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Living the Lord's Law of Love!--Pt.9               Maria #455            CM 3209                9/98

--Making the Law of Love work!

By Maria

Note: All references to sexual sharing throughout this series are only to be applied according to the guidelines in the Charter.

Table of Contents

                Dad on our "Law of Love manual"!  2

                Are you a "macho man"?   4

                The responsibility of FGA men to the FGA women       5

                Honor and cherish My first wives!   7

                A tip to FGA men on how to keep your woman happy10

                Men's desire for variety in sex--what does it mean?      12

                Older men's attraction to women--younger? Older? Both?           14

                Dad on the beauties of the Spirit       15

                Younger men and older women--can it be sexy and fulfilling?     17

                A caution about not pressuring anyone!        21

                Can you be in love with two people at the same time?  21

                The two-sided coin prophecy            22

                Do hot, romantic feelings mean there is more love?       25

                Public affection--when, who, and how much?                26

                The key to overcoming possessiveness          28

                More counsel on trust, faith and making the Law of Love work for married couples               32

                Building self-esteem and more sex appeal!      34

                Promise of victory!              39

                In closing              40

Dear Family,

                1. God bless you! I love you! This GN will cover points that I pray will make your living the Law of Love easier, happier and less problematic, such as: male pride, the needs and care of our FGA women, points regarding sharing between the two generations, being in love with more than one person, finding a balance in showing public affection to people other than your mate, the key to overcoming possessiveness, how to build self-esteem and feel more sexually attractive, and the promise of complete victory over jealousy.

                2.This GN will be in a different format than the previous ones in this series, as it will be a potpourri of messages on a variety of subjects, with less commentary. Because these are simpler and easier-to-read messages, they will probably be clear to you and you will be able to apply them to your lives without my commenting on them extensively. Please continue to read this series thoroughly, since all the information is vital!

                3. Also, please try as much as possible to take time to meditate on what you've read in the series as a whole. So much information and important counsel has been brought up in the previous GNs, but it's sometimes easy to just see the point being addressed at the moment and lose sight of the overall vision, lessons, cautions, guidelines, etc. So please take some time as you read to step back and reflect on all that you read before this GN as well, and ask the Lord to help you keep things in perspective. Thanks!

Dad on Our "Law of Love Manual"!

                4. Speaking of the messages in this GN being simpler and easier to read, I think some of you might feel a little overwhelmed with the amount of detail and the many aspects that are covered in this Law of Love series. I don't blame you for feeling that way. Parts 6 and 7 of this series, the two GNs on minimum responsibility, were especially weighty. We have heard, however, some very good responses from the field already, as people are very thankful that the series includes lots of practical counsel and specifics. But I thought it would be good to ask Dad if he had any comments on the fact that this series is long, complicated and takes some serious study to really understand thoroughly, because you might wonder if Peter and I are getting a little carried away with asking the Lord so many questions and including so much detail in our coverage of this subject. Dad had the following to say:

                5. (Dad speaking:) This Law of Love series is a continuation of my Letters and I fully endorse it. This series is the essence of what I always preached and taught you about the Law of Love; it's bringing what I taught you down to day-to-day practical terms! This is a fulfillment of all I said on the Law of Love! This is the fruit of my own labor.

                6. When I was with you, I got the ball rolling, and now the Lord is taking you a step further. This is my dream come true! This Law of Love series is a masterpiece!--The how-tos all in a handy little manual! This is a categorized, detailed manual on how to live it. There's something for everybody in here. The only reason the Lord and I didn't give you this earlier is because the Family wasn't ready for it, but now you are!

                7. Of course this is detailed and specific--that's exactly what the Family needs! If the Family can't continue to go forward and get these things down pat, and put all these principles into practice, then they'll certainly never get the job done of living the Law of Love and ushering in the Kingdom of God on Earth! That's your job, and how on earth do you expect to meet that goal without a handbook? Who wouldn't be thankful for all these specifics and details and the how-tos of living the Law of Love. God's guidelines and rules are a blessing, because they keep you on track.

                8. I think we've got to get away from this stigma attached to the word "rules." If they're the Lord's rules they're good for you. As long as you're living in that ol' human flesh you're gonna need some kind of rules! If you were perfect in spirit, maybe you wouldn't, but as long as you're in the flesh you do! They aren't something to dread. This Law of Love series is the Lord's Own rules of love designed to bring you liberty and life. This series is His handbook--our own manual, our guidebook on how to live His Law of Love on Earth.

                9. People ought to be thankful and praise the Lord for His love and care in giving us so many details and specifics on how to best serve Him and carry out His will! What's the matter with having specifics and details and rules if they help you do a better job for the Lord?

                10. I always was and always have been all for the practical application! I taught you every practical thing you needed to know, from car mechanics to how to feed the cat, how to make love and how to care for those who you made love to. And I certainly gave you plenty of details!

                11. Yes, we're getting more detailed here in this series in the practical application of living the Law of Love, but if you go back and study my Letters, you'll find they are full of guidelines and how to go about practically applying the Lord's spiritual principles. This series is only endorsing what I've always said all along, and the specifics are great. I've engineered them myself, so that this time around we can really make progress and get these lessons down pat, grow into the full stature of Christ and live the way He intended for men and women to live!

                12. Anybody who thinks what I have previously written on the Law of Love is only advocating the wild freedom of the Spirit aspect of it doesn't know me very well, or my Letters, or the way I lived, because that couldn't be further from the truth! I've always preached responsibility, and along with responsibility you'll always find the need for specifics and details to help guide you along in order to meet those responsibilities. You gotta have a standard by which to measure all things, and that's what this Law of Love manual is.

                13. This Law of Love series we're giving you now is nothing new, really. This new manual we're giving you now on living the Law of Love is what the Lord and I have been tryin' to teach the Family all along. The only difference is that now we're helping you to apply all that I've taught you all along by spelling it out. Now we're making the instructions clear and available so that everyone can learn how to operate the machine. Get it? We're giving you the instruction manual so everyone will know how to operate the love machine! Praise the Lord!

                14. The best way you can look at this series is to consider it a handbook for better living--a handbook for love! As the Family takes each of these guidelines and puts them into practice in their lives and as everyone follows these truths, little by little each truth will become a habit. The Lord is trying to help you learn habits of love through this series. That's the goal--to take on the good habits of Heavenly living, because let me tell you, we Here in Heaven all abide by the Law of Love! If you know these things, you'll be happy if you do them! (Jn.13:17). Jesus said, "If ye continue in My Word, then are ye My disciples indeed." If you take these guidelines, follow them closely, put them into practice in your lives until they become second nature, if you continue in this Word, then you'll know the truth and the truth will make you free! (End of message from Dad.)

Are You a "Macho Man"?

                15.(Mama:) When reading an advance copy of this GN series, one of our male SGA CROs talked about a problem in the Family which may or may not be widespread. But since it strikes at the root of the Law of Love and there are undoubtedly some problems with it, it needs to be addressed. Here are the young CRO's comments:

                16. There are a lot of areas regarding the Law of Love where we need to make progress in the Family as a whole. I think one area with our guys is that of being a little "macho," or thinking that the Law of Love only works one way, with the men receiving! This attitude is very strong in the System, where if the guy messes around it's winked at, but it's totally unacceptable for the girl to do it.

                17. (Mama:) When I asked the Lord to speak to us regarding this macho attitude, Dad had a few choice words on the subject:

                18.(Dad speaking:) Living the Law of Love and learning to put it into practice is gonna take a lot of learning how to give and take on everybody's part--men and women alike. It's gotta be give and take--and I mean on both the part of the woman and the man! And that certainly doesn't mean that the men do all the taking and none of the giving! God help us!

                19.It's a legitimate point you bring up here about this "macho" attitude, and our men would do well to take heed to these wise words and not be caught unaware. The "machismo" attitude, as the Latins call it, is nothing but pride! That's what being "macho" is all about--pride, pure and simple! You can call it what you want: male chauvinism, that "superior" attitude of the male species, their thinking they've got all the rights, men acting as if they can dominate women, and this overexaggerated attitude and opinion of themselves that leads to them thinking they don't have to share what they've got--their girlfriends, lovers or wives. Hooey! This attitude certainly has no place in living the Law of Love, sharing, opening your lives to others, and giving love!

                20.While it's true that the Lord made the woman for the man,He meant for the woman to be a helpmeet, to be right next to her man, working hand in hand, sharing together and with others and giving, living the Law of Love together, upholding one another and supporting one another. The Lord meant for the man to love and care for the woman--not to lord it over her in pride. (See Eph.5:25,28.)

                21. When we're talking about living the Law of Love, you can safely apply that "male and female created He them"--all equal! In this case it's a matter of "there is no male or female in Christ Jesus!" The Lord wants everybody to give and receive love!

                22.Any of our men who are prone to this macho attitude are gonna have to seek the Lord and ask Him for help. There are plenty of challenges for everyone that come along with learning to live the Law of Love. Some folks will have to fight to gain victories in certain areas, while others will have to fight and gain victories in different areas--but the important thing is this--whatever the weakness, all are fighting to gain victories day by day. Just as some people will have to fight and gain victories over unyieldedness, so others will have to fight and gain victories over any temptation towards macho attitudes and actions. What it boils down to is this: Whether you're being tested on unyieldedness or on this macho attitude, at the root of both is pride!

                23. This macho attitude of the world is founded on selfishness--selfishness born of pride! So you boys are gonna have to watch out for it and be aware of it, because it's the way of the world. It's the way of fleshly male domination that doesn't like to share, always wanting to keep it all to yourself, thinking that you're just a little bit better than someone else and you have the "right" to something--in this case, thinking you can guard a woman and keep her all to yourself.--Or worse yet, making her feel bad through your words or actions, making her feel condemned if she reaches out to share with others when the Lord is leading her to do so. This ought not so to be! If any of you men want to do all the sharing while saving your woman for yourself alone--watch out!

                24. It's simply the inborn sinful nature of a man to be this way, but thank the Lord, our men don't have to yield to it. The Lord will help you if you ask Him. All things are possible with Him! If any of our men are tempted in this way, all you have to do is get prayer, seek the Lord, and He will deliver you! And then give!

                25. You never lose by giving. That's a sure cure if you're feeling tempted to keep it all to yourself. Give and it will be given to you again! That's God's law of progress. You've gotta keep on giving, keep on sacrificing, keep on sharing--and that includes your wives and your lovers! And when you do, the Lord will give back to you more than you ever dreamed possible! (End of message from Dad.)

                26.(Mama:) Dear men, the benefits of the Law of Love are not just for men. Sad to say, we have even heard from some reports that men have taken this macho attitude so far as to falsely accuse our loving women who share with others of being too "loose"! Men, this should not be! So please take this word from Dad to heart!These labels are very wrong, and you who feel this way need to let the Word wash you clean of these System attitudes and worldly ways of seeing things! When our women want to share their love and bodies with others, it's not because there's anything wrong with them; that's what they're supposed to do. It's a beautiful example of giving, loving and caring for others. Whether it's sacrificial or not, it's still giving! The women who give to others should be honored and respected--not looked down upon, criticized, or falsely labeled! So come on, men--will you pray and ask the Lord to help you shed the macho attitude?

                27. It really pays for everyone, men and women alike, to work on gaining victories over possessiveness, because possessiveness in all forms is a big hindrance to living the Law of Love! Whether you men are prone to possessiveness born of pride and falling into a macho attitude, or you women are prone to possessiveness born of fear, jealousy and so on, everyone needs to work on shedding these weights in order to progress in living the Law of Love more fully.

                28. Here is another interesting tidbit from Dad, explaining the difference between a macho man and a possessive woman.

                29. (Dad speaking:) The difference between a macho man and a possessive woman is this: Both are possessive, yes, yet in most cases for different reasons. Possessiveness is born of selfishness. The macho man, however, is possessive because his selfishness is born of pride. The possessive woman's selfishness is often born of fear.

                30. Both can intertwine and spill over on the other, the man also being fearful of losing the woman and the woman proud in self-righteousness and wanting to think her man belongs to her and her alone. So while a man can also have that same type of possessiveness that a woman has--the kind that stems from fear and jealousy--what I'm talking about here is the kind of possessiveness that is more common to men, which stems from a macho spirit.

                31. Basically the macho man's possessiveness is because it ministers to his pride to think that that woman idolizes him alone. The macho man likes to think that it's because of his own self that a woman is attracted--his own greatness, good works and performance, his own fleshly qualities--and this ministers to his male pride. He glories in the feeling of thinking that he can dominate the woman because of his own greatness, and this feeds his pride. When a man yields to this macho spirit, it is often not only with the woman he is in love with, for it ministers to his pride to think that he can dominate all women, to think that he is it and that he is desired because of his own greatness.

                32. The possessiveness of the woman is often born of fear of losing the man, fear of being left in the dark, fear of the future and what it may hold. Her possessiveness is often tainted with jealousy, rivalry and competition. Therefore the possessiveness of a man and woman are often different, for the basis that drives them varies. But both forms of possessiveness hinder living the Law of Love. (End of message from Dad.)

The Responsibility of FGA Men to the FGA Women

                33.(Mama:) Sad to say, there are quite a few lonely people in the Family. I've received a number of letters from single women, single mothers, mostly from the first generation, who have candidly expressed their disappointment about the lack of fellowship, sex, and companionship they receive from the men. Thank the Lord, they're willing to find their satisfaction in their Heavenly Husband and Lover, but they still say how nice it would be to love someone in the flesh once in a while and to feel needed, appreciated, and desired as a woman. On this subject, one of the CROs commented:

                34. There is a great need for love and affection amongst the first generation. Some of the single FGA women are going through a lot of trials because they don't have somebody to be close to, and they feel quite threatened by the younger women. Even married FGA women who are getting older are feeling that they're not very desirable. They're married, so they have their basic needs met, but they feel they're not attractive and people look at them as being old. These battles are intensified when their husbands share with other women; they see their husband being attractive and sexually active, and they feel left out.

                35. Itseems that our first generation men have a responsibility to the first generation women in some way, to help them feel loved and beautiful, and to help them continue to partake of the Law of Love.Our FGA women, whether they're married or not, need the reassurance that they're attractive and they can satisfy a man, that a man would desire to be with them. As an older woman, if a man reaches out to spend time with you, even if it's not a thrilling sexual experience, just the fact that he expressed a desire to have that intimate time of fellowship makes you feel good about yourself. It gives you a new lease on life. (End of comments from CRO.)

                36.(Mama:) One of our single FGA women on the field shared her heart as follows:

                37. There's something I want to share with you, dear Mama and Peter. It's the topic of sexual fellowship for older women in the Family. I recently took a trip to another country and talked with two single mothers, both of whom could count on one hand the number of dates they'd had over the past few years. One of them doesn't make an issue of it. It seems that she has somewhat sublimated the need. For the other one it is more difficult, as she is an emotional, sexy woman, and she finds it difficult to go without a man's fellowship.

                38. One of these women lives on her own with her problem teen. The other lives with three other single moms. There are no men, and there is no sharing for any of them. Both women said that even the few men who are around in other Homes do not share, as their wives won't let them. Both of them are willing to give up sex to remain in the CM Family, if need be, as they don't want to be cut off from having all the counsel of God, but they admit that it is a difficult road.

                39. As one of them, a former FFer, puts it: "That's what we've been raised to believe, that sex is good, it's Godly, and it's important. I'm approaching menopause, and I have to suppress so many feelings, emotions, urges. I even wonder if it's good for me physically." (End of comment from single mother; FGA woman continues.)

                40. I live in a privileged situation, and dear Jesus and others have been taking good care of me, although being single and often feeling lonely is still my biggest test. Seeing the predicament of many of our dear older women not only breaks my heart, but it also makes me worry for my own future. I've told Jesus repeatedly that when the time comes, I want to be willing to give up even the limited sexual fellowship I now enjoy, if that's what He wants me to do, but it's not something I look forward to. It's not even something that the Word promotes.

