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FSM 325       CM/FM       Way Out There!!--Accounts of a trip to Heaven from the Family in Southeast Asia

Copyright © 1998 by The Family - 2/98.

A roomful of Family members take a spirit trip together!

       Eye's not seen, ear's not heard
       Those things Above while we're still on earth.
       But the God of love's now lettin'r rip,
       An' He showed it to us on a spirit trip!

       Do you sometimes think that spirit trips, spiritual experiences and encounters, visions and the like are only reserved for mediums, spiritists and seers, prophets and sages of old, or spiritual giants? If that was ever the case, it isn't so anymore! If you want to partake of the realities of the world of tomorrow, or get a thrilling glimpse into the heavenlies, or an unforgettable experience with Jesus, all you have to do is pray, and tap into the power! ({\ul \i Editor's note}: For more from Dad on this subject, please see "Space City," ML #75A; "Flatlanders," ML #57; and "Out of This World," ML #686.)
       We're all familiar with the verse, "And it shall come to pass in the Last Days [DELETED] I will pour out My Spirit upon all flesh, and your sons and your daughters shall prophesy, and your young men shall see visions, and your old men shall dream dreams" (Ac.2:17). More and more this is becoming a reality, and as we learn to let go of the bondage of the flesh, the Lord is able to whisk us away into the freedom of the Spirit! We've been simply amazed that the Lord can speak and reveal things to us, just as He did to both old-time and modern-day prophets. It's thrilling to watch the Lord pour His Spirit down in ways that we never imagined possible, through any people and channels who are receptive, willing and yielded to Him!--"Out of the mouths of babes and sucklings[DELETED]!" (Psa.8:2).
       (Mariko, 20:) We want to share with you the thrilling testimony of a spirit trip which took place during the meetings where some of us young people here in Thailand viewed the Summit '96 videos. We heard that something similar had been done at the Summit meetings, so we decided to launch out and give it a try, but little did we know what an unforgettable adventure awaited us! Everyone let go and joined in wholeheartedly, and we took off! The Lord's Spirit took over and permeated the room, melting our hearts together in love and unity! Praise the Lord!
       We began the evening by singing, "The Fifth Dimension," and from there it seemed like the Lord translated us into another dimension, and gave us glimpses of the world beyond.--It was almost like a life after death experience!
       Aside from the beautiful, breathtaking tours of Heaven's wonders, amusements, and celestial mansions, some of us had personal experiences where the Lord was able to lift burdens from off our hearts that we had been carrying for years.--In some cases He took away long-time bitterness and hurts, and in other cases, He liberated us from fears and reservations, holding us in His arms, comforting us, and wiping the tears from our eyes. The Lord even allowed Jonadab and Renee (who had both passed over) to visit their children who were present!
       By the end, there was hardly a dry eye in the room. The Lord had reached down and touched each of us in such a personal way that no one wanted to come back after experiencing such beauty and love during this brief glimpse into the Heavenly realm!
       It was thrilling to see the Lord wipe away cynicism and skepticism and melt the hearts of everyone, both young and old, together with His supernatural, yet very personal love and mercy for us as individuals. Everyone can testify that this brought the realities of Heaven and the spirit world right into each of our hearts, and increased our faith so much, giving us a renewed dedication and commitment to Jesus!
       We wanted to include the testimonies that were shared after returning from our spirit trip, which we pray are a wonderful source of encouragement and inspiration to you. We love you!

* * *

From John SGA (of Rejoice)
       Once we arrived, I wanted to see some of the Heavenly mansions, and immediately I found myself standing in front of Grandpa's Heavenly mansion, just as it was illustrated in the posters! Then I thought that I'd like to see some far-out architecture, something really out of this world!
       Right then an angel led me to a mansion in the shape of several hearts, cascaded one on top of the other, and each one was a different room. The next mansion I came upon was made up of bubbles and tunnels. The main area of the house was a big bubble or dome, with a living room and library, as well as a large pool in the center. Above the main bubble were smaller bubbles, which were sort of floating, yet connected to the main one by tunnels. I had a feeling that these were the bedrooms and private areas. It was a really neat and different kind of mansion!
       This in itself was amazing, but even more so when my wife told me that this was the Heavenly mansion she and her sister [DELETED] Well, I'd better let her tell you the story:

From Rejoice SGA (of John)
       Going on this Heavenly trip was an extra touch of love from the Lord! When I last saw my sister two years ago, we had described to each other what we wanted our Heavenly mansions to look like. This was very fun, as we had similar tastes. But I had never told my mate about this. I was astounded to hear him describe the mansion above, which fit almost to a "T " (except that I wanted water tunnels, ha!--You never know, maybe they were water tunnels)! It really thrilled me to have such a beautiful confirmation like that of the place that He is preparing for us. Thank You Jesus!
       At the beginning of our trip, it seemed that to be able to fully partake of the joys and all that the Lord had for us There, we had to be willing to be inwardly cleansed of anything that would hold us back. When I met others that had been in Heaven for some time, it was like I could look right through them, and they had nothing to hide! Grandpa has already described Heavenly clothing and how we won't be ashamed of our bodies. However, this was on the inside as well--there was nothing in anyone's life or heart that wasn't confessed and clean and forgiven.
       It seemed that the more you had confessed and given to Jesus, the more fully you could partake of Heaven. It wasn't anything difficult, all you had to do was swim in the river and let the water cleanse you. The Lord used this experience to work in my heart as there were some things that I was having difficulty mustering up the courage to confess, but after having a little taste of Heaven I felt like, "How could I hold back?"
       Then, right before we all left Heaven, we saw Jesus, and each of us had been given our crowns! We cast them at His feet and were praising Him for His goodness. Then He took us one by one and danced with us, and as part of our reward He told all Heaven and Earth why He loved each one of us!--What made us His unique creation, everything about us that made us beautiful in His sight. Lord help us, I guess what the Lord considers important is so different from what we think, due to our shortsightedness. It was like the Lord paying His personal tribute to each one of us personally. I felt so loved!

From Mike (17)
       I was wondering what it would be like to fly. I wasn't too sure of myself, but I decided to give it a try and I gave a little jump and then I started rising up and up. It was amazing--completely effortless, gliding through the sky! It was like swimming without the water--no need to come to the surface for air, but the similar feeling of weightlessness and freedom.
       I felt Jesus' presence all around, and it was so loving, kind and warm. He was so awesome and powerful, yet He made me feel so comfortable and at peace. I know that I have failed Him many times, and have often let Him down, but it was as though He had forgotten my weaknesses and just loved me for what I was.
       I can't really describe what it was like for me. I did not actually see anything, but I could feel it all in the Spirit. It was as though I was experiencing it in a different realm than with my conventional senses. I wish I could describe the beauty in words, but it was so out of this world, nothing that our normal senses could comprehend or even describe.

From Sean (18)
       At first it was a little difficult for me to enter in. I felt reluctant to join in because I didn't really see how it could work. So I was just imagining what others were describing and following along with everyone else, not concentrating very much. Then, towards the end when we were going to leave Heaven, all of a sudden I actually felt like I was There and that I was looking at Jesus, right into His eyes for the first time! He looked at me and showed disappointment and sadness.
       I felt convicted that I hadn't been living my life to the full and serving Jesus the way I should have been. I had been too selfish and wrapped up in my personal feelings, not living for others or for the lost. I was more or less just coasting along and losing the vision day by day.
       Despite my failures, the Lord was so merciful and threw His arms around me, hugging me. I kept telling Him through my tears how sorry I was. I said, "Lord, I know You have every right to drop me, and You don't need to hang on to me like this after the way I've been so selfishly living for myself." I felt so bad that I had failed Him, yet I knew it wasn't like He was going to drop me for it.
       The Lord has so much love, He'll never let go of us no matter what we do. He's so forgiving, and that made me want to give my life to serving Jesus. All I could say to Him was, "Please hang on to me, Jesus!" I was pleading for Him to hold me, and was so thankful for His wonderful mercy! It was such a special time for me as it's unusual that I would experience something like that. Praise the Lord! Now, I often reflect back on this experience, and I can't help but want to do better, and live more for Jesus!

From Daniel (21, of Jonadab and Praise)
       During this spirit trip the Lord allowed Michelle (Renee's daughter) and me to see our parents who had passed on, which was very sweet and precious of Him! When I first arrived in Heaven, I asked where my dad was, and I was led to this computer directory. I wasn't exactly sure how this one would operate, and suddenly it came to me that it operated by thought power! No sooner had I thought about my dad than I was instantly transported to where he was! He and Renee were teaching some teens a class, and when I told Renee that Michelle had come too, she immediately went to find her.
       An incredible thing was Michelle's testimony after we ended the spirit trip. I was amazed to hear her say that when her mom first found her, her mom had said, "Someone told me you were Here," which is what I had done when I first found her with my dad! It proved that everything was happening in perfect sequence and synchronization, and refuted any idea of everyone just making it all up. Things fit together too well and clearly were supernatural! It was nothing that any of us could have orchestrated or come up with.--Only the Lord could have engineered it!

