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Board Vision Training Videos, Part 6
Transcription of Video #6

By Peter A.              CM/FM 3411 12/01

       1.Okay, we're back again to continue talking about these points we've been discussing.
       2.(Prays:) Lord, please bless this time now. Please anoint it. I ask for Your continued help in being able to speak and make things clear. Please help everybody's understanding as well.
       3.Jesus, we claim the power of Your keys for this meeting. Please do pour forth Your Spirit upon it and upon everyone listening, because we really need You in order to grasp all of this and to be able to put it into practice so that we will benefit our precious, precious Family who deserve the very best. So please help us now, in Jesus' name. Thank You, Lord! We love You, Jesus.
       4.Okay, thank the Lord! We left off last time talking about some various points concerning the board chairman--what you're supposed to do, what you're not supposed to do. To add to that, I want to speak for just a minute about the Continental Officers, the COs, who will be board chairpersons.
       5.Most COs will be regional board chairmen. They've had a lot of leadership experience. They know their area. They know the ministry that they're in, and most of them have already been involved in those particular pillars even before we created the board structure. Some of the COs have mainly been working with outreach, some with young people, some with childcare and FED, and those COs will probably chair the regional boards of those pillars.
       6.It is going to be a bit different for them. They have in the past, of course, counseled with others, but they mainly counseled with their CO teamwork. Now they're going to be counseling at the regional level with their regional board members, and of course they'll also sit on the regional council. So in some matters they'll counsel together with their regional councils.
       7.When a CO is sitting on a board as the chairman of the board, he takes off his CO hat and he puts on his regional board chairman hat. I know, because we've discussed it with the COs and they've had prayer and all, that they're really going to try to do it that way, and they're going to try to make it so that the other members of the regional board will feel comfortable and feel free to speak up. You national board chairmen are going to be sitting on the regional boards, and often it will be with one of the COs as the chairman.
       8.Now the COs don't want you to be intimidated, they don't want you to feel that you can't speak up, because they want to be part of the team. They realize how this is going to work. They realize that in a regional board meeting, although they're chairing the meeting, they are just one vote and they should not--and I know they're going to try not to--use their "CO" position or authority to influence the regional board. It's going to be an adjustment, but we know they're behind the board vision, and they will try their very best to work in this new manner of having you all as their counselors.
       9.Basically they're used to having the other COs as their counselors,and people from the Service Homes and that sort of thing. But now you are their counselors, and they're going to be focusing on the board--or boards, in case they're on two. They're just going to be focusing on those boards and the job of those pillars, and they're not going to be looking at all the other boards and trying to figure everything out. They're going to focus their time on this, and that's what you're going to be doing, too.
       10.So when you get together for your regional board meetings, it's going to be important, number one, for you COs to really welcome all the rest of your board. You're going to have to show yourself open to their ideas. You're going to have to pull out ideas from them and get them to speak. Do everything you can to get them to speak up and help them not be concerned that, "Oh, man, I don't agree with what the CO said, and that's bad. I'm either out of it, or, wow, I'm going to get in trouble if I don't agree with them." You can't have that attitude. And COs, you can't allow that attitude, because otherwise it's going to be a one-man show and everybody's just going to be doing what you say. And we know that you don't want that. But it's going to take work, it's going to take a little time, and it's going to take effort for everybody involved to really work the way it needs to work. These things take time.
       11.Maybe your first meeting will be a little stiff, and you'll feel like, "Well, I really want to say this, but I'm a little concerned about saying it. I know that Peter got up here and said the COs are going to be good about it, but I'm going to disagree with them or they might get mad at me, or they might later do something that's going to affect me." Well, they're not. They're not supposed to. They don't want to. They're not going to. If they do, let us know.
       12.They really want to make this work, and they're going to have to keep themselves in check. But you on the board are also going to have to get over your fears and your feelings of intimidation. It's important, because again, the boards have to have a free flow of discussion and you can't be feeling like, "I can't say something or I can't disagree with the CO or the regional chairman." You can disagree. Do it in love. Be wise. All of you, be loving in your interactions. But if you disagree with something, say so.
