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FSM 324               CM         Explanation of Family Birthday Feast--1998!

By WS Staff. For JETTs and up.

Copyright © 1998 by The Family -- February 1998

                (Note: Please read this FSM as soon as possible upon receipt, as it contains important information not only about the Feast, but also about the week before the Feast begins. Please read this FSM before reading any of GNs 764 -770.)

Dear Family,

                God bless you! We love you and pray for you daily. We're thrilled with the wonderful fruitful year we've had and with all the progress that has been made in so many areas! Thank the Lord!

                This FSM contains a suggested plan and schedule for this year's Family Birthday Celebration, February 15th through 18th, as well as some practical tips and explanations to help this time be as memorable, meaningful, and enjoyable as possible.

                We will be praying that this time of Word, prayer, and fellowship will be very uniting and strengthening for you all! Praise the Lord!

List of Pubs to be read before or during the Family Birthday Celebration

                With this FSM, or shortly thereafter, you should be receiving the following publications to read before and during this special time:

2 Pre-Feast GNs:

                GN 764: "Victory Review 97!"

                GN 765: "Goals for 1998!" (with summary sheet sent OPD for age 12 and up)

6 Feast GNs:

                GN 766: "Keynote to the 1998 Birthday Feast!"

                GN 767: A special testimony from the house of the king and queen. (not official title)

                GN 768: "Golden Victories!"--For senior teens and up

                GN 768A: "Golden Victories!"--For JETTs and junior teens

                GN 769: "Your Open Heart Prayer to the Lord!" (Sent OPD for age 12 and up)

                GN 770: "The Day of Renewal!"

                Pledge from "The Day of Renewal" (Sent OPD for age 12 and up)

Points regarding reading the Pre-Feast GNs

                At or around the same time that you receive the two pre-Feast GNs and six Feast GNs, you will also receive two GNs entitled "The Silver Lining" (GNs 762 and 763). In these two GNs you will find encouragement and answers to your questions regarding our young people who have left the Family."The Silver Lining" GNs can also be read before the Feast, if you have time and if you receive them in time. But if you live in an area where it takes quite a while for the mailings to reach you due to a slow mail system, then you might receive these two GNs about teens and the two pre-Feast GNs fairly close to the time of the Feast, in which case you might not have time to read them all. If that's the case, please give the two pre-Feast GNs--"Victory Review '97" and "Goals for 1998"--priority in your reading schedule, as those should be read before the Feast . Thanks!

                It is recommended, if possible, to read unitedly the two pre-Feast GNs--"Victory Review 97" and "Goals for 1998." It is, however, not required. Those two GNs are a total of 56 pages, which would probably take approximately 7 hours to read unitedly, if you read an average of 8 pages an hour.

                Regarding whether to read these pre-Feast GNs unitedly or privately, the Lord said:

                "According to each individual situation, let it be done. Each situation will vary. For the most part it would be best to read them unitedly, but I do not require this. For this week before the Feast will be extra busy as all are preparing to take the Feast days off; therefore, I leave this in the hands of the Home Teamworks to pray and seek Me and organize according to the need. As much as possible, a united reading would be preferred, but if not possible and all conditions are not right, it is acceptable to read these two GNs privately, or with a partner, or in small groups." (End of excerpt of message from Jesus.)

                Please read the two pre-Feast GNs as close as possible to the time of the Feast. However, please do not feel obligated to have an extended devotions or Word time on Saturday, February 14th, if you want to concentrate on outreach and fundraising on that day. We realize that with the Feast beginning on Sunday you are already losing what is, for some areas, one of the best outreach days of the week, so you might want to try to finish reading the pre-Feast GNs before Saturday, so as to have that day free to concentrate mostly on witnessing and other Home business, if that is what would work best for you.

                Here are a few tips based on a message the Lord gave when we asked Him about the planning of the Feast, that might help you to make the most of your pre-Feast reading and prep-aration.

