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Take Me With You!††††††† Maria #538†† GP 3299††††† 3/2000

An open letter to Family youth whoíve chosen different paths

By Maria


††††††††† Iíll always love you† 3

††††††††† Please take Me with you† 5

††††††††† Making your background work for you†† 6

††††††††† Adjusting to a new environment† 9

††††††††† Be wary and wise†† 13

††††††††† Combating depression††††† 15

††††††††† Agreeing to disagree††††††† 18

††††††††† In closing†††† 19

Dear Ones,

††††† 1. Iíd like to talk with you young people who have grown up in the Family but have decided to leave and do something different with your life.

††††† 2.The first thing I want to tell each of you is that I love you! You might think Iím upset with you, and maybe even that I donít care about you anymore, but neither is true. Iím not going to give you a lecture about how wonderful the Family is and how much youíre missing out on by leaving it. Iíve stated my views and feelings on that in many previous Letters, and I know youíve read at least some of them. So thatís not what weíre going to talk about here.

††††† 3. Now weíre going to talk about you--about your future, about the path youíve chosen to take, about what life might hold for you. While you may no longer be a ďFamily member,Ē Peter and I will always consider you a part of us, and care about you very much. We feel a responsibility toward you, and while we canít personally talk with you or help with your arrangements and care, we want to do what we can to make this transition as easy for you as poss≠ible, and to help you make the best of your life.

††††† 4. I believe that every one of you, whether you realize it or not, has been given special gifts from the Lord, and has something to give to ≠others. Even if youíre not going to be a full-time missionary in the Family, whether itís because you donít want to have to adhere to the rules and requirements of a Family member, or because you have other plans for your life, or whatever your reasons may be, there are things that youíve learned--both in the way of skills and spiritual principles--that can help you in many walks of life. I have great hopes for each of you and believe in you, that you can do something very worthwhile and make a difference in this world.

††††† 5.Youíre the Lordís child, and whether you choose to serve Him all the way, part time, or not at all, He loves you just the same! His love for you is never going to die. Youíll always be His priceless creation and hold your unique place in His heart. Heís never going to stop caring for you, and Heís always going to be there to hear your prayers and answer them in the very best way for you.

††††† 6.He promised in His Word that ďhe who cometh to Me, I will in no wise cast out.Ē It doesnít matter what your position or condition is, He loves you! Of course, things are going to be different for you out of the Family than they were in the Family, and you wonít be surrounded by the same spiritual atmosphere as before, but the Lord is everywhere. Heís omnipresent, and His love is unconditional. Some of His promises and rewards are conditional; yet even then Heís loving and merciful and always willing to forgive and offer another chance.

††††† 7.Peter and I also love you and care about you, and want you to know that we wonít ever despise or reject you or stop loving you, no matter what you do. We accept the decision youíve made, and understand that the Family and our way of life, our beliefs, our rules, our methods, or some combination of these, either arenít to your liking or seem too difficult, and we donít hold that against you.

††††† 8.Youíre still our ďchildĒ too, just as youíre the Lordís child, and we, feeling like your ďparentsĒ in the Lord as heads of the Family, will always love you. We trust that the rest of the Family will follow suit, and also show you through their words and actions that they still care for you.

††††† 9.In the following pages Iím going to include several messages that the Lord gave specifically for you who have been in the Family and have chosen to leave. Please donít skip over them, thinking that theyíre going to be telling you things youíve heard a million times; that the Lord or I will try to convince you not to leave (or to come back, if youíve left already), harp on the virtues of the Family, or make you feel bad for the choice youíve made. Thatís not the point here at all!

††††† 10.Please open your heart and take the time to listen to these words from Jesus, because they contain encouragement and comfort. For the sake of you who are just now leaving or have done so recently, weíre going to give some tips and instructions to better prepare you for what youíre going to encounter, as well as counsel for each of you, however long youíve been gone, that will help you make the best of your new life. Iím sure youíll find some worthwhile advice in these words that youíll benefit from, either now or later.

††††† 11.Thanks for listening.Thanks, too, for all that youíve done for the Lord and for others while youíve been in the Family. I know youíve each been a big help in some way to your parents and Homes. Whatever youíve done, whether inside the Home or out, has contributed in some way to witnessing and winning souls. We appreciate every bit of it. The Lord remembers it all too, and no matter where you go from here, whatever youíve done for Him within your lifetime is going to be acknowledged and rewarded when you get to Heaven.

††††† 12.Iím sure there are many folks in the Family, too, who are always going to remember you with fondness and gratefulness, thinking back on the fun and special times you shared, the way you helped them with their kids, how you made it possible for a certain project to be accomplished, and much more. And of course every person that you touched with the Lordís love and brought to salvation is going to be thank≠≠ful forever. I hope youíll still keep sharing His love and salvation with others as much as you can.

††††† 13.Please feel free to write to Peter and me any time you want. If you feel the need to share your thoughts with someone, for whatever reason, weíll be available to listen. Most of all, weíll pray for you, that the Lord will care for you, protect you, provide your needs, keep you close to Him and help you to be fulfilled, happy, and a blessing to others in whatever you do. We love you very much!

††††††††† Mamaís e-mail address is: mama@wsfamily.com. Peterís is: peter@wsfamily.com. Mail can be sent unencrypted, or, if you have access to the HomeARC, please use the ďMamaĒ CPY (PGP) key to close messages that you send to them.

Iíll Always Love You!

††††† 14.(Jesus speaking:) Youíre My precious child, the one that I love so deeply, completely, fully and perfectly. As you go your way to do what you feel you need to do and walk the path of life that you feel youíll be satisfied with, I want you to know I donít love you any less. I love you just as much at this moment as I loved you before. My love is ever constant; it never grows tired, never gets old, and is not influenced or determined by your circum≠stances.

††††† 15.My love for you is a spiritual love, as strong and sure as it could ever be, and nothing that you do or donít do will make Me stop loving you. I love you with an unending love, because My heart is tied to you. Even if you choose a different path than the one I had originally planned for you, My heart is still joined to yours. Weíre still bound together as one and Iím still a part of your life.

††††† 16.You can choose to accept Me as a part of your life or you can choose to reject Me, but whether you accept or reject, I will still be with you. Even though you now choose to walk a different road, a road that leads away from your previous missionary calling, this doesnít mean an end to My love for you, nor an end to the ways in which I would delight in using you. Even if youíre not in the Family, thereís still much to be done in the world today, and many different places of service are open to you.

††††† 17.There are many ways in which you can be a help to the world and an encouragement to others. There are so many sick, diseased, poor, lonely and deprived people in the world who need someone to love them, who need to know My love. Even if you donít feel called to an active life of service to others, thereís still much that you can do in your day-to-day life to show others love.

††††† 18.You can give a helping hand to those in need rather than just living from day to day, struggling to make as much money as you can, and living the empty existence that the vast majority are living. You can encourage those that you meet or work with. You can freely smile and show love. You can help your friends find the solutions to their everyday problems, to see the good in bad situations.

††††† 19.Youíve been blessed with a heritage of faith, a heritage of love. Though you now choose to walk a different path, your heritage remains. Many gifts, talents and treasures have been em≠bedded in your heart and life. Though you may not feel special, or blessed, or even worthy to love or help others, I can still work through you.

