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Special Summit '93 Issue: "Prophecies on the Law of Love!" FSM 242 / FN 351  DO 7/93
       The following are excerpts & highlights of the prophecies given at the Summit Meeting which show how the Lord is confirming what He gave Dad in "Why Do Ye Stone Us?", "There's No Way Out but Up!" & "We Can't Recant the Truth!"
       "The Words that I have spoken through your father David unto you, they are Spirit, they are Life & they are Truth!  So forsake not the Words of your father, for as it was in the days of old with the three children of Israel--Shadrach, Meshach & Abednego--I will be with you.  As ye go through the fiery furnace, I will keep you, I will help you, yea, I will strengthen you with the right hand of My righteousness!  Fear not the fury of the oppressor, for as it was in the days of My three children of Israel, where is the fury of the oppressor?  Were they (the oppressors) not all burned & destroyed?  So fear not when these trials come upon you, for I have prayed that your faith fail not!  Stand strong in the Truth, for the Truth shall set you free!"
       "No man can serve two masters, for either he will cling to the one & hate the other, or he will hate the one & love the other. For it is My Love that they hate, & this Message of Love is what they want to extinguish.  But ye are the Light of the World; therefore let not your Light be put under a bushel, but let it be put where it can be seen of all men.  For there are many that carry My Light in a dim way, but My Light shines brightest in a controversial issue, which this issue of Love has become.  The Evil One has convinced the World of hate & of distrust, but My Love will prevail & they that see My Love will hear My voice. For My Sheep hear My voice, & they follow Me."
       "For I say unto you, the judgement of this World has now come.  For I shall come into this World & thrust in My sickle, that it may be reaped!  Therefore hold not back that which has been given unto you, for ye are My called-out ones, ye are My chosen ones. I have ordained you for a special mission!  Therefore fail not in that which ye have been given to do, for have I not said ye are My messengers of Truth?  Have I not called you forth from the folds of David to go forth as newsboys, as messengers, as errand boys, as servants, to go forth & take the Message of your God into a wicked & perverse World?  
       "Therefore fear not the things which I give you to do, for the servant shall not be above his master.  Have they not called the master of the house Baalzebub?  And shall they not do more unto you?  But I have promised you that I shall be with you unto the ends of the World!
       "Therefore fear not that which ye have been called to do. Lay not down the sceptre which has been placed within your hands.  For the calling that I have given you is an eternal calling.  Ye are a royal priesthood!  Forsake not your calling nor your Message nor your priesthood.  For are ye not mediators between Me & them?  Are ye not My channel between Me & this wicked World? Therefore fail not in the mission which I have given unto you!  Fear not, neither look at Man!  For what is your life? It is but a vapour. It is here a little while & then vanisheth away, but your reward is before you for all Eternity!
        "Look not upon the things of this Earth! Fear not the machinations of the Evil One!  Be not deceived by the deception of the World, for they have their life here on this Earth.  For ye have been sent forth with a special calling, a special mission.  Lift up your eyes & look unto Me, for your redemption draweth nigh, & I would have you come before Me with shining faces, with happy hearts, knowing that ye have fulfilled that which I have given unto you!--That I may reach forth My arms unto you & say, `Well done, ye good & faithful servants! For ye have not denied the name of your father, neither have ye forsaken his Words nor the things which he hath given unto you to perform.' I shall be with you. I shall go before you & this Gospel shall be preached unto all the World, & then shall the End come."
       "I will never leave you nor forsake you.  I have been with you in times past, & will be with you in the future. I will keep you in the way which ye shall go.  I will guide you through the maze of the System's questions. I will give you wisdom which no one can gainsay nor resist.  For perfect love casts out fear.  There is a way which seemeth right unto a man, but the end thereof are the ways of death.  Draw close to Me, keep your faith in Me.  I know your ways, I know your hearts, for ye have inclined your hearts unto Me. I have always been close to you even in the midst of your mistakes & your shortcomings, for ye are but human.  But I have kept you & I will continue to keep you.
       "I love you with an everlasting love, for ye are Mine. I will uphold you with My right hand. Forsake not the ways of your father, & the Word that I speak unto you.  It is true, it is an ensign & the Enemy as a roaring lion walketh about seeking whom he may devour! But as I was with Daniel in the lion's den closing their mouths, I am with you, & will be till the ends of the World!  For all that shall live righteously in Me shall suffer persecution, & My righteousness shall go before you.  I shall be your advance & I shall be your rearguard. Faint not, but draw close, for as the days grow dark, I will be closer than before."
       "If I be lifted up, I shall draw all men unto Me! I am the Word, the Foundation, the Cornerstone of your faith. If ye are faithful to My Word, I will be your defense.  If ye stand on the Word, ye shall surely stand strong.  Ye have to witness My Word.  Have I not told you that My Word is the offensive weapon?  Ye have to witness My Word, ye must stick to the Scriptures & all that I have told you through your Father David.
       "Be faithful to My Word, then I will be faithful to you, to protect & keep you, because My Word is the only weapon that ye have. If ye forsake this, how can ye stand? Ye have to take away all the rubble that is hiding & covering the foundation, then ye can stand strong & firm against all the lies of the Enemy.  In the beginning was the Word & the Word is indeed Me.--So lift Me up! I am the Word & I am the Light!--Light to this World!"
       "Has it not been said, `There is a way that seemeth right unto Man but the end thereof are the ways of death'?  But fear not them which kill the body but are not able to kill the soul, but rather fear Me who is able to destroy both soul & body in Hell!"
       "Go, speak to the people all the Words of this life, & lo, I am with you always, even unto the ends of the World.  For whosoever is ashamed of Me & of My Words, of him also shall the Son of Man be ashamed when He cometh in the glory of His Father & His holy Angels.  Hold fast that which ye have, for behold, I come quickly.  Stand strong in the power of My might, & indeed I shall be with you, even unto the ends of the World!"
