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GN 959

“Be Ye Separate!”
Conviction versus Compromise, Part 3

By Maria      


       Compromise makes the Family like everyone else       2
       System jobs       3
       System jobs steal our manpower       3
       What the Bible says about staying separate       4
       Discipleship means dedication       5
       The breeding ground of flatlanders       7
       The sample of the Family is your sample       9
       God's promises of supply       10
       Is your job using you, or are you using it?       12
       You cannot serve both God and Mammon       13
       What the Family stands to lose--and what you stand to lose       15
       Sad examples and effects of System jobs       16
       Are you building a lasting work?       18
       How to judge Family fundraising methods       19
       System security is only temporary       20
       The “God factor”       21
       It's a new day       22
       Are you still living Acts 2:44-45?       23
       How hard are you willing to work for your support?       23
       Building a financial foundation       24
       Living for the Lord and doing His work is a sure thing       25
       A “retirement plan” for FGAs       29
       ”Say not ye there are yet four months!”       31
       Buying houses       31
       His call is “go ye,” not “buy ye”       33
       A checklist to assess your personal obedience       35

Dear Family,
       1. I love you! I'm going to ask you some questions, which I want you to spend a few minutes thinking about. Like Dad asked in “Die Daily,” I want you to stop right now and meditate on what I'm going to ask you: Why are you in the Family? What is your goal in life? How would you describe your personal lifestyle? What kind of sample of a Christian are you on a daily basis? How much compromise of your convictions have you allowed in your life? How do you spend your time? When was the last time you witnessed to someone in depth, and then followed up on that person? If people were to spend a day observing you as an individual, what would they conclude is your profession? Are you hot, cold or lukewarm?
       2.These are questions that you'll need to think about further after you read this GN.

Compromise Makes
The Family Like
Everyone Else

       3.The main theme of this ­series is conviction versus com­pro­mise. We're talking about some of the basic beliefs of the Family, the fundamentals of discipleship that are being buried under compromise. The threat of compromise is that eventually the Family will be just like everyone else. That's the essence of compromise. That's the goal of the Devil's inroads through compromise, to make us the same as every­one else, to take away the uniqueness of the Family, to tone down the special message the Lord has given us, and through that to make us less attractive to the lost or even cause us to fall apart.
       4.Just to preach the Gospel or even be a missionary is not that different; that's the surface emphasis of most churches and preachers. There are plenty of evangelists who are preach­ing Jesus and getting people saved. Some churches and church members do too, and they even preach a pretty good message. But what we're talking about is the church system as a whole, where in some large denomi­nations such as the Southern Baptists (with 15 million members), 95 percent of their members never witness and tell a soul about Jesus! And they and many others spend billions of dollars on their church buildings and church system that could have gone to helping the lost.
       5. I know some churches do have some good people who are trying to be different and who do some very good things to help the world, especially the smaller cell churches or house churches. But let's talk about the church system as a whole. How many pastors, evangelists, missionaries or church members are living communally in love and unity, sharing all things? How many don't lead selfish, private lives, being just as materialistic as the society around them? How many are trusting the Lord completely to supply their needs? How many of them tell their congregations and the world the truth that they need to hear, not just what they want to hear? How many enjoy the full freedom of the Law of Love? [Note: For more on the differences between the Family and the church system, please see “How We're Different,” page 205 of DB 11. This is a summary of Dad and Mama's in-depth analysis of our differences in the Letters between pages 163 and 208 of this same Daily Bread, which you may also find interesting.]
       6.It's these things that make the Family different. But compromise gradually roots out all the “differ­ences” in order to make the Family just like everyone else. When that happens, it's death to the Revolution; it's the end of the Family as we know it.
       7.Many of the first-generation disciples came out of the churches, and they hated them. Dad instilled in us a Godly disgust for the compromises and failures of the churches--so much wasted time, so little dedication, so much concern for the cares of this life, and so little witnessing. We saw the churches as ridiculous, pitiful, and even a hindrance to winning the world, as so many people were turned off to the Lord because of the hypocrisy they saw in the churches.
       8.As a whole, the church system has been a colossal failure. Most churches don't even vaguely resemble what Jesus told His followers to do. But let me ask you: Has the Family become like the churches? Have you become like the old church in your heart? Are you still dropped out? Do you still live like Jesus' disciples? When people see your sample and visit your Home, do they see something different? Or are you just like everyone else, trying to make a living and survive?


       9.Let's talk about System jobs. There are a lot of them in the Family now! Every continent is plagued by System jobs. Yes, I know the Charter allows you to hold System jobs. It says:

       In some cases, some Home members might desire to take a secular job or perhaps run a business, as a means of support. As the “Charter of Responsibilities and Rights” does not specifically prohibit it, it is generally allowed. We are not recommending it, but it's not forbidden (“Home Life Rules,” I, pg.266).

       10.Note the key sentence: “We are not recom­mending it, but it's not forbidden.” It is Peter's and my firm conviction that most System jobs held by those in open fields are not God's highest will. Most System jobs are a compromise of our standard of discipleship, unless they're absolutely needed for you to remain in your field, or they provide a very clear and abundant avenue for witnessing, or are a tremendous source of income that supports a lot of very active missionaries.

System Jobs Steal Our Manpower!

       11.The Lord gives a sobering warning about System jobs in the following message:

       12.(Jesus speaking:) The trend toward more and more System jobs is a serious problem, and the main reason is that it's taking away the most valuable commodity of the Family--its manpower. I have invested years and years to train disciples, and then they take off and invest their talents in an ungodly business, using the Charter as their “excuse.” And no one is standing up for their convictions; no one wants to make anyone else feel bad. It's a “you cover for me and I'll cover for you” mentality. It's a “you scratch my back and I'll scratch yours” approach. Then everyone is all comfy cozy and no one has to feel too convicted.
       13.Many think of “System jobs” as some little problem that isn't that big a deal. But the reality is that it's a very destructive inroad of the Enemy. Just as disunity is tearing the Family apart, so System jobs are pulling soldiers who should be on the field fighting the Enemy off the front lines and they are becoming weak, sickly and backslidden in heart. Little by little those soldiers willingly submit themselves to the brain­washing of their captors until they're practically useless for hard marches and risky assignments. They become just like the poor people they're supposed to be witnessing to. And even if they do witness, the people look at them and wonder, “Why would I want to join that church?”
       14.System jobs present a much bigger prob­lem than you're presently aware of, because if not nipped in the bud, if the trend is not reversed, it will destroy the second generation. Some of your talented young people, who could become dedicated missionaries, are getting slowly sucked into the System and becoming dedicated Systemites. (End of message from Jesus.)

       15.(Mama:) This is a strong warning to you young people. We know a lot of you are re­sorting to System jobs. Maybe you want to try something new or it's challenging, and you think it's definitely more secure financially. But the truth is, you're getting sucked into the System.
       16. And this message isn't just for you young people; it's for you FGAs as well. A System job can be a very destructive inroad of the Enemy, no matter what your age is. Please don't consider yourself an exception to this warning from the Lord or you may wind up falling for the Enemy's devices.

What the Bible Says
About Staying Separate

       17.The Family was originally a dropped-out, radical, iconoclastic, full-time discipleship revolu­tion! We hated the System, because it enslaves men's souls. We were separate from the System, living according to the Bible. Those teachings of Jesus that are against the System are still just as much our code of ethics and behavior as ever, but are we still living them?! Are you still living them?!

       And be not conformed to this world: but be ye transformed by the renewing of your mind, that ye may prove what is that good, and acceptable, and perfect, will of God (Rom. 12:2).

       Wherefore come out from among them, and be ye separate, saith the Lord, and touch not the unclean thing; and I will receive you (2Cor.6:17).

       Be ye not unequally yoked together with un­believers: for what fellowship hath righteousness with un­righteousness? And what communion hath light with darkness? (2Cor. 6:14).

       No man that warreth entangleth himself with the affairs of this life; that he may please Him who hath chosen him to be a soldier (2Tim.2:4).

       Love not the world, neither the things that are in the world. If any man love the world, the love of the Father is not in him. For all that is in the world, the lust of the flesh, and the lust of the eyes, and the pride of life, is not of the ­Father, but is of the world (1John 2:15-16).

       If the world hate you, ye know that it hated Me before it hated you. If ye were of the world, the world would love his own: but because ye are not of the world, but I have chosen you out of the world, therefore the world hateth you (John 15:18-19).

Discipleship Means Dedication!

       18.The Family today looks very different than the band of radical, full-time, dedicated disciples we were in the past, and that's a problem. Of course, if you want to be just like all the other Christians in the world, it's not a problem. And even if you want to be a member of the Family in one of the outer circles, it's not a problem. But if you honestly want to be a full-time disciple, that means total dedication. That means being a follower of the teachings of Christ. That doesn't mean serving Mammon with most of your waking hours and then doing a little witnessing on the side, maybe, if you have time. And that doesn't mean spending all your time on some kind of Family-created self-employment such as clowning, face painting, ballooning, etc., that brings in finances but has little or nothing to do with witnessing!
       19.Most of you who have jobs or use other fundraising techniques that take most of your time but don't provide an avenue for developing a bona fide, strong, lasting work for the Lord, justify slaving away most of your time for the System and/or money by saying it's allowed in the Charter. Yes, it's allowed in the Charter. We had to allow a small opening for System jobs, mainly because there are fields where our missionaries are required to have jobs in order to even stay in the country. I'm sure our brethren in China, for example, would prefer to not have jobs. They'd like to be able to dedicate their full time to witnessing and training new converts. But if they tried to do that, they'd be deported or even jailed. So there is a place and time for having a job.
       20. There are also a few other isolated situations where having a System job is a unique witnessing or support opportunity, such as the rare case where one Home member's job supports the entire communal Home, freeing others to witness full-time. Each situation must be judged on its own merits, taking into account all the factors in the equation. There is a distinct difference between those who take on System jobs, even meeting the minimal Charter requirements, yet in reality their job is simply helping them support their compromised lifestyle; they earn money, but do very little or no witnessing--and the case where one member holds a System job that supports an entire Home, where they are living communally, maintain a high witnessing standard, fellowship, and so on.
       21.The truth is, some of our most potential fields, where missionaries are free to operate totally openly, are being strangled and the fruit is dying on the vine, because those who should be full-time missionaries are teaching English, pro­gramming or setting up Web sites or graphics, selling balloons, clowning, painting faces, or even selling other non-Family Christian trinkets--again, all with very little or no witness involved. This was certainly NOT our intent when System jobs were allowed for Charter members in the Charter!
       22.I can see spending some time in a fundraising method that's not that effective as a witness in order to support a thriving witnessing ministry in your Home. But what has happened is that most of you with System jobs have allowed that job to take up most of your waking hours, and then, of course, you're too tired after a full day's work in the System to go out witnessing at night or to have Bible studies or even to study the Word yourself! You might have originally entered into your System job thinking it would just be for a time, or that you'd still carry on your missionary work on the side. But it doesn't work like that, as many are now experiencing.
       23. You might be working at a System job which technically is permissible within your Charter rights, and at the same time, you might even be attending a few Bible studies and doing the minimum witnessing required in the Charter, but what you need to look at in each case is the overall fruit in every area of your life.
       24. Ask yourself: “Is my holding a System job causing me to compromise in other areas of my life? Have I become independent? Have I become compromised on living Acts 2:44-45 and do I hold on to 'my own' finances? Do I still live by faith, or is that no longer the case? Am I compromised in my lifestyle, and does this negate my overall sample?”
       25.The System sucks you dry! The kingdoms of this world are the Devil's, and he's not going to allow you to make a nice bundle of money so you can then easily go about pioneering your follow-up ministry. Definitely not! He'll take you for everything you've got! He'll drain you dry of every bit of inspiration, desire to witness, and hunger for the Word while you're supposedly making money “on the side” so you'll have time to witness.
       26.But the reality is that you won't have the time or strength to witness. In fact, eventually you're more and more inclined to come home and flip on the TV or watch a video because you need to relax after work. Pretty soon that's not enough, so you spend any free time you have out with your System friends at discos and bars, drinking and partying--of course, all the while telling yourselves that you're there to “witness to them.” But what kind of witness is it when they see you living just like they do? And you call yourself a missionary, a disciple?And what sort of sample are you setting for your younger brothers and sisters, or for other young people? Do you want them to turn out like you?
       27.I know the arguments for getting System jobs. You want financial security; you're tired of living “hand to mouth”; you say you meet people on the job and you witness on the job. But I want you to seriously consider those so-called “benefits” against the Lord's call in your life to be a disciple. Or are you content to be just like everyone else?
       28.How you live your life is your decision; and how you spend your time is, in essence, how you live your life. So if you want to have a System job, that's your choice (if your Home approves it with a vote). But I ask that you seriously pray about and reconsider your decision after reading this GN. Pray that you can honestly be open-minded and consider all the factors before you just go on about your System business. Call on the power of the keys to open your eyes to the truth for your life!

The Breeding Ground
Of Flatlanders!

