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FSM 267/FN 376 -- (DO, Feb. 95)
(c) February, 1995, by Family Services, Zurich, Switzerland.

Dear Family,
†††††††God bless you! Weíre so proud of you and your faithfulness and dedication to the Lord and His Family! Over the last two months since you received the news of Dadís homegoing, many of you have written Mama with reactions to Dadís graduation. Itís been wonderfully encouraging and inspiring to see not only how well everyone reacted to Dadís passing, but how it has been a turning point in so many peopleís lives, sparking new fervor, devotion and dedication! Dad was certainly known for his revolutions, and even in his passing he has engineered yet another one, thanks to his and dear Mamaís wonderful heavenly uplook and presentation of this monumentous event.
†††††††Each of your reactions is special and encouraging, and we wish we could have published them all, but we only have space enough to include selected portions of some of them. Each of you who sent in reactions also expressed your thankfulness to Mama for her presentation of Dadís passing and pledged your love and loyalty to her and the Family, but in order to be able to include as many reactions as possible, weíve not included those parts in the reactions below.
†††††††We pray that these will be a blessing and inspiration to you as we rejoice together at Dadís wonderful release, as well as commit ourselves to fulfill the commission that he left with us: to loveóto love Jesus more, to love one another more, to love the lost and all those who need us more. Lord help us all as we give our all to reach this goal in our lives and Homes! We love you!
†††††††Much love, Your WS Family

†††††††Dear Grandpa,
†††††††Iíve seen your face just today:
†††††††Eyes so gentle, restful, sweet.
†††††††The Heaven that was in your gaze
†††††††Is now yours, forever to keep.
†††††††There is so much I feel right now,
†††††††Yet my pen can scarcely move.
†††††††The emotion I feel enfolds me,
†††††††Yet my love Iíll endeavor to prove.

†††††††Had it not been for you, sweet Grandpa,
†††††††I never would have been born.
†††††††Or if I had, I dread to think of my life:
†††††††Alone, destitute, self-indulgent, forlorn.

†††††††Yet because of your love and earnest desire
†††††††To serve our God, my life has been
†††††††One of excitement, love and fulfillment.
†††††††Outside, things as these cannot be seen.

†††††††Because of you I have spent my life
†††††††Learning to give, knowing God will repay.
†††††††I have never known the fear of death,
†††††††For in Heaven my treasures lay.

†††††††Because of you, Iíve not been alone,
†††††††Always surrounded by friends sincere.
†††††††Through the heartaches, which have been any,
†††††††Your words wiped away each painful tear.

†††††††Because of your faith in the new generation,
†††††††Iíve had the courage to fight in the fray.
†††††††Everything always for you and the Lordó
†††††††What more can a grateful heart say?

†††††††I can only dare dream I may pour outó
†††††††With no thought to myself, as youíve done.
†††††††For you were unseen that we might see Him;
†††††††You forsook yourself that weíd love the Son.
†††††††óJoan Paloma (YA), Europe

From Stephen, South America:
†††††††From the beginning, Dad did his job right. He taught us to look to the Lord and not to him. He lived it by staying out of the limelight, choosing the more difficult path of staying behind the scenes, sacrificing the physical presence, the fellowship, admiration and praise of his followers. From "I Gotta Split" and "My Love Is a Legend" to his recent parting, Dad lived this principle. He taught us that Jesus is our leader and the Holy Spirit is our guide and the Word is our standard. Unlike most other religious leaders or political ones, he had the humility to refuse to accept the glory for his achievements, to delegate and train and pour his life into others, to step back and give them responsibility, content to look on from the sidelines.
†††††††The Lord gave him the vision for the future and he followed. He saw the need for the written Word. As a result he has left us and the world a legacy. Dad lives on through his words and his sample, sown in the lives of his children.
†††††††Dad taught us to have the heavenly vision. He lived in the yearning, the expectation of that "City which hath foundations, whose Builder and Maker is God." He faithfully passed on that unique vision of Heaven to the world through his words and his pictures, the posters.
†††††††I know itís for these reasons I can say today with the news of his homegoing, as Dad asked us to say, "So What?" Itís funny, but during the course of the day Iíve started to feel closer to Dad than ever. Itís kind of like when Jesus departed: He left His Word, but then He sent His spiritual presence through the Holy Spirit. I feel as if I can sense Dadís presence in the spirit. Itís comforting and even exciting!

From Barry, Asia:
†††††††Upon first reading the news of Dadís graduation I had a feeling of sadness in my heart.óDadís words won my heart completely when I read my very first MO Letter, and have meant so much to me for over 20 years now. But as I continued to read your words, Mama, the sadness that I initially felt quickly faded, and the joy that Dad is now released from this world and from his many afflictions and earthly battles quickly overcame me! At first it was a bit by faith, but as I continued reading the wonderful, beautiful and thrilling prophecies, I received a thrill in the spirit that Iíve never experienced before, and the realization of just how wonderful it was really overwhelmed me.
†††††††I feel this was the richest and most rewarding spiritual experience Iíve ever had. I donít know how to describe it, but I was quite high in the spirit all day long, and really had trouble keeping my feet on the ground. It was also very beautiful and touching to see the reaction of each of our Home members to this surprising but joyous news and to see the Lordís peace and joy and happiness overtake each one as we all thrilled together that the Lord has given Dad the desire of his heart to be with Him in his new heavenly home.
†††††††I also had the precious experience of being able to share the news with the older children in our home, who although very surprised at first, were so full of faith and positive at the news of Dadís graduation. They took it so well. It was especially beautiful to see their reaction to seeing Dadís photo on the front of the GN. They were enthralled to see a real picture of Grandpa and his love shining through to them personally. Our younger children were also completely overtaken by Grandpaís photo. One of them was immediately drawn out of her seat, and ran up and gave a great big kiss to Grandpa, praise the Lord!
†††††††It has also been very inspiring for me to be able to view Dadís beautiful photo. It exudes so much of the Lordís love and lightóI feel that he completely and totally understands everything about me, all of my battles, trials and weaknesses, and has real understanding and compassion and so much love. I just feel so encouraged all over whenever I look at Dadís photo, praise the Lord!

From Pedro, South America:
†††††††At the news of Dadís graduation, I was overwhelmed and moved to tears by the beauty of it all. It was very special! It was like launching into the world of the spirit where things are certainly so radically different than the natural flatlander world thatís so ingrained in me, and for some reason this deeply moved me. Here we were reading about the "death" of our beloved Dad, whom we all love so dearly, and it was one of the most beautiful experiences that Iíve had in a long time. It was certainly a very unique experience, because I had never experienced the death of a loved one before. It was a real spirit trip into the heavenlies. The pictures and visions were fantastic, exhilarating!
†††††††One of the things that thrilled me the most perhaps was that it was a very radical and anti-System experienceó{\ul Godís} way of receiving the news of the physical loss of a loved one. Actually, every time I think of the word "loss" I stumble over that word, because itís so much the opposite of how I feel about Dadís graduation. If anything, I feel this is a real gain. We can be closer to Dad than before, and particularly those of us who did not live with him in the physical can be really happy for this "upgrade" in our relationship with him!

From Mary, North America:
††††††††††††††For me personally, having Dad in Heaven now is like having him in my heart along with Jesus. Itís kind of a funny feelingóhaving someone close to you from this earth, right there with Jesus now. It makes Jesus even more real and close to me. It must be a little like the disciples felt when Jesus left, after having lived with Jesus and having known Him on this earth.óDad is like that for us. Iím sure the Lord meant it to be that way too, and I donít think He feels any disrespect in me feeling that way! Dadís main role was to bring us and the whole world closer to Heaven and the Lord, and what better way could he do that than to go personally to Heaven representing us to Jesus face-to-face!

From Cephas, Asia:
†††††††Mama, this is my commitment to dear Dad: Iíve got to keep following the Letters closer than before; Iíve got to be more obedient than ever before; Iíve got to love lost souls and witness more than ever before; and, to the best of my ability, Iíve got to exercise the diligence and faithfulness Dad has taught us and prepared us for. Now the only way to be able to accomplish all of this is not in my own strength, nor do I even feel capable of doing it, but for Dadís sake, for the sake of the Family, for the sake of being a witness, I have to have real faith that by Godís grace He is going to help me do it. Maybe we can all ask Dad to intercede for us, so that we can follow very closely. I guess we can all conclude that we all want to be little Davids and look unto Jesusóas Dad has doneóto be witnesses to the world and go right on preaching the Gospel more than ever before, just like the apostles did after Jesusí departure from earth.

From Lorraine (20), South America:
†††††††I havenít known anyone who has diedómy great-grandparents possibly, but I donít know them and doubt theyíre in Heaven. Often when having asthma attacks Iíve thought about dying and going to Heaven and wondered who would meet me, and couldnít think of anyone; but knowing Grandpaís there is so so comforting. Libbyís homegoing was like a first step in preparing us all, I believe, to learn lessons of love, as well as realize more fully the reality of the spirit world; and now with {\ul Dadís} departure, the spirit world and its communication seems so much more real than ever, thank You Jesus.
†††††††Another thing that I feel very strongly is that Iíll now be much more appreciative of the words of David. Iíve always loved the Word and enjoyed spending time reading, studying and memorizing it, but Iíve often gotten familiar with it. Weíre so flooded with goodies, I feel Iíve been a bit spoiled, and Iíve not appreciated and treasured every word like I should. Of course, there are lots more Letters yet to be published, but knowing that Dad isnít around to continue pouring them out makes me so much more thankful and makes more evident the pricelessness of his words.

From Cheer (24), Pacific:
†††††††This experience has been a beautiful victory in my life. Right before Libby went to be with the Lord I was going through some major things in my life, having mind battles, and even afterwards, I was still struggling with the question, "Why does loving the Lord for me always have to be like a works trip?" In my life it was something I sort of dreaded, like, "Oh no, I need to love the Lord more, I need to put the Lord first." To me it almost symbolized sacrifice, it was almost like a fear. In my own life I didnít have so much love and I felt so drained and so bound, worrying and struggling over this. The answer hadnít come yet, but I was searching.
†††††††Then it came to me the first night after we heard about Dadís graduation. Jerry was singing the song, "If I Gained the World", and I donít know how to explain it, but it was like suddenly my eyes were opened in the spirit. I felt how much Dad loved the Lord, and how for him, loving Jesus was a joy and not something to be dreaded. It was just utter joy.óIt meant freedom, not being bound.