       "I have given unto you the Truth of My Word. I have given unto you the meat of My Word. I have given unto you the unvarnished, true, unadulterated Word of God!  But I have said unto you that in the multitude of counsellors there is safety, & have I not given unto you many counsellors?--Counsellors that shall lead you & guide you, counsellors that shall guide you in explaining My Words unto the World.  For they of the World are a crooked & perverse nation & their thoughts are not My thoughts, neither do they think the way I think.  But I shall have mercy & I shall explain unto them these things. I shall show unto them things of a Heavenly nature in the way in which they may understand.  Therefore, seek unto Me & seek unto the counsellors which I have given unto you, that ye may be able to share & explain that which they seek after.
       "For many shall turn away, many shall be enraged & many shall accuse you, but many more shall hear your words.  My lambs shall hear your words & they shall be called unto Me.  Look not upon their faces, neither be afraid, for I shall make your faces adamant against theirs.  I shall make your foreheads as flint against them!  For I have given unto you wisdom, but ye must seek for it.  Did I not give unto you My servant Paul, & through his knowledge did he not seek to explain that which in his eyes was so simple, but unto those he spake, it was so complicated?  Did I not lead him?  Did I not put words in his mouth?  Did I not give him wisdom & understanding to interpret, to lead & to guide?  Did not some understand?  Did not some of the Sanhedrin perceive his words? But for fear they spake them not. For I see the heart of Man.
       "Therefore look not at their faces, for I shall be looking upon their hearts. For I have given unto you that which ye need. I have given unto you wisdom. I have given unto you counsellors who can perceive & who can understand & who can interpret & who can lead & who can guide.  For the Word of God is quick & powerful & sharper than any two-edged sword, but ye must wield it skilfully. For My Word can slice, cut & maim.--Or it can pierce, penetrate & change.
       "For I have given unto you counsellors in Heavenly places!  I have given unto you the sages of old. I have given unto you wisdom which ye heretofore had not, for ye needed it not.  But have I not said that in that hour I shall give you what to say?  I have said unto you, take no thought for your life, but I shall lead you & guide you in My thoughts as ye explain unto them the mysteries of this life. Therefore seek unto Me & I shall be your guide!  Seek unto your counsellors & they shall be your guides.  For in the multitude of counsellors there is safety."
       "They that call upon Me shall find Me. Be ye comforted this day by the history of My servants whom I have protected time after time. Behold all of those that I have called in times past to go through the fire, to be a witness unto Me, those I have called unto Me & protected.  For they that have clung closest to Me, I have protected the most.  I am well pleased in your choice this day, for there is a fork in the road, but the straight & narrow way goeth only to one side, & ye have chosen this side, & in this I love you.  By your clinging to Me I can anoint you even more powerfully & give you the grace for the place & the pace. Therefore, fear not, for I will give you My Spirit in that selfsame hour, that ye may know what to say & what to do.
        "I cry for you this day, for I hear the plea in your heart that I Myself have pleaded with My Father, that this cup may pass from Me. I have seen you give your all, your land, your houses, your money, your own life, & this day you are giving that which ye see costing you the most.  I see your all being poured forth before Me, & in this I am well pleased, for I hear the cry of your heart.
       "But as I was not disappointed in answering the call of My Father, neither will ye be.  For in taking up My cross, the World has seen a great Light.  But have I not given them meat that they could not bear?  For to this day they must drink My blood & eat My flesh to enter into My Kingdom, & many are offended.  But they that heed My call, I save. Therefore be not afraid, for through your obedience I will call many unto Me.
       "I will reward you for your giving.--Not with the reward of Ananias & Sapphira, who kept some from Me, but I will reward you with the reward of your father David, & of King David of old, whom I have called a man after My Own heart.  For he chose to cling to Me & look to Me no matter what or how innumerable his enemies were.  He looked to Me & called upon Me, & in this was I well pleased, & I have rewarded Him with a great reward.
       "This is the sample that I have given unto you, that greater love hath no man than this, that he lay down his life for the brethren.  And in giving the Truth to the World--pure, ripe, unadulterated--ye are lighting up My Message to many, that many may find Me. Fear not, I will be with you unto the end of the World!"
       "For there shall come a great falling away & many shall be offended at these Words.  For were they not offended when I spake unto them that they must drink My blood & eat of My flesh?  Was I not left alone to stand before My Father?  There shall come a falling away & many shall turn back when they hear these Words.  For they shall fear, & they shall fear for their own lives. But be ye not dismayed, for I am your God.  Fear not, for I shall uphold you with the right hand of My righteousness. For strait is the gate & narrow is the way that leadeth unto life, & few there be that find it."
       "It is good that ye call upon Me this day, so that in wise counsel ye shall prepare for the wars ahead. For there are many battles ahead, but ye must know that in all these battles I am with you.  As I have been with you in the past, so shall I be with you in the future.  
       "When I walked upon this Earth, the scribes & Pharisees sought to catch Me in My Words so that they could have something to condemn Me with. So shall it be with you, that they shall try to catch you in all that ye shall say, that they shall have something to condemn you with. But if it is not this thing, it shall yet be another. They shall seek after you to catch you in one thing after another, for it is in their hearts to condemn you.  But it is in My heart to justify you & to keep you & to protect you, & to continue to use you to bring My Word & the purity of My Word & the purity of My Love to this generation.  
       "But though I did speak unto the scribes & the Pharisees in parables so that they should be unable to catch Me, I did speak unto My disciples & unto the little ones with the pure Word of God. For they were the ones who were to carry it on for Me. They were the ones with the hungry hearts, to carry My Word & to give it & share it with others.
       "Ye must not fear the System & what it shall do unto you, nor the threats that they pour out upon you. But ye must now look unto your little ones & answer their questions & give unto them the pure Word of God, for they are the hope of the future & they are the hope of your father David.  These are the ones who shall carry on with My Word.  These are the ones in which the Law of Love shall truly be fulfilled, for they are unharmed by the World.  They have not been perverted by the World & its ways. Ye must be mindful that in the Garden of Love that I have given you, & with these tender plants that I have given unto your care, that ye do not let the weeds of this World come in now to choke out My Love & My Light.
