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The Blessings of Loneliness! Maria #462 CM/FM 3216 8/98

By Maria

1. My dear loves, you're each so precious to me. I'm so thankful for you--thankful for your willingness to be married to Jesus, to be fully His, and to be married to our wonderful Family, laying down your lives daily that others may live. I count it a privilege to have such precious friends, loves, and co-workers! I love you!

2.Many of you have written to me about topics that were on your heart, sharing with me the battles you've faced, the victories that have been won, and the beautiful things the Lord has been showing you and doing in your lives through them. I've been so thankful for each letter that I've received from you. It has helped me to get to know you better, and in hearing from you I can, in a small way, experience what you've been going through, and see more clearly your needs and the needs of the overall Family.

3.Most important, your questions have prompted me to go to the Lord to receive answers for you. Through hearing from Him for you, we've received many wonderful answers, precious golden seeds that have been a tremendous blessing--not only for the one who wrote me and asked the question, but also for the many others who are able to partake of the answer in some way.

4.We've tried to share as many of these messages with you as we can. Some have gone in various GNs, and now we've been able to share many more through the recent From Jesus--With Love books. I pray these have been a blessing and an encouragement to you--as they were given for you--directly from the Lord to you, with much love!

5.One battle which many of you have written me about, and which most people face at some time or another, is loneliness. Anyone who has experienced loneliness can testify that it's very difficult to go through, and that the despair, hopelessness or sadness that accompanies it can at times be overwhelming. It's something which I've thought and prayed about a lot, seeking the Lord for His solutions and how we could best help those of you who are struggling with it.

6.After coming before the Lord for the many different ones who've written me who've been experiencing this battle, and time and time again hearing the wonderful, beautiful Words from the Lord for them, I'm now convinced that loneliness is something which the Lord uses in our lives to draw us closer to Him, and that He has the power to turn it from a saddening, isolating experience, into a beautiful, fulfilling relationship with Him, which can surpass our wildest dreams and fill our deepest needs!

7.Of course, when you're battling loneliness, that often isn't really what you want to hear, because our human nature wants to be able to reach out and physically touch someone, to have that need met in a physical human way--someone we can talk with, walk with, laugh with, be with, share our hearts with, love with. We feel that would fill our needs much better than trying to get close to the Lord, when many times our relationship with Him is something we take by faith. The Lord understands these feelings, and He addresses some of these questions in the following prophecies and gives some wonderful solutions, which I pray you will find helpful for you personally.

8.I pray that as you read the following Words, you'll be able to take them as personal Words from the Lord for you, and that through them you'll feel the soothing comfort and reassurance of His love.

9.I love you and admire each of you for the sacrifices that you make to serve the Lord. They're not small things in the Lord's eyes, and He sees and records every one. But I also know that He's promised to repay one hundredfold, and that in the end you'll be able to say, "I truly never made a sacrifice for Him, because His love more than repaid!" I love you, and hold you always close to my heart.

Love, Mama

Why Loneliness?

10.The following message was given for a dear friend and co-worker who was battling with intense loneliness. She brought up a question which I thought many of you might relate to and appreciate hearing the answer to. She wondered why, when the Lord loves us so very much and wants to make us happy, we still struggle so much sometimes, or face such long-term and discouraging battles as loneliness. When we asked the Lord about it, He sent dear Dad with a very interesting and encouraging answer, which I pray will be a help to you.

11.(Dad speaking:) I know that you feel lonely, and there are times when you feel emptiness and dissatisfaction, and it causes you to question. You wonder why the Lord hasn't fulfilled His promises in your life of satisfaction and happiness and all the things that you hoped to find in a deep relationship. You wonder why it seems like the Lord has failed, why He has broken His promises, and why it's not as He said it would be.

12.Oh, Honey, I'm so sorry. You know that if I could, I'd take you in my arms and I'd be your lover, your companion, and your friend. I'd like to do that for you, Honey, because I love you and I hate to see you struggle so. But you know what? I can't do that. And nobody else can do that either. You know why? It's because only the Lord can do that! He's reserved that privilege for Himself alone because He's a jealous God! He's a jealous Lover, a jealous Husband, and He won't allow anybody else to be everything that you need, because that's His role in your life.

13.That was part of the deal, part of the bargain when He left Heaven and He left His Father to die for you and me. Part of His reward would be that you would never be able to find full satisfaction in the arms of another. There would eternally be a place in your heart that would never be satisfied except by His love, His companionship, and being married to Him.

14.So you see, Honey, it's part of God's plan! It's part of Jesus' reward that you have this need. It's part of His reward from God, His Father, that in dying for you, in return you would have a need for Him that could not be filled by any other. This is His insurance that you will love Him above all others, and that you will never stop needing Him or wanting Him or desiring Him. No matter how much love He gives you from another, or from many others, it will never be able to fill this special place in your heart that's created for Him and Him alone.

15. So you see, Honey, this is all a part of His plan. And it's so interesting how the Lord allows this to all work together for good. You have a need in your heart that's so desperate, it causes you to call out to Him and reach out to Him, seeking Him and desiring Him to fill this need, and that brings Him such pleasure, satisfaction, and joy.

16.You wonder why it doesn't always bring complete pleasure and satisfaction and joy to you. That's because the Lord wants you to continue to need others. He wants you to continue to reach out to others so that you can receive their love as well, and give them the love that they need, too.

17.The Lord wants you to need Him but He also wants you to need others, and that's why sometimes He doesn't allow you to find complete satisfaction either in your relationship with Him or your relationships with others. You think He's failed you or others have failed you, but actually it's just a plan of God so that you continue to be in need of Him and of others. You continue to reach out and to give to others and to the Lord, and you receive that which you need from others and from the Lord.

18.It's a chain reaction: You give to others and receive from others. You give to the Lord and receive from the Lord. It goes back and forth and back and forth, giving and receiving, giving and receiving. And it's in this that you find satisfaction, joy, and happiness.

19.If you sometimes feel like the Lord isn't coming through for you in a certain area, well, maybe if you'll take a few minutes to think about it, you'll realize that you're being extra specially blessed in another area. Maybe you feel your life is not very rich right now in affection and companionship and exciting sex, but on the other hand, maybe you're very blessed with lots of Word from the Lord--exciting times of hearing from Him, feeling His presence, and seeing His truth.

20.So you see, Honey, while sometimes you have to sacrifice on one side, the Lord makes up for it in other ways. If you balance it all out, you'll see that the Lord really has been very good to you, and He's doing His best to keep His promise to you to give you your heart's desires, to make you happy, and to satisfy you. Of course, it's not always as you would wish. Sometimes it's not even that easy to recognize His blessings and riches in your life. But if you'll step back and look at all the aspects of your personal life, your service for Him, your work, and your relationships with others, you'll see that overall He has kept His Word, He has made you happy, and He has blessed you.

21.Sometimes He doesn't give you the things that you want because He knows they won't be good for you. They may bring a temporary satisfaction and pleasure, but in the long run He knows that they're not really what you want.

22.He knows the desire of your heart, that you want to serve Him and be close to Him. He knows you want to grow spiritually. You want to know Him better. You want to grow in love and in the gifts that He's given you. In order to give you these, the greatest desires of your heart, He knows that sometimes you must sacrifice other desires, lesser desires, so that He can bless you with the greatest blessings, the richest rewards, those that are the most long-lasting and enduring, that in the end will bring you the greatest satisfaction.

23.If you could only see the end of the road! If you could only see what the Lord has in store for you, it would give you such strength to carry on! If you could only see the reward that He has laid up for you because of your faithful service and your sacrifice and your willingness to be what He wants you to be, your willingness to let Him be your Husband and to sacrifice earthly loves and companionship to do His will! Because this has cost you so much, you will be rewarded in such a way that there are not words to describe the joy and satisfaction you'll feel! (End of message from Dad.)

Pour Out Your Hearts Before Him God Is a Refuge for Us!

24.(Mama:) I want to share with you a prayer that one of our dear staff members prayed during one of her personal times of hearing from the Lord. I'm sharing it with you because I thought you might relate to some of her feelings, and that it would help you also relate to and accept the beautiful answers the Lord gave to her and others who have shared similar trials.

25.(Prayer:) Jesus, it would take days to begin to explain and express all that's on my heart right now. It's so much, and much of it I know is so out of it that I hesitate to even talk with You or ask You to talk to me. But I know I need You. I'm sorry for my doubting, analytical, carnal way of looking at things, but the loneliness battles--or maybe I should call them selfishness battles--have been very intense these past few days.

26.There are a lot of things I "know" but don't usually "feel."--Like the fact that You love me, the fact that others around me love me, the fact that this is Your place for me, and the fact that I have a lot to be thankful for, and I can certainly be happy in the present circumstances. However, right now, not only do I not "feel" Your love, but rather I feel like no one cares, not even You.

27.I have no reason or justification for such statements, because when I look all around me, I see blessings, I see good things, and I know there's a reason even for all the things that don't seem good. I have dear friends who love me and care about me and include me in their lives. I don't lack for people to be with, and even have people whose company I really enjoy and cherish. Still, life is hard, and I wish there was someone here just for me, someone who loved me in a special, romantic way, someone who wanted me, needed me, who I needed, and that together we could be complete.

28. I know You've said a million times that we can find that in You, and You've said so many beautiful words of love to me, and words to others that I know I can take as for me personally. But right now I just feel like, "Great, but what good does that do?" Sure, You love me, You even have all these spectacular feelings for me, and You say all these sexy, far-out things and describe everything so poetically, so romantically, and I know You're here. But--and forgive me for being so carnal about things--it doesn't make things any different, it doesn't change anything, and it doesn't make it all better.

