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Family Specials News Magazine!
FSM 148 (FN 257) DO
Copyright: November 1989, By Family Services,
Zurich, Switzerland

Table of Contents:
Pg.1--Schooling--Using the GAP Educational Videos!
Pg.4--Putting Our All Into Parent Time!
Pg.6--Comments, Tips & Suggestions from You!
Pg.10--Tips on Teaching Children How to Witness!
Pg.10--Our Kute Kidz!
Pg.11--Children's Witnessing Checklist


From Peace (7-11 yr. old teacher), SEA

       The new GAP (Golden Age Productions) videos have been a super blessing--a teaching tool that benefits the students as well as us, the teachers, who don't always have the time, talent, or training to teach certain subjects. I'd like to share with you how I have used the new Family GAP educational videos, & explain to you how they have helped me & my children.
My goal for the last month was to teach the children cursive writing. I taught the first class straight from the Childcare Handbook II (CCHBII) myself. While teaching, the thought came to me, "Why am I using my limited time & energy to teach this course when it is already available on video, taught by our top Family teachers using the CCHB?" The next day I gave the "Writing Right" video a try--I was curious to see the children's response!
       I had the children bring their binders (notebooks), pencils & erasers; we were all seated facing the TV at a dining room table. The children were very excited about this new fun approach to schooling. The video teacher explained the why's & wherefore's of each lesson taught as she went. For example, as she wrote each letter on the whiteboard, she explained specifically how each letter was formed. It made it easy for me because she was very thorough. The video was really doing the teaching!
       Right on the video she mentioned to pause the video whenever it was needed, to practice the specific letter being taught, ask the children questions, check their work, re-explain a point etc. I didn't need a blackboard or any other teaching tools, just the remote control for the video! The teacher made it fun, so the children really enjoyed her presentation. It gave me a model to look up to & copy & made me want to put that same zeal & zest into the classes that I taught. It also reconfirmed my faith in the CCHB, as she simply followed the text & I saw how easy it is to teach just following the CCHB.
       I had to monitor the class & not just let the children watch the video on their own, otherwise they tended to goof off when left unattended. By using the video, my role became that of an assistant teacher, rather than the actual teacher. It was a nice break for me, as I didn't have to originate the material or have elaborate teaching aids. Everything I needed was right there on the screen. The video teacher did the teaching & I just checked that the children were doing their work neatly, that they were following the instructions, & that order was kept in the classroom. Of course, I was still available to answer any questions the children asked.
       The children really look forward to having a "new" & fresh teacher from time-to-time, & I look forward to having a partner take the major portion of teaching the class. I found that I got the best results when I didn't let the children watch too much at one time, but rather left them looking forward to the next session. The length of time that it took to view the "Writing Right" video classes varied, depending on how difficult it was for the children to do the exercises, how much teaching time I had for the day, how often I needed to pause the video to explain or have the children practice, etc. The main factor to determine how much material we covered in a class was the children's reaction to what was being taught--how much progress they were making on the letters they were learning that day. When they caught on quickly (i.e. learning the easier cursive letters like "c", "e", "i") they were able to have a longer video classtime, whereas for the more difficult letters (such as "b", "f", "k") we covered less of the video as it was harder for them to do--so we paused more often & went slower.
       We practiced (usually the next day) the letters taught to reinforce what they had learned. In our situation (a small Home School), we watched the cursive writing videos for an average session of 45-60 minutes (including pausing, explaining & checking their work) usually 2-3 times per week. This time allotment depended on various factors, such as what other things we had to get accomplished in the day or if the children were needed around the Home to do other special projects, JJT etc. The main thing was not to let the children get bored, which could happen if they viewed too long without interaction from me or if I overloaded them with too much new material at once.
       We followed the video teacher's suggestions for extra activities, which were taken from the CCHBII. This made the class even MORE fun & easy--it was even fun for me, too, as I didn't have to think up all the new & exciting ways to teach. As a teacher of 7 to 11-year-olds, I found these videos to be an excellent teaching tool. The children really enjoyed the "invisible" artist drawing the picture "inserts" before & after each lesson.--They had fun trying to guess what the final picture was going to be.
       Although I am an OC (Older Children 7 to 11-yrs-old) teacher, I watched some of the "I Can Read" series which is geared for teaching YC's (Younger Children 2 to 6-yrs-old), & I picked up some good teaching tips that I could apply to my OC group. It broadened my horizons. For example, I can apply the use of picture or word flash cards for teaching Social Studies (continents, oceans, countries, capitals etc.), Math (times tables, addition, subtraction etc.), Grammar (parts of speech, capitalisation rules etc.)--the possibilities are limitless! Also, while watching the "Teach Me Time" shows, the presentation was so inspired & on-fire, it influenced my teaching by helping me get more out of myself & being in more of a "Don Quixote" spirit with my class. However, when applying this method of teaching with my OC class, I saw how I needed to be on guard & keep control of the class & not allow them to get foolish. I'm so thankful I took the time to see these pre-school videos to see the ENTHUSIASM used, even though it meant finding the balance of how to apply it with my older group.
       I always thought art was important, but I found myself without an art teacher to teach my children. I couldn't teach them either because I couldn't draw, so I'm sure you can understand how excited I was to receive the "You Can Draw" series! After getting out our pencils, paper & erasers, my children & I had a great time together viewing these shows, all of us following along together throughout each lesson--the final results being just what the title says, "You Can Draw!"--even me! It was so easy, too, TYJ!
       We also have used the System edu-cational videos, the "Home Schooling Video" compilations, & found them to be fun as well. I can really see all the work that has gone into compiling, editing & previewing them. Each video has a little write-up on it telling what is on the video PLUS an age group rating of the program. I think these videos will especially be a blessing to Homes where they don't have a lot of reference books & materials. They sure are to us!
       GBY as you use & enjoy learning the FUN way with these fantastic Family educational tools! TSM dear Family for all the hard work that went into making these videos. They are SUPER!