From Michelle (22, of Tim and Renee)
       As we began our spirit trip I followed closely along, picturing the events as the others described them. Not long after we arrived in Heaven we entered a tower and were all flying upwards towards the top. The person leading us at this time said that in this tower we would be meeting our loved ones and those we'd been close to before. Immediately I thought about my mom, Renee, and just then she came. She said, "We heard you were Here and we came to spend some time with you!" Then we embraced. I was overwhelmed with emotion, and started crying. I remember thinking at that point, "Where is Jonadab?" As when Mommy said "we," I had the feeling she meant Jonadab, but I didn't see him around.
       I stayed by my mom's side during our entire visit to Heaven and we had a lot of fun! Just as we were getting ready to return home to Earth I asked my mom to please stay with me and help me. She replied that she would, and added that when I had called on her at times to help me from Heaven, she did come to help and strengthen me. I remember specific times during the last year and a half since she's been with the Lord, when I have been very desperate for divine help and had prayed for her to help me. I had always taken it by faith that she was there with me during these times, but I was encouraged and reassured to hear from her that she had indeed been helping me and would continue to do so. It was so touching and beautiful.--In fact, the whole evening was a very special experience for us all!

From Emmy (18)
       This experience actually goes back a ways to when Liz [EDITED: "Grey"] passed on, as that's when it all started. Before her Homegoing I had started to feel close to her. I never had any problems with doubts about the spirit world in the past, but when Liz died I was hit with many doubts that maybe there was no Heaven, and no such thing as the afterlife.
       At the time it was a trial for me, as I would think about it and worry about sweet Liz. Since she was so faithful and had done so much for the Lord and the Family and been so committed, I often questioned why the Lord would just let her die, when in reality it was His mercy as she was suffering so much here on Earth. After a while this all sort of wore off except for a couple dreams I had about her in Heaven, which I guess was the Lord trying to fill me in on the truth!
       During the spirit trip I was picturing mostly what everyone else said, right up towards the end, when suddenly I saw Liz. I started crying, because she looked so happy, so young and so beautiful! She said, "Up Here it's so fresh! I don't feel any more pain! The air is wonderful."
       I've never had such a spiritual experience as I did that night; it was so beautiful! When Liz was here, she had had difficulties with the dusty air, which made the whole experience so real and "right on." Words can't describe how privileged I feel that the Lord would let me have that experience even though I had doubted Him. Lord forgive me!

From Christy (18)
       At first I wasn't going to share my experience, but seeing others step out gave me the faith and courage to share my experience as well. Like some others, I was able to see some of the people who had passed on from here. Renee and Jonadab were among the first ones I saw. Since they had been my shepherds and I was close to them, when each of them passed on I was hit with severe doubts and battles concerning Heaven, the Afterlife, and whether those things existed. Now having been There and experiencing this firsthand has helped to crystallize the victory the Lord had given me along these lines, and wipe away any traces of battles that had lingered.
       The most precious part about this whole experience for me was when I saw Thai Abe [EDITED: "another departed brother"]. I wasn't particularly close to him when he was here on Earth, but it was nonetheless very special for me. He was so sweet and loving, and gave me a commission to help win the Thai people for the Lord. He expressed his appreciation and thanks to everyone here for doing their best to reach the people of this country, and was happy that we had won so many of his people to Jesus.
       It helped me want to go on the attack to win more people to the Lord, and gave me a personal burden for the Thai people specifically. I've been here now for about 13 years, and sometimes I compare with other fields or countries, or even get familiar with my ministry of singing.
       Recently I had asked the Lord whether I should continue on in my singing ministry, and be used of Him in that way to lead the Thai people to the Lord. So it was special for me to see Thai Abe and be given a personal commission from him! After we had finished talking, he put his arms around me and gave me a sweet, gentle hug. He held me in his arms for quite awhile, and I felt as if I was becoming one with the Thai people.--It was like partaking of the spirit of Thailand!
       I was reminded of some of the Letters where Grandpa talks about how different goddesses visited him, and would beckon him to come to their countries. It was just a sweet hug he gave me, but in that time he was calling me to be a missionary and witness to his people, and it put that burden in my heart.
       Another amazing thing was that although I do speak a certain amount of Thai, I'm definitely far from being fluent, yet this whole communication with Abe was in perfectly fluent Thai!

From Mariko (20)
       To begin with, although I wanted to jump in with my whole heart, the idea seemed a little bit too "out of this world" for me, and I couldn't comprehend or grasp the things of the spirit with my carnal mind. I just didn't have enough faith to step beyond the boundaries of the flesh into the freedom of the spirit, Lord help me!
       Towards the middle of our trip, a little picture appeared in the corner of my mind. It was so beautiful that I don't think I could even see the fullness of its beauty with my carnal eyes, much less give an accurate description! It was a small white, marble, circular-type of room, with quite a few arch-like entrances entwined with vines. There was soft bluish-gold lighting, and everything seemed to sort of blend and flow together. In the middle was a gorgeous fountain rising up out of the pond, sparkling, and crystal-clear--but at the same time, blue. Each of the little sparkles that were dancing up and around the fountain were answered prayers or victories won on Earth.
       Because I have a good imagination, I dismissed it as being just that--my imagination--and didn't consider describing it. However, the picture kept growing in my mind, and with it was a growing conviction to step out and start describing it. It was a big struggle for me, and I wasn't sure if it would even make a difference.
       No sooner had I decided that I wouldn't give it, than the picture re-appeared, and Jesus was standing, superimposed over the vision looking at me! His eyes were full of disappointment, and to see Him that way really hurt, and broke my heart. His eyes said in an almost audible voice, "I love you so much to give you a glimpse of My spirit world, and you don't even value it. You don't even care."
       Then He pointed to a crystal river that suddenly appeared at His left. This was also a sparkling, clear blue, with a wall made of beautiful dark colored rocks, plants and crystals on the other side. In this pool or river there were people swimming together nude (symbolic of the freedom we'll enjoy in Heaven). At that moment I looked down at myself and saw that I was wearing a slip. It seemed to me that in recent months especially, the Lord had done different things to get me to let go of my "garments" of pride, but I still had this slip on. This was symbolic of an area I hadn't completely yielded in, and so I wasn't totally liberated.
       Jesus looked at me so tenderly, and said, "You can swim in there with everyone else if you like, but to do so you've got to let go of your slip--the thing that's holding you back!" As soon as I decided to just give the vision, simple as it was, my slip vanished! Then we were called back to Earth.
       Although I'm not normally very emotionally moved by spiritual experiences or highs, be it inspirations, touching movies or prophecies, when recounting this to everyone afterwards I could barely describe the details, I was crying almost uncontrollably. I felt a surge of mixed emotions: embarrassment for my lack of faith, hurt that I disappointed the Lord, but also a peace and happiness that the Lord loved me and cared for me so much to chide me personally, so to speak.
       I just can't say how thankful I am to be able to have that experience etched into my heart and mind--to reflect back on the beautiful face of My Lover and Friend, Who though very clearly disappointed in my lack of faith to enter in, showed such an enormous measure of unconditional love and mercy that I couldn't help but want to do everything I could to please Him and love Him with everything in me. He'd been so special and close to me the past few months, and though I'd hurt Him with my pride, He still so willingly forgave me!
       The Lord had been doing different things of late to get me to let go of my pride and carnality, but this was a turning point for me, entering a new chapter in my life, because I had to make the decision. Was I going to decide out of personal conviction and love for the Lord, or was I going to hold on to my garments? Once I made the decision, I felt so liberated! It was so wonderful!
       This experience beats any thrills I'd ever had by far! Although perhaps it wasn't what I would call "thrilling" to begin with, the increased closeness and oneness that I've felt with the Lord since then overrides the hurt and shame that I felt when I knew that I'd disappointed Him. He's so wonderful! I really, really love Him!