       "If ye give unto them the pure Word of God, they shall speak with the enemies in the gate. They shall be a testimony for you! When they hear the sound of the trumpet, they shall heed the call & they shall follow. They shall fight with conviction & they shall stand up in conviction & with Truth.  For they love you & they know you love them, & they know that all that has been given them has been in love. As ye continue in My Love & continue to pour My Love upon them & to give them My Words, they shall grow up as a mighty Army to fight against this onslaught of the Enemy!
       "David is the little pebble that is called to hold the big ones together, & ye must look to him & hold fast to his Words & hold up his Words, for without him or without his Words that I have given unto him, the walls of your defense shall crumble. Be faithful unto all that I have given unto you & be faithful to give it unto thy children, & I shall be faithful unto you.
       "Know ye not that this time of trouble is but for a little while?  And although it is hard for you to think of what is ahead & what may happen as a result of your standing up for My Truth, I wish ye could see the glory in the reward that I have for each one of you & for your little ones, because ye have been faithful unto Me & unto My David!"
       "For Man looketh on the outward appearance, but I look upon the heart. I have kept you these many years, since ye were small until the present. I have cared for you, & the glass that ye did see through darkly before has now begun to clear.  I have cared for My Own, & I will continue to do so, & ye must care for your own.  Ye must protect them & keep them & help them.  Let not the wolf break into the sheepfold to rob My little lambs!  Keep them as a good shepherd. Go before them as the Good Shepherd, as I have gone before you.  For as ye lay down your life for the flock, for your little ones, I will keep you.  No greater love hath any man than this, that he lay down his life for his loved ones."
       "This is the heritage & the faith of the Saints. In this World ye shall have tribulation, but be of good cheer, for I have overcome the World!  For I look not on the World as a thing of good, but a thing of naught. The Lord your God seeth not as Man seeth, & My ways are much above theirs. In this World ye shall suffer tribulation, but in the World to Come ye shall know great joy! In this World ye shall be slaughtered, but in the World to Come ye shall know everlasting life! In this World ye shall be maligned, but in the World to Come ye shall be greatly rewarded!
       "Choose ye this day what is your heritage & what is your faith!--The things that be around you that shall pass away as the grass that withereth?--Or the heritage that lieth before, for all to see, for all Eternity!  For I have set before you this choice. Choose ye this day whom ye will serve!--The god of this temporal World which passeth away?--Or the God of all Eternity, Who reigns forever!
       "For I have called you kings & priests to reign with Me, & ye shall be greatly rewarded. The things of this World are temporal & shall pass away, but the things that I give you & the things that I show you, the things that I have asked you to do shall reap eternal rewards that fade not away!  What greater heritage could I give unto you, & what greater heritage could I give unto your children, than the heritage of the Lord?  For ye have cried unto me, `Abba, Father,' & I have called you sons & daughters & children of the Most High. And if sons, daughters & children of the Most High, then joint heirs with Me & My Son, & ye shall reign forever till Kingdom come & beyond, if ye will be faithful but for this short space of time."
       "Behold! Behold, the Message that I have given unto you, the children of David, the most precious Message that this World has ever known, the Message of My Love!  For I have made you the embodiment of My Love for the World, & through the Words of David I have spoken & shown you how ye should pour forth this Love & manifest this Love one to another & to the World, that many would be won unto Me through My Truth received through My Love.
       "For I have called you unto a special mission, a mission that none other would accept, for ye have believed, obeyed & followed the Words of David & the Words that I have given.  Others who say they know Me have rejected these things, but ye have been willing & faithful to follow & to hold My Word aloft that others may see, & to live My Words so others may see that that which I speak is true in this wicked & perverse World today. For lo, ye are lights unto this World!  Do not quench this Light nor hide this Light under a bushel, but hold it forth & trust Me! For I have given you this Message, & none other would preach it forth, no one else will give it forth but you.
       "Have ye not followed this Message of Love? Have ye not obeyed? Have ye not shown through your bodies this Love unto the lost? And are ye not persecuted for this? Do they not speak evil of this wonderful & beautiful thing that I have given you?  By this shall all men know that ye are My disciples, if ye have Love one to another. For I have given you the purity of My Message & the pure Truth. Behold, it is as a precious jewel that is blinding to the eyes of those who are wicked; & they call it evil because it hurts their eyes when they see it. They call it perverse because they must hide their face from it, because the Truth is so strong upon them.
       "But ye can look at the Light & ye can be enlightened with it!  Therefore shade not your eyes, but look into the Light & be strengthened by it. Face your children unto the Light that they too may be strengthened & fed, that they too may glow as glowing candles upon the Earth in this dark time, a time which will become darker & darker. They shall become brighter & brighter from My Truth that they shall have within them, for they too are the embodiment of My Love & of My Spirit upon the face of this Earth.
       "Withhold not this Truth from the Earth & from the lost!  For if ye will not pour forth this Truth, who shall?  For I have given unto you a special calling & a special Message of Love!  And as the Enemy, Satan, tries to deceive the nations & to turn them against My Love & against all forms of My Love, as he tries to pervert My Love as men with men, & as he tries to turn away the children from their parents, so they must see the Light of My Truth, & only ye are upholding this in its purity!
       "Therefore quench it not & be not afraid, for I will protect you!  As a lamp of glass protects the candle & the flame from the wind & from the storm, so shall I protect you that they cannot blow out this Light.  For I will encompass you about with My Truth & with My protection as a glass that they can see through to see the Light, but cannot blow it out.  So have I promised & so will I do it, but ye must hold fast the Truth & turn not away, but hold it up as a true candle, as a true Light unto these nations!"
