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HEAVENLY BIRTHDAYS! Maria #441 CM/FM 3193 6/98

Dear Family,

1.God bless you! I love you! It's wonderful to be able to share our precious Husband's love with you through His Words. It seems His treasure chest of Heaven is never empty, and He just keeps pouring down His loving Words of comfort, encouragement, instruction and guidance--all that we need! And I'm thrilled that He keeps making a way for us to get them out to you as fast as we can! We love passing on His Words to you in all forms, and we pray that they're accomplishing His purpose in your life. Just when we wonder what else He's planning on sending us through His Heavenly tube--or maybe better said, we're not even wondering or expecting anything--He surprises us with something straight out of the blue--His beautiful blue Heaven! (See ML #1172:37, GN Book 8.)

2.This GN is full of His surprises and blessings, and Peter and I are very happy to share them with you! Two of them are Jesus' birthday party messages to both Peter and me, and we're happy that you can be a part of our little birthday celebrations in Heaven! That's right, you'll see as you read that Jesus and Dad and others in Heaven had a birthday celebration for Peter's birthday, and they're planning one for mine! Isn't that sweet? The wonderful thing is, apparently they do it for everyone! Praise the Lord! So when your birthday comes up, if you ask, maybe they'll tell you what's happening in the Heavenlies to celebrate your birthday! Doesn't that make birthdays even more special--to know that our loved ones in Heaven are thinking about us?

3.Even though by the time you read about Peter's Heavenly birthday party, his earthly birthday will have already passed, I wanted to include the account of his Heavenly birthday party in this GN, along with how mine is going to be celebrated, so that you could enjoy reading about them both together.

4.I also wanted to share with you something very special and very beautiful which you will read at the end of the GN--something that happened to both Peter and me before we came to Earth! It's about a conversation that each of us had with Jesus before He sent us to Earth on our earthly missions, and the things that He decided to share with us now from these conversations. Of course, neither of us remember having these conversations with Jesus, and it came as rather a revelation that these things happen in the spirit world! But it's certainly a sweet touch of His love to us, and we wanted to share it with you, our precious loved ones. We pray it will be a blessing and inspiration to you, too.

5. As you read these conversations and the words that the Lord had to say to both Peter and me, please keep in mind that we are like you, creatures of like passions. We also have our trials, battles, faults and failings, and it's very humbling to hear such beautiful words of appreciation from the Lord. But as He's said before, He's as a blind man that sees only the beauty in his bride, not all the faults and defects. And I'm sure He would have similar things to say about you, dear ones, who He loves equally as much. He loves you just as much as He loves me or Peter or anyone else! In fact, if you ask Him for a recounting of your own Heavenly conversation, I'm sure He'd be happy to oblige and you'll probably be pleasantly surprised at all He [has] to say about you! I love you!

Text box:

(Jesus speaking:) "The day of your birth is a glorious day, and not one of My children's birthdays go unnoticed. Everybody down there on Earth has somebody up Here who knows them personally and who often celebrates their birthday. Sometimes just a group of friends will get together and celebrate your birth. Maybe you don't have any loved ones that have passed on to This Side yet, but you have your spirit helpers and friends that you knew before leaving Heaven for your mission on Earth. I know about each birthday party, and I rejoice on the day of your birth with all of the angels in Heaven." (From "Happy Birthday," Zine 19, page 20, which has more on birthdays in Heaven!)

Mama's Birthday Party in Heaven--And on Earth!

6.(Jesus speaking:) We're all going to gather in this big amphitheater, and as many of the hosts of Heaven who so desire are invited to come and celebrate the Queen of the End's life and her birthday. In this huge, open-air amphitheater, there's a huge screen, almost like the movie screens they have in the theaters on Earth, except much larger and much clearer. It's picture perfect, and the surround-sound is just incredible! I've left the invitation open so that as many people can come as possible, whoever has the time and isn't involved with other timely projects.

7.We're going to watch clips of your life from your birth through your childhood, your teen years, your life with Dad, and your life with Peter. I'm even going to show the hosts of Heaven a sneak preview of some of the future events of your life, some of the mighty ways in which I'm going to be able to use you to get My message out to the world in the Last Days!

8.I've had one of the Heavenly movie producers compile some footage of your life, and he's put together a real interesting movie, or documentary. There'll be sound effects, mood music, and special effects. It's going to be great fun! And the best thing about this movie/documentary that we'll be watching is that it's a true story! It's the life story of My beloved queen--a celebration of your life!

9.There are seats all around the screen, almost like a huge sports stadium on Earth. There will be a special section of seats up in a balcony, between the two sides of seats, where some of your closest friends and loves will sit. I'll be there, Dad will be there and your grandmother will be there, along with many of the Family members who have passed on to this side, sitting at My side at this special event.

10.Should I let you in on a secret? After we've finished watching your life, your friends and loved ones are going to lead everyone in a huge praise time, thanking Me for creating you! The reason I say this is a secret is because I'm not supposed to know. They're trying their best to keep it a secret, but it's pretty hard to hide something from Me, the God of the universe, ha! Well, they're doing a pretty good job and are keeping a low profile, but I have a pretty good idea of what they're going to do. But I've bound Myself as to the knowledge I presently have about the praise time, in honor of you, My love, because I want to be able to enjoy being somewhat surprised.

11.I know that most of My precious Family around the world are going to be celebrating your birthday in some form or another, so I've been planning a birthday party that they'll be able to enjoy along with you, Me, and all the host of Heaven! The Family won't be able to watch your life like we're going to watch it up Here until they get to Heaven, but they can read this message about your birthday and can even dig into some of the old Letters and read what Dad had to say about you. Then they can join in on the Heavenly praise time and send up their love and thanks and appreciation for you, My dear queen.

12.I will make a special decree that all words, songs, and expressions of praise and thanks on this day of your birthshould be translated into gifts and blessings for you, My beloved, and for your king--yes, even for the entire Family! For you are all interconnected and you all affect one another as you are joined arm in arm, hand in hand, and heart with heart. Every word that comes before My throne, every song that reaches My ears, every expression that is one of praise and thankfulness, will be turned into blessings of happiness, joy, health, protection, security, wisdom, anointing, and love for you, My king and queen, and for all of My Family.

13.I would that My Family join the host of Heaven as they sing their praises and give thanks to Me. After all, what is a birthday but a day of celebration? Your birthday is a day of celebration and thanks and praise to Me! For without Me, none of this--your life, your love, this great work of the Family--would be possible.

14.Your birthday is really a celebration of love--for that's what your life is filled with! Your life is filled with Me, and I am Love. You live only to give love, to show love, to express love, to be love. I desire that on this day of your birth, each Home would take a few minutes to think on this love, reflect on this love, and receive some of this love from Me.