From Joseph, South America:
††††††††††††††At first all I wanted to do was just get away by myself and let go and cry and speak in tongues for a while. I couldnít think of any other way to cope with the news at first. But then as we continued reading and heard the prophecies and visions, etc., it became quite an inspiring affair. It was inspiring and sobering at the same time, as it slowly dawned on me that we were now on the threshold of a whole new day in our Familyís growth and development. Like at the beginning of the Family, Dad wrote "I Gotta Split I and II" and took off and wrote to us about all the physical and spiritual aspects of evangelizing the world. Even though much of what he wrote was purely spiritual and quite other-worldly, overall it concerned our literal physical expansion. Now that he has "split" again, this time beyond the veil, it seemed to me like it may signify a big difference both in the way heíll be communicating and perhaps even in the substance of what is to be communicated to us. I canít quite express this impression I had, but mainly it was like his passing meant a real transcending step for us all.
††††††††††††††I feel challenged by this news, to really gird up my loins for the battles ahead. I want to recommit myself to being the best disciple I can be, to truly strive and learn to be heavenly-minded in everything I do and the way I think. I want to exercise my faith more and walk more by faith, to overcome the things that hold me back and lay aside whatever keeps me from getting the job done, whatever keeps me from the Word.

From Maggie (Estrela), South America:
††††††††††††††I couldnít help but relate Dadís homegoing to my son Pepeís (who passed away recently after being severely handicapped for many years), as he also was relieved from pain and suffering. The spirit world is now more real to me, and I feel so much more like Heaven is my home, which Pepe, and now Dad, are part of.
††††††††††††††My sense of values is changing because of this. Through Dadís Letters, confirmed by the different testimonies of life after death, Iíve learned that love is what counts, not only now, but especially when we get to Heaven. This simple principle, that Iíve heard about all my life in the Family, is sinking in more deeply, and other things that used to be so important are gradually losing their importance and grip on my life.

From Patrick, WS:
††††††††††††††"When my heart is overwhelmed, lead me to the rock that is higher than I" (Psalm 61:2). Thank you, Mama, for being such a rock to us all at this time. Your words of faith and comfort help heal any hurt of having to say goodbye to dear Dad. And God bless Dad for how he prepared us all for this day. As our Family ages and more of us pass on, I think we all will gain a more loving, forgiving, helpful, less critical and demanding sort of outlook on each other. Death is still pretty alien to our culture and comes as a pretty big shock. Thank the Lord we have so much wonderful Word to turn to. With all the Word and counsel Dad left us on it, I am sure that as we each mature in this area and learn to see things the way the Lord sees them and the way Dad taught us, we will be able to comfort so many others with the precious comfort we have.
†††††††Grief counseling is quite a big deal in the System, but who is better trained than us? So I think as we more and more experience the pain of parting with our loved ones, out of those ashes and breakings will come some of the most wonderful comforting balm of faith and love and tenderness ever. And we will have that compassion and Word to be able to help and heal others we meet who are hardened and hurting in this very difficult world.

From Kristy (23), South America:
††††††††††††††Iím thankful for the Lordís sweet timing in taking Dad. It seems the Family really is ready for it and ready to go on into a new phase, praise the Lord! I know that for sure the Lord has been preparing us, and preparing sweet Mama at the same time. If Grandpa had left us 15 or even 10 years ago, it would have been much more of a shock and something we and Mama would probably have had a more difficult time adjusting to. But the Lordís timing has been just perfect, as it always is, and thatís so comforting.

†††††††His love transcended age & color,
†††††††To touch hearts here & there;
†††††††Thus intellectual or simple ones
†††††††Could equally sense his care.
†††††††From rich to poor, from fat to thin,
†††††††Though yellow, black or white,
†††††††He somehow saw into the soul
†††††††And pulled us out of night.

†††††††His enemies, too, united,
†††††††To try to snuff the flame;
†††††††They knew his love would touch menís hearts
†††††††And weíd never be the same.
†††††††But their feeble attempts to stop his love
†††††††Just couldnít stop, no, never!
†††††††ĎCuz Grandpaís up in Heaven now
†††††††And heís out of their reach forever!

†††††††His gift to all, his words, lives on
†††††††In our hearts & thoughts, his treasure;
†††††††The effect, like the Spirit, unstoppable,
†††††††Will continue on without measure.
†††††††For he reached within, made each one special,
†††††††Yet made us all one nation;
†††††††So our "farewell" gift to him will be
†††††††Ever greater dedication!
†††††††óStephen, North America

From Peace (of Luke), South America:
††††††††††††††I get a feeling, which was somewhat confirmed in the "So What?" Letter which I read today, that there is going to be a mighty witnessing explosion around the corner possibly inspired by Dad himself, as he was such a soul winner and had such a burden for lost souls.
††††††††††††††The prophecy about Dad having a ministry of reconciliation with our parents and loved ones in Heaven really touched me. Both of my parents are there, but they didnít really understand my choice of lifestyle while they were here on earth, so itís a comfort to know that Dad is helping them to understand. Also, Luke and I have a little boy, Richie, who went to be with the Lord when he was only 3Ĺ from complications with pneumonia; so itís comforting to know that Grandpa is there with him now.

From Ruby, Europe:
††††††††††††††I was especially touched that Dad is gone on ahead of us to welcome us there, specifically those of us who have no loved ones there to greet us when we arrive. I have no relatives nor ancestors who have passed on who were Christians, and my heartís desire would be to be greeted in Heaven by Dad, who was the one who helped me to know and live for Jesus, through his words, through the Family. I think I should say also that one person who I felt to be a spiritual mother to me in the Family is Libby: She was always very special to me, and it touched my heart to read that she and Dad will work together to mend broken hearts, touch people with love, etc. I do so much want to follow their sample.
††††††††††††††I felt it was significant that Dad carried the Family through 25 yearsóa quarter of a century, and our "Silver Anniversary"! We also have had Dad with us much longer than we expectedóat least five years longer, praise the Lord!
††††††††††††††Itís a new experience for me even to read the Letters now. Somehow I have more of a hunger and there are so many I want to read and study. As Iím reading, I really feel they are spirit and life. Itís not that they were less before, but I am more in awe reading them now, or discovering a new profundity in them. They carry such an anointing!

From Tiago, South America:
††††††††††††††I had a beautiful experience the day before hearing the news of Dadís graduation. We were filming a DO video, and I had prayed for the anointing to play the role of Abrahim. It was a rainy day and the filming was supposed to be outside, and right after I prayed the sun came out a little bit and the rain stopped! Right at that moment I thought about Dad, but in a way I never had before. I felt as if he was close to me, right at my side. Right away my nervousness went away and I felt calm and at peace. The filming went very well and smoothlyóit was a real miracle!
††††††††††††††So when I heard the news about Dad, it made me realize that that experience wasnít only something in my mind, but it was real and Dad (and Abrahim) were there at that time. Even one of the prophecies in the GN said that Abrahim wanted to take Dad to a Gypsy party, and thatís just what the filming wasóa Gypsy party!

From John Fisherman, South America:
††††††††††††††Iíve never met Dad personally, so the only contact Iíve had with him is in the spirit. So to me it doesnít even seem like heís gone anywhere, because the only communication weíve had is in the spirit, and weíll continue to have that same communication now. I donít feel any great loss, because nothing has really changed, except his words will now be channeled through Mama. Dad has already written so much, and any time I want to hear from Dad or know him better, itís there in the library; I can read it and know Dad in a very personal way without ever knowing him in the flesh!

From Mary MOM, Europe:
††††††††††††††I got a vision of many mothers rejoicing when their children went on because they knew they would be with Dad. It was just such a comforting vision. I was wondering how the world will react to our positive view of Dadís homegoing, and our imparting this positive attitude to our children. They will probably accuse us of wanting to commit suicide to go be with Dad, which of course couldnít be further from the truth. But no matter what absurdities they may think up, the beautiful truth of how death and life should be viewed is a truth that the world needs.
††††††††††††††When we read the news of Dadís homegoing, it seemed that everything of my past life in the Family passed before my eyes in a few moments. My gratitude, love and thankfulness for dear Dad just overwhelmed my heart, and the only thing that could come out, for me at least, was a flood of tears. I feel so unworthy and I have failed in so many ways, but his homegoing is like a new beginning for me. I feel like I should dedicate myself even more as now time really seems so very short.

From Sunny (of Ezekiel), South America:
††††††††††††††Dadís given us so much counsel and instruction, and has taught us in every subject there is. Even if we never got anything new from the Lord and we had to just follow what is already in the Letters, we would do great; but even this is not the case, because we have you, sweet Mama, and you hear freshly from the Lord all the time. I marvel every time we get a Letter from you, they have so much love and understanding of situations and peopleís lives. I see that the anointing that Dad was telling us that you would have when he would be with the Lordóthe Lord already gave it to you a long time ago.
†††††††You are not just the prophetess of the Endtime, but you are our dear Mama who helps us daily with tender loving care; who helps us to be better disciples for Jesus, to have a better relationship in our interaction with others; who explains things from the Word in a simple way that we can understand; who teaches us to be better shepherds and parents to our children and teens, and to relate to them better. You represent the love of God for us, sweet Mama.

From JP (16, of Simeon and Victoria), South America:
†††††††Because Iíve never met Grandpa personally, Iíve always wondered what he would be like. The Letters show how he talked when he was moved in the spirit, and hearing the tape recordings of him was also neat. But this photo of Dad made me see more clearly that even though he was a great prophet, he was also simple and loving. Itís as though all the love and compassion he expresses in the Letters is shining through his eyes and smile. I can imagine that even in his selah situation he must have been a tremendous witness to any and all who came in contact with him.
†††††††This time has also been a decision point in my life. All my life I have been in this Familyówhich Grandpa started 10 years before I was bornóbut I never really felt close to the one who founded it. But just looking at his sweet loving face and seeing the positive spirit he showed in spite of his suffering, along with the fighting spirit he taught us to have, and knowing how close he is to us all right now, makes me want to rededicate my life to the cause he lived and died foróthe Family. It makes me want to strive for that goal of do-or-die for what he wants us to do, and to make him proud of me.

