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FSM 298       DO       Songs Cascading Down!

© August 1996, by The Family, Zurich, Switzerland

The Origins of the "Loving Jesus" Tape, "Open for Love!"
By Peter Amsterdam - Peter #88

       Introduction       1
       Excerpts of Peter's Talk on Receiving New Songs in Prophecy Summit '96       3
       How the Lord Poured Out the Songs       7
       Reaction from Jerry Paladino at the Japan Studio to the "Open for Love" Tape       9
       Further Explanation from the Lord and Mama about Prophecy and Song-writing!       10
       More Encouragement from Dad to Get God's Music!       11

Dear Family,                                   7/96
       God bless you! As you know, earlier this year Gary and I held Summit '96, which was attended by most of our CRO leadership, as well as 32 YAs and second-generation adults.
       It was a wonderful experience for Gary and me, as well as for the CROs, to live, work, discuss and pray with our young people -- to hear from their vantage point the problems our young people face, the battles they fight and the victories they've won. We were impressed by their prayerful attitudes and their insight into the problems we face as a Family, as well as their suggested solutions to these problems.
       Besides the discussions about the needs of the worldwide Family, there were also a number of meetings held addressing the issues which were important to cover with our young people, such as the Law of Love, the "Loving Jesus" revelation, the use of prophecy, and others, all of which seemed to help them better understand the spirit behind these principles and tenets of our faith.
       They began to have a greater understanding of the need for and use of prophecy, applying it not only to major matters that arise, but as a practical tool to help them in their everyday lives. In some upcoming FSMs, we hope to publish reactions and lessons written by the young people who attended the Summit, in which they will share in their own words the many wonderful things they learned.
       With the advent of the "Loving Jesus" revelation, Mama felt it would be a great benefit to the Family if we could produce a tape of songs of worship and love to the Lord, songs that we could use in our intimate interactions with Him and with others. These songs could be used for prayer and communing with the Lord, as well as for dates -- songs that would draw the listeners into the Spirit of Love when loving the Lord either alone or with a partner. These songs can also be used as a tool to praise the Lord, listening to or singing along with the tape to express our love and thankfulness to the Lord, or as a source of encouragement and strength when we need something to help us think about Jesus and get our eyes on Him. She suggested that perhaps the young people at the Summit could receive such songs through prophecy, if they had the faith and desire to do so.
       After the first week of the Summit, we presented this challenge to the young people. Though the concept of receiving songs and song words in prophecy was entirely new to them, they had the faith to try. The result of their faith is the new "Loving Jesus" tape entitled "Open for Love," which you have either just received, or will be receiving very shortly, D.V. We believe this tape will be a great blessing to all. From the initial reactions we've received from the Homes that have heard it, they really like it, not only as a tool to praise the Lord, but also that they very much enjoy the songs and music, which came out very nicely, thanks to the hard work that our studios put into it. And while the tape can be used for intimate times of love with Jesus, or for your dates, the songs are generally suitable to be played around the house, at Praise Times, dance nights, or for personal listening.
       Because of the phenomenal way in which the Lord gave these songs, we would like to share with you parts of the class that was given before our young people prayed for these songs, as well as some testimonies that they shared at one of the following Sunday Fellowship meetings, about receiving these "Loving Jesus" songs.
       It's important for you to understand, though, that these young people are people just like you. You have probably lived with some of them and you may know them well. They were challenged to have the faith to believe God's Word -- that He had music available in Heaven which He wanted to pour down upon them. They tested the Lord's Word and stood on it, and the Lord came through, as He had promised that He would.
       The songs on the tape, "Open for Love," are a direct fulfillment of the promises given in the "New Music for a New Day" (GN 658), as you'll read about later in this mag. We pray that the following portions of notes from this meeting, as well as the young people's testimonies, will inspire your faith to receive from the Lord -- whether it's prophecies, poems, songs, visions or whatever the Lord has for you. The Lord has promised to speak, and if you believe Him and step out by faith, He will do it, for He never fails!
       We hope that "Open for Love" will inspire you and help you as you praise, commune with and love our dear precious Husband. It's our prayer that these songs, given straight from Heaven, will help you draw closer to Him, as you sing them, use them as prayers of love and thanksgiving to the Lord, and as music to inspire you as you love Him.

