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GN 963


Conviction versus Compromise, Part 5
By Maria       9/01


       Later followers should demonstrate the same level of conviction as the pioneers       3
       Times have changed, but the discipleship standard remains the same       6
       Strive to be revolutionary in every way       8
       Comments from Carmen       8
       Two enemies of youth       9
       Promises to claim as you call on the power of the keys       14
       System education       14
       Promoting higher education is contrary to the goals of CM living       18
       The Lord's viewpoint on System education       19
       Where are the leaders?       24
       The need for adequate godly education       25
       Problematic issues with sexual aspects of the Law of Love       26
       At the heart of these unloving acts is compromise       27
       The doctrine is sound--it's the implementation that's in question       28
       Suspend sexual freedom?       28
       God's hands are tied--the choice is yours       29
       Another side to think about       32
       Life in the Family without the Law of Love       32
       God can't recant, and neither can I       35

Dear Family,
       1. This is the last of this series that you will receive before the worldwide prayer and fast day. Peter and I pray that you're taking the time needed to study these GNs and pray about them, so you'll be prepared in spirit to get right with the Lord when we all come before Him in prayer and fasting on November 18.
       2. Having read the first four GNs in this series, you're no doubt realizing that the Lord is leading us back to the radical foundation upon which the Family was built. Possibly it's easier for you FGAs to think back on your earlier years of greater dedication and thereby recognize the areas in which you're now compromised and weakened. But many of you YAs and SGAs are likely to excuse yourselves from much of this challenge, thinking the same dedication and commitment can't be expected of you, because world conditions are different; you didn't drop out of the System to join the Family; you haven't known the System and gotten fed up with it; you haven't personally tried “the other side” (living in the System); you're surrounded by a much more sophisticated world of technology than that which your “flower power” parents knew.
       3.I've heard many people, young and old, justify the weaknesses of the second generation, saying you young people can't be expected to forsake all or be totally committed, either because the circumstances are different (your never having known the System), or because the attacks of the Enemy are so much more intense now than when the FGAs were young. People have swallowed the idea that there's no way to avoid the influence of the world, which is everywhere, especially at our fingertips through the Internet. Many say it's inevitable that the world will affect our second generation. Consequently, the second generation is generally much weaker in faith and conviction than the first.
       4.Many of you of the second generation who are old enough that you should have made a concrete decision in your lives to be full-time disciples seem to be duped by the Enemy that you don't have to, that it's expecting too much, that things have changed, that full-time dedication and consecra­tion to the Lord is a thing of the past, that that was what your parents did, but the same can't be expected of you.
       5.I'm telling you now that you're wrong. That mentality is a lie of the Enemy.
       6.It's one thing for senior teens to be in a time of decision.That's to be expected; they're still minors and still under their parents' care legally. But those of you who are 18 or over, and certainly those of you who are 21 or over, should have made a definite decision about what you want to do with your lives by now! You've been in the Family long enough, read enough Word, and had enough experience to be accountable for your decisions.
       7.Possibly some of you think you're doing okay just drifting along, not really committing to the Lord or the Revolution, but not really causing trouble either. Or maybe you don't really mind living communally in the Family, because you realize that it offers you a higher standard of living than you'd have if you lived on your own in the System. You don't have to do much work, you have your friends, you have sex at least occasionally, etc., so you're willing to endure a little fundraising, which you look at as your “job,” and you sit through devotions or your Home meetings as part of your “dues” to pay your rent in the comfy, cozy commune.
       8.I hate to tell you, but that just doesn't cut it! There are those who are sticking around the Family because it's a cushy life, because your friends are in the Family, because you're too lazy or scared to leave, because it's simply comfortable and you can't think of anything better at the moment, because you want to leave but you're waiting for the opportune time, and in the meantime you're taking advantage of free room and board, because you enjoy the benefits and it's a step up financially for you as compared to how you'd live if you were on your own. You who fit that bill need to count the cost and make a decision for the Lord. If you're in the Family not because you honestly believe the Word and want to live and die for Jesus and this Revolution, but because it's an easy life or you don't have anywhere to go, then you need to start finding a place to go! And I mean it!
       9.Each of you YAs and SGAs needs to decide what you're here for, and if you're here for Jesus, then you need to make a commitment to Him each day. It's dying daily for the cause of Christ that makes our Revolution different! You should be in the Family because you love Jesus, want to serve Him full-time, and you believe this is the best place to do that. This is not the place for you if you're just looking for some kind of “career,” or you're just biding your time until you and your friends come up with something better or cooler or easier.
       10.I want to ask you: What can Peter and I really expect of you personally? How much are you willing to give? What are your expectations? Are you a disciple of Jesus, or a part-time missionary, or a social worker, or a Christian English teacher, or just a cool dude? How would you describe yourself?

Later Followers Should
Demonstrate the Same Level
Of Conviction as the Pioneers

       11.I realize that your experiences in life are not the same as your parents', therefore you see the Family differently. One very big difference in your mentality is that many of you feel the circumstances of the world today make your compromises legitimate. “After all,” you wonder, “how can the same level of total discipleship be expected of us as was expected of our parents when they were young? Things are different now! We are different! Even the Family is different!”
       12.Parents, shepherds, and Home team­works are struggling with how much leeway to give YAs and even SGAs. I want to shed some light on this. Here is an excerpt of a prophecy that got me thinking.

       13.(Jesus speaking:) The battle is greater these days; the young people face more intense spiritual battles and a stronger pull from the System. But that is no excuse for a toning down of conviction or your beliefs, because they have also been given much more spiritual education and the new weapons. So even though the battles are more intense, they are more equipped to fight those battles, so the same can be expected of all in the Family today as was expected in the beginning.
       14.It's a lie and trick of the Enemy to think the standard of discipleship cannot be the same today because of circumstances or the attitudes of the second generation. That is the seed of compromise, and all new religious movements that ended in defeat through compromise fell prey to that lie of the Enemy: that there was some good “excuse” or “reason” why the followers who came later shouldn't be expected to demonstrate the same level of conviction, dedication, and sacrifice as the pioneers. As soon as that attitude is widely accepted, the new religious movement is on its way to a slow but sure death. (End of message from Jesus.)

       15.(Mama:) The Lord is saying that when we accept the attitude that today we can't be as dedicated, that we can't expect people to love the Lord as much, to make the same sacrifices anymore, to be completely devoted to living for others and giving His truth to the lost no matter what, then begins compromise.
       16.This has happened in our Family. I'm not warning you about something that could happen; it has happened. We are at that point now. That kind of compromise is rampant in the Family today. That's why we have so many people in our CM Homes who don't even vaguely resemble missionaries! It's because our expectations, our standard of faith and behavior have become so watered down that people hardly remember what the standard is! And that is compromise.
       17.The Lord says when that happens, and when people accept that lie of the Enemy that you shouldn't expect later followers--meaning new disciples or those of the second generation--to have the same dedication, conviction or willingness to sacrifice, then you're dying! Just read “Dropouts!--Part 1” if you want to see what I'm talking about. In 1971 Dad said:

       Someone has said, “God has no grand­children!” There's no such thing as second-generation Christians! Every new generation either has to drop out or cop out--one or the other; bring forth new buds, or die on the vine and become dead!
       It's been sort of an inevitable cycle of history that this is the way governments, denominations, and movements of various kinds all revolve! They're born in the white-heat of the fires of inspiration and of the desire for change, and, led by an anointed leader, they fight and die for the cause until they gain enough followers to “come out from among them and be sep­arate and touch not the unclean thing, and have no fellowship with the unfruitful works of darkness”--and a new “ecclesia” has been formed--the new “called-out ones,” the new church, the new dropouts!
       And they revel in their newfound freedom, truth and beauty, love and peace, until [arises a new generation] “which knew not Joseph”--who don't appreciate the freedom or the blessing because they've never known anything else, so that they've become lazy and lethargic and self-satisfied and self-indulgent, with a false sense of security, out of touch with the original inspired leader and his teachings, and out of touch with God--asleep, content, “rich and increased in goods and having need of nothing”--but actually, “wretched and naked and blind” in the sight of God! And the most shocking thing about this condition is that they don't even know it! It's like a creeping paralysis which steals up on them--and they're dead before they know it!
       There is no such thing as the peaceful coexistence of good and evil! “I came not to bring peace, but a sword!” One or the other has to conquer! One or the other has to be destroyed that the other might live! You cannot serve two masters. You cannot belong to both the System and the Revolution! It's impossible, because as Jesus said, “You will either hate the one and love the other, or hold to the one and despise the other.” You'll either stay in the System or you drop out! There's no such thing as hanging somewhere in between, sus­pended between Heaven and Hell in some kind of compromiser's limbo!
       But why, you ask, must this always be true of a religious movement? Why is it that every great revolution, revival, reformation or denomi­nation has invariably, without exception throughout time, slowed to a standstill, cooled off, and frozen back into the System, so that God had to call out each time a new man, with a new motive, in a new move, into a new movement, to purify His Church and to purge them from the old leaven, and to keep her a young new bride without spot and without wrinkle, fresh and clean, radiant and beautiful, vibrant and alive, productive and fruitful?
       Must this always be the fate of every life?--Must it die? Of every nation?--Must it fold? Must every reform eventually formalize?--Every revival die?--And every revo­lu­tion revolve full-scale back into the System that gave it birth? Must we too pass away?
       Thank God, I don't think there's enough time left for it to happen to us! We're just getting started! It's only the beginning, folks! But the warning lesson is always there: “Wherefore let him that thinketh he standeth take heed lest he fall” (1Cor.10:12). (ML #42:5,12,13,20,24,27,28.)

       18.(Mama:) It's the responsibility of each Family member to see to it that we don't just drift back into the System, settling down in a compromiser's limbo. Each one of us has to recognize and fight that “creeping paralysis” that would threaten to destroy our whole movement, to the point that God would have to raise up someone else, some other “ecclesia,” some other dropped-out church of believers who are willing to leave the death and conformity of the System behind in utter abandonment to the Lord's will.
       19.Dad said 30 years ago that it didn't seem there was enough time for the Family to fall prey to the cooling-down compromise that has defeated every revolution or reformation that has gone before us. But I ask you, how would you judge this now? When you look at your own life, Home, and country, what do you see? Are you still dropped out? Do you still feel the white-heat of the fires of inspiration and the desire for change? Or have you slowed to a standstill, cooled off, and frozen back into the ­System?
       20.And you of the second generation, do you not appreciate the freedom or the blessing because you've never known anything else? Have you become lazy and lethargic and self-satisfied and self-indulgent, with a false sense of security, out of touch with Dad and his teachings, and out of touch with God? It's worth thinking about. Dad warned us 30 years ago, and I think we need to take serious stock of how we're doing. We can't just lope along, naïvely thinking that it will never happen to us!
       21.You young people are the hope of the future. Dad said that, and Peter and I believe it. Do you believe it? And what happens if you compromise? What if you don't live up to what the Lord expects of you? What then? Let's be honest. The Lord's promises certainly come with conditions. You won't automatically fulfill Dad's dream, your destiny, unless you live the way the Lord wants you to.
       22.I know things are different today than 30 years ago. There are new temptations, new time-wasters, and new sirens of the System calling you. Some commonplace realities of today's world that were virtually nonexistent for us FGAs when we were young in the Family are the Internet, e-mail, computer games, anorexia and other eating disorders, easy access to birth control, easily availablevideos of everything imaginable, and cable TV with its hundreds of stations playing 24 hours a day!
       23.Life is certainly much different for you SGAs. I realize you of our second generation are different; you see things differently, and you've had different experiences. I understand that! I know you're not like your parents. The point is not to cram you into the mold of your parents, to make you think and act just like them, or even desire the same things as them. For heaven's sake! The Family has certainly changed tremendously from the early days, so obviously no one is trying to go back to the past as far as the way things were done. But we're talking about the basic principles and requirements of full-time discipleship in the Family. That has not changed. It's the same for you of the second generation no matter how different you are from your parents! What Jesus said about being His disciple has not changed! It's been the same for 2,000 years and it will remain the same!
       24. Here are some insightful comments from one our COs:

       25. (CO:) Everyone who reads this GN series will undoubtedly check to see how they have allowed compromise into their lives. Apart from the reasons given for why some think that full-time dedication shouldn't be expected of the second generation, I feel that part of the problem is simply a reluctance of the young people to take the full plunge and drop out totally in spirit from the System--shunning the ways of the world and its fun, entertainment and trinkets. It's kind of the attitude of wanting to “have your cake and eat it too.”
       26. It's not that the FGAs haven't battled with worldliness over the years since they dropped out, but I feel that there was in the past more of an attitude or affirmation that you were dropping out of the damned System, that the System is evil. So apart from all the reasons listed, is there also an under­current of just not wanting to have to forsake the System all the way (After all, what's wrong with the little foxes--whether it be movies, System music, computer games, cable TV, sports viewing, System friends, System parties and so on?), which renders people weak disciples instead of revolutionary, anti-System disciples? People begin to see the CM life as restrictive, whereas the problem is more one of conviction and being convinced in their hearts that fellowship with the unfruitful works of darkness is wrong. (End of comments from CO.)

Times Have Changed,
But the Discipleship Standard
Remains the Same

       27.(Mama:) I was extremely interested in the concept that in spite of the intense battles and greater attacks of the Enemy, because of the new weapons, the keys of the Kingdom, the Lord still expects the same of us. Sadly, a lot of people now believe that the level of dedication of earlier years can't be expected today because times have changed. Many of you have simply accepted it as fact that people will be more worldly, weaker spiritually, will tolerate more ungodly influences, waste more time, not believe the Word as wholeheartedly, not sacrifice in the same way, not be willing to witness as much, deserve more privacy and personal possessions, etc. Here is more from the Lord on this. I was originally asking the Lord about you young people, but obviously this counsel is for everyone.

