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Living the Lord's Law of Love!--Part 10         Maria #456            CM 3210                3/98

--Shepherding, Commitment, Living in the Manner of Heaven

--By Maria

Required Reading. For Charter Members 16 and over.

                Note: All references to sexual sharing throughout this series are only to be applied according to the guidelines in the Charter.

Table of Contents:

                The benefits of shepherding              1

                The shepherding of relationships under the Charter     4

                Your commitment to your marriage   6

                How living the Law of Love can strengthen a marriage                7

                Your responsibility to your primary relationship            8

                When you need a "breather" from sexual sharing         9

                How can you help your mate step out by faith?             10

                How the Family has matured in living the Law of Love12

                Living in the manner of Heaven--the supernatural!15

Dear Family,

                1. I love you! Thank you for your diligent attention to these GNs. Peter and I appreciate it. This series is quite long and it might seem a little complicated at first, but if you'll invest the time to reread it and study it, I believe you'll find the answers to many of your questions.

The Benefits of Shepherding

                2.So far in this series the Lord has given counsel about numerous aspects of the Law of Love, which, if applied in a loving, prayerful manner, will help your experiences to be happy ones. We have so much to learn, but the Lord is merciful and generous in giving us abundant, specific, practical guidelines. He doesn't just pour out spiritual principles and leave us to fend for ourselves, but He gives very down-to-earth advice which will make all the difference in the world! Thank You Jesus!

                3.In the following prophecy the Lord tells of another key that will help you to be wise in living the Law of Love fully.

                4. (Jesus speaking:) If you're desperate, and you desire to do My will and yield yourself to Me, if you want to live the Law of Love and you don't want to harm anyone, if you truly desire to see My love manifested in your heart and poured out to others to bring good--to bring love and light and joy to others, and to harm no one--then I will help you and I will guide you. I will help you to channel your love.

                5.The key is the motivation of your heart. If your motivation is to do My will, to lay aside your own life and your own will and your own wants and desires to truly follow Me, this is the key. For I will have control of your heart and your life, and I will direct your love. As it is written, "If any man will come after Me, let him deny himself, and take up his cross daily, and follow Me" (Luk.9:23). So if you will deny yourself and your own wants and wishes and your will, and sincerely and desperately seek Me for My will, then I will guide you, I will take control of your emotions, and I will help you.

                6.Two are better than one, for they have a good reward for their labor. So to have a prayer partner, a counselor, to help you in these relationships, to help you stay steadfast in prayer, to be a safeguard and a balance to keep you within the boundaries of My Law of Love, is one way to keep your emotions in check.

                7.This will accomplish many purposes. It will draw you and your prayer warrior close together. You will need to trust them and be submitted to them. It will be humbling to confess your feelings, but this will bring unity, and in your weakness you will find My strength.

                8.So if you'll open your life, if you'll humbly confess your need and your desire for My help to keep you, to help you to live My Law of Love, to experience the emotions of My love, and yet to stay within the boundaries of My Law of Love so that you harm or hurt no one, then seek out a companion, a helper, someone close at hand, someone that can be your prayer mate and counselor. (End of message from Jesus.)

                9. (Mama:) As you can see, besides prayer, desperation, unselfishness, consideration, the motivation to do the Lord's will, and a willingness to let Him control your emotions, it also helps to have a counselor and prayer partner who you are willing to listen to and yield to. When you have strong emotions it can sometimes be very difficult for you to gauge whether or not your actions are extreme or are hurting others. The intensity of the emotions or sexual attraction you feel for someone can cause you to focus almost all of your attentions on that person without your even realizing it. This is why it helps to have someone who you can confide in, who can pray for you and also give you counsel when they feel you're hurting others or stepping over the boundaries in some way or another.

                10.If you're married, sometimes your mate can be your counselor and prayer warrior--though that doesn't always work, especially if your mate is battling severe jealousy. Someone on the teamwork could be your prayer partner, as could some other prayerful, mature, spiritually strong person in the Home. As the Lord said, it will be humbling, but it will bring unity and will give you the strength to handle these emotional matters maturely and prevent your hurting others. Also, counseling not only with your mate but your shepherds helps them to be aware of your situation so they can support you in prayer and help in whatever way possible.

                11.You can also hear from the Lord in prophecy together with this person. Prophecy is an important tool which should be employed regularly to know the Lord's will regarding how you personally can live the Law of Love fully and handle any relationships that might develop as a result. On this, Dad said:

                12.(Dad speaking:) A real important key is hearing from the Lord in prophecy as you enter in to practicing the Law of Love. Hear from the Lord early and as you go along. Don't wait until things have become a big mess and then ask the Lord to unravel the situation and sort it out for you, but rather hear from Him each step of the way. Get His directions right from Heaven. He'll tell you exactly how to proceed, or how not to proceed, as the case may be. (End of message from Dad.)

                13. (Mama:) Besides having a prayer and prophecy partner who can help keep your actions within the boundaries of the Law of Love, there are many other advantages to seeking the counsel and support of your shepherds. There are specific benefits that the Lord gives when you communicate, ask for prayer and seek others' advice that He is not able to give as easily if you try to struggle through on your own. You might feel you're strong enough, that you've got things under control and you know what you're doing, so you don't really need the help of others. If that's the case, please check out this next message from the Lord which shows the many ways you could be missing out by trying to be so self-sufficient.

                14. (Jesus speaking:) One can chase a thousand, but two can put ten thousand to flight! In unity there is great strength and in wise counsel there is safety. When you do not seek counsel, I am not able to bless you as fully as I would like, and you who would try to manage on your own will be found lacking in strength, power and direction. You will miss out on the extra boost I will give through sweet counsel together with a shepherd, a parent, a friend--one of understanding who is able to give helpful counsel.

                15. Through wise counsel, I give strength. In the multitude of counsel I establish purposes. I am able to define goals and lead you to bear good results, good fruit in your relationships. I am able to clear away any rubble or confusion, and give sound wisdom. By seeking counsel, you are able to be instructed, and when you do this, you become wise.

                16. When there is no counsel you are apt to make mistakes and fall, but as you seek counsel, you guard against mistakes, for in wise counsel there is safety. If you will hear instruction, you will become wise. For I did not make man to live alone, but to need each other, to counsel together, because in this unity there is strength. This is the law of My Spirit, that in the multitude of counsel there is safety, strength and sound wisdom, and purposes are established. (End of message from Jesus.)