††††† 20.Thereís so much that you can do to show My love to others and to make a difference in the world, even if you no longer feel itís your calling to give your life to Me in full-time service. Thereís a vacuum for people like you who have faith and love. You look at those in the world and you judge yourself poor by comparison. But you have riches in your heart and life that others long for and need, and as you meet different ones and talk intimately with them, youíll understand what Iím talking about. Youíll see that so many are in need of love. Everywhere you go, there will be people who are searching for answers. They need to know the pathway to Heaven and everlasting life, and you have the truth and love they need.

††††† 21.Thereís no need for you to feel rejected by Me, because I havenít disowned you. Youíre still My very dear child that I love and wish to care for and work through as much as youíll let Me. Thereís no need for you to feel far removed from My presence, because My presence is just as real in your life as it has ever been. Iím still right beside you, still just a prayer away, still ready to help you when you need Me, comfort you when youíre sad, encourage you when your heart is drooping, show you the way to walk, and help you to be a ray of sunshine in the lives of others.

††††† 22.Donít just go out there and simply exist; make a difference! Donít go out there and simply survive; make a dent in the world around you. Donít go out there and get by with as little as you possibly can; show the world that youíre different, that youíre special--because you are--and theyíll love you for it. Youíve got a gold mine of wealth and treasures inside of you, so donít hide what youíve got. Youíre still My child and I still wish to use you. Wonít you let Me?

††††† 23.Donít bury your talents in the earth like the man did in the parable that I told you about in the Bible. If you do, theyíll just waste away, and you will waste away along with them. Be like the smart men, who invested their talents wisely, and then theyíll multiply and you will in turn be happier. The more you invest, the more youíll have at your disposal to invest, and the returns and rewards of your investments will flood your life and give you a sense of fulfillment, a peace in knowing that youíre making a difference and doing something worthwhile. Thatís a feeling of contentment that so few in the world are blessed with.

††††† 24.I love you, My child, and no matter where you are or which road you choose to take, Iíll be with you and Iíll work through you to love others and make a mark in the world, if you want Me to. Because you know Me, you can be a different person, a better person, an outstanding person--one who can touch and influence many. Iíve gifted you and trained you in ways that those in the world have only dreamed of. So donít throw that to the wind and turn to the husks of dissatisfaction. Choose to allow Me to continue to use you, and I will.

††††† 25. You may not have as much formal education as your counterparts in the world, but you have received an education in My Word and My ways that will benefit you for eternity. Even now on Earth, you have knowledge, training and wisdom that your worldly peers donít have. So use these strong points, and others will respect you and look up to you. Thereís no need to feel inferior even if you lack in textbook training in some areas. You have more training than you realize, especially in areas where it counts the most--in matters of the heart and life. You can use what Iíve given you, things which are much more important, to be accepted and make a difference.

††††† 26.I love you, and I will never leave you nor forsake you. This path that you choose to walk can still bring you My blessings if you try to do the little things that please Me and bring Me joy--little deeds of kindness toward others, giving encouragement to others, helping those in need, telling your friends about the peace and happiness they can find in Me, making the world around you a better place. You may feel that youíre free to do as you please, but if you also please Me, youíll be even more free, and even more pleased and blessed.

††††† 27.I will notice and remember every deed of kindness that you do, every bit of love that you give, every loving word that you say, every smile, every time you help to lighten the load of another, every person that you share My love with. None of these things will go unrewarded. I will bless you for each one, and in Heaven youíll be rewarded accordingly by Me personally. The path that you walk holds many opportunities for you. I desire to work through you as much as I can, if youíll let Me.

††††† 28.I love you, dear child. Not a moment will pass without Me beside you. Iím still your Heavenly Father, Iím still looking out for you, Iím still just a heartcry away. I will never leave you nor forsake you. (End of message from Jesus.)

Please Take Me With You!

††††† 29.(Jesus speaking:) No matter where you are or what youíre doing, you can always keep Me at your side. You can still be a good example of a Christian, a Godly person. Just think about how much I love you. Would you really want to leave Me behind along with the Family lifestyle? Just because youíre not in the Family doesnít mean youíre not still dear to My heart and greatly loved by Me.

††††† 30.Take Me with you wherever you go. Take My presence with you. Continue to love Me and to spend time with Me, because this will be your strength as you face the difficulties and trials of the world.

††††† 31.Itís hard to remain strong. Itís difficult to stand up for your faith, but remember that the rewards for doing so are greater than you could ever imagine. You are still My child, the one I love, whether youíre in or out of the Family. I donít condemn you for your decision; I only long to remain at your side. I beg of you, please take Me along. Please donít abandon your faith in Me. Even though youíve chosen to not live the life of a full-time missionary in the Family, you can still be a witness; you can still give My love to those you encounter.

††††† 32.Those who, while they have left My full-time service, continue to share My love and light with those they meet, are truly blessed, and life will be much easier for them. But those who decide that they donít want to have anything more to do with Me or My Spirit struggle much, I am sorry to say. They bear the heavy burdens that they face alone, because they choose to bear them alone. I would be there by their side in a moment if they were to cast their cares on Me, but they choose to take matters upon their own shoulders instead of letting Me do it for them. In doing so, they become heavy-hearted and burdened. But if they would continue to do what they can for Me, according to their faith, and continue to keep their eyes fixed on Me, they would have a much easier life.

††††† 33.I know that right now you may be thinking that you can make it on your own. You feel that youíre strong enough, that you donít ≠really need Me, but I implore you, please donít leave Me behind. Itís so important that you continue to see Me and listen to Me, whether it is My voice speaking in your heart or vocally through prophecy. Even if you donít feel you can or want to live up to the calling and standard of those who stay in the Family, you can still believe in Me. You can still pray and study My Word and look to Me for help. Is that too much to ask? I promise that if you do this I will make your life easier, and youíll not be so battered about by the cares of the world like those who have rejected Me or have chosen to block Me out of their lives.

††††† 34.I love you, My children, My precious, precious ones. I love you so much, and the thought of you losing your connection with Me is painful. I want to continue to be there by your side. No matter what you choose to do in this life, you can still let Me help you. You can still bring burdens and trials to Me and ask My counsel. My voice is still available to guide you through My written Word, and even through My living Word. If you come to Me with an open and desperate heart, seeking to hear from Me, desiring to know My mind on a matter in order to fulfill My will, I will readily speak to you. When you seek Me and ask Me, Iíll give you the answers you need.

††††† 35.Those who have chosen to remain in the Family will continue to progress in their spiritual lives, and you can as well. Maybe you donít want to fight for spiritual victories anymore. Maybe youíre tired of it all. Well, at least you can continue to put Me first in whatever way you feel you can. You can continue to be a witness for Me, to lead others to Me and My love. You can continue to share the good news of My salvation with others. As you meet new people, and in your interactions with your colleagues and friends, you can look around and try to find those you can encourage. What do you think? Can you at least do that much? If youíll pack Me in your bags and take Me with you, Iíll always be there to encourage you if ever you have a need.

