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GN 966

Activate the World, Part 3!

By Maria      

Dear Family,
       1. God bless you! When we were asking the Lord for some messages to keep the Family motivated to keep promoting Activated, He gave us a little series of messages based on a Heavenly symposium!
       2.Following is the first of this series, which will feature Heavenly guest speakers, angels, departed spirits and spirit beings, glimpses of Heaven, and insight into how Activated is chang­ing the lives of those on Earth who read it and receive it!
       3.This series is chock-full of encourage­ment, motivation and inspiration, and we pray it will be a wonderful help to you in your activation of the world around you! Remember, all these Heavenly helpers and beings, and the Lord Himself, are eager to help you in your Activated and follow-up ministry, and are just awaiting your call. So call on Heaven today and see what wonders come your way!
       Much love, Mama

The Supernatural Symposium,
Part 1!

       4.(Angel speaking:) Welcome, dear Family, to the first Supernatural Interdimensional Activated Moti­vational Symposium! Never before have dele­gates from the natural realm been able to gather together in the spiritual realm for this kind of event, all the while being able to stay in the comfort of their own homes.
       5.Interactivity is being taken to a level that has never previously been achieved! Our distinguished panel of experts, headed up by none other than the Son of God Himself, Our Lord of Love and Life, Jesus, and including some of the most inspiring and world-changing personalities from both the spiritual and physical dimensions, will not only give what promise to be totally life-changing presentations, but they're also available for your questions.
       6.You by now are familiar with the procedures of interdimensional communication. Once the speeches are over, our experts will on request beam themselves into your current locations to handle your questions. We realize that each person's situation has its own unique challenges, so our experts will be able to offer personal counsel that will, we believe, help you work through those challenges and make you and your ministry incredibly successful in every way.
       7.So to get us in the mood for what's ahead, let's all get ready for our victory chant! Some of you may think this is a bit corny, but consider for a moment why armies have battle cries. It gets them all worked up for the attack, right? They wouldn't do it if it didn't work. You've all got spiritual battles coming up and you've got to get hyped to engage in them. You've got to get yourself in the right frame of mind.
       8.Okay, everyone take a deep breath. Hold it! Now exhale.One more time. Exhale. Now I want you to feel this battle cry coming up from way down inside. V is a terrific letter, isn't it? It's got a great harmonic reverberation to it. You can say it way down in your chest. Okay, let's start it off way down in your chest. Vvvvvvvvvvvvv! Oh, come on! You can do better than that. Every­one. Vvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvv! Good! Keep that V rumbling around in your chest now, way down below your throat. You don't have to do it all in one breath. We want this battle cry to leap out of your innermost being when it comes!
       9.Ready? Okay, let's start it way down there again, and by the time the word leaps out of your mouth, it's going to come out with such force the neighbors are gonna call the cops! Just kidding! But if they happen to live upstairs, their windows are gonna rattle. Ready? Start with the V! Vvvvvvvvvvvvvv! Wind up the volume! Get that V coming up from your chest into your throat! It's in the back of your mouth now ready to join up with the ic! This ic isn't icky, though. VIC………TORY!
       10.Not bad for starters but we've got to get some volume in there. One more time. Vvvvvvvvvvvvv………ic………tory! Okay, shatter the windows this time! VVVVVVVVVVV ……………IC……….TORY! Hallelujah!
       11.Remember, we have the VICTORY! We're going to be victorious over anything, and we're going to establish the Kingdom of God on Earth! Okay, throw your hands up in the air and let the holy spirits go wild in tongues and praises. Wake up, world! God is on the move!
       12.Everyone feeling invigorated? Everyone got the victory? Everyone ready to take on the world? With God, nothing is impossible! Let me hear you say it! “With God, nothing is impossible!” Again! “With God, nothing is imposs­ible!” Do you believe it? Good for you! That's the mindset of world changers! Impossible is for fools!
       13.Now that I've got you all stirred up and excited, I'm going to have to ask you to calm down a bit and listen to our first speaker. The focus of our symposium, as you know, is the Ac­ti­vated program. It's relatively new, and new things take a bit of work to get off the ground. It really takes people with courage and determination to see new things through. It takes people who have two feet on the ground but who aren't afraid to leap when the opportunity shows ­itself.
       14.Every successful person has had their bleak times, but they didn't let themselves get stuck in them. They knew that one good thing about hitting bottom was that it was a solid launching pad. So if you feel that things aren't going too well with your new push on Activated and that you're bottoming out, then look at that bottom as solid ground from which to launch like a rocket! You're not stuck at the bottom of a dry well--it's a missile silo that you're going to blast out of! It's all a matter of perspective.
       15.As a young man, our first speaker faced a bleak future. Although born into the privileged class, he soon found his nation invaded by a vastly superior and brutal enemy. He himself escaped death, only to be rounded up with others of his defeated and dejected nation and marched off into bondage. Forced into a life that was at odds with everything that he held dear, our young man lost his loved ones, but he never lost his faith. That faith was to come to the fore in a moment when his life, and that of his friends, was about to be terminated.
       16.It was a defining moment when he, in the face of death, stepped out into the imposs­ible, expecting not just a miracle, but the unheard of. What he was about to do was something that to the best of his knowledge had never been done to this degree before, but he was go­ing to try. With all the tragedy that had already come into this young man's life, one could hardly have blamed him if he had thrown up his hands, saying, “I quit!” and gone off tamely to die.
       17.But he didn't. He had faith to give it his best. And his best was to throw himself totally on the mercy and strength of his God and to step off that spiritual cliff when everything inside of him was screaming that it was insanity. But he was going to do it. And he did it! And from that step of faith into the unknown, he was propelled overnight into the highest echelons of his captors' government, from obscurity into prominence, with the potentate himself bowing down before him, acknowledging that within him dwelt the power of Almighty God!
       18.Ladies and gentlemen, brothers and sisters, I present to you … (drum roll, trumpets, fireworks, earthquakes) … Daniel!