29.I just wish I could touch You, I wish I could hold You, I wish I could hear You. I wish I could go out with You on free days, sleep with You at night, walk with You at sunset, lie in Your arms and cuddle with You when I need reassurance. I know You're there, and in spirit I can do all those things--but for all my good imagination and fantasizing abilities, when it comes to You and Your love, it's all by faith for me, because I don't see or feel a thing! I love You, truly I do, from the depths of my heart. I would do anything for You. I'd give my life for You, and intend to do so for as long as I live; but I don't have "feelings" for You.

30. I want so badly to be more spiritually minded, but I feel so earthbound, like such a Flatlander, so dense and shallow. While I'm so thankful for You, for Your love, for the ways You've shown us to love You intimately, none of that seems to supply the need, or soothe the ache, the longing, the loneliness. I just feel like I need somebody and something--but at the same time I feel sure I'll never have what I want, and therefore I'm resigned to my misery.

31.Again, Lord, it's not like I don't have any friends or companions, or even fun and exciting sex partners. But I just want someone special for me, and I feel that will never be. I'm sorry, I feel so horrible, so ungrateful, so disgusted with myself even to be saying these things to You--but I need to. Lord, right now I don't even have much faith that You can tell me anything that will help, but I know talking with You is the right thing to do, and I do want to have faith. I believe, but help Thou my unbelief--and I'm afraid there's a lot of it. (End of prayer.)

The Lord's Answer!

32.(Jesus speaking:) My love, I don't condemn you for these feelings, these emotions, these desires, these longings. I know and understand your frame. I know that you're dust, that you're earthbound, that you're a creature of feeling and touching and sensing, and you want a lover who will be on your same plane, in your domain. You want a relationship that is tangible, that is fulfilling in both spirit and flesh. You want someone by your side all the time, and you want it to be someone you can see.

33.I know it's hard for you not to have this,and you're sure that it's what you want, and it pains My heart to see you hurt so. But My love, that's just the way it has to be. I've made you as you are and placed you in the circumstances where you are so that I might soften and break your heart.

34.I've told all My disciples that if any man would come after Me, he must deny himself and take up his cross daily and follow Me. This is the cross I've given you to carry, and which I'm asking you to take up cheerfully, for My sake, because of your love for Me. I've given you many of your desires and the things that you wanted, but I don't make life perfect for anyone.

35.I can't give you everything you want and desire, for then where would be the spirit of sacrifice, of forsaking all, of dying daily that is part of living for Me? But, My love, it's not hopeless, and it's not meant to be all sorrow. Yes, I am here, and yes, I do love you, and yes, every word of love I've spoken to you has been from My heart, and I mean it with all sincerity.

36.Some day you'll see and know and feel and experience--in spirit, heart and body--all these wonderful pleasures of love together with Me. Even now on this Earth I've provided a way for you to enter more deeply into the realm of My Spirit, and it's at your disposal. It requires you to step out, to say the words, to enact the motions. I know that now you do it only by faith, and it doesn't change the way you feel about Me or toward Me, and you don't experience any great change or excitement in your body.

37.But don't you feel a satisfaction of spirit, a sweet union with Me, a greater assurance and deeper knowledge of My love? I know you've felt this at times--much more than felt, you've known and been confident and assured. Yet because you don't feel it now, you waver and you forget all the times when you've been fulfilled, satisfied, and reassured of My love and care.

38.Even now I can see deep into your heart, and I know that your deep conviction remains unshaken. You do believe in Me and in My love, even though you see and feel Me not. I'm not here to criticize or condemn you when you doubt and waver; I'm here to pick you up when you fall, to catch you when you stumble, to hold you and set you aright, to hold your hand that your steps will not slip.

39.Because I'm not there in the flesh, I can't make the first move. I can't initiate our times of fellowship. I can't just start a conversation, a time of heart-sharing, or a time of lovemaking. I have confined and limited Myself, so that it's you who must take the first step. The times when I do make what seems to you as the first step to get your attention are often the times when I am answering the prayers of your heart which you have prayed unto Me, sometimes without even knowing it, for they came from the depths of your heart without words. But I must wait for you to create the vacuum, My love, and it is when you call that I can answer. I know this is trying for you, and one of the reasons you desire an earthly mate, someone in the flesh who you could depend on.

40.But I do this to humble you, to cause you to prove your love for Me by coming to Me, by making time for Me, and by calling upon Me; and when you do, I do come. And though you don't always, if ever, feel great highs of emotion or charges of passion, still, you will be assured and secure in My love, and you'll know that I care. More and more, as you do your part, as you take the first step, I will strengthen that assurance, and even bring about the feelings of love and passion that you desire.

41.If you really want it, if you seek for it and search for it, and actively pursue it as you would an earthly relationship, then our love affair can grow hotter and more passionate, and become more consuming, more overwhelming, more absorbing, to where it will always be a part of you, no matter what you're doing. You'll not only feel, but know and believe that I'm there with you, that I'm inside you, beside you, above you, beneath you, and all around you, and I'm there for you.

42.You ask, "But what good does that do? What can You do for me?" I'll tell you. I can do anything and everything. What are the things you want to do with someone? I can do them all with you. You and I can talk, you and I can walk, you and I can make love. You can go places and do things with Me too. Even though you have to go along with other humans, you can still enjoy Me and be with Me, and you and they can be tokens of My love for each other.

43.If you'll look around, you'll see that you have many true and close friends, and many others that you could get closer to and become more intimate with if you took the time to try. Through this I can supply your need for love and care and friendship and a sense of belonging.

44.You think you're lonely, and you are; I don't mean to minimize the battle. But really, you could be so much lonelier. You have a worldwide Family, and anywhere in the world you go, you know you'll find a friend, or many friends. Here in your Home you have a wonderful team of co-workers, mates, pals, companions, male and female friends, and sharing partners.

45.Even if you had one special person, they wouldn't be able to fill every hole, play every role, and be there all the time. But through this greater marriage, through this unity of heart with your loved ones and mates in your Home, I can provide all your desires. You can't have it all in one person right now, but you can still have it all. Most of all, you can have everything you truly desire in Me. Even though you can't feel it, you can know it.

46.For what are feelings? If a man had strong feelings for you, that wouldn't be any guarantee that he'd do all the things you'd like him to do, and be all the things you'd want him to be! Besides, feelings can change. A person could be desperately in love with you for a while, willing to do anything for you, and then that love could cool and harden, and you'd again be left alone, like before--but even worse, because you'd grown accustomed to their company.

47.So see, things could be a lot worse,and if you let Me help you, you can look on the bright side. You can consider all the needs I have supplied, and you can see that the loneliness could be so much deeper, so much more painful, so much more trying.

48.I know, now you're thinking, "But why do others have so much more than I do? Is there some reason they deserve all that and I don't?" Have patience, and trust Me that each relationship, each encounter, is from My hand. I don't do anything just to punish you or make life hard. It's all for a purpose, and as I've promised you over and over again, some day you'll understand. But now is not the time to understand. It's a time for you to walk by faith. And though your faith is now very weak, I can and will strengthen it. But you must do your part to let Me strengthen it--by sucking, hungering for, and desiring Me and My Words, and by filling your heart with Me and My Spirit.

49.Even though you may not feel great emotions or leap to heights of joy, your heart and mind will be occupied and concentrating, and you will thus not be able to sink under the doubts and fears and discouragement of the Enemy.

50.For if it is My will that you remain "alone" always upon the Earth, what is that to thee? If you truly are here only for Me, and if you determine in your heart that you want only what I want, then you'll be able to more fully trust, thinking not of yourself and of what I and others can do for you, but thinking of Me and of others and what you can do for us.

51.For many others who have chosen to give their lives to serve Me have had to give up much more. Priests, monks and nuns down through the ages have forsaken sex and any intimate contact with others, even conversation, to live in solitude, contemplation and prayer, forsaking all carnal desires, contact with the world and stimulating experiences. I've given you, My Family of Love, the freedoms of the Law of Love that you might live My love more fully, and reach out and share them with others you come in contact with. I wish you to live in love and enjoy life to the full.

52.Just remember that these pleasures are a blessing, a bonus, a privilege, and that all you can be assured of and expect are service and sacrifice. The rest is a blessing of My love, but not entirely essential to doing your job for Me.

53.Look not at what others have. Or if you must look at what they have, then look deeply, and you'll see that all hurt, all suffer, all have pain in one form or another, and I've made your cross, as I have everyone else's, tailor-fit just for you, just what I know you can take and what will make you into what I need you to be.

54.Cheer up now! Lift your head, throw your shoulders back and stand straight, and march on forward. Hold your head high, and be proud of being Mine and Mine only. Walk with a spring in your step, thinking on all that I've blessed you with and the many privileges I've given you. There's so much beauty in life, so much joy in fellowship and friendship, so much love in life, so much to be enjoyed.

55.Just open your eyes and let yourself see it and accept it. Let yourself live each moment, each day, as if it might be the last--taking in all the good and putting it to good use. I love you, My little lamb, and though you sometimes wander off and stumble in the branches of your own logic and reasoning and carnality, still, I've tied you to Me firmly with the tether of My love, and My Spirit within your heart, so that you'll not slide, you'll not fall back, but you'll continue to be Mine, to stay close to Me, to move in the direction that I want you to go, and to accomplish that which I desire. (End of message from Jesus.)

