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"LET'S TALK ABOUT JESUS!"--MO       December 5, 1970       No.20--DFO

Copyrighted December, 1970 by The Children of God
P.O. Box 31, London WC2E 7LX, England or B.P. 752 75123 Paris Cedex 03 France

       1. WE HAD JUST RECEIVED SOME REPORTS IN THE MAIL OF SOME OF THE CONFESSION SESSIONS you've been having at home, and I was halfway through reading them to Moses late one night, while he was drinking a little wine before going to sleep--when he said he couldn't stand to hear anymore; he didn't want to listen to the Devil any longer; he was sick and tired of hearing about it! He took the bottle in his hand--and looking at it--began to speak--and I knew it was the Holy Spirit--so I grabbed my pen--and here's what He had to say:
       2. WINE IS LIKE JESUS! THIS LITTLE BIT OF SPIRITS IS LIKE THE HOLY SPIRIT! YOU GET SO FULL OF IT--YOU DON'T EVEN WORRY ABOUT YOURSELF ANYMORE; you forget yourself, and you just are happy in spite of yourself!--and all you can think about is you're happy and you don't even care! It helps you forget the past, and yourself, and get your mind off your own damn ass, and just be happy! 'Cause who the hell cares what a heel you are? Everybody's just such a damn heel themselves, they don't want to hear what a heel you are! They're discouraged enough themselves, without hearing about a failure like you! They want to hear about something better--like Jesus!
       3. WHEN PETER STARTED LOOKING AT HIMSELF--HE STARTED TO SINK! It was no use! If you start looking at yourself, you're going to Sink Sink Sink, when you Think Think Think, 'cause you Stink Stink Stink!!!! You have to KEEP YOUR EYES ON JESUS! You've got to BE SO FULL OF JESUS--LIKE BEING FULL OF WINE--that you're so high, so drunk, so freaked out on Jesus, you don't care what the hell happens! All you know is you love Jesus--Jesus loves you!--and that's all that matters. That's a fact! Like being drunk!--You're so full of wine, you don't care what happens! You're so full of Jesus, you don't care what kind of fool you've been! You're just going to forget everything else! DROWN YOURSELF IN JESUS--LIKE THE DRUNK DROWNS HIS SORROWS IN DRINK! Who the hell cares what a stupid idiot you've been?
       4. THEY SAY THE DEFINITION OF A BORE IS SOMEBODY WHO TALKS ABOUT HIMSELF WHEN I WANT TO TALK ABOUT MYSELF. I think the worst bore is the kind that talks about himself when we ought to be talking about Jesus! We ought to be so drunk on the Holy Spirit that we don't care what the hell kind of character you've been or what you've done! We just want to hear about Jesus! Who the hell cares about you? I'm a hell of a mess myself, and I don't want to hear what a hell of a mess you are! I want to hear about some guy that made it--like Jesus! I want to forget about myself. I can't even stand to think about me! I'm terrible! I can't stand the sight anymore! Get the hell out of here, Me! I want to hear about Jesus!
       5. TO HELL WITH YOU! TALK TO ME ABOUT JESUS! I love you, and I sympathise with your problems, and I know you had an operation--but who the hell cares about your operation? I got one of my own, and I could go on endlessly telling you about mine--and maybe it was even worse than yours!
       6. I'M SICK OF OPERATIONS! I'm going to get full of wine and forget about it--to ease the pain!
       7. I'D RATHER GET FULL OF SOMETHING ELSE--INSTEAD OF YOUR OPERATION! God bless you, I'm sorry about your operation, but I've got operations of my own to worry about, and I don't even want to think about them--much less yours! I don't know! Maybe it does you good to talk about your operations, but it just gets me discouraged! I'd rather talk about what a hell of a time I had last time I got drunk--what a ball we had! It's lots more fun! LET'S TALK ABOUT SOMETHING FUNNY, HUH?--SOMETHING CHEERFUL AND HOPEFUL, AND BRIGHT--instead of blood and guts and gore and scalpels and doctors and medicine and operating tables! Ick! I'd rather hear a guy talking about the great time he had with the gals, than about his damn operation, wouldn't you? I'd rather hear him talk about something funny or cheerful or hopeful or positive!--Anything but about his hell of an operation! I've got enough of my own!