Excerpts of Peter's Talk on Receiving New Songs in Prophecy -- Summit '96

       (Peter:) Mama asked if you young people would be willing to pray down some "Loving Jesus" songs that could be recorded for the Family. These songs would, of course, be for a different purpose than the other music that has been produced for the FTTs. They probably will be a different style, perhaps a bit more subdued, because we'd be producing them for a different purpose. There are different songs for different purposes, and for this project we're thinking in terms of songs for intimate worship, prayer songs, and love songs to Jesus.
       The right kind of music can add a new dimension to your time spent loving the Lord, to your prayers and your praises to Him. Often when Mama prays or she's going to spend some intimate love time with the Lord, she puts music on, especially slow Word songs or hymns that she can sing to the Lord and use as prayers.
       Well, He now would like to see us produce some of our own songs which reflect the "Loving Jesus" revelation, which the Family can listen to when they are going to have intimate time with Jesus or when they are going to be loving Jesus together with someone else. We need music that will make it easier for us to enter into the Spirit, to enter into more intimacy with Jesus.
       We have a loving, sexy Husband -- Jesus! We are His Bride who wants to love Him, so we need some music for that purpose, with words that portray the way we feel. We like to play romantic music when we have dates with others, so why not some romantic, sexy music for when we have loving times with Jesus? Having such a tape might make it a lot easier for people to love the Lord either alone or together on their dates, as they could sing along or say the words of the song to the Lord as they love one another. -- Of course people could sing or listen to the songs any other time of the day as well, as a means of praising the Lord and worshipping Him.
       How about it? Do you want to try? Do you think the Lord could give you this type of songs? Do you believe that the Lord can answer prayer and give us what we ask for? It's a need, so do you believe the Lord will supply?
       I was reading "New Music for a New Day" to bolster my faith to ask you to receive these songs and I came across some very interesting promises.


       ({\ul \i Prophecy, Jesus speaking:) }"Come to Me with your cup in hand, and see if I will not pour out to you some of the fresh water of My Spirit! For if you will look to Me in prayer and in desperation, if you will seek Me, and if you will ask Me to pour out to you the songs of the Spirit, then I will pour forth. You will have the music that you seek, with the message that is good, that is strong, that is healthy, that is pure, that is clear, that is filled with Me and My Love and My Word and My strength and My power and My anointing -- Words that speak to your heart, words that pour out the heartcry of your heart, and that bring My answer to those heartcries" (ML #3022:35).


       ({\ul \i Prophecy, Dad speaking:) }"The songs that we have Here for you there are the songs that are waiting to come, the songs that will come when you look upward and you cry out, when you pray, when you seek! When these songs are poured out to you, they are songs of the Spirit, songs of conviction, songs of truth, songs of strength, songs of joy, songs of witnessing, songs of praise, songs of rejoicing, songs of heartbreak and heartache, songs of comfort! They're Here! They're Here! They're Here! I hear them! I hear them playing. I hear them being sung! They're just waiting! -- Waiting to pour down to you!
       "But, kids, you've got to turn your antennas upward! Take them out of the mire and mud and hold them upward and listen! Tune in! Fill yourselves first with the Word! Read and pray! Tank up! Fill up! Pray up! Praise up! -- And then look up and listen, and the songs will come cascading down upon you! For there are many, many, many! They're waiting for you, just you! Do you hear them? Do you want to hear them? Do you listen? Do you want to listen? If you will listen, these songs will come to you.
       "There is music Here for you now [DELETED] but you've got to get it! And to get it you've got to pray and you've got to listen. You've got to drink in the Words. You've got to clear your spirit, and then they'll come. They'll come in abundance, and it will supply all your need for music.
       "So you want more music? -- Write it! You want more music? -- Sing it! You want more music? -- Listen for it! You want more music? -- Look up, receive it. Sing it! Record it! Share it! God said He would supply all your needs according to His riches in glory, and He has great riches and great glory, and He has great music!
       "Music is an important part of our life Here. There is much music, beautiful music! There is every kind of music. It's Heavenly music -- music that feeds us in the Spirit! -- Music that brings forth our praise to God! -- Music that brings us great joy and enjoyment! It's everywhere! -- And we want to pour it down on you!
       "So if you want it, don't look outside, look up! -- Up to where the greatest music is! -- Up to where the purest music is! -- Up to where the most exciting music is, where the most thrilling music is! -- Music with beats that you've never heard! -- Music with words that you could only imagine! -- Music that will stir your heart and soul, and that will motivate you into loving action! -- Music that will motivate you to serve Him and to love Him, to fight for Him and to die for Him, to lay down your life for Him! -- Music that will give you the burden to do the job! -- Music that will help you to love your brothers and your sisters, that will convict your souls, that will melt your hearts. -- Music that will change your lives. -- Music that will encourage your faith. -- Music that will help you march forward when you feel like stopping. -- Music that will make you love Him like you've never loved Him before!
       "It's all Here! It's all ready! It's waiting! Open up the taps through faith, through prayer, through the Spirit, through the Word and through seeking Him! -- And the windows of Heaven will open up to you and you will receive these songs of the Spirit in a new way for this new day!
       "It's there, kids! Believe me! I'm telling you, it's there. It's there for the asking. So seek Him, cry out for it, and it is yours. You'll be glad you did, for it will be new music for you, my children in this new day" (ML #3022:51-58). (End of prophecy.)


