your fill!

In the spirit, in the spirit,

I'll keep breakin' all your jars,

In the spirit, in the spirit,

Come fly with me to distant stars!

In the spirit, in the spirit,

How I love to love my gals!

In the spirit, in the spirit,

You make me go zippity, flip, and wow!

In the spirit, in the spirit,

It's the only way to go!

In the spirit, in the spirit,

There's lots more for me to show!

So stay tuned to His Holy Spirit

All throughout the day,

In the spirit, in the spirit,

I've got much, much more to say!

(End of message from Dad.)

77.(Mama:) I was supposed to be telling you about my supernatural experiences, but I was reminded of that one and thought you'd might like to hear about that too! I'm sure some of the rest of you have probably seen Dad too, because he's been visiting all his children.

78.I don't consider myself at all spiritually sensitive to unusual spiritual happenings, and that's why it's so amazing when I experience anything out of the ordinary. However, one night about a year ago, when Peter was gone on one of his visitation trips and the rest of the Family was in the living room celebrating one of our members' birthdays, I was in my room alone. And after riding my exercise bike for a little while, I went into the next room for something. The lights were on, and I sat down on the couch, but out of the corner of my eye, I caught a movement.

79.I turned and looked slightly behind me to where there was a little side table with a candle on it, which we hardly ever light. However, the candle was burning, and had obviously been burning for a few minutes. I thought, "How strange! Who would have lit this candle?"

80.Rose, our dear helper, who comes in and out of the room sometimes, is always careful not to disturb things or change anything around or do anything without asking. I just couldn't imagine that she would have lit the candle, especially since there were other lights on in the room. There was really no reason to light it. I called her and asked her about it, and she confirmed that, no, she hadn't even been there, and she was pretty sure that no one else had either.

81.It didn't take me long to realize that it was probably something supernatural, some little sign that the Lord was giving me. Well, I certainly wanted to find out why it had happened, so I asked dear Rose to hear from the Lord in prophecy about it. I was so glad afterwards that we hadn't just wondered about it, but instead we'd gone to the Lord to find out exactly what had happened, because we would have missed out on so much if we hadn't asked. He said:

82.(Jesus speaking:) "Light, light, light, light! It's so good! It's only Me. It's only Me." I love light! Candles! They reflect Me and My power, and they affect you in a good way. They get you in the mood to receive My gentle love. They also represent things, like everyone's prayers for you. They symbolize prayer power. So candles are good, and I love them and like to light them.

83.Think it not strange that I lit this candle, for I am able to do anything! I want to encourage you, to make you feel My presence, to make you feel My power, to let you know that you're not alone. I want to make things pleasant for you. I want you to enjoy life and enjoy Me, and together we'll have our party. There's so much we can do together, you and I. We can do anything, for with Me all things are possible!

84.So relax, My love, and let Me do things for you! This is just a small thing compared to all that I will do--a symbol of My power! We'll have a great time! I just love to surprise you with My surprises that will thrill your heart and soul! For you are My bride of faith and love that I have chosen, and I love and adore you! You just need to put your hand in Mine and lay your head on My bosom, and we'll be one and will bear fruit together as we unite. Oh, how I love you! (End of message from Jesus.)

85.(Mama:) When Rose turned in this message to me, she accompanied it by a note saying, "As I was praying, I was amazed to find out that it was actually the Lord Himself Who lit the candle for you. Before praying I had really no idea, but thought that it could possibly have been lit by an angel or one of your spirit helpers. As I was praying, though, it was like I saw a picture of you and the Lord together in your room, where He is your Husband doing things for you, like lighting the candle and taking good care of you. It's so beautiful how He Himself is so concerned about you, in every little detail that you can imagine. I love you, Mama! Lots of love, Rose."

86. I had another very interesting experience just the other day. This time it was in the morning as Peter and I were getting up. I had bumped my hand lightly against a vase of artificial flowers that was by the bed, and immediately afterwards I saw a little flash of light. I have no idea why it happened at that time, but just as I was getting out of bed I saw the flash out of the corner of my right eye. It was just a little pinpoint of light, as though a tiny flashlight had been quickly flashed from about the top of my head to my shoulder. Every time I would turn my head to the right, I would see it flash again.

87. Even stranger was the fact that this kept up for several hours! By that time I couldn't wait any longer; I figured it wasn't going to go away, and I had to ask the Lord for a confirmation of what I suspected this little flash indicated. It didn't bother me at all, but I was eager to see if I was right about what it was. Sure enough, when we asked the Lord about it, He told us it was one of my little spirit helpers--an angel on my shoulder!

88. He said: "Like the rustling of the leaves of the plants in your room, sometimes I let these little physical manifestations of your spirit helpers be known to you to encourage and inspire you that they're with you. You have both big and small angels helping you. Many are the helpers of Maria! They love you and they delight to help their queen! This little flash of light that you see out of the corner of your eye is just a little glimpse of the angel who is there helping you in the little things. She helped you so that you didn't knock anything over and hurt yourself. You felt her brush against your arm as she touched you, and you saw a tiny flash of her presence in that little pinpoint of light. She's still there with you, and helps to take care of you.

