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FSM 285       DO/TS

       Especially for Children's Praise Times, and for JETT, Teen, YA, or Adult Groups Contributed by Our Worldwide Family

(Compiled by Family Care)

© January 1996, The Family, Zurich, Switzerland

Introduction       1
       General Ideas and Tips       2
       Praise Time Activities       2
              1. Song-Based Activities       2
              2. Word-Based Activities       5
              3. Praise Time Themes       6
                     People       6
                     Bible       6
                     Romans 8:28       7
              4. Miscellaneous       7
       Praise Time Pubs       9
       Supplementary Studies for the Younger Set       10
       Names of Jesus       11

       "(Prophecy:) Lift up your arms in praise! Lift up your voice in thanksgiving and in song! Lift up your hearts unto Me in love! ... For as ye praise and sing and love Me, so will I pour forth honor and glory and majesty and might and power and strength in abundance upon you and My children who love Me!
       "(Mama:) This is a very important message from Him. It's a contract that He want us to make with Him. Our part is to please Him by praising Him, and His part is to please us by blessing us" (ML #3005:20,23).

       Thank You Jesus! Isn't that a wonderful promise? Hasn't taking regular Praise Time been a blessing? In "Affection Time with Jesus," Mama said, "Why don't you just try it and prove the Lord herewith, and see if He will not pour out the blessings that He has promised! Everyone can participate, even the babies and toddlers! Isn't that wonderful? We can teach our babies from the very beginning the importance of taking special time for praising Jesus" (ML #3013:52).
       Following are a number of suggestions, especially for those of you who care for children, or who are in group situations at Praise Time. Though most of these suggestions are group-oriented, Praise Times do not have to be done in groups--you can do them on your own, or with another person, or with a group, or whatever is convenient for you when Praise Time comes around. The only One you absolutely need to be with at Praise Time is Jesus! However, in the examples given in this FSM, many of these ideas are geared to being done in groups, as they are primarily designed for children, to add more action and life to their Praise Times, and to keep these times happy, inspiring, and full of joyous, heartfelt praises!--But some of us older "kids" may find these activities fun and inspiring as well. God bless you with happy, uplifting Praise Times! "Lift up your hands in the sanctuary [EDITED: "or in the kitchen, or bedroom, or bathroom, or classroom, or yard, or wherever!"] and praise the Lord!" (Psa.134:2).

General Ideas and Tips
       Have small pictures of Jesus available to look at and help you concentrate your thoughts on Jesus. Or gather around a large picture of Jesus! Talk straight to Jesus while looking at the picture.
       Make a beautifully-decorated praise box. You could fill it with the verse cards of your favorite praise verses or poems!
       Make a "Loving Jesus" book to use during your own personal praise times. Have a section for your favorite praise poems (choose some from the Rhyme Book or Good Thots), special quotes and verses, songs, etc. Have another section where you write down special things the Lord does for you or your family or Home.
       Practice expanding your praises from your own personal life out to the world and others. You can also expand them from the present to the past and the future!
       If you have some of your Praise Times together in groups, you may like to try dividing up in teams to lead praise sessions for different days of the week or times of the day. You would know in advance when your turn will be to lead the praise so you can prepare ahead of time.