       28.(Jesus speaking:) In the early days of the Family, your movement was wild, hot, and radical! The hippies were eager to throw off the chains of conformity that bound them, and they embraced the wild life of a disciple. They had motivation to sacrifice, forsake all, and live for Me fully, because they were coming out of the System and into eternal life. They walked the walk and talked the talk of a disciple.
       29.Times have now changed. The world is different and the talk and walk that were once accepted are no longer acceptable. My Family has had to adjust and change and put on a new look in order to relate and minister to others. However, something else has changed that I'm not happy with, and this is the notion that many people have that today's discipleship standard is not the same as it was in the days when I formed My Endtime Family.
       30. It's true that the world has changed and that times wax worse and worse. There are greater battles, greater fears, greater illnesses, greater temptations. The Enemy is pulling new tricks out of his bag and attacking much more than he did before. All these things the Enemy has rained down on your heads, and some of you have faltered and become weak. Others of you have looked at your second generation and your growing children and have felt that they can't be expected to uphold the same standard as was once expected and required of all, because things are “so different now.”
       31.It is true that times have changed and that the war is a completely different one. The world is a completely different world to reach. The people are different, the mentalities are different, the methods to reach them by are different, and even your second generation and children are different than you were. But that does not change the discipleshipstandard--the code of Endtime Christians that I've called you to up­hold.
       32.The standard of discipleship is defined in the Bible. The Words of David built on that definition, adding more explanation and application to the times you're now living in, but the basics have not changed. Rather, they should not have changed. In the Family they have been watered down and are now almost unrecognizable. But the standard as I see it, as you should see it, is the same.
       33.Discipleship is discipleship! I require the same of the Family today as I did of the first disciples in the Family.
       34. I've given you sufficient power and strength to combat all the forces of the Enemy, all the increased attacks and hindrances. I've given you supernatural power to stay abreast of the times, to change, to revolute, to discern, to understand. For every attack that comes your way, for every sinister and evil attack, I've given you a greater power.
       35.I've given you the new weapons. I have given you the gift of greater understanding of intercessory prayer. I've given you the ability to rise above. I've given you the keys of the Kingdom--and with these things, nothing is imposs­ible to you. Nothing can overcome you. Nothing can quench your fire. Nothing can stop you.
       36.The Enemy has come in and spread a great lie throughout the Family, and many have bought it and swallowed it. This lie says: “Family members today aren't expected to uphold the same level of dedication and conviction that was expected in years past, because times have changed. The world is different, the battle is different, and we just have to accept that people are going to be weaker, more worldly, tolerate more worldly influences, compromise in certain areas, and even take back some of the System garments that they threw off when they joined the Revolution.”
       37.This is the Enemy's lie! It's not true, and believing this lie and allowing it to come into your Home and life will ruin the Family. My spiritual requirements for you as Christians and full-time disciples remain the same. The required level of dedication or conviction has not dropped any down through the ages. It remains the same--a high goal and standard to reach, but one that, when reached, can turn the world around and light the hearts of many, igniting a revolution!
       38.Over the years, the Family has been weakened by many who have accepted a little of this System influence, a little of that System temptation. People felt the stronger spiritual attacks, and after fighting for a while, gave up and let the Enemy gain some strongholds in their lives and in the lives of their children. They then figured that with the increased intensity of the battle, they were only expected to win 80% of the fight now, rather than the 100% of victory that they used to hold tenaciously to.
       39.The Enemy has tricked many into believing that now the spiritual playing field is no longer level, therefore they can't be expected to keep up with everything, and they quit trying and quit expecting to maintain on all fronts. But this is not true. Even though the spiritual ante has been upped, and the Enemy has pulled out his big guns, and the fight is definitely hotter, harder, and more vicious, your weapons have been upgraded also. You have at your disposal all the power that you need to fight against the Enemy and combat his attacks.
       40.The spiritual standard has remained the same since the days of My early disciples and the birth of the Family, and will remain the same. It should not have changed in your eyes, and if it has, ask Me to help give you the renewed vision to once again charge and attack and reclaim the land that you have given to the Enemy. Raise the standard in your personal life! Don't let the spiritual standard slide! Don't let the dedication level remain where it is--make sure it's up to the top of the charts, fully hitting the mark and helping to propel you forward!
       41.This is a challenge to throw off your present mindsets. Don't limit Me with your thoughts or ideas of how I can change you. My abilities are limitless. If you're willing to put your will on My side and stretch yourself and become hot and on-fire again, I can make you into a wild and radical disciple just like before. Or if you've never experienced that in your life, just give Me a chance, and you'll see what a thrill it is to be in My Endtime Family. You'll finally see what it's all about, and why it's worth living and dying for Me.
       42.It's really not worth living in the Family or dying for Me if you're half-hearted or have lost the vision. If your dedication has waned to the point that you figure, “Well, the Family's a great place, but people just aren't like they used to be … the fire has gone out … something is missing,” then you need to ask Me to light your fire. I can and will, but you must be willing to forsake all your personal trips and give Me a solid chance at your heart. Let Me have full control and see if I won't make you into a new person--a happier, fulfilled, on-fire individual--moving forward and 100% sure that the Family is where you want to spend the rest of your life.
       43.What do you think? Do you look around and see people who need a little more fire and umph in their lives? Look in the mirror. Are you one of them? If so, start right there with the person in the mirror and let's give you a makeover. Let's get back to discipleship and forget all these lies that the Enemy has put in your mind. Let them go and ask Me what step number one is to rewiring you and getting you back to the basics! Once you've taken that step, I'll show you what step number two is, and then three and four. And before you know it, you'll be making great leaps of progress! (End of message from Jesus.)

       44. (Mama:) The main point to get from that message is that the spiritual requirements for us as Christians and full-time disciples remain the same. The changing of world conditions is irrelevant. While battles are more intense, it shouldn't make a difference, really, because we have new weapons that give us the power to rise above. This should clear up a lot of con­fusion and answer your questions about what's ex­pected of disciples in this day and age. All that compro­mising that comes from justifying your back­sliding because of worsening world conditions is wrong.

Strive to Be Revolutionary
In Every Way!

       45.Jenna, one of the first SGAs who joined our Home, works on The Grapevine, as well as oversees the production of many of the CM publications, and is Peter's part-time secretary. She was one of the proofreaders who read this series in advance of its finalization. She was already a dedicated, trustworthy and loyal member of the Family. However, she was convicted and motivated by this series and she felt she could improve and was determined to see how the Lord wanted her to change. Here is a mess­age the Lord gave her during her personal prayer time, which she agreed to share with you. You might relate to this and find it helpful.

       46.(Jesus speaking:) I have the overall magic potion for any and all of your problems and weaknesses that could drag down, hinder, be a bad sample, or cause a blockage to the tremendous progress I want to bring about at this time. Theywill all be solved automatically as you strive to be revolutionary in every way--letting the past go, doing exactly what My Word says, and being a new bottle. Forsake the open-minded trip and latch on to My Word. Do what I say. Hear from Me. Support My Word. Be willing to be labeled as being narrow-minded for believing what I say. Be willing to be revolutionary and do-or-die. Determine to believe the beliefs of the Family, and hold to them. Find your calling and stick to it. Live and die for the Family--the revolutionary, hot, wild Family that you've barely known. Open yourself up to it, and you'll see what it's really all about. Then you'll taste the freedoms of the spirit and you'll be moved to give your whole life to Me. Then it won't be a struggle, it will be a joy!
       47.This is what you and so many of the young people in the Family need. You go through the motions, you do your jobs, you even have love and desire. But there is still something missing, and now, with this new “Conviction vs. Com­pro­mise” series and the new moves I'm making in the Family, everyone will have a fair chance to get on board and catch the vision. If not, then it's not the place for you.
       48.So it's a general call to arms for you, to make the choice to be a 110% disciple. Not an executive, not a career girl, not a pillar, not a bellwether, not a talented individual, but a disciple. (End of message from Jesus.)

Comments from Carmen

       49.(Mama:) Here are some comments from Carmen in South America. They are insightful and show the perspective of one SGA that you other young people might relate to. (All the COs read this series in advance of its finalization, in case they hadsuggestions or questions.)

       50. (Carmen:) My prayer through reading this series is for a revolution in my discipleship, my relationship with the Lord, and my life in general. This is just what I personally needed at this time to get my heart right with the Lord, with the Family, and to determine where my place is, what God's highest is for my life. It's been a time of evaluating everything and asking myself, “What have I done with my life?” Having such clear-cut truth from the Lord and you is helping me get a few things straight and I'm personally very, very thankful.
       51. I can't cease marveling at the Lord's faithfulness to give us just what we need when we need it. He was wise to give us the whole “nothing is impossible” truth before we received this, because otherwise I think there would be a great many people who would feel it's simply impossible for them to make it. If it weren't for the fact that the Lord has promised us everything we need to make it, the simplest solution would seem to be to give up.
       52. I've been praying for a lot of people whom I know will take this very hard, but they need it and the Family needs this. We all need this! We are dying out here! We have to have this overhaul, otherwise there is no future for us. I got to the point where I had to admit that the Family is falling apart, and the truth is that it is, in a way. It's not really, but if we were to continue as we are, it would. Thank God He saved us!
       53. I was wondering if in the upcoming series there will be more of a direct challenge to the young people. I'm glad that the punch will hit FGAs (or older Family adults) between the eyes, because they are really the stronger brethren. If they have a change, there will probably be a great change in the young people, because it will improve the Family overall. There will be a change in the quality of shepherding of Family members, particularly young people; in the effectiveness, fruitfulness, and happiness of the Homes, making the Family a better place for young folks to do something for the Lord, and making it NOT a place for those who are here for the ride.
       54. Maybe if the FGAs were doing more, it would be harder for the young people to coast along or “hide.” But as it is, since there's not much happening anyway, it's real easy for a young person to not do much and still seem like a real “go-getter” and keep their Home happy without having to believe and have faith. We really do have good, on-fire, sold-out, busy young people, too, so I don't mean to put them all in a box.
       55. I was just looking over the GNs again, and really, WOW! There's not much to say other than, AMEN! But there sure is a lot to do. LHM! I feel challenged to forsake all. TYJ! It truly is a privilege to be called and chosen. ILY! Love, Carmen.

       56.(Mama:) Carmen has made a good point here--the Lord still expects you FGAs to lead the way. This is especially important for the sake of your sample to your children and young people. If you older adults get busy and happy for the Lord, then your kids will certainly be more willing to listen to you and follow your example. They're probably sick of sermons that aren't backed by lasting fruit and a lifestyle that says, “This is real!”
       57. On the other hand, however, you older young people, especially you SGAs, should be able to get the truth of what the Lord is saying in this series and take responsibility for yourselves without the FGAs having to hold your hand and help you along the way. You're grown up, you're full-fledged adults, and you're ac­count­able. I expect to see that you're making commitments and getting serious with the Lord and living the life of full-time disciples no matter what the FGAs around you are doing!
       58.You older young people will stand before the Lord to give account of yourselves. There will be no excuses then. So forget about what everyone else is doing--either your parents, other FGAs, your friends, or whoever! Just get right with God and serve Him! Be a disciple! Set the standard yourself! Don't wait for others! This challenge is for you! You are without excuse!

Two Enemies of Youth!

       59.I know you young people face different battles than the FGAs. Some of you are more idealistic, some are more skeptical. Within your world there's a huge variety of personalities, situations, conflicts, and problems. But whoever you are, wherever you are, you have a common enemy--two evil spiritual powers are targeting you young people. They are the principalities of Pan and Bacchus. I don't like to talk about the Devil or his power, but in this case, it's important that you know about these arch-demons and are alerted to how they want to destroy you. In knowing this, you can defeat them through the power of the Lord and the keys of the Kingdom!

       60.(Jesus speaking:) When you're fighting a war, you must know your enemy. The same holds true in the spiritual warfare. While My power is so much greater than the Enemy's, the intensity of the spiritual warfare will only increase with time, so to be armed with the knowledge of who you are fighting--to see the face of your enemy, so to speak--will become more and more vital in the days to come.
       61.This will be part of your increased power through the keys, and a part of your ministry and witness--that of discerning and know­ing and being able to cast out demons, and binding and containing the powers that fight against you, specifically by name. This power has been afforded you through the keys. Now begins the work of honing that power, developing that link and connection with Me whereby all things--even the veil to the spiritual world--can be lifted and revealed to you in order to set the captives free.
       62.You ask about these princi­palities of Pan and Bacchus who war against My young ones.
       63. It is Pan--the arch-demon whose aim is to gain control over the mind--who fights with ferocity against My young children of David. Under his jurisdiction, Pan has his powers and demons who fight against My children, and one of them is the demon of rejection, the evil power that seeks to question, demean, and reject My truth, My Words. He is the enemy of faith, one who actively seeks to cloud the minds of your young, to bring up doubts, questions, analyzing, distortion, complexity, confusion, anything that would stand in the way of simply taking in My Words in childlike faith and belief. Because the mind is the Devil's playground, the main inroad through which he seeks entrance to gain control, he is the author of strong negativity, de­press­ion, schizophrenia, even suicide and all manner of mental illnesses.
       64.Even some of your own ranks have fallen, because they allowed their minds and their faith to wander into this camp of rejection of My Words and truth. This should stir you to see just how very serious the Enemy is in his attempts to derail you, My brides, and how equally serious you need to be in attacking him and giving him no place in your hearts and minds.
       65.As for Bacchus, his jurisdiction is over the principality and stronghold of addiction, of which there are many forms. His mission is to separate My children from Me, to cause them to turn to their addictions--any number of physical or fleshly crutches and excesses--instead of turning to Me and leaning upon Me. His ­mission is to cause dependency, a dependency which hinders them from leaning and depending fully upon Me, thus stifling their growth and connection with Me.

