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FSM 275/FN 384 DO
Words of Encouragement, Guidance and Instruction for 1995
Excerpts of Prophecies Given for the Different CRO Areas at Summit '95
Copyright July 1995, The Family, Zurich, Switzerland

SUMMIT '95--Special Issue!

       Introduction       1
       Summary of Prophecies for the NACRO Area       2
       Summary of Prophecies for the SACRO Area       7
       Summary of Prophecies for the EURCRO Area       11
       Summary of Prophecies for the ASCRO Area       16
       Summary of the Prophecies for the PACRO Area       20

Dear Family,
       We love you! In this FSM, we want to share with you some wonderful promises and words of love and encouragement from the Lord.
       When the Family leadership gathered for Summit '95, they asked the Lord what He had in store for the different CRO teamworks and their areas in the coming year. Again this year the Lord has given specific guidance to every area, which has proven to be very accurate and very instructional for our Family, often directing them to specific ministries that He would use them in; some of these ministries, like "consider the poor" being applicable worldwide.
       The Lord spoke very specifically and we have already seen the fulfillment of some of these prophecies! For example, the Lord seemed to be preparing the PACRO area for a very important event which was to take place in Japan only weeks later--the Kobe earthquake! (For more on this, please see "The Kobe Earthquake" on page 21.)
       We are sure you will find a lot of very specific counsel or insight in the prophecies given for every area. There are so many jewels, counsel and insights in these prophecies that we are publishing this summary of what the Lord gave for each CRO area. We would have liked to have published the full prophecies for every area, but that would easily total over 60 pages of prophecies. Instead, we asked the CRO teamworks to summarize the prophecies for their area, so we could all benefit from them.
       Along with this FSM, you will also receive a local publication prepared by your CROs with the full prophecies given for your own continental area. We pray that you will take the time to study what the Lord gave for your area. You might want to also ask the Lord to help you interpret them so as to give some specific insight into all He may have in store for you this year. (If you end up moving to a new CRO area this year, we suggest you take the time to read the local publication of the prophecies for that area so you can be abreast of what the Lord had to say for that part of the world, as well.)

Summary of Prophecies for the NACRO Area
Pour Forth the Words of David!
       The major theme throughout the prophecies that the Lord gave is witnessing--getting out the Words of David and the Endtime and warning message.
       In the prophecies the Lord also addressed other aspects of our outreach, such as our singing and music, reaching the Latins and American Indians, ministering to the older generation of Americans, our "consider the poor" ministries, etc.
       He also gave specific counsel and direction on how to be more fruitful and productive in our service for Him. He's calling us all to work together in greater unity and love, to look to Him and to forsake our old ways of doing things. He wants us to seek Him for His new direction and the new path He is leading us in.
       Our "consider the poor" ministry was re-emphasized at Summit '95, when the Lord said, "Therefore, seek out the lowly, seek out the hungry, seek out the destitute. Seek out those who are longing for love. Reach out and touch those who others would not touch. Reach out and give unto those who others would not feed." The Lord also instructed us that we should not "cast our pearls before swine" or give to the "fat and the full," but to "give and pour out to the lowly in heart, the lowly in mind, and the lowly in spirit." He promised that "the lowly" would receive the Words of David.

Look to the Lord, the Word, and Prayer!
       He also reminded us not to depend on our own wisdom, understanding, or on our previous ways of operating. He said, {\i "Therefore think not that ye know the way. Think not that because ye have walked this road many times that ye can do it without reflecting upon the map or looking unto the Maker or asking your Guide, `Is this the way? Am I on course?' For I do a }{\ul \i new} thing. I show you a {\ul \i new} way.... Therefore, lean not to the old." This came with words of encouragement: "Fear not the future. Look not upon your small gifts, for they are great in My sight. Look not upon your inabilities, for that is where My strength lieth." He also encouraged us to resist feelings of worry and incapability, and to "look unto My Words; look unto prayer, for in these ye shall find the path that I have set before you.... Therefore fear not, but only have faith and stay close to Me, and stay on the path, and ye shall prosper, and ye shall eat the good of the land."
       Then there was a warning about not thinking or feeling that we are sufficient in ourselves. He wants us to remember that it's not us, and said that the Devil desires to tempt us with both high-minded thoughts or with excessively low-minded thoughts, such as discouragement. We need to be clothed with humility and draw our strength from His power in order to triumph.

A Great Company of Helpers!
       The Lord spoke of our many academic and other friends, referring to them as the "great company of men and women" working with us and helping us. "For many sit at the table to counsel together for you. We believe in you, and we are trying to understand you, and many of us will come to your aid in your hour of great need." The Lord put their heartcry into words: "Many of us want to see it the way ye see it, and we want to try to understand why it is that we now feel we have been called also by the harp of David. We want to see how our training and our gifts can be used to help you."
       He indicated that they are forces of light fighting darkness, and forces of truth fighting the counterfeit. He compared the work in North America to a stallion of light running the race of good against evil. He also said that our youth would play a big part in winning this race.
       The Lord told us to expose the wickedness and to help these precious men and women (our academic friends) to use their gifts for Him. He said that they would be instrumental in hitting the nail on the head, so to speak--in helping to expose the Devil and his evil AC plan.
       The Lord said that He has called us to now welcome this new group of people into our Homes--to feed them, love them and give them His Words. He also spoke specifically on how to keep ourselves out of the entanglements of the world and encouraged us to boldly stand up for our beliefs and for the Words of David: "Guard against [EDITED: "that influence"] by fighting to stay close to Me, and by fighting to give {\ul \i Me} to them.... Stand up for Me in all sincerity of heart and mind and spirit and conviction, and back not down. Stay true to the Words of David."

Carry the Message through Music!--And Stay Simple!
       In the Summit '93 prophecies for North America, the Lord said some wonderful things regarding music and singing. In Summit '95 He again confirmed to us that this is a main key for reaching this country: "As the Pied Piper of old sang and carried his message, so do My beautiful children sing and dance and bring this message to the youth of this country. Sing and dance, oh ye beautiful ones, ye witnessers of Me, strong lights before the nation, beautiful faces. They will look upon you and see a great light, a great joy, a phenomenon."
       Along with this, the Lord told us to "stay simple." In fact, the words "simple" or "simplicity" appeared nine times throughout the prophecies! Along these same lines, one prophecy said: {\i "They look upon My simple ones and say, `I long for the purity that these have. I long for the clean look and the bright eyes and the cheerful smiles. I want to laugh and run with my feet unshod and feel the grass beneath my feet, and look at the blueness of the sky which I so long forgot in the dens of this iniquity in which I live. Is there anyone out there who can free me from these bonds?'"} Lord help us to keep it simple like Dad has always said!
       There was also a serious warning against materialism in one of the prophecies He gave: "Model not your lives after that which is wicked. Pattern not your lives after that which is abominable in My sight. I abhor the wicked. I abhor their stench and their wickedness and their waywardness and their rebellion and the cut of the hair and the primping and the horrible ugliness which they do perpetrate among the children and the innocents.... My children, come out from among them and be ye separate, and be ye not ashamed to wear the garment of {\ul \i simplicity}. Be not ashamed to look them in the eyes and cast upon them My conviction."

Let Your Light Shine!
       The Lord also told us that there would be much more excitement ahead of us and He wants us to keep moving and keep forging ahead: "Do not stop, do not get settled down. Do not become satisfied with the battles you have won and the victories that have been gained. But keep going, keep loving, keep wooing, for I have given you the strength and the vitality to do it."
       And He indicates that there is a great challenge ahead: "Go into their campuses, into their churches, into their homes. Go into the cafeterias, go into the malls, go into the parking lots, go to the street corners, go into the schools. Stop not. Sing and sing and dance. Put it on radio, put it on television, put it on video, put it on tape. Sound it aloud. Ask if ye can put it on the loudspeaker in the campuses. Put it everywhere.
       "Do not be ashamed. Do not hide your light under a bushel, for ye shall be set forth as blazing lights. Speak forth the words that I have given you.... I place upon you a great calling to be megaphones for Me. Sound it out."

Message from the Goddesses!
       The Lord gave us a message from one of the goddesses of America, which was very touching and heartbreaking about the need to reach the younger generation: "Can you hear My beautiful goddess weeping for her people?... There are so many lost and wandering in the new generation.... She is broken and she is calling out to you to go forth to save this lost generation, these who have never heard and these who do not know. These who are crawling in the filth and the gutters, who are searching in the trash and the garbage for the truth and who find it not.
       "Have ye become so content in your beautiful Homes and with your beautiful samples that ye do not turn your eyes to look upon this lost generation, these that are reaching out and seeking for the truth and know not where to find it?
       "Or have you become so embroiled in reaching the top and the important ones, that you do not let your hearts be moved for these who are small, weak, lost little sheep? For behold, I will hold you accountable for this lost generation, this generation that has not yet heard. They will be saved and many will join with you ... if ye will repent of your hard-heartedness toward them and your narrow-minded attitude towards them, and see them as {\ul \i I} see them."
       The Lord said that there are corks that are stopping up the flow of His Words to the world. The importance of removing these corks and not succumbing to discouragement and the feelings of uselessness and giving up was mentioned several times: "Ye have need that the corks are pulled from your bottles that ye might pour forth My Words to these people.... But seek your shepherds' help and your shepherds' strength to pull the corks from your bottles. For they do have the strength available. But I have not put the strength in each of your own hands, the strength to pull this cork, but I have put it in such a way that ye must call for help to bring greater unity and greater cooperation between your Homes and between you and your shepherds. I did not put all that strength in your hands, but I made each weak in their own way so that ye are linked together and have great unity."