                > You might want to organize an extended daily morning devotions to read the pubs together, unitedly. Then perhaps in the evenings, copies of the same publications can be made available for individuals, or smaller groups, to read and study, to further pray over, absorb and let the words sink in.

                Or, if you're short of time, you could choose to read one of the two pre-Feast GNs unitedly and one privately, if that would work better for you.

                > You could possibly declare certain times of the day (such as when the children are resting) quiet times throughout parts of the house, as much as possible, so as to create an atmosphere conducive to reading and absorbing the Word.

                > Read together privately in study hall fashion.

                > Set the mood and set the pace by priming the pump through praising the Lord, through singing a song or two, or playing praise and prayer songs on tape.

                > In some cases, to ensure that all are delving in and absorbing these vital words, you could share lessons, or discuss or pow-wow what has been read. This could be done by taking a few minutes after devotions, or at meal times around the dinner table, after watching the news, after the children are all in bed, after the sheep or visitors have all gone home. It doesn't have to be a big ordeal, but simply a time when you are already together where you can direct the conversation to the Word.

                > Make the reading of these pubs a priority. You can't try to cram too much other unnecessary business into the week prior to the Feast. When you have a special event, such as the Feast, and due to that event additional preparations are necessary, something must give. You might find it necessary to forgo a few normal activities or plans. You might have to cancel other business meetings or ventures that can wait until after the Feast, or forgo an outing or event, or a movie or two, in order to make time to prepare for the Feast--be it spiritually by delving into this pre-Feast Word, or physically with other preparations.

                (Jesus speaking:) Although there will be a fair amount of preparation in order to be able to take the four Feast days off, I say to My children: Pray and seek Me and be open; be ready and willing to forsake some things in order to partake of others. Be open to change, be open to turn around if I so lead. Check your priority lists, and most of all, check in with Me daily, to be sure that what you are doing is absolutely essential. I will provide the way and the time and the plan in each situation as to how to best utilize your time in these pre-Feast days, and how to attend to all the business and preparation, and how to be able to read and take in all of these Feast pubs. (End of excerpt from message from Jesus.)

Please Don't Read the Feast GNs before the Feast

                Dear teamworkers, Mama has asked that you please not pass out the Feast GNs to your Home members before the time that they are to be read during the Feast days, which is outlined below. Also, please do not give the children's Feast materials to the kids until the Feast days begin, to ensure the newness of the materials, which will help to make the days of the Birthday celebration more exciting for them.

                It's also not necessary that all Home teamwork members read all the Feast GNs in advance. The person or people designated to read each GN aloud should read them in advance, if possible. The exception to this suggestion would be GN 770, "The Day of Renewal." Your whole teamwork might want to read this GN in advance, if possible, because you will probably want to do some planning and preparation for your closing meeting on the evening of February 17th.

                Those who read the GNs in advance should not discuss them with other Home members who have not read them.

                Of course, if you live in a single-family Home, and you feel it is not possible to read the GNs in advance because you are too fully occupied caring for your children and taking care of fundraising and other Home business, do what works best for your situation.

Suggested Reading Schedule for 1998 Birthday Feast

                It seems the best general schedule for February 15th, 16th and 17th, as has been done in the past, would be to have two meetings daily for united reading. You could consider having these meetings either in the morning and the afternoon, or the morning and the evening, or afternoon and evening, depending on what is most convenient for your situation. Please begin each meeting with a time of singing, praise and prayer.

                If you live in a Home with many children and few adults, you may not be able to keep the suggested schedule below, in which case please feel free to revise it according to what you feel would work best for you. For proposals concerning activities for the children, please see "1998 Family Birthday Celebration for Children," on page 5 of this FSM.

Pubs to read before the Feast begins:

To read as soon as possible upon receiving:

                --This FSM, "Explanation of Family Birthday Feast--1998!" This does not need to be read unitedly, but everyone should try to read it!

