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The Shakeup 2000 the S2K

It's Your Choice: CM, FM or System!

Maria #502 CM/FM 3257 7/99


The Shakeup 2000 the S2K! (#3257) ... 2

1999: The year of choice! ......................... 5

A coming cleansing! ............................... 6

Our destiny is contingent on our obedience! .......................... 7

Gideon simply listened and obeyed ............... 9

Parable of the sick sheep ............................ 10

The problem: spiritual weakness & ineffective shepherding 12

Warning of impending persecution . 13

Periodic purging is necessary for the Family ....................... 14

The Charter member contract .......... 14

The Lord has been preparing you! .............. 16

The decision is yours! ................................... 17

The Provisional Charter membership contract ..................... 17

The responsibility is yours! .......................... 21

The role of the CROs and VSs .................... 22

Judging those who are hanging in the balance ................... 24

Being FM is not a bad thing! ......................... 24

Benefits of the CM Family ........................:... 25

Summary of the Lord's challenge ................ 28

Dad's challenge to carry on the Revolution! ....................... 29

How can you do it? Trust, obey and yield! ........................... 33

Mama's prayer .............................................. 35

Jesus is calling you back to the beginning! (#3258) .......... 37

Dear Family,

1 PETER and I love you very much! I have a message from the Lord to give you that is very important, one which will change your life and the whole spirit of the Family today. I don't suppose this will come as a surprise to many of you. I also don't believe very many of you will be so shocked by this challenge from the Lord, as you're aware of the state of our nation and you have undoubtedly sensed that a very big change is needed.

2 The CM Family is very much in need of a cleansing. We cannot continue on as we are. I know you've sensed that there has been a gradual decline of purity, dedication and spirituality in the Family, and we're not what we used to be. You've probably witnessed example after example of compromise, lack of dedication, and refusal to live or even read the Word in many cases.

3 In a large percentage of our CM Homes, those of you who are following closely and wanting to do your best for the Lord and keep the CM standard are trying to live in unity and have a fruitful work with those who don't want to live the CM standard, or in some cases, don't even want to be in the Family.

4 We have many people in the CM Family today, both young and old, who have settled down to the point of being quite ineffective and almost totally without vision. It's not that those of you who fit in this category don't love the Family or believe the Word, but you've grown so weary, frustrated or lethargic that you no longer have the drive or desire to live the life of 100% dedicated discipleship, which is what the CM standard represents. In many cases you have not aggressively fought against the sins in your life which have so easily beset you, to the point that you're now quite compromised and lacking in faith, and you're not living up to the CM standard.

5 There are quite a few of our YAs and SGAs who don't seem to want to be in the Family, but who don't take the step to leave. That is somewhat understandable, of course, because you young people have been in the Family all your lives, and it would be a pretty big step to start out into something new. Even though you have to raise funds and work around the house and care for the children, it's a fairly easy and comfortable life when compared to being out on your own in the System, having to fend for yourselves in every area!

6 So even though some of you don't like Family life much, nor do you believe the Word, you don't mind putting up with it if you can live in the comfort and security of a Family Home while your heart and mind is in the System and you somehow manage to partake of its evils pretty much without limit. We've heard desperate report after desperate report about how rebellious, worldly senior teens and YAs, and in some cases SGAs as well, are being such a bad example to their younger brothers and sisters that our upcoming JETTs and children are being led astray faster than their parents and the other adults can even begin to rectify it.

7 The serious problems in the Family are not unique to the younger generation. I don't want to give the impression that it's primarily the senior teens and YAs, and even the SGAs to some extent, who are the only ones drifting further and further from the Lord and being pulled more and more toward the System, and the only ones who are causing a weakening of the CM Family.

8 Many of you FGAs also need to make some major changes in your lives. You're not being the samples you should bc to your children and the young people; you've lost your fire to witness and put the Lord first; you've settled down with quite a compromised and worldly lifestyle, to the point that you're not endeavoring to apply the New Wine to your lives; you're not living the fundamental Family beliefs, and many of you are getting quite addicted to some pretty strong worldly influences that are stealing your precious time and affecting your spirits and attitudes quite negatively.

9 Many of you FGA parents are not shepherding your kids and not disciplining them, so their problems certainly can't be blamed entirely on the influence of the System. Some of our younger generation are going downhill because they're not being taught and guided; they're not seeing the sample in the older generation, so they're losing faith in the Word and the Family. Many of you FGAs are also prime culprits in the disunity, because you're holding on to past bitterness. You're sowing division through your negativity, gossip and backbiting.

10 There are situations around the world where the disunity is still so bad that the Homes in the same city or area can't work together. In fact, some of you within the same Home can't even work together! Your sample has fallen to such a low level that in some cases a visitor would hardly recognize that yours is a Family Home. Despite all that the Lord has said on the importance of unity, the disunity still exists on almost every level, to the point that the Lord is having to withdraw His blessings in some situations.

11 These are not new problems. In fact, Peter and I have been addressing these problems until we're practically blue in the face. The Lord and Dad have given repeated messages to stir you up and get you back on the attack in your life with the Lord, yet the problems continue. Some of you have made great progress, but others are still lagging behind. There hasn't been enough improvement in the Family overall, and now, because you're accountable for so much Word, you're more responsible.

12 Maybe some of you feel that we're in an era of taking a more permissive, less dedicated. or radical approach to serving the Lord. You might have gotten the impression over the year.' since the Charter that under my and Peter's leadership you'd be able to get away with things indefinitely that would never have been countenanced when Dad was alive. That severe drop in the standard has disappointed some of you, but others have taken advantage of these years of change and personal freedom and decision-making in a way that we hadn't intended, and you've let the rights of the Charter serve your own selfish purposes.

13 As you were told at the onset of the Charter, one of the purposes of that document was to "float the faith" of each individual in the Family. Each person was going to show where his or her faith stood, as you were no longer held back by strict overseers and big blob combos from serving the Lord as you felt led. The red tape was done away with, and the Lord set you free to follow Him and obey the Word according to your own faith.

14 Now, almost five years later, it's time to once again examine where your faith lies. It's time to make some decisions. It's time to take a closer look at the Charter member standard once again and let each of you decide for yourself if you fit in, or if you'd be happier in the FM Family or even out of the Family altogether.

15 You might be thinking, "What in the world has gotten into Mama?! Where did she get off on this new kick?" Well, let me first explain that this is not a "new kick." I've known for a long time that there are people in the CM Family who don't deserve that privilege. I've known that some of our Homes are riddled with problem cases and troublemakers. I've heard report after report from extremely frustrated CROs and VSs about the pitiful state of our many backslidden-in-heart young people. I've been very saddened to hear repeated reports of brethren sowing horrible division, speaking against the Word, and leading others astray with their lies and falsities that are straight from the Devil.

16 I've wept over the state of our JETTs and children who are growing up with perverted attitudes and appetites for the System not only because of the deplorable spiritual state of their older brothers and sisters who are such bad samples to them, but also because you parents are unwilling to shepherd and discipline them. Of course, in some cases kids simply make the wrong decisions and go the wrong way, no matter how hard you try. But in other cases, many of you parents are terribly delinquent in your CM responsibilities as parents, and the end result is that your older kids are out of control and are a very bad influence on the younger kids, who are also suffering from a lack of discipline and training, a lack of spiritual input, and an overdose of worldly input.

17 Our poor CROs and VSs are running ragged trying to take care of all the problems and keep things in line, when in reality many of the people causing those problems shouldn't even be in the CM Family, or perhaps not in the Family at all.

18 Though I was aware of these ongoing serious problems, and though Peter and I have addressed them in GN after GN, still the problems continue. Even at the last summit, Peter and the CROs discussed at length the need to raise the standard of the CM Family which amounted to requiring those in the CM Family to actually live the CM standard as it is put forth in the Charter. They also addressed the important issue of how those in the CM Family are expected to believe and live the GNs. Peter wrote a very important GN on that subject, entitled "Charter Responsibilities" (ML #3197, GN 803). It shouldn't be such a big surprise that the CM Family is expected to live the CM standard as noted in the Charter, and believe and live the Letters. But that was apparently quite a revelation to some, and it still seems to be news to many o f you.

19 The bottom line is, if you don't want to live the CM standard, then why are you in the CM Family? You should instead bc in the FM Family where much less is required of you you aren't required to keep the Fundamental Family Rules, you can have sex with outsiders, you don't have to live communally and share all things, you can live more independently, and the list goes on and on. And if you don't believe the Letters, then what in the world are you doing in the Family at all? It's just that simple. If you mock the Letters and the Lord's revelations, if you don't believe that we're living in the Last Days, if you don't believe what the Lord has revealed to us about our role in world history as His Endtime witnesses, if you refuse to prepare for the days to come by using the new weapons, if you don't want to witness or work together to reach the world, if you refuse to be shepherded and grow spiritually, then why, for God's sake, are you in the Family!?

20 Peter and I have been aware of the serious problems that have hindered the Family for years. The Lord knew there would be a tinge of upheaval and adjustment with Dad's Homegoing, the changeover of leadership to me and your new king, Peter, and the implementation of the Charter. We expected that there would be a time of some turmoil, and it didn't surprise us that it lasted for several years. The Lord said this would be the case, and He was very patient.

21 I think if any of you were to think about it honestly, you'd have to admit that the Lord, Peter and I were quite tolerant during this time of adjustment and we put up with a lot. We went to the nth degree to give you the benefit of the doubt. We tried to answer your questions, publish the Word, and provide you with the spiritual weaponry you need to fight the battles you're up against. We encouraged the CROs and VSs to not make hasty judgments and to be sure to deal with problems with the utmost of love, consideration, and prayer.

22 nonetheless, in spite of the abundant instruction you were given in the Word over the years and regardless of the many recent challenges for you to shape up, the problems still continue. In many cases they're even grooving worse, because those of you who are not in the Family in heart are infecting others with your ungodly attitudes and perverted desire for the world. Those of you who are sowing division, speaking evil against your shepherds, and mocking the Word and your appointed queen and king are pulling others away from the Word and their full-time service for the Lord. Dedicated CM disciples are being weakened by the intimidation and negative peer pressure they feel, as those in our midst who aren't sold out judge, mock, ridicule, and make the dedicated ones feel inferior.

23 All of this has got to stop, and stop it will! Things will not continue as they are.

1999: The Year of Choice!

24 In all of this, you can't say that the Lord hasn't tried to prepare you, to warn you, to help you make the right choices. The Lord called 1998 "the year of the bottom line." As you know, at that time He called each of us to make a renewed commitment to Him, to lay aside the things which were hindering us. He also gave very specific counsel about many weak areas, which was published in GNs throughout 1998. When we prayed about what 1999 held for us, the. Lord called it "the year of choice."

25 Here are excerpts of that message, which was published at the beginning of the first GN of "The Weakness Revolution" series.

26 (Jesus speaking.) The standard has been set; the foundation has been laid. All My children are now held accountable for the multitude of Words that I have poured out. They are without excuse, and they cross the threshold of the new year aware of all that I will require of them...

27 This coming year will be the year of choices and the year of strengthening. Depending on your choices, you shall either be strengthened or weakened. The strength of My protection and spiritual force field comes from the choices you make to yield, to sacrifice, to give, to love, to forsake your pride and your independence, to live the One Wife vision, to care for others as you would yourself, to humble yourself before Me and your Family. The choices which strip you of your spiritual force field and disarm My protection in your life are those choices of selfishness, pride, withholding, covering up, dishonesty, laziness in spirit, jealousy, a hunger for the world and its material goods, a lack of fearing Me, straying from the counsel of My Word, mocking My messengers or My voice in living prophecy, and seeking for your own gain and comfort.

28 Therefore search your heart as to whether you can make one choice this year: the choice to say yes. (End of excerpt of message from Jesus. From ML #3218:19,22,23; GN 819.)

29 (Mama.) Here is another excerpt from "The Weakness Revolution" with more about the year of 1999.

30 (Jesus speaking:) Those who have already made the right choices will he strengthened, and those who have not yet made the decision to go forward should take heed. These messages give the call to commitment that I am putting forth, and this coming year will bring the fulfillment of the choices that My children make whether they answer the call and are strengthened, or whether they try to hold out and remain the same, in which case they will have a very difficult time.... Now the progress that they make and their future service for Me is determined by how they respond to this call to commitment. For this year [1999] is a year of reaping the fruits of their decisions. If they have not yet made the right decisions, it's not too late. But these cannot be put off, for this year will bring the fulfillment whether strengthening or purging. (End of message frown Jesus. From ML #3218:29,30; GN 819.)

A Coming Cleansing!

31 Those are powerful warnings, published in November of 1998. Recently I began to get an inkling that the Lord had some kind of major challenge and shakeup in store for the Family when He gave the following message for an SGA who was having some serious problems at the time. Of course, this challenging message and warning wasn't just for this individual but was something He wanted to say to all of us.

32 (Jesus speaking:) My kind and charming servant, I have much to say to you. I love you and need you. You're so valuable to My Kingdom and I've prepared a place for you of great fulfillment and pleasure. There's so much on the horizon for all those who follow closely. Although the days are growing darker and the battles more intense, so am I upping My spiritual force field around My children and making My blessings in their lives more evident.

33 These are days of challenge. These are times of change. Things have been relatively calm for a while. There were days of harvesting and rejoicing. There were days when the flocks increased, the provisions were abundant, and there was peace. But the time comes and is almost upon you when there will be great, great change. Instead of peace, there will be war; instead of plenty, there will be famine around you; instead of light, there will be darkness.

34 I have cast a veil over the future and hid the details from your eyes, but I warn you that things will not continue as they are. There will be difficulty, danger, traps, enemies. You'll need increased sensitivity in the spirit, greater in-tuneness than ever before. You will be the responsible one, and you'll not be able to rely on the decisions of others. You'll not be able to hide behind others or let others carry you spiritually. You'll reap the results of your decisions whether good or bad and those you love will bc directly affected by your spiritual strength or weakness. In some ways you'll bc on your own. You'll feel the weight of responsibility as a huge boulder upon your shoulders that threatens to crush you. There will be days of weeping, days of searching, days of nights as black as coal. Prepare yourself, for things will change.

35 I give this warning no t just to you, but to all. You are hearing it now, but others will hear in My good time. Now is the day of reckoning when I call all the children of David to count the cost, to check their hearts, to see where their faith lies. You and all the children of David will be put to the test. You will run the gauntlet, and only those who are strong in Me will be left standing. 36 I say this both to challenge you and to wake you up, both to intrigue you and to scare you, both to humble you and to cause you to look deep into your own soul to see where you stand.

37 How long will you halt between two opinions? How long will you walk with one foot in both worlds? How long will you play with the darkness?

38 You know well that these are days of preparation, but you have not taken the warnings seriously. You continue on in frivolity, in weakness of spirit, in the ways of the world, letting the Enemy of your soul pollute your mind with his lies, half-truths, and corruption. Do you not recall those of Noah's day who believed that all things would continue as they were, who were overly confident in their minds, despite all his warnings? What happened to them? Did they not have a mighty widening of the eyes and were lost, defeated, made fools of? For the flood came and the warnings were fulfilled.

39 How much more responsible are the children of David, for they have been warned for years and years. For a whole generation they've been warned of the flood that shall come upon the Earth, and yet many still go on in unbelief, in foolishness and shallowness, not making themselves ready.

