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Pray, Obey and Prepare!

Introduction to the 2002 Study Month

By Maria and Peter       CM 3420       9/02


Strengthen your faith through diligent study of the Word       3

We can minimize persecution through prayer and obedience       5

How do we pray against former loved ones who are fighting us?       6

Expand your witness, fortify your work       8

Persecution will strengthen the Family       10

Is this persecution a result of not obeying the CvsC series?       10

Increased enemy activity       15

The Vandari       15

Vandari repellent--the Word       19

All Heaven is at your command       20

Closing prayer, claiming the keys       21

Dear Family,

       1. You are about to begin a one-month study course. This is an exciting opportunity to review some of the basic beliefs of the Family, the principles that make us what we are. This time is not to be taken lightly, nor are these compilations to be read casually. The Lord said:

       2. (Jesus speaking:) This study time is a very necessary step in preparing the Family for the future. It is imperative that you put together this study program for the sake of My children, for they are in need of this time to study up so they will not be ashamed in future days, but instead will have the faith and power to take a stand, rightly dividing My words of truth. This course will be review for some and new for others, but it is essential for all. This should be high priority. (End of message from Jesus.)

       3. (Mama:) The brethren in our WS units have been praying for this study course for months. In August the Lord told them:

       4. (Jesus speaking:) I ask you to fight in prayer for the one-month study program. You must pray, you must champion My cause, wrestle in prayer, and defend the faith, so that the Family can derive the maximum benefit from My Words. In the spirit world, there is tremendous excitement and enthusiasm about the activities of My children. Satan desires to prevent and to hinder the progress that must be made, and be made now. He seeks to set back the flow of My Words.

       5. The study month for My brides to review and be strengthened in the basics of the unique Word I have given to the Family is a major event. This is not a light matter. You must not look upon this study course as routine, for it is a prime event and one that requires your daily support in prayer, calling on the power of the keys. (End of message from Jesus.)

       6. (Mama:) The battle is certainly becoming more fierce, both in the spiritual realm with the Enemy's attacks intensifying, and with our detractors and apostates becoming more determined to cause as much trouble for the Family as possible and to weaken your faith through their half-truths, exaggerations, lies, and false accusations.

       7. Studying these GNs during this next month will help to prepare you for whatever battles or tests you will face in the future. This is especially important for those of you who are not very familiar with the full explanation of our basic beliefs that is found in the Letters. We pray that each of you will be especially attentive to this study assignment, and that you'll tune in, apply yourself, and take as much time as necessary to fully understand the basis for our Family lifestyle and beliefs.

       8. It's understandable that you young people would not have had much time to study the older Letters, since it's even difficult to keep up with the New Wine and other pubs that come out each month. This is, therefore, a golden opportunity to strengthen the foundation of your faith, since you will have the time over this next month to study these compilations without having to keep up with other new GNs and pubs at the same time.

       9. It's a sacrifice for Peter and me to cut back on the new GNs in order to allow you this entire month to concentrate on the study course. There is a lot of important new instruction from the Lord waiting to be published. But our Husband has made it very clear that this study time should take priority. So please take advantage of it. Please make it worthwhile!

Strengthen Your Faith

Through Diligent Study of the Word

       10. We all need to be well founded in the basic beliefs of the Family in order to be effective witnesses. We need to know what we as members of the Family believe and why. We need to be fully convinced that our beliefs, lifestyle and goals are Scriptural. We need to be prepared to give powerful answers to those who inquire about our faith, so that we can do what the Lord has commanded us–-feed the sheep, win disciples, and build a strong church of dedicated outside members.

       11. In addition to helping us to be the witnesses and fruitful missionaries we need to be, being strong in our foundation of faith is crucial when we experience persecution and hear the accusations of apostates. When you face bad publicity, inquiries from authorities, or hear the tales of those who are no longer with us and have chosen to fight us, it's natural that you'll get hit with doubt, fear, discouragement, etc. The only thing that will help you to stand strong in the face of such challenges to your faith and lifestyle is being strong in the Word.

       12. It doesn't matter if you're smart, talented, a good speaker or debater, personable in relating to those outside the Family, etc.; those qualities will not be enough when you need to defend the Family and your faith against the vicious attacks of our enemies. Only the Word will give you the strength, power, and faith to keep going and trusting the Lord.

       13. Being strong in the Word is what makes the difference! That's the secret to making it through such battles, challenges, and tests with your faith still intact! In fact‚ if you're strong in the Word, you can come through such experiences even stronger and more full of faith and inspiration, having defeated the Enemy and witnessed the Lord's tremendous saving power.

       14. If you and those in your Home have made commitments to not read the accusations of our detractors and apostates, and to not go on the ex-member Web sites, Peter and I commend you. That's the best thing to do. It's unwise to deliberately and willfully pollute your mind and spirit with attacks on the Word and your faith. But even if you are steering completely clear of the verbal attacks of our apostates, you still need to be prepared for eventual persecution, and the way to prepare is to strengthen your faith through diligent study of the Word.

       15. If you have read the writings of our detractors, please get cleansed! As I said recently on video, our detractors can get pretty convincing sometimes, especially some who have lived with us, and when they leave and get bitter and filled with hate, they come up with all sorts of stories. They exaggerate or twist the truth, distort it by telling only one side of a situation, or rewrite history based on some of the strong delusion they've received since they've rejected the truth, going so far as to believe a lie and tell lies (2Thes.2:10-11).

       16. I know for our Family, it's hard for us to believe that someone would get to this state, distorting, exaggerating, and sometimes even deliberately lying about things. We're taught to be honest. That's one of our personal goals--to be honest with each other and with the Lord. So when folks who have been with us leave and you hear them tell some pretty outrageous stories, you may find it hard to believe that they could possibly be making these things up. But they often do.

       17. Now, whenever the Enemy lies, he always weaves some truth in. If he just slapped together some lie, you wouldn't believe it. He has to weave some truth in. And he weaves it very skillfully and very cleverly‚ so that it really plays on your sense of right and wrong, and makes it sound very bad. You think, “How could they be telling such a huge lie if it weren't true?”

       18. So that's one thing we want to warn you about when you hear these tales, which are out there--and maybe some of you have already heard and read some of them. I wouldn't advise you to go looking for them, but if for some reason you have to hear these things or you've already heard them, then please listen to what we're saying.

       19. Please don't swallow these things that some of our detractors are saying. It'll hurt your faith. It'll cause you to have doubts. It'll hinder your work for the Lord and others. You have to get cleansed of these things through going to the Lord and hearing His Word, even personally. There are a lot of answers already published on many‚ if not all, of the topics our detractors harp on, and you should go back and read the pubs, but also go to the Lord personally and ask Him about them.

       20. You have to do that, you must, or these things are going to eat at you and fester like poison arrows. You can take the arrows out, but if you don't cleanse and take care of the wounds, that poison will continue to circulate through your system and you will end up in pretty bad shape with some pretty bad doubts.

       21. Now, you say‚ “I'm strong enough to take it. I can read these things and it doesn't hurt me!” Well, just as we know that the Lord's Words are sharp and powerful, sharper than any two-edged sword, and they're life and warmth and light and salvation and everything to us, and work in our lives in powerful positive ways, we also know that the Devil's words work in powerful negative ways. They're powerful‚ too.

       22. Please don't underestimate the power of the Devil's words‚ because when you take in those things without being convinced of the truth, without coming to the Lord and getting His Word on it, without being cleansed, it's one of the principles of the spirit that you're going to be hurt by it. You're going to be dirtied by it.

       23. We know you want to be strengthened, because you wouldn't be in the Family, you wouldn't still be here if you didn't want to be the best disciple you could, and if you didn't want to continue to the End--the glorious End, by the way! It gets better all the time!

       24. So I want to emphasize--and this is one of the most important things I can tell you--if you do read or hear those things, if you have to read or hear them, get cleansed. It's very important to your spiritual life and your strengthening. We're not telling you not to read them. We're suggesting that it would be better if you didn't, but we know sometimes you have no choice and you hear things. But they're very discouraging and depressing at the least, and they can be very damaging to your spirit. So please try to ask the Lord about these things, or if you don't feel you can ask the Lord, ask someone else to ask Him for you. It's very important.

       25. As was brought out in the recent videos you viewed, persecution will come. It's inevitable. That should come as no surprise to you, for “all that will live godly in Christ Jesus will suffer persecution” (2Tim.3:12). This is nothing to be afraid of, if you are prepared.

       26. This GN might sound vaguely familiar to you. The reason is that part of it is composed of excerpts from the fourth video in the series we made for you. However, Peter and I have made additions and clarifications to the transcript of this video. We made small wording changes to our commentary to make it clearer, but we also added whole new prophecies and topics and commentary that were not covered in the video, or at least not in detail.