                Reading audience: JETTs and up

To read sometime in the week before the Feast begins:

                --GN 764, "Victory Review '97."

                Recommended to be read unitedly, but not required. You can read this GN privately or in small groups if necessary.

                Reading audience: JETTs and up

                --GN 765, "Goals for 1998"

                Recommended to be read unitedly, but not required. You can read this GN privately or in small groups if necessary.

                Reading audience: JETTs and up

                The above GNs can be read during your regular devotions or Word time slots, if you choose to read them unitedly. Since GNs 764 and 765 are long, and since it is preferable to read both of these GNs as close to the Feast as possible, please be sure to allot enough time during your regular Word time or devotions to cover this material. Another option would be to schedule an evening or two of extra united Word time in which to read these GNs.

Reading schedule for the Feast days: (This is united reading, unless otherwise noted.)

Sunday, February 15th, morning: Read GN 766, "Keynote to the 1998 Birthday Feast!" (This is 12 pages of reading.) Then read paragraphs 1 through 72 of GN 767, the special testimony from the house of the king and queen. (This is 11 more pages of reading, making the morning reading a total of 23 pages.)

                Reading audience: JETTs and up

Sunday afternoon or evening: Finish reading GN 767, the special testimony from the house of the king and queen, paragraphs 73 through 209. (This is 21 pages of reading.)

                Reading audience: JETTs and up

Monday, February 16th, morning: Read paragraphs 1 through 147 of GN 768, "Golden Victories." (This is 19 pages of reading.)

                Reading audience: Senior teens and up

                (A separate age-appropriate version of this GN has been prepared for JETTs and junior teens. See note below.)

Monday afternoon or evening: Finish reading GN 768, "Golden Victories," paragraphs 148 through 321. (This is 21 pages of reading.)

                After this meeting, each person (age 16 and up) will be given a personal copy of GN 769, "Your Open Heart Prayer to the Lord," which you can read personally during your quiet time with the Lord. It is not imperative that this GN be read during the Feast days if you do not have time, nor does it need to be read unitedly, but we urge you to please take time, when you can, to read it privately and meditate upon it. It's a very important Feast GN.

                Reading audience: Senior teens and up

                (See note below concerning JETTs and junior teens.)

                The junior teens and JETTs could care for the younger children while the senior teens and up read GN 768, "Golden Victories." This would only be feasible, of course, if the JETTs and junior teens have sufficient childcare training, and if it wouldn't be too big a strain on them to have the children for so many hours that day.

                Another option is that you could have an adult read the age-appropriate JETT/junior teen version of "Golden Victories" (GN 768A) with the JETTs and junior teens at the same time, if you wish. However, this is not required because, if you have few adults in your Home, it might be more convenient for you to wait until later so that as many as possible can attend the united reading of the adult version. If you decide that it is more convenient for your Home to schedule the JETT/junior teen reading of GN 768A after the Feast is over, this is fine. In any case, it would be preferable that the JETTs and junior teens read this GN with an adult who has at least read the adult version in advance.

                Once your JETTs and junior teens have read their version of "Golden Victories," GN 768A, they are eligible to receive their own personal copy of "Your Open Heart Prayer to the Lord," GN 769, for their private reading. Since the reading of these two GNs is a very important part of the Feast material, please ensure that your JETTs and junior teens don't miss out on reading them, either during the Feast or shortly thereafter.

                (Note: As your JETTs and junior teens enter their senior teen years, please give them the opportunity to read "Golden Victories" [GN 768] in its entirety.)

Tuesday, February 17th, morning: Read GN 770, "The Day of Renewal." (This is 12 pages of reading.)

                Reading audience: JETTs and up

                After this meeting, each Home member (JETTs and up) will receive a personal copy of the pledge, which will be used in the closing meeting. Please try to find some time of quiet prayer to read the pledge personally and reflect on the Word that you have read during the Feast, in preparation for the evening meeting.