The Importance of Witnessing!
       He also had a message for the shepherds about the importance of being a sample in the area of witnessing: "I say unto you shepherds: In all that ye do, constantly be thinking of witnessing and sowing the Words of My Spirit and the truth. Constantly speak of witnessing, testify of witnessing, remind your people of the importance of witnessing, and be witnesses yourselves. Be samples to the flock of the importance of witnessing and the value of witnessing, how it is the very foundation of the Family."
       He said that each of us has been placed in a beautiful position to pour forth, and promised that there are many, many sheep around us. He said there are many around us daily who desire the Words of David to counter the lies that they are being fed. He says of the sheep: "They would thrill to hear your perspectives on life, which are so opposite from the views that they have been fed and taught. They would be astounded as ye were astofunded when you first heard the Words of truth. They too would thrill to the Words of David if ye would pour them out."
       The prophecies speak of a "great harvesting of souls and disciples," and the Lord says that we must shine and show the way that David has taught us to live. He says, "And this shall be a great harvest for the souls of David, the souls that want David as they see the sample that ye live. Many are looking." This prophecy repeated the need for us to not hold back, to not give up. It said: "Do not become a private little family, but pour forth and reach out and link with those about you so that the nets of David may sweep across this giant country and catch My fish and herd them and care for them and bring them into My net where I may care for them in these dark days to come."

Speak the Truth Boldly--Prepare this Land for the Endtime!
       The Lord encouraged us to have more faith, and not to be afraid or taken aback by those who seem to "have it together," or those who look like they know what they are doing. He told us that it's only the outward appearance, and that behind their masks are many lost and hungry souls. He said that we should speak out with greater boldness to these, with greater faith, and promised that they would listen. He said: "They shall be in awe that ye have the faith to speak words that are so different from what they have been taught. Shock them! They want to be shocked. Make their heads spin, make them turn around. Be not afraid to live the Words of David to the full, because this is needed in this dark country to turn the heads to look at you. As ye do this, there shall be a great, great, and mighty reaping."
       The Lord told us of the great cry that comes up to Him in the spirit, the cry of the precious ones who died in the "flame of fire" (possibly Waco?). He has given us a commission now to help such people who are "pushed about, kicked about, stomped on ... burned, tortured and killed." He indicated that one major way in which to help these downtrodden ones is to speak the truth boldly and to expose the evil.
       The Lord outlined our commission by saying: "The words that ye speak, speak boldly.... For ye must reveal it, ye must tell the whole world of the works of the Devil and why God's judgments will fall upon this land {\ul \i first}. For it holds itself up as a nation to be {\ul \i exemplary}, but it is {\ul \i not}."
       The Lord spoke clearly on delivering the warning and Endtime message, the Words of David to America. He said: {\i "Stand up and speak with the words of a vigil! Woe to this nation!... Proclaim your message across the nation. Let it be known, let My name be known, preach it unto this nation. And ye shall preach this message of the Endtime unto this nation until every ear has heard, and then shall the end come.... For this is the commission that I have given unto you, to prepare this land for the Endtime. Ye must rise up and ye must speak. Lift your voices in vigil. Lift your voices strong.... And ye shall speak unto this nation: `Woe unto you, America! Woe unto you, spirit of all whoredom! As has been prophesied against this nation, so be it.' For it is a nation that has persecuted the prophets and drowned out the voice of God."}
       One person saw a vision of our teens getting out a lot of real meaty lit like we used to--Letters of warning. The Lord promised to pour out the anointing on us just as He poured it upon Dad. We need to drop all the shackles that would bind us or hold us down and preach His message to this nation.
       He also spoke of the great spiritual battle that is raging in America. It truly is "the hold of every foul spirit and the cage of every unclean and hateful bird!" These evil spirits are warring against us continually: "She is fighting, this spirit of Babylon is fighting against My people, fighting to kill and destroy and hurt. Day in and day out she fights and she destroys and she hinders and she harms and hurts, and she is all evil and all destruction.... And the spirit of America shall rend and tear her clothing, and she shall fight you tooth and nail, for she seeks to bind all those that I would bring unto My kingdom."
       "But children, look, there is a stairway prepared for all the children that will escape unto Me, unto My heavenly kingdom, for all who will not be torn down nor brought low by the destruction of America, the spirit of America, the spirit of Babylon. Release them! Release the message, My children, for I desire that these sheep of Mine, those who are seeking a way out of the system of America, be drawn out and drawn unto Me. For they long to climb the golden stairway, they long to see the bright clear light, they long to have eternal salvation, and ye can give it unto them. Ye must give this nation a last chance." Lord help us to be on guard against this spirit of America, and also help us to seek, find and help to release those who are looking for a way out of her clutches.

Reach and Encourage Sincere Christians from the Older Generation
       There was a very interesting prophecy that seemed to be given by an older American man: "I believe in freedom, I believe in freedom of thought, I believe in freedom of religion, I believe in good, old-time morality, I believe in being honest, I believe in being straightforward, I believe a man should read the Bible, I believe a man should walk upright, and I believe a man should behold the face of God all the days of his life.... That's the kind of American I am, and I look for those who have these feelings, and I look for those who have these beliefs, and I look for those who base their lives on the Word of God."
       He brought out that the old-fashioned American Christians are looking for people who hold their beliefs, people like us, who base our lives on the Word of God. He pled with us, saying: "And I ask you to forsake not those who believe this way! For there are many of us who think this way, and we have become discouraged and we have become disheartened and we have become disillusioned! ... Help us to see in your shining faces that there is hope, that we did not live our lives in vain! That the things that we taught and the things that we learn from the Word can be lived and should be lived, and we were not wrong in believing those things and standing up for the Truth!... We see that ye have more light than we have. Ye have more freedom! Ye have the freedom of the Spirit!... We had but a little light, but we were true to that which we had!... Therefore, we draw strength from that which ye give unto us, your joy, your happiness, your truth, your honesty, your uprightness, your fearlessness in the face of so much evil! Therefore, fail us not and forget us not!"
       The Lord was telling us that we need to minister to the older generation of sincere American Christians, to inspire their faith, and that they will be encouraged when we show them our shining faces and as we stand up for the truth and encourage their hearts.

Seek Out Those Who Cry for the Words of David!
       The Lord also told us in one of the prophecies to minister to the Mexican-Americans, and to provide them with the Words of David in their own language--Spanish: "We are your brethren across the border! We are your brethren down South!... We are Americans, but we are Mexican-Americans, and we speak another tongue. But ye speak our tongue, ye know our tongue well!... Therefore, forget us not, for we long to know the Words of David!... The Words of David in our language shall feed us and strengthen us!"
       The Lord tells us to seek these ones out, to labor for these, giving them our time and attention that we might win them, not just their salvation, but to win their full-time service. This was a very inspiring confirmation of the potential and fruitfulness of the Mexican work, as well as quite a confirmation for reaching the Latins in the States, as almost every major city in the U.S. has a significant Latin population.

Reach Out to the American Indians!
       In a number of visions, the Lord gave us different pictures of the American Indians, and showed us through their eyes the history of the Indian people. The Lord had already spoken of our need to reach the African-Americans (see "The Un-cursed Sons of Ham!" ML #2928, GN 597), so here He was emphasizing other ethnic groups, such as the Hispanics and American Indians. In the visions it appeared that the Lord wants to give them His love to heal them. They need the Family's help to show them how to combat the materialism that their people have gotten into. We need to give them the truth, the drop-out message, the forsake-all message, so they can become the people that God intended for them to be.

Loving Affection in Reaching Out to Others
       One small but very important point the Lord gave was on being loving and affectionate in our witnessing. He reminded our young people that they need to be loving and affectionate witnesses who fear not the conventions of men, who reach out and touch others, and hug and embrace them, and show warmth.

