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GN 969

Keep Fighting!

Conviction versus Compromise, Part 6
By Maria       11/01


-The Lord's timing for His messages
-More on maintaining unity and defeating the Selvegion
-Don't run away from disunity--change things
-Differences in child/teen disciplinary standards
-Practical pointers on child discipline and unity
-The parenting standard of Active members
-What if you feel you can't live the Law of Love sexually?
-Don't let the Enemy scare you into quitting
-Be yielded today to be prepared tomorrow
-News from “Creature”
-Be a disciple first of all
-Conditions for fruitful witnessing ministries

Dear Family,
       1. God bless you, dear loves! Peter and I pray that you've been strengthened by the Word our faithful Husband has been pouring out in recent months. We've been encouraged by the reactions you've sent in, and can see that the Lord is moving in a big way! A few questions have come up regarding the “Conviction ­versus Compromise” series, which we'll address in this GN. If you still have questions about the topics covered in this Letter after you've read it, please ask the Lord. He can give you the application of His Word that will fit your situation and solve any problems or remove any obstacles you're facing.

The Lord's Timing
For His Messages

       2.Many have written voicing how thankful they are for the “Conviction versus Compromise” series. By God's grace and due to your yieldedness, it's bringing about a change worldwide, thank the Lord! Through obedience, humility, desperate prayer, and calling on the power of the keys, many are winning victories over their longstanding problems and the evil influences of the Devil. We are very grateful for your fighting spirits and your determination to follow the Lord!
       3.Some people have, however, also expressed frustration at the timing of this series. While they have been happy with the counsel and the clear direction, and they've been thankful that the standard is being raised, they've felt that these issues should have been tackled much earlier. Some have felt, “Finally! Why did Mama wait so long?!”
       4.Perhaps you feel that Peter and I were not aware of the problems, or if we were, that we were negligent in not cracking down sooner. I can see that some of you might feel that your field, Home or personal family suffered some losses that could have been avoided had these serious compromises been confronted sooner. I'm sorry if you feel that way, and this is a legitimate question. I don't blame you for feeling frustrated or disappointed because, from your point of view, problems continued seemingly ­un­checked for a long time. Of course, your area officers have been trying to do what they can; but they are only a few people, so your Home or area may not have received as much attention from them as you might have liked. We're very sorry if that's been the case.
       5.Peter and I have been concerned about the problems in the Family for a very long time. It's not that we were oblivious to them, nor were we unwilling to address them more strongly months or years before. In fact, if you look back over the S2K Letters, you will see that the mess­age was very clear. That was two years ago. And there were also Letters such as “Problems and Solutions” and “Charter Responsi­bilities,” just to name a couple. The difference in the “Conviction versus Compromise” series was the tone and the intensity of the Lord's warning. But it wasn't the Lord's time earlier to deliver such a strong message.
       6. As you know, we have continued to instruct the Family through hundreds of pages of counsel, and we have prayed repeatedly about various weaknesses that had obviously taken hold in the Family. It wasn't until just recently, however, that the Lord indicated that it was time to send a very strong warning to the Family, which you have now read. This came about in the Lord's time, when the conditions made such a strong message not only effective, but absolutely necessary. Here is a message from the Lord that explains how over time various pieces of the puzzle fell into place that prepared you to receive the “Conviction vs. Compromise” series and make import­ant changes in your lives as a result.

       7.(Jesus speaking:) I am a loving and just God. I seek to woo and win and encourage My children along the path of My will, just as does your Queen Maria. I take no pleasure in scolding and rebuking and spanking with My rod of chastisement, and neither do your king and queen. Just as parents prefer to encourage their children to obey rather than to discipline strongly or chastise, so it is with Me. Parents will love, instruct, chide and guide their children, but then if none of these methods work, they will resort to stronger measures, to more strict discipline and correction.
       8.So it is with Me. I love you, My children, and I long for you to obey and change and pro­gress through My loving Word and My chiding and instruction. But if you will not, then I must use a firmer means of correction. I must sometimes even spank you, as a last resort, to help you get the point. This is how it has been with My counsel on the topics that were addressed in the “Conviction versus Compromise” series. I had already given My Word on these same topics firmly and lovingly over the years, but many did not get the point, many did not obey, many did not yield.
       9.It's not that the topics addressed in the “Conviction versus Compromise” series are new. I've been speaking about them through prophecy and through your queen and king for months and even years now. But because My Words were not heeded to the full, because there was no significant change, I've had to lay down the law more firmly and strongly so that there is no confusion.
       10.Some of you are wondering why I worked this way. Some of you are wondering why your queen didn't give such a stirring call to revolution earlier, why it took so long to get such a firm, definite, black-and-white message about these problems in the Family.
       11.One reason is because, as I said above, I don't like to judge, correct, punish or chide My children harshly. It hurts Me, just as it hurts a mother or father to discipline or spank their child. I prefer that My children obey out of love, taking heed to My suggestions, advice and words of counsel. I don't like to have to say, “Do this and that or else …” I don't like to have to warn of the rod of chastisement, to tell My children what might happen if they don't obey, and neither do Maria and Peter. I like for you to obey out of love, as I tell you in love.
       12.I wanted to give you, My Family, a chance so that those of you who did obey, follow and yield through My loving instruction would have the opportunity to receive even more blessings from My hand. You who obeyed, followed, grew and strove to do My will and obey My Words when they were given less firmly will receive the greater blessing, for you obeyed out of a great love for Me. You have a fear of the Lord, a deep reverence for Me, out of love, and I will bless you abundantly.
       13.So part of My holding back the tide of the messages contained in the “Conviction versus Compromise” series was for your benefit, so you would have the chance to obey in the be­ginning and thus receive the greater blessing. As a Father, it is both joyous and rewarding to see My children obey when I first ask you to do something. How much better that is than to obey after I have had to scold or punish or chastise. So those of you who have obeyed from the beginning, even in small ways, before My stern warnings, before the “Conviction versus Compromise” series, receive the greater blessings.
       14.Another reason why I held back this series and didn't choose to give this message earlier was because many of the Family didn't see the need for change as clearly. A few years ago, or even a year ago, many of you thought things were going okay, that there weren't such grave problems with compromise, disunity, lethargy, lack of living the Law of Love, etc. If I had given such a stern series a couple of years ago, or even a year ago, you wouldn't have been ready for it. You might have wondered, “What is the Lord talking about? We're not doing so badly. Things are going okay as far as I can see. I think the Lord and Mama are overreacting.”
       15.But by the end of 2001, you clearly saw the need for this series. There is no doubt in each one's heart--unless one is totally blind in spirit--that this call to revolution was desperately needed in the ranks of the Family. My Family is now desperate. You see the problems looming over you, and many are entangled. You were desperate for a solution, and this is how it had to be for you to be desperate enough to make the changes needed. The situation had gotten so bad and the spiritual health of the Family had been so weakened that it was obvious that an explosion in the spirit was needed, a bomb of hot new radical wine! There had to be a change. At an earlier date, you would not have been prepared enough in spirit or even seen the need for change as clearly. I had to let you reach a point of desperation so that you would be open and willing to receive My Words and to change‚ surrendering all.
       16.My children had to make choices. After the S2K, I wanted to give you each the chance to change, to strengthen your faith and increase your obedience to My Word, to show your character and the depth of your dedication. This was essential to strengthening the Family. I have to let you make your own choices and go according to your own faith. If I had brought along the “Conviction versus Compromise” series too quickly, which has been another shakeup, you would have missed the opportunity to prove where your faith lies.
       17.Your preparations and spiritual prog­ress also coincide with world events and prog­ress that is being made in the spiritual realm, to a certain degree. I prepare you in time to be ready, but not so far in advance that you lose the vision by the time you need it. You don't understand exactly now, but in the end you will see that My timing was perfect.
       18.The Activated ministry needed to pro­gress further so that you would more urgently see the need to strengthen the Family sample in light of expanding the borders of your tents. If you had been asked to make these same sacrifices without a very clear reason, it would not have been as moti­vating; many more would not have chosen to go forward with Me and be strengthened.
       19.Another reason that I chose this time to give you this back-to-the-basics message of do-or-die discipleship is because I wanted to first give you the keys of the Kingdom. I knew that what I would be asking of you would be a total forsake-all--a break with the past and with the ways you had been used to operating and being. It would be a great revolution in spirit, and the changes that each of you would need to make would be many and great. Without the power of the keys of the Kingdom, many would have felt overwhelmed or defeated. You might not have felt you had the strength to make the changes I was asking of you, to be the disciple I was requiring you to be.
       20.Many of you have fought some of the same weaknesses your whole life‚ and you've now reached a point of desperation. But without the power of the keys and the promise of their power to help you to rise above, many of you would have given up in despair and discouragement, thinking that change was impossible, that you didn't have what it took‚ that you had fought so long with little result, wondering how this time would be different. So I held off on giving you the challenge until you had the keys of the Kingdom in your hands, as well as the information and counsel that I poured forth on how to access their power and use them to their full potential. With the keys to the Kingdom, there is no excuse for not fighting, because within them is the power of victory.
       21.I knew that the call to revolution that I would give would be as a great mountain to climb, but that with the power of the keys of the Kingdom, nothing would be impossible! Each of you would be able to access that power to help you to overcome, to make personal changes in your lives, to renew your dedication, to get back to the basics, to forsake your worldly hang-ups and trips and the vices of the Evil One. You needed the power of the keys of the Kingdom to defeat the Selvegion, Pan, Bacchus, and the evil ­demons of lethargy. You needed the power of the keys to overcome in every area of your lives. And so it was within My great plan to give you this new weapon of the spirit before I set the record straight and gave My stirring call to revolution.
       22.You can be sure that the timing of this series was in My hands. It was not too early or too late. If I had given you these Words any earlier, some of you would not have seen the urgency or the need. There would not have been the same desperation in spirit‚ and some of you would have become discouraged and given up, if you had not had the power of the keys to access in order to overcome. If I had given you these Words any later, it might have been too late, for the Enemy would have snatched more of My brides from My hand, and entangled more of you in his vices and iniquity; his demons would have had more of a hold on My Family, and their power would have been multiplied immensely. As your power is increasing, so is the power of the Evil One and his minions. So this was the time to break their chains of oppression and defeat them.
       23.This time, October and November of 2001, was My time--not only for these reasons mentioned above, but also because I have a great harvest to reach this Christmas. This Christ­mas witnessing season has the potential to be your very best. With the fervor and fire of My Spirit in your hearts, and with the white-hot Words of David that you hold true to, you will reap a great harvest.
       24.Those are just some of the reasons why the “Conviction versus Compromise” series was given when it was. Please trust that My timing is perfect, and that your queen was indeed aware of the problems, and had been seeking Me and burdened about them for some time. She prayed for you, and earlier she gave the Words that I instructed her to give--gentler Words, but nonetheless the answers and keys to victory--but many did not heed. Blessed are those who have heeded My Words and did not wait for the rod to be lowered. You are stronger in spirit, and will more easily leap these next hurdles. It's a good lesson to take the hints, for you are blessed in spirit when you obey at the first little nudge, rather than waiting for the shove.
       25.I love you, My loves, and as long as you continue to obey, I will continue to give you what I know you need, when I know it is best to give it. (End of message from Jesus.)