       29.(Jesus speaking:) System jobs are the easier way. They are stable, there every day in the same spot, rain or shine. They promise the same amount of money each week or month, and you know what you have to do to bring it in. There is constancy and a sense of relaxation, as you know you just have to get to your job, put in your day's work, and then you're set.
       30.You don't have to trust Me for a System job. You don't have to pray and ask Me where to go, what to do, and how to do it. You just rely on the arm of the flesh, your carnal knowledge, the feeling that of course you know where to go and what to do, because it's laid out in black and white for you.
       31.My children, this is the breeding ground of flatlanders! This is how so many in the System, who begin as idealistic and even searching individuals, turn cold and apathetic. They have to have money to live and they don't know how else to get it, so they turn to the typical job. Slowly it numbs their senses and sucks them into the matrix of the System, the conformity of the world.
       32.That's why I gave you a better way. Yes, living by faith is a better way! I didn't say it was an easier way, but it is a better way. This is My general counsel to you.
       33.Of course, you must seek Me personally for how I'm leading in your life. However, even if I tell you that for a time I'm leading you to take a System job of some sort for whatever reason, you have to continue to keep in the fore­front of your mind and believe wholeheartedly these spiritual principles that I'm telling you. You can't think that just because I gave the okay for you to get a System job that it doesn't have the potential to turn you into a flatlander too, that it doesn't have the power to corrupt you, and that you might not come out of it as strong as you went in. Except for great desperation, yieldedness, help from Me and others, you will come out of it weaker and with less conviction.
       34.Sometimes you hear stories of people who got a System job and came out all the more on-fire, sick of the System and its ways, and that sounds like a success story to you. You think, “It worked for them and did them good; it'll work for me too!” But that's not necessarily the case. I use the System and its grind to teach some people lessons, but that doesn't sanction the use of it for everyone.
       35.Though the Charter allows taking on a System job, it's still not the best way. It's very rare that having a System job is My highest will for some­one in the CM Family. It may help pay the bills or bring in the rent or free other people to witness, but you have to seek Me very desperately to be sure that the person on the job is going to come out of it unscathed, and that you're not robbing Peter to pay Paul, so to speak. The individual may feel he or she is strong enough, but overall My children are fairly blind to the dangers and spiritual repercussions of immersing themselves in System life and attitudes day after day rather than living and wholeheartedly witnessing the alternative.
       36.Even if you're working more or less on your own and you may feel that the influence of the System isn't present, therefore your job is okay, that's not the only factor. Just the fact that you've chosen not to trust in My ability to supply for you begins a spiritual degeneration process. It opens a crack for the Enemy to come in, and if you're not faithful to stay very built up in the Word, it can weaken your faith to the point where you don't have the faith to step out again, or you are always tempted to go back to Egypt--to the leeks and the garlic--where provision was guaranteed in a certain form, and you weren't going from day to day by faith.
       37.I've led My Family to seek Me daily for their needs and their provision, and those who have done so have had their faith strengthened. Yes, it has been difficult, but I have supplied. Yes, you've had to trust Me sometimes for great miracles, but I have done the miracles. Yes, society at large has looked at you and laughed, but I have done the miracles. And this constant usage of your faith and prayer muscles has kept many of you strong and able to endure the life of a top-notch missionary and soon-to-be End­time fighter. If you had taken the easy route, you would not be prepared now to launch into the Endtime fray.
       38. Some of you have set aside some of your armor--the armor of living by faith. You have chosen instead to go the easier route, to take on a System job, to ensure that you and your children have stable support. Some FGAs have become weary in well doing and have wanted to try another avenue, having lived by faith for many years. Many SGAs have desired to experi­ment with taking on a System job, feeling that their parents could have had it easier and been smarter by just availing themselves of what the System has to offer.
       39.Now quite a number of young people, in particular, are testing out the System job ­waters, and they are finding them comfortable indeed. Sure, having a job is more comfortable. You don't have to die to your pride daily by ap­proaching people and witnessing to them, and then asking them in humility to give a donation to support your work. You don't have to be a beggar for Me. And now, more than ever, as SGA families have begun to grow, numerous young people are concerned about supporting their families and children. They want stable support, comfortable living, and they don't want to do what they've always done, day in and day out, to raise funds.
       40.Many look at the more recent forms of fundraising, such as clowning, canning, balloon­­ing, etc., and don't feel there is much witness to those methods, and thus they feel justified in taking on System jobs. Their personal excuse is that by them sacrificing to work at a System job, they then free others in their Home to not have to fundraise, but to just go personal witnessing. That does sound good or noble, but is it really? Does it really work?
       41.My highest will is for My children to witness and to allow Me to supply their financial needs. At the same time, I understand the need for fundraisers, and I do not block this out of the question. Of course you need money, and I've given you some good ideas and good ways to raise money. The key is that you must be asking Me how you can use every opportunity to reach others with My message and truth, even during those fundraisers. You can't sep­arate the two and have times of your life where you aren't witnessing. That is where very selfish and System attitudes and spirits can come in and pervade your life.
       42.Unfortunately, many young people today are looking for job opportunities where they don't have to witness much, where they don't have to die to their pride and be My faithful messenger boys and girls. They don't have that same love for the lost and for the sheep that they used to, and so they're trying to find things that go along with their level of faith. Or they're seeking jobs that use or develop their physical gifts and talents, such as handyman or carpentry or computer skills or entertainment, but which leave out the greater gifts and talents of the Spirit which I've given to them and trusted them to pass on to others. They're not coming to Me enough. They're not seeking and asking Me for My full counsel. They just want My blessing on their plans, a stamp of approval on their program. So they don't get the full, strengthening counsel that I wish to give them.
       43.System jobs can sometimes be My will, but not to the extent that Family members around the world are engaging in at present! Each of you who holds a System job should check your heart and counsel with your Home members and shepherds. You should reevaluate your job--why you're doing it--and seriously ask Me if you are in the center of My will. Don't look at it from the financial standpoint. I can and will supply for you. Look at it from the spiritual standpoint.

*       Is it helping and motivating you to be a more on-fire radical witness?
*       Is it moving you to reach out to others, to give unselfishly and sacrificially?
*       Is it causing you to draw closer to Me?
*       Do others see good fruit being borne in you through it?
*       Is it still meeting the conditions or fulfilling the promises I gave you when you first asked Me about taking on the job?
*       Is it enabling your Home to shoot forward and make progress?
*       Is it time to stop?

       44.Ask Me these things with an open and honest heart, and I will show you clearly if you're on the right track with your System job or not. Don't just take it for granted that because things seem to be going well, that they are. Ask Me and be desperate! It's the little foxes that spoil the vines, and the Enemy uses System jobs just like cunning little foxes, which seek to destroy the work that you're building up.
       45.Pray and ask Me in the power of the keys of the Kingdom for more faith and conviction--conviction to uphold the standard and to be able to live it in your life. Don't settle for the comforts of this life when you can have the treasures and riches of Heaven. Don't trade in your birthright for a mess of pottage here. Sure, it might taste good, but in the end you'll have nothing to show for it. Make sure you're in the exact center of My will for you, job or no job, and then you can expect My abundant blessings. (End of message from Jesus.)

       46.(Mama:) It's Peter's and my sincere con­viction that the Lord wants most Charter members who have System jobs to quit them. Yes, quit. Pray and hear from the Lord about it today, and then give notice of your leaving their employment! The Lord said clearly that having a System job is the easier way, but not the better way, and that it's rarely His highest will for Charter members. If you feel you are unable to quit your job, please go to the Word and seek the Lord to see if He is leading you to a change of status as outlined in this series.
       47.Part of the reason for our looking into the number of System jobs and their fruitfulness is because the Family needs to shape up to be the sample needed to the new members who will join our ranks. Obviously, if a lot of you supposedly full-time CM missionaries are spending most of your time working in the System, there are two serious problems: 1) You won't win new members because you won't have any time to witness. 2) You won't be examples of full-time discipleship, and therefore even if you do win any new members, they'll lack conviction for true discipleship, too, as they'll follow your example.

The Sample of the Family
Is Your Sample!

       48.Most of you with jobs aren't likely to quit and live the life of a full-time missionary simply because you want to better the sample of the overall Family. That's not enough motivation for most people. That reason is too vague or too grandiose. Most people think first of themselves, not the overall Family. The only thing that will give you personally the guts to drop out of your System job and trust the Lord to supply your needs as you work full-time for Him is the same pull of the Holy Spirit that caused our original disciples to drop out and give birth to the Revolution for Jesus in the early days! It has to be personal conviction, a desire to obey the Word, to be a disciple.It has to be a faith that the Word and the Letters are true, and that you want to live the lifestyle depicted in them fully, without reservations. It has to be a faith that God is a rewarder of those who diligently seek Him and obey Him, and that He will provide your needs as He has promised.
       49.This is a personal decision. This is between you and the Lord. This is about your own conviction and what you want to do with your life and what you want to do for Jesus.

       50.(Jesus speaking:) When I talk about the “sample of the Family,” people can take that to mean this great big “sample” of a large organiza­tion. But the sample of the Family is really just made of the sample of the many individuals. There is no “sample of the Family” per se; that's a misnomer. The sample of the Family consists of the sample of thou­sands of individual missionaries. Individual mission­aries, those are the key words. Each person who is a dedicated missionary strengthens the body. Each compromised Family member weakens the body.
       51.It all boils down to each individual's desire to be a disciple, a missionary, not to just “make a living” in the Family. Being a member of the Family these days is not necessarily synonymous with being a missionary. That needs to change. (End of message from Jesus.)

       52.(Mama:) I leave the decision in your hands. Peter and I are not going to revise the Charter. As a Charter member you will not lose your status if you have a System job and are continuing to meet your responsibilities under the Charter. But I want to make it clear that Peter and I are not happy with the number of System jobs in the Family today, and neither is the Lord. I want to debunk your “excuse” for your System job that it's “allowed in the Charter,” as if that automatically makes it okay or right or God's highest will. You'll have to have a heaven of a lot more than that one Charter reference to make me believe your System job is God's highest will for you, if you're living in a country where you're free to witness full-time as a missionary--the kind of mission­ary that people look at and know that you're a missionary, that you're different, that you live for Jesus!
       53. You'll need to have a lot more than the simple “okay” vote from your Home to convince me that these jobs that take CM Family members away from full-time quality witnessing and follow-up are God's highest will. At the least, you'd need confirmation from the Lord from the mouth of two or three channels, wholehearted support from your Home, and it wouldn't hurt to have the support and approval of your area leadership, if possible. And even if you do have all these things, on top of that, you'd need to bring forth the kind of fruit in your job and life that makes it obvious that you're fruitful and productive as a disciple!

God's Promises of Supply!

       54.Yes, System jobs are allowed, but being allowed and being God's highest will are two very different things. Remember, the Charter states that jobs are allowed but that we do not recommend them. Since when does the fact that System jobs are not prohibited in the Charter override the preponderance of the teachings of the Bible? God has made it clear that if you're a disciple living by faith, investing your time in His work, you can expect Him and those to whom you minister to support you!

       If we have sown unto you spiritual things, is it a great thing if we shall reap your carnal things? Even so hath the Lord ordained that they which preach the Gospel should live of the Gospel (1Cor.9:11,14).

       My God shall supply all your need according to His riches in glory by Christ Jesus (Phil. 4:19).

       Seek ye first the Kingdom of God, and His righteousness; and all these things shall be added unto you (Mat.6:33).

       There is that scattereth, and yet increaseth; and there is that withholdeth more than is meet, but it tendeth to poverty. The liberal soul shall be made fat: and he that watereth shall be ­watered also himself (Pro.11:24-25).

       There is that maketh himself rich, yet hath nothing: there is that maketh himself poor, yet hath great riches (Pro.13:7).

       Give, and it shall be given unto you; good measure, pressed down, and shaken together, and running over, shall men give into your ­bosom. For with the same measure that ye mete withal it shall be measured to you again (Luke 6:38).

       He that hath pity upon the poor lendeth unto the Lord; and that which he hath given will He pay him again (Pro.19:17).

       Cast thy bread upon the waters: for thou shalt find it after many days (Ecc.11:1).

       But this I say, He which soweth sparingly shall reap also sparingly; and he which soweth bountifully shall reap also bountifully (2Cor.9:6).

       And Jesus answered and said, Verily I say unto you, There is no man that hath left house, or brethren, or sisters, or father, or mother, or wife, or children, or lands, for My sake, and the Gospel's, but he shall receive an hundredfold now in this time, houses, and brethren, and sisters, and mothers, and children, and lands, with persecutions; and in the world to come eternal life (Mark 10:29-30).

       Provide neither gold, nor silver, nor brass in your purses, nor scrip for your journey, ­neither two coats, neither shoes, nor yet staves: for the workman is worthy of his meat (Mat.10:9-10).

       And He said unto them, When I sent you without purse, and scrip, and shoes, lacked ye any thing? And they said, Nothing (Luke 22:35).

       55.(Mama:) These are the Lord's promises and instructions from the Bible. Dad taught us from the beginning that if we're faithful to the Lord and His work, He will supply! Here are a few of the many quotes available in Dad's Letters:

       56.Praise God for His faithfulness! All He needs is laborers, and He will do all the rest! As Luther used to say when his wife complained that he had too many people living at their house (about 25, not many compared to us, but a tidy little Colony!)--”Don't worry, Dear! For every ad­di­tional mouth, God will provide!” And of course, He always does, praise His Name! He will supply all our need according to His riches in glory, no matter what we need, or how many of us there are, or where we are, or who we are, as long as we're serving Him faithfully! Praise the Lord! (ML #112:1).

       57.Why should we fiddle around with slaving for material things when the System's got plenty of it, and to spare! Let them be our slaves--not us theirs! Why should we let the seed be choked out by the cares of earning a living, when we can let the System do it for us? God always makes the System serve His servants, whenever it suits His purpose--if they have what He needs. “As using this world (or System), but not abusing it” (1Cor.7:31). (ML #27:19,20).

       58.Watch out about compromise. Watch out about any compromise or pulling your punches for advantage, for finances, for protection, for safety, for anything. Be faithful to the message; be faithful to the method; be faithful to the Word; be faithful to the voice of God; be faithful to His Revolution, the particular ministry He's called you to--be loyal! (ML #T:78).