Summary of Prophecies for the SACRO Area
Love Maria and Live in the Word
       In the very first prophecy for South America, the Lord placed much importance on our devotion, loyalty and love for our dear Maria, by saying: "I will bless you, My dear shepherds, as you praise and love your Maria. I will bless you with love. Maria will lead you to Jesus and to greater fruitfulness in Jesus, so follow Maria, and teach others to follow Maria, to follow the Words.... And these shall be your ways: The ways of wisdom and the ways of understanding, the ways of kindness, the ways of conviction, the ways of truth, of love and gentleness."
       We were very grateful for this precious promise that He will bless us with love, knowing that we are entering into a love revolution and want with all our hearts to be a living sample of this, by the grace of God. The Lord said that if we follow close to Maria, that our ways would be the ways of wisdom, understanding, kindness, conviction, truth, love and gentleness. In this first prophecy, we were also commissioned to "follow Maria, follow the Words. Bless her, love her, and you shall be like her." What a wonderful promise!

The Need to Feed on the Word and Feed the Children
       The Lord encouraged us to follow Mama's example of accepting the Lord's challenges, pointing out how she has taken up the "commitment to give more and in greater abundance and in greater faith, not worrying about the way she says it or what she says." And He promised, "So will I fill thee if thou eatest at her hand." Here again He highlighted the importance of being filled with her words and following her example if we want to receive His anointing and be filled with Him.
       The Lord also portrayed the many evil forces that are trying to destroy the simple truth and the purity of His children here and said He wants us to "stand strong, built on a firm foundation," to "dig and drink and eat fully every day of My Word to pass on to My children," and to "fill the vacuum by feeding on His Word, and by desiring to be clothed anew, to be refreshed and to forget the past."

More Shepherding and Leave the Past Behind
       As Dad has taught us, we cannot give to others from an empty cupboard. So it is our prayer that we will be faithful to fill our hearts and minds with His Words, in order to be able to pour upon others. The Lord told us in prophecy: "For My children need to be taught, My children need to be nourished." This makes it clear to us that the Lord wants us to put a great emphasis on feeding others with His Words.
       He said that He wants us to let go of the past and march forward in greater unity: "Let not these preoccupations and differences hinder you, but go forth in greater unity and solidarity.... Break down walls, open up doors, communicate your longings, your desires. For if ye walk in the light, even as My Son is in the light, ye shall have true fellowship."
       With the implementation of the Love Charter, we're entering into a new day as a Family, and one of the things that will substantially change on our part personally, and that we pray we'll be faithful to be a sample of, is that of spending more time doing our most important job of spending time with Him so He can instruct us in the way which we shall go. As much as it is a new day for all of us as a Family, the Lord made it clear that it should be a new day for us as a teamwork, and we should all spend more time shepherding.
       The Lord also said that we should be more open with one another, and in so doing, He would make us stronger: "In all these things if ye will open yourselves and be honest and true without holding back, without reservation, fellowshipping one with another in the fellowship of counsel and prayer and the reading of My Word and resting in My Spirit, even so will I make you stronger, and ye shall come forth with brilliance, with wisdom, with the gifts which ye need. For I will supply your gifts without measure, and it will be according to the need before you."
       He said: "Reach toward the things which are before with a fresh look and a new purpose. Be not bound to past plans or purposes." So we know that we will be expected to stay close to the Lord and hear from Him fresh every day, in order to get His new instructions and learn step by step what His new purpose is for us this year.

A Disciple-Winning Revolution?
       "Have I not promised to do greater things? Shall I not do greater things through you and through those who work with you? For I will call {\ul \i new people} into your folds, and I will call those gifted with the talents for the purposes which ye will have." When we read this phrase "new people" in this prophecy, we thought maybe the Lord was indicating that this could be a year of winning a lot of new disciples. South America has always been very fruitful as far as disciple-winning, but in recent years we haven't won as many as we know we can. We all want to obey Dad's last message commissioning us to witness more ("Dad's Homegoing Celebration," ML #2949:61-65, GN 613). We certainly have a lot to do, so we pray that with the greater emphasis on witnessing, follow-up and disciple-winning, we will together be able to fulfill this prophecy and be His mouth, feet and hands through whom He can "call new people." Isn't that exciting?

Go Slow, Be Patient
       He also wants us to continue training faithful men: "Seek ye out from among you men of honest report, full of My Spirit. Look not upon their stature as man looketh upon outward appearance, but let Me look through you to the hearts of those who are worthy to be called to help you in this great time."
       And as we have learned through the years, winning disciples and training people takes time. Not only does it take time to win disciples, but it will also take time to adapt to the Charter, and to change in every way the Lord wants us to. So later He reminded us that we should be wise master-builders, as Moses of old and Noah: "For I will [EDITED: "build"] My Church in this land, and I will place pillars and buttresses and strong bulwarks of faith in every corner to strengthen that which I have built, that ye might build anew. For tier upon tier, layer upon layer, to new heights will I build My Church, if ye will be as Moses of old, faithful in all his house as a wise master-builder, and as Noah, who, moved with fear, prepared an ark to the saving of his house."

Teaching Our Young People the Freedom of the Spirit of David
       Another important commission the Lord gave us for this year, one which we're very excited about and thankful for, is to pour more into our young people. He chided us to "do a better job of raising [EDITED: "the youth"] to be the mighty samples and witnesses for this land that I want them to be." He very specifically told us, "Pour out in double measure to the teens, the YAs, and the JETTs in your care. For I would cause them to explode--explode in the streets and on the platforms everywhere." He also made it very clear that the way to fulfill this very exciting vision of our precious young people exploding in the streets and on the platforms, will be by getting turned on to the Words of David. It sounds like the Lord is directing our youth to hit the streets more than ever before and to perform on the "platforms everywhere." Praise the Lord!
       As you know, many of these South American lands, especially Brazil, are full of many very strange spirits, some manifested through a very carnal display of fleshy freedom, especially during carnival. Therefore He is commissioning us to teach these lands the true freedom of the Spirit: "It [EDITED: "the free spirit of these lands"] is often a spirit of freedom in the {\ul \i flesh}, but because of this, these children of this land can relate to freedom of the Spirit. So what better place than here to spread the Law of Love? Spread it out in abundance! Flaunt it if you like, because this is one place where it will be received by My vibrant children, My beautiful children....
       "Show the people that it is {\ul \i not} the freedom of the flesh and yielding to bad spirits that brings happiness, but it is the freedom of the {\ul \i joy} of the {\ul \i Lord} that will set them free. It is yielding to the wonders of God's Spirit that will enlighten their hearts and give them that which they greatly desire, which they so blatantly hunger for and strip themselves bare to receive. So zap them with My Spirit and My love!" So join with us in this freedom-of-the-Spirit revolution! We are looking forward to very exciting and fruitful witnessing everywhere.

Depend on the Words of David
       It stood out in the prophecies how many times the Lord told us that we should teach the liveliness of the Words of David, teaching us all to draw our anointing by hearing the Words of David, and to learn the skill of sitting still and listening to the Words of our Father David.
       He said: "These be lively lands, wherein be lively people. Therefore I say unto you, teach them to draw their liveliness from the Words of your Father David. Teach them to draw their anointing from hearing the Words of your Father David. Teach them the skill of sitting still and listening to the Words of your Father David, for these people be energetic, these people be enthusiastic, and these people be full of fire. But they must learn to sit at the feet of your Father David and to hear his Words, to be filled to overflowing, that that power and that light and that joy and that anointing may be from the Words of your Father David."
       What makes us different is the truth of the Words of David, and that's why the Lord is placing such importance on them through these prophecies. That's what we've been laying down our lives for, been persecuted for, gone to jail for. We sincerely feel that our Family here has proven their love for Dad's Words, gloriously and miraculously passing the test of persecution over the last couple of years! But obviously He doesn't want us to stop here or take for granted the importance of the Words of David. If it weren't for these Words we would have become like any other religious denomination, or like the churches.
       The Latins are known to be enthusiastic and full of fire. So we will need to watch out not to get carried away by our own fire or our own enthusiasm, but to draw it all from the Words of our Father David and our precious Queen Maria.

The Need to Learn the Language and Promise of Great Fruitfulness
       He also wants us to make an effort to actively relate to the culture and customs of this mission field and to learn the language of the land. He said: "Speak to them in their tongue. Belittle not, think it not a small thing, but if ye would be My missionaries, ye must learn to communicate in the language of the land. Ye must become one.... There are many for whom literature is only {\ul \i part} of the answer. There are many who need the touch of David and the tenderness of Maria and the love of someone desirous enough to {\ul \i learn the language} in order to share this love.... The only love that the people will understand is the love that is tangible, the embodiment of My love."
       This seems to be a key in our witnessing, to be able to better relate to the people we are trying to reach. The Lord again said: "Be not proud, resist not My Spirit which yearns to pour forth without measure.... Break the box and let it roll ... and I will give you great joy, and your joy shall overflow into the hearts of many.... Ye shall see gardens and forests where there was barrenness and dryness."

