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Introducing "The Law of Love" Study Months! Maria #445 CM 3199 7/98

--Notice to all CM Homes concerning the reading of the Law of Love series

By Maria

Required Reading for All Voting Members

My dear, precious Family,

1. I love you very much and appreciate your labors of love and dedication to our wonderful Husband! As we announced in Grapevine 46, the Lord has been helping us to put the finishing touches on an exciting new series of GNs all about how we can more fully live the Lord's Law of Love. As you can imagine, it was a monumental project, and we greatly appreciated your prayers.

2.Since "Goals for 1998" (ML #3160) was published, you've probably been praying about how you can begin to live and practice the Law of Love more fully, in obedience to the Word. Some of you, however, have probably been battling fears concerning what will happen if you do. You'll be happy to know that help is on the way--lots of it! In fact, in answer to the multitude of questions, fears and misunderstandings that some have had regarding the Law of Love, the Lord has given around 200 pages of specific counsel and guidance concerning many situations or questions that could arise as we begin to implement this beautiful God-given foundation principle more fully.

3. Peter and I explained in the Grapevine that the Lord indicated that He would like to designate the month of September for all the Homes to make a push to read and study the Law of Love series. Since the publishing of that announcement, we have prayed and heard from the Lord further and He has expanded the vision, so that now the special study time includes October as well. There is just too much material for you to read thoroughly in one month. (Later in this advisory you'll find more details about how to possibly organize these study months.)

4.God willing, in the first week of September you should be receiving the first GNs of the series; the remaining ones will be arriving throughout the months of September and October. (Depending on the efficiency of the mail system where you live, you might receive these GNs earlier, but please do not begin to read them until the month of September.) This series is required reading for all Charter Members, age 16 and up. You probably will not be receiving other GNs during the months of September and October.

5.This series will not be going to the Fellow Members. They will only receive the first GN, because the following GNs contain specifics that don't apply to the Fellow Member Family as much, since most of them live in single-family Homes. If you communicate or fellowship with anyone in the FM Family, please do not discuss the Law of Love series with them.

6.Please pray for our dear translators and NPCs worldwide. They have a very big job on their hands in getting these priceless pubs to you during the next two months! They have also been working simultaneously on translating and printing the GNs that you will receive during the month of August, so it's a very big workload for them. God bless them!

7.The question came up about how you were going to be able to thoroughly read and study these GNs. They're not simple, quick reading material. They're very meaty. They have a lot of important information that you'll need to know and understand well. But you're very busy people. It was a bit of a dilemma for us. We knew you wouldn't be able to take complete days off like you do during the Birthday Feast celebrations, because it would require quite a number of days to read such a volume; we didn't think you could afford so much time with all your other responsibilities. But we wanted to be sure you would be able to give this series the attention and concentration that it requires.

8.Because of the importance of this Law of Love series and the large amount of material, I asked the Lord if He had any counsel concerning how He wanted us to present it to you, our precious Family, and how you could go about reading it. I was thrilled with the answer He gave, and I think you will be, too. As we share the following message with you, I pray that it will give you a foretaste of all the wonderful counsel He has for you, and that you will look forward to it with eager anticipation, and begin making plans now concerning how to go about reading the series in your Home.

9.Jesus is so wonderful to us, and thinks of everything. He really makes it easy for us to be good. Following is the counsel the Lord gave:

10.(Jesus speaking:) This is a very great and significant time in world history. As the new millennium is dawning, I give you, My children, a special preparatory study course so that you can be prepared and well versed in the way of the future.

11.Man, in his own arm of the flesh, is even now unveiling and projecting many of his plans for the new millennium through the media and on the Internet. But know this: The way of man, who looks to his own arm of flesh, will not prosper. Man proposes, but I give My children a true look into the way of the future. For I unveil My plan for the future to you who will rule and reign with Me a thousand years. Therefore do not miss out on this preparatory course of instruction which will cover the principles on which My government will be founded--My informative study plan on how I will rule the world through My Law of Love.

12.With the introduction of this new series of Law of Love GNs, I am offering you a special study course. I am offering you the opportunity of a lifetime, one of a kind--the privilege to be the first to partake of this advanced training straight from My hand. I am offering My special, carefully prepared course of study, My Own curriculum, prayerfully planned, charted out and prepared in the royal courts of My Queen Maria and King Peter.