       "Let your Light so shine before men that they may see your good works & glorify your Father which is in Heaven. Let the Light of your Love & your freedom & your beauty shine before all, that they may see the wonders of My Kingdom & I may be glorified. Stand fast in the liberty wherewith I have made you free, & be not entangled with the yoke of bondage that the System wishes to put upon you.  For this is a time of testing, a time of decision, a time of purging, & many shall go back because of this strong meat. But I shall bring forth the fruit & I shall bring forth the increase.
       "For as ye do set this Light upon a hill, many shall see & many shall be drawn & many shall come to Me. For there is a tremendous void & aching, a huge lack of love in the World.  There are many that are seeking & groping in the darkness, & they will see this Light even afar off, & they will come running & fall at your feet & beg to be part of your folds, that this precious, warm, gentle Love of David will fill their souls to overflowing.
       "I do say this is a time of testing. It will not be without sacrifice. There shall be many battles & ye shall be thrust face-to-face with your enemy, & ye shall have to answer by reason of the Word & of the Love that is within you to testify of My beauty, My grace & this Law of Love which ye have lived for so many years.
       "Do not compromise, but stand strong! For one small compromise would lead to another & to another & yet to denial, & it is through this test that the Enemy would seek to deliver a mighty blow at the very foundation of your Family--their faith in the Words of David. For if ye deny in one part, ye would deny in another, & yet another, & yet another, & in the end who will stand?  Therefore stand fast in the liberty wherewith I have made you free, & be not entangled again with the yoke of bondage or the yoke of fear, fear of the future, but trust Me & I will never suffer you to be moved!  For a mighty gulf is fixed between you & the World, & by your proclaiming this Truth, I am drawing you yet further apart, & never the twain shall meet."
Verses & Visions
       At first I saw a vision of a crossroads, a "Y" in the road. In the Letter "Choice" (ML#238) & other illustrations in the books, you definitely see one road going up & the other one going down, & also where they lead.  But in this case, I couldn't see because there was a fog right after the fork in the road.  And it wasn't even that they both started differently, one low & the other high, but they were straight, so there was no way of knowing which road to take.  It's like the choice we're faced with. We didn't exactly know what to do, but as we prayed & desperately asked the Lord for direction, He led us, by faith, as the way wasn't clear. As the prophecies came, in my vision the day brightened up & there was a bright sun pulling away the fog.  We had walked towards the right side, & the road we were on both behind us & in front of us became gold!  The other road turned grey & was obviously going down. It was a beautiful, bright, sunny day, & you could see a mountain ahead in the distance. It was encouraging!
       Then I got the Scripture, "To whom shall we go? Thou hast the Words of Eternal Life!"--John 6:68.  And I saw the Apostle Peter after Jesus had given them that heavy meat about eating His flesh & drinking His blood. (John 6:53-58.) Peter was totally devastated, in tears & broken, because it was so contrary to everything the System was saying. It sounded like cannibalism!  But then Jesus walked up to him & said, "Will ye also go away?"  And Peter gave Jesus a real big hug & said, "I'll stick! Thou alone hast the Words of Eternal Life!"--He decided to still go on with the Lord anyway.
       Then I got the Scripture, "Be not weary in well doing, for in due season we shall reap if we faint not."--Gal.6:9.--Like, don't stop now! There's a big reaping yet coming!
       When I was getting the prophecy about Jesus telling us that He had shown us the sample (see page 4, last paragraph of left column), I got the picture of God crying at seeing Jesus going through it at Gethsemane. But this time it was Jesus Himself crying for us, having felt in human flesh what it meant to go through such a time of testing.  At first He was hit with the pain of our decision, but as the prophecy kept coming, the tears were tears of joy, being proud of us for having chosen to stand strong for the Truth.
       I had a vision of a lot of our teens gathered together at a courthouse after someone had to testify on the stand in answer to this question about our sexual beliefs. The Lord was using this CA accusation and the lies against us as a vehicle to get out our Message. The most outstanding thing in the vision was not the false accusations or the feeling of intimidation or fear, but rather the Truth portrayed in the sample of our teens, their happiness and joy in the Spirit!  The teens were there with their guitars and singing and it was all broadcast on TV, and the wonderful Love of Jesus was the predominant Message--not the lies of our enemies about supposed child abuse!  Everyone could see the Truth about us through the sample of our teens!--It was obvious even to the international news agencies that were covering the event.
       I also got later on: "Pray for your brethren, that their faith fail not."--The brethren who will be on the witness stand in court.
       When the prophecy was given about sticking to the Scriptures (see bottom of page 2), right then I got a picture of a courtroom & there was a lawyer who was defending us.  And when one of us gave testimony of why we believe something, then the lawyer was real anointed & he said, "Look! This is just what the Bible's been saying for thousands of years & this is nothing different! This is all the foundation that Father David has confirmed from the beginning!" Then the lawyer went on to say there are all these other things in the Bible that in this day & age you could charge people with, but still we can't deny the Truth of the Bible. The lawyer was really on fire. It won the hearts of the people to see the Truth & get down to the bottom line of why we believe what we believe. It was real inspiring!
       I got the verse, "There is nothing that is hidden that shall not be revealed."--Mat.10:26. And I got a picture of us trying to keep these testimonies & controversial Scriptural beliefs more-or-less out of sight.  We would put our hands over one & another one would spring up. Then we'd put our hands over that one & another would spring up!  The Lord was saying, "When are you guys going to get the point? I'm the One Who's doing this! I'm the One Who's bringing up all these controversial issues!"
       I also got, "This holy thing which is done in thee is of Me!"  It seemed like the Lord was saying that the decision we were making was akin to whether to have an abortion or not.  That was the choice we were faced with, whether or not to get rid of this doctrine which the Lord had borne in us.
       Then I got these verses in Revelation about the Woman: "The Dragon stood before the woman which was ready to be delivered, for to devour her child as soon as it was born. And she brought forth a man child, who was to rule all nations with a rod of iron: and her child was caught up unto God & to His throne."--Rev.12:4,5. The man child here is of course Jesus, but by way of application, the most serious decision we're faced with is what is going to happen with the Church that the Lord has brought into existence for this Endtime.
