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The Dangers of Division!
Conviction versus Compromise, Part 2
By Maria Maria #581                 CM/FM                 3362                 8/01


Division rampant in the Family worldwide 5

The Bible and MO Letters on the importance of unity and the danger of division 7

To live in division is against the Charter and will be disciplined 9

Comments from COs on disunity in the Homes 10

Disunity threatens to undo the Family 11

Don't try to place the blame 12

Root out bitterness 14

Warning vision 15

Choose ye this day--unite or be left behind 18

Rebuke them by name 21

Lay it all on the altar 22

You're all guilty until you forsake your sins and get united 24

What is unity? 25

Warning of coming judgment 27

The Lord's love and mercy--one last chance 27

PS: You're not alone 28

4. This series of GNs is correction. That's true. But it's not like Peter and I relish addressing these things, nor do we derive any pleasure from telling you where you're off track. We don't enjoy doing such things. But it's our job and you need it. The Family has some serious internal problems, and if not dealt with, they could threaten the success of our missionary work. That's the reason we need to tell you (again!) the truth about some things. If you get all bent out of shape at some correction and our telling you where the serious weaknesses are in the Family, then you'll just have to get over it. Deal with it. There's a war to fight and we're determined to win. If you're not concerned about where you're vulnerable to the attacks of the Enemy, then you're probably not very interested in winning the war either, so you might as well quit now.

5. You'd be surprised at how many complaints come our way. I'm not talking about legit­imate, honest questions from people who want to know the truth. I'm talking about murmurs and complaints--complaints about the GNs, about how the tithe money is spent, about fundamental doctrines of the Family, about past mistakes, about just about everything! There are so many complaints that I've begun to wonder why in the world some of you are even in the Family if you're so dissatisfied with everything! It's ridiculous, if you ask me.

6. I'm starting to get pretty fed up with it, and the Lord and we are determined to do something about it. There are Family members--both FGA and SGA--who complain about almost everything, to the point that we're pretty sure you're not Family members in heart or spirit, but are just lifestylers! Your being in the Family is weakening the whole body. This is a serious problem and one that we'll continue to pray about and deal with, as the Lord leads. The S2K was effective and the Lord said that overall that program accomplished the goal. But He also said that He Himself would continue to move people on who don't belong in the Family.

9. And if James Penn and others stumble you, then you'll just continue to be stumbled, because the Lord said there will be more “outlandish” stories from more apostates. We're hearing them already. For example, there's a ­rumor going around that the S2K was originally given for a WS unit because of their “drunken orgies,” and then it was just applied to the Family at large. That's a lie. But still, it stumbles people and causes people to doubt. Why would you believe what some backslider says instead of what I said in the Letter? It just baffles me, frankly. I'm sure there will be more stories, more “inside scoops” from those who supposedly “know,” so if you're that easily stumbled, then you're in for a very rough ride!

10. So you who can't believe what Peter and I have written, or who continually take up the torch of the latest accusations or stories rather than standing on the foundation of faith which the Lord's and our words have placed under you, move on! Because either the Lord's Word will get so strong and meaty that you won't be able to take it, or there will finally come the “last straw story” that causes you to throw in the towel, or the Lord Himself will bring persecution to your neck of the woods to give you the shove you need to get out. So take your pick. It would be much easier for you and everyone if you were to just take off now. (gotta try to discredit criticism instead of answering specific questions.)

Division Rampant
In the Family Worldwide!

24. Division still exists in the Family. We have regularly called the problem disunity, but let's call it what it is. It's division. The Family in many places is divided!

25. Our work for the Lord will be destroyed if we don't root out this problem and restore unity. They are falling apart)

35. Listen, brethren, you who are divided, if you don't want your name in lights in the next GN, then you'd better get with it! (put some fear into them)

Disunity Threatens to
Undo the Family

66. Disunity threatens to undo the Family. It threatens to take apart the Family, for that is what disunity is, the taking apart of a thing, as opposed to the uniting of parts for a purpose. Those participating in disunity are participating to one degree or another with the taking apart of the Family as you know it, and it's a grave responsibility to partake in such things. I ask all to put out the fires of disunity and to get back on the wall, to repair the breach, before more people run out the cracks in order to get away from the heat. (End of message from Jesus.) (If it's of God, no man can stop it; but if it's of man it will come to naught)