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"LAST RANCH PROPHECY"--MO        August 13, 1970        NO.R

PROPHECY OF GOD THROUGH MO while he lay ill in the cruiser the evening before we left for Dallas, and subsequently New York and Europe--personal promises to him as reward for obedience.
       1. TO JETHRO: Moses could not do without Jethro's counsel. Even so hast thou been his right hand. Hold up his hand to carry the load.
       2. MOSES: I was so sick I thought how easy it would be to just go (die). The Lord said, "If you want to go, all you have to do is let go." The Lord will let you if you want to badly enough. I thought, "It's just more than I can bear. I don't know what to do. It would be so easy to just let go and let them worry about it. They're all so young." And the Lord said I could if I wanted to, and He admonished me that that would be an easy way out. And I'm the only one you can really spare to investigate this right now--the only one who is able to make such plans. As Paul said, "It is better for me to go, but better for you that I stay." I've thought seriously about sending someone else, but I know that I'm the logical one who has to do it, because of my contact with the Lord and the leading and guidance of the Holy Spirit.
       3. I'm going as a scout to scout out the land. I've fought it and I haven't wanted to be alone. No man could be happier than I. I feel like the Patriarchs.
       4. PROPHECY: This is the joy of thy fathers, of the Patriarchs. This is the joy of old men--his children's children. Moses will die and he will come, but in his time and the time I have ordained for him and he shall not be cut off before. This is the blessing wherewith I have blessed thee and this is thy inheritance: I have blessed thee with long life and many children and with the Kingdom that is Mine.
       5. MOSES: But Jesus, this is such a great work and you must lead me!
       6. PROPHECY: God will be with Moses as He was with him of old and, God will cause him to understand and know His words. Moses shall follow, and lead and guide these people.
       7. And thou shalt know what it is to lie upon thy bed and bid thy children good-bye in due season, if thou wilt obey and will not fail thou shalt come to be with Me as they did as thou dost bless thy children.
       8. MOSES: Moses wants to finish the work. Help him, oh God, as Thy servant to finish the work. Moses wants to do Thy Will, he wants to speak Thy Words, he wants to lead Thy people. Give him strength!
       9. PROPHECY: If thou could see that which is in store for thee, the things I have prepared for thy children, if thou could feel that which I feel for thee, the joy thou shouldst know in time to come, thou should be overjoyed for that which is to come. For thou shalt suffer many things, many trials, many tribulations, many tests and persecutions, suffer many things before that day, but I will bring thee forth as pure gold, if thy faith fail not.
       10. MOSES (THE SPIRIT): Help me to sense thy sorrow and to feel thy tears!
       11. Moses is so blessed above all men to have such a great family and so good children who love Jesus and serve Him faithfully all day and night!
       12. Help them to meet little girl as she comes in on big bird.--(Re: Faith coming in on plane from Calif.)
       13. MOSES: Like I'm going to take care of getting you there and settled and then my work is done, like a happy ending of a beautiful story, like death is big event, exciting happy time, like getting ready to go on a trip and saying good-bye.

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