                17. (Mama:) Wow, there are all kinds of benefits to be had through counsel and shepherding! So even if it's humbling and you're not used to sharing such intimate details of your life with others, I think you'll agree that the benefits are worth it. The Lord says you stand to gain strength, wisdom, power and an extra boost from Him. He'll protect you from falling or making mistakes. He'll cause your efforts to bear good results, and He'll help to define goals and clear away any confusion. So those are very hefty dividends on a pretty small investment of your time and effort. And besides all that, to seek counsel is to do the humble thing, and this pleases the Lord.

                18. Shepherds, parents and wise counselors can be a shortcut for you, and you stand to gain a lot if you'll be open to the shepherding, help, counsel, and mostly to the support and prayer you're able to get. If you're in the habit of going to your shepherds and counselors when things are going okay in order to get good advice, tips, suggestions, instruction, moral support and so on, you'll find that many times you may be able to avoid problems before they even start! And if some rough spots do crop up, it will be easier to get the guidance you need to make it through those times because you'll already be accustomed to receiving shepherding in these more personal affairs of your life.

                19. You of the younger generation are at a great advantage in having shepherds, parents and friends of the older generation who are at your disposal--so use it! That's what the older generation is here for--to listen, help, share tips and lessons, to support you and to pray for you. So don't miss out on all they have to offer!

                20.Many people shy away from allowing anyone to counsel or shepherd them in regards to their emotional attachments. If they're involved in a relationship or if they have feelings for someone, they feel it's their own business and others shouldn't be involved. However, if the relationship or the emotional attachments are having a negative effect on a marriage or other Home members, or if the situation is proving to be detrimental to the Home, then the shepherds are responsible to get involved.

                21.It's the Home teamwork's job to help the parties involved to resolve their differences and gain victories. As is stated in the Charter: "Should the teamwork feel that a particular sexual relationship between Home members is hurting others in the Home, or causing problems, the teamwork is, of course, free to shepherd and offer counsel in order to help solve the problem or help things to improve" (The Charter, Sex and Affection Rules, B).

                22.When we asked the Lord about the type of shepherding needed when emotional or romantic feelings are involved, He gave the following message:

                23.(Jesus speaking:) The shepherding that I seek is for shepherds to lovingly help those that are battling to overcome the areas in their lives which they need to overcome. If one mate is jealous, the shepherd should work on helping them to overcome their jealousy. If one mate is unloving and doing things that are unkind and hurtful, then it's the shepherd's place to help this one to see it, and to try to help them overcome their unloving acts. With this kind of shepherding, good fruit can come forth, for the good shepherd is helping his sheep to overcome their problems.

                24.It's the shepherd's job to try to help people overcome their problems and to overcome the things they do that hurt others. It's the shepherd's role to help people to see that they should do the loving thing, the Godly thing, the kind thing. It's up to the shepherd to point out the areas in which people are falling short. But only in very rare, exceptional cases is it the shepherd's job to demand that the sheep put an end to some relationship. This should only be done in specific counsel with the overshepherds, and all parties involved should hear from Me for the situation.

                25.It's within the Home shepherd's responsibility to help people live in love, to point out when they are not, and to help them overcome the weaknesses which cause them to do unloving things. (End of message from Jesus.)

The Shepherding of Relationships Under the Charter

                26.(Mama:)I now want to explain what the above message means when the Lord says the shepherds can ask parties involved to put an end to a relationship that is very problematic. The Charter notes that as Charter Members you must "Endeavor to live by the principles of the Law of Love: To love and care for, and interact lovingly and harmoniously with all members of the Home in which you reside and with Family members at large" (The Charter, Responsibilities of Individual Charter Members, E).

                27.This is one of the most important clauses in the Charter, because it shows that if Family members do not live by the Law of Love (in this case meaning the general overall concept of "love thy neighbor as thyself") and they hurt others--which includes their mates, loved ones, or children--or if they cause a major disruption in the Home or the work, they are contravening the Charter. So if a personal relationship gets so out of hand that it's continually harming others, causing a disturbance in the Home, and the people involved refuse to be counseled and are making no effort to change or work on the areas of their relationship that are causing problems, then the people involved in that relationship are contravening the Charter. Remember, an important and key responsibility of Charter Members is to "endeavor to live by the principles of the Law of Love," which specifically includes to "interact lovingly and harmoniously with all members of the Home."

                28.The Charter states that it's the responsibility and authority of Home officers to "Lovingly and faithfully correct and discipline individuals who fail to fulfill the Responsibilities of Individual Members, or who violate or contravene the 'Fundamental Family Rules,' and any agreed-upon Home regulations, in a manner appropriate and proportionate to the offense" (The Charter, Responsibilities and Authority of Home Officers, C).

                29. This means that Family officers have the authority and responsibility to shepherd people and to correct them when they're doing things wrong, when they're hurting others, or when they're slowing down or hindering or disrupting their Home and the Lord's work. Such problems need to be corrected, and should not be allowed to continue. Family officers are responsible to faithfully correct and discipline individuals who fail to fulfill or violate the Charter, and that includes those who do not live up to the Responsibilities of Individual Members.

                30.Let's now make this more specific regarding personal relationships: If a relationship is really out of line, the shepherds of the Home would be responsible to talk to the individuals involved, letting them know how they are not living the Law of Love, and pointing out how they are causing hurt to others through their relationship. The Home shepherds would need to lovingly counsel them about how to overcome the problems and improve the situation. It's acceptable that the Home officers would suggest that those involved in the relationship make things right with the Lord and others through desperate prayer, counseling, communication with one another, and hearing from the Lord in prophecy.

                31.The Home teamwork is completely within their realm of responsibility and authority to ask that a personal relationship be reined in. In other words, it can be suggested that they "cool it off" by having it limited through safeguards, so that others are not being hurt and it's not causing harm to the Home. The Home officers can also ask that the relationship be discontinued if it can't be reined in sufficiently and brought within the appropriate boundaries of the Law of Love, which includes the counsel put forth in this series of GNs.

                32.If the people involved refuse to follow the counsel of the Home teamwork and the problems continue, the Home officers can discuss the matter with the Home council. In such a case, the shepherds must explain to the Home the reasons why these individuals should either change their behavior or not be allowed to continue their relationship in their Home. If a simple majority of the Home council agrees, then they must either change the things that are causing harm or they must stop their relationship; or if they refuse to follow the counsel, then the Home council can vote that one or both people involved in the relationship leave the Home.

                33.Of course, the members in the relationship also have the right, if the Home officers ask them to bring their relationship under control or break it off, to bring their case before the Home council and explain their side and get a vote from the Home. (See The Charter, Responsibilities and Authority of Home Officers, C.1.) If the Home still wants to proceed with them restricting their relationship or breaking it off, or even leaving the Home, then those involved in the relationship have the right to appeal even higher in the form of a right of redress. (See The Charter, The Right of Redress.) If the people involved in the relationship do not want to follow the counsel of the Home officers or Home council, they are free at any time to give their notice and move out of the Home. (See The Charter, The Right of Mobility.)