Praise Time Activities

       Sing "Thank You, Lord, for Saving My Soul" (Praise Time, Vol. 1, pg.5). Make up new lines in this way: (Everyone:) "Thank You, Lord" (Person 1:) "for our nice Home!" (Everyone:) "Thank You, Lord" (Person 2:) "for fixing the phone!" (Everyone:) "Thank You Lord, for giving us all," (Person 3:) "another new day to love You more!"
       Sing "O That Men Would Praise the Lord" (Praise Time, Vol. 1, pg.6). List ten of the wonderful works that the Lord does for the "children of men," for example, sunshine, friends, a healthy body, etc. Then sing the song again and list some of the wonderful works the Lord has done for you personally over the past week or month, or even just so far today! Thank Him for them, singing the song again to end your praise time, if you wish.
       Turn to the song "Everybody Oughtta Know" (Praise Time, Vol.1, pg.7). Now turn to the "Names of Jesus" list on page 11of this FSM. Can you make up a new verse to this song using these names? (You could have one person be the leader, and call out different names of Jesus, while everyone else repeats them in song.)
       Sing "You've Done Great Things for Us" (Praise Time, Vol. 1, pg.10). Make up more verses to this song, naming some of the things He's done for you. (If you can't make the verses up in song, just call them out in praise and sing the song again!)
       Sing "Jesus Is Here" (Praise Time, Vol. 1, pg.10) through twice. Now thank Jesus for the ways that we have "Heaven below." For example, "Thank You that we have each other." "Thank You for unity." "Thank You for healing," etc.
       Sing Psalm 150, "Praise Ye the Lord" (Praise Time, Vol. 1, pg.11). Get out your "musical instruments" (pretend with hand motions and sound effects) and use them as you sing this Psalm. If you're praising in a group, act out having a trumpet section, a psaltery and harp section, a timbrel and dance section, an organ section, and a cymbal section.
       Sing "Thank You for the Sunshine" (Praise Time, Vol. 1, pg.11). Have one person be the leader, with each line repeated by all. Have the leader make up more verses to it.
       Sing "Praise Him, Praise Him, All Ye Little Children" (Praise Time, Vol. 1, pg.11), making up new verses by replacing "God is Love" with something you're thankful for, or something to praise Jesus for. For example, "Praise Him, praise Him, all ye little children, for His mercy, for His mercy! Love Him, love Him, all ye little children, for loving us, for loving us!" Continue in this way through all the verses.
       Sing Psalm 121, "I Will Lift Up Mine Eyes" (Praise Time, Vol. 1, pg.16). After singing, praise the Lord for things expressed in this song, such as a specific way that He didn't "suffer your foot to be moved" or how He did help your "going out and coming in."
       Sing the first verse and the chorus of "How Great Thou Art" (Praise Time, Vol. 1, pg.17). Now pause to give the Lord thanks for things that have to do with His world, such as specific countries or peoples of the world, specific continents and oceans, specific stars, or even for the excitement of lightning and thunder. Then sing the second verse all about the woods and forests and the birds singing in the trees. After singing the chorus again, stop to thank Him for things to do with nature. For instance, the different types of trees, how He's given the birds the instinct to migrate to warmer climates during the cold winter, etc. As you sing the third verse and chorus, praise God for His great Love in not sparing His Son even though it hurt Him. Praise Jesus for how that, even though He knew from the beginning what He would have to go through on Earth, He still did it. After you sing the fourth verse and chorus, praise in tongues together.
       Sing Psalm 34:1-4, "I Will Bless the Lord" (Praise Time, Vol. 1, pg.17). Thank the Lord for specific answers to prayer ("I sought the Lord and He heard me"). Go on to thank Him for the way He's delivered you from "all your fears"--all the things He's kept and protected you from.
       Sing Psalm 100, "Make a Joyful Noise" (Praise Time, Vol. 1, pg.19). The Lord calls us "sheep of His pasture," so read or quote Psalm 23 and then thank Him for things relating to it. For instance, "Thank You Jesus for leading me on the right path like Your sheep," "Thank You, Lord, for Your wonderful supply," "Thank You that my cup runs over with Your joy," etc.
       Sing "Let's Talk About Jesus" (Praise Time, Vol. 1, pg.21). Choose five names of Jesus from this song and praise Him by blessing His Name. For example, "I love You for being my Shepherd. Thank You that You were willing to be the Lamb sacrificed for me. Thank You for being God's Word to me!"
       Sing "Until Then" (Praise Time, Vol.1, pg.24). Thank Jesus for the many things you know will happen in Heaven. For example, you'll be able to see loved ones again, to fly and read other people's thoughts, etc.
       Sing "This Is the Day" (Praise Time, Vol.1, pg.24). Thank the Lord for specific things that have happened to you today, and also things that have happened worldwide today. For example, all the babies brought into the world, the people who have died and gone to Heaven, the many unseen miracles of protection, for how the sun came up again, etc.
       Sing "We've Got a Lot to Be Thankful For" (Praise Time, Vol. 1, pg.24). Have people spontaneously, or by turn, contribute new phrases, for example, "We've got good food!" and then everyone joins in.
       Sing "Great Is Thy Faithfulness" (Praise Time, Vol.1, pg.30). Take some quiet time to think about how the Lord's been faithful to you, and then thank and praise Him out loud for specific examples of His faithfulness.
       Sing "I Can't Pay You Back, Lord" (Praise Time, Vol.1, pg.41), then tell Jesus the things that He's done for you that you can't pay Him back for.
       Sing "I Will Sing unto the Lord a New Song" (see Family video, "Inspiration with Uncle Zeb #1"). After each person sings their part, they stop and praise the Lord for something before going on to the next person.
       Sing "I'm So Glad That I Found Jesus," and take turns adding new verses, such as, "I'm so glad that we have a garden," and "I'm glad that it's nice and green!" (The lines don't necessarily have to rhyme.)
       Sing the old Christian song called "Amen" (from the movie "Lilies of the Field"). Everyone sings along and people take turns singing a verse something like this,
       (solo:) Thank you for Your Love
       (everyone:) Amen
       (solo:) that comes from Above
       (everyone:) Amen
       (solo:) and for Your care
       (everyone:) Amen, Amen, Amen.
       The soloist then calls another person's name, and they take over the solo part, thinking of things to be thankful for.
       Sing whatever songs or lines from songs that you can think of (in the space of five minutes) that have the Name of Jesus in them.
       Sing all the songs or lines from songs that you can think of (in the space of five minutes) that have the word "happy" or "happiness" or "joy" in them, while praising the Lord in your heart for the happiness He gives us.
       Sing all the songs you can think of (in the space of five minutes) that talk about Heaven and the blessings and wonders in store for us There.
       Listen to (and sing along with) one or two songs from a loving Jesus-type song tape. Some ideas: "My Heart...Your Home," "Fear Not," "When You Need Him Most," "Sunbeams and Shadows," "Heavenly Sunshine," "Dad's Songs of Heaven," "Dad's Songs of Love," etc.
       Use musical instruments to sing praises to the Lord (for example, shakers, tambourines, guitars, drums, etc.). Everyone pick an instrument and join in!