       Afterwards it says, "And the woman fled into the wilderness, where she hath a place prepared of God, that they should feed her there a thousand two hundred & threescore days."--Rev.12:6. After making this decision to continue on with the Lord's Will, the Lord will then protect us, His Church. That's His job.
       I got, "The whole World gropeth in darkness, but ye are the Light of the World." I was thinking of it in terms of how the Devil & the ACs have put out the lights & people don't know what to believe any more about anything, & they're groping in the dark.  The Lord was going to use our Light & us getting out the Message in situations like this to help the sheep & those out there to crystallise what they're going to believe in. It's going to be a testimony & help them to see their way in the darkness, because there's so much darkness. That's why the Lord's called us to do it.
       I was reminded of the Letter where Dad was in a big auditorium with a bunch of church people, & the issue of the Ten Commandments came up. He rose up & he started floating & preaching about the "Law of Love" & that we don't have to keep the Ten Commandments. (See "The Signs Following Dream!", ML#1253.) I was thinking of all the times that Jesus broke the letter of the Law, healing on the Sabbath, etc., & David broke the law too.  Some people have the mistaken idea that Jesus kept every jot & tittle of the Mosaic Law.
       I had two little visions, & with one came the words: "Better is a dungeon or bars in loyalty than a wide place in compromise!" The vision was split & on one side of it was a person who was in prison, but very happy, very strong & very bright. The other side was a person who was in a wide open field, obviously free to do whatever he wanted, but he was alone & he was very sad & empty looking.
       Another vision was during the prophecy that said how the Enemy was seeking to strike a blow at the very foundation of our Family.  (See end of prophecies, page 7.)  I saw a picture of a mountain, & the Enemy had some kind of a strong weapon, either a sword or an axe, & he was making this very big swing at the foot of the mountain.  At the top of the mountain were standing Dad & Mama. The interpretation I got was that we sometimes think that these Letters & beliefs are just kind of a sideline of our Family & it's not that important that we stand up for them, but in denying these, the Enemy would want to bring Dad & Mama & our faith in them down.  It's not a small thing that we can just lightly pass off.
       Going along with fleeing into the wilderness & all, at different times I kept getting pictures of big fires, & I kept seeing the little girl from the movie, "Firestarter". We are actually going to be in situations where we will have to do things like that & have those powers.  We're going to be out there somewhere & in a position where we can use those particular powers to protect ourselves & to be a witness.
       I had a picture, & I later realised it looked like a Poster. In the beginning I didn't see the whole picture, because you start on one detail & then you pull back & you see more & more. The first thing I saw was a cute little cherub. He was totally naked & he was in surroundings that looked like Paradise.  I saw a title in the upper left corner saying in blue cursive writing, "Visions of Paradise"; & suddenly there were many other cherubs with him, & they were all carrying the different Heaven Posters, even the heavy meat Heaven Posters. Then the vision pulled back a little further & this army of cherubs with the Posters came down to Earth. I saw the globe & it was really in a mess. People were broken & on crutches & it was dark, but they were looking towards this light. This army of cherubs turned into a candle. This candle was flickering & I got the verse, "A smoking flax shall He not quench. He shall bring forth judgement unto Truth."--Isa.42:3.
        In the first part, I saw the candle in two stages.  I got that this message had been subdued & we were making a decision: Are we going to stand up for this or not?  The flame was flickering, but then when we decided to go ahead by faith, it became a strong clear flame.  Then in the second stage, all this mud started getting thrown at the flame, but the Lord's Hands were always there. One hand was behind the flame protecting it, & the other was continually cleaning the flame, taking all the dirt off so it would keep shining brightly. Then the picture pulled back a little more & I saw that the candlestick was the harp of David, a golden harp with black musical notes floating out from it.
       The picture pulled back again & I saw the title, "Song of David" in gold cursive writing in the bottom right corner. So that was the complete picture, with "Visions of Paradise" & "Song of David" & the candle in the middle, with a vision of Heaven up to the left & the dark Earth to the right. Then I got these two verses: "Behold, I & the children whom the Lord hath given me are for signs & for wonders in Israel from the Lord of Hosts."--Isa.8:18. And the other verse: "And their seed shall be known among the Gentiles, & their offspring among the people: all that see them shall acknowledge them, that they are the seed which the Lord hath blessed."--Isa.61:9.
       I had a vision of a crowd from "Did God Make a Mistake?" & got the quote, "If you could only compromise your Message a little bit, if you could only tone down this thing, then we would be with you." It seemed to be like what our church friends are saying: "There are a lot of people who would support you if you would only forsake this thing."  And again, the same verse came about: "There is a way which seems right unto men, but the end thereof are the ways of death."--Prov.14:12; 16:25.
       For the court cases I got, "How should we speak?" And the Lord said, "Just use the Word!--By lifting up the Word!"  Then I got the verse, "As Moses lifted up the serpent in the wilderness, even so must the Son of Man be lifted up."--John 3:14.
       Then I got how this is Millennium preparation. By trying to preserve our existence or our name or reputation, we are putting our children in confusion.  We are right now preparing our kids to rule & reign in the Millennium, but if we start compromising our Message, then that will confuse our kids.  Then I got, "If you're ashamed of Me & My Words in this wicked & sinful generation, then I can't really protect you."

       I was getting very strongly that the Bible is full of these promises & we just need to stand on them.  My eyes fell on this passage: "Herein is our love made perfect, that we may have boldness in the day of judgement: because as He is, so are we in this World. There is no fear in Love; but perfect Love casteth out fear: because fear hath torment. He that feareth is not made perfect in Love."--1John 4:17,18.
       I had a picture of Gideon & his men, who were few. They were told to take their pots & put their lights inside the pots. Then they made a big noise & blew their trumpets & smashed the pots & the light came forth. When they did, the enemy was put to confusion & defeated. I felt it was somewhat like us now. We've sort of hidden the Letters or our beliefs, but as we break that which is hiding it, the light will shine forth, the Word will shine forth & it will put our enemies to confusion!