15.Each Home could just stop for a few moments after their praise and thanksgiving and ask for the special gift of love that I will give to every Home on this day. I wish to give a personal message of love to each individual Home on this day. So if they'll come before Me and open their hearts and their channels, they'll receive this token of My love.

16.The result of this step of faith will be a birthday present from Me to each of My children, but it will also be a birthday present from you to each of My children around the world. I know that you want nothing more than for your subjects to live in love and to learn more about My wonderful love. And My children, this will also be a birthday gift from you to My Queen Maria, for it will bring such joy to her heart to know that on this special day you took a moment in all of your celebrating to acknowledge Me and receive My seeds of love. And up in Heaven we'll be rejoicing at the great outpouring of love that will overflow on this day.

17.Then, just like that, the whole amphitheater is going to be transformed into a huge, elegant ballroom! There will be floating crystal balls that are precisely crafted to refract the light and cast their rays upon the dance floor. There will be a lattice of all kinds of flowers hanging overhead, suspended in thin air. There'll be a fountain in the middle of the room that will change colors every couple of seconds and give the air a sweet-smelling fragrance. All around the room will be elegant sofas to lie upon like they did in the olden days. And spread throughout will be every kind of snack, fruit, dessert or food that your heart could desire--each morsel fit for a king!--Fit for you, My queen!

18.At the same time our surroundings are transformed, each of those attending the ball will be fitted with new attire for the night. The style is Grecian. The ladies will wear those elegant, soft, flowing gowns, and the men will wear those long shirts like tunics with the slits up the side and a waist tie, or they may choose to just wear a loincloth. I'm going to wear a white loincloth with a touch of sparkling sky blue. You can come and join us too, My love! Anyone who wants to join in on this Heavenly party can come and join in on the fun. You can ask for your spirits to be joined with ours as you celebrate, or you can actually come on a little spirit trip and see and hear it with your spiritual eyes.

19.This day is a celebration of a love that will never end--My love for your queen, your queen's love for you, My precious Family, and My love for each of My brides who daily strive to give My love to others. It's a chain of love, and every link is needed. The love flows from Me to you, and from Me to the queen, and then to you. But it doesn't stop there, and it shouldn't stop there--it should go on and on and on!

20.Don't quench the fire of love in your heart! On this day of celebration for your queen, celebrate love, for this is what she lives for. It is My love that constrains her to diligently labor in the mines of My Words day after day, week after week, month after month, year after year, without complaint, without remorse, without thought of herself. All that she lives for is to love Me, to love you, My Family, and to love the lost world who have never before felt this great love that you sometimes take for granted.

21.At the end of every year you should look back and ask yourself, "Have I given my life for Jesus? Have I given my life for love? What have I done this last year that will last forever?" And each new year you should recommit yourself to giving your life to Me, to giving your life to love, for I am Love. I lived in love and died in love, so that you, My loves, might live and love forever! My Maria is leading the way, so keep in step with this love and don't quench the flow.

22.Celebrate the birth of your queen; celebrate the gift of love! Praise and thank Me for all your many blessings! Your queen lays down her life for you every day and works like crazy to get out the Words that I'm pouring out in these Last Days. Her life is a life of sacrifice, yet she does it out of love for Me, love for you, and love for the lost. I honor My queen and I bestow upon her the gifts that she needs to enter another year for Me. Celebrate her birth and rejoice with Me and the hosts of Heaven on this special day--this day of My Maria's creation! (End of message from Jesus.)

Peter's Birthday Celebration in Heaven!

(Received while he was at the summit)

23.(Jesus speaking:) Happy birthday, Peter! Everyone Here sends their love and birthday wishes! We're all having a great time thinking about you, talking about you, praying for you, and looking into this 3D TV and watching you. Right now you're sleeping soundly, but even in your sleep you look so kingly, so royal, so handsome.

24.We're all fighting with you, and we rejoice with you at the victories that have been won and eagerly anticipate the victories that are on the way! Speaking of victories, you've almost come to the end of another fruitful year in service to Me. Thank you, My son, for giving another year of your life to Me, and for being willing to give the next one as a token of your love and yieldedness to Me.

25.It's a cause to celebrate, because every year is a big step! Every new year holds some wonderful promises and rewards and blessings for those who make it through. You're always growing, you're always learning, and each year you become a little wiser, a little more dependent on Me, a little more yielded, a little more loving, and the list goes on and on. It's amazing what one man can do when he's on My side, fighting with Me. It's amazing what I can do with a man who is willing and yielded and desirous to love Me and to do My will. You are highly esteemed in My eyes, and I love to commend you and celebrate your life.

26.Would you like to know what your friends and loved ones in Heaven are going to be doing for your birthday? There's gonna be quite a crowd of us, because you have so many people up Here that love you!

27.First of all, Dad's invited us to his mansion. We're going to gather around in his large living area and watch you on the 3D television. As we watch, we're going to concentrate all of our prayers on you, and this will turn into power and victories for your day, victories in the meetings, victories for your health--many, many victories! Then we're going to sing a special happy birthday song that Phoebe and I wrote especially for you. It's called "On the Wings of the Spirit!" I hope you like the song. I've dedicated it to you, My love. The words go like this. I gave the melody to My channel, but she was a little too shy to sing it.

On the wings of the Spirit, My mercies fly,

To this one who's yielded and still.

He loves Me and does not let one day go by,

When he doesn't fulfill what I will.

He's gentle and loving,

Yet strong, warm and kind,

He never ceases in giving,

Then My mercies he finds.

He flew to Earth on the wings of My Spirit,

He rose above the earthly things that bind.

I can't compare My love for this, My dearest,

For he taps into My Spirit, My heart, and My mind.

I know the burdens he bears are so great,

And his shoulders are not as strong as he'd like,

Yet through this weakness I create

A vessel that shines with My great might!

What more could I ask for in this, My king?

He's My love, and to Me and to all those around,

He's given his life, his love, everything!

In riches, in joy, and in love he'll abound!

He flew to Earth on the wings of My Spirit,

He rose above the earthly things that bind.

I'll never lose My love for this, My dearest,

For he's a part of My Spirit, My heart, and My mind.

28.After having our little sing-along and prayer time for you, we're going to pop down to the pool for a dip. It's a huge pool with a fountain in the middle and a Jacuzzi on the side. We're all going to drink some top-quality champagne and make a toast to you and your new year ahead! During this time everyone's going to tell fun stories about you--especially Dad. We're going to share about some of the cute things you've done, some of the funny things and some of the sweet things, as well as some of the inspiring things.

29.Then we'll all be off to the Food Pavilion where one of our Heavenly cooks will have prepared a special birthday cake just for you! Of course, in Heaven we can just wave a wand and a cake will appear, but some of the cooking addicts like to actually experiment and do the cooking by hand. It's kind of like their hobby, and they like to try different recipes.