40 There will be yet another cleansing of the Family, a move that is necessary for the very survival of the army of the Endtime. There are many who will not be ready for this cleansing, but I tell you in love that it comes, that you might prepare. You know not what hour, what day, but I assure you that it will come; as sure as the sun follows the darkness, it will come. Where will you stand?

41 I leave this choice in your hands. I refuse to push you or make the decisions for you, for you're a free spirit, a free soul, and I will not demand your allegiance and obedience. But I love you enough to let you know that you have much to lose if you continue in your waywardness and pride. You can't hide from Me. I know where you stand, what you believe, what you think and do. I know who is worthy to be called part of the elite troops, to be fully and completely trusted.

42 The choice is yours, but I tell you, time is short. Much of the days of preparation have passed, and you are not prepared. Prepare yourself now, for great darkness shall fall upon all the Earth. But before that, there shall be a great purging, a purifying, a cleansing. (End of message from Jesus.)

43 (Mama:) In other messages that the Lord and Dad gave to Peter and me, there were other warnings about a coming cleansing. I needed to know what He meant, so I asked Him for further information. He gave the following message, which is a clear analysis of the situation in the CM Family today; it sums up the problem and what we need to do about it.

Our Destiny Is Contingent On Our Obedience!

44 (Jesus speaking:) Thank you, My precious queen, for being sensitive to My Words. I have led you step by step. I have shown you the future and what must be done. You've sensed for a long time now that the Family needed to be purer, that there was too much contamination from the System and worldly attitudes. You've known that I would not be able to tolerate it forever, but you were patient, waiting for My cue. You waited for a definite sign, even one that you had not solicited, because you were very much in fear of Me, not wanting to hurt anyone or move prematurely.

45 Thank you for listening, meditating, thinking, pondering, and now asking for more details. I'm pleased with your in-tuneness, and as always, you've been one with Me. I've had no trouble getting your attention and causing you to stop and reflect and consider, so that you could hear My whispers. It is My pleasure now to give you the answers you need, fully and clearly, that you might lead your children aright.

46 I and David placed the well-being of the children of David in your care. You have not failed in one of our instructions. You have followed step by step, and you've fed the children the Word that they needed, when they needed it. You demonstrated great faith and determination, and nothing deterred you from the goal.

47 You carry the mantle of David. You're his soul mate, his voice, his continuation. What he began, you will finish.

48 Now as you and your children near the End, you must go back to the beginning, back to the freshness, the freedom of spirit, the total break with the world as there was in the beginning. There must be a purging, because the children of David must be kept free from the System and the influences of the world, which, if left unchecked, if allowed to continue as they now are, would destroy the Family.

49 I do not speak in exaggerated terms. I do not say these things only to get your attention or the attention of the Family; I say this because it's a warning of the direst nature.

50 The Family is weakening from within. The Enemy has gotten a strong foothold through the compromises, disobediences, doubts, love for the world, and divisions that exist. The foundation of the Family, what makes the Family different, the requirements of discipleship to love Me above all else and to love your neighbor as yourself, to take up your cross daily to follow Me, to forsake all and go into all the world to preach the Gospel, to live together and have all things common are becoming masked and are beginning to disappear. This is why the Family is not what it should be, not what it was. This must change if the Family is to fulfill its destiny.

51 All is not guaranteed. It's not that you are destined to bc My avant-garde Endtime army and there's nothing that could ever change that. Even that promise is conditional, contingent on your obedience and faith.

52 The requirements to be in the CM Family are stricter and higher than for the FM Family, or for my other children in the church system. You receive the most Word and know the most truth. You are called to be My intimate brides, those who receive and obey My Word and know Me better than anyone who has ever lived. Your ministry in the future will be the most crucial, for you who are obedient are those who others will follow. You will bc My voice, My heart, My life amongst the masses.

53 But all of this is contingent upon your fulfilling your end of the bargain. I've given My Word in huge abundance. I've made available all the weapons that you need for the battle. I've promised and have on hand the new super anointing that you'll need. I've anointed you, My queen and king, to be My Endtime shepherds. But your being able to fulfill your role and your destiny, according to My promises and all that I've revealed, is not only contingent upon your obedience but upon the obedience of your children.

54 The future of the Family is hanging in the balance. The very existence of the Family My revolutionary, called-out church and bride who forsakes all to follow Me and win others to Me is in jeopardy.

55 My plan will not be confounded. I will perfect that which concerns My Word and My promises. The Father's Word will be completed. There will be a purification of all men, an end to the evils of this world. The Great Tribulation will come, and then shall the End come. During those dark days there must and will be a voice proclaiming the truth in such a way that it will be undeniable, unstoppable. No man will be able to stop those who are My last voice, My chosen ones to stand before the evil Antichrist and proclaim the truth. It's awesome, terrible, but it's true.

56 This is a calling that was delivered into the hands of David, for I knew I could trust him. I knew he loved Me more than anything else. His heart was pure towards Me, and so I lay this cloak of the Endtime army upon him. It was something both beautiful and terrible, rewarding and weighty, inspiring and hard to bear. David felt this responsibility and was moved to desperation. It caused him to constantly seek Me. He stayed pure in heart all the days of his life, never straying from My side and never compromising My Word. He was a man after My Own heart, as King David of old was, and although he did sometimes err or sin, I look upon the heart, not upon the outward appearance. I look upon the spirit, motives and love of My children, and their dedication to Me. Your David stood for the truth even if he felt he'd be the only one standing. 57 Because of the great love and purity of David's heart, the Family progressed, grew, and was strengthened. The Family became a worldwide force to be reckoned with. The Family became known around the world, and many stood in. awe, respect, fear, and even envy. There are even now many secret believers, those who watch from a distance but who know in their hearts that the Family is the chosen church for the Last Days, and they know that in time, they too will be compelled to be part of that ragged, bedraggled, persecuted army.

58 Upon the death of David, his mantle was given to you, My queen, and the mantle that you wore when you stood beside David was given to your king, Peter. You were both perfectly prepared for this awesome responsibility, and though you felt and still feel incapable and weak in yourselves, I have made you My great representatives on this Earth. There is no one who follows as you do, who listens as you do, who loves as you do. You have fulfilled your mission, your destiny thus far. You've been all that I needed you to be and more. You've done all that was expected of you because of your great determination to do My will, and your willingness to bc made humble, weak, simple, almost invisible, that I might be seen and heard through you.

59 You've given Me everything your hearts, minds, lives, dreams, desires, reputations, and marriage. You've changed anything that needed to be changed as soon as I've revealed it to you. You've kept your priorities right. You've fed My children, both of your own fold and of other folds. You've kept always before you My commandment to "feed My sheep." In this I am well pleased. There's nothing that I would ask you to do over, to do differently; there's no way in which you have seriously missed the mark in My will.

60 But even with all this, with your utter dedication and selflessness, your lives are not your own and your future is not yours to control. Even though you've done all I have spoken, you've followed in My footsteps and you've obeyed in all ways, your destiny is still contingent on the obedience of your children. Just as you've had to give all, forsake everything in your heart and mind that was not in line with My will and My Word, and just as you've had to determine above all else that you would be whatever I wanted you to be to fulfill My will and please Me, so must your children do the same.

61 (Mama.) You probably feel that we, the Family, are destined to be the Lord's elite Endtime army no matter what. Maybe you've grown so accustomed to hearing His many promises for us and all about the wonderful things we will do and accomplish for Him in the Last Days that you now feel it's all sewed up, that it's a "done deal" and we're destined to such greatness, no questions asked. That is not so. We've been given a very, very privileged place. We're called and chosen and we have a unique mission to fulfill. But that doesn't mean that we can do whatever we please, that we can allow the Family to become compromised and sick spiritually and still hold on to that special place.

62 The Lord's promises to us, all that He has foretold that we will do and the great encouragement He has given us about the role we will play in the Endtime as His last voice, His prophets of the End, are all contingent on our obedience. Peter and I must obey the Lord if we're to lead the Family into that glorious ministry and the fulfillment of those tremendous praises from the Lord, and you, dear Family, must obey the Lord if you're to become the Endtime army the Lord has called you to be.

63 It's imperative that you realize that our destiny, the Lord's promises to the Family, to Peter and me, and to you as individuals, are all contingent on our obedience Peter's and mine as your appointed leaders, and yours as followers of the Words of David. If we stop obeying, if we compromise and return to the System in heart. the Lord will be forced to lift His anointing and withdraw His blessings and find someone else.

64 We must all realize that if we don't obey, if we don't stay true to the message, if we go back to the System like the revolutions before us have done and become another church system. then we have much to lose. We won't be the avant-garde, the Endtime army. The Lord will raise up another last church, another dropped-out people. It's not guaranteed that we will bc the ones, unless we obey!

65 It's quite significant that the Lord is giving us this warning. He would not do so unless the situation was very grave. He's not telling us that our place in His mighty plan is in danger just to shake us up, just to get our attention. This isn't a game. It's the truth. He's been very patient. He warned us of the year of the bottom line. He tried to cleanse the Family with "Charter Responsibilities." He tried to shake us up with "The Weakness Revolution," but many of you still didn't make the necessary changes. Now He tells us plainly that things cannot go on as they are! He says:

66 "Now as you and your children near the End, you must go back to the beginning, back to the freshness, the freedom of spirit, the total break with the world as there was in the beginning. There must be a purging, because the children of David must be kept free from the System and the influences of the world, which, if left unchecked, if allowed to continue as they now are, would destroy the Family.

67 "I do not speak in exaggerated terms. I do not say these things only to get your attention or the attention of the Family. I say this because it's a warning of the direst nature."

68 The Lord will now cleanse the Family, one way or the other, as you will see in the continuation of this message.

Gideon Simply Listened and Obeyed

69 (Jesus continues:) I liken you now to Gideon. Gideon was a man who loved Me and trusted Me above all else. He simply followed, yielded and obeyed. He wasn't swayed by circumstances, by the great multitudes arrayed against his small force. He did what I showed him even though it seemed illogical, foolish, and dangerous. He simply looked to Me, heard My Word, and followed. In doing so, he let Me bc glorified. My power and strength to deliver was manifested. My ways were not man's ways then, and they still are not.

Parable of the Sick Sheep

70 You ask what kind of purge I have spoken of. You've seen through a veil darkly; you feel you have a hazy idea of what I mean, but you wish to know in detail. You've asked to know what role you and WS leadership play, what I will do, and how it will work together. You want to know the future so you can prepare your children, your flock. You are good shepherds and you don't want your sheep to be scattered. Listen now while I tell you a story.

71 Your sheep are cared for in beautiful folds. There are so many folds, and there are good shepherds who watch for the sheep. The sheep graze and follow and bear lambs. But many of those sheep and lambs are becoming sick. They're eating poisoned grass and drinking from evil wells, and they're becoming weak and sickly. They're losing their wool, they're getting skinny, and they're not able to move around and play anymore. But the worst of it is that even in their weak, ugly, diseased state, they're leading other sheep over to the poisoned fields and the evil wells, and they're enticing them to eat and drink. Thus the weakening of the whole flock is progressing.

72 The shepherds are now seeing the sick sheep and they're concerned for them. They're good shepherds, loving shepherds, and they want to help them, but they don't seem to know how. They talk about the sickness, they analyze the causes and the symptoms, and they wonder what is to become of the sick sheep, but they're not fully aware of the serious dangers to their flock. They've become gradually accustomed to the sick sheep, to the disease, to the weakness, so they don't realize that day by day there are more sick sheep, nor do they realize the full extent of the sickness.

73 Day by day, more become deathly ill. The shepherds watch and counsel. They observe the sheep. They try to tend to some of their wounds. They shake their heads in despair, and then they're exhausted, so tired from so much tending of sick sheep.

74 The shepherds are so involved with the sick sheep that they can't tend to the ones which are healthy and well. The healthy sheep are bearing lambs and producing wool, but the shepherds don't have time or strength to take care of the lambs or process the wool, because there are so many sick sheep such sick sheep, and so, so many of them.

75 Meanwhile, there are dark, ominous clouds on the horizon. Some shepherds signal to their fellow shepherds, trying to alert them to the dangers that are to come. They scramble to try to herd the healthy sheep to shelter, but they can't do nearly what needs to bc done because their fellow shepherds are so involved with the sick sheep, trying to nurse them back to health, carrying them, listening to their bleats.

76 But all the while the poison grass flourishes and the evil wells overflow. There is full access to the cause of illness, yet the shepherds are so involved with the care of the sick sheep that they don't fully recognize the cause the fountain of evil that overruns their pastures. They don't see that behind their backs the sick sheep call their friends; they motion to them to come and join them in their eating and drinking of the deadly potion.

77 So much tending of the sick sheep, so much trying to help and heal, and yet it's so little. It's too little, too late. Because as the sky is dark with raging fury, out from behind the bushes and surrounding trees come beasts of many kinds wild, ferocious beasts. They tear into the flock, maiming, killing, devouring. The sick sheep cannot escape; they're doomed, for they have not the strength to run, to hide, to overcome. Instead they're overcome by the evil, and they are lost. All the efforts of the shepherds come to naught, and the sheep are lost.

78 The healthy sheep run and are scattered. Then they have to hide in small bands, small flocks, and try to bear their lambs and care for themselves. They're distanced from their faithful shepherds, and they weep. They wanted to be shepherded, they wanted to be fruitful, they wanted to follow. But alas, now things have changed; everything has changed, and life for the sheep is so much more difficult. The path is so much more rugged and it's not clearly marked. It's cold, the sheep are afraid, and they long for their loving shepherds.

79 Let this simple analogy, My queen and king, be a warning to you. For your shepherds even now are distracted. While they are faithful and loving shepherds, they're not fully aware of the dangers within their folds. They know there are poisons in the folds, but they do not see the full extent of the poisons. They're neglecting those who are well and productive in order to care for those who are sick, but who aren't willing to give up eating the poison and drinking the filth of the Enemy's evil System.

80 So busy are your shepherds caring for the sick ones that they don't clearly see that those very sick ones are causing others to fall. They're infecting others with their evil disease, and the flocks grow weaker and weaker. But the shepherds don't know what to do. They've tried, they've worked so hard, they've given everything they've got, and still the sickness spreads.

81 The shepherds are afraid to lose any of the sick ones and they try to save them all, but because of the distractions of their much serving, and because they don't see all that's happening behind their backs, out of sight, they're oblivious to the grave dangers that lurk nearby. The enemies of the sheep, the ravenous beasts, know they'll be able to strike when the flock is sufficiently weakened and the shepherds are distracted and tired.

82 But this is not as it has to be. All the shepherds must be rallied and instructed to change their care-giving methods. They must be alerted to the dangers and warned. They must bc willing to bc humble and even lose some of their sheep, in order to strengthen and protect the overall flocks.

83 The solution to caring for the sick sheep, those which infect others, is to have the shepherds recognize where the poisoned grass and the evil wells are and destroy them. Then they must offer the sick sheep the pure, fresh grass, representative of My Word. They can even hand-feed the sheep and help the sheep regain their strength. But if there are sheep that refuse to cat and be strengthened, then the shepherd must carry those sheep outside the camp. The shepherds must lose some of their flock in order to protect the health and safety of the rest of the flock.

84 No good shepherd risks losing his whole flock of sheep for the sake of those sheep that are sick and that refuse to drink and are obviously dying.