More Challenges Ahead
       The Lord also said that there would still be a lot to do and that in some ways 1995 may be a year of sacrifice, but that He will pull us through: "For this year may seem as a year of {\ul \i sacrifice}. It may seem that way to you for all that I will require of you and ask you to do.... There is much to do, and there are many battles to fight. For I will call you to fight against the Enemy with one hand, and with the other hand, to love and care and train and sacrifice and give and give and give ... and it will require much from you, much in the way of training, being alert, being instant in season, out of season ... but I have anointed you for the job. I have called you for the task and I am very pleased with how ye have yielded unto Me.... I have put within each of you a wonderful Spirit that will see you through."

Latin America, the Lands of the Future
       The Lord also seemed to indicate that Latin America may be one of the lands of refuge in the dark days ahead and He wants us to prepare accordingly, winning, teaching and training people who will be able to be counted upon: "These be lands of the future. These be lands that shall survive.... These be lands where many shall turn unto Me in the dark and gloomy days.... I have many sheep [EDITED: "in these lands"]. Therefore, prepare ye strong folds and strong shepherds who may teach them the ways of your Father David. Teach them to grow up as strong pillars in the land, that they may stand strong and that their joy and their happiness be not a light thing and be not a passing thing, but be an anchor and a strength to their souls, and that the Words of your Father David may be that anchor, and their Savior Jesus might hold them through the storm."

"What Meaneth These Cries that I Hear..."
       The Lord also had a message to us shepherds asking us to extend more love, care and understanding, which is the essence of the new Love Charter. We realize that by some of our past actions and policies we have hurt many, and that it will take a lot of love, time, tenderness and reassurance--for some more than others--to restore your faith in how much the Lord really does love and care for you--and how much Mama and we love and appreciate each of you also. You're a wonderful Family--a Family to be proud of! We know we failed some of you in the past--the Lord said so very specifically--but we want to mend our ways and change, to be the loving shepherds you need us to be.
       The Lord said: "There are some lambs and there are some sheep who are hurt, who are afraid. They hide their faces in shame. My little lambs and My sheep hide their faces in shame because they think they have displeased you, because they couldn't be good enough.... Ye need to kiss away their tears and kiss away their fears ... listen carefully for their cries ... and pour upon them the healing balm of My love, so they may feel My forgiveness for any errors or past mistakes. As I have forgiven you and as ye have felt My forgiveness, so do I forgive these, and I want them to feel My forgiveness and to feel and know the assurance of My love and the assurance of the love of their shepherds, for your love is a reflection of the love of your Father David and your Mother Maria.
       "Therefore, be faithful in this calling to love above all--that ye may be found faithful to love, that ye forgive as ye have been forgiven, that ye have mercy upon others as I have had mercy upon you, that ye show yourselves tender and understanding, sympathetic and compassionate to these ones in your care who have great love for Me and great loyalty.
       "Ye have led them in good paths and ye have pointed them to the {\ul \i Words}{\i  of David; and this is good. But I ask, `Have you been a sample of the }{\ul \i love} of David?' For these two must go hand in hand: They must not only have the {\ul \i Words} of David, but they must see the {\ul \i love} of David, something that they can feel that will touch their hearts and their lives and give them faith to know that they are loved. For love and faith have creative power, and as ye give this love, these little ones shall grow before your very eyes, and ye shall be amazed. I say, {\ul \i love} as ye have been loved, {\ul \i forgive} as ye have been forgiven, and {\ul \i give} unto these as it has been given unto you."
       To end this section of beautiful prophecies, words which brought tears of repentance to our eyes, we'd like to paraphrase a verse from one of Dad's favorite hymns, "Evening Prayer":

       If we have wounded any soul today,
       If we have caused some foot to go astray,
       If we have walked in our own wilful way,
       Dear Family, forgive.

Summary of Prophecies for the EURCRO Area
The Master Playwright!--And the Great Endtime Play!
       The Lord said that He is the Master Playwright! And He spread before us a great, dramatic play which He said "all the world shall watch and wonder at!" He showed us a huge battlefield and said that "this field"--which we took to mean Europe and particularly the republics and lands of the former Soviet Union--was set as "the stage for the Evil One and his Antichrist to perform their wickedness!"
       The Lord described to us a number of scenes such as horses in battles, forests burning, fields smoking, cold winds blowing, great plagues and wars, people hovering under blankets walking the long empty plains, and many doors slammed shut on His hungry, cold sheep! The Lord said there would be great spiritual darkness as well as great physical darkness, and He said our time was very very short.
       He called: "{\ul \i Rise up}, ye chosen ones!" He said He had spoken unto us of things to come that it may stir our souls, that it may cause us to awake out of our lethargy and our sleeping, and that we may come out into the sunlight and see for ourselves the things that shall shortly come to pass. He called us to search our hearts to "see if this is the place where thy God hath placed {\ul \i thee}, that thou mayest be a {\ul \i player} in this great Endtime play!"
       And He said we are not alone as the players and soldiers on this great Endtime battlefield, for the Lord showed us a great cloud of witnesses who would stand beside us as we each take our roles and heed our calls. "For it is a land of old, of the days of old, and I have called forth My forces from the days of old to come to your aid. Hear the horses' hooves?--The neighing of the horses and the snorting of the horses prepared for war and prepared for battle?--There are mighty men whom I have sent to your aid!"
       Even our "precious new disciples and those who want to join the Family" are specially chosen for this time, for they have been "called," "chosen" and "hand-picked by those who have lived before" in those countries!--"Mighty men and women of old who have fought many battles for Me and died for Me! They stand now in the robes of {\ul \i peasants}, they stand now clothed in robes of {\ul \i winter}. For there is a {\ul \i great winter} coming upon your land and many doors shall be locked around My sheep and they shall not be able to hear the Gospel again! Your time is very short, oh ye chosen ones, who have been called to stand forth and feed My sheep!"
       "Vast is the land, and many are the people who have lain in darkness! Nothing has been given unto them! The only thing that has been given unto them are the words of the Devil, the bondage of Satan! For he has controlled their lives these many, many years!" This seems to be referring to the spiritual darkness of the former Soviet republics, of their tremendous need and vacuum, and of our commission to reach them before the "great winter" sets in when the doors will again be locked and the freedom we now have to give them the Gospel will be over.

Rise Up, Ye Chosen Ones!
       The Lord also chides us for thinking we can't do it, for holding back. He even lists our fears for us: "Ye think that ye are nothing? Ye think that ye are weak? Ye think that ye cannot speak? Ye think that ye do not know the languages? Ye think that ye cannot relate? Ye think that ye do not have the training?" And He gives us the answer: "{\i For ye say, `I cannot speak, I am but a child,' but I say unto you, `Can ye }{\ul \i love}?' If ye can love, ye can {\ul \i conquer}! For love shall conquer all. {\ul \i Ye have everything}! Ye are called and chosen by Me!" He then pleads with us, "{\ul \i Please, do the job}! Do it {\ul \i well}! Do it {\ul \i now}! For soon shall be released upon this land a great closed door! It shall shut so tightly that nothing shall penetrate it! For this is My will for the great Endtime!"
       "{\ul \i Rise up}, ye chosen ones!" The Lord calls us to awake, to rise up, to call out the great men and women of God of the past, "who so desire in their strength and in the glory that I gave them to come to your aid! Just release them!"
       Again the Lord tells us: "{\ul \i Rise} {\ul \i up} now, ye who feel called, and ye who feel the call of God, the call of these ones who would rise up to help, to go into these lands and do the job well and do it now and take My Words of David to these people." He tells us that the "vacuum is immense," and commands us to "take loads and loads and loads of the Words of David and {\ul \i dump} them onto the people, for they will receive them! They will receive every drop!"

The Call of Pandita Ramabai
       The Lord gives us the same call that He gave 22 years ago in "The Birthday Warning" (ML #215, Vol.2, 2/73), the call of Pandita Ramabai, as He tells us: "Pour your life out in double measure, for the time is short.... Hear the wind and hear the hooves of the horses. Ye do not ride horses, but these rode horses in the past and they died for Me." And then He gives us the ultimate call and commission, asking, "Would ye also die [EDITED: "be martyred"] for Me?--For ye may. Ye may be there when the door shuts and also die with these others." And the reward?--"But I will receive you unto great glory, for ye will have brought unto Me these hungry, cold, shivering, dying sheep!"
       Again, "Behold, the battlefield!... Thick black clouds are even now gathering together to set the stage for the Evil One!" The Lord said He would recruit soldiers, mighty warriors of David for this Great Tribulation, and there would be a light! "There will be a clear sound of a trumpet, even the harp of David!" The battle will be heavy and many will be slain, but the Lord asks, "Is not this My purpose, My plan that I have shown you? According to My Word, it has to come in order to bring about great light!"