From Elaine (of Ricky), Europe:
†††††††The GN is beautiful, Mama, and made our two days dedicated to Dadís homegoing a very precious time together. It made it very difficult for me to be sad with your positive attitude and the way so much good and so many victories came from it all. Itís turned our eyes Heavenward and upward, which has been a very special time for all of us. The Lord through Dad has given me a boost and hunger for the Word which Iíd needed for so long, but had not been motivated enough to strive for. I think I just got so caught up in all the entanglements of this world and trying to "work things out," that I lost sight of the heavenly vision and the reason for it all. I have such a desire to learn more about Dad and get to know him better; the precious thing is that it is all there at our fingertips. The reality and privilege of being a part of this Family and the magnitude of what it means is overwhelming!

From Rebecca (16), North America:
†††††††It really amazed me how positive Mama was about everything. I know I need to be more like that and look to the Lord and have more faith instead of leaning to carnal reasoning. I was also convicted by the thought of how Grandpa has done so much with his life and obeyed the Lord and was so faithful. I donít think Iíve been doing my very best for the Lord. I think I can do a lot better, because if I died now I think Iíd be pretty ashamed with what Iíve done compared to Grandpa. I can see now that I need to strive more to put my all into everything and get on the ball more.
†††††††I really have a burden for souls and to do more witnessing, because thatís our purpose for being here, and Grandpa would be so proud of us for doing as much as we can to follow what he and the Lord have commissioned us to do here. This has helped me to be more dedicated and committed. I know that there is no turning back. Weíve gone so far and now I just canít stand still, but I have got to keep going and making progress. I donít want to just follow along behind everyone else, but I want to have a lot more initiative to change all the little things the Lord shows me and really hear from Him!

From Marianne, Pacific:
†††††††Thank you, Mama, for being so thoughtful as to pass on to me someoneís little comment about Gabriel (see FSMs 193 and 194) being there jumping up and down waiting to greet Grandpa in Heaven. It really touched me that, at a time when you may be feeling the burden of the responsibility of the overall work and the Family weighing even more heavily on your shoulders, you continue to have that beautiful concern for each individual and small details that encourage our hearts. Youíre so much like the Lord in that, though He too is busy running the universe and all its intricacies, He also plans all our little joys and our little victories and the many details of our lives with such great love and care and concern.
††††††††††††††I think in some ways I relate to some of the feelings and emotions and the joy that youíve gone through after living through Gabrielís graduation 2Ĺ years ago. I remember the day I begged the Lord to take him home because his poor little frail body had such a hard time coping with this world. I believe it was at that very moment that he went to be with the Lord. Though I did cry, I was so thankful that he had gone to his reward and that he didnít have to suffer any longer. He was free and happy, the battle was over and the victory won. It certainly helped to bring Heaven a lot closer to me. The Lord promised then that Gabriel would come and help us when we needed him, and many times we have felt his presence through the years, like a little spirit peeking through a window. Itís very real and very strong at certain times. Iím so happy that he can now meet and be close to Grandpa.
†††††††I think itís going to be a wonderful comfort for the dear ones who are fighting serious or terminal diseases, or any parents who might have children who are near death, like the few who are now fighting cancer or other life-threatening ailments. What a comfort for them or for the parents of these sick children to know that Grandpa is waiting on the other side, and they may have a chance to go to Grandpaís home ahead of us, praise the Lord! I know that since Phoebe died and then Gabriel went to be with the Lord, Heaven has become a lot more real and close to me, and now itís even more wonderful to know that we have our dear Dad who is there fighting for us and interceding for us like never before.
†††††††One thing Iíd like to say about Dad is that he was a wonderfully giving person. Of course, weíve seen this in the Letters and benefited from so much of his giving through our years in the Family, but whenever I met him personally he was always caring and feeding and teaching, asking if we needed anything, or if there was any way he could help us. The media has tried to depict Dad as a lustful man, but the truth is that he was never taking, he was always givingógiving his all to the utmost in pure love and humility, giving of his spirit, getting answers for us, praying for us. That was a sample Iíll never forget.

From Lisa, Europe:
†††††††Besides being very happy for Dad, I was very sobered, and the main question in my mind was, "What have I done for Jesus and how have I lived my life?" I feel thereís so much I could have done better and learned faster. So with the life I have left to serve Him with on earth, I want to recommit myself & forsake all to run the race that is set before me. I donít want anything or anyone to hold me back from doing what the Lord wants me to.
†††††††I also pray that I can witness much more everywhere I can. I want to have more of the vision of being instant in season and out of season concerning witnessing. So much of my time in the Family I have been in behind the scenes situations and have not taken enough initiative to learn to witness everywhere in spite of certain limitations, like Dad has taught us. Iíve had more of an either/or attitude, meaning that I would witness when we had special witnessing trips, etc., but not seek out opportunities to always be a witness in small ways as well, when on my way to do other things. There are times, Lord forgive me, when it hasnít even entered my mind to seek out the lost when on a train or bus ride, etc., but Iíve instead gotten into the work at hand. I want to really change in this area and look for every opportunity to witness and tell others about Jesus no matter what else Iím doing. I need to break out of my confines and give it my all. Maybe it wonít necessarily come through a big and dramatic change, but it will come through faithfully doing my best and dying daily to love others. Whatever it is, Lord help me to do it with all my heart and make the most of every day, in Jesusí name!

From Phillip (Zadok), Europe:
†††††††One morning, after we had received the prayer request for Dad (FUN 25), I was walking down the stairs and was praying for Dad, and then all of a sudden I began hearing the song "When the Saints Come Marching In." It was quite a strong feelingóone that was accompanied by a picture of a big group of black people singing and dancing as they marched alongójoyously singing about Dadís death.
†††††††At the time I felt a bit bad about getting this and shoved it aside, as we were praying for his healing, and since the Enemy had tried so many times to snuff his life out, the thought of having Dad die from some sickness wouldóI thoughtóbe more like a victory of the Enemy. Also, I remember feeling a bit bad about this songóalmost as if it was a bit irreverentóparticularly when coupled with the picture of so many people happily dancing and singing, much like an old Negro funeral procession in New Orleans. Yet at the time I couldnít help but wonder if Dadóbeing as sick as he had been recentlyówouldnít be happier up there, where he wouldnít have to be continually burdened with the many afflictions of old age.
†††††††It wasnít until we read about Dadís homegoing that I remembered this experience and was really encouraged to know that it was from the Lord.óIn fact, when praying together after reading "Safe in the Arms of Jesus," the Lord once again gave me the same picture, and this time I saw more clearly where it was taking place: It wasnít a black band playing in the streets of New Orleans, but rather a joyous celebration in Heaven! Dad was walking along in the procession and Louis Armstrong (Ole Satchmo) was leading the music, playing the trumpet. Dad had a radiant, glowing face and he was so pleased to be walking together with all the black saintsófor they were his people too. Thank the Lord!

From Isaac Numbers, North America:
†††††††Iím really excited! Iím so happy for Dad! I think I must have had a dream about Dad right about the time of his passing. I havenít had many what I would call "spiritual" dreams of late, but in this one, I was with Dad in one of his classes, and he knew or sensed that I was discouraged (and I have been somewhat of late) but he reassured me not to worry and that everything would be OK. I remember waking with a nice, warm glow. It was much like the experience I wrote you about earlier about suddenly recalling happy, warm memories of Libby, right at the time she was departing. Thank the Lord for His wonderful communications system!
†††††††I know I can speak for all of us that we are forever grateful for the never-ending faithful and loving care you bestowed upon Dad. You, along with all your precious staff, successfully guarded and kept the flame from harm and danger, fought for his healing and life time after time, country after country, and did so valiantly, cheerfully and successfully until the Lord now has taken over that responsibility. Hallelujah! What a wonderful testimony of triumph over all opposition!
†††††††I think Dadís passing is going to knock a big hole in our enemiesí sails. Godís work through the Family is going to be vindicated that it wasóand isóan enduring work of God that no man can stop, and thus Dad was indeed His endtime prophet, for by his continuing fruits he shall be known.
†††††††The fact that, as far as we all were concerned and the Family was concerned, life went on smoothly from one day to the next after Dadís graduation without even a bump or pause or hiccup, is a wonderful testimony and proof of the Lordís anointing upon you, and of how He has prepared the Family for this time.

From Teresa (YA), Europe:
†††††††One of the first things that came to me when we began to read your Letter announcing Dadís departure was a feeling of excitement and sort of like a rush through my body, as the thought came to me, "This must be the beginning of the Endtime!" That is something that we have all been waiting for, and the Lord promised He would spare Dad and take him home to Him before it got too bad down here. I thought of Grandmother (Dadís mom) and how the Lord took her home just when the Revolution was about to begin, to make it easier on her, and likewise the Lord is sparing Dad and rewarding him for his faithfulness. Itís like the verse, "He that endureth till the end shall be saved." Dad did, he fought a good fight and never gave in to the Enemy or put down his shield of faith and sword of the Word. He finished the course and now the Lord saved him!
†††††††I have been reading through some of the Letters in ML Volume 1 on David, and it has been so refreshing to review Dadís history and the prophecies given for him, which were then fulfilled in his lifetime! I know we are all going to be stronger as a result, and I want to be even closer to the Lord and to you and to the Lordís Letters and do my very best for Jesus, Dad and you. In a way I feel itís like renewing my allegiance to the new heir to the throne. Like in the days of kings and chivalry, when the king died, the knights and noblemen and women and counselors, etc., had to prove their loyalty to the new king or queen and serve them faithfully for the prosperity of their kingdom. I too now do pledge my loyalty to you and to the Lord and pray that I can stay true to the Word and become more of a fighter and what the Lord wants me to be!

