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GN 964

Notice Regarding Prayer and Fast Day of November 18, 2001

By Maria             

: Please read this notice as soon as you receive it, as it contains important information regarding your preparation for the prayer and fast day.

Dear Family,
       1. Peter and I love you! Thank you for dedicating November 18 to desperate prayer and fasting, as we requested in Grapevine 120. The Lord will reward your sacrifice with great spiritual break­throughs and miracles. With this notice we want to present the general plan for this day. There is flexibility, of course, and you're not obligated to follow this schedule to the letter. But generally speaking, these are the activities we would like you to try to incorporate into your day, and these are the specific prayer requests to concentrate on in your united meetings as well as your personal prayer vigils. We will try to keep this notice as simple as possible, in point form.

Required participation in the prayer and fast day

From Grapevine 120:
       (Jesus speaking:) It is important that each and every CM/FM Family member take part in the worldwide prayer and fast day. As I required all My disciples to be pres­ent on the Day of Pentecost, so do I ask that all, A-L-L, all the Family be present for this day of fasting and prayer. This is the dy­namics of My Spirit: As you all unite to ­create a vacuum, this strength of unity has strong drawing power that is able, according to your faith, to open great doors before you!
       Therefore I send out the decree so that each Home and every Family member can make their plans and prepare well in advance. I set the date for November 18. I ask that every Family member participate, that all are present in their Homes, to fast and pray. Let those who have other engagements or ties to System jobs make arrangements in advance to take a day off. This is top priority! Nothing is more import­ant and nothing should take precedence over this day when I ask you to stop and fast and pray, for this I have written in stone. I ask that all be present on this day. (End of message from Jesus.)

The reason for the prayer and fast day

       (Jesus speaking:) Because of the dullness in spirit of some, because they are so very familiar with Me, their queen and king and each other, because they have become weak through compromise, and because they have lost their fear of Me, it will take a huge miracle for there to be the breakthrough in spirit that's needed with those who are disobedient. It will require desperate prayer and fasting. It will require a total change of heart and vision. They must feel motivated, even out of fear, to obey and forsake their evil ways.
       If My wayward children react in this way, I will have mercy.Then it will be a case of “by mercy and truth iniquity is purged.” You have tried this method for years, My queen and king, through your merciful, thorough, and patient pleading. You have done all you could and given ­every possible explanation and sound reasoning, yet the needed change has not come in those who are wayward. But even still, at this late date, if those who are guilty will respond, humble themselves, and return to their first love, I will have mercy.
       To purge and strengthen the Family through persecution is a last resort. It is not what I would prefer to do. I would prefer that My children listen, learn, and follow. That is the easier way, the happier way. But if they refuse, then as a loving disciplinarian, as a true Father Who is more concerned about the future happiness of His children than their momentary weeping, I will spank and punish, until there is repent­ance and humility. (From “Coming Persecution?” ML #3361:140-142, GN 957.)

Be sure you have thoroughly read and studied the following GNs before Nov.18

       * The “Conviction versus Compromise” series, Parts 1 through 5 (ML #3361-65).
       * “Explaining the Keys!” (GN 962).

Prepare spiritually for the prayer and fast day by hearing from the Lord personally in prophecy beforehand

       2.Besides reading the GNs noted above, please also take time before November 18 to hear from the Lord about the various questions noted in the different GNs. Don't think you'll have time to do that on the actual prayer and fast day. While you might have some quiet time that day, it won't be nearly enough to prepare you spiritually for what the Lord wants to do.

       3.(Jesus speaking:) This day is a turning point. It's a time for desperate prayer, with tongues and weeping! It is your responsibility to stir yourself up, to make this the time when you leave the old behind and embrace the new. Much power in the spirit will be generated through this intercessory prayer, and it will bring about great change. Much depends on each per­son's desperation, vacuum, and spiritual ­hunger.
       4.There will be much that will go into preparing your hearts, minds, spirits, and Homes. As you read My Words, hear from Me in prophecy, and seek Me with your whole hearts in desperation and heart cleansing in preparation for this day, I will begin to work in your lives. I will begin to make you new creatures. You who make use of the time that precedes the prayer and fast day to make your hearts right with Me will find that this day is the culmination, the graduation from one grade to the next.
       5.I beg you to please make use of the time before the prayer and fast day to seek Me, to hear from Me in prophecy, to study the Word, to make your hearts right with Me and each other. Don't wait until the prayer day, thinking that one day will take care of everything. Don't procrastinate and let lethargy rob you of the preparation of spirit that you will need. Stir yourselves up today; use the time remaining to seek Me so you will be ready for all that I wish to do in spirit on November 18. (End of message from Jesus.)