85 The weak, sick, dying sheep must be left outside the camp if they refuse to eat the good grass and drink the fresh water. Then the shepherds will be able to tend to the healthy sheep and care for their lambs and harvest their wool. The shepherds will be at peace and will commune with Me in quietness, and they will be warned of the storm that is to come. In obedience to My commands, the shepherds will then lead their sheep to higher ground where they will bc safe from the attacks of the ravenous beasts.

86 Ah, such a simple story. I've used this illustration many times with David the sheep and the shepherds. It's simple, and so easy to understand. But I know the heart of My queen. I know that you, My dear, will want even more explanation. You want this warning to be so clear that it will be impossible to misunderstand or misinterpret. So I will speak to you plainly, My love, rather than in parables, for you are My bride.

87 There are many Family members who are doing well. They're eating the meat of the Word and drinking in the New Wine. They're fruitful and progressing. Their Homes are fruitful, they're following Me step by step in their outreach, training their children well, and are financially solvent. They're united and desperate to keep their Home and lives free of ungodly influences. They're cultivating a follow-up ministry and feeding the sheep faithfully. They're using the new weapons and seeking to live in unity. They have their problems, yes, but the problems are animal compared to their faithfulness, loyalty, and desire to please Me.

88 There are also some Family members who are very sick spiritually. They've taken in much evil influence from the System in the way of ungodly input from the Internet; rebellious, wicked pacts that they've formed amongst themselves; evil conversations in which they mock the Word and My gifts; devilish music, movies, and sexual practices. They've drunk deeply of these evil wells and become glutted with the poisoned grass, and now they're very, very sick spiritually. They're barely alive; they can hardly stand.

89 Then there are those who are somewhere in between. They're not as healthy as those sheep which are well the Family members who are dedicated, sold out, and obedient but they're not as sick as the dying ones, those who have already departed in spirit. They do eat and drink from My Word, and they have not turned their back on the New Wine and new weapons. They still love Me, the Family, and you, My queen and king, but they're deceived, they're compromised, they're hanging in the balance. They partake somewhat of the evils of the sick sheep. They haven't given themselves over completely to the evil or to spreading the evil not yet. They hang in the balance.

90 Now is the time to strengthen and purge the flock lest it be scattered through persecution. But persecution, a time of battle, is not inevitable. That would be a last-ditch effort to try to preserve the children of David and the Family as My pure voice and sample of truth. I will stay My hand and the persecution, and I will continue to give you peace and safety even amongst your enemies if you will follow My orders implicitly and fully.

The Problem: Spiritual Weakness And Ineffective Shepherding

91 (Mama:) This parable and the Lord's explanation of it are easy to understand. He's making sure we get the point by making it so simple that even a child could grasp it.

92 Please note that the problem is not with the Word or our methods of evangelizing the world. The problem is not a lack of tools or even finances. The problem is not that we are living the One Wife vision. The problem is not that there's an emphasis on using the gift of prophecy and loving the Lord intimately. The problem is not that we have a CM Charter standard or that we live communally and share all things. The problem is not that we believe in the Law of Love and sexual sharing. In short, the problem is not in the fundamental beliefs, practices or doctrines of the Family.

93 The problem is with the spiritual weakness of the sheep and the ineffective shepherding of the flocks. That is what needs to be rectified.

94 The Lord makes it unmistakably clear that the sickness has come into our folds through the poison of the System, from those of you who love the world and who have drunk deeply of the things of the world. And then you've enticed others to follow in the same way, to drink of the same poisons, and they too have been weakened spiritually.

95 These poisons of the world that are polluting and making the Family sick are no surprise to Peter and me, nor to our field officers, and probably not to many of you. Over the past two years the Lord has given us message after message to shake you up and wake you up to the dangers of the many System delicacies that some of you are partaking of, as well as some of the wrong attitudes some of you have been developing, the gossip and foul language that has been spreading, the disunity that has multiplied, and the very obvious need to discipline our children better. The recent Letters include the following:

"Goals for 1998!" ML #3160, GN 765. "The Day of Renewal!" ML #3164, GN 770. "Hold on to Your Crown!" ML #3168, GN 773. "How to Recognize and Get Rid of Bitterness!" ML 03170, GN 775. "The Benefits of the Family!" ML #3172, GN 777. "Don't Get Caught in the Web!" ML 03174, GN 779. "The Year of the Bottom Line!" ML 03176, GN 781. "The Lord's Plea: 'Be a Missionary for Me!'" ML #3178, GN 783. "Eat Right!" ML #3180, GN 784. "Wham, ABM! Junk the Punk!" ML #3179, GN 785. "You Are What You Watch!" ML #3182, GN 787. "Dump the Dirty Language!" ML #3185, GN 790. "Trash Your Trinkets and Head for the Hills!" ML #3186, GN 791. "Stop the Gossip Now!" ML #3187, GN 792. "Killer? Or Healer? What Is Your Tongue?" ML #3188, GN 793. "Charter Responsibilities!" ML #3197, GN 803. "The Weakness Revolution!" ML #3218-19, GNs 819-821. "Reaching Africa the Right Way!" ML #3217, GNs 824-825. "Citizens of the Kingdom!" ML 03222, GN 835. "Worldly? Or Free?" ML #3233, GN 836. "Hold on to the Reins!" ML #3239, GN 841. "Dad's Challenge to Change!" ML #3240, GN 842. "Drawing the Line!" ML 03241, GN 843.

96 So those of you from both generations who are freely eating the System's poisoned grass and drinking from its evil wells are deluding yourself if you think you can continue to fill your heart and mind with the input of the Enemy, without being spiritually harmed and suffering for it. These things will affect you worldliness and materialism will creep in, wrong attitudes will develop, resentment and bitterness will spring up, your children will get polluted and stray, and before you know it, you'll be one very sick sheep!

97 To make matters worse, the poor shepherds your CROs and VSs, and probably your Home teamworks, too are so busy trying to take care of sick and dying sheep that they can't take care of the ones who are really doing the job, bearing lambs and wool. The shepherds don't want to lose their sheep, so they work hard nursing the sick and dying. They realize that those very sheep are calling others to drink the same poisons, but they don't realize the great extent of the illness.

98 There's probably a lot going on in the Homes that the shepherds are not aware of, because it happens in the privacy of people's bedrooms, or while they're out of the Home, or while the shepherds are busy with other matters. The shepherds can't possibly keep tabs on all the private conversations going on, the movies being watched, the Internet sites being surfed, the computer games being played, the System music that's being listened to, the System books and novels being read, the ungodly religious and New Age doctrines that are being pondered, and all the ungodly attitudes being developed as a result by those who want to see how far they can push their own agendas in the name of "freedom." The shepherds can see, of course, that those sheep who are not well are affecting others, bringing others down, even infecting others with the same evil sickness, so that the whole flock is getting weaker and weaker, but in some ways they're at a loss as to what to do about it.

Warning of Impending Persecution

99 I want to make sure you notice one point in here, and that is the Lord's warning of impending persecution if we don't get things straightened out. We've had several years now of relative peace and prosperity. The Lord has been so good to us and delivered us time and again from the attacks of our enemies through persecution. In fulfillment of His promises, He has tied the hands of our enemies and allowed us to concentrate our full attention on the job at hand reaching the world.

100 Of course, we know that all who will live Godly in Christ Jesus will suffer persecution and that we'll undoubtedly continue to suffer attacks simply for proclaiming Jesus and our faith. But the persecution we're talking about here is the kind that the Lord allows when we're not living Godly in Christ Jesus. In that case, He sometimes allows such grave attacks as a last resort to straighten us out, and we can't necessarily claim all His promises of protection because we've been disobedient. Whereas when we suffer for our faith, we have the Lord's full protection and can claim all His promises of safekeeping and deliverance!

101 Thank the Lord, in recent years our dear parents and children have not suffered from the cruel attacks of our enemies. We've not had to sink so much time, attention, personnel, and money into fighting long court cases and going on all-out worldwide attacks to free our children from the hands of our oppressors. Hut the Lord has warned that unless we do what is necessary to cleanse the Family and move our flocks to higher, safer ground which I interpret as not only a physical move to the needy mission fields of the world but also a higher spiritual ground of greater dedication and loyalty then we can expect a renewed round of persecution.

102 Thank the Lord, He said the persecution is not inevitable. It doesn't have to be. Peter and I will do all in our power to follow and obey the Lord's admonitions and to keep the Family free from such battles so we can concentrate on our primary goals reaching the world, winning souls and disciples, raising our children, training our young people, developing our follow-up ministry and the Activated! ministry, mass marketing our tools, helping others through our "consider the poor" ministries, etc. God help Peter and me and our field officers to do all that is necessary, and God help you, dear Family, to see the seriousness of this warning and do your part too.

Periodic Purging Is Necessary For the Family

103 (Jesus continues.) As it was when your David was by your side in this life, it is necessary to purge and cleanse the Family periodically. The churches resist the cleansing; they ignore My warnings. They close their ears to My Words of correction, and they resist. The false shepherds do not deliver My Words for fear that they will lose their flocks, and with them, some of their finances. They're so weak in faith, so compromised, so in the fear of man instead of the fear of Me, that with time they stray from My will and plan, and as a result, they lose the power of My Spirit. They continue going through the motions but without the power of My anointing and Spirit. So sad is the fate of the churches.

104 The Family would suffer the same if you, My dear Maria and Peter, were not like your beloved David. If you were to close your cars and bc blind, compromised, and fearful, you would slowly but surely lose the anointing, the power, and your special place of grandeur in the Endtime plan. But you are like your David. You have his heart and spirit. You have his fire. You put Me first, as he did, and you care not for the opinions of men.

105 There are so few shepherds in this day who follow Me as you do. There are so few who have such love not only for Me but for the lost. I know your heart is not with numbers or finances; your heart is with Me in obedience to My Word. I know I can trust you, and that's why I've given you such an abundance of the truth My fresh Word for today. I know you'll be faithful, you'll remain true till the End, and your followers those who choose to go all the way with you will also remain true till the End.

106 But how many will there be? Who will answer the call'? Who will forsake all once again and become a child of David in spirit? That remains to be seen.

The Charter Member Contract

107 (Mama:) You're no doubt wondering bow this cleansing will take place. We certainly can't expect the CROs and VSs to visit all the Homes and see how everyone's doing and make decisions as to who is qualified to be CM and who is not. Not only would that take years, but they wouldn't possibly have the time to talk with everyone and personally walk each one through the decision about where they want to be. Besides, decisions about people's status have to be made in prayer and counsel with all parties concerned, and especially in counsel with the Lord, in order to bc sure they're the right decisions and they're not arbitrary. Any decisions regarding reclassification of Family members must be based on the clear-cut guidelines and requirements already laid out in the Charter.

108 You who are 18 or older are adults; you're all big people. You've been reading the Charter and the Letters, and you know by now what's expected of the CM Family. So the onus of the cleansing will be on each one of you.

109 Each of you will be making a choice. Those who want to retain your CM status will be asked to "sign on the dotted line" of a Charter member contract, taken from the responsibilities of Charter members already outlined in the Charter itself. (New disciples will be expected to sign the contract after being in the Family for six months.) Those of you who do not have the faith and conviction to sign such a contract, who either don't believe the CM requirements or who don't have the desire to uphold them, will in essence have made a decision to relinquish your Charter member status and to either move to Fellow member status or to leave the Family altogether. If your decision is to move to Fellow member status, you should immediately begin to look for other Fellow members to work and live with, unless you want to live on your own, which is also an option. Regarding this "contract," the Lord said:

110 (Jesus continues:) I will lead you to prepare a type of contract for Charter members. It will be as a review of what is expected of a Charter member. This will need to be signed by all who wish to remain in the CM Family. Those who cannot sign, for whatever reason, can stay in the Family if they wish, but as part of the FM Family.

111 Those who want with all their hearts to be Charter members, who want to go all the way, who desire to please Me above all else, and who love and believe the Word, will not hesitate to sign the contract. Those who know for sure they don't want to sign will immediately decide to leave the CM Family. Those who waver can be given a time limit; if they can't bring themselves to sign after the time limit, then they're in essence choosing to become Fellow members. There will not be a need for leadership to reclassify such people, for they will in essence reclassify themselves.

112 This contract will not be a "new thing," it will simply be a reiteration of the Charter member standard that has been clearly published in the Charter and the Word for years. People will .have no cause to feel it is unfair or that they're being judged harshly. If they cannot commit themselves to the CM standard and if they choose not to sign, for whatever reason, then it is they who are making it clear that they're not in the right place. If they're not willing to fulfill the Charter requirements that have been in existence for years, either because they don't believe them, or because they simply feel they cannot keep them due to physical or spiritual weaknesses, then they should understand and accept that they forfeit their rights as Charter members.

113 Then later, if people who did sign the contract become troublemakers, or go back on their CM commitments and do not live up to the Charter member responsibilities as clearly explained in the CM contract, it will bc simple to show that they're not living up to their side of the bargain. They're not fulfilling their word, and can therefore be recommended for FM status by one of the Family's governing bodies in accordance with the "Procedures for Moving Charter Members to Fellow Member Status" (page 211 of the Charter).

114 People need to get over the feeling that being reclassified as Fellow members is a horrible thing. Unlike earlier years, Fellow members now receive much more Word and fellowship. It's not like the era of the TRF Supporter purge, when people who became TRF Supporters were left with so little, and many had hard feelings or were hurt. No one wants to repeat that.

115 Family members need to realize that someone can be in the FM Family and still receive abundant Word, have fellowship, use the tools, and lead a very productive life of service to Me. There is a negative connotation attached to being a Fellow member that is absolutely unnecessary and wrong. People need to understand that if they're not ready or able for one reason or another to fulfill the Charter member requirements all the way at this point in their lives, then they'll bc happier in the FM Family.

116 Some will choose to move to Fellow member status because the rigors of the CM lifestyle and CM requirements are too much for them. Others will move to Fellow member status because they need to give their problem children more attention or provide them with situations where they can live according to the choices they have made. Still others will choose to move to Fellow member status because they seek a less restricted lifestyle. They prefer to not receive so much shepherding, and they want to participate in activities that are not allowed or not recommended in the CM Family, such as having sex with outsiders, listening to a lot of System music, surfing the Internet extensively, spending a lot of time playing computer games, hanging around with System friends without the purpose being to witness to them or feed them the Word, etc.

117 (Mama:) With this GN you will find the Charter member contract. Those of you in the CM Family, age 18 and over, who wish to retain your CM status, must prayerfully read and make a commitment to these CM requirements and sign the contract attesting to this commitment. If you know for sure that you do not wish to sign it, please begin to make arrangements to move to an FM Home, or start your own FM Home by yourself or with others or if you prefer, to leave the Family altogether. (Note: If at any time later down the line you are not happy with your choice, you can begin the procedure to move from FM to CM status, or you can rejoin the Family if you've left. Those who choose to leave the Family are not being excommunicated. You are free to return. Also, young people ages 14 to 20 who leave the Family but return within six weeks are still eligible for the leeway allowed under such circumstances as noted in point 1A of "Procedures for Accepting Young Returnees Back into a Charter Home.")

118 If you're unsure at this time whether you want to sign the contract, you can consider your decision for one month. The signing of the contract should take place on October 12. (Note: We chose a deadline date that would be one month from the time all Homes will have received and read this GN.) Peter and I suggest that you try to read the revised portions of the Charter during the month that you are contemplating your decision, so you will be fully abreast of any changes.