††††† 36.I promise now, before the host of Heaven and all the holy angels, that I will never, never leave you. I will always be by your side when you need Me. This is a promise I made to you the day you accepted Me into your life, and I never break a promise. I will be at your side whenever you call for Me. All you have to do is open the door. All you have to do is look up and let Me speak to your heart. Let Me comfort and encourage you and give you the hope and the answers you need. Ask and I will give; seek and you will find Me. Those are My promises, never to be broken. My Word will stand forever. (End of message from Jesus.)

Making Your Background Work For You

††††† 37.(Mama:) Each of you has a lot of potential, a lot of personality, skills, talents, and ≠ethics that you can use to really go somewhere and do some≠thing. I believe that you can be successful at whatever you put your hand to, if you want to go for it. Some of you might feel like you donít have much going for you, that youíre lacking in education or skills, and that youíre at a disadvantage. Some of you have even chosen to leave the Family for the purpose of getting a higher education, because you feel you havenít had enough formal education to make it in the world and do well for yourself. In some cases that might be true, but I believe that for the most part, many of you have more to offer than you realize.

††††† 38.Please donít underestimate the training youíve received in the Family. Each individual is different, but one thing that pervades the Family is a driving desire to accomplish more and make a difference. That motivation was what Dad inspired us with, and we all share in it to some degree. Even some of our Family-born young people who may be considered ďlazyĒ might find themselves pleasantly surprised at what good workers they are compared to the worldís average. Of course, there are plenty of other movers and shakers out there, those who really strive and do well as a result. You can certainly make yourself counted amongst them, rather than amongst the larger mass of unmotivated folk who comprise most of society.

††††† 39.Our belief that time is short and that we may not have long to reach the world with the message has helped us learn to work like everything depended on work, to pray like every≠thing depended on prayer, and to learn and progress in as many areas as possible. You might not realize what an exceptional quality that is. Youíve been taught to challenge yourself as much as possible, and the Letters and other Family articles and materials that have been made available to you have provided you with hundreds of tips on how to organize your time and rise above the crowd. Although some people in the world do read and study tips like these and put them to use, the vast majority couldnít care less, and they trudge along day after day trying to get away with doing as little as possible.

††††† 40.If you find that itís necessary for you to get a System job, youíll probably immediately realize that thereís a difference between you and many of the other employees when it comes to your work habits and diligence. And others will as well.--Not to mention the fact that you have the Lordís Spirit and will stand head and shoulders above everyone else in spiritual matters, as well as having a special insight and understanding of peopleís nature and needs. You young people have been taught, taught, and taught, and have studied, studied, and studied all of your lives, and thereís a tremendous storehouse of knowledge in that computer of yours--your brain.

††††† 41.What youíve learned in the Family is not just head stuffing or technicalities, but important principles that will help you through life. More than almost anyone else, you should know how to keep yourself challenged, not only physically and mentally, but you should also know what to do when you experience heartbreak or personal loss. Youíve had opportunity to learn how to cope with people who have spiritual and/or mental problems, how to be a leader and relate to people. I think youíd be surprised what a difference these qualities make.

††††† 42.Most of you have also lived in several countries, speak or at least understand more than one language, and have lived and interacted with people from a variety of backgrounds, cultures, and levels of society. Youíre generally very conscious of the world situation and whatís going on, having learned a lot through the Letters, as well as through your personal experience. Youíre accustomed to approaching people and communicating. You adapt easily to new environments. All these are very valuable skills which are not that common among the average person out there, and that would enhance any≠oneís rťsumť.

††††† 43.Hereís something from Dad on this topic of your training and preparation to face life and employment outside the Family:

††††† 44.(Dad speaking:) Please donít worry about whether you have enough training or the ability to make it out there. As long as youíre willing to put some blood, sweat and tears into it, then youíll do well because of the invaluable training youíve been given by the Lord while growing up in the Family.

††††† 45. There are, of course, some things to watch out for and avoid, that might keep you from making a good life for yourself, even though you have the potential to do so. Some young people whoíve left the Family have had a tremendous amount of talent and ability, but they ended up practically living on the street. Why did that happen? Was it because of a lack of education or proper socialization? No, thatís hardly ever been the case! Some Family young people who wound up in dire straits may have lacked some education, but that wasnít usually the root of their problems. Their problems usually came from one of the following:

††††† 46. 1) The ďprodigal sonĒ syndrome: The prodigal son was so intent on enjoying life that he rashly spent all that he had, as if he were immortal and invincible. Some young people who leave the Family do the same thing, spending all of their time and money enjoying the worldly things that they didnít experience in the Family, such as violent movies, junk food, excessive drinking, drugs, friends from the ďwrong crowd,Ē continual partying, promiscuous sex, etc. They get so caught up doing their own thing that they neglect to make a life for themselves. Then one day they wake up with no money, few or no quality friends, and not much of a future to speak of.

††††† 47.2)Lack of patience: Many times the Lord allows the Family to get results quickly and supernaturally because He knows time is short, and because they live by faith. For example, if the Lord shows a Home that they need to concen≠trate more on follow-up and less on fund≠raising, then Heís probably going to supply their needs practically from nowhere, through miracles. Of course, the Family does have to work hard to raise funds, but the Lord never allows His children to go hungry and always supplies their needs. Heíll drop it out of the sky, if necess≠ary.

††††† 48.Because youíre used to that, you may not realize that when youíre working for man and mammon, the Lord is usually not going to drop money and supplies from the sky. You have to work hard to support yourself, and usually that means starting at the bottom and working your way up. You canít simply go from job to job when you get bored, or youíll stay at the bottom for the rest of your life.

††††† 49. In the Family the Lord often calls people to the far corners of the Earth, and you donít usually have to wait years on end to do new and exciting things. However, in the System, usually the only way to make it big is to stick to a mundane job for years at a time and slowly increase othersí trust in you. You have to have patience and an awful lot of endur≠ance to make it out there.

††††† 50.3) Lack of confidence in your training: This is a big one. So many Family-raised young people think that because they didnít receive a secular college education, they canít and wonít make it. For certain types of jobs this is true, and if you want to be a scientist or a doctor, for example, youíre going to need to spend many years getting a higher education. But for many vocations, what is needed most is a good, honest worker who is going to work hard and has been trained to be responsible and take initiative.

††††† 51. So many people in the world slave away at their job from day to day without ever offering suggestions or actively looking for ingeni≠ous ways to work faster and more efficiently. Bosses look for these qualities, as well as people-handling skills, in many cases just as much as they look for education. There are hundreds of thousands of people who have lots of education stuck in dead-end jobs because they donít have what it takes--the drive and initiative and desire to keep doing more and better. I dare say that the Family is just about the best place to give you what it takes--that special spark that causes you to stand out amongst the millions.

††††† 52. If youíve decided that serving the Lord in the Family is not your bag and youíre headed for a secular life, then please keep in mind what Iíve just said, and try to take advantage of your unique background and special skills and make the most of them. (End of message from Dad.)

[In a box:]

The People Factor

††††††††† (AP) Youíre a whiz with computer technology. Or your knowledge of an arcane specialty had dozens of employers wooing you.

††††††††† Reality check: You also are a human being, and so are the people you will be work≠ing with.

††††††††† ďI hear it over and over again. Employers say they are looking for graduates with a work ethic and people skills, in addition to the right training,Ē says Joan Mark, executive director of career services at Pace University in New York City.