Details about the fast

       * Though the main thrust of the fast day and meetings will be November 18, the fast will officially begin at sundown on the night of November 17 and end at sundown on November 18, approximately 24 hours.

       * Children, nursing or pregnant mommies, those who are sick or have generally weak health, and those with eating disorders should not fast.

       * The food for those who are fasting should be simple liquids: water, milk, juices, yogurt drinks, canned soups or pre-made blended soups, etc. The idea is to prepare the drinks as much as possible in advance, so they only need to be served, or if it's soup, heated quickly and served.

       6.(Jesus speaking:) The food for this special day should be simple. The idea is not to see how hungry you can get. That doesn't increase your spiritual receptivity or provide any extra “righteousness.” It's not a works trip. The main thing about fasting in this situation is that it reminds you that this is a serious occasion. Also, it saves time that would otherwise be spent cooking and washing dishes.
       7.All the drinks should be prepared in advance, if possible. There can be yogurt drinks, juices, homemade soups, canned soups, milk, etc. The idea is for there to be plenty of drinks available, so that people are not distracted by the actual fasting.
       8.The point is to sober your spirits and save time, so you can stir yourselves up and concen­trate on the spiritual, not the physical. If a simple menu of water and juice helps you to focus, fine. If you need something more substantial like a blended soup, a canned soup, or a smoothie/yogurt drink, that's fine too. As I said, the actual foods are not the issue; it's a matter of obedience to My request that you fast and pray by changing your menu to pre-made ­liquids and dedicating your time to desperate prayer. Of course, pregnant mothers, children, those who have weak health, and those who have eating disorders can and should continue to eat normally. (End of message from Jesus.)

The tone for the prayer day &&&and meetings

       9.(Jesus speaking:) This occasion should be an example of what David taught you in “Desperate Prayer.” The tone of the meeting should be one of tongues and weeping, not your regular prayer day. (End of message from Jesus.)

       10.Here are some excerpts from the tre­men­dous oldie-goldie MO Letter “Desperate Prayer”:

              You ought to really get down to business with God! There must be times when you really cry out to the Lord and really pray and seek the Lord and really pray in the spirit with strong crying and tongues and tears and really call upon the Lord with a whole heart! He says then He'll answer you.
       All of our little prayers are well and good, and I'm sure the Lord hears them and He knows they're sincere and we mean them, and He answers accordingly. But there are times when you should really, ­really get desperate with the Lord in prayer about certain things and certain people.
       I have wept for dictators, I've wept for kings, I've wept for this Family, I've wept for other people and other things. I'm just telling you this because I'm telling you something that you need to do. When was the last time you really poured out your heart in prayer with strong crying and tongues and tears to the Lord?
       Does the Lord have to allow some trouble to happen in order to get you to really pray
--to get you to really get serious with Him? The Lord wants us to be happy, and we usually are. But there should be times when you are not satisfied with just the usual run of things, when you really, really seek the Lord for a needed change and really pray, pouring out your heart to the Lord. When do you do that? What's the last time you did that? What was it about? How long has it been since you prayed like that? Do you ever pray like that?
              Well, I'll tell you, brethren, this Revolution was born in prayer, crying out to God, weeping in tongues and prophecy. …
       He says, “In the day that you call upon Me with a whole heart, I will answer thee” (Jer.29:13). I believe our little prayers are sin­cere and we mean them, but we also need to really get desperate in prayer about a serious situation or anything that needs it.
       I'll tell you, wholehearted to me means getting in the spirit, speaking and praying in tongues and crying out to the Lord with strong crying and tears, and I weep and I agonize in prayer. …
              What does God have to do to make you get desperate? (ML #384:5-9,15,16,19).


Evening of Saturday, November 17

       * The fast will officially begin after your evening meal on the night of the 17th, so the fast will be from “sundown to sundown.” The activities for this night can be flexible, according to your leading and Home situation--please ask the Lord. We would suggest, however, that you choose activities conducive to pre­paring you for the following day of fasting and prayer, rather than engaging in other forms of entertainment and activity. Please forgo watching movies this night. Also, please fast things such as sex, unnecessary talking, etc., similar to how we did in the earlier fasts that were of a very serious nature.