       (Peter continues:) Hallelujah! I believe what the Lord and Dad said in these prophecies! I know that if we claim His Word, if we do what He has told us to do here, that He will do His part. He's made it quite clear. He's laid out the plan. He's told us what to do: "Turn your antennas upward! Take them out of the mire and mud and hold them upward and listen! Tune in! Fill yourselves first with the Word! Read and pray! Tank up! Fill up! Pray up! Praise up! -- And then look up and listen, and the songs will come cascading down upon you!" That's a promise! If we do these things, then He's promised to cascade the songs down upon us! It's a promise!
       Of course it's one thing to believe His promises, and it's quite another thing to act on it. I knew Mama wanted us to work on this and try to get these songs while we're here and I felt that the time had come to present it to you. I was thinking about these prophecies from "New Music for a New Day" and I prayed, "Lord, I've got to go down there and tell these young people that we really need to get songs from the spirit world. I know what You said in these prophecies and I know You said the songs are there and if we pray we'll get them, that if we seek You, You will give them to us. Now I've got to have the faith to put your Word to the test in front of all of these young people, to tell them that if they obey what You have said, You will miraculously pour out the songs to them. Lord, they are probably going to believe it and have the faith to try, so You have got to come through for them."
       I was thinking, "Lord, if I go to that meeting and say, 'Okay, you guys, the Lord says that we can pray in some songs,' and then we pray and listen and no songs come, well, that's not going to be too cool!" Ha! Then the Lord gave a prophecy that encouraged me that He would indeed fulfill His promise. He said:


       ({\ul \i Prophecy, Jesus speaking:) }"Do not fear to step out by faith to receive of Me the promises that I have said that I would pour forth. For have I not said that I would pour forth the songs of the Spirit, that they would cascade down from the halls of Heaven into the ears of these My children? So I have said it, and so I will do it. They can come before Me, they can seek Me, they can cry out to Me, and behold, I will pour forth in abundance upon them, so that they may receive that which I have to give them from the Spirit.
       "Do not fear to put Me to the test. Prove Me now herewith, saith the Lord, and see if I will not open up the windows of Heaven and pour forth My Spirit upon these My children, that they may receive from Me the songs of the Spirit, the Words of the Spirit, the praises of the Spirit, the Love of the Spirit.
       "For I wish to pour My Spirit down upon these, that they may have faith, that they may learn to tap into My Spirit, to receive of Me. If they will come to Me in full faith, believing that which I have said unto them, I will give unto them that which they seek, I will answer their prayers, and I will pour forth upon them in a new and greater way.
       "So help them to have faith -- faith to call out to Me, faith to hear from Me, faith to trust that I will speak and I will give them that which they ask for. For no good thing will I withhold from them that walk uprightly. No good thing will I withhold from these, My children, who seek Me - these, the children of David; these, the young warriors of David; these, the young warriors of the Spirit; these who understand the needs of My children; these who need to raise the rallying cry of My Spirit.
       "For if they will open their hearts, open their ears, open their minds, open their spirits to receive Me, so will I pour forth My Spirit upon them in great abundance, that they may know My Love, that they may receive Me as their Husband, and that they may receive the seeds of My Words, the seeds of My songs, the seeds of My Spirit, the seeds of My strength, the seeds of My Love. -- And so shall these seeds bring forth new life, new strength, new power in My Spirit and of My Spirit. If they will yield themselves unto Me in utter abandonment, I will fill them to the full in every way, that they may be strengthened in Me, that they may receive My power, that they may go forth like My apostles of old, in the power and in the anointing of My Holy Spirit." (End of prophecy.)


