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FSM 233 (FN 342) DO
Caring for Children During the Family Fast, '93

       (This FSM may be photocopied as needed. Please make FSM 203, "A Guide to Those Caring for Children During the Family Fast, '92", available to the teachers & childcare groups as well.)

Dear Shepherds, Parents, Childcare Overseers, Teachers & Helpers,

       GBY! PTL! The Lord is again giving us the wonderful blessing of spending three days in fasting & prayer for our Family & the Lord's Work. Although the children will not be fasting, we do want them to have the opportunity & blessing of entering in with us in spirit, having reading projects on the same topics as the adults, & praying along with us.
       Children's prayers are important! Remember, when Hagar was in the desert, it was the prayer of the child which came up before the Lord! "And God heard the voice of the lad; and the Angel of God called Hagar out of Heaven, and said unto her, What aileth thee, Hagar? Fear not; for God hath heard the voice of the lad where he is."--Gen.21:17. We pray that you will be able to help the children to realise the importance of their prayers & to enter in wholeheartedly on these important prayer requests.
       We suggest you refer to FSM 203, "A Guide to Those Caring for Children During the Family Fast, '92", pages 1 & 2, for an explanation of fasting, which you might like to share with the children again at this time.
       One of the main situations we will be praying for during the Fast this year concerns the persecution that the Family is currently receiving, as well as praying for strength, courage & faith in future persecution that will probably arise. In covering the topic of persecution with the children, please remember to be very prayerful how & what you share with them, & not to share more than is necessary with the children from OC age on down, so as not to worry or over-burden them. Remember, for the most part, the children have not been as informed as the JETTs & teens on the persecution that the Family has experienced around the World, so your sharing of the Word, prayer requests, lessons, etc., on the subject of persecution should be presented with this in mind. Our main goal with these younger children should be--through the Letters, Komix, testimonies, stories, verses, songs & activities--to encourage their faith & give them the spiritual ammunition to fight the battle, so that if & when persecution happens to them, they will have the Word & these uplifting stories to stand on.
       In the "Children's Reading List & Activity Guide" (see page 6), we have included quite an extensive list of materials to choose from on the topics of "Trusting the Lord / God's Care", as well as "Victories in Persecution". We hope this will provide you with a selection of faith-building stories & pubs to choose from to help you emphasise a positive message & the promises of the Word to the children.
       Please refer to FSM 203 for the "Children's Reading List & Activity Guide" for the Family Fast last year, for suggested reading materials for Dad & Mama's healing, & on the topic of "Answered Prayer & God's Supply".

       (Explanation to read to the children. Teachers & parents, please adapt as needed for the different age groups.)
       Last year, when we had our Family Fast Days, we know that you prayed desperately for the healing of Mama Maria's eyes, & Grandpa's throat & esophagus & stomach. Grandpa & Mama Maria were so thankful for all your prayers, & proud of you for being such good prayer warriors! In answer to your prayers, the Lord has kept & strengthened them for another year, & although they are not completely healed yet, they will be, because God has promised it. (Grandpa is much better, TTL!)
       Here are some encouraging prophecies that were received about Mama Maria's & Grandpa's healing, which shows how important your prayers & obedience are:

For Mama Maria:
       "I am well pleased with thy obedience & with thy yieldedness & thy willingness to lay down thy lives in prayer & supplication, & I {\ul \i will} answer & I will {\ul \i heal} her, & it will be a token of My Love."

For Grandpa:
       "{\ul \i Behold, even this day as you [EDITED: "the Family"] do set your hearts to obey Me}, I will perform that which I have promised & heal My Servant David!"
       "{\ul \i My Spirit shall charge against the forces of the Enemy that have afflicted David, & he shall be healed}! I am the God of all flesh, there is nothing too hard for Me. I have heard thy prayers, I have seen thy tears; behold, I will heal him. Ye must remain obedient, ye must remain yielded, ye must remain desperate--desperate in prayer for thy Father David . . . . For yea, the days are short, the End is nigh. {\ul \i Verily from this day forth I shall heal him}!"