       26.(Mama:) As you can see, the Lord had many good reasons for leading us to publish the “Conviction versus Compromise” series when He did.
       27. He wanted to give you a chance to obey His reproofs and rebukes and heed His exhorta­tions, rather than quickly resorting to the rod of judgment or warning of it.
       28. He wanted to give you a chance to receive more blessings by obeying His instruction earlier, when it was given more gently.
       29. Many, however, did not obey the counsel given during the previous years, so He has now had to lay down the law more firmly, to give a very clear warning and to clear up any confusion.
       30. Had the strong message of the need to forsake all and get back to full-time discipleship been given earlier, many would have rejected it, because the serious problems of the Family were not yet as evident to all, so many of you wouldn't have seen the need for change as clearly.
       31. After the S2K, each of you needed the opportunity to make your own choices and to show your personal level of dedication. One shakeup after another would have denied you the chance to show where your faith lies.
       32. Your spiritual progress is somewhat tied in with world events. What you see going on around you in the world helps you to keep the vision; it serves as part of the motivation to change.
       33. The vision of the upcoming expansion of the Family needed to be clear in order to show why the CM Family must be the sample of full-time discipleship. This vision of the future provides a clear-cut, under­stand­able, obvious reason for the sacrifices you are being asked to make.
       34. You needed the keys of the Kingdom in order to have the power to make the changes that you now face.
       35. It was preparation to reap a tremendous harvest in the 2001 Christmas witnessing.

More on Maintaining Unity
And Defeating the Selvegion

       36.As you know, in “The Dangers of Division” the Lord explained that where division exists, everyone who has anything to do with it is guilty, regardless of the details. When you're actively rooting out the Selvegion in your Home and lives, it's not the time to try to sort out the blame but rather to forgive. I know this is true, and I believe that through forgiving and asking for forgiveness, the Lord will lead those who have been divided to the blessing of restored unity.
       37.But a question has come up about how you can be united with people who are not dedicated, not on the same wavelength. Two of the COs commented:

       38. What about division that is because of one party's disobedience or lower or differing stand­ards, which causes the other party to be in disunity with them? This happens between Homes, between individuals in Homes, and between FGAs and young people. Some people think that if they take steps to be in unity or agreement with the ones that they consider have a lower standard, or a standard or attitudes that they disagree with, then it is compromise and would result in a lowering of their standard too. After reading “The Dangers of Division,” it seems it could result in the more obedient people feeling that they have to yield for the sake of unity, even if it means agreeing to the lower standards of others. I know the answer to this is better shepherd­ing so those with too-low standards can be challenged to change or leave, but some Homes or areas don't have such shep­herding, and what happens is that Homes or individuals just stay away from each other so they can all live the standard they have chosen.
       39. Would there be any counsel for those who feel that to try to truly be in unity with others who they feel have a lower or different standard than they do, would be to compromise their own convictions, as they would have to lower their standards to accomplish this?

- - -

       40. On the subject of unity: I agree 1000% with everything that was given; it's personally convicting and I pray that I'll never be the same. The field's need for it is obvious. But a recurring question that I have is this:
       41. In order for there to be unity, doesn't everyone have to have it clear that they want to do the will of God? I feel that the standard of unity that is expected can only be reached after there has been a very clear division in the Family of those who want to be here more than anything in the world from those who don't want to meet the discipleship criteria that the Family has.
       42. Just like the Lord doesn't expect us to be united with the churches or the System, I don't see how you can be united with people who aren't really your brethren in heart. You can love them, but you certainly can't live and work together. If they don't want to witness, hear from the Lord, live “One Wife,” or abide by the Charter standard, then the only way that you can live in unity is to find like-minded people--in which case I would have the faith to overcome anything, no matter how difficult. It's the heart and attitude that make all the difference.
       43. To me it seems that the greatest conflict in unity arises over this very point--the discipleship standard! So I don't see how it's possible to “get it together” if you're going in two different directions. I'm not talking about people who have problems (myself being first on the list), but you have to know that the people you're uniting with are at least trying and striving to live by the Word and obey with their whole hearts. (End of comments from COs.)

       44.(Mama:) In “The Dangers of Division,” the Lord has asked you to overcome your division almost immediately. The exposure of the evil Selvegion and getting rid of them will make a huge difference in spirit. I fully expect that people will apologize and get right with each other at the worldwide prayer and fast day, if not sooner. But questions still come up about what to do when there is a very big difference in standard. And there will be situations where there will still be people in our Homes that really shouldn't be CM or in the Family at all. The Lord indicated that this purging will take some time, and in some cases the Lord may have to take matters into His Own hands, which indicates it won't necessarily be quick. So there will be situations where there are people in Homes who aren't disciples living with people who are trying to be 100%ers. That brings up the question, “How can two walk together except they be agreed?”
       45.As one of the COs said, isn't it a prerequisite for lasting unity that everyone actually wants to do the Lord's highest will? Yes‚ of course it is, but what about the situations where there are some who don't want the Lord's highest will, who are compromising and not progress­ing? Of course, we hope for the best in the months to come‚ but what we don't want to see happen is people lowering their standards to be in unity with people who are compromising and not fully dedicated-–all for the sake of “unity.” That's not the purpose. We do need unity, obviously, but not at the expense of compromise!
       46.I asked the Lord what, practically speaking, He expects people to do. What are the steps you should take when you see that you're not in unity or you've lost the unity you initially gained after the prayer and fast day, because people in your Home or areas have different standards? How can that be overcome? What is the solution? How can unity be maintained if there is a difference in standards? Here is the Lord's counsel on these questions.

Don't Run Away from Disunity
--Change Things!

       47.(Jesus speaking:) The complete unity that I seek among My Family is unity between those who are of like mind, like heart, and like spirit, in the sense that they are committed to Me and to serving Me in this Family. I do not expect nor seek for complete uniting of minds and hearts between those who are dedicated and those who are compromised, though I do expect there to still be love between them. It is not poss­ible to have total unity between a Family member who is wholehearted and committed and a Family member who is halfhearted and compromised and on his way out. Those who are compromised are causing disunity by the very act of compromising.
       48.To begin with, I had to give the message I gave about unity and tell everyone that if there is any disunity, all involved are at fault. This is true. This is the case now and it is where the Family stands now. At the time of issuing the major warning to the Family in “The Dangers of Division” I had to tell everyone that if there is any disunity, all involved are at fault. I had to get the Family away from the mentality of placing blame. I had to make it clear that no one can hold on to bitterness, resent­ment, hatred, or even dislike for another Family member. No matter what others have done wrong, these vile feelings, attitudes and words that have been tearing down the unity of the Family must stop. You had to rid yourselves of the evil Selvegion! I had to make it clear that that was the first step, the call to unity.
       49.The next step toward unity is that all those who have been compromising need to get on board and start working on their weak ­areas and ridding their lives of these compromises. I don't expect overnight perfection, but I do expect overnight desperation and taking action. Action may be small steps or relatively slow progress at times, but it must be motion in the right direction, movement toward the goals I have outlined and the standard I have clearly set.
       50.Once forgiveness has been given, once commitments to unity have been made, that unity must be kept by everyone striving together toward the same goal. Everyone must refresh and renew their own spirits daily with the commitment to discipleship if unity is to be maintained. If someone is not committed, or is not striving toward the goals of greater dedication and purity of heart and spirit and Home, then that person is guilty of sowing division.
       51.In saying that, I would also warn those of you who have been guilty of sowing division through self-righteousness or criticalness to be on guard. For the evil Selvegion, having been cast out, will still seek a way to enter your ranks again. If you are faced with co-workers and Home members who are compromising, and through this compromise weaken­ing your unity, remember that two wrongs do not make a right. Two forms of division do not bring unity. Your becoming angry, resentful and critical will only bring in more division and destroy what you have been building. As I said earlier, though it is not possible to walk in complete unity unless all are striving for the same goal, it is still poss­ible to walk in love‚ to have My love and concern for each person, each individual.
       52.I do not expect you who are dedicated to compromise your convictions for the sake of being in “unity” with those who are not striving to be committed to Me nor striving to minimize ungodly influences in their lives. This would be wrong, and in fact I expect the opposite--that you will all encourage and lift each other up, spurring each other on to greater commitment and conviction, so that you can walk in unity, all walking the same direction, the path of discipleship. Nevertheless, I expect you to be able to see with My eyes, to separate the “sin” from the “sinner,” and to correct the behavior of those who are compromised, and even make a motion for their moving on from your ranks, if necessary--but to do this with love and tenderness, not with bitterness, envy, resentment, or a critical spirit. This is a tall order, I know, but this is what I expect. This is part of the unity and love amongst the brethren that I call for.
       53.In the past there has often been division be­cause of different “standards.” Some have stand­ards that are too low, and others have standards that are too high. Now the standard of full-time discipleship has been clarified in the “Conviction vs. Compromise” series. That standard must be upheld if you are to remain in the CM Family. Of course, personal choices will still need to be made as you are faced with your own set of circumstances, conditions and needs, but now you have the clearer guidelines which I have set in My Word, and a greater understanding of the true spirit of dedication and discipleship which I am calling for.
       54. If someone is demanding a higher standard than that of the Word, and has a harsh and self-righteous spirit, then that person is guilty of sowing disunity and must repent and change. If someone is failing to fulfill the requirements for disciple­ship, is not committed to Me and is not living the Word, then that person is likewise guilty of disunity. In that case, the disunity must be corrected by the person either changing his ways or changing his status.
       55.The method that has been used in the past of splitting a Home or moving to another Home be­cause of differences is not a solution to disunity. If disunity is a matter of personal differences, or people needing some correction to help them live up to the standard, this should be sorted out within the Home. If disunity is a matter of people lacking overall commit­ment and not belonging in the CM Family, then shepherd­ing should be given, by the Home and/or area officers, so that the people involved can either be given the help to change or to move to the level of member­ship that better fits their lifestyle. The day of escapism, of trying to solve problems by running away from them--which is compromise in a big way--is over. That is not the solution to internal discord and division. The problems must be fixed and attended to--not run away from or swept under the carpet.
       56.This is part of the call to greater conviction: that when you see something that is amiss, that is not in line with My Word, that you go on the attack to remedy the problem and change things. Moving to another Home or send­ing others in your Home off to some other Home is NOT, and I repeat, NOT the key to solving dis­unity. Because either you or they or both will take your divisive, independent spirits elsewhere, and continue to promote either a low compromised stand­ard or a self-righteous and critical spirit, wherever you go, further polluting ­others in the Family. These things must not be given place. Disunity must not be run away from. Don't cower and tremble in the face of the ­attacks of Satan and his Selvegion, but stand up to them, resist them, and cast them out! (End of message from Jesus.)