From Christina (16)
       That morning I had prayed for the gift of prophecy together with the other teens, and it was amazing how the Lord answered so quickly. It was the first prophecy or vision that I had ever given. While everyone was describing the experiences they were having and seeing, I was sitting on the grass in Heaven looking around at such perfection and beauty. Lately, as well as in the past, I have been more concerned about myself and things of the world, not really giving my all to Jesus or having a broken heart for lost souls.
       I was thinking, "What am I doing Here? I shouldn't be Here yet. I'm not ready to go to Heaven. I haven't won as many souls as I can or given my all to Jesus, loving Him with all my heart, filling myself up with Him and the Word." I was convicted and burst into tears. Grandpa came and took my hand, lifting me up off the grass. I was trying to explain to him through my tears how I felt, but no words were coming out. He just hugged me and told me that he understood. I was touched by his love, but then I pulled away, saying, "I'm not ready to come Here, I have to go back and start again and give my all to serving the Lord with all my heart and take time to love Jesus and His Word."
       I know that sometimes I would go through whole days without Word, and then in my free time I'd write letters or sew. Of course, there isn't anything wrong with these projects in themselves, but if they take time away from the Word or prayer, the Lord won't bless it. Now that I'm older, the Lord's left it up to me as to what I should do with my time, and so far I haven't been using it very wisely.
       This experience helped me to recommit my life to Jesus. I certainly don't want to go to Heaven with that same feeling of guilt that I hadn't accomplished or done very much for the Lord. That night I desperately prayed that the Lord would give me a broken heart for souls and that I would give my all to Jesus and re-dedicate my life to Him. By God's grace, I'm going to try to do better.

From Ruth (17)
       As I was floating by beautiful fields of green grass and children playing, I saw two tall men who both had their backs to me. Curious to see who they were, I stopped and stood still. Slowly, they turned around and I saw that they were my dads. (My first dad left the Family when I was young, as did my stepfather years later.) I felt so guilty because of all the bitterness I had held in my heart towards them after everything that had happened, and I just fell down on my knees in front of them and burst into tears! They softly, tenderly picked me up, and I was forgiven! Then Jesus came, and all of us walked together. I was so happy, and overjoyed that the Lord lifted this weight off my heart, and joined our hearts together in such a wonderful reunion. It was a very sweet feeling, and I can't say how thankful I am to the Lord for taking away those burdens and bitterness that I'd carried for so long!--What a beautiful liberation!

From Tim (19)
       My experience in Heaven was one of forgiveness, because I think the Lord wanted to show me His love and encouragement. Of late, the Lord has definitely been teaching me about yieldedness, love for Him, forsaking my pride and my own way, and giving more of myself to Him. That night everyone seemed to be having a lot of fun in Heaven and I felt it wasn't mine to enjoy because I hadn't loved the Lord enough or given Him enough to be worthy of the rewards. I was just sort of there, not understanding exactly why I'd even been brought There, because I felt so unworthy.
       The whole time I'd been an observer from a large, short-cropped lawn. I slowly sank to my knees and started crying. (I'm not an emotional person, but the whole situation seemed so overwhelming.) Then when I opened my eyes, Jesus was in front of me. At first I only saw His bare feet but even from just that, I knew Who it was. I couldn't muster the courage to lift my head to look in His eyes, so He knelt with one hand on either side of my tear-stained face, and raised it so I could look into His face. Then He parted the wet hair that clung to my face. The feeling I had all over was when you have gotten sweaty or in the rain, wet all over and rather sticky, exactly what people would prefer not to touch, but He didn't care.
       He started wiping away my tears of remorse and regret with His love, of things said and things done that I was sorry for, and He truly forgave. It was so beautiful. Before He started wiping my tears away I had in my hand all my works, and I wanted to present them to Him. But they seemed so worthless compared to the love that He wanted from me, and He motioned for me to put them away to the side. He didn't want something to be presented, because He just wanted me to love Him with my heart, and not my mind or strength.
       Looking into His eyes, I could see a soft compassion--not even one of correction or instruction, but of real understanding--like He'd experienced the things I had, and He wanted me to feel the love that He had, more than anything else, and to understand His forgiveness so I could in turn impart that to others. I guess a good example of how I felt was like Mary Magdalene in the movie, "Jesus of Nazareth," when she bites into the bread at the feeding of the five thousand. She just starts crying because she knows she doesn't deserve to be part of the miracle. Then when she comes to Jesus, she has her little jar of alabaster and wants to present it to Him, but He wasn't even so interested in that. He closed it and gave it back to her at the end, because He most of all just wanted her.
       From the time I started to sink to my knees, it seemed my garment disappeared and I was how He had truly seen me all along. All my cover-ups meant nothing and I was revealed to myself, as He's always known me. It was a disrobing of so much more than just the physical. At first I felt ashamed of being naked, but it seemed superfluous to even try to cover up. By the time I walked away I didn't care, it was a feeling of total freedom, liberation and self-abandonment, no longer the grimy feeling I had from being wrapped up in myself. It was similar to the scene of Brother Sun taking off his clothes, quoting Mat.6:19-32 and then walking away with his hands raised, being totally freed.
       For me this was especially moving, as I'm not the type with a vivid imagination. I don't have a spiritual track record; prayer and praise is the closest I usually get to the Lord. In the past I have sat through a variety of Heaven trips and seen nothing more than my eyelids. In fact, arriving late to the activity I had asked the person next to me, "What's the punch line?" The Lord definitely had one and created in me a desire to get something from Him, which He didn't fail to give. TYJ!

* * *

       These were just a few of the beautiful testimonies of how the Lord worked in people's hearts that evening. Aside from the personal experiences that some of us had, being led on a guided tour of Heaven was also unforgettable! Hearing people describe the Heavenly sights and sounds that they were seeing, completely letting go of anything that would hold them back, was so exciting! At one point in the trip SGA Angelina was asking an angel questions about Heaven, and the angel was answering her questions through her, yet in another voice! It was supernatural, almost defying description!
       It's hard to describe the complete freedom in the Spirit that filled the room once everyone truly let go of themselves and anything that was holding them back! We were all so enveloped in the Lord's love and freedom of the Spirit that it completely took over our hearts and minds. Most precious of all, though, was for us to see the Lord's love manifest itself to each person in such a personal way that all everyone wanted to do was give their all to love and serve the Lord no matter what. It was a special time of re-dedicating our lives to the Lord, and turning a new page and chapter in our lives for the Lord! Thank You, Jesus!

       "There are glories to be revealed unto you, but you must walk by faith and not by sight. [DELETED] I will lead you into new realms in the Spirit, new depths! You shall plunge into waters that are so fresh and so deep, and so full of My revelations, and My wisdom, and My understanding! [DELETED] If you wish to be stronger spiritually, you must come unto Me, and let Me overflow you, overwhelm you, inspire you, and lift you to the Heavenlies, to heights you've never known before!" (ML #3031:87,92,91).

* * *

From Praise (of Jonadab), Thailand
       We wanted to have a little "taste of Heaven" during our Word time, so I read the spirit trip testimonies (from the attendees of the YA Summit video showing in Thailand) to our children's group: Paul (9), Micah (8) and Carey (6).
       They were very excited hearing about the mansions and how some people had even seen my husband, Jonadab, who went to be with the Lord three years ago. I illustrated on the whiteboard the heart mansion and the bubble mansion that John had described in his testimony.
       Carey kept asking me if all this was real and if he could take a spirit trip too. I told him I didn't see why not, and to just ask Jesus to take him on a trip. He immediately put his head down on his desk and started praying, then he got real still and didn't move a muscle for the next half hour.
       We continued reading more testimonies while Carey stayed in that position. I felt shivers up my spine every time I looked at him. I could just sense that he was really gone, completely out of this world, enjoying his own spirit trip to Heaven.
       After we finished reading, the other boys were quiet and respectful of Carey, not letting anyone disturb him. The whole spirit in our room was different. It was like there were mighty angels watching over this little body whose spirit was off exploring in the Heavenly realm.
       As soon as Carey got up, I called him aside and asked him to tell me exactly what he saw. Here's the transcript of our conversation:
       (Carey:) At first I went up, up, up and met Jesus. He gave me a big, big hug and a kiss. Then I walked around and saw some mansions. I saw the heart one and the bubble one and lots and lots of others. Then I saw a maze mansion with angels standing all around. There was a big swimming pool in the maze, too. Then there was a triangle house with a super nice living room and dining room. There was a super nice cloth on the table and lots of nice things all around. It was just really nice!
       Then I saw Gabriel and the other big angel. I saw Dollar (our dog that died several months ago), and I bent down and petted him, and I saw other doggies who were in Heaven, too. There were lots of mansions and I looked all around. There was a swimming pool and you could swim down to another swimming pool under it. There were many friendly fish in it and colorful dolphins. The fish were all friendly. I went inside the heart where I saw Grandpa. I was looking all around.
       (Praise:) Who was with you while you walked around?
       (Carey:) Oh, I was by myself and I was just looking all around. I saw Gabe's dad (Jonadab) and he was very nice and smiling.
       (Praise:) What did he look like?
       (Carey:) Oh, just nice.
       (Praise:) Did he have hair? [EDITED: "Jonadab was balding before he went to Heaven."]
       (Carey:) Of course he has hair in Heaven, and it was curly!
       (Praise:) Tell me what he looked like. Was he heavy-set?
       (Carey:) No, just normal. Everybody's just normal. He was very nice. Then I had to come back. Everything was all sparkly There.