89. "Just like the tiny fairy images portrayed on TV, which zip around through the air leaving a trail of sparkles, so is she a tiny helper that zips around your room, helping to keep you safe from accidents and hurts. She's My blessing to you and a gift of My love. She wants to make things as easy as possible for you to do your work, so I have sent her to help. I promised that I would give you the anointing and help that you needed to do your work in record time, and she's part of the plan. Being able to do your work well means that you also need your exercise, your sleep and times of rest, and this little angel is there to help keep your environment nice and peaceful and accident-free for the sake of your work, your health and your happiness." (End of message from Jesus.)

90. (Mama:) Now, several days later, I can still see my little angel sometimes when I turn my head, although not as brightly as I did at first. However, at night if it is very dark she shows up very brightly. Isn't the Lord sweet?

91. The "rustling of the leaves" that the Lord spoke of above happened a couple of years ago when, curiously enough, the leaves of a big artificial plant in my bedroom started gently moving while I was lying on the bed working. No one else was in the room, the doors and windows were closed, and there was no natural way that it could've happened. Several days later the same thing happened. I knew it had to be some kind of spiritual manifestation, although it was not until much later that I asked the Lord about it.--Because at that time we weren't so in the habit of going to Him for every single thing.

92. Here's what Dad said about it: "Honey, there are so many spirit helpers, angels and protectors in and around your room that sometimes it gets a little crowded! That's what happened those times that you saw the leaves move. One of these spirits passed by that tall plant and rubbed against the leaves. The Lord let that happen as a sign to reassure you that you're being watched over and helped from the Spirit. It was your guardian angels round your bed watching over you and taking care of you!

93. "They love to be there with you, and sometimes they want to give you a glimpse of their presence, to let you know with a physical sign that everything is okay. Oh, they love to help you, Honey! They love fussing over you and making sure everything is being taken care of. You've got lots of helpers! Many are the helpers of Maria, and many are the helpers of Peter. They're on the job all the time, daytime or nighttime, and depending on what you need, they come quickly to help. They minister to you in the night, in your sleep--they give you good thoughts and ideas, and prepare your thinking. Just like they did such things for me when I was on Earth, they're now doing them for you.

94. "They give you things in the spirit. They minister to your spiritual needs and help you. They help you to understand the ways of the Spirit and to pass on the Words of the Lord. Many are the helpers of Maria, many good helpers from Heaven! So the rustling of the leaves was really the rustling of the Spirit." (End of message from Dad.)

Mama's Gift of Prophecy

95. (Question:) Is your gift of prophecy still a "baby gift," or has it grown up yet?

96.(Mama:) My gift is still very much a "baby gift." Thank the Lord, He's been helping me to be faithful to practice and exercise it, but I still have a long ways to go! I guess one reason the Lord has allowed my gift to progress slowly is as an encouragement to you, some of whom are also just starting out, and perhaps struggle sometimes feeling like you really should be getting more lengthy, or specific, or clearer prophecies.

97.I battle with the same feelings from time to time, feeling my gift is not adequate for asking the Lord questions when I really need a specific answer, because I just don't get specifics! For the most part the Lord has used my gift of prophecy to give me little messages of encouragement or direction, and on occasion to instruct me in something. I'm very thankful for the messages I do get, but it is sometimes quite a struggle for me. By no means would I describe my gift as "flowing" or "eloquent."

98.I've asked the Lord about it several times, wondering why I can't get certain things,or why the Lord has chosen to bring me along so slowly. He's reassured me every time that I'm right on His schedule, and that He's teaching me what I need to learn and giving me what I need. He's told me that right now I don't need a flowing gift of prophecy--but I do need to practice with what I've got, and trust that in His time I'll be able to receive more.

99.I know the day will come when I'll have to give much more, and the Lord will use my gift in that day and it will be adequate for the need. Right now the Lord has said that He's given me many others with more exercised gifts, who are able to help me with the specifics and lengthier messages that I need, and that as the winetaster, that's what I need to be doing.

100.Maybe the Lord knows that if I had a more "mature" gift of prophecy, I'd feel obligated to get more of the messages myself, and there just wouldn't be time for me to get them all. As it is right now, I really need the help of my other channels. And because I'm not able to get the specific or lengthy messages myself, I don't hesitate to call on them to receive them. But if I was able to do them myself, I would probably feel more obligated to get them myself, thus we wouldn't get as many, or I would just have too much to do.

101.So the Lord in His mercy has continued to bring me along slowly, while at the same time blessing me with other channels who can help me, all the while teaching me faith and patience and important lessons on how to hear from Him.

102.I'm very thankful for this experience, as I believe I'm battling with many of the same battles you have faced, or are facing, in learning to hear from the Lord. In so doing, I've been able to ask the Lord about these things, and we have a whole lot of very good answers about prophecy, which we'll be getting to you as soon as possible, Lord willing. Please pray for us that we can compile and get these out in a way that will be the greatest blessing to you!

103.So I'm very thankful for these experiences I've had, of struggling to receive the little tiny messages from the Lord, for it's given me great compassion and understanding and appreciation for you all. Not that I didn't appreciate your effort in receiving prophecy before, but I must say that through my personal experience this has been greatly enhanced. I'm really praying for all of you as you continue to be desperate with the Lord, seeking Him and learning the lessons He has for you, so that you can be ever clearer and more open channels for His wonderful Words! Praise the Lord! I love you!

Copyright (c) 1998 by The Family