       59.He has promised that, if you'll prove Him by trusting and obeying Him, He'll pour out such a blessing that there will not be room enough to hold it! He says, “Give and it shall be given unto you, pressed down, shaken together and running over!” “Seek ye first the Kingdom, and all these things shall be added!” If He has to drop the money out of Heaven to feed you, He'll do it, if you'll obey Him and get out the message, the Word!
       60.Where God guides, He provides! With every need, God will supply! God will feed you, protect you, clothe you, and take care of you no matter what happens! God cannot only do it, He wants to do it! He's more willing to give than we are to receive! There's no limit to what God can supply. It's better than a salary, and God knows exactly what you need! (ML #692:28).

       61. (Mama:) We understand that some of you feel, even subconsciously, that times have changed since the early days of the Family when we fully applied these verses and lived completely by faith.
We acknowledge the strong anti-sect propaganda in some countries and recognize that in many countries the general population has become increasingly hard of heart, which in the natural would seem to make living by faith more difficult. So I asked our Husband if the Family can be expected to fully live by faith today. Here is what He had to say about this:

       62. (Jesus speaking:) My Word held true yesterday, it holds true today, and it will hold true forever--they that preach the Gospel shall live of the Gospel. Satan is always on the job, trying to persuade My children that it can't be done today, that surely in these times when men's hearts grow cold, and evil men and seducers wax worse and worse, living by faith is not to be expected; that surely in this new age, there is another way. I tell you, My children, it is even more imperative to live by faith in these times than in years past.
       63. I have given you this plan--the plan of trusting totally in Me, the plan of living by faith in Me and Me alone--for I know that this is the only way you will survive in these troublous times when men's hearts become hardened. The dynamics of My supply work the opposite of what you perceive with natural and carnal thinking. Just as I supplied for the children of Israel as they wandered in the desert, so I am able to supply for you in today's modern world, and in great abundance!
       64. Yes, the hearts of men grow cold and callous, yet I ask you to not be afraid, nor to look to circumstances. Did not the heart of ­Pharaoh also grow callous toward My children? Yet I did not fail to supply their every need, both their needs for food and clothing, as well as their need for protection and deliverance from the hand of Pharaoh.
       65. My promises hold true! They that preach the Gospel shall live of the Gospel. ­Living by faith is just as possible today as ever, and if you will step out and obey, if you will put Me to the test, you will reap the fruit of abundant supply. I am not limited by many or by few.
       66. You must remember that while men's hearts grow cold, the hearts of those who hunger and thirst after righteousness grow more desperate. As evil men grow more evil, the need to preach My Words is ever greater. My sheep will hear My voice and a stranger they will not follow, and these I will use to supply your needs, My brides.
       67. This is the day of miracles, and so will My miraculous supply be known. If you will obey, you will reap the good of the land. If you will seek Me, if you will apply the “ask Me every­thing” mode of operation in your lives, if you will live by faith and look to Me alone, I will lead you in each case and show you a plan to follow that is tailor-made for your unique situation. I will show you what will work in your particular set of circumstances, in your location and country. Some of you I may be leading to move on to more receptive fields; others I will show new methods of outreach, new approaches you can take, new areas you can branch out into. Some I will lead to key men and women of standing who will be your sponsors, your protectors--kings and queens, men and women who have the means to provide for you, both supply and protection.
       68. My promises are just as true today as they ever were. If you will seek Me for your par­ticular situation, if you will unite and do the things I tell you to do, if you will ask Me everything each step of the way, I will give you the key to every situation, the solution to every problem. Living by faith in Me is the only thing that will keep you in the times to come. Dependence on the System will only be the beginning of sorrows. I will never fail to supply all your needs if you preach the Gospel, do My work, and place your trust and faith in Me.
       69. All My riches are at your disposal. All that is Mine is yours for the asking, yours for the taking, yours for the reaching out to receive. Reach out your hands in faith, believing, and I will never fail! (End of message from Jesus.)

Is Your Job Using You,
Or Are You Using It?

       70.(Mama:) Here is a message from Dad given recently which shows he hasn't changed his stance at all!

       71.(Dad speaking:) Come out from among her; be ye separate and touch not the unclean thing! It looks like it's time for another Bible class, a refresher course on why we're different from the majority of other Christians in the world.
       72.I've got news for you, folks! We have not changed when it comes to being separate from the world! And we never will change on that point, because the Lord wants us to be sep­arate! There's a great chapter that you can read on the topic. It's Second Corinthians, chapter 6! We'll start with verses 4 through 10:
       73.“But in all things approving ourselves as the ministers of God, in much patience, in afflictions, in necessities, in distresses, in stripes, in imprison­ments, in tumults, in labors, in watchings, in fastings; by pureness, by knowledge, by longsuffering, by kindness, by the Holy Ghost, by love unfeigned, by the word of truth, by the power of God, by the armor of righteousness on the right hand and on the left, by honor and dishonor, by evil report and good report: as deceivers, and yet true; as unknown, and yet well known; as dying, and, behold, we live; as chastened, and not killed; as sorrowful, yet alway rejoicing; as poor, yet making many rich; as having nothing, and yet possessing all things.”
       74.Sure doesn't sound like you could poss­ibly be part of the System and fulfill any of that! That's because the Lord doesn't want you to be part of the System! He wants you to be sep­arate!
       75.He says, “Be ye not unequally yoked together with unbelievers: for what fellowship hath righteousness with unrighteousness? And what communion hath light with darkness? And what concord hath Christ with Belial? Or what part hath he that believeth with an infidel? And what agreement hath the temple of God with idols? For ye are the temple of the living God; as God hath said, I will dwell in them, and walk in them; and I will be their God, and they shall be My people. Wherefore come out from among them, and be ye separate, saith the Lord, and touch not the unclean thing; and I will receive you” (verses 14-17).
       76.I want to ask you a question. Does that job you're holding have you unequally yoked with unbelievers? Is it giving you fellowship with un­righteous people who don't believe in the Lord and who don't follow Him or want anything to do with Him? Do you have to compromise your faith to keep your job? When you wake up in the morning and get ready to go to that job, are you fulfilling your commission of going into all the world to preach the Gospel? If you're not, then it's time to check in with the Lord and see if your job is beginning to use you, instead of you using it for God's glory!
       77.We, as God's called-out children, will never be at peace with the System; we'll never do it the System way. You walk a fine line when you take on a System job or are even self-employed with non-witnessing fundraising. It's very easy to get into serving Mammon, to develop a false balance.
       78.Preaching the truth needs to be your priority, the thing you do the most! The job should just enable you to witness. Is that what you're doing with that System job you've got? Is that what you're accomplishing with that work you're doing to raise support? Is it just a means for funds, and is most of your time spent preaching the Gospel?
       79.Well, if it isn't, then I wouldn't be surprised to hear you're having problems, because the Lord can't bless it. I'm not saying He can't ever use a System job for good, and sometimes you might have to take on a job in order to get where the Lord wants you to go, but watch out about getting sucked in! Your job is to preach the Gospel--that's your job! So remember, if your System job isn't enabling you to do that, then it's time to ask the Lord about it, because I sincerely doubt you're doing what He wants you to do!
       80.This chapter in Second Corinthians leaves you with a beautiful promise from the Lord. If you will come out of the System and stay separate from it and not get wrapped up in its traps, the Lord said He'll take care of you! “And I will be a Father unto you, and ye shall be My sons and daughters, saith the Lord Almighty” (2Cor.6:18.) And if He's going to be a father to you, and you are His sons and daughters, you can be sure He's going to take care of you! So stay separate! Don't let the world use you! Don't let that job use you! Come out from among them and be ye separate! (End of mess­age from Dad.)

You Cannot Serve
Both God and Mammon!

       81.(Mama:) I'm not just dreaming up the fact that there are a lot of Family members who have taken System jobs. I'm not just imagining that this is a problem. Besides the Lord speaking very clearly on this issue, we have also heard concerns from the COs of every continent regarding the trend toward more and more System jobs! That is simply not what the Family is all about! It's a compromise and trick of the ­Enemy if that's your main activity.

       82.(Jesus speaking:) You cannot serve both Me and Mammon! You cannot work for Mammon without getting dirty, without weakening, without paying the consequences.
       83.In the Charter, I made allowance to work within the System, yet I have put stipulations and guidelines throughout My Word. There are many who do not follow these stipulations closely. There are many who would use the Charter as an occasion to do that which is not My highest will for their lives. The exception allowed regarding holding a System job is becoming the norm, and this threatens My Family with sickness, disease, and eventual downfall, both spiritually and physically.
       84.The pendulum has swung far to one side. There is not a proper balance in the matter of System jobs. A general weakening is in motion. It is a slow weakening, but a steady one. If something is not done about this breaking down of your spirits, the Family at large faces a great threat.
       85.I have called the children of David to serve Me. You cannot serve both Me and Mammon without paying a price. The price for serving two masters is steep, for you stand to lose your only hope of survival in the coming days. This threat is as a cancer festering from within. It is one that will grow and spread and eventually bring death and destruction if something is not done to stop it. I have called My CM Family out of the System. I call you to touch not the unclean thing.
       86.Your future lies in working for Me, not in working for Mammon. Though there may appear to be two ways for you to live now, My children, either within or without the System, your choices will become narrower day by day, year by year, if you choose to work within the System. The drain on your spirit and the pull on your heart will increase, as will the ungodliness that surrounds you. Eventually you will be faced with the Mark of the Beast if you wish to continue working in the System, and must choose between that and your job. This is what lies ahead of you on the System path. Although it is a broad path now, it leads to destruction later, while narrow is the path that leads to life.
       87. My children, you must realize that in traveling down the wrong path, you stand to forfeit your crown to others, whom I will raise up to fulfill My plan. If something is not done to correct this problem, you stand to lose everything; you stand to miss the mark of My highest will; you stand to fail in the great commission I have given the children of David. You will be left wanting. (End of message from Jesus.) (See also “The Benefits of the Family,” ML #3172:27-36, GN 777.)

       88.(Mama:) There are some very import­ant warnings in the message you just read. The Lord is speaking to the Family overall, but He's also speaking to each of you individually. I pray you'll have the sensitivity in the spirit to hear His still small voice and to accept the conviction in your heart as He beckons you back to full-time service!
       89.One of the most important points is where the Lord says plainly: “Your future lies in working for Me, not in working for Mammon. … Although [the System path] is a broad path now, it leads to destruction later.”
       90.During the final years of the time of the End, we aren't going to be able to operate within the System. It will become more and more difficult and ungodly, and eventually we'll still have to choose between man's way and God's way--so why not make the right choice now! The Lord knows that our being dropped out of the System today, our depending on Him and Him alone for our support, and our not being tied to System jobs are crucial to our preparation for what is to come. Certainly the Lord is training us now and providing what we will need in the future in the way of support, protection, security, etc., through the people we win and train now when we have the freedom to witness and reap openly.
       91.That is one very serious potential loss, which threatens our future. If we lose our ­ability to survive in the final days, we'll be in the same sad situation as the majority of Christians, those who we should be prepared to help and lead in the Endtime. If that were not serious enough, the Lord then goes even further and says we stand to lose everything. We could miss the Lord's highest will and fail in the great commission He has given us. We have been blessed with a very special calling, we are different, but are we going to let our unique place in history slip through our fingers because of our disobedience?
       92.Again, this brings us back to the question of what is so interesting about Christians who have System jobs and witness a little on the side. Do you think your System job will make news? Will your job inspire people to support your missionary work? Will your job draw the attention of possible new members? And will your sample create dedicated followers? If your converts follow your example, will you and they be the revolutionary army that the Lord expects and needs you to be in the Endtime?

What the Family Stands to Lose
--And What You Stand to Lose!

       93.Can you see what the Family stands to lose through this mass move toward System jobs?--Everything! We stand to lose everything that makes us different! We stand to lose our special Endtime calling! We stand to lose the Lord's blessing! We stand to lose our power to be a sample and not a sermon! We stand to lose our crown, as the Lord says He'll raise up ­others to take our place if we continue this gradual compromise through System jobs.
       94.But maybe you don't care about that. Maybe the future of the Family isn't that import­ant to you. Maybe you're just concerned about yourself and your immediate family. Okay, then let's talk about that. What do you personally stand to lose if you continue with a System job or full-time Family-created self-employment that isn't God's highest?
       95.If you're honest with yourselves, I'm sure you can see that dependence on System jobs or non-witnessing fundraising methods in the Family brings all kinds of weaknesses into your lives and Homes. You become weaker spiritually. You begin to lose the burden to witness. You lose the faith for miracles of supply because you're not living 100% for Jesus. You become independent and selfish, instead of living Acts 2:44 and 45. You resort to “quotas” where each Home member only has to put X amount of money into the common pot, so you can keep the rest of your salary or earnings as “personal money.” Eventually your life and Home will no longer even remotely resemble that of Family missionaries. And if you continue like that, I'll tell you where you'll end up--in the System. You'll end up diseased and crippled spiritually through lack of exercising your faith muscles. You'll eventually not even have the guts to give the full message of discipleship because you'll feel like a fool and a hypocrite. You'll get tired of the fight and you'll become more and more like everyone else around you, until you're one of them.
       96.The more I think about it, the more I see that these various compromises that have taken hold in the Family are all related and they're all hitting at the foundation of our sample of living the teachings of Jesus. There's less and less witnessing. You're not living by faith, but supporting yourselves through System jobs or other Family-created fundraising methods that have little or nothing to do with witnessing. There's an increase in personal property and a lack of taking care of the weak. You don't share all things or live Acts 2:44 and 45 anymore. Many CM Family members don't want to live together anymore. Not only are there hundreds of single-family Homes, but even many of the Homes that fulfill the minimum Charter require­ment are very small and hardly the picture of successful, happy communal living.
       97. Though it fulfills the minimum Charter require­ment, Peter and I don't necessarily feel that four voting members in a Home, especially if it's just a man and his wife and two of their teenage children, is the best situation for living communally or the Acts 2:44 and 45 ­vision. Dad considered six to 12 adults a good number to have a successful, well-balanced Home. So even though you can squeak by the Charter requirements with four voting members with just your little family unit, it doesn't make it possible to accomplish much. That's why the Lord, in His wisdom and foresight, had the Early Church, and the early Family, live communally.
       98.Do you see how this is changing the face of the Family? At this rate, the Family as Dad and the Lord created it will be a thing of the past!