From Mary W., North America:
†††††††When I was 12 years old, my 14-year-old brother was killed in an accident, and it was a traumatic experience because we didnít know the Lord. Instead of being able to support and help each other, this experience completely destroyed our home. My parents got divorced and my older brother spent most of his life guilt-ridden because he was with our brother when it happened. My mother ended up in a mental hospital after trying to commit suicide. Although she was eventually discharged from the hospital, she never got over my brotherís death, until she finally drank herself into an early grave. Thank the Lord, I was able to witness to her, and on her deathbed she prayed with me to receive Jesus.
†††††††Dadís graduation made me look back on all of this, and I am so thankful that none of us, and our children in particular, have to suffer as my family and I did due to our traumatic reaction to our loved oneís passing. Thank God for Dad and all he wrote about death and what our attitude should be. Mama has led the way with her Letter, explaining so clearly and simply how we should react and how to recognize why we donít always react as we should. Without Dad and Mamaís guidance, I donít think I would have broken through the chains of the System in my attitude towards death. Their words healed the scars of many years and have set me free to be able to see the Christianís death as it really isóa joyous homegoing!

From Ruby (French Tirzah), Asia:
†††††††Dadís words to us come even more alive to me than ever, and knowing that Dad is in the spirit world now has made me more on guard and sober about things. A few times since Dadís departure, when I feel tempted with something I shouldnít do or get a check about something, Iím reminded of Dad and his words, admonitions, training and counsel in the Letters about so many things, and I think, "Well Dad, I really donít want to disappoint you, and if youíre there watching me, I want to do the right thing and obey and really please you."

From Tim (of Liz Grey), SEA:
†††††††What spoke to me a lot from the GN and the prophecies is the need in my life to cherish the Word more and to take more time to go to the Word and look for the answers, living in the Word. Dadís homegoing makes me want to cherish and hold his words more than ever in my heart, to base my life, my desires and everything that I do on the Word, to search the Scriptures and the Letters much more than I have been.

From Joan (of Sam), Asia:
†††††††The Lord has given me a special burden and love for the Muslim ministry, having been able to work on different projects pertaining to it, and I was personally thrilled to read the prophecy about the Muslim children rejoicing for their father David, "who doth intercede for them before the throne of Allah"óI just canít help but feel very excited knowing how much Dad can now do from up there to further this ministry. I feel that it must be quite significant that heís gone on now, and that the Lord must have something very special in store for the Family which he is going to help us with.
†††††††I also felt very privileged to share the news with our OCs and MCs! Their reaction to the news was so very special! Something that really impressed me was how full of faith and trusting they were, although they did have some questions. The first was, "Whoís going to lead the Family now?" We answered, "Well, who did Grandpa say was going to lead the Family?" They all answered unitedly, "Mama!" Then one asked, "Well, whoís going to be Mamaís secretary then?" Ha!

From Thai Anna, Asia:
†††††††Knowing that Dad is on the other side helping us to fight this battle is such a comfort and encouragement to me, and is a big help in many ways. I was also very convicted that I need to follow his sample more closely by having outgoing love and concern for those around me and to witness the Lordís love to my brothers and sisters daily. It really helped me to be much more heavenly-minded, to remember to keep my eyes on the goal of all the wonderful things in store for us all up ahead!

From Juan, South America:
†††††††I donít think I recall having a happier day in my life than hearing the news of Dadís graduation yesterday. I related it almost to the day that I got saved and had that sudden peace in my heart such as I had never had before. What a joyous day it was! Even while on get-out, as we were walking amongst the trees and the singing of the birds, I felt Dadís presence everywhere I went. I felt closer to him than before. Itís such a wonderful feeling to know that he can now be right here beside us. Actually he always has been, but now it just seems more real to me.
†††††††My greatest desire is to fulfill what the Lord, Dad and you asked of us in the "Libbyís Homegoing" GN (GN 603), when you said that what you hoped for the most is that we would all learn to have a greater measure of love one for another. With Godís help and by His grace, that is what I want to do. To learn to love others with the same measure of love that has been bestowed upon me. I pray that in my travels and visitation, the Lord will help me to be a good "courier" of the great love which I have felt from you and that He will help me to be a good sample of the loving shepherds that Dad and you have been to us.
†††††††One thing that also gave me great peace about dear Dadís graduation was knowing that for many years now he has been preparing us for such a glorious day, and that all things were being left in decency and in order.óThat although gone from his earthly body, the Lord through him has promised to continue to speak to you, our dearest queen, shepherdess, friend and Mama. Dad will still be there to send words of love and wisdom to us all. It just seems so real and natural that his leaving behind his aged body in no way made me wonder how we were going to continue to operate. To the contrary, it seems like as the Lord had previously said in prophecy, "greater works than these shall ye do."

From Josiah (of Mary), Europe:
†††††††I was very impressed by your taking the time, Mama, to cover every aspect of the different reactions that anyone in the Family may have about Dadís homegoing, in your Letter "Why Cry?" It just amazes me to see how you always seem to be able to understand how people might feel and react, and because your heart goes out to people so much, you try to touch each one with an answer and a touch of concern. Your good and right attitude about it all dictates to us all the attitude that we ought to have as well, and I donít think anyone would dare deviate from this path, especially considering how it is so on course with the Lordís and Dadís views on the matter.
†††††††It is definitely a cornerstone in our history, not only the fact that Dad went home, but the way to look at it all. I donít think that any homegoing in the Family will ever be the same again, as people will refer to this as the standard to set their reactions and emotions by.

†††††††We marvel at your wisdom,
†††††††We wonder at your words,
†††††††We thrill at your conclusions,
†††††††We know you are the Lordís
†††††††Chosen, His anointed,
†††††††Our loving, gentle Queen;
†††††††So radiant in His beauty,
†††††††So tranquil & serene.

†††††††His mantle is upon you
†††††††For this, the final race.
†††††††Weíre with you to the finish,
†††††††Weíre keeping up the pace
†††††††With gladness & rejoicing,
†††††††With admiration, too,
†††††††For you, dear Queen Maria,
†††††††Our Queen of hearts so true!
†††††††óLove (Taberah), South America

From Maggie, Pacific:
†††††††Of course we know that Jesus knows us and is there and understands us through and through, but I canít help but feel that Dad being there with Him adds a whole new dimension of spiritual understanding for the things I go through. I donít know if itís silly, but I just feel that now he understands so many little things that I donít really write you, Mamaójust things like how much I love you and how much you mean to me. Knowing those things are understood means a lot to me.
†††††††I feel more than ever the desire to capture the spirit of David, and the key is in the Wordóthe incredible love for souls he has; the fun, wild rebellion against hypocrisy and the Systemís false standards; the passion for pioneering and change and growing; the sensitivity to peopleís needs; Dadís conviction; his sense of humor; his love of creation; the list is endless. I havenít felt such a strong desire in years, to want to not only bathe in the Word, but to also grow to be more like him in so many of those ways, praise the Lord!

From Titus, Pacific:
†††††††I want to thank you, Mama, for being the faithful companion to Dad that you were, and for having the faith that you have always had in him. I can most certainly see how the Lord has already been using you to lead us and guide us in this Endtime. Years ago, when Dad mentioned this in his Letters, it was "all by faith," as you seemed to be quiet and hesitant to say much; but in these latter years, the burdens that you have carried so capably have proven over and over that you had already begun to take the mantle upon you! Even the affliction with your eyes, losing sight of the physical, seems in some ways to have been a Godsend, as you have been so very capable of seeing the spiritual. You know us, your children, so very well!

From Rufus, North America:
†††††††The news came so beautifully, as if it had all been designed and planned in Heaven (as Iím sure it was) and was just merely played out as a song. I feel different, my wife feels different, and my children feel different, and I know itís because things are different, as a new fire has been lit. Iím sure weíll all never be the same. The Family has been built on revolution after revolution, and this is the biggest one yet, that will undoubtedly roll us onto the big stage set for the final act. Itís very exciting to see all that weíve believed by faith these many years now coming into view as our dear Father in the Lord has again gone on before us, as always, to prepare the way for his children. God helping me, as for me and my family we will continue to follow you to the end.

From Anne (of Dust), North America:
†††††††I do feel Dad so much closer in the spirit and feel that now he can visit each of our homes and even lots of us personally at times. The other night, I had a beautiful vision of him being in Heaven surrounded by his loved ones. He said that he needs this big staff of all our departed loved ones there because they are busy preparing for when more of us will arrive during the Tribulation (and of course all of us at the Rapture). It was a very sweet experience, because I had felt sort of burdened and sad about our single moms and single older sisters in the Family, and in the vision I told Dad how I feel, and how they have it the roughest of anyone in the Family and are the most lonely, etc., and he said that he will be working on this from the heavenly realm. It was so sweet and comforting.

From David (of Rosa), South America:
†††††††A verse I got is Phil.1:20, "According to my earnest expectation and my hope, that in nothing I shall be ashamed, but that with all boldness, as always, so now also Christ shall be magnified in my body, whether it be by life, or by death." That verse reminds me of how the only thing that Dad would want is to be a witness to the world, whether itís by his life or by his death. And he was!
†††††††Back in 1974, in Texas, there was a brother named Hazor who went to be with the Lord. He and a friend of the Family died in a plane crash. In a Letter, Dad mentioned that the Lord probably called him so he could accompany the other boy that died and usher him into the spirit world. I knew this brother Hazor, and right after he died, our home gathered for prayer and to hear from the Lord. When I was getting quiet before the Lord, Hazor came to me in the spirit and gave me a little message. He told me that I just needed to love the Lord more. Others also felt his presence too. It was a very real experience and I could recognize it was him. I thought of that today, that Dad will now be able to do the same thing with us, and heíll be there helping guide Mama (and maybe even visit us personally).

From Mark, South America:
†††††††Itís with much emotion that I write this reaction: emotions of joy and happiness for Dad, peace and thanksgiving that heís been freed from the afflictions of his old age; excitement to know that we have a powerful advocate in Heaven; great anticipation for that day when weíll all be together there with him; and above all, a deep gratitude for all that heís done for me. I think that knowing that Dad is up in Heaven, watching for us, battling for us and loving us, will help all of us in the Family to keep persevering and going, even through trying times. Itís like having someone at the finish line beckoning and cheering you on when you feel weary and like fainting, someone telling you that thereís a glorious reward just a little further ahead. Iím so happy for Dad! I donít feel like heís gone at all, but that he will be as close to us, if not closer than ever before. Since hearing about his homegoing I already feel a deeper connection and intimacy with him in my heart. Itís hard to do anything else but rejoice!

