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FSM 330      CM/FM                Shepherding Our Children in the New Day. Spiritual Weapons for Little Warriors!

Copyright (c) 1998 by The Family -- 6/98.

Table of Contents

                Spiritual Weapons for Little Warriors! by Dawn                1

                The Lord Delights in Hearing Children's Prayers (Prophecy)                3

                "A Little Child Shall Lead Them!" by Jonathan                5

                Strengthening My Kids Using the Word, the Charter, and Prayer by Sharon (SGA)     7

                The Lord Comments on Children and Guns       13

                New Weapons Reading List for Kids        16

                The time has come to arm every man, woman and child with the secret weapon of prophecy! (See ML #3134, GN 743.)

Spiritual Weapons for Little Warriors!

From Dawn, ASCRO:

                One inspiring way that the Lord has led us in the care of our children is in shepherding them through prophecy. We have found that yes, our children can--and not only can, but love to hear from the Lord in prophecy, bring their questions before Him, and receive their own personal shepherding from the Lord!

Novel Reading--An Example of Taking Things to the Lord with the Kids

                A while back the children in our Home had a question as to whether it was okay for them to read children's novels. These books were recommended, but the children had begun to read them quite frequently. We were a little concerned about this. We also knew that this was somewhat of a sensitive issue and that the children would want a thorough explanation as to why we were concerned. Well, the Lord showed us that this question was something that we should bring before Him with the children. So we did!

                The Lord spoke to each of the children clearly and specifically. Afterwards we gave each of the children a copy of what we had received from the Lord together, and we went over exactly what the Lord had shown us. They were really inspired to receive this counsel from the Lord, and had much more vision to implement it than if we had just told them that too much reading of these books was not so good for them. Thank the Lord for His answers through prophecy!

                Following are some of the verses and prophecies the older children received when asking the Lord about reading these novels :

                (An eight-year-old boy:) It's OK to read them sometimes, but not always, and especially not first thing in the morning and not before bed.

                (A 10-year-old boy:) Seek ye first the Kingdom of God and His righteousness and all these things shall be added unto you.

                (An 11-year-old girl:) If ye continue in My Word, then are ye My disciples indeed.

                (A 10-year-old boy:) If you are faithful with My Words, then it's not so bad if you read them [the novels]. But if you read them all the time, then you start to forget what I'm trying to say to you and how important the Word is, and you get all sidetracked by all these amusements, like on the "ferry boat" [see "The Little Dog Dream," ML #535, KTK5, page 83], and you won't remember what your real job is and what you are supposed to be doing.

                (An 11-year-old girl:) Let your moderation be known to all men.

                (A 10-year-old boy:) These books [novels] are like the water, but you need the food to keep you going all day.

                (An 11-year-old girl:) Herein is My Father glorified, that ye bear much fruit, so shall ye be My disciples.

                (An eight-year-old boy:) It's like a meal set before you. The good food is the Word, and the novels are like the foods that have little or no nourishment for the soul, like buns, or potato chips. There should be more Word in your diet than other things like novels. There is a time and place for everything. (End of messages.)

Prophecy Notebooks for the Children

                Be faithful scribes and make a record of the Words of the Lord, that they might nourish you and that you may be fed for a long time after they are given (ML #3139:39, GN 749).

                The children have also been recording the messages that the Lord has given them in their own prophecy notebooks. We have encouraged them to hear from the Lord personally two to three times weekly, which they look forward to and enjoy. (Editor's note: Younger ones could tell you what they receive from the Lord, and you could type up their verse or message and glue it in their notebooks for them.)

                The Lord also led us to encourage them to receive His shepherding in different areas they are personally learning and progressing in. For example, we point something out to them and give them some Word to read on the subject, and also suggest that they ask the Lord if He has anything to say about it.

                The Lord has given them beautiful, encouraging answers to their questions, and this has also led them to go to Him on their own about personal questions and trials. All in all, this has drawn them a lot closer to the Lord and has been very inspiring for all of us.

New Year's Prayers Received in Prophecy

                The children, like the rest of the Home members, received the basis of their prayers and goals for the New Year in prophecy. Since it was a new and different thing, they were all quite excited about it, eager to see what the Lord would show them.

                Each of them took some time to personally pray and hear from the Lord, and they all received special prophecies for the New Year. The younger children dictated what the Lord showed them, while the older ones wrote down their prophecies in their personal prophecy notebooks.

                At first some of the little ones got a bit discouraged when they didn't seem to be getting anything, but after we told them to close their eyes and think about Jesus, the prophecies started flowing. It was so beautiful!

                Here are some examples of their New Year's prophecies:

                (A three and a half-year-old girl:) I want you to be loving and kind and giving and sharing. This is My commandment, that you love one another as I have loved you. Praise is the victory.

                Jesus loves me, this I know, for the Bible tells me so. Little ones to Him belong; they are weak, but He is strong.

                Jesus is my light and my salvation. God is love. Love never fails. Be so happy. Be loving, be kind, let your light for Jesus shine. Jesus is the Shepherd, and I'm His little lamb.