                34. So as you can see, within the Charter, unfruitful, runaway, disruptive relationships can be shepherded and corrected. But I want to caution all of you about not moving too fast to enact any drastic measures of requiring that people discontinue relationships or voting people out of your Home. Yes, that is an option, but it should only be used as a necessary last-resort stance in very rare, exceptional cases.

                35.I'm sure you're all aware that growing in personal relationships, learning to live the Law of Love and overcoming jealousy take time. Please don't be rash or overreact. Take time to hear all sides of the story, and especially to hear from the Lord about how to help people who are struggling! Give situations time, give people the benefit of the doubt. Let the Lord work!

                36.If a relationship is temporarily weakening those involved, or causing them to have some battles and trials, this is not reason enough to try to put a stop to it. It is reason enough to try to help those involved through counsel, understanding, prayer, etc., but it's not wise to step in prematurely to try to "rescue" those who are learning, though struggling, when the Lord may be trying to use the situation to teach them very valuable and needed lessons that will help them grow. Also, just because the shepherds of the Home or even the overshepherds feel that people are not compatible for one reason or another, that is not reason enough for them to insist that a relationship be stopped.

                37.First try to shepherd the people involved through their problems. This should be done through prayer, counsel and seeking the Lord. The shepherds must try to show the people involved in the relationship the problems in their relationship and the problems that it's causing to them, the Home, other members, and the work, so that they of their own choice will work on overcoming those problems.

                38.Again I stress that love is the answer--loving shepherding and taking the time to pray and seek the Lord for wisdom, love, and His Words to direct and help people through relationship problems. In most cases, with the Lord's help, this will be successful and will strengthen the individuals and the Homes involved. Remember, as shepherds it is important that you handle people's hearts with a great deal of tender loving care, keeping their personal affairs confidential, and being mindful to not overreact to things that someone has entrusted to your confidence.

Your Commitment to Your Marriage

                39. Having the counsel and help of shepherds is especially important when one member of a marriage has strong, emotional, in-love feelings for someone other than their mate that results in their mate having serious battles. If you aren't open to shepherding to help you to properly judge whether you're living the Law of Love and whether your actions are in love, you may find that you've caused serious damage to your marriage, which might lead to a complete marital breakup. The goal of sexual sharing is not to break up marriages, as the Lord brings out clearly in this next message:

                40.(Jesus speaking:) Giving your mate, sharing your mate sexually with another, and living the Law of Love is meant to help another. It's meant to give love to another unselfishly in order to bless them, to help them, to uplift them. It's meant to bear good fruit and bring greater unity. It's not meant to break up a marriage. It's not meant to end up with the wife or husband being single. It's not meant to take the father or mother away from the children. It's meant to sow love, bear love, and bring about My Law of Love--not to sow broken hearts, broken children, broken marriages, and broken homes.

                41.If those involved are being mature and responsible, they will not endanger the marriage, they will not endanger the children having both a father and a mother, and they will not endanger the happiness and fruitfulness of the other. (End of message from Jesus.)

                42.(Mama:) I'd like to quote you some of what the Love Charter has to say about marriage, in order to remind you that when you have married someone, you have made a commitment to that person, and you have a responsibility to them and to your children. The Charter says:

                43. Those who marry enter into a covenant together between themselves and the Lord, committing themselves to love, care, and be responsible for one another and their children, in a Christ-centered union that glorifies God. Those who enter into such a covenant or contract should do so with the commitment that they will remain married and continue to function together as a married couple permanently. …

                44. Before a couple marries, they should determine in their hearts before the Lord and express one to another that they are committed to one another permanently,unless or until the Lord shall call them to be apart.

                45. The commitment of marriage is a commitment to love and a commitment to the responsibilities of love.--That responsibility to love and care for your partner in good times and bad, in sickness and in health, even if your emotional attachment lessens over the years. Marriage requires God's love, that ever-enduring love that forgives, that overcomes bitterness, familiarity and failure, love that carries us through life's difficulties and keeps on loving (The Charter, Marriage Rules, introduction).

                46.Although your emotions may be raging and your passion may be burning for someone other than your mate, you've made a commitment to your mate, and thus you are obligated by love before the Lord to continue to love and care for your mate and your children. This means you are to care for your mate not just physically, but also emotionally, spiritually, and sexually!--Giving her or him the time, attention, support, prayer and understanding needed.

                47.Also, you cannot let the pull of an outside relationship cause you to neglect the spiritual, academic, or emotional training of your children. You can't cut corners with your little ones, or even your JETTs and teens, in order to have more free time to spend with your lover. You must keep the same high standard for your children's care and education as you had before you got involved in an additional relationship.

                48. And remember, if you don't continue to fulfill your obligations to your family, your mate has the right under the Law of Love and the Charter to ask you to discontinue your outside relationship, and you must comply with his or her wishes, because it is required that all parties involved be in agreement! You're responsible to your mate and children to not let yourself get carried away by the emotions you feel for others. You're responsible to pray desperately to keep your emotions within the boundaries of the Law of Love.

                49. If you find that because of your strong emotions for another you're acting unlovingly in not caring for your mate or in neglecting your children, you'd better ask for prayer right away and seek counsel of your shepherds in order to keep from causing permanent hurt to your mate, your marriage, or your children.

                50.Likewise, if you're sharing sexually with a married person and become emotionally involved, you're responsible to also keep your emotions within the boundaries of the Law of Love. You, as the third party, must guard against either causing damage to the marriage or encouraging or allowing the mated person to do things which damage their marriage. You have a vested interest, if you want to continue the relationship you have with a married person, in doing all you can to help the mate of that person be happy as well. You're also strongly responsible to keep yourself from trying to damage or destroy the marriage for the purpose of gaining the mate for yourself. Such activity is unloving. It is wrong and violates the Law of Love and all that it stands for.

                51.Although we are responsible under the Law of Love to help those in need, we have an even greater responsibility to our mates and children. If either the mate who is engaged in the sexual sharing or the receiver of that sexual sharing is breaching the Law of Love by allowing their emotions to go beyond the boundaries of love, resulting in unloving acts which threaten the marriage, then, as we said earlier, in accordance with the Charter, the shepherds are responsible to get involved. And if you have serious problems with a personal relationship that you can't resolve on a Home level, then please seek the counsel of your VSs or CROs.