56. (Mama:) Thank the Lord for His soothing, comforting, caressing Words that are such a token of His love for us! Following are more messages that the Lord has given for various ones who've fought battles with loneliness and have gone to Him for solace.

How the Lord Sees It: He Needs You!

57.(Jesus speaking:) What a gorgeous sight before My eyes is a heart that is crying out in desperation to Me. What a picture of absolute beauty! A broken and yielded heart moves Me deep inside and causes love, compassion, soothing comfort, help and strength to well up in My heart and pour forth upon you!

58.I've destined the pathway of your life and which turns it will take--through the lush meadows and the cool, refreshing passes; the wide highways that you will run and dance and skip merrily down, along with your friends and the many other people whose paths meet yours; and also through the bends, the rocky and steep ways, the dark vales with cliffs on either side that you must pass through with Me alone.

59.I carefully planned all these things in your life--the ups and the downs--and I watch you intently with tender care, making sure that with each new step you have sufficient strength to take it. If I see a stone ahead that you will stumble over, or a boulder that you will be too weary to climb, I quickly go ahead of you and remove it from your way. If I see you losing strength, I pull you aside from the path and nestle you in My arms, give you sweet juices to quench your thirst, and nourishing food to strengthen your being; I whisper words of love to lift your spirit, and gently stroke you to comfort your heart.

60.My darling, I'm walking right by your side and I'm holding your hand. I look inside your heart and see your needs. I feel your deepest longings. I'm so interested in you, and I care so much about you that I understand and can feel your very feelings. When you're happy, I rejoice; when you're pensive, I'm intently interested in your every thought; when you're discouraged and weep, it saddens My heart and I shed a tear.

61.I know what all these feelings are, for I've been touched with the feeling of your infirmities, and I was tempted in all points just like you. So doesn't it stand to reason that I also was faced with the feelings of loneliness, desperation, jealousy, and every other feeling you've gone through, or will go through?

62.So great is My love for you that I'll go to any lengths to help you through these times, if you'll let Me. I see the times when you feel lonely and you wish to have someone to talk to, to fellowship with. Though I can and will fulfill those needs, I've allowed you to experience these times of loneliness because I wish to have times alone with you, to have you all to Myself, so we can get to know each other better and strengthen our relationship.

63.My darling, can you understand My point of view? Can you see why it's so important to Me to take this time with you? I'm in love with you and I long and greatly desire to spend time with you, to get to know you deeply inside and out. Although I'm the One Who created you and I know everything about you, I experience great pleasure when you willingly offer yourself to Me, when you tell Me about yourself, about your feelings, and enjoy My company.

64.When you're in love with someone, don't you want to spend as much time alone with them as you can spare, with no one else in the room? It's not sufficient to just see them at activities, or be together in a big crowd of people. If you're going to continue in your deep, loving relationship, it becomes a need to take time to be alone, to get to know each other in private, to talk about personal things, to play around, to cry together, to make love, to get to know each other in a way you never could in front of so many other people.

65.Well, it's the same with our relationship. I'm very happy for the times you pray and praise Me together with others. I'm even thankful for the times you love Me with others, or share your heart with Me when you're around others. But I need and want to have time alone with you, with no other distractions--just you and Me.

66.I know it's difficult for you to see why I would need to take so much time alone with you, to where I even allow you to have feelings of loneliness, or where there just doesn't seem to be anyone around to talk to or fellowship with. You may think that's unfair, in a way, or too great a sacrifice. But if you'd look at it the way I do, you'd see the beautiful fruit that is borne when you do come to Me alone.

67.The times when there are no other distractions, when you lay aside your garments and tell Me you want Me, when you leave your other loves and friends in the other room and just concentrate on Me--those are the times when our relationship will deepen by leaps and bounds. Our connection will strengthen, our love will become more passionate, and you'll get to know Me in new and different ways you weren't even aware of.

68.You should take it as a compliment, My love, that I value your time and attention so much that I must have you all to Myself at times; that I cause there to be no one around to fellowship with, or I give everyone else something to be busy with, so that you'll have nowhere to turn but to Me. When you do come, you bring Me such joy, you make My heart skip a beat!--Because I love you, I love you, I love you! I wish to love you more as every day passes.

69.My dear, I know you're wondering why it is, if My love for you is so great, that there are certain battles you always seem to have with you. You think that if I'm all-knowing and all-powerful, and have been touched with every battle you've felt, then I must know how it feels and should alleviate these battles. But that's just it--I am all-knowing, and I know much about your life that you can't begin to see yet. I'm not bound by time nor tide, and I'm way ahead of you; yet at the same time I'm right by your side. I can see what's coming and I know how each of these things will work for the good.

70.I love you, My dear love, and I need your love! I'm begging you to come whenever you can. I'm in love with you and I need that special time alone with you. Please, won't you come? I'm waiting. Your Lover, Jesus. (End of message from Jesus.)

Benefits of Loneliness: Special Closeness to the Lord!

71.(Jesus speaking:) My sweet one, such a wonderful, precious lover you are to Me. Oh, I've had such sweet love with you, My darling! Such moments of tenderness and deep love, because I know you need Me and you want Me.

72.Your loneliness has drawn you close, very close to My heart. Just as the shepherd must hold the little lamb in his arms whose leg has been broken, so do I hold you close to My heart in My arms. So do not fear loneliness, for it's a stroke of My hand, just as any other test or trial or battle which is sent by My hand. It's a test which keeps you close to My bosom, looking up into My face, and resting on My shoulder. As you stay close to Me and let Me carry you in My arms, your spirit partakes of My Spirit. As your heart beats close to My heart, you're strengthened with My love. The more you stay close to Me, the more My Spirit rubs off on you, and you become strong with My strength.

73. Although it's a time of testing now, it will not be forever; it will not be for long, and it will not always be so. It's only My way of teaching you to come to Me, to draw on Me, to find satisfaction in Me, to trust Me, to lean on Me, to be open and honest with Me, and to give to Me of yourself.

74.I could choose to teach you these lessons in many other ways. I choose to teach different people the lessons that I have for them in different ways. Some I teach through love relationships, some through jealousy, some through lessons of humility, some through lessons of yieldedness, some through sickness or affliction. So because I've given you this gift of time to draw closer to Me, revel in your loneliness! Call it a blessing! Put Me to the test! Exploit it to the fullest! Use Me! Create a vacuum in your heart that I may fill to overflowing. Suck and suck and suck on My Spirit and receive a megadose of My seeds! Let them fill you and cause your face to shine.

75.Use this time to draw closer to Me than ever before. Spend this time sitting quietly and calmly with My Word, letting Me fill you, reward you, and bless you. Take more time than before in My presence. Come to Me at every opportunity you have. Bathe in My sunlight! Dive into My waters! Walk beside Me. Let Me wrap My arms around you. Splash in the shower of My love which I will pour forth upon you! Drink, drink, drink deeply of the water of My Spirit, for I send it to you personally, individually. I send you a steady, beautiful, sparkling, scintillating, gushing stream of My love and My Word. (End of message from Jesus.)

Benefits of Loneliness: Makings Through Breakings

76.(Dad speaking:) I understand how you feel. I spent quite a few lonely years away from my wife and family, and I understand what it's like to cry into your pillow at night. But don't worry, for what seems so difficult now is His way of making you into the beautiful vessel He wants you to be.

77.Even though they were lonely at times, I wouldn't trade those years I spent on the road for anything, because it was during those years that my relationship with the Lord deepened. I used to sit up at night when I couldn't sleep and just talk to Him and hear His voice in my heart so clearly. It was such a comfort. And not only a comfort, but I realized that He was right there for me. No matter where my travels took me, He really was there.

78.These are the types of tests and trials that make a man or woman into a beautiful vessel of His love. Loneliness is a test, Honey. It's just one of the ways the Lord perfects His purpose in you--to teach and train you and impart the lessons He wants, to draw you close to Him, to keep you desperate with Him, to keep you needing Him, to keep you on the right track, close by His side. It's a difficult test, but the fruit it bears will far outweigh the sacrifices. If you just keep hanging on and trusting Him, you'll see the good fruits of it and you won't be sorry.

79.I love to see the beauty and love and tenderness on the faces of His saints who He has tested and purified, and who have come out as fine gold. Such radiance of love! Such a beauty and glow of faith! Did you know that I believe you can actually see faith on a person's face? It just sort of radiates in simplicity and calmness. Some people have it and some people don't; but those who have it, have that beautiful, gentle, trusting look on their face which is so comforting. When you see it, you know that they didn't get it overnight. It took time, maybe years of testing and teaching and trusting, but they got it! They hung on and kept trusting, and before they knew it, the Lord had blessed them with His special glow and shine!

80.So don't worry about these tests, Honey--they're all part of His plan. Everyone has their times of testing or battles. Sometimes I think the people to whom the Lord gives loneliness battles are very special to Him, because it deepens their relationship with Him in a very special way that's not always possible some other way. So really use it to draw close to Him, and get everything out of it that you can in terms of spiritual lovemaking with Him. (End of message from Dad.)

* * *

81.(Dad speaking:) Don't worry, Honey, it's not going to last forever. He promised He would make a way of escape, so just hang on. You're already starting to glow with His warmth. I love you! Don't worry if there are times when you feel left out, without someone special by your side, and your heart sort of hurts a little bit. One day that little bit of hurt is going to blossom into something very special from the Lord. Everything that He does, He does in love, and He'll use all the tests and trials of life if you let Him.