From Maria(teacher of 2 to 6-yr. olds), Pacific

       These GAP teaching videos are like a dream-come-true for me, TYL! When I first heard about them I could hardly wait to get my hands on them & was even more excited when we actually received copies. We were able to use these videos a lot lately, as we had just recently moved & therefore did not have many of our usual teaching materials on hand. I hope our experiences will be a help to you, so that you & your children can also benefit from these Family educational videos.
       The first thing I learned was the importance of the teacher & teen helpers (not the children) listening to the narrator's introductions at the beginning of each series. These one to three-minute talks were a key to getting the most out of our video classes. I found it essential to view this first to help me start off on the right foot & thereby avoid the main pitfall of the children not tuning in, getting bored, & then rowdy.
       The times that I feel we have the MOST fun & really get the most out of all the wonders these tremendous videos hold, is when I, or my teen helper, are there & we all join in & PARTICIPATE in what is being done & shared. When we view the "My Bible Friends" series (which the children love to see over & over), I bring our blank word cards, a red pen, & the Rhyme Book. When we watched the episode, "Jesus Stills the Storm", it became our Word class for that morning. During the video we copied the words the teacher wrote at the same time as she wrote them, as well as any additional words our children were interested in. We also paused at a few points to sing some songs & learn finger rhymes that went along with the story, & at the part where Jesus stills the storm, we again paused the video as one of the children spontaneously wanted to quote his favourite poem which illustrated the story. At another point I got up & showed them what lightning looked like by turning a lamp on & off several times. These were some of the things we did that really helped to keep their interest. In other words, we didn't just sit back & view the video, but we participated as well, which kept the kids' interest & attention & made it much more fun for them. We have often watched the "My Bible Friends" video with the children before bed for a bedtime story & that has been fun as well. (See a list of which Bible stories are available in the GAP Video Catalog, available from your NO.)
       During several video classes, I was taking care of a baby, but I was still able to keep the children attentive, tuned in, & learning, even though my hands were full. In other words, I didn't have to personally do a "song & dance" to keep the children's attention--the video teacher really bore the burden of the class. We were still able to do a few of the suggested supplementary activities to enhance & expand on the theme & lessons & have a well-rounded morning Word class, TYJ! It doesn't take a lot of effort on the mommy's or helper's part to supplement the video.
       At the beginning of each "Teach Me Time" show there are introductory titles that list the subject matter & activities to be covered. From this video series I learned how to try to make every situation more of a learning opportunity for the children. When viewing, we just act like we are right there & the video teacher is talking to us. When she says to do this or do that, we do it together. Even if I am not able to join in myself, I encourage the children to participate & join in.
       For the "Writing Right" classes, we have set up a special table & chairs right in our video area. This is so that the children can come at their appointed school video time & have class time. We all sit at the table & I use the "pause" button (as the video teacher suggests) whenever needed to reinforce the lesson & to make sure the children can do well what is being taught before going on to the next shape or letter. We all really enjoy the cute & fun things the teacher says & portrays on these videos, as this keeps the children's attention, & any part they es-pecially like, we replay.
       While using these videos to teach our children, we saw how they can even help our childcare teen helpers to catch up on stages they may have missed or be weak on in their own schooling. I can see how it would be difficult for some childcare teens in the Family to teach scholastics properly to the children if they are weak scholastically or don't know the subject which they are trying to teach very well themselves. They might be good childcare workers & wonderful with children & inspiration & in feeding the Word, but if lacking in their own education it would therefore affect & hinder their educating abilities.
       After seeing in these videos all that can be accomplished, I am really challenged to see how much I can pour out to the children while with them, & even more than ever make use of our invaluable Family teaching pubs. I was very impressed by the use of cute little rhymes & sayings throughout the videos. This gave me a vision of how to make better use of the many rhymes that can be found in the Rhyme Book. Seeing our Family teaching materials in action is really a help for me, as sometimes I'll read something but not know exactly how to do it or carry it through, how to apply it, but I find these videos a real springboard in helping me understand more how to actually put them into daily use. It's really opened up a whole new World to me & broadened my use of the wealth of Family teaching pubs & materials that I have around me. We are so blessed! TYJ!