                52.As you can see, the Lord is concerned about keeping marriages intact. He wants the marriage relationship that you and He have invested such time and care into not just to survive living the Law of Love but to come through sound and strong--in fact, strengthened through the experience, not permanently weakened!

How Living the Law of Love Can Strengthen a Marriage

                53.How living the Law of Love could strengthen a marriage might be quite a foreign concept to you, especially if you've seen marriages weakened or actually ruined through sexual sharing. Although there has been a lot included in these GNs on the blessings of the greater unity that will come about as a result of our living the Law of Love fully, many of you might see it as a threat to your marriage, especially if you're newly married. I understand these fears, because as I've acknowledged previously in these GNs, if the Law of Love is not carried out lovingly, prayerfully, and according to the Lord's will, it can cause a lot of damage to marriages. I asked the Lord to speak more specifically on how a marriage can be strengthened through living the Law of Love, and here's what He had to say:

                54.(Jesus speaking:) As a couple branches out to share My love with others in accordance with My Law of Love, as they seek Me, as they abide within the boundaries I set, as they follow closely how I lead them to live My Law of Love, they grow and become rich in My abundant spiritual blessings--that which will last, that which cannot be taken away from them.

                55. Think of all that is necessary to open up your lives in this way to others and see how I strengthen the couple. The couple is strengthened in many diverse areas: Their communication with one another is strengthened. They grow in understanding. They grow in compassion. They grow in forgiveness. They grow in humility. They grow in patience. They grow in kindness. They're strengthened in longsuffering, goodness, meekness and temperance. They're strengthened and grow in faith. They're strengthened and grow in the fruits of My Spirit. They grow in joy, happiness and love; for you never lose by giving, and they who give My love to others receive back one hundred times over. They grow in strength and in power and in great love which comes back to them again.

                56.The couple which gives is the couple which in return receives the fruits of My Spirit in great abundance in their lives. They're strengthened in the fruits of My love. They grow and are strengthened, and the peaceable fruit of righteousness flourishes in their lives when they become exercised in living My Law of Love. (End of message from Jesus.)

                57.(Mama:) A key phrase in the above message gives the conditions the Lord puts on His promises. He says, "As a couple branches out to share My love with others in accordance with My Law of Love, as they seek Me, as they abide within the boundaries I set, as they follow closely how I lead them to live My Law of Love, they grow and become rich in My abundant spiritual blessings." You read the many beautiful promises the Lord gave, but to reap those benefits and strengthen your marriage you must:

                1) Share according to the Law of Love.

                2) Seek the Lord.

                3) Abide within the boundaries He has set.

                4) Follow closely how the Lord leads you.

Your Responsibility to Your Primary Relationship

                58.The Lord makes it clear that you have a lasting and serious commitment to your marriage partner. Part of that commitment is being willing to invest the time needed to keep your relationship loving, strong and unified. Even if you're involved in another love relationship, you are bound by the Lord to put your primary relationship, your marriage, first. Following is a message from the Lord on the importance of this. In order to help you get more out of this message, I want to include for you here the definition of "primary":

                1) First or highest in rank, quality, or importance; principal.

                2) Being or standing first in a list, series, or sequence.

                3) Occurring first in time or sequence; earliest.

                59.(Jesus speaking:) When couples decide to share with others outside of their relationship and they decide to have this blessing in their life, they also need to make a commitment to each other and a conscious understanding that they will continue to keep their relationship as the primary one. They need to determine that they will continue to work on their relationship, on their communication, on their times of fellowship and sharing, of reading the Word together, of praying and praising and loving Me intimately together, and not neglect these very important areas of their relationship in favor of the new friendships they might develop.

                60.I allow couples to reach out to others and share in love and live the Law of Love for the sake of unity,of oneness, of sharing My Spirit of love, to give love and receive love and meet each other's needs. This is a big blessing in their lives and a gift from My hand. But it's also very important for couples to remember that if they want this blessing of sharing with others outside of their marriage or relationship, and they want to keep their marriage or relationship intact, with good communication, harmony, fruitfulness and happiness, they have to continue to invest in their primary relationship. They have to continue to invest in communicating together, in loving together, in fellowshipping together, in bringing Me into the center of their relationship and lives, and in all of the things that make for a strong marriage or relationship.

                61. They can't suddenly neglect their primary relationship and stop communicating, stop fellowshipping or reading the Word together, stop praying or praising together, stop loving each other sexually and loving Me intimately. It is very important to continue to do these things, especially once you start to reach out to share with others. Because the Enemy would love to enter in and destroy your primary relationship through misunderstandings, jealousies, bitterness, fear, lack of communication, and a lack of being open and honest.

                62.So you couples must be sure to keep your primary relationship strong through faith, prayer, the Word, praise and loving Me intimately, through your love for one another, and your open, honest communication. As you continue to invest in your relationship with your mate or loved one, it will grow and be strong, making it possible for you to receive the blessing of reaching out to others and sharing with others in full faith and love. (End of message from Jesus.)

                63.(Mama:) There are times, of course, when couples do split up and go their separate ways. There are many different reasons why this happens, and every couple that separates has their own reasons for doing so. (Of course, regarding any separations that have taken place recently, I pray the people involved sought the Lord desperately and heard from Him, and received confirming prophecies before separating, especially if they have children, in accordance with the Charter.) I want to make it clear that I'm not saying that someone acted against the Law of Love in every situation in which a couple separated and one of the mates got together with someone they'd been sharing with while they were still married. Some did breach the Law of Love, while in other cases it was God's will for the couple to separate and the new union to be made. The point I'm trying to get across is that we're all responsible to live in love and to work our hardest to do the loving thing, each one of us.

When You Need a "Breather" from Sexual Sharing

                64.As you married couples endeavor to live the Law of Love fully, you may come upon situations that put your marriage under quite a bit of strain. There are a lot of spiritual battles involved even at the best of times, especially if one of the mates is jealous. This is true even if you're trying to do things as lovingly and prayerfully as possible, but especially if there are mistakes made and outside relationships get out of hand. I want to mention that there may be times when you're feeling very battle-weary, when the Lord might want you to take a break, to stop or cut back in your sharing with others for a while in order to strengthen your marriage.