                41. Of course, the Word promotes putting the Lord first and foremost, and letting go of anything that is before Him or that is a hindrance to our closeness to Him, but it also emphasizes closeness and sex and sexual sharing. In fact, it encourages it. So for those who have little prospect of having any, it can be a big source of conflict and discouragement.

                42. On the other hand, if I compare the situation of older women in the Family to those in the System, of course our situation is so much better, and we have so much to be thankful for. The loneliness experienced in the Family is nothing compared to what single System women face. Our brethren are loving and sweet and kind. We have wonderful goals to strive for, and we each have a wonderful Lover and Husband Who longs to fulfill our every need. He uses the loneliness of us single women to draw us close to His bosom and into a more intimate fellowship with Him, and in that sense, it does accomplish His purpose.

                43. For me, though, when I hurt because of loneliness battles, I tend to distance myself, and it's then more difficult to come to Jesus, to feel close to Him and enjoy Him. But that's my own personal test and weakness that I have to work at overcoming. I know from the Word and from the testimonies of many that others are truly able to find their solace and fulfillment in Jesus, and the Lord always encourages me that He is so close and always wanting to help and cherish me.

                44. I don't want to look at things carnally, but I would like to list the areas of difficulty that older women encounter in the Family as far as getting close to a man:

                * First, there are not many older single men left in the Family. Among those who are single, many of them don't want to get attached. If they get mated again, it's often to a younger woman.

                * Except in unusual cases, young men in the Family are not interested in older women, even to share with them.

                * Sexual sharing in Homes is limited. I've encountered a lot of hesitation or even plain refusal on the part of wives to share their husbands. Many of them have been hurt in the past and feel threatened at the thought of sharing.

                * There is no sharing with outsiders for Charter Members.

                45. All this to say, the possibilities for an older woman to find a mate are scant in the Family, and to me this is a big test. Like many other single women, I do very much long to have a prayer, praise, and Loving Jesus companion, and knowing that it is very unlikely that it will happen again is a trial. I know that Jesus can do the miracle, and I often beg Him to do so, but even if He does it for me, there will still be many others left on their own.

                46. I treasure in my heart the memory of the very sweet, sexy time I spent with King Peter. As I also mentioned, I am well taken care of here, with loving, sexy lovers I can love Jesus with occasionally. I guess I'm weak and fearful that I will be without even limited male companionship in the future, and meeting these two precious single women recently and hearing of many others in the same situation has made me want to share my heart with you about it. I don't have any solution to offer. I merely wanted to communicate with you about it. Thank you. I love you! (End of comments from single FGA woman.)

                47.(Mama:) These are very worthwhile observations. This is not the first time a single woman has shared very personal and desperate concerns on this subject. We know, as was mentioned above, that the Lord uses loneliness to work in our lives and draw us closer to Him. But on the other hand, we don't want people to suffer from extreme loneliness that could be alleviated if we each were to do our part to be Jesus' love for our brethren. One of the specific goals for 1998 is to have fewer lonely people in the Family. (Please see ML #3160:220-240, GN 765.)

                48.I asked the Lord about this need, and in response the Lord gave a message especially for you FGA men. I know you dear men will all take this to heart and consider the needs of the FGA women you live with or have regular contact with.

Honor and Cherish My First Wives!

                49.(Jesus speaking:) I ask you to give honor to whom honor is due,and I would that you honor these first wives, for this is their due and their place in My Kingdom. Therefore honor My queenly wives, My mighty Brunhelds and warriors of the faith, My first wives of the first generation. Honor them and extol them as I do extol them, for they are precious in My sight.

                50.These are My first wives. I would, therefore, that the first generation men honor and give due care and respect to the first generation women as their first wives. Be attentive to these precious ones and continue to care for them, for this will facilitate your sharing and loving and reaching out to others, as together you branch out to enlarge your tents and embrace My sons and daughters of the second generation.

                51. Favor is deceitful and beauty is vain, but she who fears the Lord is to be praised. Therefore praise My first wives, care for them, honor them, and give them their due. Let the first generation men take care of the first generation women as one of their primary responsibilities to Me and their greater Family, for it is.

                52. If you were pure in spirit you would see that all My first generation women, whether they are married or single, are as your wives, and I would that you take care of them and honor them as such. I would not that they be left in despair, forgotten, for this goes against the very principles of My Law of Love. In neglecting My first wives, in not giving them the place of honor that I would have you give, you are striking at the very foundation of My Law of Love, tearing down the very principles on which I build this law. Should you neglect My first wives, you will miss the mark of the essence of the Law of Love. For My love does not cast aside, it does not leave out, it does not hurt and harm, it does not infringe on another's rights nor deny them their due.

                53. If you were pure in spirit you would see that caring for My first wives is not a burden but a blessing--a rare treasure! Be not a blind man filled with his own ways.He who would pass up this golden opportunity is as a foolish man. My queen mothers, My first wives, are they who have much to give. For though their outward stature begins to wane, their inner beauty shines forth in a brighter and more radiant glow with the brilliance of My Spirit, and this is priceless in My sight.

                54. Would you pass up this opportunity to partake of their excellence? For have I not said that these queenly ones are in their prime of life? Therefore he who would not avail himself of such a treasure is as a foolish man who sees not the great wealth I have laid before him. These are My mature ones, whom I have loved and cared for and brought along these many years--not to be forgotten, but that they might take their rightful place in My Kingdom as My mighty ones, My mature ones--strong in wisdom, in experience, and in the ways of love.

                55. My first generation men, I ask you to be considerate of their needs. Don't pack them away in a box where, through your neglect, they collect dust and cobwebs, and for lack of use become tarnished, and all is forgotten of their beauty and brilliance. But rather love them, care for them and tend to them, that through this inspiration of your loving care they might stay polished and shine brightly for all My house to see.

                56. I bid My first generation men to honor, cherish, and care for these first wives that I have placed by their side. For have not these women of the first generation stood by you all these years? Are these not the ones who have cared for you and cheered you along? Have these not been the ones in whom you could safely put your trust--these who have done you good, who have worked willingly with their hands? Have they not stood by you these many years to feed you, clothe you, care for you, bear your children, tend to your needs and provide for you--these who have worked by your side, hand in hand, as they have poured forth and given and given and given again? Have these not looked well to the ways of My household? For they have not eaten of the bread of idleness.

                57.I have not blessed you with My Own beloved wives that they might be forgotten and cast aside. How it pains Me, how I weep and lament to see that these are easily forgotten and pushed aside. For these are My Own beloved wives that I have entrusted to your care, that you may have them to hold, to cherish, to fight by your side, to provide strength and prayer, wise counsel and a steady hand, to be helpmates.

                58. These who are nearing and embarking on the change of life, as they enter into a new commission and a new phase of service to Me, have great need of love, comfort and companionship. In this new phase of life I wish to use them as never before. In this golden age they have much to give, much to pour forth, and he who would cast them aside will be the loser. For these are My mighty ones who enter their years of maturity and glory and honor. Therefore I would that you not neglect these, for they are My Own faithful and true, sure and steady lovers of God.

                59. Without this strong unity of the first generation men and women as a tightly knit team, as you embark on living My Law of Love, instead of strong cords of love and unity, much division will be fostered--and should this happen, you open the door to many problems and inroads for the Enemy to enter in.Living My Law of Love will only be as successful as the strength of the unity that prevails among My first generation. Should My first wives be isolated, left out, feeling alone, this cannot bear good fruit, for this strikes at the very foundation of living the Law of Love. For My Law of Love does not isolate nor unduly hurt; it does not hinder, harm, nor endanger.

                60. The very purpose of living the Law of Love is to make of you a body fitly joined together, and in order to do this, all must be in place. The younger women have great need of the older women. And when the younger ones see that the older men honor and care for the older ones and keep them in their proper place, which is first, instead of driving a wedge between the older and younger, it will bring the younger women closer, and thereby open the avenue for the younger to look to the older for counsel, friendship, guidance and wisdom from their years of faithful service and following Me. As the older men love and honor their first wives--My first generation brides--it will help the younger generation women, My younger brides, to see the first generation women as givers in this union, and this will bear much more fruit in the overall living of My Law of Love.

                61. But should the younger see the older wives as those who are easily tossed aside and left out in the cold, this will only strike fear in their hearts, that they too will one day be cast aside and found wanting, and this will be a testimony against My Law of Love. Should the younger ones see this as the end result, it will hinder their faith to want to carry on down the path which I am leading; it will cause them to draw the wrong conclusions, that surely it would be far better to seek out their own selfish love and guard and protect it, lest they too be cast aside in future years as a result of their sharing. (End of message from Jesus.)

                62.(Mama:) The Lord emphasizes the great importance of strong unity between the men and women of the first generation. It is part of the foundation of the Law of Love. He explains the bad testimony it will be to the younger generation if you FGA men fail to care for those the Lord calls His "first wives," the FGA women. The Lord is calling on all you FGA men, single and married alike, to help fill this need. But the fact is, there are just not enough single men to go around! So please, dear wives, will you be willing to share your husbands and open your hearts and lives to your sisters, and allow them to partake of the wonderful blessings of love, companionship, friendship and sex that you have constantly by your side in your husband?

                63. This does not mean that you FGA men must confine your sexual sharing and fellowship strictly to the older women. But this message does make it very clear that you men need to be more attentive to the needs of the FGA women, and you shouldn't resent their need and desire to be close to you. Our FGA women need encouragement, affection, fellowship and sex. They need to be noticed, they need to be needed, they need to be desired. The Lordasked you FGA men to be mindful of the needs of the first generation women as one of your primary responsibilities to Him and the greater Family. This is not a need that can be filled by only the single FGA men; I pray that you who are married would also feel constrained by the Lord's love to reach out to your dear "first wives," the FGA women. (Note: Please see FSMs 314, 315 and 316 for some very good articles and messages on sex, especially good for our first generation adults!)

                64.Before we move on, I have to clarify an important point for you SGA men. Just because the Lord has asked the FGA men to be aware of the needs of the FGA women and to do what they can to fill those needs, that does not mean that you younger men cannot or should not be sexually involved with FGA women. Many younger men like having sex with older women. Some even prefer it. Some say that the older women are very responsive and experienced sexually, and they appreciate the friendship of an older woman, which has its own special benefits. All the SGA men in our Home enjoy sweet sexual fellowship with the FGA women. It's mutually satisfying, fun and sexy! So, young men, take a tip from our guys and don't be shy or have some kind of anti-older-woman mindset. You'll never know what excitement of the Spirit and the flesh you're missing if you don't try it!

A Tip to FGA Men on How to Keep Your Woman Happy

                65.I want to continue on the subject of the needs and feelings of our older women. Here is a letter from a mother of eight. She expresses very well what many of you FGA women might be feeling.

                66. Dear Mama, during and after "Burn Free 2" and the Gypsy Story and songs video, my husband was inspired and raving about the sexy, beautiful, Spirit-filled, shapely young women (as probably would any man). But when he kept on and on about it, it sort of turned me off, because I'm a pregnant mom with number eight on the way! I immediately asked the Lord to help me and rebuke this trial, trying to think of all the sweet things that dear Dad always had to say about the PG moms.

                67. We have a couple of very sweet YA girls in our Home, and I was just thinking how my husband's comments could affect them. The thought came to me that probably one of the reasons that our young people are asking about using contraceptives and birth control methods is because they've watched similar scenarios time and again in the Family, where the men go flitting around from flower to flower (usually not so much because of a prettier face as much as for a more shapely body), while their wives are either pregnant or nursing most of the time. I am such a mother. I have seven children, three of whom are under three years old, and my eldest is almost ten years old. So even when I wanted desperately to "get back in shape," I was pregnant before I knew it!

                68. Being overlooked by the man you love and whose kids you are faithfully bearing for someone more shapely and less "used" than you is very heartbreaking, and I think our young people watch this sort of thing happening to their mothers and aunts. In the name of our freedoms and abundance of love there are a lot of mistakes made, thus rendering many people not as useful to the Lord as they would be if we were less selfish.

                69. Lord help me if I am coming across strongly. Please forgive me, Mama, if I am; this is a long-standing weakness of mine. By sharing this thought I'm in no way undermining or belittling the Law of Love. I believe it with my whole heart. However, I have seen many a man in the Family use it for his own selfish gain, thinking nothing of the others involved and how it affects them, contrary to the Law of Love and the Charter. Can anything be done about this angle of things?

                70. Please don't misunderstand me or think I'm a women's libber, just pointing the finger at the men in our Family. I have definitely also seen women behaving in similar selfish and unloving ways; it's just that in my life it's affecting my male counterpart, and at this time of trial I seem to only be able to think, "Oh, these men!" Ha!

                71. The encouragement in "Go for the Gold" to just trust the Lord and be His vessel to bring more citizens into the Kingdom was just what I needed. Then with the "Loving Jesus" series, just being able to love the Lord and have Him as my Lover turned my key!

                72. Thank you, sweet Mama, for your love, faith, and trust in the Lord as well as us, in sharing the Lord's Words with us. I dare say, we are the only ones in the whole world that get God's unadulterated Word! Praise the Lord! Thank You Jesus! God bless you!

                73. Thank you for being our queen, and thank you, dear Peter, for being our king! I pledge my love and loyalty to you both till my last breath, and then through eternity with King Jesus! I love you both so very much. Please set me right if I am wrong, and most of all, please pray for me. (End of letter from FGA wife and mother of eight.)

                74.(Mama:) God bless you, dear sweet one, for your faith and perseverance.Thanks for going for the gold! I know the Lord and Dad are so proud of you! So am I! Thanks also for sharing your heart so openly, and for having an attitude of faith even though you're battling. I believe that many of the mistakes you're referring to that happen as a result of unloving or selfish actions on the part of both men and women will be avoided as we all seek to follow carefully the detailed practical counsel and guidelines the Lord is putting forth in this series. Praise the Lord!

                75.I asked the Lord for a message of encouragement for you, and Dad spoke sweet words of love, which I hope you don't mind if I share with everyone. Actually, these are loving words of wisdom to our men, all our dear husbands, lovers, and mates in our greater marriage. Please take a tip from Dad, men! He knows what he's talking about, as he's the most loving and considerate man I've ever met! He really knows how to treat a woman!

                76.(Dad speaking:) Start now telling those mommies and those who are pregnant how beautiful they are, how gorgeous they are, how sexy they are! Our pregnant women and mothers deserve your appreciation and your words of love telling them they're beautiful, they're gorgeous, they're marvelous, they're irresistible, they're indescribably ravishing women who glow with the Lord's love! I know, boys, it might break your bottle to say this to your wife who may be pregnant with number eight, and whose beauty varies from the young women! But let me tell you, she's got that extra shine, that special beauty, that additional glow that gets brighter and brighter with every child she bears. Because of her years of yieldedness in fulfilling her purpose as one of the Lord's queen mothers, her true lasting beauty shines all the brighter!

                77.Please be courteous, be kind, be loving. Just have some plain common sense, if nothing else, and don't rave in front of your wife about the other gorgeous women or younger women. Be considerate and thoughtful of her feelings. Thank her for the children that she bears, that she raises, that she loves.

                78.Verbal appreciation is very important to women, just as sex is important to you men. So if you want to show your wife that you love her, then tell her how much you love her, and in how many ways you love her, how much you appreciate her, how thankful you are for her, how beautiful she is, what a good mother she is. You need to frequently tell her all the wonderful things she is to you. Thank her for all that she does for you: taking care of you, making love to you, understanding and supporting you, mending your clothes, washing your laundry, fixing your food, cleaning the room. Thank her for how faithful she's been, for how she's put up with you!

                79.Take your wife in your arms and tell her she's the most beautiful woman in the world to you, the best wife in the world, the best mother in the world. She deserves it. Thank the Lord for our Family women, our wives, mothers and grandmothers, because without them we wouldn't have a Family and we wouldn't have a future! Love, Dad. (End of message from Dad.)

                80. (Mama:) When those in our Home were reading this GN before it was sent out to the Family, a couple of our SGA women made the following comments, which I think you'll find interesting.