       Read Psalm 139:14: "I will praise Thee; for I am fearfully and wonderfully made: marvellous are Thy works; and that my soul knoweth right well." Discuss the meaning of the verse, and then thank the Lord for specific things about your body and how He made it to be of use to you. For instance, "Thank You for my toes, and how they help me to balance my body when I stand." "Thank You for my index finger and how I can point with it." "Thank You for my knees and how they bend so I can run!"
       Read Good Thots 1, pg.580:7. Then thank the Lord for all the troubles we don't have. Name specific things!
       Read Good Thots 1, pg.587:62. Thank the Lord for the beautiful songs He's given to us in our Family.--Name specific songs you like.
       Thank the Lord for the multitude of pubs He's given us. Take time to thank Him for some of your favorites, such as a certain Life with Grandpa story, or a Power and Protection story that touched you, or an MLK or Hope TK, or Christmas story. Try to think of specific titles to thank Him for.
       Thank the Lord for all the Word He's poured out to us in the Family. We not only have the Bible, but Dad's words, and now Mama's Letters where she passes on so much prophecy. Thank the Lord specifically for your favorite Letters, giving their titles if you can.
       Read the "Jewelry House" prophecy ("State of the Nation '95," GN 654, pg.11). Now thank the Lord for leading Mama to such a rich new vein of precious jewels!
       Look up "Count Your Blessings" (KTK 3, pg.173). Page 1: Read the first paragraph, and then take a few moments to count some blessings. Read the rest of the page and then sing, "If You Really Wanna Knock the Devil for a Loop" (Praise Time, Vol. 1, pg.5). Page 2: Read the first paragraph and count a few more blessings. Read the next portion and quote (or read) three praise verses. Read the last paragraph and sing a short praise chorus, such as "Count Your Blessings" (Praise Time, Vol.1, pg.7).
       Record ahead of time a drama tape of thankfulness or praise stories, for example, "Ol' Hallelujah," "Dime from the Sky," or "Fanny Crosby" to listen to at Praise Time. Or, record praise verses and quotes.
       Look up "The Power of Positive Praise" (KTK 4, pg.413). Page 1: Read the first paragraph and sing "Praise Your Way Through" (also known as "Keep On Believing"). Read the rest of the page, and choose or pull two or three praise verses to read. Turn to page 4: Pray the prayer along with Grandpa, and end by singing "Standing on the Promises" (Praise Time, Vol.1, pg.22).
       Look up "Count Your Blessings" (Hope TK 16). Turn to page 7: Read the first paragraph on the page, then praise in tongues, visualizing Jesus in your mind's eye.
       Look up "God Hates Murmuring" (Hope TK 8). Turn to page 17: Read the last paragraph on the page, praying along with Grandpa. Then, sing "Every Day with You" (Praise Time, Vol. 1, pg.4).
       Look up "God Hates Murmuring" (Hope TK 8). Turn to page 19: Read the last paragraph on the page, praying along with Grandpa. Then, sing "Everyday's Getting Better" (Praise Time, Vol. 1, pg.4).
       Pray a praise poem! There are many to choose from in the Rhyme Book (see list on page 9 of this FSM) or in the Good Thots section "Communion with God: Praise and Thankfulness" (Good Thots 1, pg.580) or Praise Time, Vol. 2 and 3 (coming soon, DV).
       Using a promise box of praise verses, each one chooses one or two verses, and prays them.