119 Those of you in the CM Family who are not yet 18 will be required to sign the Charter membership contract within one month of your 18th birthday, and your Home's teamwork can notify your continental office of your having signed when they send in your Home's next TRF. If you choose not to do so, you will be asked to become a Fellow member. If you do not wish to continue in the CM or FM Family, you're free to leave the Family altogether, of course.

The Lord Has Been Preparing You!

120 This challenge and the requirement of a concrete decision and commitment on the part of each Charter member might come as a surprise to many of you. Some of you have become accustomed to so much leniency, so much mercy, and you've been given so much time that you probably figured things would never change. Well, they have.

121 But again, I want to repeat that the Lord has been preparing you for this time for years! You're very well informed and you're accountable for all the truth that has been published. You can't say you didn't know. And you don't need months and months to figure out what you want to do with your life. Just as the Lord said, "Say not ye there are yet four months and then cometh harvest; behold, I say unto you, lift up your eyes and look on the fields, for they are white already to harvest." There were hundreds of disciples of the first generation who made the decision to forsake all and serve the Lord after just a few hours or days of reading the Word and seeing the sample. All of you who are 18 years old and over in the CM Family know what it's all about and you're well prepared and able to make a decision within one month. On this, the Lord said:

122 (Jesus continues:) The decision to go all the way with Me in the CM Family can be made in a moment. A person who wants to serve Me with all their heart can decide on the spot, without long hours of consideration, deliberation, counseling, cajoling or persuasion. I have already begun the work in each Family member's heart. I have begun to prepare each one for this moment of decision. You must trust Me, and know that I have a personal connection with each of My children. I've been speaking, pleading, warning, leading, and begging each one to come closer, to say yes, to yield, to forsake any evil ways. I've prepared the heart of each Family member, young and old.

123 Now is the time! You have but to issue the statement, to explain what is happening in the spirit. All have sensed that something is happening; they've sensed it in their hearts. But many have not discerned what it is that's happening, so you must explain to them, put into words what they've felt in their hearts that My still, small voice of conviction has been calling each one to come closer, to leave the things of the world, to forsake all and become My disciple once again, unhindered by the things of the world, the pride of life, the doubts that the Enemy would use to weaken or even strangle.

The Decision Is Yours!

124 (Mama:) The Lord has been preparing you. He has spoken to your heart. You are His child, He loves you, He wants the best for you, and He's done all He can to prepare you for this time of decision. He asked me to explain to you what it is that you've sensed in the spirit, and I pray that this GN has done just that. You've known deep in your heart that change was coming. Now is the time that you must decide which way you will go. If you have the faith and conviction to be in the CM Family, that's great! If you feel you'd be happier in the FM Family, then that's fine too. And if you feel the Family is just not the place for you, then you're welcome to leave.

125 The decision is yours. This is not a situation where the "leaders" are "purging" the Family. You are making the decision yourselves! It's you who will make the call. We're just drawing a line in the sand with a clear contract of the standard of Charter membership. We're precipitating the crisis that's been brewing in the spirit for a long time. Now the choice is yours.

126 Of course, there will still be work for the CROs and VSs to do, because besides those who decide not to sign and go FM or leave the Family, there will bc those who do sign the contract but who will continue to consistently and flagrantly disobey the Charter. In those cases, they will be reclassified if they don't choose to move to FM status of their own accord, just like it's been stated in the Charter all along. But the majority of you will be choosing your own place and moving to the level of discipleship that best fits you.

The Provisional Charter Membership Contract

127 You're undoubtedly wondering what, if anything, will be required of the senior teens. You senior teens are voting members, and many of you carry a very big load in the Home in which you live. Many of you are dedicated to the Lord and the Family, but Peter and I were not sure if you should bc required to make the same commitment as those who are 18 and over.

128 When we sought the Lord about it, He made it clear that a commitment will be required of you, but it will be slightly different, in order to accommodate the different levels of commitment and dedication that are present amongst you senior teens. He is asking you to sign the Provisional Charter Membership contract. The deadline for signing the provisional contract would be the same as for those 18 and over who will be signing the Charter Membership contract October 12. You will have one month to prayerfully consider your decision. I suggest you spend this time seeking the Lord and discussing any questions you have with your shepherds or parents.

129 Here is a message from the Lord explaining what is expected of you and why, and as you study the Provisional Charter Membership contract, it will become clearer to you.

130 (Jesus speaking:) You, My precious senior teens, are very dear to Me and very important in My Kingdom. I have made you in such a way that you can provide inspiration, strength, new ideas, and fresh approaches to the tasks before you. You can help to carry a big load. You can be a tremendous sample to outsiders because of your dedication, obedience and maturity. You have been trained in My ways and Word for years, and there is great opportunity for you to be fruitful and to have important ministries in the Family.

131 I also know that these years are turbulent ones. They are years when your emotions swing drastically up and down. At this time in your life you're trying to "find yourself' and see what you want to do with your life. You're getting to know Me more intimately, and you recognize that you're faced with many important decisions as I allow the path you walk to bring you to many crossroads that cause you to seek Me, examine your heart, and see what you will do for Me and others. These are years when you are tested and tried as to your character and the strength of determination and dedication in your heart to serve Me and put Me first, above all else.

132 These are difficult years, and I understand the weight of responsibility that you feel as you ponder what you will do. Because I have allowed these years to be a time of learning and spiritual growth, I am not requiring that you make the same commitment as those who are older. I want to allow you some time so you can progress and pray and be fully convinced in your own mind about what you choose to do with your life and whether you will commit to being a 100% disciple of Mine, a full-time missionary who is ready to take up his cross daily and follow Me.

133 Though I see the need to give you some space so you can think, pray, experience, and even just wait on Me, I also know that you need boundaries. The Enemy seeks to destroy your usefulness and your future for Me, so I cannot leave you without clear guidelines as to what is expected of you at this time. I must still hedge you about with definite requirements for your behavior, even though you will be given time to firm up your beliefs and make your personal decisions of commitment to Me. 134 While you decide, while you ponder what you will do with your life, I still require that your behavior be that of a Christian. I require that you be a good sample to others, both inside and outside of your Home, and that you work in unity with those in your Home. I also require that you be open to counsel and shepherding, and that you fulfill the responsibilities of a Charter member to the best of your ability. 135 I realize that there might be Family doctrines that you have not yet come to grips with personally. I realize that you might be undecided in where your personal convictions lie regarding some of the fundamental Family beliefs. This is understandable, and I would expect that you would seek Me regarding any questions you have, and also seek the help of your elders. 136 I also understand that during this time of indecision, you might not have the strength of conviction to fully comply with some aspects of discipleship. If that is the case in your life, I pray that you will take the time necessary to seek Me on these matters and to resolve these questions in your heart before you reach the age of 18 and are required to sign the Charter Membership contract, if you wish to retain your Charter member status. 137 In the meantime, however, I and your shepherds and parents will not tolerate your being a negative, divisive or destructive influence in the Home. We will not tolerate it if you sow discord and lead others astray either those of your own age group or the younger children. 138 You must be willing to make a commitment to live in harmony with those in your Home, to uphold the Charter requirements to the best of your ability, and to not affect others negatively. You must be willing to obey the regulations and guidelines for behavior that are agreed upon by the Home in which you live. In order to help you do this, I have called for Maria and Peter to design a Provisional Charter Membership contract that is slightly different from the Charter Membership contract that will be signed by those 18 and over.

139 This contract makes allowances for the uncertainty you feel and the decisions and commitments you're making during these years. By not having you senior teens face the decision of whether to sign the Charter Membership contract and thus commit to full-time discipleship, I am giving you time and an opportunity to think and pray more seriously about what you want to do with your lives, while still giving you clear-cut boundaries and standards of behavior that must be adhered to if you wish to continue as a Charter member.

130 If you feel you cannot make the commitment to sign the Provisional Charter Membership contract, you are free to become a Fellow member, or you can leave the Family(if your parents allow you to and can make arrangements for you). If you do sign the contract and then you consistently do not fulfill the requirements put forth in that contract, or you consistently disregard or disobey the regulations and guidelines decided on by your Home, or if you are a negative, divisive, or destructive influence in your Home, you will be disciplined. Your shepherds and parents will try to help you and discipline you, according to the guidelines of the Charter, but if you do not improve your behavior, then you will be recommended for Fellow member status.

141 If two of the three governing bodies of the Family (your Home, the VSs and/or the CROs) agree with the recommendation for your reclassification, then various options are open to you: If you're living with your parents, they will either have to decide to move to FM status so you can continue to live with them as a Fellow member; or they can seek the permission of their Home for you to live with them as a non-Charter member; or they can open their own CM Home and live by themselves, with CRO permission, with you living there as a non-Charter member; or they can. find a suitable place for you to live outside of a Family Home. If you're not living with your parents at the time it is deemed you should not be in the Charter Family, you'll be returned to them at the earliest possible opportunity, at which time they will be faced with the same options listed above.

142 If you're not sure whether you want to commit to full-time discipleship, you can wait until you're 18 to decide. But while you're living in a Charter Home, you must abide by the regulations of that Home. Each CM Home is to agree together on such things as movies, computer games, novels, etc., and you must abide by those regulations while you are living in the Home. If you are not sure that you want to commit 100% to being in the Family, you can still sign the Provisional Charter Membership contract. However, in signing you're agreeing to live by the CM standard as put forth in the contract, and by the regulations of whatever Home you reside in.

143 This is an important time of decision for you, My dear young warriors. You have so much potential and I have given so many promises for you, but they are contingent on your desire to serve Me and put Me first. You must make the decision to drop out of the System and become a disciple, just like everyone else in the Family. I am preparing you for that decision.

144 Some of you have already made your decision. There are those of you who have committed your heart and life to Me. You are Mine completely. I commend you for this and I promise I will bless you. Even if you are fully committed, I would not have you sign the Charter Membership contract at this time. When you are 18, and you have made your calling and election sure, you can join with the others of your age and sign the CM contract. For now, your declaration of faith will be in signing the Provisional Charter Membership contract and being a testimony to your peers of dedication and obedience.

145 There are also those of you who have already determined in your heart that you do not have it in yourself to serve Me; you don't want to be in the Family. You who feel this way should begin immediately to eke arrangements to live outside the Family by declaring your intentions and making the needed plans with your parents. The first step would be to return to live with your parents, if you're not already with them, who would then have to pray and choose one of the options mentioned earlier.

146You who are still undecided should seek Me diligently, knowing that the Enemy of your soul seeks to steal you away from My service. Fight for your crown and for your place in the army of the children of David! Now is the time of preparation for your decision of total commitment. (End of message from Jesus.)

147 (Mama:) As you can see from this message, you senior teens will be asked to sign a Provisional Charter Membership contract that is slightly different from the contract that will be signed by those who are 18 or older. The Lord, Peter and I, and your shepherds and parents realize that you are facing big decisions in your life and we don't want to pressure you to make a decision of total commitment before you're ready. But the provisional contract does show clearly the standard of behavior that you will be required to uphold.

148 We are not at this time expecting a full commitment from you senior teens to the fundamental Family beliefs nor to living as a full-time disciple in the Family. We and your parents and shepherds realize that you might need time to understand and fully accept some things about the Family doctrines, message or lifestyle. Signing the Provisional CM contract does not indicate that you are fully convinced about everything the Family stands for. You can sign the contract and still be undecided about some things.

149 But what you must understand is that even if you do not understand, acceptor commit to some of the beliefs or doctrines of the Family, you are still expected to behave in such a way that you are not a negative, divisive or destructive influence in your Home or to other people, such as your friends, the younger children, or the members of other Homes.

150 You must realize that what you do has an effect on others, and you who have not made a firm commitment to serve the Lord in this Family will not be allowed to hurt others by engaging in activities that pollute others, undermine others' faith, or lead others astray. If you're still making decisions concerning your future, that's fine. If you're working on your weaknesses, that's good. But while you're doing so, we expect that you will keep those weaknesses in check to the point that you will not be a negative influence in the Home, pulling others away from the Word or the united regulations or goals of your Home.

151 All who sign the Provisional Charter Membership contract will be expected to uphold, to the best of their ability, the standard presented therein. We understand that you senior teens are maturing and learning, and it takes time to grow spiritually. The Lord, Peter and I are willing to give you some space as you make your personal decisions regarding what you will believe or not believe. We understand that there are commitments that must be made just between you and the Lord, and we're not rushing you. You're not expected to be perfect, or to have a complete overnight change, but there must bc a willingness to live in unity with others regarding your behavior. If you go overboard in something or get involved with things that hurt you or others spiritually, you will be shepherded. Mercy and grace will be shown, as long as you try to progress and to act in such a way that limits any negative influence you might have on others or your Home and the work.

152 The Home in which you live can and should decide by means of a vote regarding activities such as what movies will be watched, how much and which computer games will be played, how and when people can use the Internet, how people should conduct themselves when they're outside of the Home, how much System music can be played and under what circumstances, etc. We know these are points of interest to you teens. It's up to your Home inclining you senior teens to decide the details of these activities based on the guidelines of the Charter. You're just as responsible to try to uphold those Home regulations as are the members over 18 who signed the Charter Membership contract 153 If the regulations your Home agrees upon are too lenient and they end up weakening your Home to the point that your Home is not upholding the Charter standard, then your Home is in jeopardy of being put on Probationary Notice or being reclassified as an FM Home.

154 I want you to understand that some of the very destructive, divisive, unchristian activities that are forbidden under the Charter that some of you teens have been involved in within your Homes (as well as outside your Homes at fellowships, get-togethers, parties, etc.), will no longer be tolerated. The consistent violation of the Charter standard and the Fundamental Family Rules that some of you teens are engaging in will no longer be allowed. 155 If you're guilty of such destructive behavior, you can still sign the provisional contract and have a new start. We won't hold the past against you. However. if you continue in such behavior, if you prove to be incorrigible, if you refuse to be shepherded, if you reject the Charter guidelines and your Home regulations and flagrantly and repeatedly disobey them, if you are a negative and destructive influence inside or outside of your Home, if you are regularly a bad testimony to outsiders, a reproach to the work your family or Home is engaged in, or if you stumble people with your consistent unchristian behavior, you'll be disciplined as outlined in the Provisional CM contract. If you're guilty of any or all of the problems mentioned above, you risk losing your Charter member status.

156 You senior teens should be trying to uphold the Charter member standard. If you don't want to try, then you shouldn't be in a CM Home. If you do want to try, you will be given mercy and grace, as you approach 18 and prepare to make your decision of whether to sign the full contract or not. But our CM Homes are not the place for those of you who don't want to even try.

157 You senior teens who have already determined that you don't want to serve the Lord in the CM Family should make that known at this time. If you know for sure that you don't want to be a missionary in the CM Family, then you should say so. You must also realize that your parents might have to either move out of their CM Home and open their own CM Home (with CRO permission to be an undersized Home), or go FM in order to take care of you, should you choose to not stay in the Charter member Family. Your parents may also seek permission from their Home for you to remain in the Home as a non-Charter member, though the Home is under no obligation to grant this.

158 These are important decisions, and I expect you senior teens to pray very desperately about them, and if you choose to sign the Provisional CM contract, it is with the understanding that you will do all you can to be strengthened in your weak areas.

The Responsibility Is Yours!