                (Note: The FM Family will not be receiving this last Feast GN, number 770, but it is recommended that if you have Fellow Members in your Home who are returning to Charter Member status that they be included in the united reading of that GN.)

Tuesday afternoon or evening: Closing meeting as described in GN 770.

                Attendees: All Home members.

Wednesday, February 18th: Freeday, Family Birthday celebration!

                You need not schedule united meetings on this day. It's a day for fellowship, relaxation, extra rest, etc. The day's or evening's events should include a Family Birthday Celebration, with inspiration, refreshments, etc. Praise the Lord! Have fun!

                Attendees: All Home members. You can include family and friends, if you wish.

Feast publications that our Fellow Members are receiving

                If you have contact with Fellow Members, please note that they are not receiving GN 770, "The Day of Renewal." The Lord indicated in prophecy that that is a message for Charter Members only. So please be careful not to discuss that GN with Fellow Members.

                Following is a list of the Feast pubs that our FM Family will be receiving for their 1998 Feast and Family Birthday Celebration.

                GN 764: "Victory Review '97!" (edited version)

                GN 765: "Goals for 1998!" (with summary sheet)

                GN 766: "Keynote to the 1998 Birthday Feast!"

                GN 767: A special testimony from the house of the king and queen

                GN 768: "Golden Victories!"

                GN 768A: "Golden Victories!"--For JETTs and junior teens

                GN 769: "Your Open Heart Prayer to the Lord!" Sent OPD

Participation of the JETTs and children

                We are including on page 7 of this FSM a list of children's pubs and activity pages which will be available for your use during this Birthday Feast.

                As was the case last year, the JETTs will not be called upon to be our worldwide Family Prayer warriors this year, because the Lord indicated in prophecy that they could attend most of the meetings of this year's Feast. The Lord also instructed that it's best if the children can be cared for separately, rather than being in the back of your main meeting room. But if there is no other solution or option, then the children can be in the room during some of the meetings. In that case they can be kept occupied with the various pubs and activities that FC has provided.

                The decision of how to juggle your childcare situation is up to each individual Home. Be sure to hear from the Lord in prophecy regarding the plan that will work best for your particular situation. Don't miss the very interesting and inspiring message from Jesus regarding this, in the section of this FSM prepared by FC.

Other tips on scheduling, etc.

                --The time of day that you choose to have your united meetings is up to you. You can also estimate the length of the meetings based on the number of pages to read and the other related activities.

                --Keep your meals fairly simple so that as many people as possible can attend the united meetings.

                --We suggest you cancel any other Home meetings you would normally have during these days, except for those that are necessary for the organization and smooth running of the Birthday Celebration.

                --Please try to work out your schedule so that as many people as possible can attend the meetings. Even though you're trying to work it out for as many adults, YAs, teens and JETTs as possible to attend the meetings, please continue to give the children the same loving and diligent care and oversight during the Birthday Feast time that they're accustomed to receiving.

                --For Home members who miss the united meetings due to caring for the children, please ensure that they are given time as soon as possible to catch up on the reading of the pubs they missed (preferably before the next meeting, so that they can keep up with the continuity of the GNs).

                --We realize that the Feast days can be very busy, but please try to find time, if you can, to have a little private prayer time. In years past you have tried to concentrate on special worldwide prayer requests if you had any "free time." Of course, this year, when you pray for your meals or have other times of united prayer, it would be great if you could shoot up a prayer for our worldwide Family. But for a change this year, you can spend your private prayer time, or any prayer vigils you might have, praying for your own personal needs.

                On this subject, Dad said: "Make these days a time to seek the Lord individually, to hear from the Lord for yourselves, and pray for your own personal receptivity, for personal direction, for personal encouragement, for your personal needs and so on. Use this time to commune with the Lord and to seek Him about your own lives and situations. By doing this, you will be praying for the whole Family. You will be helping the whole Family if you are able to gain needed victories or make needed progress in your own life!