       27. When filming the videos we needed to be as concise as possible, as we had quite a number of topics to cover in a short amount of time. But now that we have the opportunity to address in print this issue of our detractors' activities and our preparation for persecution, the Lord has led us to make the counsel as complete as possible. So please bear in mind that some of what you will read now will sound familiar, as it is based on excerpts of our video #4, and some is completely new material that you have not read before. Please read this very carefully, rather than skipping over it‚ thinking, “Oh, I've already heard this.” There is much you have not heard, and it's also wise to review the important counsel and prophecies that you have heard only once.

We Can Minimize Persecution

Through Prayer and Obedience

       28. We have talked about the possibility … well, not just the possibility, but the definite fact that eventually we will have persecution. And that's just a fact of life.

       29. Some people say, “Oh, I think maybe I'm going to have to leave the Family because I don't want to subject my children to persecution ever again; that would be too frightening.” Dear Family, you don't have to be fearful. The Lord has given wonderful promises that you can stand on! You can leave the Family if you want, but if you still want to serve Jesus, you're going to suffer persecution eventually, whether in or out of the Family.

       30. The Family seems to be the forerunner in suffering persecution, because we're out front and we're really getting the job done and the Enemy is angry with us. There are, however, other Christians who are also suffering persecution in many countries today. I suppose you've probably heard in recent months of some very serious persecution of missionaries who have even had to give their lives for the cause of Jesus. We and these other active Christian missionaries are some of the ones that are popping up all over the place, so the Devil can more easily target us, whereas other Christians aren't doing nearly as much right now. But as the End draws closer, Christians all over the world are going to be suffering persecution.

       31. So you can leave the Family if you want and if you fear persecution, but if you still want to serve Jesus, eventually you're going to be persecuted for righteousness' sake, just like every Christian is going to be. Jesus said, “All who will live godly in Christ Jesus shall suffer persecution.” So don't link persecution just with the Family, because it's linked to everyone who wants to live for Jesus and is dedicated to doing His work.

       32. And it's not a bad thing! Everybody gets a little freaked out when we start talking about persecution, but there are so many promises connected with it. And the Lord doesn't do anything just to make you fear or to make you go through bad things just to see if you're strong. That's not the purpose. He doesn't allow anything to happen to His children unless it's going to bring forth good‚ not only for the work, but also for you personally.

       33. We're going to read you some of our dear Husband's promises that are very positive and that should dispel any fear that you might have. As you claim the Lord's promises, He can calm your fears and your troubled spirit, if you are tempted to feel that way, and He can give you peace in knowing that any kind of coming persecution is going to be good for us. It always has been, and it always will be.

       34. The Lord also said, however‚ that how much we're affected by persecution depends on how much we pray‚ and if you want to limit and minimize the persecution that will come in the future, your biggest defense against it is your prayer life--your prayers that the Lord will do whatever it takes to stop those who are fighting against us, and prayers for the Family and yourselves that you'll really be on board, doing what the Lord has asked you to do, that you'll be yielded and obedient.

       35. So remember that prayer is a major factor in limiting and minimizing persecution. Also, of course, your obedience is another key factor--how much you're doing the job to get out the witness, including standing up for the meat of the Word.

       36. So these are some things that if we'll obey, if we'll do what the Lord has asked, if we'll pray, if we'll be faithful witnesses, if we'll not compromise, if we'll build a strong missionary work, then we can really minimize persecution‚ and the Lord will not let it be one little bit, not one ounce more than it needs to be to accomplish His purpose.

       37. So please pray against our enemies, pray for the Family, pray for yourselves, strengthen your follow-up programs, keep getting out Activated, get out the meat of the Word, build your work as the Lord has said, show the Family as a positive force in your community, feed your contacts and let them know who you are and what you stand for, and have conviction! Then you don't have to worry about persecution.

       38. We'll read some Words from the Lord that will further strengthen your faith. Praise the Lord!

How Do We Pray Against Former

Loved Ones Who Are Fighting Us?

       39. (Peter:) Amen! As Mama said, and as you'll see in the prophecies that we'll read, the Lord talks a lot about the need for us to pray against these attacks, to pray against those who are seeking to hurt or destroy the Family. But often it's hard to know how to pray against certain people, because sometimes these people are your friends or your children or your parents, and it's really difficult for you to think, “Well, I've got to pray that the Lord will curse them” and that sort of thing. That's been a bother for some people, and understandably so. It's a dilemma to know how to pray the most effective prayers in situations when you're having to pray against people who were once Family members and who are now detractors or apostates who are out to do us serious damage.

       40. In such cases, how do we pray, what do we say? We know that the Lord wants us to pray. He said prayer is important and the amount of persecution we receive and the effect that persecution will have will depend a lot on our prayers. So He wants us to pray in advance, beginning now.

       41. We asked the Lord how we should pray against those who are fighting against us, and He gave the following instruction:

       42. (Jesus speaking:) It's the principle of hate the sin, but love the sinner. I don't expect you to stop loving those who have gone out from your midst, but you must pray against the Enemy's attacks through these people. They are loved ones, they are Mine, but they are deluded and have given themselves over to the dark side through rebellion, pride, and rejecting My Word, so you must pray against the Enemy and the way he wants to use them. Command Me to move My mighty strong hand in the situation and to intervene in the way that I know best.

       43. You don't have to pray damning prayers against the individuals, but you must pray and damn the Devil, because the works he wants to do through these who are deceived would cause great damage if they were allowed to go forward. The only way to stop them is through your prayers.

       44. Fight the Evil One in the spirit! Commit to Me these who have gone out from your midst and are threatening such terrible things. Ask Me to keep them from doing damage. Empower Me to move in the way that I know best to bring their evil works to naught. Tell Me that whatever it takes, you want Me to do it.

       45. I will have mercy, for they are Mine‚ but in some cases mercy would be to take them out of the way before they can hurt others even more. For the further they go in their lies and deceptions, the longer and harder the road of humility back to Me becomes, and the more they will have to repent of and make restitution for--whether here or in the next life. So your prayers for My intervention are mercy to them. The sooner they realize what they're doing and repent, the less they will have to undo.

       46. I know how to handle people, and I know what works best in each individual case. I hate the Evil One with a perfect hatred! I hate his attacks on My children, and I hate the way he tries to draw those away from Me who are Mine. But they are Mine and they always will be! Those who have on the helmet of salvation will never be lost to Me. So the best thing you can do is to pray desperately and beseech Me to intervene, to work in their lives, to stop their evil deeds, to wake them up from the deception and pride that they've fallen into, and to do whatever is necessary to prevent damage to My work and to My witness going out to the world.

       47. Praying a prayer like that gives Me power to work on your behalf, to save you from these attacks, or to at least minimize them, and to do whatever is necessary to protect My work and My children.-–And at the same time, to work in the lives of those who are wayward and deceived to bring them back to Me.

       48. So stir yourselves up, My fighting warriors! Put on your armor‚ for the battle is here! It's now! It's not off in the future; it has begun, and your prayers will turn the tide and bring victory!

       49. Don't fear to put your loved ones and those who have gone out from your midst fully into My hands. I am a loving and merciful God, and I love them with an everlasting love. So while the answers to your prayers might come at some personal cost to them in this life, they will be thankful in Heaven that you cared and loved them enough to pray for them, and to pray for Me to rescue them.

       50. These are Mine, all of those who have on the helmet of salvation. So your prayers against the Enemy and his evil deeds that he is trying to work through them, your prayers for My hand to be manifested in their lives and to protect you from all harm will eventually result in their rescue and return to Me. That is a promise. (End of message from Jesus.)

       51. (Peter:) Thank You Lord! Here's another little portion of a prophecy on the same subject:

       52. (Jesus speaking:) You must steel yourself to pray for My hand to move in the situation and to stop their evil deeds in the way that I know best. If you don't pray, much more hurt and disruption to the work will come. But if you're faithful to pray, you can stop much of that. It is mercy and love to pray and to beseech Me to stop them‚ because the more havoc they wreak, the more lies and distortions they spread, the deeper they fall into the Enemy's clutches, the harder it is for them to humble themselves, admit where they're wrong, and return to Me, and the more they have to make up when they finally do repent.

       53. When you think of the damage that it will do to My work if you don't pray, the many other little children who could be taken away from their parents, or the lost who won't have a chance at salvation because the Family won't be able to witness to them, that should be enough to give you the conviction you need to pray fervently and desperately with great conviction against this attack of the Enemy, and in doing so, to also pray against the actions of your detractors and apostates.

