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Coming Persecution?
Conviction versus Compromise, Part 1

By Maria       Maria #580 CM/FM 3361 8/01

: Parents and shepherds are urged to use discretion in what parts of this GN they share with those under 16, taking each child's maturity into account. Due to the nature of some of the pictures contained in these GNs, we ask that you please keep them out of reach of the younger children. Thanks!


       Blessings accompany obedience       3
       Trends in the wrong direction       4
       We're at a crossroads and we don't want to fail the Lord       5
       Expanding the Family       6
       Warning message from the Lord       6
       Search your heart to see where you stand       9
       The spirit of lethargy       11
       The silence of the sleepy       11
       Familiarity and lack of fear of the Lord       13
       With new powers we face greater tests       15
       Warning of coming persecution       16
       Worldwide day of fasting and prayer       18
       More on the spirit of lethargy       18
       How is this spirit manifested?       19
       What allowed this spirit entrance to the Family?       20
       How widespread is the problem?       20
       What can be done to get rid of it?       21
       P.S. from Mama       23
       Warhorses to the fray       23

Dear Family,
       1. Peter and I are very thankful for the era of action progress in such areas as the establishment of Activated desks in eight countries, the production of the Activated magazine ­series and a large array of tremendous new GP tools, the commitment to excellence of the members of WS, and the preparation and laying the foundation for the Family board structure. These are some of the major accomplish­ments that have been initiated by WS leadership, but there have also been innumerable victories and fruit on the local level of each continent that can be credited to the Lord working through you COs, VSs, individual Homes and Family members.
       2.The progress has been undeniable, and we're very grateful! The majority of our time, prayer, attention, and finances have been put toward this progress, and we're not disappointed. We're confident that the Lord has helped the Family to focus on the priority projects, and even though it has taken time, and further progress will continue to take time and more umph and attention, we are definitely moving forward in some of the most important responsibilities that the Lord has given us, the Family.
       3.These are tremendous accom­plish­ments, which are pretty impressive, and if that weren't enough, I want to also remind you of the spiritual blessings and promises which the Lord has poured out this year. During Feast 2001 our loving Husband taught us about the art of rising above, and He gave us our new national anthem and the keys to the Kingdom. In the “More on the Keys” Letters, He revealed more awesome happenings that will soon become a reality in our lives, or are even now. Those include the release of four powerful, previously harnessed, angelic beings--the activated angels--for the new era we are now entering; the beginning of the ministry of miracles; a harvest of returning former members; the assigning of the keepers of the power sources of Heaven to help us use the power of the keys; revelation of the power that is at our command in the pavilion of the power of God; the discovery of many more chambers and rooms full of Heavenly delights in the Lord's intimate palace; the promise that our Homes will become havens of peace, joy, and happiness; and tremendous insight about the power of “gold magic” that is ours through the keys!
       4.These magnificent blessings are so numerous, so diverse, and some so complicated, that they tend to blur together in our minds. We think back and often our thoughts on the matter can be summed up in something like, “Wow, it's heavy!” All the while we're thinking inside, “Hmm, I can't really remember exactly what the Lord said, but it was cool.”
       5.For that reason I like to review some of the milestone revelations from time to time,to make sure we're not straying from the Lord's instruc­tions, or remembering them wrong or incompletely. It's amazing sometimes what people think a particular GN said, if they rely solely on their memory. That's why we need to study the Word and really know what we're talking about, and we don't just go by vague impressions and a poor memory. Most of the ­really important things the Lord has to say to us are rather complex and deserve our careful study and review.

Blessings Accompany Obedience

       6.The reason I'm bringing this out now is because the GNs in this series will talk about some problems. If you go into this with the general mindset that the Lord is totally pleased with the Family and everything's going great, then you might be confused. You might think, “Hmmm, how can the Lord say all these good things about the Family at Feast 2001 and in the 'More on the Keys' GNs and give us these special spiritual blessings, and now He's saying some very sobering things about some very serious problems?”
       7.Let's be honest. Most of you know that the Family still has some serious problems, or more accurately put, some individuals, Homes, and areas have serious problems. Maybe you've already won­dered how this all jibes, like from the angle of, “How can the Lord say these good things about the Family when I look around my Home or city and everything seems to be a wreck?” The Lord sheds some light on this in this next message.

       8.(Jesus speaking:) It's a matter of putting things in perspective. When I commend the Family overall, of course that's not to say that every single person in the Family is doing well. You know that. All you have to do is look around if you're on the field, or tune into the communications you read if you're in WS, to see that there are still ongoing problems--some serious ones.
       9.The Family is not perfect. There are those who shouldn't be in the Family, either because they're unhappy and desire another lifestyle, or because they have rejected the Word and are weakening the body through their undermining of the truth; there are Homes, areas, or whole countries that are still wracked by horrible disunity; there are those who have compromised with the System, who lack the fear of Me, or who murmur and complain almost constantly. But there are also many who are devoted and who are doing the job. There are many dedicated missionaries, sacrificial lovers of Mine who are doing well.
       10.I have not withheld the blessing of My gifts and the weapons you need to do the job while I was waiting for every person and every situation to be right with Me. I have judged by the overall. I have given the Family what you needed and deserved overall. I don't expect perfection, nor do I wait in hopes that all the problems will be resolved and then I'll reward you, at which time you'd all merit the blessing “equally.”
       11.These blessings I have given and the prom­ises attached to them have conditions. I made it clear that they are for those who continue in obedience in the era of action. A principle of the spirit, which you have been familiar with from the beginning, is that obedience brings on the spirit and blessings of God. There's no denying that these blessings accompany obedi­ence.
       12.You're seeing the fruits of these blessings. Many are testifying left and right of the miracles and progress. Many are thrilled with the reality of the keys of the Kingdom and the power that they have experienced through them. Many are already beginning to hone their gifts of miracles. There are huge strides of progress in witnessing and marvelous open doors in some areas.
       13.It's happening, and the fruit of these prom­ises can be seen! I have not failed in a single one of My good promises to the faithful, obedient children of David. There is much “proof” that they are true and perfect.
       14.But these promises and the good fruit and miracles do not automatically erase the problems. The obedience of some individuals, Homes, and areas doesn't make the disobedience of others invisible. Though I have given you promises and even provided you with awesome spiritual gifts and weapons, that does not blind Me to the problems.
       15.In order to keep the Family progressing and to keep putting the conditions in motion that are needed to continue fulfilling My plan, I need to continually be prodding, instructing, rewarding, chastising, and doing whatever is needed to help you to do what's right. Your continued obedience is an ongoing process. It's not like you're set on “autopilot” and you effortlessly continue on the path of the blessed, with your success guaranteed. You need continual guidance and help, just as sheep need their shepherd. The obedient are prodded to become more obedient; the disobedient are prodded to change or leave.
       16.I do all this in love. I reward, I rebuke, I plead and I weep. But it's all to the end of helping you to obey and thereby find the greatest happiness and eternal reward. (End of message from Jesus.)

       17.(Mama:) As you might recall, in “The Keys to the Kingdom,” the Lord received the keys when His Father was going to expect more of Him in His public ministry. He had passed the tests up until that point and He merited this additional help from Heaven; He needed it if He was to fulfill His mission of saving mankind. Once the Lord was given access to the full power of Heaven, He just had to believe and take action.
       18.Our situation is very similar to the Lord's in that we have been given this power because there's something important we need to do--win the world! Like the Lord, we also need to continue to be worthy, and we do so by continuing to be committed and obedient and making the right decisions in this era of action. The Lord said to us:

       (Jesus speaking:) I now wish to give you complete access to the keys of the Kingdom, for this is what you will need to complete the mission you have before you. Just as I needed this boost to fulfill My destiny, you now need the same. Just as I kept passing each test and making the right choices, to where My Father was able to reward Me with additional aid, I will do the same for you.
       When I spoke to My early disciples, say­ing, “I will give you the keys of the Kingdom,” I was also speaking to you, My children of David in the Time of the End--for I knew you would need it and I knew your faith would warrant it. This promise has been reserved for you, for I could see the future. I knew that you not only would need this in order to fulfill your calling in the Last Days, but that you would be worthy of this possession, that you would merit it.
       For those of you who have committed yourselves to follow onward, who have will­ingly chosen to continue on in the era of action, I now present you with full access to the keys of the Kingdom of Heaven; ac­cord­ing to your faith it is done (ML #3318:31-33, GN 922).

       19.(Mama:) I hope that helps to clarify some questions you have nowor might have as you read these GNs. Peter and I have been concentrating largely on the proactive work needed to accomplish the Family's main goals, but we need to take the time every once in a while to also address the problems, which are pretty serious in some areas or Homes.
       20.We don't like to talk about problems any more than you do. We would rather just forge ahead and commit our time and attention to the Activated program, the follow-up focus, the board vision, and the many pubs in the works on these and other more positive subjects. But we are called to be your shepherds, and it's our duty to be aware of problem areas and to seek the Lord for solutions.