                "To change the world, start with your own heart; to help the Family, to support the Family, start from your heart--say a prayer for yourself. By God's grace, change yourself, and you are on the way to changing the world and helping the Family in a major way!" (End of message from Dad.)

                --For tips on reading aloud and other related topics, please see "Tips for Spirit-filled Meetings," GN 496, page 9.


--By Family Care

                Praise the Lord for the "feast" of fun new pubs and activities that He has provided again this year for the children!

                Theme: The themes of this year's Feast pubs for the children are: the importance of unity, and the meaning of our Family Birthday and Feast. The two new children's Feast MLKs are on these themes. The Feast HTK is on the theme of unity.

                JETTs and junior teens: When praying about the participation of the junior teens and JETTs in the reading of the various GNs, the Lord said to Mama and Peter: "Include My juniors and JETTs, for they will benefit from the nutrients and ingredients with which I prepare this luscious casserole. I'm leading you as you take care to mix, to blend the spices to exact proportions, adding enough protein and carbohydrates, enough spice and enough liquid so that the final mixture will be savory and scrumptious for all." (End of excerpt of message from Jesus.)

                He went on to explain that He wants to have the JETTs, teens, SGAs and adults "sit together at His table and dine" during the reading of all of the GNs, except for GN 768, "Golden Victories," which will be read by senior teens and up on February 16th The JETTs and junior teens will have their own version of "Golden Victories," GN 768A.

                Who will care for the children during the Feast days? According to the counsel from the Lord which we've included below, it will be up to each Home to decide how you would like to organize the care of your little ones during the Birthday Feast. The ideal is to care for the children separately, to rotate those who are with the children, and to allow time for those who care for the children to make up what they missed as soon as possible. However, if that's not possible, then the children could be in the back of the room, occupied as best you can, during some or all the GN readings, except for the two meetings held on February 16th.

                (Jesus speaking:) The ideal during the reading of these pubs is to be as free from distractions as possible, in order for you to get full benefit and to fully tune in and absorb all that I have. The ideal would be to have the children cared for in a separate room, so all those present to hear the reading of the Word will be able to tune in and absorb all that is being poured out, without the distraction of sounds and movement and interruptions from the children. It is simply humanly impossible to fully tune in to two things at once.

                The ideal is to care for the children in a separate room. However, if this is not possible, due to lack of personnel, or in smaller Homes, then I give you the option to have the children present, preferably off in the corner or in the back of the room, during the reading of these pubs, with the exception of the "Golden Victories" GN. (The children are not to be in the room during the reading of "Golden Victories.")

                In case the children must be present, it will not be to the detriment of the children to be present while these pubs are being read; and I am able to help those adults or teens who will sit right with them in the back of the room. I will help them be able to absorb a portion of the reading; however, I would that those who are with the children make a special point to reread the pubs at another time.

                If the children are able to be cared for separately, which is the ideal, when those caring for the children are relieved of taking their turn, they can then go straightaway to make up reading what they have missed. It will take time, planning, forethought and team effort, but a good rotating schedule will make it possible, in most cases, for all fronts to be covered--the needed Word time for the older ones, and the care of the children.

                As the Homes themselves seek Me and bring before Me their individual situations and needs, I will speak. I will answer, and I will guide them how to best organize these Feast days, so that all are able to get the needed time to drink in these Words and this direction which I have so abundantly poured out. Where I guide, I provide; and these jewels, these messages, this direction I am pouring out at the Feast are of utmost importance. It is their lifeline, their vitality, their hope to carry on, therefore I will provide the way for all to be able to drink in of this all-important nourishment as they look to Me.

                My Word never gets old. My Word is alive, it vibrates, it pulsates with the power of God! It is as living waters to a thirsty soul, bringing life and love, hope and health, strength and vitality. It is food to the hungry, water to the thirsty, life to the dead, hope for the weary, strength to the weak, health to the sick, love to the lost, companionship to the lonely, joy to the saddened, courage to the disheartened.