13.I'm offering the chance of a lifetime--this choice course of study, My Own plan, unveiled in such depth and detail as the world has never seen before--My ultimate plan for living the Law of Love! This privilege I give exclusively to you, My children of David, for you are chosen and you love Me; you please Me and seek to do My will.

14.I offer this special curriculum and field of study at this time, for the days grow dark; the sun is setting, the night falls, and the days are evil. Therefore I am releasing My Law of Love study course plan at this hour, for you must be prepared. You must unite, and you must study to show yourselves approved unto Me. For the hour approaches when I will call on all to stand up and be counted as My Endtime witnesses, emissaries of My Heavenly Realm, to prepare the way of My Kingdom on Earth. Therefore you must be well versed, well prepared and well trained in this special field of study--that of living My Law of Love.

15.(Mama:) Isn't it wonderful to know how the Lord sees things? You might initially groan when you hear about the length of this series, or feel apprehensive about the subject matter. I understand that. But we should try to see this as the Lord sees it. It's a priceless privilege and a special blessing of His love to us, His Bride, to have this opportunity to grow and learn. He is giving us the chance of a lifetime, a special, one-of-a-kind, advanced training course, a look into the future and a glimpse of His ultimate plan! I think you'll be real happy with the many specific and practical explanations and guidelines He gives!

16.(Jesus continues:) I know that you are busy tending to work in My fields. I know your time is golden. Every day, every hour, every minute of time is precious and priceless, for the harvest is plenteous and the laborers are few. Therefore it will require a leap of faith for you to take time off from your otherwise busy schedules to unitedly work through this course of study. Yet time taken to carefully study and go over this curriculum will not be time wasted. It will be well worth the sacrifice, for this is a vital study program.

17.This is not a filler course but it is a major course--one in which you, My children of David, will specialize! This is My special instruction course, meant to prepare you for the near future when the principles, knowledge, wisdom and the practice gained from this study course will be your life-support in the days to come.

18.As with any wise student who takes a major course, great attention must be paid to the subject matter and serious study must be invested. Everyone must study diligently. You must apply yourselves. You must study with all your hearts and pay careful and prayerful attention to all that is being taught in this special course of study, and the best way to do this is to do it together! Therefore declare a united push in all Homes to study the principles of My Law of Love. Declare September and October "Law of Love months," dedicated to giving special attention to reading, studying and absorbing the material I have put in your hands. Let this material be the theme of those two months!

19.The details and organization of how to read through this course will vary from Home to Home according to many factors--ministries, personnel and individual responsibilities. I give each Home the leeway to pray and seek Me and decide how you can best go through this course together, as much as possible. As you Home teamworks seek Me, I will lead you as to how you can best organize study groups, according to your particular circumstances. What is important is that all Home members make a push to study the course together. Over a given designated time, everyone in the Home will be reading, studying and going through these GNs, preferably together.

20.Each Home can chart out a united study plan, and as everyone unitedly puts their focus on the course at hand, this special instruction will receive the attention that it deserves, for I wish to emphasize its importance. This will also help to eliminate unnecessary distractions that would otherwise come up. All will be on the same track, in the same train of thought, concentrating, meditating and praying over the same material at the same time. In unity there is strength, and in this way you can avail yourselves of everyone's various talents so that all can get the most out of this time together.

21.You Home teamworks can pray and tap into the wealth of instruction you have at your fingertips on how to best organize and benefit from devotions and study times together, such as: Choose those who read well. Sing praises unto Me and prime the pump beforehand. Take breaks when necessary. Arrange the room so everyone is comfortable. Arrange for the care of the children in a separate room; and organize, if necessary, separate study times for caregivers to catch up, so that all can get the most out of what is being read. Organize study halls. Have united prayer for good receptivity and yieldedness. Keep it alive, keep it moving, keep it going, keep it meaningful, and keep at it. There are infinite ways to organize this study push, therefore find what works best for your situation by prayerfully seeking Me, and then follow that plan.

22.As everyone reads this material and makes a united push, as everyone prays together, gets stirred up together, primes the pump together and studies together, this will help work towards strengthening the resolve of each of My children!

23.(Mama:) The Lord is leaving the organization of these "Law of Love months" of study in your hands. He says there are infinite ways to do this. But as you pray about it and hear from Him in prophecy, I'm sure He'll show you what will work best for your situation. Please take note of the above detailed tips on how to most benefit from your devotions and other study times together. The Lord is definitely making the point that we all need to get behind this push, so that everyone can get as much out of it as possible and put it into practice--together.