       Thank the Lord for people who have lived on this Earth that you got to know through the pubs. For example, Al Capone and how he found the Lord and is in Heaven now (Life of Grandpa, pg.415), or the way Dad prayed Tchaikovsky into Paradise (Life of Grandpa 20, pg.2). Think of specific people to thank Him for.
       Thank the Lord for people you know of whom He's taken to Heaven, such as Family members or other Christians that you can imagine are a real help to the Lord and Grandpa now. Think of specific things about them to thank Him for, such as, "Thank You that You gave Fanny Crosby the grace to endure her blindness on this Earth, and that now she can see!" "Thank You for all the lessons you taught us through Libby's Homegoing, and that now she can be happy with You and Grandpa!"
       Think of the people in your Home and some of the things they do, and thank the Lord for them. For instance, "Thank You Jesus that Uncle John makes story time exciting by reading with different voices." "Thank You that Auntie Gloria cooks such delicious meals!"
       Thank the Lord for specific people in the Family that you don't know personally--people you've read about or heard testimonies about.
       For children and teens: Think of a role model you have, somebody you'd like to be like (maybe a parent, uncle, aunt, or a teen or YA you know who is serving the Lord and is a good sample to you) and then thank the Lord for something about them that you admire and that you also would like the Lord to help you be like.
       Appreciation Praise Time: Each person thank the Lord for something about the one on your left. If you're a small group and you still have time, go around again, and thank the Lord for something about the person on your right, then for the person across from you, etc. Or, take one person at a time and have everyone else thank the Lord for something about them, until each person in the room has been covered.
       Have someone go around and whisper in each person's ear the name of someone to thank the Lord for (or draw names from a hat). Then have silent Praise Time, where you think about that person and thank the Lord for something special about them. After Praise Time, you could even write a little note to that person, telling them what it is you appreciate about them!
       Thank the Lord for the friends and contacts your Home is ministering to.

       Choose a character in the Bible, and thank the Lord for him or her and for what they did for the Lord. For instance, "Thank You Jesus for how You chose David, and how he trusted in You when he was a young boy, instead of in the armies of men."
       Pick a favorite Bible story or character and have conversational Praise Time, thanking the Lord for how He worked things out for that person or situation way back then. For instance, "Thank You for Joseph, and how You worked everything out for his good." "Thank You for the gift of interpretation that You gave him." "Thank You for teaching him wisdom." "Thank You for using him to save Your children," etc.
       Thank the Lord for someone in the Bible that begins with the same letter as your name.

Romans 8:28
       Think of specific times when it seemed like things were going wrong, but the Lord later got a victory out of them, and thank the Lord for them! For instance, "Thank You for the rain the other day that made us stay home, and we caught up on our mail ministry." "Thank You that because Daddy lost his pouch at the gas station, when he went back there he got to lead the precious gas station manager who found it to You, Lord."