                65. There was a situation that came up not too long ago in which an SGA couple with children, who had done well in their sharing for a number of years, got involved in a sharing situation that became very, very difficult for all involved. They tried to work out their relationship problems for a long time, while still continuing to share. But there was a big breakdown of communication and trust which came about through many misunderstandings and hurt feelings on both sides, and it threatened to destroy their marriage. When asking the Lord whether this couple should stop sharing with others temporarily in order to work on their own relationship, Dad gave the following message:

                66. (Dad speaking:) Time spent sharpening the scythe is not time wasted, and time spent sharpening and strengthening their marriage relationship is certainly well worth the time. It may be a sacrifice for them to give up the time they spend sharing with others, especially if they're having some problems with their communication and they find it easier to communicate with someone else, or they find the compassion and sympathy they like from having another's shoulder to lean on; but it's a sacrifice that may be the thing that's needed to give them the time to concentrate on strengthening their connection, their communication, and their love for each other.

                67.So I don't think they need to feel guilty or like they're failing if they have to stop sharing with others for a while in order to strengthen their ties, but rather they should just consider it part of the "making it work" side of marriage. It's nothing to fear, nor do they need to feel like they've failed. Everybody and every marriage has problems and growing pains, and it's these very things that strengthen the marriage and help it to grow and progress and become even better, stronger, and more united. But it also takes work to get it that way, and that takes time. So I think it would be fine, if they feel so led, to take the time they need to concentrate on each other and the needs of their marriage above the needs of others for now.

                68.There are so many aspects to sharing, so many different situations, different needs and personalities and relationships, and each situation and relationship needs to be prayerfully considered as to what's best at the time. Some people might share more at one time than at another, according to their needs and the needs of others. Sometimes people will share more or less. So much depends on what's happening in the spirit, the problems, the strengths, the needs, the fruit. They just have to really pray and hear from the Lord in prophecy and have the faith to do what the Lord shows them, and to operate according to their faith, their situation, their needs, and the Lord's will. (End of message from Dad.)

                69.(Mama:) In some situations you as a married couple might feel led to fight through your battles with sharing, no matter how difficult the battles are. At other times, though, the Lord might lead you to have a time of reprieve. The important thing is to do what the Lord knows is best. You wouldn't want to give up prematurely and surrender when the victory is just around the corner, but neither would you want to become so battle-weary that it takes too much of a toll on your marriage or ministry.

                70.We know the Lord wants us to share. The whole purpose of this series is to educate the Family about the Law of Love and to help you to progress in living it fully! Putting forth the option that you might need a break from sharing if things get too difficult isn't meant to be taken to the extreme or seen as a big loophole for anyone to grab on to when things get tough. Just because you have some battles doesn't mean you should stop sharing.

                71.If I were you and I was considering stopping my sexual sharing due to my battles, I'd pray desperately and hear from the Lord in prophecy to be sure I had the mind of the Lord and wasn't acting according to just what I wanted. I know you'll be tempted to quit, especially when in the midst of jealousy battles. But please be careful that you don't fall for that temptation right when the Lord wants to give you a big victory and help you to overcome your jealousy!

                72.The option of taking a break from sharing is something I need to bring up, because I understand from some of the field reports that it's not uncommon to find out that when a couple is having difficulties in their sharing and marriage, that what's happening is one of the spouses is pressuring the other one into letting them continue sharing or continue on with an extramarital relationship. Sometimes the mate who is sharing with someone else uses--or rather misuses--the Law of Love as their excuse to keep going, even when it's extremely difficult for their mate. Some men even pressure or coerce their wives by saying such things as, "You're privileged to have me, because there are so few men around, so you'd better not complain and you'd better give me permission to do this." So even though the wife ends up consenting, it's not because she has the faith for it or because she's doing it willingly, but because her spouse is using heavy pressure.

                73.This is very, very sad indeed! I can hardly imagine what it would be like to be trying to learn to share and be in the throes of jealousy battles, and to have my husband treat me with such disregard or even blatant cruelty! Men, these things ought not so to be! Such action is unthinkable! A "forced" or "pressured" consent is no consent at all! Mates are to give their consent willingly, even if it be through their tears. Sexual sharing is voluntary, and according to the Law of Love, all involved must be in agreement! So you men had better treat your wives the way you would want to be treated if you were in their place, if you expect to receive their consent!

                74.You are to handle your wives with love and respect, and give them due honor. And if you men have to sacrifice some of your sexual sharing for the sake of your wife's security or to help her overcome her jealousy battles, then that's what you might just have to do, and you should just look at that as an investment in your marriage and future happiness!

                75.Peter consistently treats me very gently and lovingly regarding his sexual sharing,especially if he thinks there's even a slight possibility that I would have a jealousy battle about it. This can be said for the other married men in our Home too. They're just as considerate of their wives. And that's the way it should be--period! You might need to begin your sharing very slowly and patiently, going step by step as you both grow in faith. But if you build a good loving foundation of trust in your marriage, you can be sure that things will go more smoothly and everyone will be a lot happier! Please do unto others as you'd have them do unto you; remember, your mate might be the one battling today, but the tables could turn in the future and you would then appreciate the same loving consideration. I addressed these few paragraphs to the men, but the same goes for you wives, too!

How Can You Help Your Mate Step Out by Faith?

                76. There may be situations that come up where one mate is willing to share but the other isn't. Of course, there will be varying degrees of willingness in marriages. If neither of you is jealous or possessive, then it will be much easier and you will be able to engage in sexual sharing more quickly and easily. But when one or both of you are jealous or possessive, the feelings of fear, insecurity and apprehension that hit you when you try to step out by faith or possibly when you even talk about sharing will make your situation much more difficult.

                77. I asked the Lord: How can you help your mate want to obey and step out by faith? If you want to share but your mate doesn't, do you lose the Lord's blessing that you would have gained had you shared, or do you still receive the blessing for being willing, in spite of the fact that you couldn't because you didn't have the consent of your mate? How do you contend with the resentment, confinement or suffocation you may feel because your mate wants you all to themselves and you aren't in agreement with that?

                78. Here are the Lord's answers:

                79. (Jesus speaking:) Living the Law of Love is a lifelong adventure. It's not something that needs to be rushed or pushed. You need not feel pressured. Take time to read the Word, meditate upon it, and hear from Me. Let Me work in your hearts. I can give great grace and faith, and help you to step out, even if it seems impossible at this moment. If there be a willing mind and spirit, I can make up what you feel you lack. I can overcome the jealousy, fear, insecurity and doubts.

                80. This is a journey that can begin with small or great steps. The beginning is the most difficult, but if you do anything at all to reach out, to love, to give, to share, it is a good start and I will multiply your efforts.

                81. Those who are more eager to jump in to living the Law of Love fully with both feet--either because they don't battle jealousy or because they feel the need for variety and a larger circle of companionship and friends, or simply out of a desire to obey--must be patient if their mate wishes to move more slowly. You who want to share must try to see with My eyes and not make hasty, shallow, cruel judgments if your mate does not move as quickly.