                I love you, My girl.

                (A four-year-old boy:) Delight thyself in the Lord and He shall give you the desires of thine heart.

                Come unto Me, ye that are tired and weary, and I will be with you and speak to your heart. You are My beloved son, in whom I am well pleased. Obedience comes first; then God answers prayers.

                When you are good it makes Me happy. So continue in My love and then you are truly My disciple. Be loving, be kind, let your light for Jesus shine. Your greatest witness is love.

                (A seven-year-old girl:) I love you, My little lamb. I'm with you, holding your hand, leading and guiding you, and whispering in your ears. For I dwell in each of you, and My Spirit lives in your body. So do unto others the things that you would want them to do unto you. I love you.

                I want you to be like the wind that picks up My Word which I drop down on you. I want you to pick up My Words and give them to the lost and lonely people. I want you to be like a ray of sunshine to others. Give and it shall be given unto you. Love others with your smile. I will be with you all year.

                (An eight-year-old boy:) The joy of the Lord is your strength. Cheer up. Do not be sad, for these are the days of gladness. Without Me you can do nothing. I wish for every thing you do to be done in love. All who receive My Word will be with Me forever.

                I want you to be loving and kind. I want you to do well in fourth grade. I want you to read My Word, to obey My Word, and do the things that I want you to do. Be strong in faith. Fight the Devil! The joy of the Lord is your strength.

                (An 11-year-old girl:) I love you, My darling girl. I want you to learn to be happy with whatever I give you, because some things I don't give you because they lure you away from Me, and your heart will no longer be full of the love and praise I desire.

                Therefore take heed and obey the Words from My mouth, Words of guidance to the paths which you should take. Be not lulled into thinking that the End will not come, for I wish to prepare you for the days ahead where I shall be with you and comfort you in times of need.

                But prepare, I say, for time is short. I love you and will not make life difficult for you, My darling sweetheart. How I love to hear you praise! How I wish that all My children would praise Me! Keep in tune with Me so I can pour out My blessings on you! I love you so much.

More Ideas on Helping the Children Use and Develop Their Gifts of Prophecy

                * Whenever someone has a birthday, the Home prays and hears from the Lord for them. We invite the children to join us, so they can also have a chance to hear from the Lord for others. They get beautiful prophecies, some of which, people have commented, were just what they needed at the time. The little ones who can't write yet often get "visions"--pictures that they draw and give to the birthday person. It's so cute!

                * When the children have a question that is difficult for us to answer or that covers a sensitive issue or subject, we along with the children bring the question to the Lord and receive His answers. It makes it a lot easier on us teachers too.

                * At times the children have gotten discouraged about their gift of prophecy, thinking that it's not very good, etc. So to increase their faith, we've read selected portions of Mama's Letters with them on the subject, and it's really helped to boost their faith. (See "Mama's Surprise! Part 1," ML #3133, GN 742, the section entitled "Baby Gifts and Adult Gifts," par. 42 to 49; also "Mama's Surprise! Part 2," ML #3134, GN 743, the section entitled, "The Secret Weapon," par. 3-8. In the same GN, see "Practice Time," par. 48-53; "Encouragement from the Lord," par.56-58; and "A Gift for ALL!" par. 147-164.)

                * We've often had classes or reminders about being "still bottles," so the Lord can more easily pour into them. It's a simple illustration, easy for them to understand, and has helped them to tune in during prophecy times.

                * At Christmas we played a "Guardian Angel" game with the children, where they each chose a name, and then got a prophecy for their "mortal."

                * When the children were sick, they had prayer and prophecy with their shepherdess, SGA Michelle. They heard from the Lord unitedly for each other, and got some very good counsel and beautiful lessons for themselves and their peers. We thought it was a very good example of using the new weapons in shepherding. Afterwards we discussed the prophecies with the parents, and saw how the Lord was bringing out very good ideas and leadings on the follow-up shepherding to be done with the children.

                Using the new weapons has been a real help and benefit in shepherding the children. Thanks to the Word, and to Mama and

                Peter who have been terrific samples to us, the children have gotten turned on to hearing from the Lord via prophecy, and it's been such an inspiration to us all. Praise the Lord!

The Lord Delights in Hearing Children's Prayers

                (Jesus speaking:) How I love the voices of the little children raised in praise to Me! Raised in love to Me, raised in requests and petitions to Me! How I love to rain down My Words upon them, so that they will know and feel and understand that I am real, and that My love for them is just as real as anything they can see with their eyes, or hold in their hands, or taste with their mouths. I wish for them to know that My love is with them every moment, and so I delight and rejoice in their coming to Me to hear My words of love for them. It is a wonderful, ecstatic moment for Me, when these little ones reach out to Me, and seek Me for My love, My Words, My explanations, and My encouragement to them. I am thankful for their love for Me, and for their great faith in reaching out to Me. (End of message.)

"A Little Child Shall Lead Them!"

