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By Maria       Maria #558        12/00


       Break out of the vortex
       Each vessel has its weak spots
       Your special calling
       Move at your own pace
       Mama's comparing battles
       Comparing in teamworking
       Godly comparing can be good
       My unsung heroes
       Defining comparing and jealousy
       Smiling for the joys of others
       Comparing and familiarity
       Encouraging a comparer
       A good enough reason?
       Comparing your children to others
       You chose it

Dear Family,
       1. I love you! I hope that the first GN in this Keys to Victory series on comparing was a blessing to you. In this GN--and the final part of the series, which will follow later--you'll find a meaty collection of proph­ecies, most given originally for individuals who battle or have battled comparing. Many of these were given for people on our staff, and in some cases I've also included their prayers or questions. I'm not including a lot of commentary, as in most cases I believe these mess­ages stand on their own and will speak straight to the hearts of those of you who need them and are hungry for the Lord's ­answers to your battles with the big “C.” I'm praying for you, that you'll each find the special place of contentment that the Lord has for you.
       Love, Mama

Break Out of the Vortex!

       2.(Jesus speaking:) I can relieve your fears and dry your tears if you accept My love and My encouragement. All the stress and worry can be calmed if you take My Spirit upon you and trust. I will deliver you from your fears and sadness, from your thoughts that pull you down and make you sad. I will take care of all of your needs and more, if you let Me. All those worries and thoughts that torment you, every bit of the negative can be transformed by My power. You don't have to live with the attacks of the Enemy, and you don't have to fight his attacks on your own. I'm here to fight for you, and you have My power at your side. All you have to do is call on Me.
       3.I know the battle is strong. I know the Enemy is fighting hard and you're torn and barely hanging on. You feel you can't make it one more step, one more day, that you can't handle any more and you're not good enough, not strong enough, and just a big failure. The battle is very intense and the Enemy is throwing all his might into this fight. That's why it's so hard, My love. You have to realize that the ­Enemy hates you, and he tries extra hard to destroy all the good that you do.
       4.He's fighting to destroy the progress that you've madeand is trying to pull you down with negative thoughts and comparing thoughts. He knows those are weak areas, so he really works on them to make them even worse. It's like being caught in a vortex. You're in the middle, getting thrashed around by the strong current, and there's no way out. You can't fight your way out--you're not strong enough--but you can reach up to Me and I will lift you out and deliver you from being pulled down.
       5.You have to let Me encourage you.You have to truly believe how important you are--not only to Me personally, but to My work. When I tell you that you have a very important ministry, you have to receive it and believe it. It might just seem like a little job to you and not very important, especially if you look around and see what you think are more important jobs being held by others, but what you give is of great importance.
       6.I don't see you as a failure in any area.I see you as a success, and I want to continue to use you even more. You're very important to Me, just as important as anyone else, and your work and ministry is important in My Kingdom, just as important as anyone else's. I don't look at you and think, “Oh, she's not very needed or important; she doesn't have a very important job, so I guess I don't need her.” No, I look at you and I think, “She's a key person. She's a pillar because she's faithful with My work, so I know I can count on her. I moved her into that position and she's dependable, she takes it seriously and is desperate and prayerful. She has a broken heart for the lost and really cares about My sheep. She loves and gives and is willing to sacrifice. She gives her all. She yields and is willing to learn and keep going. I really need her and I want to keep using her mightily.”
       7.So, Honey, when you start feeling down and discouraged about yourself, just reach up for My encouragement. I have lots of love and encourage­ment for you, and it's not just words, but it's real. When I tell you that you and your work are important, you have to believe it; then you'll be able to receive My encouragement. But if you brush it off and don't listen and think that's not the answer, then you won't be able to receive My help and you'll continue battling on your own. You have to believe Me when I tell you that I want to continue to use you mightily, that you're loved, important, and needed. Reach up for My hand of encouragement and let Me lift you up into My arms.
       8.The Enemy will try to keep you from reaching up to Me. He'll try to keep you imprisoned in the vortex. But you don't have to fight and struggle to get out--let Me rescue you. Simply rest and trust and believe, and I will calm the troubled seas. (End of message from Jesus.)

Each Vessel Has Its Weak Spots

       9.(Jesus speaking:) You compare yourself a lot, thinking you're not all you should be, that you're not good enough for your Lord and for the service I've called you to do. You feel that if only you had improvement in this area or that area, you'd be a polished enough vessel to serve Me in the way you think would be best and most pleasing in My eyes. But, My love, what you don't see are that the holes in your vessel and the less polished areas are what I look tenderly upon, and what prove your need for Me. These little notches and holes in your vase are places where I can put My fingers and get a tighter grasp on you, so that when I pour forth through you, you don't slip out of My fingers and fall to the ground because of being so slick and shiny with your own goodness.
       10.Oh, sweet love, let Me reach My fingers in and hold tightly to you. Stay within My grasp. You look at your vessel as compared to others, and you see others have a longer neck, a wider brim, or a sturdier base, but yours seems rather funky. But, Honey, I made you! My hands formed you, and I created you thus. And I'm still creating you, changing you, strengthen­ing you, adding new parts and pieces to your vessel, and molding you to My perfect design.
       11.So when you're tempted to compare with another, to look at another as being more talented, more capable or appealing to others, and you feel so weak and powerless to attain to these qualities you wish you had--look to Me, My love, and let Me wrap My arms around you and hold you and bear you up and show you things from My perspective. I'll show you that each vessel has weak spots, each is in need of Me, and your weaknesses and lacks are just something that have caused you to look to Me. Your weak spots are nothing to be ashamed of before My eyes. In your humility I will lift you up.
       12.The meek shall inherit the Earth and shall delight themselves in the abundance of peace. My peace will I give unto you--peace to realize that you don't have to work hard at attaining things that are not meant for you to do; that you don't have to work at trying to polish yourself, to make yourself better and more useful for Me. Lie back in My arms and let Me mold you and create you to be just the vessel I need you to be. Don't try to work something up; only leave yourself utterly in My hands, within My grasp. I will keep you close to Me, and you'll find that you're just what I need. (End of mess­age from Jesus.)

