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FSM 286       DO

1996 Family Birthday Celebration!--Part Two
       Instructions and Guidance for the Children and JETTs' Prayer Time and Activities

       Resources for Family Birthday Activities for Children and JETTs       2
       Prayer Requests for Children and JETTs' Birthday Celebration Prayer Time       2
       Kids' Activities and Reading Lists       8

© January 1996, The Family, Zurich, Switzerland

A Time to Praise and Thank and Love Jesus!
--By WS Staff 1/96

Dear wonderful children and JETTs,
       Praise the Lord! Happy Birthday dear Family! Hallelujah!
       During this year's Birthday Celebration, the teens and adults will be reading some new GNs together. And at the same time, we have some beautiful new MLKs, TKs and other pubs for you! The new pubs for you are:
       1. The Love Story MLK
       2. Mama's Love Story Hope TK
       3. Heidi TK (reprint from TK Vol.3)
       4. Loving Jesus MLK
       5. Praise Time MLK
       6. I Love You--Just You! MLK
       7. What Is Prophecy? MLK
       8. MLK Posters
       9. Kidz Activity Pages (KAP #6)
       10. Kidz Activity Pages (KAP #7)

       Wow! Isn't that exciting? Ten new pubs for you!
       And, similar to last year, when the adults and teens were reading the Love Charter, Mama Maria would like you children and JETTs to be our main prayer warriors. Could you please? Our whole Family will really appreciate it, because we know your prayers will do mighty things!
       The most important thing we want to do this year at our Family Birthday Celebration, is to love and thank and praise the Lord for His wonderful care and love for each one of us. When you read the new MLK "Loving Jesus," you'll see that loving and praising and thanking the Lord is so important--because as we "draw nigh to Him" He will "draw nigh to us!"--And He said, "When My children call unto Me, oh, I shall rejoice! And oh, I shall be glad! I will shout with great joy! And I will pour out My gifts to My children for their great love for Me." Isn't that beautiful? Our love and praise is also something that Jesus needs and longs for. He wants us to love Him, and He is even lonely without our love. Doesn't that make you want to spend lots of time giving Jesus your love, and listening to Him?
       As you have your prayer times for our Family, try to make your prayers of request as positive and praise-filled as possible. For example, in your prayer you could thank Jesus for how He always answers us and works things out in His Own perfect time and way. For example, if there is a prayer request for someone who is sick, you could pray, "Jesus, thank You for promising that by Your stripes we would be healed. And thank You for loving and caring for our dear sister who is sick. We praise You Jesus, for how You are caring for her and comforting her and know that the `prayer of faith will save the sick and You will raise her up!' Hallelujah!" Or, if you're praying for some special needs your Home has, such as a new house, you could pray, "Jesus, thank You that You have promised to supply all our needs. And thank You for how You have wonderfully cared for us every day! We praise You and we thank You for how You are helping and guiding as we seek Your will and search for the place You want us to go. Thank You Jesus!"
       To help us think of ways to show Jesus our love, our dear folks at Family Care have compiled the "Praise Time Ideas" FSM (FSM 285). Those of you who are planning and preparing activities will find lots of fun ideas in this pub, so it will probably be good to look it over ahead of time. Dear JETTs, maybe you could look it over with the older children, and choose different activities you'd like to do.
       God bless and keep you! We pray you have a happy, fun, inspiring, loving Birthday Celebration!
       Love, Your WS Family

Resources for Family Birthday Activities for Children and JETTs Pray More Vigil Activity
       Prayer Ideas for All! (FSM 250)
       Prayer Cards
       Praise Time Ideas (FSM 285)
       Praise Time, Vol.1 (songbook)
       Happy All the Time Songbook (Activity Bk.4, pg.S1)
       Children's Prayer Vigil Promises booklet
       Kidz Activity Pages (KAP#6 & 7)
       7 new MLKs and TKs!
       New MLK Posters
       "Every Day with Jesus" tape (FCT4)
       "No Matter How Small You Are" tape (FCT5)
       "Heavenly Sunshine" tape
       "Sunbeams and Shadows" tape (formerly "M&M's Favourite Choruses")
       Word Fun games (Activity Book 4)
       See also "Kids' Activities and Reading Lists" on page 8.
       Prayer Requests for Children and JETTs'

Birthday Celebration Prayer Time

THEME FOR DAY ONE: Prayer for Our Queen Maria and King Peter and their teamwork, and for Family publications.
       On the first day of our 1996 Family Birthday Celebration we would like you JETTs to help lead the children in praying and praising and thanking the Lord for all the wonderful blessings He has poured upon our worldwide Family this last year and will be pouring upon us in 1996, and for letting our King David speak to us and help us from Heaven.

Please especially thank the Lord for the following:
       For keeping our precious Queen Maria.
       For giving us a new king, King Peter!
       For keeping Mama Maria's teamworkers and helpers.
       The wonderful prophecies from Jesus, Dad and others that Mama Maria is passing on to the Family!
       Grandpa being able to help Mama, as he said he would, through the messages that he gives the Family.
       For more Praise Times to Jesus!
       For Jesus showing Mama Maria and Peter how much closer Jesus wants to be to each one of us, and can be if we ask.
       For keeping the Continental Officers and other Family leadership.
       For helping those in World Services and many Service Homes to keep producing the publications, videos, tapes, and other materials or services needed by our Family.