82.Let it melt you into His arms and make you strong in Him. You're going to be strong, Honey; you're going to be strong. I believe that people who've undergone deep loneliness in their lives and have turned to the Lord for strength have gained a great inner strength that some others don't have. So be proud of what the Lord is doing and let it shine through you! He's molding and making you into exactly what He wants you to be. He's putting each finishing touch on the picture, and He's very patient, wanting to get it just right, just the way He wants it to be.

83.You're going to glow, Honey. You're going to shine for Him! You're going to have that special beauty and glow on your face, and others are going to know it came at a price, and they're going to admire you for it. I love you! (End of message from Dad.)

* * *

84.(Mama:) Here's an excerpt of a message from Dad that was given for one of our staff members. Dad shares how the Lord used loneliness in his life to give him more compassion for others.

85.(Dad speaking:) I'm so sorry that you've struggled so with loneliness. I'm so sorry it's been such a battle for you lately. I understand how you feel, because I too suffered a lot of loneliness when I was young. I was alone so much of the time. But I know the Lord allowed it because He wanted to draw me closer to Him. He wanted to teach me sympathy for others who were even more alone than myself.

86.If you want to know real loneliness, think of the poor people in the world who have no one. Not only do they not have friends or companions or lovers to be near, but worse than that, they don't have the Lord and they don't have the Family. When you have the Lord you always have His comfort and the sweet reassurance that He loves you. You can always run to the Lord and to His Word and find comfort in His arms. When you have the Lord, even if you feel lonely, you know you're not alone and that He's always ready to hold you close to His bosom and love you.

87.When you have the Family, even if you feel lonely at times, you're not alone, and even though you might struggle because you don't have that "special" person in your life, you have loved ones around you to help to ease the pain of loneliness. So just think about the poor people in the world who don't have the Family or the Lord! That's the ultimate in loneliness! That's true heartbreak!

88.When you feel lonely, when you feel dissatisfied and unhappy and you question the Lord, just take a few minutes to think about the people in the world who are living on their own without the Lord and without the Family and really have no one in their life--no one to talk to, no one who understands them, no one to share their burdens or lift their load, no one to laugh with, no one to have fun with, no one to sleep with, no one to touch and hug and kiss, no one to cry with, no one to pray with. Even if you don't have that "special" person to do these things with, the Lord has given you a Family and you can do some of these things with anyone; it doesn't have to be a "special" someone. That's one of the blessings of the Family, there's always someone you can talk to, pray with, praise with, read with, memorize with, sing with, eat with, fellowship with, have get-out with, work with, and more. It really helps!

89.So when you're feeling very lonely and you're having a hard time reaching out to those beside you, one of the best things you can do is to remember all the poor people in the world who have it so much worse than you do, and then pray for them. Pray for them to come to know the Lord. Pray for their salvation. Pray for our Family members around the world who are reaching them. As you pray, the Lord will fill your heart with His love and happiness, and will give you the grace for your individual situation. As you do some positive comparing, you'll realize how very much you are blessed with, and it will help chase away the sadness and the emptiness. (End of message from Dad.)

Benefits of Loneliness: Greater Receptivity to the Word!

90.(Dad speaking:) It isn't easy being a loner. It isn't easy feeling like you're the odd one out. I know, because I've experienced that. But it all evens out in the long run. The connection and the link that you've gained with the Lord through your times of loneliness and feeling outcast and ostracized is one of the most precious possessions you've got! That's what forced you to become so close to the Lord.

91.So in a way, what you consider your handicap--feeling that others push you away sometimes, or that you're not fully "accepted"--this handicap and this difficulty in your life has helped you to excel in the realm of the Spirit! It has strengthened your prayer life and has increased your faith! It's driven you into the Lord's arms, and it's even made you more open and receptive to the New Wine. It's made you "hunger and thirst after righteousness."

92.That's one of the biggest benefits--a life of love, joy, happiness, peace and Heaven forevermore! It's gonna be worth it all when you see Jesus! It's gonna be worth it all when you see Him! "One glimpse of His dear face, all sorrows will erase. So bravely run the race, till you see Christ!" Thank You Lord! (End of message from Dad.)

Blessings Out of Loneliness Battles!

93.(Jesus speaking:) I know what it is to feel sorrow. I know what it is to feel pain, to feel rejection, to have those you love turn their back on you. I know what it is to have a broken heart. I died of a broken heart--broken for the lost, for the destitute, for the sins of the world. I died for you. I died to take your sorrow, your punishment, and your pain upon Myself, so that you would no longer need to carry the weights and the burdens upon your frail shoulders.

94.By dying for you, I gave birth to freedom of the Spirit. By dying, I gave birth to eternal life with Me. I did not end all the testings and the sufferings, the broken hearts, but I created a way of escape. I offered an open invitation to take hold of My strong hand and let it lift you up when you feel too weak to get up again.

95.I ordained for you a life of brokenness, but not a life of sadness. For in My love and in My Kingdom there is eternal joy, eternal bliss in knowing that I am ever present, always willing to lift up those who are cast down, to soothe the wounds, to mend the broken hearts, and to give life to the dying.

96.I allow your heart to be broken, to feel lonely, to feel in need. But I am the mender of broken hearts, the soother of pain, the companion of the lonely, and I wish to be accepted into your arms and into your bed unreservedly and forever. I would love for you to stay there all day--not alone in your bed, but to live in the beauties that I open up to you, to live in the freedom of the Spirit, to revel in My love! You don't have to return to "reality," to your sadness and frustration, to your loneliness. For what is "reality"? My joy and peace and blessings are just as real as are the feelings of despair, and you can choose to live forever in the reality of the Spirit.

97.I don't always change circumstances; sometimes I choose to change the people in those circumstances. I've put you where you are to show you that you can be an overcomer, that you can rise above situations and circumstances, that you can see the good in even the most difficult of circumstances.

98.I understand your loneliness, and not one tear that you shed goes unnoticed by Me. I've never once shut My eyes toward you. My love for you is unending, unchanging, steadfast. Your desires are many. You desire companionship, something to fill those empty places in your heart. You desire a supporting hand to be there for you and to help you up when you feel low.

99.Though your desires are many, I can and will fulfill each and every one of them in My perfect timing. Oh, My dear, My darling bride! How I wish that I could come and burst open the doors of your heart and flood it with love--so much love that you could not contain it; peace that passes even your understanding; and companionship, an intimate and passionate relationship with Me, your sexy Bridegroom! I so much wish that I could give you all the love and the blessings that I have for you. But I wait here with open hands, offering them to you in full measure. I wait for you to reach out and take them, to open the door of your heart and ask Me to fill it with love, peace and fulfillment.

100.We can have the closest, most intimate, most fulfilling relationship ever dreamed possible, with wonderful, ravishing, satisfying sex! You can have surcease from the pangs of loneliness and of feeling left out, for our relationship could far surpass the security and the comfort and love that a human relationship brings. You would have nothing more to envy, but would be completely satisfied with what you have in Me, with what I can give you.

101.Try Me! Satisfaction guaranteed! Ask Me to come and fulfill your desires. Give Me your heart, give Me your love, give Me your bed, and see if I don't give you the companionship, the love, the emotional stability and the constant and all-encompassing care that you desire. Try Me! Yield your all to Me, holding nothing back, with no reservations, and see if I don't come through for you!

102.I love you! I've told you of My love, and now I wish to give you that love in full measure. But you must let Me in, for I will not force Myself on anyone. I've allowed My hands to be tied in this matter, able to be freed only by your opening your heart and inviting Me--your waiting, wanting, desirous Husband--to come in, to share your life, all of it! Let Me in to every corner of your heart and life, and truly become the passionate bride I married, one who is hungry and desperate for the love of her Husband.

103.Please let Me love you. The blessings will be immeasurable. You'll never regret that you answered My pleading--that is My promise to you. Have I sold you on it yet? Please, please come. I await. Your adoring, desiring Husband, Jesus. (End of message from Jesus.)

104.(Mama:) Here's something further the Lord had to say about the above message, another beautiful promise which all of us can claim and hang on to:

105.(Jesus speaking:) This is My promise to all of My brides--not just a select few. My desire is to fill all of your needs! I will give unto you according to your need and according to your faith and according to My will. At times I might wish to teach you to find your satisfaction in Me and through reaching out to love others with My love--unselfish love. At times I will give others love for you, and you will reciprocate this love and form an intimate union or bond in marriage. Other times I will wish to hold you close to Myself alone, and not have you looking to others for the companionship you desire. In every case I give you what I know you need the most! (End of message from Jesus.)

The Lord Uses Loneliness to Accomplish His Purpose--It's a Small Sacrifice to Make for Him!

106.(Dad speaking:) You just can't go basing anything on feelings. If you're talking about the things that really count--fellowship with the Lord, a sense of accomplishment, plus the satisfaction of knowing that you're doing His highest will--well, you just can't compare! Which is more important--to have the Lord fill up all the empties with things that are gonna last, or to have the feelings of an in-love relationship?

107.There's a time and a place for everything. Really, what's important is to be doing the thing the Lord wants you to do! If the Lord has called you to be alone and you push your way to be with someone, in the long run you're going to be miserable, because you're going to find that things are not going to work as smoothly as you'd planned. Then again, if the Lord has called you to reach out and be with someone and you run the other way, you're gonna find out that doesn't work so well either.

108.Everyone has their cross that they must bear. The Lord is trying to groom our folks. He's teaching and training and preparing each one for big things ahead, big days ahead, and important times ahead. As awesome as that may seem, it's nonetheless true! He's chosen the way for each one and tailor-made the circumstances. For each one He's worked out the best way to bring about His purpose in their life, to teach and train and guide them.