Trends in the Wrong Direction

       21.As you know, Peter and I receive a lot of input from the field. Peter visits the field regularly, as do other members of WS, and we all receive mail or e-mail on a regular basis. When most people write us, they talk about problems. That's natural, because that's what's bother­ing them; that's what they need help with and answers for. There is no lack of communication concerning where the lacks and problems are in the Family. We also hear of victories, of course, but the majority of what comes to our desks is problems.
       22.When we hear regularly from so many different quarters, “trends” eventually become apparent. With time, after reading input from all over the world, it's pretty easy to see in what ways things are going well and in what ways we're falling short of our commission. We can never be perfect; that's not the goal. Human shortcomings, as you strive to do your best, are not a problem; they're part of human nature. Isolated problems or wrong attitudes here and there can be overcome, and even if they're not, if they're not affecting a lot of people, they won't weaken or endanger the whole body. But when there is a fairly widespread trend or move in a wrong direction, especially if it is toward compromise, then the situation has potential to be quite serious and needs to be monitored, prayed about, and remedied.
       23.There are issues that Peter and I have dealt with extensively in the GNs. We have known for a long time where the problems are and have printed the Lord's perspective and answers on most of them. There have been numerous questions that needed answers, which we have tried to give. While it might seem to some of you that we're sending out GNs on random topics with no rhyme or reason, actually, besides providing inspiring devotional reading, specific practical instruction on such things as prophecy, child training and witnessing, we have also made a concerted effort to answer ­questions or provide counsel regarding the problems and controversial issues that are bothering you. That's the purpose of such GNs as “Issues,” “Leaping the Hurdles,” “Understanding Prophecy,” “Communication Keys,” “None of These Things Move Me,” “The Board Vision,” and others.
       24.We have been aware of the field's problems for years, and we have been addressing those problems in the pubs, sometimes repeatedly. Besides trying to encourage you and answer your questions and make progress in our primary goals, the Lord led Peter and I to initiate the S2K two years ago. That was His way of continuing to move people to their level of faith. The Lord has said that the S2K has been successful overall. The shepherds are free to continue to follow up on the counsel of the S2K as they feel led, of course, but what has been done so far in obedience to the Lord's instruction in “The Shakeup” and “More on the Shakeup” has been good.
       25.The S2K has accomplished much of what it needed to accomplish. But does that mean that every person who is presently in the Family is in the level of membership that best suits them?--No!
Does that mean that every person presently living in a Family Home should even be in the Family?--No. We have published hundreds of pages related to the need for greater unity. Does that mean all Homes and areas are now unified?--No. We have published a whole series on the details of the “Law of Love” and how to live it. Does that mean everyone is now obeying the guidelines?--No. We have published GN after GN on what it means to be a full-time disciple of Jesus, living and preaching the Words of David. Does that mean everyone in the Family is living up to that goal?--No. These are problems, among others, that can't be ignored.
       26.That's a summary of just a few of the most serious problems.

We're at a Crossroads and
We Don't Want to Fail the Lord!

       27.While grappling with these problems, the Family is entering another stage of growth, and it's a monumental one! We're preparing for the expansion of the membership of the Family. It's time to build folds to receive the many sheep that will come to us as a result of the Activated ministry and the follow-up emphasis.
       28.On top of that, we're also launching a ma­jor reorganization of the management/leader­ship of the Family from the grassroots level up via the boards. That has taken two years of counsel and preparation, and we anticipate that the changeover from our present structure to the implementation of the boards will not be easy. Naturally there will be a certain amount of upheaval and disorganization, and it will take time.
       29.The question that begs to be addressed is: How can we accomplish what the Lord expects in our outreach and in implementing the board structure while we still have some of these ongoing serious problems? Some of you are afraid that many of our foundation beliefs are slowly disappearing. What will the Family look like in 5 years, or even a couple of years? Will we be dropped out and revolutionary, or will we simply be another church? And how can the boards work in countries where there's so much backbiting, bitterness and division that many of the brethren aren't even on speaking terms? I'm sure many of you have wondered about these very things.
       30.We're at a crossroads and the Lord wants to talk to you about some of these concerns. When­ever any company or organization is expanding and changing a major part of its structure, there is preparation involved. You don't just float casually into the next level with no planning or reevaluation of policy. It's usually a time of reflection and getting rid of what doesn't work, while finding what does. We're in that phase now; in fact, we have been for a couple of years, as evidenced in the reorganization of WS, the establishment of the board vision, etc.
       31.The primary purpose for this reflection and the resultant changes we are making is this: We don't want to fail the Lord. The Lord has given us wonderful tools, ideas, manpower and promises, and we're well on our way to victory. But we can't become self-satisfied; we must keep seeking the Lord and following Him. We have to keep asking ourselves: Are we ready? Are we doing all we can? Are we obeying so we won't fail the Lord?
       32.Peter and I face the very sobering respon­si­bility of leading the Family and making sure we do what the Lord wants us to do. As the Lord brought out in the S2K Letter, the place of the Family in the Endtime is not guaranteed. It's not like we can do whatever we want and everything that is promised us will just come to us on a silver platter. We have to be worthy of the calling by continued obedience. We have to stay in the fear of the Lord. We have to be doers of the Word, not just hearers.
       33.Our effort to keep the Family on track is not self-centered self-perfection so everyone can feel good about themselves. The Lord has a plan, and our part is to find out what it is and obey. That's the secret to success, put very simply.

Expanding the Family!

       34.In a nutshell, our present situation regard­ing our outreach and reaching the world is this: The Lord is behind the Activated program, and if we're obedient and faithful to do what He says, in time we're going to have a lot of new Family members at various levels of dedication! They might not live in our Homes, but they'll still be Active members of our greater church. We're going to have to teach those people and take care of them, AND we're going to be responsible to be the right sample to them! (Be the right sample are key words.) [Note: ­Active members include friends who are saved, fellowship with our Homes, witness, and tithe or support the Home. There will also be an outer circle of general Family membership whose require­ments are not as stringent.]
       35.We're expanding the Family. Get it?--Expanding the Family, not some ordinary, run-of-the-mill church. We're different, and the only way we'll stay different is if we stay true to the Words of David and win the right kind of members and disciples. To do that, we must be obedient and fight against the natural tendency to compromise. And that's what these GNs are about.
       36.Peter and I and those in WS (as well as the continental and area officers) are preparing for the future. We're preparing the ground for an influx of new sheep, babes, and laborers. We pray you're preparing as well. There's a lot to do.
       37.When Peter was preparing to attend the National Retreat in Brazil, we were seeking the Lord about how to prepare for the many new members the Lord has promised will join our ranks. The Lord has promised that what has happened in Brazil--the winning of on-fire Active members who don't live in the Homes but who are very much a part of the Family--will happen elsewhere. He wants it to happen everywhere!
       38.How is that going to happen? It's our responsibility to be looking ahead and making sure we're ready, that we're not missing anything; that we're getting whatever direction or revelations the Lord wants to show us so that it can happen.

Warning Message from the Lord

       39.We've been burdened for a long time about the dangerous compromises that have taken root in the Family and have asked the Lord about it repeatedly. When praying about what to do about the many complaints, murmurs, and really bad situations that we hear about, the Lord gave the following message. This is a fitting keynote to this series, as it shows that all things will not continue as they are. The Lord will now take matters into His Own hands to bring about the changes needed. You need to meditate on this message and count the cost. The Lord has made it clear that Peter and I are responsible to give you this sobering message so you will be warned.

