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TECHI'S WELCOME TO SPAIN! by FATHER DAVID       DFO No.760       01/79
Our 1st Experience With Techi!
--(From a dinner talk with the Family in January 1979.)

[EDITED: "Family News, Vol.10, No.5"]
© Feb. 1979 by World Services, Postfach 241, 8021 Zurich, Switzerland

       1. (SARA: DO YOU REMEMBER WHEN YOU'D JUST RETURNED TO SPAIN AT VILLA ALBA in the Fall of '77? You were sleeping soundly that first morning but suddenly woke & called for us & said, "There's a little girl outside calling, 'David!' She's calling, 'David!'" And we went out there & there was nobody out there!) Yes! She said, "David! David! Bienvenido a Espaa!"--Just as clear as I ever heard anything!

       2. I SAW HER HANGING ON THE RAIL OUTSIDE, ON THE BALCONY OUTSIDE OUR WINDOW. So I got up & asked you all, "Whose cute little girl is that anyhow?--And how come she can get on our balcony?" I knew the gardener & maid lived downstairs & had a little child, but I didn't know they had an older girl who looked about seven years old. But this little girl was standing on the balcony outside our window. It was about seven AM when she woke me up calling,

       3. "DAVID! DAVID! WELCOME TO SPAIN!" That was our first morning back in Spain after several months in Portugal. We had just come back for the first time since leaving Tenerife. (Sara:--And that was before your other experiences with Techi, that was the first time:) Yes, that was the first time! (Sara: And we looked all over the premises for the child, but there was no one on the grounds!) Yes! I had asked, "How come that gardener lets his little girl get up on our balcony & wake me up in the morning?" I really wasn't too happy about it!--

       4. SHE WAS KIND OF CUTE, SWEET & PRETTY, with fairly long blonde or brown hair down to her shoulders, a little girl about seven just outside our window in a pretty long-sleeved blouse & old-fashioned pinafore. We had a very tiny terrace, a small balcony, very small & narrow outside of our bedroom window, but then it ran along the house & became a big, big balcony out over the whole garage, remember? But right there, just beside our window, it was narrow.--And there she stood calling through the window!

       5. "DAVID! DAVID! BIENVENIDO A ESPAA!"--Welcome to Spain!--And I thought, "Well! I'm not going to get much sleep here if the gardener lets his little girl run around out on our terrace!" But I learned later the gardener's little child was only about three years old, & had absolutely no way of getting up on our terrace! (Timothy: I even think the gardener's little child was a boy!) (Sara: Yeah, it was a boy!) (Maria: --And there wasn't any little girl there!)

       6. SO NOW YOU KNOW I'M A BIT WIRED! Well, PTL! Sometimes I don't know why & I don't know how, but all I know is, it happens! So, PTL! Thank You, Lord!--Amen!--But after my next experience with Techi in Madrid & Northerland, I was pretty sure it must have been she!--But I still don't understand how she could have been all those odd ages!--

       7. THIS FIRST TIME IN SEPTEMBER '77 SHE LOOKED ABOUT SEVEN, but the next time only a month later on October 8th she said she was five, & the last time when she patted me when I was so sick in the other house in May '78, she looked about six or seven again!

       8. MAYBE SHE JUST LOOKS A BIT OLDER THAN SHE REALLY IS.--Or maybe the other times I was so sleepy or sick I couldn't really tell. For in October 8, '77 she definitely said she was then five. I don't know how they tell ages in the Spirit World where there's no time! It's relative!

       9. ALL I KNOW IS I HEARD HER & SAW HER & FELT! Hallelujah!--And maybe soon we'll have her! PTL! Maria now has only two months to go!--She's supposed to be born about March 17, 1979, D.V.--So how old does that make her?--Ha!--Anyhow, I know she's around!--Quite round now!

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