                82. A man and wife must move as one; they must be of one heart, one mind and one vision. It will not work for one to push, push, push; this will only cause the reluctant one to resist even more, to feel more fearful, to be even more skeptical and suspicious. Realize that I am not in a hurry. I would rather that your journey on Law of Love Lane be one of love and patience and understanding.

                83. A married person must have the consent of their mate before sharing. That is a fundamental principle of the Law of Love. And if your mate cannot or will not consent, then you must not push. You can bring your petitions and desires to Me and trust that I will work in their heart. You can read the Word together and have sweet communication, to help allay the fears that the Enemy would attack your loved one with. You can take time to strengthen the foundation of your marriage to build greater trust. But you must not push, force, resent or demand. That will only tear down that which I hope to build.

                84. If you are willing to share and give and your mate is not, I will bless your willingness even though you do not have the freedom to give as you would like. I will bless your yieldedness, your openness, and I will supply your needs. I will not cause you to lack because of your mate's resistance. The blessings you will receive may be different and they may come through different channels, but you will feel My blessing on your life nonetheless.

                85. In the meantime, as your mate's faith is being strengthened, you can concentrate on living the Law of Love in other ways. There is much love to be given that is not given in the bed of love. You can begin to give in these many other ways, and even these steps will help to strengthen your mate's trust and to encourage greater unity. For this show of love, patience and understanding on the one mate's part will encourage and strengthen the faith of the reluctant mate, and the sample of obedience to follow in all the other ways will also engender faith as they see the fruits of living the Law of Love.

                86. If you are tempted to feel stifled, boxed in, suffocated by the strong arms of your loved one, resist these feelings and recognize that they are of the Enemy, who is trying to drive a wedge between you. Instead of looking at your mate with resentment, you must look with eyes of mercy, kindness and understanding. And above all, you must trust Me. Commit your marriage, communication, progress, giving, sharing and living of the Law of Love into My hands. Let Me work, let Me move, let Me have full sway in your life, and I will cause change in My time and in the way I know is best. I will move gently, sweetly, patiently.

                87. I do want the children of David to revel in the freedom of My Spirit. I do want each one to embrace this new move of My Spirit with enthusiasm, even if they must smile through some tears. I do want to see change--more giving, more sacrifice, more living of the Law of Love and the "One Wife" vision. But I call My children to follow of their own free will. I do not demand, rebuke, or force. I gently and tenderly call. I support those who are weak and wavering. I uphold those who feel they can barely make it. I see beyond today to the victories that are to come, and I know it is well worth the patience and the wait.

                88. There is great freedom, unity and love on the horizon! Lift up your eyes, My beloved ones, and trust that what I will, I am able to perform through My yielded, trusting brides. (End of message from Jesus.)

How the Family Has Matured in Living the Law of Love

                89. (Mama:) When it comes to sexual sharing, many Family members have been hurt in one way or another by unwise or unloving actions of those who were not acting in accordance with the Law of Love. However, if I were to venture an opinion as to what is the most hurtful experience Family members have had in regards to sexual sharing, especially in the earlier years, I would say it was the hurt caused by the actions which were due to extremely strong, in-love emotions which were not kept within the bounds of the Law of Love. A lot of suffering was also caused by the immature use of the sexual freedoms granted under the Law of Love. But as I said before, we can't let these hurts of the past keep us from the blessings the Lord has for us both now and in the future. We've grown and matured as a Family, and the Lord wants us to wisely and maturely use His Law of Love. When talking about the Family's past use of the Law of Love, the Lord said:

                90. (Jesus speaking:) Those were the beginning years of the opening of the Law of Love to you--the learning years, the "trials and failures" years. These were the years of your stepping out by faith and in love, of learning at My hand--often through your errors and misjudgments. As with any revolution, people often take their newfound liberties to an extreme as they revel in their release from the bondage of the past. Your David showed you the way with guidelines and many warnings and admonitions that "all things be done in love," but there were hurts and pains, along with the joys that My Law of Love brought.

                91. But time has passed, lessons have been learned, an abundance of My Word has been poured out in the decades since that time, and a lifetime of lessons have been learned through My New Wine, even in the few years of this new day of love. For many of you, the lessons learned through mistakes related to unchecked passions and emotions have taught you to have more genuine concern and a Godly love and burden for those who you see with needs. I wish to wash away the fears of hurt, failure, problems, runaway emotions and bitterness--for it is a new day. (End of message from Jesus.)

                92.(Mama:) This is a new day--a day to forget the things which are behind and to reach out to those things which are before us. The Lord is asking us to step out by faith, to begin living the Law of Love fully, and to use the sexual freedom that is rightfully ours according to the Word, to share with one another in a loving, caring, and responsible manner.

                93.The Lord isn't advocating that we put an inordinate emphasis on sex within the Family, nor is He calling for orgies, sex parties, unprayerful haphazard sexual encounters,or anything of the sort! I'm also not promoting a big emphasis on personal relationships. But the Lord is asking us to use the freedom of the Law of Love to benefit the lives of those around us, to help those in need, and to foster greater unity within our Homes.

                94.Jesus said that for many of you FGAs, the lessons learned through the mistakes you made in relation to unchecked passions and emotions have taught you to have more genuine concern and a Godly love and burden for those around you who are in need. In other words, many of you have grown to have a more mature attitude towards sexual sharing, and have learned to use it in the way it was meant to be used.

                95.This wasn't always the case. In our early days of experimenting with the Law of Love, sexual sharing was handled in a very immature manner that caused a lot of battles, distress, and anguish, especially to those who were married. Many used these freedoms to selfishly satisfy themselves rather than to help others, as was the original intent. As Dad said:

                96.What I have said about "One Wife" and the "Law of Love" has been carried to the extreme and with the wrong selfish motives by some, when these were intended to point out the need of total self-sacrifice for the sake of God's work and others in the ultimate of sacrificial love! Instead, some of you have apparently, according to your own selfish desires, completely misinterpreted these Letters, and are now yielding your members to nothing but carnal lust, instead of sacrificing yourselves on the altar of God's service in service to those who really need and deserve help! (ML #314B:6).

                97.(Mama:) It took quite some time, many tests and trials, failures and defeats, before some began to understand the full purpose, reasons, and proper conduct for sexual sharing. When the door originally opened for sexual sharing within the Family, at first there wasn't a widespread application worldwide. When the Family worldwide did embrace sexual sharing, some four years later, around the time of the RNR, many simply didn't follow the rules of the Law of Love. They didn't "do unto others as they'd have them do to them." They didn't make sure all involved parties gave consent. As Dad said in the original Letter on the subject:

                98.If you are strong enough in spirit and filled with His love, you can be trusted with His liberty as a useful tool to help others. But if you are weak in the flesh, full of selfish lust, and play with it foolishly like a dangerous toy, it will only harm yourself and others and hinder the work of God (ML #302C:8).

