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       1. THERE WILL BE MORE AND MORE REVOLUTIONARY MARTYRS, because the attitude of the American public is hardening, as in pre-Hitlerian Germany. God never makes a mistake. Post WWI Germany was exactly like Post WWII USA--in other words, today: economic problems; youth unrest; defeated and made fools of in war; Communists taking over, etc. Hitler promised law and order to solve these problems, and he got in, just as in California, though it is full of radicals, the people elected a law and order man, Reagan. Nationally, Nixon professed to be a moderate, and got elected--but then turned rightist. For his Vice-President he picked a man with a bad civil rights record, a record of oppression. He became a common joke. But he's no joke. Draw a mustache on him and you see what he really is, who he really is, in his heart. By putting such a man next in line to him for the Presidency, Nixon figured out the best way to save his own neck.
       2. NIXON IS JUST WAITING FOR AN EXCUSE TO GET TOUGH, to show his true colours. He needs an emergency to get public opinion behind him. Meanwhile, the National Guard is becoming the Executive branch's private army, and the hard hats form their own vigilante committee to wipe out youth and hippie protesters while the police stand idly by. The next real crisis will give Nixon sufficient excuse for wage and price controls. Furthermore, Jeane Dixon predicts Nixon will set up a regular SS, and a one-party system.
       3. MEANWHILE, BUSINESS WANTS TO END THE WAR TO CREATE RECESSION--which would be good for them economically, whereas they stand to lose everything through revolution if the war continues.
       4. ANOTHER TREND IS WOMEN BECOMING WORLD LEADERS. They will also become leaders of the Revolution. People are rising up everywhere. Even in India, where the people have been weakened by a pacifistic religion which their rulers have promoted to keep them happy while they starved to death, the people are waking up to socialism and communism.
       5. WE AGREE WITH 95% OF THE RADICAL REVOLUTIONARIES' GOALS, but their goal of Utopia they cannot reach, while we have reached it already. Jerry Rubin's book ends with his vision of the future--of peace, freedom, and plenty for all. It is a child's idea of heaven. It is what the Communists have always dreamed of. But we are practicing the only pure form of Communism, which is only possible when the motivating force is the love of God. They have everything but the key--Jesus.
       6. RUSSIAN HISTORY TEACHES US HOW MUCH WE HAVE IN COMMON with them. Russia was not converted to Christianity until the 1300s, one thousand years after Christianity became the state religion of Rome. The Russians were too radical, heathen and violent to be interested in the religion of so-called civilised Western Europe. The Lord has revealed to me that the Russians were converted by a band of Bulgarian Christian Gypsies, who were originally Indians, converted to Christianity and driven out of India. They moved eastward into the Middle East, then through southern Russia, driven by persecution. They came into Bulgaria and finally migrated into the United States. They survive to this day in Russia, where they are the one group the Communist government can't really bring under its thumb: They are a group which has largely preserved its nationality, identity, religion and culture because they are nomadic, not dependent on the System for survival. THIS IS WHAT WE WILL HAVE TO BECOME TO SURVIVE.
       7. IN THE SPIRIT I WAS WITH A GYPSY BAND IN A BEAUTIFUL BULGARIAN FOREST. It was not a vision, but an experience. I was actually there. Suddenly, we were attacked by a band of fierce Mohammedan Turks on horseback. They massacred all 200 of us, including women and children, and we all then went to be with the Lord (date: 1272). We were all taken up together. I also saw a group of us, whom the Czar of Russia had sent for, leading him to the Lord. He listened to us because we were like him, because we spoke his language. Bulgarians are also Slavs, radical, violent, Russian-like, and speaking the same language, (which the Lord has shown me to be the language He has given me, an ancient Slavic, Gypsy language). All Slavs were bitter enemies of the rest of Europe, the so-called civilised West, the System of that day, just as all radicals today are bitter enemies of the System of today.