       After using these "Writing Right" & "You Can Draw" videos, I'd have to say again that this is a dream-come-true for me. It's such a blessing to be able to sit & get fed & learn from these teachers who really have a way with the children & have lots of experience & such good fruits, & to hear how they express themselves & get tanked up with fresh ideas & ways of presentations from the CC pubs, & keep things moving. I found them so inspiring & full that it was an education in itself for me to watch them.
       All these videos have caused a real change in my teaching. Previously, I had been working with OCs & teens for a few years, & before that with young children for many years. Thinking back on when I last taught younger ones, I remember what a battle it was for me sometimes to keep them happy & challenged, & how I got discouraged about it. Now I can see from watching these videos that I just didn't keep things moving fast enough! I marvel at dear Teen Kezia's energy & Aunty Anne's spizerinktum! I was able to learn from these teachers how they taught & handled the children, expressed themselves etc. That was a very big blessing for me & made it so very easy for me to quickly adapt & to relate to these young ones again--"A picture is worth a thousand words". Enthusiasm is contagious--I caught it from the videos, so the children caught it from me, both while viewing the videos & in my classes!
       While viewing these teaching videos, we found it necessary to keep the same disciplinary standard as we would in a normal classroom situation. For example, if one of the children gets foolish or disturbs the others or gets up out of his seat & wanders around, we correct him. We do not want to stifle their enthusiasm, but it is important to keep order.
       With the SYSTEM educational videos (HSV), we found that if our children get foolish, it is not because of what is being done or shown on the video, but comes from the children's own spirit. If you should come upon a segment of a show that seems foolish or even "unspiritual", you could take this opportunity to make it an object lesson & find & major on the GOOD points. All these System shows are not necessarily deep or spiritual, some are just for fun, yet not harmful. I found that it's very important to read these videos' LABELS, as they give a summary of each show. After using these videos for awhile, I've become more familiar with the strong or weak points of each TV series. Our children do really like the variety of topics covered in these videos.
       I can see that the Family educational videos are a real "How To" class to show us a sample of good teaching, designed to teach the teachers & mommies as well. I found that to truly get the most out of them, I, or my teen assistant, needed to be involved. I'm thankful for this golden opportunity to share with you my reactions & experiences in making use of these wonderful teaching tools. GBY as you try'm!--You & your children most certainly will love'm!

By Marc, SEA Jumbo

       Recently we were wakened to the fact that we were taking our parent time for granted & not doing all we could for our children during that special time with them. It especially came to our attention when we realised that our daughter, Nicole (4), was whining & murmuring about almost everything, when she was with us. The problem was that we had gotten so used to hearing her whine that it didn't really affect us so much anymore.
       When it was pointed out to me, I was really convicted & thought, "Well, if I am slipping in this area I'd better read some Word to get my conviction back, so I can recognise the situation when it comes up." So I read "Dad's Discipline Jewels" & also "Delinquent Parents," & I realised that what we're doing as parents by NOT putting our all into parent time & tuning into our children for our one-hour "Parent Time" daily, is tearing down the childcare people's whole day's worth of work! Here they are working 23 hours a day with our children to try to get them to grow up as soldiers & disciples of Jesus, & in that one hour, we parents can tear the whole thing down.
       Letting our guard down at parent time is an easy thing to do, because after a full day's work we spend time with our children & a lot of times it is just "let-your-hair-down-time." The kids just play with their Lego while Mommy & Daddy crash out beside them--we're tired from the day & barely able to tune in to the kids. But we realised that our day is not over until we finish with our children & we need to put just as much into our time with THEM as we do the REST of our day.
       Sometimes we would continue on in our work in the evenings, even when we had our children with us. We would try & get a little paperwork done on the side or whatever, thinking that the kids were okay because they were playing with books or toys etc. But that was not good enough. We learned that parent time at night needs to be "sacred ground" where we cut off our work & tune into the kids! We need to put everything else aside & put everything we have into our children & the work will have to continue AFTER parent time.