       Mama Maria discussed these & other similar prophecies that were received during the Fast. Here is what she said:
       "The Lord tells us in His Word, 'Cast not away therefore your confidence [EDITED: "faith"], which hath great recompense of reward. For ye have need of patience, that, after ye have done the Will of God, ye might receive the promise [EDITED: "the sign, the healing"].'--Heb. 10:35,36.
       "We know that the Lord promised to do it. Apparently all the circumstances are not quite in place for us to 'receive the promise' (the healing).--The healing hasn't quite gotten to us yet, but we're expecting it any time. 'God's delays are not denials', & the Lord frequently tries our faith by having us continue to wait patiently for Him.--Look how Daniel's prayers were answered from the first day that he prayed, but it took three weeks before he actually received that answer! (See Dan.10:12-14.)
       "'God is on the Throne & prayer changes things', so we're expecting to fully receive our healing at any time. Like that little poem that Grandmother used to quote,

       "The answer's coming, never fear.
       The answer's coming, it's almost here!
       Just keep on believing, trust & obey,
       The answer's coming, it's on its way!

       "So we want to sincerely thank each of you for fighting this battle for our healing & pouring out your hearts to the Lord in fervent prayer for us! I believe the Lord has definitely heard & answered your prayers & has healed us, & we're just waiting now to receive that healing of my eyes & Dad's throat, esophagus & stomach. We're holding on to His promises because we know that what He has promised, He will, in His perfect time, also perform. We know that many of you also have to 'keep on believing'. It's a test of your faith, but through it you are learning many precious lessons of patience, & also compassion for others.
       "Thank You, Jesus, for giving us Thy healing by faith. Even if we haven't received it yet, we know that we're going to in Thy perfect time, PTL! God bless you all, we love you & appreciate each one of you!"
       Love, Mama Maria

(Grandpa added the following songs:)
       Keep on Believing, God answers prayer!
       Keep on Believing, He's still Up There!
       Sorrows & trials will soon disappear,
       Trust in His Promise, the Answer is near!
       Keep on Believing, the Storm will pass!
       Look for the Rainbow, 'twill come at last!
       Trust in His Promise, 'twas written for you!
       Keep on Believing & Praise your way through!

       I take the stand, I count it done!
       --God heals me through His precious Son!
       It is His Word, it cannot fail!
       --Tho' all the powers of Hell assail!
       So come what may, the Promise mine!
       I'll hold it to the End of Time!

       --My parents sang these in praise while waiting for Answers!--And He never failed!--Just praise Him!
       Love, Grandpa
       P.S. I'm much better! TYJ!

       Last year, the Lord promised in the Summit prophecies that if the Family would be faithful to give out the meat of the Word, that Grandpa would be healed. (The "meaty" Word is the stronger Endtime message. See FSM 203, pg.4.) The Family has very faithfully been pouring out the meaty Word. We distributed over twice as many Posters in July & August of 1992 as we had in the same months the previous year, & 70% of the Posters distributed were "meaty". In 1991, only 29% were "meaty". The Lord has wonderfully kept Grandpa another year & continued to strengthen him! His overall health has greatly improved! He's feeling stronger, has been sleeping very soundly (except for when his coughing wakes him up), & he's getting better exercise. Also, the Lord has kept him from any serious illnesses or accidents. TYJ!

       On Mama's birthday, five months after the Fast last year, the following encouraging prophecies were received about the Lord's healing & the need for us to keep praying:
       "{\ul \i As the corn ripeneth unto harvest, so is the time of My healing [EDITED: "God's healing"]; it ripeneth}. As the corn must be planted & dunged & then ye patiently wait for it to grow, flower, bloom & bear fruit, so it is with My healing. Ye did plant, dung & water at the time of the Fast; and as the farmer prays & watches for his crops, there is little he can do but continue to pray to bring forth the fruit. These are the prayers that I want from you for these healings.
       "You can pray & nurture these healings with your {\ul \i prayers}. This is what I have left in {\ul \i your} hands! And the day of harvest shall come, a fruitful, beautiful harvest! Nurture this harvest now, nurture it with your prayers!"
       (The Lord spoke to Mama Maria & said to her:)
       "{\ul \i They [EDITED: "the Family"] do think it a privilege to pray for you, to pray & keep on praying}! To ask & keep on asking, to seek & keep on seeking! It is their privilege & it is their honour, their duty & their love for you. You [EDITED: "Mama Maria"] must avail yourself of their prayers & their willingness & their love for you. For this is their part in thy healing. I have given this unto {\ul \i them} that they might show thee their love through their prayers. And their faith will fail not!"
       PTL! What beautiful prophecies! We trust & believe that the Lord will answer our prayers, & that He will fulfill His Promises! TYJ! Let's keep on praying & keep on believing. It is a special privilege to be prayer warriors for our King & Queen, & we can show our love for them by continuing to faithfully uphold them in prayer. Hallelujah! TYJ!