Sad Examples and
Effects of System Jobs

       99.Here are excerpts of comments on this subject from COs and VSs around the world.

* * *

       100.A great majority of the young people in our area teach English, and most of them are left with very little time for witnessing, let alone being able to build a work and do some solid follow-up. The side effects of English teaching or leaning on other sources of income that are not witnessing, tool distribution or follow-up are very debilitating and the same as always--people become weaker in faith.
       101.The Lord has been promising amazing things. I truly believe that we've entered the best time of our lives and that with it will come more financial stability. I'm excited about it! I have faith in the vision and I've been preaching away about it. It's just that sometimes I've looked at the number of people who depend on some fundraising methods other than tool distribution or follow-up and it gets a little scary. I also battle in my heart and mind with the System jobs allowance in the Charter, wondering if it's entered in too strongly and has debilitated the faith of many, and generally gotten many Family members pretty tripped off.
       102.I don't know how I would handle it if I was in the position of having to go through a transition from pure tool distribution or Eng­lish teaching for income, to get into follow-up, pushing Activated, etc., so I don't mean to be critical. However, I still am very concerned when I see how many people have become more dependent on some source of income involving the System, other than tool distribution or witnessing.
       103.One problem I see with System jobs is that it doesn't send good signals to other young people. It tends to spread like wildfire to where a good percentage of them are doing it, and in my opinion it's eating at them spiritually. So where do you draw the line? Now these particular people have lost a lot of faith and are becoming more and more, in my opinion, like “yuppie style missionaries.” It's kind of ironic when you compare them to our Active members who are pretty fed up with that System lifestyle. Admittedly many Active members do enjoy their independence, but they're very dedicated to the cause and are pulling OUT of the System as much as possible, so the System job question even raises questions in their minds as to what our standard of discipleship really is.

* * *

       104.The Homes that have involved their young people with Activated and encourage them with the follow-up vision are the ones that are doing very well and are prosperous. Others who are not obedient to the Activated vision are struggling.

* * *

       105.If you do not have steady or sufficient home support on this field, you have got to raise it here, which can be challenging and at times difficult. Nevertheless, it's not impossible if you're basically trying to follow and obey, particularly in the witnessing arena and following the latest counsel on Activated and follow-up. However, this is a very difficult thing to try to monitor in Homes these days, because under the guise of “Activating” or “witnessing,” people get involved in modeling or going for photo shoots for advertising or films, while supposedly trying to witness and win the folks that they are involved with. Those who have genuinely tried that, who have been honest with themselves and have assessed their fruit, know that trying to witness in that kind of environment takes a lot of shepherding and conviction. If you are weak in either of those arenas, you will compromise, and basically what you're there for is a System job.
       106.From there, because of not really putting witnessing first or trying to obey on Activated, they compromise with going out for a drink or going out to the discos to meet some of their friends. Again this is all in the guise of going “witnessing,” but in reality there's not much fruit. There is more weakening of their spiritual walk as they get into drinking, smoking, etc., but all very secretively.

* * *

       107.I've been concerned about the number of young people taking English-teaching jobs. Most of the young people's Homes we have support themselves with either some or the majority of the members teaching English.
       108.I think some are weary of what they consider the “struggle” of living by faith, the insecurity or pressure of where the money will come from to pay the bills. Some look with distaste on the idea of being a tools “salesman” and they say they are “burned out” with it. It's not always viewed as a positive profession, whereas a System job has a greater element of glamour and in some ways it's easier. I think some enjoy the challenge of a System job, having to adhere to schedules and learn how to teach. For some reason they are ready to make sacrifices for a System job that they wouldn't be willing to make for the Family. (I also see this when young people go FM or leave the Family; then they buckle down to what the System demands, just because those are the rules of the game.)
       109. In the case of young people's Homes, they often start out claiming that two out of four members will work so that the others can witness without being pressured for finances,
but it often ends up with more and more time being invested in System jobs than witnessing. Or it's the men that work, while the women stay back with small kids. Although some of these Homes do a little witnessing or hold Bible studies, on the whole they begin to walk down the road of compromise in their lifestyle. And the example spreads to other Homes. (I'm also hearing of more older adults getting jobs, with some of the same results.)
       110.Related to System jobs, a tendency I'm noticing more and more is people getting jobs in order to buy cars, computers, or other gadgets they feel are important to have. In order to buy these things, they work out an agreement with the Home, but many times the fruits in their personal lives aren't so positive--such as becoming more independent or selfish, or working on the periphery of the Family, or losing the vision to live by faith, and continuing to work even after they have acquired what they wanted, etc. It also foments a spirit of comparison and creates distinctions between the haves and have-nots, those who have their own cars, etc., and those who are simple missionaries, content with such things as they have.
       111.In the Charter member contract, point O says: “I hereby agree to commit my resources, time, energy, knowledge, gifts and talents towards reaching the agreed-upon goals of the Home in which I reside and the goals of the Family at large.” If the majority of the members of a Home are committing most of their time and energy to System jobs, with some witnessing on the side, it seems this fits in more with an FM level of commitment and not a CM one.

* * *

       112.The fundraising methods vary in the amount of time they take and in the possibility of also using them for preaching the Gospel. I think the ballooning, face-painting, clowning, birthday party enter­taining, etc., could all be fruitful forms of fund­raising as far as being able to use them as part of a Home's witness and ministry for the Lord. But often they are not used as such, but solely as a form of raising funds, and there is no real message or witness included.
       113.Also, I think that quite a bit of the fund­raising, especially with our young people, is for their own goals--such as for their own vehicle or their own travel-and-visit-their-friends plans, or the different material things that they want.
       114.The Homes don't seem to be basing their decisions on the old basic sound principles of the Word and the Lord's promises that “they that preach the Gospel shall live of the Gospel,” and “if we give unto you spiritual things, is it any great thing that we reap your carnal things,” etc. Therefore, the preaching of the Gospel and thus the Lord's plan for us don't come to pass, and people and the Family in general get weakened.
       115.The tendency is to look at “fund­rais­ing” as something separate in order to meet the Home's financial needs--like quick and easy--rather than trusting the Lord to provide because they are faithful in their witnessing and follow-up.
       116.Some of our new disciples join very gung-ho as they have the classes and learn the verses regarding forsaking all, trusting the Lord to supply as they give their lives to Him and preach the Gospel. But then as they get married and have children, the reality often becomes something different, as the need for funds is met by frequent trips to the West, System jobs or whatever, and is a constant burden--yet it often isn't met by just simply obeying the Scriptural admonition to do our job and then trust that the Lord will supply.

* * *

       117. It seems we have a fair number of very smart young people, mainly men, who have taught themselves quite a bit about computers and programming or Web work. Some of them have left the Family, but I've seen that some who remain in the Family are often still very money- and System-oriented, with a lot of talk and communications going on regarding how to get money by different computer-related jobs, or working on Web sites, or programming for different System companies. This sort of work is often accompanied by some anti-Family policy attitudes.
       118. I received a note from one Home regarding some young men in such a situation there. The Home reported: “You often hear them together talking about their bank accounts, buying this or buying that, and it doesn't lend to the unity of spirit in the Home.--Especially when you seldom see those same people making an effort to come to devotions, but when it comes time to get up and head into town for business, they can be up and out as early as they wish.” (End of excerpt from Home.)
       119. It seems these young men are potential “supers,” with the knowledge and money-making ability that others look up to, but often lack the “super-duper” convictions and attitudes of the spirit which really count and which our other young people should be looking up to.

* * *

       120.A Family member told me that the Family has become a dog-eat-dog society. Here's one example this person gave me: If you have a good fundraising spot, you will keep it a secret and not tell any other Family member, because it's your own bread and butter, and once it's burned out, it's gone. It doesn't matter anymore that the Family at large gets that same income. It's a different Home! Or even within the same Home, it's a different person! You have to raise your own share of the budget, and how the other one does it is his problem.
       121.I think everybody feels like if they work hard to bring in the funds, why shouldn't the other guy? They conclude it needs to be justly divided, fair and square.
       122.It seems like everybody is struggling for finances so desperately, but again the individual Family member may be richer than 10 years ago. A while back it was enough if a Home had two vehicles; now if there are four families in a Home, they all need their own car. And they have to work for it themselves. Now there is less and less Home property and more and more personal property. “I own my double bed, the kids' beds, my cupboards, my desk with the desk­top, some kitchen equipment, my car, etc. And if I move I take them all, because I worked so hard for them, and who knows what I'll have in the next Home. I have to secure myself somehow, right?” This is the way of thinking that goes around.
       123.Somehow everything is breaking down to the individual Family person. Everybody wants to do their own thing. Everybody has their own vision, their own standard. I have lived in a Home where all I had to do was bring in my share of the money, and I was told I could do whatever I wanted. Also, some of these “Home budgets” just cover the rent and bills and food, and every­thing else is your own concern. I have heard of a Home where someone was watching how many slices of cheese the other one was eating, since everything had to be “equal.” (End of comments from COs and VSs.)

       124.(Mama:) What's happening to the Family? Don't you wonder about that? What about communal living, having all things in common, from each according to his ability unto each according to his need, bearing one another's burdens?
       125.Many of you have become almost totally focused on money. That's your main concern. Of course, I understand that you need money, and a lot of it! But a terrible worldly selfishness has snuck into our ranks, and it stinks! That's not the Family!

Are You Building
A Lasting Work?

       126.Besides the horrible testimony of selfish­ness and lack of love, your money-hungry attitudes and materialistic spirits manifested in your lack of sharing and your dependence on System jobs--or Family-created jobs where you're self-employed but do little or no witnessing on the job--give rise to two other serious drawbacks: 1) Either you don't have any time to witness after you've slaved away all day or night to raise money, or 2) once you have the money you need, you don't have the motivation or drive to do any serious witnessing.
       127.Both of these drawbacks are having the same effect in the end. They're taking you out of the mission field; they're keeping you from building a lasting work.
       128.Notice I use the term “build a work.” That is an important differentiation, because you might do some night singing, clowning/ballooning, etc., and justify your actions with the excuse that you're giving out tracts. You know I love to give out tracts. I do so as often as I can. But giving out tracts is certainly a far cry from building a strong, lasting work with new members, regular Bible studies, Active mem­bers, young cata­comb disciples, tithers, supporters, “consider the poor” ministries, etc.
       129.Judge for yourself. Is your System job making it possible for you to build a strong, lasting work as described above? If you decide to keep your System job or keep up your Family-created System job (clowning, ballooning, etc.), a year from now, what would you have to show for it? If you had to go underground, would you have solid, trained disciples to help support you? If you had to leave the country, would you have a “church” of trained followers to carry on? If younger Family members were to follow your sample, what kind of disciples would they be? If you went to be with the Lord, how would you feel as you look into His eyes?

How to Judge
Family Fundraising Methods

       130.Let's talk more about the Family-created fundraising methods that many feel are on a par with System jobs, such as ballooning, clowning, face painting, car washes, night singing of System songs, etc. It's true that in many cases these methods are just like System jobs, if there is no or little witness. And even if there is some witness, like tract passing, these methods are more about raising funds than witnessing and bearing fruit that remains.
       131.We've heard serious concerns from some continents that the Homes in their area aren't ordering many tools anymore, because they're so busy with teaching English or clowning/ballooning. So it's obvious that those fund­raising methods are definitely affecting our overall witness in a big way. And as I said, even if you give out a few tracts here and there while involved in that kind of fundraising, that's not the kind of quality witnessing that will build a lasting work through follow-up and Active members. That's not the kind of witnessing that will help you garner regular support for the future. Here is some counsel from the Lord on this:

       132.(Jesus speaking:) There are various factors to consider when judging these Family-created fundraising methods. They can be a blessing or a curse, depending on how they're used and how much witness you are able to incorporate into these methods. Judge by the following:
       • These non-witnessing methods should be used only as a means to an end.
They are not the end in themselves. If the funds that are raised support a thriving witnessing and follow-up ministry, then these methods are a blessing. But if they are considered the main witness of a person, family or Home, then they're terribly and sadly lacking, as the witness is shallow and will not grow into a long-lasting work.
       • If there is no witnessing whatsoever allowed during these fundraising activities,
if those involved cannot even give out tracts or witness in the name of the Family, these fundraising methods are a distraction and a compromise. Those involved should look for better open doors and for a more meaningful way to raise finances, where they can get out more message and distribute tools.
       • If those who do such fundraising still have a desire and the time to go witnessing, to follow up, and have a fruitful work, then they have a good balance.
But the danger is that when the need for finances is satisfied, many of My would-be missionaries settle down and live selfishly. They don't use the rest of their time to reach the world and win a following; they become complacent and satisfied when their financial needs are met through these other avenues.
       • There truly is no future for long-term regular support in these fundraising methods.
These methods do not give rise to in-depth witnessing, follow-up, and the cultivation of a following or congregation that will, with time, provide regular support. So these types of fundraising perpetuate the “hand-to-mouth” cycle.
       • In some of these fundraising methods, the faster the person is, the more profitable it is.
This need for speed makes the witness even shallower, if there is any witness at all. At least with some non-witnessing methods, such as car washes in which there is a witnessing team on the side talking to the car owners, or night singing that specializes in System songs but where the music is used as “bait” to gradually incorporate Family-type songs into the repertoire and where there is a team selling tools and getting addresses on the side, there is the option to talk in depth to those on the receiving end of the service given. Or if you are clowning and have a show that delivers a message, if you have a team on the side passing out the Word, selling the tools to parents and collecting names and addresses to follow up on,that opens the door for the possibility of more witnessing and long-lasting fruit. But when things move so fast that you hardly have a chance to talk to anyone and there's no witness involved, the Family-created fundraising methods rank right up there with a System job; the only difference is that you're self-employed.
       • You can judge the overall fruitfulness of the fundraising method by looking at the fruit of the Home.
If they have no Active members or disciples, if they have no Church of Love, no Bible studies, no regular monthly supporters, no provisioning contacts, no potential disciples on the line, and no Activated subscriptions are being sold, then their witnessing is shallow and unfruitful. No matter how much money a method brings in, if the overall fruit of the Home does not include the above-mentioned fruit, the overall witness of the Home is shallow.
       139.A regular “consider the poor” ministry alone isn't necessarily enough to determine that the Home has a fruitful, well-balanced outreach ministry, because a “consider the poor” ministry will not usually provide the Home with supporters, new disciples or protection. The same can be said for a regular provisioning ministry, unless you're faithfully ministering to your contacts with Family materials and they're growing in their knowledge and understanding of the Family, what you believe and what you do. There must be in-depth witness­ing, follow-up, and reaching the middle and upper class as wellif a Home is to fulfill the vision of making disciples of all nations. That is the only kind of witnessing that will relieve the Home of the “hand-to-mouth” syndrome and provide a solid, depend­able base of support. (End of message from Jesus.)