       13.Look, I sit in meetings with my counselors or at the summit, and I don't always agree with what everybody else is saying, and they don't always agree with the way I see things either. But we keep working at it and praying and seeking the Lord and discussing and sharing why we feel that way, or why we think that will work or won't work, and as time goes on, we usually come up with a consensus that everybody agrees with. You get an understanding of why people are thinking a certain way and they understand how you see it. And pretty soon the Lord can use that to mold together a really good decision. But it doesn't work if people won't speak up. And a lot of you are going to be shy about it.
       14.I think the problem is going to be more that you guys on the regional boards are going to be a little shy about your discussions with somebody who's a CO, as opposed to the COs doing things that intimidate. I don't think they will. I certainly don't think they will purposely, and if they are, and if you find it intimidating, well, just like any other situation, please talk to them. Say, "I feel a little intimidated," or "you came on a little strong and I'm a little concerned." They want you to be honest, so please be honest with them.
       15.But also fight against those kinds of fears, of man-pleasing,or being so subservient that you feel you can't say anything because he's a CO. That's the wrong attitude. You can say something because you are in the entity of the regional board, and although he or she is the chairperson, their vote is the same. Their opinion is put in the pot just like your opinion, and it's stirred around and it's all discussed, and then you see what comes out, what it becomes. And when it comes to a vote, if you don't agree with the opinion of the CO, then vote the other way. You're still going to have prayer about it anyway, so don't worry about it. Again, it comes down to what's right and not who's right. Please don't be intimidated by working with COs. Okay?
       16.Another thing is, don't ask or expect the CO to have all the answers. They don't want to be a one-man show. They've been working in very difficult circumstances and they're all for this change, because they want to share the load. They want a broader base of leadership. They want a broader base of counsel. So don't look to them and expect them to always make the final decision. The board makes the decision, not just one person on the board. All of you together are going to make the decisions. It's a team, and you're all equal in this meeting, and you're equal in the decision-making process. Please don't force them to make the decisions.
       17.For some COs, that's their natural bent, or it's what they've been used toin their counseling with others. Some of them have tended to be like, "Well, let's do it this way." And everybody goes, "Yeah, okay, let's do it that way." Well, that's going to change. They want it to change. But you can cause it not to change if you're always looking at them and saying, "Well, okay, what should we do? What do you think?" "Oh, yeah, let's do that; that sounds good." You haven't really thought about it, prayed about it, you haven't discussed it with everybody. You haven't challenged the idea--not the person, but the idea or the suggestion--and it's in that kind of challenging or questioning or discussing that you often get better counsel. You explore things that you haven't explored before. Points come up. People bring up a point, "But what about the Homes when this and that?" "Oh, we didn't think of that. Let's work that in." But it doesn't work if you just look to the CO and say, "What do you think?"And he says, "Well, I think this," and you go, "Oh, okay." Then you're not doing your job.
       18.In some of the meetings we've been in--I've done it myself and others have too--they've brought up points, or I've brought up a point that I or they don't agree with. In other words, I put something into the pot that I don't even agree with, but I know it should be discussed, something somebody else would think of if they were there, and it should go in the pot so it can be discussed. Then maybe it just gets thrown out, which is fine. But you want that exchange. Please don't force the COs to become a one-man show, because they don't want to be.
       19.The other thing is that it will take time for the COs to change. They're wonderful people and they've done a tremendous job and they're all behind this. But, you know, they're used to working a certain way and they've had certain authority all along. They want to change, they're committed to changing, but it might take some time. So please be patient. Don't get critical. If you're feeling intimidated, and you feel that the reason you feel intimidated is because they actually are being intimidating and it's not just your personal little fears, well, then you need to talk about it. Be loving. Say, "I feel this way."
       20.They'll want to know it, because as I said, they probably aren't going to see that they're doing that,and they're not going to be doing it on purpose, so you need to communicate. Don't hold it in. Don't let it fester and become critical and think, "Nah, it doesn't work." Take care of it. They're human beings too. They have faults and they know it, and they don't want to hurt people. They don't want to be intimidating, and they don't want you to feel that you can't talk and speak your piece. And if they are, they want to change. But you have to assume that most of the time if they are that way, they don't realize that they're being that way; so just talk with them about it, okay? They're not going to bite your head off. They love you. Will you promise to do that? It's really important.
       21.Just remember when you're in those board meetings that you all have the right to speak up--and not just the right, but you have the responsibility to do so. If you don't, you're accountable if the decision isn't a good one, because you didn't speak up or you didn't voice other options or other opinions that should have been considered. So, please, do your very best on that, and try not to feel intimidated about working with the COs. And COs, please do your best to help people not feel intimidated. Really draw it out of them; it's very important. Praise the Lord!