       66.(Vision:) I'm seeing this demon--clearly he's a demon, the arch-demon Pan--but he's not ugly. He's not horrific at all to look at. In fact, believe it or not, he's golden all over, almost beautiful to look at. I'd describe him best as looking almost godlike in form--like the ­Roman and Greek gods are often pictured. He has a human form, big golden wings, and a long golden tail. He has long fingernails and toenails. I'd say they're almost like claws, but he still has human hands and feet. His face is also golden, but he's clearly demonic. His eyes are fierce; there is no light in him or in his countenance.
       67.He's bald. He has pointed ears, and he has these big horns on the side of his head, like ram's horns, curling back toward the back of his head. They're also golden. There is this big ornate and beautiful deep red jewel or gem right in the middle of his head--on top of his head--in between the horns. His head is definitely the most noticeable thing about him--because of the horns, and this jewel.
       68.Jesus, this is very surprising, I was bracing myself for seeing something much more ugly and demonic to look at, especially since, from what You've indicated, Pan is an arch-demon, a powerful demon of the underworld--one of Satan's main demons controlling the dominion of the mind and who is really fighting us, the children of David, ferociously.

       69.(Jesus speaking:) Satan and his demons can take different forms, just as Satan himself can even appear as an angel of light. What you have seen is indeed the arch-demon Pan. You are seeing him in the form in which he likes to manifest himself, as a golden god, the great demon who rules over the dominion of the mind--the mind that he seeks to elevate and lift up in defiance of Me and My Words of truth. This is his territory, his domain--the “mighty” mind of man, in which he lives to wreak havoc, sowing doubt, confusion, and complexity, the ultimate goal being to turn My children away from simplicity, from childlike faith and belief in Me and My Words.
       70.Even his head and this golden jewel placed atop it are symbolic of what he stands sovereign over--the mind--that which he worships and has power over, and which he seeks to use to displace Me.
       71.And you wonder at his golden form? He seeks, just like Satan, to counterfeit Me and My spiritual world; thus he coats his form in gold, but in reality he is coated in the thick layers and stench of pride. So I have placed horns upon his golden head, which cannot and do not leave him no matter what form he takes. They are a witness against him, for they are symbolic of his gross rebellion against Me and My ways and My truth--a symbol of his stubborn and gross idolatry.
       72.He is often pictured in Greek mythology as half-man, half-goat, playing upon pipes in a rural setting. This is the common worldly depiction of the mythological god Pan. The gods and goddesses of Roman and Greek mythology are often romanticized in this way. But I've shown you the real picture of Pan, for he is much more of a powerful threat and foe to be fought and rebuked and cast out than a mere faun playing mischievously upon his pipes amidst the forest glades. However, I must alert you that this depiction of him playing upon pipes is indeed a reality in the spirit.
       73.Pipes are symbolic of some of his powers within his dominion over the mind, for Pan is the great bewitcher of the mind, and music is one of his vehicles allowing him entrance to the mind. His pipes are likened unto those that are inlaid in Satan himself, for they are the pipes of his music--the demonic chords which have drawn many away from Me, My Words, and My truth, even from desiring to seek after Me and My truth.
       74.So music that is not filled with My Spirit, but rather Satan's words, chords, and propaganda, is also his domain. For music has great and awesome power over the mind and the spirit, and thus it can be a great polluter. It can lift to the heavenlies when filled with My Spirit, or it can drag to the lowest depths when Pan's fingers, or those of Satan himself, play upon its chords.

       75.(Vision:) At this point I'm seeing what looks like Pan sliding down this single bar or chord of music. He's sliding down it with such skill, almost like he's surfing, but with supernatural skill and stealth; it's like he's a master at it, very, very skilled. So, Jesus, he must be able, just like the Selvegion, to morph in shape, even down to this miniscule size to be able to be transported supernaturally to the mind through ­music, all with the purpose, no doubt, of influencing the mind in a negative way?

       76.(Jesus continues:) Yes, Pan has this power, and music is one of his vehicles allowing him entrance to the mind. And now, My love, I show you Pan in the form of his true identity, in his fallen, rebellious, and iniquitous state. Look and behold his hideous spiritual form from the depths of the netherworld!

       77.(Vision:) Now I'm seeing this same golden form change before my eyes into something quite different! He's now no longer golden, but green all over!--But a hideous green, and there appear to be large splotches or boils or spots on different parts of his skin. From a distance they look almost like scales, but as I focus in more I'm seeing that they're not scales--it's just that his skin is diseased. This must be how the Lord sees his false golden covering of pride--as the diseased, sickening green that it really is. And it's almost as if I can smell his sickening putrid stench! Awful!
       78.I can no longer see much of his lower half and legs, instead there are just clouds or some form of vapor--like the lower half of him has no form now, he's not complete. His golden wings are gone and in their stead are these big, black, leather-like bat wings, very ugly! His head is monstrous--very, very gross and hideous. Though his body still has somewhat of a human form, his head is no longer human; it's monster-like, almost half-dragon, half-insect. The jewel atop his head is gone; instead there are these big mounds of deformed flesh on top of his head. He still has the horns, but they're not golden; they are the same color as his flesh--that sickening green. His eyes are yellow, huge caverns, monster eyes. And his hands are definitely claws now--not just long fingernails, but webbed claws. He's very hideous, horrible to look at, and very, very clearly from the depths of Hell!

       79.(Jesus continues:) Now you have seen the face of your enemy, My love--he who seeks after the minds of My children, to cloud their thinking and perception of Me and My Words with his vaporous fiction and idolatrous lies. Cast him and his minions of rejection out of your midst with a ferocity--with the same intensity with which he seeks to lure, bewitch, and capture the minds of My strong young warriors!

       80.(Vision:) Oh my, what I'm seeing now is definitely demonic, very horrible. It's Bacchus. The first visual impact is of seeing all these horrible tentacles, resembling octopus tentacles. At first I thought it was snakes slithering everywhere, but it's actually tentacles, multiple tentacles. Then behind and at the core of this mass of tentacles is this fat demon. He has a big belly, a bald head, and small, pointed ears. I'm noticing that his feet also turn into these octopus tentacles--quite gross. He has very strong, mus­cular arms with big leather bands on them, which have silver studs on them.
       81.He's like a huge brute, very ugly. These tentacles seem to come out of his body everywhere, and seem to symbolize his power to grip, to hold in addiction. They must be his evil tentacles of addiction. He's sitting very laid back on what appears to be his “throne,” this huge, monstrous hewn-out stone throne.
       82.He's towering over me and I'm at the base of his throne looking up at him. He's looking down at me with this very cocky, arrogant, complacent look on his face, like, “Who are you, you little weakling?!” It's almost like he's trying to scare me just by the sheer magnitude of his weight and power. He has this spirit and attitude of, “I can never be dethroned; my power is too great, too encompassing, too gripping!” I think that's the ugliest thing to witness--this proud, blatant spirit he's projecting. Lord help us!

       83.(Jesus continues:) This is the haughty, proud prince of addiction, Bacchus. His strength, his hold, and his tentacles are multiple and strong, but they melt as butter when cut with the power of the keys!
       84.There is no tentacle of addiction, no habit, no hold upon My children which cannot be broken through the power of the keys! He seeks to bluff you, hoping you'll tremble and be intimidated, and thus lose faith that his grip can be loosened. But do not weaken and tremble, having gazed upon the arrogance and strength of this demon, but rather wield the keys in faith and courage against him, for this is what he fears the most, knowing his doom is sure! (End of visions and message from Jesus.)

       85.(Mama:) This is an important revelation! These two arch-demons are powerful in the nether­world and they could be destroying your sanity, fruitfulness, happiness and faith if you're not fighting them! Be warned of their vast influence! The arch-demon Pan has dominion over spheres related to the mind--rejection of the Word, doubts, confusion, distortions, negativity, depression, schizophrenia, even suicide and all types of mental illnesses. Bacchus is the prince of addiction. He will seek to make you dependent on things other than the Lord.
       86.I asked the Lord if these arch-demons were only fighting the young people, as it seemed they would definitely attack all children of David. He said:

       87.(Jesus speaking:) They definitely fight the young people more, but they do fight all the children of David. They fight the young people more because their efforts are rewarded with greater damage, greater control. Generally speaking, the young people are more off guard spiritually. They have allowed the Enemy into their lives more in general, through the world, worldliness, analytical thinking, and being concerned about the opinions of men. So when these two arch-demons fight the youth, they usually gain greater inroads to their thoughts, minds, and spirits. But certainly these evil powers are on the lookout for anyone who would be a ready target, either young or old. (End of mess­age from Jesus.)

       88.(Mama:) The Lord has opened the spirit world and revealed this heavy truth to us for a reason--so we can fight and defeat these spiritual adversaries! They are powerless to hurt us if we will use the weapons the Lord has provided. We can conquer them through the power of the keys.

Promises to Claim as You Call on
The Power of the Keys!

       89.Here are specific promises that the Lord gave that you can claim as you call on the keys to overcome, destroy, and defeat these demons! These two evil powers could be causing you personally a lot of trouble, so launch an aggressive attack today and rout them, crush them, rebuke them!

       I give you power over all of the Evil One's destructive forces through the keys. Nothing can stand before the power of the keys of the Kingdom.
       All manner of evil, all sickness, all spiritual oppression, all blockages in the spirit world can be overcome through the power of the keys of the Kingdom.
       The Enemy's power has been unleashed upon the ends of the Earth, but the Evil One's power will not touch Mine anointed who hold high the standard and power of the keys of the Kingdom.
       Nothing of this world or Hell can stand before the power of the keys. All power in Heaven and dominion over Hell is given to those who call on the keys of the Kingdom in humility, yieldedness, and desperation.
       Every evil oppression of the Devil is subject to the power of the keys.
       There is freedom to be found in the power of the keys. Every chain of vice, bad habit, or evil addiction can be broken with the power of the keys.
       The power of the keys of the Kingdom will rebuke and bind every power of the Devil.
       When Satan and his band see the keys to the Kingdom in your hands, they quiver and shake in fright, because they know if you use the keys, their end is sealed. Call on the power of the keys. Rebuke the Devil in the power of the keys of the Kingdom and he will flee from you.
       The power of the keys will cast down every imagination, every false thing, every high thing that would exalt itself against Me. Through the power of the keys, every thought is brought into subjection to Me.
       (“Call on the Keys,” ML #3368:86,91,96, 97,101,102,117,127,135, GN 962)

