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GN 974

The Gift of Heavenly Thought Power!
By Maria 10/01

Dearest Family,
1. In this GN our magnificent Husband presents
us with the new gift we talked about in "Full Possession!" It's a gift that we have to reach out and take and appropriate, and that we have to make changes in our lives in order to be able to benefit from and fully use, but He promises that it will be well worth it, that it will enhance our witness and bring many to Him.
2. It's still a bit mysterious! We won't fully comprehend it all immediately, but thankfully our sweet Husband has made very clear what we need to do to begin to use it and receive its power, and He said with time He'll give us more details and information on exactly how it works and how we can use it more fully. Isn't that exciting?
3. In this first message He provides us with an overview of what He wants to give us. In the second message He gives us the specifics of what we must do to receive it.
4. (Mama prays:) Darling Love, thank You for what You are about to give us! We want it, Jesus! We truly are above all people in the world most richly blessed, because we have You, and we not only have the gift of Your salvation, but the gift of intimacy with You. We are Your brides, and as such, You spoil us with so many awesome spiritual treasures.
5. Please prepare our hearts and spirits now to receive Your Words in faith. We want to drink them in and be strengthened and changed by them! We want to be motivated and thrilled with what You have in store, and be ready in spirit to do all that You ask of us. We claim the power of the keys and we resist all distractions and temptations of the Enemy-to doubt, to let our minds wander, to analyze, or to in any way block the flow of Your Spirit that You're pouring out to us. Open our channels to You, sweet Love, and help us to receive fully, without hesitation. We love You and need You and thank You again for all that You bless us with. We are not worthy, but we are so thankful!

The Gift of Heavenly Thought Power!