Your Special Calling

13. (Jesus speaking:) The gifts and calling of God are without repentance. There are many members of My Church, but they make up one body, and upon each member I bestow a unique set of gifts--gifts of government, gifts of healing, gifts of prophecy, gifts of teaching, gifts of helps, gifts of administration, gifts of writing. I ask each one to use the gifts that I've given them to the full. Art thou called to be a servant? Seek not to be loosed. Everyone serves in a certain capacity. Some serve in the kitchen, some serve in the office, some serve in the yard, some serve in the area of training children. And just as I came not to be ministered unto but to serve, shepherds and leaders also are called to serve their flocks.
       14.Many seek to be loosed from the gifts and callings that I give them. Some that I've given the gift of helps or of administration look in envy at others who they think have more glorious ministries, and are jealous of them. This causes them to be discontent. This is a ploy of the Enemy to belittle the gifts and talents that I've given you. I desire for My children to seek to improve in their growth and relationship with Me, but I don't want them to be discontent with the way that I've made them, for I've made them a certain way that they might fulfill My plan and My will. Some I am calling to be bellwethers, and they realize what a job and responsibility it is, so they fight against it. Some I'm calling to be little people, but because they think it's more import­ant to have a more glorious ministry, they're discontent with the ministry I'm calling them to do.
       15.Discontentment is one of the Enemy's devices to get you to not thank Me and praise Me for the gifts and talents I've given you. It's one of his tricks to keep you from accepting the way that I've made you. I've made each of you an individual with a unique set of gifts and talents, that you might supplement the other members of the body, so that if all work together in a united way, much more can be accomplished than through one individual, or even two or three.
       16.Although each ministry and responsibility within My Church is just as important, it's import­ant that each yields to the ministry that I'm calling them to. I don't judge by which ministry you have; I judge by your faithfulness in the ministry I've given you, your obedience to the calling I've called you to, and your accept­ance of the gifts and talents I've bestowed upon you for the sake of My work in winning souls for the Kingdom of Heaven. For this is My goal--to reach the world with My love and My mess­age, and that I might be glorified.
       17.I give each individual limited gifts and talents so he or she might work together with other individuals, so that no one person gets the credit and the glory, but that it goes to Me. Learn to recognize the gifts and talents that I've given you. Learn to accept the way that I've made you. Learn to use these gifts for the benefit and furtherance of My Kingdom.
       18. Even though comparing often leads to being negative and discouraged about one's self, it has many roots in pride. It feels it deserves more. It desires to do or look or be better or more appreciated in some way. It longs for ­recognition. It wants to be best, and bemoans that it isn't. As Lucifer and the fallen angels fell because of pride, desire for exaltation, and wanting to take the glory, even so the Enemy tries to deceive people by working on the natural human tendencies of wanting the credit, wanting the glory, wanting to look good in the eyes of others.
       19.But learn, as My faithful messenger John the Baptist proclaimed, that you must decrease, so that I may increase. Although John the Baptist had a glorious ministry of proclaiming and preparing My way, he had to yield to the ministry that I called him to--to be My messenger--and this was not easy for him. It was a sacrifice for him, but he was faithful to My calling and faithful to fulfill the role I called him to play. As a result, he has gone down in history as a man of faith and obedience.
       20.So recognize your gifts and abide in your calling, for if you receive the joy, happiness, and contentment of fulfilling My will for your life, you'll shine brightly and glorify Me as an instrument in My hands. Yield to My calling, and receive the peace and contentment that I have for you. Even though it may require sacrificing what you want to be, or even what you think I want you to be, you'll see that I know best, and you'll find happiness in the fulfillment of performing My will. You'll stand tall, you'll glow, and you'll be fulfilled. (End of message from Jesus.)

Move At Your Own Pace

       21.(Jesus speaking:) While it may seem to you that the balances tip unfairly one direction or another in your life or in the life of another, in My eyes all is fair and just. I give each person what they need. It may not always be what you want or come in the way that you want, but it's what you need. Whether seeming to be a blessing or a burden, each experience is a gift from My hand, and each happening is part of the plan on the map I've laid out for your life.
       22.You have to move from place to place in order to reach your final destination, and so does every other person. At times your lives seem to intersect, and you feel that you're traveling on the same path, so the conditions should be the same for both of you. But in fact there are times when I have each person make a slight turn or detour, or I alter their path somewhat so that you're not going at the same pace or completely in the same direction.
       23.Everyone is moving forward toward the goal. The goal is for all to draw closer to Me and to become stronger in My Spirit, but I use different things in different lives to achieve that goal. Your makeup is unique, different than any other person's, and the things that I need to do to remake you, to help you learn all that I need you to learn, are different from the things I do in any other person's life. So the only way to be happy and content is to truly let go of comparing. Do not analyze, observe or study the lives of others to see how their personalities compare with yours, how their relationships compare with yours, or how their jobs compare with yours.
       24.It's good to understand, to have insight, to learn from what others learn; it's not good to measure your experiences, your battles or your blessings against theirs. For one, there is so much that you don't know, that you don't see or understand; and second, you don't know My plan or the purpose I have in each thing. What seems to you to be a blessing that you're missing out on may be part of a burden that another person bears. (End of message from Jesus.)

       25.(Jesus speaking:) Don't get into a competitive or comparing spirit, thinking that ­others are doing more, and therefore you need to push harder. The method I've put within your nature, of moving along steadily and surely, plodding away faithfully and consistently rather than racing forward spurred by bursts of energy, is the way I would have you work and be.
       26.You do what you can--no less, and no more--and use the gifts I've given you to fulfill the ministries I've given you. Don't worry that you're not doing enough or that you'd be more useful if you just had this or that talent or attribute. If you're being prayerful, which you are; if your plans and methods are confirmed by Me, which they are; if you're putting Me first, which you are; if you're following instructions from your overseers, which you are--then you're doing what I would have you to do, and you don't need to fret about whether it's enough or worry about how others perceive you.
       27.Fill the role I've given you well, and find contentment in the thought that I've arranged it especially for you. Let yourself be happy in what you're happy in. You worry too much and you expect too much from yourself sometimes. Each worker, with their particular gifts and style, makes up a part of the whole. The vision is not for everyone to be the same or for all to imitate the work habits, style, or speed of others. The vision is for everyone to follow Me at the pace and in the direction I lead them. Only then will all run smoothly and all needs be filled. Remember that and bear it in mind when the ­Enemy tempts you to compare your talents or how much you get done with others. Just don't. Block it out. I'm thankful for you as you are, and so are your loved ones and shepherds, so you be thankful as well, okay? (End of mess­age from Jesus.)

Mama's Comparing Battles

       28.(Mama:) As you know, I've had some com­paring battles. I've often said that I've battled wishing the Lord had made me more this way or that way. Here's something that the Lord gave me once when I was having battles about not being more eloquent and a better public speaker, comparing my talents in this area to Peter's.