109.Loneliness is one of the ways He is able to get people into a position where He can work in their lives. If it wasn't loneliness, it would be something else, some other cross to bear. So you can't necessarily look at any given situation and say, "Well, folks are more lonely here, so I think I'll go over there." You can't judge that way, because over there where you think you can go and not be so lonely, you might just find there's some other cross to bear, and it might be an even bigger cross!

110.What is loneliness? Is it better to have less time in physical fellowship and rah-rah activities with your peers, yet have more quality time with the Lord or do things that will really make a difference and last? Which is really gonna bring great happiness--seeking to fill your loneliness, or building on eternal dividends and having the great satisfaction that comes from knowing you're really accomplishing something?

111.Which need is greater? Folks might be surprised to find that they're working so hard to fill one need, when in actual fact there are far bigger and greater needs, more important needs to be filled that they're neglecting. Most lonely people just want to be happy, but the way to be happy is not to seek happiness for yourself; the way to be happy is to look for another to make happy! And the way to be happier yet is to make the Lord happy by yielding to His will. Remember, only the Lord really knows what's best, and only He knows what will bring you real, true happiness and satisfaction in the long run.

112.I'll tell you what real loneliness is--real loneliness is being alienated from the life of God! Falling away from that closeness to the Lord--that's what real loneliness is. Some of our folks might be feeling lonely for a time, but they have the satisfaction of knowing that through their sacrifice they're receiving the greater gain. This is surpassed by none other. There is no greater satisfaction, no greater peace, no greater gain, than knowing you're in the perfect will of God.

113.If the Lord has called folks to be in a certain position--even though it seems by all outward appearances to be a lonely one--if He's called some to that, and they try to kick against it and fill up their so-called loneliness with other things, then somewhere, some time further down the line it will catch up with them! It won't pay off.

114.Sometimes it's just a sacrifice. It's a test that the Lord allows for many. And just like folks are gonna have to give account for every idle word, so the Word says He will more than repay for every sacrifice you make. So here's the up side to it, the pro side--that you can never outgive God. If He's calling you to pass through the fires of loneliness, well, if you'll just hold on, you'll find out that He will more than repay, both now and over Here.

115.It's not always a comfortable position. You get tested. But everyone has their tests of one kind or another, and all of this is working together to make you strong. It's part of the sacrifice. But you can never really make a sacrifice for the Lord--He'll more than repay! And when you get right down to it, this life will soon be past, and only what's done for Jesus will last! So which is better to choose? If you sacrifice a little now, you'll reap great rewards later--plus the satisfaction of knowing you're doing the Lord's highest will! (End of message from Dad.)

How to Overcome Loneliness: Yield--It Will Become Beautiful!

116.(Mama:) The following message was given for a young person who was going through a difficult time of adjustment in a new situation and battling loneliness.

117.(Jesus speaking:) I'm opening her heart to accept the satisfaction that I have for her. And even though it's difficult for her during this time, through these battles and trials of loneliness I'm helping her to look more to Me and to hear My voice, to look more to Me for the comfort and companionship and love that she needs.

118.If she will learn to yield to this time of testing and to let My Spirit flow through her and encourage her and love her, it can turn into a beautiful time! Instead of a time of loneliness or sadness, if she yields and spends this time with Me, drawing on My Spirit, drawing on My Words, striving to enter into My Spirit, to slip out of the physical world and come into My presence, it can become a time of real joy, satisfaction and happiness, instead of a time of sadness or bitterness.

119.But that's a personal choice and decision which she'll have to make. It may seem difficult at first, and she may think that it won't work and that it's not possible. She may be tempted to think that it's not a good solution or a good answer, feeling that she does take time in My Word and she spends a little time with Me here or there. But she'll find as she dedicates herself more to Me, as she develops a hunger and thirst for My Spirit and prays for that hunger and thirst and desperation, that My Spirit is completely satisfying and that I am able to fill the empty spaces in her life and heart.

120.I'm able to fill her time with good and satisfying things of My Spirit, and I will take away much of the loneliness and replace it with an inner spiritual strength and peace of mind. It's not that she may never feel lonely, but she'll learn how to handle the loneliness. She'll learn to understand that it's My way of working in her life, and that I can use these times to draw her close to My bosom.

121.As she finds a joy in living for Me and in giving unto Me of her love and her life, she will discover the joy of giving others happiness, and that many of her own needs will be met by giving to others. (End of message from Jesus.)

How to Overcome Loneliness: Accept Circumstances and Turn to the Lord!

122.(Mama:) This is a beautiful message the Lord gave about the special calling He has for some, of being married only to Him, and the fulfillment He wants to give them. It has keys for all of us in how to find contentment in the circumstances we find ourselves in.

123.(Jesus speaking:) There are many whom I have chosen to be single unto Me, to spend a great deal of their time in bed with Me. I can satisfy them and fill their hours of loneliness. I can be a Husband and a Mate and a Love and a Companion to them. I don't say that they will always be free from battles with loneliness, or wanting the human touch, even wanting and desiring someone full-time by their side, but this will not always be possible. I desire this for some and will fulfill this need for some of My brides, but there will be others who will go through their lives as one alone with Me until I come for them.

124.I will fill the gaps and the emptiness in many ways, as I have said--through touches and times of love with others, and mostly through the comfort and closeness which I will give as they come back and back and back again to Me in their times of need.

125.I wish each one to find happiness and completeness in the surroundings and circumstances in which they find themselves. This can only be possible if they find Me there, if they rest so totally in the moment, in My arms and love and our intimacy which is ever present, and seek to give and receive the love which I have placed around them in the form of others. Only this will bring complete happiness and contentment and satisfaction of spirit.

126.But if there is a continual longing for something which is to come, this will create an emptiness in their hearts for which there may be no filling. I wish to help My dear brides to see how their needs can be filled no matter what circumstances, conditions, or seeming lack they find themselves in.

127.So please don't wait for the "knight in shining armor." I wish all of My knights and ladies to be on the lookout for each other, seeing and desiring to meet the needs for love and affection and belonging that they see around them. (End of message from Jesus.)

* * *

128.(Jesus speaking:) I understand your frustrations, your longings and your heartcries. You want to feel fulfilled, to feel loved completely for what you are, unconditionally. You want to be able to take your every thought, your every frustration, your every desire, to someone, and have them understand and love you anyway. You want someone that you can pour out to and that will help give you the solution, someone who will say, "Don't worry. No matter what happens, I'm here with you and we'll go through this together."

129.My sweet one, as far as your loneliness and your wanting to be close to someone, I understand how that feels. I came to Earth, I took on human form, and I too experienced those feelings of loneliness, of wanting someone to relax with, of wanting someone right there who would understand at all times, who would love Me.

130.I understand those feelings. And because I understand and I know the pain, the emptiness, the hollowness, and the aching, I long to fill it. I so long to take it away and replace it with love and fulfillment, overflowing happiness and ecstasy of the Spirit. I long to be your first love, My sweetheart, just as you are My precious love whom I gave My life, My everything for. First I must know that you are Mine, that you love My love above all others; then I can satisfy your other desires and give you all that you need and ask for. (End of message from Jesus.)

How to Overcome Loneliness: Freely Give!

131.(Jesus speaking:) I know your each and every need, and I will fulfill them, but not always in the way in which you expect. I know best, for I can see the overall picture and the many different aspects and angles of the situation which you cannot. I know the future. So trust Me, My dear one, for that which you need and that which you desire, for I know best.

132.Though I also manifest My love to you through others, your eyes must be upon Me, for the love that is given is from Me. I'm not limited by one person or one vehicle through which to show you My love. I can show My love to you through anyone who's willing to give it, and through anyone from whom you're willing to receive it. So don't feel that My love is limited to be shown to you through just one, for there are others who would love you and who also need your love.

133.Give and it shall be given unto you--let this be your motto and motivation! Seek to give My love to others. Seek out the lonely hearts, the needy souls, those who are in need, as you are in need. I will pour forth abundantly to you if you will seek to give of yourself and your love to others and trust Me for your needs. Give to others, not thinking of yourself and your needs, and I will think of you and your needs, and I will bless you and supply for you according to My choice and My plan.

134.Put all these things--your needs, your desires, your wants--into My hands, and leave them there. Seek to love Me with all your heart, and I will fulfill your desires and supply your need.

135.Continue to seek to love Me more, My dear one, My precious bride. Seek to make love to Me and be filled with My love and My seeds, that you might have the strength and be able to be a vessel and bearer of My love to others. Give and pour forth abundantly of all that I've given to you. Seek out the lonely, the needy, and I will abundantly bless and fill you to overflowing with My love and meet your every need.

136.I am a faithful Lover, a caring Husband, and your great Provider, and I will provide and care for you as My beloved wife. I will give you My tender care, for I love you, and I want you to be happy and to be loved. I want you to be filled with My love and to be a special and tender vessel of My love for others, that they may know My love in an even greater way. I love you and I need you, and so do many others. (End of message from Jesus.)

* * *

137.(Jesus speaking:) It's a true saying that in giving you shall receive. It's not possible to explain in physical terms how this happens, for it's a spiritual truth, a concept of spiritual energy and My laws of motion, My laws of obedience.

138.One reason that you desire to be able to reach out more to others is simply because you know this is what I want you to do and the right thing to do; but another reason is that you desire to be rid of these extreme loneliness battles and you're trusting that times of love, sharing, and friendship can fill this void in your life.

139.This is true, and I will honor your efforts,even though you may find it hard to believe how it can work, especially if you're spending time with someone who you don't feel you particularly "click" with or that you don't particularly desire to be with. You must look into the heart of each one and see how precious they are to Me, as well as how needy and lonely they are.