       * Some ideas of united activities for this night would be:
       --Join together for a time of loving Jesus, praise, and united prayer.
       --Have evening vespers.
       --Have a short communion and prayer to kick off your fast.
       --After a short united prayer, then spend the evening in private Word and prayer time, during which time you can prepare your personal prayer request for the next day, if you haven't finished it yet.

The schedule for Sunday, November 18

       * A united desperate intercessory prayer meeting sometime in the morning. (See prayer requests listed later in this GN for a list of points to cover in your prayers.)

       * A united meeting for heart sharing and personal prayer requests for deliverance in the afternoon or evening. We suggest you use the written prayer you'll find at the end of this GN. Please take some time in advance of November 18 to ask the Lord what your personal prayer requests should be. It's good to have them written down when you go to the meeting.
       After you've prepared your personal prayer requests, we recommend that you also take the time to privately pray the written prayer in this GN. By taking the time to pray this prayer privately first, just between you and the Lord, you will be able to really “connect” with the Lord, without worrying about any distractions or what others are thinking during the united prayer. After this private time of prayer, we suggest that you hear from the Lord in prophecy. You should not wait until November 18 to have your private prayer time. As soon are you are ready, please do go ahead and take the time alone with the Lord, to pray your personal prayer of commitment and to hear from Him.
       During the united meeting for prayer of deliverance on November 18, we suggest that each of you share with your Home what your ­person­al requests are. When everyone has explained their personal requests, then you can all pray along silently as one person reads the written prayer. (Please anoint each person with oil right before reading the written prayer, and lay hands on the person next to you as it is being read.) After this united prayer time, please take time to hear from the Lord in prophecy together as a Home.

       * A praise meeting and inspiration following the heart sharing. Please be sure to play our national anthem, “The Song of Victory,” during this meeting, after which time you can pray a closing prayer to officially end your fast.

       11.(Jesus speaking:) There should be two meetings and one fellowship time on this prayer and fast day. The first meeting in the morning should be a time of praise and desperate prayer. The second meeting later in the day should be a time of personal prayer requests. The fellowship time should be a time of inspiration, relaxation, singing, praise and unity.
       12.The Homes might want to have their second united meeting, then break for the drinks they have for dinner, and then have the inspirational meeting. Or they could have both the prayer requests and fellowship time after dinner if they prefer, with the personal prayer requests meeting followed by a break for stretching and juice or other drinks, and then a time of inspiration. (End of message from Jesus.)

Who attends the meetings

       * It's up to you whether you would have your children attend the meetings, depending on their ages, the subjects that will be prayed about, etc.

       * All new disciples, babes, those on probationary status, etc., can attend the meetings.

       * You are free to invite Active members to join you for this prayer and fast day, as you feel led.

Specific prayer requests for united prayer times and personal prayer vigils

For the Family at large:

       13. That we will rid ourselves of the compromises that threaten to defeat the Family.
       14. That the CM Family will be the sample of full-time discipleship that the Lord wants us to be.
       15. That each Family member will find the place of service where they'll be happiest and that will be consistent with their lifestyle, personal sample, and level of commitment. That those who would do better with the churches or other Christian groups will take the necess­ary steps to find a life in the System.
       16. That the Family overall, and each individual, will make the changes needed, so we can avoid the Lord having to bring persecution.
       17. That we will change our Homes, becoming more united and better samples so the Activated ministry can explode, as the Lord has promised it would.
       18. Against the widespread division that threatens to destroy the Family. Against the evil Selvegion. For a blanket of love and forgiveness to cover all transgressions.
       19. Against the evil spirit of lethargy that has silenced the voice of conviction of nearly every Family member in some way.
       20. That we'll be ready for the many laborers that the Lord wants to add to the Family. That these laborers will be children of David in heart, revolutionaries, not lukewarm like most of the church Christians the world over.
       21. For more consistent, effective follow-up and enthusiastic promotion of Activated.
       22. That we won't deny or try to hide or minimize the meat of the Word. For wisdom and conviction in teaching our potential disciples, supporters, contacts, Active members, etc., about our radical doctrines.
       23. That we'll have the faith to associate ourselves with the name of the Family; for wisdom in how to go about doing this.
       24. As many Charter members give up their System jobs, that the Lord will supply abundantly through quality witnessing and follow-up.
       25. That the Family-created fundraising methods will be more fruitful by our including more witness and follow-up.
       26. That the FGAs will have the faith, determination, strength and open doors to begin to cultivate their Activated “congregation” who will support them in the years to come.
       27. That we will be a loving sample of communal living. For a decrease in single-family CM Homes. For supply for the Homes who need personnel, especially Homes with large families. Against the pride, independence, selfishness, and sensitivity that hinder communal living. For a greater burden to live the “One Wife” vision.
       28. Against the selfishness that hinders our living Acts 2:44-45 fully. That we'll be better stewards of the material blessings the Lord supplies.
       29. For wisdom in any house buying. For protection against any “white elephant” houses that become burdens, are bad financial investments, require too much work, are too small, etc. And that those who bought houses that were not the Lord's highest will, will be able to sell them for a good price, quickly.
       30. Against the “excuse” that we have come to accept that we can't be full-time sold-out disciples because the world situation has changed.
       31. Against the evil influences of Pan and Bacchus.
       32. For a radical change in the education and shepherding of our children. That more par­ents will have the faith and conviction to home­school their children.
       33. That those parents who are indulgent and who do not discipline or train their children as they should will be convicted and change.
       34. That the Lord will work in the lives of our former members, and that many will return to the Lord's service in the Family. (Please pray especially for the young people who have left the Family.)
       35. That our CM young people will receive a good education in ways and subjects that benefit their lives as missionaries. Against the temptation for “higher education.”
       36. For [those who are of age] our living of the sexual side of the Law of Love. Against selfishness, lying, lust, jeal­ousy, and actions that cause “bad hurt.” For greater love, prayerfulness, concern for others, and a willing­ness to sacrifice. That those who are involved in unfruitful relationships will make the changes needed. That married people will put proper emphasis on their primary relationship (their marriage).

For our Home:

       37. That we'll be doers of the Word, not hearers only.
       38. That we won't be lethargic. That we'll have conviction to help one another. Against familiarity.
       39. For unity. Against the evil Selvegion gaining any entrance into our Home through our pride, resentment, self-righteousness, bitter­ness, or hatred. We resist and forsake any of these problems that we already have, and rebuke and cast out any Selvegion that are already hindering us. That we'll let go of the past and have a new start.
       40. For more unselfishness; that we'll return to the true spirit of Acts 2:44-45.
       41. For greater faith to promote the Activated vision. That we'll have the determination to make the Activated explosion happen in our Home. For faithfulness to follow up and deeply feed the needy. For the guts to change our outreach routines and do whatever is necessary to obey the Lord.
       42. For new laborers--both full-time and Active members.
       43. For a renewed vision and sense of urgency that we're living in the Endtime.
       44. For greater faith in the “God factor,” the Lord's miraculous power to supply abundantly as we obey.
       45. That we'll commit to putting in more hours of quality witnessing and follow-up; that we'll be willing to work hard for the Lord.
       46. That we'll seek the Lord about and consistently practice a Godly discipline standard for our children.
       47. That our Home will become the sample of a peaceful, loving haven as the Lord has promised.

For me personally:

       48. That I will be more willing to be my brother's keeper; that I can have conviction with my mate, co-workers, brothers and sisters and friends.
       49. For more faith and personal conviction in the Words of David, including the meat of the Word.
       50. For increased fear of the Lord. That I will be afraid to disobey, murmur, and speak against the Lord's Word and His anointed.
       51. For greater personal obedience to the Word on a daily basis. Against lethargy.
       52. That I will have conviction to fight ungodly influences in my life in the form of TV, movies, books, the Internet, computer games, System music, etc. That I will be delivered from any addictions I have.
       53. That I will truly forgive those whom I feel have wronged me.
       54. That I will ask forgiveness of those I've wronged.
       55. Against materialism, selfishness, and an un­willing­ness to live Acts 2:44-45 and share with those in need.
       56. That I will be willing to make the sacrifices needed to live in unity with others.
       57. That I will have the love, willingness, discipline and unselfishness to live the Law of Love in every area of my life.
       58. For more conviction to witness--both to be an “instant witness” and for more in-depth feeding and follow-up.
       59. For greater hunger for spiritual things.
       60. That I will have the humility and courage to pray a “whatever it takes” prayer.
       61. That I will consistently call on the power of the keys for the changes I need to make in my life.

