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Ref Category SEXD: How to Be Sexy
A smattering of good quotes on being sexy, & a few on not worrying about it if you're not!

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SO DON'T SHOW HIM EVERYTHING ALL AT ONCE, GIRLS! Partial & frequently varied revelations are apt to hold his interest & curiosity longer than all that naked & unvarnished truth staring him constantly in the face! This is the whole principle of the time-honored profession of strip-teasing, embodied in an amusing little booklet which you might be able to obtain on the newsstands called “How to Undress in Front of Your Husband!”--In other words, how to prolong the agony & the ecstasy by the excitingly slow & tantalizingly teasing graceful & gradual disrobing of the female form! In fact, it may exasperate him so, he may want to rip off what's left before you're through!
THE EYES HAVE IT! The eyes started it! The eyes did it & the eyes finished it! All hail to the eyes as the most potent witnesses of God's love! Can all you little flirty fishes roll those big flirty eyes with that come-hither look that will melt your catch with love? If you don't know the power of the eyes, you'd better start learning how to “use it”!
To get real love, a woman must be wooed, not forced.
I DON'T LIKE THESE COLD, CALCULATING MENTALISTS. Mentalists are mental-less. I want emotion, I want emotion. (Maria: So you think that's the best way then? So being sexy really is good because it's being emotional.) It's being honest.
NOT TO BE SEXY IS NOT NATURAL. God made us to be sexy, He made us to be emotional, He made us to be loving & kind, emotional. We're creatures of emotion & love, desire. The Devil is Satanically intellectual, he is a god of knowledge.
A GRACEFUL DRAPE THROUGH WHICH THE NIPPLES ARE OBVIOUSLY PROTRUDING, such as the classic Grecian gossamer gowns of the classic Greek statuary, is often even more beautiful & provocative than just plain nakedness!
I DON'T THINK THAT FAST DISCO MUSIC IS A BIT SEXY! Disco music is good for exercise but it certainly isn't sexy. Even naked girls dancing to it don't look sexy, which is another proof to me that the Devil hates sex, because that's the most popular music today. It just shows you he's trying to get away from sex with all that dope & drugs & this kind of music, violence & perversion. This kind of music gets you in the spirit, but not in the spirit of sex!
THEY CALL'M STRIP-TEASERS, WELL, THAT'S TRUE! In a way a woman in her flirtatiousness is a sort of tease. But we men like it & we like to be teased!

I ALWAYS REMEMBER WHAT THAT FAMOUS NEWSCASTER SAID, that real handsome one with the wavy hair. He retired from newscasting to some ranch out West just before we left the States ten years ago.
THEY ASKED HIM WHAT HE LIKED BEST ABOUT A GIRL & he said, “Well, I like the kind of girl who looks like she could withstand the impact of a Mack truck!” Apparently he meant in a good fuck, because he's a pretty big man! And when you get that far you really want to bang away & hard & almost violently & the girl has to really be able to take that kind of impact!
I THINK MAYBE THAT'S ONE REASON THEY THINK I'M SO SEXY, BECAUSE I JUST DO WHAT I FEEL LIKE DOING! I just love & love & I'm not ashamed to make love. I just do what I feel like doing without worrying about what people think.
QUESTION: I JUST CAN'T GET THE VICTORY OVER NOT WEARING PANTS IN THE WINTER WHEN, FOR INSTANCE AT A FELLOWSHIP, THERE'S RAIN, MOSQUITOES, CAMPFIRES & DIRT--IT'S THE ONLY THING PRACTICAL FOR ME. I've been wearing two pairs of tights & I'm still cold.--But of course I'd never wear them FFing or anywhere nice. ANSWER: Pants can be very sexy!--If you keep yourself still very feminine!--And certainly good protection in camping, cold, sports & other outdoor activities--even litnessing!--Ha! They sure show off a girl's derriere delightfully!--And even make some other parts more accessible with a zipper in the right place! HAL! I love girls in pants or anything!--Or out of'm! Just try to avoid seeming masculine!--That is if you like boys! Most of us men like girls that are girls!
MMMMM! YUMMY! THAT'S THE KIND OF HOLES I LIKE! That's my kind of holiness--full of holes! TYL!--All the holes that I enjoy! PTL!--Your mouth & your bosoms & your pum & all your beautiful holes, including your beautiful eyes! One look at me with those eyes is what gets me into all those holes, Honey! That's my kind of holiness! Hallelujah! “Holy Holes!”
There are some people who just aren't normally sexual or sexy so they ought to accept themselves the way they are, quit trying, just act natural, be themselves, quit trying to be somebody they aren't.
QUIT TRYING! QUIT PUSHING IT! Get interested in the Lord's work & put your energies into something more profitable instead of just trying to be sexy when you don't feel sexy or trying to be something that you aren't. If you don't feel sexy, don't have sex!
NINETY-EIGHT PERCENT OF LIFE IS NOT SEX! So why not enjoy the other 98% instead of letting 2% ruin all your enjoyment of life & all your pleasure?

Like my mother once told me when I was a young teenager looking at every girl. When you're young, every girl you look at you think, “I wonder if I could live with her? I wonder if I could stand to be married to her?” My mother said, “Son, don't worry about the girls you wonder if you could live with, worry about the one you can't live without!” She said, “Besides that, don't worry about the equipment, they all are pretty well-equipped with standard equipment.”
Anyhow, we have everything, as far as I'm concerned! We have a lot that can't be bought! I look at those calendars, & though the bodies are the same, standard equipment, when you look at that face, something is missing! I mean, their faces just turn me off! It takes more than a naked body to turn me on! Maybe some of the rest of you can get turned on by just looking at the body, but the thing that really turns me on more than anything is when I look into those eyes! XXXXXXX! They're like magic, our girls' eyes!

We have got the most wonderful, beautiful, sexiest, lovingest girls in the whole world! They're full of fire & spirit & they have what really counts, the real sex, & that's the sex of the Spirit, praise God!--The kind of loving Spirit of the Lord that really turns you on!--That look of love that really lights your fire! Praise God! Their hands are good too, everything else works fine, but there's just something about those looks & those eyes & those sweet faces & that wonderful spirit that's shining through that you just know they love you. And it's that kind of real love that turns you on!

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