       8. THE POINT IS THIS: JUST AS ONLY BULGARIAN GYPSY CHRISTIANS COULD CONVERT THE RADICAL RUSSIANS, ONLY WE WILL BE ABLE TO REACH TODAY'S RADICALS. The Gypsies were the dropouts of their day, refusing even under the threat of death to abandon their family, fellowship, way of life, or faith in God. Even today, the only Gypsies that have really been badly corrupted by the System are the U.S. Gypsies--drinking, System jobs, etc. History repeats itself. The Lord is again using the civilisations of the East to overrun the so-called Christian West, just as the Mohammedans nearly overran Europe in the 1200s. The parallel: we are the Gypsies, the radicals are the Russians, the rightists are the Turks, and the System is the West. Today the far left (Gypsies) and the far right (Turks) are trying to take over the System, but only the left is well-publicised by the System itself as its greatest enemy. But the danger is from the insidious far right, because if the System has to choose either the left or the right to run it, it will choose the far right; in other words, dictatorship of the rich (like Nazis). America must suffer one way or the other for her sins, and the choice for her is between dictatorship by her own kind (the rich) or dictatorship of the proletariat or working class (Communism). The hardhats who promise law and order through violence, will be allowed to take over. When revolution threatened in Russia in 1917, the first ones to take over were the moderates (Kerenskys), put in by the rich to appease the starving Russian working class. The West (us), because of its territorial designs, helped the Communists to try to divide and weaken Russia: in 1917 the Germans shipped Lenin into Russia to lead the revolt against the moderate Kerensky regime, and set up Communism. This is the state of the U.S. today, revolution threatened from the left, the far right rising to protect the Whore it loves, moderates in between, ineffectual, but in effect in the camp of the far right.
       9. THE MAJORITY OF THE PEOPLE WON'T RISE UP UNTIL THEIR SLEEP, THEIR COMFORT, THEIR SECURITY IS ACTUALLY THREATENED, until the revolution is about to happen. Then when they do rise, it is to put their stamp of approval on rightism to protect their Whore. Finally they will do anything to protect her, including condoning violence against hippies and young protestors (as when the hardhats struck in NYC while the police stood idly by). It was the police that killed the students in Mississippi. Labour unions are all set up to promote organised violence against anything that threatens their high wages. The more violence the left creates, the more violence from the right will be ALLOWED by the System.
       10. THE FUNCTION OF THE RELIGIOUS SYSTEM IS TO BLESS AND SANCTIFY RIGHTIST VIOLENCE. Mussolini and the Nazis had the blessing of the Pope, because the Catholic Church depends upon the Whore for its existence. The Lord has warned us of the Great Confusion, which is coming on through "polarisation," left and right both getting more and more radical. And where will we stand in all this? The radical right will hate and try to destroy us more than anybody else, because we are the greatest threat to them. We are threatening them through their children, because we are a kind of communist that their kids have not been conditioned against. We prove we can be Christians and at the same time radical communists. The church of today has no defense against voluntary, Christian communism. They can tell their kids we are wrong and evil and a communist front, but the kids will know better. Just as the Jews of Jesus' day couldn't make an accusation against Him stick until they linked Him to the violent revolutionaries of His day, the church of today will have to "prove" to their kids that we are just a communist front.
       11. FOR AWHILE WE WILL BE BIG NEWS, AND GET PATTED ON THE BACK FOR OUR GOOD WORK converting the radicals and dopers, but soon they will realise what a threat we are to their children, and to their System. Even today, the Systemite AP reporters who thought we were so great were against our going down to Lee Park where the kids hang out, to reach them. "Let them come to you; by going to them you are condoning hippism." It shows where their hearts really are--married to the Whore!
       12. THE RADICAL REVOLUTIONARIES OF JESUS' DAY WERE CALLED ZEALOTS and they wanted to use Jesus as their front. They needed Jesus to unite the people religiously, because their movement wasn't scriptural enough to attract followers. The Pharisees too would have loved to have had Him on their side, just as today's System has got its Jesus People (compromisers). The Communists today say "Jesus was a Yippie." This is the ammunition that the leaders of Moloch and Baal will use against us, to turn their followers, the common people, against us eventually. "Moderates" are those who are today indifferent. But when someone tells them we are a threat, they will become our bitter enemies, and their leaders will pull a Mt.12:14.
       13. OUT IN CALIFORNIA Faith has been told by Jerry Rubin that he predicts Civil war. The radicals identify us as being with them, but when we pass out tracts out there it is done by a commando group that disassociates itself completely from the main group. This is done to avoid as long as possible giving ammunition to the enemy. The Pharisees worked a long time to trap Jesus into giving them something to use against Him. We should be very diligent to make things just as hard on our enemies. WISDOM! Discretion is the better part of valour. (Pr.22:3; Lk.6:11-12; Jn.7:1; 8:59; 11:53-54; Ac.14:6-7; 17:13-14).

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