159 Besides the initial decision that each of you in the CM Family will make, I want to explain that you each have an ongoing responsibility for the purity of the Family. The spiritual state of the Family cannot bc governed fully by Peter and me, nor by your leadership. It is dependent upon each person in the Family, each Home. If we are to truly cleanse the Family of the poison that is weakening it from within, it will take the full cooperation and wholehearted support of each one of you.

160 I think you might be surprised, and even saddened, if you were to look through the Letters of the last few years and see how much Word has been given that has not been heeded or obeyed. Whose fault is that." The fruit of the Word and the change it brings about in the Family, and ultimately the world, is the sum total of each person's daily decisions.

161 You might not think you or your little Home matter that much. You might think you can go right ahead and live in the same state of disobedience and halfhearted yieldedness to the Lord and it won't make a difference. After all, you're just one person, right? Wrong! You are a very important part of the Family, and what you do, or what your Home does, makes a difference! Only through the increased obedience and greater dedication of each individual will the Family be cleansed and preserved.

162 This is a very important point if the Family is to reach the level of purity that the Lord knows is needed. I will talk about this more in a later GN, Lord willing, but in this one I want to at least include a brief message from the Lord. Please take this to heart. The future of the Family depends on your understanding and accepting your personal responsibility, and your willingness to quit ignoring the fact that your life and what you are and what you do matters!

163 (Jesus speaking:) I have issued the call to cleanse and strengthen the Family, but this cleansing will depend on every one of you and your personal choices. Your CROs and VSs have a great responsibility in this matter, for they will have to prayerfully judge a variety of situations and will have to get involved with shepherding on a deeper scale than ever. Yet the full responsibility for the spiritual state of the Family docs not fall upon their shoulders but on yours! They will do all that they can, for they have been commissioned for this by Me. Yet their part alone is not sufficient to ensure victory. You have to do your part!

164 It is the responsibility of each of you Charter members to stand up and fight the Enemy and his attempts to weaken and drag you down through his ungodly and worldly influences. It is your responsibility to make a wholehearted commitment to Me, and to your king and queen, and to resolve to fight with all that is within you to be what I need you to be; to lay aside those things I ask you to forsake; to wholeheartedly embrace the new weapons I have asked you to take up.

165 It is also the responsibility of each of you to be your brother's keeper, to help each other to stay on track, and to report the problems and infractions of the Charter that you see. Your first loyalty must be to Me. And that means that you cannot continue to turn a blind eye to those who are disobeying, or cover up for those who are wrong and who are allowing the poison of the System to penetrate and weaken your Home. You too are responsible for the purity of the Family, and you must be faithful to seek and protect that purity of spirit in your own life and Home.

166 It's your Family and your responsibility. Don't you want to receive My abundant blessings? Don't you want to be free from persecution? Well, then, you've got to do your part to make the Family what it needs to be. Your part is to accept, believe, and obey to accept what I have said, to believe that ties cleansing is necessary, and to obey My instructions to shape up and get all the way on board with Me. (End of message from Jesus.)

The Role of the CROs and VSs

167 I want to talk more about the role of the CROs and the VSs in this cleansing, because you must understand that they've been instructed very clearly by the Lord and Peter and me to not put up with the same shenanigans that they've put up with for years now. You'll no longer get away with behavior that is not in line with the Charter. If you're not upholding the CM requirements that are laid out clearly in the Charter member contract which is taken straight from the Charter itself then it's the CROs' and VSs' responsibility to begin the procedures for reclassifying you to FM status. And if you're committing excommunicable offenses, then they are to excommunicate you. It's as simple as that!

168 The procedures in the Charter make it clear that if the CROs determine, after investigating the facts behind the recommendation that you be moved to FM status, that you're violating the Charter and not fulfilling your responsibilities as outlined in the Charter, and the VSs or your Home agree that you be moved to FM status, then that judgment stands, regardless of whether or not you signed the contract. Your Home or VSs can also recommend that you be reclassified to FM status. Two of these three governing bodies the CROs, VSs and your Home's voting members need to agree together for you to be reclassified to FM status, and this can be done even if you've signed the CM contract, if it's determined that you're not fulfilling your CM responsibilities.

169 One of the most important things for you to understand is that the Charter member requirements have not changed. We're not changing or enhancing the Charter; we're only planning to enforce it! Some of the sins and Charter infractions that have been overlooked and tolerated for a long time will now be judged more quickly and surely, and those who don't live up to their CM responsibilities will lose their place in the CM Family.

170 You're likely to see a big difference in the CROs' and VSs' reactions and outlooks, so I don't suggest you test them. They're not becoming harsh and cruel, they're just "coming up to the average" of the Charter in judging situations. On this subject, the Lord said, continuing His earlier message:

171 (Jesus continues:) Much of the power to effect the change needed is in the hands of the CROs and VSs. They are your hands-on officers. They're the ones who must uphold the Word and the standard of the Charter. They're the ones who must cleanse the flocks of the sick and dying sheep who are infecting others. They're the ones who must observe those who are in the balance, and when need be, they must also remove from the CM flock the ones from that category those who consistently fail to fulfill the responsibilities of a Charter member, even though they've signed the contract.

172 The CROs and VSs must be made to see their great responsibility at this point in time, and they must be stirred up in desperation to see that in part, the future of the Family lies in their hands. If they fail to uphold the standard, then the Family will still be cleansed, but it will be at My hand, and it will be much more painful and costly to your progress and the ministering to the sheep.

173 You ask how the CROs and VSs can bear such a weight? How can they know who is worthy and who is not? It really isn't that complicated; you can tell by the actions and attitudes and visible signs. As I have said, by their fruits you shall know them. That still holds true. All the CROs and VSs have to do is look at the fruits. Is that Family member obedient to the Word and the CM discipleship requirements in the Charter? Usually it's pretty obvious when people are not obedient at all and are not keeping the CM standard at all. Those people should immediately be reclassified as Fellow members. With that reclassification, many will of their own accord decide at that tinge or shortly thereafter that the Family is not the place for them; they'll leave completely.

174 (Mama:) Peter and I can only hear from the Lord and publish His Words. We can't walk amongst you and follow through with the actual enactment of the Lord's plan. That's impossible. Much of that is up to the CROs and VSs. I don't envy their position, as they have probably the most difficult job in the Family. It's a huge responsibility to judge people's spiritual condition and determine, through seeking the Lord, which of those "on the fence" are living the CM standard and which are not, and are therefore more suited for the FM Family and would be happier there.

175 But the Lord encouraged the CROs and VSs by explaining that He will make it easy for them to discern who is not keeping the CM standard at all. They just have to look at the fruits. It's usually pretty obvious, and in fact, many of you probably know who those people are. You probably already know who the real culprits are who are sowing division and poisoning others with their evil attitudes and worldly ways. You've probably observed those who don't love the Family but are just here because they feel it's an easier life, and they don't want to take the step to leave the Family and face the unknown of a life in the System on their own. It's fairly easy to recognize those who are dead or dying, and who have no desire whatsoever to be in the CM Family, nor in many cases in the FM Family.

176 If some of those who are troublemakers sign the contract but don't have a radical change in their behavior, but instead continue to repeatedly disobey the Fundamental Family Rules and do not make an obvious effort to fulfill the requirements of a Charter member, then the Home, VSs and/or CROs will recommend that they be reclassified for not living up to their contract. The Lord indicates that when they're reclassified, many of those people will decide on their own to just leave the Family altogether. (By the way, those who become Fellow members but who aren't abiding by the "Statement on Fellow Members" [Appendix I in the revised Charter], which enumerates the requirements for the FM Family, will lose their Family membership altogether.)

177 So it's not too difficult to recognize and judge righteous judgment regarding the people who don't want to be in either the CM or the FM Family, who would bc happier if they were to choose to leave the Family altogether. The more difficult job for the Home, VSs and/or CROs, and something which you're probably wondering about, is how to judge the people who aren't causing serious trouble and aren't real problem cases; they're sweet, but they're not following the standard of discipleship that is expected of Charter members. That appears to be a much more difficult situation to judge; it's a dilemma. On this, the Lord said:

Judging Those Who Are Hanging in the Balance

178 (Jesus continues:) The shepherds feel the difficulty is in judging those who are hanging in the balance, those who are not obviously reprobate, disobedient, rebellious and backslidden, but who are not obviously obedient either. That's where the shepherds feel it gets complicated, because many of those folks are sweet people; they're somewhat of a help in the Home and they don't cause too much trouble, at least not compared to the ones who are really off track and bringing all the poison into the Home. However, they don't uphold the CM standard regularly and they consistently disobey the Fundamental Family Rules.

179 I'll make it simple for that category. Those over 18 can also be reclassified to FM status if they don't fulfill the CM requirements as listed in the Charter member contract. Even though they're not as terribly problematic as the real troublemakers who are incorrigible, they're still not CM disciples if they're not living the Charter member standard. If after shepherding and warnings they're still contravening the Charter, then they can and should be reclassified as Fellow members.

180 The CROs and VSs will howl when they hear this, saying, "But there are so many that fall into this category! That will cause chaos, wreak havoc!" But again I say, I liken you to Gideon. Didn't he send back the majority of his army? Wasn't he left with a mere 300 out of his army of 32,000? Possibly that will be the case with the CM Family, but that's where you must have the faith and trust of Gideon. For the strength of the Fancily has never been in numbers, but in dedication. Quality, not quantity, said your Father David. This has not changed.

181 I would that anyone who is not fully behind living the Charter member standard as put forth in the Charter Membership contract not be in the CM Family. That simply serves to weaken the whole body. The CM Family should be as the avant-garde, the most dedicated, the ones who follow closely no matter what. The FM Family is still very much the Family, and they can lead very fruitful, productive lives for Me, but for various reasons they cannot, or do not personally feel they can, fulfill the Charter member responsibilities. (End of message from Jesus.)

182 (Mama:) The Lord gives some good insight here about the people that are considered "in the balance" those who still want to be part of the Family but who are not living up to the CM standard. This counsel will be very helpful for the CROs and VSs, and you need to understand it as well. That is, even if someone might be sweet and somewhat helpful, even if they're not a real problem case or troublemaker who is infecting others, if they don't live up to the CM standard as outlined in the Charter membership contract, then they should not bc in the CM Family; they should be in the FM Family.

Being FM Is Not a Bad Thing!

183 Again the Lord indicates that there might be quite a movement of people from CM status to FM status, but that's not to be seen as a bad thing. What you CROs and VSs and all of you in the Family need to realize is that the Fellow member Family is very much a part of the Family! Being in the FM Family is not like the past when people were reclassified as TRF Supporters. I know there are many bad memories of that time. People were hurt. Some were reclassified and removed from the DO Family unfairly. People were left without support and others to work with. Peter and I are very sorry for those things, but that doesn't need to happen again.

184 Being in the Final Family today is not like being a TRF Supporter in the past! There are many differences between now and those days. People in the FM Family receive almost all the GNs and other pubs. They have access to fellowship with CM Homes, provided those CM Homes also desire to have such fellowship. They're allowed to use the distribution tools.

185 Being in the FM Family is not a bad thing! You need to change your mindset on that. The FM Family is for those who love the Lord and the Family, who want to serve the Lord and read the Word, but who don't feel compelled or able to live the CM standard, for whatever reason. Many in the FM Family are happier there. They want to be in the FM Family. That's where their faith lies and they're happy with the freedoms allowed the Fellow members.

186 Yes, they love the Lord and the Family, but they've found their level of faith. They're happy living according to the "Fellow Member Statement" as opposed to the Charter. There's nothing wrong with that. People should live according to their faith. That's their choice, and we in the Family are very much in favor of people making their own choices.

187 So you really need to get over any ideas that being in the FM Family is wrong or something to be ashamed of. You should bc where you can live according to your own convictions and faith, and if the FM Family suits you best, then that's perfectly fine! You can still benefit from the Lord's Word in the Letters and can still bear much fruit in distributing the Word and winning souls. You've received a lot of training and input in the spirit, and are much more advanced than System Christians and church members!

188 What is wrong, however, is when we have people in our CM Homes who don't want to live the Charter standard. That's not fair to the ones who do want to live it. That's what must change. The Lord has made it fairly easy to sec where people stand by using the Charter standard. There is a clear explanation of the expected behavior and attitudes of Charter members. Those who aren't willing to abide by that standard should voluntarily choose to go to FM status. This is especially true of those of you who are consistently not keeping the Fundamental Family Rules or who are engaging in activities that are not allowed under the Charter, but which are allowed for Fellow members. If you are not keeping the Charter standard in your life and you plan to continue to live pretty much as you are now, then you would do better and be happier in the FM Family. You should move, of your own accord, to FM status, and those of you who don't do so voluntarily will be reclassified.

189 This isn't anything new, either. Ever since the Charter was enacted, people have been reclassified for not fulfilling their responsibilities under the Charter. It's just that the field officers and the Home Councils have been very lenient or even negligent in applying the Charter, and in many cases haven't reclassified people who should have been reclassified according to the Charter. So Peter and I are not changing the rules; we're just putting a definite program into place that will help the CROs, VSs, and Home Councils apply the rules.

190 As it stands now, a large majority of the Family has Charter member status. But possibly by the time each of you has made your personal decision about where you stand, there will be a minority in the CM Family, which is fine. The CM Family is for those who want to uphold the standard in the Charter and fulfill the responsibilities required of them, which are clearly and simply enumerated in the Charter member contract. It's pretty simple.

191 This is not new information. This should not come as a great big surprise. You've been aware of the Charter member standard for almost five years now. The only real change is that now we will go further and expect all those who hold that classification to actually live the standard and obey the Word.

Benefits of the CM Family

192 The Lord and I have gone to great lengths to explain that if you are fully convinced that you want to move to the FM Family or leave the Family altogether, that is your choice; in fact, that's what you should do. We want you to bc where you'll be the happiest and where you can live according to your own faith and convictions. There is, however, the other side of the coin that I must make very clear as well. Since you are well aware of the various freedoms that are allowed to those who choose to live in the FM Family and they are enumerated in this GN, I feel it's only fair and wise to also remind you of the benefits of the CM Family. This is not for the purpose of trying to coerce anyone to stay in the CM Family or to make anyone feel bad if they decide to leave. But it's for the sake of you who are undecided and who are battling, feeling pulled in both directions.

193 I ask that each of you desperately seek the Lord before making such a move to be sure you're in the Lord's will and aren't giving up the fight right before you're about to win the battle. Remember, just because your life is difficult and you're struggling with intense battles, that doesn't mean it's a sign that you should go FM or leave the Family. Please review the counsel in the recent "Spiritual Attacks Intensified" GN (ML #3255, GN 856). The Enemy is on the attack! He's out to destroy each of you! So you must bc sure to take the time to pray desperately before you make a rash decision to give up your CM status because you're feeling worn out, frustrated, extremely discouraged, or under attack.

194 The Enemy has upped the ante of the spiritual attacks, but the Lord has more than compensated with tremendously powerful weapons that guarantee the Devil's defeat if you'll just grab them and use them! You still have the greatest power in the universe at your disposal Jesus and your Heavenly helpers! And if you want with all your heart to be a part of the CM army of David, the CM disciples of the Last Days, then fight! Fight for your place! Fight for your crown! Fight for your reward! Don't let the Devil scare you away or make you give up. 195 If you believe the Letters and the Charter, if you want to progress with the new weapons, if you want to overcome in your besetting sins and progress in your weak areas, if you want to forsake whatever is getting in the way of your fruitfulness, if you want to hold on to your CM status, if you want to win and reach and teach more souls for Jesus, then do it! Go for it! Fight! Ask for prayer! Seek the Lord and hear from Him in prophecy! Get counsel from your shepherds! Humble yourself Fast and pray! Study the Word! Do whatever it takes to overcome the attacks of the Enemy. Don't let anyone steal your crown and don't just lay it down!

