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FSM 306 DO

Explanation of Family Birthday Feast--1997!

--By WS Staff

Notice to Be Read by All Home Members Before February 15th.

Copyright January 1997, The Family, Zurich, Switzerland

Dear Family,

God bless you! We love you and have you in our daily prayers. We're thrilled with the wonderful fruitful year we've had and with all the tremendous progress that has been made in so many areas, especially in reaching the world! Praise the Lord!

In this FSM is a suggested plan and schedule for this year's Family Birthday Celebration, February 15th through 18th, as well as some practical tips to help this time be as memorable, meaningful, and enjoyable as possible.

As Mama explained in her Letter entitled "What's Happening During the 1997 Family Birthday Feast!" (GN 716), when she and Peter prayed about what the theme of this year's Birthday Celebration should be, He indicated that these should be days of prayer, praise, love and celebration. This is not only our Family Birthday, but our first anniversary of our loving Jesus intimately and our second anniversary of the Love Charter! Praise the Lord!

What a time of rejoicing! This is a time to praise the Lord for the marvelous victories that have been won. It's time to look up and forward, and to find new inspiration for the future. We have so much to be thankful for, and this is the subject of much of this year's feast--praising the Lord, counting our blessings, and seeing the good fruits of obeying the Lord.

This year's Family Birthday Celebration will not be a fast, but a feast, as it has been the last two years. Therefore you can plan your menu as you feel led, though you may want to make your meals fairly simple so that as many people as possible can attend the united meetings.

List of Pubs for Family Birthday Celebration

With this notice, or shortly thereafter, you should be receiving the following publications to read during this special time of Word, prayer and celebration:

"The Lord's Commission to You!" (GN 717).

A challenge for this coming year, including a special ceremony of dedication. This GN is accompanied by a bookmark as a momento for those who take part in the ceremony.

"Celebrating Our Second Anniversary of the Love Charter!" (GN 718).

An analysis from the Lord of how the Family has changed and progressed since the implementation of the Charter.

"What a Husband and Lover!--Celebrating Our First Anniversary!" (GN 719).

Jesus tells us of the fruit that has been borne as a result of our loving Him intimately. (This GN is for members age 16 and up only.)

"It's Cool to Love Jesus!" (GN 720).

A hip message from Jesus for junior teens and JETTs, showing how cool it is to love Jesus as His Bride.

"Victories of 1996 and Plans for 1997!" (GN 721).

A fascinating rundown of the good news of 1996--victories, progress, new ministries, open doors, etc., as well as plans for 1997.

"Come Together--In Love!" (GN 722).

A revelation from Jesus and a personal message from Dad that give new meaning to Communion.

Announcements about Late Pubs:

In GN 716, "What's Happening During the 1997 Family Birthday Feast," Mama mentioned that you would be receiving an adults-only GN containing prophecies related to our intimate love relationship with the Lord and each other. However, that GN has been delayed. Lord willing, you will be receiving it at a later date.

Also, you were told that you would receive several FSMs of reactions from young people and adults to the "Loving Jesus" revelation which are to be read privately by teens on up. Those FSMs will not make it to your Homes by the Feast. But, Lord willing, they will arrive shortly thereafter.

Please Don't Read the Pubs or Listen to the Tapes before the Feast

Dear teamworkers, Mama has asked that you please not pass out the Feast pubs to your Home members before the time that they are to be read, which is outlined below. Also, please do not pass out the tapes or the children's materials until the Feast days begin, to ensure the newness of the materials and to make reading or listening to them during the days of the Birthday Feast more exciting.

It's also not necessary that all you Home teamwork members read all the GNs in advance. Only the person who is designated to read each particular GN aloud would need to read it in advance. This is especially true if you live in a small Home, where if all the Home teamworkers read all the Feast pubs in advance, then in effect, most of the adults and YAs would have read them before the days of the Birthday Celebration. If there are just a few other adults and YAs who are not on the teamwork, they'll feel left out for sure!

The intention is not to make the pubs of the Birthday Celebration a big hush-hush, secretive affair, but simply to not steal the thunder of the GNs, because as we all know, a united public reading of a GN is much more interesting when it's the first time you're hearing it.