       Here is an inspiring true testimony of the exciting healing miracle that the Lord did for one woman, after she & her husband kept on believing & kept on praying for many years!
       At the age of 18, Marilyn was told she was becoming blind. It was a very difficult time, & sometimes she was discouraged & frightened. But Marilyn refused to let blindness ruin her life. As her vision continued to get worse, she learned to read Braille* & to guide herself with the use of a white cane. The Lord gave her a wonderful husband, Albert Ford, & the Lord blessed them with a little daughter named Sharon. Marilyn was very happy with the Lord's blessings on her life, but was sad that she could not see her little girl's face. She had never even seen what her husband looked like!
       ({\b \i *Braille:} a method of writing for the blind using letters made of raised dots. The blind person feels the dots with their fingers & can read the words that way. See also "He Taught the Blind to Read", Kidz 72 DFO, pg.18.)
       More than 10 years went by. Marilyn & Albert prayed & trusted that somehow God had a purpose for allowing Marilyn to lose her sight. They also believed that God could heal her eyes if it was His Will. They prayed together for healing many times, but Marilyn's eyesight did not improve.
       But one night, a wonderful miracle happened! As they were getting ready for bed, they prayed together as they had every night before going to bed. As he had often done, Albert prayed that God would give Marilyn back her sight.
       He prayed, "I know You can do all things, Lord. You have power to do all things." He poured out his heart to the Lord & asked Him for a miracle.
       When they finished praying, Marilyn opened her eyes & for the first time she saw her husband's face! She exclaimed, "Albert, I can see you! I can see you!"
       He said, "You can see?" It was incredible & overwhelming to experience the Lord doing such a miracle in their lives! Marilyn could see!
       After she had seen what Albert looked like, of course Marilyn wanted to see what Sharon looked like. To prove to Albert that she could see, Marilyn said, "I can see the dresser!" Sharon's picture was on the dresser, so she ran & grabbed the picture. It was so beautiful!
       Marilyn & Albert praised the Lord & rejoiced! The Lord had wonderfully, miraculously, supernaturally answered their prayers!
       Though doctors can't explain what happened, Marilyn has been able to see ever since that day. And not only can she see, but she sees better than normal--20/20* in one eye & 20/15 in the other.
       (*20/20: Eye doctors use these numbers to describe how good someone's vision is. 20/20 is normal, good vision. 20/15 is even better.)
       The doctors can't figure out what happened. All they know is that Marilyn, who once was blind, can now see! (See Jn.9:1-25.) But Marilyn knows what happened: She knows that God miraculously healed her, & she thanks God daily for His wonderful gift! She says, "Every morning when I get up, it's a new miracle. When I open my eyes in the morning & I see the ceiling or I see the floor, it's fantastic. I say, 'Thank You Lord, I can see for another day!'"

+ + +

       PTL! Isn't that a wonderful, faith-building testimony? Doesn't that give you faith to keep on believing & keep on praying through your afflictions or sicknesses?
       We need to keep on praying for Mama Maria, too. Recently her eyes have gotten so bad, that she can hardly use her eyes to do anything any more. She can't even check the tape recorder to make sure it's operating properly when Grandpa is talking to her at night. If Mama cannot record what the Lord gives Grandpa, then it will be lost & we will not be able to hear God's Words through Grandpa. Grandpa said it is time to rebuke this affliction again, which the Enemy is using to hinder Grandpa & Mama's important work for the Lord. Grandpa said, "We need to rebuke it again, in Jesus' name. When it starts hindering the Work & the Word, it's gone on too long."