       Isn't that faith-building? He's promised to do it and He will. We just have to believe it and act upon it, by faith, and He will do the rest. The other day when you all joined your CROs in prayer and prophecy, someone had a vision about music. I hadn't spoken to anyone about this music project, so it was amazing to hear about this vision. Here's what was said:


       (Vision:) "I heard some girls starting to sing a beautiful song, then I heard all kinds of instruments and voices coming in. I looked over a hill and saw all these beautiful girls with tambourines with streamers on them, and they were beginning to sing a beautiful song. Behind them was a throng of boys. There were all kinds of birds and every kind of musical instrument you could imagine. Things I'd never seen before were flying through the air. All these people were marching up this hill singing, 'I will sing unto the Lord a new song!'
       "Then I saw several people here in the meeting all together and they were writing songs on the things the Lord was doing. Then someone came out of the crowd of singers and said, 'The songs that we sing this day will win many unto the Lord!'" (End of vision.)


       Isn't that exciting? It's so neat to see the Lord move and do miracles! He's promised to supply our needs and He does it all the time, right? If we need provisions, and we pray, He supplies. If we need housing, and we pray desperately, He supplies. So if we need songs, we know He can supply those as well.
       You will need to discuss among yourselves how you want to go about it. Some of you may want to pray together in teams, others individually. Some of you might get words in prophecy and others will get tunes, so you will want to work together to put the words received to the tunes given. It's probably best to teamwork with someone, as two are better than one. (End of notes from Summit class.)


       (Peter:) After this meeting, we all laid hands on each other and prayed desperately for the Lord to pour out the songs. Over the next several days, the young people took some time between meetings and in the evenings to pray together and hear from the Lord in prophecy, in order to receive what the Lord had for them. Many of the songs were received in prophecy and some were taken directly from the "Praise Kisses" and other published material as well.
       At our Sunday Fellowship, just two days after this meeting, five new songs were sung. By the following week's Sunday Fellowship another ten songs had been written. By the time the Summit was over, 23 songs had been written, many by those who had never written a song or poem before!
       Thirteen of these songs have since been recorded at three of our studios (the DC studio, and the Peru and Brazil local language studios) and have been sent out on a tape to you. All but two of the songs on "Open for Love" were received at the Summit, with the other two being written elsewhere, but roughly during the same time period as the Summit meeting was being held.
       Following are testimonies from some of those who received these songs from the Lord.


How the Lord Poured Out the Songs

Gabe (23), Europe:
       After the meeting where we prayed to receive the "Loving Jesus" songs, I just sat there and words began pouring down. I just started writing them down, and within about four or five minutes I had gotten the words to three separate songs with about five verses each. It was like prophecy coming, and it was quite miraculous to me because I don't usually get prophecies.