       54. The point is, you don't have to pray against those you love with damning prayers, asking Me to curse them as individuals, but you do have to pray against the Enemy's attacks through them, and the damage he wants to do to the work. You should commit them to My strong and loving hands to do whatever I know is needed to humble them, to show them the error of their ways, or else to take them out of the way so that I can save them from themselves before they do more damage. Either way, I will have mercy; I will do what I know is best. But you must pray. (End of message from Jesus.)

       55. (Peter:) Thank You Jesus! We love You, and we pray together against the Enemy and against the way he is using some of our loved ones to attack us. Jesus, we pray that You will bind his power. We call on the power of the keys and the strength of the keys and of Your hand to fight against the Enemy, and to stop those who are being used by him. Lord, help them to come to their senses, or do whatever You have to do in their lives to help them not to do this, or to stop soon, so that they don't have so much to repent of and to have to make right later.

       56. Jesus, we also pray that You will help each one in the Family to understand that though persecution is on the horizon, we can have a major impact on that persecution through our prayers. We can cause it to be limited. We can cause it to bring forth great fruit. We can cause it to be less damaging through our prayers now, our prayers ahead of time.

       57. Please help us to be desperate. Help us to put that at the forefront of our prayers and on our prayer list, to pray against it every day and against the Enemy using these folks who have vowed to hurt and destroy the Family. Please help each one of us to see the importance of our prayers so that we can have an effect in this, and we can move Your hand in a way that will help to either stop or limit this persecution so that we can continue in our witness and reaching the world and doing our mission of serving You. Thank You Jesus! We love You, Lord!

Expand Your Witness,

Fortify Your Work!

       58. Okay, I have another prophecy, from Dad this time. We don't exactly know when the persecution will come and exactly what it will be, but the Lord, Dad‚ and those in the heavenly realm have more insight, so we'll just read what they have to say for all of our benefit.

       59. (Dad speaking:) The Enemy is constantly looking for ways to foil, hinder, and stop the progress the Lord is making through the Family. The Family has gone over the top with the “Conviction versus Compromise” series and is making advances again, reclaiming territory that had slipped away. They're back into more of an attack mode again, progressing more in spirit and closing up the gaps in the spiritual walls of defense. This means greater effectiveness and greater fruitfulness; it means winning more souls and becoming a stronger witness; it means claiming the land, and the Enemy doesn't like it. He doesn't like the prospect of a more effective, efficient, and engaging fighting force that he will not be able to prevail against.

       60. The Family is restructuring governmentally with the boards, strengthening the unity and flow of ideas and information, building greater fellowship and interaction, creating more involvement, greater cohesiveness‚ and more interconnectivity. This means the Family is noticeably stronger and more unified, and thus much more formidable.

       61. With the Family rallying and regrouping and making these critically important advances, the Enemy is frantically trying ways to stop or to thwart these initiatives before the Family gains enough momentum to become a virtually unstoppable juggernaut of influence and spiritual power.

       62. The Evil One is trying to bring together those who have left the Family. He's trying to unite them and use their lies and misconceptions; he's trying to get them to fight together. He knows that alone, each individual lacks the strength and ability to have an effect or to make an inroad into the Family. He knows he also has to bring about some sort of cohesion in the Family's detractors to make the lie look big enough to cause concerns among the authorities. This is not easy to do, and their alliance is weak. But he will be marginally successful, for there are enough with enough bitterness in their hearts to believe in the “righteousness” of their lie, and be drawn by the possibilities of recognition and support.

       63. But what they're not fully counting on is the Family's ability to rally to the need and to amass a force of prayer, calling on the power of some very potent and commanding keys. The Enemy does know how the Family united and rallied and won great victories during the past persecutions, and he fears that power and unity. But he's hoping that a preemptive attack, launched before the progress the Family is making gels, will not only stop the progress, but also that the Family won't be united enough to rally against him. He desperately wants to deal a very critical and potentially debilitating blow before it's too late.

       64. Right now it's still a battle of strategy and planning, like a game of chess, maneuvering and positioning, advancing‚ fortifying and placement. But if your moves, both in anticipation and in response, don't thwart his attempts and block his advances, while showing your force and determination, simultaneous to advancing on him and dealing him blows, he will make his move more quickly. This will set you back in all areas by putting you on the defensive‚ and we can't let that happen.

       65. The Lord is giving you advance warning and intelligence to foresee the Enemy's plans. You've been faithful to ask and listen, so He's faithful to give you direction and foresight. So now the question is how to best use this advance information and turn it to your good and not to your disappointment.

       66. Like I've always said, the best defense is a good offense. The Lord is leading you, dear Family, to further strengthen and expand your witness, encouraging you to build the reputation of your local works, showing that the Family is a positive force for good in your local community.

       67. Your enemies are still attacking with the old, old lies, but the old is long gone and will never be again. Build around the new restructured Family; build on how the Family helps and encourages the lives of others; build, so that your good will not be evil spoken of. Face outward to the fields and the harvest. Get out witnessing and winning, being a testimony for good. Get out building your contacts, encouraging your friends, and giving to others. Strengthen your follow-up programs. Build the influence of your work. Set the foundation of your local work on a rock, testifying of the Family.

       68. Remember, the darkness flees of itself in the face of the light, but as well, greater darkness requires greater brilliance and a more resolved determination. The best defense is a good offense, and their machinations will come to nothing in the face of the power of your testimony. The two-edged sword of the keys will both work for you and defend you.

       69. Use this warning of impending persecution as a rallying cry to expand your witness, to fortify your work, to reach out further and more effectively. Use it to come together in your boards, to pray together about how you can strengthen and build your local work, to pray together about how to thwart the Enemy's plans and minimize their effect by building the good name of the Family. Don't just defend, proclaim! Proclaim the Lord's Words and call on the keys. To be forewarned is to be forearmed.

       70. This is something you must begin right away. Your enemies are looking for ways and means to attack in the hope of setting the Family in disarray, so now is the time to go on the attack before the Enemy gets his initiative.

       71. Persecution will come, it's inevitable, and so you must attack now by proactively building, expanding‚ and fortifying. If you do this, and if in your desperation you pull together and strengthen any breaches, if you counter the plans of your enemies with a witnessing and follow-up offensive, this pending attack will at most be minimal, and at best fizzle completely.

       72. The most important thing right now is not to let the threat of persecution cause you to batten down the hatches and to go into a waiting, defensive‚ hiding out, hunkered-down mode. It's time to unify, to look outward, and to go on the attack!

       73. The threat of persecution should bring an attitude of soberness and desperation, of calling on the keys for strength, answers, and help. It's not something to take lightly. What are you going to do with the information the Lord has given you? Remember, persecution can either greatly hurt and hinder you, or you can use it to fine-tune‚ strengthen, and tighten your work, thereby making the Enemy's attacks of little or no effect. If you work in love, humility, faith, and in the power of the keys, nothing will be able to stop you. (End of message from Dad.)

       74. (Peter:) Dad gave some excellent instruction that you should definitely endeavor to follow. He said you should: “Build, so that your good will not be evil spoken of. Face outward to the fields and the harvest. Get out witnessing and winning, being a testimony for good. Get out building your contacts, encouraging your friends, and giving to others. Strengthen your follow-up programs. Build the influence of your work. Set the foundation of your local work on a rock, testifying of the Family.

       75. “Use this warning of impending persecution as a rallying cry to expand your witness, to fortify your work, to reach out further and more effectively. Use it to come together in your boards, to pray together about how you can strengthen and build your local work, to pray together about how to thwart the Enemy's plans and minimize their effect by building the good name of the Family. Don't just defend, proclaim! Proclaim the Lord's Words and call on the keys. To be forewarned is to be forearmed.”

       76. The Lord is giving you time to build your solid, well-balanced missionary work in the name of the Family. Please use this time wisely and be well prepared for whatever comes your way! If you have a flock of believers who know who you are and what you do, if you're feeding them the Words of David regularly, if you're grounding them in the faith, then they'll be on fire for the Family because you've gotten them on fire with the Word, and they'll stand up for you‚ the Word, the Family, and the work that you do for the Lord and your community! Remember the Lord's promise: “If you counter the plans of your enemies with a witnessing and follow-up offensive, this pending attack will at most be minimal, and at best fizzle completely.”

       77. The Lord has mentioned several times about beginning now. We need to pray now; we need to obey beginning now! The Lord is giving the warning, He's giving us time, but we have to use that time wisely, beginning now!

       78. Mama and I ask that you use your next Charter-required Home council meeting, which we pray you will be able to schedule fairly soon, to discuss the instruction from Dad in the above message, as well as ways you can be more effective in your prayer lives. Before having your Home council meeting, please take time to pray about some of these points and hear from the Lord, so your time will be very productive and you can make concrete progress.

       79. Talking about it is not enough. You must have an actual plan that you follow. Continue to hear from the Lord in prophecy each step until you have an effective, feasible plan of attack for putting into practice the instruction of this GN regarding your preparation for persecution.

