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Family Specials News Magazine!

  FSM 225   
(FN 334)


By Family Services,

Zurich, Switzerland




The Two-Way Supply Street!       1

God's Supernatural Supply Lines!       6

The Lord's Blessings on Luke 14:33!       7

All It Takes Is Faith!       8

"You Are Living in Paradise!"       9

Provisioning Contacts Won  
     to the Lord!       10

More Provisioning Pointers!       11

A King Won by Prayer!       12

The More He Gives, the More  
     He's Blessed!       16

The Two-Way Supply Street!
If you love Him & delight yourself in the Lord, & work faithfully & try to love others, & help them, He'll do anything for you, anything!  He'll supply all your need according to His riches in glory!  (Phi.4:19 & Psa.37:4)  That's what the Word of God says, these are promises of God, so you should believe them, claim them, & expect God to fulfill them!"  (GP DM 129)
The Lord's Miraculous Supply!
From Charity, Pacific:
It's very inspiring when the Lord does a very obvious miracle to supply your needs--something that is very clearly a supernatural answer to prayer!  I remember one such situation when we had rented a new Home.  We had taken a big step of faith to rent this particular house because the rent was about three times what the Family had normally been paying for rent on their Homes.  But we firmly believed it was the Lord's Will, & it seemed to be exactly what we needed, especially as it was very conveniently located close to downtown.  The Lord had done miracles to get us in the house, by supplying the funds for the deposit & first months' rent, & working out the details of the contract. So we believed we could trust Him for miracles to continue to provide the rent.
The first few months were the most difficult as far as making ends meet because we were new in the city & therefore didn't have any contacts or regular donors, but the Lord faithfully supplied each month! PTL! I recall one month in particular when, due to unusual circumstances, we were in quite a desperate state where the rent was due in just a few days & we had not put any money aside to pay it.  We had a reduced number of adults in the Home at that time, as some were away for various reasons, & we had a large number of children, so there was no way we could have raised the money we needed by just working harder & going out witnessing more. We needed an absolute miracle!
Another sister & I were so desperate that we got down on our knees & asked the Lord to do something special, & we claimed some promises.  Within minutes after praying this desperate prayer, the phone rang.  When we answered, to our surprise & delight, it was a brother from the Office telling us that our Home had received a $3,000 cheque from a donor on the other side of the World, but it had been lost for months.  They said we could meet them that very afternoon to pick up the money! It was a miraculous instant answer to prayer!--And we were so excited!  It was thrilling!  The cheque covered our rent, our tithe on the cheque & we still had some money left over!  PTL!
Now whenever I find myself in a situation where we lack funds or are in dire straits, I think back upon that experience & it continues to give me faith in the Lord's miracle-working power!  Like A Dime from the Sky", the Lord can supply in absolutely supernatural ways when we desperately call out to Him!  TYJ! (See GN 527, God's Financial Blessings!")
From Pearl, Pacific:
Our 7-year-old son, Peter, had prayed for a large-print Bible. We had discussed it, & I, Pearl, had gone to the local Christian bookstore to price the large-print Bibles & get information about them. The cheapest Bible was way out of our price range & it just seemed an impossible situation. Then the Lord convicted me to pray with the Home for the Bible, as I felt impressed by that still small voice", saying God wanted to get all the glory. We returned to the store & I explained to the owner about Peter's prayer request & asked if there was any way he could help us get the Bible for him.
Before I could finish, he started to tell me a story of an old lady who had been blind & was miraculously healed. She had given him $500 seven years before, & told him if anyone ever asked for a large-print Bible, he was to make sure they had enough money to get it. With that, he pointed to the shelf & sweetly told me to pick the one I wanted, TYJ! It surely was a special gift from the Lord!
From Chrys, Patience & Samuel, North America:
Although everyone is crying recession"  & saying it's harder for them to give, nevertheless the Lord has been doing lots of miracles to supply our needs!  We have received lots of warm clothing for all the Homes, literally a ton of frozen foods (mostly proteins), & lots of nice things for the children's shiner prizes.  The Lord has even been supplying hotel rooms for us to use as an office for our scheduled provisioning days.
From Marianne, Maria & Elia, Pacific:
One of our biggest victories this month is that we have made a lot of progress in our financial situation.  We were several hundred dollars short on our budget so we started a prayer vigil chain & went on the attack in the Spirit.  The Lord really blessed & answered our prayers & our income was twice as much as last month.  
From Stefan Simple & Lydia Handmaiden, North America:
TYJ!  The Lord did a real miracle regarding our house.  The house had been put up for sale at an auction because the landlord had gone into debt to the IRS (tax department).  But the Lord really turned it all around to our favour because no one bought the house & one of our kings has offered to buy it for us.  It's been a real answer to prayer to see how the Lord has done so many miracles to enable us to stay here.  PTL!  
Blessings from Going for Souls, Not Sales!
From Newman & Tommy, Pacific:
A lone man was our only audience in a local bar we went into, & we asked him if we could sing him some songs.  After three or four Family songs, straight from the Word, he said that if we would sing him our favourite song, he would give us a large donation.  So we sang him, It's Nice to Be Here".
Then he said, Sing another one like that & I'll give you twice as much!"  This went on for about three or four songs!  We were wondering if this guy was testing us or what!?  We then decided to sit down & really witness to him.  We explained our Work & more about what we do, & he was really touched.  
Right away he gave us an envelope with about $800!  PTL!  We've seen him & talked with him several times since then & he's becoming a real friend, GBH!
From Christina & Josh, Pacific:
Cedar, witnessing with two teens, went into a large entertainment center & asked for the boss.  They were able to witness quite deeply to him, & explain our Work.  He was really impressed with all that was shared with him, & as a result, he began to write a long letter addressed to the teachers at our School.  In the letter, he explained how he felt very guilty that his is such a wealthy country, but gives so little to help others.  He then proceeded to give a very large donation.  He really wants us to stay in touch & to continue to help our Work!
From SEA Shepherds:
In one major city we visited recently, it seemed the Homes were not pressing in to get out as many witnessing teams as possible, but when we shared with them how more people could get out each day, they were really excited!  We had desperate laying on of hands with our witnessing people, sending them out with the vision of follow-up, provisioning, Postering etc., & the Lord didn't fail to work miracles!  The first day out after desperate prayer, the Lord brought in almost $3,000 through a few friends, which the Family here said had never happened before in that city!  Also He supplied lots of provisioned goods for the Homes, desperately needed items!  The Lord made it clear what He could do, if we would desperately pray & get out witnessing!  
The Lord Blesses Love & Concern for Our Donors & Sheep!