System Education

       90.(Mama:) Now let's move on to a subject that is very controversial--System education. When you older SGAs were young, the standard on education was very clear. We generally homeschooled our kids, not wanting to corrupt them in “mindless, godless schools” or turn them over as “sacrifices to Moloch.” But my, how things have changed! As you know, with the break­down of the big Homes and Combo schools and the implementation of the Charter, there was a decline in the education of our children as you parents were getting your bearings and having to make a lot of adjustments. There was some flexibility given about sending children to System school in the Charter and in the Letter published in 1996 called “Our Children's Education” (ML #3066, Lifelines 23).
       91.The standard of what the Lord expected was clear in that Letter, but unfortunately, generally speaking, the full counsel has not been followed. The result is that there has been a significant increase in the number of children who now attend System school, but you parents are not fulfilling your end of the bargain, which is giving them more spiritual shepherding and Word time to make up for the negative, unhealthy input they receive while in school.
       92.It was made clear in the above-mentioned Letter that your children would suffer if you didn't devote even more time than usual to talk times and personal shepherding, helping them stay very close to the Lord through extra spiritual cleansing and strengthening. But most of you parents who have your kids in System schools have not obeyed that condition sufficiently, and your children have suffered.
       93.We've heard from many sources the foreboding warning: “You think the older young people have problems?! You have no idea what we're going to face when today's OCs and JETTs grow up!”
       94.Some of you have lost faith for the younger children of the Family, and in some cases, you're saying they're almost totally sucked into the System, clueless as to what the Family is all about, becoming very spoiled children who have no interest in studying the Word or witnessing, very rebellious and void of spiritual understanding or respect, etc.
       95.It is a crime that you have let your kids get to this state!It is unconscionable! The Lord will hold you parents accountable for the training of your children whether they're home­schooled or in System schools. It's one thing to do the best you can, to be obedient to the Lord, to really give it your best shot, and then if your child decides later in life to leave the Lord's service in the Family, there's not much you can do about it. But to let your children become poisoned by the System at such tender ages, to not protect them from the evil around them, and to not give them a good foundation in the Word, loving the Lord, and witnessing, is nearly unforgivable! God help you and have mercy on you and yours!
       96.Your children are your most precious “possession.” But are you more interested in having leisure time, in not wanting to be confrontational, in relaxing after work, in just letting them so-called “be happy” so you don't discipline them or require that they obey? You will reap what you sow, and those of you who have put your darling children in System schools without watching very, very carefully for their souls will be sorry! You will have hell to pay! You have only begun to reap the flood of sorrows that will come to your heart when you realize that the Enemy has ripped off your children right before your eyes, while you stood by, oblivious.
       97.This is a serious, devastating situation that threatens the future of the Family. It may not threaten our future today or tomorrow, but it will eventually, because you parents who want to be missionaries and live for Jesus will be handicapped by rotten children who are a reproach to your witness and lives as Christians! Read what Dad has said in countless Letters! [Note: See “Education (System)” in MOP 1 for a good overview of Dad's feelings about System schools.] Raising our children in the nurture and admonition of the Lord is a foundation principle of the Family! Dad had the vision that the future is in our children. He learned it personally with “What Is That in Thy Hand” and he didn't fail to pass it on to all of us.
       98.In the early days, the standard was clear that we homeschooled our children, with few ex­ceptions.But today the Lord is testing you by allowing greater personal choice. He's opened the door for more options by not forbidding ­various things--such as System jobs, System school­ing for young children, System education for older children, etc. There are conditions and requirements to meet if you are to participate in these activities. Now we see who will obey and hold to the highest standard simply out of love and personal conviction. But sadly, the results have not been very good.
       99.Our children have a right to an education as stated in the Charter, and it is the responsibility of the parents to see to it that they get it! We're not against education. Education is necessary for our young people, and the Charter has very definite standards and stipulations along that line. (See “Scholastic and Schedule Rules,” page 242-245.) I am not saying we shouldn't give our children a good education. They need a good education, it's important, and it should be a priority!
       100. I understand that's why many of you parents opted to put your kids in System school, because you wanted to give them a good education, which is a good reason. I certainly am not advocating that our children be uneducated or that you slack off in your schooling of them. That's not the message of this GN. But you parents are also responsible to train your children spiritually and to protect them from harm! We don't believe in ungodly education in an ungodly setting from secular teachers, while surrounded by often ungodly peers, who teach or pass on all sorts of other attitudes and lessons that tear down our beliefs and way of life, while you parents do nothing or not enough to protect, nurture, shepherd and spiritually strengthen your kids against the negative input!
       101.There is a sad, widespread lethargic mentality where Family members, both FGAs and SGAs, are excusing your weak convictions, outright disobedience, lack of dedication, and your living just like the people of the world by looking around you and thinking, “Oh well, every­one else is doing it.” That is insane, ridiculous reasoning! What makes it right just because “everyone else is doing it”?!
       102.Parents, have some guts! Have some conviction! Do what's best for your kids, even if they may not realize it at first. Make home­schooling fun! Let your kids be the envy of all the other poor little ones who are cooped up all day in that boring, stuffy, substandard school with those tired, burned-out teachers!
       103.Of course schooling your kids at home is the best! We've had years to test the freedom the Lord gave in the Charter and “Our Children's Education,” and we now have plenty of proof to show that sending our children to System school and not investing the needed time to strengthen them through shepherding is damaging their spiritual lives; it's undermining their faith and destroying their character!
       104.So from now on, Peter and I want it to be known that we are not in agreement with System schooling for our children. We do not feel it's fruitful! We believe it's causing more harm than good! The majority of you parents have proven that you're not willing or able to keep your end of the bargain and give your children the additional spiritual shepherding and training in the Word they need, and consequently that System schooling is hurting much more than it's helping!
       105.If you want to have your kids in System school, you'll have to prove that you're obeying the conditions put forth in “Our Children's Education,” and your kids will have to be a living example of it; otherwise, I say you're missing the Lord's highest will and you're failing God by failing your children!
       106.As I was working on this Letter, I wanted to make sure what I was saying was right. I felt quite convinced and it was fairly obvious just from observing the fruit of the fad of System schooling. It seemed very clear and we've heard so many reports over the years, but I just wanted to be absolutely sure that I wasn't overreacting. I asked the Lord for yet another confirmation and He gave a hot one, more than I expected!

       107.(Jesus speaking:) You'd better believe I'm upset about this! I'm furious! You have no idea how angry it makes Me when I see these, My darlings, My babies, My precious creations of love, put into the hands of total strangers to be educated, without the parents being watchful, prayerful, and diligent shepherds who care for their souls, not just their education! That is nearly inexcusable! It's laziness and a hardness of heart in the parents that is comparable to child abuse.
       108.Of course, the System won't call System schooling abusive, because it goes along with their goals, their standards, their program. They've lulled most of the parents into a state of spiritual stupor to where they're so dull that they don't even care that people they don't even know are teaching their kids--some good and even godly, but also atheists, homo­sexuals, perverts, deadbeats, cowards, spiritless zombies, and many just plain tired, bored, over­whelmed teachers!
       109.The education system is totally acceptable to the System because it teaches children what they need to know to become good Systemites! Oh, there's some grumbling, some dissent and some outrage from country to country, but nothing compared to the millions of parents who subject their children to such horrors. Most parents look around at all the other parents who are sacrificing their kids on the altar of System education, and they don't even see the danger; they're lulled into a false sense of security. At least a few are starting to wake up due to the actual violence in schools, but most are blind and asleep and don't even know their children are being brainwashed and gutted of all religious conscience.
       110.But the children of David are without excuse! You've had the Word for over 25 years. David exposed the evils of the school system from the beginning, and it's only gotten worse--much, much worse! You have no idea how dangerous they are. You might as well throw your kids into the fires of Hell, because that's what it is spiritually. Those damned schools are the seat of atheism, lies, skepticism, materialism, homosexuality, perversion, and everything you'd want to protect your children from if you were responsible parents!
       111.In the world, there's a great hullabaloo about child abuse! “We must protect our children from child abuse!” Yet those of the world are blind to the abuse they inflict upon their own children spiritually, emotionally and sometimes even physically when they send them to ungodly System schools. And you, My Family, become abusers yourselves when you thrust your children into the care and control of ungodly people whom you don't even know, and you fail in your responsibilities to shepherd, cleanse, protect and guide them through it. That is abuse in My book! And I will hold you accountable!
       112.If you're too lethargic to see your sins today, you will see them one day, and you will weep! Everything you think you gained by abdicating your responsibilities as Christian educators of your children, you will see as nothing but husks! (End of message from Jesus.)

       113.(Mama:) When I asked the Lord if Peter and I were seeing it correctly that nearly all CM parents who have their children in System school at present are out of God's highest will, because they have failed in their responsibilities that come with that decision, He said:

       114.(Jesus speaking:) That is definitely true! The reason is that they're not obeying; they're not doing what was laid down as their responsibility if they were to make this choice. They've fallen asleep spiritually, they've become derelicts, and it's only the beginning of sorrows, for these problems with the children will spread as nothing you've seen before, if not stopped. (End of message from Jesus.)

       115. (Mama:) The option in the Charter to allow System schooling for children was not a mistake. We needed to do something to ensure that our children were receiving the proper education, and if you parents couldn't provide the education needed through home­schooling, then you needed another option. You entered a very turbulent time when the Charter was implemented, at which time many of you shouldered the full responsibility for the education of your children, rather than having them in “school groups.” It's understandable that many of you needed help and you opted for System schooling. That was not necessarily the problem, as we agree that it's extremely important that your children get an adequate education. The problem is that you failed to fulfill your responsibilities to shepherd your children spiritually, and that's why the Lord and we are upset. You wanting your children to have an education is great! Of course we agree with that! But the problems came up because you did not follow all the conditions clearly specified in “Our Children's Education.”
       116. I pray desperately that you can see how this lack of obedience regarding putting your kids in System school and not doing your part is compromise, and it grows from there. Pretty soon no one disciplines their children anymore, and there's more TV watching for children, including all kinds of bad, violent programs, and eventually there's more and more junk food, and the standard just slips and slips and slips until it's nonexistent! It's all compromise--compromise that is not just hurting you, but your children!
       117.Peter and I are not going to change the Charter and forbid System schooling for CM families. That will still be an option. Of course, the point I'm making is that the counsel in “Our Children's Education” will need to be obeyed. If you choose to put your children in System school or keep them in System school after reading this GN, you will need to be willing to invest the extra time needed to keep your children in the Word and spiritually strengthened. You can't abdicate that responsibility.
       118. After considering the reports we've heard over a long period of time, and seeking the Lord's confirmation,
the conclusion we've reached is that most CM parents who are not home­schooling their children are not in the Lord's highest will, not because having your children in System school is inherently wrong, but because you are not giving your children what they need spiritually and you're not obeying! This greatly displeases the Lord and us! I'm upset about it. It makes me very sad to think of the devastating consequences that you'll have to pay in the years to come. The most important and effective years to train your children will have slipped through your fingers, and you'll be lamenting, but with no one to blame but yourselves!
       119. It's one thing if you put your children into System school for a limited amount of time so they can learn the local language and be a good testimony and witness deeply. That could, under the right circumstances and with the Lord's confirmation, be a legitimate option and reason for taking advantage of the Charter clause that allows System schooling for children. But even in that case, you parents still need to do your part to properly shepherd your children; you still need to obey the guidelines put forth in “Our Children's Education,” because if you don't, even if you have a good reason for having your children attend System school, which is to learn the language, they will still be hindered and corrupted spiritually.

Promoting Higher Education Is
Contrary to the Goals of CM Living

       120.There is also a dangerous new trend of older young people desiring higher education (college or university training). It's one thing to take a course or two, or to get your high school equivalency degree, but to enroll in full-time higher education is a waste of time and contrary to the goals of our movement and lives for the Lord! Promoting higher education for our young people has never been one of the goals of CM living. How can someone be a full-time missionary if they're a full-time student! They can't, of course!
       121. Parents, if your older kids choose to pursue higher education, fine. If they're determined to follow an independent lifestyle and they have no intention of being a missionary, fine. That's their choice! If they're old enough to be on their own, and if they're determined to get a higher education and have some profession other than serving the Lord, then help them get set up outside your Home, where they can study and pursue their goals without leading all your other children in the Home in the same direction.
       122.The allowance in the Charter to have a non-CM member live in a CM Home was not so you could have older kids hanging around indefinitely, being a bad sample to their younger brothers and sisters. It was meant to be a temporary setup to avoid parents having to move out of their Home or go FM while they set up their older child who doesn't want to be in the Family.
       123.And you young people,
if you're looking for higher education, if you're looking for a degree and some kind of non-missionary profession, that's fine. Go for it! But be brave about it, be wholehearted, and get yourself an apartment and get set up in the System and apply yourself to your job and studies. Don't just stick around the Home, leading your own life and stumbling and confusing your younger ­brothers and sisters! Get a life outside the Home! For Heaven's sake, kids do it all over the world! There are millions of kids who work and study; they wouldn't think of living at home with their parents. They want their independence! You should be the same! Take your secular schooling and non-missionary goals out of the Home. Do it for your little brothers and sisters, if nothing else!
       124.One of our COs commented:

       125. (CO:) Something I feel is perhaps even more dangerous and more compromising than System jobs is System schooling. I think the desire for secular education that has risen amongst the young to help raise their self-esteem, as well as the desire that some FGAs have for a higher education for their kids, are very damaging to our way of life and convictions.
       126. I have seen a trend along these lines that I feel is hurting us a lot. Not that I'm against education, but it is my firm belief that the education that we've given our children is the best possible education we could ever give them. (Mind you, I do realize that lately many have slacked off in this area and need to get back to our standard.)
       127. As a proof of this, I can say that when my three daughters left the Family, as well as my wife's sister and many ­others that I know, they were very well prepared to face the System with the education they'd received. Granted, they didn't have a high school diploma, but that has not been a hindrance to them as they all now have such a diploma and are either going to college, getting degrees through the Internet, or something like that.
       128. But because of the pressure many parents get from their kids to be better educated, many are resorting to System schools that are greatly damaging their faith and affecting their younger brothers and sisters.
       129. I think if we were to closely follow the educational curriculums that have been made available to us through the CCHB, CVC, and other Family-promoted courses, our kids have more than enough to become a success in life--in the Family or out of the Family. I think Dad's counsel as to what most System employers look for when hiring people goes beyond a great education. They look for qualities such as faithfulness, honesty, loyalty and diligence--all things that we train our children in, and which we do better than many others.
       130. But my concern is that many Family Homes send their kids to System schools, and I personally believe this is having a very bad effect on us as a whole. I know that some have said that we need to prepare our children for the System, as some might decide not to follow in our footsteps. Yes, I agree, but I still feel that the education that we give them has no equal. “O, how love I Thy law! It is my meditation all the day. Thou through Thy commandments hast made me wiser than mine enemies: for they are ever with me. I have more understanding than all my teachers: for Thy testimonies are my meditation. I understand more than the ancients, because I keep Thy precepts” (Psalm 119:97-100). (End of comments from CO.)

       131.(Mama:) Before we go further, I want to add to the above point about how our kids in the Family learn important skills that are held in high esteem in the System. How you see yourself and how you relate to and work with people is known as your “emotional intelligence.” Here is an excerpt of an article called “The Secret of Being Twice as Effective at Work--Inside Information from the Renowned Psychologist Daniel Goleman, Ph.D.”

       No matter what you do for a living, your intelligence quotient (IQ) counts for at most 25% of your effectiveness. Your emotional intelligence--how well you deal with people, manage relationships and understand your­self--counts for much of the rest. To reach the highest level of competence at work, you must know how to manage your emotions. You also must develop a fine sense of how other people feel and what they need.
       In my analysis of internal data from 121 companies, emotional intelligence was twice as important for star performance as IQ and technical expertise combined. The higher up the ladder I went, the more critical emotional intelligence became--accounting for close to 90% of success in top leadership positions. I found that people with high levels of emotional intelligence had the skills necessary to inspire, lead, and persuade others to follow them. (End of article excerpt.)