6. (Jesus speaking:) The gift I place in you hands will be one of inestimable worth to you in these Last Days, for it is the gift of greater thought power. I will activate My thought power within those who meet the requirements. If you will allow Me full possession and will put on My mind, our minds will meld. And as you take on the totality of the mind of God, your thought power will be increased; your mental and spiritual power will be greatly enhanced. For in putting on My mind, My Spirit will flow through you in greater degree. Your thoughts will be more fully energized and guided by My Spirit. You will be more finely tuned and in sync with Me, and this will enable you to perform great miracles in the name of the keys of the Kingdom of Heaven.
(Jesus speaking:) You will become known as the people of the keys. You will hold the power of the keys high; it will not be a secret. So it is correct to say "you will perform miracles in the name of the keys," for as you call on the keys, as you use their power, it is in their name that the miracles will be performed. Your lives will be living testimonies to Me. You will be known as My brides, and it will be known that I have given you the keys of the Kingdom. It is a very great honor, and I rejoice that all the world will know of our intimacy and this beautiful, priceless treasure I have bestowed upon you-a token of love, an honor above all, an unlimited credit voucher for anything you might need or desire as My pets, My chosen ones. So yes, miracles will be done in the name of the keys, for as you call on them you will be loving Me, and in the eyes of those who witness it, the miracles will often be done in the name of the keys; but they will know at the same time of your intimacy with Me and that that is what grants you this unlimited power. (End of message from Jesus.)
7. In fully uniting your spirit with Mine, as you allow Me to fully possess you, as you reject your carnal-mindedness and put on My mind, as you allow Me to more fully live in you, as you live, breathe, and think My thoughts, then I am able to activate a greater capacity of mental and spiritual powers within you. Your mind has tremendous potential, for it is spiritual, and when your mind is yielded to Me, you are able to generate My power. You become generators of the power of God and nothing will be impossible to you!
8. The mind of God is powerful, and as you reject the thoughts and reasoning and conclusions of the world and put on My mind, My Heavenly thought power can then be activated within you. When you put on My mind you will have greater focus, greater perception, greater insight, greater wisdom, and true knowledgefor it will be the knowledge of God, not of the world, that controls you.
9. David was intrigued with this great power when he was with you on Earth. Yet at that time, little did he know that it would be necessary for Me to hand you this gift while you were still in the world, in order to see you through the Last Days; in order to help you know the thoughts and intents of men's hearts; in order to help you perform miracles, wonders, and great feats in the Time of the End; in order to help you rise above the earthly and transcend it, to ascend to the Heavenly; in order to defeat the Antichrist forces, all powers of evil, and Satan himself.
10. This enhancement of Heavenly thought power that I make available to you now will help you call down the power of Heaven to do My will! It will help you perform miracles in My Name! As you call on the power of the keys to help you hone this gift, it will unlock amazing doors before you! In the Last Days, you will think of one who needs healing and they will be healed. You will look into the eyes of others and you will know their thoughts; you will be able to read their minds. You will point your forger to command the weather, and in the flash of a thought it will be done. In the flash of a thought you will confound your enemies! In a thought you will move mountains! Such is the power of My thoughts and mind within you-it can bring life to the dead; it can heal and transform minds, bodies, hearts, and lives; it can defy all impossibilities; it can rise above all obstacles.
11. By putting on My mind, you will reflect and express My thoughts; My thoughts will become your thoughts, and My thoughts carry power-power to heal, power to discern, power to know the thoughts and intents of every heart, power to call down the might of Heaven to fight for you, power to overcome all evil. What is in a thought? Many things, My loves, and My thoughts translate energy and power through you. My thoughts are everything good, pure, and true. My thoughts are spirit and they are life. My thoughts rule.
12. You have already experienced a small measure of My thought power, as have others men and women of faith, who have known Me and obeyed My Word and put on a measure of the mind of Christ. But I now open to you, My intimate brides, the gift of increased Heavenly thought power, that which the world has not known before this time. To you I open the door to become one with Me to a greater degree than any others have ever experienced. I open the door to you to more fully put on My mind, to more fully put on My thoughts. You walk through this door by allowing Me to have full possession, by rejecting the carnal and allowing My thoughts to flow through you. As you embrace this gift, My thought power in you will be unprecedented. If you will live, think and breathe My thoughts, My wisdom will exude from you, and you will be guided by My Spirit as the world has never :'e: seen.