       40.(Jesus speaking:) I will continue to purge the Family. The S2K approach was the beginning, yet the S2K has been only partially effective. It has had its limitations, either because of the reluctance of some continental or area officers or Home councils to reclassify those who need to be reclassified, or the reluctance of those who don't belong in the Family, who are not in the Family in heart and spirit, to leave the Family, due to the challenges they'd face outside the Family. But I will continue to bring about the purge Myself. I will cause a falling away of the wayward by My Own hand. You don't even have to engineer the purging yourselves, because I will see to it Myself that the cleansing and purifying process continues.
       41.It's not that the S2K was a failure.
S2K served its purpose; the Family was cleansed to a degree. And though there is still a ways to go, in My mercy I have thus far held off major persecution that I warned of at that time, for I have seen that some fields have obeyed and followed closely. Though other fields have lagged behind, it is for the sake of those who have obeyed that I have held back impending persecution. Likewise, I have seen the obedience of leadership to do what they could to follow through on the things I have instructed. They have done what they could, and so I have answered their prayers and held back the punishment of which I warned.
       42. The S2K was a steppingstone. That shake­up was done the way I wanted it to be done, and overall it has brought about the results that I expected. Overall the S2K had the desired effect and was fruitful and a good step in the right direction toward strengthening the Family. The field governing bodies of the Family can continue with the counsel put forth at the time of the S2K as they feel led, but more is needed.
       43. Now, in My love for your shepherds, for those who willingly lay down their lives for My flocks day in and day out, I will take this matter into My Own hands. I will personally continue to cleanse the Family of those who are not following in purity of heart, and thus I free the shepherds from the full burden of this task. I must keep purging the Family in order for the growth of the greater church to take place. If the Family is allowed to weaken through compromise, then that will directly affect the strength and power of the greater church. For the strength of the inner circle, the full-time disciples, will be reflected in the new members--those who are taught the doctrine and believe, but who are not able to live the communal living sample.
       44.The whole vision of the outside member church is to have more little Davids, Marias and Peters, more who are sold out to the Letters and the Words of David, but who, because of their obligations, are not able to live in one of your Homes. The goal is that those new members have the same strength of conviction and carry the same message in their witnessing.
       45.The difference between the various circles of membership in the Family should be a matter of the practical application of the Word, not a matter of faith in the Word. In other words, all members of the Family at every level should believe and accept the doctrine, the Words that I have given through David and Maria. That is what being in the Family is all about. But various “circles” are allowed, based on how much that Word is lived and practiced on a day-to-day basis. This is especially true of beliefs or goals that affect your daily living or lifestyle, such as: forsaking all to live together, being full-time missionaries, home schooling your children, going into all the world, living by faith, etc. These things are the practical application of your beliefs.
       46.But not all Family members are able to live these to the full, either due to former commitments, obligations that they're not able to get free from, the laws of the land, or other conditions and circum­stances. But even without being able to live and practice all aspects of the Word, there should still be a belief in it, an acceptance of it, and an acknowl­edg­ment that that is the ideal.
       47. The standard is this: All Family members should accept and believe the Word that is unique to the Family, otherwise they're not ­really Family members.
If they don't accept and believe the Words that I have given you which are recorded in the Letters, then they could simply be members of any church. So belief in the Letters is the single defining qualification of Family membership at any level.
       48.On the other hand, however, there is leniency given to the practical application of the Word. There are many who for a multitude of reasons cannot live the Word to the full, hence the need for various “levels” or concentric circles of membership. But the circles should not denote a weakening of faith in the doctrine and belief in the Word. The circles denote a difference in the lifestyle or level of discipleship, regarding such things as: living by faith, living communally, being full-time witnessers and missionaries, home schooling your children, going to foreign fields to preach the Gospel, putting God first and not allowing friends, relatives or others to pull you off the wall, etc. These things are the application of the Word, the practical manifestation of your beliefs.
       49.Granted, those who live a lifestyle of greater obedience and sacrifice usually have greater faith and commitment, but there are also legitimate reasons why some members do not; but those reasons should not be that they don't believe in the doctrine. All levels of membership should realize that an acceptance of the doctrine is the prime requisite.
       50. For this reason, it's necessary that I con­tinue the purging of the Family of those who have lost faith, who have compromised to the point that they're no longer accepting the Words of David and Maria in the Letters.
Because if these who are witnessing to, winning, and training the greater church are rejecters of the Word, the expansion of the Family will not result in the church of David, the church of the living Words of David of the End, but in a compromised, sickened, weakened imitation, a poor copy of the real thing.
       51.Those who are witnessing to and winning new disciples and members are those who deter­mine the strength of the greater church. If the witnessers are compromised, fearful, full of doubts and disbelief, if they are lukewarm in their conviction in the Words of David and have become more like the System churches, then that's the kind of new Family members they will win and train. The greater church will not be stronger than the Family members who win and train them, because the witnessers and mission­aries will only expect of their new members what they expect of themselves.
       52. This is the primary reason why I must continue to purge the Family of those who are no longer with you in heart, but who are only with you because of the “fruit,” the lifestyle, the benefits, the tools, the comfort, ease, and fellow­ship. That is not enough reason to be in the Family. I will make it so uncomfortable on those who fall into this category that they will either get desperate with Me to change or they will leave.
       53.There has been some delay in the full launching of the Activated program and the growth of the greater church, but even that delay will serve its purpose, and I have allowed it because I am continuing to prepare a place for the new flocks, where they will be taught aright and led in the way of the green pastures of the Words of David.
       54.To build a church that is just like the many thousands of churches of the world is not the point. That is not My idea of success. The point is to widen the borders of the Family. I am opening the fences and enlarging the pasture, so that those who are bound by extenuating circumstances can still be part of the whole, part of the army, part of your membership. But that show of leniency applies to the lifestyle of the new members, not their beliefs. The new members within every circle of CM, FM and Active members still need to be strong in heart as far as their commitment--not just to Me, but to the king and queen and the Words of David.
       55.In order for that to happen, these new members must be won by those who are spirit-led and flexible, but strong and full of conviction and determination as far as what they expect regarding the new Active members' belief and acceptance of the Word. If those winning the new members and witnessing to them and feeding and training them are weak and compromised, then that will defeat the purpose and will result in another church, no different than the other thousands of churches worldwide. That cannot be!
       56.The new members of the outer circles of the Family don't necessarily need to be samples of the full picture of what the Family stands for, such as communal living, going into all the world, forsaking all, living by faith, etc., because the full-time disciples, the Charter members are that sample. I don't require that of all members, for that's not every person's primary place or calling. But what I do expect of new members is that they believe and are willing to witness the Words of David. If they don't have faith in the Letters, including those things that make the Family different and radical, then they're not really members of the Family; they're simply Christians, like the millions of other church members.
       57.Only if the Family members are strong in faith and willing to preach the truth as given in the Words of David will you fulfill your special place in the big Endtime picture. It's that uncompromising witness that will allow Me to continue to give My full blessing to the Family. This is one of those spiritual principles which is contrary to the mind of natural man. You would think that the Family would grow and prosper and become strong and financially powerful by recruiting sheer numbers, by tickling people's ears with what they want to hear, by making them feel good about themselves and not “blowing them away” with strong unconventional doctrine. But the opposite is true.
       58.By remaining true to your unique calling, by preaching the Word--even the uncomfortable, seem­ingly unpopular Word--and winning those who are willing to follow in your footsteps in spirit, will your new members be strong, powerful, and fruitful, and the result, with time, will be much, much more than had you tried to walk the more conventional route and not tested and tried your new members with the strong meat.
       59.Granted, you are not to stumble babes or cause them to choke by being unwise in your witness. There is a time for milk. That is obviously true. But there is a difference between being wise and compromise.
       60.I am engineering a falling away again. That's why the heat is still on with the attacks from detractors, apostates, worldly authorities and the media. I will chastise those who are disobedient and humble their pride, and I will bring them back to the fear of Me through persecution and bad publicity. Those who are weak in faith and wavering will be skeptical and doubt the wisdom of some of the decisions and changes made; they will be brought to a decision by My hand.
       61.The Family will be pushed to the limit to try their faith. The faithful will stand in the end. Those who remain will be stronger than ever, and well able and ready to build the greater church. Those who leave will be happier for their choice, although even some of them will be used of Me to purge, purify, and make white the Family. There will be yet more apostates, more detractors with outlandish “stories” to test and try the hearts of the children of David.
       62.Warn the Family; let them know that this is what's happening and why. Those who receive this will be forewarned and will recognize the attacks of the Enemy when they come their way. Prepare the Family for these attacks too by giving them the knowledge of how to use the keys to the Kingdom and how to learn the art of rising above. Those who have been faithful to study and believe and come to Me and receive My seeds will stand.
       63.But judge not by numbers. For as you know, it's better to have 1,000 who are strong and sold out than 10,000 who are wavering and compro­mised. For with the 1,000 true disciples you wouldbuild a monumental work worldwide, with more members than you ever dreamed poss­ible. And those members wouldbe strong, dedicated followers of the children of David. They wouldin turn generate more support, more open doors, and more followers. It wouldbe a tremendous chain reaction that would overtake and overcome the world.
       64.Only through strength of spirit and purity of heart and doctrine will this happen, for this can only become reality with My full blessing and supernatural power. That full blessing and supernatural power are born in faith and dedication, not in doubt and compro­mise.
       65.Take heart and know that all is within My plan and My timing. There are many, many who are strong in faith and getting stronger every day. It is with these that you will build your church. (End of message from Jesus.)

Search Your Heart
To See Where You Stand

       66. (Mama:) Dear Family, please take this crucial message to heart. Think about it. This will affect your life and it's something you need to understand.
       67. This warning should cause each of you to search your heart to see where you stand. Are you faithful to the Words of David? Are you obedient to the Lord? Is Jesus pleased with you? Is He in first place in your life? Have you compromised? Are you strong in the Word so you'll stand in the face of persecution? Are the new members you're winning growing into radical children of David, or are they lukewarm like most of the millions of other church Christians?
       68. This message contains new insight that you need to know.
Let's review it.

       * The Lord is preparing the Family to be the sample we need to be for the influx of new members
that will come our way as we pursue Activated and follow up.
       * Right now the samples of some ­areas, Homes, and individuals' lives are lacking.