30.This Heavenly cook who's going to prepare your cake is named Angela. Dad often calls on her to make him special chocolate cakes. He loves her cooking and he loves her too. Dad specifically asked her to make one of her famous chocolate cakes for the celebration of your birthday. And I'll tell you what, this cake is out of this world--literally! You've never tasted cake until you've tasted cake up Here! The cakes are so light and perfect and fluffy--they're just fantastic!

31.Oh, by the way, I forgot to mention that we're traveling around in one of those Heavenly gondolas! There are different ways to get around in the Heavenly City. You can fly, and that usually works well if you just have a couple of people together doing something. Or you can just imagine yourself in a certain part of the city and you'll be there! Dad usually prefers the gondolas, especially when there's a big group of us, because he likes to enjoy the scenery and slowly float to our destination. Neat, huh?

32.After eating your birthday cake, we're going to do something really special in honor of you! We figured, "Well, Peter gives his whole life so that others will be happy. He serves the Family. Even though he's a king, he's really a servant and lives his life to serve others." So we were trying to brainstorm what we could do that would be a tribute to you, that would really make you happy, that would be similar to what you do when you're out, which is so much of the time--what you do every day, every week, every month, every year. And we came up with the idea of going out and doing visitation on the Earth, just like you do all the time! Wow, we're thrilled about it!

33.All of us, including Dad and Me, are going to go down to Earth and visit the Family members who are sick, discouraged, or fighting super difficult battles. We're going to try to lift them up and give them some healing, either physical or spiritual. We're going to put on our capes and riding suits and hop on our horses. We're going to take with us some of the leaves from the Tree of Life, and visit those who are in need of encouragement. We're going to encourage those who are in need of restrengthening, or those who are feeling weak in body or spirit. We're going to give our Family members a little touch of Heaven!

34.This is all in honor of you, because we know that that's what most of your time consists of--visiting the tired and discouraged; going forth to encourage the needy; leaving your little heaven called home to go out and give your spiritual leaves from the Tree of Life, the leaves of healing, comfort, and encouragement. We're going to take our horses and ride to the four corners of the Earth and pass out little bits of Heaven. It's going to be so much fun, and we're going to dedicate it to you.

35.Then before we go back up to Heaven, we're going to come and be with you at the (structure workshop) meetings! We're going to try to do all we can to make your day enjoyable. We're going to be trying to whisper encouraging words to your heart--and hey, you might even hear or see one of us! There'll be quite a few of us--at least 20 or 30--and we're all going to be encouraging you, inspiring you, keeping away the spiritual pests, and giving you an extra force field of protection, love and inspiration on this special day--your birthday!

36.Most of your friends and loved ones will go back up to Heaven, but I'll sleep with you all through the night. You can lie in My arms and feel Me close to you. I want to hold you and love you like no other can, and I want to fill every desire that's within your heart. I know that you won't be able to be with your loved one, and this could be cause for pain; but I want to wipe away that pain and hold you, love you, make love to you, and fill you up to overflowing with My love, care and presence! There'll be fullness of joy and we'll have sweet lovemaking together to celebrate the new year.

37.Mama's gong to miss you a little bit, so I hope you don't mind if on the night of your birthday I send Dad to be with her. He really wants to be with her and comfort her, and I'm sure you won't mind. You're so sweet and you only want to do the things that will make her happy. You're such a wonderful couple and you both love Me more than anything else, and that's why I can bless you so bountifully.

38.Your birthday is going to be quite a potpourri of events! All of us up in Heaven are going to be very busy, going here and there in Heaven, riding here and there on Earth, and then being with you and bringing lots of little bits of Heaven your way. Everyone's so happy that they can be with you on this special day and reward you with these special spiritual gifts.

39.I'm so thankful that you love Me like you do, and this celebration of your birthday is really a celebration of your love, your yieldedness, your humility, your giving spirit, and your dependence on Me. Happy birthday, Peter! Long live love! Long live yieldedness! Long live humility! Long live your giving spirit! Long live your dependence on Me! Long live our love! (End of message from Jesus.)

Mama's Birthday Prayer

40.(Prayer from Mama to Jesus, received in prophecy:) My sweet, passionate, adorable, unearthly Lover--I'm completely in love with You and I want to love You more and more! You've blessed me so richly, so fully, so completely, and have satisfied the deepest longings and yearnings of my heart. How could I ever ask for anything more than Your wonderful love that far surpasses my human understanding?

41.I know that I'm not worthy of Your love. I know that I'm just a beggar that You have exalted as Your queen. It's nothing of me, Jesus; it's all You. It's all Your love, it's all Your salvation, and it's all because of Your beautiful, inspiring, refreshing, enlightening Words that You're continuing to bestow upon each of us. Your Word and Your love are what give me the power to yield, to surrender, to be obedient, and to be a sexy bride and a helpful wife to You.

42.I can give no glory to myself and I can't pat myself on the back, because I know that without You I can do nothing and would be nothing. I'm so thankful that You can use me as I am--with all of my weaknesses, with all of my problems, with all of my battles, with all of my physical afflictions. It's a powerful testimony to all that You can take the weak things and make them strong through Your might and power and strength--just like You've done for me.

43.Jesus, You've brought me such a long way already. You've brought me through some pretty hot and heavy battles in this last year, but the key word here is through. You've brought me through the battles and they didn't come to stay, they came to pass. You helped me to overcome each test and battle that came my way, and through the testings, You showed me Your love more fully and completely than ever before. I've learned to trust Your foresight more completely, and I've been able to trust in You more explicitly. You've done so many wonderful things in this last year, for which I'm so very thankful.

44.You've continued to pour forth Your Words in great abundance. The jewels from the Heavenly mines have been tumbling down upon us in full force--so much so that we aren't able to get nearly as much out to the Family as we would like. We've been doing the best we can and we've been passing on a lot, but You still keep pouring out and pouring out! Our cups are full to overflowing with Your bountiful blessings and Your beautiful Words! There've been revelations about our spiritual walk with You, revelations about the future, revelations about Heaven, and much, much more. You spoil us with Your love!

45.You've done so much for me in this last year, but I don't want to rest on my gains. I don't want to rest on my victories or get complacent or feel that I've arrived. You've helped me to make so much progress in so many areas, but by no means have I reached perfection in my spiritual life and walk with You. I pray that You'll help me to continue yielding, and to continue being open to everything that You have to say to Peter and me and to the Family.

46.I want to grow in love--love for You, love for Peter, and love for others. I know that Your love knows no boundaries nor days, but it's always! It's forever! Your love goes on and on and on. Please cover my new year with Your love and let Your love overflow the boundaries of my life so that this love can pour out upon others. There's no end to Your love, and that's why I want more of it--more of it to share with those around me, to share with the Family, and to give back to You, my dearest Lover.