       Seasonal: Thank the Lord for all the things that have to do with a specific season. For example, winter (icicles, snowflakes, sleds, hot chocolate milk, etc.). Do the same for summer, spring, and autumn!
       Dress-up: Think about the different characters you and others have dressed up as in dress-up parties, and thank the Lord for them. For example, "Thank You Jesus for Pandita Ramabai, and how You helped her to give her life to feed Your Word to her people," "Thank You for the Pied Piper and the talent You gave him to lead Your children with his music."
       Spirit trip: Everyone shut your eyes and have someone lead in a "spirit trip," taking you out through space, up to the moon, into the Heavenly City, through His courts (at this point everyone can join in, coming into His courts with praise), until you reach Jesus' feet, at which point different ones can take turns approaching the Lord with specific praises and thanksgiving.
       Animals: Pray this rhyme: "Love and praise to You we give, By Whose Love all creatures live!" (Rhyme Book, pg.276). Now thank the Lord for various animals and for specific things about them. For example, "Thank You for our dog, and for how he helps to guard us." "Thank You for the funny-looking giraffes with their long necks." "Thank You for monkeys and how they make us laugh!"
       All go outside and find things in God's creation to praise the Lord for.
       Thank the Lord for the answered prayers listed in your local and worldwide prayer lists.
       Think about the things you enjoy, and thank the Lord for them. For example, "Thank You for making cocoa so that we can have chocolate milk." "Thank You for making water so refreshing." "Thank You that You gave us strong legs so we can run and play!"
       Thank the Lord for your favorite foods!
       Thank Him for the special activities you get to do.
       Take a quiet moment to think about the following question: What do we have that money can't buy? (Some examples: the Words of David, a loving Family, the gift of healing, the gift of hearing from Him directly.) Now, thank the Lord for these and more that you think of yourself.
       Can you praise in rhyme? Try it! For instance, one person says, "Thank You Jesus for the sunshine," and then the next person continues, "And also for our pretty vine!" The next person can start a new set, "Thank You for a lovely day," "And that we can go out and play!"
       All blow kisses to Jesus, clap for Jesus, etc.
       Pull-Ups: Sit in a circle. One person stands up and praises the Lord for something, and then pulls up another person (of his choice), who praises the Lord for something else and pulls up someone else, till everyone in the circle is standing. Then all raise hands and praise the Lord together.
       Praise by Color: For example, "Thank You Lord for the green grass, green apples, green trees," etc. You could go around the circle till you run out of items of one color, and the next person starts a new color of his choice.
       Praise by Numbers: For example, "Thank You for our one stove." "Thank You for our two cats." "Thank You for our three OCs," up till 10 (or whatever number you choose)!
       Look at Jesus: The first person to praise the Lord holds a picture of Jesus, and says something directly to Him. (This would be an ideal time to praise Him for Who He is, using the "Name of Jesus" list!--See pg.11.) Then he passes the picture to the person of his choice, who says something to Jesus, and continues passing it on.
       Praise Cards: For toddlers, have a pre-prepared set of praise cards, each card with a picture and one or two words. For example, you could have cards with illustrations of Grandpa, Mama Maria, King Peter, their parents, babies, a dog, birds (or any pets you may have), cooks, handymen, a toy, bananas (or other foods they like), the stars, etc!
       Praise "Offerings": Have a picture of Jesus with a basket underneath and give the toddlers pictures or drawings of things they are thankful for. Each one can then take a turn bringing these "praises" to Jesus by "laying them at Jesus' feet" in the basket under the picture of Jesus. This idea can also be used by the older children, by getting blank slips of paper, and then either writing out or drawing little pictures of things they want to thank Jesus for.
       Tag-It: Go to a certain room, or even better, out in the yard, and walk to an item you want to thank the Lord for. As you "tag it," say out loud, "Thank You for this _________!" and then go to something else, tag it, and say it out loud. Having several people doing this at the same time gets to be quite lively and fun!
       Alphabetical Praises: Thank the Lord for as many things as you can think of starting with a certain letter or phonetic sound.
       ABC Praise: Go around, each one naming something they're thankful for in alphabetical order. For example, the first person may say, "Angelic protection," and the next person, "Happy babies," etc.
       Alphabet Cards: Using a set of alphabet letters, take turns choosing a letter and praise the Lord for something beginning with the letter(s) you choose.
       ABC Praise List: Make a written list of as many things as you can think of to praise the Lord for, for each letter of the alphabet. Post the list on your bulletin board. You could work on making the list during several Praise Times, and then refer to it from time to time in future Praise Times. For example, A: apples, Aunt Alice... B: balloons, bread, bathtub, barbecue...
       'Round the Circle: Go around the circle, with each person doing a different type of praise: one could pick verses, one could do ABC Praise, one could sing a song, one could read praise quotes, etc.
       "I Love You" Praises: Go around and count your blessings, each person beginning by saying, "I love You Jesus! Thank You for..."
       Hugging Praise: One person praises, and then hugs the person of their choice, who then praises. Continue until each person has had a turn to "hug and praise."
       One Word Chain Praise: The first person starts with one word, next person another word, and so on until a full praise sentence has been made. "Thank" "You" "dear" "Jesus" "for" "supplying" "all" "our" "needs!"
       Two-by-Two Praises: Everyone hold hands two by two and praise quietly together.
       Praise Time Pubs