The Lord's Viewpoint
On System Education

       132.(Mama:) The subject of System and higher education has been covered in “Issues” GNs,and I hate to repeat, but I want to make it very clear, for the record, what the Lord's viewpoint is regarding this so you will be fully aware when you come before the Lord on our worldwide prayer and fast day! The counsel in this next message relates to children and young people of all ages. I will not comment further on this message, as I believe I've made my position clear. The Lord is also immensely clear. It's up to you now to receive, accept, believe and obey!

       133. (Jesus speaking:) System education is where becoming a Systemite starts. It's where the process of becoming a flatlander begins.
       134.An adequate education is a necessity for coping in the world today, no matter what you do. Whether you're going to be a missionary or Mr. Super Systemite, there are certain things you just need to know. The ideal for the Family, and for any Christians who want to protect their children and youth from the damaging influences of System society, remains of course for the youth to be taught at home, by their parents or others who share their parents' strong beliefs. If, however, the parents aren't able to provide a basic education, it is necessary in some cases for children to have extra help in the form of classes in a school or by a professional tutor. These cases, however, should be few and far between, a rare exception, in the most unusual circumstances, and then the onus falls on the parents to provide the spiritual guidance necess­ary to counteract the negative pull of the System influence.
       135.The problems with System education are many. You don't even need Me to tell you that. All you have to do is look around. Read the news. Hear what millions of homeschoolers around the world are saying. Everyone knows that schools today are becoming dangerous places, and that you can't entrust your child to that kind of system. And that's mainly just talking about their physical safety and the quality of education, both academic and moral, that the worldly school system provides, which has been on the decline for years. That is what most of the world is up in arms about concerning the school system.
       136.When it comes to the Family, to the children of you who are My called-out Endtime soldiers, the dangers that lurk in the school­yards are greater and more profound. Not only are you in many cases putting your children at risk physically and emotionally by subjecting them to the supposed “melting pot” that schools have become; but far worse, you are putting their faith--not just their faith in the particular beliefs of the Family, but even in the basics of Christianity--in serious jeopardy. The schools in the U.S. and parts of Europe are perhaps much more far gone in this sense than schools in other parts of the world, especially in third world countries which have a Christian heritage and background.
       137.As Satan has gained control over the kingdoms and governments of the world, in so doing he has gained control over most, if not all, of the educational systems. The things that are taught to your children in such an environment go far beyond the simple basics of literacy and necessary knowledge. They learn these things in the process, but along with it they “learn” so much more--most of which would be better left unlearned. For starters they learn to exalt the System, to exalt the mind of man and the strength of self. This is directly in opposition to the way of My Spirit, which teaches to depend on Me, and to be humble.
       138.The essence of System education is pride; it's about being intellectual, superior, and self-sufficient. It's about prestige. It's about developing your skills and mind for the purpose of bettering your own life and of acquiring more money and goods for yourself and your family. Of course, you can counter that all the things that are taught can also be used for good; that is true, and sometimes they are. Never­theless, the fact remains that within the educational system of the world there is a deeply rooted element of worldliness and carnal reasoning that is powerful and pervasive and cannot be escaped if you are educated within that system.
       139.I have admonished you to rear your children in “the nurture and admonition of the Lord” and to pass on to them the light of the great truths that you've been given through My prophet David. However, when you turn your children over to the educational systems of the world, you are entrusting their moldable minds and hearts to Mammon, to Moloch, to him who rules over the governments of the world and seeks to devour all who are easy prey--and easy prey your young ones are. I speak here of both your youngest little ones and your teenagers and college-age children--your youth of all ages.
       140.Those who are very young seem in some ways less vulnerable to serious negative influences that undermine their faith, because the things they're being taught are basic, their minds are still fresh with simple faith, they're less questioning, and seem to pick up less carnal or worldly mindsets or doubts. However, because they are simple and fresh, they are in some ways more susceptible to the subtler influences of evil. Because they have not yet developed discernment or been rooted in the faith, their faith and spiritual strength can be undermined very easily--even if not by outright doubt and false teaching, by the mere absence of spirituality and faith in the atmosphere where they study and learn.
       141.Worse yet, in some parts of the world, from the very beginning of a curriculum children are being taught things that are against My Godly standards--from evolution, to the acceptance of homosexuality, and more. Even in a private or supposedly Christian school where these things may not be taught outright as part of the educational program, be assured your children will encounter people, whether teachers or other students, who do not have faith and who by their words and deeds will tear down the faith of your children.
       142.These things I have said are things that you know--you know of the evils of the System and the educational system in particular--but you have not fully realized how many weakening and worldly influences and attitudes of compromise have entered your ranks through the channel of supposed “education.”
       143.One of the strongest aspects of compromise and carnal-mindedness is the attitude that many young people have developed toward education. They have been persuaded, in one way or another, that they need more education than the mere basics. Some do need specialized instruction or training in a certain skill for the sake of their ministry for Me, and there are times when I would encourage people to take certain classes or courses to learn the things they need. However, I will now state for the record that I am opposed to “higher education,” and the fact that many of the youth in the Family desire to obtain it is very dangerous.
       144.It is understandable to want or desire to increase your skills and talents, but sadly, for the most part, higher education does not do that. Higher education is used as a precision tool in the hand of Satan to dupe the masses, to confuse the minds and hearts of the youth who subject themselves to it. Pride is at the root of it, the very core of the matter, and this is in direct conflict with the truths of My Spirit.
       145.The essence of all this learning is that man is god, that the mind is the greatest power, that the truth is what you perceive it to be. When you get to the essence of what is being taught in almost every subject, this is what it comes down to. It comes down to man exalting himself and forgetting Me. And as My Word says, when men do not like to retain Me in their knowledge, they become reprobates--without con­science, without conviction, without faith. This is compromise of the truth in one of its highest forms. This is a spirit that has no place in My Endtime army.
       146.Those who insist on obtaining a higher education are leaving the Family in spirit. Even if they remain in a Family Home, even if they think they still want to serve Me and sincerely plan to do so, the fact is that their spirits will be compromised. Their minds will be damaged. They will not remain Charter disciples for long--certainly not in spirit, and in most cases not in body either. It is only a matter of time before the deceitful and delusional gases of the Enemy will seep into their spirits through this crack.
       147.Receiving a System higher education is like willingly opening a channel to your mind for the voices of the world and the voices of the netherworld, inviting them in. It's giving them free entrance to come and make themselves at home in your heart and spirit.
       148.This is a very serious breach in the spirit and it's not one to be taken lightly. Unfortunately, it often is. It's looked upon as being pretty “innocent” or “reasonable” or “understandable.” It's looked upon as something that will encourage the young people, lift their self-esteem and confidence, keep them from feeling inferior, and also provide them with useful talents and skills. Well, there's nothing wrong with encouragement or healthy self-esteem, and you need a little bit of confidence to get through life. However, the mentality of allowing or even promoting System education for these reasons is fundamentally flawed. It's backward. It's contorted and twisted.
       149.The truth is that learning the things you need to know and having a good foundation in basic scholastics, as well as developing your skills in certain key areas, give you the needed self-esteem and confidence. But subjecting your­self to a full worldly scholastic curriculum is like eating the full contents of a garbage can because you know there's some good food still left in there! Maybe there is, but there are other ways you can get it!
       150.Plus, this very mindset of “needing” to have this higher education is wrong in that you really don't need it, and by letting yourself be convinced that you do, you're letting the Enemy put you into a cage--the trap that he's put so much of the System into. You should stand fast in the liberty I have given you, rather than being entangled with this heavy yoke of bondage. So many in the world are fully convinced that they have to have this or that to be happy, fulfilled, or content. The truth is, you don't! And not only that, but education, money, glory and power have not been known to make anyone truly happy or content.
       151.Furthermore, keep in mind that when I called you to be My disciples, I didn't call you to a life of self-betterment or finding or creating a more “ideal” lifestyle for yourself--I called you to take up your cross and follow Me. I called you to be fishers of men. I called you to make disciples of all nations. If you have healthy self-esteem while you're at it, good for you. If you don't, you can ask Me for encouragement and you can find things to do that you're good at and that you find fulfillment in. You don't have to go to the System and System education to find that!
       152.My young ones who seek after such education, especially if you are not yet fully of age, may feel that you are not knowledgeable enough to make the decision to forsake all--including a desired System education--to follow Me. But you who are parents and shepherds must help these ones to see the truth, to see the light. If you are going to be My disciple, a Charter member, then I would that you forsake this desire which is a pull of the System and of the Enemy--that you commit it to My hands.
       153.It is permissible under the Charter guide­lines for someone to attend outside school or classes, and this is for the sake of those where such exceptions are necessary. If you somehow missed out on some necessary schooling when you were younger, by all means study! Get yourself books or a teacher or enroll in a class of some sort and learn. Or if you need to take a test or two to validate the education that you have for legal purposes or some other good reason, such as being able to legally home­school your own children, then do so. But that's a very different matter than seeking after higher education just to “feel better about yourself” or to be more “worldly wise” or “knowledgeable” just for the sake of it. If you really want to be My disciple, then part of that is being like My disciples of old who forsook all and followed Me.
       154.I never said that it doesn't cost anything to follow Me or to forsake all! Some of you haven't had anything to forsake in your younger years. You lived off of the forsakings of others. You don't know what it's like to own a lot of things or be too attached to your possessions--and believe Me, that's for the best. Yet many of you are gifted with bright minds and you have fallen prey to the temptations of ­Satan, who seeks to convince you to leave My calling in your life to better your own mind and provide more opportunities for yourself.
       155.What you need to “forsake” then is not the things you possess, but the desire for these things. If you are really a disciple, if serving Me is your goal in life, what other “opportunities” do you really need? Be honest with yourself. Why do you want it? If it's so that you can have a “backup” or a “way out” when you don't want to be in the Family anymore and so that you can build yourself a good life and make a lot of money when that happens, well, what are you waiting for? Why not go out and do that now? I know, though, that in many cases you have been sincere--although sin­cerely deceived--truly believing that higher education would help you in your service to Me. Let Me state for the record that this is not the case.
       156.System education is not for your sake, it's for the System's sake. It's the System fattening up their youth so as to later offer them to Moloch to keep the furnace of their industry--their money-making, capitalistic, selfish universe--going. Without a continual new stream of well-prepared, intelligent, but brain­washed youth to keep the markets going, selfish flatlander Systemites would eventually lose their much-prized self-profiting lifestyles. Thus the Enemy con­tinues to brainwash--or better said “brain­dirty”--the hearts and minds of old and young around the world, to persuade them to feed their children to the educational system, to begin and then carry through with the process of complete flatlanderization.
       157.The Devil wants to make all of you energy sources to feed his System. He doesn't care about you. He sure as anything doesn't care about your “self-esteem.” He doesn't care about you being a success. He just cares about suck, suck, sucking you into his System, to continue to feed his monster, to provide fodder for his great furnace.
       158.If you want to know the truth, that's what higher education is all about. So for God's sake, and for your own sake, if you want to be My disciple, get as far away from higher education as you can! Run from it as if it were the Black Death, because it is in spirit. If you let yourself get fully absorbed in it, it will more than likely mean your spiritual death.
       159. Some of you of the younger generation might wonder: “If System education is so bad, so deadly or lethal spiritually, then how did all our parents manage to go through 12 or more years of it and turn out okay? Not only okay, but very dedicated to the Lord, very anti-System.” Well, the truth is that I called your parents' generation out of that, and they followed gladly because they'd had enough of the System to learn to hate it. I asked them to forsake it, and they did. For some it was more difficult than others, though, because their minds had been conditioned by the System to believe it was a necessity, that they couldn't get through life without it. Others left it behind, but for years and years, and some to this day, have had to fight against the tentacles of worldly mindsets that grew and developed within them in their years of System schooling.
       160.Furthermore, keep in mind that the education given to the previous generation, while worldly and carnal and ungodly at its heart, was not nearly as blatantly anti-God or anti-truth as today's. There was still a stronger Christian element in the first world nations, and there was at least some sense of standards and morals. Today, that is all but gone in many nations.
       161.Also, bear in mind that most of your parents didn't finish college; some didn't even finish high school. They went through their basic years of schooling, but many did not pursue higher education. And I dare you to find many of them who regret they didn't. Of those who did earn degrees of some form or another, I dare you to find many who can say it has really mattered. You don't need that kind of head stuffing to serve Me, and you certainly don't need to throw away years of your life--years that could be your most fruitful and productive years of service to Me--obtaining it.

Text box:
       162. (Jesus speaking:) Though some Family members received higher education before joining the Family and they appear to be much used because of it, it is I who outfitted them with their gifts and talents,
and I would use them even without the higher education, as long as they yield those talents to Me. In most cases, those who have had former higher education have had to “unlearn” most of what they've received from the System, and their personal testimonies show that the head stuffing of higher education did little good, but rather it was their experience and self-learning and following Me, learning to let Me lead, that has made them what they are. An honest assessment would reveal that higher education served to teach them more than anything what not to do, and overall it was a sad waste of time, energy and resources.
       163. I am able to teach and train you in all you need to know, in these modern high-tech times, for My ways and wisdom far exceed that of modern man.
The truth is, if you would put your full force, time and energy into allowing Me to lead and train you, I would. (End of message from Jesus.)
End of text box.