System Security
Is Only Temporary

       140.(Mama:) I know many of you are tired of what you call “beating the pavements” to raise support. You want “security.” But do you think the System is going to last forever? The time you spend away from building a lasting work for the Lord might give you temporary security today, but there will come a time when it will all vanish, just like that! Then you'll be left high and dry, with no support, no national church of disciples, no one to take you in. That's partly what the Lord meant when He said earlier that “you'll be found wanting.”
       141.Sure, you might think you'll just have a System job for a while, and then you'll get back into full-time missionary work. But that's a pipe dream. By the time you realize the danger you're in, it will be too late, and your opportunities for open witnessing and really making fast progress will be lost! Then how will you support your family? Then how will you supply for your children?
       142.Many of you have become so dull in spirit, lethargic, and compromising that you look at the System as your friend, thinking it will kindly support you as long as you want. But it doesn't work that way, and eventually you'll look back with remorse that you didn't obey when it was easy.
       143.You think so-called “pounding the pavement” is hard, but you have no idea what hard is until you have felt the cruel wrath of the System! Believe me, things will not continue as they are. In time, there will be a shocking change and all that “comfort” and security in the System will vanish and you'll be left with nothing! Then you'll not only have to give account to the Lord, but also to your loved ones. What will you say?

The “God Factor!”

       144.I know the big drawing card for System jobs is that you want security. I also understand that the need for immediate finances is probably the biggest thing standing in the way of most people being more involved with Activated. If Activated was an immediate money-maker like ballooning/clowning, it would prob­ably have caught on much more quickly. I know it takes faith to dedicate your time to Activated. I know money is a big deal and it's difficult to raise it!
       145.There's nothing I can say that will make the transition from other fundraising methods or System jobs to Activated and follow-up easier. There is no presto-change-o sol­ution. But you have to decide if you're willing to work, sacrifice and do whatever it takes to develop a lasting work and make the future success of the Family a reality, or whether you'll stay in your present System-dependent ruts.
       146.It boils down to a choice. Are you going to believe God or not? Are you going to obey the vision or not? Are you going to put God on the spot or not? Are you going to make the sacrifices necessary or not?
       147.One CO commented: Finances is a major issue. We bump into it when we talk about the Activated vision and how it's going to take a change in the Family's modus operandi, mindset, etc. People have told me thatwe can't expect the Homes to get more into follow-up because of their financial difficulties. The main argument is that pushing Activated doesn't bring in funds, not right away anyway, which is pretty factual. But we remind each other of the “God factor” when we feel a bit overburdened and want to remind ourselves that it's all by faith. (End of CO comment.)

       148.(Mama:) Okay, so Activated doesn't bring in the same abundance of funds immediately as other fundraising methods. You don't get the same financial returns when you invest time selling sub­scriptions as when you do ballooning. That's true. What can we do about that? What is the “God factor” the CO mentioned above? And how reliable is it?
       149.I know some of you are tired of spiritual counsel regarding practical matters. But that's the problem: You don't see the Lord's promises of supply as being very real, very practical. Ask God to change your outlook, because those promises are dependable and true. It's this very “God factor” that has provided for the Family for decades! If you can't see that, then of course this counsel won't help you. It's been said before, hundreds of times in the Letters.
       150.I won't be intimidated by your complaints that I'm over-spiritualizing, that I don't understand, that I can't possibly relate because WS is supported by your tithes. God's promises are real! They work! I'll never stop pleading with you to take God at His Word. I'll never stop begging you to obey the Lord so He can supply abundantly for you, as He wants to. I'll never put my trust in the System rather than our Husband and Lover, who is the God of the universe.
       151.Think about this “God factor” and see how much it's been a part of your life lately.

       152.(Jesus speaking:) The God factor means standing on My promises. It means trusting in Me, believing that nothing is impossible with Me. It means that I am able to supply all your needs. It means that faith in Me overrides all impossibilities.
       153.The God factor means that I have opened to you the riches of the universe, I have put before you a great reservoir of supply, and it's yours for the asking, yours for the taking. The God factor means that if you will put your trust fully in Me, you will lack nothing. It means that if you preach the Gospel, you will live of the Gospel. It means that all things are possible to you. It means if you are trusting Me and doing what I tell you to do, I will never fail to support you, even if I have to drop the support out of the sky. It means good witnessing always pays. It means if you are obeying Me, I will take care of your needs. It means if I promise bread, I will not give you a stone.
       154.Practically speaking, it means if the Family will put their trust in Me, if they will claim My promises, if they will obey what I tell them to do, I will supply all their needs according to My riches in glory. It means if they will get out and do the “wenting,” I will supply.
       155.The God factor means trusting Me more than trusting in the arm of the flesh, more than trusting in the worldly system of man. The God factor is standing on My Word and My promises.
       156.My ways are not your ways. I do things contrary to man. I can and will supply for My Family in the interim period [when pioneering Activated and follow-up]. I am only limited by lack of faith. My supply is only blocked by disobedience, by lack of faith, by lack of appropriating the promises I give you.
       157.It is a gross misunderstanding to think that I cannot supply for My children while they are doing My will. To think that pushing Activated is not going to bring in the funds initially is not true. Do you think that I am not able to supply each step of the way for My Family? I have told you there are no impossi­bilities. It is not true that I cannot or will not supply for My children in the interim. Am I not able?
       158.I promise to supply for My Own. Do you not think I am able to supply every need while My brides are working for Me? To think that I cannot supply in the interim is absurd! Am I God or not? Do not the winds and the waves obey My command? Do I not give the command and whole kingdoms are subdued in My Name?
       159.O children of little faith, how long will you doubt? How long will you fail to take the leap? Who will try? Who will go? Who is willing to take the plunge? Who is willing to launch out into the deep of where I am leading you? Who is willing to put their hand in Mine, trusting that I will be more than a light and better than a known way? Who is willing to command Me? Who is willing to prove Me? Who is willing to receive My promise? Who is willing to call on the keys of the Kingdom to open the Heavenly windows of miracles of supply?
       160.It takes faith, yes. It takes courage; it takes daring to trust Me. It takes the “God factor”--putting your trust wholly and completely in Me, claiming My Word, and expecting Me to do miracles, to do what you cannot do. It takes ignoring possible consequences when the doubters say, “No, no, no, it can't be done.” It takes taking a stand.
       161.Am I not able to supply all along the way? Are My Own to be wanting and begging for bread? Do I forsake My Own?
       162.If it couldn't be done, I would not have asked it of you. I am not limited. Do you think I cannot supply in the interim? That is as ridiculous as saying I cannot stop the rain. Why, why, why, O brides, do you limit Me? How long will you doubt? How long will you delay in putting Me on the spot, in claiming My promises, in reaping the harvest that lies waiting before you?
       163.It takes faith, I know, yet I have likewise given you this faith. It takes keeping your eyes focused on Me and Me alone. It takes coming out from among them and touching not the unclean thing. And it takes doing what I have told you to do. It takes following where I am leading. It takes childlike faith. It takes quiet trust. It takes the simple assurance of knowing that what I have promised, I will do. It takes trusting Me to see you through, because you know you are obeying and doing My will, and because of your obedience, I will not let you down.
       164.The “God factor” will make all the differ­ence in the world. It means the difference between your success or your failure, your premature end or your hope of survival. It means the difference between life and death for the souls waiting to hear My message. It means the difference between you receiving the blessings and promises I have reserved for you, or going through life as beggars, destitute of your needs. (End of message from Jesus.)

       165.(Mama:) That message is packed with promises, butthey are conditional. To receive that supply and blessing, you must obey! Are you obeying?

It's a New Day--
A Time to Witness and Win!

       166. Some of you might feel your need to get a job was confirmed by old Letters in which Dad talks about times when it can be advantageous or necessary to have a System job. If you went to the Arc to search System jobs you could possibly make quite a case in favor of them. There is counsel in past GNs for specific fields that could seem to be a clear leading from Dad to pursue System jobs. I asked the Lord about this older counsel, and here is His response:

       167. (Jesus speaking:) I do a new thing, for this is a new day.
Time is short; only what is done for Me will bear fruit and sustain My children in this time of the End. All of My children must decide whether they will live by faith and depend on the “God factor” alone, or whether they will serve Mammon. They cannot serve two masters--they must now choose. I am a moving God, a changing God, and an Activated God! The counsel I have given in the past, that which was published in years gone by regarding System jobs, is not to glean excuses on how to live today. This is the era of action! You have entered the Last Days, and your mode of operation must change accordingly!
       168. I wish to free My people to serve Me. I am calling My children out of the clutches of this world's System and into My arms where they can live by faith and faith alone. I am calling them out of the clutches of the System, where they will be able to survive in the troublous times ahead! I am calling them out of the anti-God, anti-Christ System of today, to be My mouthpieces, My miracle workers of the End.
       169. There will be few exceptions to this matter of System jobs. The criteria for System jobs depends on the fruit borne, on how much witness can be given, on how much Word can be handed out, on how much training of new disciples, friends, supporters, and Active members can be had, on how many tools can be distributed.
       170. I call everyone to witness and to win. If and when there is a job that will permit this, where their convictions will not be compromised and where they can get out the tools, get out the message, and teach others the doctrine, I will consider and bless their efforts in such a ministry. Yet this will be the exception, not the rule. (End of message from Jesus.)

Are You Still Living Acts 2:44-45?

       171.(Mama:) Some of the financial difficulties you face could be due to not living communally. Take, for example, the following CO's observations:

       172.I totally believe that living by faith is not a thing of the past. It has to be possible. So then, what's happening in the Family today? Are we seeing things from the wrong perspective? Are our Homes off track and therefore the Lord can't supply for them?
       173.Something that I believe the Lord was speaking to my heart about, as part of the answer to this dilemma, is the fact that we have a great number of small Homes as compared to average-size communities. When I say “communities” I'm not talking about blobs, but Homes of two or three couples and some singles living communally, sharing all things, etc. As we all know from the Scriptures, that is God's financial plan.
       174.Could it be that we have deviated from that principle in spirit and in practice? Are we limiting God's ability to bless us by our recent more selfish and independent living? God's financial plan in Acts 2:44,45 worked in the past and I believe it still works today. (End of CO comments.)

       175.(Mama:) The Lord's financial plan for the Family has always been Acts 2:44 and 45. If you're not living that, I strongly suggest you pray about what changes you need in your lives and Home. And certainly if you're a single-family Home you can't possibly be living Acts 2:44 and 45, and you will undoubtedly run into more financial pressure. It's only logical that if you live communally and share your expenses and possessions such as your cars, appliances, computers, etc., not only is it more economical but it's obedience to the Lord's plan, so He can bless you more. But it all boils down to how much you want to share, how much you want to live unselfishly.

How Hard Are You Willing to
for Your Support?