                81. Jenna (23): That letter from the mother of eight is very heartbreaking, and I've heard or felt the same from other FGA women too. Perhaps the FGA men don't realize how they can not only make the FGA women feel bad through commenting to them about a young woman's beauty or attractive body, but they can also greatly help to instill that very System attitude in the SGA women.

                82. Sadly, I've gotten that impression from a number of FGA men, where from their comments, insinuations, or appreciation of you, you walk away feeling that you are above the FGA women, or that at least in the physical, the deck is stacked in your favor. While the compliments feel nice at the time and you as an ignorant or naïve SGA or teen girl may not think much of it, it affects your spirit. I feel bad about this now, as I only realized recently that I even held this "prettier than FGA women" or "sexier than FGA women" attitude in my subconscious. I didn't really realize it.

                83. Since being at Mama's Home, I've thankfully seen some good samples of FGA men who are very loving to the FGA women, and who are also vocal in their praise, appreciation, love and sexual desire for them. This was surprising for me; thus my attitude was checked and I began to think about it.

                84. One FGA man in particular, who has dates with several of the women in the Home, I was very impressed to hear comment about how he found both the FGA and SGA women possessed equal sexual attraction. In fact, he said that generally he prefers the FGA women! I was relieved to hear this, because while he enjoys his dates with the young women, this does seem to be the right attitude to have. The best part about it is that he vocalizes his feelings--which minister encouragement to the FGA women, and which do not feed the SGA women's feelings of being able to "get what they want through their youth, beauty, or sex appeal," etc.

                85. I feel that it's just not healthy for us SGA women to feel that way, and it breaks down unity and respect for the FGA women if we have that attitude. But it might be something good for the FGA men to keep in mind--that the encouragement and adoration they give young women will stick with them, and can cause the young women to form wrong attitudes if not balanced out with the love and care that they give the FGA women primarily.

                86. When sharing with a married man, I'm always glad to hear of his love for his wife, how much he loves her, and how sexy and wonderful she is. I don't think that husbands should hold back from saying these comments, because it reinforces the fact that we are one Family, one wife, and gives the glory to the Lord, rather than tempting the SGA woman to hoard it to her natural self. (End of comments from Jenna.)

* * *

                87. Rebecca (24): It makes me feel much more comfortable around older men when they say sweet things about their wives and FGA peers. It not only builds a good attitude and respect, but it also really helps me to relax and not feel like they want so much from me, or that they are so much more attracted to me, or that I'm going to get into some kind of relationship that is over my head.

                88. Of course, it's nice to get the normal appreciation, and especially when you're sharing sexually with someone, it's comforting when they compliment you. But it's equally as comforting, and makes me feel much more at peace, when they talk about their wife as well, showing that everything is okay, that all is going well. If I'm going to share with a married man, it's very reassuring to hear of his love for his wife; it really gives me peace. It also makes me feel more comfortable around the husband and wife when they're together, knowing that the affection and appreciation is placed in the right perspective and that I'm not going to make someone feel awkward by being around.

                89. Men might think that they're doing the young women a favor by expressing so much appreciation or comparing them positively to the FGA women, but really, in addition to making it very difficult for the wife, they also make it very difficult for the young woman. At least that's been my experience in the past. (End of comments from Rebecca.)

Men's Desire for Variety in Sex--What Does It Mean?

                90. (Mama:) Since this dear wife and mother brought up the subject of men's admiration for and attraction to beautiful women, I want to include a message from the Lord on why married men desire the company of other women. You might wonder if that means that the wives are not supplying their husbands' needs adequately. Possibly you women have worried about that very thing regarding your own husband. If so, this message holds some very important counsel for you--secrets about the nature of men!

                91. (Jesus speaking:) No man is an island; everyone affects someone. By the same token, no couple is an island, especially in the Family. Each one must interact and work and be in unity with others as co-workers, friends and mates.

                92. When you're single, you don't usually expect just one friend to fill all your needs for companionship or fellowship, because you both need more than that. You benefit and grow and are blessed through interacting with a wide range of people. You learn more and become more tolerant through rubbing shoulders with different personalities; your life is enriched by the unique personality of each one.

                93.The same goes for when you're married. You need others and your mate needs others. By virtue of the fact that you're married, you probably spend the most time with your mate; you've agreed to share lives, children, a bed, a room, and to travel wherever I lead together. But it's an erroneous attitude that a husband or a wife should fill all your needs for companionship, love, and even sex. It's a lie of the Devil that you should feel offended or hurt when your husband or wife enjoys companionship, fun and fellowship with other people.

                94.People often criticize men for desiring the companionship and sexual fellowship of other women besides their wives, and it's only natural for the wives to wonder at times if it's a sign that they're not adequately desirable or attractive enough to keep their husband from roaming, but this is where you must understand the nature of men. I've created men to be very sexually oriented, to desire a great quantity of sex, and when a man builds friendships with women it naturally follows for him to desire sexual fellowship with them too, in many cases.

                95.This is a natural, inborn desire that in no way indicates his dissatisfaction with his current steady partner or wife. If there are relationship problems or the wife is refusing to give herself to him in bed, then he will probably seek solace elsewhere in the form of sex with other women. But when he's content with his wife and still seeks companionship with other women, there must be a differentiation.

                96.Impossible as it may seem, the more freely you allow your man to satisfy his curiosity with other women--of course, with wisdom and in line with the Law of Love--the more he will love you and be content to be with you always. As long as you remain loving and understanding of his inborn nature, and do not condemn and thereby drive him out of the nest, he will return.

                97.Most men are not stupid. They know that a bird in the hand is worth two in the bush, and after they have had a little fun chasing the birds in the bush, as long as there are no other obstacles in the way that would cause either of you to not keep Me in the center of your union, your man will return home, content and thankful for you--his loving little birdie. As you wives do your part to take the time to build a good foundation in your marriage through good communication, as you strive to keep your love fresh and alive, putting aside the hindrances of jealousy, selfishness, familiarity and so on, through experience you will realize that your husband's love does not wane when he spends time with others but rather is renewed as he gains fresh appreciation for your sweet love, your desire to please and make him happy, your faithfulness to him as his wife.

                98.Most of all, I ask you wives to trust Me and stay close to Me,to keep Me at the center of your relationships, for in so doing you secure My love, and thus I secure your love and the love of your husband. Though even the best marriage takes you through many rocky rapids, if you're both connected to Me and seek Me and love Me together, I will keep you and bind you together. I am the Answer Man, and I can provide the solution to any problem, and soothe away any fears you may have. So seek Me and let Me fill your needs for reassurance.

                99. I also call you husbands to do all things in loving consideration towards your wives. I do not give you license to wander off on tangents, following after every new birdie that comes across your path, seeking ventures which are not pursued in accordance with My Law of Love. It is not expedient, nor will it be fruitful to yield to every whim that presents itself due to your inborn nature. The inborn nature of man must be kept in check and in alignment with My will through coming to Me in prayer, seeking Me and following My guidelines, and living according to My Law of Love. (End of message from Jesus.)

                100. (Mama:) In the above message the Lord is speaking to you wives, helping you to understand your husband's desire to be with others. He also gives wise counsel to you husbands about being considerate of your wife's feelings and making sure that your sexual sharing is according to the Lord's will and the Law of Love. This counsel can also be applied when the situation is reversed--that is, when the wife is the one sharing with others, in which case the husband needs to understand her need for contact with others, and she needs to be mindful that her actions are loving and prayerful. Remember, husbands and wives, as you allow each other to freely share according to the Law of Love and as the Lord leads, you will find the other's love will be renewed. As long as you keep the Lord in the center of all your relationships, your love will be secure.

Older Men's Attraction to Women--Younger? Older? Both?

                101.Then there is the question of older men being attracted to younger women. This is a new battleground for many of our FGA women. It causes them worry as they feel old, threatened, and not so sexy anymore by comparison. I wondered, "Is it that men really are more attracted to younger women than older women? Does the Lord put something special in older men's hearts for younger women, and if so, what is it and why? Or is it that men are attracted to all women in general, and there's no great advantage as far as youth goes, as long as the older woman is sexy, sweet and loving? Are men attracted to any and all women who are sweet, loving and well-groomed?" If you want to know the answers to these very interesting questions, read on.

                102.(Jesus speaking:) I have put the desire in the heart of men toward all women--that he would desire both the older and the younger--and you must not compare these two. For the more lasting qualities--that of a lively spirit, the warmth and tenderness of her heart, the fascination of her mind, the sweetness and kindness of her loving ways, her depth of spirit, her loving affection, her emotional companionship, the sparkle in her eyes, and the thrill of her soul--this is the biggest desire in man towards a woman, and that which down in his heart of hearts he desires most.

                103. What a man seeks and desires most of all from a woman is to be needed, to be wanted for his manliness. A man seeks those who desire him, who show interest in him, those who long for the satisfaction he can give them and who want to give him their attention, and this has no age attached to it. A man seeks those whose interests are toward him, those who appreciate him for his manliness. Should the older women's interest seem to wane in this, should their interest be turned in other directions, then he will seek out others.

                104.I say the younger women and the older women are likened to new wine and vintage wine. The man may want to experience the taste of the new wine, but this by no means takes away from his desire for that much-savored excellence of the vintage wine--that which is sought after with great joy. (End of message from Jesus.)

                105.(Mama:) This recent counsel from the Lord reminds me of "Revolutionary Women" where Dad gave similar advice 25 years ago. He said:

                106.It's man's nature to want to explore and conquer new and virgin territory, and therein to plant the staff of his pride to satisfy his inborn quest of fresh adventure! As the Bible says, they seek "strange" flesh, and the literal translation there is "new" flesh. About 50% of man's desire is just plain childish curiosity about the unfamiliar, wondering what hers looks like, what hers acts like, and what her response would be!

                107. That's why, to have real lasting, enduring, genuine love, it must be based upon a more enduring foundation than mere fleshly gratification. It must be an unselfish innate desire to protect and help and to make someone else happy. And there definitely must be a measure of admiration for finer qualities than mere physical beauty! A man can be in love with a woman's mind, or he can be in love with her sentiments. He can be in love with her spiritual reactions, he can be in love with her emotional companionship, all of which have little or nothing to do with her physical body and their sex life! These definitely have at least 90% more to do with love than pure physical sex or sexual gratification.

                108.Real love is a spiritual thing. It's not merely physical, but it is also manifested in the physical--but not in a mere jump-on-jump-off relationship! It's mostly manifested in the spiritual and mental companionship and compatibility of likes and dislikes and things and habits that you have in common. Even the few things you don't have in common can sometimes be interesting and amusing (ML #250:24-26).

                109.(Mama:) Here's another fitting excerpt of an older MO Letter, where Dad talked about how beauty is not a matter of age. Dad and the Lord have been trying to teach us this for years, but sometimes we need a little more convincing and reminders.

                110.A woman can still have beauty and charm no matter what [her] age! I've seen women in their 60s who were still sexy, still charming. Beauty has nothing to do with age. Let me cheer you up--you can be a beautiful woman all your life! Feminine, sexy, charming, all the things that make a woman, it doesn't matter how old you are. That's the truth. I told Maria … she'll always be beautiful, charming, feminine and sexy no matter what! I've heard about these old folks' homes where the old 70-year-olds and 80-year-olds are climbing in bed with each other and still having fun! (ML #1000:36-37).

Dad on the Beauties of the Spirit

                111. (Mama:) I'm now going to include a message that Dad recently gave to encourage the older women to not be fearful of their husbands' or lovers' interaction with younger women. You might be thinking, "Why is Mama so into this older woman/younger woman subject? What's the big deal?" You might think I'm going too far with this, or that the reason I'm particularly interested in this subject is because Peter shares with younger women. But I want to clarify that Peter loves all the women in our Home very much and he shares with women from both generations! He doesn't have an exceptional attraction to young women, he loves them all! Ha! I don't have any outstanding battles when Peter shares with younger women--to me it's all the same--but I know there are many older women who do have more battles when their husbands are with someone younger than when they're with someone their own age.

                112.When I asked the Lord whether this message should be included in this GN, He confirmed that this is not just for your information, but there is a very important reason why He wants you to know these things. He said:

                113. (Jesus speaking:) There's a great need to reeducate our Family men on how to look at women. The wiser and more loving and caring they are in their associations with the women, the better the living of the Law of Love will progress. So much depends on the maturity and understanding of the men, and this understanding and Godly viewpoint can only come from Me.

                114.At this point in time, the men are influenced by System standards--what is beautiful by System standards, what is desirable by System standards, what the woman of their dreams should look like by System standards. So anything and everything you can publish to correct this false sense of values will be helpful. The message about older women will not just encourage the older women, but it will also help the men to look at them with My eyes, the eyes of appreciation. It will also help the younger women to honor the older women more, and not put so much emphasis on their own youthful beauty.

                115.Many of the younger women are also off-track in their ideas about beauty. They're held as prisoners to the System standards that they're bombarded with from movies, television and magazines. This leads to much discontent, comparing and dissatisfaction with the way I've made them. They have unrealistic expectations and desires when it comes to the way they want or expect to look, or the way they think men expect them to look. So as the men learn to appreciate the finer qualities in women--which they will learn in part through the message about the beauties of older women--this will help set the younger women free also. They will relax when they realize that beauty truly is more than skin deep. (End of message from Jesus.)

                116.(Mama:) Here is the message from Dad, which I pray will set you free and help to deliver you from the false System values about what is beautiful and what makes you sexually attractive.

                117. (Dad speaking:) Yes, men are attracted to young women, but men are also attracted to older women. Men are just attracted to women, period. But believe me, for the men who are mature, who love the Lord, and who are strong in the Spirit, it's not the flesh that makes the difference. They're not looking for the perfect breasts, the perfect muscle tone. They're not worried about whether your body has stretch marks, or whether you're carrying a few extra pounds, or whether your hair is gray.--All of that is really insignificant to the man.

                118.The thing that makes the most difference and the thing that's the most important is the Spirit! Oh, how many times have I said it?

                It's the Spirit, it's the Spirit, it's the Spirit wild and free!

                It's the Spirit, it's the Spirit, that a man wants to see.

                It's the Spirit, it's the Spirit, that really gets him going.

                It's the Spirit, it's the Spirit; can you see what I'm showing?

                It's the Spirit, it's the Spirit, it's the Spirit through and through!

                It's the Spirit, it's the Spirit, that makes your lovemaking new.

                It's the Spirit, it's the Spirit, that he longs for day and night.

                It's the Spirit, it's the Spirit, that makes your sex all right.

                It's the Spirit, it's the Spirit, that keeps him coming back for more.

                It's the Spirit, it's the Spirit, and true love he'll know for sure.

                It's not the body, or the legs, or the breasts so young and fine,

                It's the Spirit, it's the Spirit, like the taste of vintage wine.

                It's the Spirit, it's the Spirit, that will really hook your guy,

                And keep him always interested and ever flying high.

                So just stay close to Jesus and do all you can,

                To be loving, to be giving and unselfish to your man.

                Oh, the Spirit, yes, the Spirit! It's the Spirit that's for me!

                Take the offer of the Spirit, and share your love so free!

                You'll never lose by giving, and as you let him make the rounds

                You'll find the love returned again--multiplied by leaps and bounds!

                119.Don't you see, girls? What really counts is the Spirit--how much of God's love you have, how unselfish you are, how giving you are, how truly loving you are. That's what really counts. The Lord is the One Who enhances your lovemaking. He enhances it with the Spirit. That's what makes it more exciting, more fulfilling. That's what makes your head spin! That's what gives you such pleasure as you've never known before. It's because the Lord is there in all His glory. And He is able to be there more because of your freedom in the Spirit and because you create a vacuum for Him through your unselfish love and giving and your tender, caring, positive spirit.

                120.Believe me, men are looking for a loving, caring, free, tender, sweet, open, honest, humble lover. What really makes sex exciting, fulfilling and satisfying is not the technique that you use. It's not how you move your hands, how you move your body, how you do this or that; but it's a mystery, it's a gift, and it comes from the Lord.