       Then Carey walked over to the mansions I had drawn on the whiteboard and said, "Auntie, there were four hearts, not three!"
       As the Word says, "Delight thyself in the Lord and He will give thee the desires of thy heart."--Carey really desired this spirit trip and pleased the Lord by believing so he got the desire of his heart! PTL!
       At another gathering of some of the young people in Thailand, we put ourselves out on a limb once more, and asked the Lord to take us all on an exciting spirit trip both for our encouragement, as well as to increase and strengthen our faith in the spirit world! The Lord was faithful to once again give those present an electrifying glimpse into Kingdom Come, and in so doing changed the hearts and lives of us young people present, giving us faith that we too can hear from the Lord, and encouraging us that He loves us enough to allow us to see visions of the future on our trip to the world of the spirit--a trip that inspired a renewed dedication and faith in the Lord, and as some commented, "far surpassed any earthly excitement or entertainment." Hallelujah!
       Here is the transcript of this spirit trip, as well as testimonies that people shared after returning from the spirit trip, for your encouragement and inspiration! We love you!

Thai Tommy (16)
       There's a beautiful, bright shining tube. And those huge tunnels are so beautiful, all the steps made of marble--not marble like we have on Earth, though. And there's a beautiful fountain, like a pool. Overlooking the balcony of this mansion you can see [DELETED] wow!--We're way up high! We're quite a few levels up from the ground floor. There are so many levels here. The fragrance is so nice. Everything is so wonderful! Everything is beautiful! I can hardly wait to come and live Here! Can't you hear that beautiful music? It's so exciting, and pleasant to the ear. I thought what we had here on Earth was beautiful, but this is indescribable! All the choirs of angels singing, and all their harmonies blending together so well. It's so wonderful just to be Here, to enjoy the beautiful breeze, and to fly! Everyone's so happy here! Hey, that rose over there is so big. I could probably put my whole head into it!

David Komic
       The colors seem like they're alive; they're changing and pulsating! The most wonderful feeling is the feeling of love that permeates me, and permeates everything around me. I feel so, so good! It's so beautiful! I was really worried about something this morning, but I just cannot remember what it was. My worries have completely vanished! It's amazing! There's so much love!
       There's a group of people coming towards us. They're looking at us with such eyes of love! Now they're embracing us. Thank You Jesus! We can feel the Lord's love shining through them and reflecting off of them, and everyone feels so much peace! There are no worries. Everything is operating so beautifully!

John P. (19)
       It's so wonderful to be Here, to sit on the grass, looking at the trees and all the beautiful creation! I can feel that all my worries and cares are gone. You can feel the Lord's love everywhere, and you can see the Lord's love everywhere! His love is floating through the air like beautiful, beautiful colors! Everything smiles at you, and everything sings! Ah, it's so wonderful!

Stephanie (18)
       There's a beautiful fountain that shines. The water shines! The water is like silk-- it's warm, but it's icy at the same time! The air just sparkles, and when you touch it, it feels so good! It's like light, and when you touch the water it almost disappears! It doesn't get you wet!

Victory (22)
       I can see children playing by the river! There are huge, beautiful trees and all kinds of plants. One of the children is skipping down the river, and the others are playing and learning so many things together. There are all kinds of Heavenly things for them to learn. I can see a man sitting there, and the children are showering him with kisses. He looks like he could be Nixon! He's saying, "I just love this job, I just love these children! They're great and make me feel happy all over just being with them! I love them so much!" I can see other helpers and people being with them, playing, rolling in the grass and just being with them. They're playing these wonderful games, playing with the animals. It's gorgeous!
       Everything is so wonderful. There's no danger, nothing that can harm or hurt them because everything Here is love, enjoyment and happiness! Everything is learning. You can climb a tree and learn to play tricks in the trees, and you can fly down and do little flying tricks, and water-play! Thank You Jesus! It's so good!

       Look at that time machine! Isn't it cool? We can see our past, and we can also learn tons of new things. Wow, it's amazing! This Place is so great! Thank God for Your love! Thank You Jesus! You're looking down on us and Your love just overflows upon us as we see all our loved ones who have gone on before, who are waiting here for us! You shower us with Your love so that we in turn can shower Your love on others. Thank You Lord for preparing such a wonderful Place for us! Thank the Lord!

Faith, of Philip
       I'm running through fields of flowers, and overlooking these beautiful, rolling hills. Then I see Jesus! He waves at me, and I start running towards Him! "Jesus, Jesus, I love You!" He opens His arms, and holds Me tight! (Crying) He strokes my hair and whispers beautiful words in my ear. He's saying that He loves me. I look around at the beautiful plush grass, and we hug and kiss each other, and I forget everything! Jesus, Jesus, thank You so much! I love You Jesus! Thank You Lord!

Andrew (20)
       You can just feel the love Here. It's so thick, you can actually feel it! It's so marvelous! Everyone loves you, and knows why you're Here. It's because you accepted Jesus as your Savior and Lover. That's the bottom line. That's what becomes worth it all--your love for Him, and for others, and the good things you've done for them, the kind things, the time you've spent helping. It hurts sometimes, but you do it out of faith, and now He's stored up blessings for us! Heaven is such a wonderful Place, it's hard to imagine such love! Everyone loves you! Even though they can see your past, they love you anyway, and thank you for the love you've had. They have such love--they have the love of our Father! Thank You Jesus!

Sharon (21)
       There are so many fantastic things Here, I don't know where to start! But one of the most amazing things to me is the feeling of lightness that I have--not just my body, physically, but my heart! All these questions, worries and fears I've had have completely vanished and now I understand why! Everything makes sense and seems so clear now! Now I see that it was worth it to go through those trials and battles. It's such a relief to know that the Lord had His hand on my life and everything that we went through on Earth was worth it all in this little time up Here in Heaven. It's so nice to know that Jesus has rewards up Here for us because we were faithful, and 'cause we held on!

Gina (16)
       Everyone's so happy Here! There's so much love! Even though I don't know everyone, they're like my best friends. They're so sweet and so caring. They don't think about themselves; they're just so happy! They have nothing to worry about; they just love Jesus! They're so sweet and so happy! They're so thankful for all that we did on Earth and are so happy, so sweet! Thank You, Lord!
       I just have such a nice feeling. Everyone is so happy and excited; it's almost like taking a deep, clear breath. It's almost indescribable--you're just so happy you could cry! I haven't seen so much that others have been describing, but I just feel so peaceful, content, and that everything is so wonderful!

Daniel (19)
       Wow! Look back at the thousands of people pouring in the gates. Look at their expressions! Most of them are just awestruck by the Lord's love! Nothing on Earth can be related to it--you can almost read their thoughts as they come in. Some sound regretful for their lives on Earth, how they spent so much time on Earth just living for selfish pleasure, and although they knew about the Lord, they did almost nothing for Him.
       Then there are others who, while on Earth, just lived their lives for Jesus! This was the hope of their mortal lives, and they're standing there just overwhelmed by Heaven's love! They've been given their robes and rewards, and most of them are crying as they come into the gates. They all have mansions waiting for them, with their families, and it's the happiest moment they've ever had! They know that their whole lives on Earth were worth it for even one moment of Heavenly bliss, much less the eternity they have ahead of them!
       There's so much that the Lord has put in their hearts--the happiness He's given them, the perfect bliss that they all feel. No more cares, no more sacrificing on this Earth for the Lord! Now it's time for the rewards! Praise You Jesus!

Maria (15)
       I just saw a picture of Jesus far in the distance, walking with a beautiful girl. She's super excited and happy, clinging to Him. I feel like all of us are being represented by that one girl. He's showing us different things, and revealing things to us, and the girl (us) is just so happy. He's excited that we've taken this time to be with Him, to go beyond this Earthly realm and beyond our normal senses, and take this very special time with Him. He's really happy, and so is she!
       We're clinging to Him, loving Him, and enjoying this sweet fellowship! It seems to be a real intense feeling of love--it's just so warm, loving and tender. It's so beautiful!