       57.(Mama:) In the above message, the Lord repeats His warningthat (at the time this mess­age was given, before the worldwide prayer and fast day) if there is disunity, all are guilty. His “starting point” instruction was that every person who is involved in disunity is wrong and needs to get right with Him and others. That's the first step. You know that. You read it in “The Dangers of Division.”
       58.The Lord brought out, however, that the next step toward unity is that everyone who has been compromising needs to work on their weak areas and rid their lives of the compromises. Having a day of prayer and fasting, of forgiving and asking for forgiveness, is only the beginning. Then the Lord expects you to change your life. There must be action, desperation, genuine yieldedness to the Lord, and a desire to get rid of the compromises that have been exposed in the Letters. You can't just pray, fast, go through the motions, and then continue living as you have been. That won't cut it! You have to change, meaning work to overcome the compromises in your life.
       59.True lasting unity of spirit can only be found if everyone is committed to the Lord and the Family. The idea is not that those who are dedicated must try to be “in unity” with those who are compromising, disobedient, rebellious, and on their way out of the Family. That's not possible. Two cannot walk together except they agree. The idea is not that those who are committed should become less committed so they can live in unity and peace with those who are halfhearted and compromised!
       60.If you're compromising the standard, you're causing disunity. Just the fact that you're compro­mising makes you guilty of fostering division, because the whole point is that we will all unite around obedience to the standard of the Word. That's where our unity comes from--living the Word. It's not a matter of figuring out in your own minds what you think is right and deciding what you'll tolerate according to what seems good to each individual. The Word is what sets the standard--the “Conviction versus Com­pro­mise” series, the other GNs, and the Charter, which are all based on the Lord's call to discipleship.
       61.It's important that you really get this point, because we're not looking for a unity that comes with people just figuring out in their own minds or amongst themselveswhat they think is right so they can decide to live the same way and find some kind of so-called “unity.” That is a counterfeit! The guideline for what's right, also known as the standard, has already been decided. It's in the Word. It's not negotiable. You do not have the right to unite around some other standard, whatever you happen to think is better or more comfortable or seemingly more convenient or appropriate for your situation.
       62.If you or people in your Home continue to compromise, you will not find the lasting unity you seek‚ and you will lose the Lord's blessing. You might be able to restore unity temporarily through forgiving, asking for forgiveness and starting fresh. But if the cause of the disunity–-which is often compromise--is not rooted out for good, then the division will eventually return.
       63.If people continue to compromise, they should be shepherded. If they refuse to change, they should be encouraged to move to a different level of service and be helped along their way. This is a key point. Unity is not found in compromising with the compromisers; it's found in getting the compromisers out of the CM Family if they refuse to change, so that the CM Family can be strong and united, with no weak or broken links in our chain of unity.
       64.Special care should be taken that you who have a tendency to be self-righteous or critical do not cause division through those wrong attitudes and lack of love. If you react self-right­eously, critically, or in anger or resentment, then you are also guilty of sowing division, because that kind of treatment of others causes them to feel unloved and ostracized, and even to rebel. It won't encourage them or give them hope or the help, faith, prayer and support they need to move closer to the truth‚ but will only result in provoking them to want to go further in the wrong direction. Beware of giving the Selvegion entrance through your own sins! They will look for a way back into your fellowship, but don't let them in!
       65.Running away from problems or choosing to live on your own to avoid hassles is no solution to disunity. In fact, running away like that is a form of compromise. Instead, you need to face the situation, ask the Lord for His help, look to His Word, counsel, and then fix the problems! If you have differences or conflicts in your Home, you need to work it out in your Home. If people in your Home are not committed and refuse to be shepherded and change, then those individuals should move to the level in the Family that better reflects their personal commitment. If you want your Home to be united and free of compromise, don't just coexist with those who continue to compromise. If you do, you're apt to suffer for their sins, because you didn't obey.
       66.Face the problems with division that will come up in the future and find solutions! Don't give place again to the Enemy and the evil Selvegion!

Differences in Child/Teen
Disciplinary Standards!

       67.I want to address the division that is a result of differences in child and teen discipline. With young children who have typical little-kid behavioral problems‚ maybe you can just forgive and start again, but the question that has arisen is what parents are supposed to do who are at odds with others because of the bad influence of their bad-apple kids. There are situations where the parents are doing okay, but their kids--especially teens who are too young to leave the Family--are real rotters. The root of the problem is that the parents can't or don't discipline them, and they don't allow others to discipline them.
       68.The excuse these parents often give is that they don't want to push their kids out of the Family by being too strict, but the end result is that they're overly permissive, indulgent, and downright negli­gent. They think they have a “right” to raise their kids however they want, regardless of the damage they do to ­others. Then those unruly spoiled kids are allowed to pollute other kids. And I'm not talking about little common behavioral problems; some of these rebellious misbehaving kids are actively trying to infect and weaken others, or the evil spirits they're entertaining are. So this is a serious problem!
       69.What are the parents of the kids that are being weakened by such rotten apples supposed to do? They can't just “forgive” and tolerate the horrible influence that these bad kids are having on their kids. When kids are being corrupted and possibly even ruined spiritually by rebellious, undisciplined kids, it's a clear case of good versus evil. And we can't expect the parents of good kids to just turn the other way and forgive, while their kids get ruined by rotten apples.
       70.We have heard repeated reports from all over the world that a lot of the disunity is caused by differences in disciplinary standards for our children and young people. This is one of the main reasons, if not the main reason, that many people don't want to live communally. People with good kids don't want their kids polluted, and people with badly behaved kids don't want their kids disciplined. The problem really is the different standards of discipline; more specifically, that some parents are too lenient. Some parents let their kids get away with bad behavior, allow them access to a lot of negative System input, give them too much freedom to hang out with System friends, waste time at malls, let them watch unrated movies, listen to System music, play bad computer games, etc. Naturally the kids of these lenient, permissive parents are going to go downhill spiritually.
       71.Then the kids of stricter parents get resentful and envious, wanting the same liberties that they see these other kids have. The more disciplined kids then rebel against the restrictions their parents place on them in their efforts to protect them spiritually and train them to be missionaries.
       72.So the problem is really multi-faceted. Lenient, indulgent parents are allowing their kids too much System influence, and it's hurting their children spiri­tually. Those kids then pollute other kids with their worldly ways. Stricter parents are naturally bothered if they see their children getting off track due to the influence of spiritually weaker or less dedicated, more worldly kids. And the kids whose parents are stricter get resentful of the boundaries they have to abide by, which of course makes it difficult for their parents. It can also create disunity between the children, as those of lenient parents resent or question any correction given by those who are stricter, or the kids of stricter parents can become self-righteous or question why other kids are allowed to get away with so much more. It breeds disunity and division at a very early age.
       73.So families have chosen to just stick to themselves, rather than letting their kids mingle much with others. This not only hurts our sample of communal living, but it's hard on the children, as they don't get much fellowship. It can also raise questions in the children's minds about the difference in standards between different families, which can hurt their faith and convictions and hinder their unity with other kids and even adults.
       74.This type of division needs to be overcome once and for all. I trust that there will be a far-reaching reuniting of the Family as a result of the Lord's instruction in the “Conviction versus Compromise” series, culminating with the prayer and fast day. But if there's an ongoing conflict with differences in the child disciplinary standard and such things as what it means to “minimize ungodly influences,” then these problems will likely resurface and the division will quickly return. That cannot be allowed to happen! We cannot have the Family in division, but equally as bad, or worse, we cannot have the parents of good kids compromising with the parents of rotten-apple kids, which will only exacerbate the problem and possibly cause lasting damage to more kids! That is a serious loss! Dad has taught us the dangers of this.
       75.Apparently the way the Family has dealt with this up until now is that many parents have chosen to separate themselvesfrom those with a different standard, to not allow their children or young people much interaction with them, and certainly not to consider living with them. Maybe you felt that was the only solution. It is a complicated problem, but one thing we know for sure is that the solution is not in the diligent parents compromising with the slack parents, so that all the children end up being weakened spiritually.
       76.I asked the Lord how both goals can be accomplished. How can there be unity and even communal living while at the same time protecting our children and not allowing rotten-apple kids to pollute others? What should parents do who've separated themselves from others to protect their kids from negative or bad influences? Dad gave the following stirring challenge.

       77. (Dad speaking:) If your kids are spiritually off track, getting sucked into the System, and influencing other kids negatively, then it's your duty as a disciple and parent to get them in line! You must be willing to discipline them or have others discipline them. If not, you'll need to reconsider your place in the CM Family. You're probably more suited for the FM Family if you can't get your kids in line, since our children are a very important part of our sample!
       78.It's one thing to have kids with the typical JETT or teenage problems that can be aggravating and time-consuming to shepherd. But a terrible division occurs when some parents lower the standard so much and allow their kids to do so many things that the other parents are not allowing their children to do. Then the kids that have the restrictions on them get rebellious and don't see why they can't do the same things as the other kids who have more freedom. The kids of the lenient parents eventually start corrupting other kids, and eventually they can actually become yielded to the Enemy and begin dragging down the other kids. These problems cannot be tolerated! Having undisciplined, rebellious, bad-apple children who are rotting ­others is compromise that brings division, and it can't be allowed in the CM Family!
       79.I'm not going to minimize the problems and difficulties of being a parent, and I know that reining in a difficult child is one of the greatest challenges in life. But I also will not back down from the conviction I've always had that there's always hope, and there's always the ability to change.
       80.Problem children are often a result of problem parents--parents who aren't disciplining enough or properly, or who aren't giving the children the love and atten­tion or prayer they need; or who have ignored spiritual pests and problems, and haven't taken a stand in the spirit to cast them out and send them away. It's all been part of the spirit of lethargy, like the Lord said, that so many parents in the Family haven't kept their children in shape spiritually like they should have. For some kids, unfortunately, it's too late and they're already on their way out. But most can be saved. It takes a lot of work, a lot of prayer, a lot of effort, and a lot of time, but if that's what you have to do, you'd better do it!
       81.You parents who are trying to raise your children with discipline and solid boundaries and rules, so they'll grow up with a desire to be missionaries, are faced with a very difficult challenge and dilemma when you live with permissive parents who don't have the heart to discipline their children. You want to be in unity with your brethren, but you don't feel you can tolerate what is an obviously wrong and ungodly standard. Well, you're right. You don't have to tolerate it. You shouldn't tolerate it. That doesn't mean, though, that you should be unkind or resentful toward these kids or their parents. That's not helping anything. And like the Lord said in another message, running away to another Home or sending them to another Home without first trying to do something to salvage those kids is not the solution either.
       82.What you need to see is that maintaining unity and maintaining a high standard go hand in hand. The Lord doesn't want one without the other, in either case. If someone doesn't want to hold to the Family standard, then they are sowing division and should have division from the Family. And that includes those who aren't upholding the Family discipline standard and keeping their kids' behavior in line. If there are children or teens in a Home who are hurting others, stealing, lying, cursing, and generally be­ing unkind or a pain in the butt, then only the sleepiest Family members could let that go by un­­noticed-–and no one is supposed to be sleepy anymore. Good heavens, if the “Conviction versus Compromise” series wasn't enough to wake you up, you're comatose spiritually!
       83.The other side to this is that part of unity is living the “One Wife” vision. That means caring about not only your own children and personal family, but caring about the children of other families too! To maintain unity in your Homes‚ if you've got problem kids, you've got to unite as a Home, as a body of adults and parents, and work on the problems. The solution is not found in placing all the blame and responsibility on the parents. Of course, the parents are ultimately responsible, and of course if everyone else in the Home is united except for the parents, that's a perfect recipe for disaster and disunity. But if the parents want to improve, want to raise their standard, are trying and are fighting, then everyone should join in and support them. Dig in, help, pray, fight together! Form parent support groups if you need to. Have every­one in the Home spend some personal time seeing that problem child or teen through if you have to. That's the kind of unity the Lord is talking about when He says to be of “one mind, one body, one spirit!” Their child is also your child, and you should see it that way.
       84.Every situation is different, and you can't prescribe a one-size-fits-all cure for all problem children. But the bottom line is that the parents need to be on board, willing to live and uphold the Family standard, and to get united. Issues must be discussed and addressed and prayed about, and Home discipline standards must be both set and adhered to. Parents with problem children must admit there is a big problem and receive the correction and suggestions from those they live with. And then the others in the Home need to be supportive and helpful.
       85.If the parents aren't “seeing the light” and aren't even trying or fighting, then that falls under the category of compromise and needs to be corrected, and their place may not be in the CM Family. But until or unless it reaches that point, then the key to unity is in everyone determining to help those kids who are having problems--not to send them away, not to run away, not to hide your kids from them, but to help them.
       86.If they won't be helped, or if their parents won't be helped, that's another story. But you have to give it your best shot. You have to give it a sincere, wholehearted‚ valiant attempt. If you don't, then you're falling prey once again to the attacks of Satan's Selvegion.
       87.If you're living on your own because you don't want your kids to be around anybody else's kids, well, I have to tell you that that kind of bubble protection method might help in some ways, but it's a serious breach of unity, and while it may solve one problem, it's contributing toward an­other major one. You're going to have to break down and look around for someone that you're willing to work with. Even if their kids aren't perfect, if they're not rotters, or if they're rotters that are being worked on and improving, maybe you should be thinking about how you can help. If you've trained your kids well and they're in good shape, maybe those parents with unruly and undisciplined kids could use some advice from you. Maybe those kids could use some of your inspired teaching or your discipline.
       88.Of course, it all comes back to unity between the parents, the adults. You all have to be committed to working together, to uniting in spirit, uniting in standard. If anyone is “holding out,” it won't work. It takes everyone involved pulling their load‚ doing their part, out of love and care for everyone on the team. You've got to see yourselves as a team--not as “my kids” and “your kids,” but as “our kids.” That's the only way communal living with two or more families with children can possibly work. It's a radical concept and it's hard to live, but it's part of the Family sample and discipleship standard. If you're a disciple, you're going to put forth the effort it takes to make that sample and standard a reality. (End of message from Dad.)