From Jonathan (of Amor), China:

                Years ago, as my first mate, Sharon (who graduated in June 1985), and I were raising our first batch of kids, the Lord led us to include them often in our counseling, prayers, and the decision-making process--and even in hearing from the Lord about important matters. And it seemed to work very well!

                We were in several situations--first in Europe, then in South America, and finally in India--where we were often living and traveling with our children much of the time. We regularly pioneered new cities, and when we weren't doing that, we were given the responsibility of helping oversee pioneer Homes, which were scattered about the country. We traveled a lot, and since we didn't always have a home base that could care for the kids, we often took them with us. God bless them, they were real troopers and a big blessing!

                We had children every two years beginning in January 1974, so some were always young, but that didn't seem to matter. Having the responsibilities we did, and being on our own with little other counsel, we felt we needed the kids' help and input, so depended on them a lot. There were probably times when we made mistakes in talking about things we shouldn't have in front of them, or included them in discussions beyond their understanding, but the Lord compensated for this, and on the whole, our involving the children in these times of hearing from the Lord bore wonderful fruit! At these times, we didn't see them as little children but rather as young, willing, and receptive disciples.

                We took literally what the Lord and Dad had taught us about children being able to hear from the Lord. We applied it to our situation, feeling the sooner they learned to hear from the Lord, the quicker they would mature into the women and man (we had four girls and one boy) that the Lord wanted them to become. It seemed the normal, natural, and right thing to do.

                Back to the late '70s and the '80s: When we prayed and took time with the children to listen to the Lord together, because they were praying with their whole hearts, we learned to take the verses and visions our children received seriously, as from the Lord, and really on the same par as what Sharon and I received.

                In one instance while pioneering a home in Zagreb, Croatia (then part of Yugoslavia), in 1979, we prayed with the children for the Lord to provide a house for us. We prayed a general prayer, and then counseled together about what we wanted. We then prayed again, specifically telling the Lord what we wanted and had the faith for Him to give us. The kids' prayers were so full of faith! They prayed for a house with a big yard, a vegetable garden, and playground equipment.

                Lord help me, it was hard enough for me to stretch my faith to a big yard, as most of the housing in the cities in the East Bloc consisted of apartments with no yard. But playground equipment?!! There were only about two parks with playground equipment in the whole city of millions of inhabitants! And the very few houses didn't have any for sure! I remember trying to explain to these full-of-faith and expectant kids who were just five, three and one, that maybe that was asking the Lord for too much, and that we shouldn't be disappointed if we don't get exactly what we ask for. Lord help my little faith!

                Guess what? That evening, when going with our daughters to see a house for rent, lo and behold, what was in the front yard but playground equipment! The real thing--industrial quality! The property had been a park, but when the city added a major road to the airport, it ran through the park. They then had sold the long, narrow parcel not used by the highway (with the playground equipment) to our new landlord! Ha! The back yard was also huge and had not only vegetables, but strawberries, raspberries, and even fruit trees!

                We all had lessons of faith to learn as we listened to the Lord together! Our relying on the kids and their channels generated a sober spirit amongst the kids--when they were asked to pray or to be serious, that is! They realized that praying and hearing from the Lord was very important, and we were counting on them to listen to the Lord and receive and pass on anything the Lord wanted to tell them--that it was going to be a "piece of the puzzle" of the Lord's answer. They knew they had to put their hearts into it, and do their best. And they did! Bless their hearts.

                We included them in our prayers concerning major moves, changes of fields, prayers for healing, and anything we needed to hear from the Lord about. Many times we counseled and prayed together first as a couple and teamwork, but then we'd ask the kids to help us hear from the Lord about the points in question. Once, I really failed both the Lord and the kids, as we asked them to pray with us about a serious matter (someone's health and possible hospitalization). They got something clearly about completely trusting the Lord, but I didn't have the faith to receive it. When I didn't follow what the Lord was showing through them, things didn't go so well and we all suffered a bit. After that, we made certain that we took their leadings and what they received from the Lord seriously!

                Through this time together, we all learned to trust the Lord and each other more. It generated a lot of unity, and we all felt like we needed each other. The kids of course knew they needed us, their parents, but we realized in new ways how much we needed them, and how important a part of our team they were--not just in the future, but right then! They felt needed and trusted because we did rely on their leadings a lot. The kids were truly "little disciples" with their own link with the Lord. They knew the Lord and had a healthy respect for Him.

                One funny little thing I can remember during this time happened in India, in 1984 or so. We prayed for our two oldest to receive a fuller gift of prophecy (they were 10 and 8). They then began prophesying more and getting His leadings and answers, and less came through me. This continued until I became the scribe and my daughters the prophets. Ha! It reminds me of how Dad used to say he became just the driver and teacher behind the scenes, and his kids were the ones who shone and did all the up-front work!

                Even in very serious matters (which in some way involved them), we included the kids in prayers and decision-making. When their mother got sick with cancer a second time in India in 1985, we all moved to a smaller situation and Sharon and I relinquished all our other shepherding responsibilities so we could spend time together and with the kids, and fight Sharon's battle with cancer together. God bless the kids, they were all real soldiers during this battle. We prayed together daily, and we all received encouraging verses.