       29.(Jesus speaking:) I am He Who distributes the gifts, and I give to each and every person the gifts that he needs for what I've chosen him to do.
       30.To those who are called to sing I give a musical gift, and they're to use this to win souls through music. Those who have the gift of writing have been given this gift so they might write to win souls. Those who are good with children have been given this gift so they may raise the prophets. Those who are able to draw have been given this gift so they may win souls for Me with their drawing. I know each of My children and I've allotted to each person his or her particular gifts, and I make no mistakes. Don't think you do not have a gift. All have gifts in varying numbers and degrees, and I did not make a mistake when I allotted you your gifts.
       31.You have to find your gift and be content with it, and use what I've given you to win souls. I fashioned you before you were born and I knew what gifts I would give to you. If you were created to be eloquent, know that I would have given you this gift. You are eloquent enough for what you need to be and do, but be­cause you compare, you get discouraged, think­ing that you're not as eloquent as you would like to be. But you're fashioned perfectly for what I've designed you for. You're not a Billy ­Graham; you have a different ministry and a different calling.
       32.It doesn't matter how eloquent you are. You could be the most brilliant orator of all time, but if you didn't have the Spirit, it would be nothing. But if you're anointed with My power, then the few words that you speak will be powerful and anointed and they will have spirit and life. It's not how eloquent you are; it's My Spirit that makes the difference.
       33.I've given you other gifts, very special gifts. I've given you My anointing and mantle and a special sense to know where My Spirit is leading. You can sense it and feel it in your heart. You have a special intuition and very keen spiritual ears to hear the whispers of My voice deep in your heart. I've given you a special sense to be able to feel the hearts of others, a special feeling of empathy and sympathy. I've given you a shepherd's heart, which is a great gift. It's not the day of grand evangelism; it's the day of loving shepherds. To be able to know My sheep and what they need and what they're feeling is a special gift. It takes special love, and I have given you this love. Love is a gift.
       34.There are many gifts--the gift of eloquence, the gift of art, the gift of music, the gift of writing--but the gift of love, from My Own heart to yours, is the greatest and most precious. Your special connection with Me is a great gift. I'm giving you the gift of being able to touch each of My sheep personally in spirit, to be able to know and understand the grass­roots. The things that you say are eloquent enough and are anointed of Me.
       35.You already have so many important gifts to keep you busy. If you also had the gift of eloquence, it would crowd out some of the most important gifts of listening and communing with Me, sensing My direction, sensing My Spirit, sensing what the children need, and your discernment and your gift of love. (End of mess­age from Jesus.)

Comparing in Teamworking

       36.(Jesus speaking:) There's bound to be some comparing when you work and live and operate closely together. It's partly an occupational hazard. But when any member of a teamwork begins to look too much at what the other is doing and compare themselves unfavorably, the Enemy can use it against them to weaken them. What could be their strength as a ­teamwork--working unitedly, each abiding in their calling, being thankful for their special gifts and talents and seeing My hand and how I'm using them to do My will--could turn into discouragement and a loss of faith.
       37.The Enemy loves to find any opening of negative comparing to cause questions, doubts, and little resentments about the way I've created you, even little resentments about others and how I choose to use them. His attacks through negative comparing slowly chip away at your foundation of faith until you find it difficult to believe My promises to you, that I've anointed you for your calling, that I've gifted you and chosen you and am well pleased with your service and love for Me.
       38.The Enemy can also use this negative channel and comparing to cause you to find fault with and criticize others, to draw back and try to do things on your own, because he has you convinced that you need to prove yourself on your own, that others don't respect you and value your counsel. These are lies of the Enemy and the fruit of negative comparing. He attacks with inner battles of frustration, fear of failure, loneliness, and discouragement. He attacks your channel with Me, and once he's found an inroad through negative comparing and has weakened you through listening to his lies and misconceptions, he tries to weaken your connection with Me so that you begin to wonder about My love for you, My wisdom, My plans, and how I choose to do things.
       39.He attacks your spirit and tries to weaken you to the point that you'll put down your weapons of war and even forsake your crown of service--the responsibility that I've given you, along with the gifts and anointing to do it. He wants to cause you to doubt My love, My Word, and My wisdom. It's his goal to pull you down, to destroy your faith in Me and My Word through this slow weakening of your spirit.
       40.If he can get you to believe that others are more loved by Me, are given more responsibility, are more trusted, are better, more gifted, or more spiritual--if he can get you to believe these lies, it will slowly eat away at your faith to come to Me for My perspective and My answers. You'll then give up on yourself and figure that you're not even worthy of My time or able to be used by Me. His goal is to stop you from being open and receptive to the things that I want to show you, and if he can cause you to feel negative about yourself or others, he knows that you won't have the faith to come to Me and truly believe the things that I say.
       41.I've anointed you in a special way for the things I want you to do. I love you for who you are, for the way I've created you. I'm pleased with your faithfulness and love for Me. I see the many sacrifices you continually make to serve Me and please Me. You're a vessel of honor, of quality, and one that I've chosen to perform My will. I've given you a teamwork of members who are like-minded, who are also gifted by Me, who I've also chosen for their particular place of service. Each person is given a crown to wear, and one person is not better than another, but all must work together in order to accomplish the task of shepherd­ing, leading, and guiding My Family.
       42.You must fight this attack of the Enemy on your spirit and give no place to him. You must see its seriousness--that it's not just a little negative thinking or comparing, but that the Enemy's goal is to weaken your spirit to the point that he can render you ineffective by causing you to doubt your place of service, and to doubt Me. Fight the Enemy's lies! Take a strong stand against every single negative thought and comparison and replace it with the truth--that I've gifted you in the way that I want you to be gifted, and that I'm using you to accomplish My will.
       43.Seek the help and prayers of your team­mates. Be open and honest with them so that they can support you in prayer and fight for you. They need you and I need you to carry on in your important work. You must fight for positive thoughts, for a positive outlook on every situ­ation. Commit yourself to seeking Me and My perspective on things whenever you find yourself battling with the Enemy's lies. Ask Me to replace the Enemy's perspective with the truth--and then accept it, believe it, and act upon it.
       44.I will help you and deliver you from this attack of the Enemy. I'll give you the anointing needed to fight this battle, but you must use the new weapons, receive My Words of truth, and fight! These are days of intense battle for many of My children, because the forces of evil have been unleashed upon the world. The Enemy has been given more leeway and he is no longer confined to his former boundaries, and because of this you'll see his greater attacks on your spirit. I must allow it to be so for now, as it's part of the process of ushering in the era of action and of greater works.
       45.The victory will be won if you fight on. There is much ahead of you, My precious one, much that I have for you to do, so don't give up the fight now and don't faint in your mind. Come to Me, trust Me, and let Me strengthen you and give you the anointing you need for this battle. I will bring you through as even finer gold, more precious than before--more trusting, more believing, an even better vessel in My hand, if you hold fast to your faith and fight. (End of mess­age from Jesus.)