       * The single most important requirement of Family membership at any level is that they accept and believe the Words of David, as recorded in the Letters.
That's the uniting standard for all the different “circles” of membership. That means if you don't have faith in the Word, if you don't believe the prophecies in the Letters, if you don't have faith in Peter and me, then you shouldn't be in the Family. Believing the Word--the Bible and the Letters--is what being a member of the Family is all about.
       * Not all members will be able to live the Word to the same degree,
especially such things as forsaking all to live together, being full-time missionaries, home schooling your children, going to foreign fields to preach the Gospel; putting God first, not your friends or relatives, etc.
       * There is allowance for different life­styles or levels of dedication in the Family,
which is why there are various categories of membership, but all members are required to believe the Words of David.
       * It is the responsibility of the Charter member Family to be the example of full-time discipleship
as defined in the Bible and the Letters.
       * Our new members will only be as strong in faith as those who are winning them,
because the witnessers will only expect of their new members what they expect of themselves.
       * To protect the future of the Family, the Lord will minimize the compromises that have seeped into our midst.
He will engineer a falling away within the Family of those who don't belong here. He will use many ways to do that in the areas or Homes where it is needed. He will allow more apostates, more detractors with outlandish “stories” to become active, to try the faith of those who are wavering; He will chastise and bring low the disobedient with tests such as bad publicity, continued attacks from detractors, apostates, and persecution.
       * The reason for the continued purge of the Family is to make us the sample we need to be,
so that the new members that are won to the Family through Activated and follow-up will be followers of the Words of David, part of the Endtime army, not just members of another church.
       * If the Lord does not rid the Family of the compromises that have taken hold, eventually we will become just another church.
That means we'd lose our special calling.
       * You will need the keys to the Kingdom and the power to rise above
to overcome the coming tests.
       * If we are willing to endure this cleans­ing and remain uncompro­mis­ing in our witness,
which means being willing to preach the truth as given in the Words of David, the Lord will continue to give His full blessing to the Family.
       * The end result will be tremendous growth and spiritual power.

       82.This message not only explains the Lord's plan for the future and what is expected in spirit of all Family members, but He also tells us plainly that things are going to get rough in the future. It's not going to be easy. The Lord wants you to know that, to be warned.
       83.Those who are strong in faith will stand; those who are not will go back. But even if a lot of people go back, and even if some who are with us now turn on us and fight us, as some have already, the Lord promises that through it we'll become stronger than ever. You who are the core of the CM Family will become the sample you need to be. You'll win strong members and disciples who are willing to be radical followers of the Words of David, not compromised weaklings who belong in the churches.
       84.We must have a strong core church to win strong believers and co-workers. Otherwise, we'll water down the truth the Lord has given us, we'll lose sight of what we stand for--which is what makes us different from the millions--and eventually we'll be just like all the other churches. I know that those of you who are Children of David in heart don't want that!

The Spirit of Lethargy

       85.I pray that you are convicted and in the fear of the Lord, and that you want to change and get right with Him. But possibly you feel some kind of blockage. That could be caused by any number of things--unyieldedness, pride, fear, bitterness, etc. There's a lot in the Word on these topics that you can research, and you can ask the Lord for personal instruction in prophecy. I do, however, want to share one point that is a key as to why some of you haven't made more progress in the spirit, in spite of so many answers and direction being covered quite extensively in past GNs. A message from Dad on a different subject caught my attention when he said:

       86.(Dad speaking:) There is a spirit of lethargy in the Family that's killing people's progress and effectiveness for the Lord. It's a complacency with the way things are! The Lord is tired of it! It's time to wake up and get moving! It's time to change! The Lord is upset with some of our folks, and I am too, for their lack of the fear of the Lord! (End of message from Dad.)

       87.(Mama:) I asked the Lord to tell usmore about this “spirit of lethargy in the Family that is killing people's progress and effectiveness for the Lord.” Here is Dad withsome more insight on this:

       88.(Dad speaking:) Don't just be hearers of the Word, but doers also!That's the key. Some of you have slid back into your ruts and gotten comfortable and aren't interested in stirring yourselves up. You're hearers of the Word, but not doers. You've ceased being revolutionaries and have started to become like the churches. You're tired of the fight; you've stopped fighting.
       89.Lethargy is a spirit of the world, of the Devil, and he's lulling everyone to sleep. He's going to be able to walk right on stage when his time arrives and take over, because there'll hardly be anyone to say he shouldn't! He will have lulled almost everyone to sleep and taken care of all the avenues of possible resist­ance, and the world will let him have his way.
       90.Lethargy is one of the Enemy's prin­cipal weapons. He doesn't have to use a show of force to terrorize the Lord's children and take them down and destroy their effectiveness for Him. He's going to come in very subtly. He's going to come in quietly, un­obtrusively, sneakily.
       91.Since you are in the Last Days, you will find more and more that you'll be fighting some of these spirits that plague the world. The Lord has promised to keep you from them, but there is a condition to that promise. “If thou wilt diligently hearken to the voice of the Lord thy God, and wilt do that which is right in His sight, and wilt give ear to His command­ments, and keep all His statutes, I will put none of these diseases upon thee, which I have brought upon the Egyptians: for I am the Lord that healeth thee” (Exodus 15:26).
       92.The Lord isn't just referring to physical diseases here, but spiritual diseases. And the cure for those diseases is to listen to Him and obey what He tells you to do. The Lord needs you, His soldiers, to not just hear His Word but do His Word. He needs you to fight!
       93.The Lord will heal those of you who are afflicted with this spirit of lethargy and any other spiritual problem. Take a stand against the Enemy and his attacks and get delivered. Watch out for the spirit of lethargy! Don't let it ruin your effectiveness for the Lord! (End of message from Dad.)

       94.(Mama:) Note that Dad said that some of you are in danger of becoming like the churches. You've fallen asleep. You're lethargic. Maybe it's because you want to be in the churches. Maybe you like their religion better than ours. If that's the case, there are millions of churches to choose from where you'll probably be happier than here, because I can guarantee you that as we move into the future, we'll definitely look less and less like the church system.

The Silence of the Sleepy!

       95. When our artist was praying about how to best illustrate this Letter, the Lord revealed yet another way in which lethargy is killing people's progress and effectiveness. Note His warning in the following graphic ­vision:

       96. (Tamar:) I see a large evil spirit standing with its arms outstretched in front of him. In its left arm is a Family member--a woman--lying back, asleep in its arms. In its right arm and claw is a Family member--a man--lying back in the same spirit of sleep. This spirit is obviously very pleased with itself--it has this very evil smirk and smile on its face--almost an arrogant look of glee at the “prey” it has in its arms, who are obviously asleep, oblivious to the state they're in.
       97. Its face is evil, its head is bald--almost resembling a “Buddha” type face, which reminds me that the Eastern religions are generally very complacent and laid back in spirit. Behind this spirit's head is black hair sprawling out in all directions.
       98. There's cloth--like bed sheets--wrapped all around and on the people the spirit is holding within its grasp. This material is originating from this evil spirit--from its hair, even its claws--and it's wrapping and entangling itself around these Family members.
       99. What is the most startling and shocking about this picture is that the Family members this evil spirit is holding have no mouths! There's just nothing there where their mouths would normally be. Is this right, Lord, what I'm seeing? What does this mean?

       100. (Jesus speaking:) What you have seen is a glimpse of the spirit of lethargy. It's shocking, isn't it?--To see these Family members lying limply within the spirit's grasp, and the evil gloat on its face as it flaunts its easy “prey.” They are entangled in its power, its “bed sheets”--victims of its spirit of sleep. This spirit of slumber is wrapped around My children, entangling them, lulling them to sleep and complacency within its folds.
       101. What you are seeing is shocking, but correct: My children have no mouths because this spirit of lethargy has taken their mouths from them. This spirit has silenced their voices, taken away their ability, desire and power to witness, even their ability to speak up with conviction about any wrongdoing, large or small! What you are seeing is the shocking reality of what is happening in the spirit to these, My dear children, who lie within the debilitating grasp of lethargy! (End of message from Jesus.)

       102. (Mama:) Don't lie back and let lethargy silence you, dear Family! And if it has, wake up and reclaim your voice, and speak up with conviction!

Familiarity and
Lack of Fear of the Lord

       103.This problem with lethargy is closely linked with familiarity. Some of you have lost that healthy fear of the Lord, so now you feel real cozy with Him--He's your Big Daddy, listening to your every request, constantly showing unconditional love and concern, and answering every question and going waaaaay out of His way to show love, patience, and understanding. Maybe this is the only side of the Lord that many of you have seen. You've been protected, cared for, and even spoiled by His goodness. He's tried to win you with love, mercy, and gentleness. He's done everything in His power to give you everything you need.
       104.It's wonderful that you can know the Lord in this way, but maybe your relationship with the Lord or your understanding of Him is a little lopsided to where you don't fear to disobey or murmur or speak against the Lord or His prophets. Maybe you're pretty cocky and you think everything will just go merrily along and nothing will change no matter what you do, and that you'll never feel the Lord's judgment for your sins. That's not true. It's not true for you of the second generation, you of the first generation, and it hasn't been true for any generation of the Lord's children down through history!
       105.When I was working on this GN, the Lord had the following to say:

       106.(Jesus speaking:) There is yet much preparation of spirit for the Family to be ready for what I'm going to do. I do want to fulfill My promises to the full, and the sooner things straighten up and people get right with Me, the sooner I will do it.
       107.Some have become so familiar with Me and My promises that they no longer fear Me. This is not the first time My children have gotten into this state. There are those who are worshiping the works of their own hands, murmuring and complaining, loving this present world, following after iniquity.
       108.Of course, there are many Family members who are My darlings, who have Me in first place in their lives. There are many who are doing their best to obey and follow closely.But unfortunately, I cannot bless their efforts completely nor supply the abundance that is their due because of the disobediences of ­others. The faithful suffer because My hands are tied somewhat and I cannot pour forth My abundant supply and miracles until they rid themselves of the blockages in spirit that are brought about because of the sins and even wicked­ness of those who have hardened their hearts against Me. In some situations there is contamination and filth and evil.
       109.It's sad. But if this had never happened, the Family would indeed have been the first revolution that did not fall prey to this weakness of man. It is man's nature to cool down. And the Enemy works double-time to cause Family members to lie down, settle down, and become complacent and sluggish.
       110.The Family has grown very familiar with My promises of their greatness. The Family has felt that the fulfillment of their very ­special place was inevitable. They are like rich people who have grown so accustomed to having every­thing they want, and being important, and thinking things will always be that way. But alas, how quickly things change!
       111.You can't force people to obey and fear Me. You can't give someone what is gained through their own hard experience. That's My job.
       112.You must deliver your souls, My Servant King and Queen. You are to tell the truth in no uncertain terms and warn your people. They must see that preparation for the lost sheep that will come to your folds to eat from your hand is My top priority. All that's being done to strengthen the Family is toward this end. You must prepare, but you must also be worthy.
       113.Your growth will come with hard work, attention, and change. But that alone will never take you to where you need to go. That, only I can do. My children must see that they are helpless without Me, and they must be broken of their self-will, murmuring, and pride. So many of the problems and complaints are the result of these things. Yes, you can attach other “labels” to these problems, such as unyieldedness, gossiping, resentment, hurt feelings, bitterness, dis­satisfaction, distraction, worldliness, etc., but the true root is self-will (aka self-righteousness), murmur­ing, and pride.
       114.There is lukewarmness, churchiness, com­placency and familiarity. Those who have become disobedient need to learn that I am a jealous God and I will have no other gods before Me. Now is the time. The lessons begin. I am also a just God. Therefore I commission you to answer their questions and warn them of the things to come. I want them to know and to choose. Then I will blow upon the field and will separate the wheat from the chaff. Prepare, for there will first be a falling away, then will I build My new church, which will be a renewal of the Words of David in purity and dedication.
       115.Fret not and be not alarmed or dismayed by these words of warning. This is not the first time this has happened to the children of David. There have been other times. Your history is marked with such purges and fires. It is more difficult now because there has been so much spoken about your future, the promises and the glory. The result is that people have grown familiar and expect the blessings without the obedience. In earlier times, your children walked more cautiously, they were less comfortable, and they knew of the dangers of losing My blessing. But because there is so much blaming others and blaming leadership and blaming you and the Word, now people don't see My hand at work.
       116.So you must sharpen their attention and focus with these explanations and words of warning. The standard will become clear.
       117.Fear not for the repercussions of these Words, for this will be your salvation. These words of warning and the threat that the promised blessing could be lost or delayed will cause the disobedient to repent, for they will once again allow Me to occupy a greater place in their lives, and they will return to their First Love and be obedient, so as to eat the good of the land and grow.
       118.Don't underestimate the cleansing that will come before the reaping. All is in My time. These words do not negate the promises I have given, nor do they take away from the gifts I have given you--the keys to the Kingdom. I gave these in good faith, and I will honor My promises. My faithful brides will need these keys to make it through the tests and to become what I want them to become. (End of message from Jesus.)

With New Powers
We Face Greater Tests

       119. (Mama:) Some of you might be confused by this strong message of warning, because the Lord has repeatedly given such encouragement to the Family for the good work you're doing. He's also showered the Family with awesome spiritual treasures, such as the “Loving Jesus” revelation in which He called us to be His intimate brides, as well as such recent gifts as the keys to the Kingdom and the power to rise above. He has promised that these are days of greater miracles.
       120.Those of you on some fruitful fields who are surrounded by faithful missionaries who are obedient and sold-out might think, “Huh? Where is this warning message coming from?” But on the other hand, if you're living in a city or country where the entire work is completely debilitated with terrible disunity and resultant unloving behavior, and where many people are so lukewarm you can hardly recognize they're the Family, you might wonder how the many promises and “glowing reports” from the Lord apply. Either way, there could seem to be a contradiction.
       121.The situation is this: There are many, many Family members and Homes who are ­really doing the job. God bless those of you who are following the Word, witnessing faithfully, living in unity and love, and being the sample of the Words of David that the Lord expects you to be! We know there are many that are living as you should, in obedience to the Lord.
       122.There are also those of you who are doing the best you can, who might not be living full-time for the Lord and who might have some compro­mises in your life, but you're trying. We know you're fighting and you're trying to be strengthened or to get into better situations. There are many legitimate obstacles that some of you are facing that have nothing to do with disbelief or rebellion. Some of you are just going through times of testing or are in difficult situations for one reason or another, but you're still trying to move forward as much as you can.
       123.Then there are those who no longer have the fear of the Lord, who have rejected the truth and are alienated from the life of God. This is where the Lord's strong words belong. There are also Homes and areas--even whole countries--that have been living for years with such terrible disunity and contention that it's a reproach to the cause of Christ. The Lord has warned repeatedly against the dangers of disunity; now He's also talking to those of you who continue to hang on to your resentment, bitterness, and hatred.
       124.Granted, the very strong words in the message you just read are alarming. They should be! But the fact that the Lord is addressing these problems shouldn't stumble you or make you doubt the good things He's said. The commendation that the Lord has given the Family overall is true. The tremendous spiritual blessings and gifts from His hand are real. But the problems in some Homes or areas are also real. Thankfully, the Lord didn't wait until the Family was perfect before He equipped us with the blessings, tools, and weapons we'd need to do the job. But those gifts don't automatically wipe out the problems or make everyone obey, presto change-o.
       125.The Lord didn't wait until everything was all cleaned up completely before He took us to the next step in our spiritual training. But while He has rewarded the Family overall for the obedience and good fruit borne, He still needs to keep preparing us for what's to come. And in order to do that, He can't just ignore the problems that still exist. He can't just let those who have rejected the truth and compromised their convictions hang around to infect others who want to dedicate their lives to Him. He can't let those who continue in horrible disunity go unpunished.
       126.It's logical that the Lord gives us these new weapons in order to fight battles. They're not play toys; they're for a purpose. So why should we be surprised that with the new power of the keys to the Kingdom we also face greater battles and tests? The Lord said:

       127.(Jesus speaking:) I gave the keys to the Kingdom when I did, and revealed the power and promises attached to them, because the Family will need that power to rise above the tests that are to come. There will be a time of testing and proving before the visible progress and full fruit is manifested. That might seem contrary, but it is not. I am taking the Family through the fire, but I have equipped them for the heat. The fire will purify and make them worthy of that which is to come.
       128.While I purge and make white, I also bless and reward. It's not usually a “one or the other” situation. I am constantly dealing with the Family as I see fit to bring about the changes necessary on the whole. I must test and try, but simultaneously I bless and reward. This is one of the mysteries of My love. Too much testing would cause My children to give up in despair, while too much blessing and ease would cause them to grow lazy and disobedient. Those of My children who are desperate to do My will partake of these two aspects of My love fairly equally, so they move forward, staying in good step with Me and keeping a good relationship with Me, not getting too familiar or discouraged. In this way I can both bless and test the Family simultaneously.
       129.People tend to only remember the grandness of the keys and the promises of power. What they tend to forget is that the keys were given in order to empower My people for what is to come. If you think that through, it's obvious that if you need more power, it stands to reason that there will be more tests. It's not like I gave you the keys to the Kingdom just for mere encouragement or to enhance your spiritual power for no reason. Just because the Family has been given awesome gifts and promises doesn't mean that My king and queen will never correct the Family again or that there will never be hard times or persecution. I did not promise that. (End of message from Jesus.)

Warning of
Coming Persecution

       130.(Mama:) I'm sure this warning of attacks from detractors, apostates, and worldly authorities and the media is not good news. Peter and I weren't sure if we should publish this, as we didn't want to alarm you. When we asked the Lord about this, He said:

       131.(Jesus speaking:) The warning mess­age must be given. You can't afford to not give that message, for you have been faithful to try to lead the wayward ones through every means at your disposal. You have pleaded, begged, instructed, visited, prayed, and given the truth. The COs and VSs have also done all they humanly could.
       132.You must warn your children of coming judgment if they don't repent, because some will change as a result of that warning. Also, when the message comes to pass, they will know they were warned and they will return to their fear of Me. You must wash your hands, My dear shepherds, through warning.
       133.I know you worry about the repercussions of such persecution and you foresee this as tremendous disruption. You have to trust Me. I will do only what's necessary. And whether it be wide­spread and extremely upsetting, or much less so, will depend on many things, but pri­marily on the flocks' reaction to the truth that you will give them.
       134.No matter what, you cannot hold back in giving the truth. That is your primary duty. This is proactive. While it might seem to be defensive or negative, it is actually very proactive because you are launching an offensive to inform, warn, and bring change, which has the power to lift My hand of judgment. (End of mess­age from Jesus.)