                Sharon made the decision, based on what the Lord showed us and her convictions, to not return to the States for treatment, but rather to "take the stand of faith." We all fought to the end--her graduation--together. When the Lord took her Home, although we all sorrowed and felt her loss, everyone took it by faith as having been the Lord's will. Each of the children and I received something very special from the Lord about her Homegoing as we prayed together. The next day, in a cheerful and expectant way they asked, "What are we going to do today, Daddy?" The Lord's grace and their faith made me weep.

                I know we need each other's prayers and encouragement now, as the battles are getting so hot and heavy. We have gone through so many breakings and heartbreaks since returning to the States, as several of our children have made the decision not to continue in the Lord's service at this time. Although most of our children are serving the Lord faithfully in the Family (seven in all), we felt the Enemy sneaked in by offering the world to those who left, and dealt us a blow below the belt.

                We've moved to a fruitful mission field again, and our fight is now simpler. We're working to get rid of the rubbish and extraneous things in our lives and those of our children, and to use our new garments of praise, prophecy, and loving our Husband more intimately everyday, together! The Lord's given us so many promises for our younger kids, and He's fulfilling each of them, miraculously and supernaturally! Glory to His Name.

Strengthening My Kids Using the Word, the Charter, and Prayer

From Sharon (SGA, 25, of Gary, mother of three), USA:

                (Editor's note: This article deals with several thorny and difficult issues which many parents are confronted with. Each parent must take these issues to the Lord personally to find His leading on how to proceed, but we thought you'd appreciate hearing these examples from Sharon about how the Lord has led her to go to the Word and to Him for His direct leadings on how to shepherd her children.)

Dear Mama,

                GBY! I sure love you. I want to share some of the lessons I've been learning with my kids. Since the four of us have moved in with Gary here at the FCF (FamilyCareFoundation) Home a year back, we have made quite an impression on the neighbors. This peaked last Christmas, when the Home was able to find local businesses to act as sponsors for presents for all the kids in our large apartment complex. The day these were presented to the families here, our Home did puppet shows where we gave out balloons and snacks, involving everyone at the apartment complex where we live.

                Since almost every one of our neighbors know we are missionaries, we are talked about a lot and our sample goes very far. Different ones in the Home have quite a ministry with the various neighbors, as do the kids and I.

Mixing with and Ministering to the Neighborhood Kids

                We have always had a number of kids who come to our apartment to play with my kids (who are ages 7, 6 and 4). We got to know a lot of them pretty well the first summer just after we moved in. We would swim daily in the pool, and that was our usual playtime with the neighborhood kids. If we weren't swimming, they would want to come to our apartment and play, because we gave them the time and attention they were looking for. (Editor's note: for more counsel on judging a situation involving your kids spending time with System kids, see GN 761, ML #3156:15-28, the section entitled "Family Children, JETTs, and Teens Fellowshipping with System Young People.")

                One neighbor boy in particular was quite a bad boy--not the type of guy you want around your kids at all. He was 13 years old, and critical, sarcastic, a bully, and all the rest. He would say the cruelest things to the other neighborbors' kids, some of whom would be in tears. He made you feel like really socking it to him.

                When he would come to the pool at first, I would often try to bring the kids inside, as I didn't want them to be affected by him. But he would always come around in the afternoon when the sun was out and it was too hot to stay inside. Our three kids and I would be playing with the girls from around the block, and he'd come by, calling them names and trying to act tough. I often had to ask him to leave our area of the property because of the cruel things he would say. At least he would leave.

                I felt sorry for this boy, though, as I knew he had a difficult home situation and he tried to get attention from the rest of the kids, since he didn't get the attention at home. But he wasn't going about it the right way.

                Upon occasion, I had to tell him off for being mean and hurtful to the girls, pulling hair, pushing, etc. I told him I was going to report him to the manager and have him grounded. At one point we prayed that the Lord would not have him come around often when the kids were here, and after that we rarely saw him. We read the story in LOG about when Dad was in school with the bullies, and my kids could see the similarities.

                I also told him privately that I didn't like to correct him in front of all his friends, but because I know that it isn't the right way to live and for my kids' sake, I had to. He has been pretty respectful to me since then. He knows I won't just stand there like some of the other mothers do.

                I believe it's good for our kids to see that we aren't namby-pamby and that when evil comes around, we don't just keep quiet. We prayed for this 13-year-old boy a number of times, and he seemed to get calmer. Sometimes he would just come up and talk for a bit and tell me about a new CD he got. I would comment on his nice haircuts, and he loved the attention.

Relating the Word to Everyday Situations

                I started wondering, "How is all this playing with other System kids here and the things they are faced with going to affect my kids?" There are many other Christian parents here who have strong feelings about their kids and teens getting hooked on the System, or turning into punks, or joining gangs, etc.