The exceptions to this suggestion would be GNs 717 and 722, entitled "The Lord's Commission to You!" and "Come Together!--In Love!" These two GNs should probably be read in advance by the entire teamwork because you will no doubt want to do some planning and preparation for your commission ceremony and Communion.

Suggested Reading Schedule for 1997 Birthday Feast

It seems the best general schedule for February 15th, 16th and 17th, as has been done in the past, would be to have two meetings daily for united reading. You could consider having these meetings either in the morning and the afternoon, or the morning and the evening, or the afternoon and evening, depending on what is most convenient for your situation. Please begin each meeting with a rousing time of singing, praise and prayer.

If you live in a Home with many children and few adults, you may not be able to keep the suggested schedule below, in which case please feel free to revise it according to what you feel would work best for you. For proposals concerning the participation of and activities for the children, please see "1997 Family Birthday Celebration for Children," on page 6 of this FSM.

Before the Feast:

--Please read this FSM unitedly with all Home members sometime before February 15th.

--Sometime before February 15th, please reread unitedly Mama's Letter entitled,"What's Happening during the 1997 Family Birthday Feast!" (GN 716).

February 15th morning: Inspiration, prayer time.

In order to start the Birthday Celebration with real unity and to have desperate prayer for some important prayer requests, your first meeting should be a united meeting--a time of prayer, praise and thanksgiving. This meeting can be attended by Home members of all ages, as you feel led. Along with having desperate prayer, this meeting should also be a fun, happy time of singing, praising the Lord and counting your blessings.

Please pray specifically for the following special prayer requests:

--Mama's continued strength and health, and for continued healing of her eyes. Against headaches and long periods.

--Peter's continued strength and health, including: for his heart, against high blood pressure, and against the pains he experiences periodically in his neck and back. That the Lord will prepare and strengthen him for his many travels this coming year.

--That Mama and Peter will continue to be able to abundantly pour forth the Word from the Lord.

--For plentiful supply of finances--both for your Homes and for WS. For windfalls, inheritances, gifts and offerings, kings and regular supporters.

--For the work of all our WS units and Family officers and offices.

--For the GP Pubs unit and their work on writing and publishing books, mass marketing of the tools, and fund-raising. That the Lord will lead them and give them wisdom in the many important decisions they're making.

--For the Family Care unit. For the organization and production of inspiring new Word and pubs for our many children and parents.

--That the Lord will strengthen our junior teens and JETTs through the Word, shepherding, and by seeing the sample of dedicated adults, YAs and senior teens.

--For Family outreach and pioneering in this coming year. That the Words of David will get out as never before.

Please also keep the above requests in your personal and united prayer times throughout the days of the Feast. Thanks!

February 15th afternoon: Read the full Letter entitled, "The Lord's Commission to You!" and also read up to and including paragraph 36 of "Commission Ceremony '97!" in GN 717. (18 pages of reading.)

February 15th evening/night: A quiet time alone with the Lord for prayer, meditation and reading, to prepare for the following day's commission ceremony. (The specifics of the commission ceremony and what it entails are covered in the Letter, "Commission Ceremony '97.")

February 16th morning: Commission ceremony.

Along with performing the actual ceremony, you will also read from paragraph 37 to the end of "The Lord's Commission to You!" (Two pages of reading.)

When asking the Lord when to have this ceremony, He said: "So let there not only be a great rejoicing and feasting and celebrating, but let there also be the ceremony of dedication. The time of holding the ceremony, at the beginning of the Feast, will set the tone of the seriousness and soberness of your calling, after which you can celebrate and rejoice."

February 16th afternoon (and evening): Read "Celebrating Our Second Anniversary of the Love Charter!" (GN 718) and "What a Husband and Lover!--Celebrating Our First Anniversary!" (GN 719). Please note: GN 719 is for senior teens and up. (A total of 24 pages of reading.)

Note: The reading of these two GNs does not have to be done in one sitting. You can schedule two meetings--either both in the afternoon, with a break between them, or one in the afternoon and one in the evening, if you wish.