From Zack (22), South America:
†††††††The prophecies were so vivid and gave me a clearer vision of what Heaven is going to be like. Iím not afraid of dying anymore. Death was always a subject I didnít like to think about much, but the news of Dadís homegoing gave me a brand new outlook on what the next life is all about. Itís not the end, but only the beginning of eternity! We will be able to do so much more than we ever imagined. Dad is now living what he wrote in the "Heavenís Children" series. I can just see him now watching us on his 3-D TV from his heavenly mansion. Ha!

From Japanese Art, Pacific:
†††††††I had a vision of an expresso coffee-maker, representing Dadís life. The little burner that was put under the coffee maker was boiling the water below, which was being tried and tested by the fire of his many afflictions. Then as the water boils and the vapor rises, it soaks all the fine-ground grainsóall that Dad had been so willing to give to us, all the ingredients of his life. The boiled water seems to suddenly disappear into the heavenlies as it rises, but after absorbing the grains, it comes back down again to give us nice hot, delicious coffee full of Dad himself! Thus in Dadís "disappearance," we have become the benefactors of dear Dadís life.
†††††††Weíll be able to have him within us, all of us experiencing Dad in the way that we had not been able to do properly before when he was still with us on earth. We can drink his life, and not just his life, but all the wonderful things he will be able to bring back from the heavenliesójust like that once-disappeared boiled water comes back down all nice and thick with the many different elements of the coffee grainsóeverything in that wonderful world of the spirit he very often talked about and was thrilled by!
†††††††I feel that one thing that Dadís homegoing will do is to really sober up our teens, and make them realize what Dad meant to them personally. Weíre facing problems with some of our teens and YAs with half-heartedness, lack of dedication and commitment, worldly temptations, shallowness and foolishness, immature discipleship, etc. As Dad himself has told us, it may take some very sobering events, such as the Tribulation or persecution, to really wake and sober these teens up and make them much more mature in their dedication to the Lord and His Family.óAnd I believe that Dadís homegoing will do that and cause our youth to take their lives in the Family much more seriously, and thus result in the greater works amongst our youth that the Lord has promised through prophecy!
†††††††Our teens and JETTs are like a big machine ready to do a great job, but they just need a key to start the motor. I think this event might be the "Key of David" for them. Realizing what has taken place in the life of one whom they have known and loved all through their lives just might turn the ignition in their lives!

†††††††Dearest Dad went home when he was 75,
†††††††But we know heís not deadóheís more than alive!
†††††††Heís Ďgotta splití to that heavenly plain,
†††††††But for us it will mean that much more weíll gain,
†††††††As he continues to lead us right through to the End.ó
†††††††So weíre not finished on this road, Ďtis only a bend!
†††††††Heíll be your angel on your shoulder, whispering in your ear,
†††††††And weíll all get the message, as Dad will be so near.
†††††††He will help Mama and the Family all that he can,
†††††††In this whole world, did you ever know such a man?
†††††††He means so much to each one of us, Ďtis true,
†††††††And itís wonderful to know that he really loves you!
†††††††So hereís to our dear prophet, leader & king,
†††††††Until we all meet in Heaven & sing!
†††††††óby Zena (of Kanti), Asia

From the HCS shepherds, Pacific:
†††††††These past three days since hearing the news of our dear Grandpaís graduation have been a life-changing time for all of us here, with many reactions and lessons. Since the initial shock of the news, many have shared that theyíve felt a wonderful sense of Dadís spirit and presence, that the Letters seem to have more power and significance than before, and thereís a general feeling of recommitment and rededication, an awareness of Dadís spirit among us, and more conviction to stay on the straight and narrow of obedience to the Word.
†††††††These last few days seem to have brought about a much warmer, more loving spirit within the home, with people sensing a need to be closer, and to engage in more meaningful and deeper interactions. It seems that Dadís spirit and all that he is and has taught us, now seems to be closer.

From Ecclesia, Pacific:
†††††††Before Dad went to be with the Lord, I had been feeling kind of discouraged with myself and looking in and down, but when I heard the news I felt this renewed strength and inspiration that made me stronger in the spirit. It was like realizing that the things of earth are just mundane. I was reminded of the verse about the Lord going up to then send us the Comforter. I felt a lot more strengthened and inspired, and Heavenís now a lot closer and more real to me. I never really had anybody special up there, but now Dadís up there, so itís more real and closer to me!

From Corine, WS:
†††††††It is a comfort to know that with all that is going on in the Family and all the future battles that we will have, that we have Dad in Heaven to help plead for us and help us and guide us. The prophecy session that we had afterwards was the thing that helped me the most. It was just what one would want to knowóthe latest update of what Dad was doing right then. Itís so true how you said that this will help us to always keep the heavenly vision. It was real neat the vision someone received of Grandpa saying, "Itís true, itís all true!" Dad and we have believed the Word that the Lord has given us about Heaven, to the point that we hardly realize that we are believing it by faith without having seen it; it seems so real to us. But actually all this time Dad has had to take it by faith that Heaven is real and truly the way he envisioned it and saw it in his visions. Now he can see it with his own eyes!

From Solomon CR, Pacific:
†††††††Several weeks ago I had a dream that Dad had gone to be with the Lord, and the night before opening the mailing I had a dream that Dad was in a studio with me and we were getting ready to film. He was looking over my scripts and would call me over to look at some parts and very sweetly ask me to beef up a certain part. He was reading the scripts and seemed very interested. I woke up right after that and thought it was a bit odd since I havenít really dreamt of Dad since my early 20ís, though I had often asked the Lord for dreams about Dad. Knowing Dad has passed on, I now understand the dream better and I feel like it was Dad making his rounds!
†††††††I was also very affected by your "Christmas Message," Mama, which conveyed Dadís burden for us to win souls. In the last few months I have had the opportunity to go out and do just that, and it has been so wonderful. The Lord has done many miracles. I realize that there is a need for more winners of souls and laborers, and I have continued to pray that He will use me to be just that. I pray for it with all my heart, and am putting action to those prayers. When I was praying for our witnessing today, I got a short prophecy from the Lord which said, "In this is David made happy, in that you bear the burdens of the lost and carry the cross of concern."

From Clair (16), North America:
†††††††Iíve learned so much from all of this. All my life everyone has said, "Weíre in the Last Days," or "Itís the Endtime." I sort of got used to hearing it, and I thought, "Yeah, sureóyouíre always saying that." Lord help me! But now that the Lord has taken Grandpa I can see how close we really are to the end. I really believe that the Lord is using this to grow me up and get me moving, because when I get to Heaven I would like to be able to honestly say that I really did the job the best I couldójust like Grandpa, who was so faithful and such a good sample of giving his all for Jesus! I donít want to just ride on the Familyís coattails and go along with everything because "Iím told to," but because this is what Iíve given my life for and what Iím going to do to the best of my ability!óThatís what I want to strive for! Since itís so obvious that we really are in the Last Days, it makes me want to win souls for Jesus even more, and be a sample, like Grandpa was. I canít wait to see whatís going to happen next! Itís so exciting!

From Ivanna (12), North America:
†††††††I was quite emotional when I first heard the news, but after the shock I felt really good for Grandpa. Nothing better could have happened for him. On the 22nd of November, before we heard the news, my mom woke up singing that song Dad sung about his mother. "Tell my mother Iíll be there, in answer to her prayer; oh tell my darling mother Iíll be there." Later I also got a vision about the song, "The Last Warning." The last phrase goes, "Now Iím passing this torch to you; do what is left to do." The picture I got was of Dad with the torch, but when he died he dropped the torch to Mama and when it fell in her hands it became lots of little torches and everybody had one. It was with a prophecy about candles, which went something like this: "For I must go, for when I was here your light did not burn as bright as it could, but now your candles shall burn brighter than ever!"

From Florence (15), Pacific:
†††††††It really made me appreciate Grandpa so much. Now every time I go to the Word I feel, "I shouldíve appreciated this before." It gives me more of a hunger for the Word, and makes me want to completely commit myself to the Family and do as much as I can to make Grandpa happy. Although I want to do it for Jesus too, Grandpa started this Family and heís done so much for us, so I want to do as much as I can for him, so I can make him happy.

From Marie (16), Pacific:
†††††††The Lordís been trying to get through to me for a long time about forgetting myself and reaching out to others, pulling others up. Lately I seemed to keep going back to the same spot and then Iíd get discouraged with myself. But when we read about Dadís homegoing, I felt a breakthrough. The feeling came over me, "I can do it, I can commit myself ... I can do it." It was a real good feeling for me!
†††††††You know that feeling when you fall in love with the Word? Well, I never had that feeling before. When reading the Word I would absorb what I understood, but then Iíd try to analyze the rest that I didnít understand. But this news about Dad made me fall in love with the Lordójust knowing how Dad was so close to the Lord in the way he lived. And the same thing with having a love for lost souls. I feel like thereís a new feeling of love in my heart and I want to keep it that way!

From Sapphire (19), Pacific:
†††††††I was thinking that when Jesus was here, He felt the things that we go through, but in some ways Grandpa could probably feel more what we go through, our "modern trials." Maybe back then they didnít go through exactly the same things that we go through now, although Iím sure Jesus can feel what we go through now too, but itís kind of different. But Grandpa has been here all these years, and heís probably gone through every trial in the book.

From John Phoenix (21), North America:
†††††††Before Dadís graduation I had been pondering the concept Dad laid out in "For Godís Sake, Follow God," and praying about whether I was just following Dadís personality, or whether I would be able to follow the Lord if and when he went to be with Him. What the Lord showed me was that although I love Dad very much, and itís hard to see how anybody could be as fearlessly revolutionary and willing to challenge the System and the traditions of men as Dad is, it was really more than anything else the Lordís anointing and guidance that caused him to be that way, and the Lord had promised to also pour out His anointing very strongly on Mama Maria when the time came. The Lord has always raised up different leaders for His people in different times, with different talents and even different messages specifically for their time, so I shouldnít be alarmed that we might go astray now that Dadís moved on, even if things may seem a little different under Mama than they were with Dad, because the Lordís Spirit is the same!