                I wondered, "Are my kids ready to give answers themselves about situations like this? Are they ready to face the worldly System of our time? Do they know how to combat the evils with the Word and distinguish between the white and black and gray zones? Do they have the Word in their hearts to fall back on, like Dad did when he went to public school? Do they know the reasons why we do or don't do things, or why we do other things? Do they know how to apply the Word to their everyday lives?"

                They know verses and they have read tons of Bible stories and lots of Letters, but they needed to see the everyday lessons pointed out to them. When we would pass a kid who was mouthing off, or cars that had bad music coming from them, or whatever it was we needed to comment on, I realized I couldn't let it go! I needed to show them what is right and what is wrong! If we don't say something now, the older they get, the bigger the battle will be.

Reading the Charter with My Kids

                Things would come up like the neighbor kids asking our kids what time they had to go to bed, and the neighborhood kids would say, "We get to stay up as late as we want." It wasn't said in a mean way, but my kids would ask me, "Why can't we stay up like them?" That was the first time the Lord gave me the idea about reading them portions of the Charter and explaining its rules and requirements--in words they would understand, of course--to show them our standard. They were pretty impressed by it! Ha!

                At the same time, I knew I had to explain to them the reasons why the other kids stay up and what their families were going through. I told them how one family was going through a divorce so the kids would spend a few days with the mom and then a few days with the dad, and they weren't sure what was going to happen to them. Their eldest came over crying one night because her mom's boyfriend had kicked her out on the street.

                I normally wouldn't have told my kids about things that were happening in the lives of our neighbors, but under the circumstances I felt it was good for them to see how good they have it and how these outside kids have to go through these heavy things without knowing how to pray and ask the Lord for help. Of course, I explained it to them in words that they could relate to.

                I realize that even with these "little things" that come up, if I don't answer them with a full Word-and-Charter-based explanation, they start to think it's not fair that we have certain rules, and it leads to other problems.

                I read from the Charter where it says, "The responsibility of a parent to the child is to feed, clothe, educate, discipline, love and care, supply physically, spiritually, emotionally, all their needs," etc.

                So I talked about it with them, and with each point that I read I'd ask them a question. I asked, "Do we play with you and tell you jokes?" "When you're hurt do we pray and comfort you and give you Band-Aids?" "Do we sing to you, laugh with you, and tell stories to you?" "Do we have school every day?" "Do we have devotions every day, and memorize every day?" "Do we thank the Lord and pray for our Family every day?" etc.

                Then I went on to the subject of discipline: "Do Mommy and Daddy want to see you get hurt?" "Do you want to be taken by a stranger and kidnapped?" "Do we want to see you get sick?" "Do we want to see your mouths full of cavities, so that you have to get them filled by the dentist?" "Do we want you to have to go to public school and be around ungodly ways, thoughts and words, and things that go against our basic faith and principles?"

                Then, "Well, that's why we don't eat candy! That's why I teach you to obey. That's why we ask you to get in bed on time! That's why we make you do your schoolwork! That's why we don't listen to bad music and watch bad movies! I am responsible to the Lord and to you to discipline you when you don't obey! That is our faith and practice!" We had very good communication after that.

Helping the Children Understand Our Standards

                The neighbors know that we home-school our kids, and at first we heard that a couple of the neighborhood kids were saying that home schooling is stupid. After hearing them say that, my kids asked me about it and I told our kids that a lot of the other System kids would love to be home-schooled and to have their parents teach them, but because of finances or other reasons, or because they don't know how, they can't. So I tried to impress upon the kids the benefits of home schooling, and how privileged they are to get this sort of personal attention. Two of the neighborhood girls, ages 12 and 13, would say all the time, "I wish we were home-schooled. Can you teach me? My mom wants to know how much you would charge."

                Some of the kids aren't being well taken care of, with insufficient meals and all, so we give them food when they come over. My kids see they have it real good, and we count our blessings in those ways.

                When the neighbor kids are here we watch Fantastic Friends or Treasure Attic and do art projects or play games outside.

                Another thing we're faced with daily is candy. The kids have had lots of talks on the reasons we don't eat candy. They know why, and they usually tell the other kids, "No, we can't have it." My youngest, Lisa, loves any and all kinds of food in general, and so when she would see the candy, she was starting to say it like, "Well, my mom won't let me." It started having a bad tone to it, and sounded like, "If my mom weren't here, it would be different. And if you want to know what I think, I don't think it's fair."

                So I would have to take her aside and explain how it sounds when she talks like that to others. I would again try to make her understand why we can't eat candy and I found that giving her a substitute snack would help. I wanted the kids to have personal conviction about it, and not do it just because it's us telling them.

                I explained that there are a lot of parents who don't know that so much candy is bad for their kids, and that we need to help them understand. I also explained how even though it tastes nice, because it is made from white sugar, it isn't good for their health. I haven't found a kid yet who thinks that candy doesn't taste good. I said, "Okay, next time they ask you if you want some candy, ask them to open their mouths."

                So they did, and then my kids said, "See those black things in your mouth? That's why I don't eat it, and I don't have to go to the dentist like you do." The other kids are always asking for fruit now too, so that has made it easier.