Persecution Will Strengthen

The Family!

       80. Here is some wonderful encouragement from our Husband:

       81. (Jesus speaking:) The time of persecution and turning your eyes outward will strengthen you greatly, My Family. It will motivate you to become better witnesses, for you will be reminded that time is short. My Word will come alive in living color as you see the prophecies fulfilled. It will light the fire of you who are wavering, and it will force those of you who have been weakened to make a decision--either to go on for Me 100%‚ or else to choose another path. It will be good for the Family. It is My time. (End of message from Jesus.)

       82. (Peter:) And then again:

       83. (Dad speaking:) In the fear of the Lord is strong confidence, and His children will have a place of refuge. Those who love, obey, and follow the Lord don't have anything to worry about regarding any persecution that will come. They will only be made stronger, more united, better soldiers who are humble and more adept at using the weapons of the spirit that the Lord has given to all of you.

       84. So this coming persecution from those who hate you shouldn't discourage you who have been making the commitment to obey the Lord, to strengthen your convictions, and to cleanse yourselves of your compromises. You're walking the road of commitment, and you'll only benefit from the persecution. It's to make you strong.

       85. “Yea, and all that live godly in Christ Jesus shall suffer persecution.” You might have to go through the persecution, but you'll be protected and you need not fear, for it will benefit you spiritually. (End of message from Dad.)

Is This Persecution a Result of

Not Obeying the CvsC Series?

       86. (Mama:) Some of you might wonder if this warning of coming persecution is because the Family failed to obey the counsel of the “Conviction vs. Compromise” GNs. In that series, the Lord said that if we didn't, of our own accord, make the changes necessary to forsake any compromises and become more obedient to the Word‚ then He would send persecution to strengthen, purge, and purify the Family. It's a logical question to wonder now, a year later, when there are more apostates and the threats of persecution, if the Lord is unhappy with the Family, if we have failed in what He challenged us to do in the CvsC series‚ and if as a result, the Lord is fulfilling His warning of persecution as His chastisement for our disobedience and compromise.

       87. To begin with, let's review what the Lord predicted in the CvsC series when He said: “There will be yet more apostates, more detractors with outlandish stories to test and try the hearts of the children of David. Warn the Family, let them know that this is what's happening and why. Those who receive this will be forewarned and will recognize the attacks of the Enemy when they come their way. Those who have been faithful to study and believe and come to Me and receive My seeds will stand” (ML #3361:61-62, GN 957).

       88. Then in “More on the Keys” the Lord said: “There will be more false accusers and their words will test the faith of some” (ML #3351:86, GN 946). So we shouldn't be surprised that we are now seeing a new round of attacks from apostates, and that there are new voices being raised against the Family. The Lord warned us that this would come.

       89. But these verbal attacks are not synonymous with the persecution the Lord warned of in the CvsC series. When we asked the Lord about what's happening now and how it fits together with what He said in the CvsC series, He explained it in the following messages:

       90. (Jesus speaking:) Right now, these detractors' railings cannot really be called persecution. Yes‚ they are against Me and against the Family, and it will test and try the faith of many. But the persecution I was speaking of in the CvsC series is much more concrete, tangible, and involves serious action. This is not yet upon you. So there is still time for those who have not yet made the progress necessary to do so, before the actions follow the rantings.

       91. The accusations brought against you by these new apostates will stir up action against you. But how much and how widespread, how effective those actions are against you depends on several factors:

       * How much you pray.

       * How much the Family takes action to obey and follow closely.

       * How much you are doing the job to get out the witness and meat of the Word, so that I don't have to allow persecution to do it for you.

       92. The Family needs to know that persecution is coming. Persecution is inevitable. But woe to those who bring on persecution because of their disobedience, lack of conviction, lack of change, lack of witness, and lack of doing the job and living as My disciples. It will be much harder for them, for they will not have My full blessing and anointing.

       93. You must know that persecution will come. But how ready you are for it, and the reasons why it hits your particular Home or area of the world will vary. Blessed will be those who are ready in spirit, who have girded up their loins for the battle, and who suffer persecution for righteousness' sake. Their testimony will shine brightly. I will save and deliver them, and great will be their reward in Heaven! They will be strengthened, and will bring many others to Me. It will work together for their good. But woe to those who are not prepared, whom I must purge and chastise through the fires of persecution.

       94. Persecution is not yet upon you, but it is knocking at the door. Those who are wise will prepare; they will strengthen their gates, their hearts, and their spiritual lines of defense. They will confirm their place in My highest will as one of My disciples. They will go on the attack even more with the witness. And when persecution comes, it will only strengthen them and their work for Me.

       95. It's nothing to fear, nothing to be afraid of. It's part of living as one of My disciples. The key is to be ready for it and to be in My highest will, so that you have My full blessing, My full protection, the full power of the keys at your command. (End of message from Jesus.)

* * *

       96. (Jesus speaking:) Just as there are many individuals and different situations in the Family, so there are many degrees of obedience and dedication. I am merciful and I give people ample time. I don't expect that everyone will have made the same changes and be at the same place spiritually. But the overall plan must move forward, and I have to look at the general state of the Family's needs when I allow something to come to pass or I delay it.

       97. In this case, a large majority of the Family has been making steps forward in their quest for greater dedication. I am pleased.

       98. However, there are pockets of resistance to the truth and the direction I am leading. There are some who are still rebellious, disobedient, shallow, compromised, and without the fear of Me. And because there has been so much truth published over the last year, I must hold these wayward ones more accountable. They are in essence challenging Me, testing Me, like a child might test his parents. They think nothing will come of their rebelliousness‚ that all things will continue as they are. They are simply biding their time, mostly here for the lifestyle, without regard for the judgments that will come.

       99. Because they have not made decisions to either get right with Me or to move on, and because it's impossible for the shepherds to be “policing” the flocks, I will shepherd these wayward ones Myself. That's when the painful persecution will come into the picture.

       100. There will be varying degrees of suffering when persecution hits. Some will experience persecution because of their disobediences. Some who have been obedient for the most part will suffer because they weren't their brother's keeper, because they turned a blind eye to the sins of others and didn't stand up for the truth. And yet others will suffer indirectly, because you are all one Family, you are all connected, and when hurt, pain and persecution touches a part of you, it affects the whole body.

       101. The degree of suffering will depend largely on each one's level of obedience to Me, but all can come out stronger if they will allow Me to strengthen them through it. Those who choose to stand by My side, who take up the challenge, will be strengthened through persecution. Each one can be bettered through it, but how easy or how difficult it will be for you, and the degree of suffering I will allow to touch your life, depends largely on your level of obedience.

       102. To sum it up, there are varying degrees of obedience, and the degree of persecution and the reasons for it will vary, as will the outcome. But as I promised, I will make the judgment exactly what's needed--not too much, not too little.

       103. My queen and king have delivered their souls. My brides need the explanation and update, and those who are still seriously compromised and disobedient need a last warning. I deliver My soul in mercy. (End of message from Jesus.)

* * *

       104. (Jesus speaking:) My loves, this will be a great battle of the truth against the lies‚ but one thing I want you to see very clearly from the start is that we will win! I held back this tide of lies until this precise moment. Now is the time to fight! Now is the time to go to battle! Now is the time to face down your enemies, to confront‚ defy, and resist them head-on!

       105. This is an attack of the Enemy, but it is My doing, for through this I will bring much good fruit. There are many who will be strengthened, and others will choose to leave. Both of these end results are good. Fear not for the waves of doubt and uncertainty that will wash through the Family, for that will cause each one to come to Me and to weigh up his faith and to decide where he stands.

       106. I warned of this in the “Conviction vs. Compromise” series. I said there would be more apostates, and this is the fulfillment of that prophecy. You see that that was a true prophecy, for now you see that it has found its mate. So will you see that what I have spoken just now--that you will be victorious--is also true. Though there will be a moment when things will look dark and almost hopeless, I will cause the light of My truth and victory to burst forth, and your latter state will be stronger and more fruitful.

       107. I continue to purge the ranks--not only to force those who are still not believers to leave, but also to help those who are believers to believe more strongly, by pushing them to a crisis of faith, so that they have to seek Me and see clearly where their faith lies. For only when this has been done can My Endtime soldiers be prepared for what is to come.

       108. Do not think it strange that I would purge and prepare My Family in this way‚ for did you think you'd just waltz into the Endtime, prepared and strengthened, without any battles to test your mettle? That is impossible, for in the spiritual realm you can only be strengthened through battles. That is the truest test, and that is the only way you can tell where people stand. You and I and your brethren need to know where each one stands, for you must know without a doubt who you can trust and lean on, and who will be there for you when things get rougher-–and they will.