Marianne Fisherman (23), Asia:
       After Peter talked with us about asking the Lord for some songs, my question was, "Do you mean that we are actually going to pray and the Lord is going to give us these songs? Are we supposed to apply this literally, actually getting prophecies with the words of a song?" My faith in prophecy is growing slowly the more I put it into practice, but I really didn't think that I would actually receive a song. I had never in my life written a song, and in the past I've tried so hard to think of words for a song, but they've never come. So to think that the Lord was going to give it to me in prophecy was almost inconceivable. I didn't think this was for me.
       Three of us planned to get together and pray. I thought, "At least if I'm with somebody else, if I get something I'll have the faith to give it because I'll feel convicted to give it." But what happened was both of the people that I was going to pray with were busy, so I was going to have to do it alone! I was so nervous! "What if I get something and what if it doesn't make sense?" So I lay on my bed and really prayed, and it's quite amazing, because the Lord gave me a prophecy and it was all the words to a song -- and it rhymed! I was shocked! It just came like that -- boom, boom, boom! They were simple words, but it was really from my heart, and when I looked at it afterwards I couldn't believe that it had come out. That was very encouraging!

David Ho (of Crystal, 24), South America:
       Something that really inspired me about the whole song idea is how the Lord gave the vision and the idea via Mama and through prophecy, which Peter then shared with us young people during this class, and then everyone just stepped out on the water by faith. I was on a team with Jonathan and Andrew. They said, "Okay, let's go write some songs. Let's go down to the beach with a tape recorder." I was just following along with these guys.
       We were all standing there facing the ocean and Andrew prayed, "Lord, please just cascade the songs down!" I really admired Andrew's faith for standing there and praying that and expecting that it was going to happen. It was a testimony to me.
       Then later when Andrew got up and sang the two songs the Lord gave him, I was blown away! I couldn't believe it! I knew the Lord had honored his faith because he wanted it. It's been a real big inspiration to me to see the Lord just punching through in the lives of so many of us young people. It's an incredible testimony to me.

Andrew (formerly Jonas, 23), Asia:
       I've started writing songs before, but I've often gotten stuck on some part and just ended up putting them on the back burner and not finishing them. The day we had prayer for song writing, I felt a surge and I grabbed a tape recorder. On the way to the van I got an idea about using the words "My heart panteth, my soul longeth for Thee," and then as we were praying I was starting to get a tune. I went outside and I just started singing and then immediately the chorus came. -- And all of a sudden it was a song. It's a miracle!

Rose, North America:
       To prove what a moving of the Spirit this is, today I was lying on my bed having a sweet little time with Jesus, and all of a sudden words started coming to me. I don't have the gift of prophecy and I've never written a poem in my life before. I thought, "Wow, those are nice words. That sounds really nice." It was just a few little phrases. I said, "Lord, if You want to give me a poem, give me some more and then I'll get up and write it down."
       The Lord said, "You get up and write them down and then I'll give you more." So I did! I got up and started writing them down and the Lord gave me a poem. I gave it to Miguel and he put it to music. Even though I'd never written a poem before, the Lord gave it to me so simply and easily. It was exciting!

Reaction from Jerry Paladino at the Japan Studio to the "Open for Love" Tape

       (From Jerry:) I just wanted to jot you a quick note to let you know how much we are all enjoying the beautiful work that all those at the DCS (DC studio), PAS (Peru studio) and BLAST (Brazil local language studio) did on "Open for Love"! It's a truly beautiful and inspiring work of art, and everyone here at the HCS is enjoying it immensely! We're amazed at all the different varieties of songs and styles the Lord led everyone to, proof of the Heavenly inspiration that engineered it all and put it together! It's a fulfillment of the Lord's promises in the different music GNs and prophecies! It's also a blessing to hear so many gifted singers that have not appeared on the FTTs up till now! I pray we can have more, more, more of these inspired younger singers! They really turn us on every time we hear the tape, and help us love Jesus in a better way! Variety is the spice of life, and we are being seasoned by the newness of these songs, styles and singers. Praise the Lord!

       The general content and feeling of the tape is truly beautiful and anointed! God bless everyone who had anything to do with it starting with Mama who had the inspiration to suggest it, Peter and Gary who had the crazy faith' to believe that if the Lord suggested, He was gonna do it, the young people who had the faith to believe and receive the songs, and the studios and singers who did such a beautiful job recording the songs!