       22.Now the next point, and this is very important, is in regards to prophecy in board meetings. The Lord has thankfully given us prophecy, and the use of prophecy, the gift of prophecy, and the ability and even the command to ask Him everything, to really get the Lord involved in our lives, in our decisions, to teamwork with the Lord in all that we do--both personally and in our ministry and our job and our shepherding.
       23.The gift of prophecy has made a difference in the Family, andit's caused the Family to grow spiritually. It's given people a deeper connection with the Lord that wasn't as good before. It has increased people's faith. It has helped in shepherding, it's helped in people making their own decisions, and it's resulted in people making much better decisions than they used to. I would say in the Family, as a whole, and in our leadership and all the rest, it has made for better decisions overall, because everybody's connected. Everybody's hearing from the Lord and following the Lord to the best of their ability, and it's had a wonderful effect. We just couldn't do without it. I certainly know Mama and I couldn't do our job without it.
       24.A lot of people in the past have said, "Well, there's a lot of prophecy in the GNs, and it's kind of hard sometimes to read it." Well, all I can tell you is this: if we weren't using prophecy in the GNs, if you had to wait around for Mama or me to actually dictate or write letters like Dad used to be able to do, well, you'd be getting a couple of GNs a year. It's really hard work. Dad was super anointed for it. He just had that gift, and that's how the Lord worked in those days through Dad. He could speak and it would just flow out of him; he was a living GN. But that's not how the Lord has chosen to do it with Mama and with me.
       25.We know our capabilities and we know our gifts. Dad had that gift and that anointing, but the way the Lord is working with Mama and with me is a lot different. You wouldn't be getting anywhere near what you're getting as far as spiritual feeding if we weren't using prophecy. So prophecy has caused a big change in the Family. But above all it's really given people a good connection with the Lord. We've really been able to teamwork with the Lord, and it's just been positive all the way around.
       26.So we can't abandon prophecy when we start getting in board meetings and start voting and making decisions. Because if we do that, if we just discuss, talk, pray an introductory prayer, "Lord help us with these decisions," and you talk it all out and then you vote and then you do it, then what you're doing is just using man's wisdom and not the Lord's wisdom. And we don't want to do that. Your decisions are going to have an effect on your area, whether national or regional or international. I know, and we know, that you want your decisions to be good ones. Well, they won't be good ones if you're not including the Lord in the teamworking. It's very important.
       27.On the other hand, the Lord really does want to do it in teamwork. He's not going to come at the beginning of the meeting and say, "Here are the five decisions that you should make--boom, boom, boom!" And then you're going to go home. It's not going to work that way. He wants the discussion. He wants the different points of view. In actuality, what you're doing in your discussions and in bringing up different points is developing and defining the questions that you're going to bring to the Lord.
       28.When we have our council meetings, we'll pray, we'll talk, and we'll say, "What should we do?" and "Here's the problem." We'll all put out our opinions and different points of view and all, and we'll generally come to some consensus. Sometimes we can't, and then we'll say, "Well, let's go ask the Lord that question." Or as questions come up in our discussion we'll write them down and say, "We need to pray and ask the Lord about that," so we can bring that information back to the table for further discussion and final decision and prayer. It's all part of the teamwork. The Lord isn't going to just drop it down on one person who is going to have all the answers.
       29.Okay, so how does this work practically? Let's look at it. Here I am, I'm a board member, a board meeting's coming up in a week, and I've been thinking and praying about different items and things that I think should be on the agenda, things I think we should discuss. Or I have what I think is a really good idea, that if we did this, if we had these kinds of meetings and we invited the moms and we could teach them this, it would really help in this way. Okay, that's good. It's good to have those ideas. It's good to write them down, to think about them, and to put them on the agenda.
       30.But before you send them in, you should really pray and seek the Lord and ask the Lord, "Well, Lord, I have an idea, and I believe it's an inspiration from You. Could You speak to me about it? Are there any points that You think I should put on it? Or that I am too exuberant about? Is it really Your will that I should put this point in there?" And the Lord will speak to you about your point. And if you have the idea, He probably gave it to you in the first place, and He will expound on it. He'll probably tell you, "Yes, it's good," and He might give you some points that should be included in the agenda and give you some ideas about it.