Christina (21, of YA Danny)
       It's such a beautiful feeling to see all the people that you've helped to find the Lord in some way on Earth! There are many, many Asian people who are crying out of gratefulness to us for helping them to find Jesus, and helping them to find a new life. They're so, so thankful, and it makes me ashamed that I didn't do more to reach everyone that I came in contact with on Earth. But at the same time I'm thankful we were able to reach out to some people and just see the effect it had on their lives! They're so thankful and so grateful, it just makes me feel like all the things we counted important on Earth, like our trials and battles, are just ridiculous up Here! What really counts, and what really matters is how much of Jesus you've given to people, and how much love you've shown them, and how much we've given of our lives to pour into people that need us.

Thai Tommy (16)
       There are all these strange shapes and objects. I can't really describe them all. Even just walking through the park there are different, divine things, objects and colors! In the middle there's a long pole of gold with pearls embedded in it. It's horizontal, but off the ground. On one side there's a cherub holding it up, keeping it at a 90 degree angle. Then on the other side there's a huge bird, sort of like a cockatoo or parrot. It's huge, almost like an elephant! The bird is strange colors, and it can talk to you. It can read your thoughts, too!
       It's incredible! There's a band here in the middle of the park, and some instruments that I never realized existed! They play the most Heavenly music. The grass is literally clapping its hands, and the trees are dancing with each other! It's funny, as you walk by, the conductor just seems to read your mind as to what type of music you really like and they immediately begin playing that music! There are no unloving feelings as to what type of music others like. Everyone appreciates everyone's different tastes.
       Oh, the conductor is having so much fun! He has the wand in his hand that he's conducting the orchestra with, and it's got three little sparrows on it! As he's waving it around, it seems like they're singing too!
       Strange objects! I can visualize them, but it's very difficult to describe them. There's a round balloon that's huge and transparent. It seems to be filled with water, and all types of fish are inside. Oh, I just can't describe it. It's floating around in the park, and whoever wants to look at the fish just goes up to it and looks inside, and if you like you can swim inside with the fish, too! It's incredible! Strange, strange objects there are!
       There's a great big triangle, and it seems to be dancing around to the beat of the music. Lo and behold, it's changing into all sorts of objects, keeping its general size, but the same distance away from the ground. I can't describe everything I see. There are strange park benches, and as you sit down, they know exactly what types of positions you like to sit in, whether you're reclining, or sitting in a studious manner. Hey, look at that! Two different people sat down at the same time, and the bench reacted differently to each one's desires, ha! They both get up laughing, and hug each other.
       Strange, strange things! The gold is almost glittering as you walk on the path! I never knew such gold existed. It sort of has a yellow tint to it, but it's almost transparent. Some of it looks similar to white marble with a gold color to it. It's really, really neat!
       As you walk up these steps, they almost seem to be roaming. I don't know how to explain it, but you're almost scared you're going to fall off the steps as you walk up, but it's like a Heavenly escalator. If you look at it, it's actually still, but then as you step on it, you don't have to move anymore. I don't know how to explain it.--It's really funny!
       The clothes are also really neat. They just seem to appear or disappear depending on what mood you're in! Incredible designs, colors, lights--they're so far out! TYL!

Pat (20)
       I was walking down a path, one of the streets of gold, and it was lined with bushes, more beautiful than you can imagine. It was kind of like scenes in the movies when you see an avenue leading up to a stately mansion, but only much more beautiful! There are tall, slender trees that almost form a hallway.
       I was walking down it, and it came to a wide intersection where the paths divide into two directions, and there were fields, and grass, and slightly rolling slopes all around. It was just the most beautiful scenery I've ever seen! Then, when I came up to where the roads divided, people of all ages came running towards me from every direction! Most of them I didn't recognize, but they looked like they were so happy to see me, shouting and praising the Lord, and saying my name and how happy they were to see me.
       Some of them were crying, and began to thank me so much for praying with them to receive the Lord! Then I realized that these must be some of the people that I had led to the Lord. I was so touched to see how they were so, so happy. Some of them were weeping, and just couldn't describe how happy they were to be There. One of them gave me a beautiful flower, and others were holding my hand, or putting their arms around me.
       They led me along the path, and brought me to this stream. On the bank of the stream they had set up this little welcome for me, like they had prepared a little surprise to me to show their appreciation! I just felt so happy and thankful that I had won them to the Lord!

Mariko (20)
       In the beginning I saw some pretty little fairies. They were fairies of faith, praise and light. If you wanted them to, they would come and dispel any fears or darkness in your heart. It wasn't something that you had to work up or try to do, but you did have to make the decision in your heart that you wanted their help. Once you said that you wanted them to flood your heart with light, faith and praise, they would come and dance around you in such pretty formations. It was so beautiful!
       Then as I was watching these beautiful fairies, I saw a little old Chinese-looking lady run up to me and hug me. I wondered who it was, and it was my great-grandmother! I only knew her when I was a little baby, but when I was eight years old, my mom told me that they hadn't been able to get her saved before she died. As a little kid I was just so broken-hearted that I prayed almost the entire night that Jesus would take her to Heaven, because she didn't get a chance to get saved.
       I had totally forgotten about that, but it's so sweet of the Lord to let me see her. I wasn't even close to her or anything, but it was so sweet of the Lord to answer my prayers and remind me of that, and to give me a little extra faith that He does answer prayer. It just made me cry! I'd been having a few battles about prophecy recently for some reason, and the Lord was so merciful and sweet to remember me and show me once again that it is real!

Emmy (18)
       I just saw Jesus, and I was thanking Him for all the special things He's done for us, and for being so much to us. He said something for all of us here:
       (Jesus:) "I want you to stay close to Me, and to become even more close. Fear not, and don't worry about what others may think, or about the opinions of others, your peers. Just look to Me and stay close to Me, and draw near to Me, for I want this special time with you. I want to have you near always. Just let go. Let yourself go into My bosom of love. I will give you satisfaction, fulfillment, and all that you wish for, and desire, if you will but come to Me when you need Me. Come to Me all the time, for I am there for you.
       Come to Me and lie with Me, and I shall fulfill you, and I shall fulfill your wildest dreams. For I am everything, and I am all that you are not, so come to Me, and I will show you what to do. I will make you happy and inspired. Any questions, any doubts, any fears that you have will all be answered if you just come to Me. Fear not little children, for it is My pleasure to give you the Kingdom."

Andrew SGA, of Praise
       There's an announcement! Ariel is calling us now. He doesn't speak out loud because he doesn't want to disturb anyone, but he just transports a message to each one of our minds, saying that Jesus planned this special time especially for us.

       (Ariel [EDITED: "angel or spirit helper"]:) Jesus loves each one of you, and that's why He gave you this glimpse. I'm sorry that you have to go now, but now you have an increased vision to help others around you that need to come Here, too; that want to come Here too; that are reaching out for love. This is such a wonderful Place, and Here in Heaven there's nothing hateful or ugly, it's all beautiful and it's all love! So have that Heaven in your hearts, and have that love in your hearts. Be loving one to another, and have Jesus' heart in each one of you. Thank you for visiting Space City! You're always welcome Here, in fact you can come any time you want! Shall we all raise our hands in gratefulness to the King, to the Lord of the universe, to our precious Lover and Savior, Jesus?
       (All the loved ones are blowing kisses, and Dad's up there in front, saying:) Keep going guys! Keep it up! You're doing great! You know how I always felt about you young folks: You're such precious young guys, and I know you'll make it. I know you can do it!"
       There's a big hallelujah session! TYJ! Suddenly, we're totally translated, and we're here on Earth again with a new vision, a new hope. The light vanishes and we're back in the room with everyone. TYL!

Pat (20)
       I've never been one for getting a lot of visions, so I was really praying, because I wanted to experience this. Other people were describing what they were seeing, and I was trying to enter in and picture it in my mind. After a little while I also began getting these different pictures. They weren't super clear, and I was still aware of things around me, but the first thing I saw was very similar to what Victory was describing about the little stream (see pg.13), and a lot of children playing. Some of them were dancing in a circle, some were playing with animals. Before she even began to describe it, this is what I was seeing, but I was struggling with it, thinking it was just my imagination. Then, she began describing the same picture!
       The next thing I saw was the picture I described of these people coming towards me, people that I had won to the Lord, and it was just around that time that Christina also had a very similar picture. Wow! It inspired me that it was really the Lord, and convicted me to have more faith that if you ask the Lord He will answer just like He said He would!