       164.It all comes back down to the fact that “he who forsaketh not all that he hath, cannot be My disciple.” Whatever you're holding on to that's more important to you than Me or following Me is wrong and unnecessary. It's just that simple. If an education is so important to you that you want to leave My service, even for a time, to get it, you're not dedicated enough. Even if you say that you're still in the Family and theoretically serving Me, if what you're ­really doing is spending a third or half or more of your waking hours absorbed in study and self-betterment, you're not really serving Me, and your dedication is lacking.
       165.If you want to serve Me, then do it! Don't let yourself get bogged down in the mire and morass of System education. It's time to forsake these worldly weights and get fully on board for Me. It's time to renew your convictions to “come out from among them and be ye separate.”
       166.Don't let yourself get sucked into the worldly educational system and subject yourself to its faith-destroying tactics. If you do, you'll waste precious days, months, or years of service and spiritual strength, and in the long run, you will regret it. It has the potential to ruin your service for Me, and it can happen very ­subtly and very quickly. It may look like a white-sand beach, but really it's a sand trap--quick­sand! You think you're headed for beautiful, blue, deep waters, but the Enemy will see to it that you never get there, that you stay stuck wading through the sand forever, dying of thirst.
       167.If you want to serve Me, don't let it happen to you. Come instead to My fountain of living waters. I don't offer empty promises. I have the real truth, knowledge that counts, answers to your questions. I offer the only waters that can ever truly quench your thirst. (End of message from Jesus.)

Where Are the Leaders?

       168.(Mama:) Well, Family, what do you think? Where are the leaders? Where are the ones who are willing to break away from the crowd and be different?! Every truly great work of God or any great accomplishment in life is performed by the kind of person who doesn't just go along with the crowd!
       169.In the Family's earlier years we had many people like that--real idealists, nonconformists, idol smashers, revolutionaries. At one glance you knew those people were going somewhere for God! And many are still with us today, thank God! But what about you young people?! Where are you young leaders who are willing to break away from the System that lures you and puts you to sleep?! Where are those of you who want to be different from all the millions?!
       170.Where are the iconoclasts and warriors like Gideon and Samson? The leaders like David? The prophets and miracle workers like Elijah and Elisha? The giants of faith like Abraham, Moses, Daniel or Nehemiah? The mighty witnesses like Paul? The do-or-die revolutionaries like Luther? The fervent soul-winners like Moody, and the fiery Endtime prophets, teachers and leaders like our own dear Dad?
       171.You young people--you senior teens, YAs and SGAs--are influencing your younger brothers and sisters! You're the ones they look to. You'll be held accountable for the sample you set and for leading them to the Lord or to the System, depending on how you live your lives. All they have to do is watch you. How do you spend your time? What do you talk about? What do you love? What kind of education are you looking for? Why do you live in a Family Home? Are you a disciple?
       172.If you don't plan on being a full-time disciple and you prefer to study and get higher education, that's your choice. But if you do want to be a disciple and you want to dedicate your energy, resources, talents, and time 100% to serving the Lord as a disciple, then there isn't room for pursuing higher education, just like there wasn't in the earlier years of the Family. If you want to be free in spirit to dedicate yourself totally to the Lord, but you feel pulled or distracted by the desire for excessive worldly knowledge, get down in desperate prayer and ask the Lord to help you have His vision and priorities. Rebuke any influence that Pan might be trying to have over your mind or thoughts, or any way he might be trying to get you to reject the truth and the simplicity of the Lord's Word and the spiritual standard of discipleship.

The Need for Adequate
Godly Education!

       173. Before closing this subject, I want to again emphasize the extreme importance of our chil­dren's education. We don't want anyone coming away from reading this GN thinking it's not important for our children to receive an adequate education by fulfilling the guidelines in the Charter, or possibly going further to complete high school-level courses. Some Homes or families are delinquent in the education of their children, and this too is wrong. The point is not to pull your kids out of System school and then let them hang around the house all day, idle, wasting time! That is not home­schooling.
       174. You as parents are responsible to both educate and spiritually train your children. The choice is yours as to whether you send your children to System school. That is still an option in the Charter. We're not saying you can't; it's not prohibited. But if you do, please don't overlook your responsibility to shepherd them!Read “Our Children's Education”; it's all explained in detail there. But don't just read it! Obey it! Be doers of the Word!
       175. I do not want to see a backlash to this counsel in which you parents pull your kids out of System school and their education goes to pot! I want to see our children receive both--a good education and spiritual shepherding and training! They need and deserve both!
       176. If there are children or Homes that are delinquent in the education of their children, you cannot use this Letter as an excuse to continue in your disobedience. That is not the point of this counsel.
       177. One of the COs commented:

       178. (CO:) Right now in a lot of our Homes there is an anti-education attitude, so to speak. Perhaps in some areas there is a tendency toward too much education, but at least in some situations, there is actually the opposite happening, where you have quite a bit of peer pressure going on to the point that our JETTs and ­junior teens think that they really don't need education; that once they get to be a certain age they can just not worry about it or not work at it much. They think it's just a waste of time generally. This attitude goes down to some of the younger kids too, the OCs. In other words, you'll have kids who actually don't even come close to having the Charter-required education, but once they turn 16, they dictate to their Home and/or parents that according to the Charter, they don't have to have school hours or do anything educationally any longer. And this creates sort of an impression amongst the junior teens and even the JETTs and OCs that education of any kind is really not needed.
       179. While we are not emphasizing System educa­tion and higher education, we do want our children to get a good education, and in some instances, a high school education of some kind, be it CLE or CVC, GED or whatever the case might be--not going to System high school to get a dip­loma, but rather homeschooling, of course, which is what we're referring to here, so that they do get a good basic education. A fair number of our kids may not choose to serve the Lord. Having a basic education will allow them to have a better chance to accomplish something in their lives. (End of comments from CO.)

       180. (Mama:) If any of you kids feel that all education is a waste of time, you're wrong! You have a right to a good education, and you're responsible to apply yourself to get it! According to the Charter, if someone turns 16 and they haven't completed the required curriculum, they still have to keep studying a minimum of eight hours per week until they do, in addition to local language studies. Even if you senior teens have completed the curriculum, you need to have academic studies four hours per week--and the Charter is specific in saying that's not just vocational training on the job. Studying is obviously important!
       181. You kids need a good education, whether you decide to stay in the Family or leave. You need an adequate education for whatever profession you choose, whether to be a missionary and full-time disciple in the Family, or to eventually pursue something else outside of the Family. We are not promoting higher education, nor are we promoting System education that pollutes your spirit, but all of you young people should have the minimum required in the Charter, and even more, a high school education through homeschooling, if that's how you feel led.
       182. Please see the Scholastic and Schedule Rules in the Charter, page 242-244, which define the minimum education. Also, the opening for kids to get their GED or local equivalent is granted on page 80 of the Charter in the “Rights of Children.” [Note: For more counsel on education from the Letters and other pubs, please see the Letter Links at the end of this GN.]

Problematic Issues
With Sexual Aspects
Of the Law of Love

       183.The last subject I wish to address in this GN is the Law of Love. There have been hundreds of pages published on the Law of Love, and yet there are some serious problems in the implementation of the sexual side of it. Some of the most problematic issues have to do with:

       184.1) Not enough shepherding of unfruitful or out-of-control relationships. There are very specific guidelines in the “Law of Love” series. There are rights, responsibilities, and rules spelled out clearly. But it's clear from many specific situations that we've been informed of, and from situations that have come up in our own Home, that to live the Law of Love happily and for it to bear good fruit, problem situations have to be shepherded. “Living the Lord's Law of Love, Part 10” (ML #3210, GN 813) explains clearly that such shep­herd­ing is valid and necessary, and yet there is still very little counsel or help given, even when serious problems come up with the sexual sharing amongst singles or married people.
       185.Part of the problem is because often one of the people involved doesn't want to cause trouble, so he or she covers for the errant person. For example, there are married women who endure very unloving, selfish, and wrong actions by their husbands, but these wives are not willing to expose their husbands' behavior and ask for help because they know their husbands will retaliate and make life miserable for them. There are singles who would like help, but they know their steady boyfriend/girlfriend will go ballistic with jealousy and take it out on them, making them feel like they betrayed the one they love by asking for help.
       186.If you need help, but you don't ask for it, or if you do explain the problem but say, “Don't say anything or let him/her know I told you,” how are you going to get any help? No wonder there's so little shepherding, and the lack of shepherding makes it possible for unfruitful relationships to go unchecked and continue to hurt others.

       187.2) People misusing the Law of Love to get what they want. Some people pursue relationships that are not the Lord's will, or they make “demands” on others that are not appropriate, and they excuse their behavior by saying they're “living the Law of Love.”
       188.There are situations where men threaten to leave their wives if they can't have what they want. These husbands are blatantly disobeying the counsel to put their primary relationship first, their marriage, and to consider their wives' feelings, etc. But often the wife in such a situation feels there's not much she can do, because if she makes it hard on her husband, he'll threaten to leave her.
       189.Many of these marriages have kids, and of course the wife doesn't want to be left a single mother, so she endures it, often being blamed for the problems in the marriage because “she's jealous.” All the while the husband does such things as womanize and carry on relationships behind her back; doesn't honor her as his wife publicly; doesn't give his wife sufficient sex, affection, and emotional support; refuses to stop an outside relationship even when she doesn't have the faith for it.
       190.Some sexual relationships are pursued not out of sacrificial love and genuine concern for the other person, but out of lust and selfishness. Even if no official Law of Love rules are broken, lustful, self­ish behavior breaks the spirit of the Law of Love and the principle by which our lives should be governed!
       191.These things are wrong! This should not happen! This is not living the Law of Love! This is abusing the freedom God has given us in the Word. These problems are not the result of the doctrine, but of people making bad, unloving, selfish decisions!
       192.Some of these pitiful, problematic situa­tions cause the one or ones involved to ­really go to the Lord--usually the one that's hurting and left out--and though we do not condone the actions of those not acting according to the Law of Love and the Lord's will in this way, there is at least good fruit in that person's walk with the Lord. But there are situations where that doesn't happen, and it just results in pain, heartache, and a loss of faith and self-esteem, which is so sad!

       193.3) People taking advantage of our sexual freedom and wrongly applying it to have sex with outsiders. There is a lot of sex going on between Charter members and outsiders. Some people confess, many don't. Anyone can see that this behavior puts the Family at risk, especially when people continue to have sex with members of the CM Family after having had sex with outsiders.
       194.Someone recently wrote me, saying, “This is a matter that I believe concerns the well-being of our Family. One of the reasons that we have the 'no sex with non-CM members' rule is mainly because we would rather not have sicknesses, such as AIDS [or other STDs], in our Homes. Unfortunately, the spirit is willing but the flesh is weak, and being so, as you're most probably aware, many of us have broken this rule. Some of us have confessed and MANY haven't, and MANY of those who haven't talked to their COs and/or VSs are still in active sexual activity with other CM members who are unaware of their adventures.”
       195.This is no surprise to Peter and me. We know of the many Charter infractions concerning sex with outsiders, and often when the person finally confesses, it becomes known that he or she has continued having sex with members of the CM Family. Judging by the pattern, it's not surprising, nor do I feel it would be inaccurate to assume that there are plenty of CM members who have had sex with outsiders who have not confessed, and therefore are putting others whom they share with in the CM Family at risk.
       196.This is wrongly applying the sexual freedom of the Law of Love! This is a serious problem that we have grappled with and prayed about for years. What can we do? Home shepherds and area officers can't watch people ­every minute of the day and night! We can't make people confess. We can't make people feel convicted and have a conscience. We can't make people see the seriousness of their actions. ­Peter and I are presently in counsel with the COs regarding this and will continue to seek the Lord for solutions to this problem.

At the Heart of These
Unloving Acts Is Compromise

       197.You might wonder why in the world I'm talking about these specific Law of Love problems in a series on conviction versus compromise. This might seem off the subject, but it's not. It's very much on the subject, because at the heart of these unloving acts is compromise!
       198.When you disobey the Word, when you lack the fear of the Lord, when you harden your heart to others' needs, when you blow off the Lord's checks because of selfishness and lust, when you disregard the spirit of the Law of Love and selfishly wrest the Word to your own advantage, it results in compromise. You who are guilty of misusing the Law of Love as mentioned above have compromised the truth of the Word. You've compromised for gain--to get what you want or to protect yourself. Whatever your reasons for doing what you do, it's definitely not putting the Lord and obedience to the Word first.
       199.If you were really desperate to be right with the Lord, if you wanted more than anything to be obedient and yielded, if your motivation was pure--to show sacrificial sincere love to all involved or affected by your actions--if you were truly concerned about the sample you were setting for your children, younger members, Active members, etc., you'd certainly not engage in these wrong activities or attitudes. All of those things I just talked about are wrong, and if you're doing them, you're sinning, you're disobeying, and you're compromising.

The Doctrine Is Sound
--It's the Implementation
That's in Question!