Call on the power of the keys

       62. Please use the promises about the keys available to you in “Call on the Keys” during your times of united and private prayer.

       (Ellya speaking:) The keys of the Kingdom are real. They exist. They are not a mere symbol, nor some sort of ornamental represen­t­ation. They are a real and living, vibrant entity. The keys are alive, and they represent our Savior's spirit and all the power of Heaven, which can never be conquered. When you call on the keys, remember that you are calling on a living, moving, powerful, spiritual phenomenon. The keys of the Kingdom have been granted power by God, and they release power in return. When you call on the keys, they will unleash power on your behalf.
       You must call specifically on the power of the keys, or the power of the keys of the Kingdom. The more specific you are, the better. The keys are activated in part by faith, and the more faith you demonstrate in calling on the keys by name, showing that you believe they are real and exist, the more responsive power you will receive. (End of instruction from Ellya.) (ML #3368:35,36, GN 962).

(Note: The following prayer is to be prayed privately, between you and the Lord, when you feel personally ready to make this commitment. Also, it is to be prayed unitedly on November 18. Please take time before the united reading of the following prayer to share your personal prayer requests. Then anoint each person with oil, and lay hands on the person beside you as you pray silently along with the one person who reads the following prayer aloud. There is a place in the prayer where the reader will pause so that each person can reflect silently on their personal prayer requests.)