Messengers from the Past!
       Others also came in the spirit and pled for their people. Peter the Great and Catherine spoke to us, Catherine first reaching forth her hands and pleading: "Love my mothers! Love my children! Feed them, feed them! Gather them unto your bosom and feed them! Oh how I love them, how I love them, how I love them! Oh how my heart weeps for my mothers and my children! For they shall see great darkness! Please, gather them unto your bosom, care for them, love them, give them light, give them hope! Give them salvation, please, please!" Thank the Lord we have made a start in reaching Russian mothers and children, as our Kiddie Viddies have been broadcast to millions and we've sent over 16,000 special Kidz mailings to children and their parents who've written in.--This is just a drop in the bucket compared with the need, so please pray for our dear Russian and Eastern European translators and those who work in the mail ministry!
       And strange as it may seem, Peter the Great came humbly and meekly before us. We asked the Lord why Peter the Great would come so meekly, which seems so different from what we would imagine his personality to be. Possibly this is similar to how the Lord has to sometimes beg us to give Him time and attention when we feel that all we have to do is so much more important. So there may be a lesson for us in the approach that Peter the Great chose to take in conveying his message.
       He is giving a message for the youth, telling them not to fear, that he proudly rides by their side into battle, along with many others, and that their strength and power and anointing is great: "May I speak? May I give a message? It will not be long. It is a message to the youth, to the young people that I have called in these lands. For I have been called in this land before, and I am here now, I am alive! I am Peter, and I am alive; and just as the young man [EDITED: "with the prophet Elisha"] in days of old had to be shown the great forces and mighty armies that stood with him in the day of battle, so I tell you now that I am here with many forces to stand with you in any day of battle.
       "Be not afraid, for ye have each been chosen, all ye who choose this mission. Ye have a dauntless spirit, ye men of valor, women of might! Do not be afraid!... We stand with you to go into battle with you! And oh, how we wish that ye could understand the powers God gives you! Not only strength of body, but strength in your {\ul \i witness}, strength in your {\ul \i communications} with those in your lands. Ye possess a great power and anointing, the power of God's Word, the power to witness, the power to fight the Enemy!... I proudly ride by your side and go to battle with you! Be not afraid, for faith shall conquer great and mighty battles!"

Fear Not!--Fulfill Thy Calling!
       The Lord also told us all that we're not to fear. He comforts those who He's calling to this battle, saying, "If thou art called, then I shall be with thee. If thou art one of the chosen ones, then I shall lead and guide thee." He also has a word for those who don't feel called to this battle: "Fear thou not if thou feelest called to leave this battle, for perhaps I have another one for thee; but if thou art one who is called, seek not to be loosed from thy calling!"
       Another of the Lord's great women of old, Joan of Arc, is used as an example of one who was called by the voices that spoke to her, and who heeded the call and was mightily used of the Lord. The Lord says: "I have many little Joans of Arc, I have many mighty men and women of David who shall do valiantly, who shall do more valiantly than this one little one. For she was only one crying in the midst of a great darkness, but ye are called to this Endtime, for this shall be the last and final stage of this great play of Mine."
       The Lord then told us that He's written a grand play for us and He's given each of us a specific part to play. He wants us to fear not to play the part that we have been given, and He challenges every one of us to "{\ul \i Play it well}! Rehearse your lines! Know your part!" He's calling us to know the part which He's called us to play, to study His Word and to know His will for us and to stay alert, to keep His Word and plan so that we don't become as the five foolish virgins or those in His Word who said, "My Lord delayeth His coming," and we're found wanting. "And when the cue is given, be not found wanting or tarrying in the wings, but go forth to the forefront of the stage that ye may fulfill that for which I have called you, for that moment!"
       The Lord encourages us that no role is small or unimportant, for "what would a play be if some of the members were missing? For though I have My leading lady and My leading man, and I have this character and that character, yet the {\ul \i composite} of them {\ul \i all} makes the play and gives the message and shows the nation what I have to say unto them!"
       The Lord describes Europe as "old and decadent, the home of many nations and civilizations of times past." But He said it is also "very educated, very sophisticated, very cultured" and "I {\ul \i love} them." He said that much of the wisdom, knowledge, beauty, art, design, savoring of life, the inspiration of the poets, writers, musicians, architects and thinkers came from Him. He loves this land and its people, and that we should therefore judge not by outward appearance, but judge the heart. In countries where the general response to our message is often cold and hard, we surely need to keep this admonition in mind and judge each person individually as the Lord brings them across our path, and remember that the Lord said He has sheep in each field.--"I do have My beloved, I do have My little ones, as has been spoken unto you."
       The Lord then gave us some guidelines of how to judge the fruitfulness of a field and told us not to fret in our own strength to find those whom we should minister unto. He asks, "Have I not shown you?" He then goes on to remind us of the example He gave long ago in "Arrivederci Roma" of the water seeking the lowest spot: "For the water runneth through the streets and rolleth off that which is slick and hard and cold, and seepeth into the rivulets, down into the crevices, into the dark places where the needy and the hungry and the cold do wait."
       The Lord gives the example of open and closed doors, and said that He would close some doors. He warns us to make wise investments, not on that which is closed by Him, but to "spend your time, your effort, your manpower, your tools on that which is {\ul \i open} to you." He says that He has given unto us His "gift of discernment. Not as man seeth do I give unto you, but I give unto you Mine eye. I give unto you Mine hand. I give unto you a great sense."

Go to a New People!
       The Lord showed His anger at those nations who have rejected our "holiness," saying that "they have the fruit of their own labors, and darkness shall cover them until the day of their death." And He tells us that He will give unto us a new people!--"They were not expected to be My people, but they {\ul \i are} My people! Give unto them that which they would receive, and the lame shall take the prey!"--As Mama brought out in her Letter ("Find Fertile Fields," ML#2973, GN 620), many of the so-called Christian countries of Western Europe have rejected us and our message of the Lord's loving salvation, while the so-called atheistic countries of Eastern Europe are becoming His "people which were no people!"
       And what shall we do with "these people"?--"Ye must be faithful to share the vision with these people! Share the vision with your children, with your sheep, with those who need direction. {\ul \i Please share, teach}."

A New Day for the European Family!
       So the Lord has given us this great battle plan, and little by little He will turn the pages and open His truth unto us. We are to read it and seek to obey it. We are to consult with the Lord through His Word, through His shepherds, and to confirm that which He gives us in the mouth of many counselors.
       The Lord had some very encouraging words also for us about beautiful days ahead. He said: "And there are many beautiful days ahead, glorious days ahead that will thrill your souls and thrill the souls of your people. They will help your people to break forth into new realms and not be discouraged. There are wonderful, wonderful days ahead. My people shall bear fruit. And the old and the tired and the discouraged, many of these shall break forth into new fruit and shall become new children again, little ones under My hand....
       "For many of these older ones have in their hearts a desire to seek Me and to live for Me again as they did in their youth.... And ye shall see many mighty, wonderful things done by your 50-year-olds, your 40-year-olds, those who now ye feel are sleeping. They shall reawaken and they shall pour forth the Words of David again as they did in their youth."
       And He said the European Family is cleansed! The Lord explained to us the reasons for the tremendous battles we've faced in Europe these past years: "For all these battles that ye have passed through, all these breakings which ye have felt and experienced, all of these troubles, sore troubles, I have used to break you and bring you to this point."
       He gave such healing words for those of us who have been through the "Getting Back on Track" battles and lessons and victories of the past years! "{\ul \i Now ye are ready}!... All ye need to do is lift high the torch! Sound loudly the trumpet! Look bravely and make your faces to {\ul \i shine} with My light! For I will be the health of your countenance. I will be the encourager who will stand beside you when ye are distraught, when ye are weary. And I will lift you, and I will encourage you, and I will give you in that day everything that ye need....
       "For though ye were fragmented and torn apart by the Evil One, by the ravages of the Wicked One who hath sought to destroy your faith, to spread doubt, to take away your hope, and to make you despair--as ye did look into the eyes of those who had lost their hope--even so do I seek to assemble you into {\ul \i a new body}, with {\ul \i a new look}, and {\ul \i a new garment}! I have washed you! I have cleansed you! Doubt it not! I have cleansed you with that which is perfect!" Hallelujah!