       89.(Mama:) Rebellious, unruly, spoiled children should not be allowed to corrupt other children. For parents to compromise and endure the bad influence of rotten-apple kids is not right! That is not the Lord's or my idea of unity! You parents are to protect your children from evil and put them in the best possible situation for them to grow spiritually. For that reason it's understandable that you parents would want to distance yourselves from lenient, indulgent parents who don't discipline their kids or allow others to discipline their kids. As a last resort, you might have to do that. But before moving out and living on your own while you try to find someone else to work with, or before voting the problem family out of your Home, try to help the situation; try to salvage the wayward kids! Don't just let undisciplined, spoiled kids go to hell without a fight. Work together to help save them, if they show that they're willing to be saved! Dad said that sadly some kids are already too far gone to be salvaged, but that many can still be helped!Seek the Lord, hear from Him, and He can show you what to do or not do, and when and how!
       90.But even while you're trying to help the problem kids, remember that it's unacceptable to allow rebellious kids who are yielded to the Enemy to pollute and hurt other kids spiritually. The Lord and I don't expect you faithful, obedient parents to lower your own disciplinary standard in order to be “in unity” with those who are not disciplining their kids or who are too indulgent and spoiling their kids. These lax parents need to be brought around to see the truth; they need to change their parenting methods and start disciplining their kids. They need to be counseled and helped.
       91. In the situation where you're already living alone because you don't want your kids to be around anybody else's kids who are full of wrong attitudes and System influence, Dad says you're going to have to break down and look around for someone you're willing to work with, even if their kids aren't perfect. In these cases, however, it's only fair to expect the parents of kids who have gone undisciplined to feel the responsibility to work on their children first, to make commitments and show that they are ­really willing to change in the disciplining of their children, before others commit to living with them. The parents of unruly kids should be willing to show tangible signs of progress toward raising their standard of discipline, of receiving counsel from their shepherds and CP board, as well as from their brethren who are trying to help them and their children.
       92. These steps to move in together with a couple with unruly kids should be thoroughly prayed over and taken a step at a time, giving the parents of the unruly kids a chance to get over some of the initial humps in working toward straightening their kids out, such as agreeing to allow less System influence in their kids' lives, and taking action to get their kids in line and better behaved. There's nothing wrong with allowing a little trial period for the parents who have been negligent to prove they are going to change, before concrete steps are taken to actually move in with another couple who have been faithful to train their children all along. During this time period, parents of such needy kids may want to live with other singles helping them, while they work on getting their kids into better shape.
       93.If the parents of such problem kids are not open to help, or even if they are, if they don't change, then that's an entirely different situation! If they aren't open to counsel, if they refuse help, if they ignore the Home disciplinary standard, if they let their kids go undisciplined and won't allow others to discipline them, then they're wrong, they're compromising, they're sowing division, and if they refuse to change, they should be reclassified. That behavior cannot be tolerated in the CM Family.
       94.I've heard about many parents who are worried that if they're too strict, their kids will want to leave the Family. They don't want to alienate their kids by disciplining them or requiring that they minimize ungodly influences. Such parents often let their kids have unhealthy access to movies, music, computer games, etc. It might look like the kids are happy, but I'll tell you, it's a temporary fix, and in the end the kids and parents will suffer much more. The kids will grow more and more worldly, further from the truth and the Lord, and eventually they'll leave the Family anyway. And when they do, they won't even be well prepared for life in the System, because lax discipline and over­indulgence wreak havoc in a person in any walk of life!
       95. Giving your kids as much of the world and System entertain­ment and whatever else they want is not the solution. That's the spirit of lethargy! If that's your approach to child training and you refuse to forsake it, then take it out of the CM Family, as it will only bring division and hurt others!

Practical Pointers on
Child Discipline and Unity

       96.If you find that the unity in your Home is breaking down, consider these points which summarize another prophecy from our Husband.
       97. Before you try to tackle the kids' problems, get united and have a plan on how to go about it.
       98. Discuss the problem in your Home Council. Have honest discussion between parents, teachers, and caregivers first. Get in unity and get consent from parents before you start addressing things with the kids.
       99. Ask the Lord for solutions.
Ask Him to help you get organized and to give you the right plan to follow. Read the Word on the subject.Hear from Him in prophecy, both privately and unitedly as a Home.
       100. Read appropriate parts of any related personal prophecies to the Home. (With the permission of the person who received the prophecy, of course.)
       101. Bring it to the attention of parents if they're not upholding the child disciplinary standard. Letting kids run wild and go against all that the Family holds to is not an option.
       102. Don't be self-righteous, but stand up for your convictions by not being afraid to point things out to those who need help.
       103. Shepherds, have the guts to stand up and say, “Listen, folks, there's something wrong here! We need everyone to hear from the Lord about what to do about this problem with division.” And then do what the Lord tells you to do. Parents will need to consent to the consequences for their children, according to the childcare discipline guidelines.
       104. Quit being so passive in your shep­herding. Care for your flocks, and if the evil wiles of the Selvegion are entering your Home, speak up, find solutions‚ and restore unity. Other­wise you're being delinquent shepherds. Your Home needs to have a standard and you all need to be willing to keep it. But you also need patience. Before you just go voting people out of your Home because they don't hold your same standard, get together and discuss the standard you have set as a Home; discuss whether everything you have agreed upon and are expecting of each other is of the Lord. Maybe there are aspects that need to change. Determine if you need to improve, decide what areas you need to improve in, and then ask the Lord how you can improve--what practical steps you can take. Hear from the Lord and be sure that the standard you are holding to is His standard according to the Word, not your own self-righteous standard.
       106. Learn the difference between upholding the standard and self-righteousness. If you are upholding a standard and there is a question, don't automatically assume that you're right. Ask the Lord, research the Word, counsel with each other and your shepherds, and be open to change.
       107. Along the same lines, however, if your lenient standard is questioned, don't just assume that you're right. Likewise, you need to ask the Lord, counsel about it together, and review the Word on the subject!You could be compro­mising!
       108. Parents‚ if you can't discipline your kids, ask others to help you.
Parents, get your kids in shape and don't let them be a source of disunity in your Home, or you will reap the judgments of the Lord's discipline in their lives. You might also lose your CM membership.
Realize it's not the Lord's will for your Home to be disunited over anything!Find out why there's a problem and what steps the Lord wants you to take to solve it. Don't just live with it, hoping it'll go away, because it won't. Unless you take steps to solve the problem, it will just get worse.
There is no disunity that cannot be overcome if all parties are yielded to the Lord.But there are situations where you'll have to “let the unbelieving depart” if they are not open to raising their standard or giving their kids the help they need. There are times when you are going to have to exercise the authority granted to you by the Charter, and ask Home members to either get in unity with the rest of the Home according to the Word, or leave. In fact, if the problem is very serious, the delinquent parents will need to change status.
In situations where you have a serious problem with disunity, declare a Home fast.Take a day to fast and pray, and have everyone get down on their knees and find out what the problem is and how to remedy it.
It's the responsibility of all of you in your Home to live in unity.If there's a serious problem‚ all Home members need to pray about the solution to the problem. Don't just dump it all on the teamwork; you should pray about it too.
You have a say in the running of your Home, therefore you have a responsibility to seek the Lord's answers to any problems that your Home faces.
sk the Lord the following:Why is there division? Have I done my part? Have I sought You for the solutions to the problems? Have we all discussed it and prayed about it unitedly? Have we all done our part?

The Parenting Standard
Of Active Members

       116.Since we're on the subject of disciplining our children and minimizing negative influences in their lives, it's a good time to talk about the children of our Active members who, from what some of our mothers have reported, are having a pretty significant negative effect on some of our kids. The parents who are Active members are being trained. They're coming along and growing spiritually, but in many cases they're not putting much emphasis on training their children, and usually their children have had strong, ongoing, almost unbridled System influence in their lives. In fact, most still do since they go to System school, have System friends and values, and are surrounded by the System, with very little spiritual input. So these children bring all kinds of negative attitudes into our Homes. Apparently some of the Active members get offended if there are obvious restrictions or concerns about their children. They want to have Family kids over to their house for the weekend to play with their children, etc.
       117.Needless to say, it creates quite a big dilemma, as other Family members don't want to offend their Active members, or sometimes there's a big difference in what is tolerated by the different couples with kids who are living in the same CM Home. One couple, for example, might be much more lenient concerning their children's contact with the Active members' children, allowing a lot of System music, computer games, TV viewing‚ playing with guns, etc., and the other couple might not allow those things. The difference in standards not only brings div­ision to the Home, but it's very confusing for the Active members, as it looks more like personal preference rather than a standard that is based on absolutes, the truth of the Word.
       118.Here is some counsel from the Lord on this. If you don't need this now, you will soon, because if you're being faithful to follow through with the Activated vision, you'll eventually have Active members to train and who will want and need to fellowship with you.

