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True Accounts from Beyond!--Introducing linkUP! Maria #460 CM/FM 3214 9/98

By Maria

Dear Family,

1. We love you! We can never outgive God! The more we give to Him, the more we obey Him and serve Him, the more blessings He pours into our lives! And He's done it again! He's given us a new blessing in a brand-new pub creation straight from Heaven! Peter mentioned this upcoming pub in his "1998 Midyear News and Progress" GN (ML #3198:30, GN 802), and we're happy to send you the first issue along with this introductory GN. I'm thrilled about this pub, because these are true accounts, testimonies and experiences related to us from departed young people and others who are now in the spirit world! Isn't that wonderful?

2.The Lord has given these departed young people a direct channel to us--and I don't mean only to Peter and me or the folks in our Home, because they can speak to anyone who asks. If you ask a departed person to talk to you and tell you about one of their experiences or testimonies, they will! (Just remember to send their message in to us so we can share it with everybody!)

3.The Lord has commissioned them to talk to the Family and share the things they've learned and gone through, the miracles they've experienced, and things they've witnessed, as a testimony to us of the Lord's power. He wants these testimonies to inspire us and give us faith for impossible situations, faith to hang on through difficult times, faith to believe and stand up for the truth in a darkening world, faith to keep trusting Him for all our needs.

4.It's very inspiring and effective when someone tells you about something that really happened to them, because you know it's a true testimony. It gives you faith that if they pulled through or they received the blessing, whatever the case may be, then you can too. So these testimonies in linkUP are very powerful!

5.Some of the testimonies shared go way back into the past. Some are present-day experiences. Some are testimonies from the recent past.--And we don't know what's coming next! So don't miss reading these valuable true testimonies from an assortment of departed teens--as well as some departed adults who have jumped at the chance to tell their tales as well. After all, they were formerly teens!

6.I want to explain a little about this pub in comparison to Heaven's Library, as you may wonder what's the difference or question why the Lord is giving us another pub with messages from beyond.

7. Both pubs contain true stories. However, Heaven's Library also includes some parables, fables or allegories, given to us from the Heavenly storytellers to convey certain lessons or for entertainment. Whereas all of the material in linkUP consists of true events that are part of someone's personal testimony, either about Heaven or life on Earth; they're accounts of experiences that someone really went through.

8.Each pub has its place and purpose. Each one is designed to inspire and feed the Family by building our faith and giving us fresh inspiration and encouragement. We need them both. We can't say that one is better than the other, or that one is more exciting or interesting than the other, because they both have their anointing, and the Lord wants the Family to read both and draw their inspiration and encouragement from both. So although both mags contain messages from Heaven, they're not the same kind of messages and they're not for the same purpose.

9.The Lord started Heaven's Library to give our children and young people edifying stories to read with good morals and lessons, so that we wouldn't have to use unedifying System material to fill the need for more material for our young people. And now He's giving us linkUP, with testimonies and actual experiences from departed young people--things that really happened to real people--for the purpose of increasing our faith, strengthening our conviction in the supernatural power of God, inspiring us to keep the Heavenly vision, and answering questions that we have.

10.The Lord knows we need lots of inspiration and He's using the young people in Heaven to inspire our faith! I'm sure you're going to love it and even be amazed at some of the testimonies you're about to read. I'd like to include here excerpts from several prophecies which we received during the time that the Lord was inspiring us with the vision to begin work on this new pub. I'm sure these messages will whet your appetite for what is to come.

The Archangel Gabriel--Our Spirit Helper for This Project!

11.(Vision:) I see an angel holding back a flood of water with his sword. He's very muscular, with flowing hair, and I get the impression he's Gabriel, keeper of the reservoir of the Words of God. He's standing watch over the floodgates, with the sword in his outstretched hand, all his muscles flexed, his legs apart, and a breeze blowing his hair back. He looks magnificent--and a bit scary, too! Then he lowers his sword, looks at me, and says:

12.(Archangel Gabriel speaking:) Yes, I am Gabriel.I am the keeper of the Words in Heaven. The charge of protecting and giving forth the Words, as I am instructed, has been given to me by my Master. And now I have been instructed to give you even more than you have already been given, through the testimonies of these who wish to speak to you and tell you of their life and the things which they have learned and experienced.