From Annie, Andrew & Charity, North America:
When the transmission of our Homes's van needed replacing,  we found a repair shop who promised to do the work at a good discount, in consideration for our Work.  The owner explained that his foreman was absent from work because his mother had just died the night before, & asked us to bring in the van after a few days.  
We asked our children to make special cards for the foreman, & also for his father who was grieving over his wife's death.  When we came to the repair shop with the cards & a How to Be Happy Anyhow"  Tape, the mechanic was very touched & promised to fix our van as soon as possible.  
When we returned three days later, their shop was surrounded with cars parked everywhere.  (The Lord was blessing their business!)--Plus they had already decided, to our surprise, not to charge us a penny for fixing our van!  TYJ!
From Anna, North America:
Last month the Lord gave us a new contact for clothing.  Before we were able to call her this month to ask for another donation for Latin America, the Lord had her call us to let us know she had more clothing to donate!  Last month she gave 20 boxes of good children's clothing, & this month said she had 30.
When we went to pick it up, we were able to spend quite a bit of time talking with her.  She shared that she felt the Lord sent us to her because she was going through a divorce & needed some encouragement.  We were able to share with her about bitterness & about trusting the Lord for what He's doing in her life.  She has begun reading the DFs & really enjoys them.
When we went to load up the truck, there ended up being 71 boxes instead of the original 30!  We shared with her how this clothing was going to be sent all over & she was so thankful to be a part of our Work for Jesus.  PTL!
From Serena & Sharon, SEA:
We'd been seeing one man for quite a while but almost stopped, thinking perhaps he wasn't worth the investment in time.  We got very convicted, though, by Dad's Letter about how slow we need to go with Orientals, so we went back to see him again.  On this visit, he made it clear that we should come regularly every month.  As we did this, he began giving a small gift monthly.  Later, when we asked him for a fairly large donation for our new house, we were waiting with bated breath to see what he would do.  When we went to see him about it, he was very happy to see us & cheerfully gave the full amount we had asked as well as his regular gift for the children!  When we asked him if he had received our mail ministry letter about giving & Rockefeller, he gave us a big grin & said, Yes!"  He gave much more than he ever had before & we saw the fruit of the Word which we had been sending him!  TYJ!
From Barney, Dominic & Joanna, North America:
For Christmas, the kids in our Home had all been busy making home-made cookies, & little plaques of cookie dough with sweet messages of love, addressed to people who have been so generous in their giving to help our missionary Work.  
One of our contacts is with a luggage company which has been faithfully donating suitcases to our Work, & in appreciation, we wanted to follow up on a sweet secretary who has been so helpful.  The kids had practiced some Christmas carols, & made a little Christmas card in the shape of a suitcase, with a Merry Christmas message inside.  
When we arrived in the office, we all gave her a hug, & then presented our gifts to her.  As the boys began to sing, her heart began to melt.  This particular woman can at times be loud, but at this moment her whole spirit changed & she became very soft & quiet as the kids sang the song, The Real Meaning of Christmas!"  
She said, This is a first for me, & I just want to go bury my nose in my desk & cry."  She mentioned that she has no children of her own, & as the tears welled up in her eyes, she said, I'm going to save these cookies for Christmas Eve to remember you, & I'm going to share this experience with my husband when I get home."  It drew us all closer together & she also commented, These children are special!"
After picking up another hundred pieces of luggage, we all wished each other a Merry Christmas.  It gave us a real sense of joy to be able to go out to give something special to those the Lord has led us to.  
Not only has the Lord supplied thousands of dollars worth of suitcases, but it is such a miracle that the Lord even supplied a shipping contact to enable us to send these items off to the brethren in different areas.  We're so thankful!  
From Lily Newman, Asia:
We had been writing monthly to an older Christian Jewish woman we had met just prior to coming to India.  In the six years we sent her our monthly Prayer Letter, she never once sent a donation!  A while ago she travelled to our mission field & we were able to meet with her & had sweet fellowship, & she gave the kids a few little gifts.  Then recently, we received news that she had gone to be with the Lord.  We got an official paper in the mail informing us that this woman had left us 2-1/2% of her financial assets!  TYJ!  
It touched our hearts so very much & confirmed Dad's continual admonitions to us to be faithful with the mail.  Even though we had never received pledges or gifts from this woman, the Lord kept her on our mailing list because she needed the encouragement & spiritual feeding, & because the Lord knew all along that she was going to help us & the Lord's Work.  TYJ!
These People Work for Me!"
From John, Abigail & Claire, South America:
When hitchhiking, our witnessers met a precious young man named Guillermo, 25 years old, who is from a wealthy family here.  He invited them to visit him at his business, & when they did, he was so taken with the testimonies & witnessing that he gave us 30 very nice men's shirts of top quality, which was a super blessing in the Home, GBH!  
A few days later, as he passed by our large School, a big truck stopped in front of his car, & he was detained right at the back of our property for over 15 minutes!  He hadn't intended to visit us, but finally felt so overwhelmed with the desire to come in that he did so, GBH.  Even though he only meant to stay a few minutes, he ended up staying over an hour, as we witnessed to him about Salvation by grace, the Love of the Lord, etc.  
He was so fed up with the legalism of the church & so hungry for true answers, GBH!  A few days later, he came over to visit again, this time bringing another load of 100 top-quality men's shirts, GBH!  They were desperately needed in the Home by our men & Teens, so we are so thankful for the Lord's supply.
He shared how when we had asked him for some shirts, he had heard a voice inside him that told him, These people work for Me, & you must give them these shirts.  These shirts are a payment from Me for their Work!"  He explained this to his dumbfounded employee & felt a real peace about this donation afterwards, GBH!
The most inspiring part of this testimony is how Guillermo is drinking in the Word!  On his second visit, we were able to take him on a tour of the School, & he was so amazed & impressed by our children, how well they behave & how loving they all are.  This was the proof to him that this love is sincere, as he himself confessed that he knew the children were singing & greeting him from their heart.  He was very touched by their sincerity, TTL!
He was especially moved by the Teen/JETT singing group, & was teary-eyed when they sang the last song, Jesus Is the Same Yesterday & Today", & kept commenting on how the kids didn't just sing, but sang to him, looking him in the eyes.
He got saved that morning & offered to donate all the material needed to sew uniforms for 70 children, as well as lending us industrial machines to make them.  (We have two seamstresses in our Home & with these industrial machines, it would take only about two days to sew them.)  TYJ for how He answers prayer for supply, & also for this precious friend!
Like a Dime from the Sky!
From Thad Newlife, James & Faith Davidson, Latin America:
Our finances have been tight recently, so we were watching closely how we spent them, at the same time trusting the Lord to supply.  Then while Faith was doing the weekly shopping, she realised that she had more groceries than she had money for.  