                121.That's why you older women shouldn't pooh-pooh or minimize your experience and all the many times that you've loved a man and loved unselfishly and given and loved the unlovely--because all of that is honing your gift. All of that is strengthening your gift. All of that is just making you more and more a woman.

                122.It doesn't matter how many different varieties of lingerie a woman wears, or how many new surprises she might try to come up with, it won't take the place of this gift of love that the Lord has given you older women who have given and given and given again. You have real sacrificial love. You have loved the beasts. You've laid down your lives. You've died daily and nightly to give men what they needed the most in the flesh, so that you could minister in the spirit and be a blessing and be my love.

                123.You are anointed to be the Lord's hands, His kisses, His love. What you have learned has come through experience and maturity of spirit and sacrifice, and it takes time to learn these deep, deep lessons of the Spirit. So don't be intimidated. Don't fear. Don't look on the flesh and worry that you will lose your place or that your place is even threatened, because you are my experienced, honored maidens of love--the product of reading my Words and living the life of the Spirit for so many years, examples of unselfish giving and what women are truly meant to be. You are also His priestesses of love, the product of His creation and His hands. Your beauty is a deep, deep beauty of spirit, and to feel threatened or intimidated does you an injustice. (End of message from Dad.)

Younger Men and Older Women--Can It Be Sexy and Fulfilling?

                124. (Mama:) I want to come back to a subject that I touched on briefly earlier in this Letter when I encouraged you SGA men to not be afraid to reach out to the FGA women. (See paragraph 64.) I understand that there's somewhat of a mindset in some cases amongst you young men that sharing sexually with the older women isn't that cool. Of course, I'm sure that not all of you share that opinion, as I know of some young men who are quite happy to make love to older women. I realize, however, that not all young men feel this way. In fact, one of our young CROs wrote, telling me that to encourage you SGA men to share with FGA women was strong meat and too heavy. She shared with me that in her travels she has heard derogatory comments from some of the young men in her area, stating that the idea of sharing with older women is not appealing to them. And she expressed her concern as she said in her own words that "many [young men] don't fully understand the benefits of not only the unity of the flesh, but the beautiful unity of spirit this can be."

                125. After hearing this, I asked the young men in our Home their opinions on this CRO's comments, since they've all had at least some experience with older women, and they had the following to say:

                126. To me, having sex with FGA women was something that sort of had to grow on me. I'm reminded of when I was a teen and in charge of a small OC group. Sometimes when we'd watch movies and the hero and heroine ended up in a passionate embrace, some of the boys would invariably react with, "Ugh, I would never do that to a girl." I could only smile and say, "Just wait till you get a little older. You may change your mind!" to which they would, of course (being in the presence of their peers), affirmatively answer "Never!" (Hmm, I wonder if I ever made comments like that when I was their age?)

                127. Well, there was one point in my life when sex with older women was the furthest thing from my mind. But then I turned 21, and it wasn't long before the opportunity presented itself. While I initially entered these unfamiliar waters with some trepidation, I quickly found them warm and pleasant, and before long, it became as natural, though perhaps not as frequent, for me to have dates with the FGA women as it was to have them with my SGA peers.

                128. So all that to say "grow up," ha! Once you try it, you'll see that it's really not so big a deal after all. It can be a lot of fun, and a very rewarding and uniting experience--and you get to see sides to "adults" that you might otherwise have never seen (and I'm not just talking skin either, ha!).

* * *

                129. When I turned 21 and I first started sharing with older women, I was hit with the feeling of "this woman is the same age as my mom," which really wasn't very appealing. The thing that helped me overcome that was getting to know the woman better and maybe flirting with or teasing her a little in a friendly way, thus overcoming that age barrier which is so ingrained in us from the movies and the System we see around us daily. It takes a bit of time or effort to overcome this mentality at first, but once you try it, I believe you'll find yourself wondering what took you so long!

                130. Really, sharing with older Family women is lots of fun, not to mention that they often have a lot more experience and know what pleases them the best, and from what I have found, sometimes our dates are even better than ones I have with others my own age. There aren't as many walls of pride or "trying to impress," which is so common among us young people. I also find that it is easier to communicate and love the Lord intimately while loving each other. So all I can say is, guys, if you haven't tried it, you're missing out!

* * *

                131. I tend to agree that on the field, most young men are not at all inspired about the idea of having sex with older women. Most of them have probably never done it, and therefore it's a case of being prejudiced against something, judging by appearances, even though you've never really tried it yourself. I think young guys tend to look on the surface, and figure that since the older women don't have the nice tight bodies and breasts and young faces that the SGA women do, that having sex with them won't be as good. From my experience, they're quite wrong, since older women have a lot more experience than younger ones do, and can be very sexy; in fact, even sexier than some young women!

                132. It helps if the older women take care to make themselves look nice. They don't have to dress fancy or look like models, but if they do what they can to make themselves look attractive, it can make a big difference--both with the older and younger men--and it will make the woman feel better about herself too! If older women don't pay much attention to how they look, then it wouldn't be surprising that many young men prefer to have sex with young women and wouldn't really go for older women--especially if they haven't tried it.

                133. Younger women are also often more energetic, and that might appeal to many young men as well. Another factor is that there are a lot more young women than there are young men. So the young men are already in great demand with the young women, who want to have dates with them. So for them to, on top of that, go out of their way to have sex with older women (even though they would enjoy it if they did) is something they probably don't even think of. If we had more young men than young women, then perhaps things would be different.

                134. I don't agree with the young men who decide that having sex with older women is not for them, because they could be missing out on some really beautiful times. Besides, the older women can be much more appreciative than the younger women, since the young women may often feel like they're doing the guy a favor by having sex with him, or that of course he should like them because they're young and beautiful. Whereas the older women, even if they are very beautiful, don't think about themselves that same way, and are therefore more appreciative and sweet, and it can be a real beautiful experience. It's especially nice if they're a single mom who is maybe feeling a bit unwanted, or a wife whose husband has had dates with younger women; it can really make their day and make them feel young and beautiful and attractive, and they'll start acting more like that too! Tell her she's young-looking and beautiful and she'll be young-looking and beautiful!

* * *

                135. Wow, where to start! Well, I very much enjoy having sex or just spending time with the FGA women here. I feel very comfortable around them and it is very satisfying as well. Before I came here I had heard some very off-color remarks about having sex with older women. To be honest, if you are comparing physical qualities between younger and older women, there is a difference. But that's not to say that all younger women have perfect bodies either. But for me one of the main things that I enjoy about having dates with older women is that they really know how to treat you right and make you feel like a man! That for me is the biggest turn-on that a woman could do for me, SGA or FGA. I think that some older women just really know how to make you feel good. It is also a lot of fun because you can learn a lot.

                136. If I could tell the guys in the Family one thing, it would be this: Just give it a try and don't look at with the attitude of "What can I get out of this?" but more "What can I give?" and you'll have a great time! (End of comments from our SGA men.)

                137. (Mama:) I asked Dad about this topic of younger men with older women and he gave the following message, which is a challenge and good explanation to you SGA men. I'd like to point out here as an interesting note that the young men in our Home had not read this message below from Dad at the time they wrote the preceding comments!

                138. (Dad speaking:) I'd like to talk man to man here to some of you men of the younger generation who are tempted to adopt the mindset that the older women are not for you. I'd think twice if I were you! Let me tell you, if you haven't discovered the glories of older women yet, you don't know what you're missin'! Our older women in the Family are the Lord's queen lovers, boys! Why, you could hardly ask for better lovin' than they're able to give you! And, if I can be forthright with you, you couldn't ask for better teachers who can show you some mighty good ways to love! Does that break your bottle? Is that humbling to admit to yourselves? You oughtta be thankful for it! Boy, what some of those poor fellas out in the world would give for the opportunities you have!

                139. I know deep down some of you fellas are interested in the first generation women, but you're not about to admit it! You can't fool me, because I see you lookin' around plenty, all the while you try to hide it from your peers!

                140. You know, when I was your age, I was attracted to older women, but I had to conceal it. It wasn't that I was so concerned about my peers; I didn't care too much what they thought. I was already a loner and I didn't have too much to lose on that score. But I could never let on that I was attracted to the older women! Why, if my mother knew, if she ever found out I was attracted to older women, even some of her associates--woooowee, that would've been the end of me! I never would have lived it down! So I had to suppress it! But I certainly would've given a pretty penny to be with some of the older women who crossed my path!

                141. That's the beauty of the Family! That's the beauty of the freedom of the Spirit that the Lord has given you--not only can you have this freedom of the Spirit, but the freedom of the flesh that goes along with it! It's wonderful the freedom the Lord has given the Family, and I sure hope you younger men won't be too blind to see it or appreciate it.

                142. The two biggest decoys the Devil is trying to use to block your vision are peer pressure and fear, in order to keep you from what he knows will be a wonderful strengthening, a wonderful experience, not to mention fun--your opportunity to really cash in on all the experience, knowledge, and know-how of the Lord's queen lovers, and to get some of that good lovin'! I'm tellin you, boys, what I would've given when I was your age to have the opportunity you all have! If you haven't discovered the wonders of sharing with the FGA women who are experienced in the ways of lovin', you're going to be the losers!

                143. It's humbling. You know that they know a whole lot more than you do and have real depth of spirit, and this can cause you to back off a little when you feel you have so much to learn. The Devil likes to play on your fears to hold you back because he really knows the good lovin' you'd be able to get from the older women. He knows the blessing it would be for you to share with these who are so free in spirit, experienced and have so much to offer, who have deepness of spirit and all that experience in giving love and loving the Lord, and who can teach you to become a better lover, teach you the tricks of the trade!

                144. I realize, boys, that there are some big differences, or what look like big differences anyway, between the young women and the older women. You tend to focus on their bodies, and what you see in the older women might not be exactly what you like. They have softer bodies, they're usually a little heavier, and many of our FGA women have had at least one baby. So of course their figures are usually different than the young women--sometimes quite different. But I'd say the secret to overcoming any barrier you might have, any "turnoff" that that might present to you, would be to ask the Lord to help you to be a little more open-minded, a little less picky about what you think you have to have in a woman. Look deeper than the flesh and see the person, see the spirit, see the Lord.

                145. You might think that you wouldn't be sexually excited with a woman who's older than you, one that might even be the same age as your mother. I know that's a very real obstacle. You think, "But hey, this woman is from my mom's generation." That can be a problem if you let it hold you back, but if you just try to put that out of your mind and go by faith, I think it won't be long at all until that mindset is shattered. I think you'd be surprised to see what happens when you're in an intimate situation together. Your response might be much more than you expect. In fact, I think you'd be pleasantly surprised.

                146. Let's be real here. When you get down to the nitty-gritty of lovemaking, it can be very exciting and satisfying even with a woman who is not "your type" physically. And the quicker you learn that, the more fun you'll have! If you are really choosy and you think you can only have good sex with the woman who has just the kind of body or personality you like, wow, are you in for some disappointment! I say disappointment because when you find out how wrong you are, you'll kick yourself for the many opportunities you missed!

                147. So much of the satisfaction of sex depends on the things of the spirit--the communication, the sweetness, the openness, the freedom. Some of our older women will be very appreciative, and there's hardly anything that's more sexually satisfying than being with someone who really appreciates and needs you! When someone really wants you, wow, what a turn-on!

                148. The point I'm making, men, is that there's much more to sex than meets the eye. So what if that older woman doesn't have the muscle tone you like! So what if she's had kids and has stretch marks! So what if she's a few pounds heavier than you think you'd prefer! All that is really not that important, and if you go into a date with a positive attitude, with real love, those shallow little physical things don't make much difference. It's better a few more pounds of curves than 100 pounds of nerves! Voluptuous tummies and a few curves can be very sexy too!

                149. I know this is hard for you to believe. But why don't you just try it? Why not broaden your horizons and just try it! Find an older woman you feel comfortable with, someone who you like and can communicate with, and make a date. See what happens. You can try to disprove me if you want; go ahead. But I think I'll come out the winner, and you'll see that I know what I'm talking about!

                150. Of course a date with an older woman will probably be different, in that it will probably be more relaxed, it will probably go slower. It probably wouldn't be that "just let it happen" type of date where you're on the dance floor and you're making out and you just get hot and go to it somewhere (but you never know!). You'll probably need to plan ahead a little, but I think you'll be surprised that the whole scenario can be quite fun. Just sit back and enjoy the conversation, have some fun, take it easy. Just let it flow.

                151. If you're worried about what others might think, if you are afraid others might look at you as being "really hard up for sex" because you're making love to older women, don't worry about that. Forget that. Hey, who cares what others think! And I'll let you in on a little secret: The guys might joke about it and make fun of you, but the girls will like it. They'll respect you. When they see you giving love to others, not just trying to see what's in it for you, believe me, you'll score some major points with the girls. Women like men who are romantic, affectionate, sweet, considerate gentlemen. And what better way can you be all those things than to love without partiality?

                152. So go to it, boys. Live it up! It's later than you think, and you're missing out on some good lovin' that will not only be a blessing to you, but a great big blessing to that sweet, sexy, voluptuous older woman! Like Mama says, if you haven't tried it, you'll never know what you're missin'--lots of fun, loving sex, wild and free! Don't miss it! (End of message from Dad.)

                153. (Mama:) Wow! Dad makes it clear, boys, that there's a lot to be said for sharing with the older women!

                154. We've covered quite a bit in this series about scenarios where the older men will want to share with the younger women, and the need for older men to take into consideration the older woman's feelings in the event that she's tempted to feel threatened by the younger. It goes without saying that the same good counsel applies the other way around, too, for you older women who share with the SGA men! You women should use wisdom, be prayerful, mindful, loving and considerate of the FGA men's feelings, should they feel threatened by the younger men! Everyone needs to show a large measure of love and consideration as you learn to give and take and spread the love around.

                155. Also, you SGA women might be tempted to feel a little insecure or intimidated if your friends or lovers also have dates with older women. But take a tip from Yvonna (21), who said:

                156. I used to have a difficult time knowing that the young men I share with have fun, free, sexy times with older women, who "know what to do." But something that's really helped me to be thankful for that is reminding myself that young men who've had sex with FGAs are often more fun to have sex with, more comfortable, and in many cases more knowledgeable about what pleases the woman in sex than many of their peers who haven't "learned from the pros." So we SGA women can be thankful that we reap the benefits of what the SGA men learn from having sex with FGA women. (End of comments from Yvonna.)

A Caution About Not Pressuring Anyone!

                157. (Mama:) In this series I've addressed sex for singles with singles, singles with married people, and sex between the two generations. Although I've touched on this caution earlier in this series, I want to make it clear that older men should not be pressuring younger women for sex, older women should not be pressuring younger men for sex, single women and men should not be pressuring married men or women for sex, and young men should not be pressuring young women for sex. No one should be pressuring anyone to share sexually if they do not feel led to do so. (Please see ML #3202:134; #3205:133, 173.17.)

                158. No one should feel like they are causing disunity if they do not feel led of the Lord to share sexually with a particular person! No one should feel condemned or worry that they are "out of it" spiritually if they don't want to accept the invitation to have a date with someone. Sharing is a personal decision, and each individual must go according to their own faith and what they feel comfortable with. If someone you want to share with does not feel ready, or they do not want to share with you for any reason, they should have the freedom to say no, without feeling condemned. This is particularly true and very important in the case of younger women or nationals from more conservative countries, in which case it is imperative that you take heed to this counsel.

                159. There could be many reasons why it might be better to either go slow in your sharing, to wait, or to forgo sexual sharing altogether with a particular person in certain situations. You must not pressure others! Instead, you should seek the Lord, use a great deal of wisdom and love in your interactions, and respect others' decisions in these matters.

Can You Be in Love with Two People at the Same Time?

                160.Have you ever wondered if it's possible to be in love with two people at the same time? This is a question that has filled many hours of heated debate for curious lovers through the ages, but thank the Lord we can know the truth. All we have to do is ask the Answer Man, our number one Lover Who really has the inside scoop on these things. We don't have to guess or speculate or suppose; we can really know. And believe me, the truth about these affairs of the heart is both fascinating and liberating!