       Please pray specifically:
       To rebuke the Enemy & desperately call out to God for an immediate healing of Mama Maria's eyes, so she can use her eyes for her very important work.
       For the Lord to strengthen Mama Maria, & that she will not get headaches when she does use her eyes.
       For Grandpa to be strengthened & healed so he can eat normally again.
       For the Lord to help the Family to continue to witness & be obedient to get out the meat of the Word. (Please reread FSM 203, page 4, which explains about the "meat" of the Word.)
       For our brothers & sisters who work on producing the Word for our Family. Please pray that the Lord will keep them safe & protected & fruitful, so they can continue to get out the MO Letters, TKs, Kidz Mags & all the other material they are working on for the Family.
       For the Video & Audio teams who are working on a new set of Videos & audio Tapes for you, the children of the Family, as well as many GP audio Tapes & Videos. Please also pray for the safety & protection of the Video & Audio ministries.
       Mama Maria would also like to make a special prayer request for all our dear Family Members who suffer from eye problems and/or frequent headaches. These are especially serious afflictions because they often hinder or prevent the reading of the Word. So please pray that the Lord will strengthen & deliver anyone who has eye problems or frequent headaches.

       (Please refer to FSM 203, "Children's Reading List & Activity Guide", pages 7-10.)

(Explanation to read to the children)

       (Please reread Kidz #76, "Jesus Cares for His Own", pages 1-7 with the children. Also, read together the new MLK "Persecution!--As God Sees It!")
       The main prayer request today is for the victorious outcome of our court cases & the defeat of our enemies. Our Family is still in the midst of battle & several court cases are in progress. We need to pray for victories in these cases, & especially against our enemies who are continuing to stir up trouble against the Family, & are trying to stop our Work for Jesus.

       Please pray for:
       Victories in our court cases worldwide.
       Our dear lawyers.
       The wisdom & faith of our brethren & friends who will testify in court.
       The defeat of our enemies.
       Protection for our worldwide Family.
       Courage & faith to stand up for the Truth.
       (Please refer to "Children's Reading List & Activity Guide", pages 6-11 of this FSM.)

       Tell Me the Story of Jesus
       Jesus Is All the World to Me
       What a Friend
       Jesus Wants Me for a Sunbeam
       Jesus Loves Me
       To God Be the Glory
       Psalm 150
       Psalm 121
       Psalm 23
       Psalm 91
       Psalm 100
       Jesus Is My Loving Shepherd
       Jesus, Oh Jesus
       Make Me a Blessing
       Count Your Blessings
       A Mighty Fortress
       'Tis So Sweet to Trust in Jesus
       The B-I-B-L-E

(Explanation to read to the children)

       Each of us needs strength from the Lord, because we cannot do His Work without His Power. We are so blessed to have so much wonderful Word that we can read & study. If we are faithful to feed on His Word, the Lord will faithfully strengthen us through it. To be spiritually strong, our hearts must be right with the Lord & each other. "Create in me a clean heart, O God; & renew a right spirit within me."--Psa.51:10. This is a good time to ask Jesus to wash us & make us all clean inside, as we read & think about Him & His Word. Let's make this day a special day of getting close to Jesus.

Please also pray especially for:
       All our Family--adults, teens, JETTs & children--to stay close to Jesus & have a special anointing of faith, trust, courage & conviction.
       The Lord to abundantly supply our Family's needs.
       Personal prayer requests for yourself & those in your Home.

       (Please refer to "Children's Reading List & Activity Guide", page 12 of this FSM.)

       PTL! "The Lord hath done great things for us; whereof we are glad!"--Psa.126:3. And we know that as we set our hearts to seek the Lord during these Fast Days, that He will wonderfully answer! Thank you for being such faithful prayer warriors! We love you & need you!