While she was wondering what to do about this, the cashier asked her to spin a little machine.  If a coloured ball drops out, you are a winner.  Not even really realising what she was doing or why she was doing it, she obeyed.  The right ball dropped out & the cashier said, You can have everything in your carts for free!"  All our purchases were free!  All we could do was just thank & praise the Lord for how He supplies & honours our trust in Him!
From Pedro & Magdalena, Latin America:
After a wonderful & fruitful day witnessing, we were very hungry & tired.  We prayed together, asking the Lord to supply a good supper.  After various restaurants said they were unable to help us, we returned to our hotel room, too tired to go on.  Much to our amazement, when we entered the room there was a delicious supper spread out on the table before us!  We thought there had probably been some mistake, but we found a note from the lady who had sent us the meal.
It turned out to be a sweet woman we had witnessed to who worked at this hotel!  She told us that she had been thinking of us & just had the desire to send us supper.  PTL, He never fails to supply all of our needs!
From Eva the Lion Heart, SEA:
Recently the Lord supplied the funds for our Home to get a needed video machine, but we hadn't bought one yet.  This month,  John went to visit a friend who has known the Family for several years.  After his class, this friend offered to sponsor 24 Videos & gave a large donation towards our Work.--And before John left, our friend said, By the way, do you need a video machine?  I've had this one for a while but I don't really use it, so I was wondering what to do with it!"  Ha!  TTL!  It was exactly what we needed!  Now we can use the funds for other needy purposes!
Victory Out of Seeming Defeat!
From Miguel & Esther, Europe:
One day Francesco was out on pickups when he heard a strange noise in the motor of his car & as he pulled into a gas station, the motor stopped working.  He counselled with the mechanic who said the motor was finished & that the car needed a new motor!  What to do?!
A young distinguished-looking man just happened to overhear Francesco witnessing to the mechanic about our beliefs.  He came over & said he would like to help.  We later found out he is an important man in City Hall, & was on his way to an appointment with the Mayor.
He said that he had a mechanic friend & he helped Francesco get the car to his friend's garage.  The second mechanic gave the same diagnosis & said he had another motor just like ours, but that it would cost a huge amount of money!  Francesco witnessed to the mechanic & he cut the price in half, GBH.  
Francesco explained that we still couldn't afford that price, but the young man from City Hall offered to pay almost all of what the new motor cost!  What a miracle!  Our new friend is turning out to be a real precious friend, a potential king who wants to help our Work.  One of God's little set-ups!
It Never Hurts to Ask!  
From Stephen, Felicia, SEA:
While out witnessing, one of the sisters noticed a washing machine that was being sold quite cheap because of a broken door.  They asked the manager if he would lower the price even more, or donate it.  He confessed that that particular machine had quite a few other mechanical problems, but said he would be happy to buy us a new one!  PTL!  He had the machine delivered & even added a big thermos for cold water with it.  It was inspiring to see what God had in store for us, in obedience to following that one small check!  PTL!
From Dawn, Europe:
The Lord did a big miracle in touching a bank manager's heart.  I had 1,450 Pounds (about $2,500) left to repay on a loan made before joining the Family.  I only had 1,000 Pounds (about $1,770) in funds to repay it.  After prayer & counsel, we made an appointment & I explained my situation to the bank manager & asked if he would accept the 1,000 Pounds to close the loan.  Without hesitation he replied, Of course!  It's the least I can do to help you.  You've done all you can do, I can do the rest!"  Thank the Lord, what a miracle & answer to prayer!
The Lord Provides Miraculously for Travel!
From Matthew & Rose Psalm, SEA:
After a Mat.10:36 situation, we needed to raise over $3,000 within two weeks to move on to a new field.  For security reasons I was unable to go out of the house at first, so it definitely had to be the Lord!  The entire Home had desperate prayer, & the next day I began to call friends & ask for help.  I had been writing them & sending DFs & other material, but we hadn't been able to see most of them for a few months.  
However, we were amazed to see how willing they were to help us!--Fruit of all the mailings they received!  Through these people the Lord supplied almost all the required amount, plus a VCR for our new field!  TYJ!
From Andy & Maria, Asia (now in South America):
The Lord did amazing miracles to provide our needs to go to our new field in South America.  After receiving the answers from our supporters to our appeal for funds for the trip, we were still about $3,000 short, not to speak of needing landing funds.  We had no other supporters to ask, & had heard that provisioning from the airlines wasn't going that well.  Besides that, the war in the Persian Gulf was on, & in our area we hadn't been able to go on outreach!  It was an impossible situation, that only God could miraculously solve.
We prayed & the Lord gave us the story of Etta in Streams that Never Run Dry", the girl who went to the train station without having the funds.  The Lord gave us the faith to set a specific date for our trip three weeks later.  Then, once we had put God on the spot, He started working miracles!  PTL!  
In less than two hours of work, one airline agreed to give us over $3,000 discount on the tickets (50%).  TYJ!  We also approached one man we had visited a couple of times & on the spot he agreed to give us a large donation!  So in just a couple of days the Lord had raised up not only the funds for the trip, but also $1,000 of landing funds!  TYJ!  GB our Shepherds & everyone in the Homes, whose backing & support, both physically & spiritually, was very encouraging!  
From Clay, South America:
After visiting our relatives & attending delegates' meetings, we discovered that our plane tickets home for us & our four children had expired!  We had been under the impression that they were good for one year, but as it stood we had no refund coming & extension of our tickets was denied by the airline company!  
We were really desperate to know what the problem was, as it sure didn't seem that we had gotten out of God's Will anywhere along the way.  We decided to put God on the spot & expect a miracle!  We made reservations & went to try to board with the tickets we had!
Before going to the airport, we had real good prayer with the whole Home.  When we got to the airport, the check-in girl accepted all six tickets with no comments or questions--but she could not find our reservations in the computer!  I gave her our reservation number, but she still couldn't find it.  
At this moment, another lady walked up & asked her if she had noticed our beautiful children.  She said she had, but that there was a problem with our reservations.  The lady glanced at our tickets, walked over to an open door & shouted in, Save six!"  TTL!  
We started checking in our luggage & our check-in girl started adding up all of our overweight.  Our angel"  lady came back & asked if everything was okay now, & the check-in girl told her we had excess baggage.  The lady once again glanced at our tickets & said, Oh, they're travelling all the way from Miami, let it go!"  TYJ!  Two miracles!  
To top it all off, on the way home we discovered that we were sitting next to a well-known songwriter & his producer.  They were quite taken with the children & eagerly prayed with 11-year-old Abigail to receive Jesus!
God's Supernatural Supply Lines!
From Isaac Numbers
A Thousand Dimes from the Sky!