24. Following are some organizational tips that will apply mostly to the month of September, since during that month you will receive the majority of the GNs, God willing.

25.(Jesus continues:) I am not calling you to stop all your work in the fields, but I declare two months' time wherein each Home can make a plan of how to fit this time of study in during this period. Therefore, Home teamworks, pray, organize and plan for this study time according to your own personal situation and leading from Me.

26.I would, however, give you some general guidelines to follow. In this you are wise to learn from the children of the world. Whenever it is necessary to take a special study course, whether in university or in a special field of service, something has to be set aside in order to find the time to study, be it job, play, amusement time, or possibly some other activity or duty that has to be dropped. Often, when taking on a special course, the first place you look to cut corners is free time, which may have to be forfeited in order to apply yourselves to study.

27.Vital work will have to continue; and often in such situations, students may need to be willing to work overtime if necessary, in order to complete their course of study. When special courses are required, some folks go to night school. Others arrange to take all their classes in the morning, so that afternoons can be free for other duties and to continue important work. In either circumstance, it takes careful planning to be able to find a balance and arrange schedules to fit in a certain number of hours of both work and study each day.

28.In this case, therefore, you Home teamworks must pray and seek Me as to how to best fit in this special course of study. Careful consideration of your existing schedules must be prayed over in order to see what can be eliminated for a period of time within the designated time. This will make it possible to dedicate this time to study and focus on this special instruction and new move of My Spirit, unitedly as a Home.

29.There are a variety of ways to make time for study, and as you seek Me, I will show you how it can be done. Some of you might want to look at your free time first, and see if you can forgo extra movies, game playing, outings or other activities for a while. There may be some duties and jobs that, although important, may not be timely, which can be set aside for a given amount of time. During the month of September, it would not be appropriate to make big pushes in other areas, but rather lay all the "extras" aside and pool your time to concentrate on this special instruction as you arrange your schedules around this push. You can continue on with your daily jobs and duties of caring for the children, outreach and work for Me, while in your prayer and Word times you concentrate on this particular material.

30.(Mama:) Each Home is different and has different needs. But Jesus knows your needs. As you look to Him, He will help you manage your time so that everyone can benefit from these milestone Letters. He doesn't want you to be under a lot of pressure, trying to fit everything in and cramming to get it done, so He counsels you to do what you have to do, but especially during the month of September, He encourages you to set aside other projects or work that isn't timely and can be postponed.

31.Of course, there will be some sacrifice involved, as you might need to forgo some of your normal free-time activities, special projects or events in order to gain more time to study. When people of the world take a course in university or a special study program, they usually have to keep going with their most important and urgent responsibilities--they still have to go to their job, take care of their kids, do the shopping and cooking, as well as continue to get enough sleep and exercise. But they probably wouldn't have time for a while for lots of movies, hobbies, long nights at dance clubs, etc. They also wouldn't plan extra outings, trips, fancy dinners or parties, etc. They would have to sacrifice in order to have time for their studies. There are only so many hours in the day, and a wise student will do the most important things first, and then if he has time for recreation and other "extras," great. But if not, at least he's taking care of the priorities.

32.The same is true for you, dear ones, regarding this Law of Love series. The Lord advises you to adjust your schedule around what you must do, allowing ample time for this special study course. When I say "ample time" I don't mean that you should just read through the series one time. I suspect you'll need to read the Letters several times, marking key points, and also pray about how they affect your life personally. You might need extra talk time with your shepherds or parents. You will probably need extra time to hear from the Lord in prophecy in private.

33.So you can't depend on only your daily devotions time. You'll need to schedule time into your personal schedule as well. That's why the Lord mentions specifically that you might need to sacrifice some free-time activities. Once you spend the time you need each day or week reading and hearing from the Lord, then if you have extra time for the nonessentials, fine. But if not, at least you're putting first things first and you will be happy at the end of October that you graduated from this course with honors, because you applied yourself, studied, and redeemed the time!

34. I realize that hearing you might have to cut down on some free-time activities might be disappointing to some of you. I understand that. I know you work hard and look forward to relaxing. But anything that's worth something costs something, and in this case, that cost might be forgoing an extra movie, game night, or Home activity. But on the other hand, I don't think you would have to cut out all your free-time activities by any means, nor do I suggest that these two months of extra study be boring, dry or super serious. This can be a fun, inspiring and upbeat time. Besides having very feeding and challenging Word time, you will still be able to watch movies, listen to music, have fellowship, dates and fun! It's just that you will need to make the necessary time for this important study course, and if that means sacrificing some of your free time and regular nonwork activities, I know you'll understand and be willing to do that. Thanks.