140.You ask who are the needy ones, who are the lonely ones? All are to some extent or another, and a cheerful greeting, a hug, a few minutes to chat, will always help. But it's true--you don't always have time to spend a long time, like taking a walk or time on a free day with everyone. You can, however, "make the rounds" little by little and try to spread out your time, so that at least every few months you've spent a little fellowship time, individually or in a small group, with everyone in the Home. (End of message from Jesus.)

The High Calling of Being Single!

141.(Jesus speaking:) The simple key I give you here is that it's not how much you give but how much you have left that counts. I don't want you to be like the hypocrite who thought that he was casting a copper penny into the offering basket. For not only was this man being stingy from the beginning, but when he finally realized that he was tossing his gold sovereign into the offering, he boasted and wanted to take credit for giving. Be not as this one, giving only a portion of your lot, and then boasting in your heart of your deed.

142.My darling, this is what I want you to see: Though you have made an effort in many areas to reach out, you must not look at what you have given, but rather look at what you have left. This is why I've said that you have not reached out sufficiently to others, for I look at what is left! I call you to be as the widow who cast in all her living--for in this I am well pleased.

143.I call you to reach out now. Reach out and allow Me to strip away the selfishness, the self-centeredness. Allow your nursing instincts to soothe and nurse and care for the weak and the weary and the heavy laden.

144.I call you to give unselfishly and cheerfully--and to give only for love. I call you to give as unto Me. For this reason I have reserved you unto Me, My darling. For this reason I have not put another by your side full-time, for I have gifted you with the best ability--that of availability.

145.I call you to be solely My mate so that I can share you with others at My will, at any time of the day or night. I call you to a solitary life in the eyes of man, only so I may freely use you, My love, with those whom I will. You must not think that to be married solely to Me is a cloistered life; for I call you to My bosom solely and completely that I may in turn share you with others.

146.I call all My brides to open their lives and pour out in sharing and caring. But those who I reserve unto Me, such as you, I have given a high calling. For I do not call you to a solitary life so that you may hide your talents, or be deprived of love and care and the companionship you seek. On the contrary, I call you to this position of a solitary bride so that you may in turn give more and reach out more to others. I call you to this position so that you may always be available to do My bidding.

147.You must not entertain this lying vanity of Satan that the solitary life is a lonely life. For in this path of utter dedication and simple service to others, as you pour out, I will pour in. I call you to give more, to love more--and as you do, I will pour out more love in return. As you walk this solitary path, you do not lose--you gain. For though I require much giving from your hand, I in turn refill you many, many times over.

148.I call you not to a lonely life, but to a full life--as you serve Me always ready, always available, free of the distraction of a binding earthly love. I call you to this solitary life that you may revel in the blessings of giving, in the blessings of sacrifice, in the blessings of service and of utter dedication.

149.This path that looks like a stone is bread, My darling. I call you to the fullness of life--that which only comes through utter dedication, utter yieldedness, utter readiness, and utter availability to do My will. I call you to this solitary life that you might have life in return in all its richness and fullness. In this lies the secret, My love, and the blessing of the solitary life--for only in giving will you receive. Those who give the most get the most in return.

150.You see, it's the opposite of what the Devil would have you believe. The solitary life is not a lonely life, but is the doorway to My abundant life as you trust and yield and obey and faithfully follow Me every step of the way. In this lies the blessing--as you pour out, I will pour in and heap bountiful blessings upon you!

151.As you do these things I bid you to do, you will never be alone. You never lose by giving My love, and the more you pour out, the more I will pour in. You never can outpour Me. You see? The solitary life is not one of deprivation, but it is the pathway to the fullness of life. (End of message from Jesus.)

Whether We're Mated or Single, the Lord Will Give Us What He Knows Is Best

152. (Mama:) After reading these promises about the benefits of loneliness and the high calling of being single, some of you may wonder if those who are mated or involved with others miss out on these blessings or special closeness to the Lord. Following is the Lord's answer, and His promise that those who are mated can be just as intimate with Him.

153. (Jesus speaking:) I work in each person's life differently. Judging by outward appearance, or comparing My love judging by circumstances or outward appearances is unwise and inaccurate. My love is so much deeper than that, so much more secure, so much more eternal and perfect.

154. I choose to bestow My love on each person in a special way. At times I call some to be wholly and completely Mine, without physical companionship of others, because I wish to give them My love in a special way, or I wish to receive more of their love. But this does not mean that those who are mated cannot be close to Me. It depends on them, and how much priority they give to their times of love with Me alone, and seeking Me above all else.

155. It is harder for them, for the flesh always pulls towards the flesh--reasoning that the longing, the yearning, the desire for love and fulfillment comes much easier from your earthly mate or lover than it does from Me. It takes an effort to put all else out of your mind and be wholly Mine. But there is a place in each heart that only I can fill--and those who try to fill it with other things will sooner or later learn that they do not satisfy completely, and if they want to be fully used of Me, they must reserve that place for Me, and Me alone.

156. It is often easier for those who are single and alone to give Me their full time and attention, because they are not distracted with others who would take the time that should be reserved for Me alone. But if they desire to be close to Me, and they seek Me above all else--they seek Me with their loved one, and they reserve times for Me alone--those who are mated can receive of My precious seeds and be just as intimate and "wholly Mine" as can a single who has no other obligations.

157. Even those who are happily married must have times alone, and so I often bring trials or difficulties into their lives to show them that I need more time with them alone. Rather than comparing with others who have loved ones, or who have more time with their loved ones,see it as a blessing when I give you time alone--for it is a sign that I love you and miss you, and that it is your special time with Me. I love all My children equally, and desire to have special time with each of them, but to each one I give what they need most at the time. There are some who I know need companionship of the flesh, and I will work in their lives in other ways to draw them close to Me. There are others who think they need companionship of the flesh, but what they really need is to be alone with Me and receive My loving.

158. You who struggle with loneliness there on Earth, please see it as a gift of love from My hand, that I have chosen to withhold what you see as good--intimate physical companionship--in order to give you My best, what I know you need the most! And Here in My Heavenly Kingdom, all the tears are wiped away and desires are fulfilled! Can you not endure this for Me, so that you might be close to Me and able to be fully used of Me for the purpose I created you for?

159. You cannot compare, My beloved brides, for My love cannot be compared. But know this, that times alone with Me are a gift from My hand; they are a gift to be cherished. Whether mated or single, I desire to have that time with each of you, and will give you that which I know is best. (End of message from Jesus.)

Promises from the Lord: He Will Help Us Through!

160.(Jesus speaking:) Behold how beautiful are the feet of those who preach My Gospel! You, My dear one, are a jewel in My Kingdom. I've been with you through thick and thin. I've been with you through the difficult times and the happy times. I've been there by your side through each obstacle and each situation. I've been there for you, for I am your loved One. I'm here for you, My beloved.

161.Would I ever leave your side in your time of need? Now when you need Me so desperately, and cry out to Me to fill the longings of your heart, now when you cling to Me with your last ounce of strength, would I ever leave you? Would I not meet your need and answer your heartcry and give you that which you need? Yes, My love, My darling! For I care for you and I am a good Husband.

162.You don't have to feel that your prayers and your needs are ever a bother to Me. My darling, I want to know about everything! I want to know your thoughts and what's in your heart--and not only what you need, My love, but I want to know everything! I want to know what you appreciate, what you like, what you want, what you're interested in. I want every bit of your love. And would I not supply that which you have great desperate need of?

163.I know the needs of a woman, for I have created you thus. I know the longing of your heart to feel the strong, warm arms of a comforter, and I will supply, not only for you, but for all of My brides in some way. It may not be what you expect or who you expect, but if you keep your heart open to My ways, I will fill it with what you need. Fear not to bring your request before Me. Fear not to open your heart to Me, for in so doing you create the vacuum and the emptiness which I can fill.

164.Is there anything too hard for Me? Do you believe? Only trust in Me and have faith. Turn your eyes upon Me and look unto Me. Continue to keep Me as your First Love and trust that I will be all that I have promised. Trust Me. Fret not about tomorrow and worry not about how I will supply. Look not at the circumstances or the conditions around you, or at the waves, and wonder how I'm going to provide. For that is My concern and that is in My hands. All you have to do is bring Me your heart's petition, and then trust wholly in My capability to take care of you.

165.So from this moment on, My love, let it not be a care upon your heart. For you've given Me your burden, and now you may walk freely with a light heart and be free from the worry and burden, because you trust in Me. He that trusts wholly in Me continues to walk by faith. And as you walk by faith, you'll see the promises, the rewards, and the blessings.

166.My ways are not your ways, and what is known to Me will not be known to you until I reveal it. So be a faithful bride to Me. Continue to love Me and serve Me with all your heart. Continue to carry the Gospel to the world. Continue to reflect My love to others. Give them your heart, give them your love, and worry not for yourself. Through such giving, such loving, and such sacrificing you will find the road to your greater happiness. (End of message from Jesus.)

* * *

167.(Dad speaking:) It's just a test, Sweetheart. Loneliness is just another test. It's just a battle that you have, like many other battles of life. The Lord has a victory! The Lord has the answer! The Lord didn't make any exception with loneliness. He didn't say that He would help us through all battles and trials except loneliness. He is all in all. He's capable, He's able, and He's right there for you, Sweetheart. So don't doubt it! Just keep having faith. (End of message from Dad.)

The Lord's Promise: It Won't Last Forever!