       As parents, we have a great responsibility! Our parent time is not just a time to lie back, but it's a time to really tune into our kids & really look them over & ask ourselves, "Why is he doing that? He shouldn't do that & we need to work on that."--And really bring these problems to the children's attention & expose it.
       We also need to be in closer communication with the childcare helpers too, as they have more of an objective viewpoint of the children. It helps to get somebody else's opinions about our kids & then when we know what their NWO's are, we can go to work on them. It's a TEAM effort!


       Another thing I noticed when assessing my parent time with my children, is how lacking in the WORD it has been. During the day, all the Word that is being poured into our children is done by someone else. Then they come see Mommy & Daddy at the end of the day & we play Lego with them or sit outside & talk to someone else while the kids run around. It was convicting to take more of an objective viewpoint & stand back a minute & see what we are really doing to grow them into disciples. What values were we instilling in them? Is the Word first in our relationship or is it just a real familiar relationship? Sometime during parent time, we need to get the Word in or have some heart-to-heart sharing with the children. We need to be a SAMPLE of giving the Word a real priority so our children can see it alive in our lives!
       Our children are such New Bottles & they just love the Word! And if we make it fun for them, like Grandpa does, it will be a fun & exciting time for all of us. In the last few days I have been trying it on our children & it's been so exciting & fun! I just sat down & said, "Would you like to get a `Life with Grandpa' & we can read it?" And they RACED to the cabinet, & brought back a big stack of books they wanted to read! It was a lot of fun & I walked away from parent time feeling fulfilled!


       One of our childcare workers wrote that one of the big lessons she was learning with her "Sunbeams" group (ages 2-4) was having desperate prayer over the children every morning for their health. They were having quite a problem with sickness & it just seemed to be off & on & at least some of the children were in the Get-Well room most of the time. But when they began laying hands on the children every morning & praying & being a sample of applying the Word in their lives, the Lord really blessed it & the Lord delivered that group & they have had very little sickness for quite some time simply because they went on the attack!
       When our children go to the Get-Well room, how do we as parents take it? Do we say, "Well, God bless our childcare workers for taking care of my child!" & go about our duties, or do we really get down in prayer about our children? When the children see that we are agonising in prayer & we are visiting them in the Get-Well room & really praying for them, that WE are really desperate for their healing, then it will help them to get desperate for THEMSELVES! They are going to partake of that same spirit! The more desperation we show for our children's lives, praying over them, spending time in prayer with our children, it will help instill in them real faith in prayer as they see we believe in it & as they see the Lord answering.


       The end result of not tuning in to our kids & not knowing where they are at, is that they grow quickly into teens with problems. Because children don't grow OUT of their problems, they grow INTO their problems! Then we have to go through the painstaking process of rooting all that out. And that's what is happening with some of the teens right now, it's a rooting-out process. But TTL, they really take it, they love it, they want to change, & they want to become real soldiers for Jesus!
       But how much better it would be if we could bring our children along without all that! Nip it in the bud as it happens, as it comes along! Because if a child at two years old won't listen to us & is rebellious & we don't do something about it, when he gets to be five years old, he will be that much more so, when he gets to be seven, he's going to be that much MORE & by the time he is a TEEN he might just leave the Family, which has happened, sad to say!
       We don't have to wait until they are pre-teens or teens to go on the attack! We need to now! I wish I had known what I know now when we had our first set of teens. But we can learn from our mistakes. With our first four teens we lost one & we know why we lost him. (Daniel of "Teen Terrors", ML#1512) We didn't really discern spiritually what was going on with him. He was Mr. Perfect, Mr. Self-Righteous. He hardly ever got disciplined or spanked because he was so good all the time. We should have tuned in to the Spirit & what was going on inside of his heart, how he was building up this shell of self-righteousness--but we didn't see it. So he got so hard that by the time he was old enough to leave, he just left. He couldn't take or receive any more counsel.