       200.People in our Family and even Active members have been stumbled, not so much by the concept of the Law of Love or the doctrine, but by the samples they've seen. People have been burned, disillusioned, and some have eventually even rejected the doctrine of full freedom in the Law of Love because they feel it's hurtful, it doesn't bear good fruit, and people use it as an occasion to the flesh. This is very sad, because what happens is that the Word, Dad's teachings, the Lord's truth about the Law of Love is what gets blamed for the wrong, whereas it's people who are to blame; it's those who are not really living the Law of Love at all, but who say they are! Then when things go awry and people are hurt, it's the doctrine of the Law of Love that takes the rap! That's not fair. The Lord said:

       201.(Jesus speaking:) People argue against the Law of Love, saying it only bears bad fruit, or that because it bears some bad fruit, it's no good. Because there are many individuals involved in complicated relationships, and there are so many different situations and different levels of dedication, love, and obedience, of course there will be a huge variety of “fruits” borne from the implementation of the Law of Love.
       202.Where there is perfect love and obedience, there is perfect good fruit--but usually there is a mixture of both good and bad fruit. But even though there are problems and even bad fruit at times, that still shouldn't be blamed on the doctrine. The doctrine is not on trial here; it's the people's implementation of it that must be judged. The question is not whether the doctrine is right. It is. The question is whe­ther the people can be trusted with it.
       203.There is no doubt about the validity and truth of the full freedom of the Law of Love. David received the truth from Me, and he was faithful to give it to the Family. Maria and Peter have built on that truth. There is no doubt that the full freedom of the Law of Love is of Me; that is not in question. (End of message from Jesus.)

       204.(Mama:) What this means is that there will be a variety of fruit borne from people's living the freedom of the Law of Love. In some cases it's good, in some cases it's bad, and in many cases it's a mixture of good and bad. But the hurt and bad fruit of some people's living the Law of Love shouldn't be blamed on the doctrine itself. The doctrine is sound, but it's the implementation by some that is in question.
       205. About judging Law of Love relationships: Even in situations or relationships where the fruit is good overall, there will probably be some mistakes, slips, or wrong decisions. This happens because life is complicated and people aren't perfect. Even when people are trying to do the right thing, they don't always make it 100%. So you need flexibility when judging the fruit of something, because just because there are some wrong things, boo-boos or hurts, that doesn't cancel out all the good. And if there is more good than bad, or if there is a preponderance of good and some bad, then generally you could consider that it's good fruit. Perfection is not required for a relationship or situation to fall into the “bearing good fruit” category.

Suspend Sexual Freedom?

       206.Besides the problems mentioned earlier, there is also a general contempt for the Law of Love in the Family today. I often get letters lecturing me about how I shouldn't be “pushing” sexual sharing. I receive Bible classes in which some of you are trying to disprove Dad's teachings on this subject. I receive reproofs from those who think we shouldn't be preaching the sexual aspect of the Law of Love, lest we stumble some poor, unsuspecting church person. And there are lots of upset young people who think living the Law of Love does nothing but wreck marriages, so you're taking the stance that you'll have a monogamous relationship, since you feel that's the only thing that will last or work.
       207.I readily admit that there are serious problems in how the Law of Love is being lived, especially because people are being hurt and stumbled! And I'm not talking about “good hurt” where you allow yourself voluntarily to be hurt. I'm talking about bad hurt! (See “Living the Lord's Law of Love, Part 2,” ML #3202:177-195, GN 805.)
       208.It becomes quite puzzling after a while to try to know what to do about these ongoing problems, how to improve them. We've published about everything we can as far as ­specific guidelines, tips, and rules. We've put various amendments in the Charter regarding the Law of Love. We've tried to educate the Family. But still, these serious problems persist.
       209.I finally reached a point where I seriously wondered if we'd have to suspend the sexual freedom of the Law of Love for the whole Family. I mean, if these relationships can't be shep­herded, if the rules can't be enforced, if the Family can't be ruled by love and make good decisions according to the full counsel of the Word, then what can we do? I began to wonder if we hadn't reached the same point the Apostle Paul had when he recommended that the celibate stay that way, or get married if they must, but avoid any other sort of sexual freedom or liberties whatsoever.
       210.If the Family couldn't handle the freedom, if you couldn't be trusted, then I wondered if maybe the Lord would take it away. I thought, “Well, if many of the Family continue to disobey, compromise, hurt and stumble others, then possibly we need to just do away with the sexual freedom totally, for everyone, so we can get on with our main job of winning the world.” We've been getting so many complaints about the Law of Love, about how it's causing nothing but harm, that I thought maybe we had reached the point where the Lord could no longer trust us with it. That was a sad thought, but I honestly considered it and pondered it.
       211.Peter and I are both personally convinced that the full freedom of the Law of Love as Dad taught us, including the sexual freedom, is the truth, and for those who live it in love it's a wonderful blessing of God. We feel very privileged to know this truth as Dad taught us. But we are also realists and we aren't closed to the idea that if the Family comes to the point where it's obvious that you're not learning to live the Law of Love in the right spirit, if it's con­sistently causing more harm than good, if it's being misused and causing nothing but hurt, then we will stop it. We could amend the Charter so there would be no sexual contact or sexual activity between any individuals of any age who are not officially married to each other. Then we'd be back to where we were before the revelation Dad received about the Law of Love, and back to where most churches (and certainly most dedicated missionaries) are today.
       212.I asked the Lord if it was time for this, or what we could do to solve these problems. Here is His reply.

God's Hands Are Tied
--The Choice Is Yours!

       213.(Channel describes a vision:) I see Jesus and His Father up in Heaven. It's such a sad, sad picture. I can't help but cry. Jesus looks very sorrowful. Oh, Jesus, help us! Forgive us, Lord, for making You so sad.
       214.The Father is sitting on His throne and Jesus is kneeling before Him with His head down, His arms are stretched up toward Him, as if He is making a plea to His Father. He's interceding on our behalf. Jesus is weeping almost uncontrollably. He's asking His Father, “Is there no other way?”
       215.God is also weeping. He is very majestic, very kingly, very powerful, but it's almost as if all that hardly matters. He looks very sober, very sad, just like Jesus. God is looking down, and He is slowly shaking His head back and forth, and He's crying.
       216.God stands up, looking down at Jesus, shaking His head, extremely sad. His arms are in front of Him, and His hands are tied at the wrists with a big thick rope.
       217.God reaches down to Jesus, and with His tied hands He lifts up His Son, and Jesus embraces Him. It seems they are trying to comfort each other.
       218.They're standing there in an embrace, and God says, “Son, You know I desire nothing more than to change this situation, but My hands are tied. Only the Family themselves can untie these cords. Only they can turn this tide that is upon them. The decision is theirs.”
       219.Now both God and Jesus are standing side by side looking down at this giant 3-D TV screen. God still has His hands tied; Jesus has His arm around His Father's shoulder, as if to comfort Him. They're watching the Family on Earth. They both are still very, very sad; tears are rolling down their cheeks.
       220.A huge black cloud is closing in, hovering over the screen. God's hands are still tied, and He's holding them out over the screen, the dark cloud hovering above, and He says:
       221.“My hands are tied. According to the choices of My people will their future be deter­mined. Those who choose to live according to Our Law of Love will reap the blessings; they will grow and progress, and walk on to fulfill their destiny. Those who choose not to obey the truth they have been given, and those who choose to abuse the freedom they have been given, those who make a mockery of the Law of Love, the shadow of troubles and sorrow will cover them. They will not reap My blessings; they will not have the power, but will have to face the consequences. They are accountable, for they have heard the truth.
       222.“According to the choices of the people, it will be done. I am a righteous God and so I honor the majesty of choice that is given to mankind. My Son, pray for Your brides, that their faith not fail, for the future is in their hands.” (End of vision.)

       223.(Jesus speaking:) My heart and the heart of My Father are broken with the sight that we see. You have been given precious riches of truth. This knowledge of the full freedom of the Law of Love is a rare treasure. It has never been entrusted so fully to man, and there you are, spitting on it, trampling it under foot, throwing it in the trash can and telling everyone who will listen how ugly and useless it is. So foolish! This is a pitiful state of rebellion, pride, and arrogance of those who feel you know better than God! Rather than receive this revelation from David with thankfulness of heart, you take it upon yourselves to lecture and set straight your queen. You have the audacity to try to teach My anointed prophetess about adultery and sin!
       224.This hurts Me deeply. It saddens Me more than you can know. I feel rejected and scorned. For this truth of the freedom of the Law of Love represents the beauty of My Kingdom. It is a foreshadowing of Heaven. This is the essence of the freedom of My Spirit.
       225.Though some of the children of David deserve to have this freedom revoked, due to your misuse of it, or due to your hateful disrespect and lack of appreciation, I will not stoop to that level. I will not take back My Word, for the truth is the truth. I will not recant, for what has been said is right and Godly and Heavenly. Though you tarnish the truth of My Word and freedom of love with your lust and selfishness, though you mock My truth and spit in My face with your murmurs and the stance you have taken in opposition to My Endtime teaching, I will not be moved to retract. I never will, for I stand by the truth of Heaven, as do your king and queen.
       226.You have been taught and guided, and the boundaries to safely and lovingly live the totality of My Law of Love have been securely put in place. There is no excuse for continued bad hurt and the sins of pride, selfishness, lust, rebellion, and for not making the effort to fight and overcome jealousy. The fault is in your own lack of love, your own lack of fear of Me, which makes you feel you can have the pleasure and freedom on your own terms, in your own way, without acting in love, humility, and prayerfulness.
       227.You who hurt and stumble others, who speak in arrogance and pride against this great gift, who vow to “never stoop to partake of such freedom,” are those who are wrong, not My Word. It is the epitome of pride and self-right­eousness to think that you can instruct God on this, the ways of Heaven. I and My Father are One, and We have bestowed this truth on the children of David with open hearts, expecting and praying for the best. This has been a test, an experiment. Even as your David warned you from the beginning, can you be trusted with this? Will you use it for good or for your own ends? Will you lay down your life to benefit others, or will you take and devour and cause pain?
       228.You judge yourselves. How have you fared? What has been the depth of your love? What have been your motivations? How much have you loved others as you love yourself? Have you recognized the value of the treasure of the Law of Love?--Or are you amongst those who have mistaken My jewels for cheap glass and tin, to be tossed out?
       229.Whether you realize it or are willing to accept it, the truth of the Law of Love is a key factor in the Endtime. I will let this truth be known, and if necessary, I will raise up another ecclesia to live it, to be the earthly sample of that which is to come when I rule and reign. My plan will not be defeated. The choice is yours as to whether you will be the ones who are privileged with that honor, or if you will cast off the crown. I will not force you, but neither will I remove your chance of receiving the blessing by recanting on this truth of the Words of David.
       230.My Father and I are deeply hurt by the pain We see. If We could change it ourselves in some way, if We could right the wrongs, We would, as would your king and queen. But We must restrain Ourselves; in fact, My Father's hands are tied, because We will honor the majesty of choice.
       231.The fruit of living the Law of Love is in your hands. You are the ones who will determine the outcome. I leave the choice with you, and it will be clear whether your actions are in love and sacrifice, or in lust and selfishness.
       232.I cannot and I will not recant. This truth of the Law of Love must be given and it must be lived--if not by the children of David, then by someone else. I have no choice but to allow this full freedom of My love to be made known to the world, for this must come to pass, and then will the End come.
       233.But you, My children, do have a choice.It is you who determine the future and how your lives will be lived. You personally have control of your choices, actions, attitudes and relationships. What you decide, individually and collectively, will change the course of your future, for it will prove your worthiness of this precious treasure that has been placed in your care.
       234.I weep, I lament. It breaks My heart to see the division, confusion, rebellion, hatred and contempt for My law. What a sad and pitiful state! If it were a different time in world history, maybe I would withdraw this blessing to prevent the hurt and misuse. But there is no time now, for the clock races forward and this testimony and truth will be put forward in the Endtime in fulfillment of My promise.
       235.I give My children of David the opportunity to get right with Me. I am merciful and I will have mercy upon those who are loyal and true in spirit. I will not punish the whole because of the sins of the rebellious. My Father and I pray and watch, for the future of the Family depends on whether you return to your first love in simplicity, humility, and consecration.
       236.I will not take this blessing from you at this time. But know that if you choose to not live this truth, but rather to despise it, or if you choose to misuse this truth and use it as an occasion to the flesh, I will raise up others who will take your crown. I say this with great heaviness of heart. This is not My desire, and I find no pleasure in giving this warning. Even now the dark clouds of sorrow hang heavily around My Kingdom.
       237.I beg you, My darlings, to reconsider, to search My Word, to ponder these things with open hearts. I implore you to cast off the unfruitful works and ideas of the Evil One. I pled with My Father, but His hands are tied. He is powerless to deliver you from your waywardness unless you seek His forgiveness and repent. He cannot overrule your personal choices; neither can I.
       238.We wait in soberness of heart, with tear-stained faces, watching and praying. We want to bless the children of David with great happiness, free­dom, and unity. We want to use King Peter and Queen Maria and their followers to show the world the ultimate love of Heaven. You are in possession of a great treasure. What will you do with it? (End of message from Jesus.)

       239.(Mama:) What a sad picture and mess­age. Please, dear Family, take this to heart. Don't let the conviction slip away. Take the time to think, ponder, and search the Word. Read past Letters on the subject. Get educated if you don't understand the Law of Love. Don't just rely on what you think you remember. Study, read, seek the truth. Ask the Lord your questions. Realize that you have a lot to lose!

Another Side to Think About!