                Once in a great while, I will allow the kids one piece of candy. I feel that if I say yes sometimes, they won't have to sneak it behind my back. I personally think it is also good for them to see that we can make exceptions at the right time and place.

                I read to them about our stand on junk food, why we eat whole wheat bread instead of white bread, why we don't buy pop, etc., laying the foundation for their convictions one thing at a time.

Encouraging a Desire to Witness

                In our previous situation, the kids did a lot of witnessing in the parks to other kids, praying with them, etc. But since coming here we hadn't witnessed as much for a while, and they started getting shy about it. I would gently encourage them, and whenever it would mention souls in the new mailings I would get especially excited about it for their sakes, and talk of the rewards in Heaven, etc.

                I didn't want to come down real strong about it or push them into it, as I knew that would make them not want to do it at all. At the same time, I didn't want to just ignore the problem. I put it to them, "Wouldn't you want your friends to be in Heaven, too?"

                My seven-year-old boy Mikey was sitting on the steps with one of the neighbor girls, and Mikey was asking her if she would like to go to this magic world with castles and flying horses, etc. She was very excited about it, and said yes. So he brought her inside and whispered to me that he had told her about Heaven and asked if I could pray with her.

                So I said to her, "There is a very special prayer that is like your ticket to Heaven. It's real easy to say, and Mikey wants to pray it with you. Then we can all be There one day." So he smiled and took her outside again, and I heard him praying a very sweet prayer. After that Mikey was in the "preacher mode" and was determined to get other kids saved, too.

Teaching the Children about Money

                The kids never really had their own pocket money before, just maybe a quarter here or there. In their schoolbooks they had to learn how to count money--dimes, nickels, etc., so I have been giving them real money to use for that. I would take them out shopping and let them read the labels and let them figure out how much things cost and all the rest.

                However at one point they started to really get into it. Every time we would leave the house, they went running for their wallets, and Gary and I were concerned about them getting so wrapped up in thinking about their money.

                I had a class with them on what real treasures are. I read about how we are supposed to have treasures in Heaven that no robbers can steal, that no fire will burn, and that will never get old and worn out! We talked about the Lord trusting us with a little, to see how we will use it.

                Now we have a little "bank," a box on a shelf they can't reach, where they stick any money they get, and they save it till shiner-prize day. Then at the beginning of every month we get our money that we've saved, and a little from our childcare budget, and go get something all together.

                Gary also shared with them about giving 10% to the Lord, and how tithing works. So they know that whenever they get money, they need to be sure to send their tithe on ahead to the Lord and the missionaries. Now they are faithful to do that on their own.

                We've taught them that personal money is a blessing that can be taken away if they are not thankful for it! I give them a dollar for each schoolbook they finish--some of which are pretty thick, so it's a good incentive.

What about Guns and Swords?

                Another thing that I am learning as we go along is how to handle the issue of guns and swords. We parents play a big role, because we give the final okay for what we allow--whether it be toys, movies, music, or computer games, etc. I believe that this is where the gift of prophecy, together with common sense, can come in, make things easier, and be a big help.

                I have been a teacher for many years and still learn things daily. I know that I am not perfect, nor are my kids by any means!

                I have let my eldest son play Robin Hood with bows and arrows and he loves to practice with targets, but he knows it is never to be aimed at a person, or he doesn't see that toy again. (Actually, Gary has made a number of bows out of PVC pipe, and arrows from dowels.) We only let him play with it if we are out there too, to make sure no one is injured.

                Then we were working on Ephesians 6 for memory work, which is all about the sword of the Word. So the next thing he wanted was a sword. I prayed and asked the Lord if letting him have a sword was the right thing to do. The Lord said it was okay, so we got a nice toy sword and explained that it represented the truth and protection from evil.

                Well, partially as a result, Ephesians 6 about the armor of the Spirit is the chapter my youngest son knows best, and he can say it faster and with more conviction than I can, so it did serve its purpose. But the next thing my eldest son asked for was a gun. I knew I didn't have to pray too long about that one. We went over the reasons why a gun isn't good, and we read about war and the Devil's plan to hurt and destroy.

                I asked him what he thought of when he saw a sword. I told him, "When I think of a sword, I think of knights who defend the king and queen and are willing to lay down their lives for them and what they stand for. I think of loyalty, bravery, a banner or standard that flies high for all to see. I see a sword of truth that can defend those who need it. But when I think of guns, I see death, hurt, pain, and tears." So this personal explanation helped him to realize that a gun under these circumstances was a sure "no."

                After a short time Mikey was getting a bit more aggressive with the other kids--not hurting them, but being more rowdy and getting bugged by things. I started feeling that it was time to get rid of the sword. I asked Mikey to throw it away, because it wasn't bearing good fruit any more. Now I realize I should have taken it to the Lord in prayer, not just once but every time!