       8. LET'S GET DRUNK ON JESUS, HUH? LET'S UNCORK THE BOTTLE AND GET FILLED WITH THE SPIRIT--instead of full of our own damn selves! Why in the hell should I listen about how bad you are, when I'm a hell of a lot worse? If you want to talk about bad selves, I could really fill you full of shit about me! Boy, buddy,--boy, you aren't anything! I've been the worst rotter there is, and I could full up the whole world and all your ears and hearts with my rot, but who in the hell wants to be full of my stinking rot?
       9. GET THE HELL OUT OF HERE! I DON'T WANT TO HEAR ABOUT YOUR ROT! I'VE GOT ENOUGH OF MY OWN. I WANT TO HEAR ABOUT JESUS! I'm sick and tired and I've got a belly-full of you! Let's talk about Jesus, whaddaya say? Let's get drunk on Jesus! Let's get high on the Spirit! Let's keep our eyes on the Lord! I can't stand the sight of you--or me either!
       10. FOR GOD'S SAKE, LET'S LOOK AT JESUS! I'M SICK OF YOU AND I'M SICKER OF LOOKING AT MYSELF. I'd just as soon bop you over the bean with Jesus! Let's get knocked out on the Lord, huh? Let's get knocked out on the bottle! It helps make you forget what a damn fool you are, and how the hell you feel, and you just think life is wonderful--because you're so full of gin--I mean Jesus! That's a fact! It's the truth!
       11. QUIT GIVING ME THAT SHIT ABOUT YOU. I'M SICK OF HEARING ABOUT IT! I don't want to see all your filthy laundry or hear about all your dirty sins! I've got enough of my own! Let's talk about Jesus! Let's get full of the Lord! Let's get drunk on the Spirit! Let's drown ourselves in the wine of the Spirit! I can't stand the reality of self and the stench of sin! It makes me want to puke! I'd rather drink myself stupid in Jesus--where I can't see anything or anybody but Him!
       12. I WANNA GET MY JOY OUT OF THE BOTTLE--JESUS! I WANNA FIND MY HAPPINESS IN HIS SPIRIT! I'm sick of hearing about your damn rebellious, contrary, filthy spirit!--I've got enough of my own. I want to hear about the Holy Spirit--the only One that can help us both! I wanna hear about Jesus--the One who didn't make any mistakes, and the One that loves us in spite of ours!--And that can help us not to make any more!
       13. TO HELL WITH YOU! AND--TO HELL WITH ME! WE'RE A HELL OF A MESS--AND WE DESERVE IT! THE ONLY HOPE WE'VE GOT IS DROWNING OURSELVES IN JESUS, AND FILLING OURSELVES WITH THE HOLY SPIRIT, AND GETTING SO DAMN DRUNK ON THE LORD THAT WE DON'T CARE what you're like or what I'm like!--All we care about is Jesus--and all we want to do is drink Jesus--get drunk on Jesus--talk Jesus--get full of Jesus, so you can forget all that shit--forget the things that are behind! It's a lot of behind! It's a bunch of ass! I don't wanna hear about it! I'm enough of a damn ass myself without hearing what an ass you are!
       14. I WANNA PRESS FORWARD TO THE THINGS THAT ARE BEFORE, AND I WANNA GET HIGH ON THE CALLING OF JESUS--DRUNK ON THE SPIRIT--FULL OF THE WINE OF SALVATION--so I can forget what a hell of a mess I am! I wanna get so full of Jesus I can't even remember who you are or what we're here for--except for Jesus! All I wanna remember is Jesus loves me this I know, for the Bible tells me so!
       15. TO HELL WITH THE REST OF YOUR SHIT! I DON'T WANT TO SEE YOUR DIRTY ASS ANYMORE! I just wanna see Jesus! I don't wanna hear anymore about your filthy self! Let's get drunk on Jesus, huh? Hallelujah!
       16. LET'S FORGET ABOUT YOU AND ME! Let's just think about Jesus, huh? Fuck the System! Fuck you! Fuck me! Let's talk about Jesus! Let's get drunk on the Spirit!--that's the only way you can stand to live!
       17. I CAN'T EVEN STAND TO LIVE, LOOKING AT YOU OR ME! ALL I CAN TAKE IS JESUS! To hell with you! To hell with me! We're a helluva mess! Let's talk about Jesus, huh?