Miguel (of Cherish, 21), North America:
       I wanted to get something from the Lord because I very much wanted to be a part of this move of the Spirit, however at the same time I was hit with the realization that I rarely finish the songs I start. Once the inspiration dies, my perspiration doesn't get me very far. In fact, I have about 10 unfinished songs.
       I was sitting there picking away on the guitar but nothing was really flowing, so I prayed, "Lord, what am I doing here?" One of the prophecies in the "New Music for a New Day" GN talked about coming to the Lord with your cups empty, and it dawned on me that I didn't have a cup! I didn't have a tape recorder, so how could I expect to be filled if there was nothing to fill?
       At first I was tempted to think, "Well, if I get something really good, I'll go get a tape recorder." But then I got, "Go get a tape recorder and I'll give you something." So I went and got a tape recorder and I didn't feel anything super hot or special, but I just turned it on and started singing.
       I went from trying to think, "Now what would be a nice tune? What words should I put in here?" to just kind of forgetting about the tape recorder and singing the words that I felt to the Lord. I just played and sang for about five minutes with the tape rolling, and then afterwards I re-listened to it and gleaned all the parts from that one tape which eventually made up a song.
       It was convicting for me that you have to come with your cups empty to the Lord and expect to be filled. For me that was the lesson -- to expect it and take whatever is there and make something out of that.

Gabe (23), Europe:
       There was a big obstacle in my way when I read the "Loving Jesus" series. I could understand it, but it was kind of slow progress to be able to grasp it in my personal life and be able to put it into effect. One thing that I couldn't bring myself to do was to say things to the Lord that were of a sexual nature. Getting all these songs helped me a super lot because it wasn't just that we received these songs on a tape (from WS), but we were actually receiving the songs ourselves, and these sexy things to the Lord were coming from our hearts. I wrote those sort of lines in some of the songs that I was working on. -- And it wasn't just because they rhymed, I truly meant them.
       It helped me get over a major hurdle, and showed me how much the Lord can use things like writing songs to get over a hump like that. It's so beautiful to me now, but before it was like my carnal mind couldn't understand the things of God. Praise the Lord!

Stephen (of Joan, 24), Europe:
       As Peter gave the talk on writing songs, I wrote some things down in my notebook. I didn't even remember what it was. But later when I started writing my song, what I had written in my notebook became the words to my song.
       Then I sat down to write the music and immediately I got a tune. But then the words didn't fit the music, and I thought, "Uh-oh!" Then just like a revelation, I got the idea that the song needed to be in two parts, with a boy singing one part and a girl the other, and it fit just right.
       Something like that had never happened to me before. I've written songs before, but this was a miracle. The total time that I worked on it was very short.

Jason (of Cedar, 24), North America:
       I went out on the beach and was expecting the Lord to give me a song. I felt in my heart that if I was ever going to get a song, this was the time, as I could feel the Lord's Spirit moving. I wrote an eight-stanza poem in 15 minutes; it just flowed. However the Lord didn't want me to get the entire song by myself, for the purpose of teaching me more about teamworking with others.
       When my wife, Cedar, and I got back together, and I sang my song to her, she also shared with me what she had gotten during the time I was out on the beach. So we collaborated on what we'd both received, and together it made a beautiful song. I must admit that it was difficult having my wife advising me on the tune as well, but in the end we were very happy because it was a beautiful song, just what we'd wanted to get. The Lord blended it all together through teamwork to give us a wonderful love song to Him.

Pedro (CRO), South America:
       I feel rewarded to have had a part in the production of this tape. It's been a life-changing experience! From the day we had the class with dear Peter, when he presented the ideas with the prophecies, I saw our young people getting turned on with the vision and believing the Words from the Lord. After we had prayer and the laying on of hands, the Lord did a wonderful miracle! He cascaded those songs down so beautifully!
       As a musician, I know it is a miracle that the Lord has given about 25 beautiful songs in about two weeks. In a lot of cases, these songs were received by people who had never written a song before! Some of them were received in prophecy -- both melodies and words were received in prophecy. It's just mind-blowing the way it all happened!
       I pray that this can happen for all our dear musicians in the studios around the world. To me, it is a fulfillment of what the Lord said in the music GN, that it takes effort and getting down on our knees and praying these songs down. It has taught me a beautiful lesson about getting things from the Lord, that it takes a lot of effort sometimes, stopping and listening and taking the time to do it.
       This definitely applies not only to the music. It's amazing to me how it does apply to the music, but how much more to getting instructions, guidance and encouragement from Him not only for ourselves, but even for others.