196 Just because you're discouraged or battling or feeling weak is no excuse to quit and give up your CM status. Yes, there will be a cleansing, but we're talking about those people who don't want to be in the Family at all, or who don't want to uphold the CM standard. But if you don't want anything else but the Lord and His Word and the life of a 100% CM disciple, then you can have it! You can do it! The Lord can do it in you! You can do all things through Christ which strengthens you! Christ in you, the hope of glory!

197 You might feel more freedom is available to the FM Family, but if you were to really think about it and look at things from a broader point of view, you would see that there's much more freedom in the Charter member Family. You're free to move and travel as the Lord leads, because you're not tied down to a System job and other System obligations that inevitably come with settling down. Those who live the Law of Love fully have wonderful sexual freedom. You have the freedom to not have to put your children in System schools, because you live communally and can work together to teach them and provide their needs. You're free to preach the full message of the meat of the Word without having to worry about protecting your reputation and standing, knowing that the Lord will bless and keep you as a reward for your obedience.

198 Not only that, but you have the rewards of living for Jesus all the way. You have the privilege of receiving the full counsel of God; you can partake of everything our wonderful Husband and Lover has to say to us! You have the excitement of living for Him full-time, giving Him all your time, attention and love, and knowing that He'll reward you accordingly both here and in the life to come! You're in the inner circle of the concentric circles of discipleship, receiving all the New Wine, and being on the front lines a dangerous place, but thrilling nonetheless as you advance on the Enemy's territory! There's nothing more exciting, adventurous and exhilarating than knowing you're doing the Lord's highest will, and He will more than repay any sacrifice. You'll have greater joy, satisfaction, vision, and rewards.

199 If you haven't seen those good things manifested in your life recently, it's not because there's anything wrong with the Lord or His ability to bless your efforts; maybe it's because you're in a CM Home but you're not living a CM life! But I guarantee that if you'll give Him your all all your time, your money and personal possessions, your desires, your hobbies, your love life, your schedule, your priorities, your marriage and children, your talents, your mind, your will He will take all that and create a masterpiece of your life! You'll bc amazed at what a transformation can take place.

200 There are so few children of David. So few people have been willing to answer the call to forsake all and be a part of the Family. So few have been born and raised in the Family and received years of precious training! I beg you not to let that go, not to take it lightly if you're about to lay down the torch and walk away to a place of lesser service. Please consider your future very seriously, and don't let the Enemy convince you that you either can't make it or that you'd bc happier living something other than a life of total dedication. Please think about those who are counting on you. watching your sample. Please think about the multitudes who have yet to hear about Jesus. Please think about the precious role the Lord has given you for the Endtime drama that is unfolding! 201 Although the FM Family has more of some particular freedoms, there's less shepherding, the required responsibilities are fewer, and in many ways you can pretty much do as you please those reasons alone don't necessarily make the FM Family a better, happier, or easier place to live than the CM Family. Yes, being a Charter member is a life of sacrifice. Yes, you have to humble yourself and learn to be weak in yourself. You have to be open and honest and endeavor to apply the New Wine to your life, and you can't just do whatever you want and have as much System input as you want. But those sacrifices are small compared with the rewards that will be yours not only in Heaven but in this life too.

202 When I asked the Lord about the benefits of being a Charter member, besides the fact that we are privileged to live for Him full-time and we have the assurance that He'll reward us accordingly both in this life and in Heaven He said:

203 "The main benefit is the benefit of the preparation I give those who give Me their all. The days to come will bring the fruit of those sacrifices, and you who have given Me everything and been willing to give up whatever was necessary in order to live for Me 100% will be the ones I will be able to trust to do mighty works for Me. You will bc catapulted to a greater degree of fruitfulness, and will continue as My front-line soldiers. That cliche will take on a whole new meaning in the days to come. The rewards for those on the front lines will bc so overwhelming, but the only way to qualify for front-line duty is through your preparations today. So even if you don't see the fruit of your choices right now, and to you it looks the same and as if it doesn't matter whether you stay CM or move to FM, or even serve Me at all, in the days to come you will feel the effects of the decisions you are making today, and the difference will bc very clear not the difference in title or name, but the difference in how much of yourself you yielded to Me."

204 (Mama:) Peter and I must give this message of cleansing, this challenge for each of you to find the place of service that best suits you. But we also must implore you to please pray with all your heart and consider very carefully the decision you're making. Seek the Lord and let Him speak to you in prophecy. Get His personal instruction. Because if it's the Lord's highest will for you to be in the CM Family, then you'll not be as happy anywhere else. On the other hand, if you don't feel you can make the changes that are needed in your life to be able to continue as a CM disciple, or if you don't even want to be in the Family at all, then of course please feel free to find whatever it is you're looking for either in the FM Family or outside of the Family altogether.

205 Please consider this carefully when making your decision.

Summary of the Lord's Challenge

206 Here's another message from our wonderful Husband that serves as sort of a summary of this challenge. He again explains His great plan in this cleansing and how He's prepared each one for this time of decision. He gives us precious promises that we will see come to pass in that glorious day that is to come. Praise the Lord!

207 (Jesus speaking:) This continues to be the day of choices. I've laid choices before My children over the past years. I've told them that they could make their own choices, and that they would have to live with the consequences of their choices. And this is no different; it's simply a continuation. But now they must make what amounts to their final choice the choice of how much they will serve Me, how dedicated they will be, how much they're willing to sacrifice to uphold the standard, to live My Words.

208 It is in the context of choice that this cleansing will happen. For I will make each individual person, of their own accord, make their own choices. This time of cleansing will be based upon the Charter and upon My written Word. I have already laid down within the Charter the rules, the laws, the attitudes that people should have. I've made it quite clear, and people must make a firm commitment within their hearts to obey and to follow and to do that which is written therein, not to merely be hearers of the Word.

209 I wish this to be not only a cleansing but a challenge a challenge to those who are on board, to go even further; a challenge to those who waver, to make the decision; and even a challenge to those who have turned back in their hearts, to leave, to do what their hearts show them, to follow the choices that they've made and to live with those consequences.

210 It's a day of choosing, of individual choice. For I no longer wish to allow within My ranks those who murmur and who cause division and schism, who bring discord amongst the brethren, which is an abomination in My sight. I wish to rid the body of those who are as diseased cells who multiply, and thus who weaken and will eventually destroy the whole body, even the healthy parts. This is as a canker that must be cut out.

211 This message to the Family will shake people to their very foundations, and they will have to evaluate themselves and choose accordingly. But it will also be a liberation. It will bc a liberation for those who wish to follow Me fully, for they will no longer be held back by those who weigh down the progress of the whole body. It will be a liberation for those who are fence-sitters, for they will. have to get off the fence and make a decision and move forward, and as they do, they will receive My blessings. And for those who make the decision to turn back and those who have already turned back in their hearts, it will also be a liberation, for they will be liberated to do that which their heart fully seeks to do without the restraint of the Charter and the conviction that they now live under, knowing that they do not follow.

212 As with any flock, the shepherd must cull out those that are weak. Then those that are strong, he uses to reproduce, to create more strong sheep. That's how a shepherd comes to have a strong flock. He doesn't keep the weak and the sickly. He doesn't breed them, but rather culls them out so that his flock reproduces only from good stock. And so am I going to do with you, for I am the Good Shepherd.

213 I've given everyone time--time to make decisions. I've warned them, I've spoken to them, I've shown them My deep love for them. Many have not heeded My warnings sufficiently. Now each individual must face up to where they're at; each one much look in the spiritual mirror and see where their choices have led them. Now's the time to see which sheep are fruitful and which are weak and diseased.

214 But, My beloved king and queen, know that you operate within My will and that 1 am the one Who has chosen to do this thing, and I am the one Who will bring it to pass. You must do your part, the CROs and the VSs must do theirs, the Homes must do theirs, and I will do Mine. And each individual will have to do their part as well in making their choices.

215 Some will freely choose to leave. Others who do not fully face up to the truth about themselves will have to be shown that they're not living in accordance with the CM standard, that they're not fully living the Charter as they must if they wish to remain Charter members, and therefore will have to be made Fellow members.

216 The message will rally those who are strong. It will cause a rejoicing in their hearts, and even in the hearts of those who waver. Many will rejoice at the clear sound of the trumpet and will make the right decision. The same clear sound of the trumpet will cause some to depart either from the CM Family or from the Family altogether. They'll see that the time of war has come, that the time of commitment is upon them, and because they're not fully committed to the CM standard, they'll choose to make such decisions. And that will strengthen the Family.

217 But you shouldn't fear, fret, or worry, for I'm in control, and I will bring this to pass. I will cause it to be a great strengthening throughout the ranks so that those who remain will be able to receive the special blessings, the special .,anointing, the special strength, the many victories that I have ahead. (End of message from Jesus.)

Dad's Challenge to Carry on

The Revolution!

218 (Mama:) Of course, you can be sure that Dad is very interested in this Letter, and he's been tuned into the preparation and formulation of this new challenge for the Family. When I asked him what he had to say to you on this subject, he gave the following message. Before you read Dad's talk, I want to explain that he directs part of his talk to you of the second generation. It might seem like he's singling you out, and you night not like that. You're well aware of the problems of the first generation. You know many of them have also strayed from the standard of the Charter, they've compromised in many ways, and they're not the samples they should be. Dad knows that too. But Dad also knows that you young people need a special message, as many of you have not yet made a firm commitment for the Lord and the Family. Even if you might be resentful about it or feel it's unfair, Dad is a faithful shepherd and he's willing to deliver that message anyway. He knows what you need, and because he loves you so much, he's giving it to you.

219 Although the FGAs have their problems, they're often not as tempted with the System as you young people are. Because they've had more experience with the System and they've been a part of it, they're not as tempted to desire the things of the world to the same degree as you young people. They had to give up the System when they joined the Family, and now Dad is challenging you of the second generation to do the same. I hope you won't let resentment about what you might feel is "unfair" cause you to reject this important message from Dad.

220 (Dad speaking:) All things change, but Jesus never! The Family has been built on the principle of change, on being willing to abandon what isn't working to find what will. I've never been afraid to tell it like it is and follow the Lord to bring about whatever revolution is needed to keep the Family pure and progressing. Thank the Lord, Mama and Peter feel the same, because without that willingness to make changes when needed, the Family wouldn't survive. You'd just quietly slip back into the mass of church compromisers, and that'd bc the end of it. You wouldn't be news anymore. No one would want to hear from you or about you anymore, because you'd be just the same as all the other church Christians no different, no radical message, no radical sample, no longer making people mad, sad, or glad!

221 Well, I'm in the business of shaking things up! I like change not because it's easy, but because I know it's needed! This time of change and tightening up the Family by having each of you make a choice is in the Lord's perfect timing. I think it's tremendous to see how the Lord has led Mama and Peter and how they've followed Him step by step, getting out the Word that would both prepare you and convict you and help you to see that you're without excuse. You know what's expected of you, and now you just need to see where you stand.

222 This is one of those difficult decisions that you have to make just between you and God. You'll give account for your actions, and you'll be rewarded accordingly. It's up to you now. You can't look to your mate or your friends or even your leaders. You have to do what you have the faith for. Do you want to go all the way with the Charter member Family or not?

223 If you wish to be a Fellow member, you're still with us in spirit and heart. You still have access to the most precious treasure the Word. And what you do for the Lord is completely up to you. You can be fruitful, happy, and do a lot for the Lord.

224 I've never said you had to live in our big colonies or Homes to serve the Lord, to win souls, and to teach others to witness. You can train your kids and really go to town for the Lord even if it's just you and your mate, or you and a few friends. I wouldn't recommend that you try to do it all on your own, living alone, because you need fellowship and someone to pray with and to lift you up when you've fallen. One can chase a thousand, but two can put ten thousand to flight!

225 So if you decide to go FM, try to team up with others who feel the same way, and you can go with our blessing. We don't condemn you. We love you! And we look forward to working with you and continuing to join forces to conquer the world for Jesus!

226 Now for those of you who decide to stay in the Charter member Family, you'll need to realize that things will change. I know you've had these types of challenges before; in fact, not too long ago Mama and Peter published "Charter Responsibilities," which was a very well-presented Letter. It was tremendous! It really laid out clearly what is expected of Charter members and leaders, and where the Family had gone wrong in not living up to the CM standard. We were all waiting with eager anticipation to see how things would improve after that Letter, but unfortunately things didn't improve enough. What a shame.

227 But all is not lost, because now the Lord is giving you another chance! He has so much love and patience that He wants to make sure you all understand not only what's required of you, but also what's at stake, what the future holds if you continue in the direction you're now going. He is merciful and He promised that He will do nothing except He reveal it unto His servants the prophets. He has revealed His will and His plan to His chosen leaders of the End-time, Mama and Peter. Now the question remains, what will you do?

228 One thing you must understand and this is especially important for those of you who are undecided, you who are not quite sure you want to consent to the CM contract, but neither are you sure you want to be in the FM Family or even leave the Family altogether: The CM Family will change, and those in the CM Family will be expected to change. There will no longer be the same tolerance toward the disobediences that have weakened the Family. It's the responsibility of the CROs, VSs, and your Home Council to make sure the CM standard is upheld. So you who are undecided must bear this in mind.

229 Even if you sign the contract, you're not going to be able to continue to hang on to the sins and problems that contravene the Charter and that are weakening you spiritually and ruining your sample. You're going to have to change. And if you don't change, it will only be a matter of time before you're reclassified.

230 So you have to count the cost and really seek the Lord about what you have the faith for and how much you're willing to give for the Lord. Are you willing to be a dropped-out, obedient, on-fire, 100% disciple? Or will you continue to try to remain in the CM Family and still be sneaking around, trying to get away with breaking the CM contract and taking in as much from the System as you can? Don't do it! It will only hurt you and the Family.

231 I challenge each of you to take account of yourselves, to assess your conviction and determination to serve the Lord. If you honestly don't want to be in the CM Family for whatever reason, then please, for your sake and the sake of the Family, make a move either to the FM Family or out of the Family.

232 This is serious business, and the Lord isn't kidding when He says that there will be persecution if the Family doesn't get cleaned up and back on track, back to the beginning which for those of you who weren't around at that time, means back to the basics of total dedication, full commitment, and being dropped out of the System. Just go back and read some of my early Letters if you want to sec where the Lord is headed. If you wonder if you have what it takes, then read those Letters in the black book and see if they stir you to get all the way on board or if they push you further away.

233 Things are not going to get easier. As you go into the Endtime, the last years, the Lord isn't going to expect less of you, He's going to expect more of you! So if you want with all your heart to be on the front line as a CM disciple, then you'd better start now to forsake all. Get rid of anything and everything in your life that's holding you back. Get rid of those idols of the System! Get back to the simplicity of Christ, the beauty of God's Spirit, the freedom of being His disciple who wants nothing more than to win the world with His love!