The junior teens and JETTs could be with the younger children during the reading of GN 719. Of course, if you wish, you could have the junior teens and JETTs read "It's Cool to Love Jesus" (GN 720) while the adults and senior teens are reading "What a Husband and Lover!" We are concerned, however, that if you are a small Home, if there are two meetings going on simultaneously and some people also are caring for the children in a separate room, that there will be very few people free to read the "What a Husband and Lover!" GN unitedly. So (depending on the size of your Home) it may be best for the junior teens and JETTs to read "It's Cool to Love Jesus" either on February 18th or within the next few days after the Birthday Feast ends. It would be preferable that the JETTs and junior teens read the "It's Cool" GN with an adult who has read it in advance. But you're not bound to do it that way. It's up to you, as you will need to decide according to your Home's circumstances.

February 17th morning: Read "Victories of 1996 and Plans for 1997!" (GN 721). (20 pages of reading.)

February 17th afternoon or evening: Read "Come Together--In Love!" (GN 722). Also have Communion, love feast, personal prayer requests, etc. (Eight pages of reading.)

February 18th: Freeday, Family Birthday celebration.

You need not schedule united meetings on this day. It's a day for fellowship, relaxation, extra rest, etc. Please see page 7 for the option of having a commission ceremony for the children sometime on this day. Today's or tonight's events should include a Family Birthday Celebration, with inspiration, refreshments, etc. Praise the Lord! Have fun!

On the Family Birthday or sometime shortly thereafter, whenever is convenient for you and when you won't be rushed, the junior teens and JETTs should read "It's Cool to Love Jesus!" (GN 720). (That is, if they didn't read it on February 16th, while the adults, YAs and senior teens were reading "What a Husband and Lover!") Even though the "It's Cool" GN is a special message from Jesus for the junior teens and JETTs, Mama asks that you adults, YAs and senior teens also read it when possible.

The "It's Cool" GN talks about the benefits of loving the Lord more intimately. It's an age-appropriate message for the JETTs and junior teens that is similar in general content to the message given for Family members age 16 and older in GN 719, "What a Husband and Lover!" We'd like to remind you that as your young people grow up and move into the JETT, junior teen and senior teen age groups, that you please be sure to give them the opportunity to read the "Loving Jesus" series that has been edited for their age group. They don't have to have read the "Loving Jesus" series for their age group before reading the "It's Cool" GN, but we'd like to encourage you to make time for them to read it when it's possible.

Participation of the JETTs and children

A big change for this year's Birthday Celebration is that the JETTs will not be called upon to be our worldwide Family Prayer warriors as they have for the last three years. As was explained before, in GN 716, when Mama asked the Lord about whether the JETTs and children should be brought in more to the adult fellowship time this year and whether they should attend some of the meetings, He indicated that yes, they should participate in as many meetings as are appropriate for them, the ones they will understand and benefit from.

We are including on page 6 of this FSM a proposed schedule for the children, put together by Family Care (FC), with general suggestions of which meetings would be recommended for what age of children. But please feel free, of course, to adapt this schedule as you feel led according to your personal situations.

When you plan your schedule, it seems it would probably be best, if feasible, to rotate the care of the children who are not attending the united meetings so that it doesn't fall on the shoulders of just one or two people. By doing that, hopefully all the adults, YAs, teens and JETTs can participate in at least some of the meetings.

Mama asked the Lord about the JETTs' and OCs' participation in the commission ceremony that will be held on the morning of February 16th. After counseling with the FC team, it was still undecided whether or not the JETTs and OCs should listen to the Commission GN (GN 717) and participate in the actual ceremony, so Mama asked the Lord about it. Here is His answer:

(Jesus speaking:) This ceremony is meant for the JETTs as much as for the adults, YAs, and teens. But those who are younger, of OC age, are still very young, and although they could benefit in many ways from the reading of the Commission GN and participating in the ceremony, because they are so young, they cannot be expected to concentrate fully and absorb fully all of the content. So it is not necessary that they do either one in full. Perhaps they could do part and attend for some time, or be a part of the reading or ceremony, but more on the sidelines or in the background, where they can have some other activities to help them to be occupied.

For this is deep material and deep spiritual lessons and principles, which OCs may not fully grasp. Perhaps the spiritual principles and Words can be expressed to them in simpler terms, which they can more easily relate to and understand. (End of message from Jesus.)