35.Now the Lord gives more specific tips for wise organization.

36.(Jesus continues:) As you Home teamworks analyze your schedules, you might want to consider extending your already existing devotions some, or designating a whole new time slot--either in the morning or the evening, or in some cases both--in order to gain reading and study time. Witnessing and ministering to others will have to continue, as well as the care of the children, meeting appointments and tending to the business of the day, but by declaring a special time in the morning or the evening to read through and study this material together, the other business of the day can continue on around it.

37.You can choose times to read all together, or to read in smaller groups, or even times of private reading, as you feel led. But the important thing is to do it in a united push, giving your full attention as a Home to this mighty move of My Spirit.

38. I will bless these times; and I will make them to thrill you as you tap into this thrilling new move of My Spirit.

39.You cannot cut out your rest time and get-out time, but you may want to cut down a little on other united times throughout the day, if necessary, to also make time for more study. I will lead you as you look to Me. Simply declare it a "Law of Love study push," and as in any other push, such as Christmas witnessing, put all other things aside to concentrate on the challenge at hand; in this case, to put an emphasis on reading this series together!

40.You who depend a great deal on faith trips and road teams might want to arrange to read this series in between trips, so that all members can be together, if possible, while reading through the course.

41.As you pray and seek Me beforehand, also pray for windfalls, for miracles of supply, and I will pour out in bountiful ways. I will open doors and bless your witnessing and outreach so that you can more freely partake of this time of united feeding on My Words of instruction.

42.I do not require that all Homes worldwide be reading at the exact same time. I only declare that all of you worldwide set aside the months of September and October to dedicate time during these months to read, study and absorb My Law of Love curriculum. (End of message from Jesus.)

43. (Mama:) The tips that you just read on scheduling your time apply mainly to September. That's because the Lord indicated that He has a slightly different plan for October, as follows:

44. (Jesus speaking:) September and October can be declared officially "Law of Love study months." During September I wish for My children to set aside other extra and unnecessary activity as much as possible in order to launch this study program so that all may be strengthened in the foundation. Let October be the month of "postgraduate study." My children can dedicate October to further study and advancement as they read the subsequent GNs on the Law of Love. Each and every one of My children is busy and there are many affairs to attend to in My Kingdom, therefore in October other important activities and meetings may commence. (End of message from Jesus.)

45. (Mama:) We explained in the Grapevine that it is not necessary that you limit or minimize your witnessing and other important duties in order to read through this Law of Love series. But it was suggested that you plan ahead as much as possible and avoid time-consuming special projects or events that could possibly be taken care of earlier or postponed, in order to reserve the time needed during September to thoroughly read and study these GNs without unnecessary distractions. For example, we explained that it would not be an ideal time to plan lengthy road trips, camps, seminars, etc.

46. That counsel still holds true for the month of September, but it does not apply to the month of October. Because you are so busy and have so much to do in your ministries and witnessing, as you just read, the Lord has given the okay to resume your work and activities in full in October. But you can still dedicate your Word time during that month to study the Law of Love GNs that you will continue to receive. That doesn't mean the GNs that you will receive in October are less important. But as I mentioned earlier, you should be receiving less pages in October, so you should be able to manage good study time to read those while you also handle your normal activities, especially if you redeem the time well in September and thoroughly study the GNs you will receive that month.

47. Here is some counsel from the Lord that will be welcome news:

48. (Jesus speaking:) When the reading course is completed, when all have applied themselves to study and have run the course well, this gives cause to celebrate! Declare a celebration when you have finished the course! Praise Me, sing to Me, shout the victory! Celebrate in song and dance, or with a special outing or a quiet dinner, a glass of wine and a time of fellowship. There are infinite ways in which you can praise Me and thank Me for great victories won! Therefore seek Me for your particular situation and how I would have you celebrate; and in this, too, I will lead each of you. Infinite and bountiful are My blessings to you who obey and please Me! I will bless in great abundance all of you who finish this course! (End of message from Jesus.)