       31.Okay, so you send your agenda point in. You've prayed about your agenda points and you've sent them in, okay? However, when the time comes that that point is brought out in the meeting and the chairman says, "So-and-so had this agenda point. We've all agreed to talk about it, so let's talk about it," well, you shouldn't say, "I'll be first! Listen, I want to tell you what the Lord said. The Lord said we should do this. We should have a meeting and it should be on this day and we should invite these people. And this is what we should do; that's what the Lord said." Everybody else is just going to go silent. They're not going to say, "I don't agree with the Lord." You know?
       32.The fact is, the Lord may have shown you some of these things, and that's good, but realistically, sometimes the Lord shows you things so that you will bring the agenda point to the table and then people will discuss it, and then He will take you to the next step, and the next step, and the next step. In other words, chances are He's not going to pour out all of the wisdom and all of the answers to one person, and they're going to come and deliver it and everybody is just going to say, "Oh, yes, that's perfect. No changes need to be made." Maybe He just wants you to get the point out there so it can be discussed.
       33.It could very well be that everything is going to go just the way He pointed out in the initial prophecies, or those points are all going to be adopted. But chances are they'll be modified or there will be other points as well, etc. Or maybe it'll be completely changed and then you're going to think, "Well, gosh, the Lord told me this in prophecy." Well, the Lord is working with us all in teamwork. He's bringing up things. He may give it to you perfectly great and it'll pass just the way it is; on the other hand, maybe He just wanted to get it out there so that it could be discussed and changed. But in the end, the final decision will be what the Lord wants it to be. So if it doesn't go just exactly the way you got it when you prayed ahead of time, don't have a cow about it. Just realize that you're working in teamwork with the Lord and others.
       34.But what you really don't want to do is to go in there and say, "Well, this is what the Lord said. It's the Word of God! I got it in prophecy, so this is what we should do." If you want to talk about intimidating others, that's a great way to intimidate people, okay? You have to be wise. If you have prayed about it and the thing comes up in the meeting and you're going to talk about it, you can share the points that the Lord brought up, but you can do it in your own words. That way people aren't saying, "Well, I can't really go against this because it's a prophecy." You have to be careful about that, because, again, the Lord wants that free flow.
       35.So prophecy should not be used to prove your point. It's not there to beat people over the head to get them to do what you want them to do, or even what you feel the Lord has shown you they should do, because the Lord will also speak to them. Remember, we all have that connection. And as you discuss it, the spirit will move and people will bring up points and you will probably come, at the end of the day, to a pretty good consensus. And then you can make a decision.
       36.As I said earlier, as you're going along, as you're discussing, things will come up that need to be prayed about. You'll be talking about some problems and points will come up and you won't quite know at the end, "Should we do that or shouldn't we do that? Is that right or is that not right?" During the course of your meeting--maybe not right then when you're sitting there, but if your meeting is going over a day or two, afterwards you can have prayer and bring those questions to the Lord, and then bring them all back to the table.
       37.In other words, if you start a discussion on a point, you may get halfway through the discussion and four questions come up that really need to be solved before you can finish that discussion. Well, fine, you as a board can decide, "Okay, we'll stop discussing this now. We'll pass out these P&P questions for tonight, everybody will pray about them"--or however you divide it up to pray about it--"and tomorrow we'll read the prophecies, what the Lord said about these issues, and once we have that further information from the Lord we can continue on with that discussion."
       38.You don't have to feel that just because you started the discussion in meeting A that it has to finish in meeting A. It can be discussed in meeting B, or it can be discussed next time you meet--three months from now, if necessary.
       39.So take the time to hear from the Lord. Take the time to get the Lord's input on these things. You're teamworking with the Lord and with the spirit world. And that's really how you're going to come up with the best decisions and the best programs or the best initiatives, whatever it is that you're working on.
       40.Okay, now once all that's been done, you've heard everybody out, everybody's made a decision, you come to the time to vote, you vote, the decision is made--then you need to have a prayer of confirmation. Not necessarily right then, but before everybody goes away, you all need to get together and divide up the decisions amongst you and have prayer and ask the Lord if it's really what He wants. Okay? And you should have more than one person do that. In other words, if there's a major decision, at least two people should pray and ask the Lord about it to get a double confirmation that this is really the Lord's solution.