Further Explanation from the Lord and Mama about Prophecy and Song-writing!

       ({\ul \i Mama:)} You probably already know that we must be very careful not to change the Words that the Lord gives in prophecy. The Words of prophecy are God's Words, not ours, and only He knows what He wants said. When the young people at the Summit worked on receiving the "Loving Jesus" songs directly from Above, the words came in different ways. In some cases the words received in prophecy needed little or no modification in order to fit with the music, in other cases the young people received a number of phrases or complete sentences which they weaved together into a song. In some instances the Lord gave prophecies which were then used as the basis for the song, though all of the actual words received were not used as originally received.
       The question that comes up, therefore, is "Why is it not okay to change some prophecies, but it is okay to change others (like the songs received in prophecy)? How come we can 'tamper' or 'meddle' with some prophecies, but not with the others?"
       Because I knew this would present a dilemma, I asked the Lord to explain the difference. The Lord answered us very clearly and beautifully. He clarifies that there is a definite distinction between receiving songs from Heaven in a prophecy-like fashion, as opposed to receiving answers from Him in prophecy to our questions and petitions, or obtaining counsel regarding a given situation.
       The Lord explains in the prophecy below that in the writing of these "Loving Jesus" songs, He is leaving with the individuals who are writing the song a measure of choice in how they want to present these words of love to Him, and in what order. The Lord may give you phrases, words, or even a verse or two in prophecy, pieces of the puzzle, also giving you the opportunity to add your own personal words of love. He leaves the completion of the song up to you, wanting you to give it a "personal touch." Isn't that beautiful? (The same could apply to other songs that you receive through prophecy, not just "Loving Jesus" songs.)

       ({\ul \i Prophecy, Jesus speaking:) }For I give forth My Words in varying forms. You have asked Me concerning these songs which were received from Heaven, so I will explain it to you.
       In this particular case, I will liken it unto a vision that one receives. When I give a vision, I put forth the picture, an impression, feelings, in a person's mind, but I leave up to them to choose the words with which to describe the vision that I give. So it is in this case. To those young people at the Summit who took up the challenge of receiving these songs of love to Me, which I poured forth from Heaven, I gave to many of them in this fashion.
       They received word pictures, feelings, impressions, phrases, and words of love to Me which I had already given through prophecy [EDITED: ""Praise Kisses," see ML #3055, GN 684"]. To some I poured forth in more direct prophecy. I gave several verses, as prophecy. But to most, I left with them a measure of choice as to how they wanted to present these words of love to Me, and in what order. I gave them pieces of the puzzle, and they were then able to take what they had learned, and fill in the rest of the puzzle.
       I could have poured forth each of the songs complete and perfected, but this was not My plan. For I love to use every occasion as a learning opportunity, and I have found that most learn best when they have to partake themselves in an active and tangible way.
       The purpose of My giving unto you these words of love, these words of adoration, is to teach you how to praise Me. It is to show you that there are many ways in which to love Me, many words which you can use, and I give these unto you as a sample. I give these unto you as a help in your times of loving Me. And yes, I have given you these words that you may say these words unto Me, for these words are pleasing in My sight. Even though I have given you these exact words to say unto Me, yet when I hear them, I receive them into My heart as coming directly from your heart, as your praises and offerings, and the personal expression of your love for Me.
       You must understand that in receiving these songs from Heaven, while you may receive words or phrases, or even whole verses that come as a prophecy, it is different than when you come before Me with a petition, with a question, bringing before Me a specific situation and asking My mind on it, My counsel on it, My wisdom and guidance. For when you come before Me with a petition, it is a request or plea for help. You are asking, and I am answering. You have no idea what I, in My great wisdom of infinite Love and mercy, will say to you -- what answer and what gems and jewels and priceless treasures I will pour forth upon you. The Words that I give to you are priceless, sacred, to be held and valued above all. For this is the treasure of prophecy, of hearing from the very lips of Life itself.
       But when I say to you that I wish to pour forth to you songs of love, dedication, adoration and praise unto Me, then I am letting you know in advance what the themes of the songs are to be. And in doing this I make an allowance for those pouring forth these songs and praises from the Heavenly Realm, to work together with you. I give you the opportunity to add your words of love and desire, for I love to hear every loving word that you speak unto Me.
       If it were possible for you to express yourself, and your great love for Me to your satisfaction, then this would be sufficient. However, because you desire more, you long for more, and you feel the need to receive from Me the words to say, the songs to sing, I am more than happy to give them to you. Nevertheless, in most cases I require the personal touch, and the completion of these songs must be performed by you. For in doing this, these words become your own heartcry. They become dear and special unto you, and you sing them unto Me with great feeling and expression. (End of prophecy.)