13. If you do your part and reject the things of the world, if you will put off carnal thinking and the knowledge of man, and put on My mind, become one with My mind, allowing My thoughts to dominate you, rule in you, prevail in you, and move in you, you will work greater miracles.
14. This is why I long to fully possess you, My loves, so that Any thoughts can flow through you to such a degree that you are always directed, guided, energized and empowered by My mind and thoughts, by My perfect will, so you can avail yourselves of My Heavenly thought power and perform the greater works spoken of. You need not understand every detail of this gift or every facet of this truth I tell you at this time. Only believe, receive, and begin today to hone this gift. Learn to use it, and you will see results.
15. Today the evil imaginations of men's hearts are destroying the Earth at breakneck speed. This is why I desire to enhance this power within you now. This is why you, My chosen of the End, must put off that which is of the flesh or of the world and put on the spiritual, the very mind of God. If you'll begin using this power now, it will help you activate the world, to set free those held in servitude to the Evil One. As you develop this gift and hone it into a skill, it will help you overcome all that hurts and destroys-, it is given to you to overcome all evil in the Last Days. If you are to fulfill your destiny you must be more fully activated with My thoughts; you must be generators of the power of God.
16. The thought power I will activate within you will far surpass any such demonstration of power in Earth's history! For this thought power is putting on My Own mind in greater degree. It is being ruled by My thoughts, letting My thoughts flow through you, rather than that which is carnal. It is becoming a generator of the power of God. Those who believe and receive will become one with My mind. This thought power will not reach its complete potential while you are yet in the flesh, for Earth cannot contain such power; that is reserved for Heaven, when you join Me. Yet I will activate this gift to a sufficient degree that it will cause a mighty widening of the eyes! It will bloom and blossom and far exceed the thought power of any others in all the Earth.
17. The world will stand in awe, for never before has man beheld the awesome results of this power! When those of the Earth witness this power, some will fall to their knees and praise Me, and they will have a healthy fear of Me. Others will tremble in fear of man; they will not repent, but rather try to fight the power of God.
18. You must not question or doubt this awesome gift. Do not ponder in your mind and think it is not yet the appointed time, for I said I give you all power in Heaven and over Hell.
19. The mind of man is a marvel of My creation, and I have built tremendous capacity therein. Men of true science acknowledge this, yet it is way beyond the finite mind of man to understand the full extent of the matter. My loves, I have created your mind to become one with My mind, I have created your minds to be vehicles for My thoughts, that through you, I night show My might and power to the world. Though I allow some to have limited glimpses of the tremendous capacity of the mind, for the most part I have veiled this understanding from man, for his heart is evil. I have kept the full understanding, knowledge and power from those of the world, for I have not found them worthy of such things. Nor would they use it for My glory as you will, My dear ones.
20. Yet I now activate this gift of Heavenly thought power within you who will meet the requirements. Those who do the things I ask are worthy, and I am able to trust you with such a gift. For in yielding your all to Me, in meeting these requirements, you become My pure vessels -generators of My power. It is not you, but Me within you. It is not your power, but Mine. It is not you, but My power activated within you. It is not you, but Me working through you to conquer evil in these Last Days.
21. In order to avail yourselves of Heavenly thought power, you must put on My mind. You must link your mind with My mind, for this linkup with Me is the process by which the thought power is released. Your thoughts must be My thoughts, and when they are, great power is released to you. This is the thought power I wish to give you now, for when your mind becomes one with My mind, My power will flow through you as never before.
22. The mind of man is My creation-that which I formed from the dust of the earth and gave life and spirit, that which is meant to be linked with Me. Satan tries to usurp this order; he has tried to steal away and control My creation. Through linking the mind of man to himself, Satan weakens and darkens man's understanding, rendering him handicapped and given over to a corrupt mind. Yet the choice is given to every man. Each one holds the power to choose his state of mind through free will. Within those who choose Me, My Spirit will override any and all of Satan's hold, for nothing can withstand My power. I am the Author and Creator of peace and of a sound mind, and those who put on the totality of My mind are able to activate the fuller use of My thought power, for My thoughts will rule in them.
23. You, My children, who choose to put on My mind, have the right to claim this gift in your hands. Just as you say yes to My will and My ways, just as you choose to live for Me and serve Me, so if you choose to meet these requirements--to reject the carnal and put on My mind, to allow Me to fully possess you, to do the things I ask of you-My thought power within you will be greatly enhanced and My miracleworking power will be at your command.