       19.(Daniel speaking:) Thank you for that overwhelming introduction! Sometimes one forgets the things that have happened, especially when they took place 2,500 years ago. I kept looking at the other members of the panel, trying to figure out who he was talking about. It took a moment for me to realize he was talking about me. I guess I did lead a pretty extraordinary life, but that wasn't because I was all that extraordinary. But I do know someone Who is extraordinary, and He's sitting right over there. Dear Jesus, You are an extraordinary God! I love You and acknowledge that anything extraordinary that happened in my life was all You in every way! (Huge round of applause erupts!)
       20.You might wonder what I'm doing up here on the platform, though, giving a motivational talk with regards to the Activated program. I must admit that when I was first invited to be part of the panel, I wondered myself. I still wonder! What am I doing here, Mr. Angel, sir? Ha!
       21.Well, I do know why I'm here. I'm just kidding! Jesus supervised the assembling of the panel, so I'm here because He believed I had something to contribute. After getting the invitation, I knew I couldn't refuse. All those here probably know that Jesus can be incredibly persuasive when He knows you should do something. Believe me, if you think He's wrong about something, you're wrong!
       22.So down I went on the old prayer bones. It's certainly a lot easier to do that now than it was in my days in Babylon. I got into a lot of trouble once for praying, but I have never regretted it. I spent the most exciting night of my life because of my praying.
       23.Now there's a case when it looked like prayer didn't work. It looked like prayer was a bad thing to do. My prayer was a pretty standard prayer--”Good morning, Lord, this is Dan,” type of thing. But I'll tell you, my prayers after that on the desperation scale of 1 to 10 went to about a 20! I learned a lot about how desperate one could be. Ha! Still haven't quite gotten used to being around lions since. But I'm digressing here--let me get back on the subject.
       24.I was praying about what I should say. My life wasn't exactly rich in examples of how to do follow-up or sell magazine subscriptions. I had a lot of experience with kings, though! Ha! They kept me praying too! But it dawned on me that the key to success with the Activated program is having a love for the lost and for the sheep.
       25.I had what you would call a secular job, and it brought me into contact with a lot of different people. They all knew that I had this job because of my belief in my God, so there were many who were interested in discussing my faith with me.
       26.I was a prophet and I got some pretty wonderful revelations, and I had studied the scrip­­tures as a child--but I hadn't had the theological training that the priests and Levites had. I wasn't that conversant with every jot and tittle of the law like they were. We Jews were also pretty exclusive with regard to our faith, so we didn't usually try to evangelize the heathen. But when matters of belief in God came up, I tried to be faithful to explain my beliefs. If you remember, the king had even ordered everyone in the empire to worship our God, so quite a few folks figured they'd better learn how to if they wanted to remain on good terms with King Neb.
       27. Oh, by the way, there he is over in the audience! He can laugh at me calling him “King Neb” now, but it would have been suicidal to call him that then! My old friend has changed a lot. Took a while at the “funny farm.” Well, I know that isn't a very nice term, but Neb was actually down on the farm acting funny, because the Lord humbled him and made him like an animal for a while. Then when he straightened out, he didn't live much longer. Heaven really mellowed you out, didn't it, Neb? Stand up and take a bow! Look at that smile, folks. He still loves to get up before a crowd!
       28.Well, if he was around down there now and had the kind of power he had then, you would be getting a lot of subscriptions! He would make sure everyone was getting the mag on the pain of death. “Want a sub? No? Okay, furnace! Next!” Believe you me, though, you wouldn't want those kinds of sub­scribers. You want the ones who are hungry to get it--not those who are forced to get it. I even had to suggest to him, once his initial fervor to have all the people worship God had cooled a little, that it would be better to let the people make up their own minds on the subject.
       29.But I've gone off picking daisies again! I was always a little proud of the fact that my book was pretty concise compared to Isaiah's and some of the others, and that I'd managed to pack the “meat” without a lot of “fat”! Isaiah kept telling me that was hardly fair, since it wasn't him doing the talking anyway, that it was God. He's right too, you know. But here I am digressing again. I guess I've gotten long-winded in my eternal age! Whoops, I see Jesus is stifling a yawn. Ha! I'd better get to the point before I fulfill my own prophecy and “wear out the saints,” not to mention my welcome.