       41.If you've done your work within the meeting pretty well, if you've been open, if you've been praying, chances are the Lord will say that it's the right decision. But there will probably be times when He'll say, "Well, no, it isn't." Maybe two people get confirmations that this really isn't the best, or it's not complete, or maybe there are other factors you haven't considered, or maybe, "Well, this isn't the way I want it to go." Then you really need to get back down to business and pray further, get more from the Lord about what's off. Why isn't it right? You need to re-discuss that and re-pray about it and try to find what the Lord really wants, so that you're not making decisions that are just based on your own wisdom. Okay?
       42.There are also going to be times when you go for confirmation or you're trying to get some answers to some questions that have come up within your discussions, and you'll get conflicting prophecies. One person gets, "Yes, it is," and another person gets, "No, it isn't." When that happens, then it's important that you all get back together, that you pray further and have other people bring the questions back to the Lord: "Why is this one saying yes and this one saying no?" We've found that when that happens, usually the Lord has a very good explanation. He explains, "It's because of X, Y, Z," or something's missing and it could be blended together. In any case, He has an answer, and you have to go back to Him; it's really important.
       43.If you can't settle it, if it's conflicting and it's not being confirmed, well, then you should put the decision on hold. Maybe you should send the prophecies to your regional board chairman and explain, "Here's the minutes of our meeting and the decision, but the Lord said that this wasn't the right decision." Or, "We had conflicting prophecies about this and we've prayed further and this is what the Lord said. Can you help us?"
       44.That's probably going to happen, and it can happen for all kinds of reasons. There could be a really good explanation. Maybe the Lord has more input to put in. Maybe somebody's prophecy is a little bit influenced or colored, and maybe you need some help in figuring that out. So don't be afraid to pass it on to the regional chairman for his prayer and consideration.
       45.And when that happens, don't let it rattle you and shake you and cause you to think, "Oh my God, I'll never prophesy again!" These things happen, okay? You just pray, ask the Lord if there's some lesson in it for you, if you missed it, and learn the lesson and keep going forward. I know it can be hard, it can be a little bit humbling, and it can shake your faith a little bit. But it's part of learning and it's part of growing and it's part of practicing your gift of prophecy. Okay?
       46.But the main thing is that at the end of the day when you put your decisions out there for the Homes, you really need them to be of the Lord. You need to be able to know in full faith that "this decision is one we've prayed about, we've agreed upon, the Lord has confirmed it, and we believe it's really the best thing for the Homes." Because that's what you're after in your board meetings--to do what's best for the Homes. You're servants, you're offering a service, you're trying to be a blessing to them, and they really deserve the best. They deserve the best decisions. They deserve the best programs. And you can give them that if you're getting it from the Lord and if you're teamworking with Him and you're listening to Him and you're letting Him show what He wants done.
       47.You should pray and hear from the Lord all the way down the line. When you have points for your agenda, when you're discussing and things come up, pray about them. Hear from the Lord about them. When the decision is made, get a confirmation, pray and hear from God. If you do, you'll do a good job, and the Homes deserve a good job by you. We know you want to do that, and we know you will, and you will give good service, and you will make good decisions if you'll pray and hear from the Lord. Amen? Praise God! Okay! Of everything, that's probably the most important point--prayer and hearing from the Lord.
       48.I just want to end this by saying that we truly are counting on you. We've put a lot of time and effort and prayer into the whole board program, and we need you now. You're the next step. And we believe, we really have faith that the Lord is going to use you and that it's going to change the Family for the better; that it's going to strengthen each of these pillars in a way that they haven't been strengthened in the past. It's going to bring about new ideas, new initiatives, lots more counsel, lots more prayer in these things. It's going to take a lot of the load off the present leadership and spread it out onto your shoulders and the shoulders of your colleagues all over the world.
       49.We believe that each region will be strengthened, because the people making the decisions and the whole board structure within their area is going to be region-oriented. If you're in Africa, it's going to be Africa-oriented. The discussions are going to be what are good for Africa. If you're in South America, it's going to be decisions that are good for South America, etc.
       50.We know that one shoe doesn't always fit all, and that sometimes what works in one country doesn't work in another country. So now you'll be there in your country and your national area praying about your situations, and it will strengthen your area. Because your challenges are perhaps unique to your area, the customs of the people, the way they interact, all of these things will be taken into consideration by you as you pray and counsel about these matters. We believe in our hearts, and the Lord has promised, that it will really be a blessing and a help and strength to the Family, and we're counting on that. And we're truly counting on you.