24. How marvelous are My ways, but they are not past finding out. I have created you with tremendous, supernatural, even mental and physical capacity-and it is now available to those who put off carnal thinking and that which is earthly, who link their minds with Me, who think My thoughts, and who let My Word live and rule in them, who live to do My will.
25. The mind of man is My Own marvelous creation, yet it is no match for the mind of God; it is meant to be linked with the mind of God. And this is why I ask you, My brides, as I have pled with My children throughout all time, to put on My mind, to shun the carnal mind and put on that which is Heavenly, that which is spiritual. Through this new gift that I am giving you, when your mind melds with Mine, I will enhance your spiritual and mental capacities. When you meet these requirements, your thoughts will be greatly empowered by Me, for your thoughts will be My thoughts. You will then be able to generate My greater power and perform tremendous wonders--great exploits!
26. There are those in the world even now who harness the power of the mind to varying degrees through their use of the power of mind over matter-mystics, diviners, some who I empower and some who are given over to Satan. Yet their powers are mere child's play compared to what I will give you, My miracle workers of the End! It is given to you, the children of David, to know the full mind of God and to be generators of My power in these Last Days. It is given to you to activate this power within that you might perform the greatest miracles of all timeto heal, to mend, to change minds and hearts, to call down the power of Heaven both to save and to destroy. To you it is given to possess a fuller and greater degree of thought power than any others who have walked on Faith-if you will do these things I ask of you.
27. The use of this gift I have put within you is conditional; it will depend on each of you, My loves. It will depend on you meeting the requirements, on putting off the carnal and putting on My mind. If you will gird up the loins of your minds and prepare, if you will clear your minds of that which is carnal, if you will allow Me to fully possess you, if you will let My mind move freely in you, if you will prepare by calling on the power of the keys and doing all you can to reject that which is carnal by putting on My
mind, then My thought power within you will be greatly intensified and you will do exploits. You will do greater things than I or all the prophets did while on Earth.
28. I have given you these requirements, and as you do these things, as you put on My mind, through this union of My Spirit with your spirit, I will activate your greater capacity of thought power. Begin doing these things today; put off the carnal and put on My mind. Greater power is available to you now; you can begin to use it straightway. Get acquainted with it.
29. This is the gift I put in your hands today; it is to be activated at the touch of your faith and through your obedience to the requirements I set before you. The only thing that will limit your use of this gift is your own inability to receive. I place it in your hands, to be activated by each individual's faith.
30. This is not a gift that is meant to be activated in the distant future; you can begin using it today-now. If you'll step out and obey, if you'll make the effort to put on My mind, if you'll call on the power of the keys to release the gift within you, if you'll exercise the gift, it will be activated, and it will begin to grow. It will grow and grow into a full, mature, and practiced gift as you become the miracle workers of the final days. As you meet the requirements, the gift will be at your command, and through this gift you will receive greater power to live up to the standard of discipleship I am requiring in this Endtime As the spiritual battles intensify and Satan's System tries to pull harder and harder on you with each passing day, this gift will help you stand strong, to stay dropped out, to stay pure and free from Satan's grip.
31. Remember, where I guide, I provideand this gift of Heavenly thought power, of knowing My mind and letting My thoughts freely and fully flow through you, is vital in helping you make it through these Last Days. If you will begin honing this gift today, My thought power will aid and guide you; it will help you stick to your convictions and to be action disciples; it will help you stay free of lethargy, uncompromising, and strong in the unity of My Spirit.
32. Through putting Heavenly thought power to use in your life, you will find more power to witness. You will expand My Family across the nations. This thought power will work hand in hand with the other outstanding gifts I have given you, that of hearing from Me in prophecy, of calling on the keys, and of praise and prayer, to further empower you to stay free from the evil Selvegion, Pan, Bacchus, and every minion of Satan who would try to oppose you. This awesome gift of putting on My mind, of allowing My thoughts to rule in you and guide you, will further empower you to live My Law of Love, to be My face to the world, to fully live up to your calling of being My called-out ones, My intimate brides, My chosen of the Last Days, My miracle workers of the End, you who love Me with all your heart, soul and mind, you who are one with My mind, in whom I dwell and through whom I demonstrate My awesome and mighty power to the Earth and worlds beyond.
33. As you hone this gift, in addition to the other gifts I have given you, there will be no denying where your convictions lie, no deny­ing to whom you belong. The devils will cower and tremble, for they know there is no force that can match the power that will flow through you. They will know that you are My disciples in­deed, that you belong to Me and that we are one. (End of message from Jesus.)
34. (Mama:) Thank You, wonderful Love, for that awesome gift! We want to learn to use it! We want to fulfill the requirements necess­ary in order to receive the full power!