                Later, Mikey wanted to get a different kind of sword that had a skull on it and I said, "That looks evil." So he asked if he could get a survival knife (plastic). I was getting a little bugged by his constant asking for more of this type of thing. I wasn't sure about it, so I told him we would pray about it. When we prayed, we got the verse, "Wait on the Lord." His eyes were almost teary, as he was afraid that the Lord was going to say no. He was so relieved that the answer wasn't a firm no, and I saw the Lord's love in not saying no right away, just "wait."

                After some time passed, we passed the same plastic survival knife in the store, and I went ahead and got it. I had gotten a check about waiting, but I figured the Lord hadn't said no. (I should have asked the Lord about it again, which would have been a more sure way to find out.) Mikey had been a good boy and worked hard on his schoolbooks, and I wanted to get something he really wanted. (We also have a small Swiss army knife for hiking and camping, etc., but that is only for when we go and do just that.)

                I also know that when taking kids along to shop or to places that have lots of toys flashing in their faces, they're on the Enemy's territory and I have to be sure to ask the Lord to cleanse their minds and hearts. I'm so thankful for the HTKs, KTKs and MLKs, as they are so well-illustrated and address these very things.

The Lord Comments on Children and Guns

                When working on this FSM, one of our editors asked the Lord the question: "What should we teach the children concerning toy guns? What is the best approach to take if they want to play with them?" Here's the answer the Lord gave:

                (Jesus speaking:) This issue with guns is a thorny one, but it must be hit head-on, confronted, and not dallied with. The children must learn that as a firearm, a gun is a deadly weapon, meant to maim and destroy part of a person's body, if not to kill. Guns are made to hurt people and they do a very good job of it, so toy guns are not to be played with and real guns are not to be left anywhere where children can play with them. The children must be corrected if they play with toy guns, and this must be dealt with by each parent, as the issue comes up, in the way that I lead in that situation.

                For this reason, the spiritual counterpart of a gun is real and effective. Your weapons of war are not carnal or material, but they are spiritual. Just as a gun can kill, maim, and destroy, your spiritual weapons of praise, prayer, and prophecy can destroy the works of the Devil.

                You are in a desperate and intense spiritual warfare, and you need the very best weapons that you can muster. Therefore it behooves you not to use the antiquated, slow, outdated methods of warfare of the past, but the new weapons of the Spirit. And with these--with your prayers, your praise, and your time in prophetic communion with Me--you will kill the efforts of the Enemy, you will maim his demons, and you will destroy his dirty work! He does not have a chance against the power of the weapons of the Spirit!

                This is an important analogy, and it is not to be confused with [the actual use of] earthly weapons. I want you to take a strong stand against these, and to seek out any influences which may encourage the children to mimic the System's warfare. Instead they need to learn the spiritual warfare, so they can defend Me and My Word, hold up My truth, and fight to set others free from the tyrannical yoke of the Enemy. (End of message.)

Preparing for the End and for Their Big Decisions Later On

                On another topic, I'm learning that even though we're following a certain Word curriculum--going through the Bible for devotions with Gary or me, learning their verses, and reading Letters from the DBs that are appropriate for their ages at quiet time.--I need to check and see how they are doing spiritually. If I feel they need something else along the lines of their NWOs or things they have questions about, then I find something to help them. It takes personal time and a bit of work to make sure that they're making progress in their lives and growing spiritually.

                I have felt the need, especially living here in the U.S., to stress the importance of being prepared for the End. Since we have had persecution in the past, and it was the kids who went through a lot of trying times, I often ask myself if my kids would be prepared enough. Am I preparing them to handle such a situation by teaching them how to use the new weapons of praise and prayer and hearing from the Lord? The Lord has given beautiful promises and I know He would take care of them, but am I doing everything I can to help them through any difficult times ahead?

                As adults, we know how to pray and get desperate. We know how to cry out to the Lord in time of trouble, and we have the faith that He would never leave us or forsake us. We have heard and seen miracles happen all our lives, but the kids don't have all that experience and background to fall back on. But when they are thrown into a bad situation--be it persecution, or worldly influences--if they know how to pray and praise and hear from the Lord, that will be the best strength and comfort they can have.

                I sometimes challenge them with the need for obedience or doing things right away with examples from the Word that we have read. For example, I say: "If I had to ask you to take a secret message, like Paul's nephew did in the Bible, would you be ready to do that? (See Acts 23:12-24.) Paul's life was in danger, and thank God that boy obeyed and did what he was supposed to." They get turned on about being able to take responsibility and being trusted.

                I stress to them the fact that in a few years they are going to be JETTs or teens who will have to make bigger decisions, and that they have to hear from the Lord, too. My kids know of a lot of people who have had to make choices to stay in the Family or go to the System, including their biological dad, who left a couple of years back. They question me about certain people who they find out aren't in the Family anymore, wondering why they left, etc. They are young, and don't understand everything they see or hear, and they wonder, "If the Family is so good, why are they leaving?" They also ask with great concern and tears in their eyes if those who left are still going to Heaven.