Years ago in a small Home in Australia, we were struggling with a hand-to-mouth economy.  Our daily food expenses were nibbling away at any attempts to save enough funds to get ahead.  Finally we decided that to help us to get out of this day-to-day vicious cycle, we would aim for one certain day as our target for buying a large quantity of food in bulk.  We decided to dedicate an Attack Week"  to raising as much funds as possible, & on Friday we would take the amount we brought in that week & go to the bulk buy store to hopefully buy a month's worth of food, at the cheaper bulk rates!  
We didn't have a vehicle, but after some prayer & work, we were able to borrow one from the father of one of the disciples.  Every day that week, everyone went out litnessing (this was before the days of Posters, Tapes or Videos), but at the end of the week we only had managed to set aside around $7.  Rather than accept defeat, we headed out to the markets by faith with the vehicle that we had borrowed for the day.
Just a few miles from the Home, a bright orange paper caught my eye (the colour of an Australian $20 bill).  I asked our driver to stop the car & jumped out, only to find an empty candy wrapper.  However, I looked a little further &, lo & behold, I found a $20 note!  By this time others had also joined the search.  We found a second, & then a third, followed by a fourth $20 bill.  When the fifth $20 bill was discovered, we knew the Lord had supplied our needs, & sure enough there was no more to be found.--That was just exactly the $100 that we needed.  
With the $7 we had been able to raise from litnessing, we were able to pay for the gas to return the car with a full tank to the owner.  So when we did what little we could do, the Lord did what we couldn't do, & in this case dropped the equivalent of a thousand dimes from the sky!  PTL!
The Heavenly Bread Delivery Service
At our main sample Home in Sydney one night, we were planning a nice dinner for our friends & contacts, & the Lord had abundantly supplied good fruit & vegetables & meat, TTL.  However, we were lacking bread, & as shops where we could provision bread had already closed for the day, we prayed for the Lord to miraculously supply somehow.  
No sooner had we prayed than there was a ring at the front door bell.  I answered the door to be confronted by a tall stranger who literally had his arms filled with long loaves of French bread, which he then tossed to me without saying a word!  In reflex I grabbed the bread & caught it, & in the time that it took me to catch my balance & compose myself & get ready to thank the man for his donation, he had already disappeared!  I have been young & now I'm old, yet have I not seen the righteous forsaken nor his seed begging bread!"  (Psa.37:25.)
The Lord's Blessings on Luke 14:33!
From Honey, Stephen & Mark, Pacific:
This is a testimony of the Lord's supply, as a blessing for our striving for greater unity!  Recently our finances have been rather tight, & after having a Home Pow-wow on this subject, the Lord led us to move to a more One Pot"  plan with our income.  We all agreed together that all gifts or funds received by Members of the Home would go into the Home funds.  
Previously, the Home policy had been that any gifts received by individuals would be kept, after tithing, which would allow everyone to build up some form of reserves or flee funds.  However, after we all surveyed our individual flee funds, we agreed as a Home that a reasonable amount for each person had been set aside. It seemed that maybe it was a good time to change the policy to put everything into the Home funds.  
After this decision, the Lord brought in more gifts than ever & we've all been bountifully blessed in every way! Our financial situation has continued improving, TYJ!  One thing for sure, the Lord never fails us & always supplies our needs!  PG!
From Joseph, Michael Daysman, Vessel Potter & Shalom Francisco, Latin America:
The selling of two vehicles & the built-up junk in the Home (old machines, handyman leftovers, etc.)  brought in 20% of our monthly income one month, which was a big victory!  These funds were put aside for our buffer, which is such a blessing to have.  It has been so inspiring to see the Lord do miracles to supply our needs, as we step out & obey!  TYJ!
From Laz & Marie Pismo, Latin America:
We're starting to de-junk the Home!  We had a room full of things"  to get rid of & we found a ragman"  who came & gave us the equivalent of $100for our unwanted items.  TYJ!  We plan to go through each department & get rid of whatever else is not used or needed.  It's a blessing to get rid of excess weight", as well as get some needed income from selling it!
In addition, each Home Member had a forsake-all of personal items.  This resulted in one of our PG moms having all her baby needs supplied, plus two families who left our Home for North America got needed clothes & winter items for their families, PTL!  God's plan of sharing with others & not storing unneeded items is the answer!
All It Takes Is Faith!
From Jonathan Ram, Latin America:
This is the exciting story of a miraculous witnessing adventure & faith trip!  Our team was made up of two adults, two Teens & three OCs.  Except for one of the Teens, none of us had had much witnessing experience at all!--And the OC singing group had never performed publicly before!  This encouraged us all that it was going to have to be the Lord to make the trip a success, as we sure couldn't lean on our own abilities or experience!
We had quite a long trip ahead of us, which would cost about $20 in tolls along the way.  This was a faith trip & we needed some miracles!  It wasn't long before we came to the first of several toll booths, with a rather expensive toll for the use of the nice highway.  We explained our Work to the girl at the booth & asked her if we could go through for free, which she gladly let us do!  We passed through all the other toll booths the same way, & never had to pay a toll the whole trip!
In the first city, the Lord used the singing team to touch the heart of a hotel manager who gladly gave us two rooms for the night! As the singing team continued to perform, the Lord continued to supply, providing a delicious meal for us all, as well as the gas to continue on our journey.
The next city where we stopped is very beautiful, clean & well-kept.  Some of us went to see the manager of a very nice motel, who readily gave us rooms for several days for our stay in this city.
After getting settled, we took off again with our little Gideon's band to go singing & distributing our beautiful Tapes & Videos in restaurants.  Though we hadn't eaten anything since lunch, with the excitement of getting to this new town we really  didn't think much about having dinner right away, as we all wanted so much to try witnessing here.
The first restaurant we went to turned out to be a real key for reaching this city! The owners had several of our Tapes from before & really liked them.  Later they introduced us to their friends & encouraged them to get Tapes & Videos, too!  It went very well for our first restaurant performance.  Then, as a special treat from the Lord, one of the customers in the restaurant, very touched by our songs, sample & Message, invited us all to eat dinner there!  
On our next-to-the-last day there, things slowed down quite a bit.  The restaurants were empty & it was very hot for going DTD or STS.  We had passed an orphanage earlier while looking for good DTD areas & we thought perhaps we should sing there to inspire the children & win their hearts to Jesus!  It was a girls' orphanage, & our little singing team sang for these precious little girls.  They all received Jesus, as did the caretakers, who were so touched!  
We then went to another children's home & did a performance there, too, which was also well received.  The Lord seemed to really bless our efforts in bringing some love & light to these children, as things really picked up again afterwards!  Our singing for these children turned out to be a very good testimony to many people we met in our witnessing & provisioning, as the people all seemed to know these places & were impressed that we had done these shows. Our sample in sharing the Lord's Love with these children made our witness much stronger.