                161.(Jesus speaking:) Yes, it is possible for either a man or a woman to be in love with more than one person at a time. My love is all-encompassing, My love is far-reaching, and I have ordained and made this possible for many reasons. My love is not limited, it is not meant to be put in a box; it is meant to fly, to reach out and to embrace, and it is meant to accomplish a purpose.

                162.But you must not confuse the various types of in-love feelings, as you say, or think that the "hot feelings" are the only in-love feelings that I give. For the deep sense of belonging, the security and comfort, the calmness and steadiness, the understanding that exists in the more stable type of love that I give between couples, these too are deep feelings of love. They are emotions of a type of being in love, though more serene, and they are of great price. These are great indicators of an in-love relationship, for these are the feelings, though often not as flashy, that are yet true indicators of deep love and of two people being in love.

                163.Yes, it is very possible for both men and women to be deeply in love with more than one person at a time, for I have made it so. My love has no measure, it is beyond compare--therefore you must not try to compare the love I put between two individuals. There are "hot feelings" and there is "deep love"--both of which are part of being in love.

                164. I bring many situations and many scenarios into your lives--all of which are designed to bring about My purposes. There may be times when two people love each other very deeply and they do not have such deep in-love feelings for another, save only for that one "special" person. I do this to accomplish certain purposes in their lives, either to unite them in a special way without the distractions of added loves, or to teach them various lessons through a one-on-one relationship; and this is pleasing in My sight. Likewise, there may be those who are in love with more than one person at the same time. This, too, I allow with the purpose of bringing about many lessons in the lives of those involved.

                165. As you are taught to abase and abound and be content in whatsoever state you are in, so there will be many situations and scenarios between men and women in these matters. One state is not more righteous than another. For whether I call you to be in love with only one other, or whether I put in your hearts to be in love with more than one, all is within My will and according to My purpose, depending on the situation and the purposes I wish to accomplish in your lives. (End of message from Jesus.)

                166.(Mama:) This explanation from the Lord helps us to better understand what it is to be "in love" and gives us a broader definition of the term than we previously had. The important lesson to gain from this message is that just because your mate falls in love with someone else, it doesn't mean he or she has fallen out of love with you! And the same holds true if you fall in love with someone else! To have very passionate, sexy, emotional feelings for someone else does not mean that the deep, steady love you and your mate share is somehow less valuable, less satisfying, or less good.

                167.The "hot feelings" and the "deep love" are two different ways that we can be "in love." Both are wonderful, both are part of the Lord's love for us, and both can accomplish His plan, as long as we stay close to Him and in His will. (I want to remind you, if you find yourself in a love relationship, please review the guidelines in Part 3 of this series about how to keep your emotions within the proper boundaries.)

The Two-Sided Coin Prophecy

                168.Here is another explanation from the Lord about how we can love one person very deeply and have a love that is very real and sincere for someone else at the same time. This message might give you the answers you're seeking if you've been worried about what might happen if either you or your mate were to fall in love with someone else! If you've had ongoing battles with possessiveness or a desire to protect what's yours, this message will help you to understand why the Lord allows you to have these feelings, and how you can keep them in check.

                169.(Jesus speaking:) I know you feel, "Yes, I want to share. I want to give of my mate to others. I want each of us to be free to give of ourselves and to give each other willingly and cheerfully and without fear. But wouldn't it be easier, Lord, if we just didn't have these feelings of possessiveness, of fear of loss, of feeling the need to hold on ourselves to that which You've given us? I don't mind the sharing itself so much, but if I share my mate, there's a good possibility that he/she will get emotionally involved, with passionate, in-love feelings developing, when he/she is not even looking for them or seeking them. That's what I fear the most, and I know it can happen! How do I face this? How do I face the possibility of my love, my mate, developing feelings for another, and what if it happens to me?"

                170.What deep, deep questions. You're right, these things are possible, for I do not reserve this feeling of love for only two individuals, even two whom I have ordained as one. For these feelings are the strings by which I attach one to another, connect one here and draw them close; connect another here and pull it taut. These strings, with Me in between each connection, are what help to unite and bind you together as one. These little strings of your feelings help to break down the walls which could so easily develop around your personal little nests, and help you to open up your arms and hearts to others.

                171.I use these strings of your emotions in so many ways, and when coupled with an understanding of My ways and an acceptance that these things are possible, but knowing that it doesn't take away from the unions and love which I have ordained, then I will open up a whole new horizon of growth and lessons and possibilities to you. But first there must be a breaking down of the fear, of the worries of the "unthinkable," of the most crushing thing possible taking place--that you or your mate would fall in love with someone else. This is such a hurdle to cross, to overcome, and I will "explain, explain" in the hopes of making it easier for you.

                172.I created you man and woman, in need of each other, and placed within you the desire to find your other half, your helpmeet, your soul mate. I created you to be a mother and father together, to bear and parent and care for your children as a team, as a unit, to provide the love and security and protection that your little ones would need. I created you to love your special one with all your heart, to be a threefold cord tightly bound together with Me, that I might be glorified in your commitment and support of each other in your service for Me.

                173.Besides the deep feelings of love which I have put within you for each other, I also use the fears you feel of losing the other, your protectiveness of the little circle of love I've given you, as another measure of insurance that you would guard and keep that which I've done, especially for your dear children's sakes. For if these feelings were not a part of love, would it not make you feel more carefree and make it easier to part if your feelings or whims took you so? So all these feelings, even some of those which you term "bad" or as "weaknesses" [possessiveness, fear of losing what you love], I use for My ends.

                174.But there is another side to these feelings, the other side of the same coin, and this side I wish to clarify so that you can see its brilliance as equally and clearly as the other, and so that you can let it work for you just as the other does. For as the first side of the coin of your desire for your mate's feelings to be for you alone work to keep you together and united and as one loving, caring and teamworking unit, so the other [the battles and trials or fear of losing your mate, which come about from the same feelings of love] can deepen you and bring about a greater love, openness, honesty and communication between you, and desperation between you both and Me.

                175.The first side of the coin shelters and maintains and keeps as one, whereas the other--the trials and fears and anxiety and feelings of confusion you face as one of you develops feelings of love for another--causes the pot to be stirred and the fires to boil. It causes an uncomfortableness, such an unsettled hole of emotions in your heart and in your very depths, that all you can do is cry out to Me in utter desperation for My help and understanding, My peace and rest and deliverance. This causes you to grow ever closer to Me, as well as to grow in your understanding and depth of compassion for others through your broken heart and spirit. And that broken spirit I will not despise, but I will draw close to Me and give promises of comfort and love.

                176.So on the one side of the coin you have your peaceful and loving folds and families, which I help to keep together through the strong emotions and passions for each other which you feel, through your protectiveness and even possessiveness of the love for and from each other which you hold dear. And on the other side are the depths of battle and trial and struggle which you experience from those same wondrous feelings, which stir you up to seek Me, to find every last drop of counsel and truth and comfort in My Word, and which cause you to fall on your face before Me in desperation for a surcease from the battles.

                177.Is one side a blessing and the other a curse or a bondage to you? I have created both to be a blessing, to accomplish My purpose and My ends, as I wish only to win you to Myself, My dearest loves.

                178.But I would not have you ignorant of these things, of My ways. For in simply understanding and accepting My ways, much light can shine upon this coin and you can learn to work in cooperation with My plan. For on the one hand I have sent My arrow of love through your hearts, deep feelings of love and care for one another, and the faith and conviction that I have made you one. Your union has been ordained of Me and blessed, and you find great delight in the strength and support that it is to you.

                179.On the other hand I have created each of you with the capacity to reach out and feel love many times over, for these emotions do not subside or cease to be activated once they've hit one mark. I can draw them out again and again, in varying degrees and for different lengths of time. These emotions and feelings which I've placed within you do not die, for your ability to love and to feel emotions of love are a living, moving, vibrant part of your being, which is capable of giving and receiving again and again in many different ways and forms. It's as a bubbling stream which is continually moving, and out of which can flow many little side streams of crystal-clear water in many directions.

                180.I know it's difficult for you, My dear loving and loyal couples, to understand. For although understanding with the mind may be easy, the heart still struggles with the hurt that accompanies the giving of your loved one so fully and completely--so completely as to even acknowledge that some of the very life-giving stream of his or her heart may be channeled to someone else. Oh, this hurts so, it feels like death, I know--like you're losing your greatest treasure, the gift of My love to you. But the stream is still flowing along, and the water which flows in the main current is not diminished or lost to you. And as you keep the flip side of the coin--your deep love and belief that I have made you one--intact, through your desperation with Me and through your honesty with each other, I will cause this which seems to be the darker side to become a stream of life to you as well.

                181.Can you accept this? Can you who love each other so dearly and who wouldn't hurt each other for the world embrace both sides of this golden coin of My love gift to you, and see that both can be a part of the same and can deepen and make your lives with each other even fuller? If you can acknowledge this together, you can hold each other's hand and look deeply into the eyes of the one you love and say:

                182."I know your love for me is the Lord's love, and I accept and need and want it as my own. And I give of the same to you. Yet I know that our Lord has made us with hearts full of feelings and love which we must ask Him to control, in all desperation and fervency. And as we do this, I know He will not fail us. As He answers this prayer, and if He answers by allowing either of us to develop feelings for another, let us ask our Lover to help us not to fear, but to come before each other in honesty, humility and love, to bare our hearts before each other in trust that the Lord will keep and preserve us, and that He will be our guide. For you are the one the Lord has chosen to be my teammate through all these wendings [travels; journeys] of life, through all that we will encounter physically and spiritually and emotionally as well. By His grace we accept both sides of this coin of His love for us. We will accept each other's hearts, and Jesus as the Master of them, and will trust Him to keep and teach us His ways."

                183.And so I open to you a greater understanding of this marvelous instrument of the heart, the seat of the emotions. I open to you greater understanding of your own hearts, which I control as you give your all to Me. For this is a new day of love and giving and of being Me for each other, and I do not wish for you to suffer these deep heartaches and heartbreaks simply because of your lack of understanding of My ways. But if you can understand and accept that these things are possible, and that it doesn't have to mean a disruption of your love or your trust in each other, but it can mean a deepening of your faith and love, and as you support and help each other through these times, you will be able to give and pour out and be My hands and heart for others, and grow and prosper in your own lives. (End of message from Jesus.)

                184.(Mama:) Thank You Jesus for revealing to us these precious secrets about our hearts, about what makes us tick, and how You want to use our love and desire for others to bring about Your plan. We truly want to be open, yielded and ready to give that which is most precious to us on Earth to You and to anyone else who needs their love.

                185.Help us, Jesus, not to hold back, not to worry about the future or what loss we might suffer, but instead to trust You completely and to marvel at the beauty of the two sides of this coin. Help us not to only want to accept and display the one side--the protective, cozy, self-preserving feelings--but to also receive and be willing to endure the other side--the feelings of turmoil, uncertainty and insecurity that come with feeling our love or the love of our other half being drawn to someone else.

                186.You said, sweet Lord, that You created us with the capacity to reach out and feel love many times over. That means we can love more than one person, for our emotions don't subside or cease to be activated once they have been fulfilled in one love relationship. You can draw them out again and again, in varying degrees and for different lengths of time. Our ability to love and to feel emotions of love is a living, moving, alive, vibrant part of our being, which is capable of giving and receiving again and again in many different ways and forms. It's like a bubbling stream which is continually moving, and out of which can flow many little side streams of crystal-clear water in many directions.

                187.What a beautiful picture that is so enlightening, so different from our carnal mindsets! We naturally want to be the only one in our lover's or mate's life. We are so exclusive, so private without Your supernatural help. But You want us to be free, to reach out, to give--not only of our loved one, but of ourselves.

                188.It's so true what You said, Lord. To acknowledge that some of the stream of our love's heart may be channeled to someone else hurts so, it feels like death. It's like losing a great treasure, the gift of Your love. But You also gave a very precious promise, which if we will just believe, will bring us great freedom from fear and jealousy. You said that that beautiful, refreshing, bubbling stream of love that You've given us is still flowing along, and the water that flows in our main current is not diminished or lost as we love others!

                189.Give us the gift of faith to believe these deep truths, to let them wash away the preconceived ideas or our natural selfishness that makes us want to hold back. Your way of looking at things is so different, so fresh and pure, and we want Your ways to be our ways, Your thoughts to be ours.

                190.We love You, sweet wonderful Lover. Thank You for such truth. We pledge to do our best to believe, accept and live these Words.

Do Hot, Romantic Feelings Mean There Is More Love?

                                191.Here's another very intriguing question: What if your mate loves you very deeply but doesn't have hot, romantic feelings for you, but someone else does have passionate, romantic feelings for you? Who of the two loves you more?

                192.The scenario is this: Your mate is unquestionably devoted, committed, and would never think of leaving you. You seem to have settled into a comfortable routine that is very happy, but not your idea of a passionate or in-love relationship. Then let's say you have someone else in your life that is very much in love with you, complete with all the in-love symptoms, like desiring you sexually all the time, wanting to be with you every free moment, daydreaming about you, missing you when you're gone, etc. Who do you think has more love--your mate or your other love? Our assumption has been that because someone has strong emotional feelings, their love is stronger. But is this true? And what if you have the same type of strong emotional feelings for your new love? Does that mean you love that person more than your mate? Does this mean this new relationship, where there are big emotional feelings, is stronger than the love you and your mate share? Keep reading to find out the answers to these questions.

                193.(Jesus speaking:) The depth of love between two people, how deeply they are in love, cannot be measured by emotional feelings, for intense passion alone does not determine the depth of love. My children wrongly assume that the one who is more in love is the one whose level of romantic feelings runs higher. This is not so, for the depth of being truly in love is based on a more sure foundation than feelings which are fleeting.

                194.When hot emotion and romantic feelings run strong, though I am able to use these emotions for good, you must realize that these feelings of love are also variable and have potential to lead astray if not kept in check. This romantic love on its own is not constant; it cannot stand alone.

                195.Deep love cannot be measured solely by romantic feelings, for these feelings may vary with moods and surrounding conditions. They can come and go at whim. They are easily blown about, and as easy as they come, they may also go.

                196.Deep love is to be measured by the finer, more stable qualities--that of deep respect, true friendship, true sacrifice and serving one another, working side by side, shared experiences; loving and caring for each other through thick and thin, for better or worse, in sickness and in health, through days of prosperity and the lean times, through great battles and tests and times of decision, as well as through the moments of great victory, through loving and living, through ups and downs and all-arounds. The depth of being in love is determined by love that stands these tests.

                197.Couples who stand by one another through all these times have true love--those who uphold one another in prayer, who pass through the waters, the battles and the trials, the victories and the triumphs; those whose love unites and bonds together through many situations, through every circumstance, through raising children, through great tests of faith, through riding the waves of ups and downs, through stormy waters as well as calm seas, through faults and failings and innumerable idiosyncrasies, through wiping each other's tears, through knowing each other's weaknesses, yet loving on. Love that sticks by one another through all these tests, this is how you measure the depth of love. In this way true love is determined. Those who are more in love are those whose love stands its ground.

                198.To determine who is more in love, you must look not only at the surface (the feelings of hot emotion), but you must also look at the height and width and breadth and depth of love: Love that is patient and kind and sticks closer than a friend; love that prefers the happiness of another to its own; love that has been battered and torn, has sailed on stormy waters yet remains steady; love that is constant; love that is willing to give and give and give and get nothing in return; love that sticks through the days, the months, the years, and yet still stands true; love that holds on; love that walks by faith and not by sight; love that holds and cherishes. This is deep love, and by all these factors you determine who is more in love.

