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GN 968

Activate the World, Part 4!

By Maria       Maria #589 10/01

Dear Family,
       1. Here's the second session of the Super­natural Sym­posium, with counsel from Heavenly beings and departed saints on Activated, followed by a rousing talk from the Lord! We hope you find these mess­ages fun, feeding, inspiring and motivating, and that they'll encourage you to make this your best day, week or month ever with Activated!
       Love in our wonderful Husband,

Return to the Symposium!

       2.(Angelic moderator speaking:) Welcome back to the Supernatural Inter­di­men­sional Activated Motivational Symposium! We hope you've been keeping Daniel busy with your questions. Actually, of course, we know you have. He has reported that initially the response was a little under­whelming, but that things started to pick up after the first day or two. He regrets that he wasn't permitted to say who the other panelists were, but he wasn't surprised that people were asking.
       3.We still have several mystery panelists, and we'll be introducing another one today in this second session. No peeking ahead now! And if you have already, I hereby swear you to secrecy. I'm watching you over there, third from the left on the couch. Yes, you with the innocent look in your eyes! Ha! So no one looks further on, okay? Promise? Okay!
       4.Before revealing our second mystery panelist, we want to take you on a whirlwind tour to see some exciting activation going on in different parts of the world! Hope you're expecting visitors, because we could be dropping in on your Home to see the progress. A glance at the interactive com­municator shows some of you in the Home we're dropping in on looking sideways at each other. Look up and wave! Yes, you down there. Hello! Yes, we have you up on the big screen now! Guess you should have gotten out of your pajamas and combed your hair before coming to devotions! Ahem! How's the coffee? Good? French Roast, you say. Yes, it's okay as far as Earth coffee is concerned, but wait till you taste some of these Heavenly brews!
       5.You weren't really prepared for this, were you? Sorry about that! Well, Heaven is always watching, you know, and there's a great cloud of witnesses keeping an eye on you from the spirit world!
       6.So how's everyone else in the Home? Got the vision? How's the Activated push going? Going to get out some subscriptions today? Not sure? Oh, but you're flexible and it could be worked out to fit into the schedule. Great news! Well, we'll leave you to get on with your reading, but we'll keep a link open with your Home throughout the day.
       7.Just so you know what it's like Here, we're holding the Heavenly part of this sym­po­sium in this magnificent oval audi­tor­ium. Our wonderful Jesus is sitting in the place of honor, and is, along with our panel­ists, seated up on the main stage with yours truly, and the Heavenly audience is seated in front of us. Behind us is the big screen. It's not really a screen, but more like a window in which we can see all the action currently taking place in your Home. But around the walls are a number of similar screens, and we'll be transferring your Home from the big screen to a side screen in a flash. There.
       8.We'll be watching you throughout the day angel-on-the-wall style as you go about all your important ministries, and we'll be rooting for you as you get out the Activated subscriptions! So go back to your reading. We know you're having a great time getting in the Word, and we'll catch up with all that you're up to as the day rolls on.
       9.Let's see if we can find someplace else where they're actually out there now. Yes, we're zeroing in now on two lovely ­ladies talking to a young fellow who looks pretty interested. Great, they're holding his hands and they're closing their eyes. Looks like we're in for a salvation here!
       10.Whoops! Bandits at 8 o'clock coming in for a dirty punch. Not so fast, buddy bugs! Rapid response angel swooping in from above. Ooooh, nice shot! Zap and sizzle. One smoking bandit limping off, and the others have put on the brakes. Looks like they're fleeing the scene. Back to our two lasses and their lad!
       11.Hallelujah! Yes, he did it! Hear the roar coming up from the far side of Heaven at Salvation Central? Boy, those guys over there can rock all of Heaven with their praises! Hallelujah, another soul enters the Kingdom! Ladies and gentlemen, if you could just see the enormous smile on the face of our dear Lord here, it would take your breath away. It's incredible. He is so very happy.
       12.Way to go, ladies! Uh oh, he's looking at his watch. Oh, neat trick, angel one, stopping it like that. Hey, hey, hey, atta girls! Get his name and address and sign him up. Good for you! Yes, he wants a subscription, and he wants to pay for it. Great, give him that first mag. He likes it. Terrific! Okay, ­ladies, be sure to put that money carefully aside now to go to the Activated desk along with his address. Don't forget his phone number. Wonderful! Pretty good-looking guy too, girls. Of course, I know that isn't what attracted you to him. Ahem! But I'm sure his looks will be a bit of an incentive to follow up on him too, right?
       13.Oh, good for you for inviting him to the meeting next Friday. Don't leave it at that, though. Be sure to give him a call Thursday to remind him. Okay, better let go of his hand now, as he might get the wrong impression. Oh, you're going to say an­other short prayer for him before he leaves. Good! Yes, I guess you can keep holding his hand while you're praying. All right, girls, time to let him go. His watch has started again! What? Okay, just a hug and a peck on the cheek. That's it. Wonderful! Now let him go! Let him GO! There are many more like him to reach, ladies, so back to witnessing! We'll flash you over to screen number two so we can continue to keep your exploits in focus.
       14.For our third and final scene, we're going to drop in on a Church of Love. We're not bound by time Here, so we're doing a little flip-flopping on the days. Vonce it vas a veekday, now it iss a Sunday! Beautiful singing! Isn't it terrific when everyone joins in? Everyone up Here is tapping their feet and clapping their hands along with you. Oh, a hundred-part harmony. Not bad, Heavenly audience, for not practicing! Beautiful! Let's raise the roof! Hallelujah! Praise the Lord! Glory to You, our wonderful Lord!
       15.Now that the singing is over, let's see what's going to happen. Aha, the preacher cometh! Great, you're going to read from John 15! Great message, and the people seem to be lapping it up. Wonderful! The whole room is also packed with all sorts of spirit helpers and angels. Good thing they don't take up any physical room or there wouldn't be enough room for the attendees! Time for communion. And now they're giving a pitch for Activated and the 12 Foundation Stones classes. That's what I call a nice display--all those pubs and mags and videos and CDs.
       16.Yes, take the people up to the display counter and show them what you've got there. If they don't already subscribe to the magazine, you should get them to. It's the best! You're doing them a favor. Yes, get their names if they're newcomers. This Home really has a thriving ministry going, and they're looking very inspired. Even the back-row boys are joining in on the witnessing. Way to go! There goes another roar from Salvation Central! See in the back, the older fellow praying with the girl who is usually on childcare? Don't forget to get him subscribed, dear! Let's flash you over to an­other of the side screens.
       17.So that's a look at three situations around the world. And if you look at screen number one, you'll notice that the first Home has finished devotions and someone is on the phone to one of their contacts. Sounds like they're arranging an appointment to show him the mag. Okay, looks like Activated is on the move there too. Wonderful!
       18.Now, on with the show and on to our second panelist! Any guesses? No fair peeking ahead. I've still got my eye on you, third from the left! What was that? You think I'm tough to get past? You should see some of the others up Here. They're full of eyes!
       19.We had a very interesting time de­cid­ing on who the next guest speaker should be. We wanted someone to represent the Early Church, and there were so many to choose from. And as you may well guess, each one we approached humbly deferred to others, claiming that they were better able to represent them. It wasn't so much that we wanted someone to represent how the Early Church did things, but rather someone to inspire their present-day brethren about how they should do it now. Finally they took a vote, and because they're all in tune and on the right wavelength, the decision was unanimous bar one (and that vote was made by the one who was chosen).
       20.So tonight, ladies and gentlemen, we are very honored to have in our presence a man of great faith, love, and simplicity. A man known for being a son of thunder, but also for not letting slip what the thunder said. A fisherman by trade who the Romans tried to deep fry into chips. (Fish and chips! Get it?) He was known by many names--The Beloved, The ­Revelator, The Divine, The Apostle. He was unlearned and ignorant, and yet under divine inspir­ation wrote some of the most loved, insightful, and awe-inspiring passages of the Bible. Yes, please welcome as our second speaker and panelist, our dearly loved and esteemed brother John!

       21.(John speaking:) Thank you for your warm and loving welcome. Before I say one more word, though, let me turn to my dear Friend and Savior, the Lover of my soul, and say I acknowledge that it is and always will be only You who can make all things poss­ible. You give me life and love and joy, and if I can say anything of value here and now, it's only because You give me the words. I am and always will be unlearned and ignorant, and if I do anything right, it's only You.
       22.I don't say this because You want Your ego massaged, or You want me to grovel at Your feet, but I say this because Your Father wants us to acknowledge our dependence on You. All we have and hold in our hands is because You were willing to make the ultimate of all sacrifices for us, and it is our humble duty to forever shower You with our thanks and praises.
       23.I was a personal witness to Your suffering, and I know what horrors You en­dured. To give all my love, loyalty, and ­labors to furthering Your cause is the least I can do, and I do it here and now gladly. Thank You, my Lord and Lover, for everything. I am hopeless with words and they can't express what I'm trying to say, but I'm so glad that my heart can communicate with You and that my emotions are directly expressed to You.
       24.(John now goes over and embraces the Lord, and those in the Heavenly audience stand, cheer, praise, and applaud! The sound is thunderous, yet melodious, joyful, and exuberant. It takes quite some time before the praise dies down, and the audience only resumes their seats when Jesus motions for them to do so. John now steps once again into the middle of the stage.)
       25.My friends and fellow laborers both Here and on the Earth, thank you for your greetings. I am both honored and humbled. To be chosen by such a noteworthy body as the members of the Early Church to be their representative at this occasion is over­whelming. There are so many who could be here in my stead, and who I think could do a much better job of this than I. Paul was my choice, and I still think he would be better. He's out there in the audience right now. Please stand up, Paul. There, my friends, is a man who took the Gospel to the world! Oh, we all had a part in it, but this, my dear friend, ran circles round the rest of us with his tireless spreading of the good news.
       26.I think if there is anyone who could talk about getting people interested in the Lord, it's him. But perhaps because he did so much and his accomplish­ments were so great, it might make people think they're very inadequate if they measure themselves by him. If we would all just do a tenth of what Paul did, the world would be a remarkably different place. He is the role model for all missionaries!
       27.It's also with some trepidation that I follow my dear friend Daniel. We had lots of notes to compare when I came up Here. I think some of you listening will probably wonder if this is going to turn into an End­time seminar. Daniel and I certainly had our fair share of Endtime revelations. We still debate as to who saw the scariest monsters. Ha!
       28.But I'm here to talk about Activated and to get everyone inspired and motivated to “get with the program!” How does one get inspired and motivated to do something? There has to be a reason, a compulsion, an incentive. So I reflected on what was the reason that I dropped everything to follow Jesus so many years ago--what motivated me to follow that initial call, and what kept me true to that call.
       29.Before the day that my brother James and I left our nets and followed Him, our friends Andrew and Peter had already been with our Lord and had told us about Him. Andrew had followed John the Baptist, and when John had pointed at Jesus after He had returned from the wilderness and said that Jesus was the Lamb of God, Andrew went to find out more. He then brought Peter to Jesus, and they were in awe of all He said and did.
       30.So after hearing from them, James and I were both very excited about this new prophet who seemed to be more than a prophet. You see, we were expecting the Messiah to come around that time. Our scriptures told us of our deliverer, and the marvelous prophecies of my co-panelist, Daniel, were well known to us. The prophecy in what is known to you as Daniel 9 where it says, “After threescore and two weeks shall Messiah be cut off,” was not a mystery to us. We understood that it meant that 434 years after the rebuilding of Jeru­salem's walls, something was going to happen to the Messiah, and in order for that to happen, the Messiah had to be around. The date was fast approaching, so we were all looking for the Messiah. And the Baptist had called this man the Lamb of God. Andrew heard it himself and told us.
       31.We were under Roman occupation and we were ripe for deliverance! The Ro­mans were cruel and exploitive masters. They mocked us and held us in scorn and derision. We were a conquered people and worthy of only their disdain. For young, im­petuous men like my brother and ­myself, the call to follow a deliverer was not one to be turned down. Sure, He was a carpenter, or at least had been, but some of the greatest heroes of our people had come from equally humble stations in life. David had been a shepherd and the youngest in his family. Joseph had been a slave. Gideon was from a poor family, and the least in his father's house.
       32.So when He called us that day, we dropped our nets and went! We were ripe and ready to follow this Man. The first few days were heady affairs. Many people flocked to Him, and some sought to make Him king, and it took a while for us to see that Jesus wasn't raising a rebellion. Yet His Words burned in our hearts! His Words were turning us on. We were getting hooked on what He was saying. There were so many things He said and did that didn't get ­written down. As I despaired at the end of my ­Gospel, there wouldn't have been books enough to contain all that. I felt so inadequate after I had finished writing it. I thought it didn't begin to tell the half of what I had wanted it to. But back to my story.
       33.Just when we were really getting to be popular, Jesus gave the “flesh and blood” talk. His popularity went out the window after that, and most of us who remained hung on just by the skin of our teeth. That was when we each had to truly commit. We weren't going to be popular with everyone now, so what were we in this for? I admitted to myself that I didn't know, until Peter piped up at the Lord's questioning and said, “You alone have the Words of Life.”
       34.I thought on those words and I couldn't deny it. Jesus had the words of eternal life. Others had the scriptures, the written Word, but only Jesus had the Living Word. Only He could fire up my soul to want to do and to be everything God wanted me to do and be. So then I determined to give my everything to His cause so that I could continue to get those Words, and also pass them on to others.
       35.I had no idea what was going to happen and where all this was going to take me. My Master and Lord ended up be­ing killed for His Words, and I knew that a similar fate was likely in store for me. My whole focus on the Messiah as the deliver­er of my people from the yoke of bondage was totally skewed when I realized that Jesus was not going to do this. He was changing the hearts of men with love. He had no interest in political power or in raising a rebellion against the Roman occu­piers. He had power. He did miracles of healing. He could walk on water, for goodness sake, but He was only interested in teaching and caring for people.
       36.The people wanted a mighty deliverer, and so many were furious that Jesus wouldn't use His power to destroy Rome, but rather seemed intent on undermining the fabric of the whole Jewish nation with His attacks on our religious institutions. I soon had to reconcile myself to the fact that I wasn't going to ride on His coattails to become a national hero, but I was going to be rejected and despised of my kindred just as He was.
       37.And then to have the Gospel preach­ed to the Gentiles, and for our Jewish movement to become a Gentile-dominated church was almost more than I could imagine! It changed our whole focus. My friends and brothers were now going to be ­Gentiles, the people I had been trained since my child­hood to disdain and regard as unclean.
       38.Yes, much changed from the time I thought I was getting in on the ground floor of a Jewish populist movement that was going to sweep to power, only to find myself an outcast, persecuted, and with Gentiles for my friends and benefactors. But the one thing I held on to from the time that Peter said those fateful words was the knowledge--that deep and amazing knowledge--that I had found the source of the Words of Life.
       39.That's why I started my Gospel with these profound statements of God's truths. “In the beginning was the Word, and the Word was with God, and the Word was God” (John 1:1). “And the Word was made flesh, and dwelt amongst us” (John 1:14). And as I said later, “That which was from the beginning, which we have heard, which we have seen with our eyes, which we have looked upon, and our hands have handled, of the Word of life” (I John 1:1).
       40.We lived with the Word, and after He departed from us and we were imbued with the power of the Holy Ghost, nothing could stop us from getting out that mess­age! We were beaten and imprisoned, tortured and killed, but the truth of those Words marched on and went to the far corners of the world.
       41.Now you are in a similar position. You have a rich and unending source of the Words of Life, a source greater than any other in your world--the new words for the new day. So I turn to you and say, what are you doing with them? Are you going to proclaim them regardless of what might happen? Are you going to take them to the utter­most parts of the Earth? If you hoard them, they will be of no use to you. They can only live to their fullest when they're being shared with others.
       42.You have a vast amount of Word, and you should share what you can with others. You have a sample of that great stock­pile of Word packaged for you in the most appealing and marketable product that you as a Family have ever produced. In the Activated magazine you have a product that can change the world! Your other products have changed the world, but this one is the best yet. The thing that makes it the best is that it's not just a one-time thing, but it's a series of magazines that will keep making sure the sheep are being fed on a regular, continuing basis.
       43.If you don't push it, you'll be eternally sorry. I don't like to make you feel bad or guilty, but I have to say it because this is the truth. You'll let down our wonder­ful Jesus if you don't push it now. Now is the hour for Activated! And, alas, that hour will pass and you will not have the opportunity to make up for lost time. That is a sobering thought. Please pause for a minute and reflect on that.
       (John pauses here for a minute or more. He then smiles and continues.)
       44.But I don't want to leave anyone feeling down. If you haven't been pushing Activated, and you're in a city or country where it's possible and where you should be pushing it, then there's still time to do so. Remember, though, our dear Messiah's joy is our strength, so don't go out there and work your hearts out in the strength of the flesh. You have to look to Him, lean on Him, get your power from Him, and most of all listen to Him to accomplish what He wants you to do.
       45.There were two things that were ingrained in me when I walked with my Lord. They are: Jesus is the Word and Jesus is Love. I have majored on the first one in this talk, but before I go, I want to at least mention the second. His love is beyond words because it is meant to be. It's to be ex­perienced, leaving you so overwhelmed that all you want to do is tell others to try it too. Let us all go forth and share His Word, so those who receive it and receive Him can share His love too. I love you. Thank you! (End of message from John.)
To be continued

The Lord's Promises of Supply!

       46.(Jesus speaking:) Activated is the world of the future! It's where I'm leading you, My Family. Activated is the road to get you where I want you to be, both individually and as a body of believers. Activated is one of the forces in this era of action that will propel you forward into the future. Activated is one of the main boosters for this day and age.
       47.There are so many benefits of Activated--and the most important benefit is that you will be reaching My lost sheep. Through these words that are prepared spe­cifically for feeding and nurturing, My sheep will be strengthened. This is the ultimate purpose of Activated, because it is My desire that as many as possible will come to know Me and My truth--not just in a gen­eral way, but deeply and intimately. Activated delves into the sheep's lives and shows them My truth, My love, and spiritual principles. Activated brings souls closer to My heart of love, and how greatly this pleases Me!
       48.Through following Me and ­obeying Me, through getting out the subscriptions to as many as you possibly can, you're exercising your faith in a big way. You're allowing Me to stretch your faith--faith which you will need in the days to come. You will need faith to hear My voice, to follow My voice, to trust Me in impossible circumstances, to rise above, to be all that I need you to be. So through your using Activated, you are strengthening your faith as well as strengthening My sheep.
       49.It takes a lot of faith to delve wholeheartedly into Activated and give it your all. In the natural it looks like it's imposs­ible, that you won't stay afloat financially, that it's going to make life more difficult for you and your Home. That's why it takes so much faith to step out and get it out. It defies the laws of man, but it's in sync with the laws of My Spirit. When you reach out and feed My sheep, no matter what the in­itial cost, I will repay and abundantly supply for you.
       50.In getting out Activated you're fulfilling My heart's desire. You're fulfilling the greatest duty of mankind--loving others and telling them of My love and salvation. In fact, when you're giving out Activated, selling those subscriptions, you're going above and beyond the call of Mark 16:15--you're teaching and training disciples. You're doing more than giving My sheep salvation. You're drawing them closer to Me and teaching them to reach others with My love also. It's a chain reaction! Through Activated you will reach many more lost souls than you ever could on your own, because those that you reach are in training to teach others, who will then teach others, and yet more others--and on and on it goes.
       51.It's an initial investment to put your all into Activated. It's a big adjustment to go from one mode of operation to another. There are growing pains, and the initial transition can be a little painful and uncomfortable. You have to get out of your ruts and your old ways of doing things. You have to shift your focus from something that was probably very good, your old modus operandi, to something even ­better--Activated!
       52.The Enemy throws in all of his doubts and fears to try to get you to give up getting out Activated, or to get you to not even begin in the first place. That's because he knows what a powerful tool My Words are--especially My Words in the form of Activated. He tells you that you're not a salesperson, that you can't sell people on Activated. He tells you that it's bad for your Home financially, that you won't be able to survive on the income from selling subscriptions. He tells you that people won't take to the mags. He tells you so many things that seem very logical and believable, all in an effort to stop this flow of My Spirit--to stop My Words from reaching those lost souls in the world. He wants the souls for himself, and he knows that Activated is a great threat to his kingdom and his hold on the hearts and lives of men.
       53.If you're willing to step out by faith, no matter what the Devil tells you, no matter what doubts and fears you may have, no matter how incapable you feel, then you can expect miracles! There will be a time of adjustment, a period of transition, but I won't let you fail. I will supply all of your needs, because I abundantly bless obedience. What you have now is small in comparison to what you'll have when following My leading, wielding the Activated weapon. You haven't seen action as you'll see it in the days to come, as you take this weapon into your hands!
       54.I will open doors for you, I will supply financially for your Home, and I will bless you abundantly. I will pour down happi­ness and fulfillment upon you as you obey Me. You will have the joy of knowing that you're feeding the sheep, and they'll flock to you for fellowship and love. They'll want to give something back to you in repayment for what you've given to them--life, joy, happiness, and a reason for living. They'll lay their material goods and possessions at your feet, as they did at the feet of the apostles, because they'll know that it's but dust in comparison to the real riches that you've given them. It may take some time, because My sheep will first need to grow in spirit, but this is the future and what I promise to you.
       55.“But,” you may wonder, “what abouttoday? What about now, before all of these future promises come to pass? How are we going to make it today when we're just beginning to catch the vision, to water the seeds, to feed the sheep?” My loves, before all of these wonderful promises for the future come to pass, I will provide for you through other means, through miraculous means. You won't lack for anything. I will care for you and provide for you as you step out by faith to follow My commission to activate the world.
       56. You can claim My promises right now!
Stand on My assurance that as you pour out, I will pour in, and you can never outpour Me. Claim My Word that “the liberal soul shall be made fat, and he that watereth shall be watered himself.” As you pour out the waters of Activated, you can expect floods of blessings in return, whether from those you follow up on and feed, other friends, contacts and sheep, or through My miraculous provision and supply in other ways.
       57.Don't listen to the lies of the ­Enemy when he tells you that it can't be done. I tell you that it can be done! There is a way, a method, an approach and an avenue for every Home. Each Home is different and lives in different cultures and climates, reaching different sheep, but I promise that as you follow Me and look to Me and hear My specific Words for you, I will show you how it can be done. And the results will be tremendous!
       58.Activated will bring back to you the joy of your salvation! Activated will fan the fire in your heart and life if it has been burning low. I will pour joy and happiness and fulfillment upon you in great abundance as you give to others. It will be as the day of Pentecost, and many souls will be won for Me. Many disciples will be trained and instructed in My truth. It makes Me so happy to see the future and all that will be if you, My Activated children, will reach out to give My Words to the world. The promises of the future will not come to pass on their own; they aren't guaranteed. I need you to make My dream a reality.
       59.Will you be My messengers to the lost and dying world in this day and age? Will you give your all to sell those subscriptions and get out My Word, no matter what the cost? Will you live for My sheep? Will you live to make disciples of all nations? I've given you the tools to win the world like never before; will you put them to good use? Will you give Me the gifts that I treasure the most--the souls of men?
       60.You are the children of David, My radical church, My revolutionary brides. I know that I can count on you. Who else can I turn to? Who else can I give this high calling to, this great commission? I have no one but you, My loves. So I turn to you in My desperation, pleading with you to win the world today, to activate My sheep today. If you don't, who will? (End of message from Jesus.)