       I know that with myself, there is so much to read about children & I feel so incompetent in the whole situation, I could almost give up in frustration! But the victory is in DOING SOMETHING! Just take the Pubs out & read them! Read "Inspired Teaching" & say to yourself, "Tonight I'm going to get out of myself & I'm going to jump on the floor & roll up in the rug & really put on a show for the kids & they'll love it!" The next day you can read something else, & little by little, we'll learn. We may feel we don't know anything, but everybody feels that way. But we just need to do what we CAN do & the Lord will do the REST. Parent Time is a worthwhile investment!


Question on Nature Video Scenes for Children
From John & Mercy Simple, India Area

       We've been copying some National Geographic video documentaries. They are very interesting about nature etc. One question we had about showing these videos to children is that some of them have unpleasant sights, like eagles eating small animals or some primitive people frying monkeys to eat etc. It's not super gory, but not so nice either, but we were not sure whether it would be better to edit out these parts or if it's okay for children to see these things as part of their education, as some things in nature are quite rough, e.g. lions killing other animals. We were just not sure how much we should shield the children from sights like that that are not "evil" as such. Any counsel you have will be such a blessing. Thanks!

A Tip for Returning Brethren!
From James & Dove, U.S.A

       There are many helpful organisations who help & give PG clothing to expectant moms or new moms, & their children. To find them look in your yellow pages under Pregnancy. Look for such names as BIRTHRIGHT, CHILDBIRTH EDU-CATION ASSOCIATION (CEA), PREGNANCY AIDE, LA LECHE LEAGUE. These, as well as other pregnancy services are real helpers! You don't have to be on Welfare either! Just phone them & provision! Some can even get baby furniture!

Health & Teeth Care
From Samuel & Joanna, N.America

       The Lord provided our whole family with free dental service--x-rays, cleaning, exams & any work needed. It was a real answer to prayer! The clinic even taught the adults & the kids the proper way to clean & floss your teeth. After all these years we didn't realise we weren't cleaning our teeth properly. We've noticed a lot of adults in the Family who've had a problem with bleeding & sore gums (I was one) & we found out it's called gingivitis, a minor gum disease caused from not brushing the gums & flossing daily. After a week of flossing daily & brushing the gums, the gum disease & bleeding is going away.
       We were wondering if health is part of the Family Schools' curriculum? A demonstration of these important health & hygiene practices could be done to save our kids & teens the pain of cavities & teeth having to be pulled. We personally didn't take note or really watch & thoroughly train our kids in this area, although they were brushing every day! We've seen a number of kids in the Family who've had cavities as young as four years old. With a lot of kids on poorer fields where the water isn't properly fluorinated, if at all, we were wondering if it's a little area that could be incorporated into a Health class in our Schools, if it hasn't been already? WLY!

How to Clean Black (Food) Stains on Teeth
From SEA Jumbo
       My three children had black stains on their teeth & they really looked bad, like cavities! This was especially noticeable behind the front teeth which were very stained.
       My husband took my second child to a dentist in a dental hospital in Australia & they said all their teeth were healthy & that the black stains were food stains from sweets. This made quite a scene among the dentists in the hospital & they even consulted with other dentists from different hospitals but they couldn't find a solution as the black stains just seemed to be coming back even after they cleaned with a "special" toothpaste.
       Then when my 1-1/2-year-old son had it noticeably quite bad, I really prayed & asked the Lord for the solution. I read the story of "Why is the Sea Salty?" & it mentioned there that we can also use BAKING SODA in a dab of toothpaste to clean our teeth. I also remember that it says in HH5 that soaking stained & very dirty soiled clothes in BAKING SODA softens the dirt which helps it wash off more easily.
       So I tried using lots of baking soda in a dab of toothpaste (so it will stick) & just using my fingers, covered with a clean handkerchief, I rubbed on the stains until they were all gone. My son learned to like it, & we now use baking soda regularly with their toothpaste. Now their teeth are clean from this stain, TYJ! All glory & credit to Him!

Health Records for Transit Children
From Joseph Dust, N.America

       I would like to suggest that parents whose teens or pre-teens go to other Homes or even other countries, send along a detailed report on the child's health record listing all the childhood diseases that they've had (& also any vaccinations they may have had) as well as stating if the child is allergic to any drug or penicillin.

Good Workbooks for Schooling!
From Abel & Marie Claire, India Area

       We invested over $40 in Math & Grammar Workbooks for every child in the Home this month which has been a tremendous victory as it is a good series, interesting & challenging, & the kids really like doing them together & in their free time. The Math Series is called "Understanding Math-ematics" 1-7a, & is very comprehensive. The Grammar Series is called "Better English" by Ronald Ridout, Introductory & 1-5 series--lots of fun, comprehensive & interesting--by Oxford University Press.