       240.People are constantly blaming the prob­lems in relationships and broken marriages on that naughty, bad Law of Love. They practically curse the Law of Love and insinuate or even say openly that anyone who practices the Law of Love is a fool. It's a raging controversy, and those who oppose the sexual ­freedom of the Law of Love are very vocal about it. I guess you feel it's your special calling in life to set straight those who actually have open marriages/relationships, or who share sacrificially. You don't associate anything good with the Law of Love.
       241.But there is another side to this that I want you to think about: The sexual freedom that you young people enjoy with each other, the singles having sex with each other, the singles living together as boyfriend and girlfriend without committing to marriage, etc., is all a result of the Law of Love. Without the Law of Love, that wouldn't be possible.
       242.Before the Law of Love, there was no extensive sharing even between singles. Singles in the Family went without sex before they were married, some for years! It was Dad's revelation about the Law of Love that gave us the faith and freedom to have sex outside of marriage. Otherwise, we were bound by the traditions of the law like all the other churches, and especially missionaries.
       243.One SGA in our Home was shocked that the Law of Love has anything to do with single people's freedom to have sex with each other. Her take was that because you young people have grown up with that freedom all your lives, you don't relate it at all to the Law of Love. This again confirms that all the bad is blamed on the Law of Love, but nothing that you consider good or beautiful or fun is credited to the Law of Love. That seems quite imbalanced and unfair to me.
       244.The idea came to me that it would help to consider how different the Family would be today if Dad had never taught us about the full freedom of the Law of Love.
       245.Here's Dad to teach us. He who has an ear to hear, let him hear!

Life in the Family
Without the Law of Love

       246. (Dad speaking:) Some of you seem to think that the Family and everybody in it would be better off if the sexual freedom of the Law of Love were done away with or curbed. Boy, oh, boy! Some of you guys really have no idea what you're saying. You wanna know something? The Law of Love is some­thing that's much easier to justify by Scripture than is the concept of not living it! What do you think of that? Jesus Himself said, “All the law is fulfilled in this: Thou shalt love thy neighbor as thyself.” That's what it comes down to. That's what the Law of Love is.
       247.Okay, so some might say that's fine and good, but why does that have to include sex? It doesn't really. You can follow Jesus' teachings to some degree without involving sex. Or, some say, even if the sexual part of the Law of Love is “lawful” in God's eyes, it isn't “expedient,” and it's messing up people's lives and marriages. Well, I grant you, life could be somewhat “simpler” without the sexual freedom the Lord has given us, but if you really think about it, I don't think you'd trade in all the benefits.
       248.So, let's take a look at what life would be like in the Family if we didn't have the Law of Love. Well, basically we'd be like most church Christians. We'd abide by the rules they abide by. We'd abstain from all sex outside of marriage. Of course, they don't all necessarily “abide” by their own rules these days; but if they don't, they're in most cases suffering terrible guilt and condemnation because they believe they're sinning against the Lord.
       249.In just about every religion, premarital sex of any kind is considered a sin.How would you like to live under those rules? Do you even think it's right that people make a commitment to live together and love each other forever without knowing if they like having sex together? It sure doesn't make much sense. My goodness, no wonder so many marriages don't last! That might seem a very “carnal” viewpoint, and you might say that if you really love each other it doesn't matter, or you'll find a way. But let me tell you, when you live with someone day after day, night after night for years, sex does matter.
       250.Think about all the singles in the Family, all the people who don't have a special someone, and who maybe never will, or not for many years. Should they be condemned to lives of abstinence? Without the Law of Love, they would be. That's what the church teaches! Why do you think so many people are sick and tired of religion, soured on anything churchy or Christian or Jewish or Muslim or whatever? It's because religion and restriction are generally synonymous!
       251.There are hardly any outfits in the world that believe both in Jesus and in sinless sex!--Meaning that there are hardly any people in the world, especially religious people, who can enjoy sex without feeling guilty if they're not married! Maybe some of you think that is the ideal, that the world would be more innocent and pure if everyone lived by those mores. Well, in some ways it's true that the world's standard has gone down, and the way society has become more tolerant of less responsible sexual behavior has led to more irresponsibility and more immorality. It's true that people are less considerate and careful in the world at large when it comes to sex. They have less regard for the consequences because there aren't really any consequences for anything, legally speaking.
       252.But think about it: If you could choose to either live a religious life where you believed sex before you were married was a sin, or if you could live a “secular” life without God or faith, just to feel you had that freedom to have sex, what would you choose? Tough choice, huh?
       253.Another sad thing is that even the people who don't consider themselves religious or “churched,” don't have the freedom to have sex without guilt. They still for the most part feel terrible about it. They feel it separates them from God. They feel they don't even have a chance. Many even leave the church or neglect their faith because of it. There are a few individuals here and there who realize that the Lord loves them no matter what, or even who believe and understand that sex is a gift of God and to be enjoyed, whether you're married or not. But they are few and far between. And even if they believe it, they're hard pressed to find a partner who shares both their faith in the Lord and their faith to do those kinds of things without considering it wrong.
       254.The Family without the Law of Love would mean that all you kids would have grown up being taught that sex was a sin, hounded and watched by your parents to make sure you weren't having any, and then entering your post-teenage adult life desperate as hell to find someone to marry so you could have some sex! Meanwhile, you'd be dating here and there, like the System Christian young people, trying to find that someone, and you'd be so frustrated, so distracted…. In many cases you'd probably end up leaving your service for the Lord so that you could get some sex, or going ahead and doing it and feeling terribly condemned. It would steal your joy of the Lord and your pleasure in living for Him.
       255.If you've grown up with that freedom all your life, as most of you have, you have no idea how restrictive and confining it is to not have it! Not only the freedom to have sex, but in many cases even the freedom to be alone with someone of the opposite sex. Or to do something like have a party where you dance with everybody, even other people's boyfriends or girl­friends, husbands or wives, would not be an option. You would either have your boyfriend or girlfriend, and maybe some sex on the sly, or nothing at all; or maybe you'd be going behind someone's back with their boyfriend or girlfriend, maybe behind your best friend's back, and feeling horrible about it.
       256.Some of you would probably be always on the verge of ruining your friendships, because those kinds of things, in the world at large and especially in any Christian community, are just not done. And if they are done, they are not talked about. And if they are talked about, it's big trouble!
       257.On to marriages: If there was no Law of Love, you'd be having sex with the same person for the rest of your life once married. Okay, if you love them, admittedly that's not so bad. People have done it for thousands of years. But have they really? I'd venture to say that probably less than half of the couples who have ever married throughout history have been faithful to their spouse and only their spouse for their whole life.
       258.It's not just the stuff of movies and novels to have affairs and extracurricular adventures. It's life. God created people to have emotions as well as physical sexual needs, and there are always going to be other people besides your husband or wife who you are going to find yourself in intimate situations with and/or be attracted to. I'm not saying that it's always good or right to follow your impulses, and certainly the Law of Love would not be worth it for the sake of that freedom only.
       259.I'm just saying that's what happens every­where in the world, in the Family or not, and the big difference is that in the Family, because of the Law of Love, you actually have the training and knowledge of how to handle it right. Plus, you don't have to face condemnation for the rest of your life over it. I mean, really, in many people's minds having an affair outside their marriage is comparable to stealing or even killing someone! That's how condemned they are. That's how convinced they are that it's wrong. Is that right? Is that kind of self-righteous, condemnatory, legalistic, restric­tive mindset something you would want the Family to live by?
       260.Without the Law of Love our Family Homes would be missing out on a great deal. Your interactions would be sadly lacking. Even the “innocent” giving of frequent hugs, putting your arms around each other, holding hands, all of that would be taboo.
       261.Without the Law of Love you'd have a lot of single people in the Family, people who really want to serve Jesus and who are willing to give up a lot to do that, suffering unnecess­arily. You'd have people starved for love, for sex, even for simple tender affection. You'd have people going without, being dis­couraged, feeling unloved, and in a lot of cases probably marry­ing the wrong person just because they needed someone to have sex with.--Or leaving the Lord's service because they just couldn't take it. Lord help us!
       262.You know, that did happen a bit at the start of the Family. The Lord hadn't yet revealed the Law of Love to us, so we abided by the usual rules of most Christian groups when it came to sex. You didn't have it until you were married, and that was that. People were willing to do it, to make that sacrifice, and the Lord allowed them to be tested in that way. But some just couldn't take it; it was too hard. I think a lot of them would not have lasted that long, or would have become very unhappy and even bitter if things hadn't changed at some point.
       263.The Law of Love is one of the cornerstones of our radical beliefs that sets us apart from the church, and there is no way we are going to leave it behind, say it was wrong, or discontinue believing and practicing it! Yes, there are potential problems with the kind of freedom that it allows, and, yes, there are times when we need to clarify things or provide guidelines. That's what that 12-part GN series on the Law of Love was all about. There are a lot of misconceptions about the Law of Love, but if you read through that series with an open heart and mind, I dare say there is not a single one that won't be cleared up. There are problems that result from the Law of Love, but as Mama and I must have said a million times, those problems are not the fault of the Law of Love--they're the fault of people practicing it improperly or neglecting to truly walk in love. They're the fault of people not living the Law of Love.
       264.The Law of Love is a beautiful gift of God! It is the means by which we have the freedom to enjoy loving, Godly sex, with or without being married, and within and without our marriages. It is the means by which we are able to dedicate our lives to the Lord and serve Him full-time and be able to have loving fellowship, affection, and care, whether or not we ever find a mate to share every part of our lives with. It is the means by which we are able to care for our single parents and meet their needs. It is also a means by which we are able to expose the hypoc­risy of the church system--all those people who either say they don't do it and are lying, or who are living in guilt and condemnation, or who are so God-damned self-righteous about their sexual morality that they're practically no earthly good to anyone else.
       265.God deliver us from that sickening spirit of self-righteousness! That's really what it is when people go around saying that “the Law of Love is the cause of all the marriage problems in the Family.” “Why don't we do away with the Law of Love and have monogamous relationships?” God help us!
       266.Then there are some people who think that it's fine to have that sexual freedom for singles, because they “need” it--but not for married people. But where do you draw the line? You can't really draw it too clearly at any point because there will always be a valid reason to stretch it a bit further to cover all the possible needs that arise. There are so many scenarios, especially in a missionary movement as diverse as ours. There are singles who live in a Home where everyone else is married. How would they manage? There are married people who have chosen to stay together for the sake of their children, but who, with the consent of their spouse, have agreed they have a need for sexual companionship outside of their marriage.
       267. Then there's the bottom line, and that is the fact that the Lord blesses married couples giving and sharing and opening their lives to others, according to His leading and as outlined in the Law of Love Letters. That's the crux of the matter--that the Lord intends for everyone to share and give, as He leads, and though married and deeply in love and committed to each other, God blesses couples giving and sharing with others. You can never lose by giving in love--that's God's law, and it applies to everyone, married or single!
       268.There is enough hardship and difficulty in the Family and communal living without us having to ask people to do without sex--which is something that the Lord never said we have to do. Already there are girls in places where there are no guys around, or singles in places with no other singles around, and these people make tremendous sacrifices and sometimes don't know if they're gonna make it. There's only so much we can do, and there are some rules we have to have for now, like not having sex with outsiders. But the least we can do is make allowance to meet these people's needs from within our own ranks! The least we can do is make it as easy as possible for them to get what they need. We owe it to our brothers and sisters who are in need to meet that need--and without the sexual freedom of the Law of Love, that would not be possible.
       269.Well, meditate on these things. Ponder. Reflect. Think about your life, and think how different it would have been or would be now without the Law of Love. I don't mean think about all the bad stuff and the times you were hurt or hurt someone. I know that's true in many cases; I don't deny it. But I believe if you would think about it in the big picture and scope of life, you'd probably realize that in some of those cases the hurt could have been far worse without the Law of Love; or in some cases the consequences of living without the Law of Love would be so dreadful that the complica­tions or hurts seem far preferable.
       270.I know that's a bit of a generalization and it won't apply to every case. Nevertheless, the fact is that with or without the Law of Love, people will have sex and they will have it outside of marriage. We're carnal creatures of passion. It's the way God made us. Blame Him! But at least with the Law of Love there are guidelines, there is communication, there are “rules” about it being between consenting parties. Take away the Law of Love and you take away all of that, and it's each man for himself and each woman for herself and there's going to be a lot more hurt, a lot more suffering, a lot more ­neglect, a lot less unity.
       271.If you want to stick around in this Family, learn to embrace the Law of Love and treasure it for the wonder that it is, and thank the Lord for all the problems and heartache it has solved. Or if you can't take it, if you don't believe it, then be my guest and go to the churches, who believe that all sex outside marriage is a sin. There are plenty of people who would agree with you on that score. We're not mainstream, but we're in the right stream, the one that's going the way God wants this Family to go! (End of message from Dad.)

God Can't Recant,
And Neither Can I!

       272.(Mama:) I want you young people especially to really think about how things would be for you personally without this freedom. It's not a question of picking out the things you like, the various freedoms you want, and then discarding or condemning all the rest. Open your eyes to the truth that all those fun things you like so much are allowed only because of the truth of the Law of Love as Dad taught us. Without it, you'd be confined to the same religious laws as the majority of church Christians.
       273.If you want these freedoms, if you like the life you live, if you enjoy your dating and sexual variety, if you like the fact that you're not condemned if you like someone and do something sexy with that person, then wise up and realize that you have the freedom because of Dad! Quit being hypocrites and complaining about the freedom on one hand, while taking advantage of it with the other!
       274.And for those of you who can't accept the full freedom of the Law of Love, who continue to think it's wrong, ungodly, immoral and adulterous, you'd better find another place to live and serve the Lord! Go where you can live according to the moral code you have chosen, without being faced with the sexual freedom of the Law of Love, because it's not going away!
       275.God cannot recant, and neither can I! Peter and I stand by Dad's teachings--they are the truth! Where do you stand?
       Desperate for the future of the Family,