From Keiko (19), North America:
†††††††I feel so happy to know that Dad is now safe in the arms of Jesus. I cried tears of gratitude for all he did for us, how long he fought to stay here for our sake, despite the pain and sickness he was suffering, until it was the Lordís time for him to go.
†††††††After I heard all the beautiful prophecies about how happy Grandpa is in Heaven and all that heís doing, freed from the pains and sorrows of this life. I was thinking how much easier it would be to just go be with the Lord too and no longer have to struggle with the cares and problems of this physical life. The thought came to me that I could still serve the Lord in Heaven just like Iím doing here, but Iíd be with Jesus and have my spirit body and it would be so much easier.
†††††††But then this quote was read in the meeting the same day which gave me a totally different perspective. Dad was saying, "Thatís one privilege that you still have on earth that we do not have up here yet, and that is the wonderful, glorious, thrilling experience of witnessing the love of Jesus to others and winning their hearts to Christ for their salvation to Heaven! We know itís hard, itís difficult, sometimes trying, with many tests and trials, but itís wonderful! Itís the most wonderful work in the world, and we hope youíre doing a good job of it, for youíll be glad you did when you see all the millions of happy, shining faces here in Heaven, thanking you for loving them and wooing them and winning them to Jesus" (ML#2946:117).
†††††††I will never forget this quote. Itíll keep me going despite what I may go through down here until itís my turn to go home. I wouldnít want to quit short of the goal or before my time, and leave behind people that I could have brought with me to Heaven. I pray when I get to Heaven I will not have to lament that I couldíve done more for the Lord and told more people about Him. It seems like one of the Devilís aims is to try to persuade us to stop short of the goal and cause us to lose the highest reward we would have otherwise received for having won lost souls to the Lord and stuck it out to the end.
†††††††Another thing I was thinking about was how Dad has set an example by passing the anointing and responsibility of leading the Family on to Maria. Many adults over the past couple of years, and since the PER, have been encouraged to hand over more responsibility in the Family to the YAs, and sometimes I wonder if we can really carry the ball like they did. But seeing Dadís faith and confidence in Mamaís anointing to lead the Family has encouraged me that we tooóthe YAs and teensówill also receive the anointing to carry the load and responsibility weíre entrusted with.
†††††††With Dad now in the spirit world, I feel him so much closer than ever before. Iíve found myself talking to him at different times, asking him to help me with different things, etc. Maybe I shouldnít, as heís probably got lots of other things to attend to. But I feel a stronger link with the spirit world than I ever felt before. I didnít have anyone in Heaven who I personally knew or was close to in this life. But now that I do, itís all become much more real and intimately present. I know Dad is watching us in the Family closer now than he was able to do before, and I really want to make him proud of us. Itís probably so encouraging for him when he sees us faithfully living the Word and standards he taught us while here.
†††††††I also feel it will prove to the world that the words which Grandpa has written and has been persecuted for are the truth and will never die. Many are probably watching to see if the Family will fall apart now that Dadís gone. Itís going to be thrilling and such a testimony to show the world that, although heís not with us in the flesh any more, heís left behind words that are spirit and life which will live on forever and which weíll continue to live by. Thank You Jesus!

From Cliff, WS:
†††††††Last week I was reading "Birthday Warning" (ML #215), and the Lord actually seems to tell us Dadís age at the time of his homegoing. In paragraph four it sounds like Jesus talking because Heís comparing His life years to Dadís, and He says, "Thinkest thou not that I could have lived out the life span twice, the years seven times seven, plus those years I have given unto thee? I could have lived also the three times seven." Now whatís interesting here is there seem to be actually three different sets of numbers that the Lord is talking about. Thereís the seven times seven which is 49, and then He says, "plus those years I have given unto thee." Then He says, "I could have lived also the three times seven," which of course is 21. So we have three sets of numbers: 49 and 21, which is the famous 70, but then thereís these additional "those years I have given unto thee."
†††††††Now if we go on to paragraph 11 it says, "Yea, indeed art thou fifty and four years this day." So we know Dadís age. Now going on to paragraph fifteen: "Oh look and behold, that three sevens of the years that I would have given thee!" So it doesnít sound like Heís even started these three sevens of years yet because just one sentence further it goes on to say, "Thou doest well shouldst thou live out even one of the sevens from this day." So he hadnít even started one of the last three sevens of the 21 years yet, and he was 54. So 54 and 21 is 75, which was Dadís age at his homegoing! Thank You Jesus!
†††††††Now in paragraph 54, which by the way was Dadís age at that time, it says, "Knowest thou not the number of the signs, or tellest thou not the measure of the drops of the life of thy spirit? Behold, I have showed it unto thee. For this day have I told thee, and it shall be so even as I have revealed it unto thee, My servant David, according as thou hast willed." So the Lord said He revealed the number of Davidís years to him that day, as he had willed.
†††††††One other little prophecy that I thought would be encouraging to all Dadís staff is in paragraph 110, where the Lord says, "For he shall be gathered unto Me in good time, when his life is blossomed to the full, with his olive plants around his bed [EDITED: "David & Techi"] and many good maidens at his side." Praise the Lord!

From Alicia, WS:
†††††††One initial reaction I had was a strong feeling that this love and compassion revolution that we as a Family are embarking on is so big that Dad is needed much more on the other side to help us with it from there. Something in the Libby GN really stuck out to me, and that is when you say that yours and Dadís greatest wish for each of us would be that we have fervent love for one another. I was reminded of how this was also Jesusí greatest prayer or wish for us too, that we love one another as He hath loved us (John 15:12).
†††††††Dad himself was the most loving person on the face of the earth, so what better help could we have from the spirit world than to have Dad himself helping us as we embark on this new era, this new "love revolution," in our Family? It is so thrilling to know that this love revolution will be reaching far and wide now with Dad totally in the spirit to oversee it. I am so excited about it!

From Sharon (17), North America:
†††††††I find myself treasuring Grandpaís words more than ever. Iím not sure why, but itís easier for me to understand some things ótheyíre much more real to me now!
†††††††Itís also given me a greater burden for souls and for the lost sheep. Seeing the big job that Grandpa and the Lord have given us to do makes me want to forget my trials and not waste my time on unimportant problems so I can go ahead with what the Lord wants us to do. I know itís easy to say this, but thatís what Iím striving for.

From Crystal German, Asia:
†††††††At first it was shocking to hear of Dadís homegoing, but I am so happy for him now. I am rededicating myself to the Family. I just want to be what Dad wants me to beóa real fighter, a revolutionary for Him no matter what the cost. I am in love with him and his spirit more than ever, and though we never met, I am developing a great hunger for the Word. For some time I tried reading some "self improvement books" to help me overcome my NWOs, and even though they are written by Christians, there is nothing like Dadís words, which are full of love and spirit and truly liberating! (I threw those other books away!) I love him and his words more than ever before!

From Miguel Printer, South America:
†††††††While we were praying, someone in our home received a vision that there was going to be a very important meeting in Heaven about the events that are to come. Dadís presence for this meeting was very necessary, and everyone was expecting him.

From Endureth (of Silas), Asia:
†††††††The main emotion that I went through was feeling so blessed in having had Dad to lead and guide us all these years. All my blessings were flowing through my heart and mind and I felt overjoyed, but also so unworthy. When thinking about how wonderful Dad is and all he has done for us and the lost and how everything I have is because of his faithfulness to follow Jesus, I couldnít contain my tears of thankfulness. "Through the obedience of one, many are made righteous" (Rom.5:19). Perhaps the other thing that still is very strong to me is the need to be a witness, like never before. As we were reading and praising the Lord, you sort of felt like Dad was just calling us to continue to be a witness and to really give our all to reaching the lost. It seemed that at that moment, reaching the lost was really the heart of David. It was a very strong and powerful feeling and something I feel compelled to commit myself to as much as possible!

From Joseph, WS:
†††††††Everything seems different now in a way. It seems like it is the best thing that could have happened for the Family! I am excited and I just feel different and want to be different. I want to change and do better and donít want to be the same person that I was last week. I want to be more like Dad now. I want to follow closer! The Word has come more alive! My prayers are more meaningful! I praise the Lord with more meaning and thought and thankfulness! I want to listen to Dadís tapes! I want to hear his voice and hear him talk and sing, I am just so hungry for Dad and canít get enough of him now! I am so excited about things, and want to show Grandpaís love to the kids here. I want to teach them more about Grandpa, to get them to know his spirit more so they can get to know him better and grow closer to him, and be more like him.
†††††††The kids are all different too. They are all much more loving to each other and they all asked for prayer to do better. It is like the day of Pentecost, where the Spirit poured out on everyone. Iíve even been able to get things from the Lord and give them at prayer times, which I had never done before. Also one of the kids who was usually quiet and never said much got something from the Lord too.
†††††††It has drawn us all closer to each other, and made us more loving and considerate of one another. We have had beautiful times together in the Word, asking for prayer over long-standing weaknesses so that we can do better and get rid of any weights that were holding us down. Everyone is hugging each other more. It is just beautiful! You feel like the Lord is just pouring out His Spirit and His grace to help us to change and draw closer from all of this, to prepare us for what is ahead. I am so thankful for what the Lord has done! It is a real victory!

From Kay, WS:
†††††††Itís so wonderful that we still have so much of Dadís words, that we can keep getting out his Letters for years to come! "Heaven and earth shall pass away, but My words shall never pass away!" We have jewels galore, and Dadís Bible studies, and Psalms studies, and "Bible for You" and "Now It Can Be Told" and Currents and Letters and Letters and Letters! So much gold to roll! Thatís what I thought of when I read that line from one of the prophecies about the chest of gold. Iím real excited about working on them all and continuing to get out his Letters. Isnít it neat that Dad got the whole "Now It Can Be Told" series dictated and even went over all the drafts and put in his corrections? I remember him saying that that was one project he for sure wanted to finish before he went to Heavenóand he did! Thank the Lord!