Our last morning, we sang for the staff of the motel where we had stayed.  We told the woman who had been cleaning our room that we didn't have money for giving a big tip, but we really appreciated her & the kids wanted to sing for her, & she got so excited!  She started crying while we were singing & said it was the nicest thing that had ever happened to her!  She asked us to go & sing for some of the other workers too.  
We needed gas for our trip back home, & though we had gone to one gas station a few times in the previous days, it seemed the owner was never there & no one else was authorised to give free gas.  This time when we went up to the little window to ask if the owner was there, the secretary again said he wasn't there, then told us that he rarely came there & in fact was out of town just then.  Just as we started to walk away, she called out for us to wait a moment, as it seemed the owner had just arrived!
He turned out to be really friendly & offered to completely fill the large tank of our vehicle!  He then went on to say that he had a very beautiful ranch nearby & the next time we came to this city, he'd like to have the children come & spend a day at the ranch,  where there are swimming pools, tennis courts, etc.  TTL for this last little blessing the Lord had for us just as we were leaving town!  
You Are Living in Paradise!"
Church Supporters Visit a Training Center & Love It!  
From Phil & Shiloh, Enterprise Training Center, South America:
In 1980, when Dad first wrote about Invading the Churches", we thought we would give it a try, as we didn't have any Home Support at that time.  The Lord really blessed it, & the first church He led us to, a simple little country church, has been supporting us faithfully for the past 11 years!  Through the support we received from that church & people connected with it, we were able to stay fulltime in Eastern Europe for three & a half years, & now, since coming to Latin America, their support has been a big help here as well!
About two years ago, we needed some extra help, as we were looking for a new Home in which to start the Training Center, so we decided Phil would go up to the U.S.  to visit the church, & he took along a video we had made of the Work here.  The people were so touched that Phil was able to raise $8,000 in donations on that one visit!
Since that visit was so fruitful, it was suggested to us again to pray about a follow-up visit this past Christmas.  But when we called our supporters, to our surprise instead of them willingly agreeing to have us visit as they had the last time, they said that they would like to visit us instead!
We have to confess that the prospect of having church people visit us made us very nervous at first, but we prayed & asked the Lord to speak & give us some guidance!  He gave us nothing but encouraging promises about how He was going to do it, & that we shouldn't worry, but He would work everything out. PTL!
Our visitor was only supposed to be one man named Ray who was one of the elders of the church, but when calling the hotel to confirm his reservation, we found out that two men were coming!  It turned out that the second man was Harold, a friend of Ray's who is not churchy at all, although he is saved!  He decided at the last minute to just come along so that Ray would have a companion.  
Both are older--Harold is 63, & Ray is 72!  Ray had never been out of the U.S.  before, so it was quite an adventure for him to come to a Third World country such as this!  
Both Ray & Harold were very touched by their visit here.  Their first comment as we drove in the gate was, You are living in the Garden of Eden!"  They couldn't stop talking about how amazed they were at the Work here, as they said that our newsletter didn't give them any idea of what it was really like!  They kept saying over & over, The Lord is really blessing you!"
The first day, we gave them a complete tour of the Training Center & they loved everything, down to the chickens & the irrigation system.  The next day we took them over to the School & they visited each classroom.  They fell in love with the children & marvelled at how even the littlest ones are so well-taught!
Their visit was a little over a week long, & we were able to have many inspiring times feeding them & showing them we love them!  They really enjoyed an inspiration we had around the campfire one night, & Harold got up & told the Teens his testimony of what a sinner he was (he had been an alcoholic) & how the Lord changed his life when he got saved 13 years ago.
Another night we had a special meeting for prayer, which really meant a lot to them. We sang Songs for Loving Jesus", shared witnessing testimonies & had prayer for the different sheep we are ministering to.  Some of the local brethren came, as well as one of our kings.  Towards the end of the meeting, we asked if Ray would like to share some of what the Lord had done in his life, which he was happy to do.  
He began by telling us a little about his past life, which was a little dry, but suddenly in the middle of his testimony he started telling the Teens, You should be very thankful for what you have here!  You don't realise it, but you are living in Paradise while the whole World is in a mess!"  
Then he went on to say that his visit here was the most beautiful experience of his life & at this point he began weeping, as he told us that this was like the fulfillment of all he has worked for--to be able to come to the mission field & see what the Lord is doing here!  He is a person who is not outwardly emotional at all, & we really felt that the Spirit had just zapped him & he didn't even know what was happening to him!
So the Lord really anointed the visit & helped them accept our many unconventional ways!  In fact, when they did notice things which are out of the ordinary for someone who is not in the Family, they seemed to like it!  Ray said that he was going to go back & tell the church that they need to help us even more than they are!--And Harold said that he was also going to begin sending us a monthly check!  
We really felt that this was an answer to one of the prayers we had prayed during the Fast, which was for the Lord to continue to touch our kings' & supporters' hearts as well as to raise up new ones to help our Work.  TYJ!  All that He promised was fulfilled!
Provisioning Contacts Won to the Lord!
From the Pacific
After receiving the Folks' counsel about having our priorities right in witnessing, we began to put a real emphasis on follow-up & opened a follow-up department at the Service Center, here, to minister to our friends & contacts.
       The SC has several hundred provisioning contacts who are helping us faithfully, but many don't really know much about us. The SC has been sending monthly newsletters to them on a regular basis, & the Lord has really used these letters to work in their hearts. As we visit them, we have found them ripe & ready for our Message.
       The Shepherds at the SC have been pumping the team there with the vision to witness to everybody, not just to communicate on a shallow level, but really reach their hearts. Many of these people are getting saved & showing a real interest in the Word.
Good Fruit of Our Personal Involvement!
Here are some examples of the good fruit of witnessing to these contacts: One lady was a little offended about the way we treated her before, & consequently, we hadn't had contact with her for some time.  The Lord used our need for her help to bring her back close to the Family.  Mark & Faithy visited her & found out that she was just about to go into the hospital to have an operation for breast cancer.  She was very broken, & they were able to witness to her & pray with her for the operation & to receive Jesus.  
She called a couple of days later & thanked us profusely for our prayers, & was so happy that she has Jesus & the operation went so well!  She has become very close & extremely favourable!  The Lord provided a terrific freezer truck at a tremendous discount through this sweet friend.
Even our JETTs are helping with follow-up!   We got a phone call from a man from a wig company who we had contacted when we needed wigs for video filming.  He said, You asked me for wigs and I'd like to deliver them to your place today."  We were very surprised because it had been a year since we contacted him!  We thought it must be the Lord's set-up for this man to come & bring us these wigs so we arranged for a special program for him.  
The JETTs sang for him & then witnessed to him.  We showed him our PR album & explained how our JETTs go to many places to sing to people & show them the Love of Jesus because they want to make people happy.  The JETTs then prayed with him to receive Jesus!  He had tears in his eyes after the prayer & was very touched by the shining faces & sample of our JETTs!  PTL!