More Encouragement from Dad to Get God's Music!
       In a personal letter to Mama, a teen in one of our field Homes wrote the following:
       "Recently there have been teens coming from a nearby field, and most of them have been bringing their System music from groups like Guns N' Roses, Rod Stewart, Bon Jovi, Rolling Stones, Pink Floyd, etc. One thing I've noticed is that the parents don't say anything to their teens who are listening to that System music. They let them go to a CD and tape store and buy tapes whenever they want.
       "These teens always go around singing songs that are a bad influence on the kids. I have a little brother who is four years old and they taught him a song that I felt was bad for him. I had to talk to my little brother and explain that it was not right. At first I got really influenced by these teens, and I have to admit that I wouldn't tell them anything. I think it was because I wanted to keep the peace with them. Sometimes I would listen to that music too, but I realized that it was a bad influence.
       "Some of the songs they would listen to talk about worshipping the Devil. I was very shocked and talked to the shepherds of the Home, and they did something about it, but after two weeks it's back to the same thing again, like the saying, 'You can lead a horse to the water, but you can't make him drink.'" (End of excerpt from letter.)
       The following is a portion of a prophecy from Dad received for the girl who wrote Mama the above letter.


       ({\ul \i Prophecy, Dad speaking:)} "Thank you, Honey, for having the guts and conviction to say something about the music, and for being concerned about your younger brothers and sisters and the effect that it has on them. That's having a real shepherd's heart, a real mommy's heart to watch over and care for and protect His little lambs.
       "Pray for your brothers and sisters and friends and peers who are hooked on this System music, this pollution of the Enemy, that the Lord will give them a more healthy appetite for His music and Words. We're doing all we can up Here to send it down to whoever seeks it and asks for it and gets desperate for it. And some people are getting it! Praise the Lord! And Mama and WS and the studios are doing what they can to process it and get it out so you young people have some new, inspiring, appealing songs and music.
       "Help your friends and peers out by not only praying for them but by getting some new songs from the Lord yourself, and turning them on to it! You don't have to be a musician or songwriter to do it. All you have to do is tune in and listen and receive it! You just have to be the channel -- and it'll thrill you when you see what the Lord can do! Just pray and step out by faith and try it! -- You'll love it! When they start hearing some of this new stuff we're pouring out, they'll drop that other junk, because it will pale by comparison!
       "So keep praying for them, and get some of your friends together and come before the Lord in desperation and with a real vacuum and ask Him for some new songs, and you'll be surprised what He will do!
       "God bless you, Honey. Stay close to Jesus, loving Him and listening to His loving whispers and asking Him to help you -- and He will. He is, and you're being a wonderful blessing! I love you, and if you ever need my help, just ask me. I've got lots of help up Here, and you young people are very important to me, so just holler when you need help, OK? Promise? OK. I love you! XXX!" (End of prophecy.)


       How about you? What's your stand? Are you getting your inspiration from the pure musical waters of God's well? WS has been sending out new FTT tapes regularly now. Are you listening to those? -- Or are you hooked on ungodly System music? If so, ask the Lord to deliver you from its grip! Tune in to His Heavenly tunes!
       Are you praying down new songs? Are you praying for others to receive them? Are you receiving them yourselves? Those who attended the Summit proved it could be done! How about you? Why not give it a try? The Lord can do it through you if you give Him a chance. Try it, you might like it!

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