       Following is a list of pubs which would be suitable to read with children or to children during Praise Time. This is not an all-inclusive list, but hopefully a good start.
       K.MOP 2, pg.469       Praise
       KTK 4, pg.413       The Power of Positive Praise!
       FFF, pg.1       What a privilege to be in the Army of the Lord!
       FFF, pg.11       I will not doubt though all my ships come home with broken sails!
       FFF, pg.39       You've got a lot to be thankful for!
       GT 1, pg.580       Communion with God: Praise & Thankfulness
       RB, pg.5       Beauty for Ashes
       RB, pg.82       The Hallelujah Chorus--of Frogs!
       RB, pg.150       The Voice of Faith
       RB, pg.208       A New Song
       RB, pg.261       The birdies in the treetops
       RB, pg.267       God always listens
       RB, pg.268       Singing Time
       RB, pg.269       Thank You for each happy day
       RB, pg.273       Father, We Thank Thee
       RB, pg.274       Thank You for the beasts so tall
       RB, pg.274       For the joy of glowing colour
       RB, pg.275       The Doxology
       RB, pg.276       My Father, for another night
       RB, pg.277       I Saw Some Lovely Things Today
       RB, pg.278       Grace
       RB, pg.278       Thank You, Jesus, for this food
       RB, pg.278       Let us with gladsome mind
       RB, pg.278       O Thou who are Lord of the harvest
       RB, pg.278       Bread is a lovely thing to eat
       RB, pg.278       For every cup and plateful
       RB, pg.278       Some have meat and canna eat
       RB, pg.280       Evening Song
       RB, pg.281       Praise Him, Praise Him
       RB, pg.282       Father we thank Thee for the night
       RB, pg.282       A Child's Thanksgiving.
       RB, pg.283       Short Prayers for Babyhood
       RB, pg.401       Ole King Cole was a merry ole soul

       Exo.15:1-21       The Song of Moses and Miriam
       2Sam.22       David's Song of Thanksgiving
       1Chr.29:10-20       David's Prayer of Praise
       Psa.8       How Excellent Is Thy Name
       Psa.30       Sing unto the Lord
       Psa.33       Rejoice in the Lord
       Psa.34       I Will Bless the Lord at All Times
       Psa.42       As the Hart Panteth After the Water Brooks
       Psa.63       God's Lovingkindness Better than Life
       Psa.92:1-4       It's a Good Thing to Sing Praises
       Psa.95       The Lord Is Great
       Psa.100       Make a Joyful Noise
       Psa.103       Bless the Lord
       Psa.107       The Lovingkindness of the Lord
       Psa.136       Thanksgiving for God's Mercies
       Psa.138       I Will Praise Thee with My Whole Heart
       Psa.146       While I Live Will I Praise
       Psa.148       Exhortations to Praise God
       Psa.149       Praise His Name in the Dance
       Psa.150       Praise Ye the Lord
       Isa.12       Jehovah Is My Strength and Song
       Eph.5:18-21       Making Melody in Your Heart
       Phil.4:4-9       Rejoice in the Lord Alway