168.(Mama:) This next message is one which the Lord gave when we were praying for one of our precious and faithful members of WS who has remained single for many years, all the while deeply desiring a close companion. The question was heavy on his heart as to why the Lord had allowed it to go on for so long, and he wondered if he would always have to carry this cross of loneliness. In this message the Lord not only gives precious insight into why He allows loneliness in our lives at times, but also gives a beautiful promise which you can stand on--it won't last forever! Praise the Lord!

169.(Jesus speaking:) In each of My children's hearts and lives, I work in a different way. I use different things to bring each one to the place where I would have them to be, to help them grow in the areas which I know they need, and to learn the things that will strengthen them for what I have ahead, and the further ways in which I wish to use them. These battles, this heartache, this loneliness that seeks to engulf you, is even from My hand. If you can accept that, and if you can believe that I will work all things together for good, then you free My power and Spirit to work its work in your heart.

170.It's difficult, I know.I understand, and I feel what you feel; for I too have felt the ache, the pain, the sorrow of being alone. I felt more alone than anyone in the world ever has, when I was in the Garden of Gethsemane, and later when dying on the cross. My Own disciples, My only earthly friends, left Me for fear; even My Own Father had to turn His back on Me and let Me die as a lonely sinner of the world would--and even worse, for I felt and took on Myself the sins of the whole world, the sorrows and griefs, the heartaches and tribulations of all men that had ever lived or would yet live. If you bring your sorrows and heartaches to Me, I will even now take them upon Myself. Cast your cares upon Me, for I can indeed bear them and carry them for you.

171.I know that you seek answers, My son;you seek to know and understand why I have worked thus in your life. You wonder whether there couldn't be some other way for Me to make you how I need you to be; or if there wasn't some way I could make the hurt easier and ease the longing that you have, and why I haven't done so.

172.In each heart there is an especially tender, sensitive sore spot--a place in the heart where trials are more difficult and painful to bear than any others. This is a place where I enter, where I work as the Potter molding the clay, and where I allow My most trusted children to be tested and sorely tried. For if in spite of the great difficulty and battle, one of My soldiers can still yield even that part of his heart which he holds most dearly and which is most sensitive of all; if he can accept that I test and squeeze and even break and shatter it, then I know that he is indeed of the caliber that I need in My avant-garde troops.

173.I know you wonder how much longer you can go on like this, and how many more battles and testings and how much more squeezing of this soft spot you can endure. But trust Me that I will not make it one moment longer than I know you can take. For I am the Master Jeweler, the Expert Refiner, the Experienced Trainer. I know just how the diamond needs to be chipped to reflect the purest sparkles. I know just how long to leave on the heat to temper the metal to its strongest. I know just how long the endurance training needs to last to season the soldier and cause him to come forth victorious.

174.Believe that I know and that I care, and that though I cause grief, yet will I have compassion; that though I test and try and purge, yet there is a goal, a reward, and a blessing ahead.

175.Things will not always be as they are now, and you must believe and have faith and hope that I will provide all your needs, in My time and My way. For I do have something and someone special for you--a special love that I will bring along when I know it is just the right time. Have faith and believe, expecting and trusting that I will fulfill My promise.

176.Yet also have patience, and remember that My ways are not your ways, and that I do all things well. The path of My will, though it may be narrow, rugged, steep and slippery, will lead to the highest heights, the most beautiful views, and the richest rewards! So continue onward and forward in spite of these battles, in spite of the heartache, and believe that though weeping may endure for a night--or for many, many long nights--yet My promise remains that joy will come. And such joy will it be, that the pain will be all but forgotten for the ecstasies and bliss of the love that I will shower upon you!

177.Come to Me and love Me, and cheerfully love and give and share your time and your love with the dear ones that I have put about you. For I can even help you to see those that you have lived with for many years in a new light, to experience a new closeness and sweetness, to more greatly enjoy their company and fellowship, and to learn to love Me and enjoy Me together in new ways. All this can help to ease the hurt, and to fill the hours of longing and battling with hours of peace, enjoyment, and love.

178.As you yield your heart to Me more and more every day, so will you receive more and more of My blessings, and see the fulfillment of your deepest heart's desires, and the answer to the prayers that you have prayed from the depths of your heart and soul. For I love you and I care for you, and no good thing will I withhold from My dear and beloved, whom I delight in. (End of message from Jesus.)

A Love Letter from Jesus!

179.(Mama:) As you read this next message from our precious Lover, please pray that you can completely accept and receive His love in these Words. He loves you so very dearly, and expresses in this little love letter just how much He longs to be with you and in you. Let Him hold and soothe your heart and fill it to overflowing with His love and peace!

180.(Jesus speaking:) Let Me fix your heart in place, right here next to Mine. Let them beat as one. I take your heart now and I tenderly yet firmly attach it to My Own. Now we are one. If your heart were ever to be disconnected from Mine, it would lose its life, for it was meant to be with My heart. My heart is the other half of your heart; without it, your heart is not complete, and its beat is weak and irregular. But together our hearts can beat strongly, with a warm, steady pulse. It can't go cold because of the life's blood that pumps through it, and no harm can come because of the protection that I surround it with.

181.Your heart is My heart, My lovely dove. And because it is Mine, I will protect it and bathe it always in the warm glow of My tenderness. I possess this heart with great joy, and I cherish your heart as My Own, for My Own it is. My heart is yours and your heart is Mine; nothing shall come between them, for they are molded together as one. We are melted, and now no one can see where one heart ends and the other begins, because it is one heart. Where once there were two hearts, now there is one.

182.As we are of one heart, so I wish us to be of one mind, of one soul, and of one body. I wish to breathe your breath, to think your thoughts, to move and live in you. I wish to become one with you, for I want to share My life with you. Your love has won Me completely. Where once there was doubt that you would want to be so totally joined to Me, now there is hope, for you have given yourself to Me over and over again, and so you have convinced Me, and so you have won Me.

183.I am as a weak and love-struck man before you--so great is the love I have for you! You have melted Me with your love and desire, and I am a slave to the love that I love to feel from you. I would do anything for you, go to any depth or height! I'm so grateful that you've given your will to Me, and the power to decide what's best for you. For had you not, I would be tempted to give you heart's desires that would be less than My highest will for you.

184.Do you understand how in love with you I am? Obviously you don't, and it causes Me pain when I see you weep with longing, wishing that someone loved you completely; wishing that you could be special to someone on this Earth; wishing for the experience of someone being so totally in love with you that they would do anything for you, and would wish to be joined with you for life.

185.I understand the depth of your longing, and at times it frustrates Me that I can't be in the flesh for you, for I long for it so much! I long to hold you and love you, to kiss you and make love with you morning, noon, and night. I long to bring home flowers for you, to pick out a beautiful dress for you to wear. I long to sleep with you in bed at night. I long to go on walks with you, arm in arm. I long to lie on the grass with you, and to look up at the stars together. I long to visit you in your room, to sit next to you at meals. I long to relax with you, to watch movies with you. I long to spend free day with you.

186.Perhaps if you put yourself in My shoes sometimes, it would help to alleviate your own longing, as you feel for Me and see things from My perspective, of being so in love with someone who I can't completely have yet--you. Yet I love the love you give Me, and the words you say to Me. I love the effort you make to feel Me, to touch Me in the spirit, and to love Me with your lips. I love the personal relationship that you've cultivated with Me by faith, and it brings such joy to My heart, such contentment and security to know I'm so loved and cherished.

187.Your love makes Me long all the more for that day when I can take you up in My arms, never to let you leave them again. When you arrive in Heaven I'm just going to want to hold you and not let go. It's going to be so hard to let you leave My arms after such a long wait; and knowing how much you love Me now, I know it will be difficult for you as well.

188.But don't worry; when you arrive, I'm going to take you aside secretly, into My special chambers, where the lighting is low and the air warm and peaceful. Together we'll hold and love each other for what will seem like days, and it will be so Heavenly! It will be so wonderful! At last I'll be able to express fully to you what you mean to Me. Kiss by kiss, I'll wipe away every trace of doubt or misgiving, and banish every fear of unloveliness that you have, until every pore in your body and every thought in your mind is just accepting and drinking in My love. Only then will I be content.

189.Oh, I just can't wait! But to imagine it together with you is so special and makes Me look forward to it all the more. The magical thing is, when we finally emerge from My chambers and you are ready and anticipating your new life in Heaven and all the wonders that I have in store, it will seem as though no time at all has passed. Your friends will greet you as though you had just arrived, as will your loved ones. Only you and I will know of the Heavenly bliss we've partaken of in those timeless moments, when we were able to fully consummate our marriage at last.

190.Do you feel better now? Is the hurt in your heart gone? When your heart hurts, remember that Mine does also, because our hearts are one. But your half of our heart is more earthbound, and experiences insecurity and fear when you're immersed in the cares of life. When that happens, you just need to pull the veil on your earthly existence and pulsate with your Heavenly Half again, with no other distractions. When you concentrate and are in unity with Me--your Other Half--then I'm able to warm you and pump through the life-giving flow in full measure once again, as I renew and regenerate your precious heart--our precious heart. (End of message from Jesus.)

Mated Couples Experiencing Loneliness

191.(Mama:) Singles aren't the only ones who battle with loneliness. Some of our dear married couples also experience loneliness from time to time, for different reasons. One of the most common is perhaps that you and your mate are so busy that you don't have time for much deep personal interaction. Or maybe familiarity has built up in your marriage, and you don't share your hearts as much as you should. Maybe you married because it was the Lord's will, but you've never had the deep, emotional, in-love feelings that you would desire; or maybe at one time you did, but they've since cooled off. Maybe even though you and your mate are very close, you're often called upon to be apart for the sake of the work, and during the times that your mate is away you experience loneliness.