47.I want our relationship to become stronger. I know that You're doing Your part to draw closer to me, so I pray that I will fulfill my part of the deal and draw ever closer to You, my Husband. You make it so easy for me, but I don't ever want to get so busy or think that I have too much to do, to the neglect of strengthening our relationship and growing closer to You, my sweet Jesus.

48.My Sweetheart, You're so sexy, You're so lovely, You're so adorable, and You continually bestow Your love upon me in so many ways! You spoil me with Your gifts, with Your blessings, with Your Words, and with Your love. I feel like Your pampered lover. I pray that in this next year I will continue to give You what You need and what You desire. I want to be open and ready for You at all times. I want to be desirous of You at every moment of the day. If You desire to make love to me and fill me with Your seeds, then I want nothing to hold me back from receiving Your passionate love.

49.I love You and I want You, my precious Jesus! I'm looking forward to another year filled with happy, exciting, renewing times spent in the bed of love with You. These times in Your arms are by far my favorite times of the day, and I want to give You my best--the very best of my time, my energies, and my love.

50.And as I look ahead to another year in the service of You, my King, I feel the weight of the crown that You have placed upon my head. This symbol of honor and responsibility is weighty and cumbersome, but I know that Your hands uphold me. Thank You that You've given me my earthly king, my dearest earthly love, Peter, to help in bearing the responsibilities of the Kingdom. Please help us together to be a unified team for You, always leaning upon Your strength and never our own, always depending upon You and Your Word.

51.Help me to look to You and to live each and every day as if it were my last. Help us all to live each day as if it were our last. Help me to give my all at every moment of every day, of every week, of every month. You've said time and time again, and Dad has said time and time again, that time is ticking, the hourglass has been turned, and the day of our redemption draweth nigh. So please help me to love You as if everything depended on loving You. Please help me to yield to You as if everything depended on yielding to You. Please help me to serve You as if everything depended on serving You. Please help me to pass on Your Words as if everything depended on getting out the Word--because it does! You continually remind me, and all of us, that time is short--maybe shorter than we think--so help me to redeem the time in these evil days.

52.I recommit my life to You and I ask that You take my life in Your hands and do with it as You will. I'm just a beggar queen, my Lord, and I have no riches, lands, or earthly possessions to give You. If I were a shepherd, I'd give You a lamb. If I were a wise man, I'd give You some frankincense, myrrh, or gold. But I know what I'll give You--I'll give You my heart. Take me once again and use me as You will. You've given me so much more than I could ever deserve, and in return--although I know I could never repay You--I give You my heart, my life, my spirit, my body, my work, my everything.

53.Jesus, these are not just pretty words that I speak. These are not just vain commitments that I will forget about in a couple of days. These are not just words that I think will come before Your throne with sweet fragrances. This is my heartcry, this is my prayer, this is my commitment to You for the new year. By Your grace--and only with Your grace would this be possible--do I once again pledge to love and serve You and my wonderful Family. By Your love--for Your love is the only love that is unfailing--do I promise to once again do my best to live in love and serve in love. By the power of Your Spirit do I desire to once again yield my all to You in humility and meekness.

54.I delight to do Your will! For whom have I in Heaven but Thee, and whom have I upon Earth but Thee? My heart and my flesh fail, but You are the strength of my heart and my portion forever! (End of prayer.)

Peter's Birthday Prayer

55.(Prayer from Peter to Jesus, received in prophecy:) Thank You Jesus for the power of prayer, for through the prayers of my Family and loved ones, I've been given great strength and anointing this past year. I could never have imagined doing so much, going to so many different places, meeting so many sweet Family members, or helping to get out so many pubs for the Family. Yet through the power of prayer, all of this was made possible.

56.Through the power of prayer You were able to give me the strength, the anointing, the endurance, the inspiration, and the love to fulfill all of these tasks and missions. I can of my own self do nothing, and I am nothing. I'm weak. I have a weak heart, a weak back, and other physical afflictions. Yet You've been with me each step of the way this last year, and have accomplished mighty things through someone so weak and nothing.

57.There's a Name that I love to hear! There's a Name that I love to praise! There's a Name that I love to sing about! There's a Name that brings such comfort to my heart. It's Your Name, Jesus. Jesus, Yours is not only the sweetest Name I know, but You're the dearest One to me! I've had many loves, but You're my greatest Lover. You satisfy me completely and give me much more than I could ever wish for or desire.

58.In this last year You've been like a father to me, instructing me and teaching me in the way that I should go. You've lovingly guided me, just as an earthly father loves and guides his children in the ways of truth. You're not harsh or unfeeling, but all that You've brought into my life this last year has been for a reason, because You were trying to teach me something, because You love me.

59.In this last year You've also been like a mother to me. You've comforted me in all my tribulations. You've been a cozy shoulder to cry on. You've understood all of my pains, worries, and fears. Not once have You looked down on me for my mistakes, but You've loved me anyway. Sometimes I feel like I'm someone that only a mother could love, and You love me just like a mother, with such unconditional love and care.

60.And most important, You've been a Lover to me. You've been the One that I can count on at any moment of the day. You've been the One Who has comforted me and satisfied me in my times of loneliness and heartache. You've been a sexy Lover, a dear Husband to me. You're the dearest in Heaven and Earth to me! You satisfy me completely and fill every longing, every desire, every need--even my wishes and secret dreams. You're my Lover of all lovers! You're the Lover of my soul!

61.Jesus, You give me Your love in full measure. You pour forth Your anointing so abundantly upon me. You give me everything. So, my Husband, I desire to give You my all once again, in service to You, to Mama, and to this Kingdom of Love, the Family. I've been given a responsibility, the crown of a king; yet I've also been given the garment of a servant. You called me a servant king, Jesus, and that's really what I am. I'm a servant--a servant to Your dear ones all around the world. Please help me to wear this garment of servitude with dignity, love, and diligence.

62.Help me never to look at the crown You've placed upon my head and get lifted up in pride, thinking that it's by my own works that I've attained this position as Your king. How foolish I would be to ever think that it's my own arm and strength that saves me and causes this work to prosper! Help me to continually praise You and thank You for esteeming me worthy of such an honor. Thank You for the privilege of being beside Your queen, Maria, and for the gift of playing this role of king in these Last Days. Help me to play the role with all of my heart.

63.My most ardent desire is that others will see You in me. Please take me out of the way and let Your Spirit shine through in full force. Nobody wants to see me and all of my faults and weaknesses; they want to see You--the only One Who makes any of us strong, loving, useful and wise. Lord, without You I wouldn't even be worthy to be called Your servant. But with You, I can be Your servant king, living my whole life to serve You, my queen, and my Family. Please do all that's needed to keep me dependent on You, and You alone.

64.In the Bible there were many men that You were able to use, but some only for a time because they thought themselves too wise and smart for You. As soon as that happened, You withdrew Your anointing, and then they fell flat on their faces and saw how nothing they really were. So Jesus, please help me to keep my eyes on You and continually receive Your strength and guidance in every decision, every pub, every trip, and everything that I do. Thank You that I can have this dependence on You, so that Your Spirit can live and work through me.