††††††††† ďEveryone wants employees with a certain amount of technological, computer knowledge, for example. But more and more, they also ask for people who can take criticism, show up on time, work as part of a team, smile, carry on a conversation, and make eye contact.Ē

††††††††† Pace career psychologist Barry Miller says many youngsters starting out often lack the social skills and emotional intelligence they need for the workplace. Thatís not surprising, he says, because only about a third of families in the United States share meals together--and half of these are eating that meal around the television set.

††††††††† Itís not a bad idea to hold down some kind of office job before graduating, says Heather Collins, director of information technology at Columbia Law School. ďIt seems silly, but until theyíve worked in an office, many kids donít know how to act in terms of organizing themselves, answering the phone, attending meetings and dinners.Ē

††††† Newly minted degree holders need to understand that they wonít automatically be offered a lucrative, responsible job just because theyíve got that degree, says John Keating, director at Haven Capital Management and a participant in Paceís work-study program. Get hired at any level and work your way up, he advises; flexibility is an important qualification. Also, ďI tell students to develop an international awareness even if itís just through reading key periodicals.Ē

Adjusting to a New Environment

††††† 53.(Mama:) I very much believe that each of you who leave the Family have the wherewithal to make a good life for yourself and benefit others as well. Youíre talented young people with a lot going for you.

††††† 54.As many of you have already discovered, a lot of things in the world operate completely differently from the way they do within the Family environment. In a way, the Family is like a bubble--not in the sense that those within it are ignorant or naÔve about what goes on in the world, but in the sense that weíre not faced on a daily basis with all of the evil, cruelty and deceit that is prevalent in the dog-eat-dog society that is the world at large.

††††† 55. Of course, there are also many good people in the world, and we pray you will come into contact with those who will be a help to you and with whom you can have a positive relationship. But you must realize that human nature without the Lordís Spirit tends to be selfish and ďme-first.Ē This is why when you go out into a worldly environment, itís important to be wary of the dangers if you want to avoid being lured into the traps of ungodly men.

††††† 56.Here is another message from the Lord, given especially for the sake of you who are just now leaving the Family, forewarning you of some of the differences that you will face and explaining how you can best handle them. You who have been there for some time have probably found these things out for yourself. You who have left more recently or are now planning to leave might already be aware of some of these things; others you may not have thought of or realized.

††††† 57.(Jesus speaking:) Like My Word says--and as My children have discovered all through the ages--the just are called to walk by faith rather than by sight. And believe it or not, that includes you, because youíre one of My just ones. You who know Me are called to live a life of faith to some degree no matter where you are.

††††† 58. If you were born and brought up in the Family, youíve been given the greatest inherit≠ance, birthright, and heritage that you couldíve poss≠ibly been given--a heritage of faith. This heritage is available to all those who know Me, but the Family is made up of those who know Me and seek to do My will constantly, living a life of faith.

††††† 59.Although in the life of faith there are many battles, trials, difficulties, tribulations, persecu≠tions, testings and afflictions, faith allows My children to believe in the impossible, to know that no matter what happens, with Me, all things are possible. I can heal you of all your diseases, forgive all your sins, supply all of your needs, and turn every trial into a triumph. Those are My promises, and when you live in My Word and let My Words live in you, this gives you the faith to trust that whatever happens, itís going to be all right. My Word gives you faith to believe in the unbelievable, the impractical, the illogical, and the outright impossible. Itís pretty awesome when you think about it, isnít it? Thatís what youíve been given.

††††† 60.However, those of you who at one time or another in your lives, for whatever the reason, find yourself--even temporarily--outside of the environment of faith that exists in the normal Family Home and community, will have a lot of adjusting to do in order to survive. One of the biggest differences that youíll probably notice is the lack of this kind of faith--faith in the impossible--the faith that once surrounded you and shielded you. Maybe that bubble of faith wasnít something that you even necess≠arily noticed or realized was there. You probably had no way of knowing how much difference it was making in your life either. But believe Me, once you step outside of that bubble, youíll probably notice the difference fairly quickly.

††††† 61. In the world, most of those youíll be living and working with have grown up operating on a very different plane--a completely physical plane, just like in the Letter ďFlat≠landers.Ē Although many of them will be good and friendly people, and maybe even believe in Me, most of them have never had the opportunity to know anything remotely as deep spiritually as the laws and principles of faith youíve been blessed to grow up with. And they never will, unless someone helps them and shows them the way. If you, My children, retain your link with Me, I will help you to hold on to your faith, and to minister of that faith and hope to others as well. This will sustain and strengthen both you and others who struggle in the midst of the worldís coldness and unbelief.

††††† 62.Itís very difficult for most people to have much faith in the things of the spirit, the invisible, when their whole lives revolve around and depend on the physical--what they can see and feel. Itís almost guaranteed that if youíre living in and depending on the world--the System--for your livelihood and support, your faith will be affected by the world and the conditions around you.

††††† 63.The Systemís worldly laws of econ≠omics are contrary to My laws of economics. When you walk away from the life of faith and put yourself in the world, youíre putting yourself in a position where youíre going to be governed by the world and its economic principles to a much greater extent than what youíre used to.

††††† 64.Because the goals and motives of worldly economics are the opposite of My Heavenly goals, the mode of operation and methods of conduct used by those youíll be living and working with are also often going to be very different than My way of doing things. Although there are good and helpful people, you may at times be surrounded by people operating on a selfish, godless, even heartless level. If youíve some≠times felt that your brothers and sisters in the Family were guilty of being somewhat selfish and self-centered, you havenít seen anything yet!

††††† 65.When someone is living for Me and has put their trust wholly in Me, then they can wholly believe that when Iíve called them to do something--no matter what it is--and they obey Me and step out by faith to do it, Iíll supply all their needs accordingly. Thatís a principle that your parents and the older generation of Family members, and hopefully many of your own generation, have learned through count≠less experiences over the years.

††††† 66.As you were growing up in the Family, you probably experienced that no matter what needs or emergencies came up, your parents were able to commit it to Me in prayer, claim My promises, and then go out by faith to share My love with others, knowing that I would supply their every need. Maybe you didnít have the opportunity of seeing or knowing about all of the miracles of supply I performed in order to keep you. But there were many. From the beginning of the Family, Iíve been doing miracle after miracle in order to keep you going for Me. Iíve supplied abundantly, making it possible for thousands of you to go from country to country, field to field, all around the world, living a lifestyle that many would be envious of. Wherever Iíve guided, Iíve always provided.

††††† 67.But in the world, things donít work that way. If youíve bound yourself to operating according to the limitations of a System job, then your paycheck is probably as far as your supply will go. If your needs increase, that means youíve got to take on yet another job and get another paycheck to cover the extra expenses and needs. Thatís the way it works.

††††† 68.Youíve grown up in an atmosphere where there was no limit whatsoever to My supply for those who were living by faith and being obedient to My call. If youíve now chosen the presumed security of an hourly wage, then while youíve traded the seeming insecurity of Family life and finances for something that appears more ďreliable,Ē youíve also traded what was an unlimited supply of support and income for something that, while perhaps steady, is also very limited and rigid.