The dear ones at FC have prepared materials for the children who are younger than JETT age to have a simple commission ceremony tailored specifically to their needs. This can be performed either on February 18th, or during the days following the Feast, whenever is most convenient for you. There is more on this point on page 7 of this FSM.

When thinking and praying about the commission ceremony for the adults, teens and JETTs, Mama was concerned that some of you might feel a little uneasy, like you're not dedicated enough to make this commitment to the Lord. She asked the Lord about this, and here are His answers and her comments:

(Jesus speaking:) Those who are willing to open their lives wide unto Me, and give and yield unto Me freely and fully, will receive the greatest power and blessing and benefit and reward of My Spirit. But even those--no matter what their age, if they are JETTs or YAs or teens or adults--who may be battling and going through times of testing, or who may even be feeling rebellious and uncommitted and un-yielded in their life of service to Me, even these, if they have faith as a grain of mustard seed, will feel the power of My Spirit. If they are willing to open their heart and mind and spirit, even if they are only willing to open it a tiny crack, then My Spirit can enter into them. (End of excerpts of message from Jesus.)

(Mama:) There's great incentive to really get ahold of the Lord so you can come before Him wholeheartedly in this ceremony, because He says that if you're willing to open your lives unto Him wide, if you're willing to give and yield unto Him freely and fully, you'll receive the greatest power, blessing, benefit and reward of His Spirit. So it certainly pays to seek the Lord desperately and get right with Him so you can partake fully of this important ceremony.

But even if you're really battling right now, even if you feel rebellious or out of it, and you don't feel completely ready to make this pledge, if you go ahead and do so by faith, you'll still benefit from taking part in the ceremony, you'll still feel the touch of His Spirit and blessings. Even if you do this in name only--meaning you just go through the motions by faith because you know the Lord wants you to and you want to be in unity with your Home--the Lord will honor it. Of course, we're not forcing you to participate in this ceremony, but I hope and expect that you will want to, and I know the Lord will bless you as a result. Praise the Lord! (End of comments from Mama.)

Other tips on scheduling, etc.

--The time of day that you choose to have your united meetings is up to you. You can also estimate the length of the meetings, based on the number of pages to read and the other related activities.

--We suggest you cancel any other Home meetings you would normally have during these days, except for those that are necessary for the organization and smooth running of the Birthday Celebration.

--Please try to work out your schedule so that as many people as possible can attend the meetings. Even though you're trying to work it out for as many adults, YAs, teens and JETTs as possible to attend the meetings, please be sure to have enough people with the children to ensure they're well cared for. Please continue to give the children the same loving and diligent care and oversight during the Birthday Feast time that they're accustomed to receiving.

--We understand that in years past the normal arrangement in many Homes has been for the adults, teens and YAs caring for the children to rotate so that all can attend some of the meetings. If you choose to do this, please be sure that the ones who miss some of the meetings are given time as soon as possible to catch up on reading the Letters they missed. If you choose to rotate in the care of the children, perhaps those with the children during the meetings could be given time off between meetings or at night, at which time others could help with the children. Again, if you live in a very small Home, you'll just have to use whatever schedule and plan works best for you, and the plan you come up with might be very different from what we've suggested in this FSM. That's fine. Please do whatever works and is convenient for you.

--If you choose to have your meetings during the day (morning and afternoon), we do not foresee that you would need to schedule many evening meetings for reading. Hopefully, you would be able to finish reading the material slotted for each day in your daytime meetings, in which case, evenings could be free for rest, prayer time, Family Time, Personal Time with the young people, studying the material read that day, catching up on reading if you missed a meeting, etc. But again, as mentioned earlier, if you're a small Home and you need to have some of your united meetings at night when the children are sleeping, instead of during the day, then that's fine too. You're not obligated to stick to any certain schedule.

--Perhaps you could adopt some ways to get a little more prayer time than usual during your Feast days. Possibly you could designate someone--a different person for each meal--to be responsible to choose a couple of prayer requests for special prayer after your meals. Perhaps you could pray for one worldwide request and one local request at each meal. Or you could try this for several meals, and then if you wish you could adapt your prayer plan or see if you can think of ways to do it differently to make it more convenient and workable.