49.(Mama:) In the message about how to organize your time the Lord talks specifically about the Home teamworks counseling about the Home's schedule and organization. That does not mean that the teamwork would dictate the plan. It might be more efficient for the teamwork to do the initial discussing, and also hear from the Lord to get some direction, but then I suggest that all voting members discuss the situation and make your plan unitedly for the month of September. If everyone has the opportunity to help in making the decisions, everyone will be much more behind the push and eager to participate. That's human nature. If a new project or change involves sacrificing some of your favorite activities, you'll be a lot more inclined to be enthusiastic about carrying it out if you have a say or a vote in what's decided. So please, dear Homes, make your plan unitedly. Pray together, discuss together, agree together, and then study and grow together! Here is a little message from the Lord on this:

50.(Jesus speaking:) You all should be given the opportunity to hear the counsel that I have given, to know what is My preference; and you should also be able to share your preferences, your views, and how you would like to see this study program conducted. While I have instructed you Home teamworkers to pray about the planning, I would, of course, expect you to take the wishes of your Home members into consideration as well.

51.One of the most important fruits of reading this series together is the unity that will be generated, as all of you become more of one mind and one heart. Part of this unity, the initial step toward this unity, will be brought about when people feel that they have an opinion, a choice, a voice in the matter. Of course, each of you may not get things exactly as you want them, but it's important that you each have the opportunity to share your feelings and desires regarding the reading of this series.

52.The planning of the reading of this program should be a give-and-take situation, where there is counseling, the pumping of people power, drawing from the opinions, feelings and desires of all involved. But after this time of counsel and heart-sharing, you Home teamworks should come to Me and hear from Me, that I might lead and guide you in the final preparation and planning. (End of message from Jesus.)

53.(Mama:) So, dear teamworkers, you'll want and need to be counseling with the others in your Home about the general plans for your special study course program especially for the month of September, and you'll need to bring the needs of your Home before the Lord to find out what He thinks is best, and what will help each person to get the most out of this important time of instruction.

54.The Lord gave some practical suggestions in the preceding message, which I'll repeat for you in point form. This list is not exhaustive, as I'm sure you'll come up with other options and ideas as you pray and counsel together, but this is a good start.

Summary of the Law of Love study points, most of which apply primarily to September:

* September's Word time for senior teens on up is to be devoted to the study of the Law of Love series. Declare it a "Law of Love study push," and as in any other push, such as Christmas witnessing, put all other things aside to concentrate on the challenge at hand; in this case, to put an emphasis on reading this series together!

* Analyze and organize your schedule to be able to continue your most important work, but allow extra time for study. Draw on everyone's opinions and ideas. Give people a choice in how things will be organized!

* Hear from the Lord about how to organize your study plan.

* You could possibly extend your devotions times, or designate a whole new slot of time--either in the morning or the evenings, or in some cases both--in order to gain reading and study time.

* Vary your reading: Sometimes read all together, sometimes read in smaller groups, or even privately.

* Practical tips: Choose those who read well for united reading. Make it alive, sing praises to the Lord and prime the pump beforehand. Take breaks when necessary. Arrange the room so everyone is comfortable. Arrange for the care of the children in a separate room; and if necessary, organize separate study times for caregivers to catch up, so that all can get the most out of what is being read. (Perhaps the junior teens and JETTs could help with the Word times and care of the younger children for some of these times, as long as they have plenty of time for their own Word and other activities separately.) Organize study halls. Have united prayer for good receptivity and yieldedness. Keep it alive, keep it moving, keep it going, keep it meaningful, and keep at it.

* When trying to find extra study time, look to your free time first, and see if for a while you can forgo extra movies, game playing, outings or other activities. (Note: This does not mean that you have to forgo all these free-time activities during the month of September, but you might need to lighten up on some of them for a while to make time for study.)

* Set aside duties and jobs that, although important, are not timely.

* Avoid making unnecessary pushes in other areas.

* Do not cut out your rest time and get-out time.

* Make provision for extra time for people to be able to talk to shepherds or to have private prayer and prophecy time.

* If you depend a great deal on faith trips and road teams, you might want to arrange to read through this series in-between trips.

* Pray for windfalls and miracles of supply. The Lord promises to pour out in bountiful ways.

* October is to be dedicated to "postgraduate study," during which time you'll read the GNs on the Law of Love that you'll receive that month.

* When the reading course is completed, celebrate!

55.As you can see, we have so much to look forward to in the weeks ahead. The Lord said the revealing of this special study course is "a very great and significant time in world history." That's something we should really get excited about! I pray that the Lord blesses you and your Home with strength and inspiration as you begin making preparations now for this time of special instruction with our wonderful King, Lover and Lord!

Lovingly yours,


Copyright (c) 1998 by The Family