       Children's Reading List & Activity Guide To be begun during the Family Fast Days, '93
       During the Fast, the children will not be fasting, but can participate by praying & reading on the same topics. You may photocopy the following checklist as needed, so there is at least one for each childcare group. We suggest that the checklists stay with the children's groups, so that if the teachers & childcare helpers rotate in caring for the children, incoming helpers will be able to see which items have already been covered with the group. There is a box by each individual item that you can check if it has been read or completed.
       The items listed below are only suggestions for you to choose from. These are not required, neither have they been listed in order of priority, but are provided to help you with your planning of children's activities during this time. Please feel free to add or take away from this list as you feel would be best for the children. For example, some items which are listed for MCs might be fine to read with your 5-or 6-year-olds, but not for the younger end of the YC group, the 4-year-olds. Or, some things listed for YCs might be fine to read with your older Preschoolers. Likewise, some items which are listed as suggested for MCs might be too advanced for your particular group. Please pray & counsel together about what you will read with the different groups.
       We hope this list will prove helpful as a reading list & guide, not only during the time of the Fast, but also for choosing material that can be covered with the children in the following months, to help prepare them for possible persecution situations.
       For the most part, we suggest that the Daily Bread & ML material listed below be read with the children, especially if they are suggested for the MC group, rather than as individual reading projects. OCs who are good readers may read some on their own, according to the teacher's discretion. However, if the OCs read them on their own, please discuss the contents with the children before &/or after they read.
       To choose reading material or an activity for a group, simply look over the suggested items, & look over to the right to the column which applies to the age group. If the box is white (not shaded), that means it is a suggested reading project or activity for that age group. If the box is shaded, then the reading material or activity is NOT necessarily suggested for that particular age group. Please note that these are only suggestions, not requirements or restrictions. Please make adjustments, exceptions, & changes to this list to best suit the children's needs.
       The age groups indicated below are as follows: Presch. = Toddlers & preschoolers (age 1-3); YCs = age 4-6; MCs = age 7&8; OCs = age 9&10.
       When a reading project or activity has been completed, put a check (4) in the appropriate box. Teachers may also find it handy to use these checklists for planning class activities by simply filling in the teacher's or childcare helper's name, or the time or date planned in the appropriate boxes.