Gain the Gift by Living the Word!

35. We asked our dear Husband to give us further information as to exactly how we go about putting on His mind and rejecting the carnal mind, and what practical steps we can take today to apply this revelation. His answer is motivating and convicting!
36. (Jesus speaking:) My gift to the Family is the gift of increased power through your mind and thoughts. Already your thoughts are power­ful; I have said that as a man thinks in his heart, so is he. But when you put on My mind, you partake of My power-the power that made the universe and that controls all. That is not to say that you will control all, but you will have in­creased power through your thoughts.
37. I have been working toward giving you this gift for many years. I have been preparing you. Your humility training, your training in
prayer, in asking Me everything, in praising Me and learning to give Me the glory, in loving Me and drawing nigh to Me as My Bride, in hearing from Me in prophecy-all this is part of it.
38. But as you make decisions during this Feast 2002 to let Me possess you more fully, you will be granted this gift of greater power through your thoughts. The power comes from My mind, My thoughts, My love. Those who let Me fully possess them will tap into this source, and the gift will be obvious. I have foretold this in many places and many different ways through­out My Word. "They that do know their God shall be strong and do exploits, and they that understand among the people shall instruct many."
39. This will be the way that I empower those who have given their all to Me. Through different ones it will be manifested in different ways. They will have tapped into My power source, they will have My mind within them, and therefore they will be much more powerful. They will be connected to Me in spirit, and so there will be an element of the supernatural in their thoughts and thus in the power that their thoughts have.
40. This will be manifested in different ways. In some, it will be concentration, to the point where they can actually move objects through thought power. In others it will be the gift of knowing the future and seeing those things that are hidden or have not yet taken place. In others it will be the gift of hearing and feeling the thoughts of others--thus having what you would now call a very enhanced gift of discern­ment-but it will be much more than that. In others it will be the gift of focus and concentra­tion and speed in their thought processes, thus making them as geniuses in the world as you know it-but the power and the processing speed are all Mine; they have simply tapped into the source.
41. In others it will be the gift of receiving the capabilities that are needed on the spot, even when they do not possess those capabilities. For example, speaking before crowds, singing, knowl­edge of first aid or survival or technical things when they are needed in emergency situations, even though they have never been trained in these things before. This knowledge is not of themselves, but it is part of My knowledge, and thus I can give it to them because they have put on My mind.
42. Right now the steps you must take to exercise this gift are small, and may seem simple, routine or mundane. But they are prep­aration for what is yet to come. Here are steps that you can take to put on My mind and meld with Me, and begin learning how to discern My thoughts in your mind:

1) Spend as much time as possible in My Word. My Word is Me, and the more of it you have running through your mind and your thoughts, the more you will absorb My Spirit, and you will learn to recognize more clearly when something is or is not accord­ing to My Word.

2) When you recognize something that is not according to My Word, shun it immediately. Don't stop to analyze it on your own or de­cide whether or not it can fit in. Learn to trust the checks I give you, ask Me about them, and then obey instantly. When I've given you a check and have spoken, act on
what I tell you without hesitation or further analyzing. Analyzing kills this gift, because it is a gift of the spirit, not something that can be picked apart and explained. Analyz­ing and trying to figure things out yourself, without looking to Me, is of the carnal mind. This gift requires putting on the mind of the spirit. The carnal mind and the mind of the spirit cannot coexist.

3)Practice instant obedience in sticking to your convictions regarding what's right and wrong. Obey Me rather than your own personal desires when they differ from what I show you to do, whether through My checks, the things I tell you to do through prophecy, or through something I convict you about through My Word. Follow the guidelines I have given in My Word when it's necessary to seek further confirmation and the counsel of your teamwork and others. Once you have followed this process, do not hesitate to obey when I reveal My will to you.

4)Hear from Me frequently in prophecy. Prac­tice "ask Me everything" at every opportu­nity, under every circumstance. Never wait 8) for a more "ideal" time to hear from Me. Learn to hear from Me, to focus and tune your channel even under difficult conditions when there is noise and distraction. Of course, if it's noise or distraction that you can resolve, then by all means do so, or "en­ter into your closet" to escape it. But never put off hearing from Me just because the conditions are not ideal. Hearing from Me on the spot, under any conditions, is part of this gift. You must exercise it.

5) Do the humble thing and give Me the glory at every opportunity. This is a gift that will only be given to those who are humble, be­cause only those who are humble in their own sight can truly meld with My mind and receive the things of the spirit. I can only trust those who will use this gift for My glory, not their own. Everyone is tempted with pride, and the most effective way to combat it is to do the humble thing and be constantly giving Me the glory. Pray a "what­ever it takes" prayer, asking Me to keep you humble before Me, and then welcome and embrace the opportunities I give you to be humbled and do the humble thing.

6)Safeguard yourself against the influence of the world-its media, entertainment, val­ues, materialism, and carnal-mindedness. Many things would enter in and destroy this gift that I give you. You must come out of the world in spirit in order to truly receive this gift and put on My mind. Ask Me what the specifics mean for you personally.