Godly Comparing Can Be Good

              46.(Jesus speaking:) Some competition, a little bit of comparing or that feeling of Godly jealousy, can be good and useful. I can use it to enhance your relationship with Me and to motivate you to draw closer to Me and become more intimate with Me.
       47.If one teamworker sees that another is progressing in their walk with Me and their relationship with Me, and is drawing closer to the spirit world, receiving answers from the spirit, and is being directed and guided by Me, and they have that feeling that they should likewise be more in tune with Me or closer to Me, this is good. Those feelings or twinges of competitiveness or Godly jealousy are not bad, but something that I can use to keep you following hard after Me. I like that.
       48.It's a natural tendency that I've put in the heart of man to want to do good, to want to please, to excel, to achieve, and to win victories. Those of the world strive to excel in their own right, to promote themselves, to appear better than their neighbors, to get the credit and applause for themselves. They want to do good for themselves so that they can feel better about themselves, or feel that they're better than the next guy.
       49.It's not good to strive merely out of pride or to gain honor, but if you have a little bit of that feeling of comparing or competitiveness and it motivates you to please Me, to do that which is right in My sight, to obey Me, to follow My will, to put My Words into practice, and it draws you closer to Me and to your brethren, then this is good.
       50.Each person has their own talents and gifts, which I will use to the fullest. I will use you to help and support each other. I will use that little bit of Godly jealousy or competitiveness to enhance My work and to enhance your ability to work well together, to make progress, and win victories in My work.
       51.So as long as it stays on a healthy, Godly level and doesn't get out of hand or reach the pointwhere people feel hurt or upset or offended or discouraged or actually get too jealous or too competitive, then I can use a little bit of Godly comparing! I can use it to win victories in your personal lives and in your teamwork together. But if it seems to get a little out of line at some time, then you need to pray for My help to keep it in line and under subjection to My Spirit. (End of message from Jesus.)

My Unsung Heroes

       52. (Jesus speaking:) I know, My precious one, that you often feel so incapable. You wonder how anyone could love you or need you, or how you could be used to supply the needs of another, because you feel like you fumble around and you make so many mistakes. You feel that you're not smart enough or quick enough or gifted enough. But I'm here today to tell you that you don't see it as you should. You don't see it as I do, nor do you see it as those who love you see it. There are so many qualities about you that I love and that I need, and these qualities are gifts from My hand--blessings in disguise. You haven't yet learned to easily ­recognize these gifts and blessings, but with time you will.
       53.I will help you to feel more complete in Me, to see your place and your calling more clearly so that you can make your calling and election sure and find peace in your heart and mind. I've made you a servant of all, but don't despise this place. Was I not also a servant of all? Did I not come seeking to serve rather than to be served? Did I not live to bring others joy, health, and happiness? I made Myself of no reputation. I was a humble man who walked amongst the poor. I gave bread to the needy. I reached out a healing hand to those in pain. I helped to carry the load of those who were downtrodden.
       54.My life and ministry was that of a servant, for I had come to seek and save others. In many ways I was what you would call an unsung hero--one who did not receive the praise and recognition that was his due. Only those who knew Me well and could see and sense things in the spirit knew the truth of what was going on. So it is today that many of My children who lead what look like rather quiet, uneventful, less-than-spectacular lives, who have ministries that are not in the limelight, are also unsung heroes. They may receive little acclaim or recognition on Earth, but are known as true heroes in My Heavenly realm. On Earth, however, only those who see and sense and understand the ways of the spirit can see the greatness and the tremendous value of these, My precious unsung heroes.
       55.For I judge not by the glory of man or by the greatness of the works of his hands, but I judge the heart, and what means the most to Me is love--unselfishness, giving, caring for others, humility. I do not compare one with another, but I take each of My precious brides as an individual and I reward you and honor you and bless you. Not in comparison with someone else--their gifts or their apparent fruitfulness--but I judge each one by their faithfulness, loyalty, dedication, desperation, yieldedness, and by how much of themselves and their heart and their own ways and wishes they've given to Me.
       56.You are one of My unsung heroes, but you just don't realize it. You see yourself as so small, almost insignificant. You feel that you could hardly make a change in the lives of those around you, much less in the world and in the bigger picture. But I reassure you, I promise you, I give you My Word that your place in My Kingdom, in My Endtime work, is one of great value and importance.
       57.I have My hand on you and I'm lovingly shaping you as soft, sweet-smelling clay into the vessel that I long for you to be. But if My hands are to have full sway, then you must resist the Enemy's lies and the temptation that you often feel to be discouraged, to think negatively about yourself, to compare yourself with ­others, and to feel that you come up short. For when you do these things, it causes you to sink into the depths of despair, and then you lose your Halloween wheel; you lose your power to resist the Enemy.
       58.When you find yourself complaining, think­ing negatively about yourself, or feeling that you're worthless and you have nothing to offer, you must recognize that these are lies of the Enemy. You've grown accustomed to these negative thought patterns, so you're comfortable with them and you feel that that's just the way you are. But you must learn to see these as decoys, detours, and distractions of the Enemy. He seeks to put roadblocks in your path to delay you, slow you down, and even stop you, if it were possible, from becoming the person that I've destined you to be.
       59. I know it's easy to become impatient, to feel that you haven't yet found your place or your calling, and it makes you feel unfulfilled, unchallenged, and dissatisfied, especially when you look around at others who seem much more suited for what they're doing. It looks like they're really going places and doing something that counts, really making a difference. You feel that what you do by comparison is so minimal that anybody could do it. But that's not true! “Anybody” could not do it, because I've chosen you to do so. This is your special place, your special work, your special ministry for the time being, and without you there would be a loss, a void, and things would not be the same. (End of mess­age from Jesus.)

Text box:

       60. How does this fit in with the fact that none of us are indispensable?
Even though the Lord has chosen us for a particular place and ministry, if necessary He can also raise up someone to take our place who may end up doing a better job.