For tips on reading aloud and other related topics, please see "Tips for Spirit-Filled Meetings," pg.9, GN 496.


--By Family Care

This year's Birthday Feast meetings will be different than before. This time, for most meetings, the younger children can be quietly coloring the new activity pages in the back or sidelines of the meeting room, while the attending adults, teens, JETTs and interested older children listen to the reading of the GNs. It will be basically up to the parents and Home to decide what age children can sit quietly coloring, and/or listen to the GNs being read. Toddlers and preschoolers may need to be cared for outside the meeting room so that they don't distract from the reading. Please counsel together as to what will work out best for your situation and children.

It is not required that the older children hear the full GN readings, as the meetings may go too long to keep their interest, but they should be able to benefit from at least some of the GN readings at the meetings they attend. The intention is that as many adults, teens and JETTs as possible attend the Feast meetings. The more the kids can be quietly occupied in the meeting room, the better, as that way more adults and older young people would hear the Feast GN readings.

The following are merely suggestions of what age children could attend different Feast readings, along with the plan of what kids' pubs are to be read on what Feast day:

February 15th morning: Inspiration, prayer time.

For all ages.

February 15th afternoon: "The Lord's Commission to You!" and the first 36 paragraphs of "Commission Ceremony '97!" (GN 717) will be read.

Younger children (about age six and under) may quietly color the kids' activity and coloring pages, which are provided with the Feast mailings, in the meeting room during the reading of this GN. The adults with the children can listen to the reading and not have to be concerned that the younger kids are getting the meaning of the Letter being read.

Older children (mature MCs and OCs) may listen to at least some of this reading, as much as they are interested in and can absorb, perhaps up to an hour. If the reading becomes too long or goes over their heads, then the older children can also quietly color or do some other quiet activity in the meeting room. OCs could be encouraged to listen and absorb as much as they can.

Sometime during this day, the new MLK, "The Commission Ceremony," should be read with the children from YC to OC ages (from about four to 11). The reading of this MLK will be in preparation for the ceremony the children will see, but not participate in the following morning.

If the children lose interest in the adult reading of the Commission GN, one possible suggestion is that an adult teamworker who has already read the GN could take the children out of the room to read the new "Commission Ceremony" MLK with them. (Older kids who remain in the adult reading of the GN may read the new MLK later in the day on their own.)

February 15th night: Quiet time with the Lord to prepare for the commission ceremony.

This time of prayer is for all Home members JETT-age and up.

February 16th morning: Commission ceremony.

JETTs on up may participate in the ceremony.

Children of all ages can attend this meeting at the Home's discretion, provided they are quiet and respectful during the ceremony. Little ones can be quietly coloring activity pages at the back of the room. Please do your best to be sure that the babies and toddlers do not disturb the meeting.

February 16th afternoon and/or evening: "Celebrating Our Second Anniversary of the Love Charter!" (GN 718) and "What a Husband and Lover!--Celebrating Our First Anniversary!" (GN 719) will be read.

Children of all ages can be present, at the Home's discretion, for the reading of "The Celebration of Our Second Year Anniversary" where the Lord is enumerating all the blessings and progress in the Family since the Charter. Activity and coloring pages can be provided at the back of the room to keep the younger children occupied.

The reading of "What a Husband and Lover!--Celebrating Our First Anniversary!" is for senior teens on up only. Our suggestion would be to have the junior teens and JETTs care for the younger children at this time, so most of the senior teens, YAs and adults can attend the united reading of this GN. The junior teens and JETTs can be with the children in a separate room, where they could read kids' Feast pubs, such as the four "Praisin' U!" mags and the new "Gifts of Love" MLK.

February 17th morning: "Victories of 1996 and Plans for 1997!" (GN 721) will be read.

Children of all ages can be present, at the Home's discretion. Activity and coloring pages can be provided at the back of the room.

February 17th afternoon or evening: "Come Together--In Love!" (GN 722) will be read. Also there will be Communion, love feast, personal prayer requests, etc.

Children of all ages can be present, at the Home's discretion. Activity and coloring pages can be provided at the back of the room. You may prefer holding this meeting in the evening, once little children are in bed, so that the rest of the Home may fully participate without distractions.

February 18th: Freeday, Family Birthday celebration.