                99. (Mama:) Unfortunately, many were weak in the flesh, full of selfish lust, and they played with this freedom foolishly, resulting in harm to themselves and others. In short, many did not handle the Law of Love properly. (For more on this, please see ML #3016:47-67.)

                100. You might ask, "Why did the Lord give us this freedom in the first place if He knew we weren't going to use it properly?" Peter and I asked the Lord this question, and this is what He said:

                101.(Jesus speaking:) Behold, I am as a wise father who has nurtured his child from babyhood to adulthood. Any wise father knows that throughout his life his child will stumble and fall, will make mistakes and wrong choices. But with proper care and guidance and a father's firm hand, the child will learn in time to do that which is right in a right manner.

                102.So it is with you, My children. I gave you this great gift, My Law of Love, and I knew that all would not handle it wisely. A wise father knows young children make mistakes, for young children are extremely selfish, seeking only that which is good for themselves and caring not so much about what is good for others. But as they grow, they learn that they must be mindful of the needs, wants, and cares of others.

                103.It was necessary for Me to bring forth the Law of Love so that My truth of the freedom that I offer, the freedom that I give to My Church, to those who truly believe Me, could be made known. Had I not given it to you at an early age, it would not have been possible to give it to you in your older age, for you would have been too walled in by other doctrine. So I gave it to you at a young age, even knowing that you would not be able to handle it with the wisdom that was needed.

                104. Why did I do this thing? Why did I entrust it to you at such an early stage? Because I had to start somewhere. I had to shepherd you through, and help you to grow, and get you to the state where you are fully mature, willing and able to completely understand.

                105.Someone had to be the first to climb this mighty mountain. You've found the pathway, you've clearly marked it, and now others can follow you without the same pitfalls and falls, without slipping down the side. For you have clearly marked the path and said, "Stay within these bounds and you will easily ascend to the top."

                106.When a father knows that his child is about to take his first steps and that he will stumble and fall and be bumped and hurt and cry, the father still lets him take those steps. He does not take him up in his arms and say, "No, to protect you I will not let you walk. I will not let you learn this thing, for it might cause you harm." Any father that would do this would be a foolish father, for his child would be handicapped all his life.

                107.But now you can run! You've learned. So now do I put on the pressure to live it, because you have grown, you have understood, and you have set boundaries that others can wisely follow. (End of message from Jesus.)

                108.(Mama:) Once again the Lord is saying that we, as a Family, have grown, we've matured, and we of the first generation have learned from our past how to use His freedoms with more love. He had to give us these freedoms when we were young, in the early days of the Family, even though He knew many would not handle them right. Nevertheless, He taught us through trial and error, because if He had waited until we were older and more mature, we would have been too encrusted in our doctrine to receive it; our bottles would have been too brittle to accept it. But again He's said that we've learned, we've matured, and through our own experience we've been able to set boundaries.

                109. He knew through our own efforts in pioneering living the Law of Love we would now be able to turn around and help you of the younger generation. He knew that you would be able to benefit from our experience as well, so that now we can all safely make this climb upward with the boundaries in place that we all can safely follow, and He wants us to use these freedoms to His glory.

                110.Does the fact that the Family has matured over the years mean that we now won't have any problems living the Law of Love to the full?--Or that we won't battle jealousy and selfishness, or that no one will be hurt, or that all givers and receivers will do everything properly? Will everyone only do loving things? No, of course not. We're not perfect. But if we will try to live according to the Law of Love in all we do, if we're prayerful and seek the Lord each step of the way, if we're faithful to seek the counsel and help of others, we will avoid hurting others or doing unloving things most of the time and it can be very different than it was in the past.

                111.But no matter how much we want to do the right thing, it's going to be a fight. There are going to be problems to overcome, tests to pass, victories to win. But it's worth it!--Because as we step out to live His Law of Love we will reap the benefits, the blessings, the unity, and the closeness to the Lord and each other that we need and desire. So if you begin to share love with another and things don't go as smoothly as you'd hoped, please keep going! Don't give up! I think the following message from the Lord on this subject will be an encouragement to you.

                112.(Jesus speaking:) It takes time to learn to live the Law of Love fully. It takes continued love--love that is willing to keep loving, keep going, keep sharing and keep caring, even when things don't go smoothly. Even when things get rough, and tempers flare, and people get sensitive or hurt; even when the heart aches, feeling misunderstood; even when people act cold or reserved, real love keeps loving. That's the kind of love that My Law of Love is made of.

                113.Oh, the power of love! It has great power and it cannot fail. But it also takes patience and communication and faith in each other. If feelings have been hurt, it takes patience, communication, faith and prayer to bind up the wounds and restore the spirit of love. It's all part of the Law of Love--learning to communicate, learning to pray together, learning to forgive, learning to keep having faith. Love is a sacrifice, but with such sacrifices I am well pleased!

                114.But remember, you can't do it by yourself. You can't do it just by trying real hard. You can't do it alone. You need Me and My power. The more time you spend with Me in sweet, heart-to-heart communion, the more time you spend in My Word, in prayer, in praise, and loving Me, the more I am able to give you the power and spirit of My love. I am able to give you all that you need to be My vessel of love. (End of message from Jesus.)

                115.(Mama:) No one is going to be perfect--neither you, nor your mate, nor the one you share with, nor the one you give to, nor the one you receive from. "All have sinned and come short of the glory of God" (Rom.3:23). But "love never fails" (1Cor.13:8). If each of us will carry on in love, even when it's difficult and it hurts, the Lord will bless us individually and as a Family, because we will be trying to live His Law of Love. But as He says, we can't do it by ourselves. We need Him and His power, which we get by spending time with Him.

                116.We've not only matured since the early days when sexual sharing in the Family first started, but we've also grown in spirit. We've developed a much deeper relationship and a closer communication with the Lord. In those earlier years when we battled with learning about the Law of Love, we didn't have such a full arsenal of the Word as we do now. We weren't exercised in using the gift of prophecy. We didn't make use of asking others for prayer as much as we do now. Due to all the Lord has poured out to us over the years, the spiritual strength and resources available to us now are much greater than in those earlier days, and if we use them, we'll be better able to overcome the difficulties we'll face as we share love with each other.

Living in the Manner of Heaven--The Supernatural!