       176.And that brings us to another point that hasn't been talked about much in the Letters, at least not in recent times, and that is: What can you expect the Lord to supply, and how much are you willing to work for the support you need?
       177.One of the pioneers of the Active member ministry in Brazil related from personal experience that beginning a follow-up ministry is like having two jobs. You have to keep up your daily fundraising while at the same time investing all the time needed for follow-up. You can't just ignore your daily expenses or you'll go broke, but neither can you keep postponing your Bible classes or your follow-up ministry will never get off the ground! He explained that to make it work, you have to work pretty much day and night initially. You have to put in double time for a while. It's very much the same as what people do in the System when they are starting a new business. Do you think some young entrepreneur who's opening a new business just puts in a few hours a day and then takes it easy the rest of the time? Of course not! Most of the time, during the first few years of a new business the founder/owner is working long hours. There's a lot of sacrifice involved. And sometimes they make sacrifices financially too.
       178.What are you willing to do to have the Lord supply for you through full-time witnessing and follow-up? How much are you willing to sacrifice to prove it can be done? Are you willing to work hard to pioneer an Activated and follow-up ministry? To what lengths are you willing to go? Are you willing to give up some of your free time? Are you willing to go without some recreational activities if you don't have the time or money? Are you willing to cut back on expenses to save money? What is it worth to you?
       179.The Charter says that the minimum witnessing requirement for all voting members is two hours a week. That is the minimum. But it's obvious that if you're going to pioneer an Activated ministry and follow-up program, as well as keep up with your daily witnessing activities that bring in immediate cash, you're going to have to work a lot harder than two hours a week at witnessing! Those who are making it pay in witnessing and follow-up are doing it full-time. That means all their work hours they're working hard at making it work!
       180.Most people in the System work eight hours a day, some much more--and that does not include the time they spend driving to and from their jobs! I can't help but believe that some of you aren't making ends meet financially because you're just not working at it. You're not investing the time needed. Like one of the COs said earlier, people are willing to put in long hours and make sacrifices for their System jobs that they're not willing to make for witnessing. Well, you can't expect God to pay your bills if you're not working, and working hard for Him!
       181.I think many of you have unrealistic expectations of what God should supply for you and what you're willing to do to “earn” that supply. Do you think you can get away with only a few hours of witnessing a week and then expect that God's going to supply your needs abundantly? How are you spending your time? Is God, as your Employer, pleased with your per­form­ance? Or are you a lazy slacker who's trying to take the “company” for a ride? (Read “More on Faith,” ML #T.)
       182.“He that tilleth his land shall have plenty of bread; but he that followeth after vain persons shall have poverty enough” (Pro. 28:19). “He be­cometh poor that dealeth with a slack hand; but the hand of the diligent maketh rich” (Pro.10:4).
       183.Dad taught us: “A lot of would-be mission­aries have the idea that living by faith means not working! You just quit your job and sit around expecting God to support you instead of going out and putting feet to your prayers and helping to earn it.
       184.“You have to really work at it and do God's work and then God will drop it out of the sky, if He has to! But He's not going to drop it out of the sky with you sitting around doing nothing. I know if you do your part in the will of God in the place God wants you, God will never fail to do His part, whatever you can't do” (ML #683:70-71).


       185.(Mama:) Now let's move on to another aspect of compromise for gain related to support and System jobs. Two of our COs commented:

       186.I very much agree that there is a very strong move away from some of the Family's bedrock/fundamental beliefs. I think one of the things that has kind of affected everyone's decisions in the way of their leaning toward wanting to get “set up” and possibly get a “steady job” and “financially stable” has been that our Endtime vision is a little more “open-ended” as far as how soon things will happen. This kind of put a whole new spin on people's concept of the Endtime, which now very much affects their personal goals and plans.
       187.This has not only affected the young people, but I've seen it have as much, if not more, of an effect on the FGAs who felt they would never have to worry about things like Social Security, retirement, etc., as those words were unheard of and totally unrevolutionary. But now, many are getting older and are thinking, “Wow, I never thought I'd reach this point on Earth,” and they wonder how they're going to keep up, as they don't have the same drive, and some are not super charismatic types, which makes them worry about how much they're going to be able to do and for how long.
       188.Then, the way the SGAs interpret the whole scenario that they see their parents facing is that they don't want to be in their parents' shoes if and when they get to be their age. If you talk honestly with most SGAs, they all feel bad for their folks and worry about them and how they are going to keep up and support themselves. Or in other cases they even think their parents should have done better for themselves by being more prepared. I'm not talking about the FGAs that are doing well, as there are many of these, too, but there is a large enough population of those who are starting to struggle that it really does affect the younger generation. The SGAs conclude that if they give their time and lives to the Lord without building a financial foundation as well and really planning and preparing for the worst-case scenario, then they may be in their parents' shoes some day.
       189. [The CO went on to explain an example of an SGA couple that feels led to spend five years getting set up financially. Their idea is to devote the next years to making money, possibly buying a property that they could then rent out and use as a support base for when they go back to a field, and thus they wouldn't always have to depend on people. Even though it might take five years, this couple feels they'd still have a number of good years left to do missionary work. The CO went on to say:]
       190.I think this typifies what so many of our young people are presently facing. I think they want to plan it out right and “learn from the experiences of others” so that they have what they need to do the job further down the road.
       191.Then there are countless examples of FGAs who feel like maybe if they had done things slightly differently, they could possibly be a little better off now. As far as our young people are concerned, I think many of them are preparing for an extended time till Jesus returns, and feel that even if it takes an initial investment of time, in the long run they feel they'll not only be better off, but also will be able to do more for the Lord if they have a financial base to work from and do missionary work from.

* * *

       192.It's not uncommon for some young people to feel sorry for their parents, feeling that they should have it easier now going into their later years, and feeling that they must have done something wrong to not have some sort of retirement plan. This is a sad outlook, because it strikes at some of the very foundations of basic discipleship. The underlying conclusion of this thought process is that forsaking all to follow Jesus must be a lie, that it doesn't work. It seems to strike at some very basic precepts of what being a real Christian is all about. It seems like a direct assault on the Word.
       193.I don't think our first generation got it wrong! Through Dad's leading and encouragement, we got it exactly right! We went into all the world, preached the Gospel, won disciples, and many are still going strong. Of course, there are those older members with health problems, but if they had to do it again, how many would trade their life of service for a better financial situation now? I think there is probably a higher number of older Family members in the States right now that might say they wish they had a better financial setup, but I'm guessing that it's not the predominant view of those who are still active missionaries on the field. (End of comments from COs.)

Living for the Lord and
Doing His Work Is a Sure Thing!

       194.(Mama:) Here are Dad's comments on this predicament, which I pray is a help to you who are wondering about this same thing.

       195.(Dad speaking:) It can be hard being a missionary sometimes--in fact, a lot of the time! The Lord supplies as you do His work, but often in the life of faith you're not sure what the next meal will be and who the Lord will use to provide it. You know it'll come, but you're just not sure how it'll arrive! That's one of the things that keeps you desperate with the Lord, fervent in prayer, and active in His work, because it's as you're obedient and reach out to others with His message that He supplies.
       196. So I know how you feel, because I felt the same way sometimes when I was younger. You face a constant struggle for support, and your faith is tested to see whether you'll keep going for God and looking to Him or whether you'll turn to man and Mammon instead. That's a battle I often faced in my younger years, especially when I was first married and had four little children to support. Oh, I served the Lord; don't get me wrong. My mother and father had given me a great heritage of faith, and my greatest desire was to witness and win souls, but it took me a while to find my calling, before the birth of the Family.
       197. In those years when I and my family were searching for the best way to serve the Lord, there were times of both abasing and abounding. Sometimes we lived in old mansions; other times we lived in old houses that we had to fix up a bit. Sometimes we lived on the road in a station wagon and tent or in little trailers; other times we lived in the Ark, our 26-foot-long Dodge motor home. My aunt used to call us “Gospel gypsies,” although when she was feeling less charitable she'd call us “Gospel bums,” ha! So I know what it's like to live by faith and I know it can be a tough life sometimes. Don't forget, I didn't start the Family till I was nearly 50 years old!
       198. During all that time many people in the U.S., at least, wouldn't have considered us rich, but we always had sufficient because we were doing what the Lord wanted us to and being faithful witnesses for Him, the best we knew how. So He kept us and provided for us and we won multitudes of souls while we were at it, one by one. I didn't know what the future held, but I was determined to do my best for the Lord every day, to be faithful to the Lord and to lost souls every day, and He never let me down. He always provided our needs and took care of us, and as He saw I was faithful to witness and win others, He gave me more of a ministry, more support and provision, and more friends and supporters, and finally He gave me you, the Family!
       199.It's only when I tried to take matters into my own hands and provide for my own needs instead of trusting the Lord and letting Him supply that I had trouble. I've told you some of these stories before, I know, but bear with me for a minute, okay? I want to remind you of some of my experiences raising my own support and trying to get set up with a steady income to take care of my family. I want you to realize that I went through the same things and to know that I can understand and sympathize.
       200.I once thought the Lord wanted me to be a preacher, but after I got kicked out of Valley Farms, Arizona, and the church I built there, I'd had my fill of churchianity for a while! I was in my 30s then, and Eve and I and the kids moved to Los Angeles, where I got a job as a teacher at a Christian school, and I wound up doing that off and on for years.
       201.Every morning I drove a school bus and picked up rowdy kids, taught them all day long, and then drove them home afterwards. The job paid good money for those days, and we were able to get set up in a house and even get another house nearby that I finished building. I filled both houses with furniture, bought a trailer, and we were doing better than we'd done for a long time.
       202.But it was hard work and there were many times I felt I just couldn't go on. If you think living for the Lord is tough, try living just to make a living, even if you are doing something for the Lord in the meantime! It was during this time that I looked in the mirror one morning and told the Lord I just couldn't take it another day, that it was too hard. But He told me that I needed to “endure hardness as a good soldier,” so I kept at it. He wasn't through with me there yet, and He wanted to make sure I learned my lesson.
       203.But one day He was through with me there, and He told me to quit my job, to forsake all, and to hit the road and go witnessing and He'd take care of me! Here I was making more money than I'd ever had before, had a respectable job, two houses full of furniture and belongings, a wife and a bunch of little kids dependent on me, and the Lord told me to give it all up! He told me, “Go, sell all that thou hast and give to the poor, and come follow Me!” It came as quite a shock--especially to Mother Eve--but we did it, and the Lord kept us and provided for us. We no longer had any “visible means of sup­port,” as they used to say back then, but we had a great big invisible means of support--the Lord! So we went out and witnessed and the Lord did take care of us, thank the Lord!
       204.But then a few years later we hit kind of a low spot in Miami and I got a job again, this time with the District Attorney's office. I worked there and did well, got along well with the office people and even the DA, and I could have probably wound up running the office in a few years. I was making a steady income again and we could have saved up a lot of money for evangelistic work, which I still wanted to do. But one day as I was looking out over beautiful sunny Miami from the window of this big building where the DA had his office, the Lord as good as told me to forsake all again. Even though Miami was sunny, He told me that the whole world was lost in darkness while I was just shuffling papers to feed my family! So I gave the DA notice and I was soon living and working full-time for the Lord again.
       205.The Lord provided our needs, day ­after day, week after week, month after month, year after year, but it was still a struggle. It was the life of faith, and that's what we lived for 10 or 15 more years till we moved out to California and started the Family. But I had finally gotten the point that the Lord was more interested in me living and working full-time for Him right then, every day, than He was in me having a steady income and maybe saving up to work for Him later.
       206.If I'd said “later” to the Lord, telling Him that I'd serve Him more and better once I had a steady income of some sort and a little money saved up, there wouldn't be a Family today. The SGAs wouldn't even be asking this question because their parents wouldn't have joined, gotten married and had their kids, and gone into all the world to preach the Gospel to every creature by faith, trusting the Lord to supply as they traveled from place to place and had child after child.
       207.Was all that a mistake? When the Family began, should I have told all those hippies and dropouts to drop back in to the System and raise money so they could support themselves better? No! We just trusted the Lord and He provided, and He's done so for more than 30 years now! You can read the story in “God's Guarantees” and other Letters if you want the history of His supply as we've changed ministries, methods, countries and cultures!
       208.Now I know the life of faith isn't easy, but it works! Forsaking all and trusting the Lord to supply your every need isn't always easy street. You abase and you abound. But through it all, the Lord keeps you and He provides for you. You're His servant working for Him, so He takes care of you. And if He's cared for you in the past, do you think He's going to forsake you in the future? Do you think the Lord would toss you out as an unprofitable servant just because you grow old or get sick or can't keep up the same pace you used to? Let me tell you, He won't! That's not the kind of God He is!
       209.Having lived by faith for so many years, should we now go back to the beggarly elements of the System for our support to have some sort of cushion for our old age or whatever? To put it simply, no. We've always put the Lord first and He's always supplied what we've needed for the future, and He will continue to do so. You may not know exactly how He'll do it and you may have all kinds of questions about it, but the Lord just expects you to trust Him.
       210.He didn't say we'd walk by sight; He said we'd walk by faith. He didn't say we'd under­stand with our carnal minds; He said that His thoughts are not our thoughts, and that His ways are as high above ours as the heavens are above the Earth. In fact, He instructed us to trust in Him with all our heart and not to lean to our own understanding. That's not me speaking--that's God's Word, and it's as true now as it ever was! And you can trust it now just as much as you ever did.
       211.There's no need to take matters into your own hands and to fret and worry so much about your own support, much less your old age. I can understand your concerns. Like I said, I've had many of them myself. But what you need to understand is that it's not gain but loss to give up the Lord's work to raise money for later years, even if it's for a good cause, the Lord's cause. During that time, you could have helped countless people, won thousands of souls, and had a tremendous impact on the world, because each of the people you minister to and help touches the lives of many others.
       212.If you choose to instead desert your plow and come back to it a few years down the line when you have more income and figure you can plow better, I guarantee you it won't be easy. For one thing, how much income is enough? How much money are you going to raise, and when are you going to stop? And when you do, will you still have the burden and initiative to go back to plowing again, the love for lost souls that you once had? Or will you feel that you're better off just as a supporter--if you even have enough vision left for that? You'll start cooling off and you won't see things the way you used to because you're not living the life you used to, and you may not want to go back to it, or even to support it. Even if you go into making money with the best of intentions, it may not work out like you think it will.
       213.Besides all that, what are you going to do if there's a disaster or recession and your business or investment is wiped out? Or what if hard times hit and, instead of making money as you expected, you wind up in debt? Millions of people around the world do, you know, even those who are a lot more knowledgeable about their jobs than you will be! And what will you do if the Crash hits, as it inevitably will, and all your income goes down the drain, and you really have nothing to fall back on; you're not used to living and working for the Lord anymore and have no friends, supporters and contacts to turn to for help?
       214.Working for the System and raising money is not a “sure thing,” even if it may seem to be, whereas living for the Lord and doing His work is a sure thing, even if it may not seem to be! If you have faith and obedience and trust Him, He will take care of you. Read Hebrews 11. Faith is the substance of things hoped for, the title deed. You must believe that the Lord is a rewarder of those who diligently seek Him, a provider of their needs, because He is!
       215.Well, you can read all this in your Bible and in the Letters, and you should. I think if some of you really studied our past Letters and the plan we've always followed, and the plan that the Lord laid down in His Word for His Church thousands of years ago, you'd have fewer questions along this line. I know you've read these past Letters, not to mention the Bible, but maybe you've gotten familiar with them and lost track of how applicable they still are today. Just like the Lord is still the same yesterday, today and forever, so is His Word, His promises to provide your every need, and His plan to keep you even in your old age. As dear King David said, “I have been young and now am old, yet have I not seen the righteous forsaken, nor his seed begging bread.”
       216.So SGAs, don't worry about your parents, or yourselves. And FGAs, don't worry about your children, or yourselves. The Lord is fully able to keep and to provide and to make you fruitful well into your old age. Goodness, my mother traveled all over the U.S. with us in the Ark, our motor home, when she was nearly 80 years old, witnessing and winning souls in that “7,000 miles of miracles” I told you about! And she was instrumental in getting the Family started even after that, when she was well into her 80s, because of her love for souls. She'd make peanut butter and jelly sandwiches and take them down to the hippies at Huntington Beach and feed them, and she convinced me to come out to California and feed them spiritually--and we did, and the Family was born!
       217.I was middle-aged then, and the Lord kept me and helped me for another 25 years, despite my many afflictions, and I kept bringing forth fruit in old age. So don't worry about old age, much less about getting reclassified because you can't keep up or something. Goodness, some of our young folks couldn't keep up with me, and I was more than 30 years older than them! Just keep loving the Lord and others ­every day, doing your best for Him and for the lost and the needy, and then trust Him for the rest. He loves you and He cares for you--I know!
       218.Following Jesus works, and there are great rewards! Though you may be poor on Earth at times, you're making many rich, and you're laying up great rewards here in Heaven! You have no idea what the Lord has in store for you, and it'll last for eternity! So as you take up your cross and follow Him, take heart, and keep your eyes on Heaven, where you'll shine as the brightness of the firmament, and as the stars for ever and ever! Hallelujah! You may not be rollin' in the dough now, but you'll be wealthy forever! Love, Dad. (End of message from Dad.)