Kids from about six to 11 (since JETTs will participate in the commission ceremony with the adults) could have a simple commission ceremony on this day or evening, or anytime in the next few days. The reason for having this event for the kids on the 18th or later is so that the kids' ceremony does not take away from the adults' private reading and rest times on the previous three Feast days. The decision of having a ceremony for the kids is up to your Home and the parents. You can decide when to have it, and how, and whether the ceremony would be before the whole Home, or by groups, or with individual families, etc.

Like the older Family members, the kids would need to be prepared in heart and spirit before having their commission ceremony. In preparation, the participating children should have:

1. Read the new "Commission Ceremony" MLK.

2. Observed a major part of the adult ceremony of rededication that will be held on the 17th.

3. Had special, personal prayer vigil time with Jesus for about 15 minutes.

Accompanying the new MLK "The Commission Ceremony!" is a two-page activity sheet which the children can color and prepare in advance to having their ceremony. It includes the kids' pledge card and a girls' and boys' badge of honor.

They can read the kids' pledge aloud as they kneel before either their parents, who will represent Mama and Peter to them, or before male and female Home members the kids are close to. This can be decided upon by the parents and the Home.

The ceremony for kids would simply mirror what the adults did, following paragraphs 32 to 35 of "Commission Ceremony '97." The children will read their version of the pledge and be anointed with oil by those adults representing Queen Maria and King Peter. Those adults could then have a special prayer over each child. Please make this occasion a special one for the children who are sincerely dedicating their lives to the Lord, probably many for the first time.

(End of suggestions from Family Care about the Birthday Feast plans for the children.)


Following is a list of the items that you should be receiving for the Birthday Feast, with boxes beside each one. Please check off each pub or tape when you receive it from your NPC or service center. This way you can be sure you haven't missed anything. If the date of the celebration is nearing and you haven't received some material, please double-check with your NPCs or service centers, so you can make sure nothing gets lost or overlooked.

Again, Home teamworks, please do not distribute the following pubs or tapes to your Home members until February 15th at the earliest. This way you'll have something new to enjoy together during the days of the Birthday Celebration. Thanks!


"The Lord's Commission to You!" (GN 717)

"Celebrating Our Second Anniversary of the Love Charter!" (GN 718)

"What a Husband and Lover!--Celebrating Our First Anniversary!" (GN 719) (For members age 16 and up only.)

"It's Cool to Love Jesus!" (GN 720)

"Victories of 1996 and Plans for 1997!" (GN 721)

"Come Together--In Love!" (GN 722)

Special Pubs and Tapes:

Tremendous 64-page (A4 size) black-and-white photo book of Dad entitled Now It Can Be Shown!

To Jesus--With Love--A gorgeous 126-page book (DB size) of words of praise from you to Jesus!

From Jesus--With Love--A 32-page booklet (DB size) of messages of love from Jesus to you!

Two tapes of Simon Peter reading the entire To Jesus--With Love book.

A second "Loving Jesus" song tape entitled "Desiring You."

Exciting New Outreach Tools:

Two new far-out tracts for teens entitled "Check Me Out" and "What's Wrong with This Picture?!" (Note: The title of the tract that was previously listed in GN 716 as "The Answer" has been changed to "What's Wrong with This Picture?")

A new tract entitled "True Love!--Forever Love!"

"What Heaven Is Like!"--A new tract about the wonders of Heaven and how to get there!

Children's Pubs:

Four "Praisin' U!" mags for the kids.

Four terrific mags of praise prophecies for various age levels of kids. Fully and beautifully illustrated! These are: #1--"My Best Friend!"; #2--"You're Tops"; #3--"How-I-Love-Ya!"; and #4--"Inline Praise!"

Two MLKs: "Gifts of Love from Jesus to You!" and "The Commission Ceremony."

Two Hope TKs: "Gifts and Blessings!" and "The Beggar Prophecy!"

Coloring and activity pages for inspiring activity times for the kids while the adults, teens and JETTs are reading GNs, or having prayer and rest time, which include: "Praisin' U!" Coloring Pages; Kidz Activity Pages 8 and 9.

Also activity pages about the commission ceremony, "The Commission Activity Page."

Copyright (c) 1997 by The Family