I Know She's Now in Heaven!"
Mr.  O.  is a sweet man who has been helping the School with educational toys for over four years, but although he's always been very sweet & helpful, we never spent very much time talking with him about the Lord.  He even threatened us that if we would talk about God & Jesus, he wasn't going to help us any more!  We still felt, though, that this man was a sheep & really searching, so we continued witnessing to him.
His wife then became seriously ill.  We were able to give her a Peace in the Midst of Storm"  Poster, as well as the How to Win" Tape, which she really liked & shared with others!
Mr.  O.  & his wife then accepted an invitation to come to the School for our Christmas Party.  Even though she didn't feel well, she commented, I came here so I can get God's protection!"  After the party the wife received the Lord & was so thankful!  
Then after the New Year, Mr.  O.  called us & told us that his wife had taken a turn for the worse & was going to die at any time.  We went to visit them at the hospital the same day. He explained to us that after she had visited the School, she was so happy & so thankful she was able to come to visit us.  
After talking for some time, Mr.  O.  finally opened up his heart to us. He said he likes the Bible & what Christians say, but he has been very frustrated, because even though his wife believes in Jesus, she was still very sick & kept getting worse.  
As we talked, he acknowledged that it was God's Love & mercy that his wife was able to visit the School, & receive Jesus. We encouraged him that whatever happens to her, she would be in God's hands.  We then asked him if he wanted to pray with us that the Lord's Will be done in his wife's life, which he did.  During this prayer, he was quite desperate, & we were led to ask him if he also wanted to ask Jesus into his heart, which he humbly did.  Hallelujah!
The next morning his wife went to be with the Lord.  After her graduation he told us, Thank you so much for all you did for my wife & family.  I  know she's now in Heaven."  Our relationship since then has become so much closer & deeper.  He's even helping us more & every time we meet him now, we witness to him & encourage him.
The Lord has been teaching us the importance of being good listeners, as He's led us to quite a few contacts who have poured out their hearts to us about different battles they've been going through. He works in all our contacts' lives so wonderfully & we are just vessels He uses!
       (Note from Mama: The Lord brings a lot of people across our paths, not only in order that they may help supply our material needs, but even more importantly, in order that we may supply their spiritual needs.  The Lord uses our material needs to bring us in contact with those who have spiritual needs; in this sense, our material needs are a blessing in disguise, because they lead to our pouring out spiritually. It's a two-way street: The Lord will use them to help supply our material needs, but He wants to use us to help supply their spiritual needs, & we must be faithful to do so.)
Verses on Sowing the Spiritual & Reaping the Physical:
       If we have sown unto you spiritual things, is it a great thing if we shall reap your carnal things? (1Cor.9:11).
       But this I say, He which soweth sparingly shall reap also sparingly; and he which soweth bountifully shall reap also bountifully (2Cor.9:6).
       Be not deceived; God is not mocked: for whatsoever a man soweth, that shall he also reap (Gal.6:7).
       And let us not be weary in well doing: for in due season we shall reap, if we faint not (Gal.6:9).
More Provisioning Pointers!
The Good Fruits of Appreciation!
From Maria, Zac & Timothy, Europe:
One of the biggest clothing manufacturers here had a meeting of the board & decided that from now on they will only donate to us, the Family!  The boss phoned our provisioners & said that they decided to do this because they felt we were the only ones they could really trust.  They have a whole wall in one of their storage rooms filled with thank you"  letters from our Family on the field who they have helped!  Their continued help is a real miracle, because recently it looked like we were going to lose this contact.  We then had real desperate prayer for them, as clothes they have donated have been a blessing not only for our Area, but also for the EE countries & even all the way to SEA.  TTL for answered prayer!
From Elam & Hope, North America:
We picked up some Certificates of Appreciation"  at a stationery shop to send to some of our most faithful contacts.  We filled them out with the contact's name in nice calligraphic script, but if you don't have someone who can do this, you can use Letraset.
From Paul, Charity & Linda, Pacific:
We would like to suggest to other Homes in industrialised areas the idea of contacting demolition companies.  These are responsible for cleaning out office buildings or schools which are in need of rebuilding or reconstructing.  Our Service Center recently made a contact with such a company & it has proven to be a real gold mine of good usable machinery, equipment & furniture for our School.  
From Lance, John & Davida, Europe:
Because the guards at the vegetable market gate did not want to continue letting us in, we prepared a letter on our letterhead paper stating our weekly fruit & vegetable provisioning needs.  Many of our faithful contacts then stamped & signed the letter, & though we have never actually had to use it to gain entrance to the market, because the Lord changed the guards in answer to prayer, it has been a real key in opening up new contacts who are quite eager to help without question when they see the letter!
A King Won by Prayer!
By Stefan, India Area
At the time the Word Witnessing Revolution Letters came out a few years ago, our Home was praying desperately for the Lord to lead us to precious people who could be kings & financial supporters.
One day when a sister & I were on the way to our next follow-up appointment, a big black car pulled up at the crossroads & we asked the man inside for a ride.  This gentleman, Mr.  R., was happy to take us.  He explained to us that this was a very unusual road for him to take, but due to a detour he was forced in this direction.  It was clearly the Lord's set up!  He offered to drive us to our next appointment, as he was interested in hearing more about what we were doing.  He took all the Tapes we had, giving us a generous donation, & gladly prayed to ask Jesus into his heart.  
Later that day we sent him a thank-you note & then about a week later phoned to see if he would be interested in meeting us again.  He was very happy to hear from us & asked us if we were calling him in answer to a letter he had written to us, in which he was asking to know more about our Work & if we could meet him again!  We had not yet received his letter, so he was very happy that we had called, TYL!
On our first visit with him, he was quite straightforward with his questions.  Mr.  R.  is a sweet middle-aged man from a Muslim background, a self-made man & a leading architect here in our city.  Being from a Muslim background, he wanted to know where we stand religiously & what the goals, aims & objectives of our Work are.  We answered his questions sweetly & honestly, explaining that our goal is to change the World with God's Love, starting here in this country.  We gave him our personal testimonies & he was very touched by them.  He was happy with our answers & by the end of the meeting, he asked us what he could do to help our Work.  
We explained our various needs, such as for people who could be financial supporters & who could introduce us & our Work to others, etc.  At the end of the meeting, he said that he would like to help support our Work on a regular basis.  We were quite thrilled as his response was a real answer to our Home's prayers!  
He asked us how much our monthly rent was & then pledged to pay it each month, as he told us that he felt this was something we couldn't do without.  We were flipped out, as right then & there, he gave us an envelope for our upcoming rent, TYJ!  We closed the meeting with prayer for the Lord to bless & keep him & to help all of us to have a good upcoming week.
How Our Muslim King Grew in the Lord!