                199.Feelings come and feelings go, and feelings alone cannot determine the depth of love. Therefore the one who has more love is the one whose love has stood these tests--the test of time, the tests of longsuffering, the tests of patience, the tests of sticking it out through all the ups and downs, through years of walking side by side, through raising a family, through all the shortcomings, the blunders, the faults and the failures, the good times and the bad times. The determining factor of those who are truly more in love is the love that stands the tests and still sticks. For the love that stands the tests is the stronger love. (End of message from Jesus.)

Public Affection--When, Who, and How much?

                200.(Mama:) You might find that showing public affection to others outside your marriage or steady relationship can be pretty explosive if not handled right. Have you ever had a great time at a dance, only to find your mate or girlfriend/boyfriend totally bummed out afterwards? Here's a possible scenario:

                201.You feel great, had a great time at the dance, but to your surprise, you find your wife in a puddle of tears. You say, "Honey, what's wrong? The dance was so much fun! What are you crying about?!" And then your wife manages to explain through her tears how upset she is, how threatened she feels and jealous and horribly discouraged. And what was the cause?--Your showing what looked to her like exaggerated affection to the other women, or even one other woman, which is sometimes even worse as it seems more threatening!

                202.If you've found yourself in that dilemma, this next message will probably be a much-needed revelation for you! It will show you how to find a good balance in the affection you show others. Of course, I'm not suggesting you show affection only to your mate if there are singles and lonely people around, as this can hurt others, making their loneliness more pronounced. Balanced, loving, impartial affection is what we're looking for.

                203.The following message was given specifically for a husband regarding his interaction with other women in the Home, when his wife spoke up about how his displays of affection to the other women in the Home were affecting her, but it contains lessons that everyone can benefit from--husbands, wives and singles alike!

                204.(Jesus speaking:) My precious one, I have created you to be a naturally affectionate person. I've given you the desire and need to be affectionate with others, to touch, to be close, to give your touches and affection to another and to receive the same in return. This is part of your nature and is a part of your manhood, for through doing this you receive the encouragement of others. For when a woman returns her affection to you, you receive encouragement; it uplifts your spirit, it brings you happiness and joy and makes you feel good and loved.

                205.But you must also be careful, out of consideration and love for your wife, that you don't let public displays of emotion or affection or sexual feelings toward other women hurt her. She is your wife who I have blessed you with, and I have given her love to you, I have given her heart to you, and you have borne the fruit of this love in your precious children.

                206.Although you feel a natural attraction to be close to other women, to touch them and be affectionate with them, and even sexy with them, you must be mindful and prayerful that you do not do so to the point that it hurts your wife--she who is the most important to you, to whom you have committed your love and your life. My son, by toning down your public displays of affection toward other women you will encourage your wife that your love for her is more important to you, that it's important enough to not hurt her or do the things that cause her to feel embarrassed or insecure.

                207.Women in general need the reassurance that they are attractive and appealing. That's why women respond so eagerly to displays of affection or emotion or sexy things, because it encourages them, it uplifts them, it makes them feel loved and secure and important. And wives in particular need a large measure of this reassurance when their husband is giving attention and showing affection to others as well.

                                208.A husband who is publicly affectionate with his wife, who is sexy with his wife and is open about his love for her, is building and strengthening their marriage. He's reassuring his wife that she's loved and needed and important to him, and he's also being a wonderful testimony and encouragement to his greater marriage, to his Family. Other women respect and admire a husband who is openly affectionate with his wife; it strengthens their faith and encourages them to continue to believe in loving, Godly marriages.

                209. There is something special when a husband and wife dance close together, when others can see that sweet bond of love and commitment and the union which I have blessed. If a husband is publicly affectionate and sexy with other women but seems to be ignoring his wife, those other women will eventually lose some respect and admiration for the husband who is continually inconsiderate toward his wife, even though they enjoy the affection being shown to them. On the other hand, their feeling of respect and admiration for the husband is increased if he shows the same, and more, public displays of affection toward his wife. When a husband gives his wife this love and consideration in public, then he can also reach out to show a degree of love and affection in proper balance to the other women, having first given his wife the love and attention which is her due.

                210.People expect to see husbands and wives loving each other and showing their love for each other. Even if you don't always feel those feelings, you can do it by faith, out of consideration and love for your mate's needs and feelings. You can do it in order to fulfill My greater Law of Love.

                211.This is a sensitive area with My precious women, the need for affection and attention, because this physical affection and attention gives them the security that they must have in order to feel fulfilled and welcomed and loved. So just as your giving of affection and attention to other women brings them joy and helps them to respond to you in a loving, affectionate manner, which encourages you, when you withhold that affection and attention from your wife, it hinders her response to you; it causes her to feel insecure, to question, and to wonder what's wrong.

                212. So use your natural gift of being affectionate, My son,first of all to be an encouragement to your wife--to strengthen your bond of love between one another, to help her to feel secure in your love for her, to help her to respond to you with as much joy and enthusiasm and love and passion as you desire. Then you can also reach out freely to love and encourage your other mates in your greater marriage. (End of message from Jesus.)

                213. (Mama:) Although this particular message highlights the show of affection in public between husband and wife, you who are single can also benefit from these important principles. It is equally important that you are prayerful and aware of how you balance out your show of affection to each other in public. On this subject the Lord said:

                214. (Jesus speaking:) I give you My gift of love, not to be hoarded, nor guarded for a select few, but that you may give to those who have need. As a man and woman who are married must be mindful of each other's feelings, so those who are single must be considerate and wise in these matters also, mindful of each other. You should be prayerful and consider how your display of public affection might affect one another, making sure that no one is lacking amongst you. You should each be mindful of your show of affection to others in public, and take care to balance it out, so that all receive their share, and no one is left out. (End of message from Jesus.)

The Key to Overcoming Possessiveness

                215. (Mama:) Some of you might have battled with jealousy and possessiveness for a long time, and while you may have made some progress, maybe you wonder why you keep falling back into the same battles, the same negative thought patterns, the same doubtful, accusatory outlook. Such seemingly slow progress and repeated setbacks can be very discouraging!

                216. Something similar happened to Misty, my dear executive secretary. She had very big battles with jealousy beginning about three years ago, but thank the Lord, because she went on the attack, prayed desperately, heard from the Lord and stepped out by faith, she has made some big steps of progress. Praise the Lord! She and her mate share regularly with others. But over the months she still had setbacks and times when she'd get hit with big attacks of the Enemy, and at those times she'd feel like she had backslidden completely in her victory. She realized that her problem was one of possessiveness even more than jealousy, and not too long ago, after an angry jealous outburst of accusations and suspicion towards her mate, she desperately asked the Lord what was the key to overcoming possessiveness, and the Lord gave a message on yieldedness and acceptance which is good for all of us.

                217. I will include excerpts of Misty's prayer, followed by the Lord's message.

                218. (Misty:) Sweet Lord, thank You for loving me unconditionally, for being such a wonderful Husband. You're so understanding, and always available to help me and answer my questions. Please help me know how to react to these problems of mine. This is an ongoing thing and I've asked You about it many times, but I still have a fairly big problem with possessiveness.

                219. Like I was telling Mama yesterday, it's even more than just jealousy because it's not even that I'm afraid of losing my mate, because I'm not. That fear doesn't really enter my mind. I am very secure in his love and he is very reassuring, kind, loving and encouraging.

                220. Even the circumstances are what you could consider good, in that he is wise, prayerful and loving, and the women that he is involved with are also very kind and sweet. It's not like they're trying to take him away from me or do anything behind my back or anything that would hurt either one of us.

                221. The circumstances are probably as good as they can get in a Law of Love situation, and yet I still have a very bad problem with possessiveness that is really not of You. It's wrong and it goes against the Law of Love; it's pure selfishness and pride and all kinds of bad things.

                222. I need Your counsel. I know I've made progress. I don't battle like I did a few years ago. I'm very thankful for that, and I don't want to minimize the miracle that You have done in my life or the progress that has been made by Your grace, and thanks to the miracle-working power of Your Spirit and the Word and personal prophecies and shepherding, and seeing the good examples of Mama and Peter, Gabe and Amy and others.

                223. I need some further counsel and instruction on this problem. It was really ridiculous that I would get so affected and be so sensitive to my mate's outright admission of being sexually attracted to other women. I know it's really wrong for me to have such a desire to be the only one.

                224. Just like yesterday when my poor mate had his head in his hands and he shook his head and he said, "Why do you want it all?" which is really the epitome of my problem. I think he captured it in that one sentence. Not only do I want all of my mate's devotion and his in-love feelings and his emotions, but I don't even want him to have an attraction to others, which is very extreme and ridiculous. The end result of my possessiveness is that it makes him feel guilty, which is wrong.

                225. Do these battles happen just to humble me, Jesus? I admit it is very humbling. It's very embarrassing, it's humiliating to be so out of the spirit, so obviously yielded to the Devil, to say things that are so contrary to the Word. Maybe You need to use it to keep me humble. Maybe I do have too much of a temptation to pride and You have to give me this thorn in the flesh that is so humbling. But if You want me to get the victory and if there is something that I should do, then I do want to do it and I want to know what it is.

                226. I want to know what the key is to overcoming this possessiveness. I want to know what it is that's stopping me from progressing. I want to be right with You, Jesus, not only for my own life and the happiness of our marriage, but also for my mate's sake, so that he can enjoy to the full loving others and being Your love for others. I don't want sin in my life or unyieldedness to affect my channel and my hearing from You or my work for You. I really am very sobered by this, Jesus, and I'm very desperate. Please show me what I can do to be freed from these bad attitudes and emotions that are of the Enemy. Thank You, precious Jesus. I love You and desire You. You're my First Love, my Heavenly Husband Who is perfect in every way. Please give me Your seeds now, in the form of Your loving Words of instruction, guidance, encouragement and correction. I want You and I want to hear what You have to say to me, my dear Love!

                227. (Jesus speaking:) Think it not strange concerning this fiery trial, this embarrassment and humiliation and discouragement that you have felt as a result of the Enemy's oppression. For though you have fought and you have progressed, the Enemy knew that there was an opening, a chink in your armor, because you were off guard. You were very tired, you were already discouraged, so he launched a raging attack on your mind through your thoughts, and you, in an unguarded moment, listened to those thoughts. You gave place to the Enemy, and he temporarily had free rein through your voicing his doubts and lies, listening to them, giving place to them, confirming them, giving them validity, and refusing to accept the encouragement and positive words of praise of your loved one.

                228. Not only did the Enemy pull you down, but you pulled your loved one down. It was a victory for the Enemy, but it was only temporary. It was only a minor setback. But take heed when I say it's a setback, because that means that in that instant you are not moving forward, you are moving backward. You are giving up ground to the Enemy, and when you do that and you give place to his lies, discouragement and exaggerations, and you allow him to twist the truth, and instead of looking at the truth of My Word, you listen to the falsities, lies and doubts that he would spew out to you, then in that moment you turn back and you take steps backwards.

                229. I have said that you cannot stand still--you're either moving forward or backward. Even though you may feel that your progress has been none, you have been making some progress and moving steadily forward. But when you allow these interruptions of your progress, these disruptions of your forward movement, you lose ground, because then you waste time in discouragement and you have to spend time rebuilding your relationship and repairing the damage that unkind words have done.

                230. My darling, you really have to watch your words. Words are real things, and if your words are positive declarations that confirm the Word, that are built on the Word, that echo the Word, then this will propel you forward. As you declare verbally to your loved one and to others your belief in the Word, your acceptance of the Word, your desire to live the Word, then this is what will make your progress quicker and easier.

                231. But what holds you back from these positive declarations is your fear--your fear that if you say it and you openly admit that you believe it and you accept it, that will somehow make it come to pass. You're afraid that if you admit and even positively acknowledge that your loved one is not only attracted to other women, but that that's the way I have made him, that will in essence make him even more attracted; that it will give him the green light to go further or to do more. Then you feel that with the attraction will come more emotion and some kind of change, or some kind of relationship that will destabilize you or that will change your marriage.

                232. You also fear admitting that it is possible to love more than one person--in fact, that it could even be My will for you or your loved one to fall in love with someone else. You don't want to admit it, although you do believe it and I know you have accepted it, but you don't want to make that belief and that acceptance obvious or public. You don't mind discussing it with others, but you don't want to discuss it and show your acceptance and belief in it to your mate, because that's where it really hits home. You don't mind if anybody else has other relationships or if their bubbling stream of love has side streams or they have love relationships with others, and you can see it as being possible and being of Me and being fruitful and good in their lives. But you just don't want to see it happen to you.

                233. That's where the resistance is, that's where the lack of acceptance is--it is not that you resist the truth of My Word, for you do believe and you do accept; it is not that you resist the truth of the prophecies, for you also believe and accept that. You know it's right, it's good, it's of Me, it's the truth. You're very willing to accept and believe, as long as you can keep it at arm's length, over there, with those people, in the relationships of others. You can see and believe and accept that I might lead that way, but you just don't want it for yourself or for your loved one or for your own marriage.

                234. That's where the resistance is and that's where the danger is. Because though you have yielded, you have not yielded in full, and though you have accepted, you have not accepted in full. It's that little bit of unyieldedness and lack of acceptance that is the Huddersfield in your heart that is keeping you from having the freedom of the Spirit and the deliverance that you seek from this bondage of the Enemy.

                235. The only way you will find the complete freedom that you desire is through acceptance. And I mean personal acceptance, not just generally as My truth or doctrine or principles of the Word, but acceptance of something that can and might happen to you, to your mate, or to your relationship. You have to believe that it's not only possible, but that if it happens, it's a good thing because it's of Me, it's part of My love, it's part of the movement of My Spirit, it's part of the future, it's part of the Heavenly way.

                236. I'm not saying it will happen, but I'm also not saying it won't happen. But whether it happens or not is not the question. The key is in your attitude and your acceptance of it. And so if you want to know, My precious one, what to do to find this freedom and this acceptance, I say ask for prayer from your loved ones, your many mates, and rebuke the power of the Enemy. Rebuke the Hinderer, the one who stands in your way. Make a positive declaration, and then you must follow up that positive declaration with positive thoughts and words that confirm My Word. You can't with one part of your heart believe the Word but with the other part of your heart reject the Word through the things that you say, through trying to protect, through trying to limit what I do.

                237. The only way you'll be truly free is if you have no conditions on the way that I would choose to move in either one of your hearts and lives. When you are completely open to whatever I would do, then you have no more fear. Once you've given all, once you've put your love, your loved one, your marriage, your exclusive relationship, the emotions and in-love feelings of your loved one, his passion and his satisfaction and his desire on the altar, and you've truly given it to Me, to let Me share it and give it to whomever I will, then you have found freedom from fear.

                238. For no one can take away anything from the man or woman who has already given all. If you've already given your loved one and your relationship completely to Me, then no matter what I do, you won't see it as loss. You won't see it as being unfair, you won't see it as something being less good, but you'll simply see it as something that I am doing in your life.

                239. You can't expect your mate to make commitments or declarations to you that are not in accordance with My Word. You can't expect or even accept promises that are too broad or too far-reaching, for neither one of you knows how I will work or what I will use in your lives to bring about My perfect will. And you, too, should not make promises or vow vows that you can't keep, for how do you know how I will lead, or what I will do, or who I will bring into your life, or for what purpose?

                240. If you will change your mindset, it will make it easier for you. Instead of taking the point of view of trying to protect your relationship and make sure it continues just as it is, with your wanting all of his attention, all of his devotion, all of his attraction, even all of his passion and sex; instead, your desire should be to give to others and to allow him to give to others. Just give and give and give. Seek to grow in giving. Give of your time, your attention, your passion, your desire, your lovemaking, even your emotion to others, for in that giving is the only way that you will see that you never lose by giving.

                241. Right now your fear is that if he gives to someone else of his passion and emotion or even in-love feelings, it will somehow take away from what you have. But once you experience it, you'll see that that's not the case, for My love is far too broad, too great. Giving to one doesn't mean that you take away love from another. Yes, you lose time, attention and some shared experiences, but you don't have to lose intimacy and love.