       30.So as I was saying, it was always tre­mendously interesting for me to discuss my faith with people. Here I was with my unshakable belief in the power of the unseen God whose angels would come and show me this really far-out stuff. I mean, some of those beasts were ugly! Made me sick! I kept telling Gabriel he was scaring me to death! But back to the story … the others had all these idols that they said were their gods, and they'd ask, “How can you believe in your God, who obviously didn't do a very good job of protecting your people? It's plain that ours do a better job on that score!” And I'd have to explain that we hadn't deserved His protection, but that if they wanted to have a contest to see who was more powerful, we could fire up the furnace! That usually ended that aspect of the discussion!
       31.But what I want to talk to you about is that you've got to take advantage of the opportunities you're faced with! I was given a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity, and I took it! I took up the king's challenge to tell him his dream and to interpret it. And when I stepped out in belief that my God could do it, I was not disappointed. In fact, it fulfilled even more than my wildest dreams!
       32.None of you, to my knowledge, have a death sentence hanging over your heads. I wouldn't wish that on anyone! But you still have the power of the same God I did at your disposal! You can throw your­selves on His mercy and strength and let Him reveal to you the ­secrets of success for your Activated ministry. You can have an incredibly fruitful and rewarding ministry in Activated. Turning people on to the mag is one aspect of it. You have a quality product that contains the Words of Life. People need it! Give them Jesus and get them activated. There are all those wonderful books, too, and more on the way. And the pubs are just the start of the program.
       33.You can have a tremendously fruitful follow-up program, giving classes to individuals or groups. The initial classes have been posted [on the MO site] and there's more to come. There's nothing like feeding sheep the Word to get you inspired! You can also turn your Home into a hub of activity with all sorts of visitors coming over to be fed. You can put on shows and seminars and other things that you haven't yet dreamed of. The sky is not even the limit. There are no limits!
       34.You don't have to wait till the executioners are on the way to your house before you get the fire lit underneath you--you can do it today! Get down to business with the Boss! He has the resources and the answers to get your ministry up and running today. Put Him to the test! Looking over at Him now, I can see Him with the biggest smile on His face! He isn't yawning now. Ha! He's ready and willing and itching to help.
       35.I'll leave you with a final thought. This is a symposium, a formal meeting to discuss a subject, during which individuals may make presentations. Symposium is a Greek word, and the ancient Greeks had a slightly different take on sym­posium than you do today. In my day, they were the new kids on the block. They were just starting to make a little bit of an impact up in the north, and even though the Lord revealed to me that they would eventually move up the pecking order, they were still a bunch of barbarians in comparison to those I hung around with.
       36.Well, a symposium to them was a drinking party, and I felt that a New Wine drinking party was a pretty appropriate idea! Drink deep of the New Wine and get inspired by the highs it can take you to. The Word will do the wonders! Listen to our wonderful Lord and Lover and His guidance. Let the Holy Spirit take control and go with Her flow. You'll love it! Thank you and God bless you!

       37.(Angel speaking:) Thank you, Daniel! Re­mem­ber, Daniel is available to take your personal questions now. He and the other guest speakers who will be revealed to you soon are ready and available. No question is too hard or too trivial. Hold on to your hats, brothers and sisters, because there's a whole lot more!

       38. P.S. from Mama: Yes, dear ones, there's a whole lot more to come because there are many miracles waiting to happen
as you tap into the power of the keys and take advantage of every opportunity that comes your way! As you obey and step out by faith that the Lord will do it, you won't be disappointed.
       39. Daniel had faith that the Lord would do it, and he won the king. As you seize the opportunity to get out Activated, you too can win “kings,” friends, supporters and Active members who can help you get out the message like never before. I love you!

To be continued