234 They say that no revolution or even reformation has lasted past the first generation, the pioneers, the ones who fought and bled and died for it. I can see why people have come to that conclusion, because usually the ones who have the truth and freedom handed to them without their having to fight for it don't appreciate it. Many on Earth and Here in Heaven have been watching the Family, to see if this will be proven true once again.

235 Will those of you of the second generation, who didn't have to live in the hell of the System, who didn't have to forsake a whole life and all your loved ones and friends, who didn't have to make the initial decision to leave everything to take up your cross to follow Jesus, will you have the depth of conviction, the true heart of the Revolution to such a degree that you will carry it on? Will you have the guts to keep the Revolution pure in spirit? Will you have the courage to believe the Word and live it? Will you be able to stand up to the System of your day and be truly different? Will you be willing to buck the tide of peer pressure, not only from without the Family but even more so from within, from those who are compromisers and who don't love the Lord more than anything in this world? That remains to be seen.

236 Time will tell if you of the second generation will continue in the footsteps of your parents. Sure, they've made mistakes, and many of them have failed and fallen and left over the years, and some of those who remain aren't the sample they should be. The Lord is not happy with their compromises either. But the difference in the first generation and the second is that though they might have fallen down in their convictions and gotten tired, though they might have slipped back and are beginning to lose the vision and not live up to the Word, when they hear this call, most of them will come back to the Lord and the Word. They'll come back to their First Love. They'll forsake whatever it is that's holding them back, and they'll rush to the front lines of the Family.

237 They'll be willing once again to live and die for the truth, because deep in their hearts is a very special dedication, a precious heritage that they've proven themselves worthy of'! They've fought and been wounded time and again, and yet they carry on. So when they hear this call, when they see that their place in the CM Family is slipping away, they'll fight, because they believe! They know the Family and the Words of David are the truth. They know what it is to leave everything, to forsake all, to drop out! And they'll do it again.

238 But what about you kids? What are you YAs and SGAs going to do'? I know you probably don't like to hear this said, but it's the truth the Family lifestyle, all that we stand for, the Word, following the prophets, having freedom and love that no one else has, was all handed to you in the beginning without your having to fight for it. You were born into it, whether you liked it or not. Of course, I'm very aware that you have worked hard to make the Family what it is; you've given years of your life, and your blood, sweat and tears to contribute to the growth and prosperity of the Family. You've been an important part of the Homes in which you've lived. I'm not denying that you have labored to witness, raise funds, teach and care for the children, keep up the Homes in which you've lived, and some of you have even taken on some pretty heavy responsibility.

239 I realize that you've had the Word anti the Family all your lives. So in some ways your present weaknesses are understandable and possibly even somewhat inevitable. Your parents, teachers and shepherds have been faithful to feed you the Word and train you in the admonition of the Lord all your lives, which I know you have appreciated. But the downside to that is that you've been more susceptible to familiarity with the Word and things of the spirit, so quite a few of you have fallen into a fascination for the System. It's different, it's something new, it looks so good.

240 Now you're going to have to make a decision. Now it's your turn to see if you want to drop out, join the Family, and go all the way, just like your parents did 25 or 30 years ago when they were witnessed to on some prophet bus or in some park or university. They heard the truth and they had to decide what they were going to do with their lives. They had to count the cost and see if they loved the Lord enough to leave their families, friends, jobs, boyfriends and girlfriends, school, everything.

241 Someone told them the truth, and they had to decide. No one was begging them to join. No one was telling them how easy it was going to be, how much fun it was going to be. No, they were telling them that it would be a life of sacrifice, danger and difficulty. They knew they were going to have to give up all their worldly possessions, live communally with people they didn't even know, and follow leadership that was in many cases hardly trained and sometimes many years younger than them. They knew they'd have to witness every day and do Holy Ghost samples and skits on the street. They knew they wouldn't be visiting their parents or friends, or watching TV, or listening to their favorite rock music. Everything changed for them from one day to the next.

242 They had a clean, clear break with the System, and they knew they had joined a revolution! They were dropped out and they gloried in the fact that we were so different from the churches and the Jesus people. They were thrilled to "damn the System" by exposing the failures of the schools, churches and governments. They sang and preached an unpopular message, and it made the news!

243 So now, 30 years later, we're going back to the beginning. Now it's your chance to see where you stand. Now we'll see if this revolution will survive past the first generation. We'll see how much you young people are willing to give for the truth, for Jesus.

244 I believe the Family will continue till the End. Why? Because Mama and Peter will faithfully get out the truth. I know they won't compromise. The Lord has promised me that, and I know they'll continue true till the End! You can believe that or reject it, because I know you're already thinking, "Well, what about freedom of choice'? Doesn't the future depend on the choices they make?" Yes, it docs; but believe it or not, the Lord has shown me the end of the road for Mama and Peter, and I know they'll make the right choices.

245 I also know there will be many of the first generation, your parents, who will continue faithful till the End. They've already proven themselves faithful and true, and they'll hang on to the last minute. But what will you do, you of the second generation? That remains to bc seen. But I believe there will be those of you who will also choose to drop out, to join the ranks of your parents in heart, mind, and spirit, fully dedicated and completely separate from the System.

246 How many of you choose the straight and narrow way of full CM discipleship remains to be seen, but I believe there will be many, because the Lord has promised that if we train up a child in the way he should go, when he is old he will not depart from it.

247 I believe many of you are now "old" now at the point where you can decide for yourself and make that full commitment. Some of you already have, thank the Lord, and I believe there will be many more. Choose ye this day who you will serve! I'm praying for you.

Love, Dad (End of message from Dad.)

248 (Mama:) I'd like to emphasize here, as Dad states, that Peter and I realize that some of you of the second generation have already committed yourselves and made firm decisions for the Lord and the Family. We know that some of you of the second generation have "dropped out" yourselves and have become as the first generation in spirit, because you've made the decision to do whatever it takes to serve the Lord all the way.

249 I'm proud of you who've done so. The Lord is very proud of you, and even though you'll have to keep deciding every day to move forward, just as our first-generation members must, you've made the initial commitment, you've put away childish thirds in the spirit, and have decided that there's nowhere else in this world that you'd rather be than serving the Lord with the Family. Some of you even have families of your own and have stuck through a lot, proving where your loyalties lie.

250 We're very thankful for you SGAs, YAs and teens who've stood strong and have made definite commitments to follow the way of full CM discipleship, and who are being good bellwethers for others to follow! But for those of you who haven't yet made that decision, now is the time!

How Can You Do It? Trust, Obey and Yield!

251 After reading this stirring challenge from Dad, you might feel quite incapable of what the Lord and Dad expect of you. Even with your very strong desire to serve the Lord in the CM Family, you might look at what seems to be a very high doorknob and wonder if you have what it takes. If you're feeling overwhelmed, too weak or sinful, or too far behind in the ways of the new day, then give special attention to this next message from our Lover and Husband. Let Him clarify your vision and give you the faith, comfort and hope you need.

251 (Jesus speaking:) There is nothing too hard for Me. There is no one that I consider "hopeless" or "too far gone." I am the God of miracles, and I can do a miracle in your heart, mind and life if you'll only ask Me, do your part, and then expect it.

252 I understand that you feel weighed down with the cares of this life, the things of the world that you've gradually let take hold in your life and which have now been exposed. You feel embarrassed and you wonder what the future holds. You'd like with all your heart to hold on to your Charter membership because you feel that's where I want you to be. You feel convinced that that is My will for you. The decision to sign the contract is not so difficult for you, because you wish to do all you can to be the disciple I want you to be. You don't want to be left behind or to slip from My perfect will. You don't want to lose any of My blessing in your life through compromise, indifference or lethargy.

253 There are others who feel led differently. They feel it is My will for them to move to the FM Family. They feel they will bc happier there, and they have a peace about it. You look at those brethren and you almost envy them, because you see what looks like an easier path and you feel you don't have the strength to keep fighting, to keep trying to overcome your weaknesses, when it seems nearly impossible. But yet you hear My still, small voice in your heart, which you have followed for so many years, and you know that it is not My will for you to leave the CM Family. You want the life of a 100% disciple, as explained in the Charter member contract. You want to go all the way and be all that you can be. You want to follow Me whithersoever I lead, and you are convinced that My leading for you is in the way of the CM Family. But you're torn between this conviction and the certainty of My will and the weakness you feel in yourself. This brings much confusion to you. Your desire and your capability to fulfill that desire seem so contradictory.

255 My precious bride, let Me comfort you and clarify your vision. I want to lift this heavy burden of confusion and the condemnation that the Evil One would want to harness you with. I know you've been encumbered with much serving to the neglect of Me and My Word. I know you've let the cares of this life choke out your intimacy with Me. I know you've let your eyes wander to the System, and you've partaken of many of its delicacies that have weakened you spiritually. I know you've grown tired, frustrated, and you lack the vision you need. I know your faith is not as strong as it once was. I know you feel that you've fallen behind in many ways, especially in the use of the new weapons.

256 Because of this, you feel that you don't deserve to be a Charter member, and you feel too weak to make it. But you must believe Me when I tell you that I can give you the strength, faith and renewed vision to make it. You're taking the first step by yielding to My call and accepting My challenge to greater dedication. I know in your heart you want to leave behind the things of the world; you want to get back to the beginning, back to the freedom of your First Love.

257 I haven't poured so much Word, training and preparation into you for nothing, just to let it slip away! I have a great purpose for you. You're important to Me and to the king and queen. Without your full input and contribution, the mission of world conquest through love will be hindered.

258 I don't want to see you quietly slip away to a place of lesser service when you know in your heart that you're one of the Charter members. Others may have a different place and calling. Others are being led differently by Me. I am speaking to each person's heart and each one is making a decision. I'm leading each one to the place and ministry where I know they'll be the happiest at this point in time.

259 If you felt it was My will for you to be a Fellow member at this time, that would be different. If that were the case, you could go according to your faith and you wouldn't be struggling with this inner turmoil right now. But you feel called to the CM Family that's what you want, the decision you would like to make. You want to "sign on the dotted line" of the Charter member contract, but you don't know if you can do it. That's what is holding you back. You don't want to be a hypocrite. You don't want to just be kidding yourself and not facing the facts that you don't have what it takes anymore, so you're counting the cost and you seriously wonder if you can make it.

260 You must believe that if there first be a believing will, then I will do the rest (2Cor. 8:12). I will do what you can't. As you yield yourself to Me in renewed commitment, as you prayerfully assess your life and determine that you want to forsake the besetting sins that are holding you back, that you do want to live up to what is expected of Charter members, then I will honor that yieldedness. And as you continue to walk in newness of life, to seek Me and give Me your all, I'll help you to accomplish your goal.

261 No matter how weak you feel, I can make it in you, if you have yieldedness and faith as a tiny grain of mustard seed. I will fan the ember of your faith with the cool, refreshing breeze of My Word. I will tend to that flame personally, and you will see the desire of your heart made reality. You will be renewed in spirit, recreated as a babe again, eager to learn, progress, witness, read My Word and hear from Me. I will cleanse you through the Word, and you'll be set free from the contamination of the world that is affecting your heart, making you sick and weak. I will strengthen you in the areas where you have gone back on your convictions. You will once again be ready and able to take up your cross of My service daily and follow Me. You will be a fisher of men. Though you are an unlearned man, you will shine with My wisdom and light. Old things will pass away and all things will become new including your desire to put Me first, your burden to witness and go to or remain on the mission field, and your conviction to train your children in the way they should go.

262 To take up the challenge and sign the CM contract is the first step, and a very important and great step it is. But that is only part of the need. Then you must have the empowerment of God to fulfill that commitment. You can't do it on your own, as you well. know, and you wonder if you can even do it with My help. But I promise that as you forsake all once again, as you bring every burden and compromise and doubt or bitterness to My feet and lay them there, then I will, in their place, reward you with new Heavenly ministering spirits that will give you the boost from on high that you need. They will help to strengthen, enlighten, and overcome. They will anoint you with a special gift renewed hunger for My Word. They will help to enhance your gift of prophecy as you come to Me to hear My personal Words of instruction and encouragement. They will protect you from the onslaughts of the Enemy as he tries to dissuade you and get you to let go of the victory.

263 All of this is available to you, yours for the asking. All you have to do is believe, accept and receive. So if you're convinced in your heart that it's My will for you to be a Charter member, then fight for it! Sign that contract with gusto, with enthusiasm, even with pride in your calling, and let's begin the process of renewal of your heart, mind and spirit. Just because you're spiritually weak right now, just because you've compromised and slipped in many of your convictions, just because you don't feel worthy of such an honor, don't let that stop you. I will forgive the failures of the past and will wipe the slate clean as you forsake whatever in your life is not of Me. Yes, you'll have to change, to be cleansed, to be renewed in spirit through obedience and yieldedness, but it can be done. I will not fail to do My part if you will do yours! (End of message from Jesus.)

Mama's Prayer

264 (Mama.) Thank You, precious Lover and dear Dad, for those Words of life. Even though they might seem painful and strong to some, we know that they're Your touches of love for each one in the Family; they're Your balm of healing and cleansing; they're Your elixir of comfort to those who will receive them with gladness.

265 Thank You for preparing the Family for this time of decision. Thank You for all the Word that You've already given, the guidelines and clarifications of Your will that have made the way clear. Thank You for the loving, patient shepherding that You've provided for the Family during these years of adjustment and personal choice. And thank You that this shakeup, this cleansing, is a continuation of Your plan, something that You have engineered, a necessity, because the Family did not pay sufficient heed to Your previous warnings and admonitions.

266 Please do help each of our dear Family members as they pray and seek You. Help them to get desperate, to call out to You with all their hearts, to find Your will for their lives. Please help those who no longer want to be in the Family to make a definite decision to leave the Family and live in the System and find what You have waiting for them there. Help those who don't have the faith or burden to live the CM standard, but who still believe the Letters and want to serve You and tell others about You, to find happiness in being part of the Fellow member Family, where they'll not feel the pressure of the CM obligations and responsibilities. And help those who do want to go all the way with You the ones who, by Your grace, want to live the CM standard to reach out and grab their place as Charter members with all their hearts. Help them not to waver or be buffeted by the Enemy, but give them the strength, faith and perseverance to hold on to their crown at any cost.

267 As we enter this time of cleansing, please anoint the CROs and VSs with a renewed spirit of conviction, wisdom, and faith. Help these precious shepherds and field officers to have great prayerfulness and to look to You each step of the way, not leaning to their own understanding or falling back into their old ways of looking at things and judging situations.

268 Lord, You've made it clear that in order to bring about the cleansing that is necessary for the very survival of the Family, we all have to do our part, including You. Peter and I must feed the sheep the meat of the Word; that's our prime responsibility. We must give the meat, full and strong, which will strengthen those who are willing to eat and receive it. Please help us to do that.

269 Each Family member age 16 and over must make a personal decision according to their faith and what they want to do for You. Each person must decide if they will remain in the CM Family, and if so, they must forsake anything that's holding then' back from being the disciples and samples that You want them to bc. Those who are not willing or able to bc Charter members must then decide if they still want to serve You and read Your Word and work with and support the Family as Fellow members, or if they no longer feel the call to bc a part of the Family at all.

270 These are very important decisions, so please help each person to look to You with all their heart, and with yieldedness, so You can lead each one according to Your perfect plan. Help no one to be influenced by the decisions of others, but to realize that this is a decision that is between You and them personally. They will give account for this decision, and when they do, they'll bc standing alone before You. Help each one to stand on their own conviction, nothing wavering.