Special things to pray for on the first day of the Feast:
       For Mama Maria and Peter's health, strength and wisdom.
       For the Lord's continued anointing as Mama Maria and Peter take on the big job of leading the Family and passing on the Lord's Words and counsel.
       That Mama Maria and Peter's teamwork will be a great strength and blessing to them, and that they will have the Lord's wisdom and guidance as they help care for the Family.
       Mama Maria's health and against the Enemy's attacks on her through sickness and afflictions; for resistance to colds, earaches and headaches; for the healing of her eyes.
       For Peter's health: protection from headaches, neck aches, backaches, heart pains, and other attacks of the Enemy; for good sleep.
       For the spiritual and physical health and security of Mama Maria's staff, plus continued miraculous protection and safekeeping of their Home.
       For strength, anointing and wisdom for our Continental Officers.
       For the WS pubs units and the health, strength, wisdom, protection, inspiration and anointing of those in them, and for the many projects they are working on.
       That the Lord will miraculously supply finances for the many important pubs projects planned, and for WS to be able to keep helping needy field ministries.
       For the production of more GP publications, including books. That our GP materials will bear positive, long-lasting fruit in the hearts and lives of those who receive them.
       For the new Family Education Departments at WS and Continental Offices that they will be able to be a great blessing to the Homes.
       For Family Care personnel and their production of materials for our young people and children.
       For more children's pubs to be produced, especially more Kidz Mags, MLKs and Hope TKs!
       For our video and audio studios, and all they are producing, and that they will have good shepherding and oversight, inspiration, health, spiritual well-being, good organization and anointed results, and make good progress on important projects.
       For new equipment as needed in various pub, video and audio ministries. Pray against any equipment breakdowns or theft.
       For our National Printing Centers (NPCs) and other Service Centers: that they will be productive and fruitful, and for the workers to be happy and fulfilled.
       For the security of Family mailings.
       For our LIMs and Lit-Pics: that our translators will have wisdom, inspiration, health, safety and security as they work on the Words and GP distribution tools; also that they will be able to get as many of our GP materials as possible into the languages of those we are ministering to.

THEME FOR DAY TWO: Thank You Jesus day!--Praising and Loving Jesus! And prayer for our witnessing.
       The second day of the Family Birthday Celebration is a time for you JETTs and the children to fill up on Jesus! This is a day to pray that everyone in our whole Family will be able to draw closer to Him and become a wonderful sample of His love to each other and to everyone we meet and minister to. We can call it our special "Thank You Jesus day" where we show Jesus our love and appreciation and faith in Him. We tell Him how much we love, need and want Him to be close to us, and help us be more like Him. We want Him to help us be kinder to those around us. Also, on this day, since our main job in this life is to tell others about Jesus and be a sample to others of what He is like, please pray for His help, protection, strength, wisdom and blessing for all our witnessing and outreach efforts and the things we do to try to reach people and win souls for Him.

Take some time to thank the Lord for the following:
       For Mama Maria teaching us to take special time to love and praise the Lord and get closer to Him each day!
       For the great love Jesus has for each of us.
       For making our Family so different and special, and for letting us help and lead other people to Jesus so they can be happy, too.
       For all the friends of the Family the Lord has drawn to His great Love and Light that He gives us so freely.
       For how Jesus takes such good care of us and delivers us time after time from all our fears and sins, and problems and enemies.
       For all the New Wine of the Word Jesus has given us to make us His strong, happy soldiers in His great army of Love.

Special things to pray for on the second day of the Birthday Celebration:
       For the Lord to give us all more of a hunger for His wonderful Words.
       For the Lord to help us take more time to love and praise Him.
       That reading time for the teens and adults during this Birthday Celebration time will be blessed, and they will be strengthened and inspired by the new Letters, and be able to grow as a result.
       For more witnessing teams to reach the needy with the Gospel and win many to the Lord, helping to fill their lives and hearts with God's Love.
       For open doors so we can get out our tools in larger quantities than ever before.
       For good feeding of our friends and follow-up of the sheep the Lord leads us to.
       That each of our Family Homes will be able to establish solid, fruitful and long-lasting ministries, such as "Consider the Poor" ministries, well-organized follow-up ministries, youth outreach, etc.
       For all our Family pioneer road teams going to countries or cities where there are no Family Homes: that the Lord will guide them, supply their needs, give them protection, new friends and contacts, and help strengthen their present friends.
       For our Family to be able to learn the local language more quickly and easily so they can be more effective when witnessing.
       For our catacombers and potential disciples: that they will be inspired and grow in faith and the Word.
       For the good care of all new disciples and for wisdom in ministering to their parents and relatives.
       Pray especially for the Lord to bless all the witnessing outings by our Family young people and children. Pray:
       1. That we will be excited and inspired about witnessing and have more love for the lost.
       2. That we will get good training in personal witnessing.
       3. That the Lord will defeat any attacks of the Enemy trying to stop us from doing our very important job for the Lord.
       4. That we will be well grounded in the Word and know how to use the Word to boldly and wisely answer people's questions when we are witnessing.
       5. That we will be well-prepared for the battles and spiritual attacks ahead.
       6. That we will continue to be well-shepherded and be able to talk to our shepherds about questions or battles that come up when we go out witnessing or at other times.
       7. That the Lord will bless our witnessing, provide us with exciting witnessing ministries, reward us with thrilling experiences, and let us be able to win lots of souls, change people's lives and win some new disciples!
       8. For the Lord's discernment and protection when out witnessing, so we can reach the sheep and avoid the wolves.
       9. For all those trying new ways to witness, such as learning sign language so they can witness to deaf people, or doing TV or radio shows, or special performances.
       That the various "Consider the Poor" ministries will continue to be fruitful, that doors will open and any needs will be miraculously supplied.
       For prison and juvenile delinquent ministries to be blessed, protected, and bear lasting fruit.
       For friends of the Family, including lawyers, theologians, government officials, academics, reporters, etc.
       Pray that all our friends, contacts and supporters will:
       1. Grow spiritually.
       2. Have the Lord's blessing on their lives.
       3. Stay healthy and successful in their work.
       4. Receive the Lord's miraculous solutions to any difficult situations they face. 5. Receive and be strengthened by the Word, and draw closer to the Lord and the Family.
       6. Continue to help and support the Family.
       For all of our mail ministries.
       For the Lord's financial supply for each and every Home and WS, and for large donations and windfalls.
       For good printing contacts.
       For wisdom in knowing how and what to feed different people.
       For lasting fruit in our Family mail and Internet ministries.
       For fruitfulness in the Family's cooperation with other Christian and non-Christian groups.
       That our Family will be able to produce the tools needed for ministering to people of other religions.
       That our Family singing teams will get good openings and bookings and give anointed performances with a fruitful witness. Pray that the Lord will provide all their needs, safe transport, health, security, costumes, and equipment. Also that they will be able to faithfully follow up on the people they meet.
       Pray for the Lord's protection against any who want to hurt or trouble us or stop the Lord's work.
       Pray for the wisdom and spiritual washing of those who are on media teams and exposed to many negative comments.
       Pray for speedy and victorious conclusions and an end to any court battles or legal problems we face.

