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"ONE MAN--ONE VOTE"--MO        November 19, 1970        NO.10

       1. WHAT THE COMMUNIST WORLD WAS UNABLE TO DO BY FORCE, THEY HAVE MANAGED TO DO BY GETTING US IN A CORNER IN THE U.N. Communist propaganda, the world over, has been agitating for "one man--one vote." They (the Communists), for example, will not recognize South Africa, because not everyone there is represented by a vote; yet at the U.N., where they (the Reds), now have nearly a controlling majority, they won it by making the U.N. the least representative body in the world.
       2. EVERY NATION IN THE U.N. REGARDLESS OF SIZE OR POPULATION, IS REPRESENTED BY ONLY ONE VOTE. In other words, some of these tiny countries which hardly amount to anything, have us out-voted.
       3. OUR PEOPLE DO NOT HAVE FAIR REPRESENTATION IN THE U.N.--the very thing we rebelled about in the Revolutionary War--taxation without representation. We have one vote in the U.N., whereas Russia has many votes, because of its Communist puppets. Out of one corner of their mouth they are demanding "one man--one vote", especially in parts of the world they don't like, such as South Africa--but out of the other corner of their mouth, they're refusing to give Western nations proportionate representation in the U.N.
       4. FOR EXAMPLE, two tiny African nations with only a handful of population, have twice as much representation in the U.N., as our three hundred million people--two votes to our one--when our population is 10,000 to their one!
       5. OF COURSE, THIS IS JUST LIKE THE DEVIL'S PEOPLE--always accusing others of the very same things they themselves are guilty of!
       6. SO THEY'RE DEMANDING EQUAL REPRESENTATION FOR THESE PUPPET NATIONS and so-called suppressed and oppressed peoples; whereas, at the same time, by the U.N. set-up, they are denying even a shadow of equal representation to such vast populations of advanced, civilised nations, as the U.S.
       7. SO THAT TWO LITTLE, TINY COUNTRIES OF THE WORLD, WITH POPULATIONS OF ONLY A FEW THOUSAND, CAN, IN THE U.N., OUT-VOTE THE HUNDREDS OF MILLIONS IN THE UNITED STATES, because each nation only has one vote, regardless of size! This is dictatorship by the minority. This is how the Communists control the U.N., and why they're continually encouraging the creation of new puppet states, supposedly independent, but actually Communist controlled, because, the more "independent" countries they can dominate, the more votes they have in the U.N.
       8. THIS IS WHY IN RECENT YEARS, WE'VE LOOKED SO BAD IN THE U.N., and the Western world has been so continuously out-voted on subject after subject: because these little, tiny puppet states set up and encouraged by the Communist world are now voting! So that, whereas the free world had a two-thirds majority when the U.N. was originally created only a few years ago, vote-wise, we are now in the minority, since the creation of so many Communist puppet states.
       9. SO THE DEVIL'S CROWD IS NOT AGITATING FOR "ONE MAN--ONE VOTE"; they're agitating for one man with a whole lot of votes for their side, and one man with hardly any votes on our side!
       10. SO THAT THE U.N. TODAY IS THE MOST UNREPRESENTATIVE PARLIAMENTARY BODY IN THE WORLD. It does not equally represent the world's people. It is like the Senate of the U.S., which has only two representatives for each state, regardless of size or population, instead of like the House of Representatives, where the number of representatives is determined by the population of each state.
       11. THIS IS ALRIGHT IN THE UNITED STATES, there the House can counterbalance the Senate and can nullify anything the Senate does, if it doesn't like it; so that we still have "one man--one vote" majority rule in the U.S. No law can be passed, no money appropriated for anything--without the consent of the House--the true representatives of the people. Whereas in the U.N. there is no such balance of power or counter-balance of a representative body to retain the balance of the power in the hands of the people--the majority of the peoples of the world.
       12. WHICH IS PROBABLY ONE REASON WHY THE FREE WORLD IN GENERAL, HAS LOST ITS RESPECT FOR THE U.N. as an honestly representative body. It is becoming more of a sounding board for propaganda, or a debating society.
       13. OF COURSE, EVEN IN OUR OWN COUNTRY, THE HOUSE OF REPRESENTATIVES SO CALLED, IS NO LONGER TRULY REPRESENTATIVE AS IT SHOULD BE, because in the first place, it takes a rich man to be able to run for such an office, and it takes a long-time resident of any state or country to be able to register to vote. The voting process is made so difficult that only the most determined manage to be able to use it--usually those with some political log to roll; largely property owners, or again, the rich, as opposed to the poor; longtime resident property owners, as opposed to the shifting, migratory, labour force.
       14. SO THE U.N. HAS VIRTUALLY BECOME A FARCE as far as truly representing the populations of the world proportionately and in fair numbers. It's like "Big Brother" being able to outvote all the little brothers combined!
       15. IT WAS THIS VERY PRINCIPLE AGAINST WHICH THE ORIGINAL 13 COLONIES REBELLED UNDER THE RULE OF BRITAIN, their objection slogan being, "Taxation without Representation," because they were being taxed by a nation in whose governing body they had little or no voice. They were not permitted to rule themselves, in other words, nor have any voice in their rule; and that was their major objection which brought about the Revolutionary War.
       16. BUT THIS TIME IN THE U.N., INSTEAD OF REBELLING against such a ridiculous, unfair and unproportionate arrangement, the U.S. is placidly, resignedly, cowedly, and docilely yielding to the pressure of so-called world opinion, and to the dictatorship of the Communist minority, leaving ourselves wide open for a new world situation, very suitable to the rise of dictatorial anti-Christ Communism and the coming anti-Christ world empire!
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