7)Praise Me at every opportunity. Let My praises be on your lips at all times. You do not yet realize how powerful praise is in the spirit. The Devil and his evil ones cannot fight against praise. They cannot resist it. It is overwhelming for them; it overpowers them. When you praise Me, it opens our link and strengthens it. It enhances our connec­tion and enables Me to speak to you more clearly. It puts things in perspective. It washes away the things of the world and prepares you to meld with Me. It opens a vacuum in the spirit for Me to pour out My blessings upon you. It is a powerful witness and tes­ timony to others of your faith and trust in Me. Once you start praising Me more, you'll realize how much there is to praise Me about.

8)Live the Law of Love in every area of your life. The gift of thought power makes you servants of others, and only those who will truly use it in love will be granted the power. He that is greatest among you must be your servant. This gift I am giving you will make you great. Others will look to you, almost worship you in some cases, and the power I have given you. So it is very important that you exercise this gift in humility, and remem­ber that I have given you this gift to enhance your witness and bring others to Me-that in essence, it makes you servants of others.
Strengthening this area of your life, so that your initial reaction is one of love and unselfishness, is not something that will happen overnight. You must begin now to truly put others and their needs first, and practice unselfishness and giving at every opportunity. Ask Me to give you a list of the areas in your life where you need to be­come more loving, more giving. Ask Me to show you which areas you are lacking in living the Law of Love, and then begin to put My counsel into practice immediately, so that your first reaction becomes a loving one. It is possible, My loves, and it is nec­essary if you are to truly have the power of this gift that I am giving you.

9) Be faithful witnesses. This goes along with giving Me the glory at every opportunity. This gift is for the purpose of making your job as witnesses easier. That is the goal­to bring more of My lost into the fold, to draw those who have not yet felt My call, to catch the attention of those who are asleep in the spirit, to rescue those who are caught in the brambles, to give faith and peace to those who have been tormented by Satan. This gift is supernatural, but it is to enhance your witness. So being faithful witnesses is a prime requisite.

43. There are also many other things which 3. will enhance and prepare you for this gift, such as taking care of yourselves physically by living according to My health rules and not abusing your bodies, committing My Word to memory so that it is constantly flowing through your mind, making sure you're in the field and situa­tion that I want you to be in, etc. In short, the more you live My Word, the more you will be eligible for this gift. As the keys respond and give their power in the measure that you have let Me fully possess you, so is it with this gift. It is given in direct proportion to your discipleship and how much you have let Me rule your life. The essence of it is taking on My mind. The more you let Me become part of you, the more power­ful the gift will be. (End of message from Jesus.)
44. (Mama:) Dear Family, this is both an awesome gift and a monumental challenge, but the promise of having such great power to ac­complish the Lord's will should be more than enough to motivate each of us to do the things our dear Jesus points out, to fulfill the require­ments to the best of our ability. To do this we will need to sacrifice and become more dedi­cated in spirit. We will need to forsake whatever stands in the way of allowing the Lord to pos­sess us fully. But it will be well worth it!
45. Please be sure to seek Him about the questions He gave us in point number 8 of the last prophecy. But don't stop there-also ask your personal Shepherd to explain in detail how you can apply this counsel to your life in a prac­tical way. Ask Him how you need to change, what He is expecting of you as an individual.
46. I'll include some additional questions for you to bring before the Lord.

1. Are there any areas in which I am holding back and am not fully yielded to You, Lord? What are they and what are the steps I should take immediately to yield and overcome these blockages, whether they're from the Enemy or my own nature and spirit?
2. How is the carnal mind" manifested most in my life, and what practical steps can I
take to put off the carnal mind and put on Your mind? Specifically, what are the
avenues through which I most absorb the thinking and reasoning of the world, and
what should I do to limit my intake?
Dear Family, please take each of the nine points listed earlier and ask the Lord to speak to you about them, one at a time. Ask Him for practical applications for your life and situation, and how you can begin to apply them now, today. You don't have
to do these questions all at once, but I urge you to work through them at the earliest
possible convenience, because this issomething that is happening right now, in the spirit. You don't want to miss out!

Much love in our miracle-working Husband,