       109. My dear Family, don't allow yourselves to become weary with the battle, or to succumb to the Enemy's lies that something went wrong, or that the Family is too weak to make it, or that the young people don't have what it takes to be dedicated disciples and to remain true. You must constantly focus on the power and know that there are no impossibilities for you, for you are My intimate brides and you have the full power of the keys of the Kingdom. You seek My love, you are full of My Word, and that makes you worthy of the anointing that I will give you as warriors of My truth.

       110. Fear not, My beloveds. Don't fear the Enemy's lies, nor the effects they will have. For each one of My children is in My hand. I work in each one's life personally, and I am his or her personal Shepherd. I have great power in each one's heart and mind. So the outcome of the battle for each life is a matter between the individual and Me. Each one will make his or her own decision. Each one's fate is controlled by himself or herself.

       111. What I require of each of you is that you obey Me and do My will. That will include standing up for the truth, hearing My voice, not fearing‚ delivering My truth to the people, fighting in prayer, and then trusting Me. That is your part in this battle, and having done that, then you must simply stand back and watch Me fight.

       112. You should never ever go on the defensive. Know that as long as you are obedient and doing My will, I will be your strong tower, your calm in the midst of the storm.

       113. You can be encouraged that this battle has come in My time. As you look back, you can see that there has been a tremendous foundation of progress laid, and you are ready. You are well armed spiritually due to such things as the “Conviction vs. Compromise” series; the worldwide prayer and fast day; the cleansing of the Family; the instruction in the use of the keys of the Kingdom; the many promises of the keys of the Kingdom; the exposure of Pan, Bacchus, Lethargy, Selvegion, Apotheon and others; the connection that many now have with the queen and king personally.

       114. Though it's never a good time to have to fight an outside attack and you wish you could put your emphasis and attention fully on the battle for souls and reaching the world for Me, this outside attack is inevitable and it's needed. It's not a curse, for it will work together to bring progress, forward movement, change, and a stronger Family. This is My doing.

       115. Those who are true warriors love the battle, they relish the challenge, and they rejoice in the victories! That must be your attitude as well, My Family. You must look forward to what is to come, knowing that I have the answers and solutions. As you make war, there is victory ahead, and great spoils!

       116. Though these apostates think this is their own doing and that they are causing major problems and disruption in your lives and work, they stand before Me as those who are blind with pride and are simply pawns in My hands. They are puppets and they have no more power over their moves at this point than little wooden Pinocchio had over his. They are proud and haughty‚ and they think they will fight God. But constantly remember that they are My instruments, and there is nothing that they do without My express allowance. If need be, I could stop them‚ and I will, but only when they have completed My plan and fulfilled My will. (End of message from Jesus.)

       117. (Mama:) As you can see, dear Family, there are a variety of reasons why the Lord would allow persecution, and there will be varying degrees of severity. Some persecution will be for righteousness' sake, for your obedience and witness as disciples of Jesus. But others will suffer persecution due to lack of obedience to the Word, specifically the counsel of the CvsC series.

       118. Peter and I do not feel that every person, Home, or area has completely followed through with the CvsC series and made all the changes necessary. We do believe, as the Lord confirmed earlier in this GN, that the vast majority of Homes and areas have obeyed, have had a tremendous change, and are right with the Lord. We have heard wonderful news from many sources of the positive changes in the Family over the last year. So most persecution would not be in fulfillment of the Lord's warnings in the CvsC series, but rather for righteousness' sake.

       119. But we're not saying that there won't be some situations where persecution will come due to disobedience, which will of course be much more serious and difficult, as those involved will not be prepared in spirit, nor will their work for the Lord be as strong as it should be.

       120. It's impossible to say what will happen in each area. The severity of the persecution and the reasons why the Lord allows it will vary. Our Husband said in the “Conviction vs. Compromise” series that, “This will not be worldwide, nor will it disrupt your entire work. I will carefully orchestrate what is necessary and I will not give more than is absolutely needed to bring about the desired results” (ML #3361:144, GN 957).

       121. I pray this doesn't make you fearful. Being afraid will not empower you to do the Lord's will. But I do pray that this further explanation will give you the fear of the Lord and will motivate you to obey and get right with the Lord‚ if you haven't already.

       122. Please review the counsel the Lord has given in the CvsC series and throughout this last year, and check your heart. How obedient are you? How compromised? What picture of full–time discipleship are you and those in your Home showing the world? What kind of long-lasting, balanced missionary work are you building? Are you serving your community in the name of the Family? How much of your time do you devote to witnessing and follow-up? Are you training outside members? What is the sample of your children? How is the education and shepherding of your children? Are you overemphasizing CTP work to the neglect of reaching the labor leaders?

       123. These are just a few of the questions you'll need to pray about and reflect on. These are also topics you should discuss in your Home council meeting in which you go over the instruction in this GN. Be honest with yourselves and each other, because your future depends on your obedience.

       124. As you follow closely and do all you can to obey the Word, you can be encouraged, because there are many promises of victory from our wonderful Protector.

       125. (Jesus speaking:) I'm sorry for the disruption, My children‚ but know that this coming persecution will strengthen the Family in ways that 100 new GNs could not, because it will bring My Word to life. I am allowing it because I know that it will bear good fruit. If it were not for the good fruit, I would hold My hand back and restrain it, for that is an easy thing for Me to do.

       126. The Enemy is rejoicing, thinking he has such easy prey. But it is only because I will have lifted My hand and allowed him some movement. But My hand is ever ready to move against him if he gets too close or threatens anything against the work or My children that is not part of My plan to allow and to use to strengthen and bless you. Your prayers will be what keep him within those limits, so you must pray. (End of message from Jesus.)

       127. (Peter:) Praise the Lord! So again we come back to prayer, which is the secret to limiting the persecution and is one of the most powerful weapons we have. Please be faithful to do what the Lord has told us to do, in order to make this coming persecution, whenever it will be, have the best results possible. Thank You Jesus!

Increased Enemy Activity

       128. (Mama:) Our weapons are not carnal, they're spiritual. They're from our all-powerful Miracle Man, the Ruler of the universe! They're created by Him and empowered by Him. In order to fully use our supernatural weaponry, the Lord often teaches us about who we're fighting. We have been blessed with a tremendous amount of insight and revelation in the last year about our enemies in the spiritual realm. I pray that you have noticed‚ as Peter and I have, a definite increase of power and more miraculous answers to prayer when you've prayed against your spiritual adversaries by name, commanding the Lord to rebuke them through the power of the keys.

       129. Once again, in order to make our prayers more powerful and to help us understand what we're up against in the spiritual realm, the Lord has seen fit to reveal another important piece of the puzzle of our spiritual warfare. At times I'm concerned that some of you won't relish another graphic vision and explanation about a powerful demon who is assigned to fight the Family. I know it's not pleasant, but this is important. This will help us to pray against our detractors and apostates who fight us in this world by knowing more about what's happening in the spiritual world.

       130. It has recently been brought to our attention by some of our faithful media folks that the postings on various ex-member sites are becoming increasingly aggressive and belligerent. There are a number of detractors who are trying to rally those who have left--even those who have been friendly for years--to unite to fight the Family. They're talking about trying to hinder our work through such things as class action lawsuits, requests for law enforcement investigations, personal lawsuits against individuals, criminal complaints, use of the media, production of their stories through documentaries, books, and writings, etc.

       131. They're trying to round up as many alleged “abuse” stories as possible to provide investigators with some kind of “ammunition” to justify taking action against us. They're trying to draw the attention of the authorities to the education methods of the Family, attempting to convince them that our children's education is insufficient. They're supposedly trying to find out the locations of our Family Homes. They're trying to unite, pool their energies and resources, to bring the Family down.

       132. There is increased activity against us, and it's not just people telling stories. These apostates and detractors are egging each other on. They're trying to influence authorities against the Family, and they're trying to launch an offensive.

       133. We need to desperately pray! As was brought out before, how much we pray and how desperate we are to beseech the Lord's help and that of our spirit helpers will determine how much we'll be able to minimize these attacks, or avoid them altogether. As Dad said earlier, “What our enemies are not fully counting on is the Family's ability to rally to the need and to amass a force of prayer, calling on the power of some very potent and commanding keys.” We have the keys, they don't! But we must wield them, and we must do so as effectively as possible.

       134. Now, understanding that, it's pretty obvious why the Lord would reveal the following at this time:

The Vandari

       135. (Vision:) I saw a clean-cut, handsome-looking man, around his early 30s. He looked like a nice guy, well-groomed, together, confident and on top of things. Then all of a sudden he morphed right in front of me into the most grotesque creature! He turned blood red from head to toe, starting from his head down. His clothes were no longer defined once he morphed‚ but rather it looked like he was covered in some type of blood-red cloak that was clinging to his body--it was like a hood over his head, and it covered him like a long cape all the way down to his feet.