Topic: Persecution
       Big Dog Story (KTK 1, pg.233; FG & Fun #3)
       Our Flag in the Yard (LWG 1, pg.214)
       Baby Moses (Exodus 1&2)
       Poem: Brave Daniel (Rhyme Book, pg.172)
       Poem: Paul & Silas (Rhyme Book, pg.182)
       Love Thy Neighbour (LWG 1, pg.41)
       The Early Church (TK Vol.6, pg.91; FG & Fun #3)
       The Shepherd's Crook (KTK 1, pg.243; FG & Fun #3)
       Stand Up, Stand Up for Jesus (KTK 1, pg.107)
       The Great Escape (TK Vol.2, pgs.575 & 583; FG & Fun #2)
       I'm a Live One (KTK 5, pg.5; FG & Fun #3)
       Daniel in the Lion's Den (Daniel 6)
       Fiery Furnace (Daniel 3)
       Peter's at the Door (KIDZ 70 DFO, pg.15)
       Chicken from the Sky (LWG 4, pg.29)
       Poem: A Soldier for Jesus (Rhyme Book, pg.263)
       Persecution (TK Vol.2, pg.373)
       Protection (K.MOP 2, pg.507)
       Persecution (K.MOP 2, pg.446)
       The Boldness of Peter & John (Acts 4)
       Poem: A Brave Man (Rhyme Book, pg.209)
       Conviction (K.MOP 1, pg.40)
       Deceivers, Yet True (Single Pub)
       Poem: Paul & Silas (Rhyme Book, pg.193)
       Acts 2-4: Power, Popularity & Persecution (KTK 3, pg.311)
       Malchus' Ear Healed (LWG 4, pg.69)
       Courageous Crusaders (KTK 5, pg.177)
       Freed from Prison (LWG 4, pg.74)
       A Spider Just in Time (LWG 4, pg.193)
       Poem: The Christian Soldier (Rhyme Book, pg.259)
       The Test of Faith (LWG 4, pg.78)
       Persecution of Elijah (1 Kings 18,19; 2 Kings 1; 2 Kings 2:23-25)
       The Jailbreak (Acts 16:19-40)
       Exodus from Egypt (Exodus 7-14)
       Famous Fighters (KTK 5, pg.257)
       Armour of God (TK Vol.3, pg.749)
       Heaven's Girl (KTK 4, pg.478)
       God's Eyes (TK Vol.8, pg.213)
       The Empty Wind (TK Vol.7, pg.189)
       Fighters (TK Vol.8, pg.233)
       Saved by a Meteor (KIDZ 70 DFO, pg.2)
       Attack (Rhyme Book, pg.4)
       Comstock--Part 1 (LOG, pg.271)
       Comstock--Part 2--The "Still Small Voice" (LOG, pg.287)
       Not Even a Knock (LWG 4, pg.197)
       Brother Sun (TK Vol.3, pgs. 271, 279, 283)
       Vespers!--Psalm 1 (ML 1551, GN 419, pg.1)
       Vespers!--Psalm 2:1-5 (ML 1694, GN 419, pg.4)
       Vespers!--Psalm 2:6-8 (ML 2359, GN 419, pg.7)
       Vespers!--Psalm 2:9-12 (ML 2360, GN 419, pg.10)
       Vespers!--Psalm 3 (ML 2361, GN 421, pg.1)
       Vespers!--Psalm 7 (ML 2366, GN 422, pg.3)
       Psalms for Kids!--Psalm 37:1-11 (ML 2373, GN 426, pg.1)
       Psalms for Kids!--Psalm 91, Part 1 (ML 2390, GN 433, pg.1)
       Psalms for Kids!--Psalm 91, Part 2 (ML 2391, GN 433, pg.7)
       Psalms for Kids!--Psalm 91, Part 3 (ML 2392, GN 440, pg.1)
       Psalms for Kids!--Psalm 91, Part 4 (ML 2393, GN 440, pg.3)
       Psalms for Kids!--Psalm 91, Part 5 (ML 2395, GN 442, pg.1)
       Psalms for Kids!--Psalm 91, Part 6 (ML 2396, GN 442, pg.7)
       The Insane Dreamers (TK Vol.1, pg.727)
       Persecution of David (Psalm 31, Psalm 59)
       Libel (TK Vol.9, pg.9)
       The Men on White Horses (LWG 4, pg.170)
       Grandmother & the ACs (Psalms for Kids--GN 428, pg.6)
       The Wrath of God (TK Vol.8, pg.333)
       The Children's Crusade (TK Vol.8, pg.73)
       What to Expect from the System (Single Pub)
       Knights in Armour (TK Vol.2, pg.93)
       Patton (TK Vol.1, pg.731)
       Cain & Abel (Genesis 4)
       God's Explosions (TK Vol.2, pg.1)
       Acts Chapter 4 Study (Act.Bk.4, pg.U42)
       Acts Chapter 7 Study (Act.Bk.4, pg.U43)
       Wisdom & Wise Speech (K.MOP 2, pg.703; B.MOP, pg.787)
       Security (K.MOP 2, pg.574; MOP 2, pg.900)
       Fight the Good Fight (K.MOP 1, pg.122; B.MOP, pg.185)
       Persecution (Good Thots, pg.1414) (See also GT Index on "Persecution", pg.985)
       Promises of Power (KTK 4, pg.475)
       Victory in Babylon, Part 1 (Single Pub)
       Vespers--Psalm 2:1-5 (ML 1694, BK.18, pg.399)
       Rasputin--Hero or Heel? (TK Vol.1, pg.313)
       The Praise of Wrath (TK Vol.9, pg.169)
       Defend the Faith (TK Vol.9, pg.21)
       Our Answers to the Daily News (TK Vol.9, pg.335)
       What to Do When Persecuted (KTK 4, pg.247)
       Mom & the ACs (LOG #19, pg.10)
       Security in God's Kingdom (TK Vol.7, pg.157)
       They Can't Stop Our Rain (ML 128, Vol.1, pg.1009; DB 4, pg.397)
       The Endtime Whispering Vision (TK Vol.6, pg.191; ML 334, Vol.3, pg.3038)
       The Praise of Wrath (ML 612, Vol.5, pg.4724)
       The Right to Witness (ML 605, Vol.5, pg.4674; DB 1, pg.69)
       The Empty Wind (ML 367, Vol.3, pg.3389; DB 1, pg.16)
       We're "More Than Conquerors" (Hope TK #3, pg.13; DB 2, pg.189)
       We Ought To Obey God Rather Than Men (Hope TK #6)
       Conviction & Honesty (Hope TK #17, pg.2; DB 3 pg.335; BTH, pg.93)
       Persecution (Word Basics, pg.223)
       The Real Victors of the Tribulation (ML 1624, Bk.17, pg.286; Hope TK #3, pg.5; DB 2, pg.116)
       Jacob, the Deceiver (ML 1221, Vol.12, pg.294; DB 1, pg.373)
       A Psalm of David (ML 152, Vol.2, pg.1194; DB 5, pg.5)
       Acts 1-10--Historic Battle Plans (ML 1383, Bk.3, pg.43; DB 1, pg.529)
       Gotcher "Flee Bag"? (ML 386, Vol.3, pg.3495; DB 1, pg.29; KIDZ 67 GP)
       The Children's Crusade (ML 400, Vol.3, pg.3624; TK Vol.8, pg.73)
       Delivered From the Fiery Furnace (Treas., pg.754)
       The Governor's Choice (Treas., pg.321; See also Treas. Hunt #25)
       The Religious Rivals' Uproar (Treas., pg.325; See also Treas. Hunt #13)
       The Parable of the Sower (Treas., pg.350)
       The Investigation of the Apostle Paul (Treas., pg.341)
       A Rabbi Sees the Light (Treas., pg.312; See also Treas. Hunt #23)
       Generation of Vipers (ML 1773, Bk.20, pg.737; DB 2, pg.315)
       God's Pictures (ML 1317, Vol.14, pg.1; DB 1, pg.428)
       God's Peculiar People!--Are You One? (Treas., pg.155)
       Persecution, Yesterday & Today (Treas., pg.165; See also Treas. Hunt #16)
       Local Pubs (ML 318B, DB 6, pg.121:6-10)
       The Great Riot at Ephesus (Treas., pg.335; See also Treas. Hunt #21)
       Gallio & the Mob of Liars (Treas., pg.330; See also Treas. Hunt #13)
       "With Persecutions" (ML 1966, DB 8, pg.576)
       To Whom Will You Go? (ML 1967, DB 8, pg.562)
       To Be Unpopular with the World Is to Be Popular with God (ML 2426, GN 339, pg.10; DB 9, pg.202)
       New Colonies II (DB 4, pg.204:29-33)
       To Love?--Or to Hate? (Treas., pg.372)
       A Question of Loyalty (Treas., pg.308)
       God's Way vs. Man's Way (B.MOP, pg.248)
       Fighters (DB 1, pg.44)
       Prayer (B.MOP, pg.511)
       Education, Godly, (B.MOP, pg.140)
       Not Even a Knock! (Treas., pg.574; See also Treas. Hunt #12)
       Conviction (B.MOP, pg.86)
       Persecution (B.MOP, pg.474)
       Protection (B.MOP, pg.550)
       Why Persecution? (Treas., pg.748; See also Treas. Hunt #21)
       God's Eyes (DB 1, pg.44)
       Fatalism!--To Pray or Not to Pray? (Treas., pg.602)
       Faith In Action (Treas., pg.599)
       Judas Iscariot!--The Tale of a Traitor (Treas., pg.741)
       Elisha's Secret Army (Treas., pg.649)
       Why The Boxers Fled (Treas., pg.652)
       Seeing Eyes Blinded (Treas., pg.686)
       When We Should Not Forgive (Treas., pg.691; See also Treas. Hunt #24)