65.Sweet Lover, You know that I've prayed these prayers so many times before, but I want to keep renewing my commitments to You as a token to You of my complete trust and dependence on You, and as a reminder for me to keep progressing in these areas and not to get lazy or stop making progress. This day do I recommit my life to You--my all in all. My life is Yours to do with as You will. Please give me the grace to walk in step with You in the direction You're leading in these Last Days. I'm as a blind man without You, Lord, and I can't even take one step without You--that's how desperately I need You. Help me to always continue needing You this desperately.

66.I don't know what this new year is going to bring into my life, but I know that if I'm following You, then I don't have anything to worry about. You've been with me and helped me through the ups and downs and trials and battles that have been a part of every year of my life, so I know that You'll not fail me now. You'll help me to make it through another year victoriously, just as You've helped me to make it through this last year. Thank You, my Love, for doing such wonderful miracles in my life.

67.I want to praise and thank You and give my life to You once again. I commit my life and heart into Your loving hands and ask that You lead and guide me like none other can. Thank You, my Dear, my Husband, my Lover, my sweet Jesus, for another year to love and serve You, my queen, and this wonderful Family. (End of prayer.)

Conversation the Lord Had with Mama Before Leaving Heaven!

68.(Jesus speaking:) My darling Maria, My insatiable bride who is desirous of Me at all times, how I love you! You fill up My heart with a song! You make Me feel so good! You're My faithful lover, and our love affair is one that will never end. It began long, long ago, before we had to part, before you had to don your earthly body and walk the road of mankind. Our love was from the beginning, and our love is a love that will never end. Our love is so rich, so full, so satisfying, and I delight in you! I delight in every part of you--your spirit, your mind, your heart, your body, your soul, and your love, because you are a part of Me.

69.Before you left the halls of Heaven, My love, we would spend hours talking--but these hours would fly by as moments in time! I could never seem to get enough of you, nor you of Me. We were like newlyweds who would make love many times a day, and every time we saw each other it was like an irresistible force drew us together and made us one.

70.I love you, Sweet Baby, and I have such precious memories of our times in the Heavenly realm. You would dance for Me, you would sing Me to sleep, you would look into My eyes with your sparkling sapphires, and we could almost see right through each other! Your kisses were so sweet, your touches so gentle, your love so satisfying.

71.You satisfied Me in such a wonderful way that I knew I couldn't keep you to Myself. I knew that because of My great love for all of My children, especially those who didn't know Me, I would one day have to give you up, in love, for their sakes and yours. I knew that our love was so great--we were tied with strong cords of love that could never be broken--that even if I did send you to Earth and you would no longer be able to see Me or feel Me or touch Me, that you would still be just as close, just as near and dear to Me.

72.I first presented this idea to you when we were walking through the palace gardens. I picked a white rose and I said, "My love, you are as a pure white fragrant rose, and I want to tell the whole world about you! I want all of My children on the Earth to be able to partake of your beauty, your purity, your strength, your fragrance, and your love! You are a delicate one, My love, but I want to send you as a magic rose that has power to touch and to heal and to bring life."

73.You then reached over and picked a red rose from a bush directly behind you and said, "My dearest Lover, I will do as You bid because my love for You is as strong as the deep red of this rose. I know that I am nothing and am not worthy of what You are asking of me, just like the white rose has not a drop of red in its petals. Yet I will say yes, because I know that Your love is strong enough to pass through the realm of time and space. I know that we will be one, even though we will be apart." You then gently placed the rose in My hand.

74.My lovely Maria, I still have that rose till this day, and it's still just as perfect as the day that you picked it and placed it in the palm of My hand. I also still have the white rose; that's a little piece of you, and it's still just as pure and radiant as on that unforgettable day. When you return to My arms, I'll present these roses to you and all those memories will come back. Everything will come back to you--all of our love, all the fun times we spent together. All of the love we shared will come flooding in upon you and fill you with happiness to overflowing. These are our roses of promise, our roses of love.

75.We walked and talked many times, My love, for I knew that My time with you was short. We took off on a trip. In My favorite yacht we sailed and spent our time as honeymooners, loving both day and night. I shared with you some secrets of your life on Earth, and showed you how you were so vital to My plan. My heart was aching during these last days with you by My side, for it was hard to let you go.

76.I made you promise that you would always strive to be as close to Me as possible and that you would never give up seeking Me. I made you promise that you would keep wanting Me, keep wanting to know all about Me, keep wanting to know more about the spirit world, keep getting to know Me better, and then pass this on to others. I then said that I would give you the gift of being inquisitive so that you would always want to know more about Me and draw closer to Me. I would give you the gift of being insatiable, so that you would never have enough of Me and would always want and desire more.

77.My darling, I wanted you to be a helpmeet to My beloved David, and so I asked you, "Will you be My love for him? Will you share his life, his dreams, his hopes, and together serve Me, your greatest Love?" You said that you would gladly be a help and strength to My beloved David. You figured that with My help you could be a good support, strength, and helpmeet. Then I said there'd come a time when you'd have to take the lead, to be a queen, My queen. I said you'd lead My people and would show them the way to Me.

78.I said, "I'm going to give you some weaknesses, My love. It hurts Me to have to do this, because I know that they'll cause you some pain. Yet even though these weaknesses will cause you some trials and battles and heartaches, still I have weighed up the benefits and have deemed you worthy of these thorns in the flesh.

79."I'm going to give you the gift of shyness, so that you'll always receive your boosts and faith from Me. I'm going to give you the gift of forgetfulness, so that you'll always lean on Me and not on your memory. I'm going to give you the gift--yes, the gift--of a weak body, so that I can show My power. I'll cause your eyes to be closed in the physical so that you'll see clearly in the spirit. I'll give you weakness so that you'll be strong. I'll give you pain so that you'll know joy unspeakable. I'll give you hardships so that you'll revel in My blessings."

80.All of these things did I say to you that day, My love, as you lay in My arms. You didn't say no. You didn't ask why. You didn't ask any questions at all. You said, "Sweetheart, I know You so deeply, so intimately, so personally, that I would never doubt Your love for me. I know that You love me more than even Your Own life, because You gave Your life for me. So I'm not going to balk or cry or even ask You why--I'm just going to trust. You've never failed when I've trusted You before, and even though it's hard to see from here how such 'gifts' will make me what You want me to be, I'm not going to fear or question, I'm just going to yield."

81.You didn't shed a tear, but they were streaming down My face as I knew right then and there that you had yielded your all. I knew that since you had yielded right from the start, your whole life would be one of yieldedness. Yieldedness would be your greatest asset, your greatest quality, your greatest sample, and your greatest strength. I knew that no matter what I would send your way, and even if you couldn't see Me or feel Me in a physical way while on Earth, you would still say yes to Me, because your love was so great.