THEME FOR DAY THREE: Personal and Home prayer requests!
       On the third day of the Family Birthday Celebration we would like you JETTs to help lead the children in special prayers and praises to Jesus for your local situation. Come before the Lord with praise and thanksgiving and present your personal and Home needs and petitions before Him.

Please especially praise the Lord for the following:
       For all the Lord has supplied for you and your Home during this past year!
       For how the Lord has protected and cared for you and your Home!
       For all the souls won and witnessed to, and all the tools distributed!
       For all your moms and dads, aunts and uncles, brothers and sisters! (You could have specific prayers of praise and thanks for each one.) For example: "Thank You Jesus for Uncle [EDITED: "name"] who does so much of the driving and takes us on witnessing trips each weekend." Or "Thank You Jesus for my hard-working, loving mother who does my laundry and loves me and takes such good care of me."

Special things to pray for on the third day of the Family Feast:
       For each one's health. (Have specific prayer for individual health concerns in your Home.)
       For your friends, sheep and supporters.
       That the Lord will pour His Spirit of Love on each person in your Home and help each one become more like Him.
       That everyone in your Home will be a good sample and have good relations with neighbors and be able to minister to them and win their favor.
       That your Home and each person in it will live according to the rules and guidelines of the Love Charter.
       That we will show more of the Lord's Love to those around us (Jn.13:35).
       That each of us will have a closer relationship with the Lord, taking time to love and praise Him, spending time with Him in prayer, receiving His Words, strength and direction.
       That the Lord will supply our needs and finances as we follow and obey Him and His Word.
       For kings and supporters, and better follow-up, with more faith for finances and more boldness in asking for help.
       For the Lord's supply of funds or donations in case we have any sudden unexpected expenses.
       That the Lord will bless and increase our provisioning, bless those who give, and raise up new and needed contacts.
       For prayerful decision-making and the faith and unity to follow through on what the Lord shows us and not give up when the going gets rough.
       For faith, vision, initiative and fun new challenges and new ways of doing things.
       For faith, patience, strength, endurance and trust when we are having tests and trials.
       That everyone in our Home will be able to get feeding and sufficient Word time daily, and that we will learn to go to the Lord and the Word and prayer to find solutions to our problems.
       For fun inspiration times and feeding devotions.
       Against spiritual attacks of the Enemy, such as fear, bad pictures in our mind, nightmares, and temptations to do wrong things.
       For our Home teamwork members to be inspired, united, loving, prayerful, and close to Jesus and His Word.
       For all newly mated couples to have love, patience, understanding and good communications, and that they will be good parents and make good teams for the Lord's work.
       That the Lord will raise up "real fathers" and "real mothers" who will team up with single parents to help them raise their children.
       For strength, good health, protection and safe deliveries for our pregnant mothers.
       For the care, training and education of all the children in our Homes.
       That the children and young people will get sufficient Word time, witnessing time, scholastics and vocational training.
       That the children, JETTs and teens will do better in any weak areas in needed scholastics.
       That our Home will be able to obtain computers, good educational computer programs, workbooks, reference books, videos and other educational materials needed.
       That all of the adults in our Homes will have a vision for our care and training, and that our teachers and caregivers will be happy and fulfilled in their calling.
       That Jesus will bless our parents and teachers with much love, patience, understanding and wisdom, and help us make it easy for them to be good.
       That the Lord will watch over and provide for those young people who have chosen to leave the Family. Help us to keep them in our prayers and continue to love them.
       That we can overcome any of our bad habits easily.
       That we will stay healthy, but if we get sick, that we will recover quickly. Also that we will show love, understanding and compassion to anyone who is sick.
       That the Lord will help any children or adults with handicaps, and that He will bless those who help look after them with great love, patience, wisdom and understanding.
       For healing of those who have eye problems.
       For healing of those who have headaches, heart problems, back problems, trouble sleeping, asthma, hay fever and other allergies or respiratory problems, eczema, funguses, warts or other skin problems.
       For those trying to lose or gain weight.
       For everyone to be able to take regular, vigorous and safe get-outs.
       For good clean food and pure water supplies for all our Homes, free from disease or poisonous materials.
       For the Lord to supply us with good survival food and water.
       For good unity, communication and loving cooperation between our Home and other Homes.
       For those who are making decisions to change Homes or fields: that they will be prayerful and have clear channels to know the Lord's will, and for the Lord's supply of the needed funds, visas, paperwork, etc.
       For the Lord's blessing and supply for pioneer teams and new Homes opening up.
       For any housing needs that we have.
       For good landlords, and that they will want to draw closer to Jesus and our Family, and be supportive and friendly.
       For good phone lines and communications for our Home.
       For our protection from any disasters such as fires, floods, earthquakes, tornadoes, hurricanes, etc.
       For our young men in the Family not to have to serve in the military.
       For protection from violence, political trouble or terrorism.
       For good relations with relatives who are not Family members.
       For good vehicles and the safe keeping of our drivers, passengers and vehicles.
       For faithfulness and diligence of all Family drivers and maintenance men.
       For the Lord to work out successfully for us any legal situations, and supply needed passports, visas, etc.
       Against any attacks of the Enemy such as accidents, loss of documents, sudden sickness, theft, break-ins, random violence, or any sort of crime against our Home or Family members.
       That the Lord will supply funds and materials needed to make our Home a nice, clean, comfortable place to live and a good sample to others.