                242. I know even My putting this forth is a big step to you; it goes against your nature. But the only way to break the chains of possession, the desire to possess, the desire to be the only one or to "have it all" is to actively give. Give even when it hurts. Give even when you don't know what the outcome will be or how it will affect you or your relationship in the future. Give when it costs something.

                243. As long as you run away and you try to hide and you try to avoid what you fear, you'll always live in fear of the future. You'll always live with the fear of "what if?" But if you just let go, then at least you will have the peace of mind of knowing that what happens or doesn't happen is My choice, and it's not that you're stopping it through your unyieldedness, selfishness or possessiveness.

                244. Your finding this freedom will also set your loved one free. He doesn't realize it, but his fear of hurting you has put him in bondage, and so he controls his emotions even more than he normally would because he doesn't want to have to ever admit that he has feelings for somebody else. When he sees how difficult it is for you when he even admits that he enjoys his dates or he feels attracted, then he feels he couldn't possibly take a chance on going further, that it would just be too much for you. So not only must you seek this freedom for yourself, but also for your loved one, that he might be free to be used as My vessel of love and to be led by My hand in his relations with others.

                245. This is the very thing that you are afraid of, and even this message scares you, because you know that by cutting the ties, by lifting the restrictions, you're opening the door to the very thing that you fear--outside love relationships, not where the woman is the one with the emotions, but where your loved one is the one with the emotions, or worse yet, where there are emotions on both sides. But this is a choice that you must make, for this is the key, the only key, to being set free from possessiveness--being willing to let happen even that which you fear the most.

                246. You must find freedom for yourself, but in finding that freedom you must also give it to your loved one. As long as in your heart and mind you believe and accept that you should be the only one, then you will be bound by possessiveness, for this is the very essence of possessiveness--to want it all, and to want to be the only one in every way. But to be freed from this and to change from this mindset will require a very big miracle of prayer and determination and positive declaration.

                247. You must be willing to speak My Word and to put the right attitudes into words. You must be willing to say the right things, things that with time will set you and your loved one free. For now he too is bound and his love is restricted, and the bondage and restrictions have come through your possessiveness, through your voicing your fears, which have in return made him fearful-fearful of hurting you, fearful of letting you down, fearful of looking unfaithful or disloyal.

                248. In his desire to pacify you, to make things easier for you, to ease your jealousy burdens, he has said what you wanted to hear. When he's wanted to console you, he has proclaimed that he is a "one woman man" and reassured you that he has no desire to fall in love with anyone else, that he's just not that way, etc. While in his natural personality and tendencies this is true, he shouldn't put Me or My love in a box and put such strong limitations on what I would do in his life.

                249. It is true that he has been sincere in his declarations and he has tried not to hide things from you, but these declarations have put limits on My love and what I would or could do. In your expecting these declarations or desiring these commitments of faithfulness in heart from him, you have also put the same bondage, the same chains around your own heart. Because even subconsciously you have thought that you cannot allow yourself freedom that you're not willing to allow him, you cannot allow yourself to go further than you're willing to let him go. And so you keep yourself in check, being careful not to fall in love with anyone else, because you feel that if you were to allow yourself such liberty, it would give him an excuse to do the same.

                250. My precious one, I have given you what you have asked for--the key to deliverance from possessiveness. But I know that this key is weighty; it is hard to bear and it will cost you. For to give yourself and your loved one completely to the freedom of My Spirit, that I might have My perfect will in your lives, requires utter trust in Me, knowing that I will not give you more than you are able to bear, and that with all your giving you will not lose. My precious one, you must count the cost, for you must see that this decision, this declaration, the turning of this key, which opens the door to greater freedom, will require great trust and yieldedness.

                251. Surrender--that is the step you must take if you truly desire total freedom. (End of message from Jesus.)

More Counsel on Trust, Faith and Making the Law of Love Work for Married Couples

                252. (Mama:) This series has already included much counsel to married couples, but I want to touch on a few very important subjects that have been covered in previous GNs but which I want to address again, especially in light of the message you just read, to help you keep all these messages from the Lord in proper perspective. Remember, you need to try to apply the full counsel of this series to your situation, and not simply latch on to one prophecy or message and use it to pressure your mate or push your program!

                253. When you, as a married couple, are learning to reach out and share with others, there will be battles and difficulties. These will be intensified if one of you is jealous. When one mate is jealous or possessive, it is easy for the other mate to get frustrated, or to feel that the jealous one should be making faster progress. It can be upsetting if one of the mates feels the other person is unjustly suspicious. I understand that these are very real battles. We know that jealousy, possessiveness and suspicion are not good, and I trust that those of you who battle in this way are trying to overcome and progress in these weaknesses.

                254. But I also have some counsel for the mate who is not jealous, the one who is the "victim" of the jealousy, and that is that you must exercise patience and not try to run ahead of your mate's faith. You can't resort to pushing, demanding and certainly not threatening! Such actions will only make matters worse and are against the Law of Love! Remember, sometime in the future circumstances could change and you could be the one battling jealousy! You'll be thankful that you were patient, loving and understanding when you are in need of the same treatment from your mate.

                255. Please remember that when you as a couple are learning to live the Law of Love, it's a two-way street and both of you will have lessons to learn. Here is a message from the Lord with very good counsel about trust, growing together and moving forward as a team. In this prophecy the Lord speaks of the woman as the jealous one, but it could easily be the other way around--it could be the husband who is jealous and the wife who is having to learn patience and understanding.

                256. (Jesus speaking:) The road ahead includes many challenges for you, My precious married couples. I am preparing you for many of them now, so that when you meet them you will be aware of what I expect of you, and so that you will know that I have promised you the victory in these things also. In each of these challenges and hurdles ahead in the road, there is a victory!--And not only a victory of overcoming that one hurdle, but with each one overcome there is a giant leap forward--progress made in becoming more loving, more giving, more unselfish, more how I would have you to be. And the more you become giving and loving and unselfish, the more I can bless you and shower My love down upon you, drawing you closer to Me and closer to your loved ones.

                257. I will speak first to you husbands, for much of the responsibility rests upon you and your faithfulness to stick to the decisions that you and your wife have agreed upon regarding your sexual sharing. Yet there is also another great responsibility which rests upon your shoulders, which is equally important. I have instructed you to love your wives as I loved you, My Church. How do I love you? With tenderness, with patience, with understanding. I do not push you; rather I wait long for you to make the right decision, and all the while I hold you and love you and do not turn from you or threaten you. This is how you must be with your wives.

                258. I know that with this sharing, many of you will wish for freedom to love those you feel called to love, to share with those for whom you have the desire, and you might feel restricted or hindered from doing so if your wife does not have faith to move as quickly. This is also part of My plan, for I wish for you to learn love and patience as I have had with you.

                259. Yes, I am calling you to share, and to share now. But maybe it is not My will for you to share with the one you have the desire for--maybe there is someone else who needs your love even more, and who it would be easier for your wife to begin sharing you with. This will be a road of patience, tenderness, understanding, and with lots of give and take. The wise man will wait, will communicate, and will make these decisions with his wife according to both his and his wife's faith--taking all factors into consideration. That is maturity.

                260. I caution you not to push ahead, for in pushing ahead of what your wife has the faith for, you could very well also be pushing ahead of what I have set out as My will. You must not look at your wife as an old bottle if she wishes for you to go slower than you had in mind. Instead go slowly, according to her wishes, all the while praying and asking Me for counsel. As you prove your love again to her little by little by going by her faith and not deviating from the decisions you have made together about your sexual activities with others, you will slowly gain more of her trust and will soon have more of the freedom that you long for--for she will know that you will not abuse it, but will come home again safely to her arms and will love her the more for it. So husbands, go slow. Remember, love your wife as I have loved you.

                261. (Mama:) The Lord makes it clear that you husbands are to consider your wife's wishes and faith when embarking on any sexual sharing. You're not to pressure her or badger her to consent to a date that you personally have a burden for. You'll notice that the Lord said if your wife feels unusually threatened by a particular person, even if you have a burden to spend intimate time with that person, maybe it's not His will; maybe the Lord wants you to choose someone else, someone who will be easier for your wife.

                262. The Lord reminds you that one of your primary responsibilities, along with keeping the agreements you and your wife have made regarding the sexual activities you will engage in on your dates, is to treat your wife with patience and understanding. This means you shouldn't get upset if she has battles, you shouldn't accuse her of not living the Law of Love, and you shouldn't push your program when it's too hard for her and she doesn't have the faith for something. Yes, the Lord made it clear that He wants you to begin sharing, but that doesn't mean that you have to pick the person that is the most difficult for your wife. The point is, go slow if necessary. You have to consider your mate's faith as well, and you must appreciate the progress she does make, instead of making her feel bad or like a failure if she can't move as quickly or as unreservedly as you'd like.

                263. This same counsel goes for you wives regarding your husbands' faith for your sexual sharing. If your husband is the one who battles jealousy and possessiveness, the Lord is asking you to go slow and consider your husband's feelings, needs, and faith.

                264. (Jesus continues:) And to you, dear wife, I say, have I not had much faith and trust in you, even though you were a frail human, prone to mistakes? So is your husband, but he deserves the same trust. I have called you each to a new challenge, and I wish for you to wipe the slate clean of any past mistakes which you have held against him in your heart. Give him a new start, trusting afresh in My control, and in his love for you and desire to please you.

                265. Rest your case with Me, and pray that you can truly leave all the past behind, all fears or worries, and enter wholeheartedly into this new way I am leading, trusting that if I have called you thus far, I will not leave you now. My precious one, this is a leap of faith, but I am proud of you for being willing to take it! (End of message from Jesus.)

                266. (Mama:) If you wives feel hurt or lack trust because of past misunderstandings or past relationships that your husband had that did not go well, the Lord is asking you to leave those hurts and lack of trust behind. He wants you to trust Him and your husband for a new start. If you hope to enter this new day of the Law of Love with your whole heart and have a happy, peaceful experience, you'll need to ask the Lord to give you the faith to look at your husband with new eyes and relate to him with a heart of trust. Regardless of what hardships you had in the past or how your heart may have been broken, even if you feel afraid of what might happen this time as you reach out to love others and allow your husband to love others, the Lord is asking you to trust Him and your mate, and believe that as you both follow the Lord and the Word, things will go better and the Lord will bless you and protect your relationship, according to His will.

                267. This counsel on letting go of past hurts also applies to the husband who feels hurt or bitter toward his wife due to past mistakes or out-of-control relationships or whatever it was that caused the hurt.

Building Self-esteem and More Sex Appeal!

                268.Possibly you feel that all this talk of sharing sexually is a little out of reach for you. If you no longer feel so sexy or attractive to others, you might feel quite embarrassed about or left out of this whole new move of the Spirit. Maybe you thought the Family wouldn't return to living the Law of Love fully, and this has caught you by surprise. You wonder what can be done to help you get back in the swing of sharing, giving and loving others, when you feel you've aged and are now just not what you used to be sexually. I asked the Lord the following questions:

                269.What about older men and women who have let themselves go physically so that they now suffer from very low self-esteem? They've gained too much weight, quit grooming themselves well, and have lost their sex appeal, therefore they feel no one would want to be with them. This really stands in the way not only of their taking the initiative to share sexually, but even having the faith to accept someone else's love. What can be done practically?

                270.If you can relate to the scenario I just described, I think this sweet, informal chat from Dad might just be the nudge you need to get you out of the slump you've fallen into, if you need to give your physical appearance a little more attention or if you're uninspired about how you look or feel a little down on yourself.

                271.(Dad speaking:) I think that Mama, as well as a lot of other women, would agree with me that I always stayed well groomed. I liked to be clean and to smell nice. I know the women appreciated this. I mean, my goodness, if you're going to give someone a hug or a kiss, you want to make sure your hair is clean, your face is clean, your clothes are clean, and that you smell nice!

                272.I didn't always like what I saw when I looked in the mirror--or should I say, I didn't always recognize that old man! I wanted to see someone younger, the young man that I was used to, but I got older, just like all of you. But as I did, I knew that the Lord wanted me to take care of the temple that He'd given me that housed His Spirit, and I tried my best to do that. I just don't see how anyone can be close to the Lord and be dirty, sloppy and unkempt. It just doesn't go together.

                273.Everything Here in Heaven is clean and natural, and no one's ashamed of how they look. There really isn't any comparing, because everyone's content with just how the Lord made them. It has a lot to do with them being very much at ease with the Lord's love for them. They've accepted the Lord's love for them, and therefore they aren't afraid to be happy about the way He created them--to be content with how they look and how they act.

                274. That's the way it is up Here! You have some thin ones, you have plumper ones, you have short ones and tall ones, larger people and smaller people. There are all kinds of people that the Lord made, and everyone is beautiful, very, very beautiful.

                275. Up Here everything is clean and it smells so nice! There are beautiful fragrances everywhere. The beautiful fragrances make you feel like loving, like being loved, and like giving love.

                276.They try to copy those fragrances down there on Earth. They copy them from the flowers and other beautiful things the Lord created, and those fragrances are wonderful! They can stimulate you! They can make you feel even more beautiful, even more handsome, even more sexy! They can make you feel light and breezy. They can make you feel fresh and clean--the beautiful fragrances of Earth. But up Here, the fragrances are beyond compare!

                277. Down there I loved to splash myself with a nice clean fragrance, but up Here, I just can't decide which one to pick! I choose a new one almost every day. Well, at least when the old one wears off, I look for a new one, because they're so far out! Every fragrance sends me, and I find that the ladies up Here are attracted to so many different scents, so I experiment with many different ones to see what the reaction and attraction is going to be, ha!

                278.Well, how did I get off on scents? Smelling good is just a big part of feeling good, and if you smell good, it's usually because you're clean. You can get pretty sloppy and dirty down there on Earth. You work hard, and a good day's hard work can work up a sweat. Or a good get-out can work up a sweat, dirty your clothes, and make you smell pretty bad. That's the time to run to the shower, wash your hair if it needs it, and change your clothes.

                279. Personal appearance is part of your testimony, so it pays to stay clean and well groomed! Keep clean and fresh! Use deodorant; keep your hair combed, mustaches and beards trimmed; keep those teeth brushed and nails clean and those hands soft; and by all means splash yourself regularly with some nice-smelling cologne! It doesn't have to be expensive; some of the cheaper ones I used to get in the five-and-dime while I was down there worked just fine! Personal appearance really has a lot to do with simply taking good care of the temple that the Lord's given you--your body, your vessel that houses His Spirit.

                280.You know what Mama and I would do when we'd start gaining too much weight? We'd just stop eating so much and get a little more exercise. Now, for you folks who are approaching middle age, remember it's natural to gain a little more weight and put on a few more pounds than you donned in your youth; this is normal and to be expected. As you age, a certain amount of weight gain, within reason, is normal, healthy, and even looks good. But being overweight and gaining way too much weight is not good for your health. You can be putting a lot of extra pressure on your heart and building up fat tissue throughout your whole body. If you're fat on the outside, you've often got fat tissue built up between all of your organs too, and this is a sure formula for early death. Your heart can't handle too much fat.

                281. So those of you who've put on too many pounds, especially if you're older, might need to seriously consider losing some weight--not only for your health's sake, but just for your own self-esteem. The goal is not that you try and kill yourself so you can look like you did when you were 20 years old. The goal is to take care of the temple the Lord has given you, to stay in good health, and to look beautiful as you grow older!

                282. I've preached time and time again over the years about the importance of getting enough good exercise! This has not only been with the purpose of keeping your weight down if necessary, but also because to stay in good overall health you need proper exercise. This is not just a suggestion, folks! If you want to stay healthy, getting proper exercise is imperative, and if you're not getting some good stimulating exercise on a regular basis, I'd suggest you sit down and plan your next get-out program!

                283. Now remember, I'm not talkin' here about killing yourselves. I'm not talkin' about starving yourselves in order to have a toothpick figure, or pushing yourself too hard and too fast in an unrealistic and time-consuming exercise program to where you keel over and collapse on the spot. I'm not talkin' about takin' drastic measures like these poor folks in the world do, with all their finagled false fronts to make themselves look good. God forbid! The world today has gone mad with false fronts and quick fixes to try to make themselves look better--all the while they're actually endangering their health!