Wipe the Slate Clean!
       The Lord laid out some conditions which we are to obey in order to be receivers of these truly astounding and awe-inspiring promises and prophecies for Europe. He said that as He has wiped the slate clean of the past, as He has forgiven our every sin, so we should do the same.--We should let go of any bitternesses, divisions, hurt feelings, and "{\ul \i wipe the slate clean}! Drop the garments of old and take upon yourselves the {\ul \i new life} that I want to give you!"
       We aren't to waste time with "introspection, with battling amongst ourselves and with division and with bitternesses," but we are to be "{\ul \i yoked together in newness of life and fresh love, fresh appreciation one for another}!" The Lord said that we ask ourselves, "We are so different, how can we work together? How can we get along? We don't even like each other!" But He said that "These differences are not a burden but a blessing, and they are from My hand, and they are needed to make you into the teamwork that I would have you to be. I Myself have placed you together and {\ul \i I have required these differences}, these differences of opinion and of mode of operation, and even personality. For this land is so vast and the need is so vast. Therefore I have taken you of many colors and of many ways and of many ideas, and I would that you would {\ul \i melt together in My love}."
       The Lord said that the "stirring of the pot"--or the move of many of our dear Family members from Western Europe to the needy lands of Eastern Europe and other fields, would result in "very exquisite food which those who I have placed in those lands have a hunger for and shall receive and be fed and nourished from."
       He said it is "{\ul \i a new day, a new heart, a new creature, for this, My new way and My new Family}!" The Lord said also that time is very short and therefore we are to "cherish these moments of fellowship" and that we should not despise our co-workers, not despise our mates, but cherish them, love them, embrace them, become one with them, "that I might use you as {\ul \i My beautiful, united tool}, that ye might fulfill this beautiful plan that I have set before you and bring great joy not only unto Me, but unto thousands, yea, millions!"
       And further, the Lord said that there are many great and mighty works which He longs to do through us, "but ye must take upon you this new garment, this fresh approach, this newness of life that I have given you and that I long to continue to give you.
       "Ye have need of one another, therefore {\ul \i doubt not}! {\ul \i Despise not} one another! {\ul \i Criticize not} one another, but rather {\ul \i love} and {\ul \i uphold} and {\ul \i bear ye one another's burdens}. For each one is precious and needed, each one is anointed and great and mighty in My eyes. Therefore, look upon each one with great and renewed appreciation and respect, and honor one another and prefer one another. Take the low seat, extend the hand and heart of forgiveness.... All I have created new, if ye would but drop these garments of the past and take upon you My garments of newness of life."
       It is the power of our love for one another which will reach and win many. The Lord said: "If ye can love, ye can {\ul \i conquer}!... For have I not said that {\ul \i love} is the {\ul \i international language} that all can understand? For it is with the power of My {\ul \i love} that ye shall {\ul \i heal}, ye shall {\ul \i conquer}, ye shall {\ul \i win}!... And many shall be conquered, and churches established, for this is My will for this time!"
       We'll end with one beautiful prophecy which we believe refers to our relationship with each other within the Family, and which will then spill over on those who need the same in the world: "Bring My people {\ul \i merriment} and {\ul \i dancing} and a {\ul \i great feast}, for I want them to be {\ul \i happy}! {\ul \i Make them happy}!"

Summary of Prophecies for the ASCRO Area
Hunger for the Words of David--Great Reaping Ahead
       One of the main things the Lord seemed to emphasize throughout the prophecies received for our area was how spiritually hungry the nations in which we live are; an incredible hunger exists here for the Words of David! "There is a great hunger and a great thirst.... For there is a great famine upon the land and a great darkness. Many hands are reaching out, many hearts are crying out to Me." Several times the Lord also pointed out how spiritually dark the countries in which we live are, and that because of the darkness surrounding them, many people are very desperate for the light and hungry for the truth. But He said that there would also be a mighty harvest: "There shall be a great reaping and a mighty harvest in these lands, for the people do cry out for the Words of David. There is a great hunger and a great thirst."

The Word in Local Languages and Promises of Fruitfulness and Supply
       In order to satisfy this hunger, the Lord indicated that there is a real need for the Word in the languages of the countries in which we live: "I will be merciful unto these people. I will slake their thirst and I will pour upon them in great abundance the Words of David in the languages that they can understand, so that they may be fed and strengthened."
       There seems to be promise after promise of much greater fruitfulness than we've ever had before, greater support and supply than the Lord has ever given, all connected to our obedience in giving the precious people of Asia more of what they need--the Word! There was also a beautiful promise of greater joy and fulfillment on the part of the whole Family as we labor together to feed and reach the multitudes we are responsible for in this part of the world, in the languages they can understand. "And there shall be great fruitfulness and great support and great abundance in these lands, for these people out of their great thanksgiving shall pour forth of their riches, and there shall be great excitement and celebration as they discover the Words of David."
       "Your barns shall burst forth with fruitfulness. Your Homes shall multiply and your brethren shall experience great joy and great fruitfulness, great fulfillment and great challenge."
       In praying further later about specifics of how we could do this more effectively than we have been, the Lord said much about being faithful to distribute posters, "Give them the Words they seek and are hungry for and the Words that they can relate to, the simplicity of the Gospel and the Words of David.... Give them My pictures ... beautiful pictures of Heaven that will stay in their mind, refresh their spirit and strengthen them.... Forget not the burden of thy Father to give the posters, to give the message."

Fruitfulness--But Not Without a Price
       "And this fruitfulness shall be even greater because of the purging and because of the lessons and because of the tears that have poured forth. And in their brokenness they shall be even greater, mightier, more useful vessels." In applying this particular prophecy to our field, we felt the Lord was indicating that perhaps this greater fruitfulness would come with a price and that we all may need to recommit ourselves in order for this to be fulfilled. This may mean our commitment to the Lord or a specific field or a particular vision or a Home. The Lord has promised even greater joy, greater fulfillment and greater usefulness than ever before if we are willing to pay the price.
       (Later, we received more on this: "I will broaden your ministry, but your motives must be to heal the wounded, to bring in the lost, to feed the hungry and the ragged. I will do great things.")

Unity and Teamworking
       The Lord also underlined several times the importance of unity and teamworking, and the need for this in order to bring forth fruit as a field. The Lord promised He would help us reach united goals as we work together hand in hand. Considering the rather complex nature of the fields in which we live culturally and religiously, not to mention the spiritual darkness surrounding us, it is understandable that unity and teamworking are very important and needed in order for us to have the spiritual strength that comes from such unity. We certainly desperately need that strength to reach the goals that He has for us as a field, or to even be able to stand strong against the spiritual forces that are fighting against us.
       He said: "Therefore, seek earnestly to be woven in the unity that I will bless you with. In unity there is strength.... Go forth in unity, using each others' talents and gifts. I shall bless you mightily; and with that blessing, multitudes of people shall be blessed." The Lord appeared to be emphasizing how important unity is on our field, and how cooperation, benefiting from one another's talents, and also working together with other Homes will help us to gain greater victories. He even gave a poem regarding this, which included the following lines:

       Hand in hand ye shall wander.
       Hand in hand ye shall ponder.
       Hand in hand ye shall conquer.
       Hand in hand ye shall fight.
       Hand in hand you'll bring sight.
       Hand in hand you'll give light.

"Consider the Poor"
       We felt there was a confirmation that the "consider the poor" ministry in our field is instrumental in helping people to understand our spiritual message.--Ministering to different needy situations in these countries physically via the "consider the poor" ministry seems to be a prerequisite to many of the people we meet later understanding spiritual principles such as the Lord and salvation. The prophecies brought out that the "consider the poor" ministry somewhat parallels the Lord's ministry while He was here--ministering to people physically, as well as spiritually. However, the Lord also stressed the need for us to be more faithful to follow up the different ones we're ministering to via our "consider the poor" ministries. We need to find a balance in this ministry, and to be faithful to feed them spiritually.
       "Therefore, seek those which be hungry in spirit; and yea, though ye have been faithful to feed and to clothe and to minister unto their {\ul \i flesh}, forget not to minister unto their {\ul \i spirits}, which are dry and needful and hungry." The Lord reminded us to go into each witnessing opportunity with our eyes open for the sheep the Lord is bringing our way and not to neglect to reap the spiritual harvest, while continuing to minister to them physically.
       After praying further about this aspect of our ministry, we got a picture of our witnessing being likened to a man with his lover. He would not just walk off after lovemaking, but he would continue to be sweet, considerate and loving. In asking the Lord how this applied to our "consider the poor" ministries, He said that our "consider the poor" ministries, programs and songs are like wooing. The people may get excited, but afterwards we are responsible to follow-up and keep in contact with them.

The Traditions of the Land
       The Lord promised, "Fear not that ye shall trample upon the traditions of those of the land, for I shall lead and guide you and show you a way which ye may preach Jesus unto the heathen and may be a light unto that nation." This seemed to indicate that we should not be too timid or overly mindful to the extreme, as far as the traditions in some of the lands in which we live, and to have the right balance in giving those that are hungry and receptive the full message of salvation. He promised to give us wisdom in how to lead people to the Lord, and how to give them Jesus. At the same time, He also promised to give us the wisdom to do this in a way that it would be well received, so that we could continue our very fruitful ministry in these fields.