We have known Mr. R. for a number of years now & we've made a habit of praying with him each time we meet.  This has become such an important part of our time together that a couple of times when he visited & I thought he didn't have time for it, he said as he was leaving, Stefan, we forgot to pray!"--Such a faithful sheep, reminding me that it was more important to pray than to rush around!
Right from the start, we visited him at his office on a weekly basis, feeding him with the milky GP Posters that we were distributing, making sure to take the time to read them with him & to explain them to him.  He appreciated this so much & to this day he requires that personal touch.  He really respected how we closed  each meeting with a word of prayer & he always looked forward to that.
When we arrived for each visit, he would tell his secretary to take any messages & not to disturb him.  The time he had with us & with the Lord, reading His Word, was very precious to him, right from the very beginning.  After several meetings at his office, we invited him to our Home where he was able to meet the rest of the Family, hear the children sing & see their beautiful, smiling faces & their sweet sample, which really won his heart.  He was also very impressed & touched by our lifestyle.
Mr. R. knew a little bit about Jesus, but his knowledge mainly stemmed from Muslim explanations, so he didn't know too much about Who Jesus really is.  To help him understand more, we showed him Jesus of Nazareth"  over a period of a few weeks, which helped him to grasp the basics of Jesus' life, & made Him much more real to Mr. R. (Editor's note: Another very good film is Jesus," produced  by the Genesis Project, narrated by Alexander Scourby.)  
From the GP Posters, we progressed into reading DFs with him, as well as some Treasures articles which he really enjoyed.  The GP Daily Might was also a real help at this time, as he often didn't have time for long articles due to his very busy schedule, but he always had time to read the Daily Might.  He keeps this & all of the material we have given him in a special drawer.
Having this habit of reading the Word at each meeting with him made it easier to get directly to the point & avoid too much socialising.  We could see his life being changed & transformed by the Word & he was really hungering & desiring it & asking very leading & appropriate questions.  It was very important to him to understand what he was reading, GBH, & we had to learn to gauge ourselves not to go too fast or too slow.  As a result of this patient feeding & the time invested, he has grown in his new-found faith.
As this was my first time to minister to a businessman & king, I found the article written by the Tokyo Outreach Home (see FSM 138) a real blessing!  It helped us to have a point-by-point outline & step-by-step plan of what we wanted to do, & to see what our objective & goal was for each meeting.  He could see that we were mindful & concerned about his time, & were serious in our commitment to be with him & to make the most of our time together, & he really appreciated this!
The School Vision
When The School Vision"  Letter came out, dear Mr.  R.  was drawn in even closer.  We rented an older house which needed quite a lot of renovation, & he offered to help with the needed repairs to make it into the School Home that we needed.  Being an architect & engineer, he was happy to come over & give us his time & advice.
Then when we presented our specific needs, he willingly offered to help with various materials & the labourers needed to do the cement work, metal work etc.  for a period of about two months.  It was a very large gift & he personally was also a big help.  It inspired him to be able to be a blessing to us.  (Editor's note: Kings enjoy a project which they can donate to or help with!  TTL for providing a real need which dear Mr.  R.  could fill & feel genuinely useful in!--It makes our friends a part of our Work not only financially, but in their personal help & cooperation as well.)
Later at the School, we had a special presentation for him, with the children singing & presenting him with a beautiful card they had made.  It was a time of showing him our special appreciation for his friendship, love & help, & he could see that we were really sincere & very touched by his generosity & his help.
Something else that really won him was to see that there were many other people who were helping our Work & that he was not the only one.--Businessmen whom he knew were also helping, making our School more like a community effort.  Seeing this, he offered to let us use his name to be able to approach other businessmen.  It was a testimony for him to see how we were improving on the property & how well we were taking care of the material things that we were given.
Our beautiful children are always a key to Mr.  R.'s heart, & he's always touched by the songs, poems & little skits they present for him.  We gave him a VIP tour"  of our School, showing him our teaching methods & how we really pour into our children, explaining to him how we try to share these methods with other people through meetings & seminars.
Later in the year, we had to open up another Home & in this country we have to give a six-month or one-year advance on the rent, which we didn't have.  So after presenting our new need to him, he again came through & gave us half of the advance that we needed, GBH!
The Word Helps in Troubled Times
During this time, in addition to the above materials, we were giving him Word Tapes, such as Peace in the Midst of Storm".  This particular Tape was very timely as riots & unrest were cropping up in the city, people were being killed, & there was a change in the Government.  With such upheaval & confusion, people were looking for something real to hang on to, as their religion is very formal, traditional, & of course doesn't bring deep satisfaction or peace of mind.  So when people here find the Lord & discover His Word, it's a real comfort, & he was very thankful for the material we were giving him along these lines.  We could see that the Word was really building his faith.
He enjoyed very much seeing the impact of our Work on his country.  We were regularly reading him mail responses, What the People Say", about our Work & our materials & how they hunger for more.  Reading to him from the actual words of his countrymen sent to us in the mail also won & touched his heart, as he could see God's Hand using us to help his people & to bring them something truly worthwhile.  PTL!
When the Video ministry began, we showed the KVs to him & he was flipped!  He was very happy to get behind the project & help us get started in his country, by giving us a generous donation which got the KV ministry rolling here.  His 11-year-old daughter liked our songs so much, & seeing them on Video she was even more enthusiastic.  
Teamworking on Ministering to Our King
Teamworking & getting ideas from other Family Members has really helped to make each visit & appointment with Mr.  R.  more meaningful.  Having others meet him & see what he needed was so much of a help, as sometimes it's easy to get into a rut with meeting him, reading to him, etc.  Teamworking on ministering to him brings  wider variety, more excitement & challenge about bringing the Word to him & making it alive.  
We critiqued each of our visits with him afterwards, while it was still fresh in our minds, going over each point as far as what went well, what could have been done better, taking note of these points so that we could be sure that we're making progress with each visit.
We also found that it was a real help to make a topic for each visit.  For example, while experiencing the benefits of the Prayerfulness Revolution ourselves, we had several visits with him on prayer, reading to him from Heavenly Communications"  in Treasures.  The Teens did a beautiful skit for him on prayer, showing how some people pray without actually making much time for the Lord.  (Skits done by the Teens on various subjects have presented practical applications which made the Word come alive &  Mr. R.  really enjoys them.)
Other topics we discussed with him were on Time Management (using How to Get Things Done"  & How to Love"), the Endtime, Relations with People, How to Relate to Teens (as he has a teenage daughter), & more.
Making the Word Personal
Mr. R. has been very touched by our concern for him, & how we bring counsel & advice to him from the Word on many different subjects in a personal way.  At each of his visits, we give him something new to read.  Recently we have been giving him quote sheets, which are one-page sheets similar to the MOP with various quotes on one subject, easy & quick to read & remember.  We got a nice folder for him & laminated these sheets so that they can be preserved & he can read them over & over.  