       135.(Mama:) I asked the Lord to expound more on whether there's any way this will not happen, or whether it's inevitable. It seemed that if the fulfillment of this warning is dependent primarily on the Family's reaction to the truth, as the Lord said, then there must be some chance that this cup could pass from us. He gave the following:

       136.(Jesus speaking:) Persecution is inevit­able, for as you know, “All that will live godly in Christ Jesus shall suffer persecution.” But to suffer for righteousness' sake is very different than to suffer for your own sins, to suffer My judgment as I purify the church and bring My wayward children back to My will.
       137.How much I will raise My hand to bring the purifying fires of persecution depends on the reaction and choices of My children. If My people will return to Me of their own accord, then I will have mercy. If those who are in rebellion and wickedness will either change or leave, then I will have mercy. If those who live at swords' point with their brethren will mend the broken walls and renew the love between them and allow Me to wash the past clean, I will have mercy.
       138.The fulfillment of the warning I give is contingent on the choices of the people involved. This future is not unavoidable. I could give you more time of peace and plenty, if your children respond with fervency and desperation. If My people turn away from their wrongdoing and repent and change, then things can and will be very different.
       139.This is still flexible, but it will take a very big change of mindset and a radical turning away from complacency, familiarity, and lack of love. Because unless My children really believe that this will happen, that I will chasten them for their sins, they will not be moved to change. They will simply continue on in their pride and self-will and unloving behavior; they will remain bloody but unbowed.
       140.Because of the dullness in spirit of some, because they are so very familiar with Me, their queen and king and each other, because they have become weak through compromise, and because they have lost their fear of Me, it will take a huge miracle for there to be the breakthrough in spirit that's needed with those who are disobedient. It will require desperate prayer and fasting. It will require a total change of heart and vision. They must feel motivated, even out of fear, to obey and forsake their evil ways.
       141.If My wayward children react in this way, I will have mercy.Then it will be a case of “by mercy and truth iniquity is purged.” You have tried this method for years, My queen and king, through your merciful, thorough, and patient pleading. You have done all you could and given every possible explanation and sound reasoning, yet the needed change has not come in those who are wayward. But even still, at this late date, if those who are guilty will respond, humble themselves, and return to their first love, I will have mercy.
       142.To purge and strengthen the Family through persecution is a last resort. It is not what I would prefer to do. I would prefer that My children listen, learn, and follow. That is the easier way, the happier way. But if they refuse, then as a loving disciplinarian, as a true Father who is more concerned about the future happiness of His children than their momentary weeping, I will spank and punish, until there is repent­ance and humility.
       143.I speak plainly that there are those who deserve such chastisement. It is not all the Family. I will have mercy on those who are faithfully following, those who are humble, obedient, unified, and right with Me.
       144.This will not be worldwide, nor will it disrupt your entire work. I will carefully orchestrate what is necessary, and I will not give more than is absolutely needed to bring about the desired results. But where it is needed, if there is no change, then you will see My hand of protection lift, and those who hate you and despise you will be given liberty to slow down, hinder, block, and in some cases even defeat the work.
       145.As David taught, there is nothing that unifies a work more quickly than persecution. Then the wayward are brought low and they realize, finally, that they are so small and weak and have need of Me. When they are desperate for My mercy and deliverance, when they are suffering and fear what man can do unto them, they turn to Me with renewed humility and a sense of their own smallness and My greatness. They realize very quickly how foolish they have been, and they return to My ways.
       146.Chastisement in this way is expensive--it costs a lot of money, manpower, and time. It often brings great delay to the work, and some are stumbled. This is not My preference, for I would rather work gently and lovingly, slowly and surely, with steady steps forward. But this is not possible with those who have hardened their hearts and who refuse to be humbled.
       147.My dear children who are wayward, you know who you are. I have spoken to you and you feel My Spirit pulling on your hearts, calling you back to Me. Come, My loves, My naughty, spoiled children. Come back to My ways. I will have mercy and will abundantly pardon when I see that you have forsaken your sins and returned to your First Love. The choice is yours. You can do this the easy way or the hard way. Believe Me, to confess, humble yourselves, fast and pray, and seek My will, is much easier than to feel My hand of chastisement upon you, yours, and your work.
       148.The children of David have been warned before at different times in your history, and you have been spared through obedience. I pray that that will be the case this time. But it will take a very big miracle, for those who are in need of a metanoia are very complacent, familiar, and dull in spirit.
       149.Use the keys of the Kingdom and pray for those who need to hear. Call on the power of Heaven, all of which is at your command. Wield the power of the keys! Pray desperately, declare a fast, beseech Me with tears and weeping. Fight for your future and security. Fight for the purity of the Family, that I will restore you to your former state--a united ecclesia.
       150.You have done your part, My queen and king, to deliver your souls and give the truth. You have warned My children. Now allow Me to work by calling on Me and using the power of the keys. Pray! Fight! Open the doors with the keys! Now is the hour! You are equipped for the battle! Fight for the deliverance of those in bondage. Fight for future freedom. Fight that you might escape the snare of the fowler and the hands of your enemies! Fight that I might close the mouths of those who would speak against you in their damnable plot to divide and conquer. Use the keys to defeat what otherwise must come upon you.
       151.Each person must do his or her part to fight in prayer. Then the wayward must do their part to repent. The future is still “blurred”; it's not yet been brought into final “focus.” I have shown what will come to pass if things continue as they are, and there is a very big chance they will continue as they are, unless you fight and pray and do all within your power to make things right. (End of message from Jesus.)

Worldwide Day
Of Fasting and Prayer

       152.(Mama:) Peter and I can't force you to fear the Lord and obey. All we can do is give you the Word and deliver our souls, which is what we're doing now.
       153.The Lord said this coming trouble with detractors, apostates, authorities and the ­media will not be worldwide, that He will spare the obedient. If nothing else, that should motivate you to get right with Him!
       154.Peter and I will be declaring a worldwide day of fasting and prayer, as per the Lord's counsel to “pray desperately, declare a fast, beseech Me with tears and weeping.” There will be more details about this in the upcoming GNs in this series, as well as in the GV (concerning the date). As we go along, you will see that there are a number of very serious matters that we need to seek the Lord desperately about. It will become clearer as we share more of the Lord's counsel with you. But for now, know that there will be a day of prayer and fasting declared in the near future.
       155.In the meantime, you should begin to seek the Lord personally, including hearing from Him in prophecy about the matters the Lord lays on your heart, so you'll be well prepared. There will be more specifics in the GNs to come that will help you to evaluate your personal obedience and the obedience of your Home.

More on Spirit of Lethargy

       156.Before closing, I want to go back to the spirit of lethargy that Dad talked about earlier. If this is killing the spiritual progress of some of you, then it's worth exploring further, especially understanding how to overcome it and rid ourselves of it!
       157.It's vital that you take heed to this in­struction, because the Lord said that many of you are blinded and imprisoned by this evil spirit of lethargy, and unless you get free of it, many of you will not even be able to hear the counsel that is to come. But if you'll get desperate and rebuke this evil hold of the Enemy, the rest of the GNs will speak to you much more powerfully, and you'll make significant progress.
       158.I asked the Lord how this spirit of lethargy is manifested, what allowed this spirit entrance to the Family, how widespread the problem is, and what we can do to get rid of it.
       159.I can't emphasize enough how import­ant it is to really get what this next prophecy is saying. It's packed with important information that can reveal how you're doing spiritually. It summarizes some of the most debilitating weaknesses of the Family, and helps explain where they came from. If you're interested in succeeding for the Lord, if you want to be fruitful and happy, if you want the Lord to bless your life, work, and Home, then tune in to this counsel!
       160.This is pretty much self-explanatory, so I won't add much commentary. You're big boys and girls and it's up to you to want to be fed and strengthened and to see where you need to improve. Just reading this or even studying it isn't going to do the trick. You'll need to ask the Lord how it applies to your personal life, really seeking Him and hearing from Him in prophecy. If you're off in any one or some of these points, you'll probably get a check in the spirit or feel convicted as you read it. But you'll need to go a step further and get down to business hearing from the Lord and praying desperately, calling on the power of the keys, if you want to know what's wrong and how you need to change! There is no problem the keys of the Kingdom cannot help you solve, no obstacle that the keys cannot help you hurdle. But you have to do your part; you have to harness the power of the keys He's given you, reach out to the power of the keys in prayer, and ask Him to help you pull out of this horrible spirit of lethargy that is threatening your lives.

How Is This Spirit Manifested?

       161.(Jesus speaking:) This spirit of lethargy is manifested by:

       * People neglecting or ignoring the purpose for which I called you and for which you joined the Family:
to witness, to feed My sheep, to win disciples. People doing the minimum amount of witnessing they have to in ­order to remain “members,” or in some cases even neglecting witness­ing altogether.
       * The same problem, but to a lesser degree:
People who do witness, who do get out and distribute tools, maybe even have Bible classes, but who aren't “instant witnesses”--who don't make sure to carry tracts everywhere they go or make sure to give some kind of witness to every person they encounter. People who forget about the Scriptural admonition in Ezekiel and aren't all that worried about others' “blood” being on their hands. (See Ezekiel 3:17-19.)
       * People who are even very faithful witnesses, but who are hesitant to try the new things and ideas I put forth.
People who are satisfied with the way they've been doing it for years. They're reluctant to get rolling with Activated because it's not “tried and proven.”
       * People who are reluctant to feed their sheep the meat of the Word for fear it will stumble them.