Supplementary Studies for the Younger Set
       Following are some inspiring studies and supplementary projects that you can do on the subject of praise. These activities are on the topic of praise, but not necessarily suggested to be done (at least not in full) during your five- minute Praise Times. Have fun!
       Sing Psalm 89:1, "I Will Sing of the Mercies of the Lord" (Praise Time, Vol. 1, pg.12). Suppose that in order to make His faithfulness to you known to all generations, you plan to write a speech which will be kept and read to the generations that are to come. How would you write it? Would you like to try?
       Sing Psalm 100, "Make a Joyful Noise" (Praise Time, Vol. 1, pg.19). Talk about ways we can strengthen our relationship with the Lord. What does the song instruct us to do? For instance, we should make a joyful noise. That means to sing to Him or praise Him. Our singing should be joyful. We should serve Him gladly, etc.
       Sing "Jesus You're the Rock" (Praise Time, Vol. 1, pg.19). Close your eyes while you sing it and think about what the words are saying. Try to imagine it in picture form. Would you like to try to draw the picture?
       Sing "Let's Talk About Jesus" (Praise Time, Vol. 1, pg.21). Write down all the names of Jesus listed in this song. You can draw a picture next to some of them. Which are your favorite names? See also "Everybody Oughtta Know," "God Can Do Anything," and "Sweet Jesus, Lover of My Soul" (Praise Time, Vol. 1, pgs.7, 9, 42).
       Sing "Thank You for This Bright and Sunny Day" (Praise Time, Vol. 1, pg.23). How about making a thankfulness collage? Start out with the different things this song talks about, and add more things you are thankful for. (For collages, you can either draw the pictures on a big sheet of paper, or find cut-outs from magazines of a sun, flowers, trees, etc.) Ask your parents for a photo of you and your brothers or sisters, other friends and contacts Family members, etc., to stick on your collage.
       Read Psalm 17:1-6. Talk about how all creation praises God. Write a poem in which a part of nature praises the Lord, or paint a picture of nature praising.
       Read Psalm 136. Talk about what "mercy" is (or "lovingkindness"). Using Psalm 136 as a pattern, write your own "psalm," telling about the Lord's lovingkindness to you personally, or to your family or Home.
       Go through the Good Thots section "Communion with God: Praise and Thankfulness" (Good Thots 1, pg.580) and select quotes to write out on cards or paper. Decorate them, and post them. (You could also use praise verses.)
       Review some of the names of Jesus. (Refer to the "Names of Jesus" list below.) Talk about how those names apply to Him. Try to write a character description of Jesus based on some of His Names.
       Close your eyes and imagine the courts of the Lord while someone reads Rev.4:1-6 aloud. Now draw a picture of God's throne room. (See New Heavens Children, pg.25 for ideas on what to draw, if you need to!) Discuss what it would be like to enter Heaven's gates and come into God's courts. Why would you do it with thanksgiving and praise?
       Refer to the "Names of Jesus" list below and design your own crossword puzzle for a friend or parent.