PG Mom Finds Ministry Provisioning!
From Priscilla, Lat.America

       I'm expecting my seventh child & I've always been rather weak during my preg-nancies. Now, I don't have much strength either & feel more tired than usual. One day, our Home was running short of personnel & the Lord gave me the desire to go out & be a help. So I prayed desperately by myself in my room for the solution & the Lord gave me DM 2:143--"Never underestimate the advantage of a handicap!" This DM touched me so much that I gathered strength I didn't even have & after the Lord's answer, I went on a faith trip & the Lord helped us distribute many tapes in just a few hours!
       The most amazing thing is that after this miracle, the Lord showed me that being at the end of my pregnancy I needed to rest more, so I started phone-provisioning & the Lord has been blessing it bountifully & has supplied shoes for all the children, clothes for our dear brethren, 200 metres of cloth material to make sleeping bags, sets of pots & pans, towels, briefcases etc.!
       It's amazing to see how much the Lord can use us when we're weak, because when we're weak, HE is strong in us! Trust in the Lord, He always has a reason for everything & never fails us!

Lesson from Overdose of Worm Medicine!
From Charity, SEA

       I learned a very sobering lesson this month when I gave one of the OCs a dose of worm medicine which was three times more than he was supposed to have taken! I was expecting him to pass it to the adult sitting next to him, but I had not given him SPECIFIC instructions first, & as I turned back to him, he had already swallowed all six pills! Right away we prayed for him, & phoned pharmacies & hospitals to get some counsel. One doctor suggested giving raw egg white to induce vomiting, which seemed to bring some of it up. TTL, he was ok! This potentially dangerous situation could have been avoided, & these are some things I learned:
       1) Always PRAY BEFORE giving any medication.
       2) Explain to all adults or children the amount they need to take, & in the case of children, watch them one by one as they take it & swallow it. Go slowly & prayerfully.
       3) Never give medicine to a child to distribute, always to an adult who should administer it to the children prayerfully.
       4) Counsel together beforehand about the medicine: Time to give it, how much, who to, etc. so if the Lord wants to show us anything, He can speak through one of those in counsel.
Lessons from Get-Out Accident!
From Jonathan Fighter, Ruth Follower, Tim & Maria Willing, India Area

       Recently we had a serious accident happen during Get Out. It was the birthday of our eldest daughter & she had invited some friends from another Home. The children were allowed to play a rough & dangerous game of "Red Rover". One young guest broke through the line of children on the opposing team & cut her wrist quite badly as she broke through a window. GHUs! Here are some of the lessons learned from this experience:
       * The children & Get Out overseer didn't pray before starting the Get Out.
       * We hadn't read the NRO Newsletter the same day which gave timely Childcare counsel & warnings which could have prevented the accident.
       * We failed to unite with the Home to make specific plans for the birthday party.
       * The Get Out overseers were not inspired & whole-hearted, but just doing it because it had to be done, which we, as Shepherds, feel is OUR fault, as we didn't give them the vision & inspire them.
       * The Get Out overseer yielded to the children's pressure to play this game, although he had gotten a check not to play it.

Superworkbooks Are Not Textbooks!
From Mesha Grace, Lat.America

       Since the Superworkbooks are now WS approved & will be used by many of the Family's children, I would like to suggest that a new version of the curriculums in the Childcare Handbooks II & III be published with all of the points marked that are already covered well enough in the Superworkbooks. (EDITOR: UPDATED CURRICULUM GUIDE COMING SOON! PTL!) This would make it easier for those teaching the children to concentrate on the topics most needed & not spend time on things already included in the Superworkbooks.

Nursery Tips!

Baby Discipline!

       Q: What do I do when my three-month-old baby screams & squeals loudly when not happy about his situation? Is he too young to pop on the mouth?
       A: It's better to try to make him happy by distracting him or changing his situation. At that age crying or squealing is about the only way a child has of letting you know his needs. Besides, any discipline of this nature could be interpreted as child abuse by the System.