Admonishment to Pray
       There were several reminders to desperately pray. "Continue to cry unto Me daily and pour out your souls unto Me for each of these beautiful colored children of Mine. Many colors of children ye have in your care, and for each one ye must cry unto Me to see the diversity of operations that I have for reaching them. Ye must continue to cry unto Me daily for the {\ul \i new things} that I have to do for reaching each of these colors of My children." The Lord wants us to pour out our souls unto Him for each of His beautiful colored children! The Lord loves them all so much, and if we had that same love for each one, we would be able to reach them with His Spirit and His Words.
       The Lord further brought out that He is going to do something new; He has new plans and new ways, although we shouldn't necessarily throw out the old ways which have borne good fruit. Again, we must pray, find a balance, counsel, and mix the fruitful ways of the past with the fruitful and new ways of today and tomorrow. He has promised to lead us, but stressed that without prayer we will not know how He wants us to proceed: "For the old ways have been fruitful, and some of these ways shall continue, and shall continue to bear great fruit and reap mighty harvests of souls. But I have a new thing to do in each of these lands, a new and wonderful way of carrying forth the truth in each of these lands."

Many Different Cultures
       Another point the Lord brought out throughout the prophecies was that each of the countries in our area is different. They differ culturally, religiously and historically, and therefore what works in one country may not necessarily work in another country. He indicated that it is important to pray and to ask the Lord how He would like us to reach the particular people and the particular country in which we are living and not to necessarily try to take what we have learned in one situation or one country and apply it directly to another situation: "Each of these beautiful countries with these beautiful goddesses crying and praying and seeking Me for their children, each of these has their own needs for how to reach the souls of their people."

The Goddesses of Asia--And Their Message to "Feed the Hungry"
       There were some beautiful messages from the goddesses of the lands of Asia: "We are the goddesses. We are the goddesses of the past and the goddesses of now and the goddesses of eternity. We come before you hungry, hungry--we are very hungry. We are strong, we are vibrant, we are young, we are beautiful! We are the goddesses, and we call unto you to feed us, for we hunger. From the very depths of our souls we hunger."
       They are pleading to be fed, which we take to mean ministering and feeding people, follow-up, more time spent leading people to the Lord and teaching them about the Lord, which is best done on a one-on-one, individual basis. The Lord appears to once again be bringing to our attention the importance of caring for, following up on and ministering to the people He leads us to.

Let Your Youth Go!
       The goddesses also said: "Let your youth go! Do not keep them all bundled up together, but let them go and be released unto us. For we will receive their love. We will receive everything they have to give." We need to let our young people move on from the training centers and larger combo Homes to become more a part of the work on the front lines, living in smaller Homes and being used to help reach and minister to and follow-up on the precious sheep here.
       (We later prayed and received the following prophecy, in confirmation of this: "And the goddesses are calling for you, {\ul \i they are calling for your youth}, they long for the witness. Ye must teach your young people how to wield the weapon of My Word, rightly dividing the Word of truth.")

The Millennial Vision!
       What beautiful promises the Lord gave for the future: "Behold, this is the land that I will set as an example, even the example of My time, the Millennium." We have quite a sobering responsibility to prepare for the future! And the same goddesses who cried earlier to be fed also said: "Much will be done now, but yea, much will be done hereafter, after Jesus comes back. But please come now and give us the Words of Jesus!"

       At one point the Lord mentioned that "many will come from many lands all around the world to meet this hunger and to meet this need." This seems to indicate that there may soon be reinforcements on the way to help us reap our part of the mighty Eastern harvest!

Spending Time with the Lord
       With so much to do and so many to reach, the need to spend time with the Lord in order to have the strength needed for the task at hand was also stressed. The job is so big and the need so great that we can't possibly do the Master's work without the Master's power: "Ye must set aside specific time to be with Me in the bed of love, and I will give you the words. I will encourage your hearts from My Word. I will give you the interpretation of My will and My Word. For ye have need of strength that ye might endure the pleas of those who plead twenty-four hours a day, who desperately cling to you for their very lives. For ye have a job before you which is much greater than ye can do, except I be with you. And how shall I be with you? I shall be with you in the light of the Words, which I will enlighten in your heart."
       There were also reminders of the need to delegate, teamwork, work together, and to use the gifts and talents of others, and in so doing increase the circle of our fellowship with those in our Homes.

Becoming One!
       There was a reminder of how important it is to become one in the non-Christian countries in which we live. In order to reach these people, we need to become one with them, becoming all things to all men that we might win some. We were instructed to use the good of their particular culture and lifestyle, and using this, to then clothe our message in a way that they will be able to understand it. (Vision:){\i  "These women [EDITED: "goddesses"] were coming before all these generals and princes and princesses and kings and queens and leaders of these countries and sitting around a big table and saying, `Now, what was good out of this religion? What was God trying to show our people? We got the wrong thing, the wrong spirits came in, but what was it that God was trying to show us?'--They were gleaning the good out of everything.}
       "And that's what we were supposed to see too. We are supposed to see the things that are good in these different countries, and we are supposed to relate to that. That will help us use the little bit of truth that they now have, and then Jesus will be able to get through to them more clearly."

       It sure is exciting to see and know all that the Lord has in store for this next year and the years ahead. What a precious privilege to be living in such a beautiful and receptive part of the world! Thank You Jesus!

Summary of Prophecies for the PACRO Area
       There were three main themes the Lord emphasized in the prophecies He gave for the PACRO area. They were:
       1) the importance of personal witnessing and winning souls and disciples;
       2) the need to pioneer more fields and go through the doors He opens; and
       3) the financial blessings the Lord will bestow upon us as we obey!

Be Not Weary in Well Doing
       The Lord spoke very clearly with a lot of encouragement and instruction about the great task before us of witnessing to the lost in our lands! More than anything, it seems this year (1995) will be one of continuing to get out the message and deeply witnessing in a real personal and loving way in order to win souls and disciples for Him!
       The Lord even told us specifically how to go about it!--He said it would be by not being weary in well doing, but continuing faithfully and patiently, in all sincerity, to love and feed the sheep:
       "Be not weary in well doing. Be not weary in the same places ye have been for many years, for it is your dedication, it is your continuing instant and constant in the ministry which I have given unto you that will bear fruit in the long run.... Therefore be not weary in well doing, though their hearts seem to be hardened. I say unto you, be not weary, but continue to give unto them the Words of eternal life, for they shall eat and they shall partake....
       "Because of your unwavering and staying to minister unto the people of this field, they shall see that ye are true and ye are genuine and ye are real and ye have a real love and concern for them. And this will be a witness and a testimony to them."

The Key: The Art of Hospitality
       The Lord also spoke about how we need to learn the "art of hospitality," which would be a "great key" in disciple winning here in these eastern lands! He said we need to open not only our Homes, but our hearts, and He even used the symbolism of providing places of rest and respite when He said to bring these people into our "beds of hospitality," to love them and care for them just like our own children.
       "Have ye learned the art of {\ul \i hospitality}? Have ye learned to open your hearts, to be hospitable to those you meet, to bring them in, to warm their hearts with the warmth of your hearts and Homes? For these seeds that ye pass out and drop into the hearts of these that you meet, they must be warmed.--The earth must be warmed so that they can take root and grow. And the way to warm these seeds is through the art of hospitality.
       "These people have grown up in a hospitable situation, in hospitable homes, and therefore ye must reach out with hospitable hearts and bring them into your Homes. Bring them in to have tea, bring them in to fellowship with your children, bring them in to fellowship with your youth. And as ye open your hearts with hospitality, ye shall reap souls of stature, souls of confidence, souls who can also carry forth the Words of David....
       "Ye shall be surprised at the potential in each of these, as ye draw them in hospitality. This is a great key for reaching these children....
       "Ye desperately need more laborers; and the way that ye may gain these laborers is not through calling out to foreign lands to send them to your lands, but it is through calling out to the sheep in these fields, and bringing them home and nurturing them so that they may grow and go forth and spread the words to others.
{\i        "This is very important! It is not a small calling, it is not just a `nice' thing to do, but it is the way to reach My sheep in these lands."}

The Kobe Earthquake
       Already this year, the Lord has been wonderfully fulfilling these prophecies about witnessing in a deeper way! On January 17th, 1995, there was a major earthquake in Kobe, Japan. Many Family members from all over the country met together at the earthquake site to offer help to the needy. Everyone involved in this project can certainly testify that there has never been a time in the history of the Family in Japan where the Japanese have been so needy, both physically and spiritually, and so receptive to our message of comfort and salvation. Both poor and rich alike have been humbled by this disaster and are desperately seeking help. We are truly offering them a place of fellowship in our tents and practicing the "art of hospitality."
       The Lord even seemed to have predicted the Kobe earthquake in this very specific vision that He gave someone at the recent Summit. (Vision:) "I was looking down from above onto the land of Japan. This was when someone was prophesying about the abundance and riches that Japan is going to share with the rest of the world. And as he was speaking, Japan was starting to {\ul \i shake}, and as Japan {\ul \i shook}, a wave was created around the whole country. And Japan started shaking--so hard, and then that created many series of tidal waves, and it looked like each tidal wave reached the ends of the world. Somehow through this, the Lord managed to distribute these financial blessings and spiritual blessings to the rest of the world."