       136. His eyes look very bloodshot. His red cloak looks somewhat like the traditional cartoon picture you see of a ghost--the typical ghost covered in a sheet-–only this covering is clinging to him and it's blood red. The horrible thing about it is that he seems to be dripping all over with blood. It looks like he's just come up out of a swimming pool or some body of water, like the ocean, and he's dripping wet. Only the outstanding and yucky thing about this is he seems to be dripping not water, but blood--from his eyes, his nose, his lips, his arms, his hands.

       137. It's totally grotesque, and if I didn't know the Lord is protecting me, it would be downright frightening. It's horrible, disgusting! One minute he's this handsome-looking fellow, then he's this horrible, red, dripping creature. Then there were rats, of all things-–horrible, big, filthy rats running all around!

       138. Now I see a big crowd of people. It's a public place, like a crowded city street, but among the crowds, I zero in on different people. I'm not able to pick or choose where I want to look; it's like I'm being led by a spirit helper to zero in on specific people in the crowd. And as I look at certain ones, they are morphing into these same ugly-looking creatures.

       139. I see a woman, about 20, fairly normal looking, not outstandingly gorgeous or anything, but my first impression was that she was sweet looking. And all of a sudden she morphs into the same red-dripping creature‚ a blood-red dripping monster! I see a teen boy, about 16 years old, who looks like your average high school student, and he morphs into the same horrible red creature too! Now I see an elderly couple, a man and woman, white-haired, about in their mid-70s, and they morph into the same thing.

       140. It's horrible--they look terrible! For a few minutes I feel like I am going to get sick. But I have amazing peace, because I know they can't touch me. I know I'm protected and I feel very peaceful. There seems to be a sober warning, though, about these creatures. It's not a light matter, but at the same time, I know if I claim the keys and if I'm obeying the Lord, they can't do a thing to me. (End of vision.)

       141. (Jesus speaking:) As I have revealed to you before, the emissaries of Satan can often take on many forms. You see them disguised as the innocent, the inviting‚ the average member of society, and I show you that all that meets the eye is not as it appears. I show you what lies beneath, that you might walk circumspectly, that you might continue to raise your guards and walk in vigilance in these dark days. I reveal this to you, My friends, My brides and lovers, so you can watch and pray and not be ignorant of the Devil's devices, so that you will not enter into temptation as those in the world.

       142. These repulsive, blood–red creatures you see transformed before your eyes are the Vandari, agents of the netherworld, who infiltrate the world population in the Last Days. (Note: Phonetically this is pronounced Van-DAR-ee, with the accent on the second syllable.) Look at the significance of the Vandari name in your human language. The “van” is derived from the word “vandals,” the “dar” from the word “dark,” the “i” spelling of the last syllable signifies “I,” denoting self or selfishness.

       143. The Vandari are out to destroy. They are out to suck the very life out of the living. These seek to snuff out both the physical as well as the spiritual lives of those who are not protected by My Spirit. They are hitchhikers who work through many vehicles--those who are ignorant of the truth‚ darkened in their understanding.

       144. The Vandari latch on to their prey and seek to use them to oppose My truth. Be aware, My children. Be wise, not ignorant of the Enemy's devices. Walk in vigilance. I don't care to give undue importance to the dark workings of Lucifer, yet I am a true Husband Who warns His brides of danger so you can avoid it.

       145. The Vandari are let loose upon the Earth. Their mission is to recruit those who will bow down and worship the son of perdition in the appointed day. Likewise, they seek to oppose My truth. Walk in wisdom toward all who are without, for the world is full of demons, sorcerers, and every foul bird.

       146. You've seen rats, because these cohabitate with the Vandari. The Vandari populate and dwell in the sewer systems of the world, a fitting place in the physical world for such creatures. In the netherworld, they belong to some of the lowest strata and levels of the spirit world, where they dwell with the dregs of the spirit. They dwell in the darkness in these stinking tunnels and putrid bodies of water‚ where they seep up to the cities and civilizations of man above to do their dirty work.

       147. You, My brides, have nothing to fear, but I call you to live in My Word and to do all things in the power of the keys of the Kingdom.

       148. I'm giving you another piece of the puzzle, in order to help you open your eyes more to the spiritual warfare that rages. The Last Days are not far off. They have begun, this is why I keep revealing to you the things of the spirit, so you are aware, forewarned, and forearmed.

       149. I show you this picture so you can avoid Satan's traps. I want you to open your eyes wide and see the truth about what goes on in the real world. I have revealed to you evil ones, against whom you must take a stand--those who oppose the children of David. I have revealed the identity of these evil demons who oppose you--Oplexicon, Lethargy, the evil Selvegion, Pan, Bacchus, Apotheon, and others--so you will not be ignorant of their devices and can fight to defeat them. Now I reveal to you the identity of the Vandari--not to overwhelm you, but so you can bind their power, as well as catch the full vision.

       150. Like it or not, you are in a war of the worlds. No matter what personal choices you might make, this war is raging and will touch all the inhabitants of the Earth. The Last Days are playing out--it is inevitable. As the passageway narrows, the time quickly approaches when no neutrals will stand; all must choose to be either for Me or against Me. Those who are not strong in My Word will fall.

       151. Time is running out; you must stand strong and be armed. The world has become the habitation of devils and of every foul spirit. The nations drink the cup of fornication.

       152. My call to the children of David remains the same: Come out of the world! Do not touch the unclean thing. Do not partake of her sins. Do not give in to her delicacies. Do not let your guards down and leave yourselves open prey‚ to be washed away in the wave of iniquity that sweeps the world, but do all in your power to live in the Word. Do all in your power to advance in the use of the weapons I put in your hands. Do all in your power to win others, to salvage souls whose spirits cry out for salvation.

       153. I pull back the veil and reveal more to you now, to strengthen your resolve as to the need to put on My mind and live in My Word. Along with revealing to you the identities of the wicked ones who fight you, I have spoken repeatedly to you of the need to work more closely with the spirit helpers I freely send to aid you.

       154. I know your temptation to mull over these truths in your mind, to ponder, “Is it really so?” I know Satan tempts some with thoughts of wondering if this is all too bizarre. “Is this all too much? Are there so many who would fight such little ones as us? Do such strange and odd creatures truly exist? Do such powers really fight to oppose us?”

       155. Yes, they do exist. Yes, they are determined to stop you. Even the children of the world at times catch glimpses of the truths of the spirit. Even in the wildest of fiction stories created by modern man and presented to the world through books and popular movies‚ you catch glimpses, albeit small, of the truth. Science fiction portrays stories of aliens infiltrating the Earth and taking on human form to work their wickedness, of heinous creatures bent on destroying the innocent and taking over the world. And these tales are a shadow of the truth, for these netherworld creatures are alien to you and seek to destroy you and to take over this world for their evil master, Satan.

       156. The Devil promotes this‚ for it is one approach through which he tries to desensitize the masses, by familiarizing them to a degree with glimpses of his own monstrous cohorts. He tries to inoculate the masses to the workings of the spirit world through making it seem like a fantasy, like child's play, or a figment of the imagination. These books, movies, and things of the world do not show a true picture of the true things of the spirit, for the Enemy mixes a lot of lies with glimpses of the truth--but I show you true pictures through My Spirit.

       157. I have revealed to you some of the Vandari regiment, evil lords of the netherworld, set on preparing the ignorant to worship the son of perdition. These of the Vandari are dark, malicious ones. They are bent on destroying what is pure; they seek to mar the truth.

       158. Every dark demon who serves Satan is ultimately out to destroy you, My children, for you represent the greatest threat to their dark kingdom. These of the Vandari, however, target others who would then try to hurt or destroy you, or hinder your work in some way. They are hitchhikers. They cannot travel freely on their own, but they work through vessels who yield to darkness‚ through those who are ignorant of truth and darkened in their understanding. I show you this picture because the Vandari are many and they seek to work through your enemies--that through them they may hurt you.

       159. You must rebuke and bind their power to work through those who want to bring you down. Rebuke the evil workings of the Vandari through your enemies, through those who have rejected My Words, and through those who hate My Words and have been a long time under their control.

       160. The Vandari are dark ones, defiant, willful, and vicious; they are vandals of the spirit world, who seek to destroy. They are dark vandals of the backwards, upside-down world. Thus they are called Vandari.

       161. I show you this picture that you might call on the keys and bind the evil working of the Vandari through your enemies. Rebuke them in the power of the keys, and bind their power!