Kids' Activities and Reading Lists
       Overall Tip: If those of you who are going to be spending some time with the children during the three days of the Family Birthday Celebration know about it ahead of time, you could prepare by spending some time familiarizing yourself with the MO Letter and Word Games section of Activity Book 4 (pages Q1-Q206), especially pages Q2-Q35, and see how many of the Word-related activities you can use to supplement the Word studies you'll be doing with the kids. Let's make these Feast days extra special, meaningful and enjoyable for the children by bringing the Word to life and making it as fun and exciting as possible!
       You are not expected to read all the material listed for each day. Simply select what is practical to cover in your situation. The bulk of these reading lists and activities can be used for future Word study classes after the Birthday Celebration.

THEME FOR DAY ONE: Prayer for our Queen and King and their teamwork, and for Family publications.

TOPIC: Our Queen and King and their teamwork

       {\b \i New Pub}: "The Love Story!" (MLK 2992)

       --Color the poster "Queen Maria and King Peter."
       --Color the poster "New Heart of Love."

{\b \i        New Pub}: "Mama's Love Story!" (Hope TK 24)

       --When reading paragraph 23 about Madame M, show the children Madame M's picture in the Book of Remembrance Vol.1, pg.193.
       --After reading paragraph 24 about Peter and Heidi, sing the song "Snowman" (Songs of Love, pg.22; GN 639, pg.2).
       --Color the poster "Feeding the Sheep."

{\b \i        New Pub}: "Heidi" (Reprint from TK 3, pg.151)

       --Make beards of card with cotton wool glued on them for the boys, and the girls braid their hair, so they can be Snowman and Heidi for the next meal.

{\b \i        New Pub}: "What Is Prophecy?" MLK

       The Faucet Prophecy: Read paragraphs 80-81 of "Mama's Love Story," Part 4 (ML #2995, GN 638). Show the children the illustration of Mama and the faucet found on page 12 of that GN.
       The Giddy-up Prophecy: Show the children the illustration in "Mama's Love Story," Part 5, pg. 12 (ML #2996, GN 639) then have them sit back with their eyes closed while you read them the prophecy (paragraphs 77-80). Encourage them to picture in their minds the horses and all that the prophecy talks about.

TOPIC: Mama Maria
       The Mantle: Read paragraphs 67 and 77 of "Dad's Heavenly Welcome" (GN 609), about the mantle falling on Maria. Explain the "mantle" and what it represents. Ask the children, "Can you picture the mantle falling on Maria? What does the mantle represent? (See "Dad's Glorious Graduation," ML #2946:68, GN 609.) Let's read these two visions about the mantle falling on Maria and then draw a picture of it!" Look at The picture of Mama's mantle falling in Kidz 82 DFO pg.11.
       Listen to the song "The Antenna" on Burn Free #1 video where it pictures Grandpa going up and dropping the mantle down to Maria.
       Read about Maria's anointing in "God's Gifts," paragraphs 114-119; 126; 130; 138; 149-150 (ML #1741, BK 20, pg.139). Draw a picture of one of the visions of Maria in paragraph 126 or 150.
       To explain about Maria's anointing, read paragraph 4 of "Prophecies!--How They Come" (ML #1742, BK 20, pg.180).
       Study about Maria's Life: Show the children the pictures of Maria as a little girl, and the people who influenced her life in "Maria Telling Her Life Story" (Vol.15, pg.22). Older children especially might enjoy reading this Letter in its entirety. Excerpts would be good for younger ones as well. (Suggested excerpts for younger ones: paragraphs 1-4; 19-25; 36-38; 42-54; 61-63; 68-69.)
       More pictures of "Maria's Childhood" may be found in The Book of Remembrance Vol.1, pgs.162-163.
       Maria (Kidz Mop 1, pg.406)
       The City of Buried Treasure (KTK 1, pg.45; DB 6, pg.139)
       Thank God for Maria (KTK 1, pg.356)
       Posters of Maria (if available)
       The Shepherdess (KTK 4, pg.207; DB 1, pg.148)
       Maria the Faithful (KTK 4, pg.353)
       Prophecies of the Handmaiden of the Lord (TK 1, pg.337)
       Kingdom Prophecies (TK 2, pg.231)
       Maria Prophecies (Mop 2, pg.645)
       Maria--by Sally Scribe (Rhyme Book, pg.33, or GN Book 11, pg.88)

       --Play the game "Maria, Our Shepherdess!" (Act.Bk.4, pg.Q11).
       --Relax together and listen to the "Tribute to Maria" audio tape. Close your eyes and picture what each song is saying. Talk about the songs and their meaning.
       --Play the song "She's a Robot!" (on the "Tribute to Maria" audio tape or "New Worlds to Conquer" DTD tape) and all do a "robot dance." Talk about how she's still a "receiver," sensitive to Words from Heaven.

TOPIC: Family Publication
       Publications and Paper Power (Kidz Mop 2, pg.512)
       The Crystal Stream (KTK 1, pg.37)
       The City of Buried Treasure (KTK 1, pg.45; DB 6, pg.139)
       The Tape Saved My Life (Kidz 73 DO, pg.17)
       "It's My Favourite Song" (Kidz 74 DO, pg.18)
       Happiness Is a Heart Full of Jesus (Kidz 74 DO, pg.20)
       Rolled Gold (ML #333a, Vol.3; DB 6, pg.252)
       The Millennial Word (NHC chap.17, pg.161)
       Paper Power (GT 2, pg.1409)
       Crystals (Rhyme Book, pg.9)
       Rolled Gold (Rhyme Book, pg.44)
       Wonder Working Words (Rhyme Book, pg.55)
       Wit with Lit (Rhyme Book, pg.141)

       The Crystal Stream (FG&Fun #2)
       The City of Buried Treasure (FG& Fun #2)

THEME FOR DAY TWO: Thank You Jesus day!--Praising and Loving Jesus! Prayer for our witnessing.