192.The Lord gave a beautiful message for someone who was battling with these feelings of loneliness, even though he was married. I pray that those of you who are married, and yet at times battle with feelings of loneliness for whatever reason, will be encouraged by this precious message from our Lover. Married or single, He loves us all and wants to give us what we need! He also reminds us that our life here on Earth is but for a short time, and soon we will be free to experience His love in all its fullness!

193.Please don't let this message draw you away from your mate, but rather draw closer to them to love them with the Lord's love, knowing that He has more than enough to give for both of you, and will bless you as you remain within His will for you.

194.(Jesus speaking:) I am a High Priest that is touched with the feeling of your infirmities. I know how you feel. I know how difficult such situations can be. I understand the desire to love and to be loved. I was in all points tempted as you are. You may think, "Well, You never had to suffer being with someone that You never got along with, all the while desiring the sweet company of another, but never having it." Well, perhaps I didn't, at least not in the way that you imagine.

195. But My entire life I was with people who did not fully understand Me--from My flesh parents, who did not always understand that I must be about My true Father's business, to My disciples, who did not always understand the spiritual because they were so carnal. Oh, how I longed for the sweet company of My Father and for those who understood the ways of Heaven! But I was patient in all things, loving, understanding the frame of man, because I was made in likeness as a man, and humbled Myself, even unto the death.

196. So I understand the feelings of you who are in such relationships, for I went through similar things. I was tempted in all points like as you are, that I might understand and sympathize. I was tempted with discontentment. I was tempted to give up the path My Father had chosen for Me. I was tempted to leave My cross for the pleasures of the world. I know you're not being tempted by the pleasures of the world, but I'm just saying that so that you know that I understand what the feeling is like to be stuck with a situation that seems less than ideal to you.

197."We see things differently up Here.

All of life's shadows become clear.

No need for sorrow or for tears.

We see things differently up Here."

198.How true that is, but I also know how easy it is to forget that this life is but a stepping stone. It's but a small part of the eternity which we will experience together. Yet for some people, the only eternity they can fathom is their own life. They live within the sphere of their own existence, their own days, which are but as grass. They wither as the flower in the field. The wind passeth over, and is gone, and the place thereof shall never see it again.

199.But your life is hid with Me. We have all eternity to experience the fullness and wonders of My love for you. Even now I delight to give you the desires of your heart, and to give you gifts and tokens of My love. But nothing I can give you here will ever be able to compare to the happiness, the joy, the love, the complete fulfillment you will experience with Me forever.

200.Though you may not always see the gifts I send your way as tokens of love, it does not mean that they have not come from My hand. I have many gifts, and My love can manifest itself in many ways.

201.To some I give gifts of companionship. To others I give gifts of loneliness. To some I give gifts of romance. To others I give gifts of the simpler love of family, of children. To some I give gifts of satisfaction and fulfillment, that in their contentment and happiness, their hearts might sing praise unto Me. To others I give gifts of longing, of unfulfilled desires, that in their yearning, their hearts might turn to Me to find their fulfillment. To some I give the love of another, that in this love, they may find joy and happiness, and a sense of belonging. To others I give the gift of few loves, that their hearts might remain consecrated to Me in greater devotion.

202.Think not that any of these gifts signify a greater love for those who have them than My love for those who have other gifts. My love for all My children is great and endless, and they should not seek to compare the way in which it is manifested to them with the way in which it is manifested to others.

203. Only seek to know that I love you, that I'm in love with you, and that I long to be unto you as One Who desires you, and Whom you desire. I know that you desire Me, and that your love for Me is greater than for anyone else your heart holds dear. It is this love that greatly delights My heart, wherefore I shall be able to give you the desires of your heart.

204.Each promise that I have made, I will fulfill. All that I have spoken, I will do. Every prayer you've prayed, I have heard, and I will answer. But can you trust Me that I know how, when, and where to answer? Can you trust that I know what is best for you, and that I know what answers will bring you the greatest happiness--not just momentary happiness, but an everlasting joy? Can you trust Me that I love you, and that I'm more willing to give than you are to receive?

205.Look unto Me and shed the weights that do so easily beset your mind, and cause you to look down in discontentment. But run with patience this race that is set before you, this race that you have chosen to run, this challenge that you have accepted. I promise you, the rewards of love and happiness and joy, both now and forever after, will be well worth the effort, the sweat, the tears, the training, the aches and the pains that you have endured. (End of message from Jesus.)

206.(Mama:) Thank You Jesus for those beautiful, beautiful promises! Following is another wonderful message from Jesus for all of us, His dear flowers, explaining how He gives us what He knows is best, and will give special blessings to those who seek to love with His love, even when they don't find it within themselves to do so.

207.Please pray that the Lord will help you to accept these Words and see things as He sees them, as it could be a real key for you in helping you find the contentment and fulfillment that He wants to give you. Even though your circumstances might not change, or even your feelings might not change, the Lord can change your heart and make you happy and content in His will for you. And best of all, if you really put your heart into it, you'll gain the eternal treasure that He promised! I love you!

Love, Mama

208.(Jesus speaking:) Each of My dear children is as a flower planted in My garden. Each little plant and flower in My garden has a special purpose, and all are there to glorify Me. I know the needs of each of My dear flowers, and I give them that which will be best for them and will cause them to bring forth the greatest fruit in their season of spring.

209.My garden is not as earthly gardens, where all flowers bloom at once, all trees give their fruit at once, and all go to seed in the winter. No, My flowers bloom the year round, each in their season, each in their time.

210.Oh, My sweet flowers, if only you could see My pruning, My weeding, My fertilizing, My watering, My clipping and transplanting as My love for you that it is. For I know that if I left you always in the sun, always crowded about by many other flowers, and never gave you the clipping and moving that you need, you would soon lose your beauty; you would fade and wither. So in My love for you I give you this attention, and at times I must move you to a new pot where your roots can grow deeper. Sometimes I must weed around you. Other times I must put fertilizer around you. All of this I do to help you be strong and healthy.

211.It is not for any of My flowers to say that I love one more than the other, or because one has been chosen to be in a bed with many other flowers that they are more blessed than the one who grows in a solitary pot. I am the Master Gardener, and I care for each as they need it best.

212.My gift of loneliness is one of the hardest for My children to receive. They feel the most unloved and alone, and so take that to mean that I do not love them, since I do not give them the love they desire in human form. But it is a gift of My love nonetheless. It is one of My precious gifts. For some of the most beautiful and rare flowers are those that must be set apart. And so in My tender care for them I set them apart, that they might find their perfect calling and growth. Oh, if only they would learn to thank Me for it, instead of always pleading to be back with the other flowers.

213.Some of My precious children I have put with other flowers,but those who their roots do not entwine with. They also cry out to be moved together with those who they feel they would bond with more in the spirit. They wonder why I have destined them to be mated with someone that they do not feel the deep entwining of spirit with, sometimes not even great emotions of love and friendship and the fulfillment of ecstatic sex.

214.Their hearts ache to feel the fulfillment that they think would be theirs if they could only be placed with someone more like-minded, someone more understanding, or who they could get along with better. They question My love and wisdom, and feel they have been given a double curse--not only to feel lonely, but also to have to live and work with and raise children with someone whom they do not feel bonded with.

215.What they do not see is that I have given them not a double curse but a double opportunity and chance to learn. They have been given not only the precious gift of loneliness, but also the opportunity to grow in love--My love. Love that looks beyond the physical and loves with My strength and overcoming and gentleness. This is a love so strong that none can break its bonds. This is a love so powerful that it will only grow with time. This gift of learning to love with My love is another one that is very precious, but is often seen with eyes of disdain, for they do not understand the great treasure that it is.

216.Oh, precious ones, who feel that you experience loneliness even though you are marriedand joined together with another, do not let the Enemy place upon you his condemnation, but see this as a gift from My hand, to teach you to love with My love. This life is only for a moment in comparison with the eternity to come, and yet this lesson is one that can only be learned while you are there on Earth in human flesh. For once you come Here to My Heavenly Kingdom and see each other as I see you, you will be so overwhelmed with love for one another that it will no longer be a test.

217.So learn this lesson now of looking beyond the physical circumstances, beyond the personality which seems to you as a wall of stone, and love the heart which I love so dearly. This loving with My love will be a treasure to you for all eternity, a bright gem in your crown, an overcoming of the highest sort. For in loving with My love you break all the power of evil. You become free in My Spirit, and nothing is beyond your reach--because My love is power! My love is life! In My Heavenly Kingdom, My love is everything!

218.So if you're tempted to feel lonely even though you are with someone, and you wonder why it is that I placed you in such an uncomfortable position, remember the jewel of great price: learning to love with My love. Let this love pour into you from My heart, and let it flow out upon your mate, upon those in your Home, upon your children. Pray desperately to become a conduit of My love and My Spirit, and it will no longer matter what your personal feelings are, for you will begin to feel what I feel and love with My love. Let this be your prayer, and great will be your reward!

219.Seek not to be loosed from this great and wonderful lesson. It is a lesson that few learn well, because it requires great sacrifice of self. But with it comes great blessings of the Spirit! Rejoice in this love, for it is the love of Heaven, and will be poured out upon you in great measure, after you have passed the test!

220.I love you, My precious little flowers, and will continue to give you specialized care--that which I know is best for you! (End of message from Jesus.)

(Note: For more counsel on the subject of loneliness, please see ML #3160:220-240, GN 765.)

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