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"WAR--BOOM--BUST ECONOMY"--MO       Summer 1970       NO.H--GP
--Predicted in US, Summer 1970

Copyrighted July, 1973 by The Children of God
P.O. Box 31, London WC2E 7LX, England or GPO Box 3141, San Juan, Puerto Rico 00936

       1. "WAR" CALLS FOR AN INCREASE OF FACTORY OUTPUT (WEAPONS, ETC.). FACTORY INCREASE MEANS MORE WORKERS BEING HIRED AND PAID. This means more people have more money to buy products of all other industries (IDOLS). This increase in jobs and spending is a "BOOM," but this increase in money leads to inflation. INFLATION is when the value of the dollar drops (or the amount of things it can buy drops). It is the old law of "supply and demand." When something is scarce people value it more; when something is plentiful its value drops.
       2. THE BOOM IS GOOD FOR THE POOR MAN AND WORKERS EXCEPT PENSIONERS AND THOSE WITH FIXED INCOMES, because even though the money is not as valuable, at least he has SOMETHING. The BOOM is when we have a time of plenty of money, and everyone has got some (even though its value is less)--because everyone is involved in jobs to produce weapons of war, and other jobs to provide idols that this increased working force will buy.
       3. NOW THE BUSINESSMAN, OF COURSE, IS MAKING PROFITS from all this buying and selling. He makes BILLIONS of paper dollars, but these paper dollars have lost some of their value because of the great circulation of them. They are so plentiful people value them less, spend more and are willing to pay higher prices, so the dollars buy less. The loss in value comes from the fact that the sellers of commodities can ask higher prices for their things because they know that with all this money around, some sucker is going to buy their wares.--This is INFLATION: MORE MONEY FOR LESS PRODUCT. It is a seller's market!
       4. THE OPPOSITE, DEFLATION, IS WHEN THE MONEY IS IN ONLY A FEW HANDS. This is when the sellers have to compete for the favour of the few buyers by dropping their prices to lure him to their place. This is a buyer's market. The money is actually more valuable in such a case because less of it buys the same.
       5. THE MERCHANT WITH HIS BILLIONS OF PAPER DOLLARS FROM THE "BOOM" knows that each one of those dollars would be worth more if less people had money to spend. So he lowers the circulation of paper dollars by calling up the King, who in turns calls up the Captain of War and tells him to stop fighting. The Captain of War has no more use for rockets, planes, bombs, tanks, jeep, army clothes, boats, bullets, 3.2 beer and all the multitude of things necessary to fight a war.
       6. THE MERCHANT STOP HIS ASSEMBLY LINES AND THE SLAVES ARE SENT HOME AND THE PAY-CHECKS STOP. The other industries that don't make war equipment soon stop making idols because the slaves of the war industries have no paychecks to buy their idols with. This starts a chain reaction that even goes as far as the manufactures of NECESSITIES (food, clothes, houses, etc.) who have to stop producing necessities because now the slaves of both WAR and IDOL factories have no paychecks!
       7. SO EVERYONE IS BROKE AND STARVING, BUT THE MERCHANT IS HAPPY BECAUSE THE VALUE OF EACH ONE OF HIS PAPER DOLLARS IS INCREASING because they become so scarce and buy more at lower prices. People will give up their houses and cars just to get their hands on a little money. The money is now worth a lot more because of its scarcity. THIS IS A "BUST", recession, or depression. This eventually ends with most of the people selling their possessions for a little money and the Big Merchant ends up with everything (Gen.47:20). Of course, there is always the chance of a slaves' revolt at this point (Revolution).
       8. SO THE MERCHANT TAKES A FEW STRAWS OFF THE CAMEL'S BACK by having the King open up some soup lines, and even a WPA scene (government work projects). Sometimes it is cheaper to keep the slaves in line by giving them a few crumbs, than it is to contain them with firepower (police, guards, etc.). A few soup lines are cheaper to maintain than an armed occupation force.
       9. BUT THE QUICKEST WAY OUT OF A SEVERE DEPRESSION IS, OF COURSE, TO START ANOTHER "WAR". THIS COMPLETES THE CYCLE by opening the war factories which puts enough money (paychecks) on the streets for the idol factories and manufacturers of necessities to start producing and selling again. This is the method by which the poor members of the Beast must support the Whore! (Rev.17:7 & 18:23-24)!--"Come out of her!" (Rev.18:4)!
       10. BUT THE VIETNAM WAR IS MANIFESTING A PECULIAR PHENOMENON. The threat of Revolution is so impending and well-advanced, that the powers that be (Business, Politics, Armed Forces) are aware that a recession would set it off. They know that a few soup lines, and lying promises won't be enough to hold back a Revolution in the event of a recession (which would be inevitable if the war ceased). They are also aware that their present policy of feeding the youth of the Nation into the war machine (Molech Phase II--Jer.32:35) is also fuel for agitating the revolutionary element: so, either way--TROUBLE!
       11. BUT THE WARMONGERS ARE PULLING A FAST ONE THIS TIME. They are trying to pull a compromise by replacing the American soldiers with South Vietnamese, and keeping the war running to maintain the sick economy. So Big Business continues to produce war toys, well-lubricated with the blood of human sacrifices, as usual. But, the sacrifices are now coming from another nation to take the heat off back here. It looks like the Vietnamese flower children have been elected to be the cannon fodder that handles the diabolical war toys of the DEATH CULT'S genocidal "economy". It looks like the DEATH TRIANGLE has weaseled its way out of an impossible situation. But they made a mistake: THEY FORGOT GOD! "Be not deceived, God is not mocked"--God knew about the child sacrifice game a LONG TIME AGO (Ezek.16:20-21,23:39).
       12. THE ATROCIOUS EFFECTS OF THE DEATH TRIANGLE (WAR, BUSINESS, POLITICS) CANNOT BE STOPPED BY ORDINARY REVOLUTIONARY ACTIVITY. THE POWER OF THE DEATH TRIANGLE IS OF SPIRITUAL ORIGIN (Rev.6:3-8; 16:13; 18:3,24), and it must be fought on the spiritual level (2Cor.10:4). The physical system is only a symptom of the real sickness, which is the spiritual underworld that RULES the physical world (Eph.6:12). If you REALLY wish to be among those who conquer and destroy these evils once and for all, join us as we employ the most powerful weapon in the Universe (Heb.4:12) to "destroy the works of the Devil" (1John 3:8) and "WAR A GOOD WARFARE" (1Tim.1:18)--"For the time is at hand!" (Rev.1:3)

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