TOPIC: Loving Jesus
{\b \i        New Pub}: "Loving Jesus!" (MLK 3024)

       Discuss the importance of daily quiet time, and brainstorm ideas on how to make it a habit. Review the section "Be Kissed with His Words," starting on page 3 of the MLK. To help the children learn to spend more time with Jesus, you could encourage them (those able to read and write) to make their very own special "Loving Jesus" notebook! A simple spiral or paperback lined school notebook would do just fine.
       Such a notebook would give them something tangible to look forward to filling in during their times with Jesus. It can help them learn to treasure and take note of the things the Lord shows them. You may even be amazed at the things the Lord is able to show them!
       To start with, in the case that you don't have enough notebooks, the children could make temporary booklets. Then they could be rewarded with nicer notebooks later on down the line.
       Here's how to make a "mini book" out of only one sheet of typing paper; or, use lined paper that doesn't have holes or margin lines: Fold the paper from top to bottom, then from right to left. Unfold it and cut on the fold lines. Stack up the 4 small slips of paper, fold in half, re-open and staple in the middle. You now have a 16-page booklet out of only one sheet of paper! (For some other ideas on making books see Activity Book 1, pgs.B19, B25, B61, B91.)
       Whatever type of booklet you choose, here are some ideas of what to do with it:
       --Find and color a nice picture of Jesus, and glue it on the front cover. Write a title on the cover with your name.
       --Copy out the prayer that starts on page 15 of the "Loving Jesus" MLK. You can use this prayer from Mama as your own personal prayer during some of your Loving Jesus times.
       --Label one of the pages "Ways to Give Love to Jesus" and copy down the ways listed on page 10 of the "Loving Jesus" MLK. Maybe you can even think of more to add to the list! Then you can refer to this list when you need an idea of what to do during a Loving Jesus time.
       --Read page 11 of the "Loving Jesus" MLK. You might like to try writing a poem to Jesus about your love for Him. If you don't feel able to write in rhyme, just write your own prayer not in rhyme.
       --Make a habit of writing down quotes and verses that are an inspiration to you, or that you feel are instructional for you personally.
       --You could title one page "To Do," and use it to write down any "to-do's" the Lord gives you, and check them off as you do them. This isn't a to-do list for your regular jobs, but for special things between you and the Lord--such as if He inspires you to write a sweet note of appreciation to the cook, or to spend some personal time with your younger brother, etc.
       --Take special times to just get quiet and learn to hear the Lord's voice and His whispers, as described in the "Loving Jesus" MLK, and write down what you hear, whether a verse, quote or prophecy. Also, make a good habit of always writing the date by everything you write in your "Loving Jesus" book.
       --Take time regularly to review the things you've written down. You can also share them with your parents, teachers, or friends if you like. It's okay, too, if you want to keep these special notes just between you and the Lord!
       God's Love (Kidz Mop 1, pg.253)
       Love for God (Kidz Mop 1, pg.367)
       Stop-Look-Listen! (KTK 1, pg.73)
       Sounds in the Night (KTK 1, pg.265)
       Psalm 23 (KTK 3, pg.273)
       Temple Time (KTK 5, pg.121; DB 5, pg.171)
       Lessons on Prayer (Kidz 69 DO, pg.15)
       No Letter Today! (Kidz 70 DO, pg.7)
       "All-the-Time" Friend (Kidz 70 DFO, pg.16)
       A Love-Filled Crib (Kidz 71 DFO, pg.12)
       Someone to Talk To (Kidz 72 DFO, pg.20)
       We just thank You for Your Love, Jesus! (Food for Fighters [EDITED: "FFF"], pg.16)
       We're tied to the Lord with the golden chain of His Love! (FFF, pg.20)
       He wants you to be happy! (FFF, pg.22)
       Kiss the Son! (FFF, pg.34)
       Commitment (GT 1, pg.507)
       Communion with God (GT 1, pg.576)
       Stop!...Look!...& Listen! (DB 4, pg.267)
       My Yoke Is Easy! (DB 5, pg.122)
       Listening or Lamenting? (DB 6, pg.133)
       Sunrise, Sunset! (DB 9, pg.4)
       Sounds in the Night! (Rhyme Book, pgs.39, 80)
       My Shepherd (Rhyme Book, pg.178)
       Everyday with Jesus (Rhyme Book, pg.242)
       Jesus Teach Me! (Rhyme Book, pg.247)
       The longer I serve Him (Rhyme Book, pg.247)
       The King of Love my Shepherd is (Rhyme Book, pg.249)
       The Shepherds Had an Angel (Rhyme Book, pg.251)
       Wide, Wide as the Ocean (Rhyme Book, pg.257)
       A Little Talk with Jesus (Rhyme Book, pg.259)
       Just Fall in Love with Jesus (Rhyme Book, pg.259)
       My Secret (Rhyme Book, pg.260)
       My Soul Thirsteth for Thee (Psa.63)
       The Strength of My Heart (Psa.73:25-26)
       A Day in Thy Courts (Psa.84)
       The Secret Place (Psa.91)
       Love God with All Your Heart (Mat.22:37-38)
       The Final Judgment (Mat.25:31-46)
       Mary and Martha (Luk.10:38-42)
       God Is Love (1Jn.4:7-21)
       This Is the Love of God (1Jn.5:1-3)

       Everyday with Jesus (FCT4; See Act. Bk.4, pg.S1)
       My Heart...Your Home (Closer Walk Collection)
       When You Need Him Most (Closer Walk Collection)
       Dad's Songs of Love I and II (2 tapes) (See GN 371.)
       Dad's Songs of Comfort (See GN 366.)
       Dad's Songs of Service (See GN 366.)
       "Sounds in the Night" Reading (True Life Dramas, Tape 3)