       219.(Mama:) What Dad is saying is not new. You who know the Letters well know Dad's history, as well as the history of the Family. But many of you have somehow fallen into the mentality that the circumstances have changed, that what we have believed and how we have lived for years, since the beginning, isn't for you or isn't good enough anymore.
       220. The Lord can supply today, just as abundantly as in the past, if not more so. Granted, every missionary who lives by faith has difficult times every now and then; that's how the Lord strengthens our faith and puts us in situations where He can do miracles. It's thrilling to see Him come through with our needs and supply in miraculous ways, and if we never got into tight spots, you can be sure we'd see fewer obvious miracles, because we wouldn't need them, we wouldn't pray for them, or expect them.
       221. I do, however, want to clearly bring out “the other side” too. While you can expect to have some tight times financially, and while Dad talked about the times they struggled, that certainly does not mean that you should be satisfied with living in squalor and poverty! That is not the point, nor is that what Dad is saying!
       222. While Dad was never extravagant and he didn't expect a lot of fancy things, he always had the faith for the Lord to supply so we could effectively do our work for the Lord and have what we needed for our children, pregnant mommies, travels, nutrition, medical needs, etc. Dad never advocated living in poverty, in dirty, run-down, junky homes that were a bad testimony!
       223. If we are to promote Activated, build a greater church, win Active members, reach the middle and upper class where the most potential labor leaders are found, and become a financial power, then we certainly can't be living in awful, filthy, crowded, miserable conditions, as has recently been reported in some areas. We can expect the Lord to provide what we need and even many wants! If we are obedient to Him, working hard, doing His will and reaching the lost, He will supply! Read “Rags to Riches!”
       224. To struggle financially from time to time so that you have to pray desperately and ask your supporters for the finances you need is completely different than living in poverty where your children don't have what they need, you're driving unsafe cars, you are a bad testimony to the people you're witnessing to, etc. That is not right, and if that's the situation in your Home, there's something wrong and you need to find out what it is and correct it!

A “Retirement Plan” for FGAs

       225.Peter and I firmly believe that you FGAs who are worried about your future and how you'll make ends meet as you get older haven't yet discovered the “retirement plan” the Lord is offering you. It's not exactly that you'll retire, ever, as there's no discharge in this war, and the Lord expects each of us to keep fighting to the end, no matter what difficulties we encounter. It is true that you will slow down somewhat physically, and you probably won't be able to take the strain of being out on the streets like you can today. But instead of turning to the System for some kind of security or just complaining and accepting the Enemy's lies that we've failed, open your eyes to the financial plan that we and the Lord have made available to you; it's there for the taking.
       226.If you're sincerely concerned about your future and how you're going to support yourself or your mate and kids, think about what Activated has to offer. Most preachers of the world are supported by their congregations. They hustle their support every week as they feed their flocks from the pulpit. They win those congregations; those people depend on their pastors to minister to them spiritually, and they're willing to support and tithe as a result. It's a Scriptural principle, and many of the congregation feel it's their duty.
       227.You can do the same! If you start today, it might take a few years, but eventually you can have your own “congregation” of faithful converts and Active members who are supporting you and your Home through their tithes! And not only supporting you, but doing a lot of the hard work for you--running the CTP ministries, teaching Bible studies, picking up pro­vision­ing, organizing meetings and seminars, etc.
       228.It will take a considerable amount of time to cultivate this following, and you'll have to make a commitment to stay in the same area and really minister to your flock, for years! You can't be gallivanting all around and changing fields every few years. You need to find where the Lord wants you to be and stick to it! (See ML #3308:45-46, GN 908.) But if you want some “security” for the future, if you want some income you can count on, if you want to know you won't be having to hoof it out on the streets when you're much older, then get with Activated and follow-up now and win yourself a flock! Do it now while you have the strength and stamina to devote the time to it that it will require!
       229.Quit complaining about things and get busy! You have everything you need to make your own “retirement plan” while serving the Lord full-time. We in WS have literally spent years to provide you with everything you need to do the job. You can't possibly complain that you don't have the materials. All you have to do is use them. Just do it! You are without excuse!
       230.You don't have to compromise your convictions. You don't have to be a burden on others or your kids as you grow older. Use the strength and time you have now to build a following, win converts and Active members, teach and train them, and then their tithes will support you! That will be your “retirement plan,” your “social security.”
       231. You can become a teacher, a shepherd, a counselor, a prayer warrior, a presenter of the Words that you have been so blessed to receive, a channel for the Lord's messages for those who need them. These ministries don't take as much physical strength and energy, but they take faith and love and conviction to step into the role that the Lord's trained you for all along. Hold on to your calling and crown till the end of your days by continuing to use the strength you have to do the Lord's work! The ministries of prayer and counseling, of healing, of hearing from Heaven for others, of teaching and grounding others in the Word, aren't limited to youth. In fact, they're ideal callings for you who are older, for you who have given the majority of your lives in the Lord's service, as you have so very much to give and are so experienced in giving it! If you find your energy and strength diminishing, then do what you can do, and invest your spiritual riches where they'll really count!
       232.Quit listening to the damn Devil when he tells you you've failed, or that somehow you're going to suffer because you've given your life to the Lord instead of selfishly saving up money to live on when you're old! Open your eyes to the insecurity of the System! You don't honestly think all those poor people in the System have security and everything will be fine for them, do you? You have the only security that truly exists on Earth--trusting the Lord and having faith in His promises. But He does expect you to do something with that trust and faith. He expects you to work. So get out there and build your church, find your congregation; invest the time in winning those who have the money or means to support you. You're still young enough, and if you start now and really work at it, you'll have what you need, without your kids having to feel they have to leave the field to raise money for you! It doesn't have to be that way. “I have been young, and now am old, yet have I not seen the righteous forsaken, nor his seed begging bread” (Psalm 37:25).
       233. While on this subject, I want to remind you that Charter membership is not guaranteed just because “you've always been in the Family.” Abner, one the COs of North America, had the following observations, which I think you'll find interesting and helpful:

       234. There are Family members who feel that they are or should be CM because they've been in the Family so long, they've “always been in the Family.”
It seems in nearly every case those who tend to express themselves in this way don't evaluate their present level of discipleship and check it with the standard of the Charter, our yardstick of minimal require­ments defining a Charter Family member dis­ciple. Some people need to step back and more objectively evaluate their level of service. Someone can love the Lord and love the Family and have made great sacrifices in the past in their service for the Lord, but if they're not willing to live the life of a disciple, then they're a former disciple or a retired disciple, but not a present-day one.
       235. I know that there are a number of older FGAs in the Family who feel that as they get older that just by reason of their age they aren't able to keep the CM standard. And there are a number of SGAs who also feel that just because their parents or some older ones they know of who aren't CM anymore got older, they couldn't keep up with the CM pace. Some feel that it's not fair if, because of sickness or some affliction that might come with older age, someone isn't able to stay in the CM Family. In my opinion there isn't one Charter requirement that someone just about on their deathbed couldn't keep, and from what I've seen it's almost invariably because someone just doesn't want to make the sacrifices that come with serving the Lord as a disciple that they fall away from the CM standard.
       236. Even in those cases where someone has had a serious illness or affliction, we have worked with them all we could to try to help them keep their CM status, if we knew that they were doing what they could and not compromising unnecessarily. But there are many people who feel that for one reason or another they can't keep the Charter requirements and that it shouldn't be held against them, and they feel justified in their reasons. In every case that I can think of, there were other compromises that were entering in that were really the reasons why the CM requirements couldn't be met. (End of Abner's comments.)

       237. (Mama:) I'd like to ask you FGAs to please take some time to stop and evaluate your present level of discipleship and service for the Lord. Some good questions to ask yourself (as well as to ask the Lord) would be: “Am I compromising unnecessarily? Am I allowing compromise to enter my life that holds me back from meeting the CM standard?”

“Say Not Ye There Are
Yet Four Months!”

       238.As for you young people who think you'll get some kind of financial stability by working in the System first and then you'll serve the Lord, remember what God said:

       And He saith unto them, Follow Me, and I will make you fishers of men. And they straightway left their nets, and followed Him (Mat.4:19-20).

       And He said unto another, Follow Me. But he said, Lord, suffer me first to go and bury my father. Jesus said unto him, Let the dead bury their dead, but go thou and preach the Kingdom of God (Luke 9:59-60).

       Say not ye there are yet four months … [much less four years!] (John 4:35).


       239.(Mama:) This is slightly off the subject, but since it has to do with both finances, future security, and single-family Homes, I want to talk about it in this GN. It's on the trend of buying houses. Here are a couple of comments from COs:

       240.There is a trend here, and I have heard of it in other places too, of buying houses. I think the main benefit people see of purchasing a house is the long-term advantage of not having to pay monthly rent, and having a place of their own, which some people look at as assurance of a roof over their heads, not needing to be voted into someone else's Home, etc.
       241.Perhaps some of these goals are good to begin with, and some people do say they are embarking on such a project with the ultimate goal in mind that it will free them from a certain amount of their monthly fundraising so that they can concentrate more of their time and energies on outreach and follow-up and building up the national church in the area.
       242.But we have seen in many cases that that goal is lost somewhere along the way, especially when months and months, sometimes stretching into a year or years, are needed in order to fundraise to meet the initial payments and liabilities incurred, fundraising or provisioning for materials to fix up the attic or basement of the small place they bought in order to give them a bit more room, decorate and furnish it, etc. This often takes quite a bit of time and is a burden and strain on the couple, and because they have usually embarked on this endeavor themselves (a couple with a few children), they don't have the backing or teamworking of a whole Home, or even another couple or family, and so they are “going it alone” spiritually and physically in order to see it through.
       243.And then while they are going through this process of fundraising and provisioning and lots of physical work to fix the place up, some get used to a certain lifestyle, which is basically that of being able to live selfishly, without having to take others into their concerns and counsels regarding their Home and financial decisions. They begin to like it this way, and the end result is that they basically return to the type of living that they came out of when leaving the System to join the Family, and they're back to square one. Although having said they embrace the Family's teaching and beliefs, having compromised for the “security” of a place of their own, they compromise their living of our major goals, and by a lack of living a communal and Law of Love lifestyle for a long time, some have even lost their desire and conviction to try to get back to it.
       244.Now we have quite a few of these one-family Homes in the same situation, each one having bought their house and thus not being free to move in with each other, and there not being enough single personnel answering their want ads in order to help bring these single-family Homes up to the minimum of four voting members.