From SEA Jumbo

       TTL, we've had some big breakthroughs on learning more about thrush. I feel it might be really helpful counsel for others, especially now that we are having more communal nurseries in our Homes. The main thing we learned was how to keep it from spreading & reinfecting the baby, as the incubation period for thrush is two to five days. From the doctor, we found out that thrush is heat resistant, so merely boiling the nipples is not going to kill the thrush, which we have found to be very true, & we have reinfected the babies ourselves because of not knowing this. This fungus has an outer protective shell that is heat resistant, so what is really more effective is scrubbing. In porous coarse material, like nipples & soft plastic toys, the spores can bury themselves deep inside, so scrubbing it really vigorously breaks up this outer shell. In the case of nipples, you need to scrub them really well with soap & water then boil them for three minutes, & let them sit for two hours, & then boil them again for thirty minutes. If you look at the thrush as an egg inside a shell, once you boil it & you let it sit for two hours, the fungus will grow. It will shoot up through the pores in the nipple again & then boiling it a second time will take away the remaining thrush spores that are inside the nipple pores.
       It's best to change the nipples after there are no more spots in the mouth, to avoid the baby getting reinfected, but since we have been boiling & cleaning the nipples & toys as mentioned above, we've had no reinfected cases, although we are still using the same nipples & pacifiers. Any plastic toys will need the same kind of treatment, as alcohol & lysol won't kill thrush. It's also very important that all who care for the baby--the Childcare workers & the mommies--are very careful & consistent, so as to avoid reinfection.
       We got an Oral gel locally which has worked the quickest of anything that we have tried. So now all of our babies are without thrush, PTL!

From Isaiah, Tina & Joan, SEA

       After receiving the Letter "How to Witness to Pagans!", we felt really burdened to teach our children how to witness--relating more to people's religious background & upbringing. We had been taking our children witnessing & soul-winning in shopping malls, not using Posters & tapes as a conversation opener due to the persecution we had received. We had a team of children approach people, introducing themselves & asking questions about the people. When it came to witnessing, though, it was difficult for the children to more thoroughly explain about Jesus & simple Salvation. They were so used to just asking people, "Do you want to go to Heaven?"
       So we had an idea to make little booklets for the children, using the kind of simple photo books you get when you receive your prints after developing a film, index cards & Kidz MOP pictures. We had a running text in the local language like: PAGE 1: God is a Spirit of Love & He loves you. PAGE 2: Jesus came to show God's Love to us. PAGE 3: Jesus wants to be your helper...going on to explain all that Jesus wants to do for them & all He wants to give them--just as Dad explained in the Letter, leading them to the question of whether they want Love & help for their problems, & ending with a Salvation prayer. We chose a picture from the Kidz MOP to accompany each point & glued the photocopied picture on the index cards & had the children colour them.
       The children were really excited about going out with their little books! They are now bolder than before & winning more souls. The people are really fascinated by the pictures, which the children explain to them, & through the text which the children read to them, they get a real thorough picture of Who Jesus is & what He can give them. We also started to get much better donations for the Posters that we offered to the people who we showed these books to. The children felt much more used & fulfilled in their witnessing & would faithfully send the people that seemed especially sweet & receptive, a copy of the follow-up letter that they put together. Although it took time & effort to put these books together, it was well worth it all, PTL!


       Molly, (3 yrs. old) tumbled off the upper bunk while fooling around & got quite a bump on her head, but, TTL, nothing more serious. While recovering in bed she soberly looked up at Mommy & said, "You know, the flying part was kind of fun, but it was the hitting the floor that hurt!"
       Our son asked me why one of the handymen's name was Noe & not Noah. So I explained that he is from Mexico & that's the Spanish spelling for Noah. "And besides," I said, "that's how it's spelled in one place in the New Testament." (Mat.24:37) "Well how do you know that it's not a misspelling?" he asked. "Danny," I retorted, "that's the King James Version & it's been around for 400 years!" Whereupon he quipped, "And no one's ever noticed it?!"--Andy, Pacific

       Beth & 3-yr-old Paul were having a Bible story & she was explaining to him how Jesus went to Bethany to visit Mary, Martha & Lazarus. Curious as to whether Paul was following the story, she asked him, "Now WHO did Jesus go to Bethany to visit?" Paul right away answered, "Mary, Margarine & Molasses!"

       Three-year-old Peter always walks about the Home singing to himself as he goes about his play etc. One day Daddy heard him singing a song & it sounded like he was singing the wrong words. So Daddy asked him to sing a little louder so he could hear what words he was singing. So little Peter proceeded to sing louder, "The lady in the temple & in every house!" --Ha! ("Daily in the Temple", Scripture song from Memory Songbook Tape 4, coming soon!)


       (These points will need to be discussed with the parents or teachers & adapted to your field & situation before planning your witnessing teams.)