ACTIVITIES: Persecution
       A-E Song: Psalm 1 (Musical Key SB, pg.9)
       Songs from "Happy All the Time" SB (Act.Bk.4, pg.S1)
       Scripture Song Tapes (Esp."Fear Not")
       Memorize Eph.6:10-17
       Song: David's Mighty Men (Musical Key SB, pg.24)
       Memory Work: Psalm 23
       Soldiers Straight & Tall (Act.Bk.1, pg.B32)
       "Comfort" Tape (by Mama)
       Song: You Can't Keep a Good Man Down (Songs of Love, pg.31)
       Memorize Psalm 91, the "Protection Psalm" (See also "Fear Not" Tape)
       Song: Battle Hymn of the Rev. (Musical Key SB, pg.19)
       Grandpa Quotes (Act.Bk.4, pg.R37)
       A Christian Soldier (Act.Bk.4, pg.P20)
       The Sword of the Lord (Act.Bk.1, pg.D37)
       Memory Verses (Act.Bk.4, pgs.R8, R10, R12)
       Song: War of the Worlds (Love Songs, pg.160)
       "Power in Persecution" Tapes 1&2 (by Mama)
       Promises of Power Game (Act.Bk.4, pg.Q80)
       Bible Verses on Persecution (Act.Bk.4, pg.Q102)
       Memory Verses: Promises of Power (Act.Bk.4, pg.R38)
       Video: Pinocchio (GAP 056)
       Endtime Card Game (Act.Bk.4, pg.Q133)
       Video: Acts of the Rev., Parts 1-4 (GAP 070-072)
       Video: Firestarter (Pow-wow'd version by Sharon)
       Video: The Rev. Continues, Parts 1-12 (GAP 084-086)