       * A general desire to keep things the way they are,
to not upset the apple cart, to not make waves in your Home or area, even if it's very obvious that things need to be changed or improved.
       * A weakening of personal convictions, and a lessening of faith to speak up to others about your convictions.
This can be manifested in witness­ing by soft-pedaling the mess­age. It can be manifested in your personal interactions with your loved ones in the Family by backing off from checking or even correcting them when they need it. It can be manifested in your own attitudes, in a compromising attitude to where you stop believing completely that the things I have said are wrong are really wrong.
       * A lack of militancy in fighting against worldly/ungodly influences in the form of the media--TV, movies, books, Internet, computer games, System music, etc.
This comes about when you let yourself be duped by the Enemy into thinking that this or that habit or trip that you or someone you know are “a little bit into” is not really that bad or harmful. You get comfortable with it, and then you don't want to forsake it or make someone else forsake it.
       * Too much tolerance toward worldly and ungodly attitudes, mindsets, and ways of life.
This goes along with weakening of convictions and too much acceptance of ungodly influences. These all go hand in hand, though they are somewhat separate issues.
       * Lack of faithful, godly parenting.
Parents letting their children or teens get away with behavior that is obviously wrong and ungodly. This is usually a combination of the fact that the parents' convictions have been weakened and the fact that they don't want to put the great amount of time and effort it takes into training children.
       * Not being stirred up about your personal weaknesses and problems, nor fighting to over­come them.
Taking the “easy way out” whenever possible, or just ignoring the problems, sometimes under the pretense of having more important things to tune in to. True, self-improvement isn't the essence of Family living, but if you don't keep your personal weaknesses in check, they will in time affect and hinder your service for Me.
       * Lack of desire and hunger for the Word, for prophecy, for My Spirit and spiritual input.
(End of message from Jesus.)

What Allowed This Spirit
Entrance to the Family?

       173.(Jesus speaking:) This spirit is the way of the Enemy, the way of the world. It's one of Satan's favorite devices with which to hinder and trip up humanity in these Last Days, by deceiving and deluding them, by putting them to sleep. Why would the Family be immune to it? You are not! It's everywhere. It's in the very air, the atmosphere. It surrounds you. It's Satan's gas of deceit, which little by little has seeped across the world, so slowly, so gently, that few have noticed it. Now even those who do see it, who speak up about it, are more often than not met with resistance. Even others who claim to see it and notice it, who agree with those who speak out against it, have been affected by it. It's the spirit of apathy.
       174.You, My Family, have been strong soldiers, and you received good training from David and a solid foundation of faith. You knew truth from lie, right from wrong. Everyone, from the smallest to the greatest, knew what My standard was, and accepted nothing less. You were radical, zealous, sometimes even overzealous, but you knew where your convictions lay. However, little by little, as the Enemy's spirit grew stronger in the world, his compromising attitudes entered your ranks as well.
       175.Sometimes this spirit of lethargy came in as a result of doubt--of beginning to question whether the things that you had always believed and stood for were really so, or if they were open to interpretation.
       176.Sometimes this spirit came in simply because people were weary in well doing, tired of working so hard and living in such an “extreme” way. It's human nature to be selfish, to want to work as little as possible and put forth as little energy as possible, especially when it comes to spiritual matters. As your older members got older, these weaknesses were more easily able to enter in. And as your young people got older, the desire grew in them to become more knowledgeable of the ways of the world, to be more accepted by their peers in the world, and this in turn further brought in the spirit of lethargy.
       177.Look around and you'll see how in some form or another this spirit has permeated society. Look at the young, hip dudes with their pants hanging loose and their hair dyed. What does that portray? Well, that one's obvious. But then, look at the generation X'ers, the workaholic dot-com millionaires. Are they lethargic? Yes, they are, spiritually. They are self-satisfied and so caught up in the rat race that they have in most cases all but neglected their spirits, and even their loved ones and families.
       178.Being a hard worker doesn't make you immune to spiritual lethargy. Being an energetic person physically doesn't give you any advantage over someone older or more tired. It's all about attitude. It's all about your spirit. You can still be supposedly “living the life” of a missionary, but becoming lethargic in spirit, doing as little as possible.
       179.What has allowed this spirit into the Family is human nature--instinctive proclivities toward selfish­ness, carnal-mindedness, and laziness. But these things can be overcome. (End of message from Jesus.)

How Widespread
Is the Problem?

       180.(Jesus speaking:) The problem is very widespread. I would say that nearly every person in the Family has been touched by it to some degree. Everyone should search their hearts and seek Me about it, so that I can show you how big the problem is in your life, and in what areas it has affected you, and what you should do about it. If you don't want to have to seek Me about this because you think it's not your problem, then the odds are that you have a very BIG problem.
       181.One thing that makes this problem so serious is that most people who have it don't realize it. It's not an obvious problem, like being violent or drunk or listening to hours of System music a day. But it's an insidious problem, one that slowly and destructively eats away at you from the inside, without you realizing it.
       182.People have the problem to varying degrees. Some are upfront and obvious about it--they don't really care what they do or what others do, and they don't want to be “pushed” by anybody into doing anything or adhering to any rules or guidelines. They just want to do their own thing in their own way--which is generally as little as possible. By the time someone is at that stage, it's pretty obvious they have a problem with spiritual lethargy.
       183.Other people, though, are more at the “beginning stages.” This doesn't necessarily mean they've had the problem for less time, just that it hasn't advanced as quickly. In this beginning stage, maybe the person just isn't super thrilled or inspired about the Word, or not so eager to seek Me about each thing that I put forth in the New Wine, or to put it into practice. They're not necessarily following after evil, yet neither are they actively pursuing the godly way. Yet in either case it's a very big problem, because, as I've said, it saps your conviction and your fight and your ability to move forward at the pace and to the degree I need you to. (End of message from Jesus.)

       184.(Mama:) When you read the above portion of the message, you can see why the Lord is so intent on getting rid of the evil influence of lethargy and why it's at the root of compromise. He explains it causes a “wearing away of your convictions” and it “saps your conviction.” What better definition of compromise could you get?
       185.We cannot allow compromise to destroy the Family! We must see where we're weakening, and change. And if you're not willing to fully let go of the compromises in your life and Home, then you would probably be happier in the FM Family where the requirements are not so stringent. You who are so compromised that you don't even resemble mission­aries at all, much less full-time disciples, would do better to leave the Family. Compromise has been the end of many a revolution and reformation, and we cannot, by God's grace, let it happen to us!

What Can Be Done
To Get Rid of It?

       186.(Jesus speaking:)Wake up and realize that this is the era of action! Action means action, and that's that! It's the time for action! The age of lethargy is over! It may still be the going thing in the world, but it is NOT the going thing in the Family! If you want to be in the Family, you'd better get with the ACTION!
       * Each person search your heart. Stir yourself up. Pray and seek Me. Hear from Me.
Ask Me specific questions, like:
*       In what ways am I lethargic spiritually?
*       What wrong influences have come into my life as a result?
*       What wrong attitudes do I have that I need to change?
*       What have I been avoiding stepping out and doing? What new moves of the spirit have I been hesitant to put INTO ACTION?
*       What should I do to stir myself up more and keep myself stirred up in spirit?

       * Some of you need to ask Me to do something major in your life that will shake you up and wake you up to where this world is at and where things are headed.
You should pray a “whatever it takes” prayer, really. You should say, “Lord, do whatever You need to do in my life to open my eyes to the spiritual warfare ­raging around me. Take the blinders off my eyes. Remove the root of this problem, whatever it is and wherever it came from, by helping me have an experience that will snap me out of my rut of spiritual lethargy.”
       * Fill yourself with good healthy doses of My Word and hearing from Me in prophecy.
There's nothing lethargic or laid back about My Word. It is a sharp, two-edged sword, discerning the thoughts and intents of the heart. If you're digging into My Word, and praying for a hunger, and praying that I will “open your eyes that you will behold wondrous things,” that's just what you'll get!
       190.My Words, the words I have given through your Father David, through your Queen Maria and King Peter, and through My voice of prophecy to you personally are alive, quick and powerful, and will not leave you unchanged! If you've been reading them for years and haven't been stirred up or changed by them, that's not the fault of the words; it's the fault of your own spiritual lethargy. Just reading the Word in itself, meanwhile daydreaming or doubting, is not going to cure you. But reading the Word after praying desperately that it will MOVE you, SHAKE you up and STIR you to ACTION is a large part of the cure!
       * Make a commitment to put the Word into ACTION--and I mean now!
You know how you've told your kids that delayed obedience is just as bad as disobedience? Well, try that on yourself now. If I say in My Word via the latest GNs that Activated is the vision, that I want everyone to get on board with Activated, then when should you get on board with Activated? Next week? Next month? Next year? Next time your shepherds come around for a visit? No way! Forget it! The time for obedience to Me is always NOW. Now is the day of salvation!
       * Heighten your awareness of the Endtime.
Read up about the signs of the times and open your eyes to what's going on around you. Some of you have lost the vision of “redeeming the time, for the days are evil.” Because I haven't come back as soon as you thought I would, you have been tempted to fall into the deluded reasoning that “all things continue as they were” and that nothing's changing. Talk about delusion! Talk about blindness! Open your eyes! Look at the world today and what it's becoming! It's happened little by little, gradually, so that you could hardly tell. But think for a minute about how the world is today compared to 10, 20, 30, 40 or however many years your life goes back. Think about the horrors occurring today that are so widespread they're not even alarming anymore! That is the most alarming thing of all--when horrible things happen and the world (comprised of billions of people like YOU) just sits by and doesn't say or do a thing. You've let that spirit in, that spirit of Satan that has pervaded the world, and now it's time to kick it out! Let it have no place in you.
       * Call a united day of prayer for the Family worldwide, to pray together unitedly for a deliver­ance from this horrible and oppressive spirit.
(End of message from Jesus.)