[EDITED: " "] Is each child that is being considered for the witnessing team healthy & well rested from the day before?
[EDITED: " "] Did any of the children on the team receive any discipline or have any emotional difficulties that you would need to talk & pray with them about before leaving?
[EDITED: " "] Does each child have comfortable shoes for the day out?
[EDITED: " "] Does each child have the proper clothing for the weather?
[EDITED: " "] Does each child on your team have presentable, neat & clean clothing to wear, all checked before leaving?
[EDITED: " "] Have you discussed with the teachers & childcare personnel if witnessing is the best activity for each member of your team today?
[EDITED: " "] Has each child been prepared in some way to participate in the witness, whether singing, sharing verses or presenting a flannelgraph in a personal witnessing situation?
[EDITED: " "] Are any materials that they will need prepared & ready?
[EDITED: " "] Are the children well instructed in traffic & general safety & special things they will need to know about the witnessing site?
[EDITED: " "] Are the children prepared to answer personal questioning wisely?
[EDITED: " "] Do the adults with the children have sufficient personal identification & other paperwork to show their right to be with the children?
[EDITED: " "] Do adults have contingency plans & emergency funds in the event of not being able to return home immediately?


[EDITED: " "] Have you scheduled time to pray with the children & discuss your outreach plans for the day as well as read some Word to help them do their best for Jesus?
[EDITED: " "] Does each child have a pen & notepad to take the names & addresses of any sheep they meet?
[EDITED: " "] Do the Shepherds of the Home know where the team will be going for the day?
[EDITED: " "] Have you packed or planned some nourishing snacks or lunches for the children to make sure they don't get hungry?
[EDITED: " "] Does each child have enough funds with them to make a phone call in case of an emergency?
[EDITED: " "] Does each child know the phone number of your Home & do they know how to make a phone call?
[EDITED: " "] Can each child on your team speak enough of the local language to ask where they are located?
[EDITED: " "] Is the child's address, name & phone number pinned somewhere on their clothing as a safety measure? (In English & the local language)
[EDITED: " "] Does each child have a Memory Book or something else to read during your breaks?
[EDITED: " "] Do you have cologne or some form of hand wash, a small First Aid kit, & some knowledge of what to do in the event of an injury?


[EDITED: " "] Does each adult know which children they are directly responsible for?
[EDITED: " "] Do the children know which adult is in charge of them?
[EDITED: " "] Are you trying to direct your conversation towards the children, answering any of their questions & being on guard for anything unedifying they might see so you can explain these things to them?
[EDITED: " "] Have you taken some time to help them "sharpen their swords" by reviewing some verses on witnessing, boldness etc.?
[EDITED: " "] Are you helping them keep their fingers out of their eyes & mouths? (Especially if taking public transport.)
[EDITED: " "] Are you looking for opportunities to help them do some personal witnessing while sitting on the train or bus?
[EDITED: " "] Will YOU check to make sure they don't leave anything on the train or bus when you get off?
[EDITED: " "] Are you on guard especially during the confusing moments of arriving, organising etc.? (Be sure the children each know where they should be & what they should be doing when they arrive & when they load up.)


[EDITED: " "] Are you including the children in your witnessing, & letting them "do their part"?
[EDITED: " "] Are you faithful to accompany them to the bathroom so they don't go alone?
[EDITED: " "] Are you remaining with the children at all times, never leaving them alone or out of your sight?
[EDITED: " "] Have you watched their schedule to be sure they get their water & snacks?
[EDITED: " "] Are you checking to make sure they aren't getting tired, & if they are, will you take a break & have some Word?
[EDITED: " "] Are you staying away from quick sweet treats & are you finding the children healthy snacks?
[EDITED: " "] Are you taking time to really encourage the children for the good job they are doing, pointing out everything that you are happy about?
[EDITED: " "] Have you let them know how thankful you are that they are on your team?
[EDITED: " "] Are you taking time to help the children talk to the people they meet, teaching them how to win their soul & take their name & address?
[EDITED: " "] Have you stopped during the day to pray with the children for the Lord's continued blessings and guidance on your day?


[EDITED: " "] Please pray a cleansing prayer & thank the Lord for a good day--no matter what your stats were.--The children were faithful!
[EDITED: " "] Help them to wash up, change clothes & put everything away neatly!
[EDITED: " "] Will you sit down with the children & help them organise the names of their sheep so you can follow up on them?
[EDITED: " "] Try to take time to help them put together some testimonies to share with the Home about their day so they can see what the Lord did!
[EDITED: " "] Really encourage them for a job well done & thank them for being on your team!

Copyright 1996 The Family