* * *

       245.Buying houses is getting to be quite a trend, which is somewhat related to the topic of compromise for worldly gain, though not always, of course. Certainly there are situations where the Lord leads the Family to buy their house instead of rent, but I'm concerned that the Family should be aware that there are definite risks involved, that it's definitely not for everyone, and to be able to keep in mind that there are great benefits to renting too.
       246.One of the biggest drawbacks to buying is if those doing so are affected by the experience to the point that they buy a house at the expense of their discipleship. Bad deal, for sure. I think one way this can happen is because they get locked into a house that they can't sell, and end up drifting out of the Family because their numbers go down, their inspiration goes down, etc. Others may just get affected by the experience of getting too focused on the house purchase and off the purchase of the pearl of great price of their relationship with the Lord. In other cases, there are just the basic risks involved, not realizing all of the hidden costs of ownership, property taxes, repairs, insurance, etc. Other risks are not getting a good deal initially so that the resale price is a loss, or not realizing the amount of time you have to stay in order to pay off enough of the principal in order to break even or turn some profit.
       247.And another angle to the trend is the danger of some of our Family starting to think that if so many are buying houses that as a Family we're drifting away from living the faith life, that it's more important now to start laying up for ourselves some sort of earthly retirement plan, etc. I hate for it to be at the cost of our not keeping our eyes on our main goals of witnessing, reaching the lost, and staying free from the affairs of this world.
       248.Those that are now thinking of buying a house and renting it out later to give themselves support on the field later, are almost sure to find that it's not just going to cost them years of service, which they'll never be able to turn back the clock on in order to regain, but they most likely won't ever feel they've got “enough” support, or they'll get so into debt they can't get free, or they've lost the vision by the time they could. (End of comments from COs.)

       249.(Mama:) Through the years there have been times when the Family has lived on property owned by Family members, when the Lord led that way. This option has always been open to us when it was the Lord's time and His will. One of the big differences that we're seeing today, however, is that this trend is more individuals or individual families that are doing so, and not in the manner of Acts 2:44 and 45, but rather in search of future security. Today, as our Husband is leading us to take our places for the Last Days, to be less roamers and gypsies, and instead to establish a solid work, then there may be room to consider, in some cases, putting your finances into paying off a mortgage rather than rent--if it is the Lord's will.
       250. Some questions to ask yourself regarding this are:
“Is this a private personal endeavor or is the vision to establish a communal effort? Are we proceeding with sufficient counsel? Are we fully informed of all the possible complications? Is the house big enough to house a good-sized Home? Will it take a lot of fixing up, which will distract us from our main job of witnessing?”
       251. There are times when it might be the Lord's will to buy a house, especially if it's a big enough house that it can hold a significant “commune” for Jesus.
But usually our members don't have enough money for really big houses, and it's proven to be ineffective to buy small houses. Things don't usually turn out the way you expect in such cases, and before you know it, you're saddled with a huge debt and a white elephant of a house. Just like … you guessed it, all the rest of the poor people in the System! So lots of prayer and counsel, hearing from the Lord and continuing to go back to Him for confirmations and leading is absolutely necessary when considering such a venture.

His Call Is “Go Ye,”
Not “Buy Ye!”

       252.Here is some counsel from our Heavenly Real Estate Expert on how to judge the matter of whether to buy or not.

       253.(Jesus speaking:) Go ye into all the world and preach the Gospel to every creature! This is My basic message to all who would follow Me. And usually inherent in this very same message is the concept of “sell all that thou hast, and give unto the poor, and come, follow Me.”
       254.When I asked the man to sacrifice his plough and oxen, it was his very livelihood, his machinery, his equipment that I was asking him to destroy in order to follow Me. At another time I told a man to “let the dead bury the dead, and come follow Me.”
       255.The basic principle is that in order to follow Me fully, in most cases it takes the sacri­ficing of the plough and oxen, and the forsaking of absolutely everything, in order to be sure that you have grabbed ahold of that pearl of great price, discipleship.
       256.Who knows what I will do next month, next year, and what My call to you will be? So the basic principle in being able to follow Me is to have no ties that hold you back and that keep you from doing My will. This is not to say there are not times when I do have someone purchase a property for a specific cause and purpose, but these are few and far between, because the general call for My Endtime Army is to reach out to feed the lost and build a work for Me, not to focus on feeding and caring for themselves and buying or repairing a house.
       257.My call to find a field where you can stay and reap and plant your roots a while in order to do a good job does not necessarily mean becoming encumbered with property. It might be useful and My will in some cases, but in the majority of cases being encumbered with property can be a hindrance to My will, as many of you have found out.
       258.The prime requisite is discipleship, and discipleship means following Me. Is the purchase of property and a house going to add to your discipleship, or is it going to detract from it? I dare say in most cases the end result is going to detract from it.
       259.When I set the Family free through the Charter, the door to purchasing property was swung open, and many have experimented and tried this out, because there are many reasons that it appears to be a viable solution to many of your problems. But though it may solve some problems, in many cases it ends up being a greater detriment spiritually than it is a help physically, because it ties you down and keeps you from following Me.
       260.This is why My original plan was to have My followers live communally, for then they would not need the principle of ownership to be able to afford their living. Instead, they all sold their lands and possessions, and laid the remuneration at the apostles' feet, and distribution was made to every man according as he had need. The fact is that an army needs fellowship, an army needs each other, and the purchase and ownership of lands and houses usually leads to division in the ranks, where the soldiers are no longer living in the barracks or in communal housing but off on their own. They say they still embrace the teachings of the army and its goals, but they are no longer able to par­ticipate in the army's campaigns and go out to the field on maneuvers, for their property requires their interest, time, and devotion in order to secure its viability.
       261.Therefore, in the great majority of cases I would say that the purchase of a house and property will end up being more of a distraction and a hindrance to accomplishing My highest will; it will sap your discipleship, strength and conviction from you, and will end up owning a greater part of you than My will does. This is why any such purchases should be done in counsel, and the more counsel the better, for if you can bring your shepherds into the counsel, then chances are you will have a more well-rounded view as to which way I am really leading you in this endeavor.
       262.Remember, if you insist, I often let you have your way, because I see you are determined to do a certain thing and it would really do no good to “force” you. But by placing your heart in My hands and desiring My will more than your own, you will be open to following Me whithersoever I go.
       263.Remember, I am with you always, even unto the end of the world; therefore if you choose your own way, I will be with you there too. But how much happier you will be if you forsake your own way and grab onto My will and make that the pearl of great price that you would not forsake for anything--not for security, not for safety, not for comfort, not for an easier life!
       264.If this is your pearl, then grab it with all your heart and never let it go, for I have promised to keep you even unto your gray hairs. As My King David of old said, “I have been young, and now am old, yet have I not seen the righteous forsaken nor his seed begging bread” (Psa.37:25). “He that forsakes houses or lands or mother or father or brother or sister or wife or children for My sake, shall receive a hundredfold in this life, and in the world to come, eternal life” (Mark 10:29-30). This is still true today. It is My call in order to secure full discipleship.
       265.With Active members, general mem­ber­­­ship, etc., this may not be the case. But for you, My Endtime army who have been called to be ready to follow Me at a moment's notice, the price is often to not be entangled with the affairs of this life, that you may serve Him who has called you to be a soldier.
       266.The basic principle to judge by is how it affects your commitment to disciple­ship. If your ownership of a house and property adds to your discipleship and does not detract from it in any way, then it's a blessing; it keeps you going forward for Me. But if it keeps you from discipleship, then it is a hindrance. It is a weight that besets you and hinders your taking up your cross to follow Me. It is a yoke that is weighty and a burden that is heavy because it is not My yoke or My burden. Judge ye which is best. (End of message from Jesus.)

       267.(Mama:) Of course, it's a different situa­tion if the Lord miraculously supplies a house for you. Say someone offers to buy you a house, or you inherit one, etc. There is the poss­ibility that such a situation could be the Lord's way of providing your needs or some means of income. But there's a very big difference in the Lord just “dropping a house in your lap” as opposed to your leaving your full-time mission­ary work to raise money to buy a house for your own security and comfort. Please be very prayerful when entering into any long-term purchases of property and don't move forward with it until you're absolutely sure it's the Lord's highest will.
       268.I know this is a long GN and it's difficult to grasp all the counsel. I pray you will have enough concern about your future and staying in God's will that you'll take the time to read it more than once, even to study it.
       269.Remember, all these things tie in together. These many compromises for gain are hurting your personal fruitfulness and the effectiveness and future of the Family as a whole. If you're serious about being a disciple, pray about the matters discussed in this GN. Pray about how you're doing in the following points: Living communally, sharing all things as per Acts 2:44 and 45, working hard for the Lord, doing “double time” if necessary to pioneer and establish a follow-up ministry with lasting fruit and support, making whatever sacrifices are necess­ary to be dropped out, and not being encumbered with the cares of this life.

A Checklist to Assess
Your Personal Obedience

       270.To close this GN, I want to share with you the Lord's checklist regarding how you're living and supporting yourself. If you honestly assess your personal obedience, I believe a lot of change will come about as a result. There are very important questions here that you need to seriously think about and ask the Lord about. Please take the time to hear from the Lord in prophecy, desperately praying that you'll have a clear channel through humility, desperation and yielded­ness.

       271.(Jesus speaking:) They that preach the Gospel shall live of the Gospel. If you seek first My Kingdom, all will be added unto you. This is the crux of the matter. The lack of fulfillment of My Word is due to disobedience.
       272.I have given promise after promise; I have laid out in explicit detail where I am leading and what I want the Family to do. I have not failed in one of all My promises. Ask yourself these questions. Also, ask Me to speak to you in prophecy about the following questions:

       1) Lord, am I doing all I can to obey Your Word to the best of my ability? Am I an obedient and diligent follower in every way? (The Lord supplies for His children in direct proportion to our obedience to His will in every area of our lives. He has heaped abundant spiritual riches on the children of David. He has given detailed instruction, covering how He wants me to live in every area of my life, what He wants me to do. Disobedience in any area of my life will limit the Lord's resources.)
       2) What kind of sample of a Christian am I on a daily basis? How much compromise of my convictions have I allowed in my life? If someone were to spend a day observing me as an individual, what would they conclude is my profession? Lord, am I hot, cold, or lukewarm?
       3) Am I staying in close communication with You, Lord? Am I fellowshipping with You? Am I checking in with You before I make a move?
       4) Dear Husband, am I neglecting Your Word, either in feeding from it myself or in giv­ing it out to others? Am I drinking in Your Word daily, receiving the nourishment and strength, the guidance and counsel You have for me?
       5) Am I following where You are leading? Am I pushing Activated, giving Your Word to the lost, making disciples of all nations? Am I loving others, giving my utmost to reach them and help them,broadening the borders of my tents, opening my doors to gather in Your last great harvest, going out into the highways and byways to gather them in? (Where the Lord guides, He provides. This is where He is guiding.)
       6) How can I improve the witness in the fund­raising methods I use, Lord? How can I incorporate more follow-up and in-depth witnessing?
       7) How do I spend my time? How much of my time is spent preaching the Gospel in comparison to all the other things I do? What are my first thoughts of the day? Do I wonder how I'm going to put bread on the table, or how I'm going to spread the Word?
       8) Am I living Acts 2:44 and 45? Am I living together with others? Am I sharing all things? Am I following Your plan, Lord, for good economics?
       9) How do I spend the finances You supply? (Waste not, want not. The Lord does not support what He has not ordained.)
       10) Am I working for You, Lord, or for Mammon? Am I working hard for You? Am I putting my hours in, doing all I can to the best of my ability to preach the Gospel to the lost?
       11) Is it Your will for me to quit my System job, Lord?
       12) (For FGAs:) How can I personally tap in to the “retirement plan” You have provided through Activated? What steps do I need to take today to begin cultivating my “congregation”?
       13) (If you're contemplating buying a house:) Lord, how do You see this? Is this a private personal endeavor, or is the vision to establish a communal effort? Are we proceeding with sufficient counsel--both from others and from You, Lord? Are we fully informed of all the possible complications? Is the house big enough to house a good-sized Home? Will it take a lot of fixing up, which will distract us from our main job of witnessing?
       14) Am I putting You to the test, Lord? Am I proving You? Am I standing on Your promises and Your promises alone? (The Lord is not limited by many or by few. He has promised to open the windows of Heaven, but I must do my part.)
       15) Am I really depending on You, Lord?Am I desperate with You? Am I claiming Your promises? (If my faith is in anything other than the Lord and His Word, I limit His source of supply.)
       16) Am I calling on the power of the keys of the Kingdom to open the windows of Heaven of supply? Am I using all the new weapons of the spirit that will activate and enhance my spiritual power?

       273.If you do your best for Me, I will do My best for you. The crux of the matter is simple: My supply is dependent on your obedience to what I tell you to do. (End of message from Jesus.)

       274.(Mama:) We are praying for you desperately that you will obey and find the Lord's will for your lives, and rid yourselves of any compromise for gain. If not, you will not find the success you hope for, but will, instead, only find disappointment. You are accountable for the truth the Lord has given you, and His blessing in your life will depend on your obedience.
       275.If you feel lacking in power or inspiration, if you're too tired to even stir yourself up to try to do better, if you feel you're too deeply entrenched in the System or too weak in faith from compromise to get back to full discipleship, cry out to the Lord for help! Don't wait. Don't say you'll do it later or tomorrow. Do it now! Call on your Husband and ask Him to give you faith. Call on His strength to help you change and get back on the track of uncompromising discipleship, and then ask Him to help you learn how to use the power of the keys of the Kingdom. If you'll use the keys, you can call on their power and receive whatever help you need. All you have to do is yield and obey. It's there for the asking, so just ask!
       276.The keys rule! Remember, the Lord prom­ised: “Command Me, the Keeper of the Keys, to work on your behalf through the power that I readily and freely give you. I will overcome all impossibilities for you, My Brides, because you turn the keys of the Kingdom.”
       With desperate prayer for you, dear loves,