                Therefore, it behooves all My children to swim often in My living waters. It will be to the advantage of all to dive in and swim often, to drink in and keep drinking in of these Words, to absorb them into the very fiber of their beings. I do not expect My children to merely wade ankle deep in the shallow pools, as if afraid to immerse themselves deeply and wholly in these deep, refreshing, living waters. But I would that they dive in, dive deep, dive down and partake of the treasures on the ocean's floor. I would that all dive in often, to be re-envisioned and refreshed by reading and rereading, exploring, seeking, searching these Words for the great truths and principles that are contained therein.

                I unveil these publications during the days of the Feast that all may partake of the first reading unitedly as a body fitly joined. And this is important, this is special--the first unveiling--a memorable time of uniting, to set aside the cares of daily routine and to receive the vision fresh from My hand.

                Yet I also leave these treasures with you, so that at a later date all may partake and swim again in these deep refreshing waters as each has need. I would that all dive in again to these waters, either with a partner, or individually, going back over them in the weeks and yea, even the months that follow--to search, to explore and to absorb of their truth and wisdom. For each time the reader does this, they will find new jewels, new truths that will speak to them as an individual, intimately, and in a personal way.

                Again I say, My Word never gets old, My waters never run dry. My Word is alive, pulsating, vibrating, exuding My life! Therefore, it behooves all to go over these Words, to swim often and dive in these cool, refreshing, life-giving waters. But especially for these who initially are not able to partake fully and completely, due to caring for the children, I say, I will bless them mightily for their sacrifice. But I would that when they are relieved of their duties with the children, they take the time to get alone, or go with a partner or partners, depending on the situation, and read, partake, catch up on these Words.

                Each situation will be different, but as the Homes come before Me, I will make the path clear to all on how they can best organize and plan according to the need of their particular Home. In some cases, at least part of the reading can be done during the children's nap time or sleep time, and this may help. In other situations the adults can rotate and take turns, so that all the responsibility for the care of the children does not fall on any one person's shoulders. But in all situations, those who care for the children will need to make up the reading of these life-changing Words, and I will provide this time, according to the situation and according to the need. As each Home seeks Me, I will answer. (End of message from Jesus.)

The children's Feast pubs and activities that you will receive this year are:

For younger children on up:

                1)MLK#38, "Climbing that Mountain--Together!" on the theme of unity, with two accompanying posters.

                2) MLK #39, "Happy Birthday Dear Family!"-- A fun, brand-new message from Grandpa to the children on the meaning of the Family Birthday Feast.

                3) 20 Happy Birthday Family Kids' Coloring Book/pages. These were taken from existing MLK art. They should help to keep the children busy and inspired either during the adult meetings while they are cared for in another part of the house, or while quietly coloring in the back of the room during GN readings, should your Home need to do so.

                4) "Prayer and Praise Puzzle Game" with Praise Activity Cards and Prayer Activity Cards. Thank you, ASCRO FED, for producing this nice activity game!

                5) Special " Day of Renewal" story-coloring sheets for the children to use on February 17th.

For MCs on up:

                6) Three beautiful new Memory Book Board Games, on Salvation, Faith and Prayer! Once colored and assembled, these games can be played with the children in a room other than the meeting room, or in the evenings and at free time. They will also be great for use after the Feast to enhance everyone's memory work. Happy memory review!

For older children, JETTs and teens:

                7) HTK #42, "The Power and the Importance of Unity"

                8) "The New Day Prophecy Game," by ASCRO FED, for free-time and evening fellowship and fun.

For All: Lord willing, depending on the efficiency of the mail system in the country where you live, you will receive a new Family Fun video of shows 18-21 before the Birthday Feast Celebration, featuring the fun, new "Froggie Band." If so, this will add to everyone's enjoyment. All ages will enjoy the four new shows, titled "Power for the Hour," "The Real Story of Pocahontas," "Froggie Band Concert" and "Tell the Whole World About It!"