       Also, up until the time I gave the prophecy, the Lord was giving me little pictures & things about it.  There was a crystal thing about two feet high & one foot wide. It was marvellous & beautiful & clear, just pure. It was like the Word, the Message that the Lord has given us, & it's so pure & so bright. It was beautiful!
       I also got these verses from Revelation: "And to the Angel of the church of Philadelphia write; These things saith He that is holy, He that is true, He that hath the key of David, He that openeth & no man shutteth, & shutteth & no man openeth. I know thy works:  behold, I have set before thee an open door & no man can shut it: for thou hast a little strength & hast kept My Word, & hast not denied My Name."--Rev.3:7,8.  That's sort of the position we're in.
       "Behold, I will make them of the synagogue of Satan, which say they are Jews, & are not, but do lie; behold, I will make them to come & worship before thy feet, & to know that I have loved thee.  Because thou hast kept the Word of My patience, I also will keep thee from the hour of temptation, which shall come upon all the World, to try them that dwell upon the Earth. Behold, I come quickly: hold that fast which thou hast, that no man take thy crown. Him that overcometh will I make a pillar in the Temple of My God, & he shall go no more out: & I will write upon him the Name of My God & the name of the City of My God, which is New Jerusalem, which cometh down out of Heaven from My God: & I will write upon him My new name."--Rev.3:9-12
       I felt it was like we're at that point, we're having to decide. Obviously there is a decision before us, & I believe the Lord made it clear what we should do. Someone was saying something about how the Tribulation is going to come & then we're going to have power, but it's not going to necessarily be the case that all of a sudden, instantaneously, one day we're given supernatural strength. It's more like the Tribulation is coming & as we make the right decisions, the Lord will empower us. But it's not like He's just going to suddenly drop it on us.  It's like any reward or any growth, you have to keep making the right decisions. We're at the fork & we have to make the right decision, & as we do, the Lord will continue to bless us, & that's how it's going to probably be all the way to the End. We're constantly having to make the right decisions.
       I also had a vision of Abraham & Isaac, but when the Lord showed it to me it was something very positive & victorious, like he was saying, "Well, look what happened with Isaac!" Abraham didn't suffer by giving up Isaac; in fact, his seed became as the sand of the sea shore--innumerable. Once Abraham made the decision, then the Lord could bring about the blessings in his life & bring about a greater ending than he had before.
       I was impressed with the need for real wisdom in how to employ all of this, with the verse, "See then that ye walk circumspectly, not as fools, but as wise, redeeming the time, because the days are evil. Neither give place to the Devil."--Eph.5:15,16; 4:27.
       One prophecy said something about how one compromise would lead to another & to another & another. As that was being given, I felt real strongly that the Apostle Peter himself would like to get through to us & share with us lessons that he learned about the time that he denied Jesus, & he would want to encourage us not to make the same mistake that he made.
       As the story was being given of the three Hebrew children going into the furnace, I saw the three children answering the king & saying, "Our God can deliver us, but if He doesn't, then we're still not going to bow down to your System idols! Not only are we not going to bow down to your System idols, but we're going to proclaim the Gospel & the Truth!  Not only are we not going to bow to your System demands, but we're going to turn around & preach more Truth!"
       I also remembered the decision the Mormons made when they compromised regarding polygamy.  Maybe it was the right decision for them, when they consulted with their Angel & came out & said that they would compromise. But I strongly felt that is not the decision that the Lord wants us to make.  But rather, the Lord wants us to be like the three children going into the fiery furnace, coming out from their consultations & saying, "No way! We're not going to bow down to your System idols! We're not going to bow to your demands in any way!  In fact, we're going to continue to proclaim the Truth, the Gospel of Love, the Law of Love, the teachings of Jesus like never before!"
       When Jesus was before Pilate, & Pilate told Him that he had power to release Him, Jesus fired back by saying, "Ye have no power at all except what is given you from My Father! In fact, I could have legions of Angels here right now to deliver Me from this whole thing, & we could close the whole courtroom down & get Me out of here!--But because it's the Will of My Father, I'm here."  In other words, the System has no power at all!  Our enemies have only the power that God allows them to have.
       Something we need to realise about the great men & women of the Bible & the famous Christians throughout history is that the stories & testimonies that are written about them only touch on the highlights of their lives. Considering the length of their lives, these testimonies only constitute a small portion of what they went through. We look at the great things they did, but often fail to realise that on a day-to-day basis they all had to make decisions, hear from the Lord, pray, choose to do the right thing, to not compromise--all the same things we go through.
       We hear about the highlights of the lives of the different martyrs & great men of God, but to become the greats of God, they had to be faithful & make the right choices on a regular day-to-day basis, just like you & me. It's because they were faithful & obedient to the Lord that they had these outcroppings of greatness.
       We're the same. If we expect the Lord to use us mightily in the Tribulation & if we expect to "be strong & do great exploits," or to be martyrs for the Lord, then we have to make the right choices now, like the choice of being willing to stand up for some unpopular messages when that's what the Lord wants us to do. The blessing & anointing of God comes from obedience, & if we choose to obey Him & do His Will, we then know He will give us the grace & power for whatever is ahead.
       Martin Luther & these other great men of God were given lots of opportunities to recant & compromise, yet they all stood strong. If you look back, every single one of them had to make a choice, & they didn't compromise. That's why you hear about them!  You don't hear about the ones who compromised, because they didn't do anything worth hearing about after that!
Summary of the Prophecies!--By Peter A.

Conditional Blessings!--If/Then
       There were a number of conditional "if/then" deals: "If you are faithful to My Word, then I will be your defense."  And I guess conversely, "If you're not faithful to My Word, then I won't be your defense." He said, "Be faithful to My Word, then I will be faithful to protect & keep you." He also said, "Because you have kept My Word, I will keep you in the hour of temptation that will come upon the World." He will protect us if we stand up for the Truth of our Message.  That's encouraging!
Fear Not!