                284. But if you do what I've always preached--live right, eat right, sleep right, exercise right and stay right with the Lord--He'll help you to feel good and look good, even as you grow older! There's beauty in aging when you take care of yourself! You might gain a little more weight, your hair color might change or thin out, your skin might change some, but you can still keep in shape and be beautiful and well groomed! You can grow in years with grace and beauty and lots of sex appeal to go along with it!

                285.You dear folks who've gained too much weight and can't find decent clothes to fit you and who now feel that you'll be left behind because you just don't have any sex appeal at all anymore--I'm here to tell you that that just ain't so! You're all very beautiful and handsome, but some of you just need to take better care of yourselves. Maybe you're eating too much. Maybe you're not exercising enough. So if this is the case, let's go over these obstacles one at a time.

                286. If you're eating too much, one of the best ways to lose weight is to just eat less! In addition to eating less, you may have to consider the kinds of foods you're eating as well. If you're eating foods that are quite fattening, have somebody help you; do some research and find out what your nutritional needs are for your age and stature, what you should eat or not eat in order to stay healthy. You may need to cut down on empty calories, and you may need to add other good nutritional things to your diet. You need a good balanced diet. All of this works together to keep you in good health, in tiptop shape and energetic!

                287. And if you're not getting any get-out because you're too busy, why don't you just relax and enjoy life a little more? Take some time out every day for some good get-out or to play some games. I'm talkin' to both you men and women here--there's plenty you can do! Why not take up games or group sports if you can, like volleyball? Swimming, if it's available, is great exercise, or plan a good aerobics program. I used to put plenty of articles in the WNDs about the good old standard--walking! A good brisk walk is one of the best exercises you can get. That's something almost anybody can do! Find what suits you and stick to it. Or why not try some vigorous get-out with the kids! The men might try soccer or basketball--just be careful and prayerful, warm up properly and don't play so rough, or get so competitive that you get hurt! Dancing might appeal to you women--and the men may even want to join in on that! It would do the kids good to see you takin' time off and enjoyin' yourself, and they'd appreciate the opportunity to be able to do some of those fun things with you too!

                288. Get some get-out and get it regularly. You'll feel so much better, you'll look better, and you'll probably last longer too! Just be prayerful and careful to plan your program well. If you've been out of the habit of getting good exercise, or you want to change or increase your exercise routine, remember to ease into it. I want you to get in shape, but not at the price of doing too much too fast, so that you risk your health by putting too much strain on your heart or other muscles and body parts! Ease into it, folks! Pray and find out what is a good exercise for you, and then build up to it slowly.

                289. Be consistent! Most experts agree that an inconsistent exercise program will do more harm than good to your health! Be faithful! Find what's good for you, and make it a habit!

                290. Remember, it's always good, even if you are simply walking, to warm up in the beginning and then cool back down at the end with some stretches, so that your muscles are not overworked or strained. Did you know most injuries to muscles and bones occur for lack of proper warm-up? So if you want those ankles, feet, knees, arms, legs, all those joints and every moving part to work well, warm up properly every time with all your exercising by stretching and starting out slowly. Even if you're simply walking, start out easy, then build up to a good pace if you want, and finally slow back down. Pray and ask the Lord to keep you safe during all your get-out times and to give you checks to know how much and when you've had enough!

                291.That's on the practical side, but building self-esteem also often has a lot to do with your relationship with the Lord. The closer you draw to Him and the more at peace you are with Him, the more content and at peace you'll be, the happier you'll be, the more relaxed you'll be, and the more you'll take time for some of these other things, such as taking more get-outs, or taking a little longer time to just relax and learn how to love your husband or your wife again, or those around you.

                292. See, when you're relaxed and you're taking time to reach out to others, of course you're going to be more concerned about how you look and how you smell, because you'll want to be attractive to others, you'll want to be accepted by others, but you'll also want to be a sample of the Lord's love for them. You'll want to come to them and give them of your best.

                293.I'm not saying you have to start spending a lot of money on clothes and expensive colognes and all kinds of things of the world to make yourselves better. All you need to do is be clean and healthy, and then you just don't have to worry. If you're close to the Lord, you're handsome and you're beautiful, because His love and His light shine through.

                294. We really don't have any ugly folks in this Family. There's nobody that's unpleasant to be around or to look at when they're close to the Lord and they're clean and they're happy and they're content. In fact, that's the most attractive sex appeal there is--just letting the Lord shine through you the way He made you!

                295. You don't have to try to be young if you're older--you can just be you! Be beautiful and let the Lord shine through! But you can be a happy, energetic, healthy, good-looking you. Even if you men are losing hair, just shine your scalp! Get some hair care information from the pubs or from the local barber so that your hair looks nice even if you don't have much of it. Maybe it needs a little trim, or maybe you need to let it grow, but whatever, just be happy with who you are and how the Lord has made you.

                296.And you older women who feel you're unattractive and who are maybe letting yourselves go, all this applies to you too. I'm speaking to both men and women. You both have sex appeal. You're both attractive--especially when you're very full of the Lord and happy and content with how He's made you, and happy and fulfilled in what He's called you to do.

                297. You know what I'd suggest you all do? Sit down sometime and let the Lord speak to you about yourself personally. If you can't do it yourself, then have someone else do it, and let Him tell you how He sees you, what your inner beauties are, what your inner strengths are, what those gifts and abilities are that He likes to bring forth, that He likes to see shine for others. Let Him encourage you, and then be encouraged by Him. Because when you're encouraged, then you want to pour out to others, you want to give to them and love them. And when you feel like that, then you want to look good, too. You want to take care of yourself so that you have some appeal--what we call "sex appeal!" There's nothing wrong with that.

                298.There's nothing wrong with being attractive, and everyone's attractive when they're close to the Lord, when they're content, when they're clean, and when they're healthy. When they've had good exercise and good rest and they're fulfilling the job the Lord wants them to do, then they're very attractive, for they're fulfilling their role in the Kingdom and there's a magnetism there that draws others to you because they want to be a part of it. And if they want to be a part of it, then they want to be a part of you, and you've got something to give.

                299. When you're open with the Lord, you're open with others. And when you're open with others, they'll know how they can meet your needs too--your love needs, your emotional needs, your physical needs, even your spiritual needs.

                300.So, folks, don't let the Enemy drag you down with extra weight or extra problems or extra burdens. Pray today to be relieved of all of these weights, and enter into His peace and contentment so that you can be happy with Him and happy with yourself--clean, healthy, smelling good, and making those around you feel happy and loved.

                301. Remember, in order to care for others, you need to take some time to care for yourself,and let Him take care of you most of all. And then He'll care for those others right through you in all those fun, filling, affectionate, and even sexy ways. I love you! Stay clean and happy and healthy, and you'll be able to enjoy the beautiful gift of love that He's given us all so freely.

                302.By the way, did you know that Jesus looks very good? He has a sexy Bride, and He's always ready to meet her needs with His strong sex appeal! That's just one part of Him, but it's a very strong part, because love is what it's all about! Love is creative, and love is powerful, and love, given in His Spirit, is a vehicle for drawing others to His love, and for sharing His love with each other. It's one of the most beautiful freedoms that you have, that's been given to you.

                303. He revealed to me so long ago that we were to be a sexy Bride, because we have a very sexy Husband and a very sexy God, and you have a very sexy Heaven awaiting you! Not everyone up Here looks like an athlete or a model, but everyone is filled with the Lord and everyone is content and happy.

                304. Everyone's very sexy and they enjoy a lot of love with one another! They meet one another walking down the street or flying through the air, and they communicate love through their thoughts, through their eyes, and they meet and hold one another. These embraces often lead to lovemaking, and they draw on the Lord's love. The Lord's love is the most beautiful and creates the most Heavenly orgasms, so they draw on His love to love one another completely.

                305.You have a very sexy God, and He wants you to be happy, enjoying how He made you and enjoying loving others and giving of yourselves to each other. So you're missing a lot if you let yourself get old in spirit, old in your outlook, if you let yourself go in your physical upkeep. If you just give up and let those pounds hang on you, let those clothes stay unwashed, let that body go a little unkempt, you miss out on a lot. You could be enjoying life to the full, enjoying how He made you, and enjoying others to the full. That's how He wants it to be for you.

                306. He wants you to be attractive to others so that they'll want to be with you, so that He can love you through each other. He wants to love you so much! He desires to love you. He desires to give you His seeds. He desires to make love to you, to fuck you. He desires it! He desires to make love, and He wants you to desire it too. It's a spiritual connection there that you can have only when you're close to Him, that no other people on the face of the Earth can have unless they have a touch of this revelation and this reality.

                307.So if anything in the flesh is hindering you, causing you to have low self-esteem, to feel like you're no good, ugly, too fat, too this or too that, well, just hear from the Lord. He'll tell you what to do. He'll tell you how He sees you! If any of you older men and women feel like you're going through what they term the midlife crisis and you're not feeling attractive to the opposite sex, ask the Lord what to do about it. Did you know that one of the best preventative measures you women can take to avoid possible side effects of menopause is to get enough sex! It's true! Good, loving sex helps to keep you healthy and happy! The Lord can show you how to sidestep the possible negative effects of the change of life if you ask Him! (Please see GN 738 and 739.)

                308. And any of you men who may be going through a slump--thinking now that you're getting older you can't be sexy, you can't live the Law of Love fully because you feel you can't "go" like you did in the past--don't fall for it! I enjoyed lots of good lovin' to a ripe old age! Even if you have to slow down a little, you can still be sexy and loving and satisfy a woman and yourself at the same time, and the women will love you for it! Be open and honest with each other, accommodate each other, and you'll find life will be wonderful! Ask the Lord how to boost your self-esteem. You're all beautiful, you're all handsome, you've all got Jesus, and you can all give a lot of love to each other, a lot of happiness, and a lot of fulfillment. He wants to do it for you and through you.

                309. Anyway, if for nothing else than just to feel better and live a little longer to do what He wants you to do, to fulfill the commission that He has for you, I'd say you'd better start taking care of yourselves--lose some pounds if you need to, get some good get-out, get some rest, eat properly, don't eat too many fats, starches or sweets--and you'll be more what He wants you to be and you'll even be around longer.

                310. I love you! You men are handsome and you women are gorgeous, and I'd love to make love to you gals! I'd love to kiss you! I'd love to caress you! I'd like to be right there with you--every one of you beautiful women! Come on, men, be for those women what I'd be if I was there. I love you!--Your sexy Dad. (End of message from Dad.)

Promise of Victory!

                311.(Mama:) To close this GN, I want to share with you a marvelous message from the Lord about the wonderful promise of victory for those of us who fight jealousy battles. Have you ever wondered if you'll get a full, complete victory? I sure have! This message is not only in answer to my question, or a promise to me personally, but it's for all of us! This is a promise of victory for our whole Family, if we'll just keep fighting! Praise the Lord!

                312.(Jesus speaking:) You ask, is it possible to be jealous but eventually get to the point of beauty for ashes, joy in the place of sorrow, and peace instead of pain? Can My children really live a life of giving and sharing with each other, just like we do in the Heavenly realm, where people aren't living in the tortures of jealousy when they share their loved one with someone? Is it really possible to get to the point where the jealous person isn't jealous anymore, and in fact, has learned to enjoy sharing their loved one and enjoy living and giving and sharing so much that it isn't even a big deal at all, it's just part of life?

                313.I've told you that all things are possible to him that believes, and if it were not so, I would have told you. All things are possible, and even though it might look impossible to the way you know your lives to be right now, this is the promise that you can look forward to--that yes, the day is coming, and this is part of My Heavenly plan, that you, the Family, will be an ensample to the world of living, giving, and sharing in love, without the tortures of the Enemy's jealousy, possessiveness, and selfishness. This is a big promise, but you just have to remember that all things will not continue as they are today, that there is much more ahead as the Last Days approach.

                314.I have promised that I will raise up an Endtime army of the children of David, who will not only be My warning voice to the world, My Endtime witnesses, who will not only do miracles and wonders in My Name, who will not only heal the sick and raise the dead, be able to prophesy the future, discern the intents of the heart, and be led supernaturally by My Spirit, but who will also be a sample to the world of My Spirit of love. This will be a big part of the Family's testimony to the world of the truth of My Word and the coming of the promise of a better world and a better Kingdom to come, My Kingdom of love.

                315.You have jealousies and strife amongst you now, but I will use these battles and tests as a testimony to turn others to Me. You have to endure the battles and go through the tests so that yours will be a supernatural testimony of My promises fulfilled. I have to allow you to experience what it's like, to experience some of the tortures of jealousy or the tortures of any of the Enemy's ungodly ways, so that you can be a witness and testimony and a greater help to the lost. The people of the world will run to you and cling to you and beg you for the answers; they will seek you out and beg for your help. The hungry will come to you to see the love of My Spirit that will live in your Homes.

                316.In each of your lives, there will come a point in these dark days in which you live when you will be happy to share your loved ones without jealousy or hurt. When you see the evil in the world around you spreading and hurting and destroying love, you will enjoy being able to give My love to others, even to share your loved ones with others. It will become part of your testimony, part of your lifestyle. You will consider sharing and giving as part of your life, your work, your daily routine, your witness and testimony, just like anything else.

                317.You say, "Can we have this now? Can we live like this right now in our Homes, where we can get to the point that it doesn't bother us to share our loved one and we don't feel those pangs of jealousy and accompanying attacks of the Enemy of envy, comparing and selfishness?"

                318.Yes, you can have this in your life, because you can trust Me for it,you can believe Me for it, and you can reach out and receive the promise that I can do the impossible. If there were no victory after the battle, then My children wouldn't fight. If there were no promise of greater blessings, then My children wouldn't have the strength to make the sacrifices needed. If there were no promise and assurance of victory, how could I ask them to go forth into battle knowing that they would be wounded? My children know that they will receive some wounds in the battle. They know that winning the battle depends on their determination to fight. They know they have to fight hard and keep fighting for as long as it takes to win and defeat the Enemy.

                319.There is total victory over jealousy, and there is total defeat to the Enemy. How do you get this total victory?--By continuing to fight the battle for as long as I know is personally best for you and your situation. You must not look at it like, "I have to keep fighting; this is so hard," but you must look at it like, "I'm going to keep fighting because I'm almost there. This could be the last battle. I know I'm going to get total victory because the Lord promised it."

                320.You say, "It takes a lot of faith to believe that I'm going to be able to share my loved one and not have any jealous feelings whatsoever--to just believe that it's going to be as normal as doing anything else and it's not going to bother me at all. I know that You can do all things, and I know that miracles are possible, so I know that You can do it, but will You? Should I really expect this sort of attitude and miracle for me personally?"

                321.I'm glad that you feel this way, because it will make your testimony the greater. Those who have had little faith for something, but have gone ahead on that little mustard seed of faith, have a great testimony to share with the world. Yours can be a great testimony. These seem like big expectations to you, and they are, but if you step out on the water of the impossible and expect Me to hold you up and do the impossible, you put yourself in the position to see and feel the miracle.

                322.I would not promise you that which is impossible for you to do, eventually, and according to your faith. You can be totally free of jealous feelings and the tortures and problems that come from jealousy, and I want to give you that freedom. I want to give you that miracle and use you as a testimony to help others and eventually as a sample to the world. (End of message from Jesus.)

In Closing

                323. (Mama:) I pray the messages from the Lord and Dad in this GN have been a blessing to you. As you continue to study and absorb these treasures from Heaven, your life of loving others will become easier and happier. It takes time, prayer, experience, lesson-learning, and some ups and downs, but it's worth the effort! Praise the Lord!

                324.Peter and I are praying for you, and we know the Lord will continue to strengthen you and give you great victories as you look to Him, hear His personal Words of instruction and direction, and do your best to share His love with others. God bless you and keep you loving!

                With much love, admiration, and prayers,


Copyright (c) 1998 by The Family