††††† 69.When youíre living for Me, the only limitations to My supply are your capacity to receive and your faith and desperation to call out to Me. Maybe you donít think that was necessarily the way things were in some of the Homes you lived in, and youíve seen Homes that had a hard time making ends meet. If this has been the case, it may have been due to the fact that the Home was not obeying in some area, or not following My instructions in properly managing their funds, or perhaps they were not placing their priorities on the right things.

††††† 70. While observing some of the people you ministered to in your witnessing, you may have felt that you, a lowly missionary, were missing out on a lot of good things in life. But even though you may not have had every luxury and comfort your heart desired, I was giving you more important things--things of the Spirit and lessons and principles I knew would help you to find real happiness, both then and in the days to come.

††††† 71.Most of your life you were probably constantly being reminded to count your bless≠ingsand to think about all the good things that you had, and being taught that you should be happy and content in whatever conditions you found yourself in--whether you were abounding or abasing. Chances are, as you grew up, you had the opportunity to experience both. Thatís good. It was good for you to learn how to do without some things every once in a while; itís something everyone should learn.

††††† 72. In reality, though there may have been times when you felt you had to do with less than you would like, most Family Homes live very well compared to the vast majority of the worldís population. You must keep in mind that an individual must earn a very large sum of money each month to be able to afford the type of comfortable living and lifestyle our cooperative Homes maintain. Because people live more to themselves--usually alone, or with just one other person--the economic responsibility that falls on an individualís shoulders if he or she wants to maintain a high standard of living is much, much greater. If this is your goal, you will have to work very hard to make ends meet.

††††† 73.The truth is that while youíve looked at the fairly affluent and well off and often considered yourselves poor by comparison, if you would carefully examine the average standard of living across the world, especially in many of the poorer countries where youíve lived as missionaries, youíd realize that you havenít had it that bad at all! In many cases you have lived more comfortably than the average person.

††††† 74.Of course, itís natural that you wouldnít compare yourselves with the poor and needy, but with the rich, or at least the middle class, who are often the ones youíve had the most contact with in your witnessing and tool distribution, and who have things that you desire to have as well. Yet I would forewarn you that once you get into that frame of mind that pervades the world, wanting to have the best and nicest things, to have what the well off have, youíll find that the craving is never satisfied. Youíll always want more, and youíll never come to the place where you are content with what you have materially.

††††† 75. Look at those you minister to now. Does their wealth or their material possessions make them happy and satisfy the needs of their spirit? Do they have peace, fulfillment, contentment, joy and love? In most cases they do not, and that is why they seek the Family, because although you have little in com≠parison, you possess the true riches. You may think you have very little materially, yet you possess a lot spiritually. Those who have more wealth admire this, for their wealth has often only brought them stress, anxiety, ill health and emptiness rather than fulfillment.

††††† 76.Everywhere you look--the commercials, the promotions, the sales, the advertisements, the publicity, the shopping malls--theyíre all going to be flooding your senses with the idea that: ďMore things mean greater happiness.Ē At every turn, throughout every day, youíre going to be getting more and more commercialized. Through the power of suggestion, through gradual insinuation and eventual indoctrination, youíre going to be made to feel that in order to be happy, youíve got to have more things.

††††† 77.Youíll always be finding more things that you just have to have to keep up with what everyone else has, with whatís cool, whatís trendy, whatís in vogue. The latest car, the coolest pair of jeans, the sexiest brand of underwear--thereís so much to be had and so much to be bought! From the minute you walk out your door or turn on your TV, youíre going to be hit with it. Of course, itís always been like that to some degree. Youíve already seen all the commercials and all the advertisements. But these things have more influence on you once you leave the Family environment. Once youíre out there, the carrot seems like itís right there in front of you to grab and eat. If you could just get a little more money, work a little bit harder, a little bit longer, maybe take on an extra job for just a little while, maybe a few months Ö well, okay, a year, max! Ö Then youíd be able to get those things that would help you to feel so much happier.

††††† 78.The trouble is, it doesnít work that way. You can never get enough, because no matter how much you have, you realize that you need just a little bit more. And by the time youíve got it, or at least enough to make a down payment on what youíve been dreaming about, then that new car, for instance, is no longer the latest model. Thereís already something newer, better, fancier, more luxurious--and more expensive--that youíve got your eyes on. Deeper and deeper and deeper in debt youíre likely to go if you donít watch out. Like the words to the old song, ďanother day older and deeper in debt.Ē

††††† 79.Donít sell yourself short. Remember all that your parents and the Family taught you about what the true riches and values are, and that material things are not all there is to life. These principles werenít just their words and teachings, but Mine: ďLabor not for the meat which perisheth.Ē ďA manís life consisteth not in the abundance of things which he ≠possesses.Ē

††††† 80.Even though youíre not living in a Family Home any longer and youíre now out in the ďbig, bad world,Ē as they themselves call it, please donít make the mistake of letting things and the getting of things rule your life, your thoughts, your time, or your decisions. If you do, youíll make some very wrong decisions and end up very unhappy and discontent.

††††† 81.Believe Me, I know the temptation of things, because although it wasnít such a commercial world back when I was growing up on Earth, the Devil was the same. He tried it with Me. He said, ďAll these things will I give you ifĒ--that ďifĒ was the catch--Ēyouíll fall down and worship me.Ē Thatís what heís really after with you too. He wants you to worship him and even make materialism a god in your life by devoting your time and your talents to him in selfish pursuits, thereby neglecting Me. Please donít fall for it. Youíve been given My Spirit. Your body is My temple. Please remember that only the things of My Spirit will bring you life and peace, even in the midst of your new lifestyle.

††††† 82.I promise that if you look to Me and continue to live for Me as much as youíre able, I will take care of you. My promises of supply and protection are not limited. No matter what happens, if you keep your eyes on Me and your mind on things above, if you do your best to keep your heart clean and fight the grip of materialism, youíll see that I will bless you for this. Iíll bless you not only with spiritual blessings, but physical ones; I promise to provide for you and supply your needs. (End of message from Jesus.)

Be Wary and Wise

††††† 83.(Mama:) I donít think I have to tell you that besides the more subtle differences in lifestyle, ethics and beliefs that youíll face in the world, thereís a lot of plain old evil. As prophesied in the Bible, in these Last Days evil men and seducers have grown worse and worse, and the love of many has grown cold. You only have to watch the news or read a paper to see that things are really going downhill. The world isnít a very safe place, and a lot of people are not to be trusted.

††††† 84.I know itís part of the nature of young people sometimes to flirt with danger,to want to be daring and try new and wild things, even if theyíre potentially dangerous. But for your own sake, because I love you and am concerned about you and your life, I want to caution you that all is not as it appears to be. Small decisions can have big consequences. This isnít anything you havenít heard before, but itís something youíll need to keep in mind much more now that youíre out on your own and going to be in contact with all sorts of people on all sorts of trips and with all sorts of agendas.