       The Lord also said about 15 times to not fear: "Don't fear the System," "Don't fear Man," "Don't take on the yoke of bondage of fear of the future," "Fear not the fury of the oppressor," "Fear not the machinations of the Evil One," "Fear not the System & all its threats," "Fear not, for I will give you My Spirit," "Fear not, I will uphold you," & so forth!  So the Lord made it pretty clear we're not supposed to fear! Thank You Lord!
Fail Not!
       He talked a number of times about not failing: "Fail not in that which ye have been given to do." "Fail not in the mission!" "Remain faithful!" "I have prayed for you, that your faith fail not!"
The Word!
       He talked a lot about the importance of the Word!  He said that He is the Word, & if He is lifted up, He will draw all men unto Him--that we're supposed to lift up the Word.  He said He & the Word are the Foundation & the Cornerstone & that we need to be faithful to the Word, that if we stand on the Word, then we'll stand strong.--Which means that if we don't stand on the Word, then we won't stand strong.  
       We're supposed to "forsake not the Words of our father," "Stand strong in the Truth," "Hold fast the Truth" & "Answer by reason of the Word!"  "You must look unto David & hold fast his Words & hold on to his Words, for without him & without the Words that I have given unto him, the walls of your defense shall crumble." The Word certainly plays a big role!
       The Lord also warns that "the Word of God is quick & powerful & sharper than any two-edged sword," & we must wield it skilfully, because it can "slice, cut & maim, or it can pierce, penetrate & change."  

Witnessing the Full Message!
During Summit '92 the Lord spoke about the need to get out the meat of the Word. We have been faithful to get out the meaty Message through mass distribution of the meaty Posters and through court cases and the Statements.  And as was explained in the "The Three-day Birthday Fast 1993!" (GN 538), it could possibly be that this year we will be getting out even "meatier" Word in the form of standing up for our beliefs in the Law of Love, and the message about the international conspiracy to stamp out Christianity and ultimately rule the World!  The Lord made it clear through Dad's new Letters on the Law of Love and through the confirming prophecies at Summit '93 that when we are asked about our beliefs concerning the Law of Love, we should have the courage and faith to stand up for the Scriptural principles of the Word!
       He said if we're ashamed of His Words, He'd be ashamed of us.  So we're not to be ashamed of them but we're to stand up for them! We're to "hold not back" & "forsake not our calling or our Message."  We're to speak the Truth, & as we give the pure, unadulterated Word, many will find the Lord.  Also that we should "pull out the flaming Sword of the Word" & we should "break the pots that have hidden the Light of the Word & let the Light shine!"
       The Lord gave a number of verses like, "My sheep hear My Voice," & "He that is of God heareth God's Word." He also said that there are some who would want to gnash upon us & who are not interested in the Truth.  There's going to be a pretty clear dividing line, which will make it easier in some ways to witness, as the sheep are going to be more sheepy & the goats are going to be more goaty!
       The Lord brought out in a number of cases that we need to be wise in dealing with these people & prudent in how we explain things; nevertheless, we are supposed to explain them.  He also said that we should "pray for the brethren, that their faith fail not," those who are on the witness stand!
       This is interesting too: "There is nothing that is hidden that shall not be revealed." It's like the Lord is saying, "When are you going to get the point?  I'm the One Who is doing it, I'm the One bringing all these controversial issues up!"  So we don't need to fear or worry if we're called upon to stand up for the Scriptural Truth of the Law of Love, but we should trust the Lord and know that He is in control and He will take care of us as we obey Him!
Let the Light Shine!
       Also along the lines of witnessing He talked about the Light.  He said, "Don't hide the Light under a bushel," & that "the Light shines brightest in controversy."  So that's one of the blessings of persecution, that as they inspect you & they try to go over every issue, the Light will shine & the Message will get out!  That controversy is what causes people to want to hear, what makes them hungry.
       He said, "Ye are the lights of this World!" Also that His Message is a bright Light & the wicked have to hide their eyes from it, but we can look at it & be strengthened.  He said, "Let the Light of your Love & your freedom & your beauty shine!"  "Many are groping in darkness & shall see the Light & shall run into it!"  
A Special Calling!
       A number of times He said we have a special mission, a special calling.  He said, "Ye are called to a special mission that others would not accept," & we have "a special calling & special Message of Love."  He also brought out that we're a royal priesthood, a chosen people, a peculiar people, kings & priests unto God!
       He said a number of times that we'll be persecuted. "If they have persecuted Me, so will they persecute you." We're to remember how He was persecuted & all the things He was blamed for, & how He conducted Himself.
       He said to be comforted by those who were persecuted & delivered in the past.  That covers both those who were delivered & those who were martyred & have gone to be with Him.  He said we will suffer tribulation, that we will "be thrust face-to-face with our enemies" & there would be many battles.  Also that the Enemy seeks to deliver a mighty blow to our Foundation, our faith in the Word & Dad & Mama, so that's exposing one of the Enemy's main tactics & goals.
Our Children!
       The Lord also made it clear that we should teach our young people the Scriptural principles of the Law of Love.  Jesus spoke to the scribes & Pharisees in parables so that they would be unable to catch Him, but He said, "I did speak unto My disciples & unto the little ones with the pure Word of God.  For they were the ones with the hungry hearts, to carry My Word & to give it & to share it with others."
       He goes on to say don't fear the System & all its threats, but "look unto your little ones & answer their questions & give unto them the pure Word of God, for they are the hope of the future & the hope of your father David.  These are the ones that shall carry on with My Word.  These are the ones in which the Law of Love shall truly be fulfilled. Be mindful that in the Garden of Love that I have given you, & with these tender plants that I have given unto your care, that you do not let the weeds of this World come in now to choke out My Love & My Light. If ye give unto them the pure Word of God, they shall speak with the enemies in the gate."  So we need to be careful not to let the System garbage get in.
       Then He says this will happen: "When they shall hear the sound of the trumpet, they shall heed the call & they shall follow!  They shall grow up as a mighty Army to fight against the onslaughts of the Enemy!"