       See "Love Songs to Jesus" (Praise Time songbook, pgs.34-54).
       See "When You Need Him Most" songbook.
       See "Musical Key" songbook.
       See "Dad's Favourite Songs of Love" (GN 371).
       See "Dad's Favourite Songs of Comfort and Service" (GN 366).
       Your Love Is the Reason (Songs of Love, pg.1, #3)
       Lover Divine (Love Songs, pg.34, #378)
       I Know a Name (Love Songs, pg.34, #380)
       Rock of Ages (Love Songs, pg.37, #388)
       Near to the Heart of God (Love Songs, pg.37, #391)
       Only Jesus (It's Not In Me) (Love Songs, pg.46, #416)
       How Long Has It Been? (Love Songs, pg.91, #540)
       He (Love Songs, pg.92, #542)
       Someone to Care (Love Songs, pg.94, #550)
       I Can't Even Walk (Love Songs, pg.95, #551)
       He Was There All the Time (Love Songs, pg.95, #552)
       Just a Closer Walk with Thee (Love Songs, pg.98, #561)
       Ye Shall Seek Me (Love Songs, pg.104, #584)
       You Cannot Do the Master's Work (Love Songs, pg.111, #609A)
       Sounds in the Night (Love Songs, pg.112, #614)
       Whither Shall I Go? (Love Songs, pg.152, #731)
       Lord Jesus, I Adore Thee (Love Songs, pg.169, #775)
       I Want More of Jesus (Love Songs, pg.193, #841)
       In the Cool of the Day (Love Songs, pg.194, #849)
       Have Thine Own Way, Lord (Love Songs, pg.195, #855)
       Keep Your Eyes on Jesus (Love Songs, pg.195, #860)
       Now I Belong to Jesus (Love Songs, pg.196, #864)
       Give All the Glory to Jesus (Love Songs, pg.200, #891)

TOPIC: Praise

{\b \i        New Pub}: "Praise Time!" (MLK 3013)

       --Color the new "Praise Time" poster!
       --Try some of the "Supplementary Studies" (found in the "Praise Ideas"--FSM 285, page 10).
       Praise (Kidz Mop 2, pg.469)
       The Fight of Faith!--Part 2: The Victory! (LWG 5, pg.145)
       The Miracle Motor! (KTK 5, pg.13; KTK 1, pg.147; KTK 3, pg.1)
       Trees! (KTK 3, pg.129)
       Count Your Blessings! (KTK 3, pg.173)
       Healing in His Wings! (KTK 4, pg.259)
       Count Your Blessings! (KTK 4, pg.349; DB 1, pg.385)
       The Power of Positive Praise! (KTK 4, pg.413; DB 1, pg.499)
       Count Your Blessings! (Hope TK 16, pg.2)
       Let Jesus Shine! (Hope TK 22, pg.1)
       The Surprise Package (Kidz 70 DFO, pg.8)
       I will not doubt though all my ships come home with broken sails! (FFF, pg.11)
       You've got a lot to be thankful for! (FFF, pg.39)
       Communion with God: Praise and Thankfulness (GT 1, pg.580)
       How to Fight the Devil! ("Praise Power," pg.176; Treasures, pg.174)
       Heavenly Communication! ("Praise Power", pg.251; Treasures, pg.244)
       Speech--Part IV,2,g: We must praise God with our voices (BEST, pg.173)
       Have Daily Devotions! (DB 1, pg.535)
       How to Go on the Attack! (DB 7, pg.412)
       Heavenly Communication! (DB 3, pgs.444-450)
       God's Pets! (DB 9, pg.26)
       Beauty for Ashes (Rhyme Book, pg.5)
       The Hallelujah Chorus--of Frogs! (Rhyme Book, pg.82)
       The Voice of Faith (Rhyme Book, pg.150)
       Paul and Silas (Rhyme Book, pg.193)
       A New Song (Rhyme Book, pg.208)
       The birdies in the treetops (Rhyme Book, pg.261)
       God always listens (Rhyme Book, pg.267)
       Singing Time (Rhyme Book, pg.268)
       Thank You for each happy day (Rhyme Book, pg.269)
       Father, We Thank Thee (Rhyme Book, pg.273)
       Thank You for the beasts so tall (Rhyme Book, pg.274)
       For the joy of glowing colour (Rhyme Book, pg.274)
       The Doxology (Rhyme Book, pg.275)
       My Father, for another night (Rhyme Book, pg.276)
       I Saw Some Lovely Things Today (Rhyme Book, pg.277)
       Grace (Rhyme Book, pg.278)
       Thank You, Jesus, for this food (Rhyme Book, pg.278)
       Let us with gladsome mind (Rhyme Book, pg.278)
       O Thou who are Lord of the harvest (Rhyme Book, pg.278)
       Bread is a lovely thing to eat (Rhyme Book, pg.278)
       For every cup and plateful (Rhyme Book, pg.278)
       Some have meat and canna eat (Rhyme Book, pg.278)
       Evening Song (Rhyme Book, pg.280)
       Praise Him, Praise Him (Rhyme Book, pg.281)
       Father we thank Thee for the night (Rhyme Book, pg.282)
       A Child's Thanksgiving (Rhyme Book, pg.282)
       Short Prayers for Babyhood (Rhyme Book, pg.283)
       Ole King Cole was a merry ole soul (Rhyme Book, pg.401)
       The Song of Moses and Miriam (Exo.15:1-21)
       David's Song of Thanksgiving (2Sam.22)
       David Brings the Ark to Jerusalem (1Chr.15-16)
       David's Prayer of Praise (1Chr.29:10-20)
       The Power of Praise! (2Chr.20:1-30; GT 1, pg.241; Treasures, pg.530)
       How Excellent Is Thy Name (Psa.8)
       The Lord Is My Light and My Salvation (Psa.27)
       Sing unto the Lord (Psa.30)
       Rejoice in the Lord (Psa.33)
       I Will Bless the Lord at All Times (Psa.34)
       As the Hart Panteth After the Water Brooks (Psa.42)
       It's a Good Thing to Sing Praises (Psa.92:1-4)
       The Lord Is Great (Psa.95)
       Make a Joyful Noise (Psa.100)
       Bless the Lord (Psa.103)
       The Lovingkindness of the Lord (Psa.107)
       Lift Up Your Hands (Psa.134)
       Thanksgiving for God's Mercies (Psa.136)
       I Will Praise Thee with My Whole Heart (Psa.138)
       While I Live Will I Praise (Psa.146)
       Exhortations to Praise God (Psa.148)
       Praise His Name in the Dance (Psa.149)
       Praise Ye the Lord (Psa.150)
       Jehovah Is My Strength and Song (Isa.12)
       Making Melody in Your Heart (Eph.5:18-21)
       Rejoice in the Lord Alway (Phil.4:4-9)
       All in Jesus' Name (Col.3:16-17)