                I had to pray about what to say to them concerning those who have left. I felt the Lord just wanted me to be up front and explain it the best I could, telling them the reasons these people decided to leave, etc. (Of course, you need to use wisdom, and really ask the Lord when the right time is, as their hearts are sensitive.) We had a good talk about how you can never lose your salvation, and that was a big encouragement to them.

                We talked about how there are lots of other Christians who love the Lord and are going to Heaven but aren't in the Family, and that the Lord will take care of them, too. I then explained the levels of dedication as outlined in the Charter; and how some people still love the Lord but don't want to give all their time to help others, because it is a lot of work. You can't be selfish, but you have to be constantly giving and thinking of others.

                I asked them, "Was it hard work to get your show together for Christmas, and to use your free time to practice? But aren't you glad the message got out?" They agreed and they saw the blessings: the posters getting out, the souls won, and also the presents the Lord supplied.

                I said, "Some people leave because they want to get an education so they can get a job, but by the time they have four years of higher schooling and they are working away, the Antichrist could well be in power and asking people to take the Mark. They could have used all those years practicing with the new [spiritual] weapons and saving souls and helping people who don't know anything about the Mark of the Beast. We're all going to have to give account to the Lord for the way we lived.

                "There are others who want to go and make lots of money, and then they realize it is a lot of work and it didn't make them as happy as they thought it would. Yes, they can watch whatever movies they want, they can buy things when they can afford them, and they can eat candy and chew gum, etc. But when we all get to Heaven, and the Lord asks them, 'What have you done with your life?' what are they going to say? They will be even more ashamed than other Christians in the world, because they knew more truth.

                "The Lord will pass out rewards, and you're going to have to make the choice when you get older of whether you want to live for the Lord or work for the System. You will be making your own decisions, and the Lord will judge and reward you according to the choice you make."

                I told them about my oldest brother (Gabe) who left the Family and about the System job he has now, and also about my other brothers and sisters, Knight, Angel, and David who are on the mission field, having made their decision to stay and give their whole lives to the Lord, like Jesus did for us. The picture was very clear to them. I didn't pull any punches or tell them that everything out in the System was super horrible. I didn't exaggerate and say that fire would come down from Heaven and destroy them or anything like that. Rather I explained that those who leave choose a hard and lonely way.

                I told my kids that until they come of age I will do everything I can to teach them the ways of the Lord and giving and reaching out to others, and then when they are of age they will need to decide for themselves.

                I'm so thankful for all that I've been learning about how to explain things to the kids using the Charter and the Word. Of course, a major part of it is prayer, too, both committing things to the Lord, as well as asking Him how He wants us to go about teaching and explaining these things. Praise the Lord. I love you so much, Mama.

Much love, Sharon.

New Weapons Reading List for Kids

Kiddy Cat Book (KCB)

                KCB Topic # 8 Praise

                KCB Topic #79 Prayer

                KCB Topic #80 Prophecy and Revelations

                KCB Topic #60 Love for God/Jesus

                KCB Topic #119 The Word

                Each one of these KCB topic lists offers not only all the kids' pubs on the subject, but also Bible references, which all together make a good study. Be sure to especially refer to the NEW Word on these topics, such as the following: (all of these are in either the MLK or HTK book, unless otherwise indicated).


                MLK 6: Praise Time!

                MLK 7: Loving Jesus!

                MLK 14: Gifts of Love from Jesus to You!

                MLK 22: New Ways to Praise!

                MLK 42: Family Goals for 1998 (not in MLK book, loose copy)

                MLK 43: Positive Praise! (not in MLK book, loose copy)

                HTK 28: The Beggar Prophecy!

                HTK 32: Way-out Ways to Praise!


                MLK 3: Calling Out to God!

                MLK 7: Loving Jesus!

                MLK 11: The Mighty Motor of God!

                MLK 16: Engineering in the Spirit World!

                MLK 42: Family Goals for 1998 (not in MLK book, loose copy)


                MLK 8: What Is Prophecy?

                MLK 16: Engineering in the Spirit World!

                MLK 42: Family Goals for 1998 (not in MLK book, loose copy)

                MLK 44: The Waterfall of His Love! (not in MLK book, loose copy)

                HTK 28: The Beggar Prophecy!

                HTK 43: Pillars of God in the Last Days!

Loving Jesus:

                MLK 7: Loving Jesus!

                MLK 17: Be Jesus for Others in All You Do!

                MLK 42: Family Goals for 1998 (not in MLK book, loose copy)

                MLK 44: The Waterfall of His Love! (not in MLK book, loose copy)

                HTK 28: The Beggar Prophecy!

                HTK 32: Way-out Ways to Praise!

The Word/New Wine:

                MLK 20: God's Great Banquet!

                MLK 23: Mama's Seven Guiding Spirits!

                MLK 24: The Lit Library!

                MLK 25: The Endtime Race!

                MLK 26: Overflowing Treasure Chests!

                MLK 42: Family Goals for 1998 (not in MLK book, loose copy)

                HTK 27: Gifts and Blessings Prophecy!

                HTK 36: Seekman and the Treasures!


Copyright (c) 1997 by The Family