A Time of Peace and Plenty
       The Lord said also that He has great things in store for us, that He will give us a time of peace and plenty so that we can reap a mighty harvest. He promised that there would be some wonderful opportunities of witnessing during the coming year and He admonished us to distribute more "pictures" (posters):
       "Behold how My lands of the rising sun have burst forth with {\ul \i fruitfulness}! Behold how they have burst forth with singing. How I have caused their labors to be fruitful, how I have blessed the works of their hands.... There are great things in store for these, My faithful ones, for these who have labored long and hard. For I shall give them a time of peace and a time of plenty, that they may sow the seeds, and ever so carefully and lovingly nurture and care for the young plants, that there might be a great and mighty reaping.
       "For there are many that do seek Me in this land. They seek the truth and they seek the light, yet they know not where to find it. Therefore go forth as faithful newsboys and newsgirls spreading forth My Word, spreading forth these beautiful {\ul \i pictures} of Heaven that speak unto these pagans, that speak unto these that know Me not. For it is these pictures and these visions of David that shall reach out and take hold of and grab their hearts and pull them to Me. For even though they may not understand your words, they will understand these beautiful pictures and these beautiful visions.... They shall ignite in their hearts a fire, and they shall be drawn unto Me, for I say, if I be lifted up I will draw all men unto Me.
       "Lift Me up and lift up this heavenly vision, and it shall draw these unto Me, these that seek Me but know Me not, for they are listening for the call of the shepherd. Therefore go out and seek and call, that they may hear and they may follow. And your flocks shall increase, and your young ones shall be encouraged with this increase of thy flocks."

A Time of Blessings upon Blessings
       The Lord explained that any success and fruitfulness we have enjoyed in the PACRO area has been because of love, communication, prayer and seeking Him and His Word. He said: "Continue on in great love and great communication. Continue on in desperate prayer and seeking of Me. Continue on in looking to My Word, for in these things I am well pleased. And it is because of this that ye have experienced great success and great fruitfulness."
       This was a great encouragement. And the Lord said that if we are faithful to follow Him, that He would bless us with blessings upon blessings: "And as ye follow Me and your flocks do follow you, ye shall find great blessings, blessings upon blessings that ye have never known. So great will be the blessings that ye shall not have room enough to contain them--spiritual blessings and physical blessings and financial blessings. I shall bless your children and I shall bless your youth and I shall bless your loved ones round about you."

Why Breakings and Weakness?
       The Lord tells us that He has engineered the breakings that have taken place in our lives for the specific purpose of pouring more blessings upon us, and preparing us to be leaders of His Endtime Church: "For My heart doth break for your breakings. My tears do flow when your tears flow, I am touched by your needs. But these breakings and these tears are from My hand, that I might make each one a better vessel, and that I might mold you together into a precious instrument in My hand, to shepherd thy great flock and to lead them in the dark days that are ahead....
       "Fight not the breaking, fight not the molding. Resist not the remaking, fret not that ye are not capable. I am capable, and in your very {\ul \i simplicity} and in your very {\ul \i weakness} I seek to flourish. That simple message of {\ul \i devotion} in spite of the obstacles, that simple message of {\ul \i dedication} ... that to Me is a great and glorious testimony. For ye are not called to be all in all, ye are called to be mothers and fathers, lovers, helpers, servants, guides, listeners, teachers, tellers, and doers."

A Wave of Giving to Come
       Again the Lord promised great and generous blessings if we are faithful to give. He said that He would give us more than we can even receive, but that He also wants to bless others through us. "Ye shall break forth on the right and on the left, and ye shall be generous. I shall give unto you great generosity, because I have promised to prosper you. But I have prospered you and will prosper you for a purpose, to {\ul \i give} unto them that have need. But very much like the brethren of Macedonia who gave unto the poor at Jerusalem in their hour of great distress, so shall I fill your garners and your barns. I will give you an overflowing breast that shall pour out upon the lands by you, which do cry out for need and lack and hunger.
       "Marvel not in these material things. Seek not blessings for yourselves, but be ye only a channel--that which I deliver unto you, quickly without reserve {\ul \i give} it, and I will give again without reservation, without measure. Give, and I will give again and again and again. Ye shall become a {\ul \i wave of giving} and flowing and blessing, spiritually and physically. For as ye give, I give you more. Let this be your {\ul \i motto} and your plan, to {\ul \i give}, and I will give you more than you can contain, and I will make you fruitful."

A Call for Help from the Poor!
       There was instruction from the Lord to seek out the forgotten, the rejected, the despised ones. The prophecy talked about millions and millions of humble people who have heard nothing about Jesus, and the Lord promises that if we reach out to these people, they will receive us, and in their humble way, they will feed us in the day of famine: "We are the forgotten ones. We are the rejected and despised ones. We are the ones bent low. We are the quiet ones. We are the faithful ones. We are the serving ones, and we wait to care for you in the day of your need. But we ask you to care for us now. Search us out, find us, and feed us, and we will in turn feed you in the day of famine.... For we shall provide for you food, we shall provide for you humble shelter.... We shall feed you, for this is our calling and this is our place.
       "But we ask you now to lift up your eyes and look onto the field of millions, millions, millions of people who walk the humble road, trudge along day by day, and who have not heard the Words of David, have not heard the Words of Jesus, have not even heard a Word, have heard {\ul \i nothing}.... Feed us, feed us now before it's too late.
       "Do not be afraid of our silence. Do not be afraid of our closed doors. Do not be afraid of our traditions. Do not be afraid of our foreboding houses. Do not be afraid when we put up our pride in front of you.... Please feed our children.... Come into the lands where ye have not been up until now. Come and feed us; come and find us. There will be a way."

Direction for Australia
       The Lord gave a special commission to those in Australia: "Ye have a wonderful training, a wonderful background, ye have talents that I have created each one of you with. But ye must stir yourselves up, ye must look out, look out and see the many, many, many who do not have the riches and the wealth that ye have.... There are many lands about you, with many children who have not yet heard of Me.... Ye can reach these."

Find the Warriors for Your Protection
       The Lord also seemed to be asking us to minister to those of influence who will not only greatly help and protect us, but who will also play an important role in the Endtime battles in these lands. The Lord called these ones "strong brilliant warriors," and He said that once they are converted, they will stand strong and loyal to the end.
       "For these are strong ones. They have the spirit of their fathers, the spirit of warriors, those who fight to the death, those who are loyal, those who are brilliant. Ye must seek these, seek them out. Find them and whisper in their ears the message of the {\ul \i Endtime}. Whisper in their ears, and they shall receive Jesus and they shall grow and they shall learn to find their place in this big picture, the Endtime. For there is a great job for some of My warriors and generals in these lands.
       "And when ye need something desperately, when ye need protection, when ye need a miracle, I shall use many of these warriors to help you. Silently they will come, silently they will go, but they will have provided the help ye need; they will have provided the escape ye need; they will have provided the protection ye need....
       "They will be loyal to you and to Jesus unto the death. And they will lead many of their own unto safety into the wilderness, and they will lead many away from the Antichrist, because they will believe. And once they believe, nothing can dissuade them, nothing can turn them aside, nothing can cause them to weaken. For these are strong men and women of faith, when they receive the vision and they understand and they are converted--these, My silent ones, My wise ones, My militant ones."

A Call for the Nationals to Stand Up
       Following are excerpts of a thrilling prophecy given by martyrs who died for their faith in our lands. They are pleading with us to carry on the work that they began! "We simply seek to be vindicated through you and through these Words that many people will read. For we are the martyrs, the ones who have gone before from these lands, and we are very {\ul \i ashamed} at the way our people treated Jesus. But we are here also, and we would like to help fight for our people. We would like to go forth into the battles with you, for there are many forces that fight against the children in these lands. There are many, many dark forces, as ye know, so call upon us. We would like to help you. We would like to be there in the battle, for we are so ashamed.
       "We have learned very very much since we left your world, and we are ready to help. We would like all of our people of these lands to step up out of their lethargy, and to step up and be part of the kingdom of God. We want them to stop living like the people of this world, to be {\ul \i in} it, but not a {\ul \i part} of it, to be {\ul \i in} it, but not {\ul \i acting} like it. We would like to place upon them the anointing and the power to step up and out of the kingdom of this world, of the world of their nationality, for they are truly called children of David. He can call you up and give you boldness. He can call you up; He can make you stand forth as a light.
       "Very few have stood forth as lights to these lands, and most of them have been cut down with the sword, cut down with the bullet, cut down with fire, cut down in many ways. So many people are afraid to stand up against the strong spirits that bind the people of these lands. So stand up, My children! Be not afraid, stand up and be counted. Stand up even and be martyred if you will, but most of all, stand up and preach the kingdom of God, and let not these things hinder you! Kick them out! Throw them off!"
* * *

       What an exciting vision and challenge the Lord has given to all of us--whoever and wherever we may be! Lord help us all to play our part to fulfill the thrilling future He has prepared for us!

Copyright 1996 The Family