Sample ideas for children's Word and activities during the Feast:

                1) Make a study on unity. Read MLK#38, "Climbing that Mountain--Together!" Color the two accompanying posters. On the last page of this MLK, more pubs are listed on the theme of unity, for further Word time reading.

                2) Prayer for our Family: Have specific prayer for:

                                a) Mama Maria and Peter's health, strength, wisdom, security and continued anointing and inspiration.

                                b) Pray for all our Family Homes, missionaries and children as we start a new year for Jesus. Pray for unity, more love for Jesus, more love for the lost, more love for one another, for fruitfulness, faith, protection and the Lord's joy and blessings.

                                c) Pray for your Home's friends and contacts.

                                d) Use the "Prayer and Praise Puzzle Game" provided in the children's Feast mailing.

                3) February 17th

                                If the children sit in on the reading of GN 770 on the third day of the Feast, the children can color the four "Day of Renewal" story-coloring pages. These coloring pages very simply explain GN 770 and the closing meeting that evening.

                4) Family Birthday:

                                a) Read MLK#39, "Happy Birthday Dear Family!"

                                b) Take time to count your many blessings! Praise Jesus for His goodness! Sing and dance! Have a special time of praise for all the victories and blessings of the past year!

                                c) Refer to "Praise Time Ideas" 1 and 2, FSMs 285, Jan. '96, and 311, May '97.

Checklist of 1998 Birthday Feast Materials

Following is a list of the items that you should be receiving for the Birthday Feast, with boxes beside each one. Please check off each pub or tape when you receive it from your NPC or service center. This way you can be sure you haven't missed anything. If the date of the celebration is nearing and you haven't received some material, please double-check with your NPC or service center, so you can make sure nothing gets lost or overlooked. Thanks!

2 Pre-Feast GNs:

                * GN 764: "Victory Review '97!"

                * GN 765: "Goals for 1998!" (with summary sheet)

6 Feast GNs:

                * GN 766: "Keynote to the 1998 Birthday Feast!"

                * GN 767: A special testimony from the house of the king and queen.

                * GN 768: "Golden Victories!"--For senior teens and up

                * GN 768A: "Golden Victories!"--For JETTs and junior teens

                * GN 769: "Your Open Heart Prayer to the Lord!" (Sent OPD)

                * GN 770: "The Day of Renewal" (With pledge that will be sent OPD)

Special Pubs and Tapes:

                * A third "Loving Jesus" tape entitled, "Embrace"

                * "To Jesus--With Love!--No. 2."--A beautiful 120-page book (DB size) of words of praise from you to Jesus!

                Note: You'll be happy to know that "Now It Can Be Shown, Part 2" is now in the works and should be reaching you in several months. When you receive this wonderful book, we think you'll agree that it was certainly a birthday gift worth waiting for! It picks up where the first one left off, covering the rest of Dad's life, up until the time of his death, with 200 photos.

Children's Pubs:

                * MLK #38, "Climbing that Mountain--Together!" (plus 2 accompanying posters)

                * HTK #42--(20 A5 pages) "The Power and the Importance of Unity"

                * MLK #39--(8 A5 pages) "Happy Birthday Dear Family!"

                * Happy Birthday Family Kids' Coloring Book--20 A4 pages.

                * 3 Memory Book Games (2 A4 pages each, plus one A4 page of game instructions, a total of 7 A4 pages).

                * "The New Day Prophecy Game"--9 A4 pages.

                * "Prayer and Praise Puzzle Game"--5 A4 pages, which is accompanied by "Praise Activity Cards"--4 A4 pages, and "Prayer Activity Cards"--4 A4 pages. (This is all one game, with three parts.)

                * "The Day of Renewal" --four story coloring sheets


Copyright (c) 1997 by The Family