       61. It is true that each person is de­sign­ed for the job I have chosen them to do, and that without them there would be a loss and things would not be the same.
And it is also true that no one is indispens­able.
       62. These are not contradictory statements; they are simply true in different cir­cum­stances,
like My counsel to answer not a fool according to his folly in one situation, but to answer him in such a way in another situation. Both are true; only the situation varies.
       63.I design and prepare you for the job I have for you, nurturing you with great care until you are ready for both the responsibility and the anointing.
If you were to give all that up, it would be a loss to My work and a loss for you.
       64.However, I cannot permit My work to fail, so just as I prepared you for your job, I will prepare another for the job, because My plan will not be defeated.
Also, in My Kingdom the anointing comes with the job or responsibility, so one who departs a job often loses that anointing and it is taken up by the one who comes to replace them. The latter may have less experience and may need to grow into a knowledge of how to use or apply the anointing, but it is theirs nonetheless.
       65. Thus do My methods work, and thus can I say that all are necessary and important while none are indispensable.
(End of message from Jesus.)
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Defining Comparing and Jealousy

       66.(Jesus speaking:) I want to take the time to talk to you about a couple of things that hinder you from living up to your full potential--comparing and jealousy. In your case, they're one and the same. Jealousy is a strong term, and I know that you don't think that you're jealous of others, just that you compare with them and look down on yourself. So I'll explain more about what jealousy is, besides how you understand the word.
       67. Did you know that one of the ways that jealousy is manifested is by a fear of being replaced by others? That should help you understand that you're battling jealousy. Jealousy is being apprehen­sive of losing your position or others' affection. Jealousy is what causes you to be unhappy or resentful that others accomplish more than you, and to wonder why I don't make it easier for you. Jealousy makes you envious of the success of others in their work, in their personal life, in their relations with others, and even in their relationship with Me.
       68.Jealousy makes you inclined to suspect others' motives, and then in fear, push far away from those who have talents in the areas I've asked you to work in, because you worry that they will eventually replace you. You should instead allow yourself to rejoice for the work's sake when they're being productive; don't fear that your encouragement will spark an even greater enthusiasm in them to be better and thus surpass you.
       69.Your jealousy has crept up on you because of your apprehensions, which come from your lack of faith and from your vigilant guarding of your position, which is also a lack of faith that I will keep you in the center of My will.
       70.Ministries are Mine alone to give and take, and I need you to do what you're doing at this time. So don't worry, My love. You struggle so hard to keep up with all that I've asked you to do and you take too much on yourself, even to the hurt of your times with Me. In doing this you forget that I want to do it, not you; you're just My channel, My hands, a means for Me to accomplish My will.
       71.Don't worry that I'm going to leave you in the cold. I will not allow someone to replace you in your work for Me if it's not in My best interests and yours as well. I will not cast you out of My service just because someone else is “better” than you. I have the big picture in mind, and I know who needs to do what. There's so much work to be done that there will always be work for you--as long as you're willing to take it on.
       72.My love, there is no need to compare, no need for jealousy. I see how you look at others who seem to be so much more accomplished than you, others with shining, glorious ministries who seem so organized, have such good suggestions, ideas, and talents, and you wonder how you'll ever be able to keep up with them or please Me. But you don't have to. I don't ask you to. I don't want you to. I want you to be who I made you to be and to accomplish what I ask you to do.
       73.Doing what needs to be done from day to day and being a holy hole is the most useful ministry you could possibly have, and one of the best abilities is availability. I don't look for natural abilities, though I can use those who have them and who are willing, but I look for the heart that loves Me and wants Me and is willing to do anything I want them to do because of their love for Me. In you I have found such a person, so rejoice!
       74.Fight to overcome your feelings of lowliness and of comparing, for I don't see things the way you do. I see through the eyes of love, and I've been blessed to hold your heart that you have placed in My hands. I don't just look at your accomplishments; I look at your love, your incentives, and motivations. I look at your desire to please Me. I look at the quality time that you devote to others. I look at how you've increased the talents that I've given you. Faithfulness, love and obedience were all I asked of you, and you gave Me that with a zeal that pleased Me. You did the best that you could and the most that you could with what I gave you, and because of that I will now entrust you with more and I will help you do it.
       75.Please don't look at others and think that I would love you more if you were as “important” as them, or that you would be more favored being the only one who can do what you do, or if people only knew all the behind-the-scenes work that you do daily. Continue doing what you see needs to be done. You're all My workers doing My work, and each aspect is vital. In My eyes your work is just as important as anyone else's, because if you didn't do your job, there would be a hole in My work. (End of message from Jesus.)

Smiling for the Joys of Others

       76.(Dad speaking:) There's a temptation to feel that the Lord doesn't love you very much, or that somehow you're not doing well, or you're not as good in His eyes, when He blesses someone else with something or allows something good to happen to them which hasn't happened to you. The Enemy can use comparing and get you to think that you're not receiving the same blessing because you're not good enough, not really very loved after all, not doing a good enough job, and all those terrible lies. But the truth is that you are loved. It's just that the other person needed to feel that particular touch of the Lord's love, or needed that blessing more than you did at the time.
       77.The Lord doesn't pass people by and forget to bless them and give them the things they appreciate and that make them happy. If you're faithfully serving Him, He'll bless you and reward you and cause you to have the things that make you happy too. He loves you very much and has blessed you with many good things, and has allowed you to have many wonderful experiences. But you can't have all your blessings at the same time. He has to spread them out and give them to you when He knows it's best and when you'll really appreciate them.
       78.You have no way of knowing what another person may be going through, the battles that they might be fighting, and the attacks of the Enemy. So when you see someone else receive a blessing from the Lord, don't look at it as if they're more loved or appreciated and you're just being left out. That's what the Enemy would like you to think, because then he knows it can lead to you feeling resentful, to losing the joy of the Lord, and looking on the negative side instead of the positive side of all the wonderful things the Lord does for you.
       79.The Lord rewards and blesses people according to their need, their faithfulness and their obedience, and He doesn't forget anyone. So if you see someone being blessed, just know it's their time and He has a reason for blessing them with that particular thing, and not you. But it doesn't mean that He doesn't think you're as wonderful and deserving of His blessings. It's just that He has to treat each person differently according to their needs and what He knows is best.
       80.It can be a test, but the best way to pass it is to resist the urge to compare and worry and feel bad because you're not receiving that particular blessing. Trust the Lord that He knows what He's doing, He knows how you're feeling, and if you pass the test cheerfully and keep trusting Him, your turn for a blessing will come around. He loves you and doesn't want to do anything to hurt you. Have faith and trust that He loves you just as much. Trust in His wisdom and timing as to when He blesses you for your faithfulness and obedience. And remember, when your turn comes around to receive a blessing, someone else might be going through the same test, so be loving and prayerful and encourage them that their turn will come. (End of message from Dad.)