       119.(Jesus speaking:) This is a very significant issue that will become more and more important as you bring more people into your Family fold. The “expanded Family” sounds great and grand and glorious, but when you get down to the brass tacks of what it means, you're going to realize, if you haven't already, that you have a huge job on your hands.
       120.You as adults have a huge responsibility to the adults that come into the Family fold as members or disciples at any level. You have the responsibility on your shoulders of showing them through your deeds and lifestyle what the Family means, what it's all about, and what you believe. You are responsible for their spiritual growth and progress, and that in itself is a tremendous job.
       121.Then you have the children of those adults that you'll be bringing in. You need to realize here and now that in the same sense that your Active members will want to model their spiritual lives after yours, they'll want to model their parenting style after yours too. So start by examining yourself and your parenting and your Home discipline standard. Are you following the Word? Are you teaching your children to love the Word, love Me, and love and serve others? Are you keeping a close eye on your children's spiritual input, as well as their worldly input? Are you shepherding them personally, communicating with them, addressing issues with them? Are you teaching them how to witness?
       122.You need to be doing all these things, because if not, it will backfire both on you and on them. If they are not spiritually in shape, and if you as parents aren't on the ball, then as you interact more with the children and teens of Active members or of our general membership, your kids will be brought down by their kids. If, however, you are pouring into your children as you should, then you will be accomplishing two purposes: You'll be strengthening your own kids, enabling them to withstand wrong influences from other children, which there will always be at least a little bit of; and you will be providing a good, godly example to your new sheep and disciples of how to parent.
       123.You're going to have to communicate with the Active members about their children and their parenting. When you're ministering to people with kids, the care and shepherding of their children are going to have to be close to the top of your list of things you address with them and pour into them about. Of course, in some cases they're getting off to a pretty late start--if they already have older children or teens--so it may not be easy. Some kids may be pretty set in their ways, while others are more open, moldable, receptive and sheepy.But if you're doing things right, your older children and teens should be strong enough to witness to and minister to and “pull up” their kids or teens--unless they're just downright brats or demonically influenced, which will be the case sometimes, although rare.
       124. In the case where the children or teens of some of your Active members are too set in their ways, but the parents want to come in closer to be fed and become a part of your ministry and work, you must come to an agreement with the parents concerning the type of interaction your children should have with theirs. Ask Me for guidance and wisdom on what action I want you to take regarding this, and I will give you specific counsel to fit your particular situation and need. While it is import­ant to continue to pray with the parents for their young people and be available to minister to the children if and when they are open to it, if contact with their young people is detrimental to your own, you must not compromise your convictions. Keep checking in with Me on these matters, keep asking Me everything, and I will lead you in how to approach these situations with your Active members. The important thing is to take action, to do something, to not stand by and allow your own children to be negatively influenced and spoiled.
       125.You have to not only be on guard about compromise, but you have to teach your children and teens to be on guard as well. You can't always protect them from all wrong influences. But you can teach them to speak up to other children and teens, or at least to you as their par­ents and shepherds, if things aren't going well. They should not put up with behavior in these other children that is unloving and ungodly. They should say something about it and do something about it. You as shepherds of our Active members or of our general membership need to be willing to get in there and shepherd, including getting involved with their parent­ing and teaching them what the godly standards are.
       126.You can't expect your Active members to be perfect, but you can sure expect them to start teaching their kids the Word and training them to obey certain godly standards. You can sincerely and simply explain to them that you are trying to train your children to be disciples, and therefore you have set certain godly standards that you expect them to adhere to; and that because you're concerned about influences in their lives, you expect that their friends, other children they play with, will adhere to certain behavioral standards as well. Spell out those standards; ask your Active members if they can expect that of their children. Tell them you want your children and their children to be friends and do things together, but that there will have to be some conditions. That's con­viction. That's difficult to do, but it's completely worth the effort. If you don't do this, the results you'll reap in your children will make you sorry!
       127.There are now the “Keys to Parenting” booklets, which are a very good start for your Active members. If they will follow the counsel in those, then that, coupled with your being upfront and honest about the standards you have for your children, will at least help keep the peace and keep your children from becoming polluted by hanging out with rotten-apple kids. In some cases, though, you'll have to just honestly say, “Sorry, your child is having a lot of problems right now and it's affecting our children badly. So we're going to have to ask that you don't bring him over for a little while, until you get him at least a little bit under control.”
       128.You can't expect people to have perfect kids, and especially if these kids have grown up in the school system and without any godly input in their lives, they're going to have some problems. But for the most part those problems can be worked on and helped to improve with a little attention and discipline. You shouldn't usually have to use such drastic measures as keeping your children completely apart from theirs, if you're doing a good job of shepherding the parents, as well as supervising and shep­herding your children when they're with their children. But there may be times you'll have to do so.
       129.You can't wait until your friends approach discipleship to address this subject. You're often going to have to bring up this issue much sooner, when they're still “friends.” But by the time they are disciples, even Active members, they should have had a good serious class, or a few of them, on godly parenting, and a fair bit of input along these lines. They should know what the discipleship standard is as far as parenting, what you expect from your children, and what you and they should expect from theirs. (End of message from Jesus.)

What if You Feel You Can't
Live the Law of Love Sexually?

       130.(Mama:) A YA recently asked the following, after reading the “Conviction versus Compromise” series:

       131. I'm just entering the world of relation­ships and sex, and the thought of sharing sexually with others, or sharing my girlfriend with others at this point, is very difficult for me. I don't feel I can live the sexual side of the Law of Love--at least not right now. I believe in the Law of Love, know that it is Biblically based, and don't have problems with it as far as a doctrine. But I struggle when it comes to doing the sexual side of it.
       132. After reading the new “Conviction versus Compromise” series, especially the part that touches on the Law of Love, I'm wondering if I must share sexually in order to remain in the Family. And if I don't have the faith for it [the sexual side] right now‚ does that mean I'm not supposed to be in the Family? (End of question from YA.)

       133.(Mama:) This is a perfectly legitimate question. If any of you--particularly teens, young people, or individuals fairly new to the Family--are struggling with this same question and are fighting condemnation over feeling you're not able to share with others, or share your loved one with others‚ the message below is for you. Our sweet Husband was more than happy to explain how He sees this question, and how you should look at it too.
       134.Please bear in mind that the message below is talking specifically about living the sexual aspect of the Law of Love, not the Law of Love in general, which touches every sphere of our daily lives‚ and which Jesus expects all Christians worldwide to be living. This message is talking to you who are struggling or even undecided. I can understand it if you feel that you don't have the faith to practice the sexual side of the Law of Love and maybe you never will, or you don't want to do so out of fear or jealousy, etc. That's one thing. It's human nature.
       135.That's very different than what Dad and I addressed in Part 5 of the “Conviction vs. Compromise” series, when we expressed our and the Lord's displeasure at those who are adamantly attacking the Law of Love, rejecting the doctrine, criticizing those who live it, speaking against it and taking a public stance against it, as they actively try to recruit others to their negative, ungodly, doubtful way of thinking. That is totally different. That is wrong. Those are the people that Dad suggested might be better off in the churches!
       136.But to have battles, to feel you need more time, to wonder if you'll ever be able to live the sexual aspect of the Law of Love is very different than actually rejecting the doctrineand actively promoting a System attitude instead. You who are considering the Law of Love, who have accepted it in theory, who believe the doctrine, still have plenty of time to find your way and establish your faith‚ and you shouldn't feel that you don't belong in the Family.

       137.(Jesus speaking:) Living the Law of Love in its totality is the ideal goal that I have given the Family. I do expect each and every Family member to be able to give a clear, resounding “yes” when asked if they believe in the Law of Love, if they uphold it, if they accept the principles and will stand up for them and the teachings.
       138.The main thrust of the Law of Love covers all the loving, kind, helpful, sacrificial, Christian inter­action that you have with your family, friends, and the world around you each and every day. I have commissioned you to be a sample and testimony of My love to all those around you. You are meant to live the Law of Love in every single thing that you do, and this is conveyed through your Christian testimony and My love that shines through you.
       139.The sexual side of the Law of Love is also part of living the overall Law of Love, although it is a smaller part. As I have told you, this particular free­dom and gift is a special one. It is strong meat, and I have given it to the Family because you have given your all to Me. I have given it to the Family because you are willing to receive the radical truths of My Kingdom, and you are willing to live these truths. However, I do not force it upon you.
       140.Living the sexual side of the Law of Love brings with it many blessings. It melts your hearts together and brings unity. It provides the needs of your brothers and sisters, and it is a small repayment to Me of the ultimate sacrifice I gave to you--that of laying down My life for you on the cross. I gave My life, and all I ask of you is that you give part of your life and time to help fill the needs of your fellow Family members. At times, this need can only be met in loving and sacrificial giving, through sharing your love and intimacy with another.
       141.If you are struggling with the thought of living the sexual side of the Law of Love and you don't feel you can practice it yourself, please don't feel condemned or guilty. I do not require each of My children to have total faith for living the sexual side of the Law of Love. However, I am calling all Family members toward a greater and fuller living of the Law of Love, which includes the sexual side. I long for every Family member to seek Me, to hear from Me, to heed My whispers, should I call them to give to someone and fill their needs. But it is not a require­ment. It is not a must. It is not something you must do or else leave the Family.
       142.I do require all Family members to believe the Law of Love, to uphold it, to stand up for it, and to be continually striving to live it more fully. I require Family members to be making steps of progress, of yieldedness, of commitment, of dedication, of sacrifice. These are all vital to living the Law of Love in its totality. This is My greatest wish and desire. These steps are what I ask of Family members.
       143.If you feel that you cannot live the sexual side of the Law of Love at present--you feel it's too difficult, you don't want to give in that way, it's too much to bear, you don't have the faith for it, you don't feel ready for it, and you're fearful about what reper­cussions it will have in your life--My dear bride, let Me tell you how I see things.
       144.I understand that you may not feel you are able to give in that way now. It can take time to adjust to giving of yourself in a new way that you're not used to. It can take time to be strengthened in faith. It can take time to stretch your muscles in this way. It can take time to let Me work in your heart and life, and give you the faith that you need. But you don't need to worry about this, because I have My hand on your heart and life, and I'm teaching you, showing you new things, and bringing you along. You only have to do two things--yield and remain open to Me.
       145.I don't hold it against you if you don't have the faith to live the sexual side of the Law of Love. I still love you and you are still My Own. I still want and need you in My service in the Family. I still hold you close to Me, and you still have a place within the Family. Don't let the Enemy condemn you over this and lie to you, telling you that the Family is no longer the place for you, that you must leave because you can't live the Law of Love fully.
       146.The truth of the matter is that if you are yielded to Me and are willing to let Me work in your heart and life, and if you are open and receptive to My Word and do not close yourself off to My truth, I will teach, strengthen, and lead you along to the point of faith where you will be able to step out and live the Law of Love in its totality. It may take time, but I will not push you beyond what you have the faith for. I will lead you along gently.
       147.You may be thinking, “But I know I'll never be ready! I know I'll never have the faith to live the sexual side of the Law of Love, or to share my girlfriend/boyfriend with someone else! I don't want to!” Even if you feel this way now, that doesn't mean you'll always feel this way. There are hundreds of people just like you who once felt this way, but who are now happy and content in living the sexual side of the Law of Love. They went through the same struggle that you're going through now, but they held on, they trusted Me, they believed that I would pull them through, and they waited. They stayed open and yielded to Me, and when I spoke to their heart about taking a new step in their lives, instead of fearing and worrying about what it would lead to, they followed through on what I had asked of them. They took it one day at a time, one step at a time, and consequently they gained faith, trust, and experience. And now they are firm believers in all aspects of the Law of Love.
       148.The same thing can happen to you. I know you don't want it right now, but it's still the truth. You may not want to change in this respect, because right now it looks so unappealing to you. You don't want to even allow yourself to be placed in the position where you might have to change. If you feel this way, call on the power of the keys for faith and trust. Rebuke the Enemy and the negativity and fear he's trying to flood your mind and heart with. Then you must fight and resist him, and refuse to give place to him.
       149.Actively strive to build up your faith in the Word. Believe the New Wine I'm pouring out‚ and even if you can't yet live the sexual side fully and you're still building up your faith for it, do what you can and take the steps you can. Do what you have the faith for. Ask Me what steps you can take to increase your faith and give you more understanding. Ask Me for the gift of peace that passes all understanding.
       150.Leaping over this hurdle is just the same as any other hurdle that you have faced in your life. It's the same process--yieldedness, trust, faith, and prayer. Now you have the added power available to you through calling on the keys, and you also have My reassurance that I will lead you gently and I won't put a step in front of you that is higher or harder than you can take. I have the victory for you, and I want to give it to you. And in this case, victory means obtaining the faith, conviction, desire to please Me, and the peace in your heart to enact what I ask of you. Victory doesn't mean that you'll feel forced, pushed‚ or dreadful. When the victory comes to you, you'll be thankful for it. It will still involve giving and sacrificing, but you'll have the faith for it. So that's the kind of victory you can look forward to and seek after, by simply doing the following things:

1)       Stay open and yielded.
2)       Be receptive to My Word and the New Wine.
3)       Call on the power of the keys for understanding and peace.
4)       Pray for increased faith; actively strive to build your faith muscles.
5)       Ask Me to show you what steps you can take‚ so that you are making progress.
6)       Don't reject the truth of the Law of Love in its totality; don't close yourself off to the sexual side or say that you'll “never ever be willing to live it.”
7)       Read the Law of Love series, and review My counsel and guidance about how it is to be lived.
8)       Resist and rebuke the Enemy's lies. Ask for My mind on the matter.
9)       Take it one day at a time. Trust Me to work in your heart and life, to mature you and bring you to a point of faith.

       151.Now read over that list again, and at the end of each point, ask yourself if you can do those things. Can you commit to doing each of those things? Are you willing to? If your answer is yes, then you will progress and grow into living the Law of Love fully. You may still have your worries and fears, and you may not have faith for it today, but if you said yes to the above questions, then you're in the right place. The Family is for you, and you don't need to worry or fear about living the sexual side of the Law of Love. It will come in time, when you're ready, and when I've brought you to the point of full faith.
       152.If you fall into this category, then you must do your part by following the above pointers. Hear from Me about it regularly, and don't shut it out of your life. Continue to let Me speak to you about how you can live the Law of Love more fully, how you can give, and how you can progress spiritually. If you are open to Me in this way, I'll bring little things into your life that will help you to be strengthened and to become the man or woman of God that I want to make you into. (End of message from Jesus.)

       153.(Mama:) The Lord is saying that you do not have to choose between practicing the sexual side of the Law of Love or leaving the Family. But He also explains that you do need to believe the truth of the Biblical principles of the Law of Love, stand behind it, and live the daily life of a Christian in applying the Law of Love to your every action. He asks you if you're willing to lay aside your fears and worries, and trust Him to give you the faith and peace you need to progress in this area. He has outlined a nine-step plan for you, and all you have to do is say yes to each of those points and He'll do the rest. Will you? The Lord is asking new growth from every Family member, and He's more than willing and able to help you in this area of your life too.
       154.As the Lord said, it takes time to grow into living the Law of Love in its totality--including the sexual freedoms and responsibilities the Lord has given us. I've heard from numerous young people on this topic. Many of you have jumped right into practicing the sexual freedoms that the Law of Love grants us, while others of you are going slower, and some are really struggling with it. This message and answer from the Lord is for those who are struggling, feeling that you cannot live this side of the Law of Love. This message is not directed to those of you who are already living the Law of Love sexually by sharing with others and helping to meet the needs of your brothers and sisters, as the Lord leads you. This counsel from the Lord is not meant to tone down our application of the sexual side of the Law of Love; rather, it's a step-by-step guide for those who are struggling in this area.
       155.There may be some FGAs who are also battling in living the sexual side of the Law of Love. However, for the most part we FGAs have had years of experi­ence living the sexual side of the Law of Love, and we know its benefits and blessings. We've already overcome the initial hurdle of stepping out to live it, and we've been doing so for years. There are other battles related to the sexual side of the Law of Love and sharing that you as an FGA may be fighting‚ but I want to clarify that this message that you just read is primarily directed to the senior teens, YAs, and younger SGAs, many of whom are just now beginning to enter the world of relation­ships, sex, and sharing.
       156.So all of you FGAs, SGAs, and even some of you YAs and senior teens who are stepping out to live the sexual side of the Law of Love, please don't read this message and pull back. The Lord wants you to keep moving ahead, obeying what He tells you in prophecy, and striving to live the totality of His beautiful Law of Love, as He's said it is an important goal for every Family member.
       157.The Lord takes each one of us where we're at, but He does ask each Family member to continue making steps of progress. So wherever you're at--whether a beginner or more advanced--stay open and yielded to the Lord, and keep making steps of progress, love, and sacrifice. Living the Law of Love in every way, every day, in every action is what will make the Family the haven of love and peace that the Lord wants it to be!

Don't Let the Enemy
Scare You into Quitting!

       158.As I mentioned earlier, in Part 5 of the “Conviction versus Compromise” series, Dad made it very clear that if you have rejected the freedom of the Law of Love and are bent on preaching your contrary views and criticizing and ridiculing those who share sexually, then you're probably not cut out for the Family. You need to find somewhere else to serve the Lord, because the full freedoms of the Law of Love are not going away!
       159.You will see, however, in the following message that Dad is merciful and understanding of those who believe but are struggling. Please don't let Dad's “blast” in Part 5 scare you away, if you're sincerely trying.

       160.(Dad speaking:) I understand that some of you may not have the faith for sexual sharing right now. The Lord takes you where you're at, and it's certainly not something to leave the Family over, if you truly believe and accept the doctrine in your heart. But it is something to be praying for more faith for. It's something to study up on, to ask the Lord about personally, to receive His Words about so that He can strengthen your faith, so that He can explain any questions you might have about it and dispel any lies of the Enemy.
       161.I urge you to ask the Lord about it, because maybe what He's asking of you isn't as much as you're expecting of yourself. Maybe what He wants you to do is much easier than what you think He would ask you to do. Or, if He does ask you to do something difficult, He'll give you the grace for it, and will make it easier than you thought it was going to be.
       162.The Lord never gives us more than we're able to bear. So go to Him about it. It's between you and Him. You're not going to be kicked out of the Family if you feel you just can't live the sexual aspect of the Law of Love. It's something that you have to make the decision about yourself.
       163.But please ask the Lord about it. Ask Him what He expects or wants of you. What He has in mind or is asking you is likely very attainable, because the Lord will start you out slow and easy. Maybe there are other aspects of living the Law of Love that He wants you to practice right now, rather than the sexual side. Then, as you become stronger in living it overall or in those other ways, you will gain faith for the sexual aspect.
       164.It's only when you close yourself off, when you say, “I'm not going any further, I can't and I won't,” that you start to lose the Lord's blessing and you can miss the mark. As long as you're open and willing to take it one step at a time with Him, you can't go wrong. He knows you so well, He loves you so much, and He'll bring you along at the pace you can safely walk. Okay?
       165.So often the Enemy tries to condemn us for all we're not doing. He throws the whole book at us, trying to convince us that if we're not doing it ALL, we might as well not do ANY. What a lie! All Jesus asks is one day at a time, one obedience at a time, one little willingness to ask Him and then take that one step at a time. It's so much easier than you think, if you break it down like that and just handle it as it comes, as the Lord asks it of you. Because remember, He'll never give you more than you can bear. So don't let the Enemy scare you into quitting! I love you! (End of message from Dad.)

Be Yielded Today
To Be Prepared Tomorrow!

       166.(Mama:) While we're on this subject of the Law of Love, there's another question that has come up from both FGAs and the second generation. As you know, sexual sharing is according to each person's individual faith, and nobody should ever be forced or pressured into doing something they don't have the faith for.
       167.Over the last couple of years the Lord has repeatedly brought out the need to live the Law of Love fully, and there has been some emphasis on that. Some have written me and asked why I'm “pushing” sexual sharing so much. Some are offended by that. Considering all that Peter and I have published in the GNs over the last few years and the many topics that have been covered and emphasized, I don't believe there has been extreme emphasis on sexual sharing, nor is it something that I am personally bent on “pushing.” I'm giving the Lord's Word, as He leads.
       168.Of course, if you're struggling with sexual sharing, if it's something that you don't particularly like, then it's possible that any mention of it or any GN on the subject has a very big effect on you. I can understand that. But here is an explanation as to why Peter and I don't just let the sexual side of the Law of Love slip under the rug, mentioning it as infrequently as possible, and never striving to teach the Family the right way to live it, which is what some of you would prefer we do.

       169.(Jesus speaking:) Living the sexual side of the Law of Love is still optional. It is not a requirement to being in the Family, nor will you lose your Family membership if you do not share sexually. As I outlined in the above mess­age, however, living the totality of the Law of Love is a key to My Family being all that I am calling you to be.
       170.In order for you to do the job ahead, I am outfitting you with the weapons you need and giving you the training you will have to use in the days to come. This is why I bring up the full ­usage and application of the Law of Love. It is up to you to choose how much and to what degree you will apply this training, and I stress it because I know that this continual learning, giving, sacrificing‚ and obedience to Me will strengthen you and prepare you for your future work.
       171.In order to be fully used in the days ahead, you must be open and yielded now, today. You have to be willing to let Me work in your heart and change the attitudes that you have which are not right or not in line with My plan. I'm not trying to force you; I'm just trying to prepare you. You who allow Me to have full sway in your lives are those who will find these changes easiest. You who say to Me, “Work in my heart as you will,” are those who don't have such a difficult time living the Law of Love fully. You are the ones who will be prepared and ready in the days to come.
       172.All I ask of you is that you are open and yielded to Me. I know what each of you needs, and some of you need more training in one area than another. Some need much less training in one area than another. So the only way to know that you're in the center of My will, receiving all that you need in preparation for the days to come, is by being open and yielded. Drink in My Word and give Me full access to your heart, so that I can make you into just what you need to be.
       173.The big question is not whether you are practicing the sexual aspect of the Law of Love. That's not the point. The point is: Are you yielded to Me? Are you allowing Me to speak to you about the areas that you need to change in and give more to Me in? Are you willing to forsake the things that are hindering you? Are you willing to give up your own habits, desires, and trips? Are you willing to step out and give a little more to Me than you've been giving, in prepar­ation for what's to come?
       174.I do wish for you in My Family to give more to each other, to help one another more‚ to be willing to sacrifice yourselves for the benefit of another, to bond together in greater unity, and this is accomplished in part through the Law of Love. But this is not the end in itself or the full goal. But the Family, as a whole, needs to grow in this area of becoming One Wife, so I continue to remind you of this need, and I challenge you to step out, give of yourselves, and meet the needs of others.
       175.So ask Me if you are holding back. Ask Me what you need to do or change in your life in order to allow Me to work in your life and heart. If you do this, and you hear My voice, and apply the counsel I give you, then you will be in the right place, and you will be receiving the training and preparation needed for the days to come. (End of message from Jesus.)