                117.In asking us to live the Law of Love, to love others as ourselves, to put the needs of others before our own, and to lay down our lives for the brethren, the Lord is asking us to operate in a supernatural manner, in the manner of Heaven. "With men this is impossible; but with God all things are possible" (Mat.19:26). He gives insight into this challenging point in the following message:

                118.(Jesus speaking:) I know how difficult this is, for it is so contrary to the natural, to the nature of man. For the nature of man is selfish, it's self-preserving, it's looking out for self. That's why I call you to be supernatural, above the natural, which can only be accomplished through the spirit, and through yielding to My Spirit.

                119.For man has been created above the animals, but a little lower than the angels, and thus has the nature of earth with a touch of the supernatural. This is what keeps man from being completely animal-like, totally natural and base. For I have implanted in him a touch of the Heavenly conscience and understanding, so that he will not be completely ruled by his baser instincts, but by the heart and the mind. But for you who are My children, you who are full of My Word and My truth and who understand many things of the Spirit, unto you I say, live more in the supernatural. I call you to be above the nature of earth, to set aside the things of earth, and to set your affections on things above.

                120.I call you to live the life of the supernatural,a life of the spirit, applying not just the principles of earth, but the spiritual principles of God.--The principles of giving instead of taking, of love and forgiveness instead of hate and revenge, of laying down your life for others rather than only taking for yourself, of looking to the needs of others instead of your own self-survival. That is living in the supernatural.

                121.Many look to this precious Law of Love that I have laid at your feet and say, "This doesn't work! It's too difficult!" But I say unto you, for those who live in the supernatural, for those who live these spiritual laws of God--the laws of giving, the laws of love, the laws of laying down your life for others, the laws of trusting God in the face of all adversity--to those, it works.

                122.For the natural man, it does not work. To those who try to live the Law of Love in the natural, without applying the supernatural laws of God, it does not work. But unto you who know the truth, who know the supernatural laws of the Spirit, who live these things, who live faith, who live giving, who live laying down your lives day by day for the lost and for your brethren, for you who look to the needs of others, who live unselfishly, who live for Me, who yield to Me and trust Me with your whole hearts--unto you I say, the Law of Love works! It brings joy, even if it's joy through some tears.

                123.For every man has the spirit and nature of man, and those that wish to live the supernatural spiritual life must struggle with the nature of man. For the flesh always wars against the spirit, and man is not without sin. He that strives to live the supernatural law will at times fall and fail. For if man could completely live the supernatural law, he would not need Me; he would not need to cry out to Me. And so I say, all men will fail, for all men have sinned. But when you fail, you can look to Me for strength and forgiveness, and it is there in abundance.

                124.Do you wish to see My love in action? Do you wish to see the strength and the power of My love? Then, I say, live My supernatural laws of the Spirit--the laws of giving to others and giving of yourself, the laws of loving others, giving to them unselfishly in faith, trusting. Look to the needs of others, and when you see one who has need, give to them. For I say that giving of yourself, giving of your life, sacrificing your own desires, your own possessions, your own will, are the things that are greatly rewarded. These are the ways to live the laws of the Spirit.

                125.The laws of the Spirit, though laws, give you freedom and joy in the spirit! It's in the living of these things and the giving of yourself to Me and others that you find satisfaction, joy, and happiness. It's the living of these supernatural, spiritual laws that brings forth spiritual fruit in your lives--the fruit of growth in spirit, which brings upon you the power and anointing of My Spirit.

                126.Seek to live the spiritual laws, the laws of love, of giving, of sacrifice, of laying down your life for your brethren. Practice these laws. Live these laws. Be as the good Samaritan who applied the spiritual laws, as opposed to those who applied the natural laws. Live these laws of love, these laws of the Spirit, that you may rise above the natural man and show the attributes of God. (End of message from Jesus.)

                127. (Mama:) Isn't it fascinating to know that while all men have a touch of the supernatural, we can choose to live much more in the supernatural! We don't have to rely just on the little bit of supernatural power that was entrusted to us upon creation, but we can actively seek the supernatural. Through our choices, our knowledge of His Word and living it, our faith, our desire to love and care for others and forgive, we can live much more in the supernatural! As we mature in spirit, we live more and more in the supernatural realm, and we become more like the Lord and better representatives of His love and Word. How much of the supernatural we have depends on our desire, our vacuum, our hunger. What a challenge!

                128.If we live the Law of Love, not only will we rise above our natural man, but we will also exhibit some of the attributes and the characteristics of God. Besides that, as the Lord brings out in this next message, we will be closer to living life as it is lived in Heaven.

                129.(Jesus speaking:) So great is My liberating Law of Love that Satan fights it with all his might! For he knows that living My Law of Love is the doorway to freedom. He knows that My liberating Law of Love is the end of bondage and the doorway into the boundless freedom of the true spiritual realities that await. He knows that living My Law of Love is the world of tomorrow, the world of forever, the reality of eternity--and he fights with all his strength to hinder, harm, and delay. Therefore open your eyes and see as I see, and fret not.

                130.My Law of Love is the end of the old law and the beginning of freedom, and because of this, Satan puts up a fierce fight to obstruct your growth in love. My Law of Love is the doorway to total liberty in My Spirit. It is My total life, My total liberty, the total freedom of Heaven, the doorway to My total love. So great is My Law of Love, for in living My love, the spirits of just men are set free.

                131.This gift [the Law of Love] glows with a beautiful, unearthly glow, for it is the very heart of God. Treasure and carry this gift well and it will usher you into the Kingdom, for this gift is the Kingdom, the very heart and being of Heaven!

                132.In My Kingdom, love reigns supreme. Here, with great joy, My children share this gift of love freely with each other. Here, My children are responsible to each other, yet at the same time so in love with each other, for all of Heaven overflows with My love. Here, to continually give love is all that matters. Here, we are all one in this great, great love.

                133.But with this gift comes responsibility. For real, true love, the love that is the essence of My Kingdom, is love given at the expense of self. It is sacrificial love, love that gives and gives. With such giving, great joy fills the soul. All who live Here seek this end--to love and to be one with Me in this great love. (End of message from Jesus.)

                134.(Mama:) May we all strive to begin to live today the way we will live for eternity, in love--loving the Lord with all our hearts, souls, minds and strength, and loving our neighbors as ourselves, for this is the Law of Love!

                135.My precious Family, Peter and I love you so very much and we are praying for you as you step out by faith to learn to live this wonderful truth that the Lord has placed in our hands. We are so privileged to have such abundant understanding of His ways and His love. God bless and keep you loving!

                Much love always,


Copyright (c) 1998 by The Family