††††† 85. I hope that your parents talk with you about such issues as how to avoid being the target of crime, exposing yourself to AIDS, falling into harmful addictions or getting in with bad company, etc., and I hope that youíll take their advice to heart. Being armed with caution and wariness is one of your best protections. You also need to be armed spiritually with convictions and principles that you determine to uphold. Youíll undoubtedly be faced with a lot of temptation, and some things might seem innocent enough at first, or just very difficult to resist. But my prayer is that youíll take your decisions seriously, weigh the conse≠quences and count the cost, lest you make foolish mistakes that will take your life downhill and ruin your chances of being happy and making something of yourself or being useful to others.

††††† 86.(Jesus speaking:) So many young people who grew up under the shadow of My protection in the Family have found themselves completely vulnerable to the Enemyís snares of temptation once they were out on their own. The world today is a wicked environment to live in. It is again like it was in Noahís day.

††††† 87.Just like My Word explains, ďI the Lord search the heart, I try the reins, even to give every man according to his ways, and according to the fruit of his doingsĒ (Jer.17:10). Satan is flooding the Earth with the septic waters of the lusts of the flesh, the lusts of the eyes, and the pride of life. Many are deceived by the Enemyís trickery. They see the waters and are tempted by them. They look as though theyíd be fun to swim in, but because the waters are poisonous and not pure, those who swim in them are gradually diseased and sickened by them. The Tempter knows well the end of these things. And thatís his purpose--to lure, to catch, to drown, to kill and destroy.

††††† 88.This is probably the most difficult and dangerous period there has ever been in all of history to grow up in. I know that itís not easy; the world is full of Satanís wicked devices. As man turns further away from Me and becomes more and more alienated from the things of My Word and Spirit, the world becomes more filthy, vile and corrupt. Every foul spirit and every foul bird of the Enemy is being released into the world to seek out and to corrupt the souls of men.

††††† 89.Because the world has refused to acknowledge Me or glorify Me, theyíve become vain in their imaginations, and their foolish hearts have become darkened. Theyíve become vile in their affections and have chosen those things which are against both Me and My laws of nature.

††††† 90.As you were growing up in Family Homes, you always had someone to look out for you--either your parents, shepherds, teachers, brothers, sisters or peers. Others were always there to protect you, to teach, to help and to care for you. I also placed them there as safeguards.

††††† 91.Those who grow up in todayís world donít have the same advantages that youíve probably had most of your life, in that they havenít had the blessing of almost constantly being surrounded by others who help protect them. I know for some of you there were times you probably didnít look at it as a blessing, much less as an advantage. The Enemy has tried to make it look as though youíve been overly protected and shel≠tered, and that you havenít been given opportunities to experience things for yourself. But he only says this because heís a wolf. Heís just out to get the sheep, and he knows he canít get at them as long as theyíre banded together with others and protected by the shepherd. Did you know that this is one of the reasons the Enemy promoted public education in the first place? He wanted to get children and young folks away from their family, from those who look out for them.

††††† 92.Now that youíre older and no longer right there with your parents and other guardians,the olí Wolf knows that youíre much more vulnerable to his attacks. Yes, youíre still My sheep, and Iím still the Good Shepherd. Iím still watching out for you, and nothing can change that. But other things have changed--drastically.

††††† 93.Although Iím still there with you, you donít have the same safeguards that you had when you were with others in the Family who shared your beliefs. Those who live and work together with other Christians have the advantage of almost always having someone with them. Thatís the way it was for you before--at least thatís the way it shouldíve been. That was part of My plan. It helped to keep you out of trouble, away from temptations, and to make sure you wouldnít be doing things that werenít good for you.

††††† 94.Of course, there were still lots of times when you managed to try things out, and sometimes you even went overboard with things that werenít good for you. I understand; thatís just part of growing up. But at least there was a safety net in place to keep you from getting too deeply involved in harmful things. But now youíve cut the net away.

††††† 95.Now that youíre more on your own, thereís very little, physically speaking, to keep you on the right path and from getting tripped off or lured by the Enemyís temptations, life-wasters, and addictions that are so rampant in the world around you. Maybe thatís the way you want it. Maybe youíre really looking forward to being able to do whatever you want. Maybe you think youíll just have a little fun and then get down to business with your life. And it may be fun at first, sweet to the taste, but bitter to the belly later on. It may lead to accidents, addictions, vices, sicknesses or problems that you did not foresee, or whose consequences you chose to ignore.

††††† 96.Remember that some of those things that you might be looking forward to trying and doing are snares and traps of the Enemy. Heís trying to suck you in. Donít expect to hear a giant sucking sound, either; you probably wonít hear a thing or even realize whatís happening to you. Heíll try to make things seem innocent enough at first, or make you believe that you have enough self-control to pull out of it any time you want to. But be warned that the vices, addictions and snares of the world are much easier to get into than they are to get out of.

††††† 97.One of My basic laws of the spirit is that ďit is not good that man should be alone.Ē ďTwo are better than one Ö for if they fall, the one will lift up his fellow: but woe to him that is alone when he falleth; for he hath not another to help him up. Ö And if one prevail against him, two shall withstand him; and a threefold cord is not quickly brokenĒ (Gen.2:18; Ecc.4:9-12).

††††† 98.It will be more difficult for you now to live up to your Godly convictions without the safe≠guards that youíre accustomed to having. Many be≠fore you have been too weak to resist the tempta≠tions and lures that Satan held before them. They jumped into the septic waters head first, and were gradually poisoned by them and left useless or drowned.

††††† 99.But although it will be difficult to live up to your convictions, itís not impossible. Please let Me and the voice of My Spirit, speaking within your heart and your conscience, be the safeguard that you need. Keep yourself clean and unspoiled. There are many who need to see your light. Please let your light shine, that they may come to know Me.

††††† 100.Let Me be your safeguard. Let Me be your Best Friend. If youíll stay close by My side wherever you go, I can keep you from falling, and I can lift you back up when you do. Let Me wrap Myself around you, and together--with you and My Spirit--we will be the threefold cord that is not easily broken. If youíll look to Me, if youíll ask Me, if youíll love Me, if youíll let Me, Iíll keep you. (End of message from Jesus.)

Combating Depression

††††† 101.(Mama:) Thereís something special about being surrounded by people who are doing their best to be positive and full of faith no matter what happens. The world today can be a very depressing place to live in, but those who dwell in the loving atmosphere of a Family Home have an enormous advantage. So when you suddenly find yourself on the outside, more often than not surrounded by people who are not full of faith and who donít have the assurance of the Lordís love, it can be quite depressing at times. Without faith in the Lord and His promises--or even if you have that faith but those around you donít--life can be miserable and seemingly hopeless.

††††† 102.Depression and anxiety are rampant in the world today--even chronic depression, over≠whelming depression, to where people complete≠ly lose their desire to live. When you were living with people who had faith and trust, although you had trials and battles or were even depressed at times, you were surrounded by the Lordís Spirit and the prayers and encouragement of others. It made a difference and helped to keep you afloat.

††††† 103.Itís going to be more difficult now than it was while in the Family to face your personal struggles and feelings of discouragement and depression. I want you to be prepared for that so that you wonít be shocked or overwhelmed when you find yourself faced with emotions and personal dilemmas that some former members say are worse than anything they felt in the Family.

††††† 104.Like it says in Ecclesiastes, ďTwo are better than one. For if they fall, the one will lift up his fellow: but woe to him that is alone when he falleth; for he hath not another to help him up.Ē Thatís one thing youíll most likely miss out in the world--true friends that understand the spiritual warfare thatís going on and know the power of prayer.