Andrew (20)
       When Tommy was sharing what he was seeing, he paused for a second, and while he paused I began getting something about the music. Just then he began to describe word for word what I was just about to say! He paused again, and so I began to get a continuation, and just as I was about to give it, he finished it off, and again it was word for word the same!
       Also, when Mariko was giving the testimony of her great-grandmother, I had another experience. To give a little background, once I had gone on a road team to a city where we visited a cemetery. On one man's tombstone all that he had written on it was "Pray for his soul." I was quite touched and I started praying for him. (Crying) So, just while she was describing that, I saw him, and he was so thankful that I had prayed for him and "got him in"!

Victory (22)
       While I was watching the children playing in the park, a little girl came up to me. She was quite small and dark, with dark eyes and curly hair. She came and took my face in her hands and said, "Thank you for taking care of my mommy, and helping her, and for being there when she needed you!" That was a real encouragement to me because I was being a childcare helper to someone who was pregnant, and she lost the baby. I had been helping with her kids, and after leaving I kind of felt bad that maybe I didn't do enough, or wasn't as big a blessing as I should have been. (Crying) Seeing her little baby really encouraged me.

Thai Tommy (16)
       When Pat was talking about the people she witnessed to, who were thanking her, and she was seeing some people that she didn't even recognize, a young man walked up to me. At first I didn't recognize him, but I was reminded of a funeral of a classmate I went to a little while ago. I didn't know him well, yet I was asked to go there as a testimony. Local funerals aren't very upbeat, with mostly a lot of chanting and traditions. I remember looking up and seeing some ugly birds sitting on the temple nearby. The Lord told me to pray for the fellow who had died, and so I did. I felt that the horrible black ravens were symbolic of the atmosphere there, so I asked the Lord to show me a sign by sending the black ravens away and bringing a dove instead. Before I left, I looked back at the temple, and amazingly enough, there was a white dove there! So, after flashing back to this experience, I remembered the portrait on his tombstone. It was him! TTL!

Sharon (21)
       During the spirit trip I could see myself running to one of my friends overjoyed about a meeting with Jesus that I had just attended. Jesus had called a group of us together, most of whom had lived in foreign lands all of our lives and had learned to become one and to witness to non-Christians, etc. Jesus was telling us about the exciting mission of conquering other planets and pioneering outer space, and asked if we would like to be involved! I was thrilled that the things I had learned on Earth could be used in Heaven!

Katrina (18)
       All my life I've really, really wanted to see an angel. Before I'd go to sleep, I used to always pray that the Lord would let me see an angel. I'd seen some in my dreams, but I always wanted to see one in real life when I was awake. Right at the beginning I actually saw this angel come down into the room, touching everyone! It was a really neat experience for me! Then, right after that Andrew said that this angel had come down to take us all on a spirit trip, and I just flipped!

Shelly (17)
       I didn't see much, but I just felt this immense feeling of love all around me, super strong! I don't know how to describe it because you never feel that type of love on Earth.--It wasn't human! It was almost too much, like an intense magnification of the love you feel when you're having loving Jesus time, and feeling His arms around you. I felt like He had His arms around me all the time, and that He was right there holding me.
       I'd look around the room, and just see people, but at the same time the Lord's love was emanating from everyone and it was just so sweet! We've all had our problems and everything, but at that point nothing mattered. We just loved each other. We didn't care about the past, or harbor any bad feelings. Then I got discouraged and thought, "Well, that's ridiculous. That's only a Heavenly love, and we can't have that always here." Then the Lord reminded me that that's what we are trying to learn, that's the goal--that love should govern each part of our lives! It was so overpowering! It was so special to feel so much love all around us. It was from people too, not only Jesus, but at the same time it was all Jesus' love!

Simeon (18)
       I saw myself going up the pearly gates in the beginning, and then it stopped. So, I thought that was it, but I was really trying to get back in the Spirit. Then, all of a sudden I was overwhelmed with this feeling of unworthiness as I re-entered the spirit trip. I felt I wasn't even worthy to take this trip for starters, and then knowing that I was going to live There for eternity once I died was just a bit too much for me. I couldn't comprehend the Lord's love and mercy. Right then, I had a beautiful experience!
       To give a little background, when I was four years old I lived in India with Morningstar. There is a picture of me with her son in one of the ML Volumes. That particular road trip that was mentioned in the Letter was the last one that her little boy went on, because he died of a blood disease during the trip. While I was standing near the gates I felt someone behind me, and I turned around and it was him! We talked a little bit, and he asked me what I was doing with my life. That really got me thinking, and I felt so bad about my priorities and that I hadn't done so well in the things that really count. I thought, I'd better just get out of Here and go back because I'm not worthy, but he kept loving and encouraging me. Seeing him my age, and talking with him, really encouraged me to keep going and to catch on with this love revolution. He seemed to be so happy. I felt like I was light years behind him, and I wanted so much to be like he was.

Gina (16)
       Ever since Grandpa died, I really wanted to see him. Then, at the end, I saw him. (Crying) He came walking up to me and talked with me, and was so sweet and loving, and merciful!

Chris [EDITED: "formerly Victor"] (18)
       I used to always feel like my grandpa was by my side, helping me. Then, when we were all up in Heaven and Christina was telling us about the souls coming to thank her for getting them into Heaven, I felt kind of bad that there weren't too many thanking me because I hadn't been such a faithful witness. But then, my grandpa told me, "You still have time. You still have a chance to go out and win people. It's kind of short, but you still have a chance to win as many people as you can."

* * *

       Although we can't always be partaking of these spiritual ecstasies and highs in our everyday lives of witnessing, loving and serving the Lord and others, it's been so refreshing for us to know that the Lord is right there with us every step of the way. I think that these experiences made many of us feel close to the Lord as never before. They imparted an inner joy and inspiration to our daily lives--not necessarily in the way of daily thrills and perpetual excitement, but a real sweet, soft joy and assurance of how real the Lord's presence is!
       More than anything, it was a beautiful encouragement and confirmation from the Lord that we too can hear from Him personally, and that if we're tuned in and desire it, He'll speak to us and show us "mighty things that we know not of"!

* * *

From Anne (22)
       When Joan (CRO) and I visited the Middle East and held the video meetings for the young people there, one evening we took what we call a "Space City Trip." Besides touring Heaven, meeting Dad and angels, etc., someone received a message from one of the Austin girls. (Just to let you know, our crew of participants in this Heavenly tour weren't any great prophets or spiritual giants. Actually, most of us were still just getting used to exercising the gift of prophecy, which is basically what doing something like this is! So if we could do it, anyone can--if you have the faith, like Dad said in the Letter, "Space City!"--Why not go back and read it?--It's really neat!)

From John
       I've gotten prophecies before, but not from any departed saints. But all of a sudden I felt one of the Austin girls wanted to talk; I felt maybe it was Katrina.--This was definitely a first for me!
       The scene I saw was of us sitting around in a circle with the 3-D TV in the middle, then the TV disappeared and the Lord was there. All of a sudden, in rushed this fiery teen, Katrina, like we all do when we're real excited about something. She saw the Lord, and got real quiet, like, "Oops, I'd better not disturb," and she just sat and quietly waited.
       Soon the Lord gave her permission to speak. As she was speaking, the other teens came. It was as if she had been on a mission and had heard we were There, so she came as fast as she could, and then the other girls came piling in behind her. They were all giggles and so happy to see everyone. She was like the spokesperson and then later the girls were behind her telling her what to say, adding their two cents here and there. It was really lots of fun.
       While I was giving this message, someone else also had a vision and later said, "I could see a whole bunch of them all waving in a line. It was very inspiring, because it showed me that we have a lot of Family young people There and they're all working in a Home situation, like a big Colony."