       Sunbeams and Shadows (Closer Walk Collection, formerly "M&M's Favourite Choruses")
       Miracle Motor (from Children's Musical Dramas)

       See "Praise Time" songbook.
       You Laid Your Hand (Songs of Love, pg.24, #68)
       It Took a Miracle (Songs of Love, pg.79, #215)
       Praise the Lord (Songs of Love, pg.81, #231)
       We Have Come This Far by Faith (Songs of Love, pg.85, #252)
       See the Moon and the Sun (Love Songs, pg.6, #312)
       Help Me to Be Thankful (Love Songs, pg.7, #315)
       He Gives Me Light (Love Songs, pg.14, #333)
       What Is Jesus? (Love Songs, pg.48, #425)
       Miracle Motor (Love Songs, pg.98, #562)
       He That Dwelleth in the Secret Place (Love Songs, pg.102, #577)
       Unto Thy Name Give Glory (Love Songs, pg.105, #588)
       My Sins Are Gone (Love Songs, pg.175, #794)
       All These Things from a Loving Father (Love Songs, pg.181, #812)
       Where Would We Be Without Love? (Love Songs, pg.184, #820)
       If Your Heart Keeps Right (Love Songs, pg.194, #847)

TOPIC: Witnessing and Love for the Lost
       Love for the Lost (Kidz Mop 1, pg.369)
       Love Thy Neighbor (LWG 1, pg.41)
       A Visit with the Farmer! (LWG 1, pg.73)
       Christmas with the Farmer! (LWG 1, pg.83)
       Mr. Coconut (LWG 2, pg.32)
       The Story of David Livingstone, Parts 1-4 (LWG 2, pg.358)
       Raising the Dead (LWG 4, pg.60)
       My Grandmother's 2000 Chinese Converts! (LOG, pg.183)
       She Hath Done what She Could! (LOG, pg.194)
       Pandita Ramabai (KTK 1, pg.97)
       Tommy (KTK 1, pg.115)
       The Story of Happy! (KTK 1, pg.119)
       The Story of Anaik! (KTK 3, pg.9)
       The Little Newsboy and the English Orator (KTK 3, pg.109)
       Feed My Sheep! (TK 3, pg.399)
       George Mueller: The Man of Faith (Kidz 76, DFO)
       A Faithful Witness (Kidz 77 DO, pg.2)
       Show'm Jesus! (Kidz 77 DO, pg.9)
       Mark 16:15 (GT 2, pg.1323)
       Tommy (Rhyme Book, pg.59)
       She Reaches out Her Hand for Help (Rhyme Book, pg.165:51)
       The Lost Sheep (Rhyme Book, pg.232)
       A Shepherd Time Story (DB 4, pg.356)
       Show'm Jesus (DB 3, pg.135)
       The Love of Christ Constraineth You (DB 3, pg.205)
       Weep for the Sheep (DB 10, pg.541)
       Love (GT 2, pg.1236)
       The Parable of the Lost Sheep and the Lost Coin (Luk.15:3-10)
       Parable of the Prodigal Son (Luk.15:11-32)
       Feed My Sheep (Jn.21:15-17)

       A Shepherd-Time Story (FG&Fun #2)
       Tommy (FG&Fun #3)

       Make an "Illustrated Missionary Map"! (Act.Bk.1, pg.B114)

       The Soul Winner Game (Act.Bk.4, pg.Q57)
       Saving Lost Souls (Act.Bk.4, pg.Q68)

       Little Angel of the Street (True Life Dramas, Tape 1)
       The Story of Happy (True Life Dramas, Tape 1)
       Tommy (True Life Dramas, Tape 6)
       He Got Me In (True Life Dramas, Tape 6)

THEME FOR DAY THREE: Personal and Home prayer requests.

{\b \i        New Pub}: "I Love You--Just You!" (MLK 2985)

       --Make a mural poster of a beautiful garden, with everyone adding a different, unique flower to it that represents themselves. You can complete the garden by adding God in the garden as the gardener, and write on the poster a quote from the Letter that goes along with it.
       --Talk about and list the different things Jesus has done and does to show you His individual love, things that you know the Lord has done just for you.
       --Talk about times how Jesus has worked something out for you, when no one else knew what you wanted or what you were thinking.
       --Color new posters from "I Love You!" MLK.