       81.(Dad speaking:) It's pretty tough to see someone get to do something you would just love to do, and I'm sorry about that. It's human nature to compare, but it rarely does much good. Usually it just leads to discontentment and sorrow. You have to try real hard to see things in the spirit as the Lord sees them, and know that He only gives things in the measure He knows is best--the good and the seemingly bad. The Lord operates on the principle “unto each according to his need,” as the Bible explains. But it's very, very difficult for humans to see all the background as to why the Lord allows certain things and then doesn't allow others.
       82.The Lord works in every single individual life just as He sees is best. This is a very deep question--that of why the Lord allows some things and doesn't allow other things.
       83.You have to take it by faith, because there are so many details as to why He does a particular thing in someone's life that you don't understand, and it would take too long to explain all the background every time. And sometimes even if you had all the time in the world, you wouldn't quite grasp or understand, just because your life and theirs are very different. So the Lord usually just asks you to take it by faith and to ask Him specifically about your own situation. You may not come away from your time with Him fully understanding every detail, but He will tell you what you need to know that will give you enough understanding and faith to not let these things get you down. (End of message from Dad.)

Comparing and Familiarity

       84.(From a WS staff member:) The other day I was praying and the Lord brought to light something I hadn't understood. There have been times when I've found myself not receiving what others are saying, whether personally or in meetings. I was bothered seeing others shine, and I was rejecting their words for no reason. I asked the Lord about this reaction I've had at times, and He said:

       85.(Jesus speaking:) The rejection you feel inside you at times like this is the result of building bad habits. You've fed your heart with selfishness by letting comparing into your life. This causes you to be cold toward others and even reject the simplest words they share. By comparing with others, you take their words as rivalry and open the door to sensitivity, which can't take seeing them shine for Me. This spirit always looks for the wrong in others instead of the good that comes from Me in each of you.
       86.This is another weapon the Enemy is using nowadays in order to divide and conquer--letting in comparing thoughts, and therefore negative thinking that tears others down and doesn't let them shine. I want you to be warm and to welcome others into your heart. As soon as you do this you'll see the difference in people's attitudes toward you, but this needs humility in order to work.
       87.It's not a natural thing for human beings to freely give, for it's their nature to be selfish. But if you come to Me in yieldedness, I can make all things work in love and harmony. It will become easier for you to give and to receive from others. (End of message from Jesus.)

Encouraging a Comparer

       88.(Mama:) Here's some counsel from the Lord given to the parents of a young woman who faced intense comparing battles. The same principles of encouragement and lifting up the good are worth putting into practice with any of your loved ones who struggle with this weakness. Love and encouragement can do wonders! Of course, it's up to the person to accept that encouragement if it's to do any good, but often the more they hear something good about themselves, the more likely they are to believe it. So do your part to abolish comparing by freely showing appreciation and giving sincere compliments.

       89.(Dad speaking:) Tell her she's beautiful! Help her believe in herself, because there are a lot of voices trying to pull her down. Be strong voices on the other side that she can hold on to until she learns to reject and rebuke those evil voices.
       90.Encourage her to let the light in. Tell her to hold on to the good things, the positive things, and to throw all that other stuff overboard. Tell her she's got a light to shine. She's got lots inside to pour out; she can be a little light to shine on others. I know she doesn't feel like it, she doesn't even want to do it, but that'll be a real key for her. If she started thinking about how she could inspire others, she'd be a beautiful inspiration. But a lot of that has got to come from her, I know, and you have been right in not pushing her.
       91.Take her in your arms and tell her she's beautiful, and then pretty soon she'll believe it. Tell her she's useful to the Lord, and she will be. You might have to speak faith for her so she can get the idea, and then flow along with it. But don't give up! She'll be all right.
       92.A lot of her trials are the same as for a lot of other young people. They think they're the ugliest things that God ever made and wish they could just disappear, become a speck on the windowpane or a fly in the corner of the ceil­ing; they wish they weren't even there! There has to come a time when they learn to forget all of that and simply ride with it--ride with the enjoyment of life, the happy things, the good things, the positive things; to let go and enjoy themselves and the Lord, and let His happiness flow through'm; to just let go of all that damn doubtful despairing disillusionment of the Devil.
       93.So don't worry, but you might have to fight for her. People like that need lots of encouragement, and then they'll blossom! Tell them about their good qualities enough, and eventually they'll believe it. She'll believe it when you encourage her. Sometimes she's just waiting to hear some reassurance; she's fishing a little bit. That's what they do. But that's okay; just give her the answer that she needs and she'll come around. She'll pull through. (End of mess­age from Dad.)

A Good Enough Reason?

       94.(Question:) In “Prophecies on Leadership” it seems that most prophecies that touch on comparingmajor on the fact that You don't compare us to each other, so why should we? There are, of course, very good points in those messages that definitely help. Unfortunately, however, I think some of us, like me, are not so pure in our motives or so spiritually minded. Okay, it helps to know that You don't compare us to others and that we don't have to worry if we're not as good at this or that, or not as smart or beautiful or whatever, because it won't make You love us less. That's comforting. But, on the other hand, that knowledge alone doesn't exactly take away the problem.
       95.What if our reason for comparing has nothing to do with worrying about whether we're pleasing You or not, or worrying that we're go­ing to get less of a reward? What if we're just comparing amongst ourselves because we wish we were different, or would like to be better at this or that, or more beautiful, or whatever, just for our own sake and personal happiness? I know that sounds terrible, because the whole purpose for everything we do should be to please You, Jesus. But the fact is that there are plenty of other reasons for comparing trials besides worry­ing about whether we're good enough for You. I know I'm not, and I know You love me anyway; yet why do I still compare so much?
       96.In my case, it's not necessarily concern for what others will think, either. Half the time I couldn't care less what my peers think of me. It's just that I believe I would be happier and have a better life if I were different--and would probably, because of that, be able to serve You better because I wouldn't be so discouraged and battling all the time. I feel I need a better ­argument against comparing than that “the Lord doesn't compare, so you shouldn't either.” Some­how that just doesn't cut it for me.