       Now on with what Katrina had to say:
       {\b \i (Katrina speaking:)} Hi everyone! I heard you all just came Here and I just had to rush over to say a few words. It's so wonderful to have you up Here visiting us. We're always there with you, always around. We see everything you do, and all of us, we love to help in every little way we can. We try to help you when you're discouraged, when you're feeling down, when you're feeling like you don't know what to do or you're feeling burned out. We do the best we can--so many little things where you think, "That's really neat! That's really cool!" Well, you'll be surprised when you get up Here that we've actually done a few tricks and pulled a few things off to make things happy for you.
       So many of the things that make you happy are things the Lord has helped us do to make you happy--and it makes us so happy too! All of us sit down and we're able to look at all the wonderful things you're doing. You really are being used of the Lord. Even when it seems things are difficult, even when it seems you have battles--and you do have them--we see them and that's one of our jobs, to help pull you through your battles and your trials.
       There's so much fun up Here, so much enjoyment, so much love. We're having a real ball of a time, and I'll tell you one thing, Grandpa's really spoiling us. He's spoiling us so good because he loves us so much and the Lord is allowing him to. We're having such great fun! Do you like dancing? We've had some pretty fantastic balls up here! We've had great ballrooms full of thousands and thousands of people--and you want to learn some new steps?!--You can learn them up Here, spinning in the air and everything! It's wonderful.
       So don't give up! Don't feel discouraged! If you do, remember all you have to do is call! Call on Jesus and He'll send any one of us to help. We love to help.--That's what our jobs are. We are also able to go and speak to Mama, speak to Peter and say that the teens over here, the young people over here, or the Family over here are having these difficulties, these battles. So don't ever feel like you're alone or that you're left out.
       I know exactly how you feel. I was in your same shoes. I was going through battles and trials just like you were, I was having a lot of doubts and a lot of questions, and feeling weary. But that didn't matter when I got Here, the Lord just wiped away all my tears with His wonderful, wonderful love.
       Oh, our precious Jesus is so loving, so wonderful! His love is so warm, it's like [DELETED] oh, it's so hard to explain to you down there.--It's like a wonderful warm cozy blanket that wraps itself around you and won't let go of you, no matter what you do or where you go. Jesus is like so many of those blankets and He's around each one of you, too. He can multiply Himself and He's everywhere! He's all over the place. He sends us somewhere, and lo and behold, He's there, too! He sends us somewhere else and He's there as well. Wherever we are, Jesus is with us, He's right there, He sees you, and He loves you. We love you, too, all of us do.
       He loves making you happy and we love it when you are happy. We're so happy that you can come up Here and visit all of us. The other girls are coming too and they're all saying hi and blowing lots of loving kisses. Just stay faithful in everything you do! Don't worry, because remember that he that is faithful in that which is least is faithful in much. We have sat down many times with Grandpa or with Jesus and said, "Lord, You're rewarding us more than we deserve. We're so bad! We did this, we did that."
       The Lord replies, "You served Me with all your heart. You were dedicated to Me. You loved Me. When things got tough, though you made mistakes, you came through. You called upon Me. You loved Me and what matters is that I love you! I love you so much, each one of you!" That's what He tells us and that's what He's going to tell you, too. He loves you so much--more than words can tell, more than pictures can describe.
       It says in the posters and in the Bible that when you get to Heaven you're going to get a new name.--Well, I can't tell you what your name is going to be, but I'll tell you what it is. It's a special love name, and it's a name He's going to call you by. Whenever you get that name, it's going to be your special time with Him, and you keep it a real secret.--You don't want anyone else to steal your time with the Lord.
       When He calls your name and you hear it, WOW, you drop everything else and you just think it and you're right there. Oh, He's so wonderful, He loves us so much!
       We've gotta go now, because we've got some other jobs to do. But remember, we love you and we're around! We're watching, so if you need help, just call on us. There are many others up Here who would love to help you too. Lots of love and kisses from all of us. Thanks so much for visiting! (End of message from Katrina)
       (John:) At this time the Lord motioned to them that He wanted to speak, so they all went running off like a bunch of kids who had just gotten this wonderful exciting thing, and they were giggling and so happy.

       "... everything I saw was as clear as a movie ..."
       "... My uncle said he really enjoyed the whole Heaven shebang, especially all the love stuff ..."
       "... I'd always wondered what color hair Jesus had, but what I saw had me in for a surprise ..."