13.These floods of waters that you see here, held back by this dam, are words upon words upon words--life-giving words, healthy words, strengthening words, fun words, energy-giving words, vibrant words, laughing words, crying words, sad words, happy words. These are the tales of those who are in Heaven and in other realms of the spirit world.

14.Won't you give them an outlet? Their souls cry out to be heard, to pass on their words of wisdom, of warning, of love, of lessons, and heard they will be! For now they no longer see through a glass darkly, but they see face to face. They know even as also they are known, and because of this, they long to pour out. They long to give you the expression of their lessons, their joys, and their triumphs.

15.Will you give them a voice? Will you set them free? Will you let them have a way to tell their tales, to tell their experiences, to tell what happened to them? They have many, many incidents and testimonies to tell of--their personal experiences and the lessons and wisdom they have gained as a result. This is your chance to be of use to Heaven. This is your chance to let all that has gone before be made known. And so, so much has gone before. (End of message from Gabriel.)

Delving into the World of the Supernatural!

16.(Jesus speaking:) This project will be a marvelous opportunity for you to delve into the world of the supernatural, to hear the voices of young people who have gone on, to learn lessons, and to partake of the same excitement they feel.

17.These messages will be like seeds; they will sprout and grow and be pillars of faith in the hearts of the young people who read them.

18.This is the day of drawing out mysteries from beyond, of making friends, of calling on those who need you to be able to pour out. They have stored up their stories. They have gathered heart-touching anecdotes, advice, and even words of cheerful encouragement. And they wait. They wait for you to provide a channel and to let them speak. (End of excerpts of message from Jesus.)

A Heavenly Forum and Learning Center!

19.(Mama:) When we asked the Lord for further insight into this mag, Jesus explained the purpose behind printing the messages in this new pub. He gave guidelines as to what material this mag is supposed to contain, and how you, dear Family, should look at and receive the lessons and personal testimonies contained therein.

20. (Jesus speaking:) This pub is meant to be full of messages on a myriad of topics and points of interest, and areas of lesson-learning which departed spirits, and young people in particular, are commenting on. This is a Heavenly forum. It's a learning center. My children will come to the words of this pub to be fed and educated.

21. Many of the messages will present accounts of things that have happened in someone's life. Some will go into greater detail, but most will be shorter testimonies and messages.

22. I know that this may be a trial for some, for they have become used to having their fancy tickled through the tales from Heaven's Library which they enjoy reading. But I do not often give My important messages in such a form, describing all the characters and events which took place in detail, majoring on the most exciting or meaningful portions. I wish to speak directly to My children, and not always in parables. While I was on Earth, I spoke to the young in parables and stories, and I still give them My Words in this form. Yet I taught My disciples face to face, and to My young fighters and warriors of the children of David I would also give the meat of the Word, for they have need of it in these Last Days. Thus I send unto you the hosts of Heaven to speak and to give their words, for there is much that can be learned from them.

23. Each of these short testimonies will find their way into someone's heart. And though they may be repeating in part something that you have already heard, still, it will sink in deeper and will remind you of the truth of My Word. For should one ever grow tired of hearing My truth? Verily I say unto you, soak it up now. If you do not, the day will come when you will rue the time that you cast it aside and did not revel in it, reasoning, "I've heard this before!"

24. You, the Family, must check your hearts concerning your attitudes and the way you look at the New Wine. If you nurture a habit of judging between the New Wine by what is "exciting" and what is not, then you will find yourselves unable to absorb the nutrients that I'm giving out. You must imbibe all the truth which I pour out, whether or not it comes in your favorite flavor. (End of message from Jesus.)

25. (Mama:) I believe that most of you will find this mag to be very interesting. However, the point the Lord is making is that we each need to check our heart to be sure that we're not pushing aside some of the treasures the Lord is pouring down from Heaven in favor of others that appear to be more exciting or attractive.

26. In the case of some of these messages in which departed people are sharing lessons and points of value to us, you may feel like you've "heard that sermon before." But as the Lord said, we should never grow tired of hearing the truth, and if we skip over these important principles now, we will regret that we did so later on! So Lord help us all to treasure and respect these Words!

27. Following is a message from Calvin, a young man in Heaven, who explains a bit more about this pub and how those in Heaven will be contributing.

A Few Words from Calvin and Rusty--Young People in Heaven!