       162. Be wise and prayerful; acknowledge Me and acknowledge the keys in every way, so that I can keep you protected. Your constant protection is to stay so close to Me, in tune and in sync with Me, My Word, your spirit helpers, and the keys, so that I can see to it that there is not a moment concerning you that goes unguarded. Live in My Words moment by moment. Let the Word burn in your hearts, for this is the light that will carry you through to triumph. (End of message from Jesus.)

       163. (Mama:) The Lord knows we need this information to combat our enemies' attempts to destroy the Family. We need to pray both against the Enemy using our detractors and apostates, as well as misguided officials, sensationalistic reporters, deluded lawyers or publishers, and against the specific evil spirits, the Vandari, that inspire these people's ungodly actions and stories. Use the keys and the key promises to pray against our enemies, and against these vile, disgusting vandals that live in the filthy, putrid sewers of the depths of the netherworld!

Vandari Repellent--the Word!

       164. Here is more insight‚ which I pray will help to increase your vision for the need to really study and get well grounded in your foundation of faith through the Word.

       165. (Jesus speaking:) The Vandari, like all of your other spiritual enemies‚ cannot harm you or even come close when you are strong in My Word. That is your best defense against spiritual attacks, to be strong in My Word and My Spirit, for then you are well armed, well defended, you are one with Me and one with the keys, and you have access to their full power. The Enemy, being cunning‚ doesn't like to attack those he knows will give him a hefty blow in return; he looks for those who are weak.

       166. These are the reasons for revealing the Vandari to you at this particular time:

1)       You are preparing for battle against your enemies. The Vandari are attacking you through your enemies‚ so in praying against your enemies, pray against the Vandari. They seek to harm you through your enemies. You need to know this in order to be able to pray more effectively. You had to be able to see them in order to clearly oppose them in the spirit. I wanted you to be aware of their presence and more watchful, and also aware of how to strengthen yourself against them, which is through My Word. Now that you know about them, you can pray against them specifically, and be aware of their attacks.

2)       The Vandari look for prey among those who are ignorant of the truth, who reject My Words and are darkened in their understanding, and they likewise seek out prey among those who are weak in the Word. Each time I put forth the call for greater obedience, the stakes are raised. Those who don't obey and move forward in the spirit with My call become easier prey for the Enemy. I'm like a shepherd moving you, My flock, to higher pastures. Those who remain behind are more susceptible to attacks from the wolves, because they are weak in faith, weak in the Word. So because the stakes are raised, the Vandari are now empowered more than before.

3)       For each weapon of war that I arm you with, the Enemy tries to come up with an opposing weapon. In this case, as I am trying to strengthen you and make you stronger in Me for the days ahead, the Enemy has unleashed the Vandari as bloodsuckers that weaken. Again, they cannot touch you when you are strong in the Word. But when you are weakened, they start to hang around; they try to bite and suck the lifeblood out of My children, and it can become a vicious cycle of spiritual weakening, poisoning, and lack of desire for the Word.

       167. You must pray against the Vandari influencing and working through your enemies and others in the world who can harm you. Simultaneously, you must strengthen yourselves in spirit through taking in My Word, so as to guard yourselves from falling prey to the Vandari, who also seek to work through those who are weak in the Word. Being strong in the Word gives you the conviction and strength to rebuke and bind the Vandari, and makes you a powerful and effective prayer warrior.

       168. My Word is like repellent; the Vandari can't stand it, and you are no longer appealing to them when your spirit is liberally coated with it. To Me, they appear as mosquitoes. Yes, they are annoying and pestering and dangerous carriers of disease, but also easy to squash, and easy to stay free from, through the repellent of My Word. Through the power of the keys they are minimized from large, blood-dripping creatures into little mosquitoes--easy to squash and be rid of, if you are using the repellent of My Word and taking it in faithfully!

       169. Do not fear, My brides. I reveal this to you not to scare or threaten you, or to make you live in fear, but rather to arm you against these attacks, to make you aware and able to defend yourself through My power--the power of the Word. It's very simple. As long as you are strong in My Word, they might try to fight you through your enemies, through those in the world that have become their prey, but they cannot touch you. (End of message from Jesus.)

       170. (Mama:) There's a lot said there about the Word. Please, use this next month to concentrate on the Word. Help the Lord turn these horrible demons into little pesky mosquitoes, nothing but tiny pests that can easily be swatted and destroyed!

All Heaven Is at Your Command!

       171. Unfortunately, at times we need to talk about evil spirits and their powers. It's necessary so that we're aware of their identity and tactics, but it's not very inspiring. Of course, we also talk a lot about our spiritual weapons and the keys, which are far greater than any evil spiritual power!

       172. So let's now dwell on the good, on our spirit helpers and those mighty forces that fight for us! When we asked the Lord who we had on our side to fight these evil ones, He had the following very inspiring response:

       173. (Jesus speaking:) Legions, armies, archangels, powerful spirits, great bands of mighty ones, departed saints who are now vested with unprecedented power fight for the children of David! More than the number of grains of sand of all the seas the world over are the helpers of My children! All Heaven is at your command, and all Heaven stands ready to fight for you.

       174. You know not what you ask, for you cannot comprehend in your carnal mind how great and powerful are the numbers of the heavenly armies who fight on your behalf. I have said that through the power of the keys, you command all My power. The power of the keys is more than a match for your foes, for the power of the keys far surpasses all power of those who oppose you. The keys of the Kingdom themselves are as your spirit helpers. Through the keys you have unlimited help‚ for the keys put the power in your hands that will defeat the foe and all demons who oppose you. There is no match for the keys, which are at your command.

       175. Many, many, many more than you can number are your spiritual counterparts who are at your command through the power of the keys, to fight on your behalf. They are innumerable--many, many more in number than the ones who oppose you; likewise, their awesome strength is far beyond these puny peons of Satan.

       176. There are times when I assign specific helpers to help you fight specific ones, but you must call on them. You must ask Me which of your helpers to call on when you have need. Search My Word, for I have made many helpers known to you.

       177. Among the mightiest who help you are the Archangels Michael and Gabriel, who stand guard over My Family to protect, to come to your defense, and to command great armies of angels to aid you. Natalia leads you in praise, and through your voices raised in praise to Me, strong force fields of protection and power are raised around you.

       178. So many are your spiritual counterparts who fight for you, My brides! But you must call, you must do your part to lean on them, call on them, work with them. You must work closer, hand in hand, with your helpers in the spirit. But you must call, you must ask. I have told you this often‚ but now that I reveal the identity of these who fight you, you must not fail to make this transition, to learn to work more hand in hand with the helpers I provide.

       179. There is great danger if you don't call. If you don't command My power, then there is great threat to you, My children. Calling on the power begins with living in My Word, reading, absorbing, and applying My Word daily in your lives.

       180. I give you Myself--I am the greatest of your spiritual counterparts and the mightiest opponent of these who try to oppose you! I give you My Word‚ the most powerful truth on Earth, the greatest power in all existence! I implore you, live in My Word! Read, absorb, apply, and become one with Me. Nothing can withstand Me, My Word‚ and the power of the keys, for We are one! (End of message from Jesus.)

Closing Prayer,

Claiming the Keys!

       181. (Mama:) Thank You, sweet Love, precious Jesus! We thank You, Lord. We thank You for Your promises and Your awesome power embodied in Yourself, the Word and the keys of the Kingdom! We thank You that You've given us all the power of Heaven and dominion over Hell through the keys. That includes power over the Devil, Oplexicon, Apotheon, the Selvegion, Pan, Bacchus and the Vandari. We know we have nothing to fear as long as we stay close to You, strong in Your Word‚ and obedient to Your will. These evil demons can't come near us when we have the “repellent” of Your Word running strongly through us. Help us, dear Lover‚ to stay strong in the Word, very deeply immersed in it, reveling in it, loving it, drinking deeply of it!

       182. We thank You that You're going to bring persecution eventually, because if You weren't, then we wouldn't be able to be strengthened, we wouldn't be able to fulfill Your plan as You want to fulfill it. So even though we don't like to have to go through persecution, we do praise You that Your will is going to be fulfilled and that once we get through all this we will be a strengthened and more powerful force for You.

       183. Lord, You said, “Give praise in everything,” and we do praise You for this too. As we lift our hearts to thank You for whatever You need to bring into our lives, we also ask You to take any fear away from anyone, Jesus.

       184. You've promised that when the Enemy or our enemies come in like a flood, You lift up a standard against them through the keys, and cause their attacks to come to naught. You said the keys will settle you and keep you through every storm and from all evil. Jesus, we thank You for these promises.

       185. You said the keys will protect you from those who speak with lying tongues, and will stop the mouths of those whose intent is to cause My brides harm. The power of the keys will calm the storm and still the waves of persecution and bad publicity.

       186. You also said that fear and dread have no place in the keys‚ that we should call on their power and You will go before us to fight our battles and to bring us to victory.