From Kanti, Asia:
†††††††The light of this world has "left" us, but his light before departing has lightened the lives of thousands and millions of people all over this world. Such was the saint who left us, who spread nothing but love and truth and lived one of the most simple, saintly, dedicated lives on this earth. To me he was a special supernatural being, because he changed my life. His Letters are full of love, sincerity, and direction and guidance to change anyoneís life. He preached Jesusí love in such a simple form. Dad is not dead, he is alive; he is amongst us. And strangely, it seems to me that he is amongst us more today than when he was alive; his presence is felt more; his spirit is experienced more; his words come alive more; his thinking, predictions and prophecies come alive more. This is only because he was a prophet and because God spoke to him and through him.
†††††††In my lifetime of 62 years, I have not seen or heard of any person like Dad. Although people talk about many saints and also about great present-day evangelists, including the top people in the Vatican, they are no comparison to what one prophet of God stood for.
†††††††Dearest Mama, we shall be constantly praying for you for the Lord to give you strength to carry on the burden of the whole worldwide Family. I will be entirely at your disposal, and whatever I can do in my humble way, it will be a great pleasure for me to do it, since whatever I do is done because of the guidance of the light that Jesus, Dad and you have shown and show me in my path. We need you to guide us and direct us, and weíre more than sure that not only the Lord and His angels, but now Dad will direct and guide you to guide us.

From Peter Norway, SEA:
†††††††Upon hearing the news of Dadís graduation, more than anything, I kept thinking of all that Dad has meant for me during the 20-plus years that I have been in the Family. He truly has been the best dad I could have ever had, and a tremendous sample in all things. While looking at his beautiful photo, I felt led to write down some of the qualities that I feel best describe Dad. He was:
†††††††... and a lot more!

{\b Reactions from Family Friends and Academics to Dadís Homegoing!}

From a home in Thailand:
†††††††Keith, an important official, was one of the first DF friends I followed up on after Dadís graduation. It was quite exciting to tell him about this, as we have talked about Dad quite a lot with him, and heís quite familiar with the Familyís history. We brought along the picture of Dad and showed it to him. He was looking at the photo for a long time. I didnít say anything at first concerning Dadís graduation, but just gave him Dadís picture to look at. While looking at the picture and he said, "Is all well with him? How is he?" Thatís when I told him that he had recently passed away. He just kept looking at the picture and his next comment was about all the love that the picture was giving off, and he said how Dad had such loving eyes. He asked if he could keep the picture and he put it in his Bible to keep it. He really looked at the picture and you could tell it was touching his heart.
†††††††Keith was interested to hear how we all felt about it, how old Dad was, etc. He first asked if Dad had passed on his responsibilities to anyone, which is when we explained more about Mama and her role and her place. Just watching Keith throughout the whole time we talked about Dad and his graduation and the Familyís future, the Familyís role, about Mama, etc., reminded me of the way I first felt when I heard about itóthat real peace and assurance and excitement in the spirit. He was so positive and so encouraged by the way we looked at it.
†††††††At the end of our meeting, Keith wanted to pray for the day. He prayed a beautiful prayer and was thanking God for someone like Grandpa and the fact that he could continue to lead the Family in the Endtime. He prayed for the Family overall, that Grandpa would be able to continue to lead us and help us. It was beautiful, thank the Lord!

From Marc, North America:
†††††††When we called our friends, we used the opportunity to witness to them about Heaven and the spirit world, which really touched many of our friendsí hearts. We also let them know that we would be sending them GN 609, which each one said they appreciated very much, and you could tell they value being included in the inner circle regarding this "once-in-a-forever" event. Here is a run-down on a few of the calls:

†††††††James Chancellor (religious historian/theologian): James was surprised by the news, but immediately related it to his motherís passing away, which was only three weeks ago, and said he understands how we feel about Dad now being free from the cares and pain of this life. He asked if everything was set up for Mamaís succession, to which I told him it was and that it was something that Dad and Mama had been preparing for for some time now. He said that he didnít feel there would be any problems with the leadership and administration of the Family, as those he has met are very capable people.

†††††††David Bromley (sociologist of religion/professor): David was surprised, but went on to say that it was somewhat expected. He said that Dadís graduation would have some impact on the Family, but that he knew we were resourceful people and that we would continue on in Dadís footsteps. He said to please pass on his condolences and sympathies to Mama and the others of Dadís staff, and that if there was anything he could do to please let him know.

†††††††Jim Nichols (minister with a TV/radio ministry): Jim took the news the best, rejoicing in Dadís graduation and praising the Lord! I let him know that we were doing the same. Jim said the only regret he has is that he had always hoped to meet Dad someday, to which I told him he would, itís just that now it would be in Heaven instead of here on earth, to which Jim gave a hearty "Amen!" Jim finished the conversation by encouraging me and all of us to keep on fighting the good fight, and sang an old fighting hymn which I had never heard, that Merlyn (his wife) helped him with in the background. It was really sweet of him!

†††††††Stuart Wright (sociology professor): Stuart offered his condolences and asked how the transition was going, to which I said well, and explained a bit of the background regarding the preparation that Dad and Mama had made for this time. This seemed to really interest Stuart, as this is his specialty in his study of usóthe changes that take place and how those changes affect the survival of our movement. He said that he was in the process of revising the paper he gave at the SSSR (Society for the Scientific Study of Religion) Conference at our panel, and that the new homegoing GN would be a big help to him and would give him more material which he could include in his paper. He went on to say that he was going to have this paper published in a journal, which he was quite excited about.

†††††††Susan Palmer (sociologist/professor of religion): Susanís first question was "How is Mama taking it? Is she okay?" It was very sweet. Hearing of Mamaís victory and presentation put her at ease as to how we were taking it all, and she is very much wanting to read the presentation and prophecies. She said, "Thatís amazing, because last week I started my coverage of the Family in my Ďnew religionsí university course, and my students had so many questions about Father David. My class will be shocked." She ended by saying she was so glad he was "now in Heaven and out of his suffering, which must have been hard on Mama as well as hard on him." God bless her. She wants to incorporate any info we can send her into her new book.
†††††††(From a fax received later from Susan and her children:)
†††††††Dear Family, TSers and the Folks: Weíre sorry your Grandpa has gone!!!! [Below this there is a drawing of Heaven with clouds, and sitting on the clouds is what looks like a drawing of Dad with a long flowing beard holding a book in his hands. With a halo on his head, too, and wings.
†††††††[EDITED: "To the right side of the drawing is written:"] Our tribute to a Great Man, Inspired Prophet and Religious Genius!!! Signed: Susan Palmer.
†††††††[EDITED: "Below the drawing is written:"] Weíre sorry your Grandpaís off the earth now, but in his own words he said he would do more work for you in Heaven than on earth. Love, Sylvia and Shandor [Susanís daughter and son].

†††††††Gordon Melton (sociologist/minister/religious historian and lecturer): Gordon asked how we were doing in light of Dadís graduation. He was very quiet while I explained our reactions. I told him of the wonderful full-of-faith way that it was presented and how Mamaís attitude is what pulled all of us through, that this is the way she wanted it presented and how Dad would have wanted it. He said, "Yes, of course! He lived a long and prosperous life, with much to his credit." He went on to say that he always thought it was a "stroke of genius" how the home teamworking aspect of our movement had passed on to YAs, that few NRMs have had the courage to do this, and also how we all recognize the solid position that Maria holds as head of the movementófor these two reasons he sees no problem in continuity. He was touched and pensive. Before parting I told him, "Well, at least now we can tell everyone that yes, we do know where Dad is ... heís in Heaven!" He liked that one.
†††††††Both of these precious friends, Gordon Melton and Susan Palmer, also offered their condolences to Mama and to Peter, and asked that we pass that on. They also said just to call if we needed anything. God bless them.

†††††††Jim Lewis and Eve Oliver (social scientists): When I told Eve the news of Dadís graduation she said, "Oh no! Thatís quite a shock!" But after I explained things she then went on to say that Dad would now be able to do more for us from the spirit world than he could do while here and that his spirit would now be much stronger and more powerful. It was really sweet. She said to please send their love and sympathy to Mama, which I told her I would.

†††††††Bill Bainbridge (sociologist): I explained to him how Dad wanted us to rejoice and thank the Lord for his departure, etc. He asked if there was going to be a memorial ceremony that he could attend. He was concerned that Mama was all right. He himself commented that he could tell that Mama and leadership were prepared to carry on in Dadís absence, so he imagined this wouldnít affect our work. I explained to him about the compilation taken from the Letters which Dad had written to prepare us, as well as Mamaís Letters in the homegoing GN, and that we would be sending a copy of this to him. He was very thankful and replied, "I will always treasure this."

†††††††(Following are a few of the responses received by mail or fax to a mailing of the press release that was sent out by the Family in the U.S.:)

†††††††From Bert Beach, General Secretary of the Seventh-day Adventist Church Worldwide, U.S.A.:
†††††††Thank you for your letter of November 25, in which you kindly inform me of the recent passing away of your well-known founder, Father David Berg. He certainly had an eventful life, though sometimes rather controversial. I respect him for his opposition to materialistic goods-getting and promotion of a simple lifestyle, more in harmony with the New Testament Church. He is now at rest from his labors, awaiting the day of resurrection and the second coming of the Lifegiver.
†††††††I wish you and the Family a happy Christmas season and much success as you follow the inspired teachings of the Word of God.

†††††††From a Jewish lawyer in Boston whom the Family had some contact with during the Argentine persecution and who has defended NRMs. This is the first time the Family has heard from him personally:
†††††††I received your news release of November 25, 1994, reporting on the death of your founder, David Brandt Berg. I would send you my condolences, except, as I understand the situation, you view death as simply an entry into oneís heavenly reward, so I assume that this is not exactly an occasion for mourning in the normal sense. I nonetheless would like to convey my thoughts to you on this occasion.

†††††††From John Bozeman, Dept. of Religious Studies, Univ. of Virginia:
†††††††Thank you for sending me the press release and MO Letter/New Good News about Father Davidís passing. I was truly sorry to hear the news, and regret that I never had the opportunity to meet him. He must have been a remarkable person. [John wrote a factual and positive obituary based on the Familyís press release which he mailed out worldwide via E-mail on the Internet to the SSSRóSociety for the Scientific Study of Religionómailing list!]