271 Our Homes, VSs and CROs must do their part to make the CM standard and the Word come alive by ensuring the obedience of the CM Family. They must help to cleanse the Family of those sheep who are dying, who are incorrigible, who refuse to eat and drink of the Word and be strengthened. They also must help to strengthen those who are hanging in the balance. Those sheep who are undecided and compromised must bc brought to a decision. They must make a commitment to one of three choices: either to remain Charter members, upholding the Charter Membership contract; to become Fellow members, or to leave the Fancily altogether. They can no longer halt between two opinions and have one foot in the Family and one foot in the System. They can no longer try to serve two masters.

272 Please give our Homes and field officers great wisdom, humility, and prayerfulness as they perform Your will to shepherd the Family through these decisions, especially in those difficult situations where people sign the contract but then don't fulfill it, and continue to disobey the Charter and not fulfill their responsibilities as Charter members. Give the Home Councils, VSs and CROs great love, wisdom, and conviction when they must move these ones to FM status.

273 And finally, dear, sweet Jesus, we understand that Your role has been to give the strong meat of this shakeup message that will bring a division among the people. If this fails to bring about the desired change, then Your role will be to bring persecution, to strengthen the Family through suffering. If this GN and the CM contract don't purify the Family sufficiently, then You'll need to strengthen the Family by taking us through yet another time when we are weak and helpless and totally dependent on You for our very survival. When the Family is obviously weak, then we will be more desperate, more humble.

274 Please help each of us to do our part to fulfill Your will, so You can please spare the Family more persecution at this time. We have so much to do, Lord. The job of reaching the world with the Words of David is awesome; it's overwhelming, and to be distracted and to have to divide our attention, which we should be placing on our primary job of witnessing, to fight more battles with the media and long, drawn-out court cases, would be such a shame, such a delay.

275 We're just now pioneering the Activated! ministry, which You've promised will have a tremendous effect on our worldwide witness. You've shown that through this follow-up ministry, through the Activated! desks and our web sites, we will win many precious live-out disciples and train multitudes more faithful witnesses and followers of You. Your vision and plan for the Activated! ministry is so vast, and we don't want to have it interrupted or delayed because You have to bring persecution to cleanse the Family.

276 We're also making exceptional headway in our pioneer efforts in many new mission fields, such as Africa, the Middle East, and China. You've also promised a huge harvest for Latin America. There's so much good awaiting us. But one way or another, You must purify us, make us ready, and cause us to prove that we're worthy of such blessings through our obedience and humility.

277 Please help us, dear Husband, to buckle down as never before to obey, to rid our lives of anything that's not of You, and to get back to our First Love. Help us to preserve the Family and our very precious place as Your Endtime witnesses, Your Endtime army, by going back to the beginning, back to the freshness, the freedom of spirit, the total break with the world that there was in the beginning. Help us to bc Your dropped-out brides, Your ecclesia no longer with one foot in the System partaking of its evils, but with all our hearts, minds, and bodies fully committed to You and Your work and Word.

278 It's all by Your grace, Lord; we can't do it on our own. We're nothing without You. But if we give ourselves to You and hold nothing back, then we can have full confidence that You will do what we can't. You will perfect that which concerns us. You will cause our light to grow brighter and brighter until that perfect day when we will see You, our darling, faithful Lover, face to face. And then we'll know it was worth it all every sacrifice, every tear, every painful forsake-all when You take us in Your arms and whisper in our ear, "Thank you for putting Me first and for doing My will. Great is your reward in Heaven, My precious warriors of the End. You've run the race! You've won! Now enter into your rest and My pleasure." Amen. Thank You Jesus!

279 The choice is yours, dear Family. You stand at a crossroads of decision. Which way will you choose?

280 Peter and I love you. We'll be praying for you as you seek the Lord about His will for your life. We'll stand with you in your decisions, whether it be to sign the CM contract and make the changes needed in your life to fulfill it, or to become a Fellow member, or to leave the Family. We want each of you to do as you personally feel led by the Lord, without feeling pressured or condemned. You are the Lord's child, and He loves you and He will lead you to His plan for you at this time. Peter and I and your local leadership will respect your decision and pray that each of you will find the happiness you seek.

With love and prayers for each of you, Mama

Jesus Is Calling You Back to the Beginning!

By Maria

Maria #503 CM/FM 3258 8/99

DEAR Family, I know you're praying desperately after having read "The Shakeup 2000!" This is a time of personal choice. The decision is clear-cut for those of you who are completely convinced of where you want to be, whether in the CM Family, the FM Family, or out of the Family. But if you're unsure of where you best fit in, or if you feel so weak spiritually and incapable that you lack faith that you can uphold the CM standard, or even the FM standard, then you're likely to be in a very uncomfortable state of indecision and possibly even confusion.

2 I want to share with you the following message from our wonderful Lover, which was given many months ago for a woman in the CM Family. This prophecy is further confirmation that the Lord has been preparing the Family for this time of decision, not only through the written Word in the GNs but also through the personal prophecies that He has given you as individuals.

3 The beautiful promises in this message are yours to claim. This is not just a message for the one person for whom it was originally given, but it is for you too, and if you have a hard time believing that, just listen to what Jesus said: "Though I was speaking to this one person in her hour of need, and though I was answering her secret heartcry, I assure you that this is a message that many of My children need and can relate to. This challenge is for many, because the children of David are of one heart, mind and spirit, and they seek the same fulfillment in their lives that of doing My will. So share this message with all and let each take these Words as My personal Words of comfort, challenge and encouragement to them."

4 (Mama:) I pray these Words from Jesus to you will be a blessing during this crucial time of decision.

5 (Jesus speaking.) My precious little one, My darling, I love you! How I love to be close to you, and to feel you nestle your head softly and gently on My breast. I adore you. I desire you. I want more than anything to be close to you.

6 I've watched you day after day, week after week, year after year, and you have proved your love. I don't doubt that you want Me. Thank you for staying close, for saying yes, for wanting to receive the Word, for feeding My sheep, for having children for My glory, and for continuing to fight the good fight of faith. A11 these big steps of obedience and yieldedness over the years are proof of your love for Me.

7 Being close to Me and fulfilling My will for your life are what have brought you great happiness. That's the secret formula, the magic key to satisfaction and challenge. There have been times when you struggled with changes and when you felt too much was being asked of you. But with time, you realized that the direction I was leading you was not too much for you, and the climb was not too steep. You took My hand, even when you felt trepidation, and you walked by faith.

8 Through the years, you've learned that it pays to trust Me. No matter how dark or puzzling the circumstances, even if it seemed you'd lose something very dear to you, you've learned that the surest way to preserve your greatest treasures in life is to give them to Me, along with your heart, your will, and your future.

9 I'm so proud of you, My dear, for though you've fallen many times throughout the years, you've risen again to greater strength, and with a keener sense of My presence. I don't fault you for your struggles. I don't hold against you the times when you balked at My will or tried to wiggle out from under the conviction of My Spirit, because each time you eventually yielded and I rewarded you as a result. All the happiness, success, fulfillment, satisfaction, joy, good health, abundant supply, and challenge that you experience on a day-to-day basis is a direct result of your obedience to Me. I am the giver of all good gifts. I am the rewarder of all good deeds. I am the keeper of all purse strings, and the provider in both abundance and scarcity.

10 If you could only see how in control I am of your life and the blessings you've enjoyed, you would be in awe. For though you know that I love you and I've cared for you, you sometimes get your eyes on other sources, other people, other avenues that you give more credit to than you should. I'm sure you can imagine how that makes Me feel disappointed, left out, forgotten, ignored, and misunderstood. Hut in spite of that, I've never ceased to care for you, watch over you, and guard you each step of your way.

11 My love, I want to tell you a secret now a very important secret. This has been explained in general terms in the Word from the queen and king, and you have meditated on these things somewhat, but I have much more to tell you. So now I tell you plainly and personally: Though we've had a wonderful love affair and we've enjoyed each other all these years, there's much, much more that we will yet experience. There are oceans of love, passion, tenderness, and expressions of love and understanding that we have yet to taste of. Oh, My darling, My beautiful bride, if you could only see as I do, if you could only get a glimpse into the spirit world at all that awaits you, you would jump for joy! You'd be beside yourself with amazement, feeling so unworthy, yet anticipating with unspeakable joy that which is to come.

12 I've sent forth the call to the children of David to come closer, nearer to My bosom. I've reached out to take each one into My arms and to nurture a relationship that is much more than what was before. Many have come, but some have held back, and some have refused altogether. What is your choice, My love? Will you come closer? Will you love Me with total abandon?

13 I know you might feel that you already love Me fully and completely. You feel you have forsaken all, you're serving Me the best you can. But if you will receive it, there is more. We can be much closer and our relationship can be more real. I can be your First Love again, better than ever before. You can feel My love and blessing manifested in your life more than ever before. You can wake each morning with excitement, with newness of life, just being glad to be alive and anticipating the day before you with great enthusiasm. You can find a renewed burden for being My messenger to the lost, and its indescribably fantastic rewards.

14 You can have that undying love for your brethren burst forth in your heart once again, the love you had as a babe that made you cry out, "My Family, my Family; I know it's right, my Family!" You can weep again, as you did in years gone by, to the song, "Love your brother, while he's still around." You can find the simplicity and freedom of not being bound to the things of this world, the fleeting riches of man.

15 Does all this sound inviting, or does it seem too good to be true? Maybe the suggestion of these things has awakened in your heart a longing for days gone by, simpler days, when things seemed so much less complicated and you seemed so much more fit for the battle. Ah, My darling, fear not. Don't push these feelings away. Don't harden your heart. This is how I want you to feel. I want to take you back to your roots, back to the beginning, back to your days of innocence. I want you to remember how good it was, how happy it made you to be simple simply Mine and simply in love with Me.

16 Do you feel that such innocence, such simplicity, is impossible to recapture that too much water has passed under the bridge, too much has happened, that things have changed? Yes, much has changed, but the basics of living for Me remain the same, and My promises for those who put Me first are still sound, strong and immovable.

17 If you're ready, precious one, for the ride of your life, for an explosion of the Spirit that is guaranteed to be all that you want and more, then trust Me. Just reach out your hand now and walk with Me. Listen to these words of counsel, and I'll tell you what's lacking, where you've missed the mark, and how you can get back to the simple joys of life that always meant so much to you. I can't promise that it will be easy, but I can promise that it will be worthwhile. I give you My word of honor that you will not be disappointed. No matter what sacrifice you make, no matter how painful or difficult, even if you feel you're dying, the reward will be much, much more.

18 can see you're interested; I've really got your attention. You're wondering what in the world I could possibly ask you. It's nothing I haven't asked you before: Give your all to Me. Lay it all down. Become My disciple once again. You know what that means. It's a 100% giving. It's having no will of your own. It's putting My Kingdom first. It's forsaking all!

19 You've done this before, and now I ask you again to come and follow Me. Be a fisher of men, soft clay in My hands, the one who found the pearl of great price and sold all that he had so that he could buy it.

20 Will you lay every dream, every earthly desire, every relationship, every personal belonging, your children, your friends, your aspirations, your reputation, your marriage, your resentment and bitterness, your bad habits, all at My feet? Will you become a child again? Are you willing to be a servant of all? Can you let go of your independence and your feeling that you're a "special case"? Can you have all things in common with your brethren, according to Acts 2:44 and 45? Can you humble yourself to receive counsel and shepherding? Will you step out to use the new weapons of the new day? Will you let Me have first place in your heart, your life, your schedule, your priorities, your finances, and your plans?

21 I know this is not an easy challenge. I feel for you, My love. I sense your resistance and the sick feeling in your stomach, for you know better than anyone the extent of the change that I'm asking of you. You know that if you say yes to Me this time, with complete and utter abandon, holding back nothing, it will be as big a change for you as when you first joined the Family.

22 I will not pretend that this will be easy, for you've developed some selfish, independent habits, and it will feel as if it's tearing your heart out as you give them up. But this has been My challenge to all mankind. I set the level of discipleship at complete surrender when I said, "If any man will come after Me, let him deny himself and take up his cross daily and follow Me." This still holds true today. Nothing has changed.

23 I have not changed. The Word has not changed. The need has not changed. The reward for such sacrifices has not changed. Only you have changed, My darling, in your perception of things, in your level of dedication and your do-or-die spirit.

24 1 tell you this not to hurt you or discourage you. And by pointing this out, I in no way minimize the sacrifices you've made and the fruit you've borne. I know you love Me and you've proved your love in many ways. But I must be a faithful Messenger and Shepherd and tell you that the days which come will be fierce and dark. You'll face battles and difficulties that you have not yet known.

25 You enter the Last Days, the time when only those who know their God shall be strong and do exploits. There will be many who will be left behind, who will fall by the wayside-not because they didn't have fruitful years or good intentions, but because their lives were corrupt with sin and the deceitfulness of riches, or be- cause they failed to heed My warnings about the need to prepare spiritually by using the new weapons.

26 These are not idle, pretty-sounding spiritual principles or little children's bedtime stories. These are serious warnings that will make or break the future of each of the children of David. 1'm doing everything I possibly can to help My children to wake up, as are Queen Maria and King Peter. You've read the Word, you've seen the videos of King Peter and you've been involved in the challenges at various Birthday Feasts of past years.

27 What message has repeatedly been emphasized? Did I not stress getting back td the basics of unity, forsaking all, living the "One Wife" vision and the Law of Love, and exercising the new weapons, including loving Me intimately? The message has been given time and time again, yet still I implore you, I beg you, My love, to take heed.

28 This is the day of surrender. This is the day to say yes, to take up the challenge of all that you've read and heard. This is your opportunity to be a doer of the Word, one who lifts up the standard, who joins together with your brethren and shepherds to pull in the direction of the New Wine, so as to strengthen the young people, your children, your mate, and your. Home. This is My personal invitation to you to a new life, a new beginning.

29 1 know you can do this. You're determined and strong. What you put your mind to, you can accomplish. But this time it won't be through your own resolve or strength of character, but through your humility, yieldedness, and love for Me. Now is the time to lay it all at My feet, to say, "Nothing in my hands I bring; only to Your will I cling." And My will for you, My dear lovely bride, is to let it all go, to give it all back to Me-anything and everything you hold dear-and trust Me to give you what I know you need and what will make you happier than you've ever been before.

30 Will you trust Me, My beloved? I love you and want the best for you. I know better than you do what will bring you the peace of mind that you seek. You've struggled long enough, so now I call you to rest, to lay it all down, to become a child once again, and to taste and see My goodness. As you seek Me and My will first, as you receive these, My personal special Words for you, and obey them, you'll see that I will not fail in one of all My good promises to you

31 We will be as newlyweds, enraptured in endless love, and I will shower blessing upon blessing on you. Your children will be strengthened; your marriage will have a fresh influx of love and passion; your will to live and love will be renewed; your desire for My Word will return; and you will find great joy in your brethren once again. All this is yours for the asking, if you will just give yourself wholly and completely to Me. All Heaven is at your command, and lam your Husband and Lover. Ask what you will, and you will receive. (End of message from Jesus.)

32 (Mania:) Thank You, Jesus, our precious Lover and Husband, for giving us so much! You ask that we give You our all in return, but really it's so little compared to the reward You have in store for us, and even the blessings You give us here and now, day by day, for following and obeying You!