(Note from channel: Calvin looks about 17 or 18. He has very straight blond hair, cut short on the sides, so the top part kind of hangs down over his eyebrows, being sort of brushed to one side. He has kind of thick eyebrows and eyelashes, but they're brown or reddish at the roots and very white on the ends. He and his brother Rusty both have very freckled faces. He has on a simple white T-shirt and jeans that are crinkled and scrunched up around his tennis shoes. He's got a serious look on his face, but can break into a smile at any moment. His brother Rusty looks almost the same as him, only he appears as though he's just five years old. Rusty has red hair and it's kind of wavy.)

28. (Calvin speaking:) Hi, y'all! How's it goin'? Well, some of your friends who work on this mag wanted me to talk a little about what we have in store for this mag. You see, we Here up in Heaven have lots to tell you. As you go through your lives, we're rootin' for you. We want your side to win, because you're in a big fight with the Devil, you know? Well, I guess you can't see it all the time, but we see it from up Here. So we just really wanted to be able to help you. Jesus wanted us to as well, so we all got together and gave the idea to Mama Maria to have this pub.

29. In this mag, we're allowed to come through like spirit helpers and tell you things that'll help you in your lives--things that'll help you understand why things are the way they are; things that'll help you understand the difference between your lives and the lives of people who aren't in the Family; things that'll help you understand Heaven; things that'll help you understand what's goin' down on Earth today.

30. The Lord has organized it so that each person on Earth has his own guardian angel, but in addition to that, we all want to be your friends and spirit helpers! We want to get to know you and we want you to get to know us. We want to be able to tell you all that we can from up Here.

31. There are people up Here who have terrific stories to tell you, and if you keep reading this mag, you're gonna hear some stories that'll blow your brain apart! Maybe I should say they'll blow it together! There's so much we have to tell you, so hold on! It's gonna be exciting!

32. There are lots of teens up Here that want to talk to you! Isn't that cool? We've got stories to tell you, little quips and sayings that have helped us. We've got lessons and anecdotes--things that'll thrill you and chill you and fill you.

33. We're not fancy writers,accomplished poets, or well-known authors on Earth--we're just teens who happen to be in Heaven right now. And because of our vantage point up Here, we can clue you in on things that you may not have heard about or know about. We can also tell you some of our stories which we think you'll find interesting.

34.Hey, and you know what? We've also roped in a few of the older generation to come and talk to you teens too, people like Agatha Christie and Nostradamus. Maybe we can get old Will Shakespeare to say something more to you, or Pocahontas (William Shakespeare talks in Zine 21; Pocahontas in Zine 19 and ML #3059, GN 687), or some of these other people, who, although they aren't teens anymore, were teens at one time.

35. So hang on, you never know what's just around the corner! There could be some surprises in this mag, or things you already know. But whatever it is, we hope you enjoy it, 'cause we sure enjoy telling it to you. We love you! Rusty and I will both say bye for now. Okay? See ya! Love, Calvin.

36. P.S. Here's something you can look forward to: If you have a favorite place on Earth, a place you like to go to that's beautiful and peaceful or just fun, the Lord will give you the same thing up Here in Heaven, only better.

37. The things that are the most fun on Earth you get to do Here too. Like in the Heavenly fairground, there's a roller coaster--only it's different than on Earth, because you don't have to sit in the seats with the safety belt on! You can just hold on to the handle or the rail and sort of fly along with the roller coaster. You zip all around, up mountains and down into valleys. It's like a roller coaster on Earth, only it's about a hundred times bigger and the drops are a hundred times further and the highs are a hundred times higher. It's just a blast!

38.If you think you've had fun on Earth, well, you haven't seen anything yet! So don't worry about leaving things behind--the Lord's got more for you than you can ever imagine! I think He told you that in the Bible, but I'm telling you too, from someone who's seen it and done it. I've been there and done that--and it's fun! See you later! Bye! (End of message from Calvin.)

39.(Mama:) Well, true to their word, Calvin and his team have been assembling hosts of folks to speak! We've got oodles of messages that they've been sending our way. Have they been sending any your way? If so, please send them in. And please pray for those who are working on this project, as there is a tremendous amount of material to sort through. Please also keep the channels in your prayers as they pull down these inspiring messages from Heaven!

40.We're sure that you will enjoy this new pub and this further insight into the spirit world! Praise the Lord!



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