††††† 105. Depression can hit sometimes, and some former members have reported itís hard to know what to do or how to cope when they find them≠selves in that state. Most people donít know what theyíre getting into when they take themselves out of that environment of faith that has enveloped them their whole life. It can feel weird and even scary.

††††† 106.But even if you find that youíve made your bed in the middle of hell itself (which the world today can sure resemble sometimes), the Lord will be right there with you. Read it in Psalm 139. Heíll never leave you or forsake you. Even if you take the wings of the morning, and dwell in the uttermost parts of the sea; even there, if youíll just call out to Jesus, youíll find His hand there to lead you, and His right hand there to hold you. (Psalm 139:7-10).

††††† 107.What will help you more than anything else to stay upbeat and positive and free from the grip of depression, or help you pull out of it if you get sucked down, will be keeping a connection with the Lord through reading His Word and seeking Him in prayer. His love is always there for you, and even in the times when youíre down, very discouraged or depressed, and feel He couldnít possibly love you or care about you, He still does.

††††† 108.One thing that will likely hit you, along with or as part of the Enemyís depression, will be the temptation to doubt the Lordís love, to stop believing that He cares about you personally, or even to stop believing that He exists. Whatever you do, please hold on to your belief and trust in Him, and donít cast it aside. Because when it gets down to the wire, Jesus is your only hope and the only One Who is going to help you make it through the difficulties that are sure to come your way. I know youíve seen others whoíve gone completely back on the Lord and left their faith in the dust. You donít have to let it happen to you, though.

††††† 109. There have been those whoíve gone out, and when difficulties came their way, they chose to hold on to their faith through it all. Theyíve seen that it is possible to keep their faith, that the Lord will help them through the difficulties that arise, and He is able to make things go much smoother for them than if they try to go it alone by letting go of their faith. Theyíve seen that their faith can get them through the rough times, and that Jesus is more than willing to lead them and guide them and help them in their new life. In fact, they find that their ďfaith connectionĒ is an asset and that the Lord can help them excel among their peers, friends and associates.

††††† 110. So why not take it as a personal challenge to show your resolve and prove your strength of character by not going back on your faith? Determine that youíre going to love and believe in the Lord and be true to Him.

††††† 111.If you find yourself getting hit with feelings of depression, melancholy or hopeless≠ness, feeling that the Lord doesnít love you, or whatever you get hit with, you probably wonít have the advantage that Family members have of being able to tell someone right away, ďHey, Iím feeling totally out of it and depressed. I feel like the Enemy is attacking me. Iím miserable and discouraged. Could you pray for me?Ē

††††† 112.But even if youíre no longer living in a Family environment, please donít let that stop you from asking for prayer as soon as you can. Contact your loved ones in the Family and try to describe to them the best you can what youíre feeling. Donít be embarrassed, and donít let your pride stop you. They love you, and want you to be happy. So please donít try to fight it out on your own. Depression is a spiritual attack of the Enemy, and it can overwhelm you if you donít get the help you need. But the Lord is able to raise up a standard against the Enemy and all his attacks.

††††† 113.Always remember, ďTwo are better than one.Ē Get help! Get help from people you know love you and understand the spiritual warfare youíre fighting. Donít make the mistake of trying to get help from someone who couldnít possibly know whatís really going on. Go to those you love and trust, who you know have faith and who know how to get ahold of the Lord. Or even if thereís no one around who you can call on for back-up, come before the Lord yourself and call out to Him for His help, and Heíll be there. Heís ready and waiting to fight for you!

††††† 114.(Jesus speaking:) Please know that I love you, and Iíll always love you. In many ways, thatís going to be your biggest test--to be able to believe in My love for you. I know you still be≠lieve in Me and you still have faith in My Word, but even that is going to be tested at times.

††††† 115.Many people who leave the Family or other missionary groups or ministriesand choose to do something else with their lives are tested so strongly on that point that they lose all faith. They become so confused by the spiritual struggle thatís going on inside them that they feel the only way they can go on, the only way they can cope, is to tell themselves that I donít even exist in the first place, that itís all just fantasy.

††††† 116.Of course, itís not simply them telling themselves that; itís the Enemy of their soul telling them this. Heís been attacking their faith for a long time, trying to destroy what little faith they had left, and finally he is able to come along and put what he believes are going to be the last nails in the coffin, convincing them that Iím not even real and that My Word is just a myth. This is especially the case with many of those who have felt so lost and confused that they turned to the System and its psychiatrists and ďexit counselorsĒ to help them adjust to their new lives in the world.

††††† 117.My precious ones, I am real. Even these who have reached such depths of discouragement know that Iím real and that Iím ever present. The trouble is that they have felt that I no longer could possibly love them, and that My Word would never again work for them. That thought is so painful, so unbearable, that in self-defense, theyíve hardened their hearts and found it much easier to go along with what the Devil and ≠others are telling them--that I am a lie.

††††† 118.But am I a lie? Is My love a lie? You know that I am not a lie and that My love is true. I know that at times you may feel that I can no longer love you, and that perhaps you donít deserve for Me to even be concerned with you or what youíre doing. You may at times find it hard to believe that My Word will work for you or that you can claim My promises as you once did, or as your parents once did for you. But that isnít true.

††††† 119.Iím just as real for you now as I ever was. Youíre My child and I love you. Iím married to you--forever. There will be no bill of divorcement. Even if the Enemy tells you that youíve written up the papers yourself and signed them, I will never sign. I will always be your Husband, your Protector, your Savior, your Guardian. I will never leave you comfortless.

††††† 120.Of course, there are conditions to My promises of blessing and protection. Those who do their best to stay close to Me and to do those things which they know to be right will receive more help and support and blessings in all they do.

††††† 121.Iím not giving you a license to go out and do whatever you want with a devil-may-care attitude and think that youíll still be able to count on My abundant supply and blessings. Those who follow that kind of lifestyle will have a big price to pay, much more than you could poss≠ibly imagine, as so many have already found out and are now having to pay the price for their short-lived pleasures. But still, I promise that no matter what happens, Iíll never leave you. Iíll always be ready to stand by your side. Nothing can take you away from Me--nothing. Nothing will separate you from My love. Please know that that is true.

††††† 122.Sometimes the voice of My Spirit will be warning you, chiding you, cautioning you and convicting you, and this you must heed. Yet other times youíll hear voices that simply tell you thoughts of woe--that youíre no good, youíre useless, things are hopeless, nothing will ever work out for you, no one loves you, and so forth. The Enemy will seek to put thoughts and feelings of misery, despondency, condemnation and even depression within your mind. These thoughts will often swarm about you at the same time as the fears and doubts that I donít love you, that I donít care, that Iím not there for you at all. These are all--each of them--lies of Satan and part of his spirit of misery and depression.

††††† 123.Please reach out for Me and call on Me when these feelings come upon you. For indeed, as a man thinks in his heart, so is he. If you start to accept and believe in the Enemyís lies, even about yourself and your abilities, from there he can keep working on you until youíre convinced youíre a total failure, no good, and that no one and nothing can help you--not even Me. Donít believe him when he tells you no one loves you, because I do. Donít believe him when he tells you that your life is hopeless, because itís not. Donít let him tell you Iíve forsaken you, because I will never forsake you.