Trusting the Lord
       Under His Wings (KIDZ 70 DFO, pg.20)
       Beauty for Ashes (TK Vol.2, pgs.313 & 321; FG & Fun #3)
       Poem: Faith (Rhyme Book, pg.15)
       Prayer Time (KTK 5, pg.69)
       Psalm 23 (KTK 3, pg.273)
       Widow of Zarephath (KTK 3, pg.265)
       Faith (KTK 1, pg.23)
       Poem: Trust (Rhyme Book, pg.49)
       Poem: The Stand of Faith (Rhyme Book, pg.245)
       Poem: Keep Your Eyes on Jesus (Rhyme Book, pg.265)
       Poem: The Word Stands (Rhyme Book, pg.261)
       Faith & Trust (K.MOP 1, pg.83)
       Resting in the Lord (K.MOP 2, pg.539)
       Strength & Power (K.MOP 2, pg.616)
       Temple Time (KTK 5, pg.121)
       Famous Fighters (KTK 5, pg.257)
       God is Good (KIDZ 72 DFO, pg.12)
       Just Trust Me (KIDZ 72 DFO, pg.14)
       Heaven's Girl (KTK 4, pg.478)
       Freedom from Fear (K.MOP 1, pg.112)
       Fret Not (TK Vol.5, pg.203)
       Look for the Silver Lining (KIDZ 72 DO, pg.3)
       Romans 8:28 (KIDZ 72 DO, pg.11)
       Temple Time (DB 5, pg.171)
       Faith: Trusting in the Lord's Promises (Word Basics, pg.42)
       Faith: The Power of Faith (Word Basics, pg.44)
       Fear Not (Word Basics, pg.168)
       Strength & Power (Word Basics, pg.103)
       Fret Not (ML 317B, Vol.3, pg.2683; DB 6, pg.114)
       God's in Control (DB 3, pg.158)
       Freedom from Fear (B.MOP, pg.175)
       Strength & Power (B.MOP, pg.685)
       Faith & Trust (B.MOP, pg.155)
       Resting in the Lord (B.MOP, pg.598)

       Song: Step Out On the Water (Songs of Love, pg.57)
       Song: A Mighty Fortress (Love Songs, pg.36)
       Tracing, colouring or cutting out figures of the Holy Spirit, our Guardian Angel, Angels, & other helpers from the Spirit World. Make a collage, mobile,or poster. (Act.Bk.1, pgs.C3-C6)
       Holy Spirit Game (Act.Bk.4, pg.Q69)
       Song: A Mighty Fortress (Love Songs, pg.36)
       Song: Step Out on the Water (Songs of Love, pg.57)
       Tracing, colouring or cutting out figures of the Holy Spirit, our Guardian Angel, Angels, & other helpers from the Spirit World. Make a collage, mobile,or poster. (Act.Bk.1, pgs.C3-C6)
       Holy Spirit Game (Act.Bk.4, pg.Q69)
       Word Walk Game (Act.Bk.4, pg.Q86)
       Song: A Mighty Fortress (Love Songs, pg.36)
       Song: Step Out on the Water (Songs of Love, pg.57)
       Holy Spirit Game (Act.Bk.4, pg.Q69)
       Word Walk Game (Act.Bk.4, pg.Q86)
* * *

Topic: Jesus Cares for His Own
       Space Story, Part 1 (KTK 1, pg.9)
       The Holy Queen of Love (KTK 1, pg.13)
       God Cares (KTK 1, pg.151)
       Sounds in the Night (KTK 1, pg.265)
       Holy Ghosts (KTK 1, pg.297)
       God's Love (K.MOP 1, pg.253)
       Jesus Cares for His Own (KIDZ 76 DO--5 years & up)
       The Chaplain & the Gasoline (LWG 4, pg.122)
       Why the Boxers Fled (LWG 4, pg.39)
       The Long Train Ride (KIDZ 72 DFO, pg.2)
       There Were No Soldiers with Us (LWG 4, pg.177)
       Angels Surround Elisha (LWG 4, pg.36)
       Protection (Good Thots, pg.1418)
       Comfort (Word Basics, pg.146)
       He'll Care for His Own (DB 1, pg.157)

       Song: He'll Take Care of His Own (Songs of Love, pg.62)

[EDITED: "end"]

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