       194.(Mama:) Again the Lord calls for a united day of prayer. As mentioned earlier, we will let you know the details of the upcoming prayer and fast day.
       195.In the meantime, however, you need to be following the Lord's instruction so you'll be prepared. Jesus just now gave you a lot of things to do. Are you going to actually do them, or will you let the spirit of lethargy influence you to where you have no initiative, no sense of urgency, no feeling of “do it now”?
       196.You know, it really bothers me when I hear that few of you ever take the time to do the things we ask you to do in the GNs, such as having Home meetings to hear from the Lord, having personal P&P times, etc. How do you expect to make any progress if you don't do what the Lord says? The short message you just read tells you to do six things (besides the united prayer day). Whether you actually do them depends on your personal conviction. But if you're serious about making it for the Lord in the Family, you'd better do so! That means doing the following:
--       Get with the action; get rid of lethargy.
--       Hear from the Lord about the five questions He proposed.
--       Pray a “whatever it takes” prayer.
--       Get filled with the Word (praying desperately that it will move you, shake you up, and stir you to action).
--       Commit to living the Word! Become a doer of the Word.
--       Get rid of any delusion about how we're not living in the Endtime.

       197.Start now on these assignments from the Lord, because in the next GNs in this series there will be more heavy meat for you to receive and digest. Jump on the bandwagon now while there's still time--or you'll be left behind by those who are serious about getting on with the war! Don't delay, claim the power of the keys of the Kingdom today. Turn the keys, activate their power, and let the Lord fight for you. If you'll call on the power of the keys, you can remove any mountain that stands in your way. You can do it if you choose to, because there is no good thing our Husband will withhold from you if you call on the power of the keys. The victory is there for you, if you want it, through the power of the keys, He's promised to heal, deliver, save and restore.
       With desperate prayers,

P.S. from Mama

       198.Here is some encouragement for you FGAs who might feel overwhelmed by this un­expected call to arms. Maybe you feel too tired to fight on the front lines as you once did in years past. Maybe you feel so much shouldn't be expected of you. This message given to an FGA will help you to see things as our loving Husband sees them, which will give you faith to get your gear ready! We're riding to battle!

Warhorses to the Fray!

       199.(Jesus speaking:) You are like an old warhorse. I've ridden you into many battles, and you've never turned away. You've always followed My lead. Though sometimes I've had to dig My spurs deep into your sides to keep you going, you never turned back on Me. There have been times when I've ridden you right into the fire, and you didn't turn back. Though your mane got burned and your eyelashes singed, and your eyes got hot and they watered from the smoke, yet because of the spurs in your sides, and because of My intent to go forward, and because of your love and dedication to Me, knowing I was truly your Owner, you didn't hesitate or turn back.
       200.You always knew that I knew what I was doing and where I was going. And though sometimes it may have been tough, nevertheless, you rode on and we always came out on the other side, you and Me. Yes, you have been My old warhorse. Other times I spurred you into the water. Sometimes you could still gallop through it. Other times it was up to your bridle and you had to take off swimming by faith, with Me on your back. Yet we reached the other side. You didn't give up on Me, and I didn't give up on you.
       201.You have stuck with Me even when it caused you some personal suffering. You have put Me and My work first. This is what you have done for decades on end.
       202.Yes, you have scars in your sides from the spurs that dug deep, and you have tears in your eyes from the smoke and the water. Your eyes are bloodshot and strained, and sometimes you look for a break. You've come through the waters and into the pasture, and you just want to eat a little green grass; you want to take some time off. You're sort of in disarray, for you want to go ahead with Me, yet you find yourself weary, in need of rest and rejuvenation, in need of relaxation, in need of love.
       203.And now you hear Me sounding the battle call again, “Mount your horses! Are you ready to charge into the battle?!” You see the rest of the army getting ready. You see younger horses ready to charge into battle as you once did, only perhaps even better equipped, with better riding materials, better weapons, and ­better techniques than you had. And you wonder, “Can I make it? Is there more for me to give? Do I have it in me to give my last ounce of strength? Do I have the wherewithal to get up and get going again? Do I have the strength, the resolve?”
       204.But I say unto you, “They that wait upon the Lord shall renew their strength. They shall mount up with wings, like an eagle. They shall run and not be weary. They shall walk, and not faint.”
       205.Yes, you are an old warhorse, but you have the strength and ability to follow. While a lot of these young bucks have strength and energy and wildness, they don't know the pattern, nor have they been tested to see if they have the guts to ride right through the fire if I told them to go that way. You do. I've ridden you through the fire before, and you know you can make it again.
       206.They don't know whether they have the wherewithal to make it through the depths of the deep waters that reach to their bridles. You do. You've swum there before and you will swim it again. You may not relish the swim. In fact, you may dread fighting the currents while bearing the burdens you do, struggling to reach the other side. But despite your apprehensions and fears, you can make it again just as you've made it before.
       207.What I'm saying to you is, mount up again, for I will mount you and ride you again! You've had your time off. You've had your time in the pastures, nibbling and grazing where you wanted. But now I'm going to ride you again!
       208.This means you're still in the army, you're still in the cavalry, and therefore you must begin to get yourself ready. Yes, this does mean discipline, for that's how an army works and what an army is based on, discipline. This means that you must discipline yourself by putting yourself on a regular schedule so you can accomplish the most possible.
       209.Discipline is like the bridle. I'm putting the bridle on you, the bridle of discipline, but I want you to do this willingly yourself. I want you to discipline yourself, for you're an old horse, and you know the rules; you know the way I want you to walk. Discipline yourself to regular hours, regular projects, and regular feats. I want you to have the faith to get your things in order and to work orderly once again, as you have for years on end.
       210.I want you to run and not be weary, to walk on ahead and not to faint.And this I will do with you. For I have taken you to both sides of the pendulum, and I have had you walk up and down the spectrum. Now I want you to walk straight ahead, down the perfect balance of them both--faith and works, faith and works--in that order, and in that rhythm. Faith without works is dead. But works without faith is of no effect. One cannot go without the other. You must have them both, and you must have them in the right order, faith and the Spirit first, works second, following as the day follows the night.
       211.You get your faith in the night, seeking Me and relaxing in Me and loving Me. Your works are performed in the day while there is light, for the night cometh when no man can work, but must seek Me and find his solace, comfort, and strength with Me for the new day.
       212.So come, My love. I want to mount you again. I want to wrap My legs around you and press My heels into your sides. We know each other well, rider and horse. You've become sensitive to My commands, and I've become knowledgeable of how to best ride you. In times past I have used spurs, but now you, My warhorse, are familiar with Me and there is not as much need to do so. You are sometimes not eager to leave the pasture and your grazing, but once you are pointed toward the battle and started in the right direction, then you respond to Me and My touch with ease.
       213.We have a ride ahead, but this time you will not be weary; you will wait on Me and you will renew your strength and energy. So I'm going to ride you ahead and yell out, “­Yahoo! Let's go! I'm riding again!” You have renewed strength now, because I have made it so. So have the faith to put your things in order and become My faithful warhorse again.
       214.Don't worry about the young bucks. They can do their jobs, but only you can do yours.
       215.Know this, you have not failed in that which was most important, in being My horse and in carrying your Rider. Though you may have thrown all else off, you have not thrown Me off, and that has been your most important duty and your greatest accomplish­ment.
       216.You and I will ride to the End, and through the End, and I will receive you into My arms gloriously, for we two are one, horse and Rider. We've been made for each other. I love you as I love Myself. And I know your needs. I know your need of water, of grain and sustenance. I know all that you need, and I will take care of My horse well, for he takes care of Me. When I tell him to go, he goes. When I tell him to stay, he stays. And because of your obedience, I will reward you with water, with refreshment, and with love. I love you.
       217.But prepare now. Get your battle gear ready and your personal gear ready. Get battle ready, for we are going to yet another battle--the greatest yet! And you will perform well, because I am riding you, and I know exactly what to do. (End of message from Jesus.)