Names of Jesus
       Following are some of the names of Jesus found in the Bible:
       Advocate -- 1Jn.2:1
       Almighty -- Rev.1:8
       Alpha and Omega -- Rev.1:8
       Amen -- Rev.3:14
       Angel of His Presence -- Isa.63:9
       Anointed -- Psa.2:2
       Author and Finisher of our faith -- Heb.12:2
       Beginning of the creation of God -- Rev.3:14
       Beloved -- Eph.1:6
       Bread of life -- Jn.6:48
       Bridegroom -- Mat.9:15
       Bright and Morning Star -- Rev.22:16
       Brightness of the Father's glory -- Heb.1:3
       Captain of Salvation -- Heb.2:10
       Carpenter -- Mk.6:3
       Chief Shepherd -- 1Pe.5:4
       Chief Corner Stone -- Eph.2:20
       Chiefest among ten thousand -- SoS.5:10
       Child -- Isa.9:6
       Chosen of God -- 1Pe.2:4
       Christ of God -- Luk.9:20
       Christ the Lord -- Luk.2:11
       Counselor -- Isa.9:6
       Covenant -- Isa.42:6
       Dayspring (poetic form of the word dawn) -- Luk.1:78
       Day Star -- 2Pe.1:19
       Deliverer -- Rom.11:26
       Desire of all nations -- Hag.2:7
       Door, the -- Jn.10:7
       Elect -- Isa.42:1
       Ensign -- Isa.11:10
       Eternal Life -- 1Jn.5:20
       Everlasting Father -- Isa.9:6
       Faithful and True -- Rev.19:11
       Faithful and True Witness, the -- Rev.3:14
       First and Last -- Rev.22:13
       Firstbegotten -- Heb.1:6
       Firstborn -- Psa.89:27
       Foundation -- Isa.28:16
       Fountain -- Zech.13:1
       Forerunner -- Heb.6:20
       Friend of sinners -- Mat.11:19
       Gift of God -- Jn.4:10
       God manifest in the flesh -- 1Ti.3:16
       God of the whole earth -- Isa.54:5
       God's dear Son -- Col.1:13
       Good Master -- Mat.19:16
       Governor -- Mat.2:6
       Great Shepherd -- Heb.13:20
       Head of the Body -- Col.1:18
       Heir of all things -- Heb.1:2
       High Priest -- Heb.4:14
       Holy One of God -- Mk.1:24
       Hope (our) -- 1Ti.1:1
       Horn of Salvation -- Luk.1:69
       I AM -- Jn.8:58
       Image of God -- Heb.1:3
       Immanuel (God with us) -- Isa.7:14
       Judge -- Acts 10:42
       Just One -- Acts 22:14
       King -- Mat.21:5
       King of Saints -- Rev.15:3
       King of Kings -- Rev.17:14
       King of Glory -- Psa.24:7
       King over All the Earth -- Zech.14:9
       Lamb -- Rev.17:14
       Lamb of God -- Jn.1:29
       Lawgiver -- Isa.33:22
       Life -- Jn.14:6
       Light, everlasting -- Isa.60:20
       Light of the world -- Jn.8:12
       Light, true -- Jn.1:9
       Living Bread, the -- Jn.6:51
       Living Stone -- 1Pe.2:4
       Lion of the tribe of Judah -- Rev.5:5
       Lord of Lords -- Rev.19:16
       Lord of all -- Acts 10:36
       Lord God Almighty -- Rev.15:3
       Lord and Savior Jesus Christ -- 2Pe.3:18
       Lord of glory -- Jam.2:1
       Lord of the dead and living -- Rom.14:9
       Man of sorrows -- Isa.53:3
       Master -- Mat.23:8
       Mediator -- 1Ti.2:5
       Messenger -- Mal.3:1
       Messiah -- Jn.1:41
       Mighty God -- Isa.9:6
       Mighty to save -- Isa.63:1
       Most Holy -- Dan.9:24
       Most Mighty -- Psa.45:3
       Only Begotten Son -- Jn.3:16
       Only wise God, our Savior -- Jude 1:25
       Our righteousness -- Jer.23:6
       Power of God -- 1Co.1:24
       Physician -- Mat.9:12
       Precious Corner Stone -- Isa.28:16
       Priest -- Heb.7:17
       Prince -- Acts 5:31
       Prince of Life -- Acts 3:15
       Prince of Peace -- Isa.9:6
       Prophet -- Luk.24:19
       Ransom -- 1Ti.2:6
       Redeemer -- Job 19:25
       Resurrection and the Life, The -- Jn.11:25
       Righteous Branch -- Jer.23:5
       Righteous Judge -- 2Ti.4:8
       Righteous Servant -- Isa.53:11
       Rock -- 1Co.10:4
       Rose of Sharon -- SoS.2:1
       Salvation -- Lk.2:30
       Sanctuary -- Isa.8:14
       Savior -- Lk.2:11
       Savior of the world -- Jn.4:14
       Sceptre -- Num.24:17
       Servant -- Isa.42:1
       Shepherd, Good -- Jn.10:11
       Son of God -- Heb.4:14
       Son of the Blessed -- Mk.14:61
       Son of the Highest -- Lk.1:32
       Son of David -- Mat.9:27
       Star -- Num.24:17
       Sun of Righteousness -- Mal.4:2
       Surety (Guarantee) -- Heb.7:22
       Sure Foundation -- Isa.28:16
       Teacher -- Jn.3:2
       True God -- 1Jn.5:20
       Truth -- Jn.14:6
       Unspeakable Gift -- 2Co.9:15
       Vine, true -- Jn.15:1
       Way, the -- Jn.14:6
       Which is, which was, which is to come -- Rev.1:4
       Wisdom of God, the -- 1Co.1:24
       Wonderful -- Isa.9:6
       Word -- Jn.1:1
       Word of God -- Rev.19:13
       Word of Life -- 1Jn.1:1

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