A disciple's personal &&&prayer of commitment
       63. Jesus, my Husband, my King, my Good Shep­herd, thank You for loving me enough to speak the truth, to open my eyes to the way things really are.
Thank You for the things You have exposed in my life through the “Conviction” series. Thank You for showing up the compromises that have seeped into the Family, and that have affected me personally. Thank You for exposing the evil works of the Enemy and his demons, who have worked long and hard to try to tear down my close walk with You, and whose aim has been to destroy the Family itself, and everything that I love and believe in.
       64.I take a stand now, in Your Spirit and claiming Your power. With the anointing of this oil, and the laying on of hands,I call on the awesome power of the keys, and I claim deliverance from the spells of Satan and all his evil imps and demons. They have worked their way into our Homes and hearts through sickening compromises, wearing away at our convictions, and I am no exception.
       65.I want to be freed now from the chains of carnal reasoning and a worldly mindset. I ask that You keep me close to You always, that You help me to be filled and renewed through Your Word, that I might keep my eyes always open, that I might always be fully aware of the spiritual warfare I'm engaged in, and not be lulled to sleep by the sirens of the System.
       66.In Your Name I command the evil spirit of lethargy to be gone from me. I cast this foul spirit back to Hell where he belongs. May he have no part in me and no hold on my life. Free me, my Love, from the horrible claws of his oppression. Free my eyes so that they will remain always open to Your truth. Free my mouth that it will be a faithful witness to You and Your love, that I will speak up boldly for the truth and for Your cause at every opportunity.
       67.I also rebuke and resist the powers of Pan and Bacchus, and choose to have no part in their iniquity. Release me now, through the power of the keys of the Kingdom, from any and all of their tentacles that have snared me.
       68.My mind and heart are Yours, sweet Love. I ask that You raise my spiritual defenses and awareness so that they may always stay that way. I pray that the evils of compromise, lukewarmness, and lethargy will never again gain a hold in my life, but that I will always remain Your devoted, loyal, dedicated, radical, ardent, fiery and free bride.
       69.I am Yours, precious Jesus, and I give myself to You now. I'm sorry for the times I have held back from You in the past, for all the times I wasn't willing to give what I could, to put my heart and life and soul into loving You and serving You as I should. I'm sorry for the ways in which I have not been faithful to the high and privileged calling You've given me, for the times I haven't been true to Your Words and the Words of David and Maria. I beg Your forgiveness for having gone astray, for having let the ways of the world and the ways of the Enemy, the carnal mindsets of man, take the place they have in my life and heart.
       70.I pray that You will help me now to overcome in the ways that You have shown me I need to, and to change in the ways that I know You want me to change. I pray specifically that You will deliver me from the things I asked for prayer for. [Reader, please pause for a moment of silence at this point so each person can review their personal prayer requests silently before the Lord.] I ask that You please replace these sins, these compro­mises, with a new anointing of Your Spirit in my life.
       71.In place of my former lethargic and compromised attitude and mentality, I call on the Holy Spirit to refill me--the Spirit of fire, of power, of boldness, of conviction, of fight! I take up arms now against the Evil One, not by my own might nor power, but by the Holy Spirit, by the power of the keys of the Kingdom. I know that I am no match for the evil and deceitful spirits that have been loosed upon the Earth in these Last Days. Yet, as weak and small as I am, I hold within my hands all the power of Heaven through the keys of the Kingdom. I claim that power now. I call on the power of Heaven, through the power of the keys, to rebuke and bind the Enemy and free me from his devices.
       72.I know that it will take fighting and effort on my part to break old habits, develop new ones, and make each of the changes You have asked me to make, but I am willing to do it, out of love for You and love for the lost who need to be reached. I rededicate my life now to the high calling of serving You. Please help me to do all that I can to reach as many of Your lost children as I can, and to feed them the truth of Your Words--the Words of David. I choose to leave that selfish spirit behind, and I live to do what You want me to do.
       73.I am not content to merely accept and give lip service to the meaty and powerful truths and doctrines that make the Family different from all the other churches. I choose now to wholeheartedly embrace and accept the wonderful, marvelous truths of the spirit that have been entrusted to me as one of the children of David. I choose now to stand by this Family, by David, by Maria, by Peter, and by the radical truth of the Words You have revealed to us, come what may.
       74. I set aside the garments of pride and self-will that have prevented me from fully embracing the new weapons and the truths of Your Spirit, that have kept me from being in full unity with my precious brothers and sisters, that have caused me to care more about what I want to do than about what You want me to do.
       75. I rebuke and resist the evil Selvegion with all that is in me. I command them to leave me and these premises at once. I cast them out into outer darkness and bind any power they would try to have over my mind, heart and spirit. In the name of Jesus and the keys of the Kingdom, the Selvegion have no power over the children of David, and by the power of the keys vested in me, I command these dark ones to be gone. I want no part of their vile division, disunity, pride, self-interest, self-satisfaction, self-righteousness, bitterness, or hatred.
       76. I ask You, my Husband, to help me live in love and unity with my brethren. I ask that You help me to truly live Your Law of Love in the spirit and fashion in which You intended for it to be lived--to put the needs of others above my own, to put the unity of our Home, of our city, of our country, of our worldwide Family, above my own petty concerns or resentments.
       77.I ask that You free me from any and all resentment against anyone who is my brother or sister, my comrade in arms. I ask that You melt our hearts together, and that You make me a loving, humble, caring, and forgiving co-worker; a lifter, a helper, a healer of other hearts.
       78.I take up my spiritual arms now, some of which I have let rust through neglect over the years, and I ask You to help me polish them and practice with them, and learn to use them more skillfully and powerfully than ever before.
       79.I don't ever want to fall back into a state of spiritual slumber and compromise, so I ask that You do whatever You need to do in my life to keep me always alive, alert, stirred up and on-fire for You. I don't want to do any less than my best. This Family is worth living and fighting and dying for, and by Your grace, that is what I determine to do with my life from this day forward. Amen.

       80. Thank you, dear Family, for your love, faith, dedication, and commitment to the Lord, the Words of David, the Family, your brethren, and Peter and me. We are so very thankful for you and know that the Lord will do great miracles to honor your desperate prayers! We love you very much and are calling on the power of the keys of the Kingdom to supply your every need and give you joy, faith, courage, perseverance and lasting fruit.
       With much love and hope for the future through our wonderful Keeper of the Keys,
       Mama and Peter

       81.P.S. In your private prayer vigils (not to be included in your united meetings on November 18), please keep the world situation in mind, particu­larly the following:
       82. For continued worldwide peace, for as long as possible, so that we have as much time as possible to get out the Word, reach and save the lost, feed the hungry, and win those who can help us do so.
       83. For other Christians who are suffering persecution for their beliefs, and especially for their witnessing to others--protection and safekeeping, supply, and an anointing to be faithful, persevering witnesses bringing forth much fruit.
       84. Against further terrorist attacks in any country.
       85. That the leaders of the nations where the Family lives will not hinder our witnessing and work through unwise decisions regarding military retaliation, increased surveillance of communications, cracking down on personal freedom, etc.
       86. For the worldwide economy; against re­cession and further devaluation of currencies that hinder the financial stability of the Family.