       97.(Jesus speaking:) If you were perfect in spirit before Me, then the only thing that would truly matter to you would be that you were pleasing Me. The knowledge that I don't compare you with others and that I love you no matter what would then relieve all battles of envy and comparison. Yet I know your frame, I understand that you're dust, and I have compassion upon your carnal thoughts and questions. I too was in a frame like yours, and I know the feelings and battles that come upon you.
       98.I understand the desire of the flesh to want to be better, stronger, more beautiful, more gifted. It's part of human nature to compare, to be competitive, and for many it's also a deeply ingrained habit. I realize that simply reassuring you of My love and concern for you will not rid you of this habit once and for all, especially if it's very deeply entrenched in you. Never­theless, the truth of the matter is that the more you believe in and accept My love for you, and the more you learn to value Me and My love and the things of My Spirit above all, the less you'll find reason to compare.
       99.The relatively trivial things of life--your looks, your body, your skills and abilities--will fade into the background as the things of true importance take on greater meaning for you. Nor will you compare even as far as spiritual gifts such as prophecy, wisdom, discernment, insight, etc., for you'll realize that what matters most to Me, to others, and even to you, is love--your love for Me, My love for you, your love for others, and their love for you!
       100.Besides that, though, there are many other valid arguments I can provide that are good reasons not to compare--not least of which is for the sake of your own happiness and peace of mind. Those who learn to be content and who accept what they're given don't struggle as much inwardly as those who have not yet found that place of yieldedness and acceptance. Those who constantly compare, examine, observe and analyze everything in search of some hidden meaning often come to very unhappy conclu­sions and lead very unhappy lives.
       101.The vice of comparing is like a virus that comes and wraps itself around your thought patternsand weaves itself into so many facets of your life that it seems to be almost one with you. It's almost not possible for those who are caught in its grip to realize that life can be lived any other way; you find it difficult to believe that you can truly be free from it. You see others who don't seem to compare, and you're filled with envy and yet more comparison, because you either don't understand how they've managed to not think that way, or you think that the reason they don't compare is because they're so superior to you and many others that they have no need to.
       102.The truth is that the comparing bug is present to some extent within everyone's nature, yet you have a choice as to how much you allow it to prosper. You can either shut it out, block it out, and “think happy thoughts” instead, or you can feed the little bug, give it a happy home, and let it thrive, grow, and multiply. Really, though, the one it hurts the most is you. It also hurts others around you, because no matter how much they love you or care about you, no one likes to be around someone who is constantly making negative comments, putting themselves down, criticizing themselves, or criticizing others.
       103.Comparing will, in due time, drive friends and loved ones away from you, because they'll either become exasperated with trying to help you and en­cour­age you when you refuse to be helped, or because they feel the bad vibes of you always comparing with them and envying what they have.
       104.Often those who compare feel unlovable and unlovely. Yet by this constant comparison you only increase the vicious cycle by making yourself less lovable and lovely through constantly putting yourself down. You've seen how over the past couple of years you've grown in this area, to where you say and think less negatively of yourself, and how, by the same token, people seem to like you more, and you feel more confident in their love and assured that they do indeed care about you.
       105.In your case, you had gotten encour­age­­ment and love before to some degree, but through the closeness and intimacy of a personal relationship, as well as establishing very deep friendships through difficult times, you came to realize the deep love and concern that others have for you, as well as to understand the way they see you. This helped you realize that you're not so terrible after all, and that you have something to give. Yet you also had to make a decision around this same time to try to stop comparing, and to accept the love you were shown.
       106.You could have hardened yourself to it and refused to accept it, and in so doing, also refused to accept the love and friendship that were being offered to you. But you made the right choice; you decided to fight and move forward down the humble road, and your life has gotten the better for it. You still have remnants of the comparing mindset, but little by little, as you learn to love Me more deeply and trust Me more fully, in time more and more of these very thin but strong tentacles that have woven themselves through­out the fabric of your makeup are being loosened and removed, until at last you'll find yourself free of their grasp.
       107.You wonder why you're not free yet and why I didn't free you completely, and why many others who also struggle with comparing battles don't find total deliverance once and for all. Well, I give the victory when you come before Me and desperately seek My help through united prayer and taking a stand against the Enemy. Yet in order to fully rid yourself of a habit or thought pattern, I require your cooperation, your fight, and your resistance.
       108.By nature you're a bit stubborn; you don't let go of things easily, and it's been difficult for you to be completely accepting or completely trusting in every area of your life. You want to believe everything I say and to let go and trust Me fully, but it's so hard for you. You're so used to your mindsets that even though you don't like them and they cause you trials, you feel that you wouldn't even know your­self without them, that you wouldn't be you. Well, that's nothing to fear so terribly, is it? I can make you into something better! Isn't that what you've always wanted?
       109.Isn't that why you do so much comparing, because you want to be a better, lovelier, more pleasant, more useful, more talented, more loved person? Well, that's just what I'm trying to make you into! No, I'm not going to give you a magic pill that puts you to sleep and then wake you up looking like a movie star, with the personality of a talk show host, the IQ of an Einstein, wisdom like Solomon's, and a gift of prophecy like Daniel's. But I can make you into someone who is the perfect vessel of My love and encouragement to others that I need you to be. And the part you might like best is that I can make you into someone who's happy with what they are and what I've given them--not proud, lifted up, or complacent, but simply content!
       110.It's a beautiful word, isn't it? It's the word you've held out before you like a goal for as long as you can remember now--the ultimate dream: contentment! You've basically written it off as an impossibility until you get to Heaven, but you know, it doesn't have to be that way. You can have it here and now, and it'll be a little bit of heaven on earth, believe Me! It's yours for the taking. I've already promised you the victory--you just have to fight for it. You'll benefit, I'll benefit, and those around you will benefit. So what have you got to lose?--Nothing but an old habit that's made you miserable for years and held you back from fully reveling in My wonderful love--love that will wash away the hurts, the doubts, the misgivings, the pride, and fill you instead with faith, peace, humility, and that beautiful word--contentment! (End of message from Jesus.)