82.Through the years I've seen this promise come to pass. You made a promise to Me--and that really is the essence of your life. Through your yielding I've been able to use you. Through your saying yes I've been able to exalt you. I know the hardships better than you do. I know your weaknesses and lacks better than you do. Yet despite these things, you yield your all. This is why I love you so!

83.Because of your yielding, because of your giving, because of your desire for Me, we've become one, we've become closer, and our love has grown. Our love right now is so strong that it's even stronger than it was up in Heaven before you went to Earth. Sure, you did feel more ecstasies up Here--you could touch Me, feel Me, see Me, and love Me to the full--but you've now experienced another realm of My love. You understand and believe in My love now, even though it's all by faith. This is perfect trust. This is perfect love. This is dedicated love. This is the deepest kind of love there is. When you can love Me so intimately in the spirit even though your spirit is encased in the flesh and your feet are on the ground, then this is miraculous! This is something that I highly honor!

84.Not only have you partaken of My Spirit and My love in this intimate way, but you've also passed this on to others. Oh, how I love you for it! Now I have many brides who know Me, who love Me, who make love to Me, and who receive My seeds. Oh, how I love this deeper love that we have now! When you get Home, our romance will climax like never before! Right now our spirits are joined together as never before. Because you can't see Me or feel Me or touch Me, you connect with My Spirit in a much deeper way. I'm so thankful for this, and this is one of the reasons I wanted you to go to Earth--so that you would learn of this love.

85.I know that whatever I give to you, you'll pass on to others. I know that I can entrust you with spiritual gifts and treasures, because you'll care for them, treasure them, love them, and give them to those of My children who are hungering and thirsting after Me. You're My love to the world. You're My love to the Family. You've fulfilled the promise of the white rose, the promise of our love. With your magic power you have touched, healed, and brought to life many through your love for Me and your willingness to be what I want you to be.

86.Before you left Heaven, you were one of the keepers of My Words. You were one of the few that held the keys to the treasure vaults and treasure chests of Heaven. I sent that key with you--you have it to this day! You have the key to unlock the mysteries of the spirit world. You have the key to unlock the treasure chests of Heaven. This is an awesome privilege that I've given to you and to My children in these Last Days. I knew that there would be a famine in the land for My Words, so I sent you, My love, to be the keeper of the key and to unlock the treasures.

87.Never before in the history of the world has this key been endowed with such power! Never before have I unlocked the mysteries of the Kingdom of Heaven as I have in this day, because it was not yet My time. Never before have I given such authority to mankind. You are Maria of the End, the prophetess, the unlocker of the mysteries of Heaven, and the flow will never stop as long as you keep desiring Me, keep sucking My seeds and passing them on to My children.

88.What an awesome responsibility you hold in your tiny hands! What a special queen you are, and how I love you so! This world will never see another Maria. This world will never receive another such key to the vaults of Heaven. This world will never have another chance. You, My Family, are the last ones. You're the final set, you're the grand finale, and you hold the final keys! I have ordained this from the very beginning, My love, and you knew what was ahead.

89.You said, "What an awesome responsibility You're entrusting into my hands. Jesus, are my tiny shoulders able to bear the weight? Shouldn't You send another?" I said, "No, My love, your weakness is your strength, your fallibility is your victory, your desperation is your reward, and your love is what will draw you to Me. You won't go wrong, you can't go wrong, as long as you keep desperate, keep yielded, and keep pouring out as fast as I pour in."

90.My sweet love, there is much to come, there is much yet to be fulfilled, there is so much up ahead, but I cannot reveal all of that to you. Suffice it to say that I prepared you before you went down to Earth, and in your heart there is peace that I have placed within you. You will draw closer to Me, you will continue to open the mysteries of Heaven, and you will continue to be My love to the world. You, and My precious children in the Family, are the last chance that I've got to bring in the sheep from the mountains, hills, and valleys before the storm comes. You are they upon whom the ends of the world are come!

91.Many will flock to you in the days to come because you hold the keys to the Kingdom of Heaven! You hold the keys to My Words, and all of those who have tapped into this same power will have strength that they know not of. Each of My children has the power to connect to this key that unlocks the treasures of Heaven, the jewels from Beyond, My Words and the wonderful mysteries of the Spirit. All they have to do is ask. All they have to do is suck and desire it, just like you suck and desire and love Me so intimately and so passionately.

92.And now, on a lighter note, when you finish your job on Earth and you come Home to be with Me, I'm going to spoil you with My love! I'm going to ravish you from head to toe! I'm going to love you like never before! Oh, I can't wait! Aren't our present times of lovemaking special? Well, I'll tell you what, they're not even a drop in the bucket compared to what I'm talking about here! I'm talking about stuff that'll blow your mind and really send you to Heaven--in every sense of the word! Ha!

93.I'm going to have your favorite cheesecake prepared for you, and we're going to really have a great time! And you know what? I'm going to dance for you! When you were up Here with Me, you used to dance for Me a lot, all the time, and I really loved it. I got so excited when I saw your sexy body, and you really loved Me in this way. Well, when you get Home, I'm going to do a sexy dance for you. I've been practicing, I have the song already picked out, and I can't wait! You're going to love it! You're going to melt! And after I've treated you to some fun, you can do whatever your heart desires. I'll be at your beck and call. I think I know what you're going to do, though. You're going to say, "Please speak to me, Jesus!" Ha! You can't get enough, can you? And I can't get enough of you, My darling sweetheart!

94.The day you left Home was filled with many emotions. I was sad to see you go, yet My heart swelled with admiration because, even though it was hard for you, you were so willing to leave Me and to be what I wanted you to be. There was great rejoicing in the halls of Heaven, because your going to Earth meant the beginning of the last period of time on Earth. Your going to Earth made the clocks start ticking, and the wheels of My judgments began to roll.

95.This life on Earth, as you know it, is coming to a close, and I'm so happy that I'll soon be able to step in and rule the Earth the way I intended for it to be ruled. Your birth was a turning point, and after yours and the Family's mission is complete, the world will never again be the same. Isn't that something to look forward to? Yes, there's so much to look forward to.

96.I look forward to Heaven on Earth, and I look forward to spending eternity with you, Sweet Baby. You're better than a dream lover--you're reality! I can't wait to hold you in My arms once again and show you how much happiness each of your birthdays has brought to Me. At the end of each year I celebrate your life, but I also celebrate your life every day, every minute, and every second! Your whole life is a celebration--a celebration of love!

97.Thank you, My darling, for celebrating My love, giving My love, and being My love. You're My magic rose that has the power to touch and to heal and to give life, through the power of My love. Happy birthday on your special day--and always! (End of message from Jesus.)

Conversation the Lord Had with Peter Before Leaving Heaven!