TOPIC: Family-wide and Personal Prayer Requests
       Prayer (Kidz Mop 2, pg.475)
       Prayer Power (TK 4, pg.235; DB 9, pg.4, or Vol.3)
       A Vision of Loving Prayer! (TK 7, pg.215)
       The Little Red Bus (LWG 1, pg.12)
       The Crushed Foot Accident (LOG, pg.42)
       The Still Small Voice (LOG, pg.201)
       Prayer Time (KTK 1, pg.71)
       The Eight Steps of Prayer! (KTK 1, pg.72; KTK 5, pg.70; Kidz 70 DO, pg.2)
       Stop the Train (KTK 1, pg.83)
       The Little Girl Who Couldn't Sleep (KTK 1, pg.239)
       Expect Miracles (KTK 3, pg.37)
       The Lord's Prayer! (KTK 3, pg.299)
       The Answer--Love, Humility, Prayer (KTK 4, pg.101)
       The Power of Your Prayers (KTK 4, pg.161)
       Healing in His Wings! (KTK 4, pg.259)
       Ask for Prayer! (KTK 4, pg.334; DB 7, pg.154)
       Keep on Believing (KTK 4, pg.367)
       All Things Are Possible (KTK 5, pg.205)
       Praying Together Helps (Kidz 69 DFO, pg.11)
       Jesus Always Helps (Kidz 69 DFO, pg.12)
       Learning to Pray (Kidz 69 DFO, pg.13)
       Why Keep on Praying? (Kidz 69 DFO, pg.15)
       Keep Asking (Kidz 70 DFO, pg.10)
       The Right Way to Ask (Kidz 70 DFO, pg.11)
       The Long Distance Prayer (Kidz 80 DFO, pg.3)
       Answered Prayers of the Bible (Mop 2, pg.1215)
       Special New Testament Prayers (Mop 2, pg.1216)
       Prayers Addressed to Jesus (Mop 2, pg.1217)
       Desperate Prayer (DB 1, pg.28)
       The Operator! (ML #700, Vol.5; DB 1, pg.101)
       More on Asking for Prayer! (DB 7, pg.324)
       Communion with God: Prayer (GT 1, pg.602)
       Expectancy (Treasures, pg.389)
       Healing in His Wings (Treasures, pg.393)
       God Never Fails! (Treasures, pg.625)
       So much depends on prayer! (FFF, pg.12)
       You can pray all the time! (FFF, pg.28)
       One of the biggest lessons (FFF, pg.37)
       You get what you ask for and have faith for! (FFF, pg.42)
       God waits for us to ask for help. (FFF, pg.45)
       If there's a need (Rhyme Book, pg.41)
       Temple Time (Rhyme Book, pg.49)
       Prayer Time! (Rhyme Book, pg.68)
       Eight Steps of Prayer (Rhyme Book, pg.69)
       The Operator (Rhyme Book, pg.145)
       In Answer to Prayer (Rhyme Book, pg.149)
       David's Prayers (Rhyme Book, pg.151)
       Just throw the switch! (Rhyme Book, pg.157:3)
       Get quiet and wait for God (Rhyme Book, pg.158:9)
       Look up and live! (Rhyme Book, pg.158:14)
       The Answer to Prayer (Rhyme Book, pg.163:42)
       Prayer and Praise (Rhyme Book, pgs.267-283)
       Traveling on My Knees (Rhyme Book, pg.354)
       Prayer (Memory Book, pg.36)
       Power Prayers pub (single)

       More on Faith (FG&Fun #3)
       Prayer for the Children (FG&Fun #3)

       The Pray More Vigil Activity!

       Faith and Healing Game (Act.Bk.4, pg.R48)

       Faith and Healing Quotes - Mama
       TOPIC: Love One Another
       Love One Another (Kidz Mop 1, pg.377)
       Scott the Puppy! (LWG 1, pg.66)
       The Oil of the Holy Spirit! (LWG 1, pg.184)
       Be Kind! (LWG 2, pg.248)
       Love Never Fails (KTK 1, pg.21)
       He Expects It of Me! (KTK 3, pg.17)
       The Good Samaritan (KTK 3, pg.303)
       Forgiveness (KTK 4, pg.73)
       Love and Sharing (KTK 4, pg.97)
       The Answer--Love, Humility, Prayer (KTK 4, pg.101)
       Do You Make It Easy for Others to Be Good? (KTK 4, pg.271)
       Prayer for Love and Mercy! (TK 2, pg.57)
       Love Is the Most Important Thing! (Hope TK 2, pg.2 or DB 2, pg.339)
       Teaching Kids Consideration! (Hope TK 18, pg.1)
       Do unto Others! (Hope TK 18, pg.9)
       Praise Works Wonders (Kidz 70 DFO, pg.13)
       A Love-Filled Crib, (Kidz 71 DFO, pg.12)
       Words Can Help or Hurt (Kidz 73 DO, pg.2)
       The Ministry of Encouragement! (Kidz 73 DO, pg.8)
       Sprinkle Drops of Sunshine! (Kidz 73 DO, pg.20)
       A Soft Answer (Kidz 73 DFO, pg.1)
       Minimising Milton (Kidz 73 DFO, pg.7)
       Compassion must be put into action! (FFF, pg.4)
       Be like Jesus! (FFF, pg.44)
       Let's be forgiving and patient! (FFF, pg.46)
       Arguments (GT 1, pg.118)
       Love (GT 2, pg.1236)
       To Love?--Or to Hate! (Treasures, pg.372)
       Can You Tame Your Tongue? (Treasures, pg.802)
       XXX! (Rhyme Book, pg.56)
       Father we thank Thee for the night (Rhyme Book, pgs.274, 282)
       Against Quarreling and Fighting (Rhyme Book, pg.292)
       Two Little Kittens (Rhyme Book, pg.347)
       Of Courtesy (Rhyme Book, pg.348)
       Pass it on (Rhyme Book, pg.357)
       Why the Family (DB 1, pg.127)
       Without Love It's Nothing! (DB 2, pg.362)
       Love for Others (Children's Prayer Vigil Promises, pg.4)

       -- Memorize one of the poems listed above under the topic "Love One Another."
       -- Quote a poem (or a part of one) as the prayer for one of your prayer requests! For example, if you're praying for more love for each other, the first person could then quote (or read) "XXX!" (Rhyme Book, pg.56), then the next person "Pass It On" (Rhyme Book, pg.357), and so on. Each one in the group would then be "claiming" a poem in prayer!
       -- Practice a presentation of 1Corinthians 13 to quote for everyone!
       --Make a Heart Mobile (Act.Bk.1, pg.B27). Use verses about loving one another.

       Little Angel of the Street (True Life Dramas, Tape 1)

       Show Grandpa's "Songs of Love" and "Songs of Service" video tapes (shorter segments for younger kids).

[EDITED: "end"]

Copyright 1996 The Family