Comparing Your Children to Others

       111. (Jesus speaking:) Comparing yourself with someone else--comparing your things, your work, your personality, your looks, your friends, your abilities or talents, your strengths or weaknesses, or even your child with another child, is not unusual. Everybody compares to some degree, but it can lead to discouragement if you're not able to see the good and resist the negative. Comparing yourself or your child from an analytical or critical point of view and wishing your child was this or that can steal your happiness, your inspiration, your yieldedness, and your peace of mind and contentment, not to mention the effect it will have on your child.
       112.Children remember things very clearly and are directly affected by their parents' attitudes and how their parents feel and think about them. So if you're constantly speaking faith and positive things about your child, either to him or to others, and if you're thinking positive things about your child, this will have a good, faith-building, positive effect on your child, and he'll become more like what you think of him and expect from him. But if you are thinking or speaking negatively about your child, either directly or indirectly to him, it will have the effect of making him think negatively about himself and hinder his happiness and self-esteem, his performance, and the way he sees himself. Faith begets more faith; positive attitudes foster more positive attitudes in both yourself and those around you. It takes faith in someone to bring out the best in them.
       113.People are naturally attracted to positive people, to positive thinkers, and people who can see the good and the bright side. Why? Because everybody compares and everybody needs to hear and see the good and the best and the bright side in order to lift their own spirits and give them faith for themselves, for others, and for their situation. If you're positive and you think well of yourself or your child, even if it's a forced sort of thinking that you don't naturally feel, this positive spirit will not only do you a lot of good by creating a positive channel for My Spirit to flow through, but it will also attract ­others to you, and everyone's spirits will benefit.
       114.Your child is different from any other child in the world, just as you're different from any other person in the world. You're a unique parent, a unique person, and your child is unique and created with great love and care. I've gifted your child with his own special anointing for the role he will be called to play. I've given him a soft and tender heart. I've given him a gift of love for Me and for others, and this will be a key to a yielding heart.
       115.Don't compare your child and wonder why he can't sing and perform and dance and act and get up in front of people and be a star. Although these are gifts given to some, they're not the most important gifts. These showy gifts are given to children for a reason and for a future purpose to meet a certain need. But it doesn't mean that they're better children, more important, more talented, and more gifted than another child who is less showy, less inclined to take center stage and be in the spotlight.
       116.They're not more important, they're not better people, and they're not more talented. They're simply talented in a certain area. And although it might look to you like an important thing to be a performer or a star, in reality these are not the most lasting or even the most import­ant gifts of My Spirit. They're important, and I use them for a reason, but the gifts of love, of wisdom, of quiet understanding and ­compassion are by far the most useful and important, because through these gifts, although less ­obvious and showy, My Spirit is constantly manifested.
       117.If you, or your child, are not the outgoing, center-stage sort of person, this does not mean that you or he are inferior,or should feel inferior, or that he lacks quality or is missing something in his makeup or his mental functions or his ability to have a beautiful life and be a beautiful person--and most importantly of all, to make a big difference and touch the life of another. It doesn't mean that you're failing as a parent and somehow are not helping your child become whatever you think he should be--charismatic, a leader, a talker, an orator, a crowd pleaser. You're not failing at all, and your child is not failing. You're simply judging him by another, looking for the showy gifts and overlooking the wonderful, beautiful person that he is.
       118.When I look at your child, I see him much differently than you do. When others look at your child and interact with him, they aren't comparing him to another; they're simply appreciating and loving him for what he is, and they see the good and possibilities in him. They see a loving boy with a kind, sweet, loving personality and spirit. They see a heart that is sensitive to things and people around him, not ­selfish and self-centered. They see an outgoing, peace­ful, trusting personality, one who is not timid around other people. They see the gift of faith being nurtured and growing inside. They see so very much in this young person. They see the ability to communicate and interact well with those around him, to get along well with people, to give and take and respond with love and give love.
       119.Your child is already a star and wins the hearts of many. He's a beautiful star in My eyes, a real treasure, and a priceless gem that no other can compare to. He is incomparable in My eyes and in My heart. I love him just the way he is, just as I love you. So don't be tempted by the Enemy's trap of comparing him to another. Don't let the Enemy steal away your joy and inspiration, but resist the negative comparisons, accentuate the positive, and let My positive spirit work in your life and bring forth the good fruits of more faith, more joy, and more peace.
       120.Comparing is a very detri­mental thing to do, because it's so easy to end up on the wrong channel, feeling totally discouraged and down. It's like putting the “things I like” and “things I don't like” on the opposite sides of a set of scales. It's a natural tendency of human nature to see the negative more quickly, and therefore pile up more negative things and tip the scales way off balance. Pretty soon there's so much stuff piled up on the negative side that you can't see over it, and it's blocking your view of all the good and positive.
       121.There's plenty of good and positive, but if you have a tendency to be a negative thinker, you need My help to see the truth. You need to tap into My Spirit and ask Me for help to see things in the right way and to get rid of the negative things the Enemy is trying hard to pile up in front of you. The Enemy is very happy when you sit down to play the comparing game because he knows he can feed you lots of false material, lies, misconceptions, wrong attitudes, and plenty of negativity to totally discourage you, and you'll never win if you play by his rules.
       122.When you trust, believe, and accept things from My Spirit and look at things with My point of view, your spirit will be lifted because you'll be seeing the truth. Once you see the truth and you hold on to it with believing faith, it won't even matter so much to you what the Enemy tries to tell you, because you've heard the truth from Me and you can hang on to it. Pretty soon the Enemy will just take his pile of lies and leave. (End of message from Jesus.)

You Chose It!

       123.(Mama:) One of the folks in our Home received the following very interesting mess­age concerning the decisions they made about their life even before coming to Earth. It helped this person a great deal to gain this extra insight and understanding into why their life is the way it is. If you have battles with comparing or feeling negatively about yourself, you might want to ask the Lord about the choices you made before coming to Earth, and that will probably help you better understand and be able to handle things in your life that you find difficult.

       124.(Jesus speaking:) Before the Earth was, I knew you. Before your mission in life was chosen, we were together. You had a full life Here. You, like most Here in this realm, had an awareness of the happenings on Earth and in the universe, but they were not a part of you. They were a separate entity, a distant event, a happening elsewhere. You wanted to become part of it, and I wanted you to as well.
       125.You were a creature of great beauty, but you wanted to live your life on Earth plain, simple, and lowly. You wanted to serve, you wanted to know humility, and so I granted you this. So I formed you in the manner I did and placed you where you could live a life of service to Me, and also a life of relative solitude so that you would never forget what your mission and purpose was.
       126.Does it surprise you that you had a hand in choosing your lifestyle, as well as your appear­ance, personality, and ministry? Now do you under­stand how futile it is to compare yourself with others, to question My dealings with you, to resent the manner in which your life is played out? My love, this is what you wanted. This is what you needed to become complete in spirit. This is only for a time, and knowing that should help you to enjoy it to the full, as well as endure cheerfully that which is unseemly.
       127.You had experienced no pain, no envy, no heartbreak. You saw and heard of these things, but had no idea what they were like. You wanted to know. You wanted to understand. Now you do. Now an important part of your journey to Earth has been accomplished. Of course, there is much more that you'll do that will both benefit My Kingdom as well as enrich your own spirit--and this too is for the purpose of your improved service to Me when you return to this realm. Far more will be entrusted to you than was before your time on Earth. (End of message from Jesus.)