       We're supposed to face our children towards the Light so that they can be strengthened & they will glow with the Light. The Lord said the sample of our children, the fruit of it all, is what's going to be so outstanding & get the Message across.
       The Lord also gave some very encouraging words about our children: "And their seed shall be known among the Gentiles & their offspring among the people. All that see them shall acknowledge them, that they are the seed which the Lord hath blessed."
Be Good Shepherds!
       He also said that we must shepherd our Family & our kids, we must protect them & not let the wolves break into the sheepfold & rob the lambs.  We need to guard them from the poison of our enemies.  Also, we should lay down our lives for the flocks.
       The Lord also said that He would give us Heavenly counsellors that will lead us & guide us & give us much greater wisdom than we've ever had before!  He also said He'd give us earthly counsellors who would help us as well.
A Time of Testing!
       The Lord said, "Many shall fall away & many shall turn back." That came up over & over again.  So it sounds like even within the Family a lot of this is going to be pretty tough news, & that many shall fall away.  He said, "Choose ye this day whom ye will serve: the god of the temporal World, or the Lord." If we compromise to get out of persecution or trouble for now, it's like worshipping the god of the temporal World.  He called this a time of testing, a time of purging & a time of decision. So it is going to be a test & it is going to be a purging.  People are going to get purged out. He said, "Many shall go back because of this strong meat."
Don't Compromise!
       He also said, "Don't compromise, because one compromise will lead to another & another & another."  And the most serious decision, the basic crux of the matter is what will happen to the Church, in other words, the Family.  The bottom line is: Are we going to compromise ourselves right out of His blessings?
       The Lord said that it was better to be in a dungeon with the Truth, having not compromised, than to be in a large open place, having compromised.  Some of our non-compromising decisions could very well lead to prison, & probably will eventually, but it's better to even be in prison within the Lord's Will than any place else out of the Will of God.
Draw Close to Jesus!
       A number of times the Lord talked about drawing closer to Him.  He said, "Draw close to Me, keep your faith in Me." "Faint not, but draw close, for as the days grow dark, I will be closer than before." "For they that have clung closest to Me, I have protected the most." He said, "Cling to Me, cling to the Word," & that He loves us because we do that.
Our Message of Love!
       He also brought out a number of times how much the System hates Love & the Message of Love.  The one thing that's really different about us is our Message of Love--it's the major difference, as Dad has always said.  Our sex doctrine, which is part of our love--& God's Love, is a thing that's kept us separate from the churches & from them accepting us all this time.
       Our Message of Love & liberty is proving that we are God's Children. They hated Jesus because of His Love & because He claimed to be the Son of God. Well, we are God's Children & they hate us for it. They hate real Love, & the Devil is trying very strongly to quench all forms of love, because Love is God.  So we need to hold up the purity of that Message, because people need to hear it.
Church People!
       He talked about the Apostle Paul:  "Through his knowledge did he not seek to explain that which in his eyes was so simple, but unto those he spake, it was so complicated?"  To us the Law of Love is quite understandable, but often when you try to explain it to church people, they don't quite get it.  
       He said, "Did not some of the Sanhedrin perceive his words?  But for fear they spake them not. For I see the heart of Man. Therefore look not at their faces, for I shall be looking upon their hearts."  Maybe as we come out more & more with the way we live & why we live as we do & base it on the Word, some of these church people, though they may not come right out for us, will at least be believing, understanding & receiving it.
A Short Time!
       It was brought out about this being for "a short time."  "Ye shall reign forever till Kingdom come & beyond, if ye will be faithful but for this short space of time." "Know ye not that this time of trouble is but for a little while?" "But for the very elect's sake those days shall be shortened." "Hold fast that which ye have, for behold, I come quickly!"  It was like, "Hold on, hang in there! It won't be long!"  
Encouragement to Make the Right Choice!
       Another major thing that was covered was the fact that we're faced with a choice. He says, "There is a way which seemeth right unto men, but the end thereof are the ways of death." That came up a number of times, that going Man's way could look like the right thing to do, but it's not the right choice. He also said, "Forsake not the ways & the Words of your father." We have to decide if we're going to keep following the Words of David.
       He said, "Fail not in what I have given you to do."--So again it's a choice whether to do it or not to do it. He also brought up a number of times the hard saying about "eating His flesh & drinking His blood," & how all those disciples had to make a choice.  All of them had to decide! "To whom shall we go? Thou alone hast the Words of Eternal Life!"
       He talked about the story of Abraham & Isaac a number of times, & as you know, Abraham had to make a choice in sacrificing his son. There were also visions of the crossroads & the fork by the crossroads.  When the proper choice was made, that road turned to gold, but the other road led downward & turned grey. Also, the Lord said He was pleased with our choice, & indicated pretty early on that He knew we were going to choose to do the right thing. In one of the visions the flame was flickering, but when the right choice was made & when we had decided what to do, the flame burned strongly & the Lord continued to protect it.
       The Lord said that "preservation of the Kingdom & the purity of the Message is even more important than our own personal existence."  So again, it's a choice of whether we're going to put the Truth first or our own lives first. The verse from Revelation 3 was also given: "Thou hast not denied My Name." Obviously if you haven't denied His Name, that means you were probably given an opportunity to do so & made the choice not to.
       Of course the Lord is always really sweet to remind us of the blessings of all of this, & He talked a lot about rewards. He said that if we stay faithful to His Word, that we will "come before Him with shining faces & with happy hearts." Like David of old, we will be rewarded "with a great reward."  He said, "I wish you could see the glory & the reward that I have for each one of you!" He said that we would have "tribulation in this World, but great joy in the World to Come," & that we would be greatly rewarded.  He said, "You will reign with Me as kings & priests & reap eternal dividends," & that we'll be joint heirs with Him.  We will be in the Halls of Heaven, honoured with all the great Saints.  He will give us a Crown of Life & we will be "a pillar in the Temple of our God."        

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