††††† 124.Wherever you go, I will go; youíll never have to be alone. Take Me with you and stay close by My side. Youíll need Me now more than ever, and I assure you Iíll always be there for you. Iíll always love you. Iím always waiting for you to come to Me and pour out your heart to Me. Please donít think that youíre too bad for Me or that Iíll no longer speak to you. Itís up to you. If you still want Me close to you, Iíll be there. I promise. (End of message from Jesus.)

Agreeing to Disagree

††††† 125.(Mama:) While your parents and friends in the Family still love you very much, and while I hope that theyíll make that love known to you in as many ways as they can, please realize that at least in some cases they may not be inclined to spend as much time in your company as they used to, or as much as youíd like. They may even get on your case about some of the things you say or do when youíre around them, especially around your younger brothers and sisters or other Family children and young people. Naturally, you could take this as a sign that they donít really care about you after all or that they donít understand you and canít relate to your new life and the way you feel.

††††† 126.I canít see and judge your situation,but thereís one thing I do hope you can understand: In most cases, I believe that if your family or friends keep what you feel is some ďdistanceĒ between you or seem a little cautious or hesitant about what they say or do with you, itís not because they donít like or love you anymore. Rather itís that, as you know, the Lord has asked us to more firmly adhere to the principles of the Word and the Charter, and to avoid worldly influences that would weaken us or distract us from the job Heís given us as disciples. That includes the company we keep and the conversations that we hold.

††††† 127.If youíre willing to keep your grievances about the Family, or your praises of the world, to yourself, especially when around other Family young people and children, youíll probably get a lot more respect and better treatment from your parents and others in the Family. Whereas if you want to brag to your younger brothers and sisters about the things youíve been doing that the Family guidelines do not permit, for example, thatís probably not going to go over very well with your parents. While they respect your decision, they are trying to continue to train their other children to be missionaries, as they feel thatís the best thing for them. This whole concept probably sounds extreme and unnecessary to many of you, but Iím sure you understand that everyone is entitled to their own choice.

††††† 128.If your friends and family have made the choice to continue to serve the Lord in the Family, then I hope youíll understand that while they still love you, they also have a special calling and have made certain commitments to the Lord. If things are still going to work out well between you, there has to be some give and take on both sides. If you want to be able to enjoy the company and friendship of your family and friends still in the Family, and you want them to respect you and not get down on you, youíve got to do the same for them. If you can keep your criticisms of their way of life to yourself, then I think you should be able to trust them to do the same for you! Itís possible to ďagree to disagreeĒ on a lot of things, and leave these contentious subjects aside, each respecting the otherís right to their opinion and lifestyle.

††††† 129.(Jesus speaking:) Obviously, there are going to be ways in which you who have chosen a different lifestyle will disagree with your loved ones in the Family, and issues that you will not see eye to eye on. In some cases there have been mistakes made by individuals in the Family that youíre upset about. Iím not saying that no one has ever been wronged or that there are no ≠areas in the Family that could use improvement. Of course there are! Iím only asking for your tolerance and understanding for the sake of your parents and other loved ones in the Family.

††††† 130.If you prefer not to live this lifestyle, then donít. But please donít knock it. Please be thankful for the truth youíve received and can take with you, which is more valuable than anything the world has to offer. Be grateful for the love and care that can be found in Family Homes, the friendship you have with those within the Family, and the opportunity you had, and can still have, to do something great for God, the King of the Universe.

††††† 131.I love you no matter what you do. Your flesh family and your spiritual Family do not want to abandon you. Yet you can interact in greater peace and harmony if you respect their choice to serve Me full-time and if you do not speak ill of them. Please show respect for your elders, and those who trained and taught you and gave you what you have, and in turn you can expect that they also will respect your decisions and try to understand your choice of life≠style. Find common ground and see how you can work together at least to some extent for your own good and that of others. (End of mess≠age from Jesus.)

††††† 132.(Mama:) Thanks, dear ones, for your understanding. Iím praying that weíll be able to be understanding of your needs, feelings, and opinions as well.

In Closing

††††† 133.We love you very much, and we want you to be able to keep a good connection in spirit with your family and friends in the Family, and most of all with Jesus, Who is your best Friend and Shepherd and Guide--always! Here are some sweet words that Dad had for you. Youíre one of his precious children and he cares for you deeply, as he does the rest of the Family.

††††† 134.(Dad speaking:) Donít forget that the Lord will always be there for you. Even if you leave His full-time service, He will go with you. Heís never going to leave you. You can still pray, read the Word, and seek Him for guidance no matter where you are in the rough and tough world. No matter how far you feel youíve strayed from Him, or how bad you feel youíve been, or how undeserving of His attention you think you are, He will always--I mean always--be there for you. You might feel like youíre a thousand miles away from Him, but in reality He never moved an inch from you. No matter what, you can always come to Him for comfort, love, and guidance. Heís always going to be your Friend and you can be sure of that. What a wonderful Friend to have when youíre apart from your loved ones, out in the world. (End of message from Dad.)

††††† 135.(Mama:) Itís my prayer that you will take the Lordís precious words in this Letter to heart, and that you will take Jesus and His Spirit with you while youíre out in the world. I hope that youíll always remember how much He loves you, and that we love you too. Weíll be praying for you, and weíll be ready to receive you with open arms if and when you feel youíre ready to once again live a life of faith and commitment in the Family.

††††† 136.Jesus will always hear your prayers and answer them, no matter where you go or what you do, so please keep talking to Him and listening as well. He goes before you as your Good Shepherd, seeking to protect you from the dangers out there, as much as you will let Him. Please be attentive to His cautions and checks, and try to stay true to the Godly principles that youíve been taught.

††††† 137.The Lord wants you to be happy and fulfilled in your life, your work, and your relationships. He can still guide you and instruct you and help you to find a place of contentment and purpose. Itís up to you how far you will go and how much you will do with what youíve been given. I hope youíll make the most of it.

††††† 138.As you try your best to uphold the Godly principles that youíve grown up with, youíll see the Lordís blessing on your life in any of a number of ways. Youíll see His promises fulfilled if youíll listen to Him and follow what He says. Let Him help you in your studies, your business ventures, your job, your personal decisions, and youíll certainly stay more safely within the circle of His will and protection than if you try to just go it alone.

††††† 139.Please know that we want you to succeed. We want you to make your mark on the world and those around you. We want you to find the place where youíre content and challenged, where youíre doing what you like to do or learning what you want to learn. Of course, we hope and pray that youíll continue to witness the Lordís love to others, as we know that youíll find so many people out there who are total paupers in spirit, not having a fraction of the knowledge of spiritual truths that youíve been taught. Our prayers and love go with you.

††††††††† Much love,

††††††††† Mama

[In a box:]

Dear Family,

††††††††† God bless you! Weíre enclosing a version of ďTake Me With YouĒ in a different format, which you may photocopy and give to any former member young people you are in contact with. Itís the same letter contained in this GN but simply in a different, more personal-letter type of format.

(End of file.)