†††††††From John Bodycomb (academic, minister in the Uniting Church of Australia and chaplain of Melbourne University):
†††††††I must comment on the passing of David Berg.... I note what you say about the way Christians can regard the departure of dear ones, and I would surmise that Mr. Berg especially would not want the members of the Family to go into an orgy of breast-beating over him.
†††††††Nonetheless, so long as he was around, you had this sense of continuity with the origins of the movement, and I guess drew strength in some ways from that. It would be rather strange if you did not feel different now, and that some fairly significant adjustments will be necessary.
†††††††With you, I would want to thank God for his life. Be sustained by the treasury of great memories you must have, by his words of wisdom and encouragement ó and preeminently by the One Who holds all of us in love.
†††††††With every good wish and blessing, John Bodycomb

†††††††From Tatiana Prophet (daughter of Elizabeth Claire Prophet, the spiritual head of the Church Universal and Triumphant [EDITED: "CUT"]):
†††††††Dear everyone who is part of the Family,
†††††††I just heard in the newspaper that your founder has passed on. Everyone here at the Royal Teton Ranch sends our condolences and prayers to strengthen you in this hour.

†††††††From Murray Steinman (main media spokesperson of the Church Universal and Triumphant):
†††††††Thank you for the letter and the booklet letting me know of the passing of David Moses Berg. We were saddened to hear of his death.
†††††††I did not know Mr. Berg, nor am I familiar with your teachings, but one can judge a tree by its fruit. The members of the Family I have met have been full of light and love.
†††††††We wish you and all the members of the Family good fortune on the next leg of your journey. May you have a blessed and joyous Christmas.

†††††††From Dotti Cameron
†††††††({\ul \i Editorís note}{\i : Dotti Cameron is Dadís niece, the daughter of his sister, Virginia. We heard from Dotti for the first time via a letter she wrote to Dad, which we received soon after he had passed on. In her letter, she poured out her heart about some serious health and financial difficulties she faced. We responded with a personal letter of encouragement, as well as a copy of GN 609 about Dadís homegoing. The following is Dottiís response to our letter and the news of Dadís parting:)}
†††††††Dear Family,
†††††††In todayís mail I received word from you that my Uncle David had died. I feel extremely sad. I had wished to make contact with him, if only through the mail. I just wanted to really hear from him.
†††††††I had not seen or talked with my uncle since 1969, I believe. He came with Grandmother to my house where I had many Christian friends waiting to hear her precious testimony. It turned out to be the last time I saw either one of them as Grandmother died a short time later.
†††††††Through the years I have missed my uncle very much. And Iíve missed all my cousins. They used to be known as Linda, Paul, Jonathan and Faith. My life has had a big hole in it since the time they disappeared out of my life. I have many wonderful and funny memories of all of them.
†††††††My mother, Virginia, died in July 1987, and my Uncle Hjalmer died a few years later. I have a great family heritage. Each generation has walked with Jesus Christ. And all six of my brothers and sisters know Jesus today. And our children all know Him. Some are stronger in Christ than others. But prayer is still changing even that.
†††††††I want to acknowledge and humbly thank you for the check I received from you today. I do not know who to thank for writing me such a warm and gracious letter. I was stunned. You wrote acknowledging the pain Iíve been through with such care and concern. Only the heart of Jesus can have such tender feelings for someone you donít even know. Thank you from the bottom of my heart for each word written.
†††††††Also, I am touched by your desire to help see me through these dark financial days by committing to send a gift each month as you are able. I will greatly appreciate that! And will abide by your need to hear from me each time so as to verify receipt of each gift.
†††††††There is so much more I would like to say and express about my uncle and what he meant to me, the example he set before my child-eyes. And perhaps I can write more next time when Iím feeling better.
†††††††I do love Jesus very much. He is everything to me. And because of illness I am able to spend much time with Him in worship, praise and prayer. It is actually an exhilarating venture.
†††††††Love and appreciation,
†††††††Dotti Cameron

"The Fountain of David Has Just Begun!"
{\b Prophecies Received by Field Homes after Reading Dadís Homegoing GN}

†††††††Except a corn of wheat fall unto the ground and die, it abideth alone. For yea, it was no accident that I have taken your father at this time. For as I have taken his spirit to be in Heaven, I have also poured it out now without measure unto all that will take that which he hath to give. My words are spirit and they are life, and you may partake of this spirit freely. It is now time that it be fulfilled that I shall pour My Spirit without measure upon My sons and My daughters and upon all flesh.
†††††††For yea, there are many roads before you and ye have to make many choices. For just as this day, Heaven has been opened unto you, and ye see more clearly and feel nearer to Heaven, so shall this be the catalyst that shall push all of you forward unto a new awakening, unto more heavenly-mindedness. But fear not that ye must put forth so much effort to do these things; for it is My Spirit and My words that shall give you the strength.
†††††††Oh, how simple it is and how simple it was for My David all these years, because he filled his heart and he kept his heart full of the heavenly vision. So do not worry. Ye may feel foolish and ye may feel that ye are not sober enough and that the battle is too great for you, and indeed it is, but with My Spirit, there is strength. And your younger ones shall now be as parents, and your parents shall now be as grandparents, and there shall be a new awakening and a new revelation. For I also shall do a new thing, something that has never been done before.
†††††††In times past, as the founder of a movement has passed on, there have been those who have failed to take up that commitment and failed to continue to keep the writings of the original founder. But with this movement, ye shall do greater and mightier things than even My servant David. For this is what he would want, and I shall put it in your hearts to be able to fulfill this dream of his. For this was Davidís dream and this was Davidís first request when he came before My face, that his children do greater and mightier things than he. For no humbler man has ever walked upon this earth than My servant David, and he wants to pour this same spirit of humility upon you.

†††††††Greater love hath no man than this, that a man lay down his life for his friends. This was My David. He was a servant of love, he was a king of love. And he gave and he gave again. And this is your commissionóthat ye love one another as I have loved you, as My David hath loved you and set an example for you to follow. For David called My Maria to be a queen of love, and he has called you to be My people of love; so love, for in this lies your strength.
†††††††By this shall all men know that ye are My disciples, that ye love one another. For the greatest of these is love. So give and it shall be given unto you. Pour forth your love, for in this, ye shall make the heart of David glad, for he was My king of love. He gave and he gave again. For in this world where the love of many has waxed cold and love is a very rare and priceless jewel, ye must love, ye must shine forth with My love; for in this lies the strength of your witness. For if ye love and ye lift Me up, the King of Love, ye will join all men unto Me.

†††††††As you keep your eyes on Me, and as your desire is toward Me, and as the things of this earth do dim and fade, ye will have the faith to go through the days that I have before you. For in this, My David has found great reward. For he forsook the things that are of the present and held fast to that which is eternal. And as he forsook, I have given him back an hundred fold. As he gave up, I have rewarded him joyously, because he held not onto that which is temporary, and that which fadeth away, unto the opinions of men and those around him. But he looked to Me and I did not fail him; I always kept him and I always faithfully rewarded him, as I do now. I will do the same unto you, My children, as ye look unto Me and love not the things of the earth. Forsake yourselves and live.

†††††††And the Word was made flesh and dwelt among us, and we beheld His glory, the glory as of the only begotten of the Father, full of grace and truth. For ye have all seen a sample of how I would have you live. So be ye like unto him, with the heart of David; be kind unto others and pour out My love to others; be a sample of My love as David was.

†††††††Hearken unto the words of David, for he that departed is as a parted lover who longs to return to you and to embrace you and to comfort your heart. His words shall be more real unto you now than they ever have been in times past. Ye shall feel his presence and his anointing. For ye are now become little Davids. The mantle of his spirit and his anointing has come upon you; ye must only reach out and receive it. For the mantle and the crown are fallingóa special anointing for each one of you, that ye shall fulfill My will and the purpose for which ye have been created. It is a new day! The Family shall wax strong and shall be bold and shall be valiant in battle, and great shall be the victories that shall be won in My name and in the name of My servant David. This is only the beginning, and there lie great days ahead.

Messages from Dad from the Spirit World!

†††††††Let not your hearts be troubled, neither let them be afraid. I have gone to prepare a place for you, that where I am, ye may be also. Think not that I have departed, for my presence shall be ever with you. Ye shall hear a voice behind you saying, "This is the way, walk ye in it." The fountain of David is not stopped, it has just begun. Ye shall feed on my words and become stronger. Ye need to look on me in the spirit and set your mind on things above.

†††††††I have not left you to walk through this world alone. I have not shepherded you and loved you along the way to leave you as sheep scattered. Jesus hath made me the loving shepherd who hath laid down his life for the sheep. Do I not love you and have I not gathered each one of you? I shall be closer to each one of you than I have ever been before. This is why I have gone, so that I can strengthen and love each one of you, as your shepherd and your helper. I am not departed; I am only on the other side, ever present to talk, to love, to lead and guide and to comfort.
†††††††Behold, Heaven is here, it is ever so near. The Heavenly City is real! It is more beautiful than I have described it! There is light and beauty and radiance more than you will ever imagine, more than I can describe! In my earthly presence I could only see glimpses, but now I am here to behold the beauty and eternal joy which is forever. The joy of Heaven awaits you, my children! But you donít have to wait for it. Open your hearts, receive it now! You can enjoy Heaven with me now. Jesus hath desired that I encourage you and help you. Indeed, if ye take temple time and ye look up through the dome, ye will see the gates of Heaven open unto you and ye shall hear the glory.
†††††††I shall send encouragement unto you, that ye may be strengthened for the days to come. For the earth shall be darkened and the outlook shall be darkened, but behold, the uplook is heavenly! It is forever heavenly!

†††††††Behold, there is sex in Heaven! There is great joy amongst my children! All that ye have read is true! This is a celebration! Rejoice in this victory! I have been liberated! The shackles of the flesh are gone, joy and everlasting love are here forever!

†††††††Would ye know more of the mysteries of Heaven? Would ye like to hear more of the events of the Endtime? Fear not, for I shall reveal more of these secrets to you now than I have in times past. I have more to say unto you than ye can yet bear. To know all there is to know, stay tuned in and ye shall know what shall come to pass!

†††††††[EDITED: "end"]

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