We also photocopied some of the beautiful GP stories from various Hope Mags on prayer, such as Overboard", & had them enlarged & laminated as these really bring the Word alive.
Then the Promise Box Verses were an exciting addition to our visits.  We say a word of prayer & each claim a verse which we draw from the box.  He's been learning to not just hear the verses but also to understand what they mean.   He now understands that these are God's promises, part of the contract that we can claim.  Each verse that he's picked, he's kept with him, GBH!  
We recently presented him with a special promise box"  gift, with  the verses in the local language which we know that he will appreciate, as he does have some difficulty with King James English. (Note from Mama: Why not use one of the modern English translations such as the New King James Version or the New International Version, which are probably the best two modern versions, when sharing the Word with him in English?)
Learning to Witness
Mr. R. watched the video on the prophecies of Nostradamus,  The Man Who Saw Tomorrow", with a few of his friends at their residence.  As his friends were discussing the video, especially the part about the fourth Antichrist that is to come, they were all wondering who that could be.  Mr.  R.  said that he knows!--And he  showed them our Posters & literature!  It is so exciting to see him making progress in witnessing to his friends about the Lord!  
He asked if we have the documentary Life after Death", as he has told his friends about that.  So we are planning to prepare a little programme for him, with some photocopies of articles along the lines of life after death from the WND & give  it to him as an aid to teach him to learn how to witness more to others, as well as provide an opportunity for us to be able to meet his friends.
The Family Sample
In past months, Mr. R. has doubled his already generous monthly gift, GBH!--As well as helping with other projects as mentioned above.  This is at a time when his type of business is not doing too well in this city, but he's found that God is blessing him in his work & that he never loses by giving to God's children!
Mr. R. has enjoyed the fellowship of different Family Members, hearing about where they came from, their testimonies & how they came to the Lord's service & what they have been doing since they have been in the Family.  It always touches & inspires him to see how we are each called by God & how we have forsaken all to go into all the World to preach the Gospel.  He knows we have been true to our calling here, & he appreciates our dedication & commitment.
Fellowshipping with different Family Members has shown him that he can be friends with anyone in the Family, & he even mentioned that if I am not available, he can be with my friends, enjoying them & their fellowship.  It's been a real victory for him to begin to open up to others & shows that he's hooked on the Spirit & the Message of the Family as a whole.  He has commented how thankful he is that each time he comes we have something prepared for him, a programme, Word, a song etc., & how he really appreciates & treasures every moment that he spends with us.  GBH!
TTL for His beautiful answer to our desperate prayer for a king, & for His help in ministering to him!
(Note from Mama: Sometimes we can look at all the time & effort we put into some of these people, & even though they're very hungry & even though we see our investment bringing in much return, we can be tempted to wonder, Why spend so much time on one person? There are so many people to minister to & so many people in the World we should be reaching; are we going overboard in devoting so much time to one person?"
(       Well, we can look at our own lives & wonder why the Lord has put so much into each of us! He's given every person in our Family so much!--More than most people anywhere! But the Lord has a long-term purpose for those on whom He chooses to bestow His Love, & those whom He chooses to train. He is training leaders--not only for the present, but for the future as well! Obviously the Lord is training this dear man to be a leader of his people in the future. With these friends & contacts, the Lord has not just our present material needs in mind, but their spiritual growth, & the welfare of all the people that they can reach.
(       So that's why it's important that we faithfully teach & train the people the Lord brings into our lives, as good Shepherds of His sheep. Feed the flock of God which is among you, taking the oversight thereof, not by constraint, but willingly; not for filthy lucre, but of a ready mind; neither as being lords over God's heritage, but being ensamples to the flock. And when the chief Shepherd shall appear, ye shall receive a crown of glory that fadeth not away" [EDITED: "1 Pet.5:2-4"].)
The More He Gives, the More He's Blessed!
From T. Joseph (national & phone provisioner), SEA:
Mr. P. never knew his parents at all, as they passed away when he was very small.  He was raised by his uncle & his childhood was very poor, with lots of hard work to get money for daily food & living.  He was struggling until he was in his twenties.  At one point, he tried to be a Buddhist monk, to try to find something better in life.  At another point he joined the army for two years.  
His life continued the same--lots of hard work & not much to eat--but inside he always heard a Voice telling him to do good for others.  He wanted to help the poor, but he couldn't because of his financial situation.
Then he started a small jewelry business, by borrowing money & using money he had saved during his years of hard work.  He went through many difficulties & obstacles in this business, experiencing many things from selfish businessmen!  He was tempted to do some things dishonestly which would make him rich quickly, but something deep inside always told him not to do it.  This feeling that he had to help others was quite strong & irresistible.  It made him give away a lot of his income to help the poor.  The more he gave, the better his business became, until now, he has become a millionaire!  He received a reward one year for being a sample of what a good citizen of this country should be like!  
Mr.  P.  bought some Videos & Tapes from us when we first met him & later when we visited him again, but then we didn't contact him for quite a while.--Until one day I had the opportunity to work on following up on people who have received Videos & Tapes.  We have hundreds of name cards & addresses which our outreach teams have collected, & many of these people have turned out to be real friends, sponsors, supporters, etc.  So when going through the name cards, I found his card, called him & asked how he was doing!
He was so happy to be in touch with us again, & poured out his heart about his past & how he was now in debt, having lost a lot of money because of the effects of the Gulf War.  After this call, he helped to sponsor Videos for an orphanage & later helped with more donations, whenever we presented a need.  Then shortly afterwards, the Lord really blessed his business, & he was able to pay back a lot of the money he owed, & recover his recent losses!
He got saved during one of our visits & really began to be turned on by the Word!  We gave him a GP Daily Might, portions of which he repeats by heart, relating to us how it has helped him on a daily basis.  He reads it very often & is also turned on by the DFs.  He told us that now he has found the answer for living!
He said he wants to pay God back for all He has given to him.  Now he can see why he's always wanted to help others, & he can see that the Lord has been in control of his life all this time.  He said that if we hadn't found him, he would not have known what he could do for the Lord & to help God's Work!  Now he wants to do all he can to help our Work, & he really wants to learn more about the Lord & His Word!  He's so thankful that the Lord loves him & forgives his sins.  There were many things that he felt guilty about, & the prayer he prayed with us for forgiveness has set him free from that!  TYL!
GBY all!  I hope that this testimony will encourage & inspire you to really want to seek out & feed the lost sheep!  The king is God's material representative, so to speak.  He's God's anointed for your protection, to help you with material things, etc.  God has chosen him to be your king because God knows He's got the heart of that king in His hand!  So love, honour, thank God for, & pray for your kings!"  (ML#2383:101, 115)

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