98.(Jesus speaking:) I talk to all of My children before they make their journey to Earth. I do My best to explain what their life will be like, and even give them choices as to what general direction their life will go in. I usually show them My plan and then leave the choices with them. I spell out the hardships they will endure on Earth, as well as the battles and struggles they'll encounter, but I never fail to tell them of the rewards, of the purpose, and of the reasons why I feel such a way is best.

99.I'm usually able to help My children see that My way is best. And although they see the pain they will endure or the hardships they will face, they choose to go through that for Me, out of love for Me, and because they know that it will bring them the most happiness in the long run, and will make them more useful to Me in the future.

100.My precious son, I spent hours talking with you, for your mission was a weighty one. Your mission was of utmost importance because you were going to play a major role in the Last Days. Before I talked to you, you didn't know that you were going to be living in the Last Days on Earth. You'd known that you'd be going to Earth fairly soon, but you didn't know any of the details or what your mission would be. Then I summoned you and you arrived in My illustrious court!

101.You came before My throne and knelt low, for you knew that in receiving My mission for you, you would need to be humble, meek, and ready to do My slightest bidding. Your crown fell off your head and was cast at My feet, but I picked it up and motioned for you to rise. The crown which I placed upon your head was symbolic of your future mission, of which you felt unworthy. You did not cast it at My feet as a sign of unyieldedness or rejection of My will, but I allowed it to fall at My feet and I picked it up and helped you to rise as a symbol to you that I would always carry your crown for you and be your strength in this great mission.

102.It was My way of giving you comfort under the weight of your future calling, that I would always help you to bear your crown. I said, "Don't despise your crown. For this is the crown of your future calling and ministry which you must fight for. I promise that as you fight and endure the attempts of the Enemy to try and take your crown, I will uphold you with My right hand." We then sat side by side on the steps before My throne. We talked as friends and conversed about many things--mainly your earlier life on Earth, who your parents would be, who your brothers and sisters would be.

103.You had known your Father David while he was still in Heaven, and Maria, so I filled you in on what their missions were, as they would be directly affecting your life on Earth. I told you about how your Father David would go through many things and would have to wait for 49 years before he would arrive at the calling that I'd prepared for him. You then said, "What a great man of God, and what patience!" Yes, indeed, My David had the patience of Job. Because he held on through those many years, I saw that he was fit and had learned all that was needed in order to be a humble, desperate, vessel unto honor--a prophet and leader of all of My children everywhere who would accept and believe the Words which he spoke, those Words which would come from Heaven.

104.I then told you about how you would join this great missionary movement that would change the course of your whole life. You said, "My Lord, I'm thankful for this honor, to be even a small part of this wonderful work!"

105.I then showed you the one you would marry and the children you would have. I showed you the children that I had planned to give to you and Abi. But then I said, "When you get to Earth, you will not remember the lovely faces of your children. When you get to Earth you will not remember this conversation, and yet you will have to choose whether to receive these gifts, your children. It will be a yielding for you and will cause you to have a greater dependence on Me."

106.I told you this because there have been others who have left Heaven, whom I showed their children to, but when they got to Earth they decided to take things into their own hands. They didn't remember the plan that I'd showed them, and thus didn't think they could handle all of the work and all of the responsibility. But you and your dear wife fulfilled My plan and received each of the gifts that I had to give you. Thank you, My son! You'll be eternally grateful!

107.I then told you that you would be called to forsake the things you held dear to your heart--your wife and your children. At that point you said, "Please, Lord, isn't that too much to ask of me? I can see and understand now why this forsaking will work out for the best in my life, but when I'm on Earth, will I be able to understand? Will I be able to make it?" I said, "No, My son; in truth, you may not understand. While on Earth, you may discover most of the reasons, but you may not fully understand until you get back Home."

108.Your face then lit up as I told you of the next part of your journey of life, and how you would go to live and work with your Father David and Queen Maria. You had a very special relationship with Maria and David while in Heaven, and so were thrilled to have the opportunity to live and work with them and be close to them while on Earth. The first question you asked Me was, "Am I going to fall in love with her?" And I told you that, yes, you would fall in love with her, but that she would not fall in love with you.

109.I told you that My ministry and purpose for you would be as a helpmeet, a little person, a pillar that would support the house of God, a servant of the king and queen, a faithful squire and lover of the king and queen. You would go through great battles--perhaps some of the greatest in your life--battles with things like jealousy, covetousness and possessiveness. I said, "These lessons will not only be for you, but for others also. I will allow these times of despair in your life to bring you closer to Me, so that you will depend on Me and grow to love Me more--more than anything in Heaven or on Earth."

110.You said, "But Lord, is this really necessary? You know that I love You more than anyone in Heaven and on Earth. Why is it necessary for me to go through such pain while on Earth?" My answer was, "I know that you are not questioning out of unyieldedness, My son, because I have placed these questions in your thoughts. I will allow you to experience these battles so that you will understand others and be a comforter to those who you will minister to on Earth--your brethren--who will go through the same things. My son, on Earth you don't see things as clearly as you see them Here. On Earth you see through a glass darkly and only understand partly, whereas when you're Here you're face to face with the true reality, the reality of the spirit world--My reality. Though on Earth you won't always be able to see or understand what I'm doing in your life, it is necessary, so that you will trust Me even though you're walking on a tightrope with a blindfold on. It's a lesson that you must learn--to walk by faith and not by sight, to love Me by faith and not by feelings."

111.Then I asked you whether you were willing to endure these many battles in order to be a strength and support to the king and queen for 15 years. I asked whether you would endure being in love with Maria, and not receiving the same kind of emotional love in return. I knew this would be a hard choice for you, for you would be choosing to be a servant, a love slave, a beggar. You would be choosing to be as nothing.

112.There were a few minutes of silence, and then I saw your tears. "My son, these are tears which you now shed for those who I send you to minister unto, those who you will meet face to face and who will have questions and tears in their hearts and who will look to you for the answers and comfort of My Spirit. I will send My Spirit of comfort with you to wipe the tears from their eyes, for your heart has been broken for your brethren." You didn't even have to speak a word. As I looked into your eyes, I knew that you'd accepted My will and you were willing to go to any lengths, to any depths of despair, and do anything for Me out of pure love for Me. I put My arms around you and held you very close to Me. In My warm arms I comforted you, and I wiped away the tears that were flowing down your cheeks.

113.I said, "My son, this time of your life will be the making of a man. This time in your life will transform you from a set, hardened vessel, into one that I will be able to use for greater and bigger things. Because you are willing to be made nothing, I am in turn more than willing to make you into something--into a better vessel, into a king! After your days of preparation, I will place a crown upon your head and a ring upon your finger. When your Father David comes Home to Me to help run the Family from this side, I will exalt you and use you like never before."