       18. WHEN ALL YOU WANNA TALK ABOUT IS YOUR DAMN SELF AND YOUR DAMN SINS, YOU HAVEN'T HAD ENOUGH OF JESUS!--'Cause if you were drunk with the Spirit, you wouldn't even remember all that!
       19. YOU DON'T EVEN COUNT! JESUS IS ALL THAT MATTERS! IF YOU'RE STILL TALKING ABOUT YOUR SHITTY SELF, YOU'RE NOT DRUNK ENOUGH ON JESUS! You're not high enough on the Holy Ghost--or you wouldn't even know you existed! Not I, but Christ! But it is not I that lives, but Christ! If you keep talking about your damn stupid self--you're not dead yet! You need to get so drunk on the Spirit that all you want to do is talk about Jesus!--And to hell with you! That's where you belong! You gotta get so dead drunk on Jesus that you don't even feel anymore!
       20. DRINK YOURSELF UNDER THE TABLE ON THE SPIRIT TO WHERE YOU DON'T EVEN CARE IF ANYBODY KICKS YOU;--you're happy, you're so full of His wine! You're so dead drunk on the Holy Ghost, you don't know what the score is--but who the hell cares what the score is, huh? All you care about is another shot of Jesus! Who the hell's playin' games, anyway? Let's get drunk on the Spirit! Who the hell cares how bad you score or how bad I score, or who wins or loses? Let's just get stoned on Jesus!--So we don't care who wins or loses, as long as we have Jesus! I am determined to see no man among you save Jesus only! I don't even want to look at you! Get outta my sight! I'm sick of you! Let me see Jesus! I can't stand to look at you! Show me Jesus! Give me a drink of Jesus! Give me a shot of the Holy Spirit! To hell with your stupid self and all your damn sins! Let's send 'em to hell where they came from! Let's just lift up Jesus! Let's talk about Jesus! Let's get full of the Spirit--full of Jesus!
       21. WHADDAYA SAY WE FREAK OUT ON THE FATHER? LET'S CRASH ON CHRIST, HUH? LET'S GET HIGH ON THE HOLY GHOST, AND FORGET ABOUT YOU AND ME! I don't wanna hear anymore about you I just wanna hear about Jesus! Let's just hear what Jesus has done--in you and through you and by you and about you and to you and with you and for you--and all about Jesus! Whatever it is--I just want to hear about Jesus
       22. I'M SICK OF HEARING ABOUT YOU--AS MUCH AS I LOVE YOU. I CAN'T STAND YOU--OR ME EITHER! I'M TIRED OF FUCKING YOU AND YOUR DAMN SINS! I WANT TO LAY UP WITH JESUS! I wanna get loved by the Holy Ghost! I wanna get fucked by the Bridegroom! I'm sick of getting all fucked up with you. I wanna get loved up with Jesus! I wanna be a bride--not a whore! Let's fall in love with Jesus! Let's quit being homos--all messed up with each other! Let's just save ourselves for Him, huh? Let's just give ourselves to Him! Forget ourselves and just think about Him. LET'S QUIT TALKING ABOUT OURSELVES--JUST TALK ABOUT HIM. I love you and I love me, and I'm sick of hearing about us. I just wanna hear about Jesus!
       23. HOW ABOUT YOU, HUH? I'M SICK OF HEARING ABOUT YOU--I JUST WANNA HEAR ABOUT JESUS! Damn all that other shit and the hell of a mess we are! LET'S TALK ABOUT JESUS! If He's lifted up, He'll draw us all to Him! Let's just look at Jesus, huh? I don't care to see what you look like!--I look bad enough myself! LET'S TAKE A LOOK AT JESUS! LOOK AND LIVE! LIFE FOR A LOOK! Looking at you and me kills me! I wanna look at Jesus! That's my only Hope of Living! You kill me! Only Jesus makes me wanna live!
       24. MOVE OVER! GET THE HELL OUT OF THE WAY! I WANNA GET IN BED WITH JESUS! What have you done with Jesus who is called the Christ?
       25. GET YOUR HELL OUTTA HERE! You're a damn stinking whoremonger! I DON'T WANT ANYBODY BUT JESUS TO FUCK ME! I'M THE BRIDE OF CHRIST! Whose bride are you? I don't want anybody but Jesus! Amen? To hell with all the rest! Just give me Jesus!
       26. THERE'S ALWAYS PLENTY MORE OF JESUS! He never runs out!

Copyright (c) 1998 by The Family