       187. So, darling Lover, we're claiming all these wonderful promises, and we know that as we do, You will bring them all to pass in our lives, and there's absolutely nothing that we have to fear or worry about. To the contrary, we can rejoice and be exceeding glad, because You are accomplishing Your will and You're going to bring us through even stronger, with more conviction, and more ready to do the great things that You have in store for us.

       188. Jesus, we know that You have to help us go through this‚ so that we can come into the great power and glory of the Endtime events that You want to have us participate in. We can't go waltzing into the Endtime without being strengthened ahead of time, not having to fight. So thank You for these great promises and that we can do all things through You, and that there are no impossibilities to those who call on the power of the keys. You said that when we fight our enemies and those who persecute us by wielding the keys turned to swords, then You will dispel the Enemy's fury and vaporous fiction.

       189. As we each in our own life continue to pray, we ask You to help us to claim these keys promises constantly and to make them a part of our lives, so that they will be constantly in our minds and hearts and thoughts, and they will dispel all the evil lies, fears, or fables of the Enemy.

       190. Thank You, dear Jesus, that You've conquered all and that we have nothing to worry about. Things are only looking up, and it's a wonderful day of rejoicing for the things You have done and the things You have yet to do to make us into the victorious Endtime Bride and Church that You have promised that we will be--strengthened, powerful, glorious in Your sight, humble before You, and ready to do whatever You have called us to do.

       191. Thank You, sweet, precious Love, wonderful Husband! We thank You and praise You, sweet Jesus, precious, precious Love. We give You all the honor and the glory! We thank You that You are with us and no evil can befall us. Thank You, sweet Jesus! Praise You Lord! Hallelujah!

       192. (Peter:) Please continue to pray against the Enemy, specifically the Vandari and how they're using others, and also pray for your obedience and that you'll have the vision to do the things the Lord has said for us to do, both in prayer and being proactive in other ways, so that this persecution can be minimized and be one of those things that “work together for our good,” both as individuals and for the Family overall.

       193. (Mama:) Thank you, dear loved ones, for your fervent prayers, your obedience, and your giving this study month your concentration and attention!

       194. The GNs of the study program can be read at your own pace. The point is to make your way through them during the month allotted (October 15th to November 15th). Please don't rush through this important counsel‚ trying to read it as quickly as possible, so you can go on to other things. Peter and I ask that you devote the full month to this study, and that if you have extra time, having finished reading everything, that you go back over it as a review and even read some of the Letters listed in the references at the end of various sections.

       195. Parents and shepherds, feel free to read any portions of this material with your children that you feel would benefit them and is appropriate for their age. (Note: See also GV #141 for a list of Letters that would be suitable and inspiring for children during this time.)

       196. Again, I want to remind you of the need to have a Home council meeting to discuss the direction and guidance in this GN. This is a required meeting; it's mandated in the Charter that you have at least two such meetings every month. I want to see you follow through on this! If you fail to take the follow-up of this counsel seriously, you will suffer some kind of loss, because without discussion, prayer, counsel‚ and asking the Lord how this applies to your situation, you won't make the changes needed and you're apt to miss something important that the Lord wants to show you or wants you to do.

       197. Sad to say, we have heard from several COs that follow-up to the New Wine is a very weak point in the Homes. I have asked before that you have meetings to discuss and pray about some important issues, only to hear later from some of the COs that quite a few Homes had not done it. This is not acceptable! We wouldn't ask you to meet to discuss issues if we weren't convinced that it's very important. We know you're busy people‚ but to read this GN isn't going to be nearly enough! You have to consciously see how it applies to your Home and lives, and then do what the Lord shows you to do to enact it! Your safety, future fruitfulness, and the well-being of your flocks and children depend on your obedience.

       198. Along the same lines, you need to prepare individually by seeking the Lord. I'm including some P&P questions here, which I ask that you please pray about within the next two weeks of reading this Letter. It would be helpful to also share the messages you receive with your shepherds (teamwork), if you don't mind, as that will help them to see how the Lord is leading overall. Here are the questions, which I will list in order of priority:

1)       Dear Lover and Protector, am I fearful of persecution? If so, please show me how and why I'm afraid, and what I need to do to be free of this fear. Is it an attack of the Enemy? Is it because I'm weak in the Word? Is it because I'm not obeying in some way, which weakens my faith and trust in Your protection? Please speak to me freely on this point and give me faith to receive all that You have.

2)       How can I personally, and our Home, be more proactive in preparing for persecution? Are there ways we are missing the mark in our obedience to You as far as living the life of full-time disciples, not being compromised, building a well-balanced missionary work, standing up for the Family name, training our children both spiritually and academically, reaching labor leaders, and having the kind of walk with You that ensures Your full blessing and the full power of the keys?

3)       Am I disobedient to any of the counsel of the “Conviction vs. Compromise” series? Is there anything in my life that is displeasing to You?

4)       Do I need to be cleansed from any lies of the Enemy that I've taken into my mind and spirit through reading the wrong things? Do I need a prayer of deliverance? If so, what should I ask for prayer for?

5)       I want to work more closely with my spirit helpers. Please show me who they are and how I can depend on their help more. Are there any areas of my life in which I should ask for more help from my spirit helpers?

6)       Thank You for the gift of the keys. Please show me how I can harness the power of the keys more in my prayers and in my daily life.

       199. Peter and I and those in WS will continue to support you in prayer during this time, calling on the keys of understanding, faith, spiritual progress and conviction. God bless you with wonderful, feeding, faith-building study and reflection on the Word! We love you!

       With fervent prayers in the power of the keys,

       Mama and Peter

       200. P.S. Just as I was working on this GN‚ a couple of the field members of our International PR/media board sent in the following prophecy, which again is a confirmation of the movements of our enemies.

       201. (Angelica, personal spirit helper, speaking:) The heathen rage and the people that were once called by the name of David imagine a vain thing. For the Enemy of the truth--he which opposes all that is of our dear Husband, and who exalts himself above all that is called God or that is worshiped--is now marshalling his forces to both hinder and destroy the faith of many. He is now inspiring many to speak his words and to accuse the saints--those who have dedicated their lives to our dear King.

       202. All that has been spoken of the Time of the End, all that has been prophesied by the prophets, is now coming to pass. For there shall not be one jot or tittle of all that has been spoken by our dear Jesus that shall not be fulfilled. Did He not say that there shall come a time of great tribulation as has not been since the beginning of time, nor ever shall be? Even now does the mystery of iniquity work in the children of disobedience--those who have forsaken the truth and have been overcome by strong delusion that they should even believe a lie. This is now being fulfilled in the wayward children of David. Each passing day the delusion of the Enemy grows stronger, and the belief in the lie that the Enemy has placed within their hearts grows stronger. They have been overtaken by the Enemy's wiles and he now controls the thoughts and intents of their hearts.

       203. The Family must prepare for the Enemy's fury that he will unleash during the coming days of darkness, for even now has he begun to vent his wrath against the children of David, for he knows that his time is short. Each one must prepare for that which is to come by setting their face as a flint; by giving their thoughts, mind, and heart to the King of kings; by placing their feet upon the Rock so they will not be moved.

       204. Today, this day, if the children of David will hear and receive the Words of David which have been given them through our Lord's appointed queen and king, and will write them on the table of their hearts, they will not be moved, and they will enter into the victory and rest that have been promised them.

       205. This preparation, this determination to give themselves wholly and completely unto the Victor must happen now. For those who delay, it will be too late, as it is already too late for some. Our dear Love has given the plan as to how to prepare for the coming battles over these many years. Those who have taken heed shall be used of Him to become the victors of the Tribulation; those who have not will become casualties in the battle and will fall away when persecution arises. Our dear Lord weeps for those who have fallen away and for the many who will yet fall away, but this must come to pass that the Words of the Lord may be fulfilled and that His purpose may be accomplished.

       206. For you who have been chosen to bear the heat of the battle and to engage in hand-to-hand combat, I say that you must utilize all the weaponry that has been afforded you by your Commander in Chief. The power of the keys of the Kingdom must be used upon each engagement when doing battle with the Enemy, for it is through the power of the keys that you will be sustained and kept from all doubts and shielded from every fiery dart of the Evil One.

       207. You must keep your weapons ever ready that you may fulfill the role that the Lord has ordained you to play--that of the guardians of the Flame, the Light of Israel. Your hand must always be upon the sword of the Spirit so that you may lift it from its sheath at a moment's notice, that the Enemy will not find entrance, and that the breaches in the wall might be filled.

       208. Fight on, dear loves, fight on, looking neither to the right hand nor to the left, and the victory will be yours!--And through it, the Kingdom will be strengthened even until the coming of our dear Lord. (End of message from personal spirit helper.)

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