From K. (teen), Japan
       Hi! I live in Japan, but was able to go to some teen meetings in Thailand. While I was there, I had a neat experience.
       One night all us senior teens, YAs and SGAs, plus a couple of adults got together for what our shepherds were saying was going to be a special evening. Being kind of a carnal, down-to-earth person, about the most exciting thing I could think of at the time was that it was going to be a dance night or something like that since we hadn't had one yet, ha!
       Once we all got together, our shepherds told us that we were going to take a little spirit trip. Sad to say, I was very let down and started battling doubts like, "Okay, Grandpa had spirit trips, and maybe even some of our shepherds, but us teens?" I was thinking it was a bit silly to get a bunch of us young folks together that didn't even know each other and expect us to say what we see in the spirit, if we saw anything. Yikes, Lord help me!
       We all (about 60 or so) sat down on the floor in a circle. The lights were turned low and someone was playing the song "Fifth Dimension." It was then that I decided to believe that maybe the Lord really could do something if He wanted to.
       Almost immediately after that, I had what was probably the first vision I'd had in my life. It was just like the Letter "Temple Time." It seemed to me that we were all sitting in a large, tall room, with a gorgeous dome. As I was looking up I noticed that the top was opening. It looked a bit like some scene from a sci-fi movie. As it was opening I could see the stars beyond it. One star in particular was very bright and coming closer. When it finally reached the open dome, it came down as a beautiful ray of light and then was transformed into a beautiful angel that hovered just a wee bit above the ground. He was tall and regal, and made out of some special kind of light that I'd never seen before. He was so bright and almost transparent.
       It was my first time to be around anything that radiated this much love and peace, but it wasn't at all spooky. But again I got into my down-to-earth thinking pattern and tried to reason this out in my mind, thinking that maybe I was just closing my eyes too tight or something, ha! So I opened my eyes, and there he was, still with his right arm stretched out. Then the angel went around and touched everyone.--To me it seemed like he touched everyone all at the same time.
       As he touched me, I felt all my carnal reasoning, doubts and skepticism disappear. Right then, one of the SGAs said that the angel Ariel had come to take us all on a spirit trip to tour some of Heaven. From then on, Ariel spoke through this SGA whenever he wanted to tell us something as a group.
       Everyone that was there most likely has their own story to tell from our time in Heaven.--Everything I say is what I experienced. I am not sure how everyone else saw it, but to me everything I saw was as clear as a movie.--It was sooooo neat!!
       We went to the pearly gates where there was a humongous angel that welcomed us as we went in. We walked alongside the River of Life. It was so clear and sparkly. I saw a couple of people pass by in their boats, and a little bit further down there was a mother and her child walking in the water and collecting some colorful see-through stones.
       As we kept walking, I guess I felt a bit lonely, as I wasn't walking with anyone (I'd only been in Thailand for a few days and knew almost no one) and almost everyone else was walking close to or with their friends. Then Ariel came and walked with me for a bit and pointed out to me a beautiful spot by the river where there were some lovely oriental trees. They were like the small bonsai trees they grow in Japan, only a lot taller and flat on the top. That was the nicest thing I could have seen right then, as it reminded me of Japan and everyone I knew there.
       Then we all went to the park.--I don't know what park, maybe Space City Park. There was a band playing music. Different people said what they were hearing There. Each one said something different, so I figured that maybe the Lord let each of us hear what would be the most beautiful to us at that moment. I know for sure that what I was hearing was the most beautiful and definitely the most Heavenly music I've ever heard. It was so big-sounding--real cool.
       I couldn't see anyone standing there singing, but I could hear the most beautiful voices I've ever heard--and I've heard some pretty great stuff. I've never heard the kind of harmonies that I heard There. It sounded like there were thousands of people singing, and when a particular voice or sound interested you, you heard that one the most distinctly. I really wish I could describe exactly what I heard. It was thoroughly amazing.
       In the park there were some things--I'm not exactly sure what they were for--that were floating around, and when you wanted to sit down on something, they'd be right there under you. They would adjust their shape to whatever would be the most cozy to you, without you even thinking about it. They looked a bit like &&&Jell-o to me--see-through, in pastel colors, and a bit squirmy-looking, but they were very comfortable.
       A little while after visiting the park, I saw a group of super happy-looking people running towards us. It turned out to be some of the relatives of the teens who were on the spirit trip. Then a lot of the folks in the room started saying how they were meeting this or that person they hadn't seen for years, or that they'd led to the Lord.--Or that their grandparent or one of their relatives was There with them and that they were so happy to see them.
       At this point I was watching everyone as they were seeing their loved ones. I started feeling a bit sad, not because I wasn't seeing any of my relatives, but because I started to feel so unworthy of all this love and the special privilege of being in Heaven that the Lord was allowing me to partake of. I was going over in my mind some of the times I had bad attitudes about prophecy, and thinking about how even just that night, I hadn't had much faith that the Lord could do this.
       Right then, I saw two people walking towards me. They turned out to be my grandmother, and my uncle. I never knew my grandma, as she was murdered in the States when I was very young, but I did know my uncle. Our family had spent about a week with him last year, and he had died just two months before this meeting. My grandma looked just like I'd seen her in pictures, but a lot more beautiful, shining with love that could only come from spending time with Jesus. My uncle looked just the same as I remembered him, too.
       My uncle was a real cool guy when I met him in the States, and always dressed in a let-it-all-hang-loose style--and he was dressed the same There! They both gave me a gigantic hug and kiss, and then I started crying and crying. They were so sweet, and held me and told me that the Lord was so willing to forgive me and help me to let go of my feelings of condemnation.
       After that they told me a couple of things they'd been learning in Heaven. My grandma said that after she went to be with the Lord and had learned what she needed to, the Lord asked her to be one of my family's spirit helpers. She said that was the most wonderful blessing she'd ever had--to watch over part of her own personal family, and that whenever one of us needed her, she'd be right there with us. (I know for sure that this is true, because several times, even recently, I have felt like my grandma was guarding me, as I felt her there with me. My dad said he felt the same sometimes, too.)
       She said the Lord also allows people in Heaven to see their other loved ones whenever they want to see them, maybe not always to be a guardian, but to see how they are, and if they need help, they pray for them. She said that in Heaven there is a lot of praying going on because they realize the power of prayer.
       Then my uncle started talking a bit. He was so bubbly, just like he was on Earth. He said that he had a whole lot to learn There, but that he wanted to learn quickly because he really enjoyed the "whole Heaven shebang, especially all the love stuff." He said he wished he'd known more about it while he was alive, because that would have helped him so much, and his friends too. He said that learning in Heaven was such a fun thing to do. He looked so high on love!
       One other thing he said was that when people go to live in Heaven, the Lord assigns someone or someones to be their teacher, to teach them what they missed learning on Earth. He said that the Lord put him with his mom because she was with us, and the Lord wanted him to learn from my family's sample and from what we are learning here in the Family. Being around such a happy family in Heaven was contagious and l felt so happy, too. Then they said they had something special for me to see.
       The next thing I knew I was standing in a huge, open field with just a couple of trees to my right, in the distance. My grandma and uncle were still there with me, but I didn't notice them all that much now. In the middle of the field there was a larger-than-life character, Who I guessed was Jesus. I could only see Him from the back, but I could tell it was Him. Only Jesus could make me feel the way I did right then. I felt that even if I never had another friend, I'd be happy, so long as I could just be right there, as close as I was to Jesus.
       I'd always wondered what color hair Jesus had, so l tried to figure it out, but what I saw had me in for a surprise. At first His hair seemed golden, then white with brown streaks, then brown, then white and so on. I got the impression that maybe there are certain things in Heaven the Lord lets us see a bit differently than someone else might see it.
       When I first saw the Lord, He looked so big to me, because at the time that's the way I was thinking of Him. But later on, when I'd been around Him a bit longer, He was life-sized and more personal. We all have our different tastes and different things we consider beautiful, so in Heaven I'm sure the Lord will let us see Him as beautiful, possibly even according to our taste--long hair, short hair--why not? That would certainly answer my questions about everything in Heaven being wonderful!
       I saw a very beautiful woman in Jesus' arms and I wondered who it was. Just then Faith [EDITED: "of Philip, who was still alive at the time,"] who was at the meeting and has been on the Prayer List for a long time because she has cancer, said that Jesus took her into His arms and was loving her. I was very happy for her, as I could only imagine how wonderful it would be to be in Jesus' arms. At that moment my only heart's desire was to give Jesus a big hug and tell him that I was so in love with Him. I felt like a girl so in love, who would give anything for an opportunity to even just brush by the One she would die for.
       Jesus was so sweet to me. I know He heard my secret prayer and He gave me my heart's desire. Talk about feeling lost in love! I know what that means now! And the wonderful thing is that I know I don't have to have a spirit trip every time I want to be with Him. He said that everyone who wants to know this love can, if they only make time to be His alone.
       Anyway, I got to give Him the hug I wanted to give. Expressing my love was a bit difficult for me, but I know He understood. That was the longest hug I've ever had; l never wanted to let Jesus go.
       He told me some pretty personal things, but mainly was so encouraging. I told Him I was so sorry for all the times I crowded Him out of my life, all the times I'd let Him down, all the times I fell asleep during Word time, ha! Jesus forgave me for everything I asked to be forgiven for, and said that He knows I'll continue to make mistakes, be unloving, and sometimes I may even forget Him, or even still fall asleep during Word times--oops!--But to Him, the most important thing is that I try my best to love Him with my whole heart, and when I goof up, He will still be there for me, to love and forgive me if I just run back to Him. That was so encouraging!
       I looked at Faith one more time and noticed that, there in Jesus' arms, she looked quite different from what she looked like here. Not to say that she's not pretty, but now she was exceptional. Jesus told me that that is how she looked to Him--gorgeous, with beautiful, long, wavy hair.
       I thought that was really neat and kind of wondered what I would look like to Him, since I am not real beautiful or anything. Then I saw myself standing a bit to the side once again and I saw another girl with Jesus. To me she was a picture of everything beautiful and perfect. I asked the Lord who this girl was, and the Lord said it was me. Boy, was that hard to take by faith! I looked incredibly different and way too good to be true. So I was like, "Nah, there's no way in a million that she's me." But I heard the Lord's voice in my heart as I was watching Him love these two women, and He said that when l am loving Him, I am that beautiful to Him.
       I never completely understood what the Lord meant when He says, "I love you, just you." I thought, "Yes, yes, I know He loves me, but He loves her just the same way, and her, and him." But after being with Jesus and also having Faith There at the same time, I think I understand a bit more. Yes, Jesus loved her so much, but was loving me too, and yes, she was beautiful. But, in no way did I feel the least bit jealous, or wonder how He could truly love us at the same time, because I was so happy and satisfied to be There with Him. As I was loving Him, it didn't matter that He loved others that much, because He was loving us each in a different way, the way He knew would make us personally the most satisfied. The Lord is so awesome, just incredible.
       Of course l still go through loneliness battles every once in a while. But since I truly found the Lord's love, I've never had to get into the poor-me's. I know now the Lord is for real, and every time I start to wish there was some boy around who would like me, the Lord is so faithful to fill that kind of empty feeling I get inside. Know what I mean? Now the major thing I always crave is the love I felt in Heaven when I was with Jesus.--And it's the same love I get every time I go to the Lord in prayer and believe He cares for me as an individual, even when I'm not on some major spirit trip.
       I'm not such a spiritual person, and sometimes I even find myself a bit off the track. So I know that this little taste of Heaven didn't happen to me because I was a real good teen, but because the Lord is so loving and wants us all to be happy and enjoy Him to the full.
       The last thing I remember was that the Lord gave me a kiss, then said that Ariel was calling us and we needed to join up with everyone again. Then Ariel brought us back, and again I saw the "Temple Time" room scene with the dome semi-closed. Ariel gave a little goodbye-for-now speech.
       What I remember from that is that he was saying how very thankful he was to the Lord for giving him the special privilege to be with David's Endtime Army, because it was a very special privilege that the Lord only gives to some of His angels. He said that the Lord loves us so much and really wants us to have the best, and that His angelic warriors are there for us at our beck and call--if we will only ask for them. He said something like, "Please pray for me to come again, as I want to be with you folks again." He was sweet and told us that each of us were so special to the Lord, and then he gave some counsel on loving each other and doing our best for the Lord.
       Well, that's it. It was definitely a life-changing experience for me. I feel like the prophecies come alive to me so much more now, because I'm trying to work on my relationship with the Lord, and He's faithful to bring everything alive to me because I'm falling more and more in love with Him.

* * *

       For we enter a new world of freedom from the shackles of the flesh, into the vast and boundless freedom of the universe of the Spirit! We are free, free, free! Thank God! Hallelujah! Free to do His will, free to follow Him withersoever He leadeth, to abandon the boundaries of man for the boundless abundance of God! (ML #46:22).

       All that I know is that the spirit world is more real, more beautiful, and more lasting than the one which you can now see with your natural eyes at this very moment! Hallelujah! Praise God! Praise the Lord! We can enjoy them right now! They're all for you, and you personally can experience their thrilling and ecstatic joys right now, and even take a trip into that world with Jesus' Holy Spirit as your Guide, like the prophets of old, and our prophets of today! Enjoy it! Experience it! Be filled with the Holy Ghost! -- And then you're safe to make the trip, and get so high you'll never come down! Praise the Lord!
       All I know is, it exists--the wonderful world of the spirit!--And we can enjoy it every day--right now! We don't have to wait till we die to enter it! It has already entered you if you have Jesus and are filled with His Holy Spirit--and you can experience all of its exciting sights, sounds, visions, voices and even resultant physical thrills, and many other ecstatic joys of the spirit world--world of His Spirit where God Himself dwells! (ML #73A:12,13).

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