114.I didn't have to tell you about leading the Family. I didn't even have to tell you about how your relationship with Maria would blossom, because you already knew in your heart and you fell down on your knees and cried, "I'm not worthy of even the least of Your mercies!" Your crown fell from your head again. It was cast at My feet, and I picked it up and placed it upon your head. I would have told you more, but you already felt so unworthy, I didn't want to make you feel any more unworthy, which is what would have happened if I had told you exactly how you would have been exalted and that you would be married to My Maria, David's Maria.

115.As our time came to a close, I pulled out a bottle of choice wine from the vineyards of Heaven and we drank and made toasts to your life and mission on Earth. By this time, all tears were gone, and you had fully accepted all that I had for you. You said that you would do anything that I asked you out of love for Me, but you asked Me to pray for you that your faith would not fail, and that you would cherish the crown that I'd given you. I promised that I would.

116.This day with you is as clear in My mind as if it just happened today. I remember every intimate detail, and I love you for your willingness to say yes to the unusual and important mission that I placed upon your human shoulders. I've stayed true to My promise to you and continue to pray for you, that your faith will not fail, and that you will hold on to the glorious crown that I have given you.

117.I'm looking forward to the day when you will once more come before My Heavenly throne and cast your crown before My feet, so that I can pick it up, place it on your head, and say, "Well done! I honor you and love you for your love! You were humbled on Earth, and then I highly exalted you. You came humbly before My throne, and now I highly exalt you. Receive your rewards and let us toast once more to your life, your love, your yieldedness, and your humility, My faithful son!" Cheers! (End of message from Jesus.)

Predestination and Choice!

118. (Mama:) These Heavenly conversations came as a surprise and a revelation to Peter and me, as well as an inspiration. What wonders Heaven holds, and what marvels the Lord unfolds as we tap in to His treasures! These messages also brought up a few questions that some of you may wonder about too. For example: If Peter and I knew the Lord in Heaven and were ordained for our roles, did we need to get saved on Earth? Do any of us who are His children have any choice in the matter, or were we simply predestined for our roles and our salvation? And what about some of the great villains of history--were they destined and commissioned to do evil by the Lord?

119. This is a deep subject, and one that theologians have puzzled over for ages! When we asked the Lord, He gave us the following answers:

120. (Jesus speaking:) That which is born of the flesh is flesh, and those who are born of the flesh must be born again of the Spirit to enter into the Kingdom of Heaven. For when you pass through the veil of the flesh, along with it comes the majesty of choice.

121. You can liken this to those on Earth who are born in a foreign country, one which is not their father's homeland. By birth, simply due to geographical location, they are often registered as one of that foreign land. By birth, when you take on the cloak of the flesh, you in a sense become a citizen of the world. And yet I offer you the choice, I give you the right to take on the citizenship of Heaven--that of your true and rightful Father. Yet the choice lies in your hands when you come of age--when you are given the choice of salvation. When the choice is put before you, you must choose.

122. You may not take on dual citizenship [that of Heaven and the Earth], for what man can serve two masters? Will you not hold to the one and despise the other, or love the one and hate the other? Therefore you must choose either to maintain the birthright of your Father or to deny what is rightfully yours when you come of age, in taking on the citizenship of that faraway land in which you were born in the flesh. Man must make the choice to renew his bonds and ties to his true motherland [Heaven] and receive the heritage of his fathers, or to reject that which is given him from his Father and choose a strange country [Earth].

123. I have given you the right to Heaven! This is your birthright, the country from which you are come. Yet when you are born of the flesh you must choose when you are of age, when you are made aware and given the choice of salvation. If you would maintain that which rightfully belongs to you, it is yours for the asking.

124. The power to follow one's destiny lies within the choice of man. Those who I commission to go to Earth have the choice as to which way they will go--whether they will follow that which is good or follow the way of the flesh and reap corruption.

125. I do all things well and in decency and order. Every creation of My hand is ordained with a purpose. I have created every living soul with a perfect plan in mind. I have preordained for every human being a purpose, a plan, an appointment according to My will that is theirs for the choosing. Yet the choice lies within the power of the individual. He or she chooses whether to accept the appointment that I have ordained or to reject and to follow another way. The choice to accept or decline what I have set down aforetime belongs to man.

126. All are Mine in the beginning, for I am the Creator of all things, and without Me there was nothing made that is made. I do not commission that any would do evil, for it is not My will that any man would choose to follow in Lucifer's way. Satan is the one who recruits defectors, who seeks to lure them to join his forces. It is not My will that any should perish. Those who choose to follow Satan's way are those who willfully deny their own birthright. They forfeit their heritage of their own choosing; they forsake their appointment, their high calling, the plan that I would have otherwise given them.

127. In My all-seeing eye and in My infinite wisdom, I know from the beginning what road a man will take. I do not commission nor create any in the beginning with the purpose to do evil, for I hate evil and every wicked way. Yet I know the way that man will take. I know the end from the beginning and therefore I am able to use even the evil deeds of man to bring beauty for ashes, joy for sorrow, victory out of what seems like defeat, and to accomplish a greater purpose in the lives of those whom I know will choose My way.

128. These are very deep mysteries of My Spirit and the inner workings of My eternal now. I set your destiny in front of you before you depart Heaven, and in that sense you are predestined. But I do not set it before you in the sense of commanding you to perform what I have ordained. I set it before you and you may receive or reject it of your own free will.

129. Your preordained destiny is set before you. You may receive or reject it, or affect aspects of it by your choices. You may choose to obey Me or disobey Me, to receive reward or lack of reward, or even punishment. I lay the plan before you, and it is then up to your own free will to choose which way you will follow, which citizenship you will claim--whether you will fulfill your destiny or not. (End of message from Jesus.)

130. (Mama:) Wow! Isn't it amazing how the Lord has not revealed these things unto the wise and the prudent, but He reveals them to us when we ask Him! Thank You Jesus! You open the treasure vaults of Heaven to us and show us the deep mysteries of Your marvelous Spirit!

131. As you can see from what the Lord said above, when He predestined our lives He did so with a special purpose in mind for each of us. He has appointed every individual on Earth to fulfill a certain mission--one which He foreordained, but which we still have the free will to choose. The choice is left up to each of us as to whether or not we'll go along with the plan the Lord ordained for our lives--to accept His appointment or not. Because He has given man a free will, we can choose to follow our destiny or to renounce our birthright.

132. So we have the right to Heavenly citizenship, as long as we choose it! I'm so glad all you dear ones have chosen it and are helping others to do the same, so we can all be reunited with our loving Shepherd and Husband in His time. What a day of rejoicing that will be! In the meantime, if you have any more questions about these deep matters of predestination, if you need to know, I'm sure the Lord will be glad to answer them for you as He did for us. Of course, there are some things we probably won't be able to fully comprehend until we get to Heaven, when we'll "know even as we are known." I love you!