       51.As I've said, a lot now depends on you, on how you conduct yourselves in the meetings, how you interact with people, your spiritual walk with the Lord, your prayerfulness. It's all the things that the Lord has been telling us in the GNs that we need to do and we need to be, but now it goes beyond just yourself or just your Home. Those attributes and your obedience to those things and your yieldedness to those things will now affect a larger sphere of people--which puts more responsibility on you to really, as I said, walk the walk of the disciple, to really obey, to do those things.
       52.We're counting on you and we're praying for you. Please know that we will be desperately praying for you as you embark on this new journey into the board structure. We're trusting the Lord that He will anoint you. We're trusting you that you will do the very best you can, and that you will be prayerful and that you will be what you need to be. And we know that as you do that, as you obey and as you do the very best you can and seek the Lord and hear from Him, that He will give you good ideas. He will have new channels, new conduits for answers from the spirit world that weren't there before. Now you'll be listening to the Lord on these issues and you'll be discussing them and you'll be changing your part of the world through them.
       53.We're really praying for you, and we want you to know that we're very thankful for your willingness to do this. We appreciate you, we love you, and we ask that you continue to pray for us and the job that we have in directing the Family, and we will pray for you in the job that you're going to have in helping also to direct the Family. Okay? We're in it together. We're teamworking together. We want your counsel. We want your ideas. We need them. And now there are channels for those ideas and for that counsel, and we believe it will benefit everybody. Praise the Lord?
       54.God bless you! We know you'll be doing a great job! And please, again, know we're going to be praying for you. We love you so much. God bless and keep you.

* * *


       55.(Peter:) Praise the Lord! Thank You Jesus! I just wanted to make one little addition, and that is to say that throughout the talks that I've given, I haven't been reading prophecies. Usually I would. I like for you to hear what the Lord had to say. We bring out some points and then it's nice to hear what the Lord had to say about them too.
       56.On virtually all the points that I covered there have been prophecies. But instead of reading little bits and pieces to you, we've instead given you "The Board Vision, Part 3" with all the board prophecies in them. [See ML #3387, GN 983.] Well, it's not really all of the board prophecies; there have been hundreds and hundreds of them over the past few years, but we have published the ones for you that are the most significant and most important, and that we felt would be the most helpful for you. They cover a lot of the same ground that we have discussed here on video, but it's the Lord explaining it much better, of course, and more fully.
       57.So please read those GNs and study them, because they are really talking to you as board members, as well as to the Family, to explain more about why we're having the boards, but also to explain what is expected of you. I believe they will be a real help to you. So read them over, highlight them, and pray about how they apply to you. Then do what they say, and we're sure things will go really good. Okay?
       58.Of course, we couldn't have a set of meetings like this without hearing from the Lord and having some prophecy. And the Lord today gave a very beautiful prophecy for you who are about to embark on this new journey of the boards. I'll read that to you now.
       59.Lord, please bless and help me as I read this. I ask for Your anointing on the reading, that You'd help me not to be a distraction by stumbling along the way, but to read thoroughly and clearly so that everyone can receive what You have to say to them. Help each one to enter in and to listen to Your Word and Your voice as You speak to them about the new tasks that they're faced with. Please bless them now, Lord, in Jesus' name.

       60.(Jesus speaking:) Glory sounds in Heaven today at the grand opening of the Family's board structure! Today is a day that I have highlighted in the halls of Heaven, for as a Family you are stepping out and doing a new thing, a wonderful thing, a marvelous thing.
       61.It is no small change to enact the board vision that I have given to your queen and king. Bringing the board vision to pass will require hard work, prayer, counsel, hearing from Me, working together in humility and love, and stepping out by faith to follow the new direction in which I am leading. But it will be more than worth it, for the board structure will bring about a monumental change in the Family. It will open wide the conduits of progress and it will speed My children on to victory. It will bring personal happiness, fruitfulness, and satisfaction to many. It will relieve those who have been carrying heavy loads of leadership for so many years, and it will give training and anointing to those who are desirous to help, to give, and to serve their fellow Family members.
       62.You, My dear ones, are those who will help to bring this vision to pass. You are the servants who have said yes to My bidding. You have put your lives on the line once again to propel the Family forward. You are now an integral part of the mechanism that I have ordained to move the Family forward, to bring progress and victory in every area of Family life. This mechanism is the board structure.
       63.Thank you for your willingness to participate. Thank you for taking up the challenge to be a board member, even though you may feel incapable and that the job is too big for your human hands. Thank you for filling the empty places that needed filling. Thank you for letting Me use you as a tool and a vessel in My hands. Because of your willingness, you will see Me do many mighty things. Step by step, day by day, you will see the overall plan that I have in setting up the board structure. As you counsel together, pray, and discuss with your fellow board members, you will see how I mean for you to be leaders, bellwethers, guides, facilitators, torchbearers, and the sturdy and dependable pillars to hold up the structure of My Endtime Family.
       64.As you step out by faith to do this job, you will feel My anointing being placed upon you. I anoint you this day with My Holy Spirit oil, with the gifts that you need for the job ahead. As you hear My Words read to you, as you absorb them within your heart, as you close your eyes right now and silently pray for Me to make you into all that you need to be in order to serve your fellow Family members well in your duty as a board member, My anointing of the spirit is descending upon you.
       65.I know your lacks, your weaknesses, your incapabilities. I know your faults and your failings. I know everything about you and I love you just the same. What's more, I know that your love for Me will motivate you and urge you to give your best service to your fellow mates.
       66.Fear not for what you lack, for the anointing of the oil of My Spirit will cover the blemishes that you see in yourself. It will give you the ability to overcome the impossible, to call on My Spirit for the help and wisdom that you need, to command the keys to work on your behalf, and to change your own habits and traits that need improvement for the good of the overall work.
       67.Receive now the anointing of My Holy Spirit, which will usher you into your new job with humility, meekness, and love. I usher in the board structure today as you open your hearts to Me, so that you can receive the anointing, power, love, wisdom, knowledge, discernment, understanding, compassion, gentleness, inspiration, foresight, prayerfulness, humility, trust, grace, and patience that you will need to do your job skillfully and in the spirit.

       68.(Peter:) Okay, everyone. Please just pause for a minute to close your eyes and quietly open your heart to the Lord in order to receive the anointing and the infilling of all of these qualities and the spiritual gifts that the Lord has promised.

       69.(Jesus continues speaking:) Now that you have received the anointing I have prepared for you, look around the room. Look at your mates and co-workers. What do you see? Simple men and women, young and old, gathered together to obey My call in their lives. You see fallible men and women, lacking in wisdom and knowledge. What can so few do among so many?
       70.Do you know what I see? I look upon the same room as you do and I see bright and shining men and women, filled with the Spirit of God, overflowing with the power that I have placed within their hearts, capable of overthrowing the kingdoms of the Enemy and overcoming all obstacles. I see men and women with the aura of the keys hovering above them, providing all the wisdom, knowledge, and spiritual power known to Heaven and Hell. I see all that is needed for complete victory available to them at a mere prayer, by simply calling on the keys, and claiming the "nothing is impossible" promise that I have given.
       71.These people I have just described are you. These powerful men and women are your spirits, and all you have to do to claim this power is to reach out your hand and take hold of it. Ask Me for it. Command it. Claim it. Use it. Put Me to the test!
       72.Do this and you will fulfill the promises that I have given to you. Your wholehearted participation will help to bring to pass the great and mighty changes that I have spoken of concerning the board vision. You will help to strengthen the Family. You will help to enlarge the borders of the Family. You will help to propel your children and young people into their future. You will help spread the Gospel around the globe. You will be part of every victory won, every soul saved, every advancement made. You will help to bring the future of the Family to fruition.
       73.I need each one of you to bring this vision to pass. I have laid before you the plan and the promises. I have poured out the anointing. Now you must rise up, claim your anointing, and march forward to fulfill the commission that you have been given this day. Not by your own might, nor by your own power, but by the power of My Spirit and the power of the keys of the Kingdom, go forth to serve your Family on this--the opening day of the board structure!
       74.The heavens display their full glory and majesty and the angels sing! My Father and I and the host of spirits stand in honor of this important day. Receive our blessing and anointing, and set forth in faith to take your place in the board structure. (End of message from Jesus.)

       75.(Peter:) Thank You, Jesus! Hallelujah! We love You so much! Praise You, Jesus!

(End of File)