News from “Creature”

       176.(Mama:) To close this GN, I want to share some news with you about a new rock band called “Creature,” composed of Vas, Godfrey, David (Mexican) and John. They live in Mexico City. They have recently signed a contract to play at the Hard Rock Café in Cancun, Mexico, for 10 weeks. In light of the counsel in the “Conviction vs. Compromise” series, the team there was very desperate with the Lord. They had been asking Him each step of the way, and they confirmed with Him again whether to move forward with the audition, which was scheduled after they had read the first three GNs in the “Conviction versus Compromise” series. The Lord led them to go forward.
       177.Still, wanting to be sure they were making the right decision, Dust wrote Peter and me, asking our advice. When we prayed about it, the Lord gave the clear go-ahead for them to proceed with their gig at the Hard Rock Café. However, He also gave some very import­ant sobering guidelines. We'd like to share this counsel with you because it can be applied to other ministries that include a lot of exposure to the System. The warnings the Lord gave should shake up the rest of you who might start some project with plenty of “good intentions,” but in which there is the danger that you'll fall prey to the many temptations to compromise.
       178.Before including the prophecy of counsel that we sent to Dust, Ahlai, and the band members, I want to share with you some of the recent news from their Home. This is only a summary. They also sent prophecy excerpts, of course, in which the Lord was giving them the “two thumbs up” to proceed. Peter and I were very happy to read those prophecies. However‚ I'm only including the brief of their activities, mainly to show that they're involved in a lot of quality witnessing; they're not just a performing band. They have a well–balanced ministry, which is an important factor in this equation!
       179.Here are excerpts of Dust's report to Peter and me:

       180. God bless you, my dear queen and king! I love you more than ever, just because of your love and the words that you pour forth to all of us. You are faithful and true and I love you! The Lord's Spirit comes through you bright and shining with the love and truth of our Husband and King, Jesus.
       181. The “Conviction” series is terrific! It has been a real kick in the pants for our Home, and I am one old warhorse who is determined to go for it no matter what! ¡Viva la Revolucion! Of course, now I'm only one who is putting his armor on as opposed to taking it off. Nevertheless, I'm inspired and I have the faith and courage to ford the ­Jordan once again! I don't even mind having the spurs dug into my side if that's what it takes to get me to take the plunge, which I figure it probably does. Yes, I am a little weary and I “do not relish the swim,” but I'll do it anyway. May God help me and all of us to fight and win the victories that the Lord has for us!
       182. Here in Mexico City I have the privilege of being a part of the most exciting, diversified and powerful missionary work that I have ever been involved with. Just when it seems our little Mexico City Home, which consists of 10 adults and 8 kids, is stretched to the limit, the Lord does even more miracles of witnessing, provisioning, open doors, support, follow-up, etc., that need to be manned, and it's all hands on deck!
       183. We have a terrific team here, and surely one feature that has made everything work so well is the blessed unity the Lord has given us. Most of us have been together for at least a couple of years now, and some of us even go back six or seven years working and living together. We're well acquainted with one another's flaws, weaknesses and rough edges. But we sincerely love each other anyway and appreciate one another and count it a privilege to be part of a loving, unified team and Home.
       184. We've just launched our new band, “Creature,”consisting of Vas, Godfrey, David (Mexican) and John. Already this newly formed band has performed at one of Mexico City's largest and toughest prisons. The band has also played for the crowds on the streets at Coyoacan, a major outdoor plaza.
       185. In addition to the band, we also have an acoustic singing team that performs in several of the top restaurants in Mexico City every weekend, getting out CDs at the tables. The new interactive CDs are going especially well. We meet many top people and sheep from the upper echelons of Mexican society. It's a terrific ministry that affords us wonderful opportunities to witness, get out the tools, and interact with some very interesting upper-class Mexicans.
       186. Then there is our Mex Studio, which we built on the roof of our Home, which is located smack in the heart of Mexico City. Just about everything is within walking distance.
       187. We're very involved in Activated(Conéctate), and our Home heads up the monthly united Mexico City area Activated meetings, as well as weekly Activated Bible studies in our Home. These Activated meet­­ings are attended by 100 or so sheep from all the eight Homes in Mexico City and surrounding areas. The last Activated meet­ing included a two-day retreat for sheep who came from as far away as Morelia and Veracruz, accom­panied by Family members from those cities.
       188. I'll tell you right now, our Home has flatly failed at getting Activated subscriptions, and we're extremely convicted by the “Conviction” series in this regard. We gave it a go about a year ago and only got a handful of subscriptions. It didn't go so well, so we slacked off. It didn't seem to be such good use of our time when many other things were going so well. But of course that's probably because the Enemy was fighting the Activated subscriptions more than these other Bible classes and forms of outreach and ministry. Now we're determined to get more subscriptions, and we've come up with some ideas and programs to do so. One thing that we're doing right now is phoning every friend, contact and sheep that we think might be interested in subscribing. We're also going to give some gift subscriptions to certain friends that our Home will simply pay for.
       189. With the arrival of the new Letters we've cranked up our witnessing to where we now go to Coyoacan every weekend to witness, sing, pass out tracts, and do Holy Ghost samples. Coyoacan is a plaza where youth hang out and Mexican artisans bring their wares, kind of like a hippie fair and nighttime hangout for teens. It's a terrific place to witness, and young people from several of the Mexico City Homes participate. In the last couple of weeks we've won over 63 souls through one-on-one personal witnessing, a good many of whom are coming to our next Activated meeting and some to our weekly Activated Word studies.
       190. We also have an orphanage that we support by delivering weekly supplies of food and other necessities. We go there and serve food and minister two or three times a week. On Saturdays, we have “Open the Door to the Children” where between 10-20 of the orphans, who have no family to pick them up or see them on the weekend, come over regularly at 2:00. We do flannelgraphs and memory work with our Family materials, skits and art projects, along with “El Desvan de Tio Ivan” (Treasure Attic) videos and have snacks. God bless Ahlai and her daughter Juliet, 11, who do this faithfully each week while watching the other little kids in the Home while the parents sing in restaurants. The orphans have all gotten saved!
       191. We do Consider the Poor in the poor barrios of Mexico City, where we offer puppet shows (courtesy of dear puppeteers Spanish Samuel and Mexican Marcos and Rebecca), music, and food to some of the sweetest, most receptive and needy people you'll ever see. Children's Day (El Dia Del Niño) was particularly notable. Along with Sandra, the wife of the manager of a famous Mexican pop group who wants to give more time to helping others, we put on a wallop of a Children's Day party in one of the poorest slums of countless street kids we have ever seen. This colony is literally a cesspool of garbage, and a whole city of poor residents live around it. There were games of all kinds, puppets, clowns, ­music, balloons, face-painting, and a good time was had by all. The event ended with a couple of hundred poor receiving Jesus.
       192. We've had booths at twoExpos held at Mexico City's World Trade Center.One Expo was in June and the other in July. We're scheduled to do another expo at a security fair with a free booth in November. These were exhibitions held for com­panies that make toys and educational equipment for babies and children.
       193. The cost for each booth was $1,800, but we were able to provision a $1,200 discount on the first booth and we got the second one completely free. In the process we befriended the woman who organizes these particular expos directed to children, and she has told us that we can continue to have free booths at expos held in other cities of Mexico, as well as future expos in Mexico City. We set up and decorated the booth with banners‚ displays, and balloons. We set up two demo computers and our interactive CDs, “Desvan de Tio Ivan,” were a big hit! We sold 92 of these plus another 150 CDs. We want to let you know how thankful we are to you and those who have developed our wonderful Family tools; they are terrific, and we are dedicated, happy salesmen. Incidentally, the inter­active CD is a real hit with parents and day care centers, and a very good source of income and support for the Home at the same time. Alex, Ahlai, and Argentine Sammy have been shiner salespersons at these events, while Joni, Paz, Robin and others have been shiners at the restaurants getting out the CDs.
       194. Each person has to wear a number of hats, and one minute you're at center stage or demon­strating an interactive CD on computer at an expo, and the next you're either changing the oil in the van, making refried beans, or changing a doo-doo diaper--all of which is pretty exciting and a lot of fun! By the way‚ I just happen to be the guy writing this report, but anyone here could also tell you of the many exciting miracles the Lord is doing in Mexico City!
       195. As I mentioned, over the course of this year the Lord opened the door to what He has indicated is a major opportunity to reach Mexico with our music and witness in the form of our new band, “Creature.” They are now on the brink of launching into a ministry of performing, witnessing, recording and touring that may very well hit Mexico in a big way with our music, message and witness.
       196. Last Christmas while getting out tools at a gas station in Mexico City, I sold one of our CDs, “DC Band--En Vivo En Mexico” to Alfonso, the co-owner of the Bulldog Club‚ a famous rock music club in Mexico City. A few days later he phoned me and said that he had listened to our CD and really likes our “energy” and “sound.” He invited our DC Band to play at his club. Ahlai was able to witness to Alfonso for a couple of hours on the phone and he later came over to the house for a visit. He invited the entire Home to the Bulldog where they went as his guests and sat in the VIP section with him, in what turns out to be a very large and impressive club where live bands perform on a massive elevated stage.
       197. Later he invited everyone in the Home to his lakeside house located south of Cuernavaca. He reiterated his offer to have our band play at his club. And in the course of all of this, he's grown close to us and we've been able to witness to him quite a lot. He said, “Just let me know when you're ready and we'll roll it!”
       198. These are just the highlights and basics of what seems to be quite an open door to reach Mexico with music. But the problem was, that although the Lord spoke in prophecy that this door is of Him and that we should strike while the iron is hot, we just didn't have a band anymore. In fact, Vas was the only member we had of what would be our band. The Lord indicated in prophecy that we “must once again assemble the singers and musicians to go forth,” that “now is the time to put forth the call, to assemble your group.” And so, we wrote letters to David, Godfrey and John, asking if they would be interested in coming to Mexico City to join us in our efforts.
       199. And now in light of the new “Conviction” Letters we haven't wanted to make a move without hearing from the Lord to get His confirmation and leading each step of the way. We haven't made a decision on our own without seeking the Lord for His guidance and direction. We've taken the band to the Lord many times, asking for His confirmation, leading, direction, instruction‚ correction, etc. Each time the Lord spoke and led us, whether about our song list, style, whether to play a certain gig, etc.
       200. Now, after a couple of auditions and much prayer and prophecy, the band is scheduled to play at the Hard Rock Café in Cancun for 10 weeks beginning in February. Alfonso advised us to go ahead with this opportunity.
       201. By the morning of our final audition, we had already read parts 1-3 of the “Conviction” series and had asked the Lord to confirm our even going ahead with the band and taking a job at the Hard Rock Café. The Lord instructed us to proceed.
       202. Although pretty nervous, the band did quite well, and now we find ourselves about to sign up to play in Cancun. The band will be paid for the 10 weeks. They are provided with a 4-bedroom furnished apartment, free meals at the Hard Rock Café restaurant, and travel by air. I'm planning to accompany them as their shepherd/manager. The funds will go to supporting three Homes.
       203. One thing that the Lord told us in prophecy was that while the band is performing, the rest of the Home should concentrate on Activated and the other ministries outlined above. We're really pretty much doing double duty and burning the candle at both ends to build up a fruitful, lasting and supportive Activated ministry while keeping these other irons hot in the fire.
       204. At the same time the Lord has told us that the band would have a big impact on Mexico and be a powerful witness to Mexico's youth. This is already happening. Last week one of the other bands who play at the Hard Rock Café came over to the house. We made a meal and witnessed to them for hours, and Vas led all of them to receive Jesus. This band is from Uruguay, except for the Mexican drummer, who says he wants to come to our weekly Bible studies. At Coyoacan, several Mexican students and others came up to the band after their performance and received Jesus.
The band does play some system “cover” songs, as they are called in the business, only because these are required by the clubs where we are playing. But we play our own Family songs too with a good, clear message, and our goal is to eventually play only our own songs with our mess­age. Once we've got our foot in the door, we plan to abandon the “cover” songs entirely. As a matter of fact, at our audition two other bands present, as well as the man­age­­ment, said that our original Family songs were the best and wished us well to sometime soon get out a CD of our own songs, which we hope will be a tremendous hit here in Mexico, where the young people clamor for rock music. The Lord told us in prophecy to add one more of our own songs to be a witness and to start off on the right foot, and He blessed it at the audition.
       206. Our Home has taken a stand against system music. We wouldn't want our playing of a handful of “cover” songs to be seen as a reason or excuse to get into system mu­sic. Because of our rather delicate situation with the band playing “cover” songs, we've decided to give it no other place in our Home outside of the necessary practice. This has pretty much been our policy all along, but we just felt the need to be vehement about it, and so that's the standard that we have tried to uphold in our Home.
       With love and prayers, Dust (and Ahlai) for all of us at the MexCity Home.

Be a Disciple First of All!

       207.(Mama:) That is a wonderful report, which I pray will both inspire you and motivate you to pray for the work in Mexico. Here is the counsel the Lord gave when we prayed about the direction these loved ones felt led to go. Remember, this counsel could very well be useful to you personally, so it's wise to tune in to the general conditions and admonitions the Lord gives.

       208.(Jesus speaking:) I give people different talents. I give My children talents that can be used in their service to Me, even as I have talented these as musicians, and they wish to use their talents to serve Me. They have used these talents to serve Me in making music for My children, and they wish to use their talents as a witness, and they have been able to do so to some extent. Their desire is to continue to do so, to pursue the using of their gifts in My service, and in this, they are of pure hearts.
       209.Their main motive is to use their gifts and talents for My service, for My glory, and to reach others for Me. But the road on which they're traveling to use these talents is one that is fraught with many, many pitfalls. But because they have a strong desire to use their talents for Me, and because this is almost the only way that they can use these talents as a further witness to the outside, I must let them walk down this path. I send them down this path with My blessing, because the motive of their hearts is right.
       210.But as I have said, the path is fraught with pitfalls, dangers, and temptations. The temptations are many--primarily the temptation of pride, as well as the temptation of getting so wrapped up in the popularity and the activity that the main motivation for doing the job in the first place is lost. The danger is in going and being a band and not being a witness. The danger is in going and being a band and not being a sample of the standard of discipleship that I am asking of My children. The danger is in going and letting the little things, the little foxes, eat away at the vines, the little variances here and there--missing your Word time because you're tired, missing the opportunity to witness to somebody because it seems uncool to do so, a little extra drink here or there, the little flirtations, a kiss, a little compromise, and these things begin adding up. Then, no matter what the original motivation was, the end result could be disastrous.
       211.It doesn't have to be that way, but it potentially can be that way because the path is fraught with all of these things. I have opened this door for them, and as they sought Me about whether to go through it, I directed them to do so. It is an opportunity for them to see what they're made of in spirit, to see what effect this kind of ministry will have on them.
       212.How they do will depend very much on their choices, their prayerful­ness, their being disciples, their using the new weapons, and on their praying for the people that they meet, following up on them and feeding them, not just entertaining them.
       213.Much will depend on if they use their gifts and talents as the bait‚ and then use the Word and their testimony and their sample as the hook, because they don't want to just be feeding the fish bait. There has to be more than that; there has to be the goal to hook them on My Word‚ to hook them on Me. These boys are going to have to lift up My Name, they're going to have to lift up My Word, and when you're in a situation like this and people are adoring you and giving you adulation because of your music, to hold Me up can sometimes be difficult. And as time goes on, the temptation is to lift Me up less and less, and to hold themselves up more and more.
       214.Again, I'm not saying that they will do this, but I'm saying that this is the temptation, and many have gone before them and have succumbed to this temptation. So can they make it? Yes, it is possible. Will they make it? This will very much depend on them and their commitments, and their having regular honest evaluations of how they are doing, and regularly hearing from Me‚ asking Me how they're doing both as a Home, a unit, a team, and individually.
       215.They will have to be very willing to be very open and to receive from Me and from one another any correction or guidance that I have. They are going to have to realize that they're there to feed sheep, to win souls, to harvest the hungry. They are not there to be a band; they're not there to play music. If they are going because they're there to win souls and disciples and to reach the lost, then I will bless them. If they're there because they're a band and they want to play their music, I will not.
       216.Can it be fruitful? Yes, it can. Will it be fruitful? It very well may be, but that will de­pend on them and on their connection with Me--and not just their connection going in, not just their motives going in, but their everyday motives, their everyday connection until the day the job is done. If their motivation and connection do not begin to wane and weaken as the days and weeks go on, if when they're tired and when they've befriended many people, they're still upholding Me and preaching the Gospel and giving the Word and following up and making it a true witnessing adventure, a “faith trip,” then I can bless it and then it will be fruitful. But if, as the days and the weeks go on, they begin to grow weary and compromise and not lift Me up and they water down their witness, then it will fail, and the fruit will not be good and the effect in their lives will not be good.
       217.I'm allowing them to go down this path. I am telling them that this is an opportunity for them to walk down this path, and I have told them what good fruit could happen. But now I'm telling you that in order for them to achieve what could happen, they must be very careful and very prayerful and very open--open to Me, open to shepherding. They must use My new weapons. They must be disciples who are ­using their gifts and the tools of the trade to do the job. They have to be disciples first, soul-winners first, and musicians and band members second. It's the only way that it will work, the only way that it will bear the proper fruit, and the only way that I can truly bless.
       218.So, yes, I am allowing this‚ but it is with conditions. It must be with the understanding that these conditions must be met for them to be successful in this venture, for Me to bless it and for them to come out of it strengthened instead of weakened. It will be a test for each one, but they are capable of passing the test if they will practice and use the weapons of My Spirit, if they will be open to My voice and to any guidance and correction from Me, from their shepherd and from each other. If they will put the winning of souls and the feeding of these sheep first, with these conditions, I will bless them.
       219.The choice and the results are really up to them. You can share these words with them and let them know that they go within My will, with the potential to do good and to win many. But that will depend on them and on their faith and faithfulness to stay close, to be full of Me and My Word, and to do the job that I'm sending them to do, using the tools and gifts that I have given them, but realizing they are not going for those particular tools. They're going to win, to witness and to feed. The tools are just a means; the music is just a way to get them into places where they can witness. The music is not the main point; the job, their discipleship, the winning of souls is. And if they will put Me first, if they will put the true job first, then I will bless and I will anoint and I will make it fruitful beyond their wildest dreams. But if they do not, then it will not bear fruit, and it will be damaging in spirit for them.
       220.There is potential. There are many sheep who need to hear My message and who will be attracted to them, who I will bring to hear them and to hear their songs and their witness. I will do My part to gather them in. I will do My part to put it in the heart of people who are hungry to be there. But, My beloved musicians, it will be up to you to feed them.
       221.I know you can do it. I know your hearts and I know you desire to do it. But do not be deceived, for the Enemy will try to distract you, to get you tripped off, as he has many before you. But you are now empowered with the power of the keys that I have given you. You have more power than those who have gone before you. You have more Word than those who have gone before you, and you have the potential to make this a wonderful witness, to make this a real steppingstone in the fight to reach Mexico. But like good soldiers who are sent forth into the battle, they must remember they're soldiering, and they must conduct themselves as good soldiers, faithful, valiant, and true, to win the battle.
       222.So it is with you, for I send you forth into this battle. I send you forth where you can use the gifts and talents that I have given you, and the tools that you have for the task. But the tools are not enough; the gifts are not enough. It requires your commitment--your commitment to excellence, your commitment to discipleship, your commitment to do the job of winning the lost. If you will keep this commitment true and hold it up before you each day, with each person, with each needy soul, then you will win victory, and the Enemy will be defeated. You will need each other, you will need Me, you will need My weapons. But you can win victory if you fight the good fight, and if you let Me, as your Commanding Officer, lead and guide you. For if you do, you will see victory and much fruit borne from your labors. (End of message from Jesus.)

Conditions for
Fruitful Witnessing Ministries

       223.(Mama:) The decision of these band members to accept this contract to play in a System club for 10 weeks is a dangerous commitment, because as the Lord said, there are so many pitfalls and temptations. You might think this doesn't apply to you, since you're not a musician, but the general counsel and guidelines that the Lord gave to help these band members stay on track are the same that anyone who has a lot of contact with the System would need to abide by. The same temptations of pride, of compro­mising the witness after a while, of not being the sample the Lord expects you to be, of losing the vision, and of letting the little disobediences weaken you are what all of you who spend a lot of time out witnessing and fund­raising need to watch out for.
       224.Another important point is that you might start some project with pure, unselfish, good motives, really expecting to accomplish a lot for the Lord, get out a good witness, and win souls and disciples. But with time, those original commitments and motives can wane. The end result is real problems! Good intentions going into a project aren't enough. You have to keep those motives and that commitment fresh and alive every single day.
       225.There are a lot of ministries in the Family and a lot of different kinds of “bait” that we use to draw people, so you, too, are responsible to not just “feed the fish,” but to use the Word and your testimony and sample as the hook. We're out to win the lost and win disciples, not just entertain people, befriend them, or show them how “cool” it is to be a lukewarm Christian!
       226.Specific conditions must be met if you, like this band, hope to be fruitful in your witnessing ministries. Some of these conditions are:

       -       Be disciples and soul-winners first.

       -       Make godly, Word-based, unselfish, loving choices, according to the Charter.

       -       Be prayerful.

       -       Use the new weapons.

       -       Call on the power of the keys.

       -       Pray for and follow up on the people you're witnessing to.

       -       Feed the sheep; don't just make friends.

       -       Be very open to receiving counsel and correction from your teammates, shepherds, and the Lord.

       -       Be aware of the specific pitfalls in your ministry or calling. Ask the Lord what they are and how you can avoid them.

       227.Please pray that the Lord will make this music ministry in Mexico, and any other similar ones worldwide, fruitful. We now have the keys of the Kingdom, which give you much more power than others had who have ventured into such activities or obligations in earlier years. Granted, it takes a tremendous amount of desperation and diligence in spirit to resist the temptations and pitfalls, but it is possible!
       Whosoever will call upon the power of the keys will work miracles.
       Never underestimate the power of the keys. All things are possible with the power of the keys. Power to the people with the keys.
       228.I love you very much, dear Family. I pray this counsel on a variety of subjects has helped to